Laune Rangers – 1901


Laune Rangers were defeated in the first round of the Co. Senior Football Championship by the eventual winners, Killarney (Dr. Crokes).


JP O Sullivan, representing Firies, was elected as President (Chairman) of the Kerry Co. Board at its Annual Convention in May.


JP O Sullivan refereed the Co. Senior Hurling Championship Final, Kilmoyley v Lixnaw, which was played in Aug. 1902 in Tralee.


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Co. Senior Football Championship

Twenty-one teams competed in the Co. Senior Football Championship, Killarney (Dr. Crokes) 1st, Killarney (Dr. Crokes) 2nd, Aghadoe, Kilcummin, Tralee (Mitchels), Castlegregory, Ballylongford, Brosna, Ballymacelligott, Currans, O Brennan, Castleisland, Listowel, Firies, Farranfore, Knockanure, Laune Rangers, Cahersiveen, Valentia, Keel and Milltown. The Co. Championship was not completed until the following year due to the playing of the O Connell Cup and to a series of objections. Midway through the competition, due to the unfair treatment which the Co. Board had received from the G.S. & W. Railway Company in the matter of guarantees, the draws for the championship had to be altered to allow teams that were more geographically situated to play each other.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th Sept. at Milltown: Killarney beat Laune Rangers.

At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 5th Oct. Laune Rangers Football Club lodged an objection to the awarding of the game to Killarney on the ground that they  had some scores made, which they did not get, with the result that play was suspended after 40 minutes. The objection was overruled on the ground that no appeal could be entertained against a referee’s decision on a question of score.


Killarney, captained by Eugene O Sullivan, beat Cahersiveen in the Co. Final on Sun. 3rd Aug. 1902 in Tralee on the score of Killarney 1-2; Cahersiveen 0-2. Austin Stack refereed the game.


Tournament Football Games


The clubs of Kerry were invited by the Co. Board to play in a tournament, the proceeds of which went to the Wolfe Tone Memorial Fund. The O Connell Ale Company in Dublin had donated the O Connell Cup for the winners of the tournament. Killorglin entered two teams – the Laune Rangers and the Irish Brigade. Eighteen other teams, also, entered.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd Feb. at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen v Killorglin Irish Brigade.

Killorglin Laune Rangers v Valentia.

The above games were postponed, as Killorglin could not procure a special train for the occasion. The railway company had refused to run a special train without the guarantee of £10.


Rd. 1 on March 17th at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen defeated ‘The Irish Brigade’.

Laune Rangers drew with Valentia.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 19th May at Tralee: Killorglin (Rangers) 2-4; Valentia 0-1.

Laune Rangers: John P. Murphy (capt.), Michael O Donoghue, Mike Walsh, Moss Curtin, Danny O Lyons, Paddy O Regan, Ned Sheehan, Jeremiah O Connor, Tom O Connor, Flor Doherty, Mick O Sullivan, Mike Joy, Thade Joy, John Foley, Paddy Joy, P.J. Kelliher and Mick Murphy.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 16th June at Tralee: Killarney (Dr. Crokes) 0-9; Killorglin (Laune Rangers) 0-5.

That game had attracted considerable interest owing to the excellent teams engaged. Physically, the Rangers had the advantage, but the Killarney men displayed more science and came off victorious, giving their opponents, however, due credit for their splendid fight. The weather was very favourable and a fine throng of spectators lined the field of play. However, several times during the progress of the game, play was seriously impeded by the incursion of outsiders on the field. What business they had there at such time was not known and the only results of such conduct were the usual disputes and consequent free fights.

The players crossed hands and Killarney, on the toss up, played with the advantage of the wind. They were not long drawing first blood by annexing a point to their credit. Their opponents pressed hard but failed to score. The leather was put in quick motion and, after a throw-in, Killarney sent it up the field where, after some nice scientific football, another point was recorded against Killorglin. The opinion of the man on the ditch was that the wind, which was blowing from the Killarney goal, had much benefited the ‘clear air’ men and that on change of sides the Laune Rangers would retrieve their lost plumes. Certain it was, to whatever cause it could be attributed, the Rangers did not play up to their usual form, and that was distinctly characteristic of their play during the second half, at which the man on the ditch was much disgusted. During the remainder of the first half-hour, Killarney doubled their score, while Killorglin came out with just a single point to leave the halftime score at 0-4 to 0-1.

On change of play, Killorglin worked hard but were held by their opponents. Play was getting interesting when a row occurred, resulting in the expulsion of Paddy O Regan, Killorglin. The crowd, at that stage, broke in and were, after considerable delay, put outside and play resumed. A few ‘fouls’ were awarded to Killarney and, against the wind, they made the almost incredible score of five points. The Killarney goal was crowded with outsiders, which gave rise to confusion. Several times during the second half, the partisans on both sides made progress very difficult and the referee had a very difficult task entrusted to him, but the difficulties only served to show his capabilities.

Killorglin (Rangers): John P. Murphy (capt.), Michael O Donoghue (goal), Ned Sheehan, Mike Joy, Moss Curtin, Paddy Joy, John Foley, Danny O Lyons, Flor Doherty, Mick Murphy, Jeremiah O Connor, Patrick J. Kelly, Paddy O Regan, M. Carey, W. Pomeroy, John O Connor and Thade Joy.

Ref: John O Connell (Tralee).

At a subsequent Co. Board meeting on Sat. 6th July, Laune Rangers objected to the awarding of the game to Killarney on the grounds of illegal constitution. The Co. Board upheld the objection and ordered a replay, as Killorglin did not wish to take the game. That led to a series of letters in the Sentinel from the captain of the Dr. Crokes’ team, Eugene O Sullivan, and the Secretary of the Co. Board, Thomas F. O Sullivan.


Sun. 26th July at Tralee Laune Rangers w/o; Killarney scr.


Semi-final on Sun. 25th Aug. at Tralee: Tralee 0-13 (John Mitchels); Killorglin (Laune Rangers) 1-3.

A good deal of local interest centred on that match owing to the splendid records of both teams and the fact that they had not played against each other for a number of years. A great many people were on the opinion that the Rangers would have a walk-over but the Tralee boys were confident and the splendid form and science displayed by them in the game proved that they were not mistaken. The Killorglin men were very confident of winning the match but, from the time the ball was thrown up to the end of the game, they were outplayed at every point by the Tralee men who, from a physical point of view, were far inferior to their opponents but, what the Tralee men lost in physique, they brought up in swiftness and clever all-round play.

The teams lined up at 2 o clock and Killorglin, winning the toss, decided to play with the wind, which at the time was blowing a steady gale. After a few preliminaries, the ball was thrown up and rushed by the Rangers to the Tralee men’s goal. There it was cleverly blocked and for some time the ball was in dangerous proximity to the goal-posts, but Killorglin failed to score. Play was then suspended for some time owing to an accident to one of the Tralee men and, on resumption, first blood was drawn by Killorglin, scoring a point, to which they quickly added another. From kick-out, the Tralee men got possession and, from a brilliant bout of passing, scored a point against the wind. The teams then warmed to their work and some very fine play was indulged in by both sides. Killorglin once more got possession and forced the ball to the Tralee goals, where one of the Tralee players got possession. On kicking the ball, it hit against one of the Killorglin men and rebounding, was caught by Ryan, the Tralee goalkeeper, who, in turn, was caught and tripped by one of the Killorglin men and thrown between the Tralee goal-posts. For that palpable foul Killorglin claimed a goal, which the Tralee men told the referee to allow. On resumption of play, Tralee got possession and narrowly missed scoring a point. The play was then kept for sometime on the Tralee men’s territory and, after some brilliant play on both sides before the call of halftime, Killorglin succeeded in adding one more minor to their score to leave them ahead by 1-3 to 0-1.

On resumption, Tralee got possession and scored a point, to which they quickly added four more. The score was then even and it was plain that the Tralee men had the game in their hands and Ryan, in goals, put on his coat and was not troubled during the rest of the game. The Killorglin men, however, fought pluckily and they contested every inch of ground with determination.


Munster Senior Football Championship

The 1901 Munster Senior Football Championship did not commence until 1902.


Rd. 1 (replay) on Sun. 5th Oct. 1902 at Millstreet: Cork (Nils) 0-8; Kerry (Dr. Crokes) 0-6.

Kerry: Tom Looney (Killarney) capt., Thade O Keeffe (do), Tom O Sullivan (do), Denny Kissane (do.), Dan O Meara (do), Dick Fitzgerald (do), Billy Lynch (do.), Dan McCarthy (Firies), T. Horgan (do.), James O Gorman (Tralee), Thady O Gorman (do.), Paddy Dillon (Killarney), T. Sugrue (Tralee), Eamonn O Neill (Cahersiveen), James O Connell (Tralee), Con Ryan (do.), Maurice McCarthy (do). Laune Rangers were requested by the Co. Board to send one representative but it is not sure if a player travelled as a substitute.


Home final on Sun. 5th July 1903 at Tipperary: Dublin (Isles of the Sea) 1-2; Cork (Nils) 0-4.




James Nolan, Cill Coinnigh, was elected Uachtarán CLG.

The 15th Annual Congress of the GAA was held in Thurles on Sat. 22nd Sept. J.P. O Sullivan was appointed as an official handicapper for the Association.


Permission had been granted at the 1900 Annual Congress to form Provincial Councils. The formation of the Munster Council, however, did not proceed smoothly. A concerned group assembled in Tipperary on 14th Oct. 1900 with the object of forming a Munster Council. Pat McGrath, Tipperary, was appointed Chairman and P.J. Hayes, Limerick, Secretary. Problems arose, however, when it was discovered that neither McGrath nor Tom Dooley, Cork, had been deputed by their respective counties to attend the meeting in Tipperary. The Central Council, at its meeting on 27th Jan. 1901 passed a motion declaring the Munster Council illegally constituted. A meeting was reconvened at Limerick Junction on 27th Jan. and Pat McGrath was again appointed as Chairman with Tom Dooley as Secretary. Draws and fixtures for the Championship were made. The draws were confirmed at the Central Council meeting on 3rd Feb. but the Munster Council was instructed to call a further meeting to arrange new dates for the games. That meeting was called for Limerick Junction on 21st April but Clare, Kerry and Waterford refused to take part and the meeting was aborted. There was a further set-back when Tipperary repudiated Pat McGrath. Eventually, however, the Council was formed on 30th June at Moran’s Hotel, Mallow. The following officers were elected: President – Dick Cummins, Tipperary; Secretary – Tom Dooley, Cork. Later in the year, Dan Fraher, Waterford, was appointed as Treasurer.


The Kerry Annual Convention was held in the Gaelic League Rooms, The Mall, Tralee, on Sat. 4th May. It was a very representative meeting of the Gaels of Kerry. The following officers were elected; President – J.P. O Sullivan (Firies), who was unavoidable absent, Vice-President – J.T. McQuinn (Gortatlea), Secretary – Thomas F. O Sullivan (Listowel), Treasurer – John O Connell (Tralee).

The Kerry Sentinel, commenting on the election of J.P. to the Presidency of the Co. Board, said, “His promotion was well deserved. From its inception, he has been an ornament to the GAA, under whose banner he has achieved distinction, reflecting credit not only on himself and the Kingdom, but on his native land. His election will commend itself to the approval of the Gaels of Kerry with whom he has been so long and so honourably associated.”


At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 6th July, Laune Rangers objected to the O Connell Cup match against Killarney being awarded to the latter on the grounds of illegal constitution of the team. William O Brien produced a letter from a Mr. O Reilly, Cork, (formerly a Laune Ranger) showing that Mr. Edward Buckley, a member of the Cork Co. Board and of the Lee Football Club, had played with Killarney on the occasion in question. Mr. O Reilly stated that he had told Mr. Buckley that he had received a letter stating that he (Mr. Buckley) had played with Killarney and Mr. Buckley replied, ‘What do you want me to do?’. He (Mr. O Reilly) said, ‘Simply, if you will, deny it.’ Mr. Buckley – ‘Well, I won’t say yes or no but draw your own conclusions.’ Mr. O Reilly then said, ‘My conclusion is that you played. Was there a big crowd on the field?’ Mr. Buckley replied, ‘There was.’ ‘What was the score?’ ‘Nine points to five.’ ‘Did Con Sullivan and Tim Sullivan play?’ ‘They did not.’ ‘It was a good match, I suppose.’ ‘It was not, as they (meaning Killorglin) are not able to play Killarney at all.’ ‘I’m sorry I didn’t know you were going down, Ned, as I would have gone too.’ Mr. Buckley replied, ‘I’m sorry, too.’ That evidence was accepted by the Board and the game was rescheduled for 21st July.


Inter-county challenge on Sun. 7th July at Turners Cross: O Brien’s (Cork) 1-8; Tralee 0-8.

Kerry Co. Board was requested by Cork Co. Board to send a football and hurling team to Cork in order to help raise funds for the Deering Memorial Fund.

Tralee: Michael O Donoghue (goal Laune Rangers), Ned Sheehan (do) capt., John P. Murphy (do) Danny O Lyons (do) Mike Joy (do) Moss Curtin (do), Eugene O Sullivan (Killarney Dr. Crokes), Dan Meara (do), Dinny Kissane (do), Jack Myers (do), T. Horgan (Firies), Dan McCarthy (do), J. Riordan (do), E. Hannifin (Tralee Mitchels), James O Gorman (do), Thady O Gorman (do), M. Brosnan (Castleisland).


Inter-county challenge on Sun. 13th Oct. at Tralee: Kerry 2-5; Limerick 0-1.

Kerry Co. Board had requested Limerick Co. Board to send a football and hurling team to Tralee to help raise funds to replace the palisade in the Tralee Sports Field, which had been damaged by high winds.

Kerry: James O Gorman, Thady O Gorman, James O Connell, E. Hannifin, Dinny Curran, Mick Pendy (Tralee), M. Brosnan (Castleisland), Jack O Connor, Eamonn O Neill (Cahersiveen), J. Riordan, Dan McCarthy, T. Horgan, J. Buckley (Firies), Eugene O Sullivan (capt.), Tom Looney, Dinny Kissane, Pat Valkenburg (Killarney).

All the clubs’ names had been put into a hat and the team that was drawn picked players from the other clubs to represent Kerry – Laune Rangers’ name was drawn. However, they did not take part in the game. Perhaps, they were miffed at the loss of their objection against Killarney in the Co. Championship.


J.P. O Sullivan, Firies, refereed the following games for the Kerry Co. Board:

O Connell Cup on Sun. 3rd Feb. at Firies: Killarney 2nd beat Keel (Geraldine’s)

O Connell Cup on Sun. 7th April at Firies: Tralee v Currow.

O Connell Cup (hurling) on Sun. 2nd June at Tralee: Ardfert v Causeway.

O Connell Cup (hurling) on Sun. 16th June at Tralee: Lixnaw 2-2; Ballyduff 0-2.

O Connell Cup (hurling) on Sun. 21st July at Tralee: O Dorney v Lixnaw.

Co. S.H. Championship on Sun. 18th Aug. at Tralee: Ardfert 4-9; Kenmare 2-4.

Co. S.H. Championship on Sun. 1st Dec. at Tralee: Kilmoyley 1-4; Kenmare 1-1.

Challenge on Sun. 9th March 1902 at Killarney: Killarney 2-6; Tralee 2-6.

Co. S.H. Championship on Sun. 23rd March 1902 at Tralee: O Dorney 1-3; Ardfert 0-3.

Co. S.H. Championship semi-final on Sun. 30th March 1902 at Tralee: Kilmoyley 3-4; O Dorney 0-3.

Co. S.H. Championship final on Sun. 3rd Aug. 1902 at Tralee: Kilmoyley 2-9; Lixnaw 1-4.


John P. Murphy (Laune Rangers) refereed the following game for the Kerry Co. Board:

O Connell Cup on Sun. 31st March at Milltown: Firies 0-13; Keel (Geraldines) 0-0.


Ned Sheehan, Laune Rangers, refereed the following games for the Kerry Co. Board:

Co. S.F. Championship on Sun. 24th Nov. at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen v Milltown.

The match had to be suspended after 50 minutes, when the ball burst. It was later found impracticable to replay the match due to demands by the Railway Company for guarantees and the championship draws were altered..

Co. S.F. Championship on Sun. 23rd March at Tralee: Keel 1-8; Milltown 0-4.


At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 27th April, chaired by the Vice-President at the time, J.P. O Sullivan, Maurice Moynihan suggested that the GAA should undergo a radical change. He suggested, and it was accepted, that the Co. Boards should become more democratic in their constitution. Every club in each county should be represented on the Co. Board, and every Co. Board should have two representatives on the Provincial Council.


J.P. O Sullivan acted as handicapper at the following Cycling and Sports meetings:

Sat. 29th June – Castleisland; Wed. 31st July – Listowel; Thurs 15th Aug. – Milltown; Mon. 9th Sept. – Waterville.


It was obvious at the time that the GAA was politically motivated with tournaments being organised to help fund the erection of monuments to Wolfe Tone and 1798 Memorial. The pro-Nationalist editor of the Kerry Sentinel, Edward Harrington, wrote on Sat. 8th Feb. “Some Gaels will apparently never understand the aims and objectives of the GAA. They regard it purely as a sporting organisation and are blind to its Nationalist significance. They see no reason why members of the British garrison, etc. should not be welcomed into the Gaelic fold, and yet such men regard themselves as the finest Gaels in the world. It is all ignorance – and ignorance which must be removed. If the GAA were not a National organisation, in the best sense of the term, but merely a sporting body, it would not justify its existence for twenty-four hours, and those who fail to recognise this one all-important fact have not a correct appreciation of the intention of those, who eighteen years ago, unfurled the flag of the association. But it is satisfactory to observe that the great mission of a powerful National organisation is becoming daily better understood and appreciated by earnest Irishmen.”

It was equally obvious that the promotion of games of the West-Britons by Gaels was frowned upon. The above editor wrote in the same edition, “I understand a number of players in Tralee and Listowel will be reported at the next meeting of the Co. Board for playing and encouraging Rugby football, and quite right. These imported games should be crushed and the sooner the better.”


The population of Killorglin town in 1901 was 1,018.