Laune Rangers – 1931

Laune Rangers’ players played with East-Kerry in the Co. Senior Football Championship. They, also, played with East-Kerry in the Co. Intermediate Football Championship, which had been inaugurated.

Liam McSweeney was a on the Kerry delegation to Annual Congress.

The death occurred on Maurice O Sullivan, old Laune Ranger.

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The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place on Mon. 30th March. There was a good attendance. The Chairman referred to the inactivity of the past season, due not to the local club but rather to the complete breakdown of the East-Kerry League. He referred to the steps that had been being taken to revive the game in the area and to get the League going in the district. He regretted the failure in East-Kerry for it was his opinion that, were all other matters waived and the GAA the common bond and the followers in East-Kerry enthusiastic, it would bring out much undeveloped football talent, which would eventually be an asset to the ‘Kingdom’ in adding to the strength of the championship reserves and undoubtedly to the championship selection list. The Secretary and Treasurer dealt in detail with the year’s working and the position of the club and that, considering the lean year, was considered satisfactory. The Secretary outlined a programme for the year, which met with approval from all present.

All the outgoing officers were re-elected:

Chairman – Paddy Foley.

Vice-Chairman – William Roche

Secretary – Liam McSweeney

Treasurer – James O Regan. The Treasurer acknowledged receipt of £1 subscription to NACA club from Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, who had always taken such a kindly interest in Killorglin affairs.


Co. Senior Football Championship


Six teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, East-Kerry, West-Kerry, Rock Street, North-Kerry, Strand Street and Boherbue. It was run on a knock-out system. Laune Rangers Club players played with East-Kerry.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 14th June at Tralee: East-Kerry 2-8; West-Kerry 1-5.

The display was disappointing. The players were too much inclined to bunch together, with resultant scrambling play and, whilst the fielding at times was passable in the circumstances, the placing was very poor. The combination efforts, and they were few, were carried too far. West-Kerry, playing with the advantage of the breeze, deservedly led at the interval on the 1-4 to 0-2. On resuming, East-Kerry were quickly away and, aided by the strong breeze, bombarded their opponents’ net and, despite the stubborn resistance, scored frequently to emerge victors.

Ref: Tom Costelloe, Tralee.


Semi-final on Sun. 29th Nov. at Killarney: Rock Street 0-4; East-Kerry 0-2.

Rock Street got a very close call from their youthful rivals. The exchanges were even and exciting and the ‘Champions’ were lucky to win. They never had the better of matters and had the East-Kerry forwards made more use of their chances, the result would have been different.

                Early in the game, Rock Street had several innings, but they could not beat the East-Kerry last line of defence. John Joe Landers, later on, looked like making an opening for his forwards but Dee Connor and Harry Turner frustrated the attempt. Play swung round and Martin Kelly left Dicko Clifford away on the wing for the latter to hold on too long and be beaten by Kelter. East-Kerry got away again, but Joe Barrett checked. Gorman fielded high at midfield and place Paddy Drummond, who opened the scoring with a point. Miko Doyle missed from an easy free after the kick-out, but made no mistake a second after. At that stage, the game was well contested and East-Kerry were well into their stride. They worked back admirably and Joe Barrett was forced to concede a ‘50’. Con O Meara got possession from the kick and raised the white flag to leave the halftime scores at 0-2 to 0-1 in favour of Rock Street.

                On the resumption, East-Kerry attacked in great style and when several forwards had handled in turn, the young Killarney schoolboy, Tim O Leary, levelled with a grand point. That put new confidence into them and they improved immensely. O Leary, Dicko Clifford and O Meara fought hard to put their side in front but Joe Barrett and Kelter were equal to them. Combination brought play to the East-Kerry end and a close up free enabled Tim Landers to do the needful. Gorman followed almost immediately with another minor. East-Kerry were aggressive from then on and Dicko Clifford was unlucky near the end, when he failed after a great try for a major.

East-Kerry: W. Rabb (Dr. Crokes), Danny Healy (Headford), Tadhg McGillycuddy (Laune Rangers), Harry Turner (Dr. Crokes), Pat Hartnett (Beaufort), Dee O Connor (Kilcummin), Pat Murphy (Dr. Crokes), Michael Coffey (Headford), Martin Kelly (Dr. Crokes), Dick O Clifford (Dr. Crokes), James Tangney (Castleisland), Con O Meara (Legion), Tim O Leary (do.), Mickey McCarthy (do.), Mick O Connor (Laune Rangers). Subs: Denis Hurley (Legion), Derry Griffin (Dr. Crokes), Tom O Connor (Laune Rangers), Mick Teahan (do), Jack O Keeffe (Dr. Crokes), Michael O Leary (Legion).


Rock Street, captained by Joe Barrett, won the title on 10th Jan. 1932, when they beat Boherbue in the final by 2-7 to 1-3.


Co. Intermediate Football Championship

Arising out of motion by St. Mary’s, Cahersiveen, to Co. Convention, it was decided to run an Intermediate Co. Football Championship comprising the second best teams in South-Kerry, East-Kerry, West-Kerry, North-Kerry and the pick of the Tralee Junior players. It was a knock-out competition.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 14th June at Tralee: East-Kerry 2-2; West-Kerry 2-2.

Allowing for the unfavourable weather conditions and the slippery nature of the pitch, due to the heavy rains, which fell during the morning and at intervals whilst the game was in progress, the exhibition given by both teams was very poor. West-Kerry, playing with the advantage of the strong breeze in the first half, had the better of matters. They were mainly on the offensive and, had their forwards availed of the many scoring opportunities that came their way, they should certainly have led at the interval by a much larger score than 2-2 to 0-1. On the turnover, play was for the most part in West-Kerry territory. Despite a stubborn defence, East-Kerry scored two goals and a point, while West-Kerry failed to register a single score. On the general run a play, East-Kerry were considered lucky to have drawn the game.

Ref: D. O Shea.


Replay on Sun. 4th Oct. at Tralee: West-Kerry 2-9; East-Kerry 0-3.

West-Kerry opened with a point per Flahive and that same player soon followed with a goal. The Eastern forwards were weak and could make no impression on a great backline. The Grahams had further points before East-Kerry raised a flag. West-Kerry led by 1-5 to 0-1 at the interval. They had all the better of the concluding half and were good winners of a poor game. For the winners Connor, Greaney, Flahive, Driscoll, Boland and the Grahams were the best. O Brien, Sullivan and Hurley showed up best for a poor East-Kerry side. Neither team fielded at full strength.

Ref: Martin O Regan, Rock Street.


East-Kerry Senior Football League/Championship

Arising out of a motion by Headford to Co. Convention, the Co. Board took over the running of the business of the East-Kerry Board. Eight teams entered for the East-Kerry Senior League, Castleisland, Dr. Croke’s, Kenmare, Legion, Headford, Dunloe, Keel and Laune Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 10th May at Killorglin: Castleisland 3-5; Laune Rangers 2-3.

Ref: Danny Clifford, Laune Rangers.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 31st May at Keel: Keel 1-4; Laune Rangers 1-2.

The match was played in a field, which indeed, left much to be desired, the rains having rendered it waterlogged in a few places. The game was played in a remarkably good and friendly spirit and the better team won.

Ref: Danny Clifford, Laune Rangers.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 2nd Aug. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 1-2; Headford 1-1.

The play was not of an over-high standard, though there were occasional outbursts of tip-top football. Rangers played well as a whole, whilst a few were outstanding, particularly some of the old stalwarts. Paddy Foley was the mainstay of the combination, ably assisted by another veteran, John Sugrue. The win was meritorious considering that Rangers were short a few of their best on the day and had not played a game for some time or had any practice.


Final on Sun. 17th April 1932 at Killorglin: Dr. Crokes 1-2; Keel 1-0.

Ref: Pete Coughlan (Dunloe).


Challenge Games.


Sun. 12th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-7; Legion 0-3.

The Rangers played against the wind in the first half but they acquitted themselves very creditably, only two points being scored against them at the interval. On the changeover, the match lost none of its interest and there was as good a display of Gaelic football as could have been witnessed at a county final. The final score could have been misleading, as, though the home team well deserved their win, the margin of ten points separating them seemed rather too much on the play. The game was refereed by T. Ryle, late of John Mitchels, Tralee. The local club returned sincere thanks to Legion for travelling and thus helping to swell the much depleted local funds.


Sun. 29th March at Killorglin: Dunloe 1-1; Laune Rangers 0-3.

This was a return match and, at the final whistle, a disputed point separated the teams. The match was not of a very high standard, as some of the best of each side was absent. It was regrettable that the match, timed to start at 3.30pm, did not begin for more than half an hour later. That had, unfortunately, been too frequently the case in Gaelic Football.


Sun. 19th April at Killarney Sportsfield: East-Kerry 1-5; Rock Street 1-4.

A large crowd assembled to witness that match. In the first half, the game was exciting and well contested. In the second half, Rock Street had matters all their own way and would have won but for the stern defence of the East-Kerry backs. Best for the winners were Harry Turner, Denny Healy, Pat Murphy, M. O Sullivan, Mick O Connor, Michael Coffey, Moynihan and Mickey McCarthy. Rock Street were at full strength with Joe Barrett, Paddy Drummond, John Joe Landers, Miko Doyle, Tom Cashell and Jimmy O Gorman particularly to the fore.


Sun. 28th June at Killarney: East-Kerry 0-12; Macroom 0-12.

A large crowd witnessed that game, which was refereed by Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan.


Sun. 15th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-2; Dr. Crokes 2-2.

A large crowd attended but the football was not up to the usual standard. Rangers had a young team on duty, with the exception of Paddy Foley, Chairman of the Club, who gave an outstanding display.


Sun. 22nd Nov. at Killarney: East-Kerry 1-1; UCC 1-0.

A large crowd witnessed a good game but fast play was marred by the sodden condition of the pitch. Both halfback lines were effective. Ground play had to be resorted to owing to the greasy condition of the ball. The score was a good indication of the play. Martin Kelly and Tim O Leary scored for East-Kerry and Buckley for Cork.

Ref: Nelius McCarthy (Killarney).


Sun. 21st Dec. at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 0-6; Laune Rangers 0-5.


Schools and Colleges’ Football


1930/’31 Dunloe Cup

Sun. 8th Feb. at Cahersiveen: CBS, Cahersiveen defeated Intermediate School, Killorglin.


Sat. 14th Nov. at Killorglin: Intermediate School drew with Cahersiveen CBS.


Sun. 29th Nov. at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen 2-6; Intermediate School 0-0.

A goodly crowd of Killorglin Gaels accompanied their young hopefuls and were in a very confident mood of bringing home the laurels. Despite the inclement weather for the fortnight prior to the game and the fact that the Iveragh lads were inferior in bulk to the boys from the Laune, the game was played at a fast pace.

                In the first moiety, both sides worked hard. The visitors’ onslaughts were nullified by the stonewall defence of Mick Coffey, who, though on the diminutive side, burst through the attackers to clear his citadel. Tom Lynch, at fullback for Intermediate School, bore the brunt of the battle and brought off some grand clearances but his midfielders were overshadowed by the brilliant play of Johnny Griffin, who placed all his balls unerringly in the visitors’ square, where ‘Tucker’ Connor landed a major and Maurice Curran from Dungeogan notched three points. Andrew Dwane landed another minor to leave the home team ahead at the interval by 1-4 to 0-0.

                For ten minutes after the turnover the visitors made Herculean efforts to pull down the deficit but their anxiety to get goals caused them to throw away possible minors. The Caher defence held well and Curran scored a goal and two points. The visitors made gallant attempts to get through for a score but failed.


O Sullivan Cup (Kerry Senior Colleges)

The final was played in Killorglin. Tralee CBS beat Cahersiveen CBS by 5-3 to 1-3. Liam Foley, Killorglin, was on the victorious team. Jack O Dwyer presented the cup to the winning captain, Jimmy O Gorman (Rock St.). They then went on to win the Munster Colleges’ Championship.




Seán Ryan, Áth Cliath, was Uachtarán CLG.

At the Annual Congress, it was decided to increase the number of medals awarded to the winning All-Ireland and provincial teams from 18 to 20.


Seán McCarthy, Corcaigh, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Pat McGrath, Tiobraid Árainn, was Secretary and John Joe Sheehy, Ciarraí, was Treasurer. Pat McGrath died during the year and on Sat. 3rd Oct. Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was elected as Secretary in his place.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Courthouse, Tralee on Sun. 25th Jan. Laune Rangers Club was represented by Jack O Dwyer, Paddy Foley, Tadhg O Reilly and Michael Sheehan. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Din Joe Baily; Vice-Chairman – Con Brosnan; Secretary – Sean McCarthy; Joint Treasurers – Con Clifford and John Moran. Arising out a motion by Headford asking the Co. Board to take over control of affairs in East-Kerry and a motion from Laune Rangers seeking to revert to the old Co. Championship system, a long discussion took place dealing with the working of the East-Kerry Board, during which the necessity for unity and co-operation amongst the clubs of the League was stressed. The delegates, including the two secretaries, seemed unable to agree on the most trivial points. Any statement made by one side was received with distrust and suspicion by the other. It was little wonder that, with such spirit prevailing, East-Kerry was in such a lamentable plight. It was ultimately decided that the Secretary of the Co. Board summon the East-Kerry Convention for the 14th Feb. at 3.00pm and that the Chairman and Secretary of the Co. Board would attend. Danny Clifford, Laune Rangers, was appointed onto the Board of Referees of the Co. Board.


The Annual Convention of the East-Kerry Board was held in the UDC Chambers, Killarney, on Sat. 14th Feb. (An effort had been made to convene the Annual Convention on Sun. 18th Jan. but only three clubs attended and on the proposition of the Headford delegate, it was decided to postpone the meeting until after the Co. Convention). The Chairman and Secretary of the Co. Board and John Joe Sheehy attended. The nominations received for the officerships of the East Kerry League were withdrawn by those nominated. It was agreed that the three delegates from the Co. Board would act as officers of the League for the time being. The committee would comprise a delegate from each club with a senior team and each junior club, which did not have a senior team. Liam McSweeney was elected as Delegate to Annual Congress. Danny Clifford, Laune Rangers, was appointed onto the Board of Referees. Laune Rangers sought £9 expenses, which was owed to them. Instead of paying the expenses, the Legion Club agreed to play Laune Rangers in Killorglin to make up the price of their demand.


P.F. wrote in the Kerryman on Sat. 7th Feb. “The future of the game in East-Kerry is in the hands of the delegates who will attend the special Convention on Sat. next. If the same spirit is disclosed there as was at the County Convention, one can entertain little hope. Gaelic affairs are in an unhealthy state in spite of the twenty, or so, teams affiliated, all through disunion. The Gaels of East-Kerry should rise to the occasion. If the special Convention proves abortive, Gaelic Games in the district will receive a severe set-back, from which it may take some time to recover. It would not be too much to ask the present custodians of East-Kerry’s honours, to bury the hatchet and compose their differences and restore the district to the proud position it occupied in the past.”


Tadhg O Reilly represented Laune Rangers at the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 11th April in Killarney. The draws for the Senior and Junior Leagues were made. The following bye-laws were adopted: 1) A team taking the field late would forfeit half expenses, which could be redeemed by the team being on time for the two succeeding games. 2) Any team failing to take the field, after having been duly notified, will lose the points and pay forfeit of £1. 3) Senior football and hurling to be played in single League system and rest of competitions on knockout system. The draws for the Senior Football League were then made. That was followed by the draw for the Junior Football League – there were six teams, Kenmare, Dunloe, Legion, Castleisland, Dr. Croke’s and Headford. (Dr. Croke’s eventually won out the competition by beating Castleisland in the final by 4-2 to 1-5 on Sun. 8th Nov. at Killarney).

                Laune Rangers Club was represented at the East-Kerry Board at the UDC Hall, Killarney on Mon. 12th Oct. by Liam McSweeney, Batty O Dwyer and Michael Teahan. Denis Shanahan (Castleisland), who had been appointed by the Co. Board to administer the East-Kerry Board during the tour to USA, presided. The Co. Board officers, who had been due to attend the meeting, failed to show. Liam McSweeney protested against the attitude adopted by the Co. Board members and he said that it was bad enough for them not to attend but they had not sent any excuse. The meeting proceeded with the business at hand. Liam McSweeney was appointed onto a sub-committee to enquire into outstanding bills and report back to the Board.


The death took place on Fri. 6th Feb. of Maurice O Sullivan, former member of the famous Laune Rangers. He had been a contractor, a man of fine physique, who had been about in his robust health and, upon returning from a walk, collapsed as he reached his own door. He and his brother, Eddie, had played with the old Rangers in the days of their fame and his old friends of the field turned out in procession to do him honour. Under the leadership of Paddy Foley, the following, old and young Laune Rangers, marched in his funeral: Paddy O Regan, Patsy Begley, Jimmy Doyle, Bill O Brien, Moss O Brien, Mike Walsh, Pat Teahan, Eddie O Sullivan, John Phil Murphy, Denis Curran, Florence O Doherty, Mike Joy, James O Regan, Mick Sheehy and James O Sullivan.


The Kerry Senior Football team toured USA, departing Cobh on 4th May on board the ‘St. Louis’. The tour was sponsored by the McGovern Brothers, 320 Reid Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. The team played six games, winning all six, in New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Francisco. They departed New York for home on 27th June on board the ‘Milwaukee’. P.J. Cahillane, Killorglin, living in USA, played a big part in the negotiations between the McGovern Brothers and the Kerry team’s representatives.

Kerry won the Munster Senior Football Championship by beating Tipperary in the final by 5-8 to 0-2 at Tralee on Sun. 9th Aug. (Kerry had been given a bye to the Munster Final because of the USA Tour). They accounted for Mayo at Tuam by 1-6 to 1-4 in the All-Ireland Semi-final. In the All-Ireland Final on Sun. 27th Sept, Kerry, captained by Con Brosnan, beat Kildare by 1-11 to 0-8 in Croke Park to win its tenth senior title.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Dee O Connor, Joe Barrett, Jack Walsh, Paul Russell, Joe O Sullivan, Tim Landers, Con Brosnan (capt.), Bob Stack, John Joe Landers, Miko Doyle, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Jackie Ryan, Paddy Whiddy, Martin Bracker Regan.


Kerry won the All-Ireland Minor Football Championship by defeating Louth in the final by 3-4 to 0-4.

Kerry: Brendan Reidy (Rock St.), Frank O Neill (do.), Paddy ‘Boss’ Walsh (Cahersiveen), Eddie O Mahony (Farranfore), DJ McCarthy (Mitchels), Jack O Keeffe (Killarney), Tim O Sullivan (Rock St.), Jimmy O Gorman (do.), Paddy McMahon (Mitchels), Tommy Murphy (do.), PJ O Sullivan (Cahersiveen), Mick Buckley (Tarbert), Teddy Chute (Listowel), Charlie O Sullivan (Strand St.), Bernie Healy (do.). Subs: Denis McCarthy (Waterville), Eddie Barrett (Rock St.), JP Boyle (do.), Peter Ronan (Strand St.), Joseph Whelan (do).


The East-Kerry League Semi-final was played in Killorglin on Sun. 1st Nov. and resulted in a win for Keel over Castleisland by 1-3 to 1-2. The slippery conditions, due to the heavy rain, militated against good football. The game was refereed by Danny Clifford, Laune Rangers, in an impartial manner. The Castleisland correspondent to the Kerryman reported on the match as follows: ‘General dissatisfaction is expressed regarding the result of the match in Killorglin and it is asserted that Castleisland, who were the superior team and played a better game, should, given a fair show, have been awarded the match. It is complained that our boys received anything but the welcome, which our GAA visitors invariably receive in Castleisland, that there were no proper flag stewards (Keel subs and spectators indiscriminately acting in that capacity), that, in critical situations, Keel were allowed to cast the ball outside, with the throw-in in their favour. Fie, old Puck! You might remember that it was Castleisland got the league for you and that a good, clean spirit should be maintained.’


1931 Co. Junior Final on Sun. 5th June 1932 at Cahersiveen: Boherbue 3-2; Ballinskelligs 1-4.


The concert held on Sunday night (15th Nov.) in the Carnegie Hall, under the auspices of the Laune Rangers’ Club, was a huge success. The hall was filled to overflowing long before starting time and many, who were unable to gain admission, were disappointed. The programme was put through without a hitch, reflecting great credit on the promoters for their trouble in getting the best talent, both vocal and instrumental, that Kerry, Cork and Dublin could produce.


At the market in Killorglin on Tuesday 14th April eggs realised 6/- per 120, butter was 10d per lb, potatoes fetched 5s 6d per cwt.


The death occurred in Hartford, Connecticut, USA in February of Patrick O Neill, originally from Dooks, Killorglin. He had been born in 1863 and, in his early days, had taken a prominent part in the Land League movement and an active part in the moonlighting campaign. He had to leave his native land with a price on his head. He had been a great lover of Gaelic Football and had been a personal friend of J.P. O Sullivan, captain of the old Laune Rangers. In the USA, he had been a motorman for the Connecticut Company for 20 years. He had been employed by the Hartford Water Department for 10 years. He had been a member of the Hartford Trolleymen’s Union and the first President of the Kerry Social Club.


Liam McSweeney was Chairman of the Kerry Co. Committee NACA. Jack O Dwyer was Joint Secretary. Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan was National Chairman NACA. At the Annual Congress, which was held in Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin, on Sun. 18th Jan. he resigned his position. Liam McSweeney attended that congress, as a delegate from Kerry.

At the Co. Kerry NACA Annual General Meeting in Killorglin on Thurs. 17th Dec. Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer were elected Joint Secretaries for 1932. They were also elected as delegates to the Provincial Council and All-Ireland Congress.


The Kerry Schools and Colleges’ Sports were held in Killarney on Thurs. 21st May. In attendance were Liam McSweeney, Chairman of Co. Board NACA, who acted as referee, Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan and Jack O Dwyer, Joint Secretaries Co. Board. The events were dominated by St. Brendan’s, Killarney, CBS, Tralee and CBS, Cahersiveen. Liam Foley, Killorglin, running for CBS, Tralee, came second in the 440 yards and first in the 880 yards, when he beat Michael O Connor, Intermediate School, at the tape.


A meeting to make arrangements for the Co. Kerry National Schools’ Sports was held in the Carnegie Hall, Killorglin on Tues. 19th May. Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan presided. Also in attendance were Tadhg O Reilly, Douglas N.S, John Sugrue, Cromane N.S, P.M. Griffin, Curraheen N.S, Diarmuid Lambe, Callanfersy N.S, J. O Riordan, Glencuttane N.S, Liam McSweeney, Killorglin N.S, Jack O Dwyer, Honorary Secretary Kerry Co. Board NACA and others from various parts of Kerry. There were apologies for non-attendance from William Roche, Dungeel N.S, and J. Kennedy, Kilgobnet N.S. amongst others. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, Secretary – Liam McSweeney, Treasurer – Jack O Dwyer. The Chairman explained that the reason for holding the Sports in Killorglin was that the schools in the area were organised. The Co. Kerry Championship Cup (Corn Chiarraí, presented by Rev. D. Griffin, C.C. Allihies) would be given to the school securing the greatest number of points, on the marking 3 points for 1st place in any event, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. A special medal, presented by Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, would be awarded to the boy securing the highest number of points at the meeting and medals would be awarded to the winners of each event. The number to compete from any school in any event was limited to two, except in the relay race. The general entry was fixed at 5/- from each competing school.

The Co. Kerry National Schools’ Sports were held in Killorglin on Sun. 12th July. Fifteen schools, with a total of 156 competitors, contested the various events. The Killorglin National Schools fared as follows:

440 yards (senior) – 2nd M. O Shea (Dungeel N.S.)

Junior Relay – 2nd Killorglin N.S. and Cullina N.S. tied.

Senior Relay – 3rd Killorglin N.S.

High Jump – 3rd Peadar Moroney (Killorglin N.S.) tied with J. O Leary (Killarney).

Long Jump – 3rd J. Coffey (Killorglin N.S.)

High Jump (junior) – 3rd J. Coffey (Killorglin N.S.)

100 Yards (senior girls) – 1st Nora Malley (Callanfersy N.S.), 2nd Joan Foley (Killorglin N.S.), 3rd Mary McKenna (Callanfersy N.S.)

75 yards (junior girls) – 1st H. Cahillane (Douglas N.S.), 2nd K. O Sullivan (Callanfersy N.S.), 3rd Mary Foley (Killorglin N.S.)


The Killorglin NACA Sports were held on Sun. 5th July under unfavourable weather conditions. The Killorglin athletes competed as follows:

880 yards youths’ race – 1st Liam Foley, 2nd M.J. O Connor.

100 yards – 1st Tim O Sullivan. Murt Kelly, O. Sweeney and J. O Connor also competed.

One mile cycle race – 2nd P. J. O Sullivan.

220 yards – 2nd Tim O Sullivan. James O Connor also competed.

Long Jump – 1st Murt Kelly. Dermot Sheehan and O. McSweeney also competed.

440 yards – Murt Kelly and Maurice Foley competed.

Two miles cycle race – 2nd P. J. O Sullivan.

High jump – Dermot Sheehan competed.

Three miles cycle race – 2nd P.J. O Sullivan.

880 yards – 2nd Liam Foley. Michael Sheehan and Maurice Foley also competed.

Relay Race (4×440) – Laune Rangers competed.


The Kerry Senior Championship Sports were held in Listowel on Sun. 26th July. Liam McSweeney, Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board NACA acted as referee. Jack O Dwyer was one of the judges. Liam Foley, Laune Rangers, came second in the 880 yards, while Michael C. Sheehan also competed in that race. T. O Sullivan, Laune Rangers, competed in the 220 yards. Laune Rangers (T. Sheehan, Liam Foley, B. Houlihan and Tim O Sullivan) came second in the relay race. P.J. O Sullivan, Laune Rangers, won the one mile cycle race and he also competed in the three miles and five miles cycle races.


The following advertisement appeared in the Pars from Puck by Laune Ranger: “The reputation of the Laune Rangers extended throughout Ireland from Mizen Head to Fair Head and that of the Laune Rangers brand of boots extends almost as far. It is certainly a compliment to our famous team that an Irish-made boot gets their name and Mr. Crowley has a large stock of ladies’ and gents’, boys’ and girls’ boots of all sizes, grades and prices of this brand as well as the ‘Castle Conway’, another Irish-made brand, both a marvel of durability.”


The Annual Drag Hunt, organised by the local Beagle Club, was a huge success in Killorglin on Sun. 23rd Aug. There were 64 dogs in total from the following clubs: Fair Hill, Kenmare, Aughatubrid, Griffin United, Cahersiveen United, Northern Union, Cork Southern Hunt, Cork Nationals, Cobh Nationals, Mayfield Harriers, Maymount Harriers, Cobh Foot Harriers, Macroom Harriers and Killorglin. Lady Dartry, who had been staying in Caragh Lake, acted as starter, in the unavoidable absence of the President, Senator The McGillycuddy of the Reeks. The course, starting at the Piper’s Stone (Laharn Hill) via Caragh Lake and Tullig, roughly measured nine miles. The first dog past the winning post was Victor 11, a local dog owned by Michael O Connor. Second was Sparker (Aughatubrid), third was Masher (Aughatubrid), fourth was Bruno (Killorglin) and fifth was Cloudy (Killorglin). The winner received a Silver Cup and £8, second £4 and third £2.