Laune Rangers – 1933

Laune Rangers’ players continued to play with East-Kerry in the Co. Senior and Intermediate Championships.

The Laune Rangers District League, which included teams from Steelroe, Glenbeigh, Meanus/Dunloe and Lower Town, was won by the latter team.

John Joe Falvey played on the Kerry Junior Football team that lost the Munster Final to Cork.

James O Regan was elected Vice-Chairman of the East-Kerry Board, while Jack O Dwyer was elected Treasurer.

Laune Rangers, captained by Sheila O Neill, won the East-Kerry Camogie Championship by defeating Dick Fitzgerald’s in the final in Killarney on Sun. 29th April 1934.

The death occurred of Pat Teahan, Gurrane, a member of the famous 1892 team.


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Rev. Father Frank Mangan C.C. was Chairman of Laune Rangers Club, Liam McSweeney was Secretary and Batty O Dwyer was Treasurer.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Six teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, John Mitchels, North-Kerry, Austin Stacks, East-Kerry, West-Kerry and O Rahillys.


Quarter-final on Sun. 9th April at Killarney Sportsfield: East-Kerry 0-4; Austin Stacks 1-4.

The game was abandoned because of a disputed goal about eight minutes from the end. That goal had given Stacks the lead. A few minutes before, a goal to East-Kerry had been disallowed. That second dispute had led to an invasion of the pitch and the referee abandoned the game.

                East-Kerry played with the breeze in the first half. Stacks were first to look dangerous and, in the first minute, Dan Ryan raised the white flag. Bracker Regan soon followed with another. East-Kerry sent wide on a few occasions before Jack O Keeffe opened their scoring with a minor. Rock Street were always dangerous in attack and a long drop by Regan sailed over the bar. Vigorous attacks by East-Kerry brought no results until Dick O Clifford scored a point from a free. Just before the interval, a long ball by O Keeffe went high over the posts, setting the scores level.

                East-Kerry made some positional changes at the interval and were a transformed team on the resumption. All round, they gave a vastly improved display. Tim O Donnell, who had been poor n the first half, found his feet and he was ably assisted by Tim Teahan, John Joe Falvey and Jack O Keeffe. The Rock Street posts were quickly bombarded and their net had a narrow escape. Ten minutes had gone before Regan put Stacks ahead with a point. That score infused great life into the play and a headlong dash by East-Kerry resulted in a goal, amid tremendous cheering from the home followers. The whistle had gone for a foul, however, and the score was disallowed. East-Kerry had a free on the 21 yards’ line, which brought the equaliser after seventeen minutes play. Cuniffe distinguished himself with a great save and Rock Street missed some chances before the green flag went up for a goal. The Easterners disputed that score, as stated. The crowd invaded the pitch. There were no blows, however, or unseemly scenes and the referee abandoned the game.

                At a subsequent Co. Board meeting, the game was ordered to be replayed.

East-Kerry: Michael Cunniffe (Currow) goal, Dee O Connor (Kilcummin), Harry Turner (Dr. Crokes), Denny Healy (Headford), J. Sullivan (Legion), J. Brosnan (Currow), Jerry Lyne (Currow), Tim O Donnell (Dr. Crokes), Tim Teahan (Laune Rangers), John Joe Falvey (do.), Jack O Keeffe (Dr. Crokes), Dick O Clifford (do.), Mick O Connor (Laune Rangers), M. Walsh (Currow), B. Cronin (Kilcummin).

Austin Stacks: Brendan Reidy (goal), Jimmy Kelter, Joe Barrett (capt.), Tommy Barrett, Tim Sullivan, Dan Ryan, Tim Landers, Jimmy Gorman, Miko Doyle, Martin Regan, John Joe Landers, John Paul Doyle, Jackie Ryan, Bill Landers, Frank O Neill.

Ref: James Quill (Kerins O Rahillys).


Replay on Sun. 23rd July at Tralee: Austin Stacks 2-10; East-Kerry 1-5.

On the throw-in, the Rockies got possession and Martin Regan centred well. Dee O Connor made a great clearance, however, and Tim O Donnell further relieved. East-Kerry came on in a nice movement and John Joe Falvey, Pat O Leary and Dick O Clifford were prominent in the ensuing play. Reidy was called upon to save a well-directed kick and, from the clearance, Miko Doyle secured. He quickly transferred the leather to his forwards but an over resulted. On the kick-out, Tim O Donnell was quickly in possession and excitement was high as his kick found the East-Kerry forwards. Great combination followed and, amidst great enthusiasm, M. Casey beat Reidy for a goal. Play was fast and keen at that point and easily up to championship standard

                The Austin Stacks men endeavoured to set things going in their favour and Miko Doyle’s long drive landed right in the East-Kerry goal-mouth. J. Lyne cleared well and Tim O Donnell was again in possession. The leather was immediately inside the Stacks’ line, where the East-Kerry forwards were fouled. From the free, a point resulted. With a goal and a point to their credit, East-Kerry were in a favourable position and continued to press frequently. A further free followed to East-Kerry but an over resulted. Jimmy Gorman secured from the kick-out and set the Rocky forwards working. Exciting play was the order as the Stacks searched for the opening. Dee O Connor and Co. put up a splendid resistance and eventually conceded a fifty. Miko Doyle, who took the kick, sent over all the way for a point. With the ice broken, the Tralee men kept up a severe offensive and Mick Landers further supplemented their score with a point. J. Lyne and Pat O Meara were doing great defensive work and were responsible for many fine clearances. After some close play at midfield, Doyle secured and sent to Ryan, who raised the white flag. Tim O Donnell and Tim Teahan combined at midfield for East-Kerry and succeeded in breaking up the Rock attack. The East-Kerry forwards secured quickly and Pat O Leary kicked a nice point. The halftime score was Austin Stacks 0-8; East-Kerry 1-4.

                East-Kerry took up the running on the resumption but Gorman held them back. Coming on again, Tim O Donnell centred well and Dick O Clifford evened matters with a point. Attacking in turn, both sides endeavoured to forge ahead. The Rockies eventually worked their way towards the East-Kerry goal and forced a ‘50’. An over was the outcome, however. Again the East-Kerry defence bore up against the Tralee offensive and Turner finally relieved. Tim O Donnell got possession but Dan Ryan cleared his effort. Like a flash, the Rockies got going and Bill Landers centred well. A struggle ensued around the East-Kerry goal before the green flag was raised. The attack was immediately resumed and East-Kerry fouled. From the free, Dan Ryan sent over the bar. Play continued rather fast and East-Kerry were endeavouring to wipe out the arrears. John Joe Falvey and Dick O Clifford were prominent in a goal-scoring mission but Joe Barrett cleared. The Tralee men seemed to improve as the game went on. Miko Doyle got possession and transferred to Tim Landers, who banged in a goal. The game developed into a very tame affair at that stage and the Tralee men had matters well in hands. East-Kerry staged a good rally. From a clearance at midfield, the leather was transferred quickly towards the Tralee goal. Here John Joe Falvey, Pat O Leary and Dick O Clifford showed up well before Barrett cleared. The offensive was renewed, however, but it was beaten off. The Tralee men broke away and Bill Landers slung a long drive into the East-Kerry backline. Brisk play was the order before a fifty resulted. Tim Landers sent over a point. The concluding stages of the game were rather one-sided, though at times East-Kerry attempted to stage a rally. Those were beaten off, however.

East-Kerry: Michael Cunniffe (Currow), Dee O Connor (Dr. Crokes), Harry Turner (do.), Denny Healy, Pat O Meara (Legion), B. Slattery (do.), Jerry Lyne, Tim O Donnell, Tim Teahan, John Joe Falvey, Pat O Leary (Laune Rangers), Dick O Clifford (Dr. Crokes), M. Casey, Monnie O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Tim O Leary (Legion).

Austin Stacks: Brendan Reidy, Joe Barrett, Dan Ryan, Mick Healy, Frank O Neill, Miko Doyle, Tim Sullivan, Bill Landers, Jimmy Gorman, T. Quinlan, Martin Regan, John Paul Doyle, Tim Landers, Mick Landers, Jackie Ryan.

Ref: Johnny Woulfe (North-Kerry).

There had been quite an amount of discussion about the venue for that replay and the matter was raised at East-Kerry Board meetings on Thurs. 13th July and Sun. 16th July.


Co. Final on Sun. 5th Nov. at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys 5-5; Austin Stacks 0-5. (Captain – Dan Joe Conway).    


Co. Intermediate Football Championship

That competition was played on a knockout basis.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 13th Aug. at Killarney: East-Kerry 0-4; South-Kerry 0-4.

The play opened in slow fashion for the first fifteen minutes. The football was not of a very high standard, the forwards’ work on both sides being very poor. East-Kerry were pressing most of the time and should have had a comfortable lead at the stage. With twenty minutes of the first moiety gone, East-Kerry opened the scoring with a point, per Owen Moriarty. South-Kerry then attacked without avail. After a good movement by the East-Kerry forwards, T. Murphy raised the white flag to give them a two points’ lead. The South-Kerry goalie proved his worth on several occasions. Eddie O Reilly had a further point for East-Kerry before South-Kerry notched two points, which left the score at halftime, East-Kerry 0-3; South-Kerry 0-2.

                On the resumption, South-Kerry were quickly into their stride but the East-Kerry backline was sound. After about five minutes had elapsed, South-Kerry got through for the equaliser. Play became more exciting at that stage and, after some lively exchanges at midfield, East-Kerry again took the lead with a point per Murphy. Some good chances were left go on both sides but, with about five minutes left, South-Kerry equalised. There was no further scoring. (South-Kerry, as it did not have any team in the Senior Co. Championship, played its first team in that competition)

East-Kerry: Jackie Hurley, M. Walsh, T Murphy, T.B. Murphy, A. Sullivan, D. Moynihan, Tim O Shea, F. Breen, Andrew McCarthy, J. Crowley, Owen Moriarty (Keel), Mick Teahan (Laune Rangers), M. Sullivan, T. Sullivan, Eddie O Reilly (Laune Rangers).

South-Kerry: C. O Connell, J. Casey, J. O Neill, Tadhg Sullivan, Paddy ‘Boss’ Walsh, Johnny B. Curran, John H. O Connor, M. O Connell, James O Shea, C. O Connell, C. Murphy, D. Devane, J. Healy, J. Clifford, M. Bowler.

Ref: M. Cournane.


Replay on Sun. 3rd Sept. at Tralee: South-Kerry 3-7; East-Kerry 2-4.

South-Kerry got going in brilliant style and, combining well, went right through the Eastern defence for a goal. Again, coming on, they raised the white flag twice in succession. East-Kerry settled down at that stage and some nice work saw the green flag. Resuming the offensive, East-Kerry supplemented their score with a point. South-Kerry took up the cudgel once more and looked dangerous but the East-Kerry backs cleared. The Easterners sallied down the field and endeavoured to score but Walsh cleared. Coming away, South-Kerry went through for two minors to leave the halftime score at South-Kerry 1-4; East-Kerry 1-1.

                On the resumption, the South-Kerry combination got going and, after a series of efforts, eventually raised the green flag. Undaunted, East-Kerry swept into the attack and were rewarded with a brace of minors. Ding-dong play ensued for some time before South-Kerry had another goal. The Southerners continued to hold the lead and supplemented it with two points. East-Kerry made valiant efforts to overhaul their opponents and eventually scored a point. The ensuing play saw no further scores and South-Kerry retained their lead to the end.

Ref: T. Barrett.


Co. Final on Sun. 5th Nov: Gaeltacht 0-5; South-Kerry 0-1.


East-Kerry Senior League/Championship


There were eight teams in the league, Dr. Crokes, Headford, Legion, Currow, Castlemaine, Farranfore, Kilcummin and Laune Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th May at Firies: Laune Rangers 0-5; Kilcummin 0-1.

As soon as the ball was set in play, the Rangers set to work with a determination and enthusiasm, which could not be denied and, despite the endeavours of the opposition, the change-over found them ahead by 0-3 to 0-0. On the resumption, there were some lively exchanges. Rangers, riled by some of the opposition’s tactics, settled down very quickly and secured a minor. Then Kilcummin scored their only point. Near the close, Rangers added another minor to overcome a tough opposition in the Dee O Connor-led Kilcummin.

Ref: M. Walsh.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; Currow 0-7.

The Currow team walked off the field after twenty minutes play, thereby rendering themselves liable to disqualification. Rangers, thinking that it would be unsportsmanlike to accept the match under the circumstances, suggested to Currow a replay at the same venue, Killorglin, which they gladly accepted. However, when the matter came before the East-Kerry Board meeting, they positively refused to come to Killorglin. The meeting, unaware of the circumstances, fixed the game for Killarney.


Replay on Sun. 25th June at Killarney: Laune Rangers 3-3; Currow 0-2.

A fairly large-sized gathering saw Laune Rangers inflict a decisive victory over Currow. The standard of football was rather disappointing, the poor work of the Currow forwards nullifying the heroic efforts of their first-class defence and midfield. On the other hand, the Rangers’ forwards displayed great opportunism and were brilliantly led by John Joe Falvey and Pat O Leary. Playing with the breeze in the first half, Killorglin were not flattered with the halftime score of 1-2 to 0-0. In the second half, however, they asserted very fine superiority and ran out winners by a large margin.

                After severe pressure by Killorglin, without result, Tim Curran in the Rangers’ goal was called upon to defend his charge. John Joe Falvey set his inside men working and Cunniffe was unbeatable in the Currow citadel, saving time after time. Pat O Leary opened the scoring for Killorglin with a good minor from a free in the left corner after twelve minutes. Pete Coughlan had hard luck for a goal in the next minute and soon after Pat O Leary kicked over the second point. A high centre by John Joe Falvey was driven to the net by Pete Coughlan just before the short whistle.

                On resuming, the Rangers again went on the offensive, but P. Lyne was a tower of strength in the Currow backline. Working down the field, Currow were at length rewarded with a point by T. Irwin, outstanding at midfield. Pat Murphy was to the fore defending for Killorglin in the following exchanges and the issue was placed beyond doubt when Eddie O Reilly banged the ball into the net. Irwin replied with a minor from a free but the Rangers came back to register a goal and a point before the end.

                The result was gratifying, considering Currow’s unsporting behaviour concerning the venue for the game.

Laune Rangers: Tim Curran (goal), Tim Teahan (capt.), Mick Teahan, Eddie O Reilly, Monnie O Reilly, Tom O Connor, Pete Coughlan, Michael Sweeney (Lahard), Pat Hartnett (Beaufort), Pat Murphy (do.), Pat O Leary, John Joe Falvey, Tim Sheehan (Tinahalla), Pat Sheehan (Upper Bridge St.), John O Reilly.

Currow: Michael Cunniffe (goal), Michael Quinlan, W. O Sullivan, J. Horan, M. Walsh, C. Horan, D. Horan, Jerry Lyne, Charles Irwin, T. Irwin, E. O Sullivan, Humphrey Murphy, B. Daly, J. Hickey, D. Hickey.

Ref: Nelius McCarthy (Dr. Crokes).

Four Joy boys from Bansha, Paddy, Willie, John and Bill, walked to Killarney to the match so as not to miss the opportunity of seeing the Rangers play. After walking the fourteen miles to the field, they played football there until the match started and, after the game, they walked home again, singing. That was the type of enthusiasm that kept football at the top in Kerry and Killorglin.


Rd. 3 on Wed. 26th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Keel.

Keel failed to show and the referee awarded the game to Laune Rangers. The matter went before the East-Kerry Board on Sat. 12th Aug. and Sat. 16th Sept. (see under Administration/Miscellany).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 1st Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Keel 5-2.

That result was a shock for the hitherto unbeaten Rangers. The Keel team was an inspired side and literally took the Rangers off their feet. The local prophets had been confident of a Killorglin win but Keel’s opening burst upset their calculations and it was soon evident that the Rangers had their work cut out for them. Within five minutes, the visitors, through Owen Moriarty and P. O Sullivan, had a goal and a point to their credit. The home side rallied for a time and, even though Eddie O Reilly centred repeatedly, the Keel backs were impregnable. O. Sullivan again found the net for Keel and Moriarty, from a distance, followed with a similar feat. Liam Foley drove Rangers’ only first-half point and Keel added still another goal before the short whistle to lead by 4-1 to 0-1.

                Both teams gave a splendid exhibition of football in the second half. Mick O Connor was going strong for the Rangers at centre but his namesake in the Keel backline nullified his well-directed centres. Killorglin, with a big balance against them, were trying for goals but their efforts were unavailing. Play centred around the Keel goal and the home forwards recorded four minors in quick succession, followed by a goal per Sean O Riordan. Keel broke away to finish with another goal. A point was scored by each side before the final whistle. Ref: Martin Wade (Legion).

                ‘Pars from Puck’ by Laune Ranger, in the Kerryman, wrote, “Our heartiest congratulations to Keel on their deserved victory over the Rangers on Sunday. The match was played under good conditions – field, crowd, weather and spirit. The Keel representatives from the outset, seemed determined to lower the colours of last year’s champions and succeeded in doing it, much to the delight of their many supporters. The Rangers, playing without John Joe Falvey, Pete Coughlan and Mick Teahan, were handicapped but we are of the opinion that, even with these three stars playing, the issue would still be doubtful. We hinted in these notes a few weeks ago that Kerry had fallen to Cavan because they had taken their opponents too easily and warned the Rangers that they were taking Keel too lightly, but our words were not heeded. At the practice matches during the evenings of last week, many of our ‘stalwarts’ did not put in an appearance, but they have learned a lesson.

                The match, from the throw-in, was at a fast, gruelling pace, especially in the second half, many of those present being of the opinion that it was the fastest half-hour’s play seen here for many years and both teams stood well up to the test. The long kicking of the Keel team proved a great asset and the dogged manner in which they marked their men proved that they had come prepared to bring victory. Hard working lads, always in training, they set and stuck the pace to the end and certainly deserved their victory.

                As to our local representatives, they changed over with great leeway to make up and their determination must be admired. They reduced their opponents’ lead point by point and were unfortunate on a few occasions in not having further registered. They had easily the better of the play in the second moiety. The lead was so much that, it must be said of them, they played a losing game as men undaunted, men who did not until the final whistle admit defeat and, true to tradition, were first to congratulate the winners. Any one of the three absentees would have made some difference but then Keel played a grand game and got their reward. We trust that our team will profit by the lesson and, now that they have thus lost two points in the League, they can take no chances. They still lead in points and we trust that, with practice, practice, practice, they will again emerge victors of East-Kerry.”


Rd. 4 on Sun. 15th Oct. at Farranfore: Dr. Crokes 4-2; Laune Rangers 2-0.

The weather was very unfavourable but a large crowd attended. From the throw-in, Crokes got quickly away and F. O Connor had a good goal. That early reverse seemed to take the Killorglin team off its feet and, within the next few minutes, Reddy O Connor (Crokes) had two quick goals. Play then swung around to the other end and Pat O Leary missed from a close-in free. The Rangers, however, kept up the pressure and the green flag went up for their first score. Play was of a ding-dong nature at that stage, with Killorglin midfield pair showing to advantage. The Crokes were lucky when the ball struck the upright and John Joe Falvey, when well-placed, sent wide. The Rangers, who were playing with the advantage of a strong wind but facing the incline, were having the better of matters but faulty shooting by their forwards kept their scores down. Pat O Leary struck the upright off a free just before the halftime whistle at which stage the score stood at 3-0 to 1-0 in favour of Crokes.

                On the resumption, Rangers broke away and were conceded a close-in free but the ball was sent wide. Another free immediately afterwards went the same way. Play then went to the other end and Johnson made no mistake when he sent the ball sailing over the bar. Crokes kept on the pressure and, from a centre by Donie Clifford, the ball found the net, giving them a comfortable lead. Tim O Donnell (Crokes) had a minor and then Rangers had a goal, leaving Crokes the victors.

Laune Rangers: Tom O Connor, Mick O Connor, Mick Teahan, Eddie O Reilly, Monnie O Reilly, Pat Murphy, Michael Sweeney, John Joe Falvey, Pat O Leary, Pete Coughlan, John O Riordan, Tim Sheehan, Pat Sheehan, Paul Costello, Tim Curran.

Dr. Crokes: D. Casey, Bill Myers, T. Lyne, Jim Foley, Harry Turner, Derry Griffin, Sam O Keeffe, Tim O Donnell, Con O Meara, Dick O Clifford, Donie Clifford, Vincent Johnson, Dick O Brien, Reddy O Connor, Frank O Connor.

Ref: Humphrey Murphy (Currow).

‘Pars from Puck’ by Laune Rangers in the Kerryman, wrote, “By their defeat in Farranfore on Sunday last, the Rangers have lost all hope of winning this year’s East-Kerry Championship. They were defeated but went down fighting and, somehow, even though three goals were scored against them within twice that many minutes after starting, they played with a will and determination few other teams would have put up, having such a big score to wipe out. It was unfortunate for them that they did not settle down earlier for it was in these opening few minutes that the Crokes took advantage and gained their big lead.

                The game was fast and clean and of a high standard. The referee’s whistle was held to the highest respect and, like some others in the series, goes to show the order we are reaching in East-Kerry. And as regards the referee, he discharged his duty most creditably and not once could a decision of his have been questioned. The Rangers defeated the Crokes in last year’s final and the latter have now succeeded in wiping out that defeat and are perhaps satisfied they are the better team, which somehow we doubt. Beidh lá eile ag an bPaorach!.

                Readers will of course be anxious to know why our lads were defeated and they are very easily told that it was the fact that we took too much for granted and considered it would be sufficient to meet one another on the field on the day of the match. This same mistake had already cost them the match against Keel and they will now have sufficient time to take the lesson seriously. Withal, they deserve every congratulation for their fine, manly, spirited, clean display of football with great odds against them and, on the play, they certainly deserved a higher score. However, we have the material here yet  and, by watching and selecting, we can out up a good team still.”


East-Kerry Junior Football League/Championship

There were eleven teams in the league, Listry (Allman’s), Rathmore, Laune Rangers, Firies, Dr. Crokes, Brosna, Legion, Castlemaine, Currow, Headford and Castleisland.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th May at Firies: Firies 1-6; Laune Rangers 3-2.

That was a hard contest. The Firies representatives played a very sharp, clean game and the match was undecided right up to the end. Many considered that a draw would have been a more fitting end to the match. Laune Rangers had been set a difficult task on the first day’s outing to place two teams on the field but they did so successfully. Ref: Bill Sheehan.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 21st May at Listry: Listry 0-4; Laune Rangers 1-1.

There was a good crowd present and they were treated to a really lively and interesting match.


Replay on Thurs 25th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Listry.

After the draw on the previous Sunday, a match of high standard was expected and a rather good crowd had come along to see it but the play was not up to the standard of the earlier occasion and neither team satisfied its followers. There was lacking that combination, that cohesion, that finishing touch, that determination so essential to a good match and, though the final whistle found the Rangers winners by a small margin, their followers would have been more pleased had the contest been of a better nature.


Sun. 26th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-2; Castlemaine 4-1.

The match could not be termed a good exhibition of the code. The Castlemaine selection lacked much of that fire and go, which they had shown when they had defeated the Legion some time previously. About half of the Rangers showed themselves worth their places. That the score against Castlemaine, however, were not higher, was due to the visiting backline, which kept the Rangers; forwards well in hand.

‘Pars from Puck’ by Laune Ranger wrote in the Kerryman, “The defeat of our Junior string by Castlemaine caused little surprise here, for the followers felt that they had not taken the matter seriously, that they had not entered into the fray in the proper spirit not with the enthusiasm, which was expected of them. We are not writing this because of their defeat but, when the Castlemaine men were ready to take the field at the appointed moment, some of our selected had not yet arrived and then it was that it became necessary to field the best the captain and the others could get of those present. Surely, this is a position, which reflects little credit on men, who should have felt honoured at being selected to wear the jersey – to don the colours that, with the old Laune Rangers, made history in the annals of the GAA. Called to a meeting during the week, a few of these not only failed to attend, but did not even deign to given an intimation of their intentions. And as for practice, that was looked on as unnecessary, possibly. To be sure, there has been too much spoon-feeding with some of our lads of late, which causes them to set a false value on themselves and their services and their ability as footballers, and such lads are of no use either to the club or the organisation. A sports-field is provided, footballs are available but very little use made of them. True, there are a few who have a regular practice and these are the men we may always rely on, the men who appreciate their deficiencies, who know their faults and are ready to remedy them. But, alas, they are too few – very few. Now, however, with both teams out of the League, there is sufficient time to think, ample opportunity to remodel, plenty of material to mould ere we enter into next season’s championship, and let us consider how many of those whom we honoured with selection this year, showed their appreciation of that honour, how they treated the club, how they failed in their duty towards the grand old name – Laune Rangers – ere we again give them an opportunity of donning the colours of that famous team.”


Laune Rangers’ District Football League

The following teams took part, Steelroe, Lower Town, Glenbeigh and Meanus/Dunloe.


Semi-finals on Sun. 29th April: Meanus/Dunloe 2-3; Steelroe 1-3.

Steelroe were the favourites but even their most enthusiastic supporters were surprised by the display of the heretofore ‘dark horses’. The Beaufort combination was up to form for the event. Initially, a few of their selection were somewhat put ill-at-ease by the stiff opposition but they overcame that and, after a hard hour’s play, the final whistle found them winners. Ref: Tadhg O Reilly.

                                                       Lower Town 0-7; Glenbeigh 0-5.

The very heavy rain, which fell immediately after the first game, caused much delay in getting the second fixture under way, but eventually the ball was thrown in. That game was also a good exhibition of the code. Glenbeigh seemed to have improved on previous form and looked like qualifying for the final, However, they missed many opportunities of scoring and paid the price. Ref: Pete Coughaln.


Final on Tues. 22nd Aug: Lower Town 0-6; Meanus/Dunloe 0-5.

The final presented the fairly large crowd with a game of thrills and excitement, of high standard play, which would be difficult to equal. Lower Town were indeed very fortunate to annex victory and many regretted that it was not a draw. Of the players on both sides, it would be invidious to note any for special mention as they all played well. Referee, Pat O Leary, acquitted himself very creditably and did much to make the game what it was.


Laune Rangers’ Parish/Town League

The following teams took part, Steelroe, Caragh Lake, Lower Town, Langford St.


Sun. 14th May: Steelroe 0-5; Caragh Lake 0-4.

For enthusiasm, grit, determination and vigour, that match would be difficult to surpass. A fair crowd had come to witness what was expected to be a good contest and all were very pleasantly surprised at the display. From the beginning, there was not a dull moment – the shouts of encouragement (or otherwise) from the followers served even to further enliven the game. On the lineout in the beautiful sunshine, the thirty contestants looked perfectly fit and the hour’s play that ensued proved their form.

                Caragh Lake were first to attack and, after some very loose play before the men had settled, opened the scoring with a minor. It was then the match began in earnest. Steelroe, led by Tadhg Clifford, were not to be denied and, prevented on more than one occasion from getting through, the determination of those hefty lads won through in the end. There was great enthusiasm amongst their followers when the equalising point was scored. From that to the end, there were thrills and flashes of very good football and, though Steelroe proved victorious, Caragh deserved, on the run of play, which was even all through, to draw with them.

                Best for Steelroe were Tadhg Clifford, John Sheehan, Paud O Sullivan and McKenna. For Caragh Lake, Paddy Walsh, Phil McGillycuddy, Peter Moriarty and Patsy Hassett were best.

Ref: Paddy Foley.


Sun. 10th Sept: Lower Town drew with Langford Street.


Sun. 17th Sept: Lower Town 2-3; Langford Street 1-3.

That contest, to some extent, was disappointing, after the display on the previous Sunday. The pitch was in fairly good condition and the crowd was rather in the small side. At the outset, Langford Street seemed to work much better and with more combination than their opponents but that only set the others at work with more determination. The Langford Street goalie, Bill Jones, was frequently tested but withstood the attacks bravely whilst the backs were called upon to show their mettle on not a few occasions ere the first major was registered by Eddie O Reilly of Lower Town. A point was added per the same agent ere John O Connor, on a pass from Paul Costello, defeated John Power, the Lower Town goalie, for their first score, a major. Things began to happen then and, had it not been for the splendid midfield play by Lower Town, they would have been very much pressed to cope with the ‘Avenue’ representatives. A neat punch by S. Foley added a minor to their score, which then stood even. John Joe Falvey got going and passed to midfield, from where the leather went to Eddie O Reilly, who beat backs and goalie once again and gave his side a goal lead. Play was very tame for a while. Mick and Tom O Connor got in useful work for the ‘Avenue’ ere a free was awarded and taken by Mick O Connor from forty yards out and sailed neatly over the bar to leave the halftime score at Lower Town 2-1; Langford Street 1-2.

                As with the first half, the second moiety did not show very much high standard football and wides were frequent on both sides. John Joe Falvey, Eddie and Monnie O Reilly and Mick O Sullivan were outstanding for Lower Town, whilst the O Connor brothers and Joe O Shea were prominent for Langford Street. The losers added a further point to their total before the end, as against two for the winners. Tadhg O Reilly refereed the game in a most capable manner and kept both teams very rigidly to the rules.


Football Challenge Games


Sun. 23rd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-5; Currow 1-3.

During the first half, Currow seemed to have things much their own way and at halftime had the score at 1-2 to 0-1. During the second half, Rangers dominated and ran out easy winners. There were some flashes of good football but, on the whole, the play lacked dash and vigour. Ref: Tadhg O Reilly (Laune Rangers).


On Mon. 5th June, a football match, under the auspices of the Catholic Boys’ scouts, was played in Killarney between Beaufort (7th Troop) and Killorglin (5th Troup) and resulted in a win for the former on the score of 2-2 to 1-3.


East-Kerry Camogie League

The following teams entered for the competition: Dick Fitzgerald’s, Headford, Laune Rangers, Kenmare, Knocknagree, Rathmore and Dr. Crokes. The competition was played on a league basis and any team beaten twice dropped out.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 20th Aug. at Headford: Headford 1-0; Laune Rangers 5-1.

There was a large crowd present and the play, at times, was of a high standard. The Killorglin team showed a better knowledge of the game. From the start it was evident that they were superior and, as the game advanced, that became more noticeable still. Judging by their performance, it was fairly safe to predict that they would win the League. The Headford girls fought gamely all the way and were ultimately rewarded with a goal. Ref: D. Morrissey (Killarney).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 3rd Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 6-0; Dr. Crokes 0-0.

Much interest had been centred on that game as both teams were fancied from previous encounters. In their observance of punctuality, they gave good example to the men. Tadhg O Reilly, who acted as a most capable referee, had the teams going on time and it appeared from the start that a close contest was assured, as Killarney led off with a sharp attack on the Killorglin goal, which was repulsed and play was transferred to the opposite posts. Again the backs were too much for the home forwards. After about eight minutes play, however, Rangers raised a flag for a major score and that seemed to turn the trend of things their way, as by halftime they led by 3-0 to 0-0.

                On the resumption, Killarney were again first away but Sheile O Neill, at fullback, could not be disposed of and again the attack was warded off only, however, to be renewed. This time the shot was saved by Agnes Duffy, whilst Joan Duffy, in goals, was a tower of strength. It seemed indeed as it the visitors would break through for a goal, which, for their dash, they deserved but it was in vain and pucking through of a neat goal by Nellie Foley wrote finis to their attack. Nancy Clifford, at that time, seemed to be everywhere and doing great work for the visitors and seemed to infuse new life into attacks, which, however, were on every occasion held off and, further scores having been added, the Rangers won easily. Best for the winners were Sheila O Neill, Peggy O Sullivan, Joan Power and Peggy Clifford. Best for the Crokes were Nancy Clifford, Chris Looney, Kathy Clifford and E. O Mahony.

Laune Rangers: Joan Power, Sheila O Neill (capt.), Bridie McCarthy, Brid Clifford, Peggie P.T. O Sullivan, Peggie Clifford, Noreen O Sullivan, Maggie Curran, Anne Houlihan, Nellie Foley, Mary O Riordan, Agnes Duffy. Subs: Peggy (Friddie) Sheehan, Maureen Sheehan, Sheila O Brien.

Sheila O Neill (Upper Bridge St.)

Sheila O Neill (Upper Bridge St.)
Played on the UCC Camogie team.
Captained Laune Rangers to the East-Kerry Camogie Championship (1933)

Rd. 3 on Sun. 24th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-0; Dick Fitzgerald’s 0-1.

That contest had been looked forward to with more than usual interest as the Rangers had an easy passage in their former matches and the crowd was not disappointed, as a thrilling match was witnessed, which showed the wonderful progress the game had made in the division since it had been taken on that season.

                From the outset of the match, Killarney seemed to be the better team and Teresa O Connor, at midfield, was doing wonderful work for the visitors, while Sheila O Neill and Peggy O Sullivan were keeping the home team going and getting in useful work. A seventy, taken by Dolly Kelter for the visitors, went over the bar and raised the first flag and that added new life to the game. The Rangers tried vainly to get through but Dolly Kelter always had to be reckoned with and M. Linehan, at the back, was a star. Joan Power, in the home goal, was frequently tested but always proved her worth. Halftime was called with only one score.

                On the resumption, H. Horgan, for Fitzgerald’s, and Maggie Curran and Bridie McCarthy, for the Rangers, were soon going well. A goal, scored by Anne Houlihan, for the home team set matters at rest. Teresa O Connor endeavoured to get her team to break through but without effect. Best for the winners were Mary O Riordan, Maggie Curran, Bridie McCarthy, Sheila O Neill, Peggy O Sullivan and Peggie Clifford.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 8th Oct. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 4-0; Rathmore 0-0.

Early in the game, it was evident that Killorglin were superior and had three goals to their credit at the end of the first half. They also registered the only score of the second half to win easily. Rathmore were inclined to pick the ball too often, while Killorglin relied on long, sweeping pucks. So well did all play that not one could be mentioned for especially outstanding work.

Laune Rangers: Sheila O Neill, Peggy O Sullivan, Bridie Clifford, Joan Power, Maggie Curran, Bridie McCarthy, Nellie Foley, Peggy Clifford, Mary O Riordan, Bridie Griffin, Ann O Regan, Ellie O Regan.

Ref: J. Morrissey (Killarney).


At the East-Kerry Camogie Board meeting on Sun. 8th Oct. at the Gaelic League Rooms, Killarney, Laune Rangers Club was represented by Joan Power and Tadhg O Reilly. The Secretary gave the position of the teams in the league as follows: Laune Rangers – 8 points; Rathmore – 5 points, Dick Fitzgerald’s – 5 points. The question was asked if Killorglin were the winners.

Kathleen Fogarty (Dick Fitzgerald’s) – The Chairman made a provision that no team would be out of the League until they were defeated twice.

Tadhg O Reilly – according to your statement, it means that you have to keep on playing matches until one team is left. That is not playing the League system.

Kathleen Fogarty – The Chairman made a provision.

Chairman – The position is that we have gone away from the points’ system altogether. We wanted to give teams that were weak an opportunity to come up again.

Tadhg O Reilly – The question is that we have played all our matches and we are on top of the League and we will stay there. The League is finished as far as we are concerned.

Chairman – It is finished as regards points.

Kay Maybury (Kenmare) – It was not on the points system.

Chairman – Certainly, it was.

Tadhg O Reilly – I still hold that we are top of the table and we will stay there. I propose that we be awarded the trophy for winning the League.

Ms. Coffey (Dr. Crokes) seconded that proposal.

A proposition was then made that Rathmore and Dick Fitzgerald’s meet in a semi-final and the winners to meet Killorglin in the final. That proposition was carried on a vote.

Tadhg O Reilly – You can draw (for the semi-final) if you like and you can play a final between Rathmore and Dick Fitzgerald’s. We have finished the league and we are on top of the table.

Chairman – I agree with that but we made a provision that a team not beaten twice would still remain in the League. The League will be a greater success if we do this. It is up to me to put it to the meeting.

Tadhg O Reilly – My suggestion is that you not have a final.

Secretary –Why not have a better spirit?

Tadhg O Reilly – I will not agree until I have a meeting of our club to see what they will have to say.


The final, between Laune Rangers and Dick Fitzgerald’s, was played on Sun. 29th April 1934 at Killarney Sports-field.


Camogie Challenge Games


Sun. 30th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 5-1; Dick Fitzgerald’s 2-2.

That game was played in conjunction with Feis Condae Chiarraighe.


Thurs. 10th Dec. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-2; UCC 5-0.

That was a most exciting match, but the visitors proved the better team, their combination, quickness and mastery of the camán far exceeding those of the Laune selection. The field was in good condition and a fair crowd was thrilled with excitement during the progress of the game.

                At the puck-in, UCC were first away and, after some play around the Laune goal, a wide resulted. From the puck-out, the Rangers led away through Bridie McCarthy but their efforts resulted in a wide, also. UCC got away and N. Murphy, getting possession, netted the ball for the visitors’ first score. The players were then settling down and there was some midfield play in which L. Kirby (UCC) and Maggie Curran (Rangers) were conspicuous. The former pucked out to N. Murphy who succeed in raising the flag for another major. The Rangers then seemed to get going and after a brilliant save by Mary O Riordan, who passed to Bridie McCarthy, some ground play followed. Peggy O Sullivan got possession and scored a very nice point for the home side. A further shot for goal was well saved by T. McAuliffe (custodian). The ball quickly travelled to the home territory, where B. Brennan was prominent and was held up by Nora Kelliher, a wide resulting. From the puck-out, Peggy Clifford asserted herself and passed along to Nellie Foley, who sent in a stinging shot, which the custodian failed to stop. There was then great excitement as only two points separated the sides but N. Murphy, again asserting herself, defeated the backs and goalie for a further goal to leave the halftime score at 3-0 to 1-2 in favour of the visitors.

                In the second half, UCC seemed to be the superior selection as the home backs were hard pressed from the beginning. However, Nora Kelliher, Mary O Riordan and Agnes Duffy proved their worth. Rangers were first away but R. Aherne held them up and the home team was soon set to guard its territory and a shot by L. Kirby went wide. A tussle at midfield, in which Bridie McCarthy and Maggie Curran did well, resulted in an over. From that, U. Cronin took possession and netted for a further goal. Rangers were then in possession and some good play by Bridie McCarthy and Peggy Clifford, in which N. Hayes interfered, and what looked like a sure score for the home side was spoiled by Sheila O Neill (UCC). The ball quickly travelled to the home ground and B. Brennan raised the flag for UCC’s fifth goal. Joan Power, the home custodian, was tested on a few other occasions but was sound.

Laune Rangers: Joan Power (capt. and goalie), Nellie Foley, Anne Houlihan, Peggy O Sullivan, Nora O Sullivan, Peggy Clifford, Bridie McCarthy, Brid Clifford, Maggie Curran, Agnes Duffy, Mary O Riordan and Nora Kelliher.

UCC: N. Murphy (capt.), T. McAuliffe (goalie), B. Brennan, U. Cronin, L. Kirby, J. O Dowd, N. Hayes, K. O Driscoll, M. Cronin, R. Aherne, M. Ní Dhuama, Sheila O Neill (Laune Rangers).

Ref: Denis Kidney.

The UCC players were guests on honour at a Céilí in the Carnegie Hall, organised by the Gaelic League and Camogie Club.


Sun. 12th Nov. at Killarney: Kerry (East-Kerry) 1-0; Cork (Lee Hosiery) 0-2.

A huge crowd was present at that game, which was played for the Kingdom Cup. Laune Rangers’ players Joan Power, Sheila O Neill and Bridie McCarthy played with East-Kerry, the latter proving a stumbling block on many occasions, clearing her lines to loud applause. With thirteen minutes of play left, the game had to be abandoned due to a downpour of rain.


Replay on Sun. 3rd Dec. at Cork: Lee Hosiery 5-2; East-Kerry 2-0.

Laune Rangers’ players Bridie McCarthy and Peggy O Sullivan played with East-Kerry.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th April at Dungarvan: Waterford 0-5; Kerry 5-1.

John Joe Falvey played at full-forward.


Semi-final on Sun. 9th July at Listowel: Kerry 5-3; Tipperary 2-2.

John Joe Falvey played at left full-forward.


Final on Sun. 23rd July at Mallow: Cork 2-2; Kerry 1-3.

John Joe Falvey played at centre half-forward.




Sean McCarthy, Corcaigh, was Uachtarán CLG.

Jack O Dwyer, Laune Rangers, was on the Kerry delegation to Congress in City Hall, Dublin on 16th April.


William P. Clifford, Luimneach, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and John Joe Sheehy was Treasurer. It was decided to give Kerry a bye into the Munster Senior Football Final on account of their tour to America.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Courthouse, Tralee on Sun. 29th Jan. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Din Joe Baily, Vice-Chairman – the Chairmen of the four District Boards, Secretary – John Joe Landers, Joint-Treasurers – John Moran and Con Clifford, Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and P.P Fitzgerald, Representative on Central Council – John Joe Sheehy.


The Annual Convention of the East-Kerry Board was held in the Town Hall, Killarney on Sun. 19th March. Laune Rangers Club was represented by James O Regan and Liam McSweeney. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Eddie Joe Moynihan (Headford), Vice-Chairmen – Jeremiah O Leary and James O Regan (Laune Rangers), Hon. Secretary – Nelius McCarthy, Treasurer – Jack O Dwyer (Laune Rangers), Delegates to Co. Board – Denis Shanahan, J.J. Rice and Eddie Joe Moynihan, Delegate to Congress – Paul Russell.

The following Laune Rangers’ players were chosen for an East-Kerry trial game, in preparation for the Co. Championship match versus Austin Stacks: Tadhg McGillycuddy, Michael Sweeney (Lahard), Pat O Leary, Mick O Connor, John Joe Falvey and Eddie O Reilly.


James O Regan presided at the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 22nd April in Killarney. The meeting concentrated mainly on the fixtures for the first rounds of the Senior and Junior League/Championship.

                At the East-Kerry-Board meeting on Sat. 20th May, Liam McSweeney commented strongly on the action of the dancehall proprietors in opening their halls while football matches were being played in the district. He suggested that, in future, the proprietors of the halls concerned be approached and asked to close their dancehalls on the occasion of a football match. It was decided that, in the event of the proprietors refusing to comply with that request, when the application for dancehall licences came before the courts, an objection would be raised to the granting of licences for dances on days when football matches were being played.

                At the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 3rd June in Killarney, Laune Rangers Club was represented by Liam McSweeney, Tadhg O Reilly, James O Regan and Batt O Dwyer. Arising out of the minutes of the previous meeting, Liam McSweeney said that a decision had been made at a previous Board meeting to give Laune Rangers a set of medals, as they had won the 1932 East-Kerry League but that decision had been rescinded at the following meeting. The Chairman said that it would not be fair to give Killorglin medals and not give them to the teams that had won the East-Kerry League for the previous four or five years. Headford had won the League once and Dr. Crokes had won it for the previous three years. Liam McSweeney said that if a decision was made at one meeting and was upset at the following meeting, they would not know where they were. He felt that the minutes of the previous meeting should be upheld. It was decided that Laune Rangers would get medals and that Dr. Crokes and Headford would get a set when the finances of the Board permitted.

                Laune Rangers’ Club was represented at the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 8th July by James O Regan, Tadhg O Reilly and Batt O Dwyer. The following proposal was read from the Laune Rangers Club, ‘That they guarantee medals for the winners of the East-Kerry League and, as a further incentive to interest and progress of the game, there be a final between the two teams having the highest number of points and that the cost of the medals be first drawn from the gate of that match.’ Tadhg O Reilly, in proposing, said that it would very much benefit the game in East-Kerry. “Let the two teams with the highest number of points play a final and the winning team to be the winners of the League,” he said. “I am sure that there is not a delegate present who would disagree with the proposal. From the proceeds of the gate, provide a set of medals. We are taking it for granted that we will have a £6 gate.” The proposition was carried unanimously. James O Regan took the chair during the part of the meeting that dealt with Headford’s objection to Dr. Crokes. Later on in the meeting, Patrick Murphy’s (Beaufort) application to transfer from Dr. Crokes to Laune Rangers was granted. A letter from the Secretary of the Laune Rangers Club sought the reinstatement of Paul O Shea, who had been disqualified under the foreign games rule. The letter stated that he had not played foreign games since Nov. 1932. The matter was referred to the Munster Council.

                Liam McSweeney and Sean O Riordan represented Laune Rangers Club at the East-Kerry Board meeting in the Dr. Crokes Clubrooms on Sat. 16th Sept. On the matter of the Laune Rangers game versus Keel, which had been awarded to the former, as Keel had not shown up, Liam McSweeney gave the following explanation: “We were not here at the last meeting and what was stated in the paper to an extent was true. The whole thing was a misunderstanding and, if we were here the last day, we would not have taken the match. We asked Keel to put back the match and they agreed to put it back by six weeks. Later, we agreed to play on the following Sunday and we wrote to Keel to this effect and asked them to reply by return. Keel did not reply by return, so we did not know whether they were to play or not. We are as much to blame as Keel and a refixture would suit.” It was agreed to replay the match. Tadhg O Reilly presided at the meeting of the East-Kerry Board of Referees on the same date. That meeting dealt with objections by clubs against other clubs.

                Jack O Dwyer presided at the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 21st Oct. at Dr. Crokes Clubrooms, Killarney. Liam McSweeney represented Laune Rangers Club.

                Liam McSweeney, Jack O Dwyer and John O Reilly represented Laune Rangers Club at the East-Kerry Board meeting in the Carnegie Hall, Killorglin on Sun. 26th Nov.

                Tadhg O Reilly represented Laune Rangers Club at the East-Kerry Board meeting in the Dr. Crokes Clubrooms on Sat. 9th Dec. A decision was taken, endorsing the Legion Football Club resolution not to fix anymore matches until such time as the Republican prisoners were released.


The Laune Rangers Camogie Club was reformed, having been defunct for a number of years.


Maureen O Shea and Joan Power represented the Laune Rangers Camogie Club at the East-Kerry Camogie Board’s meeting in the Gaelic League rooms, Killarney on Sat. 9th Sept.

                Maureen O Shea, Sheila O Neill, Joan Power and Tadhg O Reilly represented Laune Rangers Camogie Club at the East-Kerry Camogie Board meeting in the Gaelic League rooms, Killarney on Mon. 2nd Oct. There was a long discussion on the fact that Rathmore had not submitted the gate receipts from a recent game. Tadhg O Reilly proposed that the club be given a week to submit the money or stand suspended. Rathmore also wished to register players from over the border but Tadhg O Reilly proposed that those players would not be accepted.

                Maureen O Shea, Joan Power and Tadhg O Reilly represented Laune Rangers Camogie Club at the East-Kerry Camogie Board meeting on Sat. 9th Dec. in the Gaelic League rooms, Killarney. It was decided that Dick Fitzgerald’s would play Rathmore in the semi-final of the league and the winners would play Laune Rangers in the final.


At the Laune Rangers Club meeting on Mon. 22nd May, Rev. Father Mangan (Chairman) proposed, ‘That we extend to out fellow member, Mike Joy, our sincere sympathy in his bereavement on the death of his brother and that this meeting adjourns as a mark of respect.” Paddy Foley seconded and James O Regan, Tadhg O Reilly and the Secretary, Liam McSweeney, associated themselves with the resolution, which was passed in silence.

                At the club meeting in Oct. sympathy was extended to John and Pat Joy, fellow members of the club, as well as to their parents, on the death by drowning of their brother, Tim; to Tim Sheehan, his parents and other members of the family, on the death of his sister; to John O Dwyer on the death of his father.


The death occurred in Oct. of Thomas Foley, Anglont, who had been a member of the original Laune Rangers and who, in later life, had become the mainstay of the Beagle Club.


On 22nd Dec. the death took place of Pat Teahan, Gurrane, aged 72 years. Another link with the past had been severed, another link with the visit of Laune Rangers to Clonturk Park in 1893, when Pat was one of the most active and formidable of the visiting team. A prominent Nationalist, a well-known Gael of genial and kindly disposition and a sincere friend, his death occasioned much regret. At the funeral to Dromavalla, there was a fine tribute paid when the members of the Laune Rangers GAA Club, wearing armlets of blue, took charge of the remains and bore it in turn to the graveside. Many were taken back in memory to that famous day in 1893, when they saw the procession led by the then few survivors of the team that opened the brilliant Kerry page in GAA annals. The survivors present were Paddy O Regan, Moss O Brien, Bill O Brien, John Phil Murphy, Dan Murphy, Eddie O Sullivan, John O Sullivan, Jimmy Doyle and Patsy Begley. Letters of sympathy were received from Senator Dr. Billy O Sullivan, a fellow member of the team, and Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, son of J. P. the captain of the team.


A very enjoyable Whist Drive, in aid of funds for the Camogie Club, was held in the Carnegie Hall on Sun. 29th Oct. Twenty eight tables were played. The prize winners in the ladies’ section were N. O Donoghue (150) and C. Wolfe (142). The fortunate gents were Charlie Foley (147) and Floss McCrohan (146), whilst Mike Joy secured the special score prize and Mrs. Hogan and Paud O Neill the sweep prizes. Tadhg O Reilly acted as M.C. ably assisted by officers of the club.


Tadhg O Reilly refereed the following games, amongst others, for the East-Kerry Board:

Sun. 12th March, 1932 Senior League Semi-final at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 2-2; Currow 2-1.

Sun. 26th March, 1932 Junior Semi-final at Killorglin: Legion 1-2; Keel 1-2.

Sun. 2nd April, 1932 Junior Semi-final at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-3; Currow 0-3.

Sun. 14th May, Senior League at Castlemaine: Keel (Thomas Ashe’s) 4-4; Farranfore 0-1.

Sun. 1st Oct. Junior League at Killorglin: Castlemaine 2-1; Legion 1-1.

Sun. 26th Nov. Senior Semi-final at Killorglin: Legion 4-3; Keel 0-3.


Kerry Colleges Semi-final on Sat. 18th Feb. at Killorglin: Killarney 5-2; Cahersiveen CBS 1-0.

Ref: Danny J. Clifford (Laune Rangers).


Kerry won the Munster Senior Football Championship by beating Tipperary in the final at Clonmel by 2-8 to 1-3 on Sun. 13th Aug. Unfortunately they lost to Cavan in the semi-final on Sun. 27th Aug. at Breffni Park by 1-5 to 0-5. That was a sensational result, as Kerry were going for five-in-a-row and a Northern team had never won a Senior All-Ireland Championship. There were recriminations and it was the Co. Board and the selectors, not the team, that were blamed. It was alleged that the All-Ireland had been sacrificed for the USA tour, as there was not enough money left after the tour to allow for training. Cavan, captained by Jimmy Smith, won the title by beating Galway in the final on the score of 2-5 to 1-4.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Dee O Connor, Paddy Whiddy, Joe O Sullivan, Jack Walsh, Paul Russell, Tim O Donnell, Bill Landers, Miko Doyle (capt.), Martin Regan, Tim Landers, Martin Regan, Johnny Walsh, Con Geaney, Jackie Ryan, John Joe Landers. Sub: Charlie O Sullivan for M. Regan.


Kerry beat Cork in the Munster Minor Football Championship Final by 2-9 to 3-4 at Macroom. They went on the win the All-Ireland Final by beating Mayo by 4-1 to 0-9 in Croke Park on Sun. 8th Oct. That was Kerry’s third Minor Championship-in-a-row, a record.

Kerry: Brendan Reidy (goal) Rock St., Sean Sullivan (Ballinskelligs), Bill Myers (Killarney), Bill Dillon (Dingle), Derry Griffin (Castlemaine), Ned Buckley (Scartaglin), Brian Cronin (Firies), Jackie Brosnan (Dingle), Paddy Kennedy (Annascaul), Timmy O Leary (Killarney) capt., Michael Gorman (Mitchels), Jack Fitzgibbon (Listowel), Johnny Counihan (Annascaul), Mitchel McCarthy (Mitchels), Larry Crowley (Strand St.). Subs: Christy Spring (Strand Road), Owen Teahan (Kilcummin), Simon Prendiville (Legion), Mikey Lyne (do.), Gerald Fox (Dingle), Ger ‘Fox’ Prendiville (Castleisland).


At the Kerry Co. Board meeting in Tralee on Sat. 21st Oct. the Secretary of the Munster Council, Sean (Jack) McCarthy (Ciarraí) gave a sharp rebuke to the Board. He said, “There are no minutes before you, except a few sheets of paper that I got from the Press representatives. The Co. Board has not had a legal meeting in goodness knows how long. The whole administration has become loose and it is all dilly-dallying with objections and appeals. The football and hurling championships are in abeyance. All our teams were flattened last year, except the minors. The Co. Board had got very lax and if someone does not stand up to it, go into affairs and straighten them out, I will have to take it one myself, as the senior official of the GAA in the province, to do so. The whole administration must be overhauled.”


A meeting of the Joint-Committee, set up by the East-Kerry GAA Board and the Killarney Gaelic League was held in the Gaelic League offices, 26 Ashe Street on Sun. 2nd April. Liam McSweeney (Laune Rangers) was on the GAA delegation.


Murt Kelly helped Dublin to win the Leinster Senior Football Championship but they were defeated by Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final by 0-8 to 0-4.


The ninth Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board N.A.C.A. took place in Scott’s Hotel, Killarney on Wed. 9th Jan. Liam McSweeney was re-elected as Secretary and Jack O Dwyer as Treasurer..


The Kerry Inter-Club Athletics Championship was held in Killorglin on Sun. 13th Aug. and were a great success from the point of view of competition and results. That was the first time that such a Championship was run. The Chairman of the Co. Board NACA, Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, the Secretary, Liam McSweeney, and the Treasurer, Jack O Dwyer, expressed themselves satisfied with the outcome. Tralee Club won the Championship with 27 points, Laune Rangers were second with 22.5 points, Killarney were third with 20 points and Farranfore were fourth. The results were as follows:

100 yards – 1st E. Fitzmaurice, Tralee, 2nd Eugene Powell, Tralee, 3rd Richard F. Sheehan, Laune Rangers.

One Mile Cycle – 1st J. O Donnell, Tralee, 2nd R. Kelter, Tralee, 3rd J.J. Crowley, Farranfore.

880 yards – 1st Richard Sheehan, Laune Rangers, G. Cooper, Killarney, M. Moriarty, Tralee.

Long Jump – 1st Dermot Sheehan, Laune Rangers, F. Fitxgerald, Killarney, D. O Shea, Killarney.

16lbs Shot – 1st D. Lucey, Killarney, 2nd D. O Sullivan, Tralee, 3rd Pat O Connor, Laune Rangers.

220 yards – 1st Eugene Powell, Tralee, 2nd E. Fitzmaurice, Tralee, 3rd Frank Paul McCarthy, Laune Rangers.

Ladies 100 yards – 1st Miss O Mahony, Killarney, 2nd M. Clifford, Killarney, J. Foley, Laune Rangers.

Three Miles Cycle – 1st J. O Donnell, Tralee, 2nd J.J. Blennerhassett, Laune Rangers, 3rd J.J. Crowley, Farranfore.

440 yards – 1st Richard F. Sheehan, Laune Rangers, Eugene Powell, Tralee, 3rd P.J. Lowry, Tralee.

High Jump – 1st Dermot Sheehan, Laune Rangers, 2nd F. Fitzgerald, Killarney, P.J. Broder, Farranfore and Pat O Connor, Laune Rangers (dead heat).

One Mile Flat – 1st Richard F. Sheehan (Laune Rangers), 2nd G. Cooper, Killarney, 3rd J. Egan, Killarney.

Relay Race – 1st Tralee, 2nd Kilarney, 3rd Laune Rangers.


In the General election, which was held in January, the following were elected to represent Kerry in the Dáil: Eamonn Kissane (FF), Thomas McEllistrim (FF), Jack Flynn (FF), Denis Daly (FF), Fred H. Crowley (FF), Fionán Lynch (Cumann na nGael), Prof. John Marcus O Sullivan (Cumann na nGael).


Most eloquent and impressive was the commemoration ceremony held on Sun. 2nd April at Ballykissane Pier in memory of the men from the area who had given their lives for their country in and since 1916. It had been there that, on Good Friday 1916 in that ill-fated motor-car, Con Keating, Michael Sheehan and Charles Monaghan were the first to lose their lives in what was to mark still another period in Ireland’s fight for freedom. A large crowd gathered, prayers were recited and a wreath was dropped into the river over the pier. That done, a procession, formed of the representatives of the IRA and Fianna Éireann from the surrounding districts and, headed by a band, marched to the town. A halt was made at the spot where Lieutenant Looney was shot in 1923 and the ‘Last Post’ sounded. Followed by large numbers of the general public, the procession winded its way to Dromavalla, where wreaths were placed on the graves and memorials unveiled to Jack Galvin, Michael Ahern and W.C. O Connor, who had lost their lives in the struggle since.


On Sat 29th April, Dermot Sheehan, Killorglin, competing for Blackrock College against Castleknock College, jumped 21ft 3.5 ins. to beat the Irish Schoolboys’ record. In the Schools’ Championship at Croke Park on Sun. 21st May, he jumped 21ft. 3ins. in the long jump. At the Blackrock College Sports on Fri. 2nd June, he jumped 22ft. and in the process beat the existing All-Ireland Schools and Colleges’ Championship record, which he had held himself, by 9 inches. Nothing like it had ever been done before and he was still only 17.5 years old.

On Sun. 23rd April in Tralee, Killorglin Rugby team drew with Tralee (17 points each) in the final of the McElligott Cup. On the following Sunday (30th April) at Killorglin, Killorglin made no mistake by winning the replay on the score 12 points to 5. Best for Killorglin were, forwards Tom Mangan, Denis Mangan, Patrick O Mahony, Flynn and O Connell, scrum-half, Johnny Mangan and backs, Ted Mangan and Grady.

                On Sun. 7th May at Killorglin, Killorglin Rugby team completed the double by winning the Galway-Foley Cup at the expense of Castleisland on the score of 7 points to 3. By doing so, they had equalled the record of Tralee, which had been the only team to win both senior trophies in the same year.


                The AGM of Killorglin Rugby Club took place on 6th Sept. and the following officers were elected: President – Senator The McGillycuddy of the Reeks, Vice-President – Dr. Prendiville, Dr. Hannigan, Dr. O Sullivan, Floss McCrohan and M. O Brien, Chairman – Alfred de Courcey Dodd, Vice-Chairman – Denis Forde, Captain 1st XV – John A. Foley, Vice-Captain 1st XV – Patrick O Donnell, Hon. Treasurer – George F. Seale, Hon. Secretary – W.G. Mahony.


Held under ideal weather conditions on Sun. 2nd July, the Killorglin Novice Sports meeting was a decided success, in everything save attendance. The entries were very large and the competition all round keen. Both in the cycling and athletics events, the going was good and the finishes close and J. Collins’ sound judgement and experience were evident in the close finishes. The outstanding feature in the athletic side was the sweeping success of Richard F. Sheehan (Killorglin), who won the 100 yards, 220, 440 and 880 events, seconded in every event by J. O Rourke (Ballybrack). In the cycling events, M. Dineen, Tralee won the one mile and two miles races and A. Blennerhassett (Killorglin) won the three miles race. Results:

100 yards – 1st R. Sheehan, J. Rourke, 3rd Frank Paul McCarthy (Killorglin).

220 yards – 1st R. Sheehan, 2nd J. O Rourke (7 competed).

440 yards – 1st R. Sheehan, 2nd J. O Rourke (8 competed).

880 yards – 1st R. Sheehan, 2nd J. O Rourke (7 competed).

One Mile Cycle – 1st M. Dineen, 2nd J.J. Crowley, Farranfore (7 competed).

Two Miles Cycle – 1st M. Dineen, 2nd J.J. Crowley (7 competed).

Three Miles Cycle – 1st A. Blennerhassett, 2nd J.J. Crowley (8 competed).

High Jump – 1st Pat o Connor (Cooleanaigh), 2nd E. Barry (Farranfore). 11 competed.

Long Jump – 1st Pat o Connor, 2nd C. Daly (Currans). 6 competed.

Hop, Step and Jump – 1st Pat O Connor, 2nd E. Barry. 8 competed.

16lbs. Shot – 1st Pat o Connor, 2nd P.J. Broder (Farranfore). 11 competed.

Football Place Kick – 1st Mick O Connor (Laune Rangers), 2nd Tim Teahan (do.), 3rd E. Barry.


On Sun. 23rd July, the Kerry National Schools’ Sports were held in Firies. Killorglin N.S. was defending the Corn Chiarraidhe, given to the best overall school each year. Unfortunately, illness hit the school badly but those that competed did very well. Knockane N.S. won Corn Chiarraidhe and Killorglin came third. The Killorglin results were as follows:

80 yards – 3rd D. O Callaghan; Long Jump – 2nd D. O Connell; 100 yards – 2nd Tim O Connell; 220 yards – 3rd D. O Callaghan; High Jump – 2nd John Coffey; Relay Race – 1st Killorglin; 440 yards – Willie Joy (Bansha). Present at the Sports Meeting were Co. Vice-Chairman, Liam McSweeney and Co. Treasurer, Jack O Dwyer.


Jeremiah Sweeney was Chairman of Kerry Co. Council.


Feis Co. Chiarraidhe was held in Killorglin on Sun. 30th July. The Feis opened with a camogie match between the locals and Killarney. Shortly after the opening items of the Feis, the rain began to fall and all adjourned to the Carnegie Hall. There was very keen competition in all departments, especially in the dancing section. The results were as follows:

Aithriseoireacht (fé 16) – 1st Pádraig Mac Eoin, Gleann Beithe.

Aithriseoireacht (os cionn 16) – 1st Séamus Ó Broin, Lios a’ Phúca.

Scéalaíocht (fé 16) – 1st Pádraig Mac Eoin.

Scéalaíocht (os cionn 16) – 1st Séamus Ó Broin.

Amhránaíocht (cailíní fé 16) – 1st Bríd Ní Chonchubhair, Cill Orglan, 2nd Máire Ní Raghallaigh, Cill Orglan.

Amhránaíocht (buachaillí fé 16) – 1st Padraig Mac an tSaoi, Tráilí.

Amhránaíocht (mná) – 1st Nóirín Ní Shúilleabháin, Cill Orglan, 2nd Nóirín Ní Cheallacháin, Cill Orglan.

Amhránaíocht (fir) – 1st Tomás Ó Súilleabháin, Cill Orglan, 2nd Liam Ó Foghlú, Cill Orglan.

Bheidhlín – 1st Dónal Ó Grifín, Na Foithre, 2nd Siobhán Ní Ailpín, Oileán Chiarraidhe.

Melodeon – 1st Liam O Mongáin, Stiall Rua.

Rince (fé 12) – 1st Filis de Lonndrú, Tráilí, 2nd Caitlín Ní Loinsigh, Tráilí.

Rinnce (12 – 16) – 1st Pádraig Ó Seasnáin, Cill Áirne, 2nd Máire Ní Réamonn, Tráilí.

Rinnce (os cionn 16) – 1st Bríd Ní Bhailiúr, Tráilí, 2nd Liam Ó Duinnín, Barra Dubh.

Cor Ceathrar (Fé 12) – 1st Baile Uí Chíosáin, 2nd Máire Ní Chonchubhair agus a buidhean, Cill Orglan.

Cor Ceathrar (os cionn 12) – 1st Siobhán Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh agus a buidhean, Cill Orglan, 2nd Caladh na Feirste.

Cor Triúr (fé 12) – 1st Peigí Ní Shé agus a buidhean, Cill Orglan, 2nd Cait Ní Loinsigh agus a buidhean, Tráilí.

Cor triúr (os cionn 12) – 1st Siobhán Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh agus a buidhean, Cill Orglan, 2nd Máire Ní Dhuibhir agus a buidhean, Tráilí.

Dráma – Scoil na gCailíní, Cill Orglan (no competition).

Culaith Éadaigh gaelach – 1st Úna ní Phroinndibhíol, Cill Orglan.


In mid-August, the fifth Triennial Conference of the World Federation of Education Associations was held in Dublin. Liam McSweeney was one of the Kerry representatives. He made some valuable contributions to his section, which was one of the most popular and successful. He was Secretary of the Kerry Committee of the INTO.


Under the auspices of the Killorglin Beagle Hunt, a very successful drag hunt was held on Sun. 3rd Sept. under very favourable conditions. No less than 55 dogs started over the gruelling course, which was certainly a test of stamina, scent and speed. The following clubs competed: Kenmare, Killorglin, Tralee, Agharubrid, Teeromoyle, Killoe, Southern Hunt, Northern Hunt, Fair Hill, Cobh Foot Beagles, Cobh Nationals and Griffin United. The results were, 1st ‘Rambler’ (Southern Hunt), 2nd ‘Foreman’ (Northern Hunt), 3rd ‘Harper’ (Southern Hunt), 4th ‘Shamrock (Cobh Foot Beagles), 5th ‘Cork City’ (Cobh Foot Beagles).