Laune Rangers – 1974

 Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship for the seventh time.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-14 Football Championship for the first time and the Mid-Kerry U-14 Championship for the seventh time.

Killorglin Community Games Football won the Co. Final for the first time.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-12 Football Championship for the third year-in-a-row and the Mid-Kerry Championship for the fourth successive year.

James Coffey was re-elected as Joint-Treasurer of the Kerry Co. Board.

Pat O Shea was re-elected as Vice-Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí for the fourth successive year.

Pat O Shea was elected onto the Co. Senior Football Selection Committee.

Laune Rangers organized its third and last Carnival.

Laune Rangers organized Puck Fair.

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The AGM of the club was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Thurs 27th Dec. 1973. Chairman, James Coffey, presided. (The Secretary’s Report is given at the end of 1973). Also present at the AGM were, Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Pat Horgan, Jim Galvin, James O Riordan, Michael O Shea, Tom Curran, John A. O Brien, Jim Casey, Francis O Doherty, Maurice Harmon, Barry Harmon, Edso Crowley, Ted Houlihan, Tommy Woods, John Clifford, Pat O Grady, Paul Lucey, Sean O Reilly, Johnny O Connor, Tom O Connor, Noel O Mahony, Jerry Coffey, Paudie O Connor and Patsy Joy. There was an apology from Pat Finnegan.

The minutes of the previous AGM were read and adopted. Jim Casey proposed and Maurice Harmon seconded.

Michael O Shea proposed the adoption of the Secretary’s Report and Tom Curran seconded.

The Bord na nOg Chairman’s report was given at the end of 1973. James O Riordan, Treasurer of Bord na nOg, gave the Treasurer’s report. It showed a debit balance of £104.47. Barry Harmon proposed the adoption of the Bord na nOg report and Pat Lynch seconded.

Sean O Reilly gave the Treasurer’s report. He said that the year had been very financially successful. Were it not for the capital expenditure on the field, the expense account would have been much less. Noel O Mahony proposed its adoption and Pa O Grady seconded.

Income & expenditure Account

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Dancing                        959.32                  Capital expenditure                1,583.00

Less expenses            524.97                  Maintenance/Repairs                268.61

434.35                 Teams’ expenses                          697.76

Carnival                        1404.44              Meal for Boston Band                  49.75

Less expenses               1123.20              Presentations                                  67.87

281.24               Secretary’s expenses                   36.00

Talent Comp.               680.06                  Printing                                             36.81

Less expenses               412.53                  Grant to Bord na nOg               160.00

267.53                  Subscriptions                                10.00

Social                                  290.50              Bank Charges                                  11.00

Less expenses               252.47                 Bank interest                                     72.12

38.03                                                                           2,992.92

Ciste na Banban           376.70

Less expenses               149.35


Puck Fair Dancing      235.00

Gates                                 129.57

Membership                     35.50

London Tour               120.00

Less expenses                 80.50


Central Council Grant 200.00

Mid-Kerry Board              37.00

Sale of juvenile hurleys     1.60

Interest on deposits       202.92

Excess of exp. over income   863.33



Election of Officers:

President – Paddy Foley was the life-President.

Vice-President – There were two further nominations for that position – Rev. Father Maher and Frank O Shea. Pat O Shea proposed that they be elected and Maurice Harmon seconded. The full list then read, Father O Leary, Father Moran, Father Maher, Canon Murphy, Mícheál Scanlon, Kevin Foley, John Foley, Christy O Riordan, John Scart Clifford, Stephen O Sullivan, John Kerry O Donnell, Jeremiah McKenna, Paudie Foley, Tod Mulvihill and Frank O Shea.

Chairman – James Coffey (unopposed). In his speech, the Chairman said that he had had no intention of standing for the position that year, but he had been prevailed upon to do so. ‘This,’ he said, ‘is definitely my last year as Chairman. The club has done a tremendous amount to further the Association in the parish. Despite set-backs, the team is very successful and is now nearer the goal than ever. The present team has youth, spirit, determination and all it lacks is luck. Looking back after 21 years of association with the club, there is no need to change the rules. Sub-standard refereeing is responsible for the low standard of the game at present. Fewer games and coaching of referees is the answer to the problem. In conclusion, I wish to thank the Secretary, Treasurers, Sub-committees, Bord na nOg and the players for doing their part.’

Vice-Chairman – Pat O Shea (unopposed).

Secretary – Jerome Conway (unopposed).

Treasurers – Pat Lynch and Sean O Reilly (unopposed).

Registrar: Maurice Harmon.

Press Officer – James Coffey.

Delegate to Co. Board – the following were proposed: Maurice Harmon (withdrawn), Eamonn Crowley and Pat Lynch. The latter two were declared joint-delegates.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board – the following were nominated: Michael Moriarty, Denis Lynch, Denis O Neill (all absent), Pat Lynch (withdrawn), Sean O Reilly (withdrawn), James Coffey and Edso Crowley. The latter two were declared elected.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention – Eamonn Crowley, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly and Jerome Conway.

Delegates to Co. Convention – the following were nominated: Paudie Foley (absent), Sean O Reilly, Denis Lynch, Eamonn Crowley and Jerome Conway. The latter four were declared elected.

Senior Selection Committee – the following were nominated: Tom Curtayne, Owen Mangan, John Joe Falvey, Sean McKenna (all absent), Pat Lynch (withdrawn), Barry Harmon (player), Pat O Shea, James Coffey, Maurice Harmon, Sean O Reilly, Jim Casey, Pat Finnegan and Billy Dodd. In the ensuing vote, the following were declared elected: Pat O Shea (26), James Coffey (26), Maurice Harmon (19), Jim Casey (19), Billy Dodd (17).

Novice Selection Committee – The following were nominated: Batty Foley, Seamus Naughton (both absent), Noel O Mahony, Jim Casey, Pat O Shea, James Coffey (all withdrawn), Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly, John A. O Brien, Patsy Joy and Jerome Conway. The latter five were declared elected.

Minor Selection Committee – the following were nominated: Michael O Shea, James O Riordan, Pat O Shea, Paudie O Connor, Liam Shannon, Barry Harmon, Noel O Mahony and Jerome Conway. The following motion was discussed firstly: 1. ‘That the minors be independent of the jurisdiction of the Senior and Juvenile Boards and that one person be selected specially to look after them.’ Pat O Shea. That was agreed and Noel O Mahony was given full control.

Senior Trainers – Both the outgoing, Pat O Shea and Paul Lucey, were returned unopposed.

Membership Officer. There were two motions pertaining to membership:

  1. ‘That a more elaborate system of selling membership cards be adopted.’ Paul Lucey.
  2. ‘That all officers be given permission to sell membership cards.’ Pat O Shea (withdrawn).

It was decided to make sure that all areas of the parish were covered by either players or members. It was left to Maurice Harmon, registrar, to organize.


The following motions were, also, discussed:

  1. ‘That there should be a closed season for football, from 1st Nov. to 1st Feb.’ Barry Harmon. The fact that football was finished from 6th Jan. to 3rd Sun. in Feb. in 1974, seemed to satisfy most people.
  2. ‘That there should be harder training sessions.’ Barry Harmon. It was agreed that all players should be going all out in training. Tactics would be discussed after training.
  3. ‘That a second team should be entered in the Mid-Kerry League,’ It was decided that, instead of that motion, it would be left to the discretion of the selectors to rest some players for some games.
  4. ‘That, in the light of the club venturing into such debt as would be incurred by the building of a Community Centre or part thereof, we take a long, critical look at our expenditure, especially with regard to players.’ Jerome Conway.
  5. ‘That all senior and novice players, who are working, should contribute 10p per week for a Meals and Refreshment Fund.’ Both of those two motions were taken together. It was felt that if someone would collect the 10p, then the second of those motions could be the answer to the first. Pat O Shea volunteered to collect 10p per week.
  6. ‘That all non-earning players of the club, playing with the seniors, who wish to attend the 1974 Annual Club Social, receive a sizeable reduction in admission, to enable them to do so.’ Tommy Woods. Pat Lynch proposed a reduction of 31, Johnny O Connor seconded and it was carried.
  7. ‘That the sub-committees be reformed to read a) Field, b) Social, c) Activities, d) Bord na nOg and that responsibility for each sub-committee be given to others besides the officers, who, in turn, will form a coordinating committee.’ Jerome Conway. That motion was carried and the following sub-committee leaders were selected: Field – Paul Lucey, Social – Eamonn Crowley, Activities – Tom Curran, Bord na nOg – Pat O Shea.
  8. ‘That the future development of the sports-field be examined and a definite decision be obtained, with all members expressing their opinions.’ Paul Lucey. It was agreed in principle to build a Community Centre.
  9. ‘That a Temporary dwellings Prohibited sign be erected outside the field.’ Paul Lucey. Carried.
  10. ‘That referees be paid a basic fee and an increased amount in accordance with the importance of the game. These referees will have to attend relevant courses and be certified competent as referees. A Referees’ Association should be set up to look after the needs of these referees. The financial end will be met by Central Council, Co. Board, District Boards and Clubs.’ Paul Lucey. That motion was carried and forwarded to Co. Convention.
  11. ‘That we not lose our right to run a Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament every two years.’ Jerome Conway. It was agreed to hold the tournament on the last Sunday of May 1974 and to request Sligo to play Kerry on that date.
  12. ‘That the senior team be given more publicity in the Kerryman. This to be insured by selecting somebody especially for the job.’ Jerome Conway. That was carried and James Coffey was selected Press Officer.

The Chairman thanked the members for attending and the AGM concluded.


Co. Senior Football Championship

14 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, Kenmare, John Mitchel’s, Feale Rangers, Mid-Kerry, Austin Stack’s, Eoghan Ruadh’s, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Desmonds, Killarney, LauneRangers,  Shannon Rangers, South-Kerry, St. Brendan’s and Na hÁghasaigh.

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Pat O Shea, James Coffey, Maurice Harmon, Jim Casey and Billy Dodd. Trainers – Pat O Shea & Paul Lucey.

Rd. 1 on Sat. 27th July: Laune Rangers 1-4; Killarney 1-11.

In the build-up to that game, the Kerryman reported that, ‘Laune Rangers are always hard to beat, especially at home. It isn’t so long ago since they put a star-studded East-Kerry team out of the running and they are fancying their chances of at least surmounting this hurdle. The fact that former Glenbeigh and Mid-Kerry player, Mike O Sullivan, has thrown in his lot with Rangers has meant a lot to them. O Sullivan is reported to be playing great football and could cause quite a few headaches for the Killarney defence. The fact that Rangers beat Desmonds in the county league has been a tremendous boost to them and it speaks for itself that they are strongly in contention for this title, which carries with it representation in the All-Ireland Club Championship. It will certainly come as no surprise if Rangers succeed in beating the Killarney side and, if they do, they could prove sticky opponents for any other opposition later on.’

Laune Rangers made their exit from the Co. Senior Championship when they failed badly to an unimpressive Killarney side. The game never lived up to expectations but the heavy rain that fell during the game made the going very tough. The big difference between the sides was that the Killarney forwards took their chances, while the Rangers’ attack did not. The game was wide open up to the fourteenth minute of the second half when only two points separated the sides (0-6 to 0-4). At that stage, in fact, Rangers seemed to be getting the upper-hand. Then a needless foul at midfield by Timmy Doyle turned the game in Killarney’s favour. The free-kick went almost directly to the unmarked Pa Mannix on the verge of the square and he had little difficulty in scoring the vital goal. The Rangers became disorganized and, inside five minutes, the winners tacked on three more points. Rangers fought back gamely and Timmy Doyle fisted home a fine goal from a free, but it came too late to save the day.

Killarney, on winning the toss, elected to play with the aid of a strong wind. However, in the very first minute, Mickey O Sullivan set the locals cheering when he beat Donie O Sullivan to a high ball and scored a fine point. Three minutes later, John Joe Tangney equalized and Killarney went ahead from a Murphy free. The Rangers defence was supreme and the Killarney boys found it hard to get past them for scores. Midway through the half, disaster struck for the Rangers when their best forward, Tommy Woods, was forced to retire through injury. Immediately, his loss was felt as no one else was capable of penetrating the Killarney defence. At the interval, Killarney could not have felt too happy at their three points (0-5 to 0-2) lead.

On the restart, it was all Laune Rangers and, inside ten minutes, they had cut the lead to one point. Had their forwards taken even a percentage of the chances offered to them in that period, they would have been well on the way to victory. Instead it was Killarney that struck for the vital goal and, with the wind dying out, they took complete control and in the end were worthy winners.

That was probably the easiest win by a Killarney side in Killorglin. No doubt. They were afraid of Laune Rangers but with that win they were in the last eight. In Donie O Sullivan, at centre-halfback, they had the rock on which most of the Rangers’ attacks foundered. Rangers defence was, also, solid and they had their man-of-the-match in Mike Hassett. That great-hearted player was not beaten once for the ball during the hour. Fullback, Seamus Curran, was another to shine. How well he overcame his lack of height in beating much taller opponents! Patsy Joy and Tom Curran were very solid, while Barry Harmon, who had a brilliant first half, and Jerry Coffey were always in the thick of the action. John Evans played his heart out at midfield. Still in his teens, he gave even more than he got and seemed to have been a player with a bright future. His partner, Timmy Doyle, was completely off form and he could never master Pat Casey. The Rangers’ forwards fell asunder after Tommy Woods’ departure. Only Mike O Shea looked like saving the day but the odds were stacked against him.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, Mike Hassett, Timmy Doyle (1-0), John Evans (0-1), Tommy Woods, Mike O Sullivan (0-1), Mike O Shea (0-1), Enda Curtayne, Paul Lucey, Pat Horgan (0-1). Subs: Johnny O Connor for T. Woods, Declan Falvey for J. O Connor, Frank Russell for M. O Sullivan.

Killarney: Paudie O Mahony, Tony Nolan, Eamonn Fitzgerald, M. Foley, C. Healy, Donie O Sullivan (0-1), Sean O Sullivan, Pat Casey, Pat Healy (0-2), Connie Doolin, John Joe Tangney (0-2), Niall Brosnan (0-1), Mike Gleeson, Pa Mannix (1-0), J. Murphy (0-4). Sub: Michael Myers (0-1) for C. Doolin (inj.).

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).


Kenmare, captained by Michael Murphy, won the Co. Senior Football Championship by beating Shannon Rangers in the final on the score of 2-12 to 1-5


Co. Senior Football League Div. 1

There were 14 teams in Division 1. In the event of a group team winning the Co. Senior Championship, the winners of the Co. League Div. 1 represented Kerry in the Munster Club Championship.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 10th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Tarbert 1-7.

Laune Rangers seemed to be in real trouble at the interval in that game. After playing with a stiff breeze, they were behind by 1-5 to 0-5 to the North-Kerry Champions, Tarbert. As well as giving what seemed an uninspired display, Rangers failed to goal from a penalty and it was little wonder that the few Killorglin people present felt disappointed. However, on the restart, Rangers looked a different side and spectators were treated to a rousing struggle. The very fit Tarbert side failed to maintain their standard of the second quarter and the Killorglin boys, sensing victory, put all they had into the closing stages. Poor finish plus the failure to convert two close-in frees into scores cost them the full points. Patsy O Connell, Tarbert, was the man-of-the-match, even though the switch of Patsy Joy to midfield for the Rangers, put an end to his dominance there. Paud O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Eamonn and Joe Crowley, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, Seamus Curran and Frank Russell were the pick of a disappointing Laune Rangers side, that was without Timmy Doyle, Tommy Woods, Pat Horgan and Declan Falvey of the original selection. At the subsequent club meeting, there was an open and frank discussion on the behaviour of players and selectors.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley (capt.), Francis O Doherty, Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey (0-1), Barry Harmon (0-2), Frank Russell (1-2), Enda Curtayne, Paul Lucey, Noel O Mahony (0-1), Tom Curran (0-1). Subs: Johnny O Connor for F. Doherty, Dermot Enright.

Ref: Chas Cronin (Desmonds).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 17th March at Listowel: Listowel 0-4; Laune Rangers 0-10.

Laune Rangers were quickly into their stride against the breeze and scored three points without reply. Listowel countered with a point. The visitors stretched their lead with a point but that proved to be their last score of the half. Listowel proceeded to have the better of matters but their forwards made poor use of the possession they received and the sides were level at the break at 0-4 each. In the second half, Laune Rangers put on the pressure from the start. They too found scores hard to come by against an uncompromising defence, but they were able to score six points without reply. Transport to Listowel was by way of 5 cars, each of whom received 3 gallons of petrol. Meals were provided in Stack’s Hotel, Listowel.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea (0-2), Seamus Curran, Johnny O Connor (0-1), Timmy Doyle, Barry Harmon, Declan Falvey, Frank Russell, Tommy Woods, Paul Lucey, Pat Horgan (0-2), Tom Curran (0-4, frees). Sub: Noel O Mahony (0-1) for F. Russell. Missing were Jerry Coffey (car crash), Enda Curtayne (inj.) and Mike Hassett.

Listowel Emmett’s: Tadhg Moriarty, Billy Galvin, J. Guerin, B. Walsh, T. Moloney, T. Leahy, B. O Mahony, Seamus O Donovan, P. Flaherty, E. O Carroll, Tim Kennelly, S. Thornton, K. Fitzgerald, D. Stack, Vincent Carmody. Sub: J. Shanahan for K. Fitzgerald.

Ref: P. Kirby (Duagh).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 24th March in Killarney: Laune Rangers 0-12; Dr. Crokes 2-6.

Laune Rangers’ hopes of rising to second place in the league received a severe jolt when they were held to a draw by Crokes. After giving away two soft goals in the first half they were in arrears by 2-3 to 0-4 at halftime. After the resumption, Rangers took complete control and went into three points’ lead with five minutes left to play. However, they became unsettled in defence when Barry Harmon retired with an injury and in the dying minutes Crokes pointed two frees and had the final point from play just before the final whistle. At the subsequent club meeting on 25th March, there was a friendly and constructive discussion on the game. Home-based players were requested to turn out for training. Kieran Foley was to be contacted re training for the Dublin based players. It was the general opinion of the meeting to concentrate on the basic skills in training at the time.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea, Seamus Curran, Johnny O Connor (0-2), Timmy Doyle, Barry Harmon, Declan Falvey (0-2), Frank Russell, Tommy Woods, Pat Horgan (0-1), Noel O Mahony (0-1), Tom Curran (0-5, 4 frees). Subs: Paul Lucey (0-1) for F. Russell, Enda Curtayne for N. O Mahony, Mike Hassett for B. Harmon (inj.).

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).


Rd. 4 on Sat. 6th April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 1-6; Laune Rangers 2-4.

Rangers played against the breeze in the first half and were delighted to be 2-4 to 0-3 ahead at the interval. It was hardly expected that they would fail to score in the second half. Indeed, they were lucky to gain two vital points to keep them close to the divisional leaders. It was a most enjoyable game, with plenty of good, exciting football. Laune Rangers were in control at midfield but the forwards wasted several good scoring chances. The Glenbeigh defence was often shaky when the Rangers forwards played direct football and were forced to concede two goals and quite a few frees. When Glenbeigh did attack in that half, their danger men were Kevin Griffin and Conie O Sullivan. Like the Killorglin lads, however, they had some very bad wides too.

On the resumption, Glenbeigh’s Neilie O Sullivan and Mike O Grady got more and more of the ball at midfield to put tremendous pressure on the Rangers’ defence but Glenbeigh could never break through a fine fullback line of Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan and Eamonn Crowley. The Rangers’ half-forward line did a lot of messing and that contributed largely to their failure to score. After much effort, Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) eventually provoked Timmy Doyle into retaliating and both were sent off in the last quarter (both were subsequently suspended for one month each). That added greatly to the tension that had already built up. Glenbeigh were sensing victory and launched attack after attack, but Rangers put up a stubborn defence and did not give away anything soft until two minutes from time, when Joe Crowley left a ground ball, kicked from twenty yards, trickle between his legs. That goal came too late for Glenbeigh, however, and the final whistle was sweet music to the ears of Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea, Seamus Curran, Barry Harmon, Timmy Doyle, Johnny O Connor, Frank Russell, Declan Falvey, Tommy Woods, Enda Curtayne (1-2), Pat Horgan (1-0), Tom Curran (0-2, 1 free). Subs: Noel O Mahony for T. Curran (eye injury), Mike Hassett.

Glenbeigh: Michael O Sullivan, Jimmy Healy, Mícheál Griffin, Jackie O Dwyer, Charlie O Sullivan, Mike Breen, John Griffin, Neilie O Sullivan, Mike O Grady, Connie O Sullivan, B. Coffey, Kevin Griffin, Joe Foley, Liam Scully, Derry O Sullivan.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).


Rd. 5 on Sun. 21st April at Dingle: Dingle 0-6; Laune Rangers 0-13.

The Laune Rangers’ backs played superbly. There were weaknesses in the half-forward line. A powerful second half display by midfielder Timmy Doyle put paid to Dingle’s hopes in an entertaining game. At the subsequent club meeting it was suggested that there would be less abuse of referees from the sideline by club mentors. 28 meals were provided at £1.50 each.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Eamonn Crowley, Paud O Sullivan, Patsy Joy, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey, Barry Harmon, Timmy Doyle, Declan Falvey, Johnny O Connor (0-1), Frank Russell (0-4), Tommy Woods, Enda Curtayne (0-2), Paul Lucey, Tom Curran (0-6, frees). Subs: Noel O Mahony for T. Woods, James O Riordan. Missing: Seamus Curran (London), Mike Hassett (Christening), Pat Horgan (Suspended).

Ref: James Broderick (Causeway).


Rd. 6 on Sun. 5th May at Tralee: John Mitchel’s 4-5; Laune Rangers 1-12.

Laune Rangers were playing well and in control and were leading by seven points with ten minutes of play left. Then Patsy Joy, who was having a fine game in defence, got injured. No sooner had he retired than Mitchels rammed home their first goal. Thereafter, they scored three other goals. Once again it was the forwards that had to shoulder most of the blame for the defeat. There was a discussion on that game at the following club meeting and it was concluded that a greater sacrifice would have to be made by the players.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey, Barry Harmon, John Evans (0-1), Johnny O Connor, Tommy Woods, Frank Russell (0-1), Enda Curtayne (1-0), Pat Horgan (0-2), Paul Lucey, Tom Curran (0-8, 7 frees). Subs: Noel O Mahony for P. Joy (inj.), Noel Prendiville. Missing: Seamus Curran (sick) and Timmy Doyle (suspended).

Ref: Tom Brennan (Desmonds).


Rd. 9 on Sun. 9th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-8; Kenmare 1-8.

Goalkeeper Joe Crowley was the hero of that win. He netted two penalty kicks and saved a penalty in the second half. Rangers looked a tired team in the first half and, having had the benefit of the strong wind, they could only lead by two points at the interval. On the restart, however, they took complete control and were deserving winners. Best for the Rangers were Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Jerry Coffey, Mike Hassett, Barry Harmon, Michael O Shea, John Evans, Pat Horgan, Enda Curtayne and Tom Johnston.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).


Rd. 10 on Sun. 23rd June at Castleisland: Desmonds 1-7; Laune Rangers 2-8.

Laune Rangers created an upset in the Co. League with that win against the table-toppers. The Killorglin men fully deserved their victory. They played some really great football in the first quarter and again in the last quarter. At halftime they enjoyed a lead of four points and they went eight points ahead in the second half. Desmonds, however, staged a spirited fight-back and a goal ten minutes from the end left only two points between the sides. Rangers were equal to the challenge though. They scored two points without reply to give them one of their most satisfying victories in the competition, as well as putting them back in contention for league honours.

The Rangers’ defence was very sound. Seamus Curran had a ‘blinder’ at fullback, with his brother Tom impressing in the left corner and Patsy Joy having a great game in the other corner. Jerry Coffey was a tower of strength at centre halfback and Barry Harmon shone at right halfback. At midfield, Timmy Doyle was in superb form, while the pick of the attack were Mike O Shea, who was forced to retire injured, Pat Horgan, Tommy Woods and Paul Lucey. Timmy O Sullivan had a fine game for Desmonds, first in defence and later in attack. Others to play well included Philip Horan, goalkeeper Charlie Nelligan, Mike O Connor and Paul Geaney.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, Mike Hassett, Timmy Doyle, John Evans, Tom Johnston, Pat Horgan (1-1), Michael O Shea (0-2), Enda Curtayne, Paul Lucey (1-1), Tommy Woods (0-2). Subs: Johnny O Connor (0-2) for T. Johnston, Declan Falvey for M. O Shea (inj.), John Clifford, Paud O Sullivan, James O Riordan.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).


Rd. 7 on Sat. 3rd Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers w/o; Ballylongford scr.


Rd. 11 on Wed. 7th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-8; Waterville 1-8.

Laune Rangers: Francis O Doherty, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Declan Falvey, Barry Harmon, Pat Joe O Mahony, John Evans, Johnny O Connor, Michael O Shea, Paul Lucey, Tommy Woods, Mickey O Sullivan, Frank Russell, Eamonn Crowley. Subs: John Clifford for M. O Sullivan, Noel O Mahony for J. Clifford.


Rd. 13 on Sun. 3rd Nov. in Connolly Park: Austin Stack’s 0-15; Laune Rangers 0-4.

After a very fine first half, Rangers failed miserably in the second half. That was a very important game for both teams. Victory for Laune Rangers would have put them in a very strong place indeed in the league table, as they were the nearest challengers to Stack’s. As it was, the win ensured that Stack’s were Kerry’s representatives in the Munster Club Championship.


Rd. 12 on Sun. 15th Dec. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-1; Sneem 1-13.


Austin Stacks won the Co. League Div. 1.

Co. Senior Football League Div. 4A

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly, John A. O Brien, Patsy Joy and Jerome Conway.

There were 8 teams in Div. 4A.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 10th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-7; Desmonds ‘B’ 1-6.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Dermot Enright, Seamus Curran, John Joy, Michael Corkery, John Clifford, Pat Joe O Mahony, Johnny O Connor, James O Riordan, Patrick Foley, Tom Curran, Joe Crowley, John A O Brien, Billy Dodd, Teddy Mangan. Subs: Pat Lynch for B. Dodd (knee injury), Danny Callaghan for P.J. O Mahony (ankle injury).

Ref: Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 17th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers B 2-4; Currow B 1-5.

Laune Rangers: Denis Moroney, Danny O Callaghan, Kieran Foley, John Joy, Tom O Connor, Francis O Doherty, Michael Corkery, John Evans (1-1), James O Riordan, Pat O Grady, Dermot Enright (1-1), Pat Lynch (0-2), Patrick Foley, Patrick Roche, John A. O Brien. Sub: Joe Flynn for M. Corkery (inj.).

Ref: Tom Kelliher (Beaufort).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 24th March at Kenmare: Kenmare B 3-5; Laune Rangers B 5-4.

The team played with a great spirit and determination. All the scores were from play. At the subsequent club meeting, Pat Lynch, speaking on behalf of the ‘B’ team, stated that a senior selector should travel with the B team to study form.

Laune Rangers: Pat Joe O Mahony, Danny Callaghan, Pat O Grady, John Joy, Dermot Enright, Francis O Doherty, Tom O Connor, John Evans, James O Riordan, Tom Johnston, John Clifford, Patrick Foley, John A. O Brien (1-0), Patrick Roche (1-2), Noel Prendiville (3-2). Subs: Sylvester Cronin for T. O Connor, Declan Crowley for P. Foley, Anthony O Sullivan (Sunhill) for J. A. O Brien.


Rd. 4 on Sat. 13th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-6; St. Michael’s, Ballinskelligs 5-9.

Laune Rangers were outplayed by the better, fitter team. The visitors showed their fitness, especially in the second half. Noel Prendiville continued to impress.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Anthony O Sullivan, Pat O Shea, Declan Crowley, Pat Joe O Mahony, John Clifford, Patrick Foley, John Evans (0-2), John Paul Cahillane, John A. O Brien, Francis O Doherty (0-2), Cathrach Scanlon, Pat Lynch (1-1), Noel O Mahony, Noel Prendiville (1-1). Subs; Tom O Connor for P. O Shea, John Joy for J.A. O Brien, Pat O Shea for P. Grady, Joe Flynn for T. O Connor.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Rd. 5 on Sun. 21st April at Beaufort: Beaufort 2-13; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-3.

Laune Rangers: Declan Crowley, Danny Callaghan, Teddy Mangan, Pat Joe O Mahony, Anthony O Sullivan, John Clifford, Patrick Foley, John Evans (0-1), Tom O Connor, Pat Lynch, Noel Prendiville (1-0), Johnny (Ringo) O Shea, John A. O Brien (1-0), Patrick Roche (0-2), Martin McGillycuddy. Subs: John Joy for M. McGillycuddy, Joe Flynn for J. O Shea.

Ref: Seamus Naughton (Laune Rangers).


Rd. 6 on Sun. 5th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-7; Derrynane 0-8.

Laune Rangers received three frees during the whole game from the referee.

Laune Rangers: Michael Corkery, Teddy Moriarty (Iveragh Road), Tom O Connor, John Joy, Danny Callaghan, John Clifford, Declan Crowley, Pat Joe O Mahony, James O Riordan, Davy O Shea (0-3), Tom Johnston (0-1), Patrick Foley, Johnny O Shea, Gene McGillycuddy (0-3), John A. O Brien. Sub: Pat Lynch for J. O Shea.

Ref: Eddie Carey (Derrynane).


Rd. 7 on Sun. 9th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-6; Tuosist 1-2.

As only the top two teams played in the final, Laune Rangers ‘B’ were out of contention in the league.


Beaufort won Div. 4 of the Co. League.


Kerryman Shield.

There were 12 teams, divided into three groups:

Group A: Shannon Rangers, Feale Rangers, Kerins O Rahillys and John Mitchels.

Group B: Mid-Kerry, South-Kerry, Na hÁghasaigh and St. Brendan’s.

Group C: East Kerry, Eoghan Ruadh’s, Kenmare and Laune Rangers.

Two teams qualified for each group.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 7th June at Killarney: Eoghan Ruadh 2-11; Laune Rangers 2-5.

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).


Rd. 2 on Fri. 14th June at Kenmare: Kenmare 0-7; Laune Rangers 0-6.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, John Clifford, Tommy Woods, Declan Falvey, Tom Johnston, Paul Lucey, Michael O Shea, Pat Horgan, Frank Russell, Noel O Mahony. Subs: none.

Ref: Michael Carey (Kenmare).


Rd. 3 on Fri. 21st June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-12; East-Kerry 2-5.

Laune Rangers: John Clifford, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Barry Harmon, Frank Russell, Jerry Coffey, John Evans, Tommy Woods, Tom Johnston, Pat Horgan, Michael O Shea, Enda Curtayne, Paul Lucey, Pat Lynch. Sub: none.

Ref: Mick Galway (Currow).


Quarter-final on Fri. 9th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-6; South-Kerry 1-12

Laune Rangers: Pat Joe O Mahony, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Declan Falvey, Barry Harmon, Mike Hassett, John Evans, Johnny O Connor, Tommy Woods, Paul Lucey, Michael O Shea, Pat Horgan, Frank Russell, Eamonn Crowley.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Co. Novice Championship

That was a knock-out competition.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 29th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-8; Currow ‘B’ 2-3.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 4th Aug. at Rathmore: Rathmore ‘B’ 2-13; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-9.


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-8; Beaufort 0-7.

Considering that Laune Rangers had been beaten in the Co. Senior Football Championship on the previous evening, that was a very good result against the Mid-Kerry League Champions.

Ref: Mike Murphy (Milltown).


Semi-final: Laune Rangers v Keel at Milltown.

A dispute arose about the fixing of a date for that game and, eventually, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Kevin Griffin, awarded the game to Keel.

Laune Rangers successfully appealed that decision to the Co. Board but, when the decision was handed down at the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 10th Sept. Pat O Shea, who was the Laune Rangers delegate for the night, withdrew the team from the competition.


Glenbeigh, captained by Mike Breen, beat Keel in the Championship Final, after a replay, by 2-10 to 0-5. That was Glenbeigh’s 4th Mid-Kerry Senior Championship title.


Mid-Kerry Senior League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th Feb. at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 2-7; Laune Rangers 2-8.

Laune Rangers were hard pressed to defeat Glenbeigh in a most enjoyable game. Excellent fare was served up by both teams, considering that it was the first game of the year. The sides were level at the interval but on the restart the Rangers attack began to cause havoc. Midway through the second half, they looked to be set for an easy victory but an ‘own goal’ by one of their defenders gave new life to Glenbeigh, who finished very strongly and would have equalized with the last kick of the game but for the fact that Neilie O Sullivan failed to rise a close-in free. For Laune Rangers, Enda Curtayne showed something of his true form and was always a danger to the Glenbeigh defence. Pat Horgan and Frank Russell were seldom beaten for possession. Jerry Coffey and Mike O Shea were a sound midfield partnership, while Barry Harmon, Paud O Sullivan, Mike Hassett and Eamonn Crowley were solid defenders. After that game, the trainer, Paul Lucey, proposed that the team should train indoors.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Francis O Doherty, Barry Harmon, Mike Hassett, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey (0-1), Enda Curtayne (1-0), Frank Russell (0-1), Johnny O Connor (0-3, 2 frees), Paul Lucey (0-1), Pat Horgan (0-1), Noel O Mahony (1-1). Subs: Tom Curran for M. Hassett, John Evans for P. Lucey (inj.), Pat Lynch, Tom Johnston, Denis O Neill.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 14th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-10.

Midway through the second half, Pat Horgan was sent off for verbally abusing the referee. At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, he was suspended for two weeks.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea (0-3), Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, Declan Falvey, John Evans, Barry Harmon, Frank Russell (0-2), Tommy Woods, Noel O Mahony, Pat Horgan (1-1), Paul Lucey (0-1). Subs; Jerry Coffey for J. Evans, Johnny O Connor for M. Hassett. Missing: Timmy Doyle (suspended), Enda Curtayne (working), Tom Curran (eye injury).

Ref: Tom Kelliher (Beaufort).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 28th April at Beaufort: Beaufort 0-13; Laune Rangers 2-7.

Laune Rangers: John Clifford, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea, Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, Jerry Coffey, Johnny O Connor (0-3), Noel Prendiville, Frank Russell, Enda Curtayne (1-1), Pat Lynch, Pat Horgan, Tom Curran (1-3, 3 frees). Subs: James O Riordan for P. Lynch. Paul Lucey was injured and unable to play. The away-based players were not invited home for that game (Timmy Doyle, Declan Falvey, Tommy Woods, Joe Crowley).

Ref: John Joe Tangney (Listry).


Rd. 4 on Thurs. 9th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-2; Keel 1-6.

That was a shock result. Laune Rangers, hot favourites to retain the league, hit a new ‘low’ when playing at home to lowly Keel and were thrashed in the process. The final score did not do justice to Keel who, with a new-look side, ably led by veteran Ned O Shea, showed that they are far from a spent force. They had spirit, guts and determination and proved far too good for the Rangers, who failed to raise a flag in the second half. Keel led at the break by 0-4 to 0-2. Laune Rangers had their best players in Jerry Coffey, Michael O Shea, John Evans and Mike Hassett.

Laune Rangers: Paul Lucey, Pat Horgan, Paud O Sullivan, Eamonn Crowley, Michael O Shea, Mike Hassett, Pat Joe O Mahony, John Evans (0-1), Jerry Coffey, Barry Harmon, Tom Curran (0-1), Johnny O Connor, Enda Curtayne, Frank Russell, Noel Prendiville. Subs: Patsy Joy for N. Prendiville, James O Riordan, John Clifford. Obviously, the away-based players did not come home for that game.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Semi-final on Sun. 16th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Glenbeigh 1-11.

That was a thrilling game, the best seen at the venue for many a day. It produced fast- open football, brilliant fielding and kicking, and plenty of hard knocks, taken in a real sporting fashion that had the spectators thrilled through the hour. That was a game that brought back memories of the great clashes between the sides in the 60’s.

Glenbeigh, with veterans Teddy Bowler and Jerry O Riordan back in action to restore much needed confidence to the side, played their best football for many a day and so ended a succession of defeats at the hands of their opponents. Inspired by a wonderful display at midfield by Mike Breen, Glenbeigh were always on top in that vital sector and only heroic work by the Rangers’ defence kept the Glenbeigh forwards from getting through for what seemed like certain scores.

The sides were level at halftime 1-5 each. On the resumption, Glenbeigh went into a two points lead and there after were never headed. Try as they might, the Rangers failed to get vital scores from good chances and, in the end, Glenbeigh were worthy winners. Glenbeigh were well served by Mike Breen, who got great support from his mid-field partner Mike O Grady, while Neilie O Sullivan, Kevin Griffin, Jerry O Riordan and Derry O Sullivan in attack and John Griffin, Jimmy Healy, Mike Griffin and Charlie O Sullivan in defence were others to play very well. Laune Rangers, who badly missed the services of Timmy Doyle and John Evans, had their best players in Barry Harmon, Patsy Joy, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran in defence, Mike O Shea, Pat Horgan, Enda Curtayne and Tom Johnston in attack, while Tommy Woods tried hard at midfield.

Ref: Tom Evans (Keel).


Beaufort beat Glenbeigh, 0-7 to 0-6, in the League Final in Killorglin on Wed. 26th June, to win its first Senior League title. Ref: Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers).


Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup


Rd. 1 on Sun. 15th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Due to the ongoing row between Laune Rangers Club and the Mid-Kerry Board, Laune Rangers refused to play in that competition.

Glenbeigh won the O Sullivan Cup.


Mid-Kerry Novice Championship


Laune Rangers got a bye to the semi-finals.

Semi-final on Tues. 2nd July at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 3-8; Laune Rangers 1-9.

Ref: Mike Murphy (Milltown)


Glenbeigh went on the win the final, which was that club’s first win in any adult football competition in Mid-Kerry since 1964.


Senior Challenge Game


Tues. 30th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Kingdom, London 2-8.


Senior Parish League


Sun. 31st March: Sunhill were awarded the points as Over Laune failed to field.


Semi-final on Sun. 8th Sept: Sunhill/Groyne beat Over Laune.

Ref: Eamonn Crowley. Umpires – Billy Dodd, Jim Casey, James Coffey and James O Riordan.


Final on Sun. 6th Oct: Sunhill/Groyne 1-7; Caragh Lake/Rangue 0-5.

Ref: Eamonn Crowley.


Senior Parish League/Championship

The boundaries were redrawn for that competition. The duration of each half was 25 minutes and the minimum amount of players per team for the first rounds was 12, but thereafter 15.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 13th Oct: Over Laune 1-7; Caragh Lake 0-10.

Jim Casey refereed that game. During the second half, he lost the score-sheet. He then awarded a penalty kick to Caragh Lake but instructed Michael O Shea to kick the ball over the bar in order the draw the game! On the following day, Pat Lynch found the offending score-sheet, which showed Over-Laune winning by a number of points. He kept the information to himself and the referee’s version of events prevailed.

Lower Town/Groyne 1-11; Upper Town/Sunhill 3-1.


Sun. 27th Oct: Over Laune beat Caragh Lake (replay).


Sun. 1st Dec: Caragh Lake 1-4; Upper Town/Sunhill 1-4. Ref: Jerome Conway.

Lower Town/Groyne 3-5; Over Laune 2-3. Ref: Denis O Neill.

The league/championship was suspended during the winter months and resumed in March 1975.

Final: Lower Town/Meanus 1-9; Caragh Lake 1-4.

Lower Town/Meanus Panel: Eamonn Crowley, Jimmy O Shea, Joe Crowley, Declan Falvey, Peter Wyse, Edward Keane, Tom Curtayne, Owen Mangan, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Pat Horgan, Con Doherty, John Joy, John Horgan, Mossy Joy, Sean O Riordan, Michael Clifford, Michael Foley, Davy O Shea and Johnny Byrnes.


Co. Minor Football Championship

Trainer – Noel O Mahony.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 16th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-3; Mid-Kerry 2-8.


Co. Minor Football League

The Division 1 was divided into two groups and the top two teams in each group qualified for the semi-finals. Group A: St. Mary’s, Legion, Dr. Crokes, Laune Rangers, Rathmore and Kenmare/Templenoe.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 5th April at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s 6-4; Laune Rangers 0-3.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 10th April at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-8; Laune Rangers 1-7.


Rd. 3 on Sat. 20th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-13; Rathmore 2-1.

The halfback line of Anthony O Sullivan, Danny Callaghan and Gerard Cahillane was very effective. Tom Johnston was playing impressively.

Laune Rangers: Patrick O Sullivan (Sunhill), Teddy Clifford (Muingaphouca), Tom O Connor (Ardmoniel), Declan Crowley (Market Street), Anthony O Sullivan (Sunhill), Danny Callaghan (Laharn), Gerard Cahillane (Mill Road), Francis O Doherty (St. James’ Gardens), Joe Flynn (do.), Mícheál Scanlon (School Road), Tom Johnston (Dungeel), Teddy O Mahony (Glounaguillagh), Michael Corkery, Mossy Joy (Annadale), James O Shea.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Rd. 4 on Fri. 26th April at Killarney: Legion 0-7; Laune Rangers 2-2.

Laune Rangers: Patrick O Sullivan, Teddy Clifford, Edward Keane (Annadale Road), Declan Crowley, Sylvester Cronin (Langford Street), Danny Callaghan, Gerard Cahillane, Francis Doherty, Joe Flynn, John Whelan (Laharn), Anthony O Sullivan, Micheál Scanlon, James O Shea, Mossy Joy, Luke Moriarty (Iveragh Road). Subs: Patrick Foley for J. Whelan, Francis Mangan (Castleconway) for P. Foley. Missing: Tom Johnston (sick), Tom O Connor (away at school), Michael Corkery, Teddy O Mahony.

Ref: Tim Moynihan (Kilcummin).


Rd. 5 on Fri. 3rd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-4; Kenmare/Templenoe 1-2.

Laune Rangers were unlucky not to make the knockout stages of the league.


St. Mary’s and Dr. Crokes qualified from the group. St. Mary’s won the Div. 1 Co. League, beating Austin Stacks in the final at Killorglin by 0-18 to 0-4.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship:


Rd. 1 on Tues. 30th July at Beaufort: Beaufort beat Laune Rangers.

Ref: Mike Murphy (Milltown).


Losers’ Rd. on Fri. 16th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.

Glenbeigh had three U-12 players on their team.


Semi-final on Fri. 23rd Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Keel.


Final on Sat. 31st Aug. at Milltown: Beaufort 2-6; Laune Rangers 0-5.

Before presenting the Cup to the winning captain, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Kevin Griffin, said that, ‘the teams were an example to many senior teams in their whole-hearted display, devoid of the least tinge of anything rough or unsportsmanlike. They played football as it should be played.’

Noel O Mahony (Langford St.)

Noel O Mahony (Langford St.)
Won Leinster Junior Football Championship with Wexford 1963.
Coach to Laune Rangers Minor teams 1974-1978 (Won Co. Championship in 1977).
Coach to Laune Rangers Senior teams 1983-1990)
Coached Laune Rangers Senior team to win Co. SFC (1989), Co. SFL (1986, ’87, ’89,), Mid-Kerry SFC 1983-1988, 1990)
Coached numerous Laune Rangers Juvenile teams.

Co. U-17 League

At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 1st Oct. it was decided to run an U-17 league between Co. Championship teams during the winter to help the Co. Minor selectors. Laune Rangers were grouped with Na hÁghasaigh, Kerins O Rahillys, Desmonds and Eoghan Ruadh.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 26th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-6; Desmonds 3-4.

Ref: Pat Twiss (Milltown/Castlemaine)

Rd. 2 on Sat. 9th Nov. at Dingle: Na hÁghasaigh 5-8; Laune Rangers 2-5.

Ref: Liam Sayers (St. Pat’s).

Rd. 3 on Sat. 7th Dec. at Spa: Eoghan Ruadh beat Laune Rangers.

Ref: Jackie Looney (Dr. Crokes).

Rd. 4 on 5th Jan. 1975 at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys scr; Laune Rangers w/o.


Eoghan Ruadh won that league by beating Feale Rangers in the final by 1-9 to 1-5 on Sun. 16th March 1975.


U-17 Parish League


There were four teams, Over Laune , The Town, Caragh Lake and Sunhill. The competition was organized on a double-round basis.

Rd. 1 on Fri. 18th Oct: The Town defeated Caragh Lake.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 20th Oct: Sunhill defeated Over Laune


Rd. 2 on Fri. 1st Nov: The Town beat Over Laune

Caragh Lake beat Sunhill


Rd. 3 on Sun. 17th Nov: Caragh Lake 4-7; Over Laune 4-5

The Town 1-6; Sunhill 2-3


Rd. 4 on Sat. 14th Dec: The Town v Caragh Lake

Sun. 15th Dec: Over Laune v Sunhill

The league was suspended over the winter months and resumed as a Minor Parish League at the end of February 1975.


Co. U-16 Championship

There were two groups in the Urban Section:

Urban 1 – Laune Rangers Dr. Crokes, Cahersiveen and Legion

Urban 2 – Austin Stacks, Desmonds, John Mitchels and Kerins O Rahillys.

The top team in Urban 1, after the preliminary rounds, contested the final against the top team in Urban 2.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 10th July at Killarney: Dr. Crokes defeated Laune Rangers. Ref: Richie Williams.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 17th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Cahersiveen.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 31st July at Milltown: Laune Rangers v Legion.


Co. Final on Sat. 14th Aug.: Castleisland beat Austin Stacks.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship:


Final on Wed. 29th Aug: Laune Rangers 2-4; Beaufort 0-2.

Laune Rangers: Alan Diggin, Anthony Corkery, James O Shea, Michael F. O Shea, Liam O Connor, Edward Keane, Anthony Shannon, John O Neill, John Horgan, John O Dwyer, Michael O Sullivan, Mícheál Johnston, Peter Wyse, Gerard O Shea, James Sheehan. Sub: Liam Woods.


Co. U-14 Championship:

The U-14 team commenced training on Sun. 3rd March under Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon and Jerome Conway. The teams were grouped in two sections:

Urban 1 – Dr. Crokes, Cahersiveen, Kenmare, Laune Rangers and Legion.

Urban 2 – Listowel, John Mitchels, Kerins O Rahillys, Desmonds and Austin Stacks.

The top two teams in each section, after the league, contested the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 13th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 6-11; Dr. Crokes 0-2.

That was an extremely polished performance by Laune Rangers. Some of the tactics employed by Dr, Crokes were questionable. Liam Woods was the Rangers’ man-of-the-match.

Laune Rangers: John Sheehan (Glencuttane), Anthony Corkery (Ballycleave), Michael Francis O Shea (Rangue), Stephen Russell (Laune View), Micheál O Callaghan (Glosha), James Sheehan (Glencuttane), Anthony Shannon (Mountain View), John Horgan (Keelcoulacht), Liam Woods (Square), John O Dwyer (Langford Street), Donal Naughton (Rangue), Patrick Horgan (Square), John Costello (Gurrane), Gerard O Shea (Rangue) capt, Paudie Healy (Main Street). Subs: John O Neill (School Road, late arrival) for J. Costello, Micheál Johnston (Dungeel, late arrival) for D. Naughton, Joe Shannon (Mountain View, late arrival) for P. Horgan.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Rd. 2 on Wed. 17th April at Killarney: Legion 0-3; Laune Rangers 1-19.

After a slow start, Laune Rangers really settled down to play well, taking their points with aplomb. John Horgan’s point from a ‘50’ was a beauty. Anthony Corkery and Anthony Shannon were outstanding.

Laune Rangers: John Sheehan, Anthony Corkery, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Micheal O Callaghan, James Sheehan, Anthony Shannon (0-1), John Horgan (0-5, 2 frees), Liam Woods (0-1), John O Dwyer (0-2), John O Neill (0-1), Micheal Johnston (0-2), Joe Shannon (0-2), Gerard O Shea (1-1), Paudie Healy (0-3). Subs: John Costello (0-1), Patrick Horgan, Finbarr Coffey (Lower Bridge Street), Gene Evans (Dromavalla), Gerard Flynn (St. James’ Gardens), Robert Freeman (Langford Street), Patrick Pigott (Laune View) – all of whom played, by permission of the opposition.

Ref: Father James Linnane (The Seminary).


Rd. 3 on Wed. 24th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 5-15; Kenmare 1-4.

Laune Rangers: John Sheehan, Anthony Corkery (1-1), Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Micheál O Callaghan, James Sheehan, Anthony Shannon, John Horgan, John O Neill, John O Dwyer (2-0), Donal Naughton (1-1), Micheal Johnston (0-3), Joe Shannon (0-2), Gerard O Shea (1-5), Paudie Healy (0-3). Subs: Pat Pigott for J. Horgan, John Costello for G. O Shea, Henry Cahillane (Rangue) for M. O Callaghan, Gene Evans for A. Shannon, Mícheál Hayes (Cromane) for J. Shannon, Brian O Shea for S. Russell, Finbarr Coffey for P. Healy.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Semi-final on Fri. 24th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat John Mitchels. Ref: Father James Linnane.


Final on Sat. 15th June at Killarney: Laune Rangers 2-9; Austin Stacks 1-6.

Stacks were going for three-in-a-row at that level and it was Laune Rangers first U-14 Co. title.

Laune Rangers: John Sheehan, Anthony Corkery, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Mícheál O Callaghan, James Sheehan, Anthony Shannon, Liam Woods, John Horgan, John O Dwyer, Donal Naughton, Mícheál Johnston, John O Neill, Gerard O Shea (capt.), Paudie Healy.

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).

Laune Rangers – Co. U-14 Champions 1974

Laune Rangers – Co. U-14 Champions 1974
Seated: Henry Cahillane, John O Dwyer, Finbarr Coffey, Joe Shannon.
Kneeling: Mícheál O Callaghan, Anthony Shannon, Gene Evans, John Sheehan, Gerard O Shea (capt.), James Sheehan, Brian O Shea, Patrick Horgan, Patrick Pigott.
Standing: Michael F. O Shea, Donal Naughton, John Costello, John O Neill, Anthony Corkery, Stephen Russell, John Horgan, Paudie Healy.
Missing – Mícheál Johnston.

Mid-Kerry U-14 Championship


Final: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 7-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 5-2

Laune Rangers ‘A’ – Mid-Kerry U-14 Champions 1974

Laune Rangers ‘A’ – Mid-Kerry U-14 Champions 1974
Front: (?), Donal Pigott, James Sheehan, Eugie Griffin, Pat O Donnell, James Foley, Jerry Houlihan.
Middle: John O Dwyer, Gene Evans, Anthony Shannon, Henry Cahillane.
Standing: Michael F. O Shea, Donal Naughton, John Costello, John Galvin, John Horgan, John O Neill, Anthony Corkery, Gerard O Shea.

Laune Rangers U-14 ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry U-14 Runners-up 1974

Laune Rangers U-14 ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry U-14 Runners-up 1974
Front: Jimmy Hannon, Robert Freeman, Podge Freeman.
Middle: John Sheehan, Joe Shannon, Sean O Sullivan, (?), John Griffin, Gerard Flynn.
Back: Paudie Healy, John Melia, Seamus O Shea, Paudie Sheahan, Pierce Prendiville, Pat Pigott, John Hurley, Brian O Shea.


U-14 Tournament/Challenges


Tournament in Killarney on Sat. 20th April: Laune Rangers beat Kerins O Rahilly’s, St. Finbarr’s and Dr. Croke’s but lost to St. Finbarr’s in the final.

Challenge on Sat. 23rd March: Laune Rangers 3-7; St. Brendan’s Seminary 2-5.

Challenge on Sat. 30th March: Laune Rangers 3-11; John Mitchels 1-4.

Challenge in May: Laune Rangers beat Legion.


Laune Rangers U-14 Blitz


Sat 29th June (during the carnival)

Laune Rangers had two teams. There were two sections.

Section ‘B’: Currow beat Laune Rangers ‘B’ and Kerins O Rahillys to win that section.


Co. Community Games Football (U-13 years on 31st July 1974)

Killorglin was in Group C with Fossa, Boherbue, Waterville, Tarbert, Firies and Killarney North. The competition was played on a knockout basis.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 8th June at Connolly Park: Killorglin beat Fossa.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 8th June at Connolly Park: Killorglin beat Killarney North.

Group final on Sat. 8th June at Connolly Park: Killorglin beat Boherbue.

Laune Rangers: Raymond Murphy, Pierce Prendiville, Brian O Shea, John Hurley, Eugie Griffin, Stephen Russell, Patrick Freeman, Paudie Sheahan, Gerard Flynn, John Griffin, Seamus O Shea, Joe Shannon, John Sheehan, Patrick O Doherty, Jimmy Hannon. Subs: Jerry Houlihan, Pat O Donnell, Finbarr Coffey, Ger Hurley, Gerald O Connor, Donal Pigott, Anthony Jones.


Semi-final: Killorglin beat Rathmore.


Final in Tralee: Killorglin 8-12; Kenmare 0-2.

Laune Rangers: Brian O Shea, Eugie Griffin, John Hurley, Pierce Prendiville, Patrick Freeman, Stephen Russell, Gerard Flynn, John Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, John Griffin, Seamus O Shea, Sean O Sullivan, Joe Shannon, Patrick O Doherty, Jimmy Hannon.


Munster Finals on Sun. 11th Aug. at Shannon:

The Killorglin footballers travelled to Shannon to play the Munster finals of the Community Games. After making the long journey, which they had to commence very early to avoid the Puck traffic, they were togged out for three hours waiting for their first-round opponents. When the game eventually commenced, the Killorglin outfit was a tired and browned-off team but put up a fine show but in the end they were beaten by 2 points.


U-13/14 Parish League:


There were four teams and the four captains were Gerard O Shea, Michael F. O Shea, John Horgan and James Sheehan.

Rd. 1 on Fri. 13th Sept:       Gerard O Shea drew with Michael F. O Shea.

John Horgan beat James Sheehan.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 20th Sept:       Gerard O Shea beat John Horgan.

Michael F. O Shea beat James Sheehan.

Semi-final on Sun. 29th Sept:       Gerard O Shea beat Michael F. O Shea.

Final on Sun. 6th Oct:             John Horgan beat Gerard O Shea.

That was played as a curtain-raiser to the Senior Parish League Final.

John Horgan’s team: John Horgan, James Foley, Anthony Shannon, Michael Flynn, John Griffin, John Sheehan, Mike O Shea, Mícheál Hayes, Pat Pigott, Gerard Flynn, John O Neill, Pierce Prendiville.

U-13/14 Parish League 1974

U-13/14 Parish League 1974
Front: Patrick Doherty, (?), Sean O Sullivan, Frankie Mangan, Jimmy Hannon.
Back: Henry Cahillane, Mícheál O Callaghan, John Costello, Anthony Shannon, Michael F. O Shea (capt.).

U-13/14 Parish League 1974

U-13/14 Parish League 1974 Front: Ger Hurley, Joe Shannon, Robert Freeman, Pat o Donnell, Eugie Griffin. Back: Gerard O Shea (capt.), Stephen Russell, (?), Brian O Shea, John Hurley, John O Dwyer.
U-13/14 Parish League 1974
Front: Ger Hurley, Joe Shannon, Robert Freeman, Pat o Donnell, Eugie Griffin.
Back: Gerard O Shea (capt.), Stephen Russell, (?), Brian O Shea, John Hurley, John O Dwyer.


Co. U-12 Championship:

The U-12 team commenced training on Sun. 3rd March under Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon and Jerome Conway. The winners of the District Board competitions went forward to the Co. Competition. The solo-run was prohibited.


Quarter-final on Wed. 12th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Dr. Crokes.


Semi-Final on Wed. 19th June in Killarney: Laune Rangers beat Austin Stacks. Ref: Father James Linnane.


Final on Fri. 12th July at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen 2-4; Laune Rangers 3-8.

That was Laune Rangers fourth U-12 final-in-a-row and their third successive win. The game was played in very wet conditions.

Laune Rangers: Brian O Shea, Eugie Griffin, John Hurley, Pierce Prendiville, Patrick Freeman, Paudie Sheahan, Liam Hayes, Joe Shannon, John Sheehan (capt.), John Griffin, Seamus O Shea, Donal Pigott, Gerald O Connor, Patrick O Doherty, Jimmy Hannon. Subs: Jerry Houlihan, James Foley, John Galvin. Ref: Paddy Gallagher (Valentia).


Mid-Kerry U-12 Championship

The clubs were divided into two groups of three and the top two teams in each group would meet in the semi-finals. Group 1: Laune Rangers ‘A’, Glenbeigh and Beaufort. Group 2: Laune Rangers ‘B’, Milltown/Castlemaine and Keel. The solo-run was not allowed in that competition.


Rd. 1 Mon. 22nd April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh. 1-3; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 11-6.

Laune Rangers B lost Milltown/Castlemaine.

Laune Rangers ‘A’: John Galvin (Keelcoulacht), Pierce Prendiville (School Road), Brian O Shea (Laharn) 1-0, John Hurley (Gurrane), Eugene Griffin (Cloon), Patrick Freeman (Langford Street), Jerry Houlihan (Mill Road), Joe Shannon (Mountain View) 1-1, Jimmy Hannon (do.) 0-1, Sean O Sullivan (Cromane) 1-1, Seamus O Shea (Rangue) 4-0, John Griffin (Gurrane) 0-2, Gerald O Connor (Glencuttane) 1-1, Patrick O Doherty (St. James’ Gardens) 1-0, Anthony Jones (do.) 2-0.

Ref: Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers).


Rd. 2 on Mon. 22nd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 12-8; Beaufort 0-2.

Laune Rangers B 2-4 Keel 0-2.

Laune Rangers ‘A’: John Galvin, Pierce Prendiville, Brian O Shea, John Hurley, Eugene Griffin, Patrick Freeman, Jerry Houlihan, Joe Shannon (0-1), John Sheehan (0-2), John Griffin (5-1), Seamus O Shea, Sean O Sullivan (1-0), Anthony Jones (1-0), Patrick O Doherty (2-1), Jimmy Hannon (3-2). Subs: Gerald O Connor (0-1) for J. Shannon, Catherine Doyle (Upper Bridge Street) for J. Sheehan, Maura Scanlon (School Road) for J. Hannon.

Ref: Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers).

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Ger Hurley (Gurrane), James Foley (Iveragh Road), Patrick O Connor (Dromavalla), John Foley (Reen), Timothy Doyle (Rangue), Liam Hayes (Cromane), Kevin Melia (School Road), Frank Mangan (Dromavalla) 0-2, Seamus Naughton (Rangue), Brian Freeman (Langford Street), Donal Pigott (Laune View), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Timmy Moriarty (Laharn) 1-1, John Murphy (Steelroe), John O Connell (AIB) 1-1. Subs: Patrick Diggin (Laharn) for B. Freeman, Brian Freeman for P. Diggin.


Semi-final on Mon. 6th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 5-16; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-4.

Laune Rangers ‘A’: John Galvin, Pierce Prendiville, Brian O Shea, John Hurley, Eugene Griffin, Patrick Freeman, Jerry Houlihan, Joe Shannon (0-2), John Sheehan (2-3), John Griffin (0-4), Seamus O Shea (1-5), Sean O Sullivan (2-0), Catherine Doyle, Patrick O Doherty, Jimmy Hannon )-2). Sub: Maura Scanlon for C. Doyle.

Ref: Willie Murphy (Milltown).


Final: Laune Rangers 3-15; Beaufort 0-1.


Austin Stack’s U-12 Blitz


Mon. 3rd June: Teams from Dublin, Waterford and Limerick took part.

In the semi-final, Laune Rangers played John Mitchels. Patrick Freeman was marking Noel Kelliher and had allowed him to score a goal and a few points. At halftime, he promised that if his opponent scored again, he would go out to the sideline and kill himself – Patrick (Podge) Freeman was a very determined, competitive player.

Final: Laune Rangers 1-8; Erins Isle, Dublin 1-6.


U-12 Parish League:

There were four teams and the four captains were Seamus O Shea, Joe Shannon, John Sheehan and John Griffin.

Quarter-final: John Griffin beat Seamus O Shea.

Semi-final on Sun. 20th Oct: John Griffin beat Joe Shannon.

Final on Sun. 27th Oct: John Griffin beat John Sheehan.

John Griffin’s team: John Griffin, John Hurley, Sean O Sullivan, James Foley, Donal O Dwyer, John O Shea, Declan Moriarty, Sean Corkery, Dodo Sheahan, James Naughton, Ger Hurley, John O Connell, Tom Foley, Fergal O Shea, Kevin O Grady, Paul Moroney, John Healy, Jim Johnston.


U-12 Football Challenge Games


Challenge on Sat. 23rd March at Killarney: Dr. Crokes A 2-5; Laune Rangers A 2-5.

Dr. Crokes B 2-0; Laune Rangers B 1-1

Challenge on Sun. 31st March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers A 2-0; Dr. Crokes A 7-2.

Laune Rangers B 3-3; Dr. Crokwes 0-0.

Challenge on Sun. 7th April: Laune Rangers A beat Legion A.

Laune Rangers B beat Legion B.


U-11 Parish League

There were four teams and the captains were Eguie Griffin, Pierce Prendiville, Liam Hayes and Jerry Houlihan.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th Nov: Eugie Griffin v Jerry Houlihan

Liam Hayes v Pierce Prendiville


Rd. 2 on Sun. 24th Nov: Eugie Griffin 2-3; Pierce Prendiville 2-1

Liam Hayes 4-4; Jerry Houlihan 1-0


Rd. 3 on Sun. 1st Dec: Pierce Prendiville v Jerry Houlihan

Eugie Griffin v Liam Hayes


U-10 Parish League:

There were four teams Lower town, Upper Town, Cromane and Caragh Lake.

Rd. 1 on Fri. 22nd March:      Lower Town/Over Laune beat Upper Town.

Cromane beat Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 29th March:      Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Lower        Town/Over Laune.

Upper Town beat Cromane.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 5th April:       Lower Town/Over Laune beat Cromane.

Upper Town beat Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen.

Semi-final on Sun. 14th April:       Caragh Lake beat Upper Town.

Final on Sun. 21st April;      Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Lower Town/Over Laune.

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen: Michael O Reilly, Gerard Murphy, Cornelius Naughton, Padraig O Shea, Mark Jones, Fergal O Shea, Martin Clifford, James Clifford.


Schools’/Colleges Football


Dunloe Cup on Wed. 24th May at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen CBS 4-10; Intermediate School 2-4.

The display of the Cahersiveen goalie, Carl O Connell, was one of the features of the game.

Intermediate School: Edward Keane, James O Shea, Patrick O Sullivan, Declan Crowley, Teddy O Mahony, Anthony O Sullivan, Gerard Cahillane, Teddy Clifford, Mícheál Scanlon, E. O Brien, S. Sheehan, B. Coffey, P. Doherty, B. O Brien, John Horgan.


NFL 1973/1974


Sun. 3rd March at Tralee: Kerry 1-8; Galway 0-11.

Kerry: Paudie O Mahony, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue (capt.), Derry Crowley, Ger Power, Tony O Keeffe, Seamus Donovan, John O Keeffe, John Long, Paudie O Shea, Frank Russell (Laune Rangers), Eamonn O Donoghue (0-1), John Egan, Seamus McGearailt (1-1), Mickey Sheehy (0-4, 2 frees). Sub: Pat Spillane (0-2) for F. Russell.

Galway: Gabriel Mitchel, Joe Waldron, J. Cosgrave, B. Colleran, Colin McDonagh, T. J. Gilmore, J. Hughes, Jimmy Duggan, Willie Joyce (0-1), Michael Rooney (0-1), Liam Salmon (capt.), M. Hughes, M. Burke, Tom Naughton (0-5), Johnny Tobin (0-4, frees). Subs: Tommy Sandes for Hughes, G. King for M. Rooney.

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).




Donal Keenan, Ros Comáin, was Uachtarán CLG.

At the Annual Congress in Sligo, some changes were introduced into the playing rules for a trial period of twelve months.

1. The hand-pass in football was restored.

2. The large parallelogram (21 yards by 14 yards) was introduced and a personal-foul, committed on an attacking player within that, was penalized with a penalty-kick.

3. The goalkeeper, in football, could not be charged while in possession within the small parallelogram.

James Coffey was on the Kerry delegation.


Munster Council Convention was held in Tralee on 9th March. Nioclás Mac Craith, Port Láirge, was elected Chairman, Seán McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley, Ciarraí, was Treasurer. James Coffey (Laune Rangers) was one of the Kerry delegates to Munster Convention in Austin Stack Park, Tralee on 9th March.


Kerry Co. Convention was held in the Torc Room, Great Southern Hotel, Killarney on Sun. 27th Jan. 1974. Officers elected were, President – John Joe Sheehy, Chairman – Gerald McKenna (Ballyduff), Vice-Chairman – Frank King (Austin Stacks), Secretary – Andy Molyneaux (Emmetts) 157 votes, Joe Keohane (John Mitchels) 26 votes, Joint Treasurers – Murt Galvin (Dr. Crokes) and James Coffey (Laune Rangers), PRO – Tim Linehan (Rathmore), Delegates to Munster Council – Michael O Connor (Dr. Crokes) and Dave Geaney (Desmonds), Delegate to Central Council – Jim Brosnan (Dingle). Senior Selectors: Mick O Dwyer (90), Pat O Shea (88), Johnny Walsh (78), Donie Sheehan (71), Joe Keohane (61), all of whom were elected, Murt Kelly (53), Mick Galwey (47), Father Denis Curtin (41), Tim Healy (36).

There were 14 candidates for Minor Selector and the following was the result of the postal vote: Gerald Hussey (Sneem) 66, Tom Ashe (Annascaul) 65, Mick Langan (Tarbert) 60, Mick Galwey (Currow) 54, Donie O Leary (Rathmore) 47, (all of whom were elected), Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels) 46, Tom Fitzgerald (Emmett’s) outgoing 45, Gerald Cullinane (Dr. Crokes) outgoing 44, Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine) 36, James Hobbert (Austin Stacks) 27, P.J. O Donovan (St. Mary’s) 26, John Joe Rice (Templenoe) 25, Pat Connor (Desmonds) 18, Liam Cotter (Churchill) 16. Dan Dwyer, Kilcummin, did not seek re-election.

A Laune Rangers motion was adopted, ‘That the Co. Board look into the standard of refereeing in the county as it is sub-standard in too many games and that is turning our young players and spectators away.’ A motion from Austin Stacks Club ‘that the Co. Board should commence an U-21 Football and Hurling Championship,’ was adopted.


The Co. Bord na nOg officers, elected at the AGM on Fri. 14th Dec. 1973, were, as follows: Chairman – Father James Linnane (The Seminary), Vice-Chairman – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Secretary – Liam Sayers (John Mitchels), Treasurer – Sylvie Mason (do.), PRO & Registrar – Willie Griffin (Ardfert), Delegate to the Senior Co. Board – Father Linnane. An appeal was made by the Chairman to leave Wednesdays free again in 1974 for juvenile competitions. It was decided that the solo-run should be eliminated from U-12 competition for one year.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS, Killorglin on Mon. 21st Jan. 1974. The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1973. The Chairman, James Coffey, in his address, stated that since he had been elected secretary of the Board twenty years previously, football in the area had gone from strength to strength. Mid-Kerry had won every honour the county had to offer and sportsmanship was unequalled both on and off the field. Mid-Kerry teams had won new admirers all over the county and support for their own local games had grown each year. That had been achieved because of the wonderful co-operation between clubs, players and the officers of the Board. However, over the past two years, something had happened in the area and all the good work of the previous years seemed to be undone. ‘Clubs are not co-operating like they used to, attendances at games are falling steadily, little interest is taken in the minors and, apart from a few clubs, the juveniles are neglected,’ he said. ‘Win at all costs seems to be the motto and, as a result, the entire programme of the Board has been disrupted. If this continues, it can only put us back to the late ‘40’s and ‘50’s and, I’m sure, nobody with Mid-Kerry at heart wants that to happen. I, as Chairman, probably can take most of the blame because I ruled too strictly or because I had no give-and-take in the eyes of some clubs. Would things have been better if I, and the other officers, sat back and allowed the clubs to dictate? I doubt it very much. If Mid-Kerry is to continue as one of the leading District Boards and if Mid-Kerry teams are to remain strong, the clubs will have to pull themselves together and stop throwing the blame on the officers of the Board. The players will, also, have to show more interest. At last year’s convention, we were criticised because enough was not being done to get the players fit for the county final. The efforts at training the team came under fire. During 1973, the Board appointed a trainer and organized training sessions but only four or five players from the area showed up nightly and, of course, the team paid the penalty. So disinterested were the players that Mid-Kerry failed to field a full team for a tournament in its own area. I make a strong appeal to all interested in football in Mid-Kerry to give the incoming officers every co-operation possible. If there is any bitterness, let it be buried now. Play the games on the appointed dates and times and let us try to keep the supporters we have and make every effort to win back those lost. I appeal to the county players to show the way by being, at least, present at training sessions and by getting their clubs to field teams even if they themselves are not available to play. I am not seeking re-election but I can look back on some very great days, the memories of which I will hold forever. I was proud to be part of a great District Board and to be associated with fine sportsmen. I would like to thank all associated with the Board down through the years, the former officers who often gave me much-needed help and advice. A special word of thanks to our secretary, Kevin Griffin, who has done a splendid job during his two-year term in that position. He has come in for some very unjust criticism but, having worked with him over the past two years, I can safely say he will be hard to replace. Even before he became secretary of the Board, he was honest and fair-minded and, when it came to the crunch, he even put the Board before his own club. I say thank you, Kevin, for a job well done.’ The following officers were elected: President – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers), Chairman – Kevin Griffin, Vice-Chairman – Tom Evans (Keel), Secretary – Moss O Connor (Keel), Treasurer – Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine), Delegate to Co. Board – Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine). The following motions were debated and passed:

  1. ‘That as many games as possible be played on week-evenings during the summer.’
  2. ‘That the Mid-Kerry League will commence on the last Sunday in Feb. and be completed before the end of May.’ (Laune Rangers)
  3. ‘That the Mid-Kerry Championship be completed by the end of September.’ (Laune Rangers)
  4. ‘That the finalists of the Mid-Kerry Championship get byes to the semi-final of the O Sullivan Cup and that this competition will commence in September and be completed by the end of October.’ (Laune Rangers).


The minutes of 13 Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available, most of which were of the fixture-making variety. The following decisions, pertaining directly to Laune Rangers Club, were also made:

  1. At the meeting of 13th Feb. it was decided that admission fees to League games would be 15p. It was further decided that a fine of £1 would be imposed on any club that failed to field a team fifteen minutes after the appointed time and if the club failed to field a team thirty minutes after the appointed time, it would lose the points. The meeting, also, decided to appoint James Coffey (Laune Rangers) as PRO.
  2. At the meeting of 8th April, Tom Evans (Keel) informed the Board that the Board secretary, Moss O Connor, had left home and he suggested that the meeting should appoint a new secretary. Pat Clifford, Treasurer, agreed to do the job for the time being.
  3. At the meeting on 20th Aug. the semi-final of the Mid-Kerry Championship, which had been fixed by the Secretary for Sat. 31st Aug. had to be changed to Wed. 28th Aug. The Keel delegate said that Keel could not play on Aug. 31st as two of their players were going to England for a wedding. He said that Laune Rangers got the game put back from Sun. 25th Aug. because two of their players were getting married. The Chairman said that he was not going to ask Laune Rangers to play on Sun. 25th Aug. and he ruled that the game would be played on Wed. 28th Aug. At the meeting on 3rd Sept. a letter was received from Laune Rangers giving notice to the Board that they were appealing to the Co. Board against the decision of the Mid-Kerry Board in changing the date of the Championship game with Keel. There was, also, a letter from the Co. Board, stating that the GPC had considered Laune Rangers’ appeal and had referred the matter back to the Mid-Kerry Board with a recommendation to reconsider the fixture. Following a discussion, the Chairman awarded the game to Keel. He said that Laune Rangers Club was looking to win for themselves at all costs and were not trying to help out the Board. Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, said that there had been a motion passed in 1964 that covered their appeal. At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 10th Sept., Laune Rangers successfully appealed the decision of the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board to award the game to Keel. However, the Laune Rangers’ delegate, Pat O Shea, withdrew the Laune Rangers team from the Mid-Kerry Championship following remarks by the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Kevin Griffin, that Glenbeigh would not play if Laune Rangers were allowed back into the championship. The decision to withdraw the team was not taken at a club meeting. However, an emergency meeting of the club was held on Wed. 11th Sept. and it was decided to withdraw from the O Sullivan Cup and the acting secretary, Pat O Shea, was asked to advise Milltown and the Mid-Kerry Board of that. (The Secretary was on his honeymoon). At the Laune Rangers Club meeting on 23rd Sept. the Chairman, James Coffey, stated that he would resign if Mid-Kerry games were played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. He went on to say that when he was Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, the Laune Rangers’ players felt that they were not getting a fair deal from the Board in previous years and if that attitude prevailed, he had no choice but to back their grievances. He then continued, ‘Until such time as the Board gives a written statement admitting that they were wrong in their decision and were prepared to pay rent for the pitch and the facilities provided, no further games by the existing Board will be allowed played on our pitch.’ At the Board meeting on 18th Dec. a letter was received from Laune Rangers Club advising the Board that it no longer could play its games in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. After a discussion, it was decided to send the letter to the Co. Board to discover if the Laune Rangers Club could prevent the Mid-Kerry Board from playing its games in the J.P. O Sullivan Park, Killorglin. The following article appeared in the Kerryman on the following week, ‘The Mid-Kerry Board, at its recent meeting, decided to forward to the Co. Board a letter received from the Laune Rangers Club, refusing the use of the J.P. O Sullivan Park for Mid-Kerry competitions. As a result of this ban, the Board has had to play all its games at the Milltown pitch. The trouble arose when Laune Rangers, having won its appeal against the Board in awarding a championship game to Keel, withdrew from the competition and subsequently withdrew from the O Sullivan Cup. At the Board meeting, it was felt that the Laune Rangers Club had no authority to claim ownership of the pitch as it was vested in the Association and that various grants had been received to develop the pitch. Great dissatisfaction was expressed at the attitude of the Laune Rangers Club. The views expressed were that the Laune Rangers Club was deliberately trying to disrupt the affairs of the Board and were preventing the playing of the game in the area.’ That article caused ructions in the Laune Rangers Club.


The minutes of 37 Laune Rangers Club meetings during the year are available.

The sub-committee structure operated very well again in 1974. The various sub-committees reported to the club meetings.

Activities Sub-Committee (Chairman – Tom Curran). That sub-committee dealt with three projects during the year, 1) Tops of the County, 2) National Schools’ Talent Competition and 3) the Carnival.

1)     Tops of the County. That was run in the CYMS during Lent and were sponsored by Benson and Hedges to the tune of £200.

Fri. 8th March – Youth Club v Caragh Lake. Caragh Lake, making their debut in the competition, overcame a strong challenge from the Youth Club to qualify for the final by one point. The takings at the door yielded £125. At the club meeting of 25th March, there was a letter of protest from the Youth Club re the following:

a)      Caragh Lake had more than the stipulated two guests.

b)     An official of the GAA (Pat O Shea) was a member of the Caragh Lake group.

c)      There was no musician supplied for the Tops of the County.

There was also a request for their appearance money. Pat O Shea gave in detail the constitution of the Caragh Lake group. The Youth Club was invited to a meeting on the following Wed. to discuss its perceived grievance.

Fri. 15th March – Killorglin I.C.A. v Badminton Club. Both groups treated the audience to a wonderful night’s entertainment. Eventually, it was announced that the Badminton Club had qualified for the final. (Door – £114.85)

Fri. 29th March – Tops of the County (Castleisland, Intermediate School and Vocational School).   Church St., Castleisland were declared the winners. (Door – (£74.58)

Sun. 7th April – Tops of the County Finals. Curtain at 9.00pm. (Door – £238.65)

1st Badminton (£90), 2nd Caragh Lake (£50), 3rd Castleisland (£30) and £20 each to the other competitors.

The Badminton Show was ‘Travelling Light’ or ‘Around the World I Laughed with you.’ The cast consisted of Declan Mangan (producer), Liam Shannon, Fergus Foley, Don Rohan, Catherine Foley, Betty Rohan, Marian O Dwyer, Nuala O Dwyer, Nuala O Keeffe, Anne Mangan, Marguerite Moroney, Kitty Roche, Marian Madden, Michael McMonagle, Sean Diggin, Ian Madden, Ted Houlihan, Eric Brick, Dominic Coffey and Tommy Murphy.

Caragh Lake presented ‘Life and Times of the Spailpín Fánach.’ Members of the cast were Tom and Stephen O Shea, Pat O Shea, The McCann Sisters (singers), Michael and Patrick Doyle (violin and Accordion), Paddy Breen, The Sexton Sisters, Pat Joy, Marian Joy, Joan O Shea, John McCann, Margaret Breen, Mrs. Roche, Mrs. Joy, Robert Roche, Breda O Shea, Fergal O Shea, Paudie O Shea, Mike Hassett, Patrick Sheehan, Liam Clifford, Eileen Breen, Martin Joy, P.J. Houlihan, Michael O Donoghue and Pat Horgan.

Church Street, Castleisland presented ‘Clementine’s Farewell Party.’ Members of the cast were Kathleen O Connor, Tom McQuinn, Mrs. Nolan, Tomo Burke, Moss Teahan, John Roche, Harold Murphy, Junior Tangney, Peggy Teahan and a wonderful chorus and splendid dancing troupe. The show was produced by Kathleen O Connor and Frank McGaley.

Marjorie Long, Listowel, was a popular adjudicator. Noel Enright, Benson and Hedges, after paying tribute to Laune Rangers, presented the producers with their prizes.


2)     National Schools’ Talent Competitiion. That was run concurrently with the Tops of the County. The categories were Solo Singing, Solo Dancing at U-7, Solo Dancing at U-9, Solo Dancing at U-11, Solo Dancing at U-13, Group Dancing, Group Singing, Question-Time.

Fri. 8th March:  Cromane ‘B’ N.S. v Scoil Mhuire ‘B’ N.S.

The competitors were:

Cromane ‘B’ – U-7 Solo Dancing Austin Stack (jig), U-9 Solo Dancing Catherine Joy (slow jig), U-11 Solo Dancing Raymond Shaughnessy (reel), U-13 Solo Dancing Siobhán Hayes (slip jig), Group Dancing (Corn na Síóg), Solo Singing Bernie Teahan (Cromane Bay), Group Singing (Connemara Cradle Song).

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ – U-7 Solo Dancing Margaret O Riordan (jig), U-9 Solo Dancing Muireann Joy (slip jig), U-11 Solo Dancing Rosaleen Kelliher (reel), U-13 Solo Dancing Mary Jones (slow jig), Group Dancing (High Caul Cap), Solo Singing Maura Sheahan (The Spinning Wheel), Group Singing (Melody).

The winners on the night were Solo Singing – Maura Sheahan (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-7 – Austin Stack (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-9 – Muireann Joy (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-11 – Rosaleen Kelliher (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-13 – Siobhán Hayes (Cromane), Group Dancing – Cromane, Group Singing – Cromane, Question-Time – Scoil Mhuire.

Fri. 15th March: Kilgobnet ‘A’ N.S. v Cromane ‘A’N.S. v Glencuttane N.S. v Glounaguillagh N.S. v Scoil Mhuire ‘C’ v Milltown Convent.

The competitors were:

Kilgobnet ‘A’ – U-9 Solo Dancing Melina Joy, U-11 Solo Dancing Breda O Shea, u-13 solo Dancing Sheila Horgan, Solo Singing Betty Breen.

Cromane ‘A’ – U-7 Solo Dancing Cathríona Hayes, U-9 Solo Dancing Kathleen McKenna, U-11 Solo Dancing Mary Flaherty, U-13 Solo Dancing Noreen O Riordan, Solo Singing Mary Teahan.

Glounaguillagh – U-13 Solo Dancing Noreen O Grady.

Milltown Convent – U-11 Solo Dancing Marian Joy.

Scoil Mhuire ‘C’ – U-7 Solo Dancing Maria Melia, U-9 Solo Dancing Breda Brennan, U-11 Solo Dancing Helen Cahillane, U-13 Solo Dancing Kay Hannon, Solo Singing Orna Moriarty.

The winners on the night were Solo Singing – Mary Teahan (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-7 – Caitriona Hayes (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-9 – Kathleen McKenna (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-11 – Helen Cahillane (Scoil Mhuire) and Marian Joy (Milltown Convent), Solo Dancing U-13 – Noreen O Riordan (Cromane) and Kay Hannon (Scoil Mhuire), Group Singing – Kilgobnet, Group Dancing – Scoil Mhuire, Question-Time – Glounaguillagh.

Fri. 22nd March – Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ N.S. v Douglas N.S. v Kilgobnet ‘B.’

The competitors were:

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ – U-7 Solo Dancing Paul O Connor, u-9 Solo Dancing Miriam Murphy, U-11 Solo Dancing Ann O Shea, U-13 Solo Dancing Maura Sheahan, Group Dancing (Fairy Reel), Solo Singing Rosemary Murphy.

Douglas – U-7 Solo Dancing Denise Curran, U-9 Solo Dancing Sheila Corkery, U-11 Solo Dancing Sandra Diggin, U-13 Solo Dancing Margaret Costello, Group Dancing (Fairy Reel), Solo Singing Catherine O Sullivan.

Kilgobnet ‘B’ – U-11 Solo Dancing Joan O Connor, U-13 Solo dancing Nora Foley.

The winners on the night were, Solo Singing – Rosemary Murphy (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-7 – Paula O Connor (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-9 – Miriam Murphy (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-11 – Sandra Diggin (Douglas), Solo Dancing U-13 – Maura Sheahan (Scoil Mhuire), Group Dancing – Scoil Mhuire, Group Singing – Scoil Mhuire, Question-Time – Douglas.

There was an open adult talent competition run on that night, also, and competition was very keen.

The competitors were:

Solo Singing – Anthony Shannon (Intermediate School), Abbey Foley (Rangue), Margaret Foley (Rangue), Kay Teahan (Intermediate School), Margaret McCann (Vocational School), Johnny O Shea (Independent), B. O Sullivan (Laune Mountaineering Club).

Solo Dancing – B. O Connor (Intermediate School), E. Breen (Intermediate School), Abbey Foley (Rangue), Brigid Foley (Rangue), Mary Doyle (Intermediate School), Mary O Shea (Paul Wenzel’s).

Group Singing – Intermediate School, Rangue, Laune Mountaineering Club, The McCann’s.

Group dancing – Intermediate School, Rangue, Laune Mountaineering Club.

Solo Instrumental Music – K. O Dwyer (Intermediate School ‘A’), John Melia (Intermediate School ‘B’), S. O Sullivan (Intermediate School ‘C’, John Joy (Vocational School).

The results were as follows: Solo Dancing – Mary Doyle (Cappagh) representing the Intermediate School, Group Dancing – Intermediate School, Solo Singing – Margaret McCann (Glencar), Group Singing – Laune Mountaineering Club, Solo Instrumental Music – John Joy (Cooleanaigh), representing the Vocational School.

Fri. 5th April – National Schools’ finals. (Door – £63.60).

The overall winners were Solo Singing – Rosemary Murphy (Scoil Mhuire), Solo Dancing U-7 – Austin Stack (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-9 – Kathleen McKenna (Cromane), Solo Dancing U-11 – Marian Joy (Milltown Convent), Solo Dancing U-13 – Siobhán Hayes (Cromane), Group Dancing – Cromane, Group Singing – Cromane, Question-Time – Scoil Mhuire.

To compliment that night’s entertainment, an open Senior Team Question-Time contest was held and the winners were the Laune Mountaineering Club.

The gross takings for the Talent Competition/Tops of the County were:

Doors – £673; Benson & Hedges (sponsors) – £200; Tourist Co-Op – £100. Total = £973.

The expenses consisted of: Prizes – £250; CYMS £250; Adjudicator – £60; Trophies – £62.35; Liam Woods (amplification) – £36; Liam Foley (musician) – £20; Kerryman (advertisements) – £24; Teas – £20; Johnny McCarthy (caretaker) – £20. Total = £742.35. Profit = £231.65.

Income and expenditure account for Talent Competition and Tops of the Town:

Income                                                                        Expenditure

1st Heat of Tops of the County            £125.00      Tickets                       7.70

2nd Heat of Tops of the County            £114.85      Cash Prizes         250.00

Adult Talent Competition                            56.70       Adjudicator           60.00

3rd Heat of Tops of the County                 74.15       Liam Woods          36.00

Primary Schools’ Finals                                 63.60      Trophies                  62.35

Tops of the County Finals                £238.65      Liam Foley (Music)    20.00

Sponsorship (Benson & Hedges)            £100.00    John McCarthy   20.00

Tourism Co-op                                   £100.00    Hannah McCarthy (teas)  12.00

                                                                                         Rent of CYMS Hall        200.00

£872.95                                                         £668.05

Surplus of income over expenditure – £204.90.


3) Carnival. That was the third year of the Carnival. In 1974 it was run from Fri. 28th June until Sun. 7th July.

The programme was as follows:

Fri. 28th June – At 7.15pm Ladies Football Semi-final (Fossa beat Glenbeigh/Glencar). Referees for the Ladies’ Football – Pat O Shea and Willie Murphy.

At 8.15pm Senior Football Semi-final (South-Kerry beat Laune Rangers)

At 7.30pm Putting Competition (in the church grounds). Timothy O Riordan, Declan Crowley and Francis O Doherty were in charge of the putting competition.

Selection of Queen. Adjudicator – Jerry O Sullivan. The queen was Maureen O Riordan, School Road.

Sat. 29th June – At 2.30pm Co. U-14 Football Blitz (Sponsored by Michael O Grady A & O Supermarket £15)

At 7.30pm Putting Competition.

Sun. 30th June – At 3.00pm Novice Co. Championship, Laune Rangers ‘B’ v Currow ‘B’

At 7.30pm Putting Competition.

Mon. 1st July – At 7.30pm Co. U-12 Football Blitz (Sponsored by Laune Bar)

At 7.30pm Putting Competition.

Tues. 2nd July – At 7.15pm Ladies Football (Killarney Hosiery beat Killarney Youth Club)

At 8.15pm Senior Football Semi-final (Na hÁghasaigh beat Austin Stacks)

At 7.30pm Putting Competition.

Wed. 3rd July – At 7pm NACA Sports Meeting (Sponsored by AIB)

At 9pm Inter-pub Barrel Race (Sponsored by Fitzgerald’s Wine Merchants)

At 10pm Open-air dancing in the Square

At 7.30pm Putting Competition

Thurs. 4th July – At 8pm Donkey Derby (Sponsored by Tom Melia, Supermarket). Johnny O Connor was in charge of that event.

At 11pm Polka Competition (Sponsored by Francie Sheahan). Adjudicator – John Houlihan.

At 7.30pm Putting Competition.

Fri. 5th July – At 7.15pm Final of Ladies Football Competition (sponsored by Killarney Hosiery)       Fossa v Killarney Hosiery

At Final of Senior Football Tournament (sponsored by Bank of Ireland)            South-Kerry v Na hÁghasaigh.

Bar Exemption.

Sat. 6th July – At 3.30pm to 8pm Kerry Co. River Trout Fly-Fishing Championship (sponsored by Paul Wenzel Ltd. £20). Jerome Conway was in charge of the event.

At 8pm Tug-o-war (Sponsored by The Goat Inn). Adjudicator – Pat O Shea. Plaques were given to Waterville and £12 to Ladies’ Walk.

Bar exemption.

Sun. 7th July – At 4.30pm Final of Putting Competition (Sponsored by Kerry Kars, Tralee)

At 6.00pm Regatta. One seven man race and one five man race (Sponsored by Killorglin Auto Works)

At 6.00pm Swimming Race (Sponsored by Clifford’s, Tralee)

Bar exemption.

Hudsons’ Amusements attended during the carnival.

Income and expenditure account for the Carnival:

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Dancing (gross receipts)       £1,074.41         Dance Bands                     390.00

Gates and entry fees                         79.52         Hire of Halls, etc             286.00

Sponsorship and subscriptions 125.00            Advertising                     106.11

Cash prizes                        107.00

Trophies                                    190.00

Liam Woods                          50.00

Expenses to F/ball teams              20.00

Insurance                          32.00

Hudsons’ Amusements              25.00

                                                                                           Sash for the Queen                1.20

£1,278.93                                                                 £1207.31

Excess of income over expenditure for the Carnival – £71.62.


Social Sub-Committee (Chairman – Eamonn Crowley)

Dances in the CYMS:

Tues. 1st Jan. – Doc Carroll and the Night Runners.

Sat. 9th Feb. (Biddy Ball) – The Pearls. Dancing from 9 to 1. Parade at 11.30pm.

Sun. 10th Feb. – Western Union. Dancing at 10.15pm. (The gross takings at the above two dances were £292.80 – net profit was £100).

Tues. 26th Feb. – Doc Carroll & Nightrunners (gross takings – £117).

17th March – New Vegas Sound. Dancing at 10.15pm. (gross takings – £157.70, net profit – £69).

19th May – The Wagon Wheels.

Thurs. 13th June – Eddie Latouche Kerry Gold.

Carnival Dancing – in the CYMS Hall: Fri. 28th June – Dan and the Farmers, Sun. 30th June – The Arrivals, Tues. 5th July – Billy Donegan and the Country Hillsiders.

Carnival Dancing in the Oisin Ballroom: Tues. 2nd July – The Wagon Wheels, Sat. 6th July – The Jarveys, Sun. 7th July – The Western Union.

Puck Fair Dancing: Fri. 9th Aug. – Jack Ruane and his Band (dancing from 10pm to 1am). Sun. 11th Aug. – Ian Corrigan and the Country Style (dancing from 10pm to 3am). Mon. 12th Aug. – Brendan Shine and his Super Band (dancing from 10pm to 3am).

Fri. 1st Nov. – Silver Pennies (Dancing from 9pm to 1am. Admission 60p. Fee for Band £75). The band failed to turn up because of a break-down.

Tues. 31st Dec. – The Swinging Jarveys.

The rent paid to the CYMS Hall for dancing during the year (excluding Puck Fair) was £150.

Income and expenditure account for dancing during 1974:

Income                                                                                    Expenditure

Puck Fair Dancing in the CYMS (gross) £477.70 Bands (Puck £494) £1,095.20

Puck Fair Dancing in the Oisín                    £222.00  Hire of CYMS and tips                 321.00

Ordinary dancing in the CYMS (gross) £1,471.57  Advertising (Puck £53.59)                 166.01

VAT                                           21.15

                                                                                    Prizes                                           35.00

£2,171.27                                                            £1,638.36

Excess of income over expenditure for dancing – £532.91


Field Sub-Committee (Chairman – Paul Lucey)

  1. It was discovered that the wall, north and south of the stand, was cracked and could pose a danger, as it could collapse. The contractor that built the wall recommended that the earth, inside the wall, should be excavated away from the wall and some kind of retention wall should be built. He said that if the club would pay for the materials, he would supply the labour free of charge. Further advice confirmed that the clay would have to be excavated away from the wall as it was not a ‘load-bearing’ wall. That was completed in March. The clay in the stand was not removed. It was decided to examine the possibility of seating the stand (Paul Lucey).
  2. The flat roof on the dressing-rooms had sprung some leaks. The matter was referred to Tom Gleasure, the contractor who had put on the roof originally. Many meetings were taken up with discussions as to what should be done to repair it. Eventually, the contract of repairing the roof was given to Tom Gleasure at a cost of £630. However, the club had to put lead flashing between the existing wall and the roof of the dressing-rooms.
  3. The proposed social centre was again on the agenda. Paul Lucey estimated that it would cost £18,000 to build. Pat Callanan, architect, was instructed to draw a plan of the building. He felt that the building would cost £40,000 to build. It would contain handball and squash courts, as well as basketball and badminton facilities. It would, also, contain a bar and cabaret lounge.
  4. Paul Lucey drew up plans for outside ladies’ and gent’s toilets.
  5. Fencing had to be erected, as sheep were trespassing on to the field.
  6. At the Laune Rangers club meeting on 26th Sept. a decision was taken to refuse permission to Mid-Kerry the use of the pitch for its fixtures. The club took great exception to the report by the Mid-Kerry Board in the Kerryman, in late Nov. stating that Laune Rangers had no authority to claim ownership of the J.P. O Sullivan Park, since the club had received grants to develop it and stating that Laune Rangers club was attempting to disrupt the running of the Board and kill the game in the area. James Coffey declared that, in the letter to the Mid-Kerry Board, the club was quite correct to claim expenses for the use of the field, since there was a bye-law in Mid-Kerry, which said that rent would have to be paid for the use of all properly lined pitches. Also, he said that  the Mid-Kerry Board would have to admit that they were wrong because, since the Co. Board had admitted already that they were wrong, Mid-Kerry, by refusing to admit their wrong-doing, were saying that the Co. Board was wrong. He went on to say that the note in the Kerryman could have caused irreparable damage to the dance in aid of the J.P. O Sullivan Park funds, which was being run in New York. In order to be able to answer any accusations made by the Mid-Kerry Board through the Co. Board, the following facts were listed:

Expenditure by Laune Rangers Club on the J.P. O Sullivan Park since its purchase –

1950            Purchase of Field (including solicitor’s expenses)            £2,000

1959            Erection of wall (phase 1)                                                £1,000

1961            Development and enclosure of pitch                             650

1968            Dressing-rooms (excluding voluntary labour)            £3,500

1970            Terracing (phase 1)                                                     360

Floodlights                                                                 120

1972/’73 Extension of wall, building of stand, terracing            £3,100

1974            Re-roofing of dressing-rooms                                         800

Purchase/Erection of gates                                                     307

Purchase of lawn-mower                                                     240

Juvenile goalposts                                                       30

Maintenance of pitch (per annum)                                                     181

Maintenance of dressing-rooms (per annum)                                           57

Painting (biannually)                                                                    40

Total                                 £12,385


Grants, pertaining to the field, received –

Central Council                                    £550

Munster Council                                    £500

Kerry Co. Board                                    £400

Total                                    £1450


Expenditure less grants = £12,385 – £1,450 = £10,935


A special meeting of Laune Rangers Club was held on Fri. 6th Dec. in the CYMS Hall. Present were James Coffey (Chairman), Paddy Foley (President & Trustee), Eamonn Crowley, Ted Houlihan, Maurice Harmon, Pat Lynch, Todd Mulvihill, Paddy Crowley, Billy Dodd, Michael O Shea, Paul Lucey, John Clifford, Tom Curran, Jim Galvin, Johnny O Connor, Mike Hassett, Jim Casey, Pat O Shea and the Secretary, Jerome Conway. The Chairman welcomed the old and the new members. He went on to explain the reason for the meeting – a meeting between the Laune Rangers Club and the Mid-Kerry Board, to be chaired by the Chairman of the Co. Board, Gerald McKenna, was scheduled for Mon. 9th Dec. The Chairman explained the exception, which the club took to the letter by the Mid-Kerry Board in the Kerryman. Todd Mulvihill said that if the Mid-Kerry Board was in existence during the time of the purchase of the pitch, and he doubted that it was, then they never came to a meeting regarding the purchase and they never took part in anything to do with the O Sullivan Park. Pat O Shea gave a detailed account of the expenditure of the club on the field since its purchase and the amount of grants received. The Chairman then outlined events leading up to the controversy. The question arose – was the Co. Board entitled to play games in the field free of charge? The meeting was not sure. Todd Mulvihill, however, said that the club was entitled to charge a rent of 10% or so. Pat O Shea explained that expenses of Mid-Kerry players had been paid by the Mid-Kerry Board from a fund contributed to by the Laune Rangers Club, namely the gates of the Mid-Kerry championship. He said that that was unfair and that a pro rata grant should be paid to the Laune Rangers Club. Michael O Shea said that the club had provided, free of charge (with the exception of 1971, when the club got a grant of £20), facilities for training for Mid-Kerry teams – lights, showers, field, etc. What did vested mean? Paddy Foley explained that the field had been vested because the Central Council had promised a grant, but the club never got it. The Munster Council had sent it to the Co. Board but it was given (£400) to Milltown. The club had received £50 from Central Council. Pat Lynch proposed that the club should elect a Field Committee and the club should pay it a nominal fee annually. The following decisions were made:

(i) The club should seek legal advice as to who owned the field.

(ii) The Club should receive rent for the use of the pitch.

(iii) The club should ensure that it had full control over the use of the pitch.

(iv) The Mid-Kerry Board had no authority to question the authority of the field, as the meeting of the Board was not properly convened, since Laune Rangers Club had not been notified.

The following delegates were appointed to attend the meeting on Mon. 9th Dec: James Coffey, Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Billy Dodd, Jim Casey, Maurice Harmon, Ted Houlihan, Johnny O Connor, Mike Hassett, John Clifford, Tom Curran and Jim Galvin.


Bord na nOg Sub-Committee (Chairman – Pat O Shea)

Bord na nOg organized a very busy schedule of games for the juveniles, including very successful parish leagues for the various age-groups. A grant of £250 was given to Bord na nOg by the Senior Club (The grant for 1973 had been £100, but there was a deficit of £104 in the running of Bord na nOg for that year).


Puck Fair.

Laune Rangers had been running the dances in the CYMS Hall during Puck Fair for the previous few years. It was reported at the club meeting on 6th May that an approach had been made to James Coffey to enquire if Laune Rangers would be interested in running Puck Fair. It was decided to meet with the representatives of the Puck Fair Committee. The following Puck Fair representatives attended the Laune Rangers Club meeting on 13th May: John O Sullivan (The Kingdom), Seán Ó Súilleabháin, Denis O Neill and Tom Moriarty. They reported that the Puck Fair Committee had resigned and they had no objection to Laune Rangers running the festival. James Coffey said that the club would be running Puck Fair on a profit-making basis. The representatives feared for the abuse of the Puck Fair property (lights, stand etc.) but they agreed that, if the club was running the festival, it was entitled to the profit. It was decided that there would be a public meeting, chaired by Seán Ó Súilleabháin, on the following Monday night to decide whether or not to hand over the running of Puck Fair to the Laune Rangers Club. It was reported to the club meeting on Mon. 20th May that the running of Puck Fair had been granted to Laune Rangers with the condition that the lighting and buntings would not be given to any other body outside of the parish. A sub-committee was set up at the club meeting on May 27th to organize Puck Fair as follows: Chairman – Kieran Foley, Vice-Chairman – Eamonn Crowley, Secretary – James Coffey, Assistant Secretary – Pat Lynch, Treasurer – John Foley, Committee – Pat Finnegan, Ted Houlihan, Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Denis Harris and Maurice Harmon. As can well be imagined, the members of the club, including players, were very busy over the following months with the Carnival and Puck Fair – erecting and taking down the lights, the organization of the parade, the hoisting and taking down of the goat, the booking of bands, the organization of the dances, the allotment of positions for the various stalls, the collection of sponsorship from the business people of the town, the organization of the various attractions during Puck, etc. The decision to give of the running of Puck Fair to the Laune Rangers Club was not unanimous. Patsy Daly, publican, Upper Bridge Street, gave his views to the Kerryman, ‘I don’t like taking it (Puck Fair) away from the people of the town and giving it to an organization that is supposed to be amateur. Are they going professional now? I think the people of the town should band together and keep it as it always was.’ He said that he was very surprised with the decision of that Monday night’s meeting. He did not expect it from the people of Killorglin or from the GAA. Another man who was equally annoyed with the turn of events was Benedict O Dwyer, the Hon. Secretary of the Kerry Pony Society. ‘I think its disgraceful for an amateur organization such as the GAA to come along and take over a professional job and deprive someone else of their living or part-time living,’ he said. ‘Professionalism is creeping into the GAA, when this occurs. The people of Killorglin have a Community Council and I am a member. In my opinion, they should be more entitled to run it. I hope the GAA don’t put on an inter-county match on the Sunday of the Pony Show, on 4th Aug,’ he added. Tom Moriarty, hardware merchant, thought that the GAA Club would be more than equal to the challenge of running Puck Fair. ‘Down the years, the Puck Fair Committee was appointed two months before the fair,’ he said. ‘Then three or four individuals were expected to do the whole thing. The GAA Club can count of about 50 young fellows who can come up with the goods.’

Puck Fair Programme of Events:

Sat. 10th Aug. Eve of Puck – Dooks Golf Club (Puck Fair Perpetual Trophy)

At 6.30pm Beginners Road Cycle (6 miles) Open.

At 7.00pm 35 Miles Cycle Race (Langford St/Ardmoniel/ Annadale Road/The Square.

From 10.00pm to 2.00am Dancing (Oisín Ballroom).

Sun. 11th Aug. Gathering Day – At Dooks (Puck fair Perpetual Trophy)

At 10.00am Horse Fair.

2pm to 4pm Noel Tuohy Céilí Band

Brassil School of Dancing

Pipe Band Recitals

At 2.00pm Mid-Kerry Football Championship Q/F Beaufort v  Glenbeigh

At 4.00pm Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann in concert

At 6.00pm Parade

At 6.45pm Coronation of King Puck 1974

At 8.30pm Cabaret on Puck Stand.

All night bar exemptions.

Mon. 12th Aug. Fair Day – At 5.00am Cattle Fair

Golf in Dooks

At 2.00pm Noel Tuohy Céilí Band. Brassil School of Dancing.

At 5.00pm Slow Cycle Race

At 7.30pm Tug-o-war (Open) Stand-up

At 8.30pm Cabaret and Ballads

At 10.00pm Polka Competition

All night bar exemptions

Tues. 13th Aug. Scattering Day – All Day Golf in Dooks

At 2.00pm Pipe Band Parades

At 2.30pm Eugene Lambert Puppet Show in CYMS Hall

At 3.00pm Noel Tuohy Céilí Band. Brassil School of Dancing

At 3.00pm Donkey Derby

At 5.30pm Eugene Lambert Puppet Show in CYMS Hall

At 8.00pm Dethronement of King Puck

All night bar exemptions

The proceeds of the Eugene Lambert Puppet Show went to Killorglin Old Folks’Home. Maura Sheahan, The Square, was the Queen of Puck. Her attendants were Orna Moriarty, Ann Melia, Derval Coffey and Pauline Crowley. Birds’ Amusements operated in the Fair Field during the Festival. The committee ran dancing in the CYMS Hall (Total rent for Puck Fair £160) on Sun. 11th Aug. (Ian Corrigan and the Country Style) and Mon. 12th Aug. (Brendan Shine and his Super Band). However, the Oisin Ballroom (Donal Mangan had the hall leased for the year) ran opposition dancing on the four nights, Sat. 10th to Tues. 13th inclusive. There was an agreement that on the 12th Aug. the CYMS would have a big band and the Oisín a small band. There was a further agreement that the CYMS would not run a dance on 13th Aug. and the Oisín would compensate the Laune Rangers Club to the tune of £70. Although those agreements were honoured, the fact that the club could not control the dancing impinged greatly on the committee’s ability to make a serious profit from the running of Puck Fair. The ‘Town Collection’ was poorly supported by some business people.

The Puck Fair Annual Social was held in the Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh on Wed. 20th Nov.


Other matters decided at the 37 Laune Rangers’ club meetings included,

  1. The £10 loans given to the club in 1968 were repaid to Jerry Foley, Inch; Dr. Dunleavy; Jer Breen, Jeweller, Killarney; Paddy Fitzpatrick, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
  2. The senior team was invited to take part in the Sneem seven-a-side tournament but the club felt that it would impact on the Parish League. The senior team was also invited to Lahinch and Kilkee to play challenge games but refused the offers. The team was also invited to take part in the Finuge seven-a-side tournament but declined.
  3. Eamonn Crowley was given permission to purchase 19 new senior jerseys (cost £48) as the existing ones were too small.
  4. The following traveling expenses for players was agreed:

(i) Dublin (Fri. to Sun.)   £7.50 (Fare – £5.80, Meals – £1.60)

(ii) Dublin (Fri. to Sun.) for U-21 players £6.50

(iii) Dublin (Sun.) £6.00 (Fare – £3.40, Meal – £1.60, Taxi – £1).

(iv) Cork £2.50

All the players would be collected and returned to Killarney if required. Players coming home for public holidays would not be eligible for traveling expenses.

  1. John Scart Clifford volunteered to organize a dance in New York to raise funds for the J.P. O Sullivan Park. The dance took place in Gaelic Park on Sat. 23rd Nov, with music by Joe Cunningham. A raffle was held in conjunction with the dance and the first prize was a round trip to Ireland during the Christmas Holidays. The Chairman of the hard-working committee was John Scart Clifford, Vice-Chairman – Stephen O Sullivan, Treasurers – Mary Cooney and Frank O Shea.
  2. Pat O Shea purchased juvenile portable goalposts for the field.
  3. The club was given 2 tickets for the All-Ireland Football final. The Secretary automatically received one and the other was given to the treasurers and they were to decide what to do with it.
  4. The meeting on 30th Sept. was informed of the financial position of the club as follows:
  5. Credit – Credit Union £471, AIB Deposit A/C  £491, Ban of Ireland Deposit A/C £637, Croke Park Scheme £200, Co. Board 340, Munster Council 3500, Co. Bord na bPáirc £68, Total £2,407.
  6. Debit – Overdrawn in account £250, Counihan’s English Tour £160, Tom Gleasure £200, Jerry Griffin £300, 5-year loans £765, Term Loan £591, Total £2,266. That left a credit balance of £141.
  7. The Mid-Kerry Board Secretary (Pat Clifford) applied for permission to use the J.P. O Sullivan Park for its games but was refused due to the ongoing controversy.


The following members attended meetings of Laune Rangers Club in 1974: James Coffey (33), Jerome Conway (33), Eamonn Crowley (33), Pat Lynch (31), Pat O Shea (30), Jim Casey (29), Maurice Harmon (29), Billy Dodd (29), Ted Houlihan (24), Pat Finnegan (18), Paul Lucey (15), James O Riordan (14), Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea (15), Sean O Reilly (9), Brendan Fullam (7), Timothy ‘Chicks’ O Riordan (4), Tom Curran (3), John Clifford (3), Johnny ‘Porridge’ O Connor (2), John Foley (2), Declan Falvey (2), James Harmon (2), Denis Harris (2), John O Connell (2), Pat Horgan (2), Barry Harmon (1), Pa O Grady (1), Denis O Neill (1), Frank Russell (1), Kieran Foley (1), Davy O Shea (1), John Joy (1), Michael Foley (1), Paddy Foley (1), Todd Mulvihill (1), Paddy Crowley (1), Jim Galvin (1), Mike Hassett (1).


The Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament was played on Sun. 19th May in the J.P. O Sullivan Park – Kerry 1-19; Sligo 1-10. There was an attendance of 4,500 and the pitch was a credit to the Laune Rangers Club. Indeed, the arrangements were first class and there was a free programme available. Unfortunately, the game started about a half-hour late, as players had to rush from their Co. League games and some were delayed. Sligo, who were without some of their regulars such as Mickey Kearns, Barnes Murphy and Jim Colleary, opened the scoring with a point by Michael Laffey but Kerry quickly equalized through John Egan. In the seventh minute, Mickey Sheehy received a knock in the mouth, as he kicked a point, and he had to be replaced. Sligo equalized shortly afterwards but then Kerry began to establish something of a grip and, with Paudie Lynch and Ger Power leading the forwards in great style, they went on to lead at halftime by 1-11 to 0-3. In the second half, Mick O Dwyer made an appearance (His last in the green and gold of Kerry) and he scored three points from play and one from a free.

Kerry: Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers), Mike Breen (Glenbeigh), Paud O Donoghue, Derry Crowley, Mickey O Sullivan, Jimmy Deenihan, Tony O Keeffe, Paudie O Shea (0-2), John O Keeffe (0-2), Eamonn O Donoghue (0-1), Paudie Lynch (1-2), Ger Power (0-2), Seamus McGearailt (0-1), John Egan (0-2), Mickey Sheehy (0-1). Subs: Pat Spillane (0-2), Mick O Dwyer (0-4).

Sligo: T. Cummins, L. Claffey, J. Brennan, A. Claffey, R. Lipeett, P.J. Kavanagh, J. Gilmartin, T. Colleary, J. Stenson, Michael Laffey, F. Henry, J. Kilgannon, P. Kearns, P. Brennan, J. Kilgannon.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee), who gave his services free of charge.

During halftime in the game, the Chairman of the Sligo Co. Board, Paddy Clifford, made a presentation to the Laune Rangers club to mark the visit of the Sligo team. The gross takings for the game were £820. Expenses included Sligo – £80; Meals at the Bianconi Inn – £192.66; Trophies – £62; Programmes – £11. The various responsibilities for the club members were as follows:

Receptionist to teams and officials – James Coffey

PRO on the game and to both teams – Jerome Conway

Staff supervisor – Pat O Shea

Cash supervisor – Pat Lynch

Cash teller – Michael Monagle

Cash monitors on the Iveragh Road – John Foley, Eamonn Crowley, Maurice Harmon, Billy Dodd, James O Riordan, Ted Houlihan.

Cash monitors at the Sunhill end – Patsy Joy and Sean McKenna.

Ticket sellers – Mike O Shea, Timothy O Riordan, Johnny O Connor, Francis O Doherty, John Evans, Noel Prendiville, Barry Harmon, Declan Crowley, Anthony O Sullivan, Pat Joe O Mahony, Patrick O Sullivan (Sunhill).

Ticket Collectors – Liam Shannon, Mike Hassett, Pat Horgan, John A. O Brien, Pat Finnegan, John Clifford.

Main gate supervisor – Sean O Reilly.

Entrance gate to pitch – Michael Moriarty, John Foley (Dungeel).

Field stewards – Teddy Mangan, Jim Galvin, Jim Casey, Jerry Coffey, Frank Russell, Sean O Sullivan (Hillville), Bertie Harmon.

Main dressing-room supervisor – Denis Lynch.

Town-side dressing-rooms – Tom Curran.

Cromane-side dressing-rooms – Denis O Neill.

Town-side field stewards – Paudie O Sullivan and John Joy.

Cromane-side field steward – Noel O Mahony.


In the Munster Senior Football Championship, Kerry beat Waterford by 7-16 to 0-8 but lost to Cork in the final at Killarney by 1-11 to 0-7 on Sun. 14th July.

Kerry: Paudie O Mahony, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Derry Crowley, Paudie O Shea, John O Keeffe (capt.), Ger O Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, John Long, Eamonn O Donoghue, Mickey O Sullivan, Ger Power, John Egan, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Mikey Sheehy. Subs: Jackie Walsh for S. Mac Gearailt, Brendan Lynch for E. O Donoghue, Mick O Connell for J. Walsh, Jimmy Deenihan, Pat Spillane, Seamus O Donovan, Anthony O Keeffe, Pat Griffin.

On the same day, Cork, also, won the Munster Minor Final by beating Kerry by 0-13 to 1-6. Cork had then won eight out of the previous nine minor finals.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan (Desmonds), Frank O Connor (St. Mary’s), Michael O Sullivan (Rathmore), Tony Nolan (Listry), Neilie Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Ogie Moran (Beale), Stephen Carroll (Causeway), Mick Spillane (Templenoe), Colm Mangan (Austin Stacks), Tommy Doyle (Annascaul), Sean Walsh (Kerins O Rahillys), Pat Foley (Keel), Paddy Mulvihill (Moyvane), Gerald O Sullivan (Tarbert), A. Langan (Tarbert). Subs: Fintan Scannell (Tarbert) for A. Langan, Val Lynch (Glenflesk) for T. Nolan, Jack O Shea (St. Mary’s), J. Leen (Ballymac), Eamonn O Neill (Renard), D. O Sullivan (Renard), Jimmy Bambury (Dingle), T. McCarthy (Gneeveguilla).

On Sat. 3rd Aug. Cork completed the treble by winning the Munster U-21 Final at Cahersiveen by beating Kerry by 3-5 to 1-10.

Kerry: Patrick O Connor (St. Michael’s), John Galvin (Waterville), Bernard Kerins (John Mitchels), Johnny Wrenn (Tarbert), Ogie Moran (Beale), Tim Kennelly (Emmett’s), Kevin O Donoghue (Glenflesk), Ger O Driscoll (Valentia), Páidí Ó Sé (Gaeltacht), Sean Walsh (Kerins O Rahillys), Pat Spillane (Templenoe), Barry Walsh (Ballylongford), Paddy Mulvihill (Moyvane), Niall Brosnan (Dr. Crokes), Mikey Sheehy (Austin Stacks). Subs: Sean Casey (Lispole), Johnny Sheehan (Keel), Ger Dillon (Dingle), Richie McAuliffe (Gneeveguilla), Michael Ferriter (Castlegregory), Donal Murphy (Legion), Teddy Brick (Austin Stacks), G. Murphy, G. O Donnell, S. Kelly (Kilcummin), Michael Culloty (Austin Stacks).

Brendan Fullam, who had been manager of the Bank of Ireland in Killorglin, was transferred to Wexford. During his three years in Killorglin, he had been a prominent member of Laune Rangers Club. The club made a presentation to him in recognition of services rendered to the club.


Sean O Reilly refereed the following games in 1974 under the auspices of the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL on 17th March at Keel: Keel v Milltown/Castlemaine.

SFL on Sun. 24th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Keel.


Jerome Conway refereed the following game, amongst others, for Co. Bord na nOg:

U-14 Rural A final on Mon. 10th June at Killorglin: St. Senan’s defeated Waterville.


Jerome Conway refereed the following game in under the auspices of the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL on 17th March at Beaufort: Beaufort v Glenbeigh.


Denis O Neill refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 1st Sept. NFC at Kenmare: Kenmare ‘B’ beat Tuosist.


Denis O Neill refereed the following game under the auspices of the Mid-Kerry Board in 1974:

SFL on Sun. 3rd March at Beaufort: Beaufort v Glenbeigh.


Seamus Naughton refereed the following game in 1974 under the auspices of the Mid-Kerry Board:

NFC on Tues. 21st May at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Keel.


Bart Moriarty was re-elected as Treasurer of the Dublin Kerryman’s Association at its AGM in the North Star Hotel. He was, also, Chairman of the Dance and Drama sub-committee of the Association.


In Jan. the death took place of John Monaghan in Boston and that news was heard with regret by members of the Laune Rangers Club. During their two visits to Boston, in 1970 and 1972, John had been one of the Committee that had done such tremendous work to make the Rangers team’s stay memorable.

On 24th Sept. the death took place of Seamus Roche N.T, Dungeel, who had played with the Laune Rangers in the 30’s. Past and present members of the Laune Rangers Club formed a guard of honour at the funeral.


In September, Patsy Joy won £500 in the Co. Bord na bPáirc draw. The cheque was presented to him, on behalf of the Co. Board, by Michael O Connor.

In the Oct. draw, Patsy Joy won £50.


Co. IFC Final on Sun. 15th Dec. at Tralee: Spa 0-11; Waterville 1-6.

Co. JFC Final on Sun. 6th Oct. at Tralee: Castlegregory 1-4; Lispole 0-5.

Co. NFC Final on Sun. 27th Oct. at Killarney: Kenmare ‘B’ 1-11; Austin Stacks ‘B’ 0-5.

Co. Minor Football Final on Tues. 27th Aug. at Tralee: Shannon Rangers 2-10; Eoghan Ruadh 3-2.

Co. Football League Div. 1 Champions – Austin Stacks.


On Sun. 6th Oct. Laune Rangers’ hopes of winning Div. 1 of the Co. League received a severe setback when star halfback Barry Harmon broke one of his legs during a training session. He had been one of the heroes of the 1973 All-Ireland U-21 victory and many considered him a great prospect for the Co. Senior team.


On 24th Nov. Shannon Rangers beat South-Kerry by 3-9 to 2-7 in the final of the Kerryman Shield at Killorglin. After the game, James Coffey, Joint-Treasurer of the Co. Board, presented the trophy to the captain of the Shannon Rangers, Paddy O Hanlon.


Laune Rangers Annual Social was held on Thurs 2nd Jan. 1975 in the Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh. Tickets cost £2.75. John ‘Scart’ Clifford was a special guest and he was presented with a beautiful plaque by the club in recognition of services rendered.


Mike Murphy, formerly of Caragh Lake, won a Herdfordshire Senior Co. Championship with St. Vincent’s of Luton.


The Annual Pantomime in the CYMS Hall was ‘Sleeping Beauty’.


On Thurs. 21st March, Paddy O Callaghan, Glosha, left for Paris to represent the National Cycling Association at an international sports congress. The congress started on 22nd and ended on 26th March. The congress had representatives from 37 countries. Paddy O Callaghan, who was Ireland’s only representative, was international secretary of the NCA. Said Paddy, ‘My main function at the congress will be to make contacts and to encourage countries to come and compete in Ireland. I hope to get three countries to compete in this year’s Rás Tailteann and a different three countries for the next five years. I will also be trying to get invitations for Irish teams to compete abroad.’


On Sun. 31st March, Killorglin won the Tops of the Towns Competition in the Ashe Memorial Hall, Tralee beating Tralee Garda and Co. Hospital Staff in the final. Jack Cruise was the adjudicator. The show was produced by Declan Mangan. The centre-piece of the show was ‘The Onedin Line,’ featuring Don Rohan as James Onedin and Liam Shannon as Baines. Marian O Dwyer was Splish and Jerry Murphy was Splosh in a fine comedy situation. Declan Mangan’s ship’s doctor mime was performed with precision and expertise and was also at the top of his form in the tandem scene with Liam Shannon. The storm scene was an accomplishment in itself and showed that the winners were as well served backstage as they were on the stage. The ‘Aquarius’ scene was another tour de force both vocally and visibly, Jerome Conway taking the singing honours. There was some fine harmonization from Maria O Keeffe, Betty Rohan, Fergus Foley and Declan Trant in ‘The Sloop John B,’ with other nice vocal offerings from Liam Shannon (‘Sailor’), Fergus Foley (‘The Leaving of Liverpool’), Tom Curtayne (‘Soldier’s Dream’) and Betty Rohan (‘Bali Hi’). The children won many marks with their presentation of ‘The Good Ship Lollypop.’ Tiny Anita Mangan was the recipient of some of the most thunderous applause of the night. Mary Doyle’s dancing of ‘The Blackbird’ was delightful. Enhancing the finished product was the orchestra comprising Mrs. McMonagle (piano), Liam Foley (violin), Myles Coffey (piano accordion) and Christy O Riordan (drums). Declan Mangan, also, won the award for the most original comedy item for his ‘Airport’ sketch, the award for best producer and Killorglin annexed the award for originality in presentation.


The Local Elections were held on Thurs. 19th June. There were thirteen candidates in the Killorglin area for six seats, Mary O Donoghue (Cahersiveen) FF, Tommy Cahill (Glenbeigh) FF, Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor (Killorglin) FF, Leonard Hurley (Cahersiveen) FF, Jeremiah O Connor (Sneem) FF, Jack Walsh (Glencar) FF, Kevin Sheehan (Killorglin) Lab, Des Lavelle (Valentia) Lab, Dan Barry (Cahersiveen) Lab,  Danny Kissane (Beaufort) FG, Michael ‘Scarteen’ O Connor (Kenmare) FG, Sean Garvey (Cahersiveen) undeclared, Paddy O Callaghan (Cromane) Sinn Féin. The valid pole was 12,339. The following were elected: Mary O Donoghue, Dan Barry, Michael O Connor, Timothy O Connor, Tommy Cahill, Jeremiah O Connor. Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor was elected Chairman of Kerry Co. Council. The rate struck by the Council was £8.75 in the £.


Rás Tailteann commenced at the GPO on Sat. 22nd June. The Kerry team was spearheaded by John Mangan, Killorglin. Other members of the team were Donal Clifford, Michael Breen, Denis Mangan (all Killorglin Cycling Club) and Jack Lacey (Tralee). Accompanying the team were Denis Harris (team manager), Michael Moriarty (team mechanic), Paddy O Callaghan (International Secretary of the National Cycling Association of Ireland) and Brendan Foley (team-car driver).


On Sun. 23rd June, the Kerry NACA Juvenile Championships were held in Cahersiveen. The Killorglin performances were as follows: U-8 Boys 80m – 2nd G. Murphy. U-10 Boys 100m – 1st Andrew Pigott, 3rd John O Connell. U-14 Boys 100m – 1st Anthony Corkery, 2nd Michael O Sullivan. U-14 Boys 400m – 1st Anthony Corkery, 2nd Michael O Sullivan. U-14 long jump – 1st Michael O Sullivan. U-16 Boys 100m – 3rd Michael O Sullivan. U-16 Boys 800m – 3rd Michael O Sullivan. U-16 Boys 1500m – 2nd Alan Diggin. U-16 Boys 3000m – 2nd Alan Diggin. U-14 Boys 4x100m relay – 1st Killorglin. U-12 Girls 100m – 1st Mary O Connell. U-12 Girls 400m – 1st Mary O Connell, 2nd Maeve O Connell. U-12 Girls Long Jump – 2nd Mary O Connell, U-14 Girls 100m – 3rd Kay Hannon. U-14 Girls 400m – 1st Mary O Connell, 3rd Martina Cronin. U-14 Girls 4x100m replay – 1st Killorglin. U-14 Girls 800m – 1st Mary O Connell, 2nd Martina Cronin. U-16 Girls 400m – 2nd Martina Cronin. U-16 Girls 1500m – 1st Martina Cronin.


On Sat. 29th June Bishop Eamonn Casey celebrated Mass at the opening of the extension to the Paul Wenzel Factory, Killorglin. The factory was established on the site of the disused railway station and it was bigger that the parent factory in Germany, employing nearly 150 workers, two-thirds of whom were women. The extension had been very tastefully executed. Builder Donie Heffernan, Laccabane, Killarney and originally from Callanfersy, used stone from the one-time station’s passenger department, bricks from the signal cabin and old Blue Bangor slates from the back of the existing building to make the extension tone in with what had been there already. The factory produced leather and suede gents’ jackets and coats mainly for the export market.


The following qualified to represent Killorglin in the Co. Community Games Finals:

Boys – U-8 (80m) Brian Costello, John Sheehan, Anthony Clifford; U-8 (100m) Michael Fleming, Timothy Fleming; U-10 (100m) John O Connell, Martin Clifford, Billy Prendiville; U-10 (200m) Andrew Pigott, Pat Diggin; U-10 (60m hurdles) Gerard Murphy, Tomás Hayes, Noel Foley; U-12 (100m) Jimmy Hannon, Pierce Prendivile, Padraig O Sullivan; U-12 (400m) Padraig Sheehan, Jerome Foley, Maurice Corkery; U-12 (relay) Jimmy Hannon, Pierce Prendiville, Padraig O Sullivan, Padraig Sheehan; U-12 (Long Puck) Frankie Mangan, Patrick Freeman; U-14 (100m) Anthony Shannon, Gerard O Shea; U-14 (800m) Anthony Corkery, Sean O Sullivan, Joe Shannon; U-14 (Long Jump) Michael F. O Shea; U-16 (100m) Kevin Houlihan; U-16 (1500m) Michael O Sullivan, Micheál Johnston; U-16 (High Jump) Paul Walker; U-17 (Marathan) Alan Diggin, Derek Freeman, Des Houlihan.

Girls – U-8 (80m) Siobhán Sheahan, Marie Melia, Ann Hannon; U-8 (100m) Cathriona Hayes, Rhona West; U-10 (100m) Martina O Shea, Regina Diggin; U-10 (200m) Mary Hannon, Monica Cronin; U-10 (60m hurdles) Fiona Foley, Caroline Shannon; U-12 (100m) Sandra Diggin, Elsie Ahern, Lisa Houlihan; U-12 (400m) Maeve O Connell, Ann O Reilly; U-12 (Relay) Sandra Diggin, Elsie Ahern, Maeve O Connell, Ann O Reilly; U-14 (100m) Kay Hannon, Ann Grealish, Margaret Sweeney; U-14 (800m) Mary O Connell, Valerie Diggin, Judy Foley. U-14 (long jump) Eileen O Sullivan, Eileen Breen, Maura Sheahan; U-16 (100m) Martina Cronin, Jacqueline West, Brigid Foley; U-15 (1500m) Mary Healy, Miriam Evans.


Sun. 7th July at Tralee – Co. Community Games Finals. The teams paraded through the town. Killorglin shared the Eurosnack Shield with Castleisland as the second best team overall. Killorglin results: U-10 (100m boys) 1st John O Connell; U-10 (200m Boys) 1st Andrew Pigott; U-10 (200m Girls) 3rd Mary Hannon; U-10 (60m Hurdles Boys) 3rd Gerard Murphy; U-12 (400m Girls) 1st Maeve O Connell; U-12 (Long Puck) 3rd Frankie Mangan; U-14 (100m Boys) 3rd Gerard O Shea; U-14 (800m Boys) 1st Anthony Corkery; U-14 (800m Girls) 1st Mary O Connell;


The Cromane Regatta was held on Thurs. 15th Aug. Cromane Lower won the seine boat race (£70 and the perpetual trophy), the Glen were second (£40) and Portmagee was third (£26). The winning crew included Jack O Reilly (cox), John A. McCarthy, Denis Griffin, Monty O Neill, Gerald McCarthy, Michael Sugrue, John Griffin and Danny McKenna. Other teams to take part were Sneem, Callanfersy and Cromane Upper. Callanfersy won both the five and seven-man races, taking the J.F. McCarthy Memorial Cup from Upper Cromane, who was second in both events. The grand regatta dance was held in the CYMS Hall that night to Doc Carroll and the Nightrunners.


The Cahersiveen open NACA Sports was held in the Con Keating Park on Sun. 18th Aug. Noel Lucey (Glenflesk and formerly Caragh Lake) won the long jump and the 16lbs shot. Other Killorglin performances were: Ladies 800m – 1st Mary O Connell, U-14 Boys 200m – 2nd Anthony Corkery, U-12 Boys 400m – 2nd John O Connell, U-10 Boys 100m – 1st Andrew Pigott, 2nd John O Connell, U-8 Boys 80m – 1st G. Murphy, U-14 Girls 400m – 2nd Mary O Connell.


Bishop Eamonn Casey officially opened ‘This is Killorglin’ exhibition in the CYMS Hall on Thurs. 26th Sept. The organizers, a sub-committee of the local Community Council, included Kathleen Prendiville, Fintan Foley, Patrick O Neill and Seán Ó Súilleabháin. The exhibition, which was open to the public from Thursday until Saturday, featured the locality’s history, culture, business and social life. Those taking part were National Council for the Blind, St. Vincent de Paul, County Committee of Agriculture, Group Water Schemes (Community Council), Intermediate School, Kerry Co. Council – Planning Office, Killorglin Credit Union, Killorglin Tourisn Co-operative Society, Vocational School, Killorglin Local History Society. On the craft side were, Cloon Pottery, F. Foley Design, J & A Welding (wrought iron) and Looney Monumental Sculpture. The exhibitions on the commercial side were Crowley Drapery, Klinge & Co. (chemical plant), Kerry Co-op Creameries, Kerry Leather Fabrics &Paul Wenzel Ltd., Liebig International (safety bolts), Michael O Grady (A. & O. Supermarket), Michael O Sullivan Life Assurance, O Reilly Fishing Tackle, O Sullivan’s Bakery, P. Corcoran Egg Farm, T.J. Murphy Electrical, T. O Connor Builders’ Providers, Unique Boutique (antiques). The following had exhibits covering the social life of Killorglin: C.Y.M.S., Dooks Golf Club, I.C.A., Killorglin Gun Club, Laune Mountaineering Club, Laune Rangers GAA, Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Puck Fair Organising Committee. There was such demand that the exhibition had to be opened again on Sunday 29th Sept. To cover the costs, the Community Council asked for a contribution towards stand space of £2 in the case of voluntary bodies and £3 for business concerns. At the Laune Rangers Club meeting on Mon. 23rd Sept. the following arrangements were made, having seen the exhibition hall: 1. Title – Laune Rangers GAA Club, on an 8ft. by 1ft. hardboard sheet (Donie Griffin). 2. Colouring – Blue front and white sides (Painting to be done by Eamonn Crowley, Ted Houlihan and Jim Casey). 3. Research – Pat O Shea, to write history and collect photographs etc. 4. Trophies, football, jersey to be displayed on a table. At the club meeting on 30th Sept. it was decided that the material of the ‘This is Killorglin – Laune Rangers’ should be displayed permanently in the pavilion in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.

Samples of the Laune Rangers’ section of ‘This is Killorglin Exhibition’ in the CYMS Hall in September.

Samples of the Laune Rangers’ section of ‘This is Killorglin Exhibition’ in the CYMS Hall in September.

James Coffey (Chairman) and John Joe Falvey (former Laune Rangers’ captain)

James Coffey (Chairman) and John Joe Falvey (former Laune Rangers’ captain) peruse the Laune Rangers’ section of ‘This is Killorglin Exhibition’).


On Sun. 29th Sept. the Callanfersy Regatta took place at Ballykissane Pier. Callanfersy won the seine boat from Sneem, Reenroe and the Glen. The boat, ‘Johnny Mahony’ was coxed by Jack O Reilly and the other members were John P O Sullivan, Michael Heffernan, Paddy Clifford, John Murphy, J.J. O Reilly, D. Griffin, John Joe O Sullivan, Patsy Joy, Michael Fleming, J. Clifford, John Twiss and Seamus O Sullivan. The prize was the Jim Clifford Memorial Cup.


John Mangan, Killorglin, received the 1974 Kerry Sports Star Award for cycling and Gene Mangan received the Hall of Fame Award at a banquet at the Mount Brandon Hotel, Tralee on Fri. 22nd Nov.


A new Macra na Feirme Club was formed in Killorglin in Nov. Over forty people, coming from farming and non-farming sections of the community, attended the meeting. The following officers were elected: President – Sean Callanan, Chairman – Teddy Curran, Vice-Chairman – Brendan Crowley, Secretary – Helen Griffin, Treasurers – Michael O Shea and John Joy, PRO – Sheila Doyle.


Erskine Childers died in Nov. 1974 and he was succeeded as Uachtarán na hÉireann on Thurs. 19th Dec. by Cearrbhaill Ó Dálaigh.


The Annual Convention of the Mid-Kerry Board took place on Mon. 20th Jan. 1975. The Secretary, Pat Clifford, in his report, stated that the year under review was a disappointing one for the Mid-Kerry teams. “Two teams from the area took part in the Co. Championship – Mid-Kerry and Laune Rangers – but the two teams were beaten in the first rounds. Mid-Kerry were beaten by Feale Rangers at Listowel. That was the day when everything went wrong. Firstly, the Glenbeigh bus arrived 20 minutes late for the game. Then, one of our county stars came into the dressing-rooms with his bag but would not play. After all that, with four minutes to go in the game, Mid-Kerry was ahead by four points. Some of our backs were able to take time off to tell the referee how to do his job and, while they were doing so, Feale Rangers banged the ball to the Mid-Kerry net from a 14 yards’ free and went on to win by two points. Laune Rangers were beaten by Killarney. In the Kerryman Shield, the two teams did not do well.

In the Minor Co. Championship, Mid-Kerry beat Laune Rangers in the first round but were beaten in the second round, after a close game, by Shannon Rangers. Mid-Kerry did not have a full team that night because Beaufort club did not send all their minors to play for Mid-Kerry.

Within the area, all the competitions were completed. In all there were 38 games played, 23 senior, 9 novice and 6 minor. Glenbeigh won the Senior Championship, the Novice Championship and the O Sullivan Cup. Beaufort won the League, for the first time, and the Minor Championship.

I would like to see Mid-Kerry and Laune Rangers coming together again and putting out one team in the Co. Championship, because there are not enough good players in the area at the moment for two teams. I would ask all clubs to send their players to train and play for Mid-Kerry, when they are asked to do so. In conclusion, I would like to thank the club secretaries, the referees, the other Board officers for the help they gave me during the year. I would like to say a special word of thanks to the Chairman, Kevin Griffin, who made sure that all clubs got fair play during the year.”


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Fri. 3rd Jan. 1975. The Secretary, Jerome Conway, in his report, outlined the club’s events during the year. He thanked the club members for helping to run the various activities – the dances, Talent Competition, Carnival, Puck Fair and the inter-county game with Sligo. He blamed the poor performance on the field partially on the amount of activities undertaken by the club. He said that the players were burned out and probably had lost their appetite for the game. However, he said that the players themselves would, also, have to take a share of the blame. Too many players were reluctant to make the sacrifice necessary if the team was to achieve any success in a major competition. In 1974, the team slumped in the vital game against Austin Stacks. A win in that game would have made Laune Rangers Co. League Champions and representatives of Kerry in the All-Ireland Club Championship.

A total of 125 games were played, including all grades and 41 parish league games. The juveniles brought glory to the club in the form of three Co. Championships – U-12, U-13 (Community Games) and U-14. There was almost a clean sweep in Mid-Kerry with the U-12, U-14 and U-16 teams winning   championships. Breakdown on games played:

U-12 ‘A’ and ‘B’ – played 24, won 19, drew 1 and lost 4. Won the Mid-Kerry and Co. Championships, the Laune Rangers and Austin Stacks blitzes.

U-13 – played 5, won 4, lost 1. Won Co. Community Games Final.

U-14 ‘A’ and ‘B’ – played 33, won 27, lost 6. Won Mid-Kerry and Co. Championships and Laune Rangers blitz.

U-16 – played 8, won 3, lost 5. Won Mid-Kerry Championship.

U-17 – played 3, lost 3.

Minor – played 10, won 5, lost 5.

Novice – played 12, won 5, lost 7.

Senior – played 30, won 10, drew 4, lost 16.

Parish Leagues:

U-10 – played 7; U-12 – played 13, U-14 – played 6, U-17 – played 7, Senior – played 8.

The Secretary said that if the club was to retain its senior status, the players would have to give more cooperation to the trainer. In conclusion, he thanked his fellow officers for their cooperation, especially the chairman, whom he described as most active.