Laune Rangers – 1990


Laune Rangers regained the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship, winning it for the fourteenth time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football League for the fifth year-in-a-row and the eleventh time overall.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-21 Football Championship for the first time, beating Kerins O Rahillys in the final by 0-8 to 0-7.

Laune Rangers lost the Co. Minor Football Championship Final but won the Mid-Kerry Championship for the twenty-third time.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. U-16 Inter-Divisional Football championship for the third year-in-a-row and the fourth time in total.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-16 Championship (6th time) and the Mid-Kerry Championship for the nineteenth time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship for the twentieth time.

Laune Rangers retained the Co. U-12 Football championship, winning it for the sixth time.

Kerry beat Cork in the Munster Minor Football Final – Eoin Joy captained the team from right fullback and Billy O Shea played at left halfback. Kerry lost to Meath in the All-Ireland Final.

Kerry beat Cork in the Munster U-21 Football Final and Tyrone in the All-Ireland Final. Pat McKenna played at centre half-forward and Billy O Sullivan scored 4-1 (a record) from left full-forward. Paul Griffin and Timmy Fleming were substitutes.

Kerry lost to Cork in the Munster Senior Football Final – Joe Shannon captained Kerry from midfield.

Kerry won the Munster and All-Ireland Vocational Schools Championship – Adrian Hassett played at left half-back.

Killorglin won the Munster and All-Ireland U-16 Vocational Schools Championship. The Laune Rangers representatives on the team were Mike Hassett, Kevin Jones, John Cronin, Liam Hassett and Jerry O Brien. Kealon O Sullivan, Francis O Sullivan, John Purcell and Raymond O Sullivan were substitutes.

James Coffey was re-elected as Joint-Treasurer for the Kerry Co. Board for the eighteenth successive year.

Bart Moriarty was appointed as Secretary of the Kerry Referees’ Committee for the thirteenth successive year.

Pat Pigott was re-elected onto the GPC of Bord na nOg Chiarraí for the second successive year.

Edward Stack was elected as Joint-Treasurer of the Mid-Kerry Board.

Cromane was given permission by Laune Rangers to play with Mid-Kerry in the Senior, U-21 and Minor Football Championships.

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The AGM of Laune Rangers Club took place in the Manor Inn on Mon. 18th Dec. 1989 at 8pm. A large, enthusiastic meeting of 80 members endorsed the most successful year in the history of the club. The outgoing chairman, Jerome Conway, in his address thanked all the juvenile trainers and especially Bord na nOg Secretary, Pat Pigott, for their hard work and dedication during ’89. He thanked minor trainer, John Evans, and his selector Maurice Corkery as well as U-21 trainer James Sheehan. Thanking ‘B’ team selectors and ‘A’ team selectors, he paid special attention to trainer Noel O Mahony, who had now guided the fortunes of the senior team for seven years.

Jerome Conway went on to say that 1989 was the greatest year in the club’s history. He thanked the players, officers, sponsors and supporters. Referring to some disappointing facts, he said that selectors had a most difficult job, especially with such a large talented panel and that criticism of the teams selected was not fair and often done in the wrong place. ‘There is a proper place to air your views – club meetings.’ For 1990 he hoped that the club could improve facilities for the players and maintain their record on the field of play, particularly the defence of the Co. Championship.

Jerome stated that he was vacating the chair as he felt that he did not have the necessary drive to lead the club into the ‘90’s. Finally he stated that it was a supreme honour to be Chairman in this the greatest year in the club’s history. He looked forward to seeing and helping Laune Rangers in the future.

(The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1989)

The joint treasurers, James Coffey and Pat Pigott, gave the following financial report:


Income & Expenditure Account for year ended 30/11/’89.


Income.                                                       Expenditure

Sponsorship: Centenary 250.00   300 Club Social: Meal &Band530.00                                                       Co. Final             1695.00                                                                                                    Field & Dressing Rooms:

Refund 1988 Banquet                      44.00 Quirke’s 164.50

Kerry Year Book Sales    203.00 Murphy Elect.        5.00

County Board: Draw   7540 Richard Boyle   50.38

Draw Subs.11960 Tom Moriarty 632.18

Af. Fees Ref. 466.60 E. S. B. 173.23

Refund 1988. 116            20,082.60 K. O Neill (L/mow) 383.00

Tickets: Munster Final    716 P. Foley (Gas) 155.70

All-Ire. Semi-F  170 Donalton (Petrol)   18.90

All Ire. H. Final        34 John Galvin 320.00

Due 1988                  959.00 Flags   15.00

Church Gate: Football    905 Insurance 335.00     2253.69

Hurling    381.75 1286.75 Players: Travel & Exp.       153.50

Table Quiz   280.00 Transport             2904.00

Coach to Clonmel   276.00 Civil Defence           10.00

Clonmel Meals     80.00 Public Address (£150 due 1988)       220.00

Draws: Shamrock Bar    100.00 Co. Board draw: Subs.       12,050.00

C.Y.M.S.      10.00   110.00            St. Mary’s         560.00

Sports Complex Fees          39.00            Refund                            30.00        12,640.00

Hurleys – Subsidy     20.00 Affil. Fees & Insur.   466.60

Hurleys – Sales       8.00 2 1987 Co. League Medals     50.00

Hurlers Coach to Cashel     30.00 Extra Co. Final Jerseys                   51.06

History Sales 2126.00 Administration                 209.00

Sales of Head Bands/flags   160.00 Tickets: Munster Final 736.00

Victory Dance   319.50              All-Ire. S/Final 190.00

Membership 1980.00              All-Ire. H. Final   34.00

Gates: v Beaufort    10.00              All-Ire. F. Final                   30.00          990.00

V Kenmare    12.00 Presentations/Medals:

V O Rahilly’s    46.00 J. Looney 70.00

V Beale    80.00 D. Foley (Due 1988) 74.90

V Austin Stacks    176.00 P. Finnegan (Due ’88) 97.95            242.85

V Crokes 120.00 Parish Centenary               75.00

V Gneeveguilla       93.30 Video                    20.00

Div. 4 Minor Final  31.00 Quiz Fee      10.00

Rent Munster Club270.00   840.30 Draws: Pearses G.F.C. 20.00

Grant Co. Final & S/final                 1298.00                C.Y.M.S. 50.00                70.00

Printing: Membership Cards  75.00

Total Income              32,079.15                Social Tickets     43.75             118.75      Exhibition                     22.00

Meals                 1285.50

Sports Complex                     60.00

Golf Outing                     45.00

Minerals for teams       49.20

Valentia Pipe Band       21.90

Injuries: Claire Edwards (Physio)    160.00

Hospital                             10.00

Players                    215.00         385.00

Hurling: U-12 Minerals                         19.80

Trip to Cashel            5.00

6 sliotars          34.80

Sub. to St. Mary’s       100.00        159.60

Bord na nÓg: Reg, fees          30.00

6 footballs          30.00

Mid-Kerry Refs.        20.00

A. Stacks Blitz           25.00

Sec’s Exp ’87,’88,’89  65.00         170.00

Bank Charges                    238.56

Co. Final: Socks & Togs 522.80

Material for flags   137.00

Sweaters 420.00      1,079.80

Jerseys & Footballs                     662.00


Total Expenditure                 25,175.01


Excess of Income over Expenditure £6,984.14


Bank Balances as at 30/11/’89

Allied Irish Bank No. 1 A/C     9886.94

Ladies Current A/C     37.68

Ladies Current A/C   780.03

Hurling Current A/C     2.31

Hurling Deposit A/C   28.38

Bank of Ireland Deposit A/C    2132.28

Credit Union    1675.19


Total            £14,542.81



Officers elected for 1990:

President: Paddy Crowley.

Chairman: Aidan Gannon.

V/Chairman: Jim Galvin (He beat Pat Finnegan in a vote for the position).

Secretary: Donal Pigott.

Joint Treasurers: Pat Pigott & James Coffey.

P.R.O.: Peter Lyons.

Registrar: Liam Shannon.

Youth Officer Pat Pigott.

Delegate to Co. Board: John Clifford – John Evans did not seek re-election.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board: Donal Pigott & John Clifford.

Senior Selection Committee: Noel O Mahony (Trainer), Patsy Joy & John Clifford.

‘B’ Team Selection Committee: John Purcell, Maurice Corkery, Edward Stack and Seamus O Sullivan. The latter two did not function and James McInery joined with Maurice Corkery and John Purcell during the year.

Tributes were paid to the outgoing Chairman and Secretary. On his election, Aidan Gannon said that it was a great honour to be Chairman of the leading club in Kerry. He looked forward to the challenge it offered and hoped that the 90’s would be even more successful than the past decade for the club. He was hopeful that work on a new pavilion and pitch would start very soon.

Motion: Noel O Mahony proposed a motion that Kerry’s Eye would be requested to publish a booklet to record the achievements of the club’s football teams for the year 1989. After a discussion it was decided that the incoming committee would consider that at an early date.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Eighteen teams took part in the Co. Senior Football Championship, John Mitchel’s, East-Kerry, Kenmare, Killarney, Beale, Desmonds, St. Kieran’s, Kerins O Rahillys, West-Kerry, Gneeveguilla, Mid-Kerry, Shannon Rangers, Laune Rangers, St. Brendan’s, Feale Rangers, South-Kerry, Austin Stack’s and Dr. Croke’s.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 14th July at Ardfert at 8.00pm: St. Brendan’s 1-12; Laune Rangers 1-16.

Joe Shannon was absolutely great – everything went right for him and the club was glad for him after the disappointment of the Munster Final. Rangers were never in danger in that game, even when St. Brendan’s came at them strongly near the end.

Tadhg Ó Síocháin, in the Kerryman, reported on the game as follows: ‘The unerring boot of Joe Shannon, which yielded a final match total of eleven points, kicked the holders, Laune Rangers, into the quarter-final of this year’s championship at Ardfert on Sunday evening.

Although Shannon’s accuracy and leadership were most decisive, the overall combination of the winners as a unit was also significant, with St. Brendan’s depending largely on individual qualities to keep them in contention. The losers did have long periods of territorial supremacy, but they could never transfer the advantage into match-winning scores.

Rangers were slow to develop a rhythm during the opening quarter, with Seamus Murphy, from a free, and Christy Walsh pointing the locals into an early lead. Shannon, from a free, opened Rangers’ account, but with Gerard O Mahony excelling in the left corner of their defence, Brendan’s retained a firm grip on proceedings. McElligott and Gaynor were also prominent in a staunch Brendan’s rearguard.

Shannon leveled matters after twelve minutes only for Brendan’s to regain the lead almost immediately through Christy Walsh, who landed his second score of the game from a position almost identical to the first. As Rangers came more to grips with the situation, Shannon, with a free, leveled the scores for the third time. Paul Griffin became much more involved and two excellent scores from him in quick succession gave Rangers a deserved if slender lead.

Shannon and Ryle, with a fine effort, exchanged scores before the goals-coring – seven minutes from the break. Hardly involved up until then, Billy O Sullivan availed of along ball to turn and strike low beyond the keeper’s left side for a score, which was subsequently to prove decisive to the eventual outcome. Joe Shannon, orchestrating all of Rangers’ attacks, displayed admirable footballing skills to loft a beauty from play from all of 45m. Rangers were now in full flow and Shannon added a further two scores from frees before the interval, with Brendan’s only reply coming from midfielder, Pat Slattery, who kicked a good individual score after a fine run. This left the reigning title holders seven points to the good as the teams retired to the dressing rooms.

St. Brendan’s, with wind advantage, re-emerged early for the second half but it was Shannon once again who had the first say with a pointed free in the very first minute. Murphy, from a free, and Christy Walsh, Brendan’s best attacker, reduced the deficit, but Shannon with a huge effort into the breeze from outside the 45m line, had his ninth score of the game to give his side back their seven point advantage.

With Slattery, who generally played in fits and starts, beginning to dominate around the midfield area and McElligott proving to be a solid pivot in the heart of the defence, Brendan’s began to take control of most areas. Rangers’ mentors reacted by transferring Timmy Fleming to midfield in a direct swap with James O Shea. Emmet Ryle, with another good score, raised Brendan’s hopes and even if James O Shea, with good ground control, landed his first score at the other end, Rangers were noticeably struggling in all sectors.

Seamus Murphy was wide with a kickable free before Joe Shannon added another brace of points from placed balls to give his team an eight point lead with two minutes left. Dogged determination by Eamonn Gaynor, from Churchill, was rewarded as he kicked his first score, only to see his fine effort cancelled by Paul Griffin at the other end. Griffin was fortunate to avail of a rather dubious umpiring decision.

Billy O Shea and Tommy Byrne came into the Rangers’ attack as the spectators began to depart. Brendan’s, however, had some fight in them and their fading hopes were temporarily raised by the high-flying Bernard McElligott, who fisted home a free by Murphy for a deserved goal. Murphy followed with a pointed free. Brendan’s were in full cry as the game came to a close. But, Rangers, with Anthony Shannon coming into the action, kept their composure and continued to work for each other and were always trying to manoeuvre themselves into scoring positions. James O Shea availed of such combination play to land the last score of the game and, significantly, the reply from St. Brendan’s came from Pat Slattery with another individual effort. It generally summed up the game as a contest.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Danny Cahill, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan, Mark O Connor, Tom Johnston, Shane O Sullivan, Joe Shannon (0-11, 10 frees), James O Shea (0-2), Pat McKenna, Pierce Prendiville, Timmy Fleming, Paul Griffin (0-3), Michael O Reilly, Billy O Sullivan (1-0). Subs: Tommy Byrne for M. O Reilly; Billy O Shea for P. McKenna; Anthony Shannon for P. Griffin; Liam Foley, Pa Murphy, John O Donnell, Patie Casey.

St. Brendan’s: Kenneth Linehan (Churchill) capt, Joe Murphy (Na Gaeil), John Crowley (Ardfert), Gerard O Mahony (Ardfert), John O Connor (Blennerville), Bernard McElligott (A/dorney) (1-0), Eamonn Gaynor (Churchill) (0-1), Pat Slattery (A/dorney) (0-2), Emmet Ryle (Blennerville) (0-2), Pat Dillane (Blennerville), Christy Walsh (Ardfert) (0-3), Tom O Connell (A/dorney), Benny Clifford (Churchill), Pat O Driscoll (Ardfert), Seamus Murphy (Blennerville) (0-4, frees). Sub: Conor Kearney (A/dorney) for J. O Connor.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Quarter-Final on Sat. 28th July at Ballybunion at 8.00pm: Beale 1-15; Laune Rangers 1-9

Beale played with the aid of the strong breeze in the first half, during which Laune Rangers were destroyed at midfield. With a good supply of the ball, the Bomber completely outplayed Paudie Sheahan. James Sheehan and Danny Cahill were well beaten also. Mark O Connor, Tom Johnston and Shane O Sullivan played well. Pat McKenna was the best of the forwards throughout. Timmy Fleming tried hard. With ten minutes left in the first half, the visitors were only 5 points in arrears but by halftime this had been increased to 10 points. They were totally outplayed at midfield even though Timmy Fleming was moved out. Pierce Prendiville should also have been drafted out. H.T. score 1-11 to 1-1.

Rangers resumed with Pierce Prendiville at midfield and that broke Beale’s stranglehold. The Launesiders held sway throughout the half but could not register sufficient scores. Both Timmy Fleming and Pat McKenna played well. Billy O Shea tried hard when he came on.

John Barry wrote in The Kerryman under the heading, ‘Beale topple the Champions’: ‘The Reign of Laune Rangers as county senior football champions is over. Before an attendance of 1,500 at Ballybunion on Saturday evening, they were sent hurtling to defeat by a Beale team, which showed a lot of dynamic qualities and which was led in inspiring fashion up front by ‘Bomber’ Liston.

There was never really going to be any other result. Beale dictated matters from the very first whistle and although Laune Rangers did their best to get back into the game in the last twenty minutes or so, when aided by the fairly strong breeze, they had left themselves too much to do. It was pretty obvious that Beale were well fired up for the game and one had to admire the dash and enthusiasm, which was displayed in every sector by them. Nor even the concession of a goal in the sixth minute could upset them. They went driving back downfield and produced such a sustained effort for the remainder of the first half that they were able to lead at halftime by ten points (1-11 to 1-1).

Club football is all about teamwork and graft, which we saw from Beale in this game and the general consensus afterwards, was that it would be difficult to beat them. Laune Rangers, by contrast, were very lukewarm in their approach for much of the game. They just didn’t seem to be able to get the motivation going in the first half and when they finally began to play the kind of football of which they are capable, it was too late.

Timmy Fleming, Pat McKenna and substitute, Billy O Shea, were the men who led the fight back by Laune Rangers and the gap was reduced to four points near the end, but Beale got the last two scores to give themselves a winning margin of six points and they were in no way flattered by that. Mind you, there were a couple of dicey moments for Beale as the second half progressed. Referee, Denis Reidy, must have been close to giving a penalty on one occasion and corner-back, Billy O Connell, did well to get in the way of a shot by Timmy Fleming, which might easily have wound up in the net. But Beale could have put a few more in the net themselves over the course of the hour and would surely have done so but for some excellent goalkeeping by Peter Lyons. They slipped up on a final pass or two as well and just before the break might have been awarded a penalty.

Afterwards, Laune Rangers accepted that the better team had won. “We were beaten in too many positions in the first half and once their goal went in, it was all uphill after that,” said selector, Patsy Joy. Rangers’ trouble started at midfield where Dino Dowling had a super first half for Beale and they were compounded in a big way by the total inability of Rangers to find any answer to ‘Bomber’ Liston. This was ‘Bomber’ at his brilliant best and it is no exaggeration to say that he won just about every ball that came his way. All that possession was used very well, too, and he wound up with six points from play himself, some of them quite superb efforts.

‘Bomber’ orchestrated things very well, as does that marvelous campaigner, Ogie Moran, who is also coach/trainer of the team, and the response they get from all those around them is probably the most valuable ingredient of all in the make-up of the team. Beale worked very hard for each other and it is fair to say that every player made a valuable contribution to the victory. Quite frankly, Laune Rangers’ heart didn’t appear to be in it in the same way. It could be said that they just didn’t settle in the first half, but, to my mind they weren’t chasing as well as Beale and that was a major difference between the sides. When Rangers did apply themselves in the last 20 minutes or so, there was a very noticeable improvement in their play and their followers must have been asking why they had to wait so long to stir themselves properly. Substitute, Billy O Shea, was a big improvement and Pat McKenna and Timmy Fleming were very much the instigators of a rally, which at least saw the county champions go down fighting. But without a goal there was never much likelihood that they would turn the game around and, anyway, it would have been a total travesty of justice if Beale hadn’t won.

It was ‘Bomber’ Liston who showed Beale the way with two opening points, following good kicks up-field by centre-halfback, Don Twomey. Laune Rangers struck for their goal in the sixth minute, Pat McKenna whipping the ball home after taking a pass from Paul Griffin, and that should have been a score to inspire them. But it was not an evening when Rangers were drawing on inspiration and soon after they drew level, Beale hammered home a goal themselves. Once again, it was Don Twomey who drove a good ball up-field and when it was broken on to the path of John Costello by ‘Bomber’ Liston, the Beale corner-forward stuck the ball in the net with some authority.

It was all Beale after that. A move, which started with a clearance out of defence by Fergus Stack went the full length of the field and resulted in a point by the ‘Bomber’. Then, sloppy play in the Rangers’ defence resulted in possession being lost and Gerard Costello kicked a fine point for Beale, to make it 1-5 to 1-0 at the end of the first quarter. It wasn’t exactly critical for Rangers, considering the breeze and they actually narrowed the gap through Timmy Fleming, who pointed from an awkward angle. But then Beale really took over and they kicked six points without reply, to give them their interval lead of ten points. It was impressive stuff and it was virtually impossible to see their lead being pulled back in the second half. Just before the break, Billy O Sullivan had missed a handy enough free for Rangers and just about everything was going wrong for the champions.

Against the breeze in the second half, Beale continued where they left off and Rangers’ goalkeeper, Peter Lyons, was called upon to bring off a great save from Gerard Costello, who was put in possession through the combined efforts of ‘Bomber’ and Ogie Moran. Shortly afterwards, Moran was to judge the wind to perfection when putting over a point from a free and now the gap had been extended to eleven points. When Rangers started to get the ball up-field, three very bad wides were kicked in quick succession and it was centre-halfback, Tom Johnston, who opened their second half account, a kick by him hopping over the bar.

Billy O Sullivan kicked another point from a free and then substitute, Billy O Shea, entered the fray. O Shea was to bring vitality to the Rangers’ attack, though it was only from the 43rd minute onwards that inroads were made into the Beale lead. Once Pat McKenna pointed from play, however, things began to happen. Billy O Sullivan followed with a super point from a free and McKenna and Paul Griffin had further points before the 46th minute, to leave just five points between the sides (1-12 to 1-7).

Beale hit back for a point by ‘Bomber’ Liston in the 48th minute and they were to keep Rangers scoreless until the 52nd minute when Pat McKenna drove over a splendid point. There was a great urgency about Rangers’ play at this stage, but the five points’ gap was to stay between the sides until the 59th minute. Billy O Sullivan put over a free for Rangers. There was still time for a dramatic late flourish by Rangers, because referee Reidy played more than three minutes of injury time, but, as if to emphasise the fact that they were the superior outfit, Beale got the last two points of the game, both kicked by Sean Liston.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Danny Cahill, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan (capt.), Mark O Connor, Tom Johnston (0-1), Shane O Sullivan, Joe Shannon, Tommy Byrne, James O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, Timmy Fleming (0-1), Paul Griffin (0-1), Pat McKenna (1-3), Billy O Sullivan (0-3, frees). Subs: Billy O Shea for J. O Shea; Anthony Shannon for D. Cahill; Pa Murphy, Owen Joy, Liam Foley, John O Donnell.

Beale: Diarmuid Keane, Billy O Connor, John Farrell, Fergus Stack, Mike Purtill, Don Twomey, Diarmuid Twomey, Dino Dowling, Kevin Boyle, Paul Guerin, Ogie Moran (0-3, frees), Gerard Costello (capt.) (0-2), Sean Liston (0-3), Eoin Liston (0-6), John Costello (1-1). Subs: Liam Guerin for John Costello.

Referee: Denis Reidy (Ballymacelligott).


West-Kerry, captained by Pat Flahive, beat Mid-Kerry in the Co. Final on Sun. 23rd Sept. at Killarney by 4-9 to 0-7.


Co. Senior Club Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 9th Sept. in Beaufort at 3.00pm: Laune Rangers 2-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6.

Team: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan (capt.), Pa Murphy, Tommy Byrne, Shane O Sullivan, Joe Shannon, Timmy Fleming, Pierce Prendiville, Pat McKenna, Billy O Sullivan, Paul Griffin, Michael O Reilly, Danny Cahill. Subs: Anthony Shannon for S. O Sullivan; John O Dwyer for D. Cahill; John O Donnell.


Quarter Final on Sat. 22nd Sept. at Farranfore at 5.30pm: Desmonds 2-7; Laune Rangers 0-12.

Both Christy Kearney (Desmonds) and Pierce Prendiville (Laune Rangers) were sent off by the referee and at a subsequent Co. Board meeting they were suspended for two weeks.

Team: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan (Capt.), William Joy, Tommy Byrne, Pa Murphy, Pierce Prendiville, Timmy Fleming, James O Shea, Pat McKenna, Joe Shannon, Billy O Sullivan, Michael O Reilly, Michael Moriarty. Subs: Francis Brennan for M. Moriarty; John O Donnell.

Co. Senior League Div. 1

Rd. 1 on Sun. 11th March at Killorglin at 3pm: Laune Rangers 2-15; Gaeltacht 0-5.

During the game, Billy O Shea, Pa Murphy and Mark O Sullivan were introduced and fitted in very well to combine in the set-up of some fine scores. Kerry’s Eye reported: ‘Laune Rangers began 1990 the way they finished memorable ’89, on a winning note. The double champions easily saw off the challenge of weak Gaeltacht, before their home supporters at J.P. O Sullivan Park on Sunday last. Taking the field without the services of county players Ger Murphy, Timmy Fleming, along with James Sheehan and Tom Johnston, this was all one-way traffic for high-flying Rangers. They led 1-5 to 0-3 at halftime, poaching wizard Billy O Sullivan the goal-getter. In the second half the Launesiders opened up, with Joe Shannon dominating the middle of the park. After only three minutes James O Shea went through for their second goal, and the floodgates opened. Gaeltacht, a very young inexperienced side, gave it everything. S. Begley, R. O Mahony, Allister Fitzgerald, Tomás O Shea, Michael Collins, Seamus Fitzgerald all tried hard. Rangers, however, had too many aces and gave a stern warning to all their opponents, beat us if you are to take the trophy.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Patie Casey, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan (0-1), Joe Shannon, Tommy Byrne (0-2), Pat McKenna (0-4), Pierce Prendiville (0-1), James O Shea (1-2), Paul Griffin (0-3), Michael Moriarty, Billy O Sullivan (1-1). Subs: Billy O Shea (0-1) for J. Shannon; Pa Murphy for S. O Sullivan; Mark O Sullivan for A. Shannon; John F. O Brien.

Missing through injury were Gerard Murphy, Timmy Fleming, Tom Johnston and James Sheehan.

Gaeltacht: Criostóir Mac Domhnaill, Dónal Ó Gairbhí, Seán Ó Beaglaoi, Risteard Ó Mathúna, Máirtín Ó Grifín, Paidí Ó Conchubhair, Mícheál Ó Coileáin, Allaistear Mac Gearailt, Feargal Ó Sé, Diarmuid Ó Beaglaoi, Seán Breathnach, Micheál Ó Conchubhair, Tomás Ó Sé (0-2, frees), Séamus Mac Gearailt (0-3).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 1st April at Ballybunion at 6.30pm: Beale 1-7; Laune Rangers 1-7.

That was an excellent game between two evenly matched teams. Rangers played very well in the first half but ran out of steam in the second. Some of the players had played for the Kerry senior and U-21 teams in a challenge on the previous day, (Joe Shannon, Pat McKenna, Paul Griffin and Billy O Sullivan). James O Shea was Rangers’ man-of-the-match.

Kerry’s Eye reported that, ‘a five star display by Beale full-back Billy O Connor denied Laune Rangers victory in this pulsating game at Ballybunion on Sunday last. At the end of the hour, the spoils were shared. Beale got moving with the first three points by Ogie Moran, Eoin Liston and Ger Costello, before Rangers got off the mark. This was quickly followed by a goal finished to the Beale net after a Ger Murphy free was saved. Paul Griffin nipped in to score. Beale had not long to wait to regain the lead, Liam Guerin beating the Rangers’ keeper. At halftime, Beale led 1-4 to 1-3. The rain, which fell steadily throughout didn’t take from a rousing second half, which saw the sides deadlocked at the final whistle, 1-7 each. Billy O Connor was Beale’s best player with John Farrell, Diarmuid Twomey, Dino Dowling, Ogie Moran, Ger Costello, Mike Purtill and Eoin Liston. Rangers can thank Joe Shannon, Ger Murphy, Paul Griffin, James O Shea and Pat McKenna. Gerard Murphy was injured in that game and did not play for the remainder of the year and he was sorely missed.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Danny Cahill, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Tommy Byrne, Shane O Sullivan, Joe Shannon (0-1), James O Shea, Pat McKenna, Pierce Prendiville, Gerard Murphy (0-2), Paul Griffin (1-0), Billy O Sullivan (0-4), Patie Casey. Subs: Billy O Shea for P. Casey; Michael Moriarty, Michael O Reilly, Pa Murphy, Liam Foley.

Ref: Joe Langan (Tarbert).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 15th April at Killorglin at 3.30pm: Laune Rangers 3-8; Dingle 1-4.

Joe Shannon and Gerard Murphy were injured. James O Shea was man-of-the-match. Mark O Connor and Pa Murphy were heroes. Pierce Prendiville lorded the game at midfield.

Torc, in Kerry’s Eye, described the game as follows: ‘Laune Rangers had too many big guns for Dingle at Killorglin, winning 3-8 to 1-4 and, although leading 1-4 to 0-3 at half time, pulled away in the second half to score two more goals adding to the excellent goal scored by Tommy Byrne in the 20th minute when he met a superb cross from Paul Griffin with a fist and wrong-footed Tom Hand in the Dingle goal. Tommy Byrne had a very good game for Laune Rangers and it took Paul Geaney a long time to come to grips with him. The second Laune Rangers goal came in the 46th minute when Pierce Prendiville, who had a quiet game, foraged for a ground ball on the left wing, sent Paul Griffin away and he gave to the waiting Billy O Sullivan, on the edge of the square, to tap to the net. This brought a big change in the game and when Sean Geaney crossed to Fintan Ashe and his shot came back off the lower part of the upright and was finished to the net but disallowed for a square ball, it spelt the end for Dingle. They had no more to give and the three subs they introduced were very weak. Laune Rangers had another goal from a penalty in the 56th minute, expertly hit by Paul Griffin, a rising shot to the corner high up when Tim Fleming was fouled.

Laune Rangers will be a force in the County Championship – of that there is no doubt. James and Paudie Sheehan are solid defenders and Mark ‘Chub’ O Connor is improving. Dan Cahill and Shane O Sullivan are on the upgrade. James O Shea had a great game at midfield fielding, kicking and running in expert fashion. Tim Fleming kicked three points from frees. Paul Griffin is a much improved player and Tom Byrne’s positioning and vision were first class. For Dingle, John Fitzmaurice at center back was an excellent sweeper. Paul Geaney improved as the game wore on. Tom Ashe, at left back, was solid. Fintan Ashe was on top of his form, moving well, working hard and showing speed away ahead of last year, really impressive. The Dingle forwards disappointed and were beaten by the Laune Rangers backs.

The Play: Fintan Ashe fielded and sent Colm Geaney away for Tom O Connor to point high over the uprights. Tom Byrne moved out, grabbed a loose ball and replied. James O Shea burst through and gave to Pat McKenna for a point and the same player had an angled point soon after. Murt Moriarty won the ball and gave to Fintan Ashe to point. Then came Tom Byrne’s punched goal followed by a point on the turn by Paul Griffin in the 27th minute and before halftime Cian Sugrue had a point for Dingle from a free. In the 33rd minute Fintan Ashe fielded high, gave to Sean Geaney, took the return but his blazing shot was barely wide. Tim Fleming had a point from a free when John O Connor handled on the ground. Cian Sugrue had a point from a free when Maurice O Connor was fouled. Dingle got back into the game when Fintan Ashe gave to Sean Geaney and when he was fouled Cian Sugrue sent the free to Fintan Ashe and he shot a great goal. Then in the 45th minute, Pierce Prendiville created the Laune Rangers goal by Billy O Sullivan followed by a point from a Timmy Fleming free. In the 51st minute the disallowed Dingle goal created by Fintan Ashe and Laune Rangers pulled away to end convincing winners with a penalty goal and a point by Patie Casey, worked with good fielding from Tim Fleming.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Connor, Pa Murphy, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan, James O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, Patie Casey (0-1), Pat McKenna (0-2), Timmy Fleming (0-3), Paul Griffin (1-1, one pen.), Tommy Byrne (1-1), Billy O Sullivan (1-0). Subs: Mark O Sullivan, Liam Foley, Billy O Shea, John O Donnell.

Dingle: Tom Hand, Ronald McDonald, Paul Geaney, Tom Ashe, Pat Galvin, John Fitzmaurice, John O Connor, Fintan Ashe (1-1), David O Connor, Colm Geaney, Cian Sugrue (0-2), Tom O Connor (capt. )0-1, Maurice O Connor, Murt Moriarty, Sean Geaney. Subs: David Sheehy, James O Connor and Patrick Kennedy.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Ballymacelligott).


Rd. 4 on Sat. 5th May at 7.30pm at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-5; Laune Rangers 3-17.

Rangers had to play without their U-21 County players (Timmy Fleming, Paul Griffin, Billy O Sullivan and Pat McKenna) who were in the All-Ireland final. James O Shea was on holidays. Gerard Murphy was injured. Rangers’ county minors, Billy O Shea and Owen Joy, were also prevented from playing. Nevertheless, they were in total control throughout and led at halftime by 2-9 to 1-3.

Mark Kilden, in Kerry’s Eye, reported as follows: ‘Laune Rangers, the holders, took the field at Milltown on Saturday night last against the locals, short Timmy Fleming, Paul Griffin, Pat McKenna and Billy O Sullivan, withdrawn by the Co. Board to avoid injury for next Sunday’s U-21 Football All-Ireland Final. Also out were Ger Murphy (injured), James O Shea and Tom Johnston of the Co. Championship winning side. Milltown/Castlemaine was short Sean Burke, U-21 fullback. Rangers had to find a complete new forward division, with the exception of the very under-rated 40 yards man, Pierce Prendiville. Six of the ‘B’ squad were called into action.

Each replacement was ready made. Full-forward Michael Dicey O Reilly accounted for seven points, four from play. John O Dwyer, at top of the right, helped himself to 1-2. Five forwards put their names on the score-sheet in a complete whitewash of the Milltown boys where only Willie Maher posed a threat in attack. He scored all five points and set up the goal for Tim Teahan.

On a beautiful evening for football, under one of the best referees I have seen in the New Rules game, Dan O Sullivan, Currow, the game was all too one-sided, and it was virtually over at halftime as the winners led 2-9 to 1-3. The goal- scoring hero was Pierce Prendiville. He scored the first after only two minutes, a low pile-driver past Joe Daly after O Dwyer made the opening. Thirteen minutes later, Prendiville was on hand to finish off a Michael Moriarty center. There was never much doubt about the result at that stage as Rangers were completely on top in every sector, playing delightful possession football with some fine teamwork, opening gaps in the overworked Milltown defence.

One of the features of this half was two well kicked points from the middle of the park by Rangers’ wing-back Shane O Sullivan. It surprised me why this very effective player is not given a trial by Kerry. He looks very good. Joe Shannon was never in better form. He masterminded the play and was a tour de force throughout the field. All the forwards shone, as did the defence, where once again James Sheehan was superb in his covering. Mark O Connor, Pa Murphy and already mentioned Shane O Sullivan were flying. Milltown were very poor. They have plenty of football ability but lack cohesion and help for Willie Maher in attack. On the night they were not First Division material. It does seem they will go back to Division Two, even with seven league games still to play. Rangers led 2-4 to 0-1 by the 20th minute of the first half when Teahan, put through by Maher, scored Milltown’s goal. Maher added two further points from frees before the break. Rangers had the last say with Joe and Anthony Shannon and Patie Casey points to leave it 2-9 to 1-3 at the short whistle.

The second half began with Casey and Maher swapping points. By the end of the third quarter Maher, from a free, had the losers’ final score. It stood 1-12 to 1-5. Rangers, enjoying the freedom of the park, tacked on another 1-5, John O Dwyer blowing the net apart after a good stop by Daly from Joe Shannon. The keeper failed to hold the rasping shot. O Dwyer picked up and shot to the net. Michael Dicey O Reilly, with points from play and frees (4), made it a night to forget for Milltown, hammered by eighteen points and definitely out of their depth.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Connor, Pa Murphy, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan (0-2), Joe Shannon (0-3), Tommy Byrne, Patie Casey (0-2), Pierce Prendiville (2-0), Michael Moriarty, John O Dwyer (1-2), Michael O Reilly (0-7, 4 frees), Anthony Shannon (0-1). Sub: John O Donnell.

Milltown/Castlemaine: Joe Daly, Mick Spillane, Mike Colgan, Jeremiah Murphy, Sean Costello, Ger Teahan, Liam Cronin, Liam Spring, Liam Burke, Linus Burke, Brendie Griffin, Ger Woods, Tim Teahan (1-0), Willie Maher (0-5, 4 frees), Sean Counihan. Sub: Liam Daly for Spillane.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Rd. 5 on Sat. 19th May at Killorglin at 7.30pm: Laune Rangers 1-13; Desmonds 0-10.

Mark Kilden, of Kerry’s Eye, reported as follows: ‘Billy O Sullivan, the young Killorglin boy, who stole the show in Kerry’s U-21 All Ireland victory with a record breaking 4-1, was again bang on form for his club, Laune Rangers, in their hard earned victory over Desmonds in Round Five, Division One League tie at well attended J.P. O Sullivan Park, Killorglin on Saturday night last. It was Billy’s goal five minutes from the final whistle, which finally sealed the issue as the champions continue to set the pace. O Sullivan’s goal was a brilliant score. A through ball from Patie Casey provided the ace striker with the opportunity to show his home fans how he did it in Mullingar. Billy, with lightning acceleration, slipped the close attentions of Kevin McMahon before planting a pile-driver from an angle to the right from the edge of the parallelogram. The power of the shot almost blew the net apart, leaving no less a keeper than the great Charlie Nelligan helpless. The score received rapturous applause and rightly so, because it was one which was worthy of winning any game. O Sullivan’s overall contribution of 1-3 makes him a player of rare scoring talent.

Desmonds gave the winners many anxious moments. The Castleisland team was very much under strength, short three of their best forwards, John Lordan, Donal Murphy, Willie Dom O Connor and defender, Limerick inter-county star, Eugene Leonard. Rangers were almost at full strength. Conditions were perfect for good football. Desmonds, with Tommy Roche lording midfield, Martin Downey and Johnny O Connor picking off their points, raced into 4 points to 1 point lead after eight minutes – the Rangers point coming from Billy O Sullivan. It was still Desmonds who continued to set the pace. Further great points by Donie Buckley and Brian McMahon left the island men 0-6 to 0-2 in front after 20 minutes play. The home side came more into the picture towards the end of the half. The forwards kicked some poor wides. Points by Shane O Sullivan and Joe Shannon left the halftime score 0-6 to 0-4 in favour of Desmonds.

Desmonds Christy Kearney increased his side’s advantage with a point on the resumption. This, however, proved to be Desmonds last score for 17 minutes, while Rangers, stepping up a gear, picked off five successive points through Joe Shannon (2), Dicey O Reilly, James O Shea and Billy O Sullivan to lead 0-9 to 0-7, before a beautiful point by Downey brought it back to the minimum. Further points by O Reilly and Downey left the issue delicately poised 0-10 to 0-9 with eight minutes to play. Rangers and Billy O Sullivan took over from here on. A substitute Timmy Corkery point and another point from O Sullivan opened up a three points’ gap. Then the game finished as a contest when O Sullivan struck for his spectacular goal. Christy Kearney and James O Shea swapped minors. Desmonds won a penalty two minutes from full time, which Tommy Brosnan shot well wide of Peter Lyons right upright. It didn’t matter at that stage as the Rangers were too far in front, but it would have been a different story if there were only two points in it.

That was a good win for the champions, without producing their best form. Desmonds will be happy with their game and, with a full strength side, will be most difficult opponents for any team. That was a good sporting contest, well refereed by Maurice O Sullivan, Ballyheigue.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan (0-1), Joe Shannon (0-3 frees), James O Shea (0-2), Pat McKenna, Pierce Prendiville, Patie Casey, Paul Griffin, Michael O Reilly (0-3), Billy O Sullivan (1-3). Subs: Pa Murphy for S. O Sullivan (inj.); Timmy Corkery (0-1) for P. Griffin (inj.); Michael Moriarty for J. Shannon (inj.); Liam Foley.

Desmonds: Charlie Nelligan, Kevin McMahon, Tom Horan, Michael John Kearney, Denis Browne, Dan Lucey, Mike McSweeney, Denis Lyons, Tommy Roche, Martin Downey (0-4), Christy Kearney (0-2), Tom Brosnan, Johnny O Connor (0-2), Donie Buckley (0-1), Brian McMahon (0-1). Subs: Tommy O Sullivan for B. McMahon; Pat Walsh for T. Horan (inj.).


Rd. 6 on Sat. 9th June at Strand Road at 7.30pm: Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-3; Laune Rangers 0-4.

Mark Kilden of Kerry’s Eye: ‘The score-line is one you would expect from the World Soccer Cup, but just in case you might not believe it, that’s the true result from the top of the table clash in Division One of the Lee Strand Football League between League and Championship holders, Laune Rangers, and hopeful challengers, Kerins O Rahilly’s, played at Caherina grounds on Saturday night last. Seven points in sixty minutes of football between two sides, sporting stars of the recent U-21 All-Ireland Kerry team and members of the senior panel.

Laune Rangers’ attack included Billy O Sullivan, Pat McKenna, Paul Griffin, they accounted for 5-5 in Kerry’s win over Tyrone. O Sullivan and McKenna were held scoreless by O Rahilly’s, Griffin scored one point. The game was well contested despite the poor scoring return, but it showed how the standard of football has declined to such a sorry state through the county and elsewhere.

Both sets of attackers and midfielders were guilty of some of the most deplorable shooting from easy scoring positions, which would put schoolboys to shame. O Rahilly’s were the biggest culprits, in the first half, a half which saw them dominate in most sectors but on the scoreboard. Laune Rangers were beaten out of sight for most of the hour, and still came away winners, thanks to the Strand Road boys’ generosity – Christmas came early for Rangers.

In their last outing O Rahilly’s scored three points against Stacks. History repeated itself last Saturday night, one point in the second half, Rangers two, after the sides were level 0-2 each at halftime. While most of the blame must lie with the players, their cause was not helped by the very bad refereeing by Pa Mannix, Listry. He caused terrible confusion with his interpretation of the new rules. He let many dangerous fouls go unnoticed and failed to keep up with the play. Overall his handling left a lot to be desired, something must be done quickly to improve the standard of refereeing. It was a good evening for defenders, as there was no forward on view, capable of taking them on.

John Nix put O Rahilly’s in front after two minutes. Dicey O Reilly levelled for the winners in the 7th minute. O Rahilly’s, with Cathal Sheehy and Noel O Mahony well on top at midfield, camped in Rangers’ half. They lost Mazi Moran with a broken arm in the 20th minute after an accidental collision with Killorglin keeper, Peter Lyons. Play was held up for some minutes while Mazi was stretchered off the pitch.

When play resumed, John Nix put the blues back in the lead. Rangers’ attacks were scarce. O Rahilly’s, in squandermania mood, kicked dreadful wides, before Paul Griffin, with the last kick of the half, brought the sides to parity at 0-2 each at the break. Lucky Rangers, let off the hook, should have been at least six points down.

The second half was on the same lines. Rory Fahy, who did not start the game for Rahilly’s, came on at the restart for O Carroll. The Galway boy put the losers in the lead after nine minutes. This was, however, to be their final score of the game. Rangers, through Dicey Reilly, leveled once more, 0-3 each at the end of the third quarter. The winners created the better openings as the game wore on but they found it impossible to put the ball over the bar. It took Dicey Reilly, with his own third point, to score the winner eight minutes from time. O Rahilly’s battled on but never looked like finding their scoring touch. Rangers held on for a most important victory. They won while playing a stinker. I cannot ever see them being so subdued again. O Rahillys must be kicking themselves. They had the winning of this match ten times over and still ended up losers. Football is all about what goes up on the scoreboard. O Rahillys have a lot to learn in that respect.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan (capt.), Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Joe Shannon, Patie Casey, Pat McKenna, James O Shea, Paul Griffin (0-1), Michael O Reilly (0-3), Billy O Sullivan. Subs: Tommy Byrne for J. O Shea; Tom Johnston for P. Casey.

Kerins O Rahillys: Tom Lynch, Niall Savage, Ken Savage, Mike O Halloran, Junior Cronin, David Burke, Simon McCarthy, Cathal J. Sheehy, Noel O Mahony, Maurice O Carroll, Tom O Sullivan, Morgan Nix, Ger Mazi Moran, Noel O Sullivan, John Nix (0-2). Subs: Bernie Keane for G. Moran; Rory Fahy (0-1) for O Carroll.

Ref: Pa Mannix (Listry).


Rd. 7 on Sat. 23rd June at Killorglin at 7.30pm: Laune Rangers 0-10; John Mitchels 1-16.

Rangers had to play without the services of our county senior players who were in action on the following Sunday in the Munster Final. Pat McKenna was not allowed to play, but he was dropped from the panel for the Munster Final on Tues. night (June 26th), as a result of which he neither played with his club nor with Kerry. Rangers were well beaten by the better team who displayed greater determination and long-range accuracy.

Mark Kilden, of Kerry’s Eye, described the game thus: ‘John Mitchels got sweet revenge for last year’s County Final defeat when they trounced Laune Rangers with a splendid team performance at Killorglin on Saturday night last. This victory gives the Boherbue boys’ morale a boost for the forthcoming Championship and it also ensures First Division football next season. Mitchels also did their Tralee neighbours, Austin Stacks, a favour. The Black and Amber boys are now tied with Rangers at the top of the table. The crunch meeting between the top two will take place in Tralee when the leagues resume in early August.

Mitchels, showing plenty of commitment and some stylish play, were always shaping up like winners once they edged 0-6 to 0-3 ahead towards the end of the first quarter. Admittedly, Laune Rangers were short Joe Shannon, Billy O Sullivan, Pay McKenna and Shane O Sullivan, but otherwise they had their strongest possible team, with Timmy Fleming making a welcome return after a lengthy absence. Mitchels, likewise, lined out without John Joe Sheehy, Anthony Gleeson, Cormac Kennedy and Donal McEvoy – the latter came into the game at the restart.

Laune Rangers enjoyed the early play, with Dicey Reilly slotting over three beautiful points. Martin Dennehy had the sides level with points from frees (2) and play by the 10th minute. The same player put Mitchels in front one minute later, for a lead they were never to surrender. Mitchels, with James O Dowd lording midfield and John Higgins towering at No. 6 and the Boherbue attack ably led by Tommy Doyle on the 40, got a plentiful supply and made good use of their chances. Further points by Dennehy (2), Higgins and Kieran Kelliher gave Mitchels their halftime total of 0-7. Rangers with two late closing points from Paul Griffin and Timmy Fleming left only the minimum dividing the teams at the break.

Donal McEvoy came on at midfield for Mitchels at the restart, but it was James O Shea who leveled the scores in the first minute. This was to be the losers’ only score for 22 minutes, while, in between, Mitchels, turning on the style, ran in plenty of well-taken scores – eight without reply from McEvoy (2), Tommy Kerins (2), Dennehy (2), Doyle and O Dowd to leave it 0-15 to 0-7 with ten minutes left to play. Rangers, well and truly beaten by a more eager Mitchels, could find no headway past the Tralee team’s defence in which Frank O Donnell, Higgins, Moynihan and Robert O Dowd were bang on form. Timmy Fleming had three late consolation points for the losers. John Higgins had the only goal of the game with two minutes left when he nipped in to stab the loose ball home after a mix-up in the Rangers’ defence between keeper Lyons and Anthony Shannon.

At the final whistle, Mitchels, the better-drilled outfit, had given a warning to all that this could be their year. Rangers are not playing well and unless they show a marked improvement, they could fall at the first hurdle in defence of their title at Ardfert.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Pa Murphy, James O Shea (0-1), Tommy Byrne, Tom Johnston, Pierce Prendiville, Timmy Fleming (0-4, 2 frees), Paul Griffin (0-2), Michael O Reilly (0-3), Patie Casey. Subs: John O Dwyer for P. Murphy; Liam Foley, John O Donnell.

John Mitchels: Rory Kilgallon, Dan O Connor, Robert O Dowd, Frank O Donnell, Tommy Kerins (0-2), John Higgins (0-1), Kieran Moynihan, James O Dowd (0-1), Ogie Sheehy, Gearoid Kilgallon, Tommy Doyle (0-1), John Roche (0-1), Kieran Kelliher (0-1), Martin Dennehy (0-7, 5 frees), John Hegarty (1-0). Sub: Donal McEvoy (0-2) for K. Kelliher.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Ballymac).


Rd. 8 on Sat. 4th Aug. at Connolly Park at 7.30pm: Austin Stacks 1-9; Laune Rangers 0-7.

For that game Laune Rangers were missing James Sheehan (inj.), Patie Casey (inj.) and Timmy Corkery (inj.). With that defeat went their chances of retaining the league as Desmonds, who were one point ahead of them and one behind Stacks, had a very easy run in. The problems that the team had at that time were at midfield and in the forward division.

The report in Kerry’s Eye went as follows: ‘For this County League Div. 1 game on Saturday evening, Connolly Park was in excellent condition. The weather was ideal and the game was keenly contested throughout. Austin Stacks won because of their superior speed and better teamwork. Every player fought tirelessly for the ball and supported his teammate. Rangers, on the other hand, seemed to have lost that extra zippiness, which was the hallmark of their play last year and, strangely enough, they seemed to have lost the great teamwork of last year.

Both teams were forced to field short a few regulars due to injury. Stacks were missing Ger O Keeffe and Martin McKivergan, while Rangers were missing James Sheehan and Danny Cahill from their Co. Championship starting line-up. From the throw-in Rangers attacked but had wides from Paul Griffin and Timmy Fleming. Thereafter, Austin Stacks took control at midfield and totted up the scores. Johnny Walsh, who gave a very effective performance, notched their first point, which was followed by two pointed frees from Pa Laide and M. Lynch. A great run by Laide placed him at the edge of the small parallelogram, from which he unselfishly set up Eoin Moynihan for an excellent goal.

At this stage it looked as if the league champions were in for a hiding as 18 minutes had elapsed and they were still scoreless. Their half-forward line of Paul Griffin, Pat McKenna and Timmy Fleming was winning quite a lot of possession but the full-forward line was completely out of touch and time and again Pat Slattery, Eamonn Quigley and Eamonn O Brien cleared their lines. The latter was particularly impressive, showing great anticipation and aggression.

It was Pat McKenna who opened the defending champions’ account with a point. Michael Lynch cancelled this out with a pointed free. The last ten minutes of the half belonged to Rangers as the expected come-back materialized. Joe Shannon, receiving a quick free from Paul Griffin, pointed. A beautiful chipped pass by Billy O Sullivan to Tim Fleming resulted in a capital point. Billy O Sullivan, who had a very subdued game, pointed a free and Joe Shannon’s point left the scores at halftime 1-4 to 0-5 in Stack’s favour.

At the interval Stacks must have been a little worried at the ease with which the Rangers’ backs were coping with their attack after their initial dominance. The ineffectiveness of the Rangers’ full-forward line must have caused them concern and they replaced John O Dwyer with Anthony Shannon.

Rangers opened smartly with a Tim Fleming point. Pa Laide replied with a particularly good effort. Danny Cahill replaced the injured Mark O Connor and Martin McKivergan came on for the out-of-touch Joe Smith. Eoin Moynihan increased Stacks’ lead in the tenth minute. A sweeping move culminated in a great point by Pat McKenna. This proved to be the Rangers’ last score as their forward play deteriorated. Peter Lyons was called upon to make a great save from Michael Lynch as the Rangers’ defence was subjected to intense pressure as both Johnny Walsh and Liam Kerins both took complete control. In a rare attack Billy O Sullivan tried to score from an impossible angle with Tim Fleming in support. Points by Michael Lynch (2) and Eoin Moynihan gave Stacks a deserved victory on the score 1-9 to 0-7.

This latest victory sets up Stacks for a possible Championship/League double. John Browne is capable in goals. As already mentioned, the fullback line was dominant throughout. The halfback line of Liddy and Browne was outplayed for long periods but finished strongly. Both midfielders acquitted themselves well. Pa Laide worked arduously but his accuracy is suspect. Martin McKivergan made an improvement when he came on. Darren Ahearne, after an early burst, was subdued for most of the game. Eoin Moynihan was their best forward. Gerry Fitzmaurice and Michael Lynch were largely ineffective, the latter scoring some good frees.

This defeat would appear to have signaled the end of Rangers’ hopes of retaining the league. Peter Lyons was very sound in goals, making one particularly brilliant save. Shane O Sullivan and Paudie Sheahan played well but Mark O Connor to a lesser degree. James O Shea played very well and easily subdued Darren Ahearn. Tom Johnston was Rangers’ man-of-the-match as he defended tirelessly and determinedly. Pa Murphy tried hard on the fast-moving Pa Laide. At midfield, Pierce Prendiville strove manfully and received good support from Joe Shannon. As already mentioned, the half-forward line did well but the full-forward line never got into the game. Billy O Sullivan is not a shadow of his former self and seems largely uninterested in matters around him. John O Dwyer was very ineffective and seemed to lack fitness as did his replacement, Anthony Shannon.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Shane O Sullivan, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Connor, James O Shea, Tom Johnston, Pa Murphy, Joe Shannon (0-2), Pierce Prendiville, Paul Griffin, Pat McKenna (0-2), Timmy Fleming (0-2), John O Dwyer, Tommy Bryne, Billy O Sullivan (0-1, free). Subs: Danny Cahill for M. O Connor (inj.), Anthony Shannon for J. O Dwyer; John O Donnell, Liam Foley.

Austin Stacks: John Brown, Eamonn Quigley, Eamonn O Brien, Pat Slattery, Liam Liddy, John Galvin, Kieran Brown, Liam Kerins, Johnny Walsh (0-1), Pa Laide (0-2, 1free), Joe Smith, Darren Ahearn, Eoin Moynihan (1-3), Gerry Fitzmaurice, Michael Lynch (0-3,2 frees). Sub: Martin McKivergan for J. Smith.

Referee, Pat Sheehy, Clounmacon, left many tackles go unpunished and allowed himself to be influenced by the crowd.’


Rd. 9 on Sat. 25th Aug. at Fitzgerald Stadium at 6.45pm: Dr. Crokes 3-10; Laune Rangers 1-8.

Laune Rangers were going through a very bad patch. They were not breaking even at midfield and the forwards were too individualistic and lacked penetration. Joe Shannon was not producing it at midfield – it was felt that he should be played at full-forward as the team was niggardly in that position. The team seemed to have lost its way both on and off the field – they needed a change promptly. Pat O Shea got 2-2 from right corner forward and Aidan O Shea got the third goal. Connie Murphy returned to action for Crokes and Sean Clarke, John Galvin and Connie Doherty also starred. That defeat saw the Killorglin club drop out of contention for the league title.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Shane O Sullivan, Tommy Byrne, James Sheehan, Mark O Connor, Paudie Sheahan, Pa Murphy, Joe Shannon, Pierce Prendiville, Danny Cahill, Timmy Fleming, James O Shea, Paul Griffin, Pat McKenna, Anthony Shannon. Subs: Michael O Reilly for T. Fleming (inj.); John O Donnell.

Ref: Tommy Sugrue (St, Patrick’s).


Rd. 10 on Sun. 30th Sept. at Killorglin at 3.30pm: Laune Rangers 1-13; Valentia 2-2.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan, William Joy, Tommy Byrne, Pa Murphy, Joe Shannon, Timmy Fleming, Billy O Shea, Michael O Reilly, James O Shea, Frankie Brennan, Billy O Sullivan, Owen Joy. Subs: Adrian Hassett for P. Murphy; Bertie O Riordan for F. Brennan; John F. O Brien for O. Joy.

Missing: Pierce Prendiville (suspended), Paul Griffin (holidays), Shane O Sullivan (shingles), Pat McKenna (death of his cousin, Bridie Geary), Tom Johnston (ankle injury), Patie Casey (knee injury), Timmy Corkery (knee injury), Danny Cahill (back injury).


Rd. 11 on Sun. 4th Nov. at Direen at 12.30pm: Legion 1-10; Laune Rangers 1-8.

Laune Rangers finished in third place in the league.


Co. Club ‘B’ Championship (Molyneaux Cup)

Players who had played in the Co. Senior Championship and the Club Championship were excluded from playing in that competition.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th July at 1.00pm at Listowel: Emmets ‘B’ 1-5; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 5-10.

Laune Rangers: Mark O Sullivan, Noel Doyle, Brian O Shea, Gene Evans, William Joy, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Pa Murphy, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty (capt.), Frankie Brennan, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Donal Pigott. Subs: Vincent Prendergast, John O Donnell, Pat Pigott, Timmy Linehan, Ger Costello, Anthony Clifford.


Quarter-Final on Sun. 2nd Sept. at 1.00pm at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-11; Rathmore ‘B’ 2-4.

That was a very workmanlike performance. The team was playing much better since the players began to train under James McInery – he was getting a great response from the players. Pa Murphy was great at mid-field. The twin strike-force of John O Dwyer and John Griffin worked very well – the latter had just come off the plane from London. Pat O Brien did very well, also, at mid-field. Noel Doyle and Gene Evans were soundness personified. Vincent Prendergast was inclined to cross his own goals, when in possession, and was punished on a few occasions. The halfback line played very well. In the forwards, Robert Evans and Timmy Linehan played well. Michael Moriarty was not physically fit enough and was not contributing to the play as he should. Donal Pigott scored a point. William Joy played well when he was introduced. Liam Foley played well in goals.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, Bertie O Riordan, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Pa Murphy, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Linehan, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Donal Pigott. Subs: William Joy for D. Pigott; John O Donnell for P. Murphy (inj.); Brian O Shea for J. Griffin; Pat Pigott, Ger Costello, Tony Foley.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon) – good.


Semi-Final on Sun. 14th Oct. at Milltown: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-6; Austin Stacks ‘B’ 0-6.

That was a very good overall performance. There were excellent performances from Noel Doyle, William Joy, Gene Evans and John F. O Brien. Rangers dominated mid-field. Best of the attack were Owen Joy, John O Dwyer and John Griffin.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, William Joy, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Pa Murphy, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty (0-1), Owen Joy (0-2), John O Dwyer (2-1), John Griffin (1-2), Frankie Brennan. Subs: Mark O Sullivan for F. Brennan; Bertie O Riordan for P. O Brien (inj.); Timmy Linehan (1-0) for O. Joy; John O Donnell, Ger Costello, Donal Pigott.

Ref: Tom McCarthy (Desmonds).


Final on Sat. 1st Dec. at 2.30pm at Beaufort: Desmonds ‘B’ 1-11; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-8.

That game had been originally scheduled for 21st Oct. but, on the previous Fri. night, Laune Rangers were notified that the game had been postponed as Kerins O Rahilly’s had not been put out of the competition and would have to play Desmonds in the semi-final. Rangers had to wait seven weeks for the final.

The Kerryman reported as follows: ‘Castleisland Desmonds won the County Club ‘B’ football championship for the first time at Beaufort on Saturday by beating Laune Rangers in a game that provided plenty of excitement and some fine scores. Both sides were fully committed and Desmonds’ blend of youth and experience proved to be the decisive factor.

Desmonds had six minors on duty and all contributed to the winning of the title. Although the game was well balanced for most of the hour, all occurred just before and after halftime. Desmonds led by 0-6 to 0-2 with the interval approaching. Then, in the space of three minutes, Laune Rangers had a scoreable free saved, a shot for goal by them rebounded off the post and then their corner-forward, John O Dwyer, hit the crossbar with backs and goalkeeper well beaten. It was very frustrating for the Killorglin side, which could have been on level terms, if not ahead, at the interval.

The game turned completely against Rangers within two minutes of the restart. Desmonds’ Tommy O Sullivan was fouled by goalkeeper Foley inside the square and though Foley made a great save from the resultant penalty, the rebound went to the man who had taken the kick, Tommy O Connor, and he was upended. Referee Dan O Sullivan had no hesitation in awarding another penalty, despite the protests of Rangers – after which Foley was booked. This time, Mikie O Connor elected to take the kick and the Desmonds veteran made no mistake with a shot to the corner. Tommy O Connor followed with a point immediately to give Desmonds an eight-point cushion.

Thanks to the efforts of midfielder, John Doona, Rangers rallied and two great points from Doona along with two more from John Griffin reduced the lead to four points. However, Desmonds rallied again and had little difficulty in holding out. Doona and Pa Murphy had their moments at midfield for Rangers, while John Griffin provided most of the danger under a lot of pressure but goalkeeper Foley, Gene Evans and William Joy could not be faulted.

It was the first time that both sides had contested the final since the inaugural year of the competition in 1982. Rangers had won on that occasion after a replay. The Andy Molyneaux trophy was presented to Desmonds’ captain, John Lyons, by the secretary of the Co. Board, Tony O Keeffe.’

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, William Joy, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, John Doona (0-3), Pa Murphy, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty, Owen Joy, John O Dwyer, John Griffin (0-5), Timmy Linehan. Subs: Frankie Brennan for O. Joy (inj.); Pat O Brien for V. Prendergast; Mark O Sullivan for R. Evans, Bertie O Riordan, John O Donnell, Pat Pigott, Donal Pigott, Ger Costello, Adrian Hassett.

Desmonds: Patrick Roche, Patrick Walsh, Billy Lyons, John Enright, Robert O Donoghue, Davy O Connor, Conor Geaney, Mikie O Connor (1-0), Shane Curtin, Donal Murphy (0-2), John Lyons (0-2), Bryan McMahon (0-2), Tommy O Connor (0-3), Tommy O Sullivan (0-2), Sean McCarthy. Subs: Donal ‘Duke’ O Connor, John Roche.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Co. Football League Div. 4

Even though Laune Rangers had been promoted to Div. 3 of the Co. League at the end of 1989, the Co. Board amalgamated the former Div. 3 North and Div. 3 South into one division of 12 teams and the remaining teams were then in Div. 4 while the former Div. 4 then became Div. 5.


Rd.1 on Sun. 11th March at 1.30pm in Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-9; Fossa 0-8.

That was a very workmanlike performance. Michael O Reilly was very good. John Griffin and John O Dwyer were very industrious. Pat Pigott and Gene Evans were very sound. The halfback line played very well. Frankie Brennan got the all-important goal.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Gene Evans, Pat Pigott, Donal Hurley, Martin Clifford, Jerry Foley, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly, Bertie O Riordan, Frankie Brennan, John Griffin, Timmy Linehan, John O Dwyer, Brian O Shea, Donal Pigott. Subs: Pa Murphy for D. Pigott; John O Donnell, Gerard Clifford, Tony Foley, Brian Mangan, Owen Mangan.

Ref: Jackie Mac Gearailt (An Ghaeltacht)


Rd. 2 on Sat. 31st March at 6.30pm in Glenflesk: Glenflesk 2-10; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-2.

Laune Rangers played quite well against the wind in the first half. John Griffin scored two goals (one penalty) and a point. They were well in contention at halftime but they failed to score in the second half – an indictment of some of the forwards. They ran out of steam – small wonder, as they had not trained. At a team meeting in the dressing-rooms after the game it was decided that the team would train on Wednesday nights under the joint guidance of James McInery and John Griffin.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Gene Evans, Pat Pigott, John F. O Brien, Jerry Foley, Bertie O Riordan, Martin Clifford, Michael O Reilly, Pat O Brien, Frankie Brennan, Michael Moriarty (capt), John Griffin, John O Dwyer, Brian O Shea, Donal Pigott. Subs: Timmy Linehan for D. Pigott; John O Donnell, Tony Foley, James McInery.


Rd. 3 on Sat. 14th April at 7.00pm in Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-10; Keel 2-3.

That was a very good result. Since the previous outing, the team had responded well to training once a week under James McInery. The backs excelled, particularly Martin Clifford who had a ‘blinder’. Midfield was very good – Michael O Reilly scored 0-9 and his accuracy was the deciding factor in the win. The forwards needed to put in a greater effort.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, John O Donnell, Pat Pigott, Mark O Sullivan, Gene Evans, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly, Pat O Brien, Bertie O Riordan, Brian O Shea, Michael Moriarty, John O Dwyer, Vincent Prendergast, John Griffin. Subs: Donal Pigott for V. Prendergast; Noel Doyle for B. O Riordan, Owen Mangan, Gerard Clifford.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon).


Rd. 4 on Sat 5th May at 7.30pm in Finuge: Finuge 0-12; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-4.

Rangers missed two penalties – John Griffin drove his effort over the bar and Liam Foley’s shot was saved.

Laune Rangers: Tony Foley, Bertie O Riordan, Pat Pigott, Vincent Prendergast, Jerry Foley, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Liam Foley, Anthony O Sullivan, Brian O Shea, Donal Pigott, Ger Costello, John Griffin, Gerard Clifford. Subs: James McInery for G. Clifford.

Ref: Maurice O Sullivan (Ballyheigue).


Rd. 5 on Sun. 20th May at 3.00pm at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B 2-16; Renard 1-5.

The backs were excellent. Billy O Shea was very good. John O Dwyer was getting fitter. Joe Kennedy played very well. The midfield held the upper hand.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Brian O Shea, Vincent Prendergast, John O Donnell, Gene Evans, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly, Pat O Brien, Billy O Shea, Tom Johnston, Joe Kennedy, John O Dwyer, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Linehan. Subs: Donal Pigott for B. O Shea (inj.); John Griffin for T. Linehan; Ger Costello, Owen Mangan, Gerard Clifford, Tony Foley.

Ref: Pa Mannix (Listry).


Rd. 7 on Sun. 24th June at 3.00pm at Cordal: Cordal 1-10; Laune Rangers 1-8.


Rd. 8 on Sun. Aug. 5th at 1.00pm at Connolly Park: Austin Stack’s ‘B’ 2-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-6.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Brian O Shea, Gene Evans, William Joy, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Tom Johnston, Pa Murphy, Robbie Evans, Michael Moriarty, Mark O Sullivan, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Donal Pigott. Subs: Frankie Brennan for J.F. O Brien; Vincent Prendergast for D. Pigott; Timmy Linehan for B. O Shea; John O Donnell, Ger Costello.


Rd. 9 on Sat. 25th Aug. at 6.45pm at Scartaglin: Ballymacelligott 1-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-5.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, John F. O Brien, Martin Clifford, Bertie O Riordan, Pat O Brien, Mark O Sullivan, Timmy Linehan, Michael Moriarty, Robert Evans, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Donal Pigott.


Rd. 10 on Sun. 30th Sept. at 2.00pm in Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-7; Glenbeigh/Glencar 1-12.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, Bertie O Riordan, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly, Pat O Brien, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Linehan, John O Dwyer, Brian O Shea, Donal Pigott. Subs: Mark O Sullivan for D. Pigott; John O Donnell for V. Prendergast; Ger Costello for B. O Shea.


Rd. 11 on Sun. 28th Oct. at 2.00pm in Cromane: Cromane 3-9; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-4.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, Bertie O Riordan, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Frankie Brennan, Robert Evans, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Linehan, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Pat Pigott. Sub: Donal Pigott.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship


Semi-Final on Sun. 11th Nov. at Milltown at 2.30pm: Laune Rangers 1-13; Glenbeigh/Glencar 0-11.

The Killorglin notes in The Kerryman read as follows: ‘Laune Rangers were far from impressive when defeating Glenbeigh in the semi-final on Sunday and, were it not for some fine goalkeeping by Peter Lyons in the first half, the Rangers would have been in serious trouble at the break. A great midfield display by Timmy Fleming was the highlight of a poor game. Timmy got good support from Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Sullivan and Shane O Sullivan. Laune Rangers will have to show a massive improvement if they are to dethrone the champions.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Danny Cahill, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Connor, Shane O Sullivan, Tom Johnston, Pa Murphy, Timmy Fleming, Pierce Prendiville, Tommy Byrne, Joe Shannon, James O Shea, Billy O Sullivan, Michael O Reilly, Paul Griffin. Subs: Pat McKenna for J. O Shea; Owen Joy for P. Griffin; Billy O Shea for T. Byrne; Liam Foley, Mark O Sullivan, Anthony O Sullivan, John F. O Brien.


Final on Sun. 18th Nov. at J.P. O Sullivan Park at 2.45pm: Laune Rangers 1-10; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-8.

Timmy Sheehan reported in The Kerryman as follows: ‘In a game, contested with all the fervour one normally associates with championship deciders, Laune Rangers exacted revenge on holders, Milltown/Castlemaine, in the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship Final at Killorglin on Sunday.

After struggling for long periods in the opening half Milltown deservedly forged ahead early in the second. However, they were overhauled by a decisive Billy O Sullivan goal with 15 minutes left. Although continuing to pursue the cause with admirable fighting qualities, Milltown never got back into contention in scoring terms with Michael O Reilly, a decisive attacking influence for the winners at crucial periods of the game.

The early exchanges were scrappy and frantic, with Milltown hell bent on preventing their rivals from establishing any decisive pattern to their play. O Reilly, from a free, had the opening score after two minutes and a second point followed afterwards from wing back, Tom Johnston, after a smart interchange of passes involving three players. Michael Colgan was, at this stage, a dominant figure for Milltown, with Sean Burke hard working at midfield as indeed he continued to be throughout the game.

Always keenly contested, the game looked like boiling over after ten minutes with James Sheehan and Liam Burke going into the referee’s notebook for an off-the-ball scuffle. The trusty left boot of Willie Maher kicked Milltown’s first score after twelve minutes as his team came more to grips with the situation. Two minutes later, excellent support play created the chance for Ger Woods to kick the equalizer for Milltown.

O Reilly, by this stage a lot more prominent, kicked a swift reply for Rangers with his second point of the game. It was, however, a short-lived lead as Maher kicked his second score to level matters once again. Billy O Sullivan, strangely subdued throughout the opening quarter, had his first score after 19 minutes to give the blues back a slender one point advantage.

Colgan became the third player to enter the referee’s notebook for a hard challenge on Tommy Byrne and it was the sure-footed O Reilly who punished the indiscretion to give his team a two points’ advantage. But, inevitably the action swung once again to the other end and Willie Maher, now on the forty, weaved and probed his way into a scoring position before kicking an absolutely superb score to narrow the gap once again.

It was Rangers who exerted control over most sectors at this juncture but they failed to transfer this superiority into scores, with McKenna, Sheehan and Fleming kicking successive wides. James O Shea was proving to be a most industrious and effective attacker along the left flank and Andrew Boyle was transferred from his corner position in an effort to curb him. McKenna, from long range, and O Reilly from a free via the upright, pushed Rangers three points in front and so it remained until the half-time break.

Milltown resumed with Liam Burke partnering Sean Burke at midfield, but once again it was the accurate Michael O Reilly who kicked an excellent score for Rangers from way out on the touchline after just one minute of play. Rangers were now four points in front and decidedly in control. Milltown needed a break to force their way back into contention and it duly came in the 35th minute, when Willie Maher availed of a long delivery to coolly slot home the game’s first goal.

Sean Burke stormed into the game, but some erratic kicking by him spoiled his admirable ball-winning qualities. Within a two minute spell, however, Milltown had gone in front with Maher kicking two frees to add further to his own impressive scoring tally and to give his team a deserved one point lead. The game had quite dramatically taken an about turn and once again it was Maher, from a free, who extended the Milltown lead to two pints with the third quarter of the tie drawing to a close.

Rangers were searching for inspiration in some form or other and not for the first time it was provided by the goal- scoring machine they call Billy O Sullivan. From nothing he climbed highest to fist home a lofted centre and gave his team back a lead they were subsequently never to surrender. Billy O Shea was introduced for Pierce Prendiville, with Joe Shannon transferring to midfield, as Rangers set about protecting their lead. O Shea was quickly involved and scored a point with just his second touch of the ball. O Reilly, from a placed ball, put three points between the teams again, as Owen Joy joined the fray to the exclusion of Tommy Byrne.

Milltown are well renowned for their fighting qualities and an excellent piece of skill carried Liam Kelliher into a clear goaling position. Agonisingly his shot whistled narrowly outside the right-hand upright. Billy O Shea became the fourth player to be booked as the game reached its final conclusions. Willie Maher was wide from a good position, but he made amends to kick the last score of the game from a free.

It was a game, which could have gone either way, but Milltown’s almost total reliance on Willie Maher as a score-getter was crucial in the final analysis. Rangers, although never reaching the heights of their success-laden season of ’89, carried a lot more aces in scoring terms and were always able to respond when the game looked like slipping from their grasp. Their defence was generally solid, with Shane O Sullivan, James Sheehan and Danny Cahill firm and resolute all through. While never achieving total control over the midfield area, nevertheless, Timmy Fleming was a central figure. James O Shea was effective and industrious all through, as were to a lesser extent McKenna and Shannon, while Billy O Sullivan once again produced the goods when the need was greatest.

Milltown were best served in defence by Andrew Boyle, Ger Teahan and, most especially, Liam Spring, while Mick Colgan faded after a bright opening. Sean Burke worked tirelessly all through in pursuit of victory, but, significantly, Willie Maher was too often ploughing a lone furrow in attack, even if Liam Burke, Liam Kelliher and Ger Woods all had their moments.’

The O Connor Cup was presented by Mid-Kerry Board Chairman, Michael McCarthy, to captain, James Sheehan, who proceeded to pay glowing tributes to team trainer and coach, Noel O Mahony, who was in charge of the team for the last time. James Sheehan described him as the most successful trainer ever of Laune Rangers and how right he was! In his eight years Noel saw his charges win the Co. Senior Championship, seven Mid-Kerry Championships, three county leagues and several other competitions. Indeed he bowed out in a blaze of glory. Michael O Reilly was chosen as man-of-the-match.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Paudie Sheahan, Danny Cahill, Tom Johnston (0-1), James Sheehan (Capt.), Shane O Sullivan, Timmy Fleming (0-1), Pierce Prendiville, Joe Shannon, Pat McKenna (0-1), James O Shea, Tommy Byrne, Michael O Reilly (0-5, 2 frees), Billy O Sullivan (1-1). Subs: Billy O Shea (0-1) for P. Prendiville (inj.): Owen Joy for T. Byrne; Pa Murphy for J. O Shea; Mark O Sullivan, John F. O Brien, Liam Foley, Anthony Shannon, William Joy. Paul Griffin, upon hearing that he was not on the first fifteen, togged in and watched the game from the terrace.

Milltown/Castlemaine: Jim O Connor, Liam Spring, Michael Colgan, Andrew Boyle, Sean Costello, Ger Teahan, Mike Dennehy, Sean Burke, Linus Burke, Liam Kelliher, Liam Burke, Liam Cronin, Timmy Teahan, Willie Maher (1-7, 4 frees), Gerard Woods (0-1). Sub: Bertie Griffin for L. Cronin.

Referee: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Senior Club Player of the year – Mark O Connor.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 4th March at Keel: Keel 0-1; Laune Rangers 0-3.

Joe Shannon, Gerard Murphy and Billy O Sullivan were subs for Kerry in the NFL v Cork in Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Timmy Fleming and Tom Johnston were injured. James Sheehan was in semi-retirement. The game was played in atrocious conditions. Pat McKenna got Rangers’ three points from frees and Keel’s only score came from a free near the end of the game.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Anthony Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Pat Pigott, Mark O Sullivan, Mark O Connor, John F. O Brien, Pierce Prendiville, Patie Casey, Brendan Corkery, Pat McKenna (0-3, frees), Timmy Linehan, Maurice Corkery, John Clifford, Peter Lyons. Subs: none.

Ref: Peter Twiss (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 18th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-9; Beaufort 0-5.

That was a poor performance by Laune Rangers without the Co. Senior and Co. U-21 players. The fact that half of last year’s championship team was missing was no excuse for the poor showing against a very young Beaufort side that included only two players over 21 years. Rangers dominated the first quarter but had only three points to show for all the possession and at the break they were lucky to trail by only 0-3 to 0-4. A great Tommy Byrne goal midway through the second half clinched the game for the Killorglin boys. It was difficult to understand how Tommy Byrne was passed over by the Co. Selectors when they were deciding the U-21 panel. Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Shea, Pa Murphy and Danny Cahill were in great form.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Pa Murphy, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Shane O Sullivan, Owen Joy, Tommy Byrne, Danny Cahill, Billy O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, James O Shea, Peter Lyons, Michael Moriarty, Patie Casey. Subs: William Joy for A. Shannon; John Doona for O. Joy; John F. O Brien for P. Lyons; John O Donnell, Vincent Prendergast.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 25th March at Cromane: Cromane 1-6; Laune Rangers 2-4.

That was a close call and Cromane almost caused a shock. With a minute to play, Rangers trailed by two points and looked set for a sensational defeat until a late goal from James O Shea saved the day.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Pa Murphy, Michael O Reilly, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan, Tommy Byrne, Joe Shannon, Patie Casey, Pierce Prendiville, James O Shea, John F. O Brien, Michael Moriarty, Mark O Sullivan.


Rd.  4 on Thurs. 5th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-5; Glenbeigh/Glencar 0-5.

That was a very poor performance. Anthony Shannon was sent off for ‘mouthing to the referee’ in the last minute (He was reported for rough play and received a two weeks’ suspension at the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 23rd April). Glenbeigh/Glencar were well organised under Mike Breen and Jimmy Healy. Rangers were missing quite a number of their forwards – Gerard Murphy (inj.), Timmy Fleming, Pat McKenna, Paul Griffin and Joe Shannon. They had no serious training done yet, while most other teams had – they were timing their approach to the Co. Championship.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan, Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Pa Murphy, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan, Tommy Byrne, James O Shea, Patie Casey, Pierce Prendiville, Michael O Reilly, Mark O Connor, Michael Moriarty, Billy O Shea. Subs: Liam Foley for P. Lyons; John F. O Brien for D. Cahill.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 5 on Sun. 8th April at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6; Laune Rangers 1-12.

Although they were missing quite a number of regulars, there was no need for motivation for that game – some of the Rangers had good memories! Everyman did his job well, with Pierce Prendiville, James O Shea and Paul Griffin particularly good. Michael O Reilly did well both from play and frees. Rangers led by 0-9 to 0-0 at the break and had to survive some tremendous pressure in the third quarter before pulling away. It was a physical second half but what was given was repaid with interest. The game was somewhat spoilt by some off-the-ball incidents. Milltown/Castlemaine had a strong team on duty, which made the victory all the sweeter. James Sheehan made a comeback in that game. A wonderful Liam Foley save in the second half was the injection Rangers needed to lift their game. Paul Griffin was in great form in attack, picking off some great points.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, John O Donnell, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Sullivan, Pa Murphy, James Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, James O Shea, Danny Cahill, Mark O Connor, Pierce Prendiville, Patie Casey, Paul Griffin, Michael O Reilly, Peter Lyons. Subs: none.

Ref: William O Shea (Keel) – fair to both sides.


Final on Fri. 25th May at Milltown: Laune Rangers 3-12; Glenbeigh/Glencar 2-5.

There had been some noise when James Sheehan was selected as captain by the selectors. Anthony Shannon had been expecting the captaincy.

The Kerryman carried this report: ‘Laune Rangers retained their Mid-Kerry senior league title when they defeated Glenbeigh at Milltown on Friday evening. Great goals from young Billy O Shea, within half a minute of the start, Timmy Corkery, a minute later, and James O Shea, in the ninth minute, left Glenbeigh shattered.

Rangers, however, seemed to relax a bit and Glenbeigh showed great courage in a determined fight back. Their defence tightened up and their forwards came far up field to gain possession, with Sean Barton playing a lead role. They lacked experience, however, and it took them twelve minutes to open their account with a point from a Barton free. Three minutes later O Sullivan scored a point following a fine run. Laune Rangers spoiled a lot of good play by terrible finishing and their first point came after twenty-two minutes from Patie Casey.

Glenbeigh introduced Pat O Shea and no sooner had he reported to the referee, when he had gained possession on the left wing and in a great run he beat two defenders before leaving goalie Lyons helpless with a great effort from 15m. However, Laune Rangers replied with a point from James O Shea and O Reilly to leave the score at the break 3-3 to 1-2.

The minute after the resumption, O Reilly increased the Rangers’ lead with a point from 45m and Patie Casey had a similar score two minutes later. Peadar O Sullivan and Michael O Reilly exchanged points before the former punched home a goal after goalie Lyons parried a cross from his left on to O Sullivan’s path.

This should have lifted Glenbeigh but two minutes later Lyons brought off a great save and when the ball was handled on the ground by a defender, they were awarded a penalty but Barton blazed his effort over the crossbar to leave the score 3-7 to 2-4. After this let-off, the Rangers took control to add five points without reply in the final ten minutes.

Laune Rangers fielded short several regulars but never looked like losing and the return of Tom Johnston was a welcome sight. Despite lack of match practice, he showed some flashes of his old form at midfield where his partner, James O Shea, played the proverbial blinder to win the man-of-the-match award. Billy O Shea was in dazzling form at left half-forward despite taking a heavy knock and his goal was a gem.

Timmy Corkery had another fine game on the opposite wing, while Michael O Reilly is easily becoming the top full-forward in club football and while Pierce Prendiville, Patie Casey and Michael Moriarty were not as prominent, they did Trojan work to keep the Glenbeigh defence busy. Danny Cahill had a fine game at centre halfback and he got good support from Mark O Connor while Paudie Sheahan, at fullback, was rarely troubled. James Sheehan, who took over captaincy of the team, had the usual sound game and Peter Lyons had a few fine saves and was perhaps busier than he has been for some time. Shane O Sullivan seems to be still troubled by a leg injury and was not as effective as is customary for him while Anthony Shannon’s experience often made up for lack of pace.

Glenbeigh are a young side. They showed great fitness and their determination and spirit were very much in evidence. They lack experience and must only improve with time. Their defence was often in trouble but Pat O Grady, Morgan Sheehan, Pat Griffin and Michael O Connor did give it all and the goalie, O Mahony, could not be blamed for any of the balls that passed him. Kieran O Sullivan moved well in possession at midfield and was impressive in his approach work. Sean Barton was a very lively wing forward while Jerry O Sullivan got plenty of possession but failed to make use of it. Peadar O Sullivan displayed plenty of his old ability but got little inside support.

After the game the Kelliher Cup was presented to James Sheehan by Michael McCarthy, Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board. The Man-of-the-Match award was presented to James O Shea by Michael O Shea of The Manor Inn.’

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, James Sheehan (capt.), Paudie Sheahan, Anthony Shannon, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Shane O Sullivan, Tom Johnston (0-1), James O Shea (1-1), Timmy Corkery (1-1), Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Shea (1-1), Michael Moriarty (0-2), Michael O Reilly (0-4), Patie Casey (0-2). Subs: John F. O Brien, John O Donnell, Mark O Sullivan.

Glenbeigh/Glencar: John O Mahony, Michael O Connor, Patie Griffin, Mickey Moriarty, Lar Joe McKenna, Morgan Sheehan, Pat O Grady, Gerard O Connor, Kieran O Sullivan, Sean Barton (0-2), Peadar O Sullivan (1-1), Pat Brosnan, Jerry O Sullivan (0-1), Timmy O Sullivan, Aidan Roche. Subs: Pat O Shea (1-0) and Kevin Falvey.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).

Laune Rangers – 1990 Mid-Kerry Senior Football League Winners

Laune Rangers – 1990 Mid-Kerry Senior Football League Winners
Front: John O Donnell, Mark O Connor, Patie Casey, Billy O Shea, Timmy Corkery, James Sheehan (capt.), Shane O Sullivan.
Back: Paudie Sheahan, Pierce Prendiville, Peter Lyons, Mark O Sullivan, John F. O Brien, Anthony Shannon, Michael Moriarty, Tom Johnston, Danny Cahill, James O Shea, Michael O Reilly.

Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Championship

Players who had played in the Co. Senior Championship, Co. Club Championship and the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship of the previous year were excluded from this competition, unless one was regraded by the Mid-Kerry Board at the request of the club. Clubs were allowed to regrade a maximum of three players and Laune Rangers club was successful in regrading Michael O Reilly, Brian O Shea and Pat O Brien at the Board meeting on 23rd April.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 1st May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 5-5; Keel ‘B’ 0-3.

Both Martin Clifford and Noel Doyle were excellent.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Pat Pigott, Vincent Prendergast, Jerry Foley, Owen Mangan, John F. O Brien, Pat O Brien, Martin Clifford, John O Dwyer, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Linehan, Donal Pigott, Brian O Shea, John Griffin. Subs: Tony Foley for J. O Dwyer; Dermot Griffin for D. Pigott; Gerard Clifford for L. Foley; Ger Costello.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 2 on Tues. 8th May at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh/Glencar ‘B’ 1-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-7.

Laune Rangers: Tony Foley, Gene Evans, Brian O Shea, Vincent Prendergast, Jerry Foley, Owen Mangan, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly (1-3), Martin Clifford, John O Dwyer, Michael Moriarty (1-3), Bertie O Riordan, Donal Pigott, John Griffin, Timmy Linehan (2-0). Subs: Joe Kennedy (0-1) for J. Griffin; Ger Costello for D. Pigott; Gerard Clifford for J. O Dwyer; Noel Doyle.

Ref: Frank Walsh (Cromane).


Rd. 3 on Tues. 15th May at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 4-3; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-7.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Owen Mangan, Vincent Prendergast, Gene Evans, Martin Clifford, John F. O Brien, Michael O Reilly (1-3), Jerry Foley, John O Dwyer (2-0), Michael Moriarty(0-1), Joe Kennedy (0-1), Timmy Linehan (1-0), Ger Costello, Donal Pigott (0-2). Sub: Gerard Clifford for M. Clifford (inj.).

Ref: Michael Healy (Cromane).


Final on Tues. 5th June in Milltown: Keel ‘B’ 1-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-8.

Rangers were well beaten at midfield. Martin Clifford and Gene Evans played well. Michael Moriarty was the only forward to score – a point. Michael O Reilly scored a point from play and the remainder from frees. This result was a shock as Rangers had won the preliminary round easily – probably a case of seriously underestimating the opposition.

Laune Rangers: Liam Foley, Noel Doyle, Pat Pigott, Vincent Prendergast, John F. O Brien, Martin Clifford, Gene Evans, Michael O Reilly(0-7, 6 frees), Pat O Brien, Timmy Linehan, Michael Moriarty (0-1), Joe Kennedy, John O Dwyer, John Griffin, Robert Evans. Subs: Brian O Shea for P. Pigott; John O Donnell for V. Prendergast; Donal Pigott, Jerry Foley, Mark O Sullivan, Tony Foley, Ger Costello, Gerard Clifford.


U-21 Co. Football Championship

Coach/Selector – James Sheehan. Selector – Maurice Corkery.

Rd. 1 on Mon. 29th Oct. in Killarney: Laune Rangers 5-12; Kenmare District 2-6.

Laune Rangers: Fergus O Meara, Adrian Hassett, Danny Cahill, Bertie O Riordan, Mark O Connor, Mark O Sullivan, John F. O Brien, Tommy Byrne, Pa Murphy, Paul Griffin, Timmy Fleming (capt.), Billy O Shea, Frankie Brennan, Owen Joy, Billy O Sullivan. Subs: Timmy Linehan for F. Brennan; John O Donnell for J. O Brien; John Doona for T. Byrne; Owen Corkery, Michael Lynch, Ger Costello.

Missing through injury were Pat McKenna, Patie Casey and Timmy Corkery (The latter two players missed the whole of that competition). Goal scorers were B. O Sullivan (2-0), Owen Joy (1-0), P. Griffin (1-0) and T. Linehan (1-0).


Quarter Final on Sat. 8th Dec. in Connolly Park: Laune Rangers 0-10; St. Brendan’s 1-3.

Laune Rangers: Bertie O Riordan, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Mark O Sullivan, Adrian Hassett, Pa Murphy, John F. O Brien, John Doona, Timmy Fleming (0-4), Paul Griffin (0-1), Tommy Byrne, Billy O Shea, Frankie Brennan (0-1), Pat McKenna (0-1), Timmy Linehan (0-3). Subs: Billy O Sullivan (late arrival) for F. Brennan; John O Donnell, Owen Corkery, Michael Lynch, Jason Griffin, Michael Hassett. Missing: Owen Joy (inj.), Fergus O Meara (rallying!!!).

Churchill’s representatives on the St. Brendan’s team were Kenneth Linehan, Liam Nolan, John Tuite, Tony Stack and Benny Clifford.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Semi-Final on Sun. 16th Dec. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers 0-13; South Kerry 1-8.

The Kerryman report was as follows: ‘In what was an absorbing hour’s football, a decisive edge in teamwork was significant in favour of Laune Rangers who deservedly qualified for the final of the county U-21 football championship at Beaufort on Sunday.

South Kerry fought tenaciously all through and looked at times as if they might sneak the result, but Killorglin never faltered in their objective of playing constructive and intelligent football from start to finish. South Kerry, on a sporadic attack, saw O Sullivan create an opening for Michael Galvin, who quickly transferred to Sean Peter O Sullivan and his finish was decisive for the only goal of the game. It pushed his team into a two-point lead with five minutes left in the first half.

South Kerry was, for a brief period, in complete control, with Niall Sugrue an inspiration at fullback. However, Rangers continued to pursue the challenge admirably and a delicate fisted effort from Byrne and a free from Fleming in the very final minute had the teams level at the halftime break.

South Kerry resumed with Robbie O Dwyer at midfield and in a reshuffled attack Carl O Dwyer was at wing-forward, with Paul Curran on the fringe of the small square. Linehan had an early goaling chance but he was denied by an acrobatic Sean Sullivan, who tipped over for a point to give Rangers back the lead. Carl O Dwyer, with a left-footed shot, had a quick reply to level the tie once again, but Paul Griffin availed of some good approach play by Murphy and Doona to give Rangers back the lead. Keane was wide after availing of Dennehy’s surging run as play swung from end to end in what was an excellent contest of endeavour and sportsmanship.

Billy O Shea, after taking up a good position, went very close at the other end and then the majestic Billy O Sullivan was at the end of another sweeping move to kick his second point. The unerring boot of Fitzgerald from a free kept South Kerry in touch as the game continued to be fought with admirable competitiveness. Carl O Dwyer had the teams level again as Rangers transferred Byrne to midfield in an effort to stem the tide, which, once again for a brief period, was flowing against them.

Daniel Fitzpatrick entered the fray for South Kerry to the exclusion of Curran and he was subsequently to prove a distinct thorn in the side of the Rangers’ defence, with Danny Cahill, excellent up until then, struggling to cope with the courageous Dromid Pearses man. It was Fitzpatrick who kicked the South Kerry man into the lead after referee, Denis Reidy, in his anxiety to let play flow, seemed to have denied Rangers a definite free at the other end. Fleming, from a free, was wide as the game remained delicately poised and one felt, for a brief moment, that maybe South Kerry had finally turned the corner and were approaching the winning straight.

Fitzgerald was uncharacteristically wide as Rangers pushed Owen Joy into action in one last effort to secure a final spot. Fleming, from a free after McKenna was fouled, shot the equalizer with five minutes left in the game. After Hassett was denied the chance, rather dubiously, of giving Rangers the lead, Fleming, in a forward run, was fouled by Carl O Dwyer, a decision, which cost Dwyer a booking. Fleming picked himself up, remained composed and drilled over the lead from the 45m line. Rangers, drawing on all their resources and experience, were not going to be denied at this stage and it was Billy O Sullivan who extended the lead from way out on the right touchline. Punching the air with delight, he summed up the mood of the large contingent of supporters from Killorglin present.

South Kerry had one final chance to snatch a dramatic winner, but they were denied by a vigilant Rangers’ defence in which Mark O Connor was simply inspirational in the right corner. Essentially, it was a splendid 15-man effort by Rangers, but special mention must be made for such as O Connor, Cahill, Murphy, Fleming, Griffin, O Shea, Byrne and Billy O Sullivan. South Kerry, who contributed to a wonderful hour’s entertainment, had heroic performances from Diarmuid O Sullivan, Niall Sugrue, John Cronin, Tim Dennehy, Sean O Sullivan, Carl O Dwyer, Maurice Fitzgerald and, substitute, Daniel Fitzpatrick, who certainly had a lot of people wondering why he was not included in the original line-up.’ Laune Rangers: Fergus O Meara, Mark O Sullivan, Danny Cahill, Mark O Connor, Adrian Hassett, Pa Murphy, John F. O Brien, John Doona, Timmy Fleming (0-6 frees), Paul Griffin (0-1), Pat McKenna, Billy O Shea (0-1), Billy O Sullivan (0-2), Tommy Byrne (0-2), Timmy Linehan (0-1). Subs: Owen Joy for T. Linehan; John O Donnell, Bertie O Riordan, Owen Corkery, Michael Lynch, Jason Griffin.

South Kerry: Sean O Sullivan (Sneem), Barry Clifford (Derrynane), Niall Sugrue (St. Michael’s), Diarmuid O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), John Daly (Valentia), Tim Dennehy (Waterville), John Cronin (do.), Paul Curran (Valentia), Maurice Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s) 0-5, 2 frees, Declan Lynch (Valentia), S. P. O Sullivan (Sneem) 1-0, Sean O Sullivan (Sneem), Michael Galvin (Sneem), Carl O Dwyer (Waterville) 0-2, Peter Keane (St. Mary’s). Subs: Robbie O Dwyer (Waterville), Daniel Fitzpatrick (Dromid) 0-1.

Ref: Denis Reidy (Ballymacelligott).


Final on Sun. 23rd Dec. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers 0-8; Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-7.

Pascal Sheehy, in the Kerryman, reported as follows: ‘A Championship-winning performance from mid-fielder Timmy Fleming and substitute Owen Joy took the county U-21 title to Killorglin on Sunday after a close and highly entertaining final at Beaufort. But a kick of a ball was all that separated the winners from opponents, Kerins O Rahillys, who battled to keep the result in doubt until the final whistle of the game.

Wind and rain failed to dampen the enthusiasm and determination of both sides as they toiled in extremely trying conditions. With the field deteriorating as the game progressed, this was far from a display of the skills of the game. Skill, however, was more than amply replaced with guts as both sides threw everything into their pursuit of victory.

Surprise package Kerins O Rahillys shocked most by reaching the final. But, from the opening games against Feale Rangers and East Kerry, their credibility was rising steadily. Again on Sunday they threatened to upset the form, looking to midfielder and Kerry senior, Noel O Mahony, for the leadership, which he has supplied throughout the campaign. It was no easy task as the Laune Rangers team was made up of players who had already been successful in winning previous minor county titles. Indeed many of them have been on duty for the county at either minor, U-21 or senior level.

It was the underdogs, however, who took the game to their more vaunted opponents in the opening minutes. O Rahillys raced into a 0-2 to nil lead within five minutes, through full-forward, Maurice O Carroll, and corner-forward, John Nix. The 45-metre kick converted by Nix was to be O Rahilly’s last contribution to the score-line until three minutes before halftime and their failure to find the net from one or two chances in this time, while unfortunate, cost them dearly. Kerins O Rahillys held a slight advantage in the first half, but Laune Rangers kept in touch by leveling the game at the end of the first quarter. Timmy Fleming pointed a 13-metre free to open his side’s account, while Billy O Sullivan capitalized on a poor O Rahilly’s free to point in the 14th minute.

Laune Rangers, too, were guilty of squandering scoring chances, due mainly to the fact that   they had no left-legged free-taker. Right-legged Timmy Fleming drove three close-range frees from the right wing wide in the first half. There was only one score in the second quarter, a point from Noel O Mahony, which gave O Rahillys the interval lead. But both sides could have had a goal, with Pat McKenna setting up Billy O Sullivan and a snap-shot by John Nix being well held by Laune Rangers’ goalkeeper, Fergus O Meara.

Rain poured down in the second half and the conditions demanded even more commitment. This was a game of honest endeavour, of taking and giving as good as you got, of fighting for every ball as though the result depended on winning it. Laune Rangers drew level within two minutes of the second half and were in front inside six minutes through a brace of points from Timmy Fleming. The Tralee side refused to throw in the towel, however, and drew level on the three-quarter mark. The equalizing point from John Nix would have been a spectacular score even in perfect conditions and was more so given what he had to contend with. Niall Savage plied him with pass on the right wing and Nix took on his man, rounded him and lofted a perfect shot over the bar.

Laune Rangers’ superiority shone through in the final quarter. It was a testament to the strength of the side that Kerry minor captain, Owen Joy, had to wait until halftime before making his entry as a substitute into the side and it also spoke volumes for the opposition provided by Kerins O Rahillys that they kept in touch. It was in the fourth quarter that Joy made his impression on the game with two lightning points. Fleming won the ball from a Kerins O Rahilly’s kick-out and passed to him for the first. He picked up a pass from Billy O Sullivan and scored from an acute angle for the second.

Noel O Mahony again reduced the deficit to just a point in the 25th minute, only for Fleming to increase it to two points again. In the final five minutes, O Rahillys pressed for equalizing scores, but as the seconds ticked away, it looked more and more as if they would need a goal. A tight Laune Rangers’ defence was in no mood to concede this and a point for the losers in the 31st minute was a poor consolation prize.

Victory further enhances the success rate of Laune Rangers at this level. Five years ago, when James Sheehan and Maurice Corkery also had charge of this team, the Killorglin side defeated the same opposition by 3-10 to 4-5 in the U-16 county final before going on to win at county minor level. On Sunday, Mark O Connor stood out in defence, with Fleming, Pat McKenna and Billy O Shea linking up well in attack. Owen Joy’s second half points marked the turning point of the game.’

Laune Rangers: Fergus O Meara, Mark O Connor, Danny Cahill, Mark O Sullivan, Adrian Hassett, Pa Murphy, John F. O Brien, Timmy Fleming (0-4), Tommy Byrne, Paul Griffin, John Doona, Billy O Shea, Billy O Sullivan (0-2), Pat McKenna, Timmy Linehan. Subs: Owen Joy (0-2) for T. Linehan; Frankie Brennan for J. Doona; Bertie O Riordan, John O Donnell, Owen Corkery, Michael Lynch, Ger Costello, Jason Griffin.

Kerins O Rahilly’s: Declan Sweeney, Aidan Savage, N. Foley, Sean Quirke, S. McCarthy (capt.), Niall Savage, Mark O Sullivan, Junior Cronin, Noel O Mahony, Ollie Molloy, T. Griffin, T. Kennedy, R. Cullen, Maurice Carroll, John Nix.

Ref: Denis Reidy (Ballymac).


Co. Minor Football Championship

Coach/Selector – John Evans. Selector – Maurice Corkery and Jerome Conway.


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 5th July at Kilcummin: East Kerry 0-8; Laune Rangers 1-9.

That was an excellent result. After the Co. League results, very little was expected from that team. However, John Evans had returned to the team as coach for the championship and he got the best out of them. Adrian Hassett had a blinder – as good a performance as had been seen from a minor. John Doona was mighty at midfield. Rangers missed quite a number of chances in the first half, during which Niall Moriarty made a great save to keep the Laune side in the hunt. With the last kick of the game, Nigel sealed the issue with a great goal.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, Noel Conroy, Adrian Hassett, Anthony O Sullivan, Billy O Shea (capt.), Owen Corkery, Michael Hassett, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones, Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin, Mikey Griffin, Owen Joy, Carl O Sullivan. Subs: Owen O Sullivan for M. Griffin; Michael Lynch for C. O Sullivan; Colm Joy, James Hurley, Derry O Sullivan, Kealon O Sullivan, Karl Griffin.

Ref: Maurice O Sullivan (Ballyheigue).


Quarter Final on Thurs. 19th July in Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-8; Killarney 1-2.

A super performance! The backs were superb, shadowing their men without fouling. Michael Hassett kept Cathal O Grady, a Kerry minor, scoreless and out of the game. John Doona was peerless at midfield. The opposition had no answer to him. He, also, scored two points. Paudie Russell did very well on John Bowler, Kerry minor. Owen Joy was great at full-forward, chasing and creating. Owen O Sullivan scored two goals and Michael Lynch capped a very good sweeping move with a great goal. Nigel Reidy was unlucky with a very good effort for a goal. Rangers were then in the semi-final for the fifth year in succession.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, Noel Conroy, Adrian Hassett, Anthony O Sullivan, Billy O Shea, Owen Corkery, Michael Hassett, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Owen O Sullivan, Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin, Michael Lynch, Owen Joy, Kevin Jones. Subs: James Hurley for N. Conroy; Carl O Sullivan for O. O Sullivan; Colm Joy, Michael Griffin, Derry O Sullivan, Kealon O Sullivan.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon).


Semi-Final on Wed. 29th Aug. at Fitzgerald Stadium: Laune Rangers 2-6; Mid-Kerry 1-4.

That was a great game. John Evans had the lads all fired up and, though the opposition was much bigger physically, Rangers gave as much as they got. It was a tough, hard, fair game, handled well by the referee. Rangers opened brightly with two points from Owen Joy. Mid-Kerry replied with a goal by Alan Kerins and a point by Timmy O Sullivan. Another point by the latter left the halftime score 1-2 to 0-2 in favour of Mid-Kerry. Jason Griffin had been injured in the first ten minutes and had to be replaced. Mid-Kerry lost Kieran O Shea through injury at halftime.

Rangers came more into the game in the second half and they really began to play well in the last quarter. Owen O Sullivan, having gained possession in the right corner, picked Owen Joy out in front of the goals with a perfect pass and he made no mistake with a left-legged shot low into the net. A long ball dropped thirty yards out from the Mid-Kerry goals, Owen Joy flicked it into the path of the galloping Owen O Sullivan and his shot was deflected upwards by the goalie but Owen punched the dropping ball to the net. Rangers missed a few scoreable frees thereafter, but points by Owen O Sullivan, Owen Joy and Kevin Jones sealed the issue.

The backs fought Trojan-like, with Adrian Hassett and Billy O Shea particularly outstanding. Paudie Russell was consistency personified at midfield and John Doona came into the game as time went on. Owen Joy was a tower of strength with all the others working tirelessly. That was the club’s fifth county minor final in a row and they were going for four wins in a row. Owen Joy was going for his fourth Co. Minor Championship medal.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, Noel Conroy, Adrian Hassett, Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan, Billy O Shea, Michael Hassett, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Michael Lynch, Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin, Carl O Sullivan, Owen Joy (1-4), Kevin Jones (0-1). Subs: Owen O Sullivan (1-1) for J. Griffin (dislocated elbow), James Hurley, Derry O Sullivan, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Griffin.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon) – very good.


Final on Sun. Sept. 23rd at Fitzgerald Stadium: West Kerry 3-9; Laune Rangers 1-5.

Pascal Sheehy reported as follows in The Kerryman: ‘Through the mercurial skills of a stylish and crafty Gene Farrell and a free-scoring Dermot Lynch, West Kerry launched a successful takeover bid to break Laune Rangers’ stranglehold on minor championship football in Killarney on Sunday. Laune Rangers were bidding for a record four-in-a-row of titles, attempting to stretch the record of three, which they set in 1989, while West Kerry were aiming for their first title in exactly 30 years. In the end, hunger, fuelled by three decades of waiting and disappointment, proved more decisive.

The hunger was evident right from the start when West Kerry crashed a goal to the net – the first score of the game – after seven minutes. Full-forward, Tom O Donnell, pounced on an opportunity which was presented to him on the edge of the small square when Laune Rangers’ goalkeeper, Niall Moriarty, dropped a long ball from the left wing. It was Moriarty’s second time in a minute making that mistake, with the first one going unpunished, but, to be fair to him, he brought off a double save six minutes before the end of the half which, more than made up for his error.

Playing with the aid of a strong breeze, West Kerry enjoyed the bulk of the pressure for the remainder of the half, with Laune Rangers only being allowed to make brief forays into the West Kerry defence. And, although some possession was wasted through poor shooting, West Kerry’s Gene Farrell and Dermot Lynch began picking off points from play and frees to further boost their tally.

Dermot Lynch got West Kerry’s first point of the game at the end of the first quarter when he converted a 20-metre free, but it was cancelled out by Laune Rangers’ full-forward and Kerry minor, Owen Joy, almost immediately. Joy was about all Laune Rangers could offer in attack and most of their successful plays went through him. He was bidding for a fourth county minor medal in a row – also a record – and whatever West Kerry thought, he wasn’t going to let the chance slip by without a fight.

Laune Rangers couldn’t match the efforts of a dominant West Kerry midfield and an attack, which was beginning to click into gear, however, and West Kerry stretched their lead with points from Farrell and Lynch to leave them with an interval advantage of 1-5 to 0-3.

With the strong breeze, which now favoured them, Laune Rangers should have been able to make some headway in reducing arrears in the second half, but the struggle of playing into the wind in the first half had taken too much out of them. Within a three-minute period at the end of the third quarter they put the West Kerry goal under severe pressure, but one point was all they got in return for their efforts. Two goal chances fell to corner-forward Michael Lynch. In the 41st minute, Owen Joy drove a high ball towards the West Kerry goal, which rebounded off the upright and out to Griffin who volleyed just wide. A minute later, a fisted goal by Joy was disallowed for a square infringement and he was in the thick of the action again when he kept the ball in play from a long free and fisted it out to Griffin who ran through the centre and again volleyed, but over the bar, instead of under it.

That, effectively, put paid to Laune Rangers’ hopes of retaining their title and West Kerry took over for the remainder of the game. It was Lynch who set the West Kerry takeover bid in motion with a point in the 47th minute and a goal two minutes later. He finished a move to the net, which was set up by John Dorgan with Jim Garvey acting as an intermediary. Fergal O Shea and Gene Farrell stretched West Kerry’s lead further before Billy O Shea struck for a Laune Rangers’ goal. Owen Joy was pulled down inside the square and Clounmacon referee, Pat Sheehy, awarded a penalty, which was converted by Laune Rangers’ captain, Billy O Shea.

It was too little too late, however, because by now West Kerry was in total control. Lynch and Dorgan combined, a minute from time, to set up substitute Mark Moynihan for a well-taken goal, while Lynch fittingly closed the scoring with a point to give him a tally of 1-5 over the hour.

Laune Rangers, depleted by injury and featuring three U-16’s in their starting line-up, never mounted a formidable challenge to retain their crown. But, having featured in the previous four titles and won three, they have offered the county a lot at this level and have set the example for others to follow. Full-back Adrian Hassett, who fielded well, midfielder John Doona and full-forward Owen Joy tried hardest for them. West Kerry captain, Martin Griffin, along with Gene Farrell, Dermot Lynch and Fergal Lynch in attack, were the players on which the foundations of victory were laid for the new champions. Their midfield combination of Jason Wieboldt and Jim Garvay was also far more effective than Laune Rangers’.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, James Hurley, Adrian Hassett, Michael Hassett, Billy O Shea (1-0, penalty), Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Michael Lynch (0-1), Nigel Reidy (0-1), Kevin Jones, Owen O Sullivan, Owen Joy (0-2), Michael Griffin (0-1). Subs: Derry O Sullivan for K. Jones; Carl O Sullivan for O. O Sullivan; Karl Griffin for N. Reidy, Kealon O Sullivan. Jason Griffin (elbow) and Noel Conroy (ankle) were missing through injury.

West-Kerry: Diarmuid Murphy (Dingle), Noel Murphy (Dingle), Brian Finn (Castlegregory), Sean O Shea (Gaeltacht), Brendan Fitzgerald (Dingle), Martin Griffin (Gaeltacht) capt., Johnny Driscoll (Aunascaul), Jason Wiebolt (Castlegregory), Jim Garvey (Dingle), John Dorgan (Lispole), Genie Farrell (Annascaul) 0-3, Fergal O Shea (Gaeltacht) 0-1, Dermot (Weeshie) Lynch (Annascaul) 1-5 (0-3 frees), Tom O Donnell (Castlegregory) 1-0, J. J. Corduff (Gaeltacht). Subs: John Butler (Castlegregory) for B. Finn; Mark Moynihan (Annascaul) 1-0 for T.O Donnell; Mark O Connor (Castlegregory) for J. J. Corduff.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon).

Laune Rangers – 1990 Co. Minor Football Finalists

Laune Rangers – 1990 Co. Minor Football Finalists
Front: Anthony O Sullivan, James Hurley, Eoin Corkery, Billy O Shea (capt.), Eoin Joy, Adrian Hassett, Kevin Jones, Mikey Griffin.
Back: Mike Hassett, Michael Lynch, Niall Moriarty, Eoin O Sullivan, Paudie Russell, John Doona, Nigel Reidy.

Co. Minor Football League

Coach/Selector – Maurice Corkery. Selector – Bertie O Riordan/Liam Shannon.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 27th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-6; Kerins O Rahillys 2-6.

Rangers could have won but they did not take their chances.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, Noel Conroy, Paudie Russell, James Hurley, Rory O Connor, Adrian Hassett, Owen Corkery, John Doona, Anthony O Sullivan, Carl O Sullivan, Billy O Shea, Paudie O Shea, Owen O Sullivan, Michael Lynch, Jason Griffin. Subs: Michael Hassett for R. O Connor; Michael Griffin for P. O Shea; Robert Murphy, Stephen O Sullivan, Sean O Sullivan, Kevin Jones, Adrian O Connor, Eamonn Kissane. Both Owen Joy and Nigel Reidy were unable to play due to injury.

Ref: Pa Mannix (Listry).


Rd. 2 on Fri. 30th March in Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; John Mitchels 1-8.

Rangers had lots of possession but they were inclined to be too individualistic in the forward line.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, James Hurley, Adrian Hassett, Owen Corkery, Noel Conroy, Owen Joy, Anthony O Sullivan, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Carl O Sullivan, Billy O Shea, Mikey Griffin, Michael Lynch, Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin. Subs: Michael Hassett for N. Reidy; Robert Murphy, Stephen O Sullivan, Sean O Sullivan, Kevin Jones, Adrian O Connor, Eamonn Kissane, Paudie O Shea, Declan Byrne, Owen O Sullivan.


Rd. 3 on Fri. 6th April at Connolly Park: Austin Stacks 1-8; Laune Rangers 0-11.

That was a very good result considering that Rangers were without Michael Lynch (sick) and Nigel Reidy (inj.). Indeed Owen Joy was only half fit. Billy O Shea had a blinder. Adrian Hassett was excellent and never yielded even under severe pressure. Paudie Russell had a great game and he was flanked by two stalwarts.

Laune Rangers: Stephen O Sullivan, James Hurley, Paudie Russell, Owen Corkery, Noel Conroy, Adrian Hassett, Anthony O Sullivan, John Doona, Billy O Shea (0-4), Carl O Sullivan, Jason Griffin (0-2), Mikey Griffin(0-1), Rory O Connor (0-1), Owen Joy, Kevin Jones (0-3). Subs: Sean O Sullivan, Eamonn Kissane, Adrian O Connor.

Ref: Maurice O Sullivan (Ballyheigue).


Rd. 5 on Fri. 20th April at 7.00pm at Direen: Legion 0-11; Laune Rangers 0-8.

Billy O Shea and Adrian Hassett were outstanding. Paudie Russell was great. John Doona, though sick, tried hard.

Laune Rangers: Stephen O Sullivan, James Hurley, Paudie Russell, Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan, Adrian Hassett (0-1), Noel Conroy, John Doona (0-1), Billy O Shea (0-2), Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin, Michael Lynch (0-3), Rory O Connor, Owen O Sullivan, Mikey Griffin (0-1). Subs: Niall Moriarty for M. Griffin (inj.); Carl O Sullivan, Sean O Sullivan, Eamonn Kissane, Adrian O Connor, Robert Murphy. Owen Joy was unable to play due to injury.


Rd. 4 on Fri. 4th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-11; Dingle 0-3.

That game had been originally fixed for Fri. 13th April but Rangers had acceded to Dingle’s request for a postponement. The winners led at halftime on the score of 4-7 to 0-1 and the game was over as a contest.

Laune Rangers: Stephen O Sullivan, James Hurley, Paudie Russell, Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan, Adrian Hassett, Noel Conroy, John Doona, Nigel Reidy, Jason Griffin (0-3), Declan Byrne, Michael Lynch (0-1), Kevin Jones (4-3), Owen O Sullivan (0-2), Mikey Griffin. Subs: Niall Moriarty for S. O Sullivan; Carl O Sullivan (0-1) for D. Byrne; Rory O Connor (0-1) for O. O Sullivan; Sean O Sullivan, Robert Murphy.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Play-off on Fri. 11th May at Milltown: Austin Stacks 3-8; Laune Rangers 3-4.

Jason Griffin was unable to start because of a sore elbow but he came on after ten minutes. Rangers were just a point in arrears with two minutes left to play but then Stacks got a goal.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, James Hurley, Paudie Russell, Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan, Owen Joy (0-1), Noel Conroy, John Doona, Adrian Hassett, Michael Lynch (0-1), Nigel Reidy (0-1), Billy O Shea (1-1), Owen O Sullivan, Mikey Griffin, Carl O Sullivan. Subs: Jason Griffin (2-0) for C. O Sullivan; Sean O Sullivan, Declan Byrne, Rory O Connor, Robert Murphy, Adrian O Connor.

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Final: Legion 1-11; Austin Stacks 1-9.


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship

The Mid-Kery Board, in its wisdom, decided at its meeting on 24th July to run a Minor ‘B’ Championship for the four ‘weak’ teams (Cromane, Milltown/Castlemaine, Glenbeigh and Keel) before the commencement of the ‘A’ Championship, which was not then played until November.


Semi-final on Sat. 3rd Nov. in Milltown: Laune Rangers v Keel.

At 1.15pm the club Chairman, Jerome Conway, received a phone call from the Mid-Kerry Secretary, who asked him if he knew that the game had been cancelled. That had been the first that Laune Rangers had heard of that. It was most annoying, as the club had brought home players from various places, while players and mentors had taken time off work for a game that did not take place. Some weeks later, Keel withdrew from the competition.


Final on Sat. 29th Dec. at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-5; Beaufort 0-5.

That team had been beaten by Beaufort in the corresponding U-14 and U-16 finals. In this final, again, they used their roughhouse tactics, never opening their fists in the tackle, but to no avail. Conditions were awful – why wouldn’t they? That had been Laune Rangers only game at minor level in Mid-Kerry that year – so much for the promotion of football in the District Board! Rangers hadn’t a game at minor level since 23rd Sept. and the team was, consequently, a little rusty but John Evans had the players well fired up. The backs were in great form, particularly Adrian Hassett, Billy O Shea, Owen Corkery and Anthony O Sullivan. The winners were adequate at midfield. The forwards took too much out of the ball and played into the hands of the opposition. The quick ball, when they used it, caught Beaufort out. The goal came midway through the second half after a quick through ball to Nigel Reidy, who set up Owen Joy.

Laune Rangers: Niall Moriarty, James Hurley, Adrian Hassett, Owen Corkery, Anthony O Sullivan (capt.), Billy O Shea, Michael Hassett, John Doona, Paudie Russell, Michael Lynch (0-2), Jason Griffin (0-2), Nigel Reidy, Carl O Sullivan, Owen Joy (1-1), Kevin Jones. Subs: Michael Griffin for C. O Sullivan; Derry O Sullivan for K. Jones; Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Owen O Sullivan, Noel Conroy.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) – he was coming back to refereeing after a long lay-off and he, too, was very rusty.

Mid-Kerry – 1990 Co. U-16 Inter-Divisional Champions

Mid-Kerry – 1990 Co. U-16 Inter-Divisional Champions
Front (Laune Rangers except where stated): Karl Griffin, Kieran Coffey (Beaufort), Mike Falvey (do), Fergal Spillane (do), Eamonn Breen (do), Kevin Jones (capt.), Mike Flynn (Keel), Liam Hassett, Seamus Burke (Milltown/Castlemaine), David O Connor (do), Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).
Back: Paddy Evans (Keel), Tommy Griffin (do), Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Liam Barton (Keel), Paudie Russell, Derry O Sullivan, Colin O Sullivan (Cromane), Joe McAuliffe (Milltown/Castlemaine), Kevin Giles (do), Emmett Spring (do), Martin Burke (do), Pat O Keeffe, Andrew Doyle.

Co.U-16 Inter-District Board Football Championship

Coach/Selector – Jerome Conway. Selectors – Tim Coffey (Beaufort) and Seanie Foley (Keel).


Rd. 1 on Sat. 8th Sept. at Milltown: Mid-Kerry 3-15; Tralee 0-7.

Mid-Kerry played very well despite the fact that their preparations had been minimal. The backs were excellent throughout, with the three Keel boys particularly to the fore. Mid-Kerry dominated midfield for most of the game, particularly when Paudie Russell came out. The forwards were slow to get going, but once they did they won well. The winners led at halftime 0-7 to 0-6. Liam Barton scored 3-3 and the rest of the scores were evenly divided between the forwards and the mid-fielders. Mike Hassett scored some great frees. The team had the potential to improve.

Mid-Kerry: Andrew Doyle (Laune Rangers), Kieran Coffey (Beaufort), Tommy Griffin (Keel), Emmett Spring (Milltown), David O Connor (do.), Derry Griffin (Keel), Paddy Evans (Keel), Mike Hassett (Laune Rangers) capt. Colin O Sullivan (Cromane), Joseph McAuliffe (Milltown), Declan Byrne (Laune Rangers), Derry O Sullivan (do.), Martin Burke (Milltown), Paudie Russell (Laune Rangers), Liam Barton (Keel). Subs: Fergal Spillane (Beaufort) for D. Byrne; Eamonn Breen (Beaufort) for D. O Connor; Seamus Burke (Milltown) for C. O Sullivan (inj.); Eamonn Foley (Laune Rangers), Pat O Keeffe (do.), Liam Hassett (do.), Mícheál Foley (Beaufort), Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Kevin Giles (Milltown).

Kevin Jones (Laune Rangers) and Raymond Kelliher (Beaufort) were injured.

Ref: Denis Reidy (Ballymac).


Semi-Final on Sat. 15th Sept. at Castleisland: Mid-Kerry 4-13; East Kerry 1-5.

Team: Kevin Giles, Kieran Coffey, Tommy Griffin, Eamonn Breen, Emmett Spring, Derry Flynn, Paddy Evans, Mike Hassett, Colin O Sullivan, Fergal Spillane, Derry O Sullivan, Joe McAuliffe, Martin Burke, Paudie Russell, Liam Barton. Subs: Mike Falvey (Beaufort) for E, Spring (inj.); Liam Hassett for C. O Sullivan (inj.); David O Connor, Seamus Burke, Michael O Sullivan, Pat O Keeffe.


Final on Sat. 29th Sept. at Strand Rd: Mid-Kerry 4-7; West Kerry 1-5.

The following was Mark Kilden’s report in Kerry’s Eye: ‘Mid-Kerry’s U-16 footballers got sweet revenge for the defeat of their seniors at the hands of West Kerry in the Senior Final, when the young crop, from the combined clubs including Laune Rangers, had a very well deserved easy victory over the peninsula boys in the final at Tralee on Saturday.

A brace of goals in each half were the deciding scores. Liam Barton struck for the first after ten minutes play – Kevin Jones had opened the scoring earlier for Mid-Kerry with a converted 20m free. Paul O Driscoll got West Kerry off the mark with a point after fifteen minutes play. The Westerners were enjoying plenty of the play, but their attack was trying for goals when points were for the taking. The Mid-Kerry defence was much better than the losers when it came to covering, as two of the winners’ goals came from slack marking by West Kerry, which gave keeper Diarmuid Murphy no chance. There was little Murphy could do about Mid-Kerry’s second goal scored by Fergal Spillane at an angle on the right. The ball hit the post before entering the net. Maurice O Shea had West Kerry’s second point of the half from a close-in free.

Mid-Kerry went in at the break in a comfortable position when Kevin Jones (what a game he had!), Martin Burke and Mike Hassett had points, which left the score 2-4 to 0-2. West Kerry restarted smartly. Paul O Driscoll had the white flag waving within fifty seconds. Dara O Cinnéide had the ball in the Mid-Kerry net. The score was not allowed for a square infringement. West Kerry got plenty to cheer about in the seventh minute when, in a goalmouth melee, Ciarán Ashe poked the ball home. The goal cut Mid-Kerry’s lead to four points and a rousing battle loomed. However, this did not materialize as Mid-Kerry, with Hassett at midfield and the always busy Kevin Jones creating havoc in West Kerry’s half, took complete control and the final outcome was well known long before Derry O Sullivan crashed home goal number four five minutes to the finish – Kevin Jones had scored the third after poor West Kerry defensive play. West Kerry had to wait until the last kick of the hour for their fifth point, a free scored by Maurice O Shea. The final score of 4-7 to 1-5 was a true reflection of Mid-Kerry’s overall strength.

The West Kerry players were too much on the light side and were not as physically strong as the opposition, in key positions. Eamonn Breen, Tommy Griffin, Derry Flynn, Mike Hassett, Martin Burke, Derry O Sullivan, Joe McAuliffe and Kevin Jones shone for Mid-Kerry. Dara O Shea, Tony Brown, Joe Walsh, Mark Moynihan, Paul Quinn, Christy O Connor, Paul O Driscoll and Maurice O Shea did best for West Kerry.’

After the game, Chairman of Bord na nÓg, Michael O Callaghan, presented the trophy to Kevin Jones.

Mid-Kerry had won that competition then three years-in-a-row.

Mid-Kerry: Colin O Sullivan, Kieran Coffey, Tommy Griffin, Eamonn Breen, Emmett Spring, Derry Flynn, Paddy Evans, Mike Hassett (0-1), Martin Burke (0-2), Fergal Spillane (1-0), Derry O Sullivan (1-1), Joe McAuliffe, Kevin Jones capt. (1-3), Paudie Russell, Liam Barton (1-0). Subs: Mike Falvey for E. Spring (inj.), Karl Griffin (Laune Rangers), David O Connor, Seamus Burke, Liam Hassett, Pat O Keeffe, Kealon O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), Michael O Sullivan, Kevin Giles, Andrew Doyle (Laune Rangers).

West Kerry: Diarmuid Murphy (Dingle) capt, Dara O Shea (Gaeltacht), Conor Slattery (Annascaul), Tony Brown (Gaeltacht), Kieran Moriarty (do.), Joe Walsh (do.), Tomas O Shea (Dingle), Paul Quinn (Gaeltacht), Mark Moynihan (Annascual) 0-1, Dara Ó Cinnéide (Gaeltacht), Michael Knightley (Annascaul), Christy O Connor (Dingle), Paul O Driscoll (Annacsaul) 0-2, Kieran Ashe (Dingle) 1-0, Maurice O Shea (Gaeltacht) 0-2, frees. Subs: Kieran Finn (Castlegregory) for K. Ashe; James O Brien (Annascaul) for K. Moriarty., Paddy O Connor (Castlegregory), Bartley O Shea (Annascaul), Colm Hannifin (Lispole), Aonghus O Cinnéide (Gaeltacht), Ronan O Sullivan (Dingle), James O Brien (Annascaul), Sean Barrett (Lispole), Ciarán Mac Gearailt (Gaeltacht), Ciarán Ó Muircheartaigh (Gaeltacht), Labhrás Ó Cuarnáin (Gaeltacht), Dominic de Brún (Gaeltacht).

Ref: Albert O Sullivan (K. O Rahillys).

Co. U-16 Football Championship Div. 1

That competition was played on a league basis, There were six teams – John Mitchels, Austin Stacks, Dr. Crokes, Legion, Kerins O Rahillys and Laune Rangers – with the top four going into the semi-finals.

Coach/Trainer – Jerome Conway.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 27th June at Strand Road: Kerins O Rahillys 2-6; Laune Rangers 1-10.

Rangers were well out of the game for long periods as the O Rahilly’s full-forward did a lot of damage and Andrew Doyle conceded a soft goal. However, Rangers battled on well and eventually won by a single point. Kevin Jones got a great goal. Karl Griffin was playing great football and was improving with every outing.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Ronan Curtayne, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Hassett (capt.), Pat O Keeffe, Jerry O Brien, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Tony O Sullivan, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones. Subs: Raymond O Sullivan for J. O Brien; Nicholas Bainton, Mark Conway, Francis O Sullivan, John Purcell.

Ref: Albert O Sullivan (K. O Rahillys) as the appointed referee failed to show.


Rd. 2 on Mon. 9th July at Beaufort: Laune Rangers 3-9; Dr. Crokes 2-11.

That was a very tough game. Dr. Crokes were very much indisciplined. One of their mid-fielders was sent off for head-butting. Pat O Keeffe’s injury was caused by an unpunished late tackle. Despite all that, Laune Rangers played well. They had to play in Beaufort as it was Rangers’ home venue but the seniors had arranged a challenge against St. Mary’s in Killorglin.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Paudie Russell, Pat O Keeffe, Ronan Curtayne, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Kevin Jones, Tony O Sullivan. Subs: Jerry O Brien for L. Hassett; Francis O Sullivan for T. O Sullivan; Liam Hassett for P. O Keeffe (inj.); Nicholas Bainton, Christy Purcell.

Ref: Michael Curran (Beaufort).


Rd. 3 on Wed. 11th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-2; Austin Stacks 0-0.

The game was abandoned after five minutes, when a Stacks player accidentally broke his leg.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Hassett, Paudie Russell, Ronan Curtayne, Kevin Jones, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Derry O Sullivan, Tony O Sullivan. Subs: Jerry O Brien, Colin O Sullivan, Francis O Sullivan, Nicholas Bainton, John Purcell, Christy Purcell.

Ref: Kieran Breen (Beaufort).


Rd. 4 on Mon. 23rd July at Direen: Legion 2-13; Laune Rangers 5-11.

Despite the high score, Laune Rangers really did not play well. The backs were very hesitant in the first half. Rangers only dominated midfield at times during the game. Derry O Donoghue played well in the first half. Liam Hassett was the best of our forwards. Kevin Jones played in spurts and starts.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Kealon O Sullivan, Ronan Curtayne, Paudie Russell, Karl Griffin, Liam Hassett (0-5), Kevin Jones (1-2), Eamonn Foley (2-2), Francis O Sullivan (0-1), Derry O Sullivan (2-1), Tony O Sullivan. Subs: John Purcell, Nicholas Bainton, James Murphy.

Missing: Michael Hassett (Gaeltacht), Pat O Keeffe (inj.) and Jerry O Brien (retired!)

Ref: Pat O Donoghue (Fossa).


Rd. 5 on Wed. 25th July at Boherbue: John Mitchels 1-10; Laune Rangers 2-6.

Laune Rangers played with the aid of the breeze in the first half but did not avail of the advantage. They played much better in the second half and were unlucky not to draw. Some of the backs were very tentative. Mike Hassett and Karl Griffin played very well. Liam Hassett and Derry O Sullivan played well in the forwards.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Kealon O Sullivan, Ronan Curtayne, Michael Hassett, Karl Griffin, Liam Hassett, Kevin Jones, Eamonn Foley, John Purcell, Derry O Sullivan, Tony O Sullivan. Subs: James Murphy and Nicholas Bainton (both played). Missing: Paudie Russell (work), and Pat O Keeffe (inj.).

Ref: Albert O Sullivan (K. O Rahillys).


Rd. 3 (replay) on Mon. 30th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers w/o; Austin Stacks.

Austin Stacks rang at 7.25pm to say that they could not field a team.


Semi-Final on Tues. 14th Aug. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers 5-15; Dr. Crokes 1-8.

That was a terrific team performance. The winners began in dramatic fashion, scoring three goals in the first ten minutes. They held sway at midfield during that half and the backs never gave an inch. In a rare Crokes’ attack, Andrew Doyle made a great save – that man was developing into a fine goalkeeper. For some of the second half, Rangers lost their way, bunching at midfield. However, they weathered the storm, Michael Cahillane and Mark Conway clearing well. Kealon O Sullivan was great and Karl Griffin was equally so. Derry O Donoghue played his best game to date. Redmond Fitzgerald was adequate – his clearances were suspect. Pat O Keeffe, back from injury, played very well. Mike Hassett, after a great first half, had a quieter second half. Tony O Sullivan had his best game for the Rangers, scoring 1-2. Derry O Sullivan was outstanding, particularly in the first half, scoring 3-2. His work-rate had improved immensely and he tried hard throughout. Eamonn Foley had one of his better games – he was not beaten for possession throughout but his finishing was suspect. Liam Hassett was a very clever player – given a free role, he roamed to purpose. He was equally accurate with either foot. Paudie Russell was a most versatile player – full-forward for that team, midfield for the minors. He was very strong and a great listener. He set up most of the scores and notched a few himself. Kevin Jones played well – he was most accurate, a strong fielder and could both make and take scores.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Hassett, Pat O Keeffe, Tony O Sullivan, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones. Subs: Ronan Curtayne, Francis O Sullivan, Nicholas Bainton, James Murphy, John Purcell.

Ref: Kieran Breen (Beaufort).


Final on Wed. 22nd Aug. at Currow: Laune Rangers 7-8; John Mitchels 0-7.

Laune Rangers began very well and scored 2-2 in the first ten minutes – the goals by Tony O Sullivan and Kevin Jones. Thereafter, they relaxed and allowed Mitchels to score six points – albeit only one from play – without reply. Kevin Jones got a point before the halftime whistle to give the Killorglin boys an interval lead of 2-3 to 0-6. Before halftime, Jerome Conway, team coach, had to remonstrate with the referee as he was giving not a wit – even penalizing us seemingly in the wrong. He pulled up his socks a little after that!

After some tough talking at halftime, Rangers came out in the second half full of determination. Some quick points were followed by an exceptionally well-taken penalty by Pat O Keeffe. Thereafter they proceeded to demolish the opposition. Michael Hassett and Pat O Keeffe commanded midfield and Karl Griffin was rock solid. Mitchels scored only one point (a free) in that half, while Rangers had goals from Eamonn Foley (2), Kevin Jones and Mike Hassett.

As well as those mentioned, Michael Cahillane played very well, catching three great balls in the first half, when Rangers were under pressure. Ronan Curtayne did well when he was introduced. He hit the bar with a great effort. Derry O Sullivan never really got going. In winning the Mid-Kerry and County titles, the lads had achieved a notable double. They had trained hard and had deserved the spoils of victory.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Hassett (1-1), Pat O Keeffe (1-1), Tony O Sullivan (1-0), Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley (2-0), Liam Hassett, Paudie Russell (0-2), Kevin Jones (2-4). Subs: Ronan Curtayne for T. O Sullivan; John Purcell, Nicholas Bainton.

Ref: Denis Reidy (Ballymac).


Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship

That competition was played on a league basis – each team played the other teams, the top team went into the final and the next two played in the semi-final.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 2nd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-10; Beaufort 1-2.

Andrew Doyle had just arrived from England, where the Intermediate School had been on school tour, but he wanted to play and he played well. The following had also been to England but were too shattered to play: Pat O Keeffe, Redmond Fitzgerald, Ronan Curtayne and Tony O Sullivan. Paudie Russell had had teeth extracted and was rested.

That was a hard game, with Beaufort getting ‘stuck in’. It took Laune Rangers a bit to settle down against the breeze, but they led at halftime 1-5 to 0-2. The backs played well throughout, especially the halfback line. In the second half, Mike Hassett went to midfield in an exchange with Declan Byrne and the Killorglin boys took over completely. The forwards were easily put off their game and lacked cuteness. Kevin Jones played well but was inclined to over-carry the ball. He got a very good goal and four or five points. Derry O Sullivan tried hard but was lacking in basic skill. Eamonn Foley lacked fire. Raymond O Sullivan lacked concentration. Liam Hassett played well and was very cute. Turlough Byrnes got the first half goal and played well. Jerry O Brien had improved immensely.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Karl Griffin, Michael Hassett, Kealon O Sullivan, Declan Byrne, Jerry O Brien, Raymond O Sullivan, Kevin Jones (capt.), Eamonn Foley, Turlough Byrnes, Derry O Sullivan, Liam Hassett. Subs: Anthony Foley (Rangue) for T. Byrnes; Francis O Sullivan (Reen) for L. Hassett; John Purcell, Nicholas Bainton, Glenn Evans, James Murphy, Noel Kingston.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Callinfercy).


Rd. 2 on Mon. 9th April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh/Glencar 2-0; Laune Rangers 7-14.

Glenbeigh were very poor. Rangers played poorly, also, in the first half, particularly the forwards, who indulged in over-elaboration. Jerry O Brien had developed very well. Mike Hassett and Pat O Keeffe dominated midfield. The backs were always on top.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Pat O Keeffe, Jerry O Brien, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Kevin Jones, Tony O Sullivan. Subs: James Murphy, Francis O Sullivan, Anthony Foley, John Purcell, Nicholas Bainton, Christy Purcell (all played).

Ref: Ciarán O Callaghan (Cromane) – very good.


Rd. 3 on Mon. 16th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Cromane.

Cromane failed to show and failed to make any contact with the club.


Rd. 4 on Mon. 23rd April at Keel: Keel 1-5; Laune Rangers 3-12.

The forwards were not yet putting their game together. They had the potential but they were not achieving. Mike Hassett was outstanding. The backs were adequate.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Paudie Russell, Pat O Keeffe, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Declan Byrne, Jerry O Brien. Subs: Raymond O Sullivan, Stephen Clifford, Tony O Sullivan, John Purcell, James Murphy, Nicholas Bainton, Francis O Sullivan, Anthony Foley, Ronan Curtayne, Christy Purcell (all played).

Ref: Michael Murphy (Callinfercy).


Rd. 5 on Mon. 30th April at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 3-5; Laune Rangers 4-4.

Laune Rangers played great football in the first half and led at halftime by 3-4 to 1-2. In the second half the forwards reverted to their individualistic game and they could only muster one goal as a result. They would have to improve.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Raymond O Sullivan, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Declan Byrne, Jerry O Brien, Derry O Sullivan, Pat O Keeffe, Liam Hassett, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones. Subs: Eamonn Foley for L. Hassett; Tony O Sullivan, John Purcell, Anthony Foley, Ronan Curtayne, Stephen Clifford, Nicholas Bainton, James Murphy, Christy Purcell.

Ref: Donie Hartnett (Beaufort).


Final on Fri. 22nd June at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers 4-12; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-5.

Laune Rangers got off to a great start with goals from Kevin Jones and Derry O Sullivan. Milltown got a point but Rangers replied with another goal from Paudie Russell and yet another from Kevin Jones. The backs were great and the midfield outstanding. Mike Hassett showed that he would one day be a great footballer. Rangers won easily – which compensated in part for the debacle of two years previously (when the teams were U-14). When presenting the trophy, the Chairman of Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg, Sean O Connor, Glenbeigh (The Glenbeigh club organised Bord na nOg in 1990 – each club organized Bord na nOg in its turn) just handed over the trophy to the winning captain without a word. Having recovered from this setback, Kevin Jones said his few words very well. Afterwards, the Milltown officials did not visit the Rangers’ dressing-rooms for the customary congratulations – normally the losers come to the victors’ dressing-rooms and then the victors reciprocate. Not one official congratulated the Rangers’ players. Laune Rangers had requested that the game would be played at an earlier date but Milltown had refused as they knew that Declan Byrne was going to England to work.

Laune Rangers: Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Raymond O Sullivan, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Pat O Keeffe, Jerry O Brien, Derry O Sullivan, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones. Subs: Derry O Donoghue for R. O Sullivan; Ronan Curtayne for M. Conway; Tony O Sullivan, Anthony Foley, Francis O Sullivan, Nicholas Bainton, James Murphy, John Purcell, Christy Purcell.

Ref: Denis O Shea (Glenbeigh).


All-Ireland U-16 Club Championship in Galway on 17th/18th Nov.

Laune Rangers, as Co. Champions, were invited to partake in the competition, which was organised by Salthill GAA Club. Rangers were due to play Wolfe Tones of Shannon in the quarter-finals a few weeks earlier but, unfortunately, they pulled out of the competition at very short notice. Having received £250 from Co. Bord na nOg, £50 from Fexco and £16 from each of the players, the team set off courtesy of Brosnan’s Tours, Castleisland, at 8.00am on Sat. 17th Nov. They arrived at Salthill at 11.45am. They had a pack lunch.

Semi-final at Salthill’s Pitch: Simmonstown (Meath) 1-19; Laune Rangers 3-11.

Rangers had most of the play in the first quarter and, though they led by 5 points, they should have been further ahead but they began to indulge in messing. Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Michael Cahillane, Mark Conway, Mike Hassett, Kevin Jones and Derry O Sullivan played very well. The opposition was physically much stronger. The scores were level at full time.

They then had to play 15 minutes each way. Again Rangers pulled ahead but had bad luck when Kevin Jones hit the bar with only the goalie to beat with 3 minutes left and 2 points ahead. Simmonstown came away and scored a goal. Rangers leveled to bring the game into extra-extra time – 5 minutes each way. The Kerry boys went ahead again but were unable to maintain the lead and eventually lost by 2 points. That was a great, great game, played in a most sporting manner. The lads ran themselves into the ground but lack of training told in the end. The sticky ground took its toll but the team was proud of its performance.

After the game the team was treated to tea and sandwiches, courtesy of Salthill GAA Club at their beautiful new clubhouse. The team stayed at the Galway Bay Hotel, proprietor Tom Fitzgerald, Inch. They went to 7.30pm Mass. Jerome Conway went to the official reception, in the clubrooms, at 9.00pm, where he was presented with a commemorative plaque and he returned one in like manner. Speakers at the function were Liam Salmon, Tom Leonard and the Chairman of the Galway Co. Board, Mr. Burke.

The lads had gone on the town but, as agreed, returned to the hotel at 11.30pm. They went to bed, after a chat, at 12.20am. Morning found them with a fine breakfast and they were off to play Westport, the Mayo Champions at 11.30am. Even though the boys were very stiff, they won easily on the score of 3-7 to 2-3. They had lunch at The Galleon, they went to see the final (Simmonstown v Salthill, which the latter won easily) and headed home at 4.10pm. They arrived at 7.45pm. It was a most enjoyable weekend with as fine a bunch of lads as had been the coach’s privilege to know.

Laune Rangers (on both days): Andrew Doyle, Mark Conway, Michael Cahillane, Derry O Donoghue, Redmond Fitzgerald, Karl Griffin, Kealon O Sullivan, Mike Hassett (capt.), Pat O Keeffe, Derry O Sullivan, Declan Byrne, Eamonn Foley, Liam Hassett, Paudie Russell, Kevin Jones. Subs: Raymond O Sullivan, Ronan Curtayne, Tony O Sullivan, Francis O Sullivan, James Murphy, Nicholas Bainton. John Purcell was unable to play because of a knee injury. Coach – Jerome Conway.

Willie Fitzgerald, Colm Conway (U-14) and Brendan Fitzgerald (U-12) also travelled. The bus driver was Timmy O Sullivan (Castleisland), All-Ireland winner in 1962.


Co. U-14 Football Championship Div. 1

That competition was played on a league basis. There were six teams – Austin Stacks, Kerins O Rahillys, John Mitchels, Gaeltacht, Dr. Crokes and Laune Rangersm – with the top four going into the semi-finals. Trainers/Coaches – Pat Pigott and John Clifford.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 4th April at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 4-7; Laune Rangers 4-5.

Brian O Neill was excellent. Alan O Sullivan and Donncha Curran, in the half back line, were very good. Rory Corkery played well. Fiachra O Donoghue and Nigel Corkery were the best of the forwards. Nigel Corkery scored two goals. Rory Corkery and Fiachra O Donoghue scored one each.

Laune Rangers: Paul O Brien, Paudie Finnegan, Thomas Walsh (capt), Brian O Neill, John Sheehan, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Donncha Curran, Alan O Sullivan (The Castle), Rory Corkery, John O Sullivan, Michael F. Russell, David Lynch, Fiachra O Donoghue, Pa O Sullivan, Nigel Corkery. Subs: Anthony Reen for D. Lynch; Colm Conway, Anthony Horgan, Thomas Murphy, Nicholas Foley, Florence McCarthy, Eamonn Clifford.

Ref: Donie Fleming (Legion).


Rd. 2 on Wed. 11th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; John Mitchels 0-9.

That was a game that Rangers could have won but they fluffed too many chances. The backs played well.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Fergal O Brien, Donncha Curran, Brian O Neill, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Rory Corkery, John O Sullivan, Michael F. Russell, Pa O Sullivan, Fiachra O Donoghue, Pat Leahy, Nigel Corkery. Subs: Thomas Murphy for J. O Sullivan, Paudie Finnegan, Anthony Reen, Florence McCarthy, Colm Conway, Aidan Leahy, Anthony Horgan.

Ref: Jack O Connor (Glencar).


Rd. 3 on Wed. 18th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-3; Kerins O Rahillys 1-8.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Fergal O Brien, Donncha Curran, Brian O Neill, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Rory Corkery, Brian Gannon, Michael F. Russell, Pa O Sullivan, Fiachra O Donoghue, Alan O Sullivan, Nigel Corkery. Subs: John O Sullivan, Pat Leahy (both played), Paudie Finnegan, David Lynch, Colm Conway, Thomas Murphy, Anthony Reen, Paul O Brien, Nicky Foley, Aidan Leahy.

Ref: John Joe Ladden.


Rd. 4 on Sat. 28th April in Gallerus: Gaeltacht 4-8; Laune Rangers 1-5.


Rd. 5 on Wed. 9th May at Connolly Park: Austin Stacks 2-7; Laune Rangers 0-2.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Donncha Curran, Paudie Finnegan, Fergal O Brien, John Sheehan, Brian O Neill, Thomas Walsh, Alan O Sullivan (The Castle), David Lynch, Michael F. Russell (0-2), John O Sullivan, Fiachra O Donoghue, Pat Leahy, Nigel Corkery. Subs: Anthony Horgan, Paul O Brien, Colm Conway, Florence McCarthy, Eamonn Clifford, Thomas Murphy (all played).


Laune Rangers did not progress beyond the preliminary rounds. The team, the majority of which was eligible the following year, had a few close encounters, losing two games by narrow margins.


Final on Mon. 28th May at Connolly Park: Kerins O Rahillys 1-7; John Mitchels 0-5.


Co. 14 B Football Championship Div. 7

There were three teams in the southern section – Laune Rangers, Dr. Crokes and Legion – and the top two teams qualified for the semi-finals. The competition was played on a league basis. Coach – Pierce Prendiville.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 7th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-9; Dr. Crokes ‘B’ 6-11.

Paul O Brien played very well. Fergal O Brien and Nigel Corkery scored a goal each.

Laune Rangers: Tony Lyons, Colm Conway (capt.), Eamonn Clifford, Maurice Sheehan, Anthony Reen, Paul O Brien, Fergal O Brien, Nigel Corkery, Shane Harmon, Thomas Murphy, Florence McCarthy, Nicky Foley, Kevin Cahillane, Noel Purcell. Sub: Liam Fitzgerald for F. McCarthy.


Rd. 2 on Fri. 20th April at Direen: Legion ‘B’ 1-15; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-6.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Colm Conway (capt.), Paul O Brien, Maurice Sheehan, Shane Harmon, Eamonn Clifford, Paudie Finnegan, David Lynch, Seamus Costello, Nicky Foley, Nigel Corkery, Thomas Murphy, Liam Fitzgerald, Aidan Leahy, T. J. Cronin. Subs: Kevin Cahillane, Damien West, Noel Purcell (all played).

Ref: Pat Pigott (Laune Rangers).


Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship

That competition was played on a league basis – each team played the other teams, the top team went into the final and the next two played in the semi-final.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 8th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 7-9; Cromane 1-7.

Thomas Murphy played well when he moved to halfback. Donncha Curran and John Sheehan played well, also. The others were adequate.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Colm Conway, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Fergal O Brien, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Donncha Curran, Alan O Sullivan, Rory Corkery, Thomas Murphy, Michael F. Russell, Paul O Brien, Fiachra O Donoghue, Anthony Horgan, Nigel Corkery. Subs: Florence McCarthy for R. Corkery; Nicky Foley for A. O Sullivan (Tullig).

Ref: Simon O Sullivan (Beaufort).


Rd. 2 on Sat. 21st April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh/Glencar 2-3; Laune Rangers 3-8.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Paudie Finnegan, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, David Lynch, Donncha Curran, Thomas Murphy, Rory Corkery, Michael F. Russell, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Brian Gannon, John O Sullivan, Nigel Corkery, Alan O Sullivan, Fiachra O Donoghue. Subs: Pa O Sullivan, Anthony Reen, Colm Conway, Paul O Brien, Seamus Costello, Liam Fitzgerald, Nicky Foley.

Ref: Pat Pigott (Laune Rangers), as the appointed referee failed to show.


Rd. 3 on Mon. 7th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Beaufort 0-12.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Brian O Neill, Donncha Curran, Fergal O Brien, Rory Corkery, Michael F. Russell, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Pat Leahy, John O Sullivan, Fiachra O Donoghue, Alan O Sullivan, Nigel Corkery, Subs: Thomas Murphy for A. O Sullivan (Tullig), David Lynch for F. O Donoghue; Paudie Finnegan for F. O Brien; Colm Conway, Anthony Horgan, Nicky Foley, Anthony Reen, Paul O Brien, Eamonn Clifford, Florence McCarthy.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Callinfercy).


Rd. 4 on Mon. 14th May at Keel: Keel 2-7; Laune Rangers 1-13.

Pat Leahy scored the goal. David Lynch scored 4 points and M. F. Russell got 2 points.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Rory Corkery, John Sheehan, Fergal O Brien, Donncha Curran, Paudie Finnegan, Thomas Walsh, Alan O Sullivan (The Castle), John O Sullivan, Michael F. Russell, Fiachra O Donoghue, Pa O Sullivan, Pat Leahy, David Lynch. Subs: Alan O Sullivan (Tullig) for M. F. Russell; Paul O Brien, Colm Conway, Anthony Reen, Thomas Murphy, Florence McCarthy, Eamonn Clifford, Brian O Neill, Liam Fitzgerald.

Ref: John Joe Ladden (Castlemaine).


Rd. 5 on Mon. 21st May at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-4; Laune Rangers 5-13.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes (0-1), Thomas Walsh (1-0), John Sheehan, Fergal O Brien, Donncha Curran, Paudie Finnegan, Alan o Sullivan (Tullig) 0-1, Alan O Sullivan (The Castle) 1-0, Fiachra O Donoghue, Pat Leahy (0-4), John O Sullivan, Pa O Sullivan (1-0), Rory Corkery (2-4), David Lynch (0-2). Subs: Nigel Corkery, Thomas Murphy (0-1), Brian O Neill, Anthony Horgan, Colm Conway, Nicky Foley, Anthony Reen, Florence McCarthy, Liam Fitzgerald, Paul O Brien (all played).


Semi-Final on Sun. 1st July at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-15; Keel 0-6.

Rory Corkery scored 11 points. John O Sullivan was sent off for fighting.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Brian O Neill, Donncha Curran, Paudie Finnegan, Fergal O Brien, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Pat Leahy, Alan O Sullivan, John O Sullivan, David Lynch, Rory Corkery, Pa O Sullivan. Subs: Fiachra O Donoghue, Brian Gannon, Colm Conway, Paul O Brien, Nicky Foley, Anthony Reen, Liam Fitzgerald.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Callinfercy).


Final on Fri. 13th July at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-9; Beaufort 1-9.

John O Sullivan had been given an automatic one match suspension. Laune Rangers actually won that game, as everybody, except the referee and the Beaufort mentors, said that the score was 1-9 to 1-8 in their favour. That was a great team performance. The players were disappointed at the referee’s decision to award a draw. However, that would strengthen their resolve.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh, John Sheehan, Paudie Finnegan, Donncha Curran, Brian O Neill, Rory Corkery, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Michael F. Russell, Fergal O Brien, Pat Leahy, Brian Gannon, Alan O Sullivan, Pa O Sullivan. Subs: Fiachra O Donoghue, David Lynch, Paul O Brien, Colm Conway, Nicky Foley, Anthony Reen, Liam Fitzgerald.

Ref: Michael Healy (Cromane).


Final replay on Sun. 22nd July at Milltown: Laune Rangers 2-10; Beaufort 2-6.

That was a great team performance. Rangers led at one stage in the first half by 1-7 to 0-1. A goal by Eanna O Malley closed the gap but Beaufort was never able to get within three points of the winners.

Laune Rangers: Michael Hurley, Joe Hayes, Thomas Walsh (capt.), John Sheehan, Paudie Finnegan, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), Brian O Neill, Rory Corkery (0-2), Donncha Curran (0-1), Michael F. Russell (0-2), Alan O Sullivan, Pat Leahy, Brian Gannon (1-2), Fergal O Brien (1-2), Pa O Sullivan (0-1). Subs: Fiachra O Donoghue for P. O Sullivan; David Lynch for A. O Sullivan (Tullig); Paul O Brien, Colm Conway, Nicky Foley, Anthony Reen, Liam Fitzgerald. John O Sullivan was sick and unable to play.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Callinfercy).

Laune Rangers – 1990 Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Champions

Laune Rangers – 1990 Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Champions
Front: Brian O Neill, Anthony Reen, Fiachra O Donoghue, David Lynch, Pa O Sullivan, Nicky Foley, Thomas Walsh (capt.), Rory Corkery, Joe Hayes, Brian Gannon, Liam Fitzgerald.
Back: John Clifford (joint-trainer), Colm Conway, Paudie Finnegan, Neilius Lynch, Paul O Brien, Alan O Sullivan, Michael Hurley, Alan O Sullivan (Tullig), John Sheehan, Michael F. Russell, Fergal O Brien, Pat Leahy, Donncha Curran, John O Sullivan, Pat Pigott (joint-trainer).


Austin Stacks U-13 Football Tournament

Coaches/Selectors – Pat Pigott and John Clifford.


Sat. 28th/29th July at Churchill: Rd. 1 Austin Stacks 3-12; Laune Rangers 0-3.

‘B’ Final Laune Rangers 3-18; Churchill 2-5.

Panel: Eamonn Clifford, Colm Conway, Fergal O Brien, Joe Hayes, Brian O Neill, John Sheehan, Brian Gannon, Thomas Walsh, Rory Corkery, Fiachra O Donoghue, Paul O Brien, Pat Leahy, Nicky Foley, David Lynch, Liam Fitzgerald, John O Sullivan, Pa O Sullivan, Michael Hurley.


Co. U-12 Football Championship

This competition was played on a league basis with 5 teams – John Mitchels, Gaeltacht, Laune Rangers, Kerins O Rahillys and Austin Stacks. Coaches – Tommy Woods and Conor O Mahony.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 9th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-8; Kerins O Rahillys 0-5.

Johnny Lynch and Dermot Murphy were outstanding. Owen O Connell was very good. Kevin O Connor scored 2 goals.

Laune Rangers: Ross Breen, Enda Clifford, Podge Foley, Simon Ferris, Paul Russell, Owen O Connell, Maurice Sheehan, Johnny Lynch (capt.), Dermot Murphy, Shane Harmon, Tony Lyons, Darragh O Sullivan, Pa Sheehan, Kevin O Connor, John Falvey. Subs: Owen Ferris, Cathal Brown, Ger Purcell (all played).

Ref: Bertie O Riordan (Laune Rangers) in the first half; Jack O Connor (Glencar) in the second half.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 16th May at Gallerus: Gaeltacht 3-8; Laune Rangers 5-21.

Shane Harmon was outstanding. John Falvey and Pa Sheehan played very well. Simon Ferris and Podge Foley were the best of the backs.

Laune Rangers: Ross Breen, Enda Clifford, Podge Foley, Simon Ferris, Paul Russell, Owen O Connell, Maurice Sheehan, Johnny Lynch, Dermot Murphy, Shane Harmon, Tony Lyons, Darragh O Sullivan, Pa Sheehan, Kevin O Connor, John Falvey. Subs: Owen Ferris for T. Lyons; Cathal Brown for M. Sheehan; Jonathan Griffin for P. Russell, Ger Purcell, Kevin Harmon, Karl Falvey, Brendan Fitzgerald.


Rd. 3: Laune Rangers 7-14; John Mitchels 2-2.


Rd. 4 Austin Stacks 1-9; Laune Rangers 2-10.


Semi-final on Tues. 19th June at Annascaul: Laune Rangers 2-11; An Ghaeltacht 0-5.

Ref: Michael Devane (Annascaul).


Laune Rangers had qualified to meet Austin Stacks in the final. The first fixture had to be rearranged due to Austin Stacks’ inability to play. The final was then refixed for a date of Stacks’ choosing. Two days prior to the game, Austin Stacks again sought a postponement on some pretext or other. That request was declined as Laune Rangers had players going on holidays. On the appointed date, Stacks failed to show up and the Co. Board, having investigated the matter, awarded the trophy to Laune Rangers. That was most unusual for Stacks, as they were normally well organised.


Co. U-12 ‘B’ Championship Div. 7

Trainers/Coaches– James Ferris and Finbarr Coffey.

Group A: Austin Stacks ‘B’, Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’ and Gaeltacht ‘B’.

Group B: Laune Rangers ‘B’, Dr. Crokes ‘B’ and Legion ‘B’.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 15th May at Killarney: Dr. Crokes ‘B’ 1-10; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-5.

Laune Rangers: Michael Ahern, Fergus Clifford, Owen Ferris, Robert Moriarty, Brendan Fitzgerald, Kevin Cahillane, Enda Grandfield, Ger Purcell, Cathal Brown, Trevor Gannon, Noel Purcell, Garrath Sheehan, John Paul Murphy, Aidan Cahillane, Jonathan Griffin. Subs: John Moriarty, John Gorman, Terence Houlihan, Karl Falvey, Damien West, Paul Sheehan.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 20th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 6-15; Legion ‘B’ 3-2.

Laune Rangers: Michael Ahern, Fergus Clifford, Michael O Sullivan, Robert Moriarty, John Moriarty, Kevin Cahillane, Enda Grandfield, Ger Purcell, Owen Ferris, Brendan Fitzgerald, Cathal Brown, Terence Houlihan, John P. Murphy, Denis McCarthy, Jonathan Griffin. Subs: T. J. Cronin, Karl Falvey, Anthony Clifford, John Gorman, Garrath Sheehan (all played).


Semi-final on Mon. 18th June at Farranfore: Laune Rangers ‘B’ beat Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’.

Ref: Tony Falvey (Firies).


Final on Tues. 26th June at Listry: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-10; Legion ‘B’ 0-9.

The panel was Michael Ahern, Fergus Clifford, Owen Ferris, Robert Moriarty, Brendan Fitzgerald, Kevin Cahillane, Enda Grandfield, Gerard Purcell (capt.), Cathal Browne, Trevor Gannon, Noel Purcell, Garrath Sheehan, John Paul Murphy, Aidan Cahillane, Jonathan Griffin, John Moriarty, John Gorman, Terence Houlihan, Karl Falvey, Damien West, Paul Sheehan and Anthony Clifford.

Ref: Pat O Donoghue (Fossa).

Laune Rangers – 1990 Co. U-12 ‘B’ Football Champions

Laune Rangers – 1990 Co. U-12 ‘B’ Football Champions
Front: Eoin Ferris, Anthony Clifford, Terence Houlihan, Jonathan Griffin, Gerard Purcell (capt.), Robert Moriarty, TJ Cronin, Fergus Clifford, Kevin Harmon.
Back: James Ferris (joint-trainer), Michael Griffin, Cathal Browne, Trevor Gannon, Enda Grandfield, Michael Ahern, Jesse Griffin, Kevin Cahillane, Cormac Foley, John Paul Murphy, Garrath Sheehan, Noel Purcell, John Moriarty, Brendan Fitzgerald, Finbarr Coffey (joint-trainer).

Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship


That competition was played on a league basis. Coach – James Ferris.


‘A’ competition

Final in Glenbeigh: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-17; Laune Rangers 4-3.

That was a great final with play switching quickly from end to end. Eventually, Milltown/Castlemaine, captained by Ian Twiss, won.

Consequently, Laune Rangers then played in the ‘B’ Championship.

Final on Sat. 10th Nov. at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers 2-12; Keel 2-8.

Laune Rangers: Ross Breen, Enda Clifford, Podge Foley, Ger Purcell, Owen Ferris, Maurice Sheehan, Kevin O Connor, Shane Harmon, John Moriarty, Paul Russell, Seamus Costello, Garrath Sheehan, Pa Sheehan, Tony Lyons, John Falvey. Subs: Owen O Connell (late arrival), Karl Falvey.

Laune Rangers were missing the captain, Johnny Lynch (inj.), Simon Ferris (inj.), Darragh O Sullivan (in-growing toe-nail) and Dermot Murphy. The hero of the side was Shane Harmon at midfield who, despite being injured, inspired his teammates to a great second half display.


The ‘B’ team, also, entered that competition and though it lost all its games, the players gained experience that would stand to them in the future. As it was, many of the players had improved with the practice and had clearly outshone their more illustrious colleagues on the ‘A’ panel.


U-10 Football


Seamus Murphy and Willie Fitzgerald commenced in March with the U-10’s and faithfully every Sunday morning those aspiring Laune Rangers were given the opportunity of shining, culminating in two pulsating finals at the end of October.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football

Mid-Kerry Primary Schools

4-teachers schools’ 15-a-side – Scoil Mhuire entered two equal teams as usual.

Rd. 1 at Milltown on Fri. 4th May: Milltown 1-4; Scoil Mhuire ‘B’ 3-8.

The appointed referee failed to show and Jerome Conway, though coach of the Scoil Mhuire team, had to oblige. The game was played in a most sporting manner. ‘Doc’ Harmon, who had a son playing and was doing the line, awarded a line ball to Milltown, saying that one of our players had crossed the line with the ball. James Mangan, Milltown, shouted from further down the line that our player was at least three feet inside the line. The referee elected to overrule the linesman and awarded a throw-in. Harmon hit him with his fist in the face and he had no option but to abandon the game. On the following day, John Burke, Secretary of Milltown/Castlemaine Club apologized profusely for the behaviour of the Milltown parent and promised that the club would discipline him. A letter from Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg was read at the Mid-Kerry Senior Board meeting on 5th June concerning the incident. Arising out of the incident, John Joe Harmon was barred from the sideline at all games and Milltown/Castlemaine Club was informed of that decision.

Rd. 1 on Fri. 4th May at Killorglin: Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ 1-4; Cullina 1-9.

Declan Falvey coached that team.

Rd.2 on Fri. 11th May at Killorglin: Scoil Mhuire ‘B’ v Scoil Mhuire ‘A’.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 18th May at Milltown: Milltown v Scoil Mhuire ‘A’.

At Killorglin: Scoil Mhuire ‘B’ v Cullina.


The Scoil Mhuire panels of players were as follows:

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’: John O Sullivan (capt.), John Scully, Joe Hayes, Pat Leahy, Anthony Clifford, Anthony O Sullivan, Tony Lyons, Brendan O Doherty, Robert Moriarty, Simon Ferris, John Paul Murphy, Owen Ferris, Karl Falvey, John Gorman, Brendan Fitzgerald, Pa Sheehan, Daniel Murphy, Cian Foley, Kieran Woods.

Scoil Mhuire ‘B’: John Sheehan (capt.), Michael Francis Russell, Maurice Sheehan, John Falvey, Kevin Cahillane, Pa O Sullivan, Padraig Foley, Noel Purcell, John Moriarty, Paul Russell, Timothy O Connor, Ross Breen, Cormac Foley, Garrath Sheehan, Paul Sheehan, Morgan Foley, Donal Lynch, Jamie Cahillane, Trevor Gannon.


Milltown Monastery NS won out the competition.


4-teachers schools’ 11-a-side competition

Glounaguillagh and Douglas entered that competition.

Rd. 1 on Fri. 27th April at Killorglin: Douglas v Glenbeigh

Rd. 2 on Fri. 4th May at Killorglin: Douglas v Glounaguillach.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 11th May in Beaufort: Kilgobnet v Douglas.

In Killorglin: Glounaguillagh v Castlemaine.

Rd. 4 on Fri. 18th May in Killorglin: Douglas v Castlemaine.

In Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Glounaguillagh.

Rd. 5 on Fri. 25th May in Killorglin: Glounaguillagh v Kilgobnet.

Glounaguillagh N.S won out the competition.


Laune Rangers Primary Schools’ Championship

Sun. 7th Oct. (Patsy Foley Trophy) – four teams participated, Douglas, Glounaguillagh and Scoil Mhuire (2 teams).


Munster Senior Football Colleges (Corn Uí Mhuirí) 1989/’90

Semi-Final on 25th Feb. in Cloughduv: Intermediate School 0-4; Skibereen CBS 0-4.

Intermediate School: Ciarán Doyle, Paudie Russell, Gary McGrath, Kieran Coffey, Mícheál Spillane, Eoin Joy, James Mannix, John Doona, Kieran O Shea (0-3, 2 frees), Michael Lynch, Billy O Shea (0-1), Fergal Spillane, Carl O Sullivan, Michael O Mahony, Jason Griffin. Sub: Nigel Reidy for M. O Mahony, Eoin Corkery, James Hurley, Noel Conroy, Darren Roche, Colm Joy.

Skibereen: Kevin O Dwyer, Sean Curran, Joe Davis, Sean Collins, Paul Harrington, Ciarán Harrington, Paul Kingston, Pat Hegarty, Kevin O Brien, Paul O Rourke, Fachtna Collins (0-1), Jason Whooley, Neville Murphy, Noel Crowley (0-2, 1 free), Mike McCarthy (0-1).


Replay on 4th March in Cloughduv: Skibbereen 3-11; Intermediate School 1-9.

It was a remarkable achievement for the Intermediate School to reach the semi-final of the Munster Colleges at the first attempt. It would have been a fairytale story had they gone all the way and no debutantes would ever come closer. They gave it a right lash in the drawn game and were only denied by the last kick of the game. On this occasion, they again carried the fight to Skibbereen with rare gusto and deserved to have led by more than 1-5 to 1-1 at halftime. Kieran O Shea and John Doona formed a powerful partnership at midfield and the Cork defence was put under quite a deal of pressure. Unfortunately, Killorglin were caught out at the back in the 13th minute and conceded a penalty. A lot of great work by Killorglin had suddenly all gone for nought – worse than that, they had fallen a point in arrears. But, straight from the kick-out, the Kerry boys regained possession and John Doona drove in a low ball that did not seem to carry any particular threat. However, as goalkeeper, Kevin O Dwyer, advanced to collect the ball, Carl O Sullivan just beat him to it and beautifully flicked the ball into the empty net. It was a brilliant retaliatory strike by Killorglin and a fair demonstration of the character within the side. Skibbereen did hit back for a point from a free but the remainder of the half belonged to the Killorglin boys and they had three points without reply from Kieran O Shea, Eoin Joy and John Doona. Eoin Joy, who had started at centre halfback, was then up in attack following a switch with Billy O Shea and both players were motoring really well. Indeed Eoin Joy and Billy O Shea, a terrific grafter if ever there was one, personified the spirit of Killorglin right through, even when the game was slipping away in extra time.

It was that spirit, plus a generous measure of skill, which saw Killorglin counter strongly after they had been pulled back to level terms sixteen minutes into the second half. Skibbereen had scored four unanswered points. Yet when Killorglin regained the lead in the fiftieth minute through Kieran O Shea (free), followed with another point, a superb effort by Eoin Joy, following good work by John Doona, the outlook was favourable to say the least. Then disaster struck. Killorglin were in possession in the Skibbereen half but lost it and the Cork boys burst up the field to score a great goal. At the time, Killorglin had definitely been in the driving seat, but after the goal, the initiative rested firmly with Skibbereen. However, Killorglin were not finished yet. Two minutes from the end, they had a great chance of parity but Kieran O Shea pulled his free-kick, from a favourable position, badly wide. In the second minute of injury time, they were awarded another free, this time in a more difficult position. Michael Lynch had to contend with a strong cross-wind and a sizeable distance but he drove a mighty left-footed kick straight and true between the posts to put the game into extra-time.

Michael Lynch scored the first point and Eoin Joy made the best run of the day to get himself into a marvellous goaling position, but he shot wide. Skibbereen were two points ahead by the end of the first extra-time period. The second period belonged to the winners and so ended a marvelous run by the Killorglin boys.

Intermediate School: Kieran Doyle, Paudie Russell, Gary McGrath, Kieran Coffey, Mícheál Spillane, Eoin Joy (0-2), James Mannix, Kieran O Shea (0-3, frees), John Doona (0-1), Carl O Sullivan (1-0), Jason Griffin (0-1), Fergal Spillane, Michael Lynch (0-2, 1 free), Billy O Shea, Michael O Mahony. Subs: Colm Joy for M. O Mahony, Eoin Corkery, Noel Conroy, Dan McKenna, Nigel Reidy, James Hurley, Michael Roche, Andy O Connor.


Munster Senior Colleges (Corn Uí Mhuirí) 1990/’91

Tues. 25th Sept. at Farranfore: Intermediate School, Killorglin 1-9; CBS, Tralee 1-9.

Leading by 1-5 to 0-2, Killorglin left the game slip from their grasp and Tralee drew level four times before the final whistle. Scorers for Killorglin were Dan McKenna (1-0), Carl O Sullivan (0-3), Colin O Sullivan (0-2), Eoin O Sullivan (0-2), Jason Griffin (0-2).


Wed. 28th Nov. at Carrigadrohid: St. Fachtna’s, Skibbereen 4-10; Intermediate School 2-3

Intermediate School: Kieran Doyle (Beaufort), James Hurley (Laune Rangers), Kieran Coffey (Beaufort), Karl Griffin (Laune Rangers), Fergal Spillane (Beaufort), Gary McGrath (do.), Vincent Horgan (Firies), Paudie Russell (Laune Rangers), Colin O Sullivan (Cromane), Dan McKenna (Firies), Liam Barton (Keel), D. O Sullivan, Eoin O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), Jason Griffin (do.), Carl O Sullivan (do.). Sub: Declan Byrne (Laune Rangers) for G. McGrath (inj.).


Inter-county Vocational Senior Football Championship

Munster Semi-final on Wed. 7th March in Newport: Tipperary 1-5; Kerry 1-7.

Adrian Hassett played at midfield.


Munster Final on Fri. 16th March in Fitzgerald Stadium: Kerry 2-7; Cork 1-6.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Seamus O Sullivan, Sean O Donnell (capt.), Gerry Clifford, Eamonn Ferris, John Nix, Adrian Hassett, Michael O Connor (0-1), John Cronin (1-3), Dan Brosnan (0-1), Benny Murphy, Colman O Shea (0-2), Tim O Connor, Pat O Connell (1-0), Jerry O Sullivan. Sub: John O Driscoll, Declan Sweeney, Sean Walsh, Billy McElligott, Eddie Bowler, Donal Doherty, Paud Walsh, Donal Murphy.


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sat. 24th March at Ennis: Kerry 2-7; Leitrim 0-5.

Adrian Hassett was at No. 7.


Final Sun. 29th April at Croke Park: Kerry 0-11; Cavan 0-7.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe (Rathmore), Seamus O Sullivan (Knocknagree), Sean O Donnell (Austin Stacks) capt., Jerry Clifford (Listry), Eamonn Ferris (Ardfert), John Nix (K.O Rahillys), Adrian Hassett (Laune Rangers), Michael O Connor (Duagh) 0-1, Dan Brosnan (Gneeveguilla) 0-3, John Cronin (Waterville) 0-4, Benny Murphy (Austin Stacks), John O Driscoll (Ardfert) 0-1, Timmy O Connor (John Mitchels), Colman O Shea (Listry) 0-2, Jerry O Sullivan (Firies). Sub: Sean Walsh (Rathmore) for J. Clifford, Donal Murphy, Eddie Bowler, Paud Walsh, Donal Doherty, Declan Sweeney, Billy McElligott, Pat O Connell (inj.)

Mentors: Pat O Shea (Trainer/selector), Billy Curtin (Tralee), George Dennis (Killorglin), Willie Dowling (Causeway), Tom Fitzgerald (Listowel).


Munster/All-Ireland U-16 VEC Championship

Semi-Final on Tues. 6th March in Fitzgerald Stadium: Killorglin 5-10; St. Brogan’s, Bandon 5-5.

John Cronin played at corner back, Mike Hassett captained the team from midfield, Liam Hassett played at right half-forward, Kevin Jones scored 1-3 from centre half-forward, Jerry O Brien played in the left corner-forward position and Raymond O Sullivan scored 1-2 from the other corner.


Final on Tues. 13th March at Askeaton: Killorglin 1-5; Killenaule 0-2.

John Cronin played at right fullback, Mike Hassett at midfield, Liam Hassett at right half-forward, Kevin Jones (0-2) at centre half-froward, Jerry O Brien (0-1) at right full-forward and Raymond O Sullivan at left full-forward..


All-Ireland semi-final: Killorglin 1-5; Athenry 1-0;

John Cronin played at right fullback, Mike Hassett (0-1) at midfield, Jerry O Brien (0-1) at right half-froward, Kevin Jones (0-2) at centre half-forward, Liam Hassett at left half-forward and Raymond O Sullivan at right full-forward.


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 16th May at Mullingar: Killorglin 1-6; Dungiven 1-5.

Kevin Jones scored 1-3 and Jerry O Brien 0-2.

Killorglin C.C: Kevin Giles (Milltown), John Cronin (Laune Rangers), Tommy Griffin (Keel), Eamonn Breen (Beaufort), Aidan Foley (Firies), Derry Flynn (Keel), John Teahan (Beaufort), Mike Hassett (Laune Rangers) capt. Shane O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Pat McCarthy (Cromane), Kevin Jones (Laune Rangers), Liam Hassett (Laune Rangers), Emmett Spring (Milltown), Thomas Corbett (Firies), Jerry O Brien (Laune Rangers). Subs: Damien Foley, Eamonn Doona, Kealon O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), Francis O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), John Falvey, John Purcell (Laune Rangers), John B. O Sullivan, Connie O Sullivan, Raymond O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), Tony Griffin, Denis Griffin.

The team was trained by Jimmy Foley, former Laune Rangers’ player, and coached by Donal Brosnan (Legion).


Munster Minor Football League

Neither Cork nor Tipperary took part that year.


Trial on Sun. 21st Jan. at Ballymacelligott: Billy O Shea, John Doona, Eoin Joy, Jason Griffin, Michael Lynch and Anthony O Sullivan were invited to attend.


Final on Mon. 16th April at Austin Stack Park: South Kerry 0-10; North Kerry 0-7.

Relevant Kerryman report: ‘As well, they had a very useful wing-back in Billy O Shea who surely laid a strong claim to the No. 5 jersey, and even against the breeze, they extended a territorial advantage in the first half. O Shea found himself marking Geni Farrell, and the duel between this pair was probably the highlight of the game. Eoin Joy opened Kerry South’s account before Billy O Shea set up Seamus Moynihan for another Kerry South point.’

South Kerry: Declan O Keeffe (Rathmore), Carl Doolin (Spa), Gary McGrath (Beaufort), Tony Fagan (Legion), Billy O Shea (Laune Rangers), Shane Curtin (Desmonds), Colman O Shea (Listry), Seamus Moynihan (Glenflesk) 0-1, Kieran O Shea (Beaufort) 0-2, John Cronin (Waterville) 0-2, John Bowler (Legion) 0-1, Eoin Joy (Laune Rangers) capt. 0-1, Donal O Dwyer (Kilcummin) 0-1, Dan Brosnan (Gneeveguilla) 0-1, James O Regan (Ballymac) 0-1. Subs: Adrian Hassett (Laune Rangers) for C. O Shea, Eamonn Burns (Sneem) for D. Brosnan, Cathal O Grady (Legion) for D. O Dwyer.

North Kerry: Joe Collins (John Mitchels), Maurice Whelan (Na Gaeil), Fergus Stack (Beale), Tim Foley (Ballylongford), John O Driscoll (Annascaul), John Bolger (Ballydonoghue), Sean O Driscoll (Annascaul), Cormac Kennedy (John Mitchels), William O Donnell (Ballydonoghue) 0-1, Mike O Connor (Duagh), Pat O Driscoll (Ardfert) 0-4, Geni Farrell (Annascaul) 0-2, Eamonn Hennessy (Ballylongford), Jason Wieboldt (Castlegregory), Benny Murphy (Austin Stacks). Subs: B. Kiely (Tarbert) for M. O Connor; B. Costello (Tarbert) for B. Murphy.

Ref: Maurice O Sullivan (Ballyheigue).


Munster/All-Ireland Minor Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 25th April at Castleisland: Kerry 2-13; Tipperary 2-5.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Shane Curtin (0-1), Fergus Stack, Sean O Driscoll, Billy O Shea, Kieran O Shea (0-2, 45’s), John O Driscoll, Seamus Moynihan (0-1), Cormac Kennedy, Eoin Joy (capt.) 0-3, John Cronin (1-1, pen.), William O Donnell (0-2), John Bowler (1-2), Jason Wieboldt, Pat O Driscoll (0-1). Subs: John Murray for J. O Driscoll; Geni Farrell for J. Wieboldt.

Tipperary: Liam Sweeney, John Lonergan, Rian Forrestal, Sean Collum, John Cahillane, Brian Hassessy, Fergal McLoughlin, John Purcell, Gavin McGurk, Michael Spillane, Donal O Neill (0-1), Mark Sheehan, Brian Cahill (1-0), Padraig O Keeffe (1-3), Declan McGrath (0-1).

Ref: John Hill (Clare).


Semi-Final on Wed. 9th May at Labasheeba (Co. Clare): Clare 2-4; Kerry 6-11.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Shane Curtin, Fergus Stack, Tim Foley, John O Driscoll, Kieran O Shea, Billy O Shea (0-1), Seamus Moynihan (0-2), Cormac Kennedy (1-0), John Cronin (0-2), John Bowler (1-0), William O Donnell (0-1), Eoin Joy (capt) 0-2, Jason Wieboldt (1-2), Pat O Driscoll (2-1). Subs: Kieran Scanlon (1-0) for C. Kennedy; John Murray for P. O Driscoll; Geni Farrell for W. O Donnell.


Final on Sun. 1st July at 1.45pm at Páirc Uí Chaoimh: Cork 0-3; Kerry 1-10.

After the game Kerry captain, Eoin Joy, was presented with a new cup, The Tadhg Crowley Cup, which commemorated the contribution of the former Munster Council Treasurer to the GAA.’

Kerry had then completed a three-in-a-row of Munster Minor titles over Cork and Laune Rangers had supplied the three winning captains: 1988 – Danny Cahill; 1989 – Billy O Sullivan; 1990 – Eoin Joy.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Eoin Joy (capt.), John Cronin, Fergus Stack, Johnny O Driscoll, Kieran O Shea, Billy O Shea, Cormac Kennedy, Seamus Moynihan, Mike O Connor (1-0), John Bowler (0-1), William O Donnell (0-2), Cathal O Grady (0-4), Jason Wieboldt (0-2), Pat O Driscoll (0-1).

Cork: Kevin O Dwyer (O Donovan Rossa), Paudie Dorgan (Nemo Rangers) capt., John O Keeffe (Bishopstown), Brian Kerins (Bantry), Donal O Callaghan (Douglas), Christian Walsh (Delaney’s), Ollie O Sullivan (Garnish), Pat Hegarty (Caharagh), Liam Meaney (Bishopstown), Richie Lewis (Aghada), Brian Corcoran (Erin’s Own), Michael Harrington (Adrigole), Jason Whooley (Ilan Rovers) 0-1, Joe Kavanagh (Nemo Rangers) 0-2, Barry Egan (Delany’s). Subs: Brian Sheehy for L. Meaney; Conor O Leary for R. Lewis.

Ref: Paddy Russell (Tipperary).

Eoin Joy (captain) raised the 1990 Munster Minor Football Cup

Eoin Joy (captain) raised the 1990 Munster Minor Football Cup

All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 5th Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 0-12; Galway 1-9.

The Kerryman: ‘In defence, Kieran O Shea and Eoin Joy were performing well. Kerry wing back, Billy O Shea, denied Galway what looked like a certain goal within a minute of the restart. Conor McGauran and Brendan Granger combined to put Derek Granger through, but his shot was brilliantly smothered by O Shea and knocked away for a ‘45’.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Eoin Joy (capt.), John Cronin, Fergus Stack, Johnny O Driscoll, Kieran O Shea, Billy O Shea, Cormac Kennedy, Seamus Moynihan, Michael O Connor (0-3), John Bowler, William O Donnell 0-1), Cathal O Grady (0-6), Jason Wieboldt (0-2), Pat O Driscoll. Sub: Geni Farrell for J. Bowler; Shane Curtin for P. O Driscoll, John Doona (Laune Rangers), M. Heaphy (Ballylongford), C. Ryle (St. Pat’s), E. Hennessey (Ballylongford), L. O Sullivan (Ballymac), B. Kiely (Tarbert), Sean O Driscoll (Annascaul)..

Galway: Adrian Tyrell, Colin Daly, Gary Fahy, Enda Meehan, Aidan Mac Cárthaigh, Pat O Malley, Francis Keenan, Padraig Boyce, Conor McGauran, Derek Granger, Terence Morgan, Brendan Duffy, Trevor Burke, Jarlath Fallon, John Wilson. Sub: Tommy Costello for J. Wilson.

Ref: Damien Campbell (Fermanagh).


All-Ireland Semi-Final (replay) on Sun. 26th Aug. at Limerick: Kerry 2-7; Galway 0-9.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Fergus Stack, John Cronin, Johnny O Driscoll, Eoin Joy, Seamus Moynihan, Billy O Shea, Cormac Kennedy, Michael O Connor, Kieran O Shea, John Bowler (0-1), Pat O Driscoll, Cathal O Grady (0-3, 1 free), Jason Wieboldt (1-1), Geni Farrell (1-2). Subs: Shane Curtin for O. Joy; Kieran Scanlon for P. O Driscoll; William O Donnell for M. O Connor.

Galway: Adrian Tyrell, Colin Daly, Enda Meehan, Niall McWalter, Aidan McCarthy, Pat O Malley, Francis Keenan, Gary Fahy, Conor McCauran, Derek Granger (0-2), Terence Morgan, Brendan Duffy (0-1), Trevor Burke (0-1), Jarlath Fallon 0-3, frees), Tommy Costello. Subs: Padrag Boyce (0-1) for N. McWalter; John Wilson (0-1) for T. Morgan; James Screene for T. Costello.


Final on Sun. 16th Sept. at Croke Park: Meath 2-11; Kerry 2-9.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Fergus Stack, John Cronin, Johnny O Driscoll, Eoin Joy (capt.), Seamus Moynihan (1-0), Billy O Shea (0-1), Cormac Kennedy, Sean O Driscoll (0-1), John Bowler (0-2), William O Donnell (0-1), Kieran O Shea, Cathal O Grady (1-2), Jason Wieboldt, Geni Farrell (0-2). Subs: Shane Curtin for S. O Driscoll.

Meath: Conor Martin, V. Ryan, Enda McManus (capt), Noel Collier, R. McGrath, Graham Geraghty, T. Hanley, Jason Hendrick (0-2), J. McCarthy, Tony Byrne (0-1), David Martin (0-3), Brendan Kealy (0-1), Hugh Carolan (0-2), Terry O Connor (0-2), Cathal Sheridan (1-0). Sub: Conor Macken (1-0) for V. Ryan (inj.).

Ref: Damien Campbell (Fermanagh).

On Mon. 17th Sept. there was a good turn-out for the team when they arrived in Killorglin. The captain, Eoin Joy, team trainer, Jackie Walsh and Chairman of the Co. Board, Sean Kelly, and the team were introduced to the crowd by Club Chairman, Aidan Gannon.


Munster/All-Ireland U-21 Championship


Rd.1 on Mon. 19th March at Askeaton: Limerick 0-4; Kerry 3-9.

Kerry: Peter O Leary (Legion), Niall Savage (K.O Rahilly’s), Sean Burke (Milltown), Vincent Knightley (Annascaul), Pat Slattery (Brick Rangers), Anthony Gleeson (John Mitchels), Eamonn Breen (Finuge), Fintan Ashe (Dingle), Noel O Mahony (K.O Rahilly’s), Pa Laide (Austin Stacks) 0-2, Pat McKenna (Laune Rangers) 2-0, Maurice Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s) 0-4, 2 frees, Pa Dennehy (Currow) 0-2, David Farrell (Annascaul) 0-1, Billy O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) 1-0. Sub: John B. O Brien (Beaufort) for N. Savage, Liam Flaherty (Ballydonoghue), Kieran Brown (Austin Stacks), Paul Griffin (Laune Rangers), Donal Murphy (Desmonds), Oran O Mahony (St. Mary’s), Sean Walsh (St. Senan’s).

Limerick: Ger Hehir, Ger Fahy, Ger Walsh, Tony Kirby, Kevin Kelly, Dermot O Connor, Joe Roche, John O Donovan (0-1), John Quane (0-1) capt, Joe Brouder (0-1), John Breedy (0-1), Tony O Regan, Joe Mullins, Tom Fitzgerald, Vinny Fitzgerald.

Ref: Mick Griffin (Clare).


Semi-Final on Wed. 28th March at Ballybunion: Kerry 2-22; Clare 0-7.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, Liam Flaherty (Ballydonoghue), Sean Burke, John B. O Brien, Pat Slattery, Anthony Gleeson (0-1), Eamonn Breen (0-1), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-5, 4 frees), Noel O Mahony (0-1), Pa Laide (0-3), Pat McKenna (1-5), Timmy Fleming (0-1), Pa Dennehy (1-2), David Farrell (0-1), Billy O Sullivan (0-2). Sub: Fintan Ashe for M. Fitzgerald.

Clare: David Keane, Sean Lyne, Gerry Kelly, Brian Keane, Darragh Clancy, Anthony Moloney, Martin Guerin, Tommy Morrissey, Ger Hayes, Ger O Keeffe, James Downes, John Enright (0-2), Declan Conway (0-1), Aidan O Keeffe (0-3, 2 frees), Joey Moloney (0-1). Subs: Francie Crowley for B. Keane; Mike Griffin for J. Moloney.


Final on Wed. 11th April in Austin Stack Park: Kerry 2-9; Cork 0-9.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, John B. O Brien, Sean Burke, Liam Flaherty, Pat Slattery, Vincent Knightley, Eamonn Breen, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-6, 5 frees), Noel O Mahony, Pa Laide, Pat McKenna (2-0), Timmy Fleming (0-1), Pa Dennehy (0-1), David Farrell (0-1) capt, Billy O Sullivan. Subs: Fintan Ashe for T. Fleming; Paul Griffin (Laune Rangers) for B. O Sullivan; Niall Savage for L. Flaherty, Kieran Browne, Tim Dennehy (Waterville), Bingo Driscoll (Annascaul), Sean O Sullivan (Sneem), Oran O Mahony and Sean Walsh.

Cork: Aidan Cawley, John O Donovan, Michael Lyons, Sean Daly, Seamus Coughlan, Liam Kavanagh, David Bourke, Liam Honohan (0-1, 45), Gary McPolin, Steven Callinan (0-7, 5 frees), Chris Collins, Don Davis, John Bartlett, Denis O Sullivan, Noel Twomey (0-1). Subs: E. Carey, Declan Creedon, Mick Lewis, Ciaran O Sullivan, Ken O Neill, Billy Flynn, James galvin and T.J. O Leary.

Ref: Pat Lane (Limerick).


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 29th April in Limerick: Kerry 2-13; Galway 1-6.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, John B. O Brien, Sean Burke, Liam Flaherty, Pat Slattery, Vincent Knightley, Eamonn Breen, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-4), Noel O Mahony, Pa Laide (0-1), Pat McKenna, Timmy Fleming (0-2), Pa Dennehy (2-4), David Farrell (0-1), Paul Griffin (0-1. Subs: Tim Dennehy for E. Breen, Niall Savage, Fintan Ashe, Billy O Sullivan, Oran O Mahony, Bingo Driscoll, Kieran Browne, Carl O Dwyer.

Galway: Adrian Brennan, John Kilraine (capt.), Ian O Donoghue, Brian Silke, Sean Og de Paor, Davy Carr, Albert Hardiman, Alan O Connor, Pat Keane, Sean Conlon, Padraig Fallon (0-1), Tommy Wilson, Tomas Mannion, Niall Finnegan (0-4), Jimmy Folan (1-0). Subs: John Keane for S. de Paor; Kevin Clancy for I. O Donoghue; Kevin McDonagh (0-1) for S. Conlon.

Ref: Tony Maher (Laois).


Final on Sun. 13th May at Mullingar: Kerry 5-12; Tyrone 2-11.

Recognising a superb feat, John Barry of The Kerryman, wrote, “When Billy O Sullivan gets the ball inside the 20-metre line, he thinks of nothing else but ‘goal’. He doesn’t consider that there is anything unusual about that – the most natural thing in the world, in fact. Which is why the 19-year-old Laune Rangers player created history by scoring four goals and a point in the All-Ireland U-21 football final against Tyrone in Mullingar on May 13th. It was a remarkable scoring feat and made Billy O Sullivan an automatic choice as the Lombard and Ulster/The Kerryman sportstar of the month of May”.

Billy went into that All-Ireland U-21 final to prove that he was worth his place on the Kerry team. He had been taken off in the Munster Final against Cork and he had been dropped for the All-Ireland semi-final against Galway.

“It was an important game for me, because I had to show that I deserved my place on the team,” said Billy. “I always think of getting one or two goals in a game and that day it all really came right for me. People came up to me afterwards and told me that I had broken a record. I hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. I was just glad to have played well and, most important of all, to have been on the winning team. It wouldn’t be much good to have shoved four in the net and be beaten.”

He easily remembers how all four goals came and he knows the players who helped him to get them, but breaking a scoring record is no big deal with him.

“They’ll be expecting me to get goals all the time now, I suppose,” he grinned.

Billy O Sullivan learned his football in the great nursery that is Laune Rangers, though he held a hurley in his hand ever before he first kicked a football.

“I remember I used to have a hurley and a tennis ball at about the age of seven and I knocked a good bit of fun out of them,” said Billy, who later played under-age hurling with Killorglin.

The first Laune Ranger official to take him under his wing, at the age of about nine, was Pat O Shea. A couple of years later, the man, who was influencing his career, was Patsy Joy. He played his first competitive football at U-12 level with Laune Rangers and while Austin Stacks were dominating this grade at the time, Billy was soon to the forefront as a scoregetter. He wasn’t in the forwards at that time, operating at midfield, but the regular free-taker, Tommy Byrne, broke an ankle and Billy was asked to take over the free-taking.

“I suppose you could say that I built up my accuracy over the years from kicking frees,” said Billy. “But when you are talking about getting scores, you are talking about a lot more than accuracy – it’s more to do with getting yourself into good positions. When you get yourself into a good scoring position, especially inside the 20-metre line, you should be able to put the ball away – at least in a one-on-one situation.”

Billy’s first medal came in the Community Games when Killorglin won the County U-13 title (they were subsequently beaten by Turner’s Cross in the Munster semi-final). He was on the Laune Rangers U-16 panel when he was still U-14 and was actually the substitute goalkeeper. However, when a sub was needed in attack against Austin Stacks in the county championship semi-final, Billy was sent in and he scored the all-important goal in a 1-7 to 0-7 victory. Laune Rangers went on to beat Kerins O Rahillys by a point in the final, giving him his first county championship medal

He was to win another county U-16 championship medal two years later, against Austin Stacks in Castleisland, and that same year he was on the Rangers’ minor team, which lost to Killarney in the county minor championship final. In all, he played minor championship football for four years with Rangers and he was to become an inspirational figure in a great three-in-a-row run of successes from 1987 to 1989. In the 1989 county final, he scored 2-6!

The win over Austin Stacks in ’88 greatly pleased him. “That was the first time this particular Laune Rangers team had beaten Austin Stacks from U-12 upwards and it was nice to finally put one over on them,” said Billy. However, the minor championship win which gave him by far the most satisfaction was that achieved last year and not just because he scored 2-6. “We had to work really hard for that championship under John Evans and I would have to say that I got more satisfaction out of it than actually winning the county senior championship.” Billy said, “We were a typical town team. We had good ball players, but we lacked the bit of strength, which our opponents in the county final, St. Brendan’s, possessed. The amount of effort we put in for that campaign was colossal and that made everything so much sweeter in the end. I suppose I didn’t realize the value of a senior championship victory at the time either.”

Billy O Sullivan scored 4-1; Pat McKenna 0-4 and Paul Griffin 1-0 to give the Laune Rangers’ representatives a total of 5-5 out of 5-12. Timmy Fleming had been recovering from injury and had not returned to full form but it was felt that he should have been given a run in recognition of his previous contributions to Kerry.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, John B. O Brien, Sean Burke, Liam Flaherty, Pat Slattery, Vincent Knightley, Eamonn Breen (0-1), Noel O Mahony, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-5, 3 frees), Pa Laide, Pat McKenna (0-4), Bingo Driscoll (0-1), Pa Dennehy, David Farrell, Billy O Sullivan (4-1). Subs: Paul Griffin (1-0) for P. Dennehy; Niall Savage, Tim Dennehy, Fintan Ashe, Timmy Fleming, Carl O Dwyer (Waterville), Kieran Browne (Austin Stacks), Oran O Mahony (St. Mary’s), Anthony Gleeson.

Tyrone: C. Blee, Fay Devlin, T. McGinn, Paul Devlin, Paul Donnelly, B. McGinn, Aidan Morris (capt.), Adrian Kilpatrick, Danny Barr, Adrian Cush (0-3), Michael Cummings (0-1), Peter Canavan (2-3, 1 free), Laurence Strain (0-1), C. McElduff (0-1), Ciarán Loughran (0-2), Sub: E. McCaffrey for M. Cummings.

Ref: Paddy Collins (Westmeath).

Coach/Selector – Mickey O Sullivan (Kenmare). Selectors: Kevin Griffin, Sean Walsh, Dave Geaney and Ger O Driscoll.


Munster Senior Football Championship


The Kerry senior squad spent the weekend of Sat. 21st/Sun. 22nd April in Cappanalea and trained in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.

Challenge on Sun. 22nd April at Austin Stack Park: Kerry 2-11; Galway 2-11.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Donal McCarthy, Tommy Spillane, Kieran Culhane, Connie Murphy, Tim Dennehy, Stephen Stack, Jack O Shea, Ambrose O Donovan, Joe Shannon (0-1), Pat Spillane (1-5, 3 frees), Carl O Dwyer (0-2), Tommy Byrne, Eoin Liston (1-0), Michael McAuliffe (0-2, 1 free). Subs: Donal Murphy (Desmonds) 0-1 for A. O Donovan, Sean O Sullivan (Sneem) for T. Byrne, Bingo Driscoll (Annascaul) for M. McAuliffe.


Semi-Final on Sun. 27th May in Listowel: Kerry 1-23; Clare 0-13.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan (Desmonds), Donal McCarthy (Kenmare 0-1), Kieran Culhane (Ballylongford), Connie Murphy (Dr. Crokes), Pat Slattery (Brick Rangers), Ambrose O Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Tommy Spillane (Templenoe), Maurice Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s) 0-9, 7 frees, Joe Shannon (Laune Rangers) capt. 0-2, Pa Laide (Austin Stacks) 0-2, 1 free, Pat McKenna (Laune Rangers) 0-2, Jack O Shea (St. Mary’s) 0-1, Sean McElligott (Knocknagoshel) 0-4, Pat Spillane (Templenoe), Sean Geaney (Dingle) 1-2. Subs: Noel O Mahony (K.O Rahillys) for M. Fitzgerald, Sean Burke, Stephen Stack, Eoin Liston, Pa Dennehy, Billy O Sullivan, Peter O Leary, Anthony Gleeson, Eamonn Breen.

Clare: Jim Hanrahan, Mick Rouine, Aidan Moloney, J.J. Rouine, Michael Roughan, Frank Griffin, Noel Roche, Frank McInerney (0-2), Michael Comyns, Aidan O Keeffe (0-3 frees), Kevin Kelliher, Frank Carrig, Tony O Neill (0-3), Martin Flynn (0-4, 1 free), Pat Harrold. Subs: Michael Guerin for M. Comyns; John Enright for M. Roughan; Ger O Keeffe (0-1) for F. Carrig.

Ref: Pat Lane (Limerick).


Challenge on Mon. 4th June at Ballina: Mayo 0-9; Kerry 1-14.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Donal McCarthy, Morgan Nix, Connie Murphy, Pat Slattery, Ambrose O Donovan, Tommy Spillane (0-2), Jack O Shea (0-1), Joe Shannon (0-2), Pa Laide, Eamonn Breen, Pat Spillane (1-3), Sean McElligott (0-3), Eoin Liston (0-1), Sean Geaney (0-1). Subs: David Farrell (0-1) for E. Liston, Stephen Stack for D. McCarthy, Pat McKenna for P. Spillane, Anthony Gleeson for J. Shannon, Noel O Mahony for E. Breen.


Challenge on Sun. 10th June at Milltown: Kerry 1-9; Dublin 0-9.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Stephen Stack, Morgan Nix, Connie Murphy, Sean Burke, Ambrose O Donovan, Tommy Spillane (0-1), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-3, 2 frees), Joe Shannon (0-1), Sean McElligott (0-1), Eamonn Breen (0-2), Pat Spillane, Billy O Sullivan, David Farrell, Sean Geaney (1-1). Subs: Peter O Leary for C. Nelligan, Noel O Mahony for S. McElligott.


Challenge on Sun. 17th June at Navan: Meath 1-8; Kerry 1-18.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, Stephen Stack, Morgan Nix, Connie Murphy, Sean Burke, Ambrose O Donovan, Tommy Spillane (0-1), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-6), Joe Shannon (0-1), Jack O Shea (0-3), Eamonn Breen (0-3), Pat Spillane (0-1), Sean McElligott (1-1), David Farrell, Pa Laide. Subs: Pa Dennehy (0-2) for P. Laide, Donal McCarthy for M. Fitzgerald, Noel O Mahony for C. Murphy.


Final on Sun. 1st July at Páirc Ui Chaoimh: Cork 2-23; Kerry 1-11.

For the second year in succession, Joe Shannon was replaced – after 20 minutes that year. Admittedly, Larry Tompkins was unbeatable at midfield but when Jacko Shea was brought out to mark him, it made little difference. Billy O Sullivan was a substitute. Pat McKenna was not allowed to play with the club on the previous Sunday but on Tuesday he was dropped from the panel. He was asked to travel with the team as late as Saturday night.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Stephen Stack (Emmetts), Morgan Nix (K.O Rahillys), Connie Murphy, Pat Slattery, Ambrose O Donovan, Tommy Spillane (0-1), Maurice Fitzgerald (1-5, pen. and 5 frees), Joe Shannon (capt.), Pa Laide (0-1 free), Eamonn Breen, Jack O Shea (0-1), Sean McElligott (0-1), Owen Liston (Beale), Sean Geaney. Subs: Pat Spillane (0-2) for J. Shannon; David Farrell for O. Liston; Sean Burke for P. Slattery, Pa Dennehy, Donal McCarthy, Kieran Culhane, Peter O Leary, Billy O Sullivan, Noel O Mahony..

Cork: John Kerins, Denis Walsh, Niall Cahillane, Stephen O Brien, Michael Slocum (0-1), Conor Counihan, Tony Nation, Larry Tompkins (0-5), Danny Culloty (1-0), Paddy Hayes (0-1), Dave Barry (0-3), Paul McGrath, Colm O Neill (0-11, 8 frees), Shay Fahy (0-2, 1 free), Michael McCarthy (1-0). Sub: Mark O Connor for C. Counihan.

Ref: Pat Lane (Limerick).

Trainer/Selector: Mickey O Sullivan.


National Football League 1989/1990

Challenge on Sat. 13th Jan. in Kilcummin: Kerry Senior Team v Kerry U-21 Team.

Joe Shannon played at left halfback on the senior team and Gerard Murphy at left half-forward. Pat McKenna played at centre half-forward on the U-21 team, Billy O Sullivan at right full-forward and Paul Griffin at left full-forward. Joe Shannon took a knock on the knee and retired for a while and Gerard Murphy played well. Pat McKenna showed very good accuracy and Paul Griffin, though small in stature, was very incisive.


Challenge on Sat. 20th Jan. in Connolly Park: Kerry 5-10; UCG 2-8.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Liam Burns, Morgan Nix, Stephen Stack, Connie Murphy, John Walsh, Joe Shannon, Liam Kerins, Tommy Spillane, Sean McElligott, Jack O Shea, Gerard Murphy, Sean Geaney, Mike Dennehy, Owen Moynihan. Subs: Liam Liddy, John Lordan, D. McCarthy, Billy O Sullivan.


Challenge on Sun. 28th Jan. at Ballindireen (near Gort): Kerry 2-20; Mayo 0-15

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Stephen Stack (0-1), Kieran Culhane, Morgan Nix, Connie Murphy (0-2), Ambrose O Donovan, Eamonn Breen, Sean Burke, Pat Slattery (0-1), Pa Laide, Tommy Spillane, Joe Shannon (0-3), Sean McElligott ()-2), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-3), Sean Geaney (1-1). Subs: Jack O Shea (0-4), Timmy Fleming (0-1), Gerard Murphy (0-1), Owen Moynihan, Liam Burns, Billy O Sullivan (0-1), John Lordan.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 11th Feb. at Croke Park: Dublin 1-15; Kerry 3-7.

Team: Charlie Nelligan, Donal McCarthy, Morgan Nix, Stephen Stack, Connie Murphy, Ambrose O Donovan, Eamonn Breen, Pat Slattery, Sean Burke, Pa Laide (0-2, 1free), Kieran Culhane, Joe Shannon (capt.), Billy O Sullivan (0-1), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-2, 1 free), Sean Geaney (1-0). Subs: Jack O Shea (1-0) for J. Shannon; Tommy Spillane (0-1) for P. Slattery; Sean McElligott (1-1) for K. Culhane, Timmy Fleming, Fintan Ashe, Gerard Murphy, Niall Savage.

Dublin: Derek O Farrell, Mick Deegan (0-1), Gerry Hargan, Mick Kennedy, Keith Barr (0-1), Tommy Carr, Eamonn Heary (0-2), Dave Foran, Paul Curran (0-3), J. Hayes, Kieran Duff, Noel McCaffrey (0-2), David de Lappe (0-1), Barney Rock (0-3, two 45’s), Vinny Murphy (1-2). Sub: Tommy Conroy for D. de Lappe.


Rd. 6 on Sun. 18th Feb. in Fitzgerald Stadium: Kerry 3-13; Cavan 0-12.

Team: Charlie Nelligan, Donal McCarthy, Morgan Nix, Kieran Culhane (0-1), Stephen Stack, Ambrose O Donovan, Eamonn Breen, Jack O Shea, Sean Burke (1-0), Pa Laide (0-2), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-5, 1 free), Connie Murphy (0-1), Sean McElligott (0-2), Pat Slattery (2-0), Sean Geaney (0-2). Sub: Timmy Fleming for C. Murphy. Laune Rangers, also, had Joe Shannon, Billy O Sullivan and Gerard Murphy amongst the substitutes.


Rd. 7 on Sun. 4th March at Páirc Uí Chaoimh: Cork 1-15; Kerry 1-10.

Team: Charlie Nelligan, Donal McCarthy, Morgan Nix, Kieran Culhane, Connie Murphy, Ambrose O Donovan, Stephen Stack, Jack O Shea (1-0), Sean Burke (0-1), Pa Laide (0-2), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-4, 3 frees), Eamonn Breen, Sean McElligott (0-2), Pat Slattery, Sean Geaney (0-1). Subs: Billy O Sullivan for D. McCarthy; Tommy Spillane for P. Slattery. Joe Shannon and Gerard Murphy were also substitutes.

Cork: Michael Maguire, Tony Nation, Niall Cahillane, Jimmy Kerrigan, Michael Slocum, Conor Counihan, Tony Davis, Danny Culloty, Teddy McCarthy, Dave Barry (0-2), Larry Tompkins (0-9, 6 frees), Barry Coffey, Paul McGrath (0-3), Shay Fahy (1-1), John O Driscoll. Subs: Stephen O Brien for D. Culloty; Seamus Coughlan for T. Davis.


National Football League 1990/1991


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th Oct. in Armagh: Armagh 3-6; Kerry 1-8.

Charlie Nelligan, Sean Burke, Tommy Spillane, Jack O Connell (Knocknagoshel), Connie Murphy, Ambrose O Donovan, Stephen Stack, Jack O Shea (0-1), Fintan Ashe, Pa Laide (0-2), Eamonn Breen, Maurice Fitzgerald (1-1), Sean Geaney (0-2), Murt Moriarty (0-1), Billy O Sullivan (capt.) Subs: Peter O Leary for C. Nelligan; Gene O Driscoll for B. O Sullivan; Aidan O Shea for E. Breen.

Armagh: Benny Tierney, L. McGeary, G. O Neill, P. O Neill, B. O Kane, A Short, C. Hanratty, J. Byrnes, Kieran McGurk (1-0), S Skelton, M. Toye, John Toner (0-2), D. Canavan, Ger Houlihan (1-3), Jimmy McConville (1-1). Subs: M. McQuillan for J. Toner; D. Horish for D. Canavan.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 21st Oct. at Killarney: Kerry 0-18; Roscommon 2-6.

Team: Peter O Leary, Connie Murphy, Kieran Culhane, Jack O Connell, Sean Burke, Vincent Knightley, Stephen Stack, Fintan Ashe, Tomás O Connor (Dingle), Jack O Shea, Eamonn Breen (0-3), Maurice Fitzgerald (0-13, 12 frees), Pa Laide 0-1), David Farrel (0-1), Billy O Sullivan (capt.). Subs: Pat Slattery for P. Laide; Murt Moriarty for T. O Connor; Aidan O Shea for B. O Sullivan.

Roscommon: Gay Sheerin, Des Newton, Pat Doorey, Paul Hickey, Joe Connachton (0-1), Padraig O Reilly, Mattie O Reilly (0-1), John Newton (1-0), Seamus Kilooran, Tom Crehan, Vincent Glennon (0-1), James Henegan (1-0), Michael Donlon (0-1), Paul Early (0-3), Eamonn McManus. Sub: Andrew Leyland for V. Glennon.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 25th Nov. at Ballyshannon: Donegal 1-12; Kerry 0-12.

Team: Peter O Leary, Connie Murphy, Kieran Culhane, Liam O Flaherty, Sean Burke, Vincent Knightley, Stephen Stack, Fintan Ashe, Noel O Mahony (0-1), Jack O Shea (0-2), Eamonn Breen, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-5, 4 frees), Sean McElligott (0-1), David Farrell (0-1), Sean Geaney (0-1). Subs: Pa Dennehy (Currow) 0-1 for S, McElligott; Pat McKenna for E. Breen.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 2nd Dec. in Killarney: Kerry 0-12; Cork 0-10.

Team: Peter O Leary, Connie Murphy, Kieran Culhane, Jack O Connell, Stephen Stack, Vincent Knightley, Sean Burke, Noel O Mahony (0-1), Ambrose O Donovan, Jack O Shea (0-2), Pat McKenna (0-1) capt, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-6, frees), Pa Dennehy, David Farrell, Sean Geaney. Subs: Liam Flaherty for V. Knightley; Billy O Sullivan for S. Geaney; Eamon Breen (0-2) for D. Farrell.

Cork: John Kerins, Tony Nation, Niall Cahillane, Jimmy Kerrigan, Michael Slocum, Conor Counihan, Tony Davis, Shay Fahy, Danny Culloty (0-2), Denis O Sullivan (0-1), Liam Honohan (0-1), Denis Cleary, Noel Twomey (0-1), Colm O Neill (0-4, 2 frees), Ivan Ahearn (0-1). Subs: Paul McGrath for D. Cleary; Seamus Coughlan for J. Kerrigan.


Co. Senior Hurling Championship

Players from Killorglin played with St. Mary’s in the county and South-Kerry hurling competitions. St. Mary’s combined with other teams in the area to make up the South-Kerry Hurling team in the Co. Senior Hurling Championship.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 29th June at Fitzgerald Stadium: South-Kerry 2-6; Austin Stacks 5-14.

South-Kerry: David Quirke, Mervin O Sullivan, Michael Leahy, Richard O Connor (Killorglin), Richard Nolan, Derry Crowley, John Merrick, Joe Morrissey (0-1), David Burke, John Dunphy, Joe Kennedy (Killorglin) 0-3, John Finn (1-1), John O Connell, Joe Purcell (Killorglin) 1-1, Paul O Gorman.


Co. Senior Ladies Football Championship

As Laune Rangers did not have a Ladies Football team, some Killorglin girls played with Beaufort.


Final on Sat. 22nd Sept. at Castleisland: Abbeydorney 1-10; Beaufort 2-2.

Beaufort: Nora Hallissey, Elaine McGillycuddy, Nora Crowley, Christina Doyle, Phil Curran, Kathleen Curran, Geraldine Cahillane, Mary Jo Curran, Sheila Looney, Mary Ann Leane (0-1), Eileen Scully, Siobhán O Sullivan, Claire Doyle, Jacqueline McGillycuddy (0-1), Michelle Walsh (2-0). Sub: Carmel Coffey for C. Doyle.


All-Ireland Senior Ladies Football Championship


Final on Sun. 11th Nov. at Croke Park: Kerry 1-9; Laois 0-6.

That was Kerry’s ninth senior championship title in succession.

Kerry: Kathleen Curran, Bridget Leen, Del Whyte (capt.), Patricia Murphy, Marion Doherty, Phil Curran, Margaret Flaherty, Katie Liston, Mary Jo Curran, Marina Barry, Ann Costello, Sheila Looney, Margaret Lawlor-Slattery, Eileen Lawlor, Helena McElligott. Subs: Siobhán O Sullivan for H. McElligott, Eileen Mulvihill, Elaine McGillycuddy, Lilian Moloney, Fionnuala Ruane, Michelle Walsh, Ann O Callaghan, Kay Fitzgerald, Aileen McLoughlin.


Ladies NFL


Junior Semi-final on Sun. 19th Aug. at Portlaoise: Kerry 6-7; Wicklow 2-4.

Elaine McGillycuddy played at right fullback.


Junior Final on Sun. 9th sept. at Askeaton: Clare 6-6; Kerry 1-5.

Elaine McGillycuddy played at right fullback.




John Dowling, Uíbh Fháillí, was Uachtarán CLG. Annual Congress was held in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin on 30th/31st March and 1st April. The following playing rules were introduced: 1. A player, who is fouled, may take the free himself from the hands or the ground or allow another player to take the free from the hands or the ground. 2. Sideline kicks must be taken from the hand. 3. The teeing up of the ball for a free kick or a kick-out is outlawed. 4. There has to be a definite striking action for a hand-pass. 5. Fisted points are allowed but not fisted goals. James Coffey was on the Kerry delegation.


The Annual Convention of the Munster Council was held in the West County Hotal, Ennis on Fri. 2nd March. Michael Maher (Tiobrad Árainn) was Chairman, Donie Nealon (Tiobrad Árainn) was Secretary and Michael O Connor (Ciarraí) was elected as Treasurer to replace the recently deceased Tadhg Crowley.


Co. Convention was held in The Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney on Sun. 14th January. In his report to the Convention, An Rúnaí, Tony O Keeffe, said, ‘1989 is certainly a year that will not be forgotten down Killorglin way. The Laune Rangers annexed five county titles during the year and each one was done with exemplary performance. In winning their first S.F.C. title since the early years of the century, they have established themselves as the best team in the county and, in winning the League and Championshop double, they have served notice that they will be a force to reckoned with for a good many years to come. Their strength in depth can also be gauged from the fact that this year the club won the M.F.C. for the third year-in-a-row, a truly remarkable achievement. The passion and commitment, displayed by all sections of the club, are a shining beacon for all other clubs in the county to follow. Laune Rangers have been noted for their extraordinary ability at juvenile level for a number of years past. This has now borne fruit and is a testament to the many wonderful club members who have toiled through the years to re-establish Laune Rangesr as Kerry’s leading club.’

The following officers were elected: Chairman – Sean Kelly 197 votes (Bernie O Callaghan 54, Gerald Whyte 24. Dave Geaney had also been nominated but had withdrawn), Vice-Chairman – Liam Cotter 144 votes (Jerome Conway 133 votes. Dave Geaney, Pat O Shea and Teddy O Sullivan had also been nominated but had withdrawn), Secretary – Tony O Keeffe (Dee Ferris had also been nominated but had withdrawn), Joint-Treasurers – James Coffey and John McMahon (Pat O Connor had also been nominated but had withdrawn), Munster Council Delegates – Dave Geaney 185 votes, Teddy O Sullivan 227 votes, both elected (Donie Sheehan 134 votes), Youth Officer – Joe Langan (Derry Sheehan and Jerome Conway had been nominated but had withdrawn), Development Officer – Sean Walsh, Central Council Delegate – Gerald McKenna, Oifigeach na Gaeilge – Diarmuid Ó Murchú, PRO – Eamonn O Sullivan.

Senior/U-21 Football Selection Committee (elected at the end of September 1989) – Mickey O Sullivan (appointed), Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), Sean Walsh (Kerins O Rahillys), Dave Geaney (Desmonds) and Ger O Driscoll (Valentia). The unsuccessful candidates were Eddie O Sullivan (Dr. Crokes), Pat Brosnan (Brosna), Tommy Doyle (Aunascaul), Buddy O Grady (John Mitchels), P.J. O Donovan (St. Mary’s), Mike McCarthy (Milltown/Castlemaine), Paudie O Mahony (Spa) and Tim Kennelly (Listowel).

Co. Minor Football Selection Committee (Had been appointed for two years): Jackie Walsh (trainer), Mikey Sheehy, Jim Wrenn, Dan O Sullivan and Michael Price.

Laune Rangers delegates to Co. Convention were John Evans, Jerome Conway and Aidan Gannon.


James Coffey and John McMahon, as Joint-Treasurers of Kerry Co. Board, were appointed as Joint-Chairmen of the Co. Finance Committee and to organize the Co. Club Development Draw.

At the Co. Board meeting on 13th Feb., Pat Lynch was appointed onto the Co. GPC.

Joe Langan was Chairman of the Kerry Referees Committee and Bart Moriarty was Secretary.


The Annual Convention of Bord na nOg Chiarraí was held on Mon. 11th Dec. 1989 in the Pavilion, Austin Stack Park, Tralee. The following officers were elected: President – Sylvie Mason, Chairman – Michael O Callaghan (Kilcummin), Vice-Chairman – John Mike McCarthy (St. Brendan’s), Secretary – Maurice O Sullivan (Ballyheigue), Ass. Sec. and PRO – Willie O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys), Treasurers – Michael Sweeney (Ballymacelligott) and Dan Kelliher (Dr. Crokes), Registrar – Con Griffin (Dr. Crokes), Fixtures Secretary – Paudie County, Hurling Officer – Andy O Sullivan (Kenmare). GPC – Liam Ó Rócháin (An Ghaeltacht), Pat Pigott (Laune Rangers), Patsy Cremin (Spa), Derry Sheehan (Desmonds), Christy Killeen (Finuge) and Finbar Carrig (Tarbert). Pat Pigott was appointed as referees’ secretary for all U-16 football games and he carried out that duty very well and the Co. Bord na nÓg Rúnaí, in his report to the following convention said, “We are grateful to Pat Pigott for taking on this task (Referees’ secretary for U-16 football games) and ensuring that a referee was appointed for each fixture. His commitment to the job and his attention to every detail ensured that the U-16 leagues were run off efficiently and well. We thank him for his excellent contribution.”


Mid-Kerry AGM was held in The Manor Inn, Killorglin on Tues. 30th Jan. 1990. Chairman, Mike McCarthy thanked those involved with Mid-Kerry teams throughout the year and hoped that 1990 would bring greater results. He pointed out that, even though Mid-Kerry was one of the smallest district-boards, its clubs had dominated the county competitions in 1989. Maurice Harmon did not seek re-election as Rúnaí. The Treasurer, Michael Healy, gave the Treasurers’ Report, which showed a credit balance of £3,795, despite the fact that there had been a deficit of £840 on the year’s activities. Officers elected were: President – Murt Kelly; Chairman – Michael McCarthy; Vice-Chairman – Noel Spillane; Secretary – Michael Healy; PRO – John Dowling (He resigned at the March meeting due to business commitments and the Secretary carried on the duties of PRO); Joint Treasurers – George Evans, Michael Curran and Edward Stack. A motion, from Laune Rangers and Milltown/Castlemaine, was passed stating that if two teams in the final of the Senior Championship or Senior League could not agree on a Mid-Kerry referee, the Board would seek the services of a referee from outside of the Board. Laune Rangers’ delegates were James Coffey, John Clifford, John Purcell and Donal Pigott.


The minutes of seven Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available, mostly for the purpose of fixture-making. Other matters that were decided/discussed were:

29th March – Clubs were allowed to regrade three players for the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Championship. The PRO had resigned due to pressure of business and the Secretary was delegated the PRO’s duties. Referees would be paid £5 for each referee’s report that was returned to the Secretary.

23rd April – Anthony Shannon was suspended for two weeks. Laune Rangers were allowed to regrade Michael O Reilly, Brian O Shea and Pat O Brien from senior status. The Chairman welcomed Cromane into the playing ranks of the Mid-Kerry teams.

5th June – James Coffey addressed the meeting on behalf of the Co. Board in connection with the development draw and he outlined the development work being undertaken in the Austin Stack Park. He appealed to all the clubs to sell their quota of tickets. Arising out of a letter from Bord na nOg Chiarraí Láir, John Joe Harmon, Milltown/Castlemaine was banned from the sideline at all games. £50 was donated to Killorglin Community College to help defray the expenses incurred in the winning of the All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ U-16 Football Championship.

24th July – It was decided to run a Minor ‘B’ Championship for the four weaker clubs (Milltown/Castlemaine, Glenbeigh, Keel and Cromane).

30th Aug. – Due to Mid-Kerry’s continued involvement in the Co. Senior Football Championship, the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship was deferred. John Clifford, on behalf of Laune Rangers, congratulated Mid-Kerry on reaching the Co. Senior Football Championship.

13th Nov. – the Mid-Kerry Novice Football Championship was suspended.


Glenbeigh/Glencar Club organized Bord na nOg Chiarraí Láir – Sean O Connor was Chairman and Mick O Toole was Secretary.


The minutes of nine Laune Rangers Club meetings are available.

8th Jan. – it was decided to forego the production of a book by Kerry’s Eye due the exorbitant cost. Neighbour, Danny Clifford, had complained that the wire fencing and trees on the eastern side of the J.P. O Sullivan Park were in danger of falling into his property. Ger O Keeffe, engineer, was employed to examine the situation. An application for National Lottery funding for the building of dressing rooms and installation of lights in the field had been made.

Mon. 2nd April – the request by Cromane to the Co. Board to be allowed to play with Mid-Kerry in the Senior, U-21 and Minor Co. Championships was discussed at a club meeting. James Coffey felt that Laune Rangers and Cromane should play together in the Co. Championship and that Cromane would probably seek to have one selector in that scenario. Noel O Mahony said that if they were granted a selector it would ruin the Laune Rangers team and that if Laune Rangers won the Co. Senior Championship, it would not be allowed to represent Kerry in the Club Championship, as it would be regarded as a group team. Jerome Conway counselled against interfering with the original agreement in any way. After much discussion, Noel O Mahony proposed that we allow Cromane to play with Mid-Kerry and it was seconded by Anthony Shannon and carried. At the Co. Board meeting on 9th April, correspondence was read from Laune Rangers, requesting that item 10 of the agreement between Laune Rangers and Cromane be deleted. Gerald McKenna proposed the deletion and John O Donoghue seconded and that paved the way for Cromane to play with Mid-Kerry in the Senior, U-21 and Minor Co. Championships. At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 23rd April, the Chairman, Michael McCarthy, welcomed Cromane into the Mid-Kerry playing ranks and hoped that their inclusion would benefit Mid-Kerry in its bid to win the Co. Championship.

Mon. 7th May – two players, Michael Scannell (Douglas) and Tom Fitzgerald (Upper Tullig), had letters before the Co. Board meeting seeking permission to play with Cromane. Both players lived within the Laune Rangers station districts and could not legally play with Cromane. Nevertheless, Michael Scannell said in the letter that he worked for Cromane Seafoods and that seemed to satisfy the Chairman, Sean Kelly, despite the vigorous protestations of James Coffey that there was really no satisfactory evidence of Scannell’s employment. He was given permission to play. Tom Fitzgerald had requested permission to play with Cromane as all his friends were playing with them! That request was refused.

20th Aug. – it was reported that £2,023 was the net profit from the selling of £1 lines at Puck Fair. Approximately 950 people had signed up for the club draw of £10 per month for six months. It was hoped to raise £100,000 towards the cost of resurfacing the pitch, building new dressing-rooms and putting a new entrance in place.

In October, it was pointed out at a club meeting that Cromane were ignoring the agreement between the two clubs and were playing players from areas of the parish outside the agreed station areas. It was decided to inform the Co. Board of that, in the form of an objection arising out of the playing of those players against us in the last round of the Co. League – that was a brazen, inflammatory act, that could not be undertaken without the prior knowledge of or being exonerated by a higher authority. In November, Cromane lodged a counter-objection against Laune Rangers on some pretext or other. Both clubs were called before the GPC on Thursday 22nd Nov. Laune Rangers were represented by Aidan Gannon, Donal Pigott and Jerome Conway.


On Sat. 24th March, the Bishop Moynihan Cup had a place of honour in the Galtymore in Cricklewood on the occasion of the Annual Dinner of the Killorglin District Association, which had been running since the early seventies and which had become the big night out of the year for people from Killorglin and district, who were domiciled across channel. Three members of the victoruious Laune Rangers team of 1989 attended the function, namely Peter Lyons, Anthony Shannon and Gerard Murphy. Also in the special party who travelled from Killorglin for the occasion were Aidan Gannon, Chairman of Laune Rangers Club, John Purcell, ‘B’ team selector, Pat O Grady and the Mangan Brothers, Brendan and Eoin. According to Peter Lyons, there was an attendance of approximately 1,200 in the Galtymore. The atmosphere was lively and convivial. Two people who had made the visitors especially welcome over the weekend had been Christy Kissane and Jim Carlon of the Kingdom Bar in Kilburn. The Laune Rangesr representatives sold a lot of tickets at the function for the six-months’ club draw.


At the Co. Board meeting on 22nd Jan. the transfer of Vincent Prendergast from GAA Colmcille to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.


The death occurred unexpectedly on Fri. 2nd Feb. of Gerald Teahan at his home in Lack, Annascaul. Born in Keel, he had won All-Ireland Senior Championships with Kerry and had played Co. Senior Championships with Kerins O Rahillys, Dingle, Laune Rangers and Dick Fitzgeralds.


The death occurred, after a long illness, on Wed. 31st Feb. of Frank King. He had been Chairman of Kerry Co. Board from 1979 to 1987.


The death took place in New York of Mick Teahan, late of Gurrane. He had been a former player of distinction with Laune Rangers before he left for the USA. He continued to take a keen interest in the affairs of the Laune Rangers and was a member of the fund-raising committee for the J.P. O Sullivan Park in New York.


When Eoin Joy was presented with the Munster Minor Football Cup after winning the Munster Minor Championship, he became the fourth Laune Rangers to have successfully captained victorious Kerry Minor Football teams in the Munster Championship. As a matter of fact, Kerry had never lost a Munster Minor Football Championship when it had a Laune Rangers’ captain. The winning captains were, 1978 – Michael F. O Shea, 1988 – Danny Cahill, 1989 – Billy O Sullivan and 1990 – Eoin Joy.


Paddy Clifford died unexpectedly in Aherla, Co. Cork in October. James Coffey wrote in the Killorglin Notes in The Kerryman: ‘Paddy Donal, as he was known to all his friends, was a most popular man. He was bighearted and kind. An outstanding Kerry minor footballer in 1947 and 1948, he won two junior All-Ireland medals with Kerry and also made several appearances with the county senior team. Paddy played with distinction with both Glenbeigh and Laune Rangers as fullback in the 50’s and 60’s and was a loyal player with Mid-Kerry in the lean years. Paddy gave of his best in every game he played, be it championship or challenge. He played a major role in Laune Rangers first Mid-Kerry Senior Championship win in 1958. Paddy loved to return to Killorglin and Glenbeigh as often as he could. He seldom missed a funeral and he was present at many games each year in the county. He was present when Laune Rangers won the county championship last year and he joined in the celebrations that lasted for days.’


The AGM of the Kingdom GAA Club, London, was held in the Cock Tavern, Kilburn High Road. Christy Kissane was elected as Chairman in succession to Pat O Mahony. In his address, he was loud in his praise of Pat O Mahony who had guided the Kingdom to three championship victories in four years. ‘He will be a hard act to follow,’ he said. Pat O Mahony was elected as club Vice-President.


In May the following article appeared in the Kerryman on Joe Shannon: “Unlikely as it may seem, Kerry football star Joe Shannon’s playing career started in goals, but since his U-12 playing days, the AIB bank official has distinguished himself in almost every position. A product of Laune Rangers’ successful youth policy, Joe is now a firmly established member of the Kerry panel and is looking forward to a successful campaign in this year’s championship. A dedicated player, his first competitive success came at U-12 level, when he won a Co. Championship with the club. It was to be the forerunner to similar victories at U-14 and U-16 and minor levels for both Joe and the Laune Rangers. Joe works with AIB at their Dingle branch and is facilitated by the bank when it comes to time off for training. He travels from Dingle to Tralee and Killarney for training with the Kerry senior panel under Mickey O Sullivan. Joe says that training is just as tough under O Sullivan as it was under the legendary Mick O Dwyer. Joe has also helped the AIB’s own football team to success in the annual IBOA competitions and he has toured in the US and Australia with AIB national teams. ‘The bank could not be better to me,’ says Joe, who started work with AIB in 1979 shortly after his leaving certificate. Joe won an All-Ireland Minor medal in 1980 and also holds two Munster U-21 medals, but the one medal Joe would like to add to his large and varied collection is an All-Ireland senior medal. Joe believes Laune Rangers’ two underage mentors, Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway, were the two biggest influences on his career to date. ‘They have done a tremendous amount for underage football in Kerry,’ says Joe.”


On Fri. 13th July, James Coffey wrote the following in an article in the Kerryman: “When Laune Rangers won the Kerry Senior Football Championship last September, everyone was in agreement that the youth policy of the club had finally paid off. It took almost twenty years to achieve the ambition of winning the senior title. There were times when we thought it would never happen but so unselfish were the underage mentors and so enthusiastic and hard-working were Noel O Mahony and his senior selectors that the many disappointments were always forgotten with the approach of each championship season.

In 1970, the club decided that it was time to go it alone in the county championship. In 1966, the senior team had won the Co. Club Championship and Towns’ Cup and, in the following year, eight members of that team helped Mid-Kerry win its first senior county title. The feeling at the time was that Laune Rangers should have contested the championship on its own. With a growing urban population, the club felt the need for a separate identity and so the break with Mid-Kerry came at the 1970 AGM.

A new youth policy was put in force and Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway were put in charge of the juvenile affairs. Underage county titles came at U-12, U-14 and U-16 in the years 1972 to 1976. Liam Shannon and Patsy Joy became part of the juvenile section and in 1977 Noel O Mahony took over at minor level and saw his charges win the county championship in that year, as well as contesting two county league finals in ’77 and ’78, winning the latter. The general opinion was that a senior title was not far away but the wait for the right blend of youth and experience took time.

A first Co. Division 1 League title in ’86, after a hectic campaign, set our sights on the championship but despite another league title in ’87, and a top of the table position in ’88, we didn’t seem to be getting our act right in the championship.

During all the celebrations, the people who did most for the club in the lean years and in the important years of the seventies and eighties were never forgotten – people like Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway and the late Mrs. Noreen Murphy, who for many years looked after the ten years of age group and the Community Games teams. Her husband, Seamus, now looks after kids every Sunday morning. These along with others such as James Sheehan, Liam Shannon, Maurice Corkery, Patsy Joy, John Evans, Bertie Houlihan, Pierce Prendiville, Joe Shannon, Tom Johnston, Pat Pigott, Myles Coffey, Tommy Woods, Conor O Mahony, James Ferris  and Finbarr Coffey have been and are looking after the needs of our youth and are all part of the Laune Rangers’ success story. The foundation for the future has been laid and, whether Laune Rangers retain the title or not this year, the future continues to look bright and more titles are sure to come to Laune-side.”


Referees for the club during the year were Michael O Reilly, Patrick O Shea, Michael O Sullivan and John Evans at senior level and Pat Pigott, Jerome Conway at juvenile level.


John Evans refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Senior League Div. 5, on Sat. 19th May at Listry: Listry Kilgarvan.

Senior League Div. 6, on Sun. 20th May at Spa: Spa ‘B’ Glenflesk ‘B’.


Patrick O Shea refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Senior League Div. 5, on Sun. 20th May at Dromid: Dromid Foilmore.

Senior League Div. 3 on Sat. 9th June at Sneem: Sneem 0-11; Emmett’s 1-6.


Michael O Reilly refereed the following Mid-Kerry game in 1990:

SFC Losers’ Round: Glenbeigh beat Keel at Beaufort.


Jerome Conway refereed the following game, amongst others, for Co. Bord na nOg

U-12 Div. 6 Final on Sat. 23rd June at Killorglin: Glenbeigh defeated Milltown.


The club received £850 from AIB for its participation in the 1989 Munster Club Championship.


The club purchased five tickets at £5 each, towards the reconstruction of the stand in the Paddy Burke Memorial Park, which had been destroyed during a storm.


£2,023 was collected from selling of £1 lines at Puck Fair.

A finance committee was set up to organize a draw to raise funds for the building of dressing-rooms. Members of that committee were Aidan Gannon, Joe Crowley, Pa O Grady, Tommy Woods, Owen Mangan, Aidan O Shea and James Coffey. People were appointed to target different parts of the parish. Members went to London to sell tickets with limited success! Tickets were sent to the USA. By August, 1,300 (approx) people had been registered at £10 per month for six months for the J.P. O Sullivan Park Development draw. The draws took place in The CYMS Hall.

August winners: £5,000 – Patie Healy, Lios; £1,000 – James J. Foley, Iveragh Rd.; £500 – Jimmy Healy, Glenbeigh; £250 – Donie Mangan, Dromavalla; £100 – John Purcell, Gerard Murphy, Margaret Galvin, Jackie Looney, Patrick Galvin, Brendan Kelly, Catherine O Sullivan. Special Prize of £250 each to Dieter Kirschoffer, Pat O Riordan (Dooks), Peter Quane and Dan. M. O Sullivan.

September Draw: £5,000 – Peadar O Sullivan, Glenbeigh, £1,000 – John Clifford, Glosha, £500 – John Griffin, Gurrane and Joe Crowley, Laharn, £250 – Sean O Leary, £100 each to Kevin Moynihan, Killarney, John Dowling, Castlemaine, Noreen Ahern, Caragh Lake, Jimmy O Shea, Keel, Ann Moriarty, Cyril O Neill, Langford Street, Marian Galvin, Keelcoulacht.

October winners: £5,000 – Johanna O Connor, Ballycleave; £1,000 – Joseph Hegarty; £500 – Willie Fitzgerald, Killarney Rd.; £250 – Brendan O Reilly, Lower Bridge St.; £100 – Christena O Brien, Maureen O Mahony, Johnny Lane, Pat Joy (Bantry), Pat Ahern (Rathkeale), Jacqueline O Sullivan, Hannah Mary O Neill.

November winners: £5,000 – Paud O Grady, Bantry; £1,000 – Michael W. Clifford, Ceannovree; £500 – Intermediate School’s Sports Committee; £250 – The O Sullivan Family, St. James Gardens; £100 – Johnny Heffernan, Jimmy Hayes, Michael Landers, Tom Johnston, Noreen O Grady, Francis Thompson, Eoin Mangan, Pat O Grady.

December winners (two draws): £5,000 – John Griffin, Caragh Lake and Noel Maher, Galway; £1,000 – Fr. James Griffin, Waterford and Jerry Meehan; £500 – Michael Murphy, Dooks and Dave Barry, Killorglin; £250 – Brendan Sweeney, Glenbeigh and Conor O Mahony, Killorglin; £100 – Rhetta Howard, Sean Murphy, P.J. Foley, Cyril McGillycuddy, Francis Russell, Mrs. A Foley (London), Paul Brosnan, Frank Lucey, Tony Jones, Nora Moran, Catherine Kelliher (AIB), Tom McBride, Patrick O Connor (Rangue) and Cathal Foley (Reen). Sellers’ prizes – John Galvin and Eoin Mangan.


Bart Moriarty received an award from Chairman, Sean Kelly, for his Secretary’s Report on the workings of the Kerry GAA Referees’ Committee.


The Annual Social was held on Sat. 8th Dec. in The Castle Heights Hotel, Killarney – tickets were £12.50 each. Senior team player of the year – Mark O Connor, ‘B’ team player of the year – Martin Clifford, Minor team player of the year – Adrian Hassett. A letter from Sean Kelly, Chairman of Kerry Co. Board, who had been unable to attend, was read. He praised the club for the fine work it was doing for the youth. He paid a special tribute to Noel O Mahony for the outstanding contribution he had made to Laune Rangers as their trainer and manager.


Co. Senior Football Final on Sun. 23rd Sept. at Fitzgerald Stadium: West-Kerry 4-9; Mid-Kerry 0-7.

Co. Minor Football Final on Sun. 23rd Sept. at Fitzgerald Stadium: West-Kerry 3-9; Laune Rangers 1-5.

Co. U-21 Footbal Final on Sun. 23rd Dec. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers 0-8; Kerins O Rahillys 0-7.

Co. Club Championship Final on Sun. 4th Nov. at Fitzgerald Stadium: Dr. Crokes 2-12; Dingle 3-6.

Co. Football League Division 1 Champions – Austin Stacks.

Co. Intermediate Football Final on Sat. 3rd Nov. at Beaufort: Kenmare 1-13; St. Mary’s 2-7.

Co. Junior Football Final on Sun. 16th Dec. at John Mitchels Pitch: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-5; Tarbert 0-7.

Co. Novice Football Final on Sat. 13th Oct. at Fitzgerald Stadium: Sneem 0-12; Churchill 0-3.

Co. Football League Div. 1 Champions – Austin Stacks.


Sports Minister, Frank Fahey, praised the community of Killorglin as one of the most advanced and determined in the country because of the way they strove to provide their town with the £500,000 Sports Complex, which he officially opened on Sat. 10th Feb.


Thre AGM of Callanfersy Soccer Club was held at the end of May. The following officers were elected: President – Cormac Johnston, Chairman – Ger Counihan, Vice-Chairman – Pat O Donnell, Secretary – Dodo Sheahan, Ass. Sec. – Josephine O Neill, PRO – Phil Delaney, Treasurer – Dominic Crowley. Senior Team Manager – Jimmy Doona.


Kerry Radio came on the air on Sat. 14th July, broadcasting on 97FM in South-Kerry and 97.6FM in North-Kerry.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the Monastery, Milltown, on Tues. 18th Jan. 1991. The Secretary, Michael Healy, reported as follows: “The year under review was a most satisfactory year for the Board and for the clubs within the Board area, but it was also a year of bitter disappointment.

Senior Championship. Mid-Kerry and Laune Rangers took part in the Co. Championship. The Board decided at an early stage in the year to make the Co. Championship their priority for the year. The clubs participating in the Mid-Kerry team committed themselves to helping the Board in everyway possible. John P. O Sullivan was appointed as trainer. The team started training in May and it was clear from the outset that the players were once again eager to wear the Mid-Kerry jersey. The team took part in the East-Kerry tournament and was unlucky to lose the final. The tournament, however, helped to build up a great spirit amongst the players, trainer, selectors and officers.

Our first game in the Co. Championship was against Shannon Rangers in Milltown and the team gave an impressive performance, notwithstanding the paucity of the challenge from the opposition. The quarter-final draw gave us a difficult assignment against one of the championship favourites, St. Kieran’s, in Brosna. After a tentative start, the team settled down to play a great game and an inspired goal by Sean Burke set us on the way to a memorable victory. The semi-final paired us against Beale, quarter-final conquerors of Laune Rangers, and once again we revelled in the role of underdogs to qualify for the county final for the first time since 1978 and invoke memories of our great Co. Championship victories of 1967 and 1971. West-Kerry beat Austin Stacks in the replay of the second semi-final and certainly benefited from their extra competitive game. Mid-Kerry had a long wait between the semi-final and the final and, even though a great spirit was evident in the camp, a number of players were plagued by injury and were unable to train properly. The mantle of favourites, also, rested uneasily on many of our players in the week prior to the final. Mid-Kerry, once again, gave a display of great courage and spirit and, with fifteen minutes remaining, it was anybody’s game. However, a goal for West-Kerry sealed the victoty. Mid-Kerry was dealt a cruel blow early in the game, when we lost our star corner-back, John B. O Brien, and were denied a perfect goal by a strange refereeing decision. To the players, I say ‘Thank you, for your co-operation and the pride you showed in wearing the Mid-Kerry jersey. Let not failure in what would have been your year of glory dishearten you, but rather strengthen your resolve to go one better in 1991. I would like to pay special tribute to the trainer, who gave so much of his time and energy in the preparation of the team for every game. Without him, I doubt if we would have reached the county final.’

Laune Rangers, who were defending their county title, started their campaign in impressive fashion against St.  Brendan’s, but were well-beaten by a more eager Beale team in the quarter-final.

Minors. We entered the minor championship with great hopes of achieving a break-through. The team trained hard and diligently in Beaufort under Tim Coffey and Pat Lynch. We had impressive wins against Kerins O Rahillys and St. Brendan’s but fate once again placed us in opposition to the other team from the district, Laune Rangers, in the semi-final. Whilst we were physically a stronger team, Laune Rangers had the more opportunistic forwards and this won the day for them. An injury to our Kerry minor, Kieran O Shea, also upset the team and contributed to our downfall. Again to the players I say, ‘Thank you, for your commitment to training throughout the summer.’ The trainers, Tim Coffey and Pat Lynch, also deserve special mention for their wonderful commitment. Laune Rangers, having qualified for their fifth county minor final in a row, were beaten by a very good West-Kerry team. They can be proud of their achievements in this level.

U-21. The timing of the competition did not suit Mid-Kerry with many of our players away in college and no preparation being done. We succumbed rather tamely to Shannon Rangers in the first round. Once again Laune Rangers did the district proud by winning this competition. They beat Killarney, St. Brendan’s, South-Kerry and Kerins O Rahillys in a very good final, despite the weather conditions, two days before Christmas. With this team, Laune Rangers can look forward to many more joyous days on the Co. Championship front.

The Mid-Kerry U-16 team, which includes Laune Rangers, once again did the Board proud, winning the Co. Championship for the third year in a row. Jerome Conway has done wonderful work at this level and deserves our appreciation.

The clubs within the Board area also did us proud during the year in county competitions. Milltown/Castlemaine won the Co. Junior Championship and consolidated their position in Division 1 of the Co. League. Beaufort won promotion to Division 2 and, with a very young team, can look forward to great days ahead. Glenbeigh/Glencar won out Division 4 of the Co. League and gained promotion, as did Keel, which finished runners-up in this division. Cromane contested the Co. Novice Final and were unlucky to lose. They also maintained their divisional status.

Within the area, a total of 46 games were played in six senior competitions and Bord na nOg ran six club competitions, totalling 66 games, as well as the national school competitions. Regrettably the Minor ‘A’ Championship final was played on the last Saturday of the year, despite the best intentions of the Board to have all competitions finished earlier. Laune Rangers recaptured the Senior Championship and dominated the remainder of the competitions. The winners of all the competitions were as follows:

Senior Championship – Laune Rangers; Senior League – Laune Rangers;

O Sullivan Cup – Glenbeigh/Glencar; Senior ‘B’ Championship Keel;

Minor ‘A’ Championship – Laune Rangers; Minor ‘B’ Championship Milltown/Castlemaine;

U-16 ‘A’ Laune Rangers; U-16 ‘B’ Keel;

U-14 ‘A’ Laune Rangers; U-14 ‘B’ Beaufort;

U-12 ‘A’ Milltown/Castlemaine; U-12 ‘B’ Laune Rangers;

4 Teachers (15-a-side) Milltown Monastery; 4 Teachers (11-a-side) Glounaguillagh

3 Teachers (9-a-side) Fybough; 2 Teachers (7-a-side) Curraheen;

2 Teachers (7-a-side) Kiltallagh.

U-12 Skills – 1st Ian Twiss (Milltown/Castlemaine), 2nd John Joe Quirke (Glenbeigh/Glencar, 3rd Nelius Flynn (Milltown/Castlemaine).

Administration. The Board held eight meetings during the year and these were well attended by the officers and the delegates. More officers will have to take on more responsibility during the coming year.

Finance. The Board used up a lot of its resources in financing the Co. Championship campaign. It is becoming very evident that gate receipts can no longer be relied on to generate enough finance to run the Board and alternative means of finance will have to be found. Sponsorship will be a key element in financing of Board activities from now on.

Referees. Without referees, our games would not function. The Board is indebted to all the referees, who officiated at our games during the year. Referees have a thankless job and sheer love of the game is their sole motivation for continuing to serve the association. The abuse, which many of these people get during games at senior ansd juvenile levels, is shameful. Unfortunately, an outside referee was brought in to referee the Senior Championship Final this year and this certainly will not encourage our own referees to referee ordinary matches in the course of the year.

Bord na nOg. Bord na nOg was run by the Glenbeigh/Glencar club during the year and I would like to thank the two people concerned – Michael O Toole and Sean O Connor.

Scór na nOg. Scór na nOg was run by Glenbeigh/Glencar club. I believe it was not a success in that it was held in a licensed premises and the lack of stewards made it difficult for competitors and the audience.


To the Ketty U-21 team on winning the All-Ireland title for the first tme since 1977 and especially to the Mid-Kerry personnel involved – John B. O Brien, Pat McKenna, Billy O Sullivan, Paul Griffin, Sean Burke, Timmy Fleming and Kevin Griffin (Selector).

To the Kerry Minor team on retaining the Munster title, especially Eoin Joy, Billy O Shea, John Doona and Kieran O Shea.

To the Killorglin Community College, which won the All-Ireland U-16 Football Final.

To the Kerry Ladies Football team on winning their ninth All-Ireland title in-a-row, especially Mary Jo Curran, Phil Curran, Siobhán O Sullivan and that doyen of trainers, Florrie O Sullivan.

To all the clubs, that won or did well in competitions.


To all those people, who support our games Sunday after Sunday and help to make our association the great organization that it is.

To the people and organizations that helped to finance our Co. Championship campaign namely, Killorglin Credit Union, Klinge and Co., Liebig International, Mulvihill Pharmacy, Dominic Crowley, Keel Construction, Ned O Shea, Michael Cahill, Neillie O Sullivan, Christy Kissane, Scott’s Hotel, Danny O Sullivan, Liam Crowley, Larkin’s Bar and Bakery, Lee Strand, and the people, who supported us at Church-Gate collections.

To those, who sponsored ‘Man-of-the-match’ awards.

To the clubs, for the use of their fields, especially Milltown/Castlemaine and Beaufort.

To the trainers and selectors of our four teams.

To my fellow officers, especially Michael McCarthy, who gave me so much help and advice during the year.

To the clubs for their co-operation.

To the Kingdom and the Kerryman, for the coverage of our games in a fair and impartial manner, unlike another publication in the county, that questioned our right to even exist.

For the New Year

That the clubs and players will continue their support for Mid-Kerry in as unselfish a manner as they displayed during 1990.

That our competitions will be restructured and will finish earlier.


The past year had been a learning process for me in my first year as secretary and I hope that what I learned will help me to serve you better in the year ahead.”


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the Manor Inn on 11th Dec. 1990. The Secretary, Donal Pigott, gave a detailed report of all events both on and off the field during the year as follows: ‘As Laune Rangers entered a new decade, it was always going to be difficult to achieve the same success that the club enjoyed in ’89, as this had to have been the most successful year in the club’s history. The club had a new Chairman and Secretary and shortly after last years AGM a committee had been set up to raise money to do much-needed renovations to the J.P. O Sullivan Park. It was decided to hold a monthly draw towards the end of the year and to begin an immediate door-to-door canvas of the parish and indeed surrounding parishes. A trip was taken by members of the club to England to sell tickets and tickets were also sent to America and, by the time the first two draws in September took place, we had sold almost 1,300 tickets. The success off the venture is due to the generosity of the people of Killorglin and surrounding areas and to the sellers who covered many miles and, hopefully, soon dressing-rooms will adorn the J.P. O Sullivan Park worthy of their efforts.

While this was in progress, Bart Moriarty was being honoured by the County Board. Bart, who is doing great work with the refs in the county, was a deserving recipient of his award. While mentioning refs, I would like to thank our own refs, Michael O Reilly, Pat O Shea, Michael O Sullivan and our new ref, John Evans, also Pat Pigott, who does juvenile refereeing.

Membership again this year is up over the 200 mark, and this is a tribute to our registrar, Liam Shannon. Liam carries out this difficult job with great expertise and it should not be taken for granted as this is vital money for the running of the club. As we were unable to take part in the County Board draw this year, our revenue is down and our balance sheet does not look too healthy. However, the church gate collection helped somewhat. Our grateful thanks again this year to our sponsors. Without these people our expenses would be even greater.

Again this year we were well represented on the playing fields. Our U-10’s were again handled by Seamus Murphy and Willie Fitzgerald. These players are the future of the club and could not be in better hands. In Bord na nOg we were represented in U-12, U-14 and U-16 grades. Our U-12A team, under Tommy Woods and Conor O Mahony, reached the Mid-Kerry final but were defeated by a stronger Milltown team. In   the County League Div. 1, we qualified to meet Austin Stacks in the final but, due to internal problems in the Stacks camp, they failed to turn out and we were awarded the game. Our U-12B team, under the control of James Ferris and Finbar Coffey, won the County League Div. 7. This was a great achievement as these lads were aged 9-10 and are eligible to play U-12 for a few more years. The U-12 team followed up these wins with a win in the Mid-Kerry U-12 ‘B’ Championship. Well done to all those involved.

The U-14A team, with Pat Pigott and John Clifford in charge, took part in the County League without much success. However, they marshalled their troops for an assault on the Mid-Kerry title, which they won last year and after withstanding a controversial refereeing decision, they won the replay. The U-14B team, with Pierce Prendiville in charge, took part in the County League and our congratulations to both U-14 teams.

The honours this year have to go to the U-16 team under the control of Jerome Conway. They reached the Div. 1 final where they had a good win over John Mitchel’s in Farranfore. They also added the Mid-Kerry title to their list of achievements when they beat Milltown in the final. Jerome rounded off a fantastic year when he led the Mid-Kerry U-16 team to win the County Championship, when they defeated West Kerry in the final. Kevin Jones captained the team, which also included Mike Hassett, Derry O Sullivan, Paudie Russell, while Karl Griffin, Liam Hassett, Pat O Keeffe, Kealon O Sullivan and Andrew Doyle were part of the panel. This was a great achievement as it made it 3-in-a-row of county titles. This team represented Kerry in a tournament in Salthill but was beaten in the semi-final after two periods of extra time. Our congratulations to Jerome and the lads involved in these wins.

Our minor team began its campaign with a tough away game with East Kerry. We were not expecting great things from our minors as they were not as strong as other years. However, they confounded all their critics by defeating East Kerry, Killarney and old rivals, Mid-Kerry, before reaching their fifth final in a row. John Evans had taken over the minors for the championship. He had been unable to be with the team during the league and our thanks to Liam Shannon and Maurice Corkery who stepped in to take over the team. The minors were due to meet West Kerry in the final and trained really hard for this encounter but, also, injuries to 3 key players robbed them of their strongest 15 on the day and in spite of the lads’ best efforts they were beaten by a much stronger West Kerry team. John instilled great pride in his charges and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for his efforts over the past 5 years with our minors. In the Mid-Kerry Championship, our minors have yet to play the final against Beaufort.

Our U-21 team is again under the watchful eye of James Sheehan. We had a good win over Kenmare in the first round. This was achieved without the services of Pat McKenna, Patie Casey and Timmy Corkery who were all injured. In fact, Patie and Timmy were injured for most of the year and we wish them a speedy recovery. The draw for the second round paired us with St. Brendan’s and with Pat McKenna back in the attack we had a good win after a very tough struggle. We would like to wish James and the lads the best of luck for the semi-final against South Kerry and hopefully for the final after that.

This year both our senior teams had a somewhat up and down year. The ‘B’ team surrendered its Mid-Kerry ‘B’ title to Keel in Milltown. This was very disappointing as it was the feeling afterwards that overconfidence was a contributing factor in our defeat. We only just avoided relegation from Div. 4 after some close matches and we reached the Club ‘B’ final only to be beaten by a much better and fitter Desmonds’ team. Our thanks to John Purcell, Maurice Corkery and to James McInery, who stepped in during the year to train the team. The ‘A’ team retained the Mid-Kerry league but unfortunately our Co. League and Co. Championship titles were surrendered. The losing of the Championship was a major disappointment. Having beaten St. Brendan’s in Ardfert in the first round, we were then drawn away to Beale in Ballybunion. Nobody needs reminding that Eoin Liston used   this game to play his best football of the year and we were out of the Championship. The Div. 1 title was surrendered one week later away to Austin Stacks, when we needed to win to stay in contention but, alas, we failed to do so and our interest in the league ended. Desmonds proceeded to knock us out of the Club Championship, when, after pulling back a five points’ deficit, we conceded a goal and eventually lost by a point. The Mid-Kerry Championship was all that was left and the lads put in a great effort. We beat Glenbeigh in the semi-final and met old rivals and holders Milltown/Castlemaine in the final. We had to survive a tough battle before we emerged victorious and gave our many fans plenty to cheer about again. Our thanks, also, to John Purcell, Mattie Cahill and Jim Galvin for the excellent condition in which they had the pitch. Before I leave the senior team, I have to mention Noel O Mahony. Noel’s record is second to none at club level and his dedication over the past eight years has to be commended. Seven Mid-Kerry Championships, three County Leagues and, of course, the County Championship, along with many other victories, is, by any standard, a great achievement and, indeed, the club is indebted to Noel for his efforts. Sean Kelly, Chairman of the Co. Board, congratulated Noel and complimented him on his sportsmanship in victory and defeat over the eight years when he wrote a letter to us when he was unable to attend our social. In my dealings with Noel during the year, he was always helpful and I would like to thank him and wish him well in his retirement.

During the last year we had many players involved with the county teams. Eoin Joy was captain, and the minor team also included Billy O Shea. This team won the Munster Championship and, after beating Galway in the semi-final, they advanced to meet Meath in the All-Ireland final. However, after a great game, the minors lost by two points. Our congratulations to Eoin, Billy and John Doona, who was called into the panel only to have to pull out due to injury. The Kerry U-21 team had four Laune Rangers players involved and, who will forget Sunday 13th May in Mullingar when nine All-Ireland medals came to the club. Pat McKenna, Paul Griffin, Billy O Sullivan and Timmy Fleming were on the U-21 panel that day, when we beat Tyrone in the final. In fact out of the final score of 5-12, our players accounted for 5-5. In fact Billy O Sullivan scored 4-1 and set a new scoring record for an U-21 final. This feat earned Billy the “Sportsman of the Month” award from the Kerryman. The other five medals came when Mike & Liam Hassett, Kevin Jones, Jerry O Brien and John Cronin were on the U-16 Vocational School team of Killorglin, when it defeated a team from Derry.

Another great day for the club was when Joe Shannon led out the Kerry Senior team against Cork in the Munster final. Joe has been a loyal servant to Rangers down through the years and it was an honour well earned by him. Lately, Billy O Sullivan and Pat McKenna have played and captained the Kerry senior team. A player who must feel a little unlucky this year is Ger Murphy. Ger was injured in a league game in Ballybunion and was missed by the team this year, as his ability to get vital scores was a great asset to the team. We, at the club, wish Ger a speedy recovery and hope to have him back soon.

Our Annual Social was held at the Castle Heights on Sat. night and a most enjoyable night was had by all those who attended. Our congratulations to Mark O Connor (Senior player of the year), Martin Clifford (‘B’ team player of the year) and Adrian Hassett (Minor player of the year). Finally, as this was my first year as secretary, I would like to thank our former Chairman, Jerome, and Secretary, Tommy, for their co-operation and advice during the year.’