Laune Rangers – 1895


At the Kerry Co. Convention, the Laune Rangers’ representative, William O Brien, remonstrated with the Co. Board concerning the lateness of the previous year’s championship and sought an assurance that such would not be repeated. Later in the meeting, he was appointed onto the committee but withdrew at the following meeting.


Laune Rangers provided six of the county team, including the captain Paddy O Regan, that lost to Cork in a tournament game on 17th March. However, the Killorglin side lost to Cahersiveen in the Co. Semi-final in July. That was Laune Rangers’ last appearance in the county championship during that decade.

JP O Sullivan was elected as Vice-President of the Co. Board.

William O Brien and Pat Teahan were members of the Co. Board.

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Co. Senior Football Championship

Eleven teams took part in the Co. Senior Football Championship, Cahersiveen, Valentia, Firies, Ballymacelligott, Listowel, Tralee, Killarney, Currans, Listowel Temperance Society, Irremore and Laune Rangers. The latter received a bye to the semi-final.


Semi-final on Sun. 23rd July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-1; Cahersiveen 1-3.

In delightful weather, the Cahersiveen football team journeyed to Killorglin by excursion train, accompanied by over 400 of their friends, to play off the first of the Kerry championship matches with Laune Rangers. Some two thousand persons wended their way to the sports-field (Seana-Pháirc in Annadale), situated in a delightful spot about a mile from the town.

                Play commenced at three in the afternoon, when the fine sturdy lot of athletes, which composed both teams, went to their work with an enthusiasm peculiar to all Kerry footballers. For the first half-hour, both teams appeared equally well matches, Cahersiveen getting the better of the play on 0-1 to Killorglin’s 0-0.

                In the second half, things seemed to be all in favour of Cahersiveen who were not long in scoring a goal. Then Killorglin placed a point to their credit. Afterwards, Cahersiveen gained two points, before time was up.

Laune Rangers: Paddy O Regan (capt.), Dan P. Murphy, John Phil Murphy, Pat Sugrue, Patsy Begley, John O Reilly, Mick O Sullivan (Shanacloon), Mike Walsh (Langford St.), Pat Curtin, James Curtin (Clover Hill), Jimmy Begley (Ballykissane), Michael O Reilly (Lower Bridge St.), Denny Doyle (Castleconway), J. O Sullivan, J. McKenna, D. O Connor, P. Reilly.

Cahersiveen: Pat McGillycuddy (Renard) capt., Eugene McGillycuddy (do) goal, John Shea (Cahersiveen), James J. O Shea (do), Michael Devane (Portmagee), Dan Doyle (Cahersiveen), Denis Sheehan (do), John O Connor (do), Timothy Coffey (do), PD O Sullivan (do), Pat Sullivan (do), John Quirke (do), Paddy O Donoghue (Renard), Denis Sullivan (Cahersiveen), James Conway (Renard), John Sullivan (Cahersiveen), Dan Sullivan (do).

Ref: J.P O Sullivan (Firies) – gave his decisions to the satisfaction of all concerned.


Ballymac, captained by Jeremiah Clifford, won the Co. Championship by defeating Cahersiveen in the final by 1-5 to 0-6.


Football Tournament Game

 Laune Rangers arranged with the champions of Cork to hold a tournament in Tralee on St. Patrick’s Day, the proceeds to go to a charitable purpose. Unfortunately due to the insufficiency of the notice, it was so successful – from a sporting point of view at least – as could have been desired. Four matches were announced to come off – Cork v Laune Rangers, Blarney v Kilmoyley (hurling), Cahersiveen v Killarney (football) and Ballymacelligott v Keel (football). Of this number, only two events came off – Cork v Kerry (football) and Killarney v Cahersiveen.


Sun. 17th March at Tralee: Kerry 0-5; Cork 2-4.

A special train, arranged by Messrs Cook and Son, tourist agents, Dublin, at reduced prices, brought a big contingent from Cork, while another train from Cahersiveen was also largely availed of. All the visitors were into the town by one o clock and, at that time, the streets presented a most animated appearance. The day was gloriously fine and everybody looked forward to a good day’s amusement.

                Unfortunately, the team, which tried issues with Cork, was certainly far from being in anything like its old form, the play throughout lacking that scientific combination, which was so characteristic of the Rangers and the team was mainly composed of the members of that celebrated club. Lack of practice was clearly the cause of their defeat but, though the score was rather heavy against them, they, nevertheless, played a fine game and the contest was by no means as one-sided as the score would indicate. In the first place, the goal awarded to Cork at the outset was gained on a technicality, through the interference of an over-enthusiastic outsider, and the second goal, which was gained immediately on change of sides, could easily have been averted if only the men had been in their proper places. In the general all-round play, Kerry showed themselves even an over-match for their opponents but they played with an amount of looseness, which plainly showed want of practice.

                It was close on two o’clock when the representatives of the counties lined up. The home side won the toss and played with the sun at their backs – there was no advantage to be gained from the little wind that prevailed – and, immediately the ball was thrown up, they got possession and were very soon vigorously attacking their opponents’ lines. The defence, however, was equal to the strain placed on it, and a few long punts transferred the scene of action to the Kerry lines and resulted in an easy goal being awarded to Cork. The kick-out was well followed up and, after an exciting scrimmage, Carroll put in a nice point for Kerry. Cork now gradually forged their way to mid-territory, when a long punt by Reilly brought the oval to the Kerry lines and, after a stubborn contest, they secured a point. During the next five minutes the play was of a very fast, though even, character, the leather being kept flying up and down the field alternatively and culminating in another point being added by Cork. Kerry now made a most determined rush, swept the leather round by the left sideline and, in the teeth of a stubborn defence, added a point. The kick-out did not bring much relief to Cork and another vigorous attack by the home team resulted in again sending the oval between the point posts. When the whistle blew halftime, the score stood at Cork 1-2; Kerry 0-3.

                On change of sides, the visitors immediately got possession and, taking the Kerry net-minder completely by surprise, ran in an easy goal. That seemed to have a very depressing effect on the home team and for nearly ten minutes they made little effort at scoring, though they several times invaded their opponents’ territory. Ultimately, however, a long punt from Carroll was well received by Connor, who kicked straight for goal. The oval landed on the crossbar and rolled over. The result was, of course, a point for Kerry. The scene of action was then transferred to the Kerry lines but Irwin, getting possession, brought the oval along by the left sideline in a very skilful fashion. The kick for goal, however, went wide of the mark and no score was added. Some up and down play of a somewhat loose character followed and Cork obtained another point. That was followed by some fast play on both sides and Kerry, getting well together, made a determined onslaught on the Cork lines and were ultimately rewarded with a well-earned point. A few long punts, however, transferred the scene of action and Cork got in another point. From that to the call of time, Kerry were on the aggressive but failed to increase their score.

Kerry: Paddy O Regan (Laune Rangers) capt., Tim Curran (do.), John P. Murphy (do.), J. P. O Sullivan (Firies), Pat Sugrue (Laune Rangers), Jeremiah Clifford (Ballymac), Moss O Brien (Laune Rangers), Patsy Begley (do.), Danny Clifford (do.), Pat O Brien (Keel), William O Brien (do.), John Corcoran (Ballymac), John Irwin (do.), Thade Lynch (do.) goal, J. Carroll (Irremore), M. Brick (Firies), Bryan O Connor (Ballymac). Field umpire – Dan P. Murphy (Laune Rangers); Goal Umpires – Pat Teahan (Laune Rangers) and Tom Slattery (Tralee).


Munster Football Championship


Semi-final on Sun. 10th Nov. at Mallow: Kerry (Ballymacelligott) v Limerick Commercials.

The game had to be cancelled due to the constant downpour that lasted all day. Kerry offered travelling expenses to Limerick if they would travel to Tralee but they declined. Kerry pleaded with the Central Council to schedule a game for Tralee in order to help defray the expenses incurred in hiring the field for the year. They were promised that the winners versus Tipperary would be played in Tralee.


Semi-final on Sun. 1st Dec. at Mallow Town Park: Limerick Commercials 5-6; Ballymacelligott 1-1.

Kerry: Jeremiah Clifford (Ballymac) capt., Thade Lynch (do.) goals, John Quirke (Firies), Pat Sugrue (Laune Rangers), John O Shea (Cahersiveen), James Erraught (Ballymac), J. Donoghue, Jack Gorman (Tralee), William O Sullivan (do.), Bryan O Connor (Ballymac), John Healy (Cahersiveen), M. Brick (Firies), Pat McGillyuddy (Cahersiveen), J. Carroll (Irremore), Dan Prendiville (Ballymac), John Irwin (do.), John Connor (do.). Goal Umpires – Denis Bunyan and J.P. O Sullivan.

The latter part of the game was played ‘by the light of the moon’. An excursion train left Cahersiveen at 8.30am for the game and departed Mallow at 6.00pm. The return fare cost 3/6.




Frank B. Dineen (Luimneach) was elected as Uachtarán CLG at the 9th Annual Congress of the GAA in Thurles on 7th April (P.J. Kelly did not seek re-election). The following rule-changes were adopted:

  1. The ball may be caught when flying in the sir, after being kicked or played by some other player and before it touches the ground or hops. The ball must not be caught after hopping.
  2. The catcher of the ball must at once kick the ball or strike it with the hand. He must not hop, carry or throw it. Carrying shall be taking more than four paces while holding the ball.
  3. No player shall be caught or held under any circumstances.
  4. Throwing the ball against the ground is illegal.
  5. The penalty for all breaches of this rule shall be a free kick.
  6. No player once ordered off the ground by the referee shall, under any circumstances, be permitted to again join in the game.
  7. Pushing or shouldering from behind, tripping, kicking, catching, holding or jumping at a player, shall be deemed a foul.
  8. The ball shall be No. 5 and must be between 27 inches and 29 inches in circumference at the start of the game.
  9. The practice of having field-umpires shall be discontinued. There shall be two linesmen appointed, who shall indicate by means of flags when and where the ball goes out of play and which side in entitled to the throw-in.
  10. The goal-posts shall not project above the crossbar nor shall the crossbar project beyond the goal-posts. Point posts must be at least 16 feet high. A goal is scored when the ball is driven by either side between the goal-posts and under the crossbar. A point is scored when the ball is driven by either side over the crossbar or over the goal-line between the point-posts at any height.
  11. The referee shall be empowered to allow time for delays.
  12. If the ball is played across the goal-line outside the point-posts by a player whose goal-line it is, the opposite side shall have free-kick, to be called a forfeit kick, from a point on the 50 yards-line (instead of the 40) directly opposite where the ball crossed the goal-line.
  13. Every club shall be held responsible for the conduct of its players, officials and spectators.


The Annual Convention of the Gaelic Clubs of Kerry was held in the Hibernian Hotel, Tralee on Mon. 25th March. Tom Slattery (President) occupied the chair. The other members of the Co. Board present were Messrs Denis Sheehan (Vice-President), Denis Bunyan and Dan P. Murphy (Joint-Secretaries), Michael Hanlon (Treasurer), Jeremiah Clifford (Ballymac), Pat Teahan (Laune Rangers), William O Brien (do.), John McQuinn (Gortatlea), Pat O Brien (Keel) and J.P. O Sullivan (Firies). Laune Rangers Club was represented by Tim Curran.

                During the introductory speeches, William O Brien took exception to the manner in which the association was worked the previous year and asked that some guarantee would be given that the association would be worked in a more satisfactory way in the ensuing year. He complained that the two championship matches were lost owing to the lateness with which the ordinary county matches had been brought on. The Chairman said the County Board was not responsible for any delay that arose in that way. They had named the time and the clubs had not turned up after and the County Board could not therefore be held responsible. A rather heated discussion ensued.

                J.P. O Sullivan applied to the Board to obtain from the Central Executive the medals won in the 1893 Co. Football Championship. It was decided to refer that matter to the new board. It was then decided to postpone the election of officers to an adjourned convention in order to allow more clubs to affiliate.

                The reconvened Annual Convention was held in the Hibernian Hotel on Fri. 12th April. The following officers were elected: President – Tom Slattery (he had expressed the wish to resign but, on the proposition of J.P. O Sullivan, he accepted the position), Vice-President – J.P. O Sullivan, Secretary – Jeremiah Hannifin (proposed by J.P. O Sullivan, as neither Dan P. Murphy nor Denis Bunyan had sought re-election), Treasurer – Michael Hanlon, Committee – Messrs Michael J. Flavin, Willie O Connell and Thomas F. O Sullivan (North-Kerry), William O Brien and Pat Teahan (South-Kerry), John McQuinn and Jeremiah Clifford (East-Kerry), Pat O Brien, Denis Bunyan and M. Counihan (West-Kerry). J.P. O Sullivan was unanimously appointed as handicapper for all Gaelic events in Kerry.


A Kerry Co. Board meeting was held on Thurs. 28th Feb. Tom Slattery presided. Also in attendance were Messrs John McQuinn (Ballymac), William O Connell (Kilmoyley), J.P. O Sullivan (Firies), M.J. Flavin (Listowel), William O Brien (Laune Rangers), Pat Teahan (do.), Dan P. Murphy and Denis Bunyan (Hon. Secretaries). On the proposition of William O Connell, seconded by John McQuinn, the following was unanimously adopted: “That we have great pleasure in appointing our old and tried Gael, J.P. O Sullivan as our handicapper for all Gaelic events during the coming year, not alone because he is our county-man, but for his brilliant records as an athlete throughout all Ireland. No man alive has a more thorough knowledge of the GAA, he being connected with it since its inception. His appointment will certainly strengthen our hands at any of our meetings and would, we are sure, be the same in any county in Ireland.”

                Another important item discussed was the treatment Kerry received from the then present Central Council during the progress of the inter-county football matches of 1894. Until some alteration was made in its formation, several members were objecting to allow Kerry affiliate that year, as no confidence could be placed in it at that time.


Killarney GAA Club organised two tournament games for Sat. 13th April and the results were as follows:

Hurling – North Kerry 2-3; Blarney 1-2. Football – North Kerry 1-0; Kenmare 0-1.

Referee for both games was Dan P. Murphy (Laune Rangers).


A meeting of the Kerry Co. Board was held on Sat. 27th April for the purpose of making the draws for the Co. Championships. Tom Slattery occupied the chair. Also in attendance were J.P. O Sullivan (Firies), Pat Teahan and Dan P. Murphy (Laune Rangers), Jeremiah Clifford, John Irwin and J.B. McQuinn (Ballymac), Maurice Moynihan (Tralee), Thomas F. O Sullivan (Listowel) and Jeremiah Hannifin (Hon. Sec.). The secretary said that he had received a letter from William O Brien, Killorglin, resigning his position as a member of the Board. Pat Teahan moved that the resignation be accepted. However, Maurice Moynihan moved that William O Brien be asked to re-consider his decision. John McQuinn seconded that motion, saying that William O Brien had been one of the most intelligent and useful members of the Board.


At a meeting of the Central Council of the GAA on Sun. 28th April in Thurles, JP O Sullivan was granted a handicapper licence.


Co. Football Championship at Currans on Sun. 16th June: Ballymac 1-5; Killarney 0-6.

Ref: J.P. O Sullivan (Firies).

Co. Football Championship at Tralee on Sun. 21st July: Listowel Temperance Society 0-2; Tralee 0-1. Ref: J.P. O Sullivan (Firies). The game had to be abandoned when two of the Listowel team were accidentally injured and, as they had no substitutes, they left the field. A replay was ordered, despite the judgement of the referee.


Co. Football Final on Sun. 22nd Sept. at Tralee: Ballymacelligott 1-5; Cahersiveen 0-6. Ref: Tim Curran (Laune Rangers) – gave general satisfaction.

Cahersiveen objected to the awarding of the game to Ballymac but the Co. Board upheld the referee’s decision. However, due to the closeness of the game, it was decided that both teams should play each other again and J.P. O Sullivan donated a silver cup for the winners.

Challenge on Sun. 13th Oct. at Tralee: Cahersiveen 1-1; Ballymacelligott 0-5.

Ref: Jim Curran (Laune Rangers) – dispensed his duties in a competent and careful manner.