Laune Rangers – 1896


For the first time since the formation of the Kerry Co. Board, Laune Rangers failed to field a team in the Co. Senior Football Championship.


Although the GAA continued to prosper nationally (the number of clubs increased from 217 to 308, of which 150 were from Munster), only thirteen teams affiliated in Kerry.


In the final of the championship, Cahersiveen beat Tralee (Mitchels) but the latter objected and the replay was not played until 22nd Nov. Again Cahersiveen won but again the Tralee team objected and, eventually, the championship was shared.


Kerry refused to affiliate to the Central Council arising out of a perceived injustice during the previous year.

JP O Sullivan was re-elected as Vice-President of the Co. Board.

Pat Teahan was re-elected as a member of the Co. Board.


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Co. Senior Football Championship

Thirteen teams contested for the Co. Senior Football Championship, Currans, Cordal, Castleisland, Firies, Killarney, Irremore, Dingle, Valentia, Portmagee, Ballymac, Tralee Mitchels, Castlegregory and Listowel.

For the first time since the formation of the Kerry Co. Board in Nov. 1888, Laune Rangers failed to enter for the Co. Senior Football Championship.




Frank B. Dineen, Luimneach, was Uachtarán CLG.

The 10th Annual Congress at Thurles on 10th May decided that a goal should be made equal to three points.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in Tom Slattery’s, Rock Street, on Wed. 25th March. In the course of his address, Tom Slattery condemned the decision of Central Council not to play the game, Limerick Commercials v Arravale Rovers (Tipperary), in Tralee, as promised. Pat McGillycuddy, Cahersiveen, proposed a motion, seconded by C. O Sullivan, Killarney, ‘That in view of the scandalous way in which we were treated by the Central Council, as described by our President, we cannot in justice affiliate with the Central Council this year’. The motion was adopted. The following officers were elected: President – Thos. Slattery (proposed by D. Clifford, Cahersiveen, and seconded by J.P. O Sullivan, Firies), Vice-President – J.P. O Sullivan, Secretary – Jeremiah Hannifin, Treasurer – Michael Hanlon. Committee – Pat McGillycuddy and Pat Teahan (South-Kerry), F. O Sullivan, Thomas F. O Sullivan and William O Connell (North-Kerry), T.T. O Connor, Cordal, Jeremiah Clifford and John McQuinn (East-Kerry), Denis Bunyan, Maurice Moynihan and Anthony O Donoghue, Castlegregory, (West-Kerry). J.P. O Sullivan was unanimously re-elected as official handicapper for the county. Laune Rangers were not represented at the meeting.


Co. Senior Football Championship on Sun. 17th May at Currans: Castleisland 0-12; Firies 0-2.

That was a major surprise as Firies, with the redoubtable J.P. O Sullivan as captain, were expected to win.


Co. Senior Hurling Championship on Sun. 14th June at Tralee: O Dorney 1-3; Lixnaw 0-4. Ref: J.P. O Sullivan (Firies).


Co. Senior Football Championship Semi-final at Tralee: Cahersiveen 0-6; Castlegregory 0-2. Ref: Jim Curran (Laune Rangers).


Co. Senior Football Championship Final replay on Sun. 22nd Nov. at Killorglin:

Cahersiveen 0-4; Tralee Mitchels 0-1.

The Cahersiveen captain was Pat McGillycuddy (he had played with Laune Rangers in 1890) and the Mitchels’ captain was James O Connell. At a subsequent Co. Board meeting Mitchels’ objection to the awarding of the game to Cahersiveen was upheld and, on the proposition of J.P. O Sullivan, the championship was shared and both teams were awarded medals.


Football Tournament on Sun. 28th June at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen 4-4; Tralee Mitchels 0-1. Ref: J.P. O Sullivan (Firies).

Portmagee 0-5; Mixed Team 0-1. J.P. O Sullivan played on the Mixed Team. The tournament was organised in order to raise funds for the building of the O Connell Church.


Challenge on Sun. 5th July at Tralee: Limerick Commercials 0-7; Kerry 0-2.

Kerry: J.P. O Sullivan (Firies) capt., James Gorman and Thady Gorman (Tralee), M. Moriarty, Dan Prendiville, John O Connor, James Erraught and Jeremiah Clifford (Ballymac), J. Barry, P. Brosnan and J. Sugrue (Castleisland), M. Brick, J. O Mahony and John Quirke (Firies), P. Carroll (Irremore), J. Fitzgerald (Castlegregory) and John Connor (Cahersiveen).


Cordal Athletic Sports (under the laws of the GAA) were held on Mon. 6th January. J.P. O Sullivan acted as handicapper, starter and general manager and, needless to say, he gave entire satisfaction to all athletes present and, particularly, to the large crowd of people, which lined the field.


J.P. O Sullivan acted as handicapper, starter and general manager at the following sports meetings in Kerry, which were held under the rules of the GAA:

Mon. 29th June, the Castleisland Athletic Cycle Club Sports at Keelagaun, Castleisland.

On Sat. 15th Aug. the Milltown Cycling Club Sports at Milltown.

On Thurs. 24th Sept. at North-Kerry Amateur Athletic and Cycling Sports at Listowel.