Laune Rangers – 1898


Laune Rangers had not played in the previous year’s Co. Football Championship and yet they played and defeated the 1897 Co. Semi-finalists, Killarney, in Beaufort in March 1898 in a challenge.


The 1897 Co. Final was played in Glenoe, North-Kerry and Irremore beat Tralee (Mitchels) by 0-8 to 0-7 but the latter again objected and the game was rescheduled. However, Irremore failed to show for the replay and the game was awarded to Tralee.


The County Board ceased to exist thereafter and the 1898 Co. Senior Football Championship was not held. However, many unofficial games were played between such teams as Sneem, Derrynane, Tarbert, Listowel, Castleisland and Irremore.


JP O Sullivan was elected as Vice-President of the GAA at the congress at Thurles.


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Football Challenge Games


Sun. 9th Jan. at Meanus: Meanus 0-0; Killorglin 0-0.

The Kerry Sentinel carried the following report: “It is gratifying to witness the revival of what is now recognised as our national pastimes on historical ground. On Sunday a team composed of the quondam Laune Rangers met a strong team from Meanus to try conclusions at football under Gaelic rules. The weather was beautifully fine and the ground in good order and the enormous crowd assembled proved that the enthusiasm, which carried Killorglin all over Ireland to support their champions at one time, had not yet expired.

Meanus won the toss and elected to play with the sun and a slight wind at their backs. After the leather was thrown in, the play settled down in the middle of the ground and the visiting forwards worked their way with the ball to the wing. Here the ball went over the line and Curran kicked off. The possession of the leather was now hotly contested for 10 minutes till a long puck from Sheehy brought the strife into the home quarter, where a plucky defence was made and the leather was sent back to the oppositions’ territory.

On changing sides, play opened by rushing on the part of both teams and (Jeremiah) Hayes, who now played forward, carried the leather with a rush and was greatly supported by the visiting forwards. (Patrick J.) Kelly, taking the ball in possession, scored what looked like a point but it was disallowed. The kick-out brought play to the left wing, when (Thomas) Dalton, who was playing up to this time a magnificent game, again put the home team on their defence by a large punt to the centre, the leather soon being carried over the boundary by the forwards. (Tim) Curran sent the ball from the goal and it was taken in hand by Pierce, who throughout displayed sound play, and their manoeuvre brought temporary relief to the home team, who appeared to hold their own for a few minutes. A brilliant kick by Walsh brought play to the Meanus goal, where the captain of the Killorglin team, ably backed up by his forwards, made several grand rushes but Curran, doing his duty admirably, the visitors failed to score, although they looked like doing so, when the whistle sounded. Neither side gained any score for the day.”

Killorglin: Patrick J. Kelly (capt.), Jeremiah Hayes, John Murphy, C. Flynn, Thomas Dalton, Daniel Lyons, Jeremiah Donoghue, Pat O Reilly, J. McNamara, Jeremiah O Connor, Mike Joy, Michael Sheehy, J. Walsh, P. Reilly, J. Duggan, J. Galvin and Jeremiah Connor.

Meanus: J. Pierce (capt.), Flor Doherty, John O Doherty, M. Doherty (Ardmoniel), Denis Connor, Tim Curran, Willie Joy (Ardraw), Thade Connor (Shanavalla), Denis Kissane (Meanus), Tim McGillycuddy, Pat Sullivan, Denis Hartnett, Paddy O Shea, Denis McGillycuddy, P. Hartnett, James Fogarty and D. O Donovan.

Ref: Paddy O Regan (Killorglin).


Sun. 16th Jan. at Cappanalea: Caragh Lake beat Glencar.

The Kerry Sentinel reported on the game as follows: “Gaelic football has a praiseworthy fascination for the folks of Killorglin. An enormous crowd, amongst which was, besides the supporters of the opposing teams, a large contingent from the town, made its way to the field (in Cappanalea), which looked down upon Caragh Lake and its beautiful scenery. The clerk of the weather was on his best behaviour and lent much to the enjoyment of the day’s sport. Both teams were well selected and, though Caragh Lake was foremost on the score, it must be said that the visitors contested every inch of ground with great pluck and determination.”

Caragh Lake: John O Dwyer (capt.), E. O Sullivan, John Kelliher (Muingaphouca), Thade Dwyer (High Road), John O Shea (The Shop), James O Shea (do.), Michael Griffin, William Ahern, James Sweeney, Tim Clifford (Muingaphouca), Michael Joy (Garrahadoo), Jeremiah Connor, Michael O Sullivan, Michael Sweeney, Michael Lyne (Quaybawn), Paddy O Shea (Muingaphouca) and Patie Cummins.

Glencar: Jeremiah Breen (capt.), Pat O Shea, Eugene McGillycuddy, C. Connor, Michael Foley, Michael McGillycuddy, Pat Mangan, John McGillycuddy, F. Sullivan, D. Breen, W. Griffin, M. Daly, T. Foley, M. Lucey, James Breen, Martin Quirke and M. Shea.


Sun. 23rd Jan. at Meanus: Meanus 2nd 0-1; Killorglin 2nd 1-3.

The Kerry Sentinel: “A very interesting match was played on Sunday between the above teams on a well laid out field kindly lent by Mr. Joy at Meanus. Owing to the death in the family of a member of the first team, they deferred testing their superiority, which two meetings have failed to decide. A stiff gale, accompanied by occasional showers, blew during the play and this, having the effect of carrying the ball over the lines towards a certain point, strategy was required to score and this (Jer) Sheehan, the captain of Killorglin, displayed to advantage in the placing of his men during the second half.

Meanus, winning the toss, elected to play with the wind and when the halftime whistle sounded, the score was only Meanus 0-1, Killorglin 0-0. The full-time score was Killorglin 1-3, Meanus 0-1.

Meanus: Denis Connor (capt.), John O Doherty, Paddy O Shea, Pat Doherty, Denis Purcell, Pat Keeffe, Denis Shea, John Sullivan, Dan Foley, Dan O Shea, Dan Murphy, Denis Hartnett, T. Hartnett, Jer Sheehan, John McGillycuddy, M. Horgan and Pat O Sullivan.

Killorglin: Ned Sheehan (capt.), Eugene Flynn, James McKenna, Maurice Harmon, Thomas Dalton, James O Connor, J.J. O Connor, Pat Duggan, Michael O Sullivan, James O Sullivan, Jeremiah Donoghue, Michael Lyons, J.J. McKenna, Michael F. Coffey, Michael O Donoghue, Pat O Reilly and Eugene Mangan.

Ref: Jeremiah Hayes – gave his decisions to the satisfaction of all concerned.


Sun. 20th March at Beaufort: Killorglin 1-1; Killarney Crokes 0-3.

In response to a challenge for a friendly contest from Killorglin, the above teams met to try conclusions. The ground selected was at Beaufort and, being midway between the towns, an enormous concourse of people from both places took advantage of the beautiful, summer-like day to enjoy what was anticipated as a thorough sportsmanlike contest and the event fulfilled the highest expectations of all.

Killarney, having won the toss, elected to play with the slight wind and sun at their backs. After the ball was thrown in, it remained at midfield for some minutes until J. O Sullivan (Killorglin), with a well-directed kick, sent the leather to the left wing. J. Hartnett, taking possession, scored a point, which was disallowed by the referee. The leather was kicked out and Killarney, taking all before them, quickly registered a point. Daniel Lyons kicked out into midfield, where play was of an up-and-down character for some minutes. Killarney again pressed their opponents but a strong box by Thomas Dalton sent the leather a long distance towards the sideline. The ball being thrown in by Killarney, they renewed the press and, after some smart play, scored a point. The kick-out brought temporary relief to Killorglin. The leather came to Jer Donoghue and was transferred by him to Patrick J. Kelly, who kicked to J.K. O Connor. The latter made a good attempt to score off a long puck but the Killarney goalkeeper defended in fine style. His team came with good combination, carrying the ball to the mouth of the Killorglin goal but, owing to good defence, only a point resulted. Shortly afterwards, the halftime whistle sounded leaving the score at Killarney 0-3; Killorglin 0-0.

The second half play opened in the centre and Killarney, by a few smart kicks, drove the ball down the field, but it went wide. On the leather being kicked out, Killorglin showed quickly, carrying all before them. O Connor, getting the ball from a rush, scored a beautiful point. That success seemed to put new vigour into the Killorglin men. The ball being only kicked out, when J.O Sullivan placed a goal to their credit, by the decision of James O Regan, goal umpire, though, after the game, the referee dissented, on the suggestion of the Killarney team, that it was not a bona fide goal. Play was of a give-and-take order for some minutes in Killarney ground, whose players were keeping the leather continually over the lines, by which considerable time was lost. Killorglin, however, getting the better of the exchanges, again brought play into the mouth of the Killarney goal, which was well defended, and the leather went wide. After the kick-out, Killorglin again pressed and the whistle sounded as they appeared within easy reach of adding to their success.

That Killorglin team was a new team. Particular mention must be made of the excellent play of J. O Connor, Thomas Dalton, Thade Joy, Mike Joy and the captain, P.J. Kelly.

Killorglin: Patrick J. Kelly (capt.), Jimmy Doyle (goal), Thomas Dalton, Daniel Lyons, Jeremiah O Donoghue, Jeremiah O Connor, J. Hartnett, Pat O Reilly, John O Doherty, John O Connor, J.J. O Connor, J. Sullivan, Thade Joy, John P. Murphy, Mike Joy, J.K. O Connor, P. Burke and Michael O Sullivan.

Ref: Pat Sugrue – he did his duty most impartially.

At a subsequent Co. Board meeting it was remarked that Killarney acted rather a peculiar part in playing a match with Killorglin – not affiliated – without giving notice to the Co. Board.




Michael Deering (Corcaigh) was elected as Uachtarán CLG.

The twelfth Annual Congress was held at Thurles on 25th May. J.P. O Sullivan was one of the Kerry delegates and he was elected as Vice-President of the Association. He was also elected as one of the handicappers for Gaelic Sports in the country.


At the Kerry Co. Board meeting on Sat. 11th May, it was reported that the referee, Denis Bunyan, had awarded the 1997 Co. Football Final to Irremore over Tralee on the score of 0-8 to 0-7. However, Tralee objected and the game was re-fixed for Listowel on 29th May. J.P. O Sullivan was appointed referee but he declined, as he could not be there on that day. The Chairman observed that he ‘would have to leave the county if he did not (referee the game)’ As matters transpired, Irremore refused to play and the game was awarded to Tralee – their second year-in-a-row winning the Co. Championship in peculiar circumstances.


At the Cork Co. Board meeting on Tues. 19th Oct. a letter was read from Central Council informing that Cork had received a walkover from Kerry in the Croke Cup match, which was due to be played in Mallow on 30th October.


J.P. O Sullivan acted as handicapper at the following sports meetings:

Castleisland (Desmonds Club) Athletic and Cycling Sports on Wed. 29th June,

Tralee Cycling Club Sports on Tues. 5th July,

Killorglin Sports (under GAA rules).


* * * * * * * * * * * *


The Cromane regatta took place on Sat. 8th Oct. The beautiful bit of sea over which the conclusions took place lay between the Coast Guard Station at Cromane Point and the picturesque island of Inch, set so beautifully in Dingle Bay. The stewards were RW Dodd, R. Power, J. Dodd, James McCrohan, Michael Coffey, RJ Dalzell, TC Moore, D. O Donovan, Terence O Connor, Patrick Griffin, Rev. M. Kerins CC, Mr. Rohan (Douglas NS), Patrick Downey, Peter O Reilly, The McGillycuddy of the Reeks, Dan O Sullivan, DC O Sullivan, W. West, c/o the Coast Guard Station.

Judges – The McGillycuddy, Terence O Connor, Patrick Downey, RW Dodd and Patrick Griffin.

Starters – Terence O Connor and Patrick Griffin (Hon. Sec.).

First Race (for three-oared fishing boats), distance 3 miles: 1st prize of £3 to Cromane (Peter Reilly coxswain), 2nd prize of £2 to Steelroe (P. McKenna coxswain), 3rd prize of £1 to Gurrane (J. Conway coxswain).

2nd Race (for three-oared boats, manned by six men and coxswain): 1st prize of £2 10s to Cromane (Peter Reilly) and £2 10s to Steelroe (P. McKenna) dead heat, 3rd prize of £1 to Gurrane (J. Conway).

The weather becoming stormy, the remaining two events on the programme had to be postponed.