Laune Rangers – 1913


Laune Rangers, captained by Dan Hayes, defeated Listowel in the first round of the Co. Senior Football Championship, but lost to Tralee Mitchels in the second round.


Paddy Kennelly played in the first rounds of the Munster Senior Football Championship but missed the final through injury. He regained his place for the All-Ireland Final, in which Kerry won its fourth title by defeating Wexford.


Eddie Kennelly, Danny Clifford and Paddy Foley were on the Kerry team that won the Munster Junior Football Final. Paddy Foley was the sole Laune Ranger on the team that defeated Carlow in the All-Ireland Final, which was played the following year.


William Roche was re-elected as Joint Vice-Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board. He was, also, a member of the Co. Senior/Junior Football Selection Committee.


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Mícheál O Doherty N.T. was Chairman of the Laune Rangers GAA Club.


Co. Senior Football Championship

19 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, Killarney Crokes, Valentia, Tralee Mitchels, Cahersiveen, Laune Rangers, Listowel, Kilcummin, Farranfore, Annascaul, Milltown, Currow, Rathmore, Ballydonoghue, Glouria, Waterville, Kenmare, Castlegregory, Castlemaine and Tralee Parnell’s.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 1st June: Laune Rangers defeated Listowel.

Tadhg a’ Bhothair, in the Killorglin Notes in the Kerryman of Sat. 5th April, observed that there had been no training by the Laune Rangers in preparation for the match against Listowel. He said that it was time that something was done in that direction. He further observed that a great deal of overhaul would be required by the sports-field after the sad havoc played on it by the storms of the winter.

In his column in the Kerryman of Sat. 17th May he wrote, “On Next Sunday our boys are to meet Listowel in Tralee and, although the unexpected often happens, I have but a poor opinion of their chances of success. I say this with the best intentions in the world, for I know that, in previous occasions when they met Listowel, they were up against a strong team, which showed good combination and training. Now, our boys, with 3 or 4 excepted, have had practically no training during winter. Weather conditions to a large extent account for that. In any case, there is a complete absence of the local interest in the game that one might expect from a team who are anxious to win. No local interest seems centred in the match, and it looks as if it were an impossibility to get Killorglin’s blood up. Therefore, unless, as I have already stated, the unexpected happens, victory is bound to go to the banks of the Feale.”

The match proved to be a grand battle from start to finish and, although the Rangers were much more accurate in finding the net and emerged victors by a respectable margin, their opponents were by no means disgraced. For the winners, Dan Hayes, Mick and Hugh Duffy, Paddy and Eddie Kennelly, and the popular goalie, Nick Flynn, were the best, the latter saving some hot shots from John Moriarty of Ballydonoghue.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 3rd Aug. at Farranfore: Tralee Mitchels 2-4; Laune Rangers 0-0.

‘Pars from Puck’ in the Kerryman previewed the game as follows: “On next Sunday, our ‘Bloods’ are to meet the Tralee Mitchels at Farranfore and are doing a little training for the last week or so. The match ought surely prove an interesting one, as both teams are ex-county champions and again covet the honour, but somehow it would look as if our men are in hard luck as four of their best players will not be able to figure in the fray. This, to be sure, will be a great loss as, with them, we should have no fear about a result in their favour, but now – well, they mean to do their best anyway and anybody who wishes to see a good match would do well to attend at Farranfore at 2pm when the team will line out. It would be well to note that the train leaves here at 11.55am.”

That game was the meeting of the representatives of the Capital and the men from the Laune Valley. Every mode of conveyance – from the motor-car to the old reliable donkey and cart – was pressed into service to convey the enthusiasts to the rendezvous – Farranfore – and at two o clock the village presented a very animated appearance – the fair sex being represented by a large number of pretty colleens. It had been two years since Tralee and Killorglin had met and, on that occasion, the men from the Laune had been successful and were therefore rather confident of gaining another verdict in their favour.

Referee Ned Murphy, of Currans, had the teams going at 2.45pm and Danny O Lyons, getting possession, sent along towards the Tralee goals but Jack Rice brought relief. Hugh Duffy and Mick Moroney were prominent in an attack on the Tralee citadel but Tom Costello cleared with a long punt to touch. In some loose play, Nick Flynn was called upon to clear a hot shot from Solomon Lawlor. In the ensuing play, Hugh Duffy, Dan Hayes and Danny Clifford were prominent in an attack by the Rangers but Dan Mullins saved, and Tom Rice brought further relief with a long kick. Jack Lawlor was fouled and Jack Rice sent the ball soaring over the bar. From the kick-out, Killorglin attacked per Paddy Kennelly but Maurice McCarthy saved in brilliant style. The Rangers were not to be denied, however, and Danny O Lyons transferred to John P. O Riordan but Mullins was unbeatable. Bill Goodwin, P.J. Cahill, Maurice McCarthy and Con Clifford were very prominent at that stage but the Killorglin defence was of the stone-wall order, and Hugh Duffy transferred to John P. O Riordan who was, however, deprived of possession by Maurice McCarthy. Tom Rice, from a free, put Jack Lawlor in possession and he put Mitchels two points ahead. In the ensuing play, Danny O Lyons was fouled and, taking the free himself, drove well into Mitchels’ territory but Costello brought relief. Goodwin, Connor and Lawlor were away on the loose but Hugh Duffy and Mossy Counihan were sound in defence. At that stage, Tommy Corcoran, who had been playing a great game for the Rangers, had to retire owing to a broken leg. On the resumption of play, John P. O Riordan was prominent but the Mitchels’ fullback Matt Carroll saved. He sent the ball on to Cahill, who got away along the wing but Paddy Foley relieved. Danny O Lyons transferred to Mick Moroney but he found Maurice McCarthy too good and the ball was in Killorglin territory when the halftime whistle sounded with Mitchels ahead by 0-2 to 0-0.

On the restart, John P. O Riordan put the Killorglin forwards in possession but Matt Carroll drove them back. The ball was transferred to the other end of the field and Solomon Lawlor pointed to give his side a three-point lead. Following the kick-out, Hugh Duffy and Danny O Lyons were prominent and Maurice McCarthy was called upon to clear a shot by the latter. P.J. Cahill put Johnny McCarthy in possession but the Rangers’ stalwart, Paddy Foley, effected a clearance. A combined movement by the Tralee men finished with Solomon Lawlor banding to the net for the first goal of the game. Cahill, once more, got possession and, centring beautifully to Lawlor, a scramble took place around the Killorglin goal-mouth, from which Johnny McCarthy got possession and he beat Nick Flynn all ends up. On resuming, the Killorglin forwards swarmed around the Tralee posts but Mullins was not to be beaten. Jack Lawlor increased the Mitchels’ lead and Flynn saved brilliantly from PJ Cahill.

The result was naturally disappointing for the Killorglin team and supporters. The score, however, did not reflect the play, as Rangers held Mitchels well particularly in the first half. It must be admitted that both teams played with an amount of roughness, which could well have been done without. Play of that character inevitably led to injury and so it was with Tommy Corcoran.

The following players played with Laune Rangers on that occasion: Nick Flynn (goal), Dan Hayes (capt.), Tommy Corcoran, Paddy Kennelly, Hugh Duffy, Mick Duffy, Paddy Foley, Mick Moroney, Danny O Lyons, John P. O Riordan, Danny Clifford, Mossy Counihan. (The team was not given in the newspapers).


Dr. Crokes, captained by Paddy Dillon, defeated Kilcummin by 3-1 to 1-0 in the Co. Final, which was played on 18th Jan. 1914.


Football Tournament Games

Two games were played in aid of the Tommy Corcoran fund.

Sun. 7th Sept. at Milltown: Cahersiveen 2-6; Tralee Mitchels 1-1.

Killorglin 1-2; Killarney Crokes 0-0.

A special train ran from Cahersiveen for that tournament.


Munster /All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Senior Football Selection Committee: Austin Stack (Tralee), Tom Costello (do.), James McDonnell (do.), Dick Fitzgerald (Killarney), Jeremiah O Leary (do.) and the Chairman of the Co. Board, Michael Griffin.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 25th May at Ennis: Clare 0-1; Kerry 2-2.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (Crokes) capt., Denis Doyle (do), John Skinner (do), Paddy Healy (do), Edward Spillane (do), Jack Rice (Mitchels), Con Clifford (do), Jack Lawlor (do), Maurice McCarthy (do), Tom Costello (do), Dan Mullins (do) goal, Tom Rice (do), Pat O Shea (Castlegregory), Paddy Kennelly (Laune Rangers), John Moriarty (Ballydonoghue).


Semi-final on Sun. 31st Aug. at Cork Athletic Grounds: Kerry 0-2; Tipperary 0-2.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt.), John Skinner, Denis Doyle, Paddy Breen (Crokes), Paddy Healy, Con Murphy (Crokes), Maurice McCarthy, Tom Costello, Dan Mullins (goal), Tom Rice, Jack Lawlor, Con Clifford (Mitchels), Pat O Shea, John Moriarty, Paddy Kennelly.


Semi-final replay on Sun. 5th Oct. at Fermoy: Kerry 0-5; Tipperary 1-0.

Paddy Kennelly played up to reputation in that game but twisted his knee and had to be replaced.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald, John Skinner, Denis Doyle, John Kearney, Paddy Healy, Tom Costello, Maurice McCarthy, Tom Rice, Jack Lawlor, Dan Mullins (goal), Paddy Kennelly, Pat O Shea, Con Murphy, William Keating (Cahersiveen), Con Clifford.


Final on Sun. 26th Oct. at Cork: Cork 0-1; Kerry 1-6.

Paddy Kennelly had been injured in the game against Tipperary and unable to play.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt), Denis Doyle, Paddy Healy, John Skinner, Con Murphy, Maurice McCarthy, Tom Costello, Tom Rice, Jack Rice, Con Clifford, Dan Mullins (goal), Jack Lawlor, Pat O Shea, William Keating, Jack McElligott (Castleisland).


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 9th Nov. at Portlaoise: Kerry 1-8; Galway 0-1.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt.), Dan Mullins (goal), Jack Lawlor, Tom Costello, Maurice McCarthy, Tom Rice, Paddy Healy, William Keating, Con Clifford, Con Murphy, Pat O Shea, Jack McElligott, Jack Rice, John Skinner, Denis Doyle.


Final on Sun. 14th Dec. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-2; Wexford 0-3.

The result of the game was anxiously awaited in Killorglin on Sunday evening, numbers collecting by the post-office about the time that news was expected and, when the score was made known, the shout of ‘Up Kerry’ was enthusiastic in the extreme, to say the least of it. As the train steamed into the platform – though it was long past midnight – the exulting throng awaited to greet those who had witnessed the victory of the unbeatable champions (As the result of the game was expected to go to Kerry and due to the fact that the weather was not good, only about forty supporters travelled to the game). Sleep and rest were set aside and forgotten for the time.

It was agreed that the Killorglin representative on the victorious fifteen had acquitted himself worthily – playing, in fact, a far better game than he had played on either previous occasion. But, as Paddy Kennelly was of an unassuming, modest, bashful nature, he did not seek the limelight and portion of the honour of the renowned fifteen rested on him in silence. The number of his admirers who were at the station to meet the 4.30pm train on Monday 15th December, when they expected Paddy Kennelly, was disappointed, although the hand-shakes he got on Tuesday, when he turned up, were none the less warm. For the remainder of the month, he was in great demand and he was in one continuous blush.

Kerry: Dan Mullins, Jack Lawlor, Maurice McCarthy, Tom Costello, Jack Rice, Tom Rice, Con Clifford, Pat O Shea, Paddy Kennelly, Denis Doyle, John Skinner, Con Murphy, Paddy Healy, John O Mahony, Dick Fitzgerald. Subs: Edward Spillane, William Keating, Jack McElligott.

That was Kerry’s 4th All-Ireland Senior Football title and Paddy Kennelly was the first Laune Rangers’ player to win an All-Ireland Senior Football medal..

In order to commemorate Kerry’s victory in the All-Ireland Final, ‘The Kerryboy’ penned a poem called ‘The Kerry Football Team’. One verse went was follows:

“Kennelly, from the banks of the Laune, who played as one possessed,

The hope of all the Rangers and the pride of South and West,

Perchance he thought of other days in far off ’92,

When the Rangers showed the Leinstermen what Kerry Gaels could do.”


‘Padraig’ from Listowel, penned another poem entitled ‘Kerry’s Famed Fifteen’ as follows:

“On the 14th of December, ‘twas splendid to behold,

The famous Kerry Champions, arrayed in green and gold,

By the placid Liffey waters in the Croke Memorial field,

Lined ‘gainst the sons of Wexford, who were never known to yield.


On our side we had tried and true men, Maurice McCarthy and Captain Dick,

Jack Lawlor and Tom Costello were in our gallant pick,

Now, our goal-man, Danny Mullins, has his reputation sealed,

With O Shea and Conny Murphy playing out at centre-field.


We had Kennelly, from Killorglin, an athlete young and tall,

Pat Healy from Killarney stands out as a stone wall,

With the Rices from O Dorney, who oft fought with might and main,

To bring the Crown of Victory to the Kingdom once again.


We had Denis Doyle and Clifford too, no better can be met,

Next Skinner and Mahony, who have often found the net,

With our trainer, Billy Connor, who disappointed poor Jim Roche,

Backed up by Jerry Collins, who has proved a worthy coach.


Now, three cheers for Killarney and three cheers for Tralee,

And likewise famed Killorglin and Castlegregory,

Who sent the men from hill and glen, that now stand out supreme,

For Champions of Ireland are the Kingdom’s famed fifteen.


But we can’t forget brave Wexford men, who oft times proved their might,

For Ireland’s cause at Oulart Hill in many a bloody fight.

They oftimes struggled bravely until Victory’s welcome beam

Was shining on their banner, as on Kerry’s famed fifteen.


And now upon the Gaelic field they try with might and main

To take All-Ireland honours back to Wexford once again.

But when they met the Kingdom’s sons, they proved no match, I ween,

For Kings of Gaelic Football are Kerry’s famed fifteen.


Now, Captain Dick, do not forget the junior boys at all,

Just teach them how to play the game and how to net the ball.

And when the final they will reach, they’ll prove a worthy team

By winning the All-Ireland, in the famous gold and green.”


Munster/All-Ireland Junior Football Championship

Selection Committee: Con Clifford (Tralee), Michael Griffin (Chairman Co. Board) and William Roche (Killorglin).


Rd. 1 on Sun. 11th May at Listowel: Kerry 6-1; Clare 0-2.

Kerry: P. Nanson (goal), Tim O Sullivan, Jack Cronin, John O Donoghue, Pat O Mahony (all Killarney) 2-0, Bill Goodwin, Martin Carroll (Mitchels), Humphrey Murphy 1-0, Ned Murphy (Currow), Jack McGaley, Eugene Hogan (Parnells) 1-1, Jack McElligott (Castleisland), Mattie Daly (Rathmore), Danny Clifford 2-0, Mossy Counihan (Killorglin). Subs: Jim Brennan (Mitchels), Patrick O Leary (Rathmore), Hugh Duffy (Killorglin) – all played.


Semi-final on Sun. 31st Aug. at Cork: Kerry 1-3; Tipperary 0-0.

Kerry: John O Donoghue (goal), Jack McGaley, Eugene Hogan, Tom King (Tralee Parnells), Danny Clifford, Hugh Duffy, Paddy Foley (all Killorglin), Solly Lawlor, Martin Carroll (Tralee Mitchels), William Keating (Cahersiveen), Matty Daly (Rathmore), Ned Murphy (Currow), Jack Cronin, John O Mahony (Killarney), James Kennedy (Castlegregory). Subs: J. Leonard, M. Lynch, J. Horgan, Humphrey Murphy (Currow).


Final on Sun. 26th Oct. at Cork: Kerry 1-3; Limerick 1-2.

Killorglin, like every other town, was well represented – over 70 leaving the station as well as the three who ‘took the field’ and right well did they acquit themselves. Pity it was that Senior Kennelly’s knee was not in form.

Kerry: John Mahony (Killarney) capt., T. O Sullivan (do.), J. Connell (do.), J. Cronin (do.), M. Griffin (Cahersiveen), Jack McGaley (Tralee Parnell’s), Eugene Hogan (do.), Eddie Kennelly (Killorglin), Danny Clifford (do.), Paddy Foley (do.), Mattie Daly (Rathmore), Ned Murphy (Currow), Martin Carroll (Tralee Mitchels), James Kennedy (Castlegregory), John O Donoghue (goal) Tralee Parnell’s. Subs: Tom King (Parnell’s), Mossy Counihan (Killorglin), James Courtney (Castlegregory).


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 9th Nov. at Portlaoise: Kerry 0-5; Mayo 1-2.

Kerry: John O Mahony (capt.), John O Connell, T. O Sullivan, John Cronin, Martin Carroll, John McCarthy, Danny Clifford, Paddy Foley, James Kennedy, Eugene Hogan, Jack McGaley, Tom King, John O Donoghue, Ned Murphy, Mattie Daly.


At that stage, Limerick objected to the awarding of the Munster Final to Kerry and the objection was upheld. The final was replayed on Sun. 3rd May 1914.

Many practice matches had been arranged but the players did not respond. At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 18th April 1914, William Roche complained that he had been requested by the Co. Secretary to have his men in Killarney for practice but, when he had met the men to make travel-arrangements, they had said that they had attended at Killarney on three Sundays but that nobody else had been there and they did not wish to make fools of themselves by travelling again.


Final replay on Sun. 3rd May 1914 at Fermoy: Kerry 1-4; Limerick 0-0.

Kerry: J. Keating, Paddy Foley (Killorglin), Jack McGaley, Ned Murphy, Jim O Connell, James Kennedy, Johnny McCarthy, Jack Collins, James Courtney, Pat O Donnell, Tom King, Matt Carroll, Eugene Hogan, Alfie O Callaghan, Mattie Daly.


All-Ireland Semi-final replay on Sun. 17th May 1914 at Tullamore: Kerry 2-7; Mayo 1-2.

Kerry: Tom King, Alfie O Callaghan, J. Keating, Jack McGaley, James Kennedy, James Courtney, Ned Murphy, Mattie Daly, Jim O Connell, John Collins, Eugene Hogan, Pat O Donnell, Johnny McCarthy, Paddy Foley, Humphrey Murphy.


Final on Sun. 12th July 1914 at Cork: Kerry 0-7; Carlow 1-2.

Kerry: Alfie O Callaghan (goal), Jack Collins, Jim O Connell (all Killarney), Tom King (capt.), Jack McGaley, Eugene Hogan (Tralee Parnell’s), Johnny McCarthy (Tralee Mitchels), Ned Murphy (Currow), Humphrey Murphy (do.), James Kennedy, James Courtney (Currow), Pat O Donnell (Castlegregory), William Keating (Cahersiveen), Mattie Daly (Rathmore), Paddy Foley (Killorglin). Subs: Solly Lawlor for T. King, J. Cronin, Martin Carroll.

Paddy Foley (Iveragh Road)

Paddy Foley (Iveragh Road)
He won a Co. Championship medal with Laune Rangers in 1911.
He won an All-Ireland Junior Football medal with Kerry in 1913.
He served as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer & President of the club.
He was one of the stalwarts of the club during the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties



Inter-county Tournament Games


Sun. 16th Feb. at Cork Athletic Grounds: Cork 2-0; Kerry 2-3.

That was played in aid of the Dr. Croke memorial.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (Killarney) capt., Tom Rice, Tom Costello, Paddy Healy, Paddy Landers (Listowel), Jack Rice, Jim O Connell, Paddy Kennelly (Laune Rangers), John Collins, Con Murphy, P. Brien, Matty Daly, John Skinner, Con Clifford, Paddy Dillon, John Moriarty, Edward Spillane.


Sun. 12th April at Listowel: Kerry 2-7; Cork 1-1.

Kerry: Dan Mullins (goal), Jack Lawlor, Tom Rice, Tom Costello, Paddy Healy, Con Murphy, Paddy Kennelly, T. Carroll, Edward Spillane, Jack Rice, Pat O Shea, Con Clifford, John Moriarty, P.J Cahill, John Skinner, Denis Doyle, Dick Fitzgerald.


Croke Cup Final on Sun. 4th May at Croke Park: Kerry 0-4; Louth 1-1.

That game was played with fifteen players a-side – the first of its kind.

Kerry lineout:

Goal Dan Mullins (Tralee)

Backs Maurice McCarthy (Tralee)   Jack Lawlor (do.)        Tom Costello (do.)

Halves Tom Rice (Tralee)     Paddy Healy (Killarney)       Paddy Kennelly (Killorglin)

3 Quarters Con Clifford (Tralee) Con Murphy (Killarney) Pat O Shea (Castlegregory) John Moriarty (Ballydonoghue)

Forwards John Skinner (Killarney)     Maurice Donovan (do.)          Denis Doyle (do.)

Full-forward Dick Fitzgerald (Killarney) capt.


Croke Cup Final replay on Sun. 29th June at Croke Park: Kerry 2-4; Louth 0-5.

The train left Killorglin at 7.20am for Dublin, arriving at 12.45pm.

Kerry: Goal – Dan Mullins; Backs – Tom Costello, Jack Lawlor, Maurice McCarthy; Halfbacks – Paddy Kennelly, Paddy Healy, Tom Rice; Centre forwards – Pat O Shea, Con Murphy; Wing-forwards – John Moriarty, Con Clifford; Forwards – Denis Doyle, Paddy Breen, John Skinner; Full-forward – Dick Fitzgerald (capt.). Subs – JJ Rice, John Collins, J. Keating, Edward Spillane, Jack McGaley.


Sun. 20th July at Macroom: Macroom 2-2; Kerry 2-3.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt.), P. Manson (goal), Tim O Sullivan, Tom Rice, Paddy Healy, Edward Spillane, John Collins, Paddy Kennelly, Con Murphy, Jack Rice, P. J. Cahill, John F. Kearney, Paddy Breen, John O Mahony, John Skinner.




James Nolan, Cill Coinnigh, was Uachtarán CLG. At the Annual Congress, it was decided that the number of players in a team would be reduced from seventeen to fifteen as and from 1st May.


The Munster Convention was held in Geary’s Hotel, Limerick on Sun. 2nd March. The following officers were elected: Chairman – John Michael Malone (An Clár), Secretary – Pat McGrath (Tiobrad Árainn), Treasurer – Ailbe Quillinan (Luimneach).


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Council Chambers, County Hall, Tralee on Sat. 1st Feb. Laune Rangers Club was represented by William Roche. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Michael Griffin (Listowel), Vice-Chairmen – William Roche (Laune Rangers) and James McDonnell (Tralee), Secretary – Diarmuid Crean, Assistant Secretary – T.P. Kennedy, Treasurer – John Moran (Listowel), Delegates to Munster Council – Diarmuid Cronin (Rathmore) and J. Harrington (Tralee Parnells).


A specially convened meeting of the Laune Rangers’ Football Club was held in the Carnegie Hall on Mon. 4th Aug. Mícheál O Doherty presided and there was a full attendance of members present. The Chairman, in opening the meeting, said that they all knew and regretted the accident, which had occurred to a member of the team the previous day and it lay with the meeting to consider what steps should be taken to meet with the pecuniary losses, which Mr. (Tommy) Corcoran must necessarily entail as he had learned that he had been rendered incapable of work for a considerable period and there was no fund available for such injured Gaelic players. He would like to get the opinions of the meeting as to what steps should be taken in the matter. As it was a seasonable opportunity of showing their appreciation of Mr. Corcoran’s services to the team for a number of years past when he always most willingly and ungrudgingly placed them at the disposal of the team whenever their honour or that of the town required it on the Gaelic field. After many suggestions, it was decided to present him with a testimonial, towards which all present subscribed on the spot. A deputation was also appointed to wait on the Co. Board on Saturday for permission to hold and aid in a tournament at Milltown at an early date and also for their assistance in making the testimonial worthy of the occasion. Mícheál O Doherty, NT, was appointed Chairman of the Testimonial Committee, William Roche, NT, Secretary, and James O Regan, R.D.C., Treasurer, to either of whom any subscriptions could be forwarded, when they would be acknowledged in the Press.


An appeal for funds to help defray the expenses involved in training the Kerry Senior Football team was made in March. William Roche, Laune Rangers, was the person designated to accept subscriptions in the Killorglin area.

William Roche represented Laune Rangers at the first meeting of the year of Kerry Co. Board on Sat. 1st March at the Railway Hotel, Tralee. At that meeting, it was unanimously agreed that the Kerry colours would be green with a gold hoop across the chest. The following committee was formed to make all arrangements for the training of the senior team: James McDonnell (Tralee), Diarmuid Cronin (Rathmore), William Roche (Killorglin), Jeremiah O Leary (Killarney), TP Kennedy, Con Clifford, John Moran and Diarmuid Crean.

William Roche represented Laune Rangers at the Co. Board meeting in the Railway Hotel, Tralee on Sat. 5th April. The following Senior Football Selection Committee was put in place: Austin Stack (Tralee), Tom Costello (do.), James McDonnell (do.), Dick Fitzgerald (Killarney), Jeremiah O Leary (do.) and the Chairman of the Co. Board, Michael Griffin.

At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 25th May in the Railway Hotel, Tralee, Killorglin club was represented by William Roche. Maurice Breen was given permission to transfer from Killorglin club to Farranfore.

At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 23rd Aug. Killorglin was represented by J. Coffey. William Roche, Vice-Chairman, and J. Coffey raised the matter of the injury to Tommy Corcoran in the Co. Championship on the previous Sunday. It was decided to allocate the net receipts of the previous Sunday’s Co. Championship match in Killorglin to a fund for the benefit of the player. Killorglin also agreed to organise a tournament at Milltown on 1st Sept. for the same purpose. The Kerry Junior Football Selection Committee was formed as follows: Con Clifford (Tralee), Michael Griffin (Listowel) and William Roche (Killorglin).

At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 2nd Aug. in the Railway Hotel, Tralee, when the Secretary offered his resignation, Mr. Roche said that since the Secretary, Diarmuid Crean, had come into that position, the Co. Board had gone ahead by leaps and bounds. He said that if they lost him, they would loose one of their best men, a man who had worked hard for the GAA.


‘Currow’ penned a poem named ‘On, Ciarraighe Boys Abú’ in praise of the Kerry team of that time. One verse went as follows:

‘They said that Conny Murphy and Dick Fitz were goaling still,

That Costello and Moriarty were two boys of dash and will,

That Kennelly of Killorglin was reliable staunch and true,

And filled the Heavens wildly with their Ciarraighe Boys Abú.’


The death occurred on Fri. 4th July of Tadhg Mangan. Tadhg a’ Bhothair, which was his pen-name, had been the one great force in Killorglin for the previous ten years. Everything that could be done to uplift a country town from its sleeplessness and snobbishness had his able support and, if fight was necessary, he was always there to combat, with his rare intellectual gifts and his convincing eloquence, the forces which were arrayed against progress and the advancement of the people. Cut away in the prime of manhood, he was not quite 35, he had been the writer of ‘Pars from Puck’ in the Kerryman since Sept. 1911.

At a special meeting of Killorglin Football Club on Sat. 5th July, all members being present, the following motion was passed in silence: “That we, the members of the Killorglin F.C., have heard with feelings of deep regret of the untimely death of our fellow member and representative, Mr. T. Mangan, and beg to tender his father and brothers our most sincere sympathy in their sad bereavement and that copies of this resolution be forwarded to Mr. T. Mangan, Dromin, Mr. E. Mangan, Killorglin, and the Press.”


William Roche refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Senior Football Championship on Sun. 20th April at Killorglin: Tralee Mitchels 2-2; Cahersiveen 1-0.

Senior Football Championship on Sun. 20th April at Killorglin: Killarney Crokes defeated Valentia.

Senior Football Championship semi-final on 16th Nov. at Milltown: Kilcummin 0-1; Castleisland 0-0.


In a practice match in Killarney on Sun. 17th Aug. prior to the Munster Senior and Junior Football Championship games, Mossy Counihan and Danny Clifford played with the Kerry Junior team against the Senior team.


Co. S.F. Championship final on Sun. 18th Jan. 1914 at Killarney: Killarney Crokes 3-1; Kilcummin 1-0.


P. Breen, Killorglin, was a sub on the Worcester Young Irelands team that defeated Springfield Shamrocks by one point in the New England Championship in June.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


It was announced in April that a branch of the Irish Volunteers had been formed in Killorglin and the young men drilled in the Fair Field every Sunday under the watchful eye of Stephen Foley, drill-master.


The Caragh Lake regatta took place on Sun. 20th July. The presence of the Killorglin Brass Band did much to add to the proceedings. The Secretary of the organising committee was Mr. O Donoghue and the starter was Rev. M. O Flynn C.C. the results were as follows:

1st Race (2-oared pleasure boats) – 1st Mr. Murray; 2nd the O Connor Brothers.

2nd Race (3-oared fishing boats) – 1st M. Sugrue’s crew (Cromane); 2nd M. McGillycuddy’s crew (Dooks).

3rd Race (3-oared pleasure boats) – 1st Lady Gordon’s boat; 2nd Southern Hotel.

4th Race (4-oared pleasure boats) – 1st Lady Gordon’s boat; 2nd Mr. Murray.

50 yards juvenile swimming race – dead heat between James J. O Sullivan (Jimmy J.), James W. Clifford (James Bill) and Denis P. O Sullivan (Denny).


The following account appeared in Pars from Puck in the Kerryman edition of 27th Sept: “At the Railway Station on Tuesday were witnessed some of those heart-rending scenes, which can only be equalled by a visit of Death alone. The departure of a number of youths to the far distant antipodes was the cause and, surely, when it comes to the mother, the father, the brother or sister bidding a farewell on such an occasion, it is such as would make even the hardest hearts feel a pang of regret and sympathy.


On the Sunday 5th Oct. the Bishop of Kerry, Dr. Mangan, attended at the dedication of the church at Cromane to Our Lady, Star of the Sea. His Lordship warmly eulogised the Rev. Tom Lawlor P.P. for the great work he had done since he had come to the parish, work for the furtherance of the parishioners spiritually, educationally and industrially, work to supply the needs of his flock in every way. Another feature of the day was the eloquent sermon preached in Irish by Rev. J. Lynch, C.C. Glenbeigh and most appropriate was this in every way, Irish being the language in which the people of the district had conversed and through which they had transacted their business daily.


On Sat. 11th Oct. the children of the Glounaguillagh Schools attended a treat given at their residence, Ardeen, Caragh Lake, by Sir Holm and Lady Gordon. The early part of the day was given over to athletic events, for which prizes were offered. Then followed the harmonious items – the bag-race, potato-race etc. etc. – the competition in every case being most keen and in both boys and girls’ sections. Prizes were then given for proficiency in the various school subjects and the winners were not a little proud of thus having their merit rewarded. Special rewards were made to the children who had the greatest number of school attendances to their credit. Indeed, in no section of the school-work was merit a proficiency allowed to go unnoticed or unrewarded.