Laune Rangers – 1914


Laune Rangers, captained by Dan Hayes, lost the first round of the Co. Senior Football Championship to Listowel.


John Langford and Hugh Duffy were on the Kerry team that won the Munster Junior Football Championship Final at the expense of Waterford. Unfortunately, they were beaten by Mayo in the All-Ireland semi-final.


Mike Joy was a member of the Co. Senior/Junior Football Selection Committee.


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Co. Senior Football Championship

Eleven teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, Castlegregory, Ballydonoghue, Tralee Mitchels, Valentia, Cahersiveen, Rathmore, Listowel, Laune Rangers, Tralee Parnell’s, Killarney Crokes, Currow.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 2nd Aug. at Tralee: Listowel 3-7; Laune Rangers 0-1.

Listowel were the first on the field, but they had to wait some fifteen minutes before their opponents put in an appearance. Tom King, the referee, got through the preliminaries in his characteristic style and, immediately, had the men at work. Listowel won the toss and played with the wind and sun in their favour and, immediately, on the ball being thrown in, assumed the offensive. They were, however, beaten off and the ball returned to midfield. Loose play ensued, Listowel eventually getting possession and driving towards the end-line, where an over resulted. The kick-out was blocked and a Listowel man sent down. A foul committed on one of the North-Kerry players saw them pressing and a white flag was raised. The delivery found, once more, the Rangers’ citadel in danger. The backs, however, were safe and play was returned to midfield. A forward movement saw one of the Listowel forwards missing by inches. Killorglin then took up the running and a free in the mouth of the Listowel goal looked promising but nothing resulted. The kick-out found the Listowel midfield men in possession and, once more, their forwards were put attacking but the effort was futile and a certain score went a-begging. A weak delivery found the Rangers’ backs fumbling and the opposition, availing of the opportunity, scored its second point. Another delivery found play in the centre and Dan Brown, getting possession, raised the green flag for Listowel. The kick-out brought play to midfield and a passing movement resulted in the Killorglin posts again being bombarded and James McCarthy, coming out from goals, made a splendid clearance. Fouls were frequent and the resultant frees were tedious. Play resumed and, from a throw-in, Tom O Connor, getting possession, raised a white flag for the Northern representatives. Once more the Rangers’ fought off an attack but the winners were not to be denied and Tom O Connor again pointed. Rangers attempted to get going but it was only temporary relief and Listowel increased their lead by another point. Before the break, Buckley found the net and Brown raised a white flag to give their side a 2-6 to 0-0 halftime lead.

With the breeze and sun in their favour, it was expected that Killorglin would even up matters. The opening portions of the half found them pressing but Paddy Landers cleared in magnificent style and the play was transferred to midfield. Here one of the Rangers fouled but the resultant free went for an over. Hayes for Listowel opened the second half scoring with a point. The delivery found Killorglin attacking vigorously but Landers was safe and, when the ball transferred to the other end, the Killorglin goalkeeper saved a rasping shot. Killorglin once more pressed and several promising scores were bungled, owing to the want of combination by their forwards. From a free, Dan Hayes scored Killorglin’s only score – a point. However, Listowel closed the scoring with a goal near the end.

Killorglin: James McCarthy (goal), Dan Hayes (0-1, free) capt, P. Power, Hugh Duffy, Mick Duffy, John P. McCarthy, Liam McSweeney, John Langford, Jimmy O Leary, O Leary, Sweeney, Paddy Foley, Mick Moroney, Fitzgibbon, Murphy.


The Co. Final was not replayed until Sun. 9th Jan. 1916 in Rathmore – Killarney Crokes 1-2; Tralee Mitchels 1-0 ®.


Inter-club Challenge Game


Sun. 18th April at Castlemaine: Castlemaine lost to Killorglin by one point.


Munster/All-Ireland Junior Football Championship

The Selection Committee consisted of Tom King (Tralee Mitchels), Mike Joy (Killorglin), J. Reidy (Cahersiveen), J.J. Hayes (Listowel), D. J. Griffin (Castleisland).


Munster semi-final on Sun. 13th Sept. at Tralee: Kerry 2-1; Tipperary 0-0.

Kerry: J.J. O Riordan (Parnell’s) goal, Dick Power (do), Paud Slattery (do.), Mick Barry (do.), Michael Griffin (Dingle), Dan Rohan (Castlegregory), Jack Cronin (Killarney), Hugh Duffy (Laune Rangers), John Langford (do.), Wm. O Sullivan (Listowel), Bill Sheehan (Farranfore), JJ Hayes (Listowel), Fitzgerald, O Brien, Flynn (Castlemaine).


Munster Final on Sun. 4th Oct. at Tralee: Kerry 0-7; Waterford 0-0.

Kerry: Dick Power (capt.), J.J. O Riordan (goal), Jerry O Connor, Mick Barry, Paud Slattery (all Tralee Parnell’s), T. Killeen (Mitchels), Mike Purtell, Wm. O Sullivan (Listowel), Dan Rohan, E. Somers, Michael Kelliher (Castlegregory), Michael Griffin (Dingle), Bill Sheehan (Farranfore), Hugh Duffy (Laune Rangers), Jack Cronin (Killarney Crokes). Subs: O Connor (Mitchels), John Langford (Laune Rangers), Roche (Cahersiveen).


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 7th March 1915 in Limerick: Mayo 3-1; Kerry 0-2.

Kerry: Goal – J.J. O Riordan; Backs – JJ Hayes (Listowel), Dick Power, Hugh Duffy; Three-quarters – Bill Sheehan, Wm. O Sullivan, Mick Barry; Centre-field – E. Somers, T. Killeen, Jack Cronin, Paud Slattery; Forwards – Dan Rohan, Mike Purtell, Jackie Walsh (Cahersiveen), John Dunne (Mitchels). Subs: Michael Kelliher, Michael Griffin, Flynn (Castlemaine).


Inter-county Football Challenge Game

Senior Challenge on Sun. 5th July at Tralee: Kerry 0-2; Wexford 3-5.

Kerry: Dan Mullins, Paddy Foley, Jack Lawlor, Tom Costello, William Keating, Humphrey Murphy, Paddy Kennelly, Ned Murphy, Jim O Connell, Mattie Daly, Jack Rice, John Skinner, Jack Collins, Johnny Mahony, Dick Fitzgerald (capt.).




James Nolan, Cill Choinnigh, was Uachtarán CLG.


The Annual Convention of the Munster Council was held at Tipperary on Sun. 29th March. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Jeremiah O Brien (An Clár), Secretary – Pat McGrath (Tiobrad Árainn), Treasurer – Ailbe Quillinan (Luimneach).


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held on Sat. 7th March in the Council Chambers, Co. Hall, Tralee. Laune Rangers Football Club was represented by John Fitzpatrick and Jeremiah Hayes. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Diarmuid Crean (Tralee); Vice-Chairmen – James McDonnell (Tralee) and William Roche (Laune Rangers); Joint-Secretaries – James McDonnell and Michael Hannon; Treasurer – John Moran (Listowel); Delegates to the Munster Council – Diarmuid Cronin (Rathmore) and James McDonnell (Tralee).


William Roche represented Laune Rangers Football Club at the Co. Board meeting in Tralee on Sat. 18th April.

John Fitzpatrick represented Killorglin at the Co. Board meeting in the Railway Hotel, Tralee on Sat. 9th May. A letter was read from Mr. Harty, Secretary Athletic Council, Dublin, informing the Co. Board that he had an application for a Sports meeting to be held at Killorglin. John Fitzpatrick said that it was the intention of his Football Club to hold sports there itself. The Secretary was directed to write to Mr. Harty informing him that no one in Killorglin had received the sanction of the Co. Board so far as not to give the necessary permit until the Co. Board approved of it.

John Fitzpatrick represented the club at the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 23rd May in the Railway Hotel, Tralee. He handed in a motion that at the following meeting he would move that the Parish Rule would be made a bye-law.

William Roche presided at the Co. Board meeting in Tralee on Sat. 18th July.

John Fitzpatrick represented Killorglin at the Co. Board meeting in the Railway Hotel on Sat. 12th Sept. He suggested, in an effort to dissuade the Co. Secretary from resigning because of excessive work-load, that people to collect gates at matches should be appointed by the Co. Board.


The Irish Volunteer movement had been founded in 1913 in response to the formation of the Ulster Volunteers, which had been formed in order to oppose Home Rule. The Irish Volunteers, which were very strong in Killorglin, had a big membership and trained assiduously. However, John Redmond led a breakaway nationwide, and the National Volunteer movement was formed. That split had repercussions for the GAA in Killorglin where, for a time, it appeared that there would be two teams, along the lines of the two branches of Volunteers. Eventually, sanity prevailed and Killorglin fielded one team, though poorly prepared, and paid the price in a heavy defeat to Listowel. This lack of preparation and hints of a split were mentioned by ‘Pars from Puck’, a sample of which are featured below.


‘Pars from Puck’ in the Kerryman edition of Sat. 7th Feb. wrote as follows: “It is high time that the local footballers were up and doing. Their usual custom is to remain dormant until they are drawn for a match. They are wont to enter the field depending on the practice and on the name of their famous predecessors, the Laune Rangers of ’92.”

He again returned to the matter in the edition of 11th April as follows: “The boys are taking their ease and exist only in name. They have not had a single day in the Sports-field yet. Though we were promised two teams, we fear in earnest the existence of one. ‘Tis too late to sharpen one’s sword when the drum beats for battle. There’s no time like the present.”

On 18th April he wrote, “So far Killorglin scarcely knows its men. There seems to be no use in trying to urge this team to do their duty. We had better leave them as they are.”

Again on Sat. 2nd May, he wrote, “Instead of two teams here, as was at first, we now fear that it will be difficult to field one decent team, judging from the way they are taking matters at present. It has always been the failing of the Killorglin men to take too much for granted and trust to luck for the result and it would at present look as if the same policy is holding. Surprising that the captain does not see his way to get his men together and see what form they are in if they mean to enter into the fray in real earnest. Little local bickerings should be set aside and forgotten in matters like these, and all should work for the honour of the name at stake – the Laune Rangers.”

In the edition of 11th July, he wrote: “One might well ask how are Gaelic matters here, seeing that a match, Killorglin v Listowel, has been fixed for Aug. 2nd as a curtain-raiser to the Kerry v Louth tournament. Our only answer to the Gaels is that Gaelic Killorglin is apparently dead or, at least, dormant. A monster meeting was, some short time ago, held in the hall, which broke up as it began, with opinions divided, and the club, or rather clubs, in weak existence. Surely something should even now be done to put things in form, and field a decent team on August 2nd to meet their old-time rivals. We hope, in our next issue, to be able to report some progress in the selection of a decent team from the ashes of the two existing (?) ones.”


William Roche NT refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Senior Championship on Sun. 24th May at Killorglin: Tralee Mitchels 2-1; Valentia 1-1.

Junior Football Championship on Sun. 24th May at Killorglin: Waterville defeated Castlemaine.


Mike Joy refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Senior Football Championship on Sun. 11th Oct. at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen 5-0; Tralee Parnell’s 0-0.

Junior Football Championship on Sun. 11th Oct. at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen 0-1; Farranfore 1-3.


13th Dec. City of Hartford Championship Final at Colt Park: Kerry 0-0; Tipperary 0-0.

Kerry: F. O Shea (capt.), M. O Connell, D. O Connell, C. Donnelly, C. Fenton, M. Fenton, J. Fogarty (all Cahersiveen), J. Lyons, D. Healy, D. McCarthy (all Killorglin), M. Freeman (Tralee), M. O Sullivan, T O Connor (Killarney), M. Long (goal), M. Daly (Dingle).


Munster Senior Football Final on Sun. 4th Oct. at Tralee: Kerry 0-5; Cork 0-1.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt.), Denis Doyle, John Skinner, Johnny Mahony, Con Murphy, Paddy Healy, Humphrey Murphy, Con Clifford, Jack Rice, Tom Rice, Jack Lawlor, Dan Mullins (goal), Tom Costello, William Keating, Pat (Aeroplane) O Shea.

All-Ireland Senior Football Final on Sun. 29th Nov. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-3; Wexford 0-6.

That was Kerry’s 5th All-Ireland Senior Football title.

Kerry: Dick Fitzgerald (capt), Paddy Healy, Con Murphy, Denis Doyle, Paddy Breen, Johnny Mahony, John Skinner (all Killarney Crokes), Dan Mullins (goal), Tom Costello, Maurice McCarthy, Jack Lawlor, Tom Rice, Jack Rice, Con Clifford (all Tralee Mitchels), Pat O Shea (Castlegregory).


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On Mon. 25th May, the news of the passing of the third reading of the Home Rule Bill was received in Killorglin through wire from Tom O Donnell M.P. and the joyful tidings quickly spread causing widespread enthusiasm and jubilation. Everything else was for the time forgotten and nothing but rejoicing at the glorious termination of the hard fight on the Commons was evident throughout the remainder of the evening. The houses and shops were illuminated and bon-fires blazed on every hillside as far as the eye could see. The Brass band, led by a torchlight procession, paraded the town and, having done so, discoursed a choice selection of appropriate national airs in the Square where barrels of tar blazed and where an immense crowd had assembled. The rendering of that oft heard anthem ‘A Nation Once Again’ was listened to with unbounded rapture. Never, within living memory, had there been such a display of unbounded rejoicing as on that auspicious occasion.

Speaking in Killorglin on Sat. 26th Oct., Tom O Donnell said, “The fetters have fallen from the limbs of Erin, the brand of slavery has been taken from her brow, she stands erect once more unfettered and free, mistress in her own house, the mother and defender of her sons.”