1936 – Laune Rangers.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Ten teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship. They were divided into two groups,

Group A: Austin Stacks, South-Kerry, Killarney, St. Brendan’s and Killorglin.

Group B: Kerins O Rahillys, North Kerry, John Mitchels, Gaeltacht and Dingle.

That was a new system. Two teams from each group would qualify for the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th May at Killorglin: Killorglin 1-3; South-Kerry 2-6.

Killorglin consisted of players from Laune Rangers, Milltown, Castlemaine, Keel, Firies and Listry. The game was played in fair weather conditions. The attendance was small, due to the heavy showers, which fell prior to the match but those who were present were treated to a contest, which had occasional bright spots. The rain rendered the sod rather difficult in parts and that was noticed especially as the match progressed. The visitors seemed a much better balanced team and played throughout with better combination than did the Killorglin lads, who undoubtedly missed many opportunities of scoring in both halves.

Tadhg O Reilly (referee) had the teams lined out on time but the rain intervened and the ball was set in motion ten minutes after time. The home side had the slight advantage that the field offered and were first away but were held up. Tim Teahan intercepted but ‘Tucker’ O Connor, getting possession, in a good effort sent wide for South-Kerry. On the kick-out, the visitors again got possession and that time O Connor was not to be denied as he defeated Cormac Roche, in the Killorglin goal, amidst much excitement by the followers. There was some very keen football witnessed then, the ball travelling quickly, the hand-passing of the visitors outwitting the home side, that was again defeated in the back-line and a point from a free was scored. O Sullivan then did very useful work for South-Kerry and John Joe Falvey was much in evidence for the home side. A series of fouls upset play for a time and South-Kerry, getting away, netted again but the whistle had gone. Killorglin seemed to take matters on hand for a time but it was not for long. Duane spoiled a great effort at attack and the Killorglin area was once again invaded. A free resulted and Roche made a very fine save. A hop followed soon after in the same territory and Roche was again tested and found firm.

Danny O Sullivan and Eoin Mangan did very useful work for the home team and soon the South-Kerry backs were tested and saved at the expense of a ‘50’, which went wide. Again the backs were tested and failed but McCarthy, in goal, saved well. An attack followed soon after and Killorglin’s first score, a goal, resulted. The home side’s midfield was then proving weak and it was beaten frequently by the opposition. ‘Tucker’ O Connor shot clean over the bar from a good distance and the halftime score stood at: South-Kerry 1-2; Killorglin 1-1.

On the resumption, Killorglin were first away again but ‘Boss’ Walsh had to be reckoned with and play was quickly transferred and a punch over the bar by O Connor secured a further point. Tim Teahan was doing wonderful work and Danny Griffin showed to advantage then, as did Tom O Connor, who did some useful work in the back-line. A free for the home side went wide, following an over by O Sullivan. Again were John Joe Falvey and ‘Tucker’ O Connor in opposition. Falvey secured the leather quickly and passed to Owen Moriarty, who shot over the bar. John Breen, Killorglin, and Griffin, South Kerry, were prominent when a free was given to the visitors and Curran, getting possession, defeated the custodian. Killorglin had scarcely recovered from the kick-out, when Duane shot a further point.

The home side made several attempts to get through but were held up by the backsand a further minor by South-Kerry got their opponents charging downhill but McCarthy, in goal, was safe. Kelly kicked out and Cormac Roche was seen stopping a close ball. It was then that McCarthy, the visiting custodian, evoked the appreciation of all by his brilliant work. From a ‘50’ came a hard shot, which he saved, as he did several others in a short space and defeated all Killorglin’s efforts to register.

Considering that it was their first outing in the Senior Championship, feelings in the home camp were probably best summed up by ‘Laune Ranger’, writing in the Kerryman, when he said, “San obair fachtar an fhoghluim.”

Killorglin: Cormac Roche (Laune Rangers), Tim Teahan (do.), Mikey O Connor (Keel), Dan Murphy (Milltown), John Breen (Keel), Tom O Connor (Laune Rangers), Mick O Brien (Firies), Owen Moriarty (Keel), Derry Griffin (Castlemaine), Moss O Connor (Keel), John Joe Falvey (Laune Rangers), Danny O Sullivan (Milltown), Pat O Sullivan (do.), Owen Mangan (Castlemaine), Tom Lynch (Listry). Subs: Bobby Ryng (Laune Rangers), Dick Fitzgerald (Beaufort), Mick Buckley (Listry) and B. Buckley (Listry).

South Kerry: Johnny B. Curran, Paddy ‘Boss’ Walsh, Jim Kelly, Charlie O Connell, John H. O Connor, D. O Connor, John O Sullivan, Joe O Donoghue, John Griffin, Tadhg O Sullivan, Bernie Dwane, J. O Connell, T. O Connor, T. McCarthy, M. O Rourke, James O Shea and Michael O Sullivan.

Ref: Tadhg O Reilly (Killorglin).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 24th May at Ardfert: St. Brendan’s 4-4; Killorglin 0-8.

St. Brendan’s consisted of Ardfert, Fenit and Churchill. The match was well contested and the result came somewhat as a surprise to the followers of both teams, as the Laune men clearly had the greater knowledge of the game and were faster than their opponents. In their forward line, however, Killorglin were weak and several chances of scoring were lost. A clean friendly spirit prevailed throughput a game full of thrills for the spectators, fouls being very few and sound football the order of the day.

The visitors, having won the toss, elected to play with a stiff breeze. From the throw-in, they secured and attacked strongly, being rewarded with a point by Owen Mangan, from a good distance out. Play returned to midfield from the kick-out. Houlihan, securing, made a grand effort to reach the visitors’ goal. The Killorglin backs proved adamant, stopping the home attacks time and again. Play, during the ensuing minutes, was somewhat even, the ball going to touch frequently.

Keane got possession from a throw-in and put the Killorglin goal in danger. In the resulting scrimmage in the goal-mouth, Mike O Connor sent the ball well downfield to P. O Sullivan, whose shot for the goal was saved at the expense of a ‘50’. Jerry Quill took the kick but another ‘50’ resulted. P. O Sullivan secured from the free and kicked the visitors’ second point. The Laune men resumed the offensive from the kick-out and Kelly, in the St. Brendan’s goal, was hard-pressed but kept his posts clear. The leather returned to midfield, where, from a free, Jerry Quill raised the white flag once again for Killorglin. From another free shortly afterwards, P. O Sullivan added another minor. St. Brendan’s quickly took the offensive. Houlihan brought the leather up-field, passing to Moriarty, who sent a nice shot into the visitors’ square, for Clifford to punch a goal with an unbeatable shot. Play now returned to the Ardfert territory, Jerry Quill adding another two points for the visitors before the interval whistle, which left the scores, Killorglin 0-6; St. Brendan’s 1-0.

The advantage provided by the win was then availed of by the St, Brendan’s men to the fullest extent, although in the opening minutes, the visitors dominated. Kelly, in the home goal, cleared well and the ball was sent down-field, where Houlihan just failed to score from a free. The kick-out, however, was returned and Shanahan, securing, found the net, making the scores level. The same player added a minor shortly after. Owen Mangan, playing magnificently at midfield, put the home goal I danger, but Kelly cleared well. Moriarty pounced on the ball and had a fine point. He soon after added a further point and a goal, putting the St. Brendan’s men well in the lead. Play then centred in midfield, neither side gaining any advantage, until Keane, from a free 40 yards out, raised the green flag for the homesters. The Laune men retaliated and scored two points in quick succession. Warming to the attack, the visitors pressed but the opposition defence-line was sound and the leather returned to centre-field, where Keane, attempting a long shot, had hard luck. Jerry Quill, securing in midfield, attempted to break through the St. Brendan’s defence-line, ably backed up by Owen Mangan and T. O Connor, but Kelly brought off a great save for the fullback to clear. The latter stages of the game were fought out mainly in the visitors’ territory, St. Brendan’s adding another goal and a point to their score per Keane and Moriarty, respectively. No further score ensued.

Killorglin: John Joe Falvey (Killorglin) capt, Cormac Roche (do.), John Breen (Keel), Mikey O Connor (do.), Tim Teahan (Killorglin), Tom O Connor (do.), Mick O Brien (Firies), Jerry Quill (Keel), Dan O Sullivan (Milltown), Danny Griffin (Castlemaine), Pat O Sullivan (Milltown), Liam Foley (Killorglin), Owen Mangan (Castlemaine), Tom Lynch (Listry), Dick Fitzgerald (Beaufort). Sub: P. Courtney (Keel).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 14th June at Killarney: Killarney 2-5; Killorglin 0-5.

That was the first Co. Championship game to be played in the Fitzgerald Stadium and how fitting it was that it should be between two teams steeped in such great tradition. The game, played in dry weather and before a good attendance, was exciting right through but was spoiled to some extent by a strong wind. Playing with the advantage of the wind, the homesters had much the better of the opening exchanges but were well held by a sound defence. Persistent attacking, however, brought its reward and Killarney turned over with a lead of 9 points. Playing neat football, Killorglin were often dangerous during that moiety but faulty forward work cost them many scores. With the wind favouring the visitors in the second half, a close finish was anticipated but the Killarney players rose to great heights and were convincing winners at the end.

Killarney went into the attack from the throw-in and Timmy O Leary sent in a great shot, which the goalie cleared. In a further onslaught, Killorglin conceded a ‘50’, from which O Connor pointed to open the scoring. Keeping to the attack, the homesters were awarded a close-in free and, from the resultant kick, D. O Connor raised the green flag with an unstoppable shot. Killorglin took up the running and a nice forward movement ended in D. J. O Sullivan sending over the bar. Spurred by that reverse, the homesters again went on the attack and, after the Killorglin goalie had cleared his lines, Timmy O Leary sent over a great point. Killorglin found it difficult to make much headway against the breeze but, in adopting the short-passing style, they were soon on the offensive and John Joe Falvey, when well-placed, was fouled. The free-kick went wide. Falvey rallied his men again and the Killarney defence was kept busy for the next few minutes but they succeeded in keeping their posts intact. Play veered round to the other end and, from far out on the wing, Sexton beat the Killorglin custodian for a surprise score. That was supplemented by points from McCarthy and O Connor and the short whistle left the scores, Killarney 2-4; Killorglin 0-1.

On the resumption, Killorglin were quickly on the attack and D. J. O Sullivan sent the white flag up to be followed by a similar score from M. O Connor. They kept up the pressure and, with John Joe Falvey always in the picture, the Killarney defence had some anxious moments. During that period, D. J. O Sullivan scored another point. It was then that the Killarney men played their best football. With well-timed passes, they swept up-field and were awarded a free about 20 yards from the Killorglin citadel. Timmy O Leary took the kick and raised the white flag without any difficulty. The game became very exciting and some hard knocks were given and taken. Killorglin put everything they had into a final rally but the defence defied their best efforts. A point by John Joe Falvey finished the scoring.

Killorglin: Cormac Roche (goals), John Joe Falvey, Tom Lynch, Mick O Connor, J. Counihan, William Knightly, Owen Mangan, Mick O Brien, Danny Griffin, Alex Neill (Castlemaine), Dan O Sullivan, John Lyne, Maurice O Connor, Gerald Teahan, D. J. O Sullivan (Listry).


Rd. 4 on Sun. 20th Sept. at Killarney: Austin Stacks 1-8; Killorglin 1-2.

Fitzgerald Stadium was the venue for that game, which was not productive of high-class football due to the close tackling of the players. Killorglin held their more fancied opponents well and it was only in the concluding stages of the game, when the pace seemed to tell on them, that the Tralee went to the fore. A feature of the game was the brilliant goal-keeping of the Killorglin custodian, Cormac Roche, who was repeatedly applauded for his clearances.

Austin stacks broke away from the throw-in and Danny Griffin came back to save the Killorglin lines before Tim Teahan sent Killorglin attacking. The Tralee men were twice penalised and Killorglin forced a ‘50’ from which John Joe Falvey received to open the scoring with t a point. Tralee broke away strongly from the kick-out and Cormac Roche saved well. Gorman and McCarthy were prominent in the Tralee offensive but the opposing back-line proved impregnable. After a series of fast exchanges, play returned to the Stacks territory and a brilliant hand-passing movement by Danny Griffin and John Joe Falvey put John O Reilly in possession to punch the ball into the net for Killorglin’s second score. From the return, Stacks came more into the picture. The opposing custodian was severely tested and Tim Landers had a point to open the scoring for his side. Danny O Sullivan had two wides at the other end before play returned and Harty added a further minor, which Regan quickly augmented with a similar score. Tim Teahan cleared the Killorglin lines but J. Gorman returned and John Joe Landers had a free on the 14 yards line, which he sent high over the bar to close the scoring for the first moiety with both teams on level terms, 1-1 to 0-4.

On the resumption, Killorglin territory was quickly invaded and Tim Landers failed to take advantage of a close-in free, before Regan pointed from far out. From the kick-out, Tim Teahan sent Killorglin on the offensive and Danny Griffin levelled the scores. Neither side had the advantage in the ensuing exchanges until a free to Healy sent Regan away to put the Stacks ahead with a minor. Killorglin were then on the defensive and Paddy Drummond and Landers sent wide in turn. The exceptionally keen pace was beginning to tell on the Killorglin men and the Tralee fifteen kept up the pressure to be rewarded with a point per Gorman, followed quickly by a fast goal per Regan, who gave the Killorglin custodian no chance. Killorglin fought back doggedly without reward and Ryan put the issue beyond doubt before the final whistle went.

Killorglin: Cormac Roche, Mick O Connor, Gerald Teahan, John Breen, Owen Mangan, Ted Mangan, Maurice O Connor, Mick Buckley, Tim Teahan, Johnny Mangan, Danny Griffin, John Joe Falvey, Danny O Sullivan, Monnie O Reilly, Alex Neill.

Austin Stacks: Brendan Reidy, Miko Doyle (capt.), Frank O Neill, Tim Sullivan, Dick Power, Sean McCarthy, Mick Healy, Dan Ryan, Jimmy Gorman, Joe Kennington, Tim Landers, Martin Regan, Colm Harty, John Joe Landers, Paddy Drummond.

Ref: Con Geaney (Castleisland).


Austin Stacks, captained by Miko Doyle, won the Co. Senior Football Championship by beating Kerins O Rahillys by 0-6 to 0-4.


East-Kerry Senior Football Championship


There were six teams in that competition, Dr. Crokes, Legion, Currow, Laune Rangers, Kilcummin and Keel.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 19th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-1; Keel 0-5.

Anticipating the usual keen tussle when those worthy exponents of Gaelic Football used to meet, the spectators were all on edge for the start of the game. A strong contingent of supporters had accompanied the Keel men and excitement in both camps was fairly high. Keel, having won the toss, elected to take advantage of the hill and the slight breeze. Rangers, with a weakened side, seemed to lack confidence but still they held their opponents to a three points lead in the first half, during which their goalie, Cormac Roche, was kept busy but acquitted himself with honour on every occasion.

On the change-over, it was thought that the Rangers, having the sun, breeze and hill at their backs, would emerge easy winners and when, after seven minutes play, a smart goal made the play level, they seemed to have the game in their hands. A further point gave them the lead but the Keel men were yet a force to be reckoned with and, putting forth a strenuous effort, they soon sent in the equaliser to be followed by another minor, which again put them in the lead. Laune Rangers had a goal disallowed during that time. In the remaining time, the home side strove valiantly for the equalising score but the game finished with Keel still ahead. John Joe Falvey, Liam Foley and Sean Moriarty were best for the Rangers. They were without the services of Tim Teahan, who was doing a course with the Volunteers and Michael O Connor, who was doing a course at the Agricultural School, Galway, having secured a scholarship.

There had been evidence of an increase in enthusiasm and interest in Gaelic matters in the district and the number attending the sports-field every evening to practice had been increasing as the days went by. The game versus Keel had been fast approaching and John Joe was anxious that his combination should give a good account of themselves on the first engagement of the new season.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 5th July at Killarney: Legion 3-10; Laune Rangers 0-2.

There was a moderate attendance at the game. Both teams began cautiously and very little excitement was aroused by slow and easygoing efforts, which characterised the even exchanges between the teams. A free to the Rangers aroused the Legion to more decisive play and the Killorglin men’s uprights were saved only by generally erratic shooting and some splendid work by Cormac Roche in the Rangers’ goals. Tim Teahan brought relief but Hurley was sound at the other end and Timmy O Leary pointed a free from 21 yards. From the kick-out, John Joe Falvey initiated an attack on the Legion back-line, which resulted in a wide. The Legion retaliated and some fast exchanges followed, which ended up in a cleverly netted goal by Paddy Fleming, who had been keeping the Laune backs fully occupied. For the next ten minutes, the ball never left the Rangers’ territory and Micky Lyne and O Brien added further minors for the Legion, who, at that stage, were combining perfectly and giving the opposing backs a busy time. The Rangers fought back doggedly and forced a ‘50’, from which John Joe Falvey got possession and sent over the bar. Their advantage, however, was short lived and Micky Lyne screwed the Legion’s last score of the half over the bar from a most difficult angle to leave the halftime score at 1-4 to 0-1 in favour of the home side.

With the breeze at their backs, Legion settled down self confidently to contest an easy second half and Timmy O Leary put them further ahead with a goal. The Rangers put up slight resistance to those opening attacks and Paddy Fleming sent over the bar twice more before Owen Mangan carried the ball beyond the halfway line. Efforts to make an impression on the Legion back-line proved abortive. Mickey O Sullivan and Pat O Meara defended staunchly before Tadhg O Sullivan gave his forwards possession at the other end. High fielding by the Laune Rangers backs checked repeated movements until the Legion were awarded a free on the 21yards line, which T. O Sullivan pointed. The Legion procured again from the kick-out and Cormac Roche saved from Micky Lyne before the latter sent over the bar for his second score. One Rangers burst was the only feature of the remainder of the game, from which a point, per John O Riordan, resulted. From that on, the Legion had matters entirely their own way, though that did not affect the standard of football, which continued to be exceptionally high to the final whistle. Rangers, a light and perfectly trained selection, never slackened their pace in spite of overwhelming odds against them and played a clean stylish game to the end. Timmy O Leary (2 points) and Micky Lyne (goal) completed the Legion scoring, leaving them deserving winners.

Laune Rangers: Cormac Roche, Dan Murphy (Milltown), John Joe Falvey, Monnie O Reilly, Tom O Connor, Sean Moriarty, Tim Teahan, Liam Foley, Owen Mangan (Castlemaine), Jim Coughlan (Tuogh), Jim Joy, Pete Coughlan (Tuogh), Pat O Sullivan, John T. O Riordan, John O Reilly.

Ref: Nelius McCarthy.

Having been beaten twice, Laune Rangers were out of the Senior Championship.


Legion won the East-Kerry Senior Championship by beating Dr. Crokes on the score of 2-9 to 1-3.


East-Kerry Junior Football Championship


There were two sections, the Killarney section (Dr. Crokes, Legion, Headford, Rathmore and Kenmare) and the Killorglin section (Laune Rangers, Listry, Keel and Castlemaine) and the winners of each section met in the final.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-3; Keel 0-3.

The game was played in favourable weather, witnessed by a small attendance and again there was much delay in starting. It proved a very exciting contest. The Rangers deserved the victory but the visitors were unfortunate in not annexing more scores, especially in the second half.

Ref: Percy O Sullivan (Milltown)

At the same venue, on the same date, John Joe Falvey refereed the game between Castlemaine and Listry, which the former won by 3-4 to 2-3.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 23rd Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-2; Listry 2-2.

The game was evenly contested on a day that held up well and the attendance was good. Laune Rangers, playing against a stiff breeze, secured the first score, a point per P. Foley. Listry retaliated with an equaliser, per Fitzgerald. The backs were sound on both sides and there was no further scoring in that half.

On the turn over, both sides were slow to settle and the play was a bit scrappy. Listry, however, got going and Tom Lynch had a goal. Ted Mangan, receiving from the kick-out, sent well into Mick O Sullivan, who crashed home for the equalising goal, which evoked great applause. Play was very even at that stage and the marking was very close. Mick Buckley, receiving from a throw-in, parted to Fitzgerald, who put Listry ahead with a point. From the kick-out, Ted Mangan, dominant at midfield, secured to put his forwards through for a point per Mick O Sullivan, which evened up matters once again. A draw would have been a just indication of the play but, from a loose ruck around the Rangers goal, Listry secured their second goal, which left them winners.

Laune Rangers: J. O Connor, P. Costello, Ted Mangan, T. O Connor, Tim Sheehan, M. Brick, T. Houlihan, J. McMahon, J. Sheehan, P. Kelliher, P. Foley, Jim Sheehy, P. O Shea, Mick O Sullivan, Mossy Power.

Ref: Pete Coughlan.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 10th Oct. at Killorglin; Laune Rangers 4-3; Castlemaine 0-3.

The game was played in ideal weather conditions before a fair crowd. It was unfortunate that the match could not have started on time. It began 45 minutes behind schedule and, in consequence, the contest suffered and the people’s patience suffered.

From the throw-in, the game was of give and take, until the home side raised the white flag. Then things began to happen and William Knightly, in the Castlemaine goal, was kept busy for a while, Johnny Mangan playing well for the Rangers. At last, P. Foley succeeded in getting through for the first major. That was followed by a point for the visitors and Power, in goals, was hard pressed on a few occasions but relieved every time. Griffin (Castlemaine) played very well but was not supported, while Breen was also outstanding for his side. M. O Sullivan secured a second goal a few minutes before the interval at which stage the score stood at 2-1 to 0-2 in favour of the home side. The second half was not as keenly contested as the first as Rangers had matters much their own way.

Laune Rangers: John Power (goals), Tim Sheehan (capt.), Ted Mangan, Johnny Mangan, M. Brick, T. O Connor, P. Costello, Mossy Power, Paud O Neill, S. Foley, J. Joy, Mick O Sullivan, T. Foley, Paddy Lyons (Iveragh Road), Jim Sheehy (Cloon).

Castlemaine: F. Cronin, J. King, Derry Griffin (captain), William Knightly (goals), M. Knightly, J. Knightly, D. Sullivan, M. Murphy, F. Boyle, Brendan Cronin, J. Hanafin, P. Mangan, D. Foley, J. Murphy, J. Lyons, J. Cronin.

Ref: Tadhg O Reilly – very capable.

The second game, between Keel and Listry (a draw), was refereed by John Joe Falvey.


Killorglin Area Final on Sun. 22nd Nov. at Dunloe: Listry 3-2; Laune Rangers 1-1.

The weather was favourable but the attendance was sparse. Ref: M. O Leary.


Listry went on to win the competition (their first title) by beating Kenmare in the final by 6-6 to 4-1.


Parish League


Having been knocked out of the East-Kerry Senior Championship, the club turned its thoughts to the Parish League, for a cup presented some years previously by Father Mangan C. C. As formerly, there were four teams to run off a double league. It was hoped that the league would arouse interest locally, keep lads in form and possibly unearth new blood, which was very much in need. The four teams were Upper Town, Langford St., Lower Town and Steelroe. The Lower Town team, some of whom had gone to live in Baile Nua, trained behind the cottages and then crossed the bridge to take on all comers. Langford Street had a banner across the street declaring ‘Up the Avenue’. Supporters would wear the colours of the competing teams. There used to be huge hype as the games approached.


Thurs. 16th July: Upper Town beat Langford St.

That was a close contest. It looked for a time that Langford St. would carry the day, but the victors did deserve their win. There was a very enthusiastic crowd present, especially the youthful following of both sides. The supporters of ‘The Avenue’ claimed that their side could do better and, since the opposition were about to lose some of their players, it was expected that the roles would be reversed the next time round.


Sun. 2nd Aug: Steelroe beat Upper Town.

Upper Town were missing some of their regulars and Steelroe took advantage of the situation. They surprisingly and rather easily defeated Upper Town and were installed as favourites for the competition. A damper was put on their chances, however, when it was discovered that Mick Flynn had dislocated his ankle during the game. A good attendance was present.


Tues. 4th Aug: Upper Town beat Lower Town.

That was a well-contested game before a good attendance.


Sun. 6th Sept: Upper Town beat Steelroe by one point.

Steelroe were the favourites going into that game. However, the nippiness and better knowledge of the code, shown by their opponents, proved too much for them. Ref: Monnie O Reilly.


Final: Lower Town v Steelroe.


Challenge Games.


Sun. 28th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Listry.

That challenge game was played in preparation for the East-Kerry Senior Football Championship game versus Legion on the following Sunday. The match was worth much to the home side, though their showing was indeed anything but praiseworthy. Listry was only a junior team and the Rangers were short only one player – John Joe Falvey. The small margin by which the visitors were beaten, and only in the closing stages, did not speak very highly for the Rangers hopes against the Legion.


Sun. 19th July at Cullen: Duhallow United 3-9; Laune Rangers 2-3.

Weather conditions were tolerably favourable, although the wind was on the stiff side. The fact that it was St. Lateran’s Pattern Day helped to swell the crowd. The Cullen school’s Fife and Drum Band played the teams onto the pitch. The halftime score was 2-6 to 0-6 in favour of Duhallow. Bobby Ryng and Kelly scored a point each in the second half, but when the Rangers drove a penalty wide, the game was as good as over.


Sun. 6th Sept. at Lickeen: Caragh Lake 2-0; Glencar 1-0.

The game was played before a fair attendance, in most unfavourable conditions, there being a downpour of rain during the entire game and the pitch was also in bad condition. The Caragh Lake boys were led in by Willie Walsh (capt.) and the home team by John Courtney. For the winners, Willie Walsh played well at midfield, Con McGillycuddy was a sound defender, while Tom O Dwyer was a success on the scoring line. The halftime score was level, one goal each, but during the second half, Caragh Lake increased their score by a goal from Tom O Dwyer.

Ref: M. O Shea – capable.


Sun. 20th Sept. at Glenbeigh: Caragh Lake 3-5; Glenbeigh 0-1.

The weather conditions were ideal and there was a good attendance of spectators. The game was scarcely ten minutes in progress, when the result was a foregone conclusion. Caragh Lake were masters of the field and the only matter for speculation was the extent of their victory over Glenbeigh. In the first few minutes, the Caragh Lake forwards missed many good chances but then they settled down. A point by Stephen O Donoghue, a goal and a point from John Murphy and a goal, the best of the match, by Mossie Joy, made the halftime score 2-2 to 0-0 in favour of the visitors.

Early in the second half, Glenbeigh got going but the Caragh Lake backs were impregnable, Con McGillycuddy, Dan O Dwyer and John O Connor being stalwart defenders. Willie Walsh (captain) played a brilliant game at midfield but Tom O Dwyer was well held in the forward line. Best for Glenbeigh were T. Lyne, J. Donoghue, W. Sullivan and Dermot Sullivan. Ref: Paddy Foley.


Sun. 20th Sept. at Gortmaloon, Glencar: Glencar 4-5; Aunagarry 1-2.

An interesting challenge match was played between the above teams and the former achieved a somewhat easy victory. After the game had been in progress for a few minutes, it was apparent that the home team would emerge victorious. The Aunagarry backs gave a very poor display. Their forward line was weak, while Glencar had it all their own way at midfield. At halftime, Glencar were well in the lead, their opponents having only one point to their credit and that was secured as a result of a free. In the second half, the visiting forwards got several good chances of scoring, very few of which, however, were availed of. Weather conditions were favourable and there was a good attendance of spectators.

Ref: John Taylor – very capable.


Sun. 17th Oct. at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 3-4; Glencar 1-2.

Con McGillycuddy was complimented for the fair and impartial manner in which he discharged his duties as referee.


Schools/Colleges Football


Gerald Teahan played at right fullback on the St. Brendan’s Seminary team that lost to North Monastery, Cork (The eventual winners) in the Munster Senior Colleges Semi-final on the score of 4-3 to 1-1.


Castleisland Technical School paid a visit to Killorglin in June to confirm their recent victories over the home teams in both football and camogie. Their hopes were rudely shattered, however, for the Laune representatives were thirsting for revenge and, fielding a brace of very strong teams, left nothing to chance, with the result that the ladies won by 4-0 to 0-0 and their brothers were also victorious by 3-3 to 1-1. Without exception, all the footballers played stylish, clean football but a few deserved special mention. The O Sullivan’s of Listry and the Roche brothers (three of them) were outstanding in their positions. However, Paddy Mike Foley was away on his own in the forward line and was responsible for a good part of the scores. Fitz rambled a good deal at midfield but generally had things his own way, wherever he went.


Munster/All-Ireland Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th May at Foynes: Kerry 4-7; Limerick 0-0.

Gerald Teahan (Keel) played at fullback.


Semi-final on Sun. 19th July at The Athletic Grounds, Cork: Kerry 4-11; Cork 0-1.

Gerald Teahan played at left fullback.


Final on Sun. 26th July at Limerick: Kerry 1-5; Tipperary 1-2.

Gerald Teahan played at right fullback.


All-Ireland Semi-final: Kerry 1-1; Mayo 0-3

Gerald Teahan played at right fullback.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Semi-final on Sun. 28th June in Tralee: Kerry 3-6; Cork 0-7.

John Joe Falvey played at right full-forward.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th May in Foynes: Limerick 1-4; Kerry 7-7.

Murt Kelly, having played for Dublin since 1930, transferred his allegiance to Kerry, but continued to play with The Geraldines in Dublin. He was placed at midfield.


Semi-final on Sun. 12th July at Limerick: Kerry 1-5; Tipperary 0-5.

Murt Kelly was placed at right full-forward, a position to which he did not seem suited.


Final on Sun. 26th July: Kerry 1-11; Clare 2-2.

Murt Kelly played at right halfback and fitted in well.


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 9th Aug. at St. Coman’s Park, Roscommon: Mayo 1-5; Kerry 0-6.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Bill Kinnerk, Paddy Whiddy, Tom Kiely, Murt Kelly, Miko Doyle (0-1), Tim O Donnell, Jimmy O Gorman, Paddy Kennedy, Gearoid Fitzgerald (0-1), Sean Brosnan, John Joe Landers (0-1), Michael Ferriter (0-1), Dan Spring, Tim Landers (0-2).


National Football League 1936/’37


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th Oct: Kerry 6-5; Offaly 2-5.

Murt Kelly played at full-forward and was an inspiring light, scoring 4-3.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 8th Nov. at Listowel: Kerry 0-8; Tipperary 0-2.

Murt Kelly played at full-forward.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 6th Dec. at Tralee: Kerry 4-7; Laois 1-11.

Murt Kelly, at full-forward, scored 3-1 and was described as a strong, bustling player with great dash.




Robert O Keeffe, Laois, was Uachtarán CLG.


Frank McGrath, Tiobrad Árainn, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer.


At the Co. Convention on Sun. 26th Jan. in Tralee Courthouse, Laune Rangers Club was represented by Liam McSweeney, Jack O Dwyer, Mike Joy and John Joe Falvey. Martin Wade (Legion) was a delegate for the East-Kerry Board. Approximately 80 delegates attended. (That figure did not represent the number of clubs in the county as, at that time, the illegal custom of affiliating only to the District Board, had become prevalent.) The following officers were elected: Chairman – Denis J. Baily; Secretary – J.J. Landers; Ass. Sec. – Mícheál Ó Ruairc; Treasurers – John Moran and Con Clifford; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and P.P. Fitzgerald. Selection Committee – Jerry O Leary, Killarney (Chairman), Martin Wade (East-Kerry), John Hickey, Denis Daly T.D., T Kavanagh and J. Walsh. At the meeting, Liam McSweeney was accepted as a member of the Co. Committee and Jack O Dwyer as a member of the Finance Committee.


The East-Kerry Board Convention took place on March 8th at the U.D.C Hall, High St. Killarney. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Eddie J. Moynihan; Vice-Chairman – James O Regan M.C.C; Secretary – Denis O Sullivan (Legion); Treasurer – Jack O Dwyer. Liam McSweeney was returned as Financial Secretary. At the Convention, it was decided to revert to two teams from the area for the Co. Senior Football championship – Killarney and Killorglin. That had been recommended by the Co. Board.


At a meeting of the East-Kerry Board on Thurs. 14th May in the Central Club, Killarney, Laune Rangers Club was represented by Tadhg O Reilly and John Joe Falvey. Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer were also in attendance in their capacity as officers. Mr. McSweeney strongly condemned the action of teams failing to take the field on time. On his suggestion, it was unanimously decided to instruct referees to disallow points where a team was late taking the field and to curtail the travelling expenses allowed to the offending team.

Liam McSweeney presided over the meeting of the East-Kerry Board on Tues. 8th Sept. in the Central Club, Killarney. Laune Rangers were represented by Tadhg O Reilly and Mike Joy. Fixtures were made. The question of the delay in the playing of the junior games in the Killarney District was fully considered and M. O Leary, Legion, handed in notice that he would move at the next meeting that the remainder of the junior competition would be played on a knockout basis.

At a meeting of the East-Kerry Board in Killarney on Tues. 22nd Sept., Laune Rangers Club was represented by Jack O Dwyer and Liam McSweeney. The latter made it definitely clear that the Board would not entertain bills from motor-drivers. He said that it was the clubs that hired the cars and it was their responsibility to pay for the cars.


Tadhg O Reilly refereed the following game, amongst others, for the East-Kerry Board:

Senior Football Final on Sun. 4th Oct. at Killarney: Legion 2-9; Dr. Crokes 1-3.


Tadhg O Reilly was very active as a referee in the Co. Football Championship, as follows:

Sun. 19th April at Cahersiveen: Austin Stacks 5-6; South-Kerry 3-4.

Sun. 24th May at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry 4-7; Killarney 1-1.

Sun. 19th July at Dingle: Kerins O Rahillys 4-3; Dingle 1-8.

Sun. 23rd Aug. at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys 1-7; John Mitchels 1-1.


Co. Football Semi-final on Sun. 4th Oct. at Tralee: Austin Stacks 1-7; Dingle 0-4.

Ref: Danny Clifford (Laune Rangers).


The Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, was officially opened in ideal weather conditions on Whit Sunday, 31st May, 1936 by Most Rev. Dr. J.M. Harty, Archbishop of Cashel and Patron of the GAA. The blessing was performed by the Bishop of Kerry, Dr. O Brien. Eugene O Sullivan, Chairman Killarney UDC and President of the Dick Fitzgerald Memorial Committee, presided. The crowd, estimated at around 28,000, saw Mayo account for Kerry in a football challenge and Cork for Tipperary in hurling. The surviving members of the 1892 Laune Rangers team were invited to the opening, as were all the living Kerry All-Ireland Senior Football and Hurling medal holders. The Laune Rangers were given the honour of leading the parade. That they evoked loud applause as they marched around the field must have been a cause of pride for them, as it was for all from the Laune. Their comparatively youthful appearance, their physique, their bearing and their stride were much commented on in laudatory terms. It was indeed difficult to reconcile them with the runners-up in the All-Ireland Championship in 1892 – forty-four years previously. There were the representatives of the men who held the Kerry Co. Championships in 1889, 1890, 1892 and 1893. But it was for their display at Clonturk Park in the 1892 All-Ireland Championship Final (played on Sun. 26th March 1893) that they would be most widely remembered. Then it was that they showed the Kingdom the way, blazed the trail to Dublin, where Kerry had so often followed and emerged victors. Of those at the parade were John Phil Murphy, Dan P. Murphy, Moss O Brien, Bill O Sullivan and John Reilly, with Bill O Brien, who had become Secretary of the club on its inception and who, by his facile pen, geniality and advice, played a man’s part in the successes. Of the others, at least five had gone to their eternal reward. The captain, J.P. O Sullivan, had passed away, as had the custodian on that occasion, James J. O Sullivan. Jim Curran had his last resting- place under American soil. Pat Teahan had passed away some time previously, whilst Paddy O Regan, whose vivid word-pictures of the various games were so interesting, had been laid to rest just a few short months previously. Of those unable to be present, Tom Curran, who had been champion mower of the district in his day, as well as being an all-round athlete, was doing fairly well in Worcester, whilst Pat Sugrue was in Boston. Also in the USA were Mick Flynn, Bill Fleming and Mick Hayes, whilst Danny Clifford was fairly prosperous in Sydney and Florence O Doherty was unfortunately unable to be present at the hosting. The others who paraded in their old colours were Jimmy Doyle, Pat McGillycuddy and Eddie O Sullivan who, though they did not line out in Clonturk Park, played with the team in other engagements. Amongst others who had gone were Patsy Sheehan, during whose time as custodian no goal was scored against the Rangers, with whom he had played from the beginning but not in the final. Jeremiah Hayes was one of the most daring of the seventeen when he played but had been injured. Tim Clifford, who later taught in Kells and Jack Murphy, another N. T., helped the Rangers to victory on many occasions. The two subs on the famous occasion were John Langford, Master of the Union in Killarney, and Michael Clifford. That little reunion on the sideline, at the opening of the Fitzgerald Stadium, the words of greeting, the smiles of gladness, the eyes of mirth, the happy reminiscences, the lifting of the veil of years as little incidents were discussed, as old matches were replayed and old friends spoken of, were all too personal and too sacred to write. A shade of sadness came over them all as John O Reilly said, “Well, I suppose, we have put on our loved old blue for the last time.” There was silence for a moment and then they all settled down to see how the Kerry representatives would carry on the tradition.

Present also at the opening was Paddy Kennelly, All-Ireland medal holder since 1913.


On Sun. 15th Nov., the Laune Rangers GAA Club organised a Whist-Drive in the Carnegie Hall in an effort to raise some funds. That was the club’s first appeal for funds but the turnout was disappointing, only 25 tables. However, all those that attended agreed that it was a most enjoyable gathering.


Kerry beat Tipperary by 1-5 to 1-2 to win the Munster Minor Football Championship. They beat Mayo in the All-Ireland Semi-final by 1-1 to 0-3 but lost to Louth by 5-1 to 1-8 in the final.

Kerry: Gerald Teahan, Pat Dowling, Paddy Kennedy, Tadhg Healy, Joe Keohane, Carl O Sullivan, Teddy Lyne, Tom O Connor, DJ Healy, Tommy O Sullivan, Denis Breen, Paddy Sexton, Brendan Scannell, Tim Brosnan, Bill Casey.


As stated above, Kerry won the Munster Senior Football Championship by beating Clare by 1-11 to 2-2. However, they lost to Mayo in Roscommon by 1-5 to 0-6 in the All-Ireland semi-final. Mayo went on afterwards to easily win the final by beating Laois by 4-11 to 0-5.


Murt Kelly was chosen on the Leinster Football team for the Railway Cup. Considering all the talent that was at the disposal of the selectors, that was a great tribute.


On Thurs. 16th Jan., Liam McSweeney was re-elected as Secretary of the Co. Kerry NA & CA for the 10th consecutive year. Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan was re-elected as President and Batt O Dwyer, Killorglin was elected as Assistant Secretary. Liam McSweeney was elected as delegate to Annual Congress and to Central Council.


On Tues. 3rd March, the opening ceremony of the New Cottages (Baile Nua) at Dromavalla took place with a large crowd present. Father O Sullivan performed the blessing and the tenants took possession of their new homes. The rent for the new cottages was 3/- per week plus rates.


The 68th Annual INTO Congress was held in Killarney in April. Liam McSweeney retired as President.


The census in 1936 gave the population on Killorglin Town as 1,021 persons, occupying 220 houses. That had represented a drop of 100 over the previous ten years.


James Lucey, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, died in April 1936 at the age of 81. He had left Killorglin in 1880. He had been a shoemaker and had become a philosopher friend to Calvin Coolidge, former President of the USA. Apparently, while he was a student at Amherst College, the former President came to have his shoes repaired and was so impressed by the home-spun philosophy of the shoemaker, he often returned. When he became President, James Lucey was often a guest at the Whitehouse.


On Sun. 12th April, about 300 members of the IRA assembled at Ballykissane Quay, where the Rosary was recited and a wreath flung on the waves in memory of Con Keating, Donal Sheehan and Charlie Monaghan, the first casualties of the 1916 Rising, who were drowned there on Good Friday.


On Sat. 31st May, Dermot Sheehan, Killorglin achieved a notable double in the Inter-Varsity. Competing for UCD, he got first place in the long jump with 21 ft. 10 inches and tied for first place in the high jump at 5ft. 9.5 inches. His feat was all the more creditable as he had, for some time, eased off athletics and had been off form at the meeting.


New Year was welcomed in silence in 1936. There was no band, no parade, no meeting of friends in the Square to see the Old Year out and the New Year in. Instead there was an air of sadness, caused by the death of an esteemed local resident – Thomas M. Curtayne, Railway Hotel. As a mark of respect, the usual festivities were cancelled.


The Annual Convention of the East-Kerry Board was held on Sun. 3rd Jan. 1937. The Secretary, Denis O Sullivan, gave the following report: ‘The final of the senior competition was played between Dr. Crokes and Legion and was won by the latter. It was hoped that the junior competitions would be completed before the Convention, but weather conditions, amongst other factors, did not permit this being done. The final has yet to be played between Listry and Kenmare, the winners in their respective divisions.

The first senior game was played on the 12th April, and the final on 4th Oct. The result was, no doubt, due to the fact of the small number of teams competing. The same cannot be said of the junior competitions. There were, in all, nine junior teams affiliated, and difficulty was experienced in arranging senior and junior games at the same time and venue. The junior competitions have always resulted in a great drain on the Board’s finances and more so than ever this year. It has been the practice to play the junior competitions on the points system, but, owing to the number of teams affiliated and the difficulty of securing suitable dates, the Board found this system unworkable and, at a special meeting on the 22nd September, passed a resolution substituting the knock-out system in respect of the Killarney Division.  From the viewpoint of the clubs, especially country clubs, the points system id more advantageous, as it sustains their interest in the competitions throughout the year, which is a very important factor if these clubs are to build up teams comparable with the town teams. Assuming that these competitions were commenced immediately after the receipt of the affiliations, the only difficulty that would remain, in considering this matter, would be the question of finance.

During the year, attendances at meetings of the Board were small, due no doubt to the long distances to be travelled by outside clubs. In this connection, it is noted that the Killorglin Club has submitted a motion, for consideration by the Convention, to the effect that half the meetings of the Board be held in the Killorglin area. The adoption of this motion would undoubtedly facilitate the clubs in that area.

The Board on the whole has had a successful year. The opening of the Fitzgerald Stadium in May last has given a wonderful fillip to the game, so much so that for the first time in many years Killarney was able to put a really top-class team on the field. This goes to show that the first essential for the proper development of our games is the provision of suitable playing grounds, and it should be the aim of all clubs to secure, in their respective districts, proper pitches that would help to promote an improvement in the standard of play.

Nor alone has the game itself prospered as a result of the opening of the Stadium, but the Board has gained financially, even though there are yet many debts outstanding. This matter will be dealt with in the Financial Secretary’s Report. It is hoped that further success will attend the efforts of the Board in the promotion of our native games in the area under its control. Further advancement will depend on the continued and loyal support of all affiliated clubs.’