Laune Rangers – 1966

 Mid-Kerry lost the Kerryman Shield Final (played in 1967) to Shannon Rangers.

Laune Rangers won the Co. Club Championship, which was played for by the winners of the various District Boards.

Laune Rangers won the Towns’ Cup Final, which was played in Jan. 1967.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship for the third time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football League for the second time.

Laune Rangers retained the Mid-Kerry U-15 Football Championship.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the twelfth successive year. Paddy Foley was President.

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on Sunday 2nd January 1966. James Coffey, Chairman, thanked all the members for coming to the convention and the following was his address to the meeting: ‘To-day is the beginning of a new year for this club. It is also the day in which we take a look back over the past year. We can ask ourselves a few questions. Did we do enough to help out in the running of the club? Were we wholeheartedly behind the events run by the club? These are just two questions. There are many more but if we can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, we are members who have taken to heart the affairs of the GAA in this parish. I can remember a period of about ten years previous to 1958 when this club was one in name only. It was through hard work by each and every member that put the club on such a high pedestal that it was regarded by many in our county as one of the best.

In 1960 we showed the county what we could do when we held our 75th anniversary celebrations. I’m just mentioning this to show you what spirit can do. The Laune Rangers club of today is dying a slow death because there is not proper spirit among the members and players. I appeal to you to forget any differences we may have had and that we will from this day forth resolve that we will do everything in our power to put our club to the forefront.

We have two important tasks for 1966 and they are connected with our playing field. It is a disgrace that in this year of Our Lord, young lads must tog off for games beside the ditch, no matter what the weather. We must put a stop to it by building dressing-rooms. Killarney and Tralee as well as other places in the county have fine parks for games but the locks are on the gates for the entire week and only important games are being played in those fields. Is it any wonder that young lads of today have little interest in football or hurling. It is different with us. Thanks be to God our playing field is bare. It is a good sign to see a bare pitch because we know that games are being played there. But we must have dressing-rooms also. The enclosing of the pitch and the entrance to the park are other things that must be seen after this year and I have no doubt that if we get down to it, we can do it.

Finally, I would like to thank our secretary, Patsy Cronin, for his wonderful work throughout the year and also all those who helped to ease the work of the officers.’

James also congratulated the minor and juvenile teams on winning the Mid-Kerry Championships.

(The secretary’s report is given at the end of 1965). Pat O Shea, Treasurer, reported a debit balance of £18-8-5.

The following officers were elected:

President: Rev. Father O Riordan C.C.

Vice-Presidents: Rev. Father Moriarty P.P., Rev. Father O Leary C.C., Paddy Foley, Donal Prendiville and Connie Lucey.

Chairman: There was a contest for the position between James Coffey (outgoing) and Paudie Foley. The latter was elected by 18 votes to 13.

Paudie Foley (Dungeel)

Paudie Foley (Dungeel)
Won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship with Laune Rangers in 1958
Elected Chairman Laune Rangers Club 1966-’69
Elected Vice-Chairman Laune Rangers Club 1970-’71

Secretary: Mícheál Scanlon. Patsy Cronin (outgoing) did not seek re-election.

Treasurer: Patsy Cronin. However, some days later he declined the position. At the February club meeting Denis O Neill was proposed as Treasurer by John Foley and seconded by Patsy Cronin.

Denis O Neill (The Square)

Denis O Neill (The Square)
Won Co. Club Championship with Laune Rangers in 1966
Won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championships with Laune Rangers in 1963, ’66 and ’69
Refereed Co. Finals: MFC (1972), JFC (1983)
Refereed Mid-Kerry SFC 1975
Elected Treasurer of Laune Rangers Club 1966-’69

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Mícheál Scanlon, Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea and Owen Mangan.

Senior Selectors: Mícheál Scanlon, Kevin Foley, Monnie O Reilly, Paudie Foley and Jimmy Foley (Sn.), Caragh Lake.

Laune Ranger’s selector for Mid-Kerry team: Mícheál Scanlon (Proposed by John Foley and seconded by Owen Mangan..

Senior Captain: Seamus Curran was elected on a vote. He received 12 votes and Patsy Joy received 11.

Senior Vice-Captain: Patsy Joy.

Minor Captain: Tom Curran.

Minor Vice-Captain: Liam Russell.

The following were Laune Rangers proposals as officers of Mid-Kerry Board:

Chairman: Pat O Shea (Proposed by Patsy Cronin and seconded by John Foley); Vice-Chairman: Willie Barton (Keel) – proposed by Owen Mangan and seconded by James Coffey; Secretary: James Coffey – proposed by Austin O Reilly and seconded by Patsy Cronin; Treasurer: Michael Dodo O Mahony (Glenbeigh) – proposed by Steve Foley and seconded by Owen Mangan; Delegate to Co. Board: Murt Kelly (Beaufort) – proposed by James Coffey and seconded by Monnie O Reilly.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That Laune Rangers should hold monthly meetings.’ Proposed by Patsy Cronin and seconded by Steve Foley.
  2. ‘That the Mid-Kerry minor league should be played off during April and May.’ Proposed by James Coffey and seconded by Pat O Shea.
  3. ‘That no one should be entitled to vote or participate in a draw for All-Ireland tickets, if there is such a draw, unless he possesses a membership card for that year – the latest date for enrollment being the Sunday after Easter Sunday and the draw should be confined to members from Killorglin parish.’ Proposed by Pat O Shea and seconded by Owen Mangan.
  4. ‘That the Mid-Kerry selection committee should be reduced to three and that they should be selected at the first meeting of the Board.’ Proposed by James Coffey and seconded by John Foley.
  5. ‘That Mid-Kerry should play their matches except when Kerry are playing at home.’ Proposed by Owen Mangan and seconded by Patsy Joy.
  6. ‘That irrespective of the progress made by the Mid-Kerry team, the fixtures should be played off within the Mid-Kerry Board.’ Proposed by Patsy Cronin and seconded by Steve Foley.
  7. ‘That the Mid-Kerry team should be picked and made known on Monday, at the latest, before the match.’ Proposed by Sean Falvey and seconded by Patsy Joy.

A motion, proposed by Monnie O Reilly and seconded by James Coffey, ‘that All-Ireland tickets, other than two, should be raffled to bring funds to the club,’ was defeated.

Seamus Naughton informed the meeting that Pat Cahillane, a native of Rangue, would like to sponsor a trip to the USA for Laune Rangers with a view to playing exhibition games in New York. He suggested writing to him for more details regarding the trip.


Co. Senior Football Championship


There were 12 teams in the Co. Senior Football Championship, John Mitchel’s, Austin Stack’s, Mid-Kerry, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Castleisland, St. Brendan’s, West-Kerry, St. Vincent’s, South-Kerry, Kenmare, East-Kerry and Shannon Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd July at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-13; Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-4.

A Mid-Kerry team, inspired by Pat Griffin, had a rather easy victory over a most disappointing Kerins O Rahillys side in the first round of the Co. Championship at Killorglin. They were forced to make a last-minute change due to the absence of Jimmy Lucey. Pat Griffin was brought from centre half-forward to midfield to partner Mike O Sullivan. For Mid-Kerry it was the match-winning move. After fifteen minutes of play they led by 1-3 to 0-1 but O Rahilly’s had launched a few attacks that should have yielded scores within that first quarter. Then Griffin cut loose and in the space of six minutes he had notched five great points, one from a free over forty yards out.

In the opening quarter of the first half, O Rahilly’s looked dangerous enough, but with Vincent Lucey at centre half-back, lording it over Denis O Sullivan, the sting was taken out of their attack. After the resumption, Kerins O Rahilly’s set about reducing arrears and had two well-taken points. For a brief period, they looked like making a fight of it, but Mid-Kerry had other ideas, especially in defence where all six, and especially Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern and Vincent Lucey, performed well. On the other hand, only some brilliant saves by O Rahilly’s goalkeeper, O Brien, stopped the Mid-Kerry forwards from increasing their goal total. In both halves, O Brien brought off some splendid saves at the feet of the Mid-Kerry forwards.

The placing of Pat Ahern at corner-back had tightened up the defence considerably and Seamus Curran seemed to be more at home at wing half-back. Vincent Lucey was more at home at centre half-back. In all the Mid-Kerry defence was stronger than it had been. Mick O Sullivan at midfield was certainly one of the toughest players on the side. He had improved with every game and had solved a problem for the selectors. The Mid-Kerry forwards, though small, were fast-moving. The team was good enough to go a long way in the championship.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern, George Evans, Vincent Lucey, Seamus Curran, Pat Griffin (0-5), Mike O Sullivan, Moss Kelliher (0-1), Tom Prendergast, Billy Kerins (0-3), Kevin Griffin (0-2), Jimmy Healy, Tim Kelliher (1-2). Sub: Sean Foley for J. Healy.

Kerins O Rahilly’s: Josie O Brien, John O Donnell, Pa Kerins, Sean O Donnell, John McMahon, John Magnier, Ted Kerins, Moss Moriarty, John Kissane, Donie Houlihan, Denis O Sullivan, Arthur Spring, J. Quinlan, Tom Lynch, Billy Magnier.

Ref: Tom Keane (St. Mary’s).


Quarter-final on Sun. 24th July at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 1-6; John Mitchels 1-6.

Mid-Kerry players probably had sleepless nights about letting that one get away. Ruefully they would reflect on a second half during which they defied a fresh wind to monopolise the play, but failed badly in the vital matter of scoring. It was ironic that Mid-Kerry should have played considerably better against the wind than they did when they had the advantage in the first half. Without a doubt, Mid-Kerry had their chances to win, but on the whole they hardly deserved more than a draw for their forwards at no stage looked like getting a decisive edge over the Mitchels’ backs. Indeed it took a super goal by Tom Prendergast five minutes from the end to give Mid-Kerry the lead for the fist time. In the end, nobody could begrudge the point from Thorny O Shea’s free that gave Mitchels the right to fight again.

It was a most enjoyable game highlighted by some thrilling individual displays. Indeed it would have been a travesty of justice if such as Niall Sheehy and Sean Burrows or Vincent Lucey and Tom Prendergast had suffered the disappointment of defeat. Mitchels got a dream start. Playing against the wind, they settled quickly and used the low ball from midfield with great accuracy. In the fourth minute, Harry Burke burst through and drove a hard ball just over the heads of Niall Sheehy and Teddy Bowler. There to meet it was Thorny O Shea. With Pat Ahern in pursuit, O Shea careered towards the goal and from the fringe of the square he flicked the ball to the corner of the net. However, Mid-Kerry refused to get rattled and within ten minutes they had drawn level, with points from Kevin Griffin, Billy Kerins and Tim Kelliher. Vincent Lucey was proving a dynamic centre half-back but in the sixteenth minute Mitchels brought Niall Sheehy to the forty. Immediately his bulk and determination made a difference and Mitchels scored 0-4 in the remaining fourteen minutes to lead by 1-4 to 0-3 at the short whistle.

On the resumption, Mid-Kerry had points from Tim Kelliher (2) and Billy Kerins. They were well on top outfield but the tenacious Mitchels defence was playing with great heart, Seanie Burrows being particularly outstanding. Eventually, in the twentieth minute Mitchels had their first score of the second half, a point from a free by Thorny O Shea. They looked to be in trouble although Mid-Kerry’s forwards were finding their route to goal blocked consistently. Eventually Tom Prendergast found the way. Winning possession about sixty yards from goal, he raced through with the ball on his toe. Mitchels defenders back-pedalled as the Mid-Kerry man raced on and then from about fourteen yards he lashed a great ball to the net for one of the best goals seen in Kerry for many a day. Then it appeared that Mid-Kerry couldn’t lose. They were everywhere as the shocked Mitchels tried to rally their men. Thorny had the last say.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern, George Evans, Vincent Lucey, Seamus Curran, Pat Griffin, Mike O Sullivan, Moss Kelliher, Tom Prendergast, Billy Kerins, Kevin Griffin, Jimmy Healy, Tim Kelliher. Sub: Sean Foley for J. Healy.

At the subsequent Co. Board meeting, John Kissane, Kerins O Rahillys delegate, referring to the condition of the footballs used in the game, stated that the footballs were there but they could not be pumped.


Replay on Sun. 21st Aug. at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 1-10; John Mitchels 2-7.

The question of whether Mid-Kerry or John Mitchels would oppose South-Kerry in the semi-final of the Co. Championship was still not resolved. After a pulsating game, the two sides finished level for the second time in a few weeks. The many supporters of both sides who stayed away from the match to watch the All-Ireland semi-final on T.V. missed a real clinker of a game.

John Mitchels made all the running in the first half. Indeed, at halftime, with a lead of two goals and a marked superiority in most departments of the field, it seemed that only a miracle could save the situation for Mid-Kerry. Yet the miracle happened and a blistering goal from Michael O Sullivan and five frees, taken with unerring accuracy, by Tim Kelliher, gave football fans an opportunity to see those two sides do battle for the third time.

It was the Tralee side’s returned exile, Dom O Donnell, who drew first blood with a third minute point from a free, but a fine passing movement between Jimmy Lucey and Tom Prendergast ended in a wide. Vincent Lucey, who left an indelible mark on the game, gave the first indication of how dangerous he was going to be after four minutes, when he broke loose from the centre halfback position, thundered upfield with the ball and sent in a long low shot which Johnny Kelliher did very well to save. A free resulted in front of goal and Tom Prendergast sent it over for Mid-Kerry’s first point. From the kick-out, Derry O Shea, who was rarely effective in that game, broke away but a short pass went to a Mid-Kerry back, who cleared to Jimmy Lucey. A passing movement between Lucey and Pat Griffin ended with hard shot, which Tim Kelliher punched over the bar to give Mid-Kerry the lead for the only time in the match after seven minutes.

Harry Burke, playing at full-forward, was more than a handful for Teddy Bowler, and seemed to be able to round him by sheer speed. It was such a break after nine minutes that equalised the scores at two points each. Mitchels took the lead with a Dom O Donnell point, but, at the other end in the fourteenth minute, Tom Prendergast was pulled down as he raced goal-wards and he pointed the free to tie the scores again. Points by Dom O Donnell and Kevin Griffin kept things on an even keel. Then in the 21st minute, the first of two goals was scored for the Tralee side by Harry Burke, who slipped the fullback and sent a ball into the top of the net. Half a minute later, Mitchels were back again with a second goal, which Thorny O Shea punched home after a Dom O Donnell centre. Things seemed very black for Mid-Kerry at that stage but Vincent Lucey, playing his heart out, broke up innumerable attacks and sent a continuous service to his forwards. From one of those passes, Pat Griffin was fouled and he tried to blaze the ball to the net, but it was saved and cleared. Then in the 26th minute, Pat Griffin had a point from a free and right on halftime, Harry Burke had another point with a first time effort after a Derry O Shea free to give the Tralee side a two goal lead, 2-5 to 0-5, at halftime.

On the resumption, it was all Mitchels and they added two further points in the first five minutes without reply. Then, in the sixth minute, came the first of Tim Kelliher’s frees, which he pointed. He had two more points from frees in the 10th and 13th minutes and then midway through the second half came the goal, which turned the tide for Mid-Kerry. Michael O Sullivan, who had moved up in support of the attack from centre-field, collected and sent a fierce ground-shot goal-wards. Johnny Kelliher got to it but could only clear weakly and O Sullivan burst through to crash the ball to the net for a fine goal. Then, with the score standing at 1-8 to 2-7, the Tralee side’s lead had been cut to a meagre two. There were definite signs of panic in the Tralee camp at that stage as switches brought Niall Sheehy to right full-forward, Harry Burke to midfield and Seamus Roche to full-forward. Mid-Kerry had the bit between their teeth and piled on the pressure. In the 20th and 23rd minutes Tim Kelliher added another two points from frees to bring the sides level. For seven minutes, both sides attacked and counter-attacked.

During those seven minutes, Teddy Bowler, who had not been having a comfortable game up to then, played his heart out and saved two balls on the line. With only three minutes to go, he collected a high dangerous shot right on the goal line and made a good clearance. Then with a half minute to go, a Tralee forward was fouled about forty yards from the Mid-Kerry goal. The free was fielded right in the goal-mouth by Tony Lyons and, despite appeals for a goal, the referee was quite adamant in giving a free out. That was the last effort and the full-time whistle sounded immediately after. Both sides agreed not to play extra-time.

Mid-Kerry, who did extremely well to come from so far behind, owed much to Vincent Lucey. Listed at centre halfback, he turned up on the goal line, at midfield and in the forwards. Without him, Mid-Kerry would not have stood a chance. Tom Prendergast never got a chance to go for goal like he did in the first drawn game, but was dangerous every time he got the ball. Tony Lyons, in goal, was very good, though he might be faulted to some extent for Harry Burke’s goal. But he more than made up for that with that last minute save. Pat Griffin played well in patches, but the one big fault of the whole Mid-Kerry forward line was their unwillingness to play the open spaces. They continue to play a short passing game, which inevitably leads to bunching and loads of trouble for themselves.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern, George Evans, Vincent Lucey, Seamus Curran, Pat Griffin (0-1), Michael O Sullivan (1-0), Tom Prendergast (0-2), Jimmy Lucey, Billy Kerins, Kevin Griffin (0-1), Mike Griffin, Tim Kelliher (0-6).

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).

Arising out of the game, Niall Sheehy was reported by the referee for interfering with an umpire. The GPC investigated the case and concluded that the player had been suffering from concussion at the time and did not know what he was doing. Medical evidence was very much in his favour.


Second replay on Sun. 11th Sept. at Killarney: John Mitchels 1-7; Mid-Kerry 0-9.

It was a case of third time lucky for John Mitchels when they had a one point victory over Mid-Kerry in the second replay of the Co. Quarter-Final. How very near it came to being another draw! Had Pat Griffin pointed a 30 yards free eight minutes from time, instead of dropping the ball in the square, extra time would have been needed. At that stage, Mid-Kerry trailed by a goal, but they had two points before the final whistle.

Even though the issue was very close, that encounter was well below the standard of the two thrilling drawn games. Both teams seemed to be very lethargic and never put much real fire into their game. It took a goal by that ace of opportunists, Thorny O Shea, after 17 minutes of the second half, to infuse some life into the game.

Playing without Niall Sheehy and forced to start without Sean Og Sheehy, who had arrived late, John Mitchels did well to remain on terms to halftime. Sean Og Sheehy was introduced midway through the first half and took over from Frank Sayers, who had been playing well enough. Two of Mid-Kerry’s stars in the previous games, Pat Griffin and Vincent Lucey, didn’t shine nearly as brightly on that occasion. It was corner-back, Pat Ahern, who stole the limelight.

The game started lively enough with determined raids by Mid-Kerry, who were playing against the wind. After two minutes, Pat Griffin had the opening score of the game, after Tim Kelliher had passed a free to him. A bout of passing between Pat Griffin, Michael O Sullivan and Vincent Lucey ended with Griffin scoring a second Mid-Kerry point in the fourth minute. After nine minutes, Pat Griffin raced through on his own, but from 14 yards range he blazed wide. Had Griffin scored a goal, the whole complexion of the game might have been changed for, although playing against the very strong wind, Mid-Kerry were definitely on top in that period. It was not until the 13th minute that John Mitchels had their first score – a point from a free by John Thorny O Shea. Before halftime, O Shea had two further points and the scores were brought level (0-4 each) by Teddy Dowd.

In the second half, it was point for point until the 15th minute. At that stage the sides were level at 0-7 each. Then, in the 17th minute, came the vital goal by Thorny O Shea. That goal shook up Mid-Kerry and Vincent Lucey and Tom Prendergast really got moving. But the Mitchel’s defence, especially Mick Morris, defended stoutly. When Pat Griffin’s free from 30 yards failed to produce a score, it turned out to be costly for Mid-Kerry, because points by Tim Kelliher and Vincent Lucey brought them within a point of Mitchels. The equaliser never came, although Mid-Kerry were pressing very hard for it at the end. Best for Mid-Kerry were Pat Ahern, Tom Prendergast, Vincent Lucey and Tim Kelliher.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern, Jimmy Healy, Vincent Lucey (0-1), Seamus Curran, Jerry O Riordan, Mike O Sullivan, Tom Prendergast (0-1), Pat Griffin (0-2), Billy Kerins, Kevin Griffin, Jimmy Lucey, Tim Kelliher (0-5).

John Mitchels: Johnny Kelliher, Paddy Sayers, Mick Morris, Buddy O Grady, Frank Sayers, Sean Burrows, Ted Fitzgerald, Brian Sheehy, Seamus Roche, Teddy Dowd (0-1), Derry O Shea, Dom O Donnell (0-3), John O Shea (1-3), Harry Burke, Billy Kerins. Sub: Sean Og Sheehy for F. Sayers.

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).


Subsequently, John Mitchels won the Co. Championship by beating East-Kerry in the final on the score-line of 2-10 to 1-10.


Kerryman Shield


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 3-13; John Mitchels 1-6.

Mitchels were without several of their regulars including the Sheehy brothers, Niall, Sean Og and Brian, Mick Morris, Teddy Dowd while Mid-Kerry were forced to line out without Jimmy and Vincent Lucey, Pat Ahern, Jerry O Riordan and Seamus Curran. The game, which was played on a heavy pitch, was the poorest seen at the venue for many a day. The good-sized attendance was expecting the usual game full of thrills, which those sides had produced in the past but they were disappointed. However, there were a few good individual displays.

It was at midfield that all the trouble for Mitchels started because in that sector Mid-Kerry’s Pat Griffin and newcomer Patsy Joy were in complete control. Joy, in his first outing, was in great form – indeed he must have been one of the finest fielders in the game. His ability to help out in defence and attack as well as his fine display around the centre of the field had stamped him as a player with a great future.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, William Kennedy, George Evans, Jimmy Healy, Kevin Griffin, Pat Griffin (0-3), Patsy Joy, Billy Kerins (1-2), Mick O Sullivan, Seanie Foley (0-2), Mossy Kelliher (1-1), Tom Prendergast (1-3), Tim Kelliher (0-2).

A special word of praise to the workers under Mícheál Scanlon, who had gotten the J. P. O Sullivan Park into such fine shape for the game. Because of the almost continuous heavy rain during the week, it had been feared that the pitch would be unplayable but with the exception of one or two patches the pitch looked very well on the day.

In those days, it was the fullback that normally kicked out the ball. Before that game, Murt Kelly approached William Kennedy and instructed him to kick out the ball, as Teddy Bowler’s kick was not good. William Kennedy expressed the view that, as it was his first outing with Mid-Kerry, he would rather not be distracted by having to take the kick-out. However, Murt Kelly insisted that he should take the kick-out saying, ‘that’s why you’re on the team.’


Rd. 2 on Sun. 12th June at Dingle: Mid-Kerry lost unluckily to West Kerry by two points. They were short at least seven of their regulars but they put up a really fine show. Seamus Curran, at centre halfback, turned in a great performance. He was easily the outstanding player on the field.


Play-off on Sun. 19th June in Killarney: Mid-Kerry 3-5; West-Kerry 1-7.

Although they trailed by 0-4 to 0-1 at halftime, Mid-Kerry were able to master West-Kerry in the play-off of the Kerryman Shield in Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney. The Mid-Kerry men avenged a defeat by the Westerners in the same competition on the previous Sunday and gained some measure of compensation for their disastrous collapse against South-Kerry in the 1965 final some weeks earlier.

The game did not produce a high standard of football. Mid-Kerry lined out without two of their best players – Pat Griffin and Jimmy Lucey – who were on opposite sides in the annual Garda v Army football match in Croke Park. The big men in the Mid-Kerry victory were Teddy Bowler, Billy Kerins, Vincent Lucey and Tim Kelliher, who got the best goal of the match.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, George Evans, Teddy Bowler, J. O Connor, Kevin Griffin, Seamus Curran, Jackie O Dwyer, Mike O Sullivan, Vincent Lucey, Billy Kerins, Tom Prendergast, Tom Curran, Tim Kelliher, Jimmy Healy, Sean Foley.

West Kerry: Michael Devane, Tom O Shea, Tony O Shea, Liam Higgins, Sally Long, Mícheál O Shea, Gene O Donnell, J. Fenton, Timmy Fitzgerald, Bosco O Connor, Michael Slattery, Paul Scanlon, Tony Barrett, Seamus Murphy, Tom Kelliher. Sub: Michael O Driscoll.


Wed. 27th July at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 1-11; Kerins O Rahillys 3-4.

A great second half rally by Kerins O Rahillys failed to bring reward against Mid-Kerry in the Kerryman Shield. Mid-Kerry, who had easily beaten O Rahillys in the championship a few weeks previously, looked set for another good victory when they led by 1-9 to 0-1 at halftime. But they were very hard pressed to win at the finish by a bare point. O Rahillys must surely rue a missed penalty midway through the second half. Art Spring took the kick, but goalkeeper Tony Lyons safely held the shot. That was Mid-Kerry’s second game in four days and they deserved credit for winning. Their best players were Teddy Bowler, Ned O Shea, Pat Griffin, Pat Ahern, Tom Prendergast, Kevin Griffin and Tim Kelliher. Vincent Lucey did not play.


Sun. 9th Oct: Mid-Kerry v John Mitchels. Mitchels failed to field. At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 11th Oct. the game was awarded to Mid-Kerry on the casting vote of the chairman. However, at the Co. Board meeting of 25th Oct., Mitchels were re-instated.


Semi-Final on Sun. May 7th 1967 at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 3-8; John Mitchels 2-4.

Mid-Kerry had an impressive win over the Co. Champions, John Mitchels, in Killorglin. It was an enjoyable game for about forty minutes, but the closing stages saw Mid-Kerry get completely on top and the final whistle came as a merciful note to the weary Tralee men. Mid-Kerry were very determined, if somewhat crude at times. John Mitchels had to line out without Mick Morris, Niall and Brian Sheehy, and Paddy and Frank Sayers. However, they gave a fine display for much of the hour.

The game opened in thrilling fashion. From the throw-in, Tom Prendergast finished off a Mid-Kerry move by banging the ball over the bar. Inside a couple of minutes, the harassed Mitchels defenders were forced to concede a penalty, which Tom Prendergast blazed wide. Two minutes later Derry O Shea opened Mitchels account when, after he had jinked his way past three defenders, he swung over a lovely point. His brother, Thorny, put the Tralee men ahead soon afterwards with a magnificent point from an almost impossible angle. However, Mid-Kerry were soon back in the lead. William Kennedy broke clear and was one-on-one with goalkeeper Kelliher, who did well to parry the shot. However, he could not hold the ball and Tom Prendergast was quickly on the spot to ram it home.

Back came the Co. Champions for a point by Thorny O Shea and just on the stroke of the quarter, they took the lead for the second time. It was lovely goal by Derry O Shea from a 25 yards drive, but he was lucky that the referee did not notice that he had hopped the ball twice before letting fly. Yet again Mid-Kerry showed their fighting spirit by storming back to the attack time and again. Faulty shooting cost them dearly and the Mitchels defenders saved apparently hopeless situations with some thrilling clearances when all seemed lost.

Inevitably, the resistance cracked. William Kennedy got in to punch home Kelliher’s attempted clearance from Prendergast’s probing lob. Another point from a lovely shot by Billy Kerins left Mid-Kerry ahead by 2-2 to 1-3 at the interval.

For the second half, Mid-Kerry decided to switch Pat Ahern to centre halfback in an effort to curb Derry O Shea and Mike O Sullivan went to left halfback. Three minutes after the restart, Harry Burke split the Mid-Kerry defence wide open with a run from forty yards out that sent the defenders scampering in a panic, while Burke, with the minimum of effort, crashed the ball to the net. Mitchels were back in the lead. Shortly afterwards, however, Enda Curtayne sent over the equaliser and in the process started a sequence of scores that, within five minutes, sent Mid-Kerry into a seven points lead. Following Curtayne’s point, Kevin Griffin banged home another punched clearance by goalkeeper Kelliher and William Kennedy added a point. Griffin, Kennedy and Timmy Doyle put Mid-Kerry further ahead with a point each and Mitchels were now at sixes and sevens. ‘Thorny’ O Shea shot a good point from an angle free but Mid-Kerry had the last say when Pat Griffin sent over a good kick from near midfield.

The young Mid-Kerry players like Paul Lucey and Timmy Doyle were very impressive. Lucey, strong and athletic, looked a fine prospect while the tall, hefty Doyle had the better of the argument against Seanie Burrows, a distinctly useful accomplishment. Pat Griffin, Patsy Joy, Teddy Bowler, Pat Ahern, Tom Prendergast, Billy Kerins and George Evans were others to do well for the winners.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers), George Evans (Keel), Mike O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers), Enda Curtayne (do.) 0-1, Timmy Doyle (do.) 0-1, Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-1, Tom Prendergast (Keel) 1-1, William Kennedy (Laune Rangers) 1-2, Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh) 1-1.

John Mitchel’s: Johnny Kelliher, Buddy O Grady, Sean Og Sheehy, Michael O Connor, Billy Kerins, Seanie Burrows, Ted Fitzgerald, Harry Burke (1-0), Seamus Roche, William Sweeney, Derry O Shea (1-1), Roddy O Donnell, Sean Hurley, Teddy Dowd, John O Shea (0-3). Subs: Bobby Casey for M. O Connor; M. O Connor for B. Casey.

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).


Final on Sun. 28th May 1967 at Austin Stack Park, Tralee: Shannon Rangers 4-6; Mid-Kerry 0-11.

The Kerryman Shield had gone north again. In the 1966 final, Shannon Rangers had handed Mid-Kerry a seven points beating and thus became the third North-Kerry team to win the magnificent trophy since it had been first competed for five years before – Feale Rangers had triumphed in 1962 and St. Vincent’s in 1964.

There could be no doubting the fact that Shannon Rangers deserved to win, if only for the fact that they had a much superior attack. But there was a good deal of speculation afterwards as to what might have happened had Pat Griffin scored a goal in the 47th minute after a scintillating run, instead of sending the ball wide. Mid-Kerry were enjoying a very definite territorial advantage at that stage and a goal would have brought then within two points of Rangers. Even as it was they were still within striking distance, and when Tom Prendergast pointed in the 49th minute to narrow the gap to four points, a great finish seemed to be assured. However, Mid-Kerry just didn’t have an attack capable of swinging the game in their favour, and the end came for them in the 56th minute when Bryan McCarthy gained possession from a kick by midfielder Mick Walsh and raced clean through on his own before astutely placing the ball out of the reach of goalkeeper, Tony Lyons. Rangers could have hit Mid-Kerry for another goal two minutes later. Bryan McCarthy place Billy Doran, who very quickly cut inside the Mid-Kerry backs, but with only goalkeeper Lyons to beat, he shot wide.

That was not a great game but most of the spectators enjoyed it. There was plenty of full-blooded action, especially in the second half, when Mid-Kerry were desperately trying to save the day. Then in the first half, we had three goals from Rangers that bore the stamp of rare quality. Goal No. 1 happened in the 15th minute. Billy Doran won possession about forty yards out, he parted to Tony Barrett and then raced in to take the return pass before letting fly a mighty drive, which went in off the underside of the crossbar. Goal No. 2 came nine minutes later. Corner-forward, Eamonn O Donoghue, showed excellent intelligence in first bringing the ball with him and then giving a perfect pass to Billy Doran, who beat the advancing Lyons from point blank range. Goal No. 3 happened in the 29th minute. An attempted clearance towards the right of the posts by Mid-Kerry’s fullback Teddy Bowler was blocked by Eamonn O Donoghue, who very quickly collected the ball on the hop and then, with the assurance of a player many years his senior, he punched it into the net over the head of goalkeeper Lyons, who had come out to challenge him. Those three goals enabled Shannon Rangers to lead by the comfortable margin of eight points (3-5 to 0-6) at halftime.

In the second half, Mid-Kerry, with the breeze, spent long periods on the offensive, but they had no quick-thinking and opportunist corner-forward and so many chances went a-begging around the square. Indeed the Mid-Kerry attack as a whole did not possess very great scoring potential. Seven of the team’s eleven points came from placed kicks by left-halfback, Pat Ahern, which is an obvious indictment of the forwards. Nor can the Mid-Kerry defence escape blame, for it was made to look wide open on occasions, although this can also be taken as a compliment to the Shannon Rangers’ attack. Of course, it did not help matters for Mid-Kerry when their very promising corner-back, Paul Lucey, had to retire early in the game with a suspected broken collarbone.

That was Mid-Kerry’s fourth defeat in the final of a county football competition in three years. Most of the team would want to forget the most recent game in a hurry. In defence, only Teddy Bowler and Pat Ahern hit anything like true form. Ahern was in excellent form with his kicking from frees – he pointed a fifty in the second half – but he was not as effective as usual in the general run of play. Jerry O Riordan was never really on terms with his game at centre-halfback, but then again Shannon Rangers’ forty-yards man, Tony Barrett, had one of his quietest hours. Pat Griffin tried very hard at midfield and had some great duels with Jer D. O Connor. It certainly was not his fault that Mid-Kerry lost. Patsy Joy, Griffin’s partner, had a disappointing hour. In attack, wing-forward Tom Prendergast was the only man who really threatened danger, but the odds were altogether too great against him. Full-forward, William Kennedy, put plenty of determination into his play, but whenever he broke down the ball, there was nobody there to pounce on it for a score.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Paul Lucey, George Evans, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Ahern (0-7), Patsy Joy, Pat Griffin, Tom Prendergast (0-1), Timmy Doyle (0-2), Billy Kerins, Kevin Griffin, William Kennedy, Enda Curtayne (0-1). Subs: Mike O Sullivan for P. Lucey; Owen Mangan for K. Griffin.

Shannon Rangers: Alan Kennelly, B. O Connor, Tom O Sullivan, Mike Joe Quinlan, Paddy Collins, Paud O Donoghue (capt.), John McCarthy, Jer D. O Connor (0-1), Mick Walsh, Teddy Sweeney, Tony Barrett, Bryan McCarthy (1-1), Billy Doran (2-0), Johnny Bunyan, Eamonn O Donoghue (1-4).

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).


Co. Club Championship

That competition was played between the winners of the various District Boards.

Laune Rangers’ Selection Commitee – Mícheál Scanlon, Kevin Foley, Monnie O Reilly, Paudie Foley and Jimmy Foley.


Quarter-Final on Sun. 23rd Oct. at Ballylongford: Moyvane 0-6; Laune Rangers 0-6.

Laune Rangers were short several regular players for the visit to Ballylongford. There were thrills galore when the North Kerry Champions, Moyvane, and the Mid-Kerry Champions finished on level terms. Moyvane were well on top in the first half, but a very solid Killorglin defence kept them at bay and at halftime the North Kerry side led by only 0-4 to 0-2. Pat Ahern had scored the visitors’ two points from frees.

When Bernie O Callaghan pointed a free early in the second half, it looked as if Moyvane would go on to victory, but the Killorglin boys had other ideas and gradually began to get on top. Two points by Pat Ahern left only a point between the sides and with Doyle and Joy in control at midfield, Killorglin were shaping very well. They levelled the scoring in the twenty-first minute, Pat Ahern pointing, and when the same player gave his side the lead with a similar score a minute later, Moyvane looked to be in real trouble.

However, the North Kerry champions were far from finished. In the 24th minute they were awarded a free, which Bernie O Callaghan drove wide. A minute later, O Callaghan put another free over the bar but he had to re-take the kick because of an infringement. The second attempt was blocked down, but the ball broke loose to P.J. McEnery, who sent over the bar. The scores were level again.

There were no further scores, but the excitement was tremendous as both sides fought for the vital winning point. Bernie O Callaghan had a chance to put his side ahead in the last minute but he sent a close-in free wide. Killorglin attacked and, in the dying seconds, were awarded a free out near the sideline. As Pat Ahern placed the ball, he was told that he would have to score direct, but his great effort fell short and so the sides finished level. It was a fitting result. Full marks to both sides for serving up such a grand hour’s football.

Moyvane were best served by Bernie, Tommy and Colm O Callaghan, W. Stack, John McEnery, John Moloney, Eddie Stack, P. Hanrahan, Liam Hanrahan and S. Stack. William Kennedy, at fullback, was outstanding for Laune Rangers, while Sean O Riordan, at centre halfback, also had a tremendous hour. Pat Ahern had a great second half. Others to impress were Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Mike Hassett, Seamus Naughton, Sean McKenna, Denis O Neill and Pat O Shea.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Sean McKenna, William Kennedy, Moss Murphy, Denis O Neill, Sean O Riordan, Mike Hassett, Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Michael O Sullivan, Teddy Mangan, Gene Ferris, Pat Ahern (0-6), Pat O Shea, Jimmy Foley. Sub: John A. O Brien.

Moyvane: Eddie Stack, W. Stack, J.J. Mulvihill, Paudie Hanrahan, John Moloney, Johnny McEnery, Tommy O Callaghan, Colm O Callaghan (0-1), Liam Hanrahan, Pat Joe McEnery (0-1), J. Cunningham, Stephen Stack (0-1), Denis Flavin, Bernie O Callaghan (0-3), Jimmy Moloney. Sub: J. Manaher for J. Moloney.

Ref: Finbarr Carrig (Tarbert).


Replay on Sun. 20th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-4; Moyvane 1-2.

Laune Rangers qualified for the semi-final of the Co. Club championship by beating Moyvane and in the process of forging victory showed that they would take a lot of beating in the competition. Rangers played against a slight breeze in the first half, but opened in promising style with points by Pat Ahern (free) and Jimmy Foley, who shot over the bar with only the goalkeeper to beat. Moyvane hit back for a point by Mike Hennessy, but then Rangers got a lucky break, which proved very vital to them. A forward pushed a harmless-looking shot across the goalmouth and it dribbled over the goal-line. An exchange of points between Mike Hennessy and Pat Ahern left the score 1-3 to 0-2 at halftime, in favour of Rangers.

Four minutes after the re-start, Pat Ahern increased Rangers’ lead and then, for fully twenty-two minutes, there was scoring stalemate. That period provided plenty of excitement, however, with Moyvane doing most of the attacking. They must rue the fact that they went for goals instead of points from two close-in frees. Moyvane’s goal came in the closing minutes, quite unexpectedly. William Kennedy, in an effort to get the ball away from Mike Hennessy, booted it past his own goalkeeper. That score, instead of spurring on Moyvane, seemed to put more life into the Killorglin men and they finished very strongly with attacking movements.

Pat Ahern had given many good displays in the past for Laune Rangers but he surpassed them all in that game. He really played his heart out in the second half when he adopted the role of roving centre half-forward. Fullback, William Kennedy, and centre halfback, Teddy Mangan, were seldom beaten. Kennedy showed talent for the future and Mangan, one of the veterans of the team, had his finest hour ever. Others to shine for Killorglin were Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle, who dominated the midfield scene for three-quarters of the hour but saw much of their great service wasted by the attack, particularly the full-forward line. Donal Mangan, Mike Hassett and Owen Mangan also impressed. Moyvane’s outstanding player was Colm O Callaghan, who did everything possible to save his side from defeat. J. Moloney and P. McEnery, in defence, and Bernie O Callaghan, D. Flavin and J. Moloney in attack, also played well.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Donal Mangan, William Kennedy, Tony Lyons, Michael O Sullivan, Teddy Mangan, Mike Hassett, Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Owen Mangan, Pat Ahern, Enda Curtayne, John O Brien, Pat O Shea, Jimmy Foley.

Moyvane: J. Stack, Pat Joe McEnery, W. Stack, Paudie Hanrahan, John Moloney, Johnny McEnery, Tommy O Callaghan, T. O Callaghan, T. Mulvihill, Denis Flavin, J. Cunningham, Stephen Stack, Jimmy Moloney, Mike Hennessy, Bernie O Callaghan.


Semi-Final on Sun. 4th Dec. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-11; Castlegregory 0-1.

Laune Rangers completely outplayed Castlegregory (West-Kerry Champions) in the Co. Club Championship semi-final at Killorglin and thus qualified for the final against reigning champions, Waterville Frank Caseys. Castlegregory were a big disappointment. They never looked like making a game of it at any stage. Laune Rangers, so obviously the fitter and by far the more accomplished footballers, gave clear warning that they would not be easily beaten by Waterville.

Laune Rangers were a splendid team as interested spectators at the game from Waterville, including Mick O Dwyer, would have noticed. The pitch was in excellent shape for the time of year and the day held dry. But the handful of spectators didn’t get much value for their two bobs.

In the very early exchanges, the pattern of the game was set – a point to Killorglin from the throw-in and a goal shortly afterwards. The goal was scored by corner-forward Jimmy Foley, who very nicely deflected home a ground ball by Owen Mangan. Castlegregory did come back for a point in the ninth minute – scorer was John Courtney from a free – but thereafter the game developed into a rout. The Killorglin forwards were much more enterprising than the Castlegregory men in front of gaols. They moved with dash and purpose, and combined very well. At halftime, Laune Rangers had the game in safe keeping when they led by 2-5 to 0-1.

In the second half, Rangers virtually camped in the Castlegregory half of the field. On the odd occasions that the West-Kerry champions did manage to move into the attack, they were checked by the Killorglin defence. Rangers added 1-6 to there halftime total to finish the most comfortable of winners. The rout was completed two minutes from the end, when a Pat Ahern free went all the way through for a goal. Killorglin’s real worth could have been exaggerated by the ease of the victory, but it could not be denied that they were a very strong club team.

In a defence that was not seriously tested, William Kennedy, a powerful fullback, Michael O Sullivan and Teddy Mangan dealt particularly capably with the ball that came their way. Patsy Joy was in splendid form at midfield – he seemed to have unlimited reserves of stamina and wasted no time in getting rid of the ball. Pat Ahern gave him very worthwhile support at midfield. Result was that Rangers had a very definite edge in that sector. The Killorglin attack generally shaped quite well. Timmy Doyle played some storming football at centre half-forward, whilst Owen Mangan showed his class at right half-forward. Pat O Shea was a success at full-forward, where his experience and clever distribution of the ball was a big source of worry to the Castlegregory defence.

Castlegregory were pretty disheartened at the result. But, in truth, they hardly deserved any better fate. Michael John O Shea, who played the first half at centre half-back and was tried at midfield at the start of the second half, moved impressively at times, but there were other times when he was somewhat sluggish. Pick of the rest of the team were Timmy Fitzgerald, who tried like a demon right to the end, John Courtney and Paddy Fitzgerald. Michael Herlihy promised well at midfield early on, but he failed to accomplish very much as the game progressed.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Michael O Sullivan, William Kennedy, Moss Murphy, Denis O Neill, Teddy Mangan, Mike Hassett, Patsy Joy, Pat Ahern (1-2), Owen Mangan (0-4), Timmy Doyle (0-3), Enda Curtayne, John A. O Brien (1-1), Pat O Shea, Jimmy Foley (1-1). Subs: Gene Ferris for P. O Shea; Sean O Riordan for M. Hassett; Frank Russell for O. Mangan.

Castlegregory (panel): Tom O Connor, Michael Browne, Mossy Spillane, Joe Wrenn, Joe Lynch, Michael John O Shea, Jerry Flynn, Timmy Fitzgerald, Michael Herlihy, John Courtney (0-1), Pat Driscoll, Paddy Fitzgerald, Gene O Donnell, Tom Dowling, Tom Kelliher, Sean Spillane, Kevin Lynch.

Laune Rangers Senior Team that qualified for the Co. Club Championship Final 1966

Laune Rangers Senior Team that qualified for the Co. Club Championship Final 1966
Kneeling (l to r): Owen Mangan, Mike Hassett, John A. O Brien, Michael O Sullivan, Pat O Shea, Enda Curtayne, Denis O Neill, Pat Ahern.
Standing: Timmy Doyle, Frank Russell, Sean O Riordan, Seamus Naughton, Teddy Mangan, Patsy Joy, William Kennedy, Jimmy Foley, Gene Ferris.

Final on Sun. 11th Dec. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 2-8; Waterville 1-9.

Laune Rangers became the new club champions of Kerry, when they defeated reigning champions Waterville in the final at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney. After leading by 2-3 to 0-2 at halftime, the Rangers lost their lead halfway through the second half when playing against a strong wind and it looked as if Waterville must retain their title. However, a great comeback in the last ten minutes, in which the sides were level twice, saw the Rangers through to their first county title since 1911.

Laune Rangers gave a splendid display of fighting football against a very gallant Waterville side. The game kept the small crowd on its toes right through the hour. Both teams contested the issue with tough, honest-to-goodness football and, although a few blows were struck early on (Owen Mangan and Mick O Dwyer), the standard of sportsmanship was generally quite good. Laune Rangers were able to last the hour better and that was a huge contributory factor to their win.

Playing with the strong wind in the first half, Laune Rangers were slow to settle and did not look at all impressive. In fact, after twenty minutes, they had a slender lead – 0-3 to 0-2. Then John A O Brien struck for a goal. The ball broke loose to him and he raced through to shoot a wonderful goal off the underside of the crossbar. That was the boost that Rangers needed and substitute Jimmy Foley again found the net to give them an interval lead of 2-3 to 0-2.

The sides exchanged points upon resumption. Slowly, Waterville began to get on top and they shot five points without reply. Then Mick O Dwyer scored a great goal to give the defending champions the lead for the first time and they were looking good for victory. However, Rangers summoned extra energy and Pat Ahern equalised with a point from a very difficult angle. Again Mick O Dwyer pointed but it was then that the Rangers summoned even greater effort and their greater staying power won them the game. They attacked with ferocity, to which Waterville had no answer. Pat Ahern swung over the equaliser with five minutes left to play. Two minutes later the same player gave his side the lead. Then Rangers were awarded a free out on the sideline and thirty yards out from the Waterville goal. Pat O Shea placed the ball and with great calmness he drove over the bar into the teeth of the wind for a memorable point to close the scoring.

Pat Ahern, as in many occasions in the past, was Rangers brightest star. His midfield partner, Patsy Joy, turned in a fine display. Seamus Curran had a great game at centre halfback. At fullback, William Kennedy, gave a powerful performance ably assisted by Teddy Mangan. The pick of the attack were Timmy Doyle, Enda Curtayne, Owen Mangan and Pat O Shea.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Tom Curran, William Kennedy, Teddy Mangan, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran (capt.), Mike Hassett, Patsy Joy, Pat Ahern, Owen Mangan, Timmy Doyle, Enda Curtayne, John A. O Brien, Pat O Shea, Michael O Sullivan. Sub: Jimmy Foley for M. O Sullivan; Moss Murphy, Gene Ferris, Sean O Riordan, Kieran Foley and Frank Russell.


Towns’ Cup


Rd. 1 on Sun. 16th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 5-1; Kenmare 0-6.

Laune Rangers fielded without the Lucey brothers, Pat Ahern, the Curran brothers and Tony Lyons. The game was played in a continuous downpour. Kenmare opened in very bright fashion to such an extent that it looked as if a shock was in store for the locals. After twenty minutes, they led by 0-5 to 0-0. Then a rather soft goal put the Killorglin boys back in the game and at halftime they led by 3-1 to 0-5. The second half was very one-sided but poor shooting by the home forwards cost them several scores. However, they ran out comfortable winners in the end.


Quarter-final on Sun. 27th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-9; Listowel 2-2.

Laune Rangers were missing so many of their regulars that their followers gave them little chance of winning against a highly rated North Kerry side. However, so well did the reserves play that the Killorglin boys hardly missed their regulars. The game produced a wonderful first half of fine football, which was marred only by a flare up between a few players shortly before halftime. At the interval the home side led by 0-6 to 1-1.

After the resumption, play was very even until the eighth minute when, following a grand forward movement, full-forward Pat O Shea placed a beautiful ball for the incoming Owen Mangan who made no mistake with his shot at goal and the Killorglin boys were five points ahead. From that until five minutes from the final whistle, the winners dominated the game in all departments, scoring a further 1-3 and it was only in the final minutes that Listowel added their goal and a point.

Laune Rangers seemed to have been improving with every outing. In that game their powerful strength at midfield was very much in evidence. Pat Ahern, once again, had an outstanding game and his two points from frees in the second half were excellent. Ahern’s midfield partner, Patsy Joy, had yet another great game. His high-fielding and masterly control of the greasy ball were a feature of his game throughout the hour. Timmy Doyle, both at centre half-forward in the first half and at centre halfback in the second half, was another outstanding player for the winners. In the Killorglin attack, which was in top form, Owen Mangan had a blinder and he got good support from Pat O Shea and Enda Curtayne. Corner-forward John O Brien gave a good display and was becoming one of the most dangerous forwards in the Killorglin side. The defence was at times very shaky but Teddy Mangan, Michael O Sullivan, Moss Murphy and Mike Hassett were seldom beaten, while goal-man Naughton had another fine game.

After a most even first half, Listowel looked like winning, but after conceding the early second-half goal, they fell away entirely and it was only the hard work of Moss Twomey, P. Lynch, P. Sweeney, M. Collins and O Hanlon that saved them from heavier defeat. Those players got good support from B. Griffin, J. Mulvihill, D. O Connor and J. Guerin.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, J. O Sullivan, Teddy Mangan, Moss Murphy, Michael O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Michael Kavanagh, Pat Ahern, Patsy Joy, Owen Mangan, Timmy Doyle, Enda Curtayne, John A. O Brien, Pat O Shea, Sean O Riordan. Sub: Denis O Neill for J. O Sullivan.

Listowel: John Flaherty, P. Lynch, Moss Twomey, D. O Connor, Sean Guerin, Jerry Galvin, Pat Sweeney, J. Mulvihill, J. Savage, J. Keane, B. Griffin, Billy Galvin, J. Kelliher, C. Hanlon, M. Collins.

Ref: D. Scannell (Blennerville).


Semi-Final on Sun. 18th Dec. at Cahersiveen: Laune Rangers 2-7; Cahersiveen 0-11.

There was a controversial end to that game. Five minutes from the end, Cahersiveen claimed a goal from a free, but, after heated arguments, the referee Paul O Sullivan, Killarney, awarded a point.

The game provided a thrill-a-minute encounter for the good attendance. It was played at a cracking pace and the standard of football was remarkably high, considering the heavy going. The day was dull and windless, but the second half was played in semi-darkness, a circumstance, which led to the controversy at the finish. At the time, Killorglin were leading by four points, thanks to a very soft goal from a long-range kick by Enda Curtayne. Then Cahersiveen were awarded a fourteen-yards free. John O Sullivan Gabha took the kick and hit a real rasper, which was deflected upwards by one of the Killorglin defenders. The goal umpire, from Cahersiveen, unhesitatingly raised the green flag, but the Killorglin umpire (Jacko Moran, who worked in O Donnell’s bakery) protested that the ball had in fact been deflected over the bar. After heated arguments, Killorglin’s claim was upheld and a point awarded.

Many present, including players, thought the goal had been allowed and seconds later when Mike O Connor secured possession fifteen yards in front of the Killorglin goal, he shot for a point to draw the game. The whistle went soon afterwards and a confused situation ended with the referee declaring Laune Rangers the winners. The Cahersiveen team and supporters were quite disgruntled as it was felt that the team would have played for, and might have secured, a goal in the closing seconds if they were sure that John O Sullivan’s shot had only yielded a point. The cause of the contretemps was undoubtedly the fading light, but nets on the goals and the scoreboard, that people were appealing for at the time, would have prevented the unpleasant ending.

The see-saw game was full of incident. Laune Rangers went ahead in the first seven minutes with a well-taken goal by Owen Mangan and a point by Pat Ahern. But Caher hit back with points by John O Mahony (2), P.T. O Sullivan (40 yards free) and Kerry Looby. The strong local following cheered to the echo when, after many hectic exchanges in the Killorglin goalmouth, John Gabha O Sullivan gave them the lead with a point. Laune Rangers came back for former Kerry minor, Pat O Shea, to equalise. Ahern put the Mid-Kerry men ahead again, but right on halftime, Kerry Looby pointed to leave it level pegging (0-6 to 1-3).

The superior fitness and teamwork of Laune Rangers asserted itself in the second half and for a period in the third quarter they called the tune in every sector. The Caher fullback line of Martin O Donoghue, Ned Fitzgerald and Joe Joe O Sullivan held firm, however, and all Killorglin had to show for their sustained endeavour was a point, from a 21 yards free, by Pat Ahern. Caher came again for Gabha to equalise from a close-in free and they took the lead with a point from Jerry Casur O Sullivan. Ahern equalised almost immediately from another free but Gabha was on the mark again to point from an acute angled close-in free.

Cahersiveen were going great guns then, but suffered a stroke of ill-luck when a harmless-looking lob from Enda Curtayne deceived the defenders and finished in the net. That goal definitely unsettled the locals and Rangers took command to stretch their lead with a point by Pat Ahern. However, Cahersiveen put in an amazing rally for a very tired fifteen, to stage the grand-stand finish that provided the unsatisfactory ending described above.

It was a day that favoured defenders on both sides. Laune Rangers had outstanding backs in William Kennedy, Denis O Neill and Seamus Curran. Their pairing of Pat Ahern and Patsy Joy had rather the better of matters at midfield, though many thought that Ahern was left unattended too often with dire results for Caher. Best of a lively set of Killorglin forwards were Owen Mangan, Timmy Doyle and Enda Curtayne. That was Rangers’ fifth game in a row and the players were very tired nearing the end. Cahersiveen’s outstanding players, who were picked from the three clubs in the parish, St. Mary’s, Foilmore and Renard, were goalkeeper Dan Garvey (Foilmore), wing-forward Jerry O Mahony, forty yards man John Gabha O Sullivan, John O Mahony, Kerry Looby and all the six defenders.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Teddy Mangan, William Kennedy, Tom Curran, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, Pat Ahern (0-6), Patsy Joy, Owen Mangan (1-0), Timmy Doyle, Enda Curtayne (1-0), John O Brien, Pat O Shea (0-1), Jimmy Foley.

Cahersiveen: Dan Garvey, Joe Joe O Sulivan, Ned Fitzgerald, Martin O Donoghue, Tom O Sullivan, P.T. O Sullivan (0-1), Donal O Sullivan, Kerry Looby (0-2), John O Mahony, Jerry O Mahony, John Gabha O Sullivan (0-4), M. O Sullivan, James O Mahony (0-2), Mike O Connor (0-1), Jerry Casur O Sullivan (0-1).

Referee, Paul O Sullivan (Killarney), certainly did not deserve the barracking he was subjected to as he left the field at the close. He did a fine job in very difficult circumstances.


Final on Sun. 8th January 1967 at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Laune Rangers 1-6; Tralee 1-3.

The Kerryman report: ‘There’s no stopping Killorglin! At Killarney on Sunday last, they continued on their great victory run by coming from behind to beat a Tralee junior selection in the final of the 1966 Town’s Cup. Killorglin were strongly fancied to beat Tralee, but they only succeeded in doing so thanks to a somewhat lucky goal five minutes from the end. Substitute, Denis O Neill, kicked through a ball, which Tralee goalkeeper Josie O Brien advanced to cover. O Brien failed to stop the ball and it went right through to corner-forward, John O Brien, who had the easiest of tasks, pulling on the ball for a goal.  This was the only mistake the Tralee goalkeeper made. Up to that point, he had succeeded in bringing off many excellent saves.

The game was vigorously contested from the start, but in the second half, things almost got out of hand, with repeated outbursts of fisticuffs. The situation was really explosive in the closing stages. Three minutes from the end, two players, Owen Mangan from Killorglin and Jimmy Kissane from Tralee, received marching orders from referee Donal Kelliher. Not exactly a fitting finale to the first-ever Town’s Cup competition.

Killorglin had one big advantage in that they were able to stay the hour better. Tralee shaped very well in the first half and had a goal-lead at halftime. Early in the second half, they continued to play like a winning team, but then they seemed to run out of steam and Killorglin had them under severe pressure for most of the last quarter.

The game was only two minutes old when Tralee had their first score – a point from a free by Tommy Regan. After this the scores were slow to come. Not until the twelfth minute was the next flag raised, which signalled Tralee’s second point by Regan. Killorglin hit back with points by Pat Ahern (15th minute) and Enda Curtayne (21st minute) to level matters. Then Tralee took a dramatic lead when corner-forward Brendan Hobbert got a breaking ball from a kick by Donal O Connor and punched it past Killorglin goalkeeper, Seamus Naughton. So when the halftime whistle sounded, it was 1-2 to 0-2 in favour of Tralee and Killorglin had good cause to feel worried.

The Mid-Kerry champions started the second half with a point from a free by Pat Ahern but Tralee regained their goal lead in the 38th minute when Tommy Regan swung over a point. Tralee were putting on a lot of pressure at that stage, but it did not bring very fruitful results. They had a great chance of increasing their lead to four points when they were awarded a close-in free, but Tommy Regan drove the ball wide.

After that, Killorglin made a very determined bid to pull down their arrears, and points by Pat Ahern in the 43rd and 49th minutes, left only a single point in it. They were very hot on the victory trail now and, although Tralee defended very stoutly indeed, they could not prevent Pat Ahern scoring the equaliser from a free in the 51st minute. The best that Tralee could hope for at this stage was a draw, and they strove very hard to achieve it. But their hopes were well and truly sunk when John O Brien got the all-important goal in the 55th minute.

So, its another triumph for Killorglin, and whilst Tralee may consider themselves unlucky, there can be no doubting the fact that the Mid-Kerry men are worthy champions. Their superior fitness definitely told in the last quarter and if the game had gone on longer it is extremely doubtful if Tralee would have been able to stage a comeback.

The Killorglin defence did quite well to concede only 1-3 to the Tralee attack. Particularly effective was Teddy Mangan, at right fullback. He saved a few very dangerous situations. Fullback, William Kennedy, did not dominate this game as he has done in others. This was mainly due to the fact that he was drawn out the field by Tralee full-forward, Buddy O Grady, who proved a tough handful for him. In the Killorglin halfback line, Seamus Curran played a captain’s part, whilst Mike Hassett also put in a share of good work. The Killorglin midfield partnership of Pat Ahern and Patsy Joy met very stiff opposition from Tralee’s Billy Kerins and Donal O Connor. Ahern did put in a tremendously hard hour, but Joy was seldom in the picture. The toast of the Killorglin attack must be corner-forward, John O Brien, for his match-winning goal. Others who deserve praiseworthy mention are Owen Mangan, Enda Curtayne and Timmy Doyle, although the latter was not near his best form. He finished at midfield, after a switch with Pat Ahern.

After the game, there was great jubilation amongst Killorglin players and supporters when Pat O Meara, Joint Treasurer of the Co. Board, presented the trophy to Seamus Curran, the Killorglin captain.

Killorglin: Seamus Naughton, Teddy Mangan, William Kennedy, Tom Curran, Michael O Sullivan, Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, Pat Ahern (0-5), Patsy Joy, Owen Mangan, Timmy Doyle, Enda Curtayne (0-1), John O Brien (1-0), Pat O Shea, Kieran Foley. Sub: Denis O Neill for M. O Sullivan, Frank Russell, Sean O Riordan, Moss Murphy, Gene Ferris.

Tralee: Josie O Brien (Kerins O Rahillys), Jacko Lawlor (Austin Stacks), Richard Walsh (Kerins O Rahillys), Michael Barry (Austin Stacks), Gerry Crean (do), John Horgan (do), Tommy Kerins (Mitchels), Donal O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys), Billy Kerins (Mitchels), Redmond Powell (do), Kevin Barry (Austin Stacks), Tommy Regan (do), Kevin O Brien (Kerins O Rahillys), Buddy O Grady (Mitchels), Brendan Hobbert (Kerins O Rahillys). Sub: James Kissane (do) for K. O Brien.

Ref: Donal Kelliher (Castleisland).

At a subsequent Co. Board meeting, Owen Mangan, Laune Rangers, and James Kissane, Tralee, were suspended for two months.

Tralee could only use players who had not played in the 1965 Co. Senior Championship. The writer of the Killorglin Notes in the Kerryman observed, ‘Last Sunday’s game (if it could be called a game), was one that all true followers will not want to remember. It was one of the most unsporting games ever seen in the county’.

There was a motion referred from the 1967 Co. Convention to the first meeting of the Co. Board that ‘the Town’s Cup should be played in the Spring’. This was passed.

Laune Rangers Senior Football Team – Towns’ Cup Champions 1966

Laune Rangers Senior Football Team – Towns’ Cup Champions 1966
Kneeling (l to r): Moss Murphy, Mike Hassett, Kieran Foley, Owen Mangan, John A. O Brien, Tom Curran, Enda Curtayne, Michael O Sullivan, Seamus Naughton, Seamus Curran (capt).
Standing: Denis O Neill, Sean O Riordan, Patsy Joy, Pat O Shea, Timmy Doyle, Frank Russell, Pat Ahern, Gene Ferris, Teddy Mangan, William Kennedy.

Mid-Kerry Senior Championship

The Championship was run with a losers’ round.


Rd. 1 Laune Rangers lost to Glenbeigh.

Losers’ Rd. Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.

Batty Foley scored three goals in that game. However, it was his last game in the royal blue, as he left for England shortly afterwards.


Semi-Final on Sun. 4th September: Laune Rangers 4-10; Keel 0-2.


Final on Sun. 2nd Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-4; Glenbeigh 1-6.

Laune Rangers carried off the Mid-Kerry football title when they beat Glenbeigh in a very exciting game. They had taken the game more seriously than ever they had in previous years and had completed several weeks of training in preparation for the contest. It was agreed beforehand to play for the deferred 1964 Laune Rangers’ Cup as well as the Mid-Kerry Championship. A surprisingly good crowd turned up to see the game, which started at 6pm, in order to avoid a clash with the county final in Tralee. Both sides were under-strength, Rangers fielded without Jimmy and Vincent Lucey and Tony Lyons, while Glenbeigh were without the injured Teddy Bowler.

In the opening quarter, Rangers were completely in control and launched attack after attack, but they failed to get scores that were there for the taking. However, when full-forward Pat O Shea fisted home a good goal for them from a free taken by Patsy Joy, it looked as if they had found the scoring way. But the Glenbeigh defence began to settle down better and the Killorglin boys found it harder to break through. A switch, which brought Pat Griffin to midfield, helped Glenbeigh to gain an even break in that sector and as a result, their forwards saw more of the ball. However, what Rangers did in the opening quarter, Glenbeigh did in the second quarter – they squandered chance after chance. Eventually, Pat Griffin pointed a long-distance free, and within seconds, Kevin Griffin followed with a goal.

Then Rangers began to make switches. Pat Ahern took over at centre halfback and his presence had the necessary steadying effect on the Rangers’ defence. At halftime, the scoring was 1-4 to 1-2 in favour of Glenbeigh.

The second half started in whirlwind fashion with Michael O Sullivan scoring a great goal for Rangers and Pat Ahern, then at midfield, pointing a long-distance free. The struggle for midfield supremacy after that began to favour Rangers who proceeded to play their best football. However, their forwards still failed to take their chances. After Rangers had beaten off several Glenbeigh raids, they increased their lead with a point and it looked all over for Glenbeigh. However, the arrival of Jerry O Riordan to midfield from fullback put new heart into the Glenbeigh boys and soon they had their arrears cut down to a point.

At that stage, the standard of football was very high and there was tremendous excitement. Glenbeigh tried everything to snatch a late equaliser. They got a few chances but they failed to score. Then Rangers’ goalkeeper, Seamus Naughton, brought off two brilliant saves to foil Glenbeigh of goals. One, in the last minute, will long be remembered. With a cat-like leap Naughton took the ball off the line. From his clearance, Glenbeigh attacked again, but time was against them and the Rangers’ defence stood firm. It was a pity that one side should lose. Both teams played very sportingly and hard knocks were given and taken in admirable fashion.

Laune Rangers were acclaimed as worthy champions. For their win they had to thank their midfield pair of Timmy Doyle and Patsy Joy who kept the ball moving towards the Glenbeigh goal with great accuracy. Doyle later moved to the forty, where he did tremendous work. The untiring Pat Ahern, both in defence and at midfield, also left a big imprint on the game. Seamus Curran, William Kennedy, Teddy Mangan and Denis O Neill were seldom beaten in defence and their coolness got Rangers out of serious trouble on several occasions. In the Rangers’ attack, Pat O Shea at full-forward, took his goal well and distributed the ball cleverly to the other forwards, but those failed to make good use of the service. However, Tom Curran, Enda Curtayne, Michael O Sullivan and Jimmy Foley tried hard all through.

For Glenbeigh, Jerry O Riordan, Jimmy Healy, Jackie O Dwyer and Owen O Riordan played very well in defence. Pat Griffin got little support in attack except from full-forward James Harmon and Kevin Griffin. Mick O Sullivan, at midfield, never gave up trying.

After the game, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Father Brian Kelly, presented the J.P. O Sullivan Trophy and the Laune Rangers Cup (1964) to the Laune Rangers’ captain, Seamus Curran.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Teddy Mangan, William Kennedy, Moss Murphy, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Paul Lucey, Timmy Doyle, Patsy Joy, Tom Curran, Pat Ahern, Enda Curtayne, Michael O Sullivan, Pat O Shea, Jimmy Foley. Subs: Gene Ferris, Sean McKenna, Sean O Riordan.

Ref: Tom Keane (Renard). The officials were from Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine.

Seamus Curran (Groyne)

Seamus Curran (Groyne)
Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship – 1962
Played with Co. Minor Footballers – 1963 and 1964
Won Corn Uí Mhuirí with St. Brendan’s Seminary – 1963
Co. Club Football Championship – 1966
Co. Senior Football Championship – 1 (with Mid-Kerry in 1967)
Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championships – 5 (captain in 1966)


Mid-Kerry Senior League

The league was played on a single round basis and the top four teams met in the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 30th Jan. at 3pm at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers by 13 points. The Rangers could only muster thirteen players and two officials had to stand in, from the start of the second half, to make up fifteen players.


Rd 2 at Keel: Laune Rangers lost to Keel by three points.

Semi-Final at Killorglin at 2.30pm on Sun. 20th March: Laune Rangers 2-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-7.

After a fairly even first half, Laune Rangers had it nearly all their own way and it was only a late rally by a very disappointing Milltown/ Castlemaine side that put a respectable look on the scoreboard. The best football of the game was played between Pat Ahern at centre halfback for Laune Rangers and Billy Kerins at centre half-forward and after a great duel, honours broke about even. Milltown/Castlemaine held the edge at midfield where Tim Kelliher was in great form, but so well did Rangers’ halfback line play, especially Denis O Neill, that the losers’ forwards were never able to get close enough to score. In Pat O Shea the Rangers had a fine full-forward. He made the two goals with well-times passes to colleagues and several of the points scored came from frees committed on him. At the other end of the field, William Kenney had a great game at fullback. Rangers had good forwards in Owen Mangan, Jimmy Foley and Patsy Joy but overuse of the ball cost them several scores. Apart from Kennedy, Ahern and O Neill, only Paul Lucey played well in defence, while Batty Foley brought off some spectacular saves in goals.

Ref; Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).

At a subsequent meeting of the Board, both clubs were fined 10/- for not being on the pitch at the appointed time. The Chairman stated that he was treating this as a first offence and in future a heavier fine would be imposed.


Final on Sun. 3rd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-7; Glenbeigh 0-4.

Showing no weakness in any department, Laune Rangers retained the Mid-Kerry League title with a comfortable 2-7 to 0-4 win over a disappointing Glenbeigh side. The final fell far below expectations and, at times, it was hard to believe that there were at least eleven of the Mid-Kerry team in action. The strong wind did not help the players but that was not the only reason for the poor standard of football. The plain fact was that Glenbeigh were not able to make a match of it and were outplayed from the start. Even when favoured by the wind in the first half, Glenbeigh could only notch a lead of 0-4 to 0-1 and it was obvious at the interval that that lead was not enough against the impressive Killorglin lads.

Rangers fielded without Jimmy and Vincent Lucey, Teddy Mangan and Timmy Doyle but so well did their replacements fare that those players were never missed. The foundation of the win was laid at midfield where Patsy Joy and Pat Ahern were in brilliant form from the start. Joy was equally good at centre half-forward in the second half and had good assistance from Paul Lucey and Owen Mangan. In defence, the winners had stalwart workers in William Kennedy, who was never beaten for possession, Seamus Curran, Denis O Neill and Tom Curran. The game was marred by an outrageous skirmish, which involved ten players, midway through the second half.

Laune Rangers: Batty Foley, Tony Lyons, William Kennedy, Tom Curran, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Kieran Foley, Patsy Joy, Pat Ahern, Owen Mangan, Paul Lucey, Enda Curtayne, Jimmy Foley, Pat O Shea, Sean McKenna. Subs: Moss Murphy, Stephen Corkery, John Richard Wharton.


The Mid-Kerry Board also organised an 11-a-side league and Laune Rangers entered two teams.

Sun. 15th May at Milltown (Admission 2/-): @ 2pm Milltown/Castlemaine V Laune Rangers ‘A’.

@ 4pm Glenbeigh v Laune Rangers ‘B’.

Sun. 22nd May at Killorglin: @ 2pm Laune Rangers ‘A’ beat a gallant Beaufort.

@ 4pm Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Milltown/Castlemaine.


Tournament Game


Thurs. 23rd June at Castleisland, Semi-final of O Connor Cup: Cordal v Laune Rangers.

Cars departed the Square at 7.15pm.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Moss Murphy, Teddy Mangan, Tom Curran, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Kieran Foley, Timmy Doyle, Patsy Joy, Ernie Brick, Owen Mangan, Jimmy Foley, Sean McKenna, Pat O Shea, Stephen Corkery. Subs: Gene Ferris, J. Foley and Sean O Reilly.


Senior Parish League


This was the first parish league for three years. There were four teams Over Laune, Town, Caragh Lake and Groyne/Rangue. The league was run during May, June and July. The final, between Groyne/Rangue and Over Laune, was played on Sun. 18th September at 6pm and the former triumphed by six points. The game was rather physical in nature. Groyne/Rangue included William Kennedy, Pat Kennedy, Tom Curtayne, Enda Curtayne, Sean O Riordan, Sean O Reilly, Pat O Shea, Seamus Naughton, Paud O Sullivan, Pat Joe Moriarty, John (Sean Og) Joy, Patrick Curran, Seamus Curran, Tom Curran. Over Laune included Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Sean McKenna, Batty Foley, Gene Ferris, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan, John Richard Wharton, Ronnie Wharton, Paudie Carroll, Frank Russell.


Co. Minor Championship

The participating teams were placed in groups. Mid-Kerry was in a group with Kenmare, East-Kerry and South-Kerry and the top team qualified for the Co. Semi-finals. The competition was played on a league basis.


Rd. 1: Kenmare beat Mid-Kerry.

Rd. 2 in Killarney: East Kerry 0-3; Mid-Kerry 2-6.

That was a surprising result. Denis Scully, at centre halfback, and his brother John at midfield, played vital parts in the win.

Rd. 3: South-Kerry beat Mid-Kerry.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship


Rd. 1: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.

Final: Beaufort beat Laune Rangers.

That was a very exciting and hard-fought game.


A minor 11-a-side league was also organised.

Tues. 24th May at 8pm at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh V Laune Rangers.


Co. U-16 Championship


Rd. 1 in Killarney: East-Kerry beat Mid-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry, though short some of their key players, put up a great show, before going under to East Kerry by a point in a very exciting game. Frank Russell, Pat O Riordan, Patrick O Sullivan (Rua) and Joe Foley were outstanding.


Mid-Kerry U-15 Championship (13-a-side)

Semi-final on Sun. 14th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlmaine.

Final: Laune Rangers had a great win over Glenbeigh to retain the title.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowley (goals), Patrick O Grady, Michael Foley, Batty Flynn, Michael Cahillane, Pat O Riordan, Frank O Dwyer, Michael O Shea, Fergus Foley, Jerry Coffey, Johnny O Connor, Eamonn Looney, Michael O Mahony.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football


In May, the Intermediate School put up a great show before going down to CBS, Cahersiveen in the semi-final of the Kerry Colleges U-15 competition. They failed to score a penalty in the dying seconds of the game to force a draw.


Munster Junior Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th April at Macroom: Cork 2-11; Kerry 0-7.

Due to the fact that Kerry had won the Munster Junior Championship in 1965, they had to field a completely new team for 1966.

Kerry: Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Jerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Batty Galvin (Waterville), John McCarthy (Ballylongford), Mick Ahern (Currow), Donal O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Pat Moynihan (Gneeveguilla), P.J. Leen (Ballymacelligott), Kevin Donnelly (Waterville), Tony Barrett (Lispole), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), Tim Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Mick Gleeson (Spa), Tom Prendergast (Keel).

Pat Ahern, who scored 0-4, did manage to initiate some good movements in the half-forward line.


1965/’66 National Football League


Semi-Final (divisional) on Sun. 13th Feb. at Croke Park: Cavan 1-11; Kerry 1-6.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty (Legion), Donie O Sullivan (Spa), Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford), Mick Morris (John Mitchels), Denis O Sullivan (Kerins O Rahillys), Jer D. O Connor (Ballydonoghue), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Mick Fleming (Currow), Dave Geaney (Desmonds), Pat Moynihan (Gneeveguilla), Derry O Shea (John Mitchels), Bernie O Callaghan (Moyvane), Mick O Dwyer (Waterville), Seamus Fitzgerald (An Ghaeltacht). Subs: John ‘Thorny’ O Shea (John Mitchels) for M. O Dwyer (inj.), Derry Crowley (Glenflesk) for D. O Shea.

Jimmy Lucey and Mick Fleming were well on top at midfield but Kerry enjoyed little advantage on the scoreboard. In the second half both faded badly.


1966/’67 National Football League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 16th October at Navan: Meath 1-10; Kerry 1-6.

Kerry: Pete Hanley (Kenmare), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), Mick Morris, Paud O Donoghue, Derry Crowley, Denis O Sullivan, Ted Fitzgerald (John Mitchels), Mick Fleming, Harry Burke (John Mitchels), Pat Moynihan (capt.), Seamus Fitzgerald, Tony O Callaghan, Tom Prendergast (Keel), Pat Griffin, John O Shea. Subs: Tony Barrett (Lispole) for D. O Sullivan; Jerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla) for T. Fitzgerald; Eamonn O Donoghue (Ballylongford) for T. Barrett.

Pat Ahern was most effective in a quite way.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 6th Nov. at Tralee: Kerry 0-6; Wicklow 0-4.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Jerry McCarthy, Mick Morris, Pat Ahern, Derry Crowley, J. McEnery, Ted Fitzgerald, Pat Griffin, Michael John O Shea (Castlegregory), Paudie Finnegan (Kenmare), Seamus Fitzgerald, Tony Barrett, Tom Prendergast, Pat Moynihan, John O Shea. Subs: Pat O Connell (Valentia) for J. McEnery; Eamonn O Donoghue for T. Barrett.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 13th Nov. at Tralee: Kerry 0-5; Louth 0-6.

Kerry: Eamonn O Donoghue, Jerry McCarthy, Mick Morris, Paud O Donoghue, Pat Ahern, Derry Crowley, Ted Fitzgerald, Pat Griffin, Michael John O Shea, Paudie Finnegan, Pat Moynihan, John O Shea, Tom Prendergast, Seamus Fitzgerald, Timmy Fitzgerald. Sub: Pat O Connell for T. Fitzgerald.

Kerry were then out of the league.




Alf Murray (Armagh) was Uachtarán of CLG. Dr. Jim Brosnan was re-elected Trustee of the association. At the Annual Congress, also, on 20th March in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, it was decided that both senior and minor teams participating in All-Ireland finals would be entertained on the night of the final.


Munster Convention was held in Limerick on 5th March. Seamus Ó Riain (Tiobrad Árainn) was elected as Chairman, Seán McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.


At the Co. Convention held in Killarney on Sun. 30th January 1966, all the outgoing officers were re-elected unopposed:

Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan; Vice-Chairman – Leo Stack; Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Joint Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville and Pat O Meara; Central Council Delegate – Mícheál Ó Ruairc; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; P.R.O. (for the first time) Gerald McKenna (Ballyduff).

Senior Selectors: Mick O Dwyer (53 votes), John Joe Sheehy (39), Johnny Walsh (38), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (32), Murt Kelly (28) (all elected), Rev. Denis Curtin (28 votes but withdrew) and Teddy O Connor (26).

James Coffey was nominated for the position of Minor Football selector but he withdrew his name.

Laune Rangers had one motion on the ‘clár’, ‘That the U-16 football championship be played in July/Aug.’ That motion was referred to the first meeting of the Co. Board and, there, it was accepted and it was also decided to run the U-15 championship at the same time – June, July and August.


A Co. Board meeting on Mon. 4th July, after heated discussion, decided to cut car allowances to teams of four cars for championship games to three cars.


The Mid-Kerry Convention took place on 23rd January 1966 in the Oisín Cinema. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1965). The Treasurer’s report showed a credit balance of £117-11-10 but the 1965 medals had not yet been paid for. The actual balance was £60 credit.

The following officers were elected:

President: Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers), Chairman: Father Brian Kelly beat Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) by 15 votes to 10. Vice-Chairman: Willie Barton (Keel), Secretary: James Coffey (Laune Rangers), Treasurer: Michael Dodo O Mahony (Glenbeigh), Delegate to Co. Board: Murt Kelly (Beaufort).

Senior Selectors: Father Kelly, Murt Kelly, Mícheál Scanlon, Willie Barton, George McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine).

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That where a field is not properly marked, the home club will be fined 10/-.’ It was agreed that, where a neutral venue was concerned, £1 would be paid towards the lining of the field.
  2. ‘That Mid-Kerry fixtures should be played on all available Sundays.’ It was left to the discretion of the Board whether games should be played on the Sunday prior to Co. Championship games.
  3. ‘That the Board should play all its leagues and winter competitions on all available Sundays even if teams have to play without county players.’ The Championship was excluded from that and, if a team had several county players, it would not be forced to play.
  4. ‘That the Mid-Kerry teams be selected on the Monday preceding games and that the players be notified immediately of the positions they occupy on the team.’ It was left to the discretion of the Board whether to publish the team or not.
  5. ‘That the Board should discontinue paying travelling expenses to clubs for games within the area.’ It was estimated that this would save the Board £150 annually.

In the course of his address, Father Kelly, Chairman, paid special tribute to the Secretary of the Board for his untiring work. He suggested that the price of admission to games should be increased in order to defray expenses. Referring to competitions in the area, he said that ‘it was most important that the Board should make an early start, commencing with the Senior League, which should be completed by the end of May. The Senior Championship should commence in June and if possible end in August and the Winter League should follow immediately. In 1965, the League wasn’t completed and the Championship didn’t finish until November. We were criticised for this but the Board thought it wise to suspend all senior competitions until after the Co. Final was played. This was done so as to avoid injuries to the Mid-Kerry players and if we won the Co. Championship we would have been praised instead of criticised. Our minors and juveniles are being neglected and I hope that this year a special competition confined to the schools in the area will be run and an U-16 competition.’


At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 10th March, it was decided, on the proposition of Willie Barton (Keel) and seconded by George McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine), that a fine of £1 would be imposed on a team taking the field fifteen minutes late and that a team, thirty minutes late, would forfeit the game.

Mr. Tadhg Crowley, Secretary of the Co. Board, addressed the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 2nd May on the organisation of the clubs. He volunteered to meet each club separately on the matter.

The entry fee to all games under the Mid-Kerry Board jurisdiction was a follows:

Senior – 2/-; Minor – 1/-; Juvenile – 6d.


The Laune Rangers’ minute book of that year shows that there were but two club meetings during 1966, one in February and the second in November. Both were held in the CYMS Hall.

The club meeting in February was presided over by Paudie Foley. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Rev. Father O Leary, Kevin Foley, Paddy Foley, Patsy Joy, Sean O Riordan, John Foley, Denis O Neill and Patsy Cronin. The Secretary reported that he had written to Mr. Cahillane regarding the U.S. trip and that he was awaiting a reply. It was decided to play Kingdom Club, Birmingham, on Easter Monday and to ask Mr. Maurice O Donoghue for the Oisin dancehall for that night with a view to having a dance to defray expenses for catering for the Kingdom team. The first dance in the Oisin had netted £9-14-0. The Biddy Ball Dance in the Oisín Ballroom had netted £18-10-0, at which Kilgobnet had won the Biddy Championship of Kerry. (Mr. Maurice O Donoghue of the Gleneagle Hotel had taken a lease on the Oisín Ballroom. Admission to the dance had been 6/6 and the hours of dancing had been between 9pm and 1am). Paddy Foley asked the Secretary to write to Mr. McDyer, CEO Kerry Vocational Educational Committee, for £5 rent for the use of the field. The Chairman undertook to get permission from Sergeant Ward to hold a flag-day during Puck Fair.

The 4th November meeting was presided over by Paudie Foley. Also in attendance were Paddy Foley, Sean Foley, Seamus Naughton, Christy O Riordan, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill and Sean O Riordan. Arrangements were made for the annual social. The Secretary was instructed to get quotations from various hotels and it was left to the committee to make the final decision.


On Sun. 10th April (Easter Sunday) the fiftieth anniversary of the 1916 Rising was celebrated countrywide. The GAA, in Kerry, did not have any particular celebration but it was left to each member to celebrate the occasion as he thought fit. In Killorglin, a committee had been set up under the Chairmanship of Paddy O Callaghan M.C.C. and with Tom O Sullivan, Langford St., as Secretary, to organise suitable celebrations. The parade, in glorious sunshine, went firstly to Dromavalla Cemetery, where Paddy O Callaghan laid a wreath at the graves of Charlie Monaghan and Donal Sheehan who, together with Con Keating, had lost their lives in the Good Friday 1916 tragedy at Ballykissane. (Con Keating was buried in his native Cahersiveen). The parade proceeded to Ballykissane Pier, where Tom O Sullivan laid a wreath. The oration was given by Mr. Eamonn Mac Thomáis, Chairman of the National Republican Commemoration Committee and then he threw a wreath into the water from the edge of the pier. The commemorative Mass on Sunday evening in St. James’ Church was packed to capacity.


Mr. Tadhg Crowley attended a meeting of the Laune Rangers club on Fri. 20th May in the CYMS Hall with a view to informing the club of the recommendations for a progressive club. These recommendations had been adopted by the Co. Board at a meeting in Connolly Hall, Tralee, as a result of wide ranging consultations by the sub-committee set up to put together plans for the reorganisation of the clubs in the county. The recommendations were as follows: 1. (a) An annual general meeting to be held. (b) Notify by circular. (c) Selectors, as far as possible, to be appointed from non-playing members. (d) Every annual meeting to get publicity in press. 2. A club meeting before every match, impress on teams to train, officers to give good example by being in attendance at field. 3. Teams and subs to be selected in advance and advertised in prominent place. 4. Hold annual Church Gate collection. 5. Club raffle. 6. Ciste na Banban to be organised by members. 7. Plays, etc. to be organised from cultural and financial side. 8. Presentations to be made to players on occasions of marriage, ordinations, etc. 9. Keep members working. 10. Press coverage to be cultivated for meetings and games. 11. Arrange game annually with a team in another division. 12. Purchase of own field to be the ultimate objective. 13. Annual Social. 14. Cater for juveniles and minors. 15. If you have county players, play without them up to semi-final stages of competitions.


On Sun. 3rd July, the Kingdom Club, Dublin, of which Bart Moriarty was a founder member, won the Co. Junior Football League. The victory dance was held in the Hollybrook Hotel on Thurs. 20th Oct. and Bart, as Secretary, presented the players with their medals.


Cork beat Kerry in the Munster Senior Final in Killarney by 2-7 to 1-7.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mick Morris, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Tommy O Callaghan, Mick O Connell (0-1), Mick Fleming, Pat Moynihan (0-2), Seamus Mac Gearailt, Derry O Shea, Tom Prendergast (0-2), Pat Griffin (0-1), PJ Fitzpatrick (0-1). Subs: Tony Barrett (1-0) for PJ Fitzpatrick, Seanie Burrows for T. O Callaghan.

Kerry beat Limerick and Cork to win the Munster U-21 title but lost to Kildare by 2-14 to 0-9 in the All-Ireland semi-final.

Cork beat Kerry in the Munster Minor Final easily.

In the Munster Club Championship, St. Nicholas beat John Mitchels to bring the title to Cork for the first time.


Co. Senior Football Final: John Mitchels 2-10; East-Kerry 1-10.

Co. Minor Football Final: Castleisland 3-8; Austin Stacks 1-3.

Co. U-16 Football Final: Castleisland 2-6; Kenmare 1-0.


In October, the news of the death of Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, son of J.P. O Sullivan and trainer of numerous Kerry Senior teams, was received with deep regret in the parish of Kilorglin. On Sun. 30th October, past and present members of Laune Rangers Club formed part of the guard of honour at the funeral from St. John’s Church, Tralee to Rathass cemetery.

Members of Laune Rangers Club form part of the Guard of Honour at the funeral of Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan in Tralee.

Members of Laune Rangers Club form part of the Guard of Honour at the funeral of Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan in Tralee.
Far side of the Hearse: Seamus Curran, Pat Ahern, Denis Lynch.
Near side of the Hearse: Joe O Sullivan, Kevin Foley, Michael Murphy, James Coffey, Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor, John Foley.

On Sun. 23rd Oct., Noel Lucey was at right fullback on the London team that beat Cork 1-6 to 0-8 in Limerick to win the All-Ireland Junior Championship final. The Irish Press reported that Noel Lucey was the man who steadied the defence in moments of peril, some of his catching was superb and his clearances must have broken the hearts of the Cork-men. A Cork supporter, leaving the ground after the final whistle, was heard to mutter, ‘I knew we would be beaten when I saw big Lucey coming out with the London team.’

In the Tipperary Cup, despite the best efforts of Noel Lucey, The Kingdom were beaten by Naomh Mhuire. However, the Kingdom reached the final of the London Senior Championship but lost to Parnells by 0-6 to 0-4 at New Eltham, with Noel Lucey starring in defence.


Laune Rangers held their 7th Annual Social in the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney on Wed. 4th January 1967. It was really a celebration of the success of 1966. The function was well attended and the patrons had a very enjoyable evening. Mícheál Scanlon, Secretary, who presided, welcomed the attendance. He was delighted, he said, to see so many of the ‘old faces’ present and was encouraged to see the many ‘new faces’.

“The sight of these young people, supporting our association”, said Mr. Scanlon, “assures me that we can face the future with confidence and so help to perpetuate the proud tradition of the Laune Rangers.” Mr. Scanlon went on to say that at the previous year’s social, he had expressed the desire for success on the playing field in 1966. “Little did I think at that time,” he said, “that such success would come our way as did. The trophies on display here tonight are sufficient evidence of the extent of our successes.” The trophies on display were the Kerry Club Championship Cup, the Mid-Kerry Championship Cup (J. P. O Sullivan Trophy), the Mid-Kerry League (Maurice Kelliher Trophy), the Laune Rangers Cup for 1964/65, the Mid-Kerry Juvenile Championship Cup (O Shea/Clifford Trophy).

Rev. M. O Leary C.C., President of Laune Rangers Club, said that 1966 had been the most successful year since 1911. Not alone was he pleased with the victories but with the sportsmanship displayed in achieving them. Father O Leary paid tribute to the officials of the club. “Very seldom,” he said, ” do these people get the praise they so fully deserve for their unselfish and untiring efforts to promote our games.” He also praised the officials and players of the past and wished the club further success in the coming year.

Paudie Foley, Chairman of the club, thanked the people for their support at all times. “In the near future,” he said, “we will require dressing-rooms and we intend to have a house-to-house collection. I expect that the response will be generous.”

Gerald McKenna, PRO Kerry Co. Board, who deputised for Dr. Jim Brosnan, said it had been particularly gratifying to see the Laune Rangers Club, which had been established about 1888 still, playing such a prominent part in the affairs of the association in the county. “The Laune Rangers set Kerry on the path of football glory in 1892,” said Mr. McKenna, ” and now they are setting a headline for the county once again by the manner in which they are answering the ‘plan for the future campaign’ initiated by Dr. Brosnan. I can assure you that Dr. Brosnan fully appreciates the efforts of the Laune Rangers Club to face and cope with the problems, which confront the Association today.”

During the year, 101 players assisted Laune Rangers in senior, minor and juvenile competitions. The teams played a total of 43 games, made up of: juvenile (3), minor (4), senior and minor parish league (12), eleven-a-side (5), seven-a-side (1), senior championship and league (16), challenges (2). This was an indication of club activity on a well-organised scale. The club intended starting a juvenile parish league in 1967.


Rev. Father John Quinlan, a native of Killarney, who had retired to Killorglin, due to ill-health, from the diocese of Liverpool about twenty years previously, died on 5th January.


During the year, the new housing estate was opened in Steelroe.


An effort was made to demolish the Railway Bridge over the Laune, which had been built in 1885, but, thankfully, the locals intervened successfully.


The aqueduct on Annadale Road, leading to the Old Mill, which had been built between 1865 and 1870, had to be demolished as it was in a very bad state of disrepair and it was a danger to the public.


Garda Sergeant Ward was transferred to Sligo at the end of September.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board took place in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Thursday 15th December 1966. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report stated that ‘Lack of spirit amongst the players cost us the Senior Co. Championship and the 1965 Kerryman Shield. In previous years the blame for Mid-Kerry defeats was placed on the officers of the Board. This year, however, as during the past year, the Board did everything possible to help the players to win the Co. Senior Championship. Before each game this year, training sessions were held but there were never more than six players present at any of the sessions and very often there were only two or three players present. It is hard to understand how this lack of spirit has crept into our players and unless there is a 100% improvement, Mid-Kerry will never win the county title.’ He then outlined the performances of the senior, minor and U-16 teams during 1966. Referring to the latter, he stated that it was quite clear that if Mid-Kerry was going to win that competition, it would have to run a similar competition in its own area. He then congratulated the Laune Rangers club on its successes during the year. He continued ‘In all 44 games were played in competitions run by the Board and eight Board meetings were held during the year. Gate receipts at all games show a considerable drop on previous years and, as this is one of our major means of income, something must be done if the Board can continue its work. Judging by the nominations and motions received for the Convention, there is either complete satisfaction with the officers of the Board and their work or else there is a ‘we don’t care less’ attitude taken by clubs in the area. Once again my thanks to the clubs in the area for their co-operation during the year and finally a special word of thanks to our Chairman who has done so much for the Board and for football in the area. I can safely say that without him, football in the area would be dead. Very few realise the amount of work he has put into the running of the affairs of the Board but those who do appreciate it very much. So I appeal most earnestly to the clubs to rally around our great Chairman and support him and, if we do, I feel sure we will win the Co. Championship in the coming year.’


The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on 15th January 1967. The Secretary, Mícheál Scanlon, in his report said, “The year 1966 will long be remembered with pride as one of the most outstanding years since the inception of the Laune Rangers Club in 1885. In all, 44 games were played, including all grades and parish league. The parish league was a very successful competition and Groyne/Rangue were worthy winners of it. The Senior League was won rather easily but it was only by the narrowest of margins that the Mid-Kerry Championship was won after a great game with Glenbeigh. Then followed the Kerry Club Championship series and, after a rousing game, Laune Rangers beat O Casey’s Waterville in the final in Killarney. On the 8th January 1967, they beat Tralee in the final of the Town’s Cup.

The beginning of 1966 saw the club reduced to a few ragged jerseys and the finances were so low that we were unable to purchase a set, but, through the good offices of Mr. Denis Guiney, we were presented with a first class set. This is not the first time Mr. Guiney has helped this club and we should be grateful to him and proud of his association with us. I would like to thank the Mid-Kerry Board for the loan of their jerseys earlier in the year and I would be grateful if players handed over jerseys more promptly after matches. I would like to express my gratitude to the players and officers who were so co-operative during the year and I hope they will remain together during 1967.”