Laune Rangers – 1965

 Mid-Kerry lost the Co. Senior Football Championship Final to East-Kerry after a replay.

Mid-Kerry lost the Kerryman Shield Final (played in June 1966) to South-Kerry.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the fifth time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-15 Football Championship for the first time.

Kerry won the Munster Junior Football Championship – Pat Ferris played at left half-forward and Pat Ahern was a substitute.

Jimmy Lucey played at midfield and Vincent Lucey at right full-forward on the Kerry team that won the Munster Senior Football Championship – they lost to Galway in the All-Ireland Final.

Paddy Foley was elected as the first President of the Mid-Kerry Board.

James Coffey was re-elected Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the eleventh successive year.

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The AGM of the club was held on Sun. 3rd January 1965 in the CYMS Hall. James Coffey presided. Also in attendance were Christy O Riordan, Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Stevie Foley, John Foley, Kevin Foley, Tom Moriarty, Kieran O Leary, Jim Galvin, Podso McCarthy, Paddy Flynn, Donal Mangan, Owen Mangan, Teddy Mangan, Tom Curtayne, Kieran Foley, Pat Ferris, William Kennedy, Batty Foley, Ernie Brick, Gearoid O Sullivan and Denis Lynch. (The Secretary’s report was given at the end of 1964). Treasurer, Pat O Shea, gave the financial statement.

Income and expenditure account for the year ended 31st Dec. 1964:

Income                                                                   Expenditure

Dances £105 –  4 – 9                        Players’ travelling expenses 110   – 2 – 0

Church Gate Collection     23 – 15 – 0 Footballs   16 – 16 – 2

Gate Receipts    40 – 11 – 6                      Field maintenance   10 – 13 – 6

Play    15 – 15 – 0                                         Medical expenses     6 – 10 – 0

Raffle    19 – 10 – 0                                      Printing/Stationery   12 – 17 – 4

Membership    15 –   3 – 0                        Laundry     1   – 0 – 0

£219 – 19 – 3                                                Masses     2   – 0 – 0

Doormen (dances)     3   – 0 – 0

Refreshments     6   – 6 – 7

Raffle     5   – 0 – 0

Trophies   11   – 0 – 0

Gifts     2   – 0 – 0

Willie Crowley (solicitor)     1   – 5 – 0

Dance loss   20   – 6 – 0

Postage     2  – 11 – 1

Bank charges     1    – 9 – 3

£212 –   16 – 11

Excess of income over expenditure for 1964 – £7 – 2 – 4

Balance B/F from 1963 – £0 – 17 – 7. Credit balance – £7 – 19 – 11.

The Chairman, James Coffey, in his address, thanked all the members for coming to the meeting. He continued as follows, “This is the most important event of the year for the club. Today, we do our stocktaking. We look back at the year and we must ask ourselves did we or did we not do enough for the club, the team and for the Association in that period. At this Convention, we will decide on new laws for the coming year and no matter how wrong or right these laws are, they must be adhered to until the 1966 Convention decides to change them. So it is of great importance that we keep our heads screwed on today. Let us forget past differences and look forward to a great year of sporting activities.

Being my first year as Chairman of the club, I would say that 1964 was a most disappointing one for me. My aims were that more should be done for the juveniles and minors and that we should create a better spirit amongst players and members. We started well with the juveniles but I am afraid that too much was left to too few. Out of this club, I could safely say that only two members took any worthwhile interest in the juveniles. While I don’t like mentioning anyone for special praise, I could not pass on without thanking Mícheál Scanlon and Pat O Shea for devoting so much time to the juvenile affairs in the parish.

My other disappointment was the minors. Here I feel that not enough is being done to encourage these lads to get to the field and practice and take a greater interest in the game. For a parish the size of Killorglin, with one of the finest playing pitches in the county, I am ashamed to say that we hadn’t a county minor in the past ten years with three or four exceptions. Surely, we can do something to remedy this. I appeal to all members of this club not to be just satisfied that we have juvenile and minor teams playing each year but let us get out and support them, wherever they are playing and show them that an interest is taken in them and that they are as important to this club as the seniors.

My greatest disappointment was the poor spirit of the senior players and the members of the club. During the year, for important games, we had to ask retired players and outside players to fill the vacancies on the team because some of our players didn’t feel like turning out and, in doing so, they didn’t even bother their heads to notify the Hon. Secretary. Every game, no matter how important or unimportant, is a game and should be treated as such. Players who do not wish to play should have the courtesy to notify the Secretary of their intentions. Another problem is the lack of substitutes on the day of games. Only too often in the past, we had to be contented with one sub. Some lads feel insulted when they are not on the first fifteen. But I would like to tell these how wrong they are. It is often the sub that wins the game and he is more important than the players on the original team and he should not be insulted when he is not on the first fifteen. Let us then, in the coming year, see an improvement here.

Another disappointing fact was the poor attendance at club meetings, both committee and general. So poor in fact that most of the meetings called, had to be abandoned and, as a result, not a meeting was held since April. Here again we will need to improve, as a club cannot carry on if the members do not support it. All the work should not be left to the officers. Finally, I would like to thank Patsy Cronin and Pat O Shea for their hard work for the club.”

Election of Officers:

President: Rev. Father O Riordan C.C.

Vice-Presidents: Rev. Father Moriarty P.P., Rev. Father O Leary C.C., Connie Lucey, Donal Prendiville and Paddy Foley.

Chairman: James Coffey.

Vice-Chairman: Christy O Riordan.

Secretary: Patsy Cronin.

Joint Treasurers: Pat O Shea and Christy O Riordan (both resigned within a month).

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board: Patsy Cronin and Christy O Riordan.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, John Foley, Stevie Foley.

Delegates to Co. Convention: James Coffey and Patsy Cronin.

Committee: The Officers and Stevie Foley, John Foley, Sean Foley, Kevin Foley, Tom Moriarty, Kieran O Leary, Jim Galvin, Podso McCarthy, Paddy Flynn, Bertie Harmon and Timmy Cronin.

Senior Selection Committee: There was an election and the following were elected: John Foley (18 votes), Kevin Foley (14 votes), Mícheál Scanlon (13 votes), James Coffey (12 votes) and Christy O Riordan (12 votes). Sean Foley and Podso McCarthy unsuccessfully contested the position.

Senior Captain: Pat Ferris.

Senior Vice-Captain: Pat Ahern.

Minor Captain: Kieran Foley.

Minor Vice-Captain: Timmy Doyle.

Nominations for Mid-Kerry Board:

Chairman – James Coffey; Vice-Chairman – Willie Barton (Keel); Secretary – Patsy Cronin; Treasurer – Dodo Mahony (Glenbeigh); Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly (Beaufort); Senior Selector – Mícheál Scanlon.


The following motions were passed:

  1. That the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer get an All-Ireland ticket each.
  2. That a 7-a-side competition be run by the club on Sunday mornings.
  3. That the club should field teams in the Mid-Kerry League and Laune Rangers Cup, with or without county players.
  4. That, where there is only one game, it should start at 3.00pm.


There was a long discussion on the players who had played Association Football (soccer) and, eventually, it was decided that those players must serve suspensions. Christy O Riordan said that in his time, players played different games among themselves but now the college lads wanted to show how smart they were in an unpleasant way. Stevie Foley told them to leave the meeting.


Co. Senior Football Championship


There were 12 teams in the Co. Senior Football Championship, St. Vincent’s, Castleisland, Mid-Kerry, West Kerry, John Mitchel’s, Shannon Rangers, East-Kerry, St. Brendan’s, Ballymacelligott, Austin Stack’s, South Kerry and Kerins O Rahilly’s.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 11th July at Dingle: West Kerry 0-7; Mid-Kerry 3-9.

This game promised great things but it fell flat. Truth was that West-Kerry just weren’t a match for their better-equipped opponents. The first minute of the game proved disastrous for the Westerners. Mid-Kerry broke away from the throw-in, Pat Ferris put the ball on to Pat Griffin and the Glenbeigh man landed a point. From the kick-out, Vincent Lucey passed to Griffin and this time the ball slipped through for a shock goal. Mid-Kerry were always playing in a winning vein afterwards. Whenever West Kerry attacked in the first half, their forwards made a poor hand of scoring. At the other end, Mid-Kerry were ever dangerous and it was only stout football by centre-back Tomas O Shea and fullback Seamus Murphy that kept the tally down. Mid-Kerry led at halftime by 1-5 to 0-2 and looked fairly safe.

After the restart, Pat Griffin kicked a point and West-Kerry followers really began to despair. But that despair turned to hope in the next twelve minutes when West Kerry narrowed a seven points gap to three. Michael John O Shea set them on the road back when he kicked a good point and Seamus Fitzgerald and Michael O Shea (Smerwick) added further points, O Shea putting his name to two of them. So with thirteen minutes of the second half gone, West-Kerry had come storming back into the game. The home crowd roared encouragement to them. But just as a great finish looked in the offing, Mid-Kerry hit back for scores that crushed the fight out of West-Kerry.

In the sixteenth minute, Kerry minor Tim Kelliher had a fourteen-yards free blocked, but he got the clearance and slipped over a beautiful point. Then Mid-Kerry applied the first blow in their one-two k.o. Pat Griffin won possession unmarked on the left of the West-Kerry posts, he sent the ball across the goalmouth where Vincent Lucey just failed to catch it on the run. But corner-forward Kevin Griffin was in the right spot and with a flick of his hand, he palmed the ball over the line, with goalkeeper Tom Lynch beaten by a split second in his effort to punch clear. Mid-Kerry really floored West-Kerry four minutes later when Billy Kerins got a ball and raced through from the right and sent a scorcher low to the net. That made it 3-7 to 0-6, and the game fizzled out to a very dull conclusion.

The Mid-Kerry forwards knew their stuff a lot better than their opponents. Vincent Lucey played far out from goals in the first half, often getting the ball around the fifty yards line. In the second half, he moved to the forty in a switch with Pat Griffin. Altogether, there was a lot more initiative and understanding amongst the Mid-Kerry forwards and they knew what to do with the ball when they got it. Goalkeeper Batty Foley and his backs did their job well.

Due to an oversight, the appointed referee was not notified and eventually it was agreed that a man attached to one of the teams would take charge of the game. There was a toss and the man chosen was James Coffey (Laune Rangers) and he did a good job under the circumstances.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), George Evans (Keel), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Lucey (do.), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine) 1-0, Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh) 1-3, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 0-3, Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers), Tim Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-2.

West-Kerry: Tom Lynch, Tom O Shea, Seamus Murphy, Mícheál O Shea, Liam Higgins, Tomas O Shea, Joe O Driscoll, Michael John O Shea, Mícheál Ó Sé, Joe O Sullivan, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Tom Fitzgerald, Paddy Kennedy, Mossy O Driscoll, Bosco O Connor.


Quarter-Final on Thurs. 29th July at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Mid-Kerry 4-6; South Kerry 4-3.

Played in torrential rain in the first half and on an uncomfortably slippery sod in the second half, Mid-Kerry snatched a last-minute victory over South Kerry. It was county minor Tim Kelliher who won Mid-Kerry their passage to the semi-final when he hooked a loose ball into the net for the match-winning goal. Both teams were deserving of the highest credit for their efforts to overcome the shocking conditions.

South Kerry led at halftime by 3-1 to 1-3, due primarily to the tiptop display given by Mick O Connell at midfield. Pitted against Vincent and Jimmy Lucey, the Valentia wizard gave a tremendous display and controlled the rain-soaked ball with consummate ease. For long stages of the second half, it looked as if South-Kerry would hold on, but Mid-Kerry kept plugging on and, with ten minutes to go, they were only trailing by a single point. Five minutes later, Pat Griffin shot the levelling point. Then came Kelliher’s winning goal and Mid-Kerry were in the semi-final. The game nearly ended in disorder two minutes from full-time following a fracas involving players from both sides at the side of the Mid-Kerry goalmouth.

At the subsequent Co. Board meeting, the South Kerry delegate, Sean McCarthy, disagreed with the referee’s alluding to two minor incidents during and after the game, stating that the incidents were major and that Mick O Connell had been assaulted by five individuals and he called for an investigation. Murt Kelly accepted that Mid-Kerry was responsible for 65% of the blame and he said that he would rather that they had lost the game than to have these incidents occur. The following were called before the investigating committee Mick O Connell, Mick O Dwyer, Jimmy Lucey, Vincent Lucey (players), Sean McCarthy (South Kerry), Murt Kelly and Father Kelly (Mid-Kerry), Brendan Walsh, James O Donoghue and Donie Sheehan (East Kerry). However, a letter from Mick O Connell was read at the following Co. Board meeting in which he stated that he did not wish to have an investigation and he did not wish to be associated with an investigation.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat O Shea, George Evans, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Ahern, Jimmy Lucey, Vincent Lucey (0-2), Billy Kerins (1-0), Pat Griffin (0-2), Pat Ferris (0-1), Kevin Griffin (1-0), Mícheál Griffin (Glenbeigh), Tim Kelliher (2-1). Sub: Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers) for P. Ferris.


Semi-Final on Sun. 22nd August at Fitzgerald Stadium: Mid-Kerry 4-7; John Mitchels 4-6.

Eamonn Horan’s report in the Kerryman was as follows: ‘Mid-Kerry are through to the county football final for the first time ever and whether their opponents in the decider are St. Vincent’s or East Kerry, the men from the Laune will be hot favourites to carry off the coveted Bishop Moynihan Trophy. In the last few years they have earned many plaudits and won many admirers with this great performances, but their one point victory over arch-rivals John Mitchels in a memorable semi-final in Killarney’s Fitzgerald Stadium entitles them to be called great. Yes, this is a GREAT Mid-Kerry team. Nobody, not even the most rabid John Mitchel’s supporter, could begrudge them that accolade after Sunday’s battle of the giants. The game teemed with thrills and breath-taking excitement. Any game in which each team scores four goals, and two of them in the last five minutes, must be exciting. Three goals down at halftime, Mitchels had the strong breeze with them in the second half and the question everybody was asking was could Mitchels pull back that lead against a Mid-Kerry side that was playing with dash and daring. The halftime score was 2-6 to 1-0.

Less than a minute after the restart, Mitchels struck. A long ball from the left boot of Derry O Shea finished up in the net, with forwards tussling frantically with backs and goalkeeper Batty Foley obviously unsighted. Was this the start of a great Mitchels’ resurgence? Twenty-nine minutes to go and already Mid-Kerry’s lead reduced to six points.

But ninety seconds later, Mid-Kerry struck back like an angry cobra. Pat Griffin cut upfield and his pass found fleet-footed Billy Kerins. He cut inside and from point blank range lashed a left-footed drive low into the net and Johnny Kelliher never had a chance of stopping it. That tonic goal left Mid-Kerry leading by 3-6 to 2-0 and for almost ten minutes after it Mitchels played as if they were in a trance. Their chance seemed to have gone for good. Then in the 41st minute, John ‘Thorny’ O Shea pointed a free and the Tralee side seemed to find a new lease of life. Thereafter, Mitchel’s played with something of their old-time skill and method. ‘Thorny’ O Shea was the elusive pimpernel of the side as he out-foxed and out-sped the Mid-Kerry backs with increasing regularity. More often than not he was fouled and from these free kicks Mitchels were able to get within striking distance of their rivals. O Shea pointed further frees in the 42nd, 44th, 49th and 50th minutes to cut Mid-Kerry’s lead to a mere four points.

Mid-Kerry were distinctly rattled. Gone was the fluency and rhythm that had hall-marked their football in the first half as they back-pedalled and fumbled before the fierce onslaughts of the opposition. In the 52nd minute, Mitchel’s struck again and this time with deadly effect. Midfielder Mick Morris sent a free to Niall Sheehy (who was now operating at full-forward) and the big Tralee man promptly shifted the ball to the waiting Derry O Shea. The latter seemed to be enmeshed in a web of backs but somehow he kept moving goalwards. Then from dead centre, he left Jimmy Lucey grovelling unceremoniously on the ground as he hammered a fierce left-footed shot into the back of the net. That score really electrified the exchanges. Mitchels, roared on by their frantic supporters, were all over Mid-Kerry just then. The game was running their way and they moved in to finish the job.

A wonderful forward movement brought the equalising point. The ball moved from Dowd to Morris to Niall Sheehy and again he, as cool as a cube of ice, dallied with the ball for a split second and then flicked it across to Thorny O Shea. Without a moment’s hesitation, the eel-like Mitchels’ attacker thudded the ball with his left boot and it dropped dead centre between the posts for a peach of a point. With six minutes remaining, the sides were on level terms. Both teams were now feeling the strain of the back-breaking pace of the second half. But it was Mitchels who struck the next blow. And, at the time, it looked like being a lethal blow. With five minutes remaining, Mitchels swept into the attack once more. Sean Burrows sent the ball to Seamus Roche and he in turn passed it to Derry O Shea. The Kerry forward cut through on the right wing and his bullet-like low shot sped to the corner of the net with rocket-like force. Unbelievably, Mitchels had come from nowhere to take a one-goal lead.

But the best was yet to come, the best from Mid-Kerry’s point of view. They set about retrieving a situation, which, just then, looked hopeless. Even when Tim Kelliher sent a free over the bar (his fifth point from placed balls) in the 56th minute, it still looked as if it would be Mitchels for the final. However, Mid-Kerry would not throw in the towel. Pat Griffin led another great attack and when his shot at goal was smothered in a sea of blue and gold and green and gold jerseys, it seemed that their gallant attempt had failed. But tremendous confusion followed in front of the Mitchels goal. Backs tried to keep the ball out and it looked as if they would succeed, but in one golden moment, county minor Tim Kelliher got his boot to the ball and it was in the net. What a turn-up? This see-saw encounter had taken another turn, but this time it was final and irrevocable. There was less than a minute to go and Mid-Kerry were in the final in as thrill-charged and suspense-filled a game as will be seen on any playing field in the country.

The young hero of the hour was surely Mid-Kerry’s teen-aged Tim Kelliher, the youngster who has worn the county minor jersey with such distinction so far this year. In all he accounted for a goal and five points of his side’s total. But his match-winning goal will stand to his everlasting fame in the eyes of Mid-Kerry folk. Such was the force of the breeze (one might more correctly call it a gale) that it often played weird tricks with the ball and left players groping at the empty air.

One of the fundamental differences between the sides was the fact that Mid-Kerry were a much better balanced team, while the losers had to rely largely on a few individuals. And in the end, the good average performances of most of the Mid-Kerry man told its tale. Not that the winners were without their few really outstanding performers. Some of their stars shone brighter than others. And in this respect, Ned O Shea at right fullback and George Evans outside him took the honours in a solid defence, which was split only by the uncanny ball jugglery of the O Shea brothers, Derry and Thorny. Over the hour Ned O Shea and Evans gave Sean Og Sheehy and Fred Lynch very little scope to manoeuvre in. Pat Ahern, at left-half, must also be complimented on the manner in which he shadowed Derry O Shea. Ahern had the upper hand in very many duels, but it was O Shea’s opportunism that caused the trouble.

At midfield, it was Vincent Lucey who piloted the winners through the stormy waters. His brother Jimmy helped in phases but never to the extent expected. Vincent had some stirring jostles with Mick Morris and at the hour’s end it would be fair to say that they about divided the honours. However, Lucey often lent invaluable help to the attack and his flair for popping up in that sector at regular intervals often perplexed the opposing backs. Next to Kelliher, Pat Griffin and Billy Kerins were the big men of the attack. Griffin, as a prompter and faultless distributor had seldom filled the role better. He might not have been consistently good, but he was equal to the occasion when the need was greatest. Kerins showed a return to the form, which made him one of the mighty men of the side a few years ago. His goal at the start of the second half was a beautifully timed effort. The two other Griffins, Kevin and Michael, also left their mark on the game with a goal each late in the first half. Pat Ferris, though he didn’t score, was, nevertheless, a tireless worker on the left wing. Teddy Bowler, at fullback, had a fairly sound game as had Jerry O Riordan at centre half, though the Glenbeigh man took a long time to find his form.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jimmy Healy, George Evans, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Ahern, Jimmy Lucey, Vincent Lucey, Billy Kerins (1-0), Pat Griffin (0-2), Pat Ferris, Kevin Griffin (1-0), Mike Griffin (1-0), Tim Kelliher (1-5). Subs: John Joe Ladden (Milltown/Castlemaine), Bob Spring (do.), Jim Daly (do.), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Seamus Curran (do.), Paul Lucey (do.), Mike O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Pat Joe Sweeney (Beaufort).

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork). In his report to the Co. Board, he stated that it was one of the finest matches that he ever had the privilege of refereeing.

For that game, Batty Foley had a hand injury received at work and he had pleaded with the selectors not to play him as he felt that the injury would come against him. However, they prevailed upon him to play.


Final on Sun. 10th Oct in Tralee: East-Kerry 4-5; Mid-Kerry 2-11.

Mid-Kerry had qualified for the Co. Final, the first for any team from the area since the Laune Rangers in 1911. It would forever remain one of the great sensations of Kerry football – how Mid-Kerry, seven points in arrears with only four minutes left to play, managed to snatch a draw with East-Kerry in the county final. Imagine the picture five minutes from the end! Spectators were streaming from the ground, joyful East-Kerry followers ready to acclaim their team as champions and Mid-Kerry men mournfully acknowledging defeat. But then the seemingly impossible happened. Mid-Kerry got one goal, then another and Pat Griffin fisted over the equaliser in the 59th minute. Indeed, Vincent Lucey was wide with a shot that could have won the game for Mid-Kerry (There were at least two players available for a pass that would surely have resulted in a goal). The joyful East-Kerry supporters were silenced and stunned. It couldn’t be! But it was. The mournful Mid-Kerry men rejoiced. Was it a dream? Was their imagination playing tricks? Neither, it was fact. It was hard to credit it when referee Andy Scannell (Aunascaul) sounded the final whistle. The finish must be an everlasting reminder to every team that a match is never won or lost until full-time.

Mid-way through the second half, Jimmy Lucey put Mid-Kerry into the lead for the first time in the game by shooting a point. At that stage, Mid-Kerry appeared set for victory with the breeze behind them. But in the 46th minute, East Kerry forced a goal. Donie O Sullivan sent a tremendous drop-kick into the Mid-Kerry goalmouth, Johnny Culloty got a fist to it, the ball hit off the crossbar, went across the goals and substitute Pat Cahill was on the spot to put it bulging in the back of the net. East-Kerry, inspired by that goal, surged to the attack again from the kick-out. D.J. Crowley won possession, knifed his way through and sank a goal with a powerful shot. Now, East-Kerry looked the team for the title. Even when Pat Ahern pointed a free in the 49th minute, it seemed that East-Kerry had sufficient in hands to hold out. And what great certainties they looked then three minutes later when Johnny Culloty put the ball on to Gerald Cullinane and the East-Kerry man finished for a goal. Seven points behind, surely the fight was crushed out of Mid-Kerry. If ever a team looked to be in a hopeless position, they did.

Five minutes ticked by without a score. Five minutes in which nobody, not even the Mid-Kerry players themselves, could have held the slightest hope of rallying successfully. But with desperation, sheer raw determination, they kept fighting on. In the 57th minute, they were rewarded with a goal when East Kerry goalkeeper Weeshie Fogarty was bundled over the line by Kevin Griffin. It appeared that the only purpose that goal would serve would be to put a more respectable look on the scoreboard. But the Mid-Kerry men did not look at it that way. That was a chance, however small, and they threw everything into a ferocious rally. In the 58th minute they scored another dramatic goal. A low ball came across in front of the posts, young Tim Kelliher connected beautifully with it and his pile-driver shook the net. Unbelievably, in the space of two minutes, Mid-Kerry had cut a deficit of seven points to one! The excitement was tremendous in those dying moments as Mid-Kerry tried to save the day. Would their great rally fail by a single point? The answer came when Pat Griffin cut through and punched over the equalising point.

East-Kerry started in brilliant style and gave Mid-Kerry the run-around for the first ten minutes. Then, in the second half, they got the goals at the right time. They must have been wondering just what they had got to do to win. Both teams deserved to be complimented for providing a thoroughly enjoyable game. There wasn’t an awful lot of good football in it, but it was hard, heart-warming stuff and exciting all the way. Many hard knocks were given and taken during the course of the hour and at the end of it all, the rival players trooped off the field the best of friends just as it should be.

East Kerry’s early burst of football brilliance yielded them three points in the first five minutes. During that period, Mid-Kerry got only one ball as far the East-Kerry fifty yards line and that was cleared by centre halfback, Donie O Sullivan. However, as the game progressed Mid-Kerry began to come more prominently into the picture. By the ninth minute, they had reduced their arrears to a single point. In the eleventh minute, Mick Gleeson caught a Donie O Sullivan free behind the backs and hammered a pile-driver past goalkeeper Batty Foley. At that stage, Mid-Kerry changed goalkeepers, Jim Coughlan coming on (That move was to prove fatal, as Batty Foley was not to blame for the goal that beat him. It is said that one of the selectors (Murt Kelly) passed the remark ‘Didn’t I tell ye?” when the goal went in. Later in the game, Jim Coughlan fumbled a vital ball, which resulted in the goal that drew the game). Pat Griffin was brought to midfield, in an exchange with Vincent Lucey, and that move worked like a charm. At half time they trailed by 1-4 to 0-5.

Mid-Kerry went to work early in the second half and points by Tim Kelliher, free, and Mike Griffin, from a seemingly impossible angle, had the sides on level terms. Both teams exchanged points and in the 46th minute Jimmy Lucey gave Mid-Kerry the lead, for the first time, with a point. Then the game took an ironic twist when East-Kerry scored three goals in the next five minutes to Mid-Kerry’s solitary point and then the sensational finish. Mid-Kerry were lucky to draw as their defence was shaky and the forwards, with the exception of Kelliher, found it hard to score.

For Mid-Kerry, the one man who never played a bad game was Ned O Shea and he gave another first-class display in that game. He had fine anticipation and was seldom beaten in a straight tussle for possession. The Mid-Kerry halfback line was sound enough. Pat Ahern had an excellent game on the left wing and played his part in the great comeback. Jerry O Riordan and George Evans also had good work to their credit. The hardworking Lucey brothers, Vincent and Jimmy, never stopped trying. Vincent got a very bad accidental knock early in the game, when he tried to sell a dummy, which failed to come off and he had to be removed to hospital on Sunday evening. He was prominent in the first half but faded in the second half.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jimmy Healy, George Evans, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Ahern (0-1), Jimmy Lucey (0-1), Vincent Lucey (0-1), Billy Kerins, Pat Griffin (0-3), Pat Ferris (0-1), Kevin Griffin (1-0), Mike Griffin, Tim Kelliher (1-4). Sub: Jim Coughlan (Beaufort) for B. Foley; John Joe Ladden, Jim Daly, Pat O Shea, Paul Lucey, Seamus Curran, Pat Joe Sweeney. Rev. Father Brian Kelly (Glenbeigh) was trainer.

On the following day, Pat Ferris emigrated to the USA. James Coffey drove him to Shannon Airport. Batty Foley and Eileen Ferris also made the journey. On the homeward trip, they met Pat Ahern at Newcastlewest as he was out for a walk. He sat into the car and they drove along for a few miles, chatting. He then alighted and walked back to Newcastlewest.


Final (replay) on Sun. 1st Nov. in Tralee: East-Kerry 0-10; Mid-Kerry 0-4.

East-Kerry proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their worthiness as football champions of Kerry, when they thrashed Mid-Kerry in the replay in Tralee. It was a game that looked very much in the balance at halftime, but East-Kerry turned in a whirlwind second-half display, which hit Mid-Kerry with the fury of a tropical hurricane and at the end of it all, the performance of the East-Kerry team was rightly acclaimed as magnificent. They played with a strong wind in the first half and when the scores stood at one point each after sixteen minutes, it looked very short odds Mid-Kerry for the title. However, East Kerry then added seven more points in the second quarter to lead at halftime by 0-8 to 0-1. As the teams trooped down the tunnel into the dressing-rooms for the customary ten-minutes’ breather, discussion raged throughout the pitch. Would East-Kerry’s seven points’ lead be sufficient? Would Mid-Kerry overrun them in the second half?

They turned in a whirlwind second-half display, which hit Mid-Kerry with the fury of a tropical storm. They were a team of power and grace. They combined, with their ruthless surging strength, a polish, which shone inspiringly through. Mid-Kerry had no answer to the dynamic football of defenders Donie O Sullivan, Derry Crowley, Donal Lynch and Tom Long, the super charged football of Pat Moynihan and Tim Sheehan at midfield, and to the craft of men like Mick Gleeson and Johnny Culloty in attack.

Only five points were scored in the second half – three for Mid-Kerry and two for East-Kerry. Mid-Kerry tried hard in that second half but they did not have the intelligent approach of East-Kerry. That was painfully obvious in many of their attacks, which proved fruitless because there was no shrewd thinking behind them. Maybe it might have been a different game had Tim Keliher scored a goal when he slipped the East-Kerry defence towards the end of the first half but his shot was saved by Weeshie Fogarty at the expense of a fifty. Maybe there would have been a thrilling finish had a fifty yards free kick by Pat Ahern in the 20th minute of the second half went in for a goal instead of hitting the crossbar. However on the other side East Kerry might have scored a number of goals but for the heroic work of Mid-Kerry goalkeeper Tony Lyons. He brought off some miraculous saves, showing some tremendous guts in diving at the feet of East-Kerry forwards and deserved a special medal for his display.

It was in the first quarter of an hour that Mid-Kerry shaped best. Vincent Lucey, who was the subject of controversy as to whether he would be in the Mid-Kerry lineout, put in excellent work at centre half-back and his brother Jimmy and Jerry O Riordan were going very smoothly at midfield. And though they trailed by seven points at the interval, it was not surprising that there was a share of confidence behind them with the wind at their backs for the second half. But they failed to rise to the occasion. They were too much a team of individuals. Mid-Kerry couldn’t get going effectively at midfield and their forwards were outplayed. They had to simply bow to the superior power of the East-Kerry man.

As well as goalkeeper Lyons, easily the outstanding performer in defence was Pat Ahern, who had one of his best ever games. Teddy Bowler and Ned O Shea played fairly well in the fullback line. Remember that East-Kerry got four goals in the drawn game, yet failed to penetrate for one this time. Jerry O Riordan also played some good football, at midfield and centre halfback, whilst Pat Griffin and the Lucey brothers, Vincent and Jimmy, though well below their best, and Tim Kelliher were the pick of the rest. The selectors had gone outside the panel for a goalkeeper for that game. When they approached Tony Lyons, he said that he would have to consult with Batty Foley (his club-mate) before accepting the invitation to play in goals. Subsequently, Batty Foley encouraged Tony Lyons to play and the invitation was accepted.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jimmy Healy, George Evans, Vincent Lucey (0-1), Pat Ahern (0-1), Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan, Billy Kerins, Pat Griffin, Jimmy ‘Twin’ Daly (Milltown/Castlemaine), Tim Kelliher (0-2), Mike Griffin, Kevin Griffin. Subs: Seamus Curran for J. Daly; Pat O Shea for J. Healy. Pat Ferris had emigrated to the U.S.A. after the drawn game.

East Kerry: Weeshie Fogarty, Gerry McCarthy, Louis Nolan, Donal Lynch (capt.), Derry Crowley, Donie O Sullivan, Aeneas O Leary, D. J. Crowley, Timmy Sheehan, Pat Moynihan, Tom Long, Gerald Cullinane, Johnny Culloty, Mick Gleeson, Michael Lyne. Subs: Pat Cahill, Jer O Donoghue, John Crowley. Trainer – Donie Sheehan.

Ref: Frank Halbert (Cork).


Kerryman Shield.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 2nd May at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-8; South-Kerry 2-4.

Over the previous three years the clashes of Mid-Kerry and South-Kerry had produced real exciting fare and that most recent clash between the sides didn’t disappoint the near-record attendance in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. Mid-Kerry snatched a thrilling victory with a point eight minutes from time. Heavy rain fell just after the start of the game and it was a credit to both sides that they were able to overcome the conditions, which weren’t helped by a strong crosswind.

Mid-Kerry had a new-look team. After the defeat by Mitchels in the 1964 semi-final, the axe fell heavily. The entire full-forward line was dropped and two new defenders were on view. It cannot, however, be said that those changes were successful, especially those made in defence. South-Kerry also had some newcomers on view. At midfield, they had a new pairing of Pat O Connell ands Sean O Shea, but lack of experience was a big handicap to those youthful players and as the hour wore on they became less effective.

It took the players some time to settle down in the miserable conditions. Early on South-Kerry looked dangerous, but it was Mid-Kerry that opened the scoring with a point from Tim Kelliher. After some scrappy play, South-Kerry seemed to be getting on top and the Mid-Kerry defence was very shaky under pressure. Mick O Connell, on the forty, was in great form for South-Kerry and his solos and passes had the Mid-Kerry boys in trouble. It was from one of O Connell’s defence-splitting runs that Mid-Kerry were forced to concede a penalty and the Valentia man made no mistake with the spot kick. Worse was to follow for Mid-Kerry. After a point by Mick O Dwyer had increased South-Kerry’s lead, a Mick O Connell pass went to Frank O Leary on the right and he had little difficulty in rounding his opponent to score a very good goal.

At that stage, it was all South-Kerry. But a positional change by Mid-Kerry, which brought Vincent Lucey from full-forward to centre halfback marked the turning point of the game. Lucey sealed up a big gap in defence and his display was the inspiration his colleagues needed. O Connell no longer continued on the rampage and, as a result, the South Kerry attack had to look elsewhere for scores.

A Lucey clearance led to a goal and the start of Mid-Kerry’s fight-back. The ball went to his brother Jimmy, at midfield, and he put the youthful Tim Kelliher away on a fine run down the left wing. From twenty yards out, Kelliher crashed home a brilliant goal. He added a point from a free, but O Connell came back into prominence with two good points. Just before halftime, Pat Griffin had a point for Mid-Kerry, which left them trailing by 2-3 to 1-3.

Mid-Kerry brought on Kevin Griffin to their attack in the second half and after the restart a further switch was made which saw Pat Ahern moving to left half-back and Jimmy Healy going to full-forward. These moves helped to strengthen Mid-Kerry. South-Kerry brought on George Curran to midfield. The Valentia man, although not able to master his opponent, had some great runs to his credit. However, he was inclined to overplay the ball.

After five minutes of the second half, Pat Griffin had a beautiful point for Mid-Kerry but Mick O Connell, from a free, kept the South-Kerry boys a goal in front. A great Mid-Kerry movement, which the entire half-forward line shared in, resulted in Griffin kicking the best point of the game. Pat Ferris had a good point two minutes later and the same player equalised for Mid-Kerry after fifteen minutes. At that stage Mid-Kerry dominated but they were not able to get their next score – the winning point – until eight minutes from time when Tim Kelliher punched over after a close-in free had been blocked down. Mid-Kerry had two close-in frees subsequently but failed to score. With only a minute of play left, a South-Kerry breakaway saw O Dwyer pass to Donnelly after a great run, but he over-held the ball and when the resultant free-out was taken, referee Paul O Sullivan sounded the fulltime whistle.

The second half provided an amazingly high standard of football and both teams were deserving of congratulations. Mid-Kerry had outstanding performers in Teddy Bowler at fullback, who blotted out Mick O Dwyer, centre half-back Vincent Lucey, who proved a match for Mick O Connell, midfielders Jimmy Lucey and Jerry O Riordan and forty-yards man Pat Griffin. Of these, the honour of man-of-the-match must go to Vincent Lucey. He showed Mid-Kerry the way back and curbed the effectiveness of the up to then brilliant O Connell. He also kicked some magnificent frees and his clearances were superb. In the hectic final minutes, he seemed head and shoulders over all opponents. Ned O Shea and George Evans, who formed Mid-Kerry’s right wing of defence, also played a prominent part in the victory. Billy Kerins, at right half-forward, was another to have a tremendous game, his best in Mid-Kerry colours. Pat Ferris took his scores well. Tim Kelliher, the left corner-forward and Kevin Griffin, who came on as a sub in the right corner, also impressed.

For South-Kerry, one player stood out over all the rest and he was  fullback, John O Connell. Several times in the past his displays were the cause of beating Mid-Kerry and had South-Kerry won that game, John would have contributed most to the victory. He didn’t get a whole lot of support in defence, but P.T. O Sullivan and M. O Driscoll had their moments of glory. Pat O Connell had a great start but failed to last the hour at midfield. Apart from Mick O Connell, who had a great first half, only Frank O Leary seemed dangerous in the South-Kerry attack.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), J. O Connor, George Evans (Keel), George McAuliffe (Milltown/Castlemaine), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Jerry O Riordan (do.), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh), Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers), Pat Ahern (do.), Vincent Lucey (do.), Tim Kelliher (Milltow/Castlemaine). Sub: Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh) for G. McAuliffe.

South-Kerry: Michael O Connor, Batty Galvin, John O Connell, P.T. O Sullivan, Mossy O Driscoll, Pat Joe Cooper, Donal O Sullivan, Sean O Shea, Pat O Connell, Kevin Donnelly, Mick O Connell, John Burke, Frank O Leary, Mick O Dwyer, P.J. Burns. Sub: George Curran for S. O Shea.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 27th June at Tralee: John Mitchels v Mid-Kerry.


Semi-Final on Sun. 13th March 1966 at Austin Stack Park: Mid-Kerry 1-9; Shannon Rangers 1-6.

Mid-Kerry reached the final of the 1965 Kerryman Shield with a decisive win over Shannon Rangers. It was a satisfying win for the luckless Mid-Kerry lads but as a serious form guide it probably carried little weight. For this was typical early season football and many of those who played had bellows to mend soon after the start. That was particularly true of the losers, who carried far too many misfits on a day when the heavy sod took heavy toll on stamina.

On the day there could be no disputing Mid-Kerry’s superiority. They opened with the lively breeze in their favour and despite kicking eight rather slovenly wides, they led by 0-8 to 0-2 at the short whistle. Main architect of this lead was county player Pat Griffin, who, operating in his best position at midfield, gave his forwards an abundant supply of the ball and, in addition, scored three valuable points himself. This lead in no way flattered Mid-Kerry who were yards faster to the ball and were on top in each line of the field. Indeed but for staunch defensive work by Paud O Donoghue and Mike Joe Quinlan and a few great saves by goalkeeper Alan Kennelly, Rangers could well have been overwhelmed at the break.

However, they did show up much better after the break and Mid-Kerry’s midfield stranglehold was severely weakened. Griffin continued to show his best form at times but the Mid-Kerry attack was by no means as effective against the breeze as they had been earlier. Thus the Rangers’ attack then enjoyed considerable more of the ball and, indeed, they had some fine scoring chances but a combination of brilliant goalkeeping by Tony Lyons and their own ineptitude kept them from ever getting within reach of the Mid-Kerry men.

Without a doubt, Mid-Kerry’s goalkeeper Tony Lyons was the revelation of that game. In the first half he handled what little came his way with the utmost authority, but it was when the Rangers got the wind behind them that he really showed his mettle. On several occasions he saved from point blank range and one flying dive to save from Eamonn O Donoghue earned him the ovation of the day. Four minutes from fulltime, Lyons capped a brilliant display with a great save from a Paud O Donoghue penalty.

In the winners’ defence the dogged Ned O Shea never yielded an inch to various opponents and his close marking and clever anticipation saved many dangerous situations for his side. Ted Bowler and Pat Ahern also did well. In attack the winners owed most to Sean Foley, Vincent Lucey and Tim Kelliher.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Ted Bowler, Jimmy Healy, George Evans, Jim Daly, Pat Ahern, Jerry O Riordan (0-1), Pat Griffin (0-3), Billy Kerins, Mick O Sullivan, Sean Foley (0-2), Paul Lucey, Vincent Lucey (1-1), Tim Kelliher (0-2).

Shannon Rangers: Alan Kennelly, Christy O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mike Joe Quinlan, David Walsh, Teddy O Sullivan, John Mulvihill, Mick Walsh, Jer D. O Connor, Billy Doran, John McCarthy, Teddy Hennessy, Eamonn O Donoghue, Dan McAuliffe, R. Carey. Sub: John Stack for T. Hennessy.

Ref: D. Kelliher (Castleisland).


Final on Sun. 5th June 1966 at Killarney: South-Kerry 2-18; Mid-Kerry 0-4.

Call it the day of the great eclipse. The day 1965 county finalists Mid-Kerry were made to look as insignificant as a bad junior team. Who could have imagined it beforehand? South Kerry winning by the staggering margin of twenty points. This Kerryman Shield final, of which a great deal was expected, was the biggest letdown in Kerry football for some time.

South-Kerry were not to blame. They gave a truly grand display. Without Mick O Dwyer, they weren’t all that confident of winning but they needn’t have worried one wit. Mid-Kerry weren’t in the same class with them on the day’s play. South Kerry were supreme in every sector. Though playing against the breeze, they were able to lead by 0-8 to 0-4 at the interval. However, it was felt that Mid-Kerry, with their great record as championship battlers, would still make a great fight of it in the second half. What a hope! South Kerry began to monopolise the play and they made Mid-Kerry look very poor indeed. They failed to get even a single point. It was hard to understand that a team with a good reputation like theirs could suffer such a drastic reverse.

Mid-Kerry were so uniformly bad that it was very difficult to pick out any man for special mention. However, a word of praise for Jerry O Riordan, who played throughout the second half with a broken bone in one of his hands. Teddy Bowler was well below his best. Pat Griffin had his worst game for a long time. His partner in the first half, Patsy Joy was never happy, even when switched to full-forward. Jimmy Lucey was brought on at midfield at the start of the second half, in an attempt to remedy matters in that sector but he could never get into the picture. Vincent Lucey, who started at full-forward, then went to midfield and finished up back at full-forward, hit a bad day too. Altogether it was a day to forget for Mid-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, William Kennedy, Jerry O Riordan, Jimmy Healy, George Evans, Pat Griffin (0-1), Patsy Joy, Billy Kerins, Mike O Sullivan, Pat Ahern (0-1), Kevin Griffin (0-1), Vincent Lucey, Sean Foley (0-1). Sub: Jimmy Lucey for P. Joy.

South Kerry: Mike O Connor, John O Sullivan, John O Connell, Batty Galvin, Michael Courtney, John Burke, Donal O Sullivan, Mick O Connell (0-8), P.J. Burns, Kevin Donnelly, George Curran (0-1) James O Shea (1-1), P.J. Fitzpatrick (1-2), Frank O Leary (0-1), Ned Fitzgerald (0-5). Subs: Pat O Connell for M. Courtney; Timothy O Shea for D. O Sullivan.

Ref: W. Kerins (Tralee).

The teams were paraded around the field before the game by the St. John’s Pipe Band, Tralee.


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – John Foley (Dungeel), Kevin Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, James Coffey and Christy O Riordan.

All Mid-Kerry Board’s attention was focussed on the Mid-Kerry team in the county championship to the detriment of the ordinary club player who was deprived of football during the summer months. In the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship, Laune Rangers were given a bye to the semi-final. Glenbeigh were drawn against Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine against Beaufort. The losers would meet to decide the fourth semi-final place. Due to the progress of the Mid-Kerry team in the Co. Championship, the semi-finals were not played until November. Laune Rangers and Glenbeigh were the favourites for the final. However, Pat Ferris had immigrated to the USA and the club found it difficult to field a team against Keel and lost. Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine played a draw in the final and Milltown/Castlemaine won the replay by 0-4 to 0-2.


Mid-Kerry Senior League

The league was played on a single round basis and the top four met in the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sun.28th Feb. at Killorglin at 3pm: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh.

That game had been postponed twice already and the players were really geared up. So seriously were they taking the game that they had three training sessions in preparation for it. The game marked the return of the Luceys, Jimmy and Vincent, to the Rangers’ colours.

Ref: James Coffey (Laune Rangers).

Sun. 14th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel. Ref: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh).

Sun. 4th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort. Ref: Timmy Hanafin (Keel).


Sun. 11th April at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-10; Laune Rangers 0-8.

Laune Rangers’ unbeaten run in the current Mid-Kerry league came to an abrupt ending when the local Milltown/Castlemaine side marked their first appearance in the Paddy Burke Memorial Park with a comprehensive win over the holders. (It was Milltown/Castlemaine’s first home game in two years).

Laune Rangers would not want to remember that display for too long. In one of the poorest games for years in Mid-Kerry, the Killorglin boys failed miserably to match their opponents, who played with a spirit that was lacking in the team until then. For the entire hour, The Milltown/Castlemaine forwards led the Rangers defence a merry dance. Young Tim Kelliher, at right half-forward, was the brains behind the movements that led to the all-important scores. He also scored some fine points, both from play and from placed balls. In all, his display must have delighted the Mid-Kerry selectors present.

Billy Kerins was in great form at midfield, where he got good assistance from Willie Burke. However, it was the winners’ halfback line that really laid the foundation for victory for, in Jim Daly, John Joe Ladden and George McAuliffe, Milltown/Castlemaine had three strong, forceful footballers that were rarely beaten. McAuliffe was making his first appearance in the Miltown/Castlemaine jersey and his display was being watched with particular interest.

The Laune Rangers forwards, when they did get the ball, looked dangerous but they overplayed too much and that cost them many scores. However, Patsy Joy who had the distinction of playing in three vital positions, at full-forward, centre half-forward and fullback, looked the only player capable of beating his man over the hour. Vincent Lucey played for a while at full-forward and showed his class there but he had to move to midfield as the Milltown/Castlemaine partnership was dominating the game in that sector. Lucey’s presence was felt immediately at midfield and it was here that the only good football was produced by Rangers afterwards. Another one of the Lucey brothers, Paul, who was just home from Cyprus, came on to the team in the second half and gave a good display at left half-forward.

The Rangers defence was very poor and only Denis O Neill seemed capable of beating his man. Goalkeeper Batty Foley had an extremely busy day, but acquitted himself very well. Overall it was a most disappointing game. Laune Rangers were just not good enough.

Ref: Timmy Hanafin (Keel) – very capable.


May: Laune Rangers had a very convincing win over Keel and qualified for the semi-final. Unfortunately, at the meeting of the Board on 26th January 1966, it was decided not to play off the remainder of the 1965 league and the competition was never finished.


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 21st April at Kenmare: Kenmare lost to Mid-Kerry.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).

Rd. 2 on Fri. 11th June: Mid-Kerry beat West-Kerry.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 23rd July at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry lost to Castleisland.


Final on 29th Aug. at Tralee: Shannon Rangers East-Kerry.


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship


Semi-Final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-4; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-3.

With three minutes left to play, Laune Rangers scored a goal. The Laune Rangers and Milltown umpires disagreed about the legality of the goal but the referee, Brendan Lynch (Beaufort), allowed the score to stand. The pitch was invaded and after several efforts, lasting the most of a half hour, failed to get the game restarted because Milltown refused to continue with the game, the referee had to abandon the game. At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting the game was awarded to Laune Rangers.


Final on Fri. 3rd Sept. in Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-8; Glenbeigh 1-6.

Laune Rangers became the first holders of the handsome Paddy Burke Memorial Trophy when they beat a gallant Glenbeigh side in the final at Killorglin. The final scores would indicate an easy win for Rangers, but this was not the case. Seven minutes from the end, Rangers led by only a point, but they hammered home the match-winning scores in a whirlwind finish.

Full-forward Enda Curtayne started the Rangers’ rally when he caught a ball well outfield and after a great solo run he shot low and hard to the net. That was the tonic Rangers needed and when the same player added another goal and three points the writing was on the wall for the Glenbeigh boys.

It was a wonderful game all through. Rangers, playing with a strong breeze in the first half, could only manage to score 1-4 against Glenbeigh’s 1-0 and that lead looked far from sufficient for them at the interval. Points were exchanged on the restart and then Glenbeigh staged an all-out assault on the Rangers’ goal. However, the brilliance of the winners’ halfback line of Tom Curran, Kieran Foley and John P. Cahillane kept the Glenbeigh forwards from getting through for vital scores. In the Rangers’ fullback line, Eamonn Crowley at right corner back and Denis Diggin at left corner back were in tremendous form. The only hope Glenbeigh had of scoring was from far out field but it was too late when they realised that.

While Rangers’ backs already mentioned were rarely beaten, Tim Doyle at midfield outshone them all. His fielding and lengthy kicking were delightful and when he moved with the ball, his stride was devastating. Not alone did he control midfield, but he was popping up in defence and attack when needed. The Laune Rangers’ attack, apart from Jimmy Foley, was poor and it was only when Curtayne decided to roam outfield to open up the play that the remainder of the forwards came into the game.

After the game, Father Kelly, Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board presented the Paddy Burke Memorial trophy to Kieran Foley, captain.

Laune Rangers: Frank Russell, Eamonn Crowley, Eddie Booth, Denis Diggin, Tom Curran, Kieran Foley (capt.), John P. Cahillane, Timmy Doyle, Ronnie Wharton, Willie Murphy, Jimmy Foley, Phillip O Sullivan, Jack Moriarty, Enda Curtayne, Pat Joy (Annadale). Subs: Gene Ferris for P. Joy; Liam Russell for F. Russell, Dan Kissane, Joe Cronin, Patrick O Sullivan (Rua), Denis Costello, Michael Ahern.

Ref: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh).


Co. U-16 Football Championship

It was decided at the Co. Board meeting on 19th Oct. to run an U-16 Championship. Mid-Kerry was grouped with South-Kerry, East-Kerry and Kenmare.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 14th Nov. at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry v South-Kerry.


U-15 Mid-Kerry Championship

 Laune Rangers entered one team in the U-15 Mid-Kerry Championship. (In former years, the club had entered two teams) It was played at 13-a-side. The trophy was the Clifford-O Shea Trophy and Laune Rangers became the first holders.


Semi-final on Tues. 24th Aug. at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.


Final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-7; Beaufort 0-7.

Laune Rangers: Eamonn Looney, Michael Foley (Reen), Patrick O Sullivan (Rua), Frank O Dwyer, Pat O Riordan, Frank Russell, Michael O Sullivan (Bog House), Jerry Coffey, Pat Kennedy, Michael Ahern (capt.), Fergus Foley, Joe Foley (Caragh Lake), Michael O Shea. Subs: Johnny O Connor (came on in the last ten minutes), John Clifford (Dromin), Michael Galvin (School Road), Patrick O Grady, Batty Flynn, Gene Ahern, James Ferris, Patie O Connor (Rangue), Johnny O Shea (School Road), Teddy Moriarty (Iveragh Road), Michael O Mahony (Caragh Lake) and Barry Harmon.

At a Mid-Kerry Board meeting in April a motion from Laune Rangers, proposing the setting up of a juvenile board in the area, was deferred.

Laune Rangers U-15 Football Team – 1965 Mid-Kerry Champions

Laune Rangers U-15 Football Team – 1965 Mid-Kerry Champions
Kneeling (l to r): Batty Flynn (Tinahalla), Frank Russell (Anglont), Eamonn Looney (Iveragh Rd.), Fergus Foley (The Grove), Michael Ahern (Tulligmore) capt., Michael Foley (Reen), Mike Shea (Rangue), Jerry Coffey (Lismacfinnan), Joe Foley (Caragh Lake), Pat O Riordan (Railway Tce.), Frank Dwyer (Caragh Lake), Michael O Sullivan (Toreenasligaun).
Standing: John Clifford (Dromin), Johnny Connor (Ardmoniel), James Ferris (Dungeel), Teddy Moriarty (Iveragh Rd.), Michael O Mahony (Caragh Lake), Barry Harmon (Baile Nua), Johnny O Shea (School Rd), Patrick O Grady (Mill Rd.), Gene Ahern (Tulligmore), James Cahillane (Mill Rd.), Anthony Foley (Iveragh Rd.), Iraneus Looney (do), Patrick Rua O Sullivan (Laharn), (?), Michael Galvin (School Rd.), Patie O Connor (Rangue).

Munster/All-Ireland Junior Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 25th April at Dungarvan: Waterford 0-9; Kerry 2-9.

Kerry: Pete Hanley (Kenmare), Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), John Healy (Listowel), Sean Og Sheehy (John Mitchels), Pat Joe Cooper (Valentia), Timmy Sheehan (Kilcummin) 0-2, Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers), Brian Sheehy (John Mitchels) 1-0, Derry O Shea (do.), Seanie Burrows (do.) 0-4, Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers) 1-2, Pat Ahern (do.) 0-1. Sub: Paddy Sayers (John Mitchels) for B. Sheehy.


Semi-Final on Sun. 20th June at Killarney: Kerry 2-11; Cork 0-11.

Pat Ferris moved out to the half-forward line to great effect and he was particularly effective in opening up the game for his colleagues.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Derry Crowley, Teddy Bowler, Mike Joe Quinlan (Ballyduff), Sean Og Sheehy, Timmy Sheehan, Joe Driscoll, S. O Connell, Jerry O Riordan, Michael Keane, Seamus Mac Gearailt (1-1), Derry O Shea (1-1), Pat Ferris (0-1), John Burke (0-4), Pat Ahern (0-1). Subs: John Healy for S. O Connell; Sean Guerin (0-3) for M. Keane.


Final on Sun. 1st Aug. at Gaelic Grounds, Limerick; Kerry 3-13; Clare 0-6.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Sean Og Sheehy, Teddy Bowler, John Dalton (John Mitchels), Derry Crowley, John Healy, Tom O Shea (Ventry), Tim Sheehan, Jerry O Riordan, Sean Guerin, Brian Sheehy, Pat Ferris, Billy Doran, John Burke, Seamus Mac Gearailt. Subs: Tom Lynch for J. O Riordan (inj.), Pat Joe Cooper, Pat Ahern, M. Walsh, T. Hanlon, Mike Joe Quinlan, Declan Lovett.


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 15th Aug. in Tralee: Kerry 1-9; Galway 1-9.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Sean Og Sheehy, John Dalton, John Healy, Derry Crowley, Tom O Shea, Pat Ahern, Timmy Sheehan, Jerry O Riordan, Sean Guerin, Brian Sheehy, Pat Ferris, Billy Doran, John Burke, Seamus Fitzgerald. Subs: Donal Lynch (East Kerry) for J. Healy; Thorny O Shea for P. Ferris; Tom Lynch for J. O Riordan.

Pat Ahern was very sound at left halfback.


All-Ireland Semi-final (replay) at Nenagh: Galway 1-15; Kerry 3-7.

Pat Ahern played at left halfback and Pat Ferris played at right half-forward.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Championship

Semi-Final on Sun. 18th July at Limerick: Kerry 2-10; Clare 1-6.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Mick Morris, Seanie Burrows, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Seamus Murphy, Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Connell, Dave Geaney, Joe Joe Barrett, Vincent Lucey (1-0), Mick O Dwyer. Subs: Teddy Bowler, Derry O Shea, Timmy Sheehan, Pat Griffin, Niall Sheehy, Jerry O Riordan, Dave Geaney.


Final at Limerick: Limerick 2-7; Kerry 2-16.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mick Morris, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor (capt.), Seamus Murphy, Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Connell, Sean Burrows, Vincent Lucey (0-6), J.J. Barret, Mick O Dwyer. Subs: Derry O Shea for J. Lucey; Niall Sheehy, Pat Griffin, Dave Geaney, Timmy Sheehan, Teddy Bowler, Jerry O Riordan.

Vincent Lucey was bang on form in the second half. All his scores came from play.


All-Ireland Semi-Final in Croke Park: Kerry 4-8; Dublin 2-6.

Kerry: Teddy Bowler, Paud O Donoghue, Niall Sheehy, Mick Morris, Donie O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Seamus Murphy, Denis O Sullivan, Mick O Connell, Vincent Lucey, Mick Fleming, Derry O Shea, Pat Griffin, J.J. Barrett, Bernie O Callaghan. Subs: Mick O Dwyer for M. Fleming, Sean Burrows, Seamus Fitzgerald, Timmy Sheehan, John Burke, Jimmy Lucey, Johnny Culloty, Pete Hanley.


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 26th Sept. in Croke Park: Galway 0-12; Kerry 0-9.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Mick Morris, Seamus Murphy, Paud O Donoghue, Jer D. O Connor (capt.), Denis O Sullivan, Mick O Connell, Vincent Lucey, Pat Griffin, Derry O Shea, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, J.J. Barrett. Subs: Dave Geaney for V. Lucey; Thorny O Shea for J.J. Barrett; Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Sean Burrows, Teddy Bowler, John Burke, Timmy Sheehan, Seamus Mac Gearailt. Both Derry and Thorny O Shea were sent off.

Galway: Johnny Geraghty, Enda Colleran (capt.), Noel Tierney, Bosco McDermot, John Donnellan, Sean Meade, Martin Newell, Pat Donnellan, Mick Garrett, Cyril Dunne, Mattie McDonagh, Seamus Leydon, Christy Tyrell, Sean Cleary, John Keenan. Sub: Mick Reynolds for J. Keenan.

Ref: Mick Loftus (Mayo).


Grounds Tournament


Sun. 24th Oct. at Croke Park: Down v Kerry.

Vincent Lucey, Jimmy Lucey and Pat Ahern were selected as substitutes.


National Football League 1964/’65.


Sun. 14th Feb. at Cork’s Athletic Grounds: Cork 0-3; Kerry 2-6.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Mick Morris, Niall Sheehy, Donie O Sullivan, Denis O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Seanie Burrows, Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Griffin, J.J. Barrett, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Timmy Dowd. Subs: Dave Geaney for T. Dowd; Vincent Lucey for J.J. Barrett. Jimmy Lucey played well at midfield.


Sun. 28th March at Askeaton: Limerick 2-4; Kerry 1-9.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mick Morris, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Seanie Burrows, Mick Fleming, Timmy Sheahan, Bernie O Callaghan, Pat Griffin, Dave Geaney, Seamus Murphy, Vincent Lucey 0-2, Mick O Dwyer. Sub: Pat Ahern for S. Burrows (in the second half), Teddy Bowler, Brian Sheehy, Jerry O Riordan, Niall Sheehy. This victory won for Kerry the Div. 1V of the NFL.


Sun. 11th April Semi-Final at Croke Park: Kerry 3-10; Donegal 1-8.

Vincent Lucey had a much better game than he had against Limerick. He switched very effectively with Mick O Dwyer on a few occasions. Pat Ahern was a substitute.

Kerry: Teddy Bowler, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mick Morris, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Seamus Murphy, Pat Griffin, Mick Fleming, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Dave Geaney, Joe Joe Barrett, Vincent Lucey (0-3), Seanie Burrows. Subs: Teddy Bowler, Brian Sheehy, Jerry O Riordan, Pat Ahern, Timmy Sheehan.


Sun. 16th May Final (home) in Croke Park: Galway 1-7; Kerry 0-8.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Mick Moris (capt.), Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Seamus Murphy, Jimmy Lucey, Mick Fleming, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Connell, Pat Griffin, Joe Joe Barrett, Vincent Lucey, Mick O Dwyer. Subs: Teddy Bowler, Seanie Burrows, Dave Geaney, Derry O Shea, Timmy Sheahan, Brian Sheehy, Pat Ahern, Derry Crowley, Jerry O Riordan, Niall Sheehy. Kerry controlled the middle of the field.


National Football League 1965/’66


Nov. Kerry 2-7; Louth 0-12.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Donie O Sullivan, Mick Morris, Sean Burrows, Derry Crowley, J.J. Barrett, Jer D. O Connor, Mick O Connell, Mick Fleming, Pat Moynihan, Denis O Sullivan, Dave Geaney, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick Gleeson, Seamus Murphy. Subs: Seamus Fitzgerald for M. Gleeson; Pat Ahern for S. Burrows, Jimmy Lucey for Denis O Sullivan.




Alf Murray (Armagh) was elected President of CLG. Dr. Jim Brosnan was elected Trustee of the Association. At the Annual Congress in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, it was decided that, in future, games would be started by throwing the ball in between the four midfielders.


Munster Convention was held in Shannon Airport on 6th march. Pat Fanning (Port Láirge) was Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.


Co. Convention was held in the Manhattan Hotel, Tralee on Sun. 31st January 1965. James Coffey and Patsy Cronin represented Laune Rangers Club. Officers re-elected: President – Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan; Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan; Vice-Chairman – Leo Stack (James Coffey had been nominated for the position but had withdrawn); Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville and Pat O Meara (James Coffey had been nominated for the position of Treasurer but he had withdrawn his name); Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc.

There was an election for the Senior Football Selection Committee. There were seven contestants for the five positions. The P.R. system was used and the quota was 31 votes. The following was the result: John Joe Sheehy 37; Johnny Walsh 36, Teddy O Connor 33, Rev. Denis Curtin 31, Murt Kelly 25, Paddy Bawn Brosnan 11, Sean McCarthy (Waterville) 10. The first four were elected in the first count and Murt Kelly was elected in the fourth count. James Coffey had been nominated as senior hurling selector but had withdrawn his name.

Laune Rangers had three motions on the ‘clár’ and they were proposed by James Coffey.

  1. ‘That all club secretaries would get one All-Ireland ticket.’ James Coffey said that the club secretary was a most important man and should receive a ticket. (passed).
  2. ‘That linesmen and umpires be appointed by the Co. Board for Kerryman Shield and Championship games.’ (passed, where possible).
  3. ‘That all senior Co. Championship Football games, including first round games, be played at neutral venues, unless otherwise agreed to by the teams concerned.’ (Defeated by 58 votes to 26.)

At convention, the Co. Board passed a Pearse’s (Dingle) motion (by 25 votes to 18) calling upon it to elect a P.R.O. for the first time.


The Mid-Kerry Convention was held in Killorglin on Thursday 21st January 1965. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1964). Officers elected:

President: Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers). He was elected first president of the Board at that convention; Chairman – Fr. Brian Kelly (Glenbeigh); Vice-Chairman – Willie Barton (Keel); Secretary – James Coffey (Laune Rangers); Treasurer – Dodo Mahony (Glenbeigh); Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly. The Treasurer reported a debit balance of £6. The Chairman, Father Kelly, in his address, thanked the delegates for electing him. He was delighted to accept Chairmanship for another year. He appealed to the clubs to give the Board their full co-operation. He said that ‘football now is a business and all games must start on time. Fines will be imposed on teams that are late and there will be no postponements.’ He was delighted that all arguments had been fixed up and kept at Board level. He said that Gaelic football was not a cissy’s game and arguments were bound to crop up. He hoped that the coming year would be one to remember with glorious victories.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That the Board recommends that clubs do not nominate a player as selector’. Proposed by Murt Kelly and seconded by Pete Coughlan, it was carried by 11 votes to 8.
  2. ‘That where only one game is played at a venue, it should, where possible, commence at 3.00pm.’ Laune Rangers.


At the Board meeting on 29th Jan. in the CYMS, the following Senior Selectors were ratified: Willie Barton (Keel), Mícheál Scanlon (Laune Rangers), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Father Brian Kelly (Glenbeigh) and Moss Daly (Milltown/Castlemaine).

At the Board meeting on 11th March in the CYMS, the Secretary announced that that he was placing a notice of motion before the following meeting ‘that a juvenile football board be set up in the area.’ When it was put before the meeting on 25th March, the matter was deferred.


Only two ordinary Laune Rangers club meetings were held during the year. Others were called but had to be postponed due to poor attendances.

At the meeting on 20th February, James Coffey was in the chair. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Kieran O Leary, Pat O Shea, Jackie O Dwyer, Podso McCarthy, Paddy Flynn, Mícheál Scanlon, Stevie Foley, Kevin Foley, Jim Galvin, John Foley, Patrick Ferris and Christy O Riordan. It was reported that the net profit from the Biddy Ball on Sun. 31st January in the Oisín Ballroom had been £25. 800 spectators saw Kilgobnet crowned as Biddy Champions of Kerry. Ownagarry was second and Reen third. The judges had been Pat Hyde, Stevie Foley, Sean Foley and Johnny Guinan. James Coffey had acted as M.C.

The debit balance at the AGM was £24 -18-5 and since then £4-10-0 had been paid to Patie Flynn (hackney car), £3-10-0 to Denis Lynch (hackney car), Pat O Shea had paid £5 to Seamus Naughton before leaving office and there were still more bills to come in. Christy O Riordan proposed, and Podso McCarthy seconded, that the club set up a Finance Committee and the following committee was appointed: Podso McCarthy, Christy O Riordan, Mícheál Scanlon, Stevie Foley, John Foley, Kieran O Leary and Patie Flynn. As it cost £17 to bring home the Lucey brothers and £2 to bring Pat Ahern, it was decided to manage without them until the important games.


Jackie O Dwyer, Caragh Lake, seemed to have transferred to Glenbeigh as he played against Valentia on Sun. 14th March in the Co. Club Championship. At the Co. Board meeting on 15th June, his transfer from London to Kerry was sanctioned.

At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 30th March, the transfer of Noel Lucey from Killorglin to London was sanctioned.


In late March, Johnny Mangan, Hon. Sec., invited each organisation in the town to send two delegates to a meeting in the CYMS Hall, with a view to a permanent committee, which would improve every aspect of the town. Christy O Riordan and Patsy Cronin represented Laune Rangers.


The club staged a film show followed by a ‘Jackpot’ quiz, with attractive prizes, on 1st April in the Oisín Cinema.


An EGM was called on Thursday 22nd July, but, although every member was notified, only the following attended: Christy O Riordan (who chaired the meeting), Patsy Cronin, Kevin Foley, Seamus Curran, Jerome Conway, Sean Foley, Denis O Neill, Michael O Sullivan, Kieran O Leary, Sean O Riordan and T. O Sullivan. Finance was the item on the agenda. Various fundraising ideas were proposed including a flag-day at Puck Fair and running a car-park in George Evans’ field during Puck Fair. At that late stage of the year, the club was still without a Treasurer. Christy O Riordan, having earlier in the year stepped down from the position, was again asked to reconsider his position. He refused saying that he had no intention of clearing debt for anyone, when there wasn’t any co-operation between members.

At the meeting on Thursday 9th September, James Coffey presided. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Stevie Foley, Patsy Joy, Jim Galvin, Paddy Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, Kevin Foley, Denis Lynch, Tom Curtayne, Pat O Shea, Kieran Foley and Liam Russell. James Coffey and Patsy Cronin agreed to act as treasurers until the end of the year. It was estimated that the club’s debt at that stage was £64 (However, Christy O Riordan had £7 in hand and Podso had £3-15-0). That debt included the cost of seven extra juvenile medals and three extra minor medals, totalling £10-10-0. The club badly needed a new set of jerseys. Pat O Shea proposed and Jim Galvin seconded that each member of the club would be levied 10/- with a view to purchasing a set of jerseys.


The Collectors for the Mid-Kerry Church Gate Collection were:

8.00am Mass – James Coffey, Mikey Kennedy, Kevin Foley and Mikey Moriarty.

10.00am Mass – James Coffey, Patsy Cronin, Jim Galvin and Mícheál Scanlon.

12.00 Mass – James Coffey, Patsy Cronin, Tom Curtayne and Stevie Foley.


On Fri. 11th June, John Scart Clifford, while on his honeymoon, presented three cups to the Mid-Kerry Board – The J.P. O Sullivan Cup, for senior football, was accepted by Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, who was a Vice-President of the Board; The Paddy Burke Memorial Cup, for minor football, was accepted by Derry Burke; The O Shea/Clifford trophy, for schools’ football, was accepted by Murt Kelly.


Munster U-21 Football Championship replay in Milltown Malbay on May 23rd: Clare 1-9; Kerry 2-5.

Kerry: John McCarthy, Tom O Shea, Paudie O Donoghue, Declan Lovett, Derry Crowley, DC O Sullivan, Ted Fitzgerald, Pat Griffin, Denis O Sullivan, Colm O Callaghan, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Derry O Shea, Paudie Finnegan, Henry McKinney, Seanie Burrows. Subs: Eamonn O Donoghue, Pat Cahill, Kevin Donnelly, Georgie Curran, Pat Moynihan, Tony O Callaghan, Con Riordan.


Kerry regained the Munster Minor Championship with clear-cut wins over Tipperary and Cork. They beat Offaly by 2-14 to 0-11 in the semi-final but lost to Derry in the final by 2-8 to 2-4.

Kerry: Brendan Lynch (Beaufort), James O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Jim Coughlan (Beaufort), Tim Crean (Austin Stacks), P. Donovan (Tarbert), Mick Ahern (Desmonds), Paul Scanlon (Dingle), Pat O Connell (Valentia), Fergus Moroney (Dr. Crokes), Dick Geaney (Desmonds) capt., Dermot Moriarty (St. Mary’s), Brian McCarthy (Ballylongford), Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), Gene O Donnell (Castlegregory), Tim Kelliher (Milltown). Subs: A. Flavin, Mike Slattery (Dingle), Brendan Tangney (Listry), M. Costello (Beale), Sean O Connor (Ballymac), Jer O Sullivan, R. O Connor, Patsy O Connor (Scartaglin).


The death occurred on 20th Oct. of Jimmy Leary, Lower Bridge Street. He had played with the Laune Rangers. Members of the club formed a guard of honour at his funeral to Dromavalla Cemetery.


At the Co. Board meeting of Tues. 8th March, the Inter-Towns Cup was inaugurated.


At the Co. Board meeting on 30th March, Noel Lucey’s transfer to London was sanctioned. He joined the Kingdom Club. He played at full-forward on the London team that lost to Hertfordshire on the score of 0-6 to 0-4 in the provincial Junior Football Championship at Luton on Sun. 30th May. The Kingdom lost to Parnells in the quarter-final of the London Senior Football Championship.


On Sun. 28th March, Valentia beat Ballymacelligott by 0-9 to 1-3 to win the first Senior Club Football Championship (1964) of Kerry. The competition was played off between the winners of the various District Boards.


James Coffey refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Thurs. 22nd April, MFC at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry defeated East-Kerry.

Thurs. 22nd July, MFC at Tralee: South-Kerry defeated St. Vincent’s.

Sun. 25th July, SFC at Listowel: St. Vincent’s 2-9; Austin Stacks 1-5.


1965 was the inaugural year of the inter-divisional U-16 competition, for the Ciste na Banban trophy, which was won by South Kerry.


In the tournament game played in Con Keating Park, Cahersiveen on Sun. 1st Aug., Batty Foley played in goals for Kerry against Meath. The latter won on the score of 2-5 to 1-6.


On Thurs. 30th Dec. Cromane Church was rededicated to Our Lady Star of the Sea by Most Rev. Dr. Denis Moynihan, Bishop of Kerry.


In his Secretary’s report to the Mid-Kerry Convention, which was held in The Oisin Cinema, Killorglin on 23rd January 1966, James Coffey said that ‘while the year under review was the most successful one yet for the Mid-Kerry senior team, it was also one of bitter disappointment. The team reached the Co. Final after giving displays of great spirit and courage in its games against West-Kerry, South-Kerry and John Mitchel’s. In the drawn Co. Final, they once again showed this fine spirit, when they made one of the greatest comebacks ever seen on a football pitch. We looked forward to the replay with great hope of achieving the one thing that had eluded us for so long but we failed to a vastly improved East-Kerry side, who played with great dash and enthusiasm. With the exception of a few, our players failed to produce their true form. They had gone through a tough campaign in the championship and it was a pity their reward wasn’t a championship medal. To these fine players, I say thank you for your co-operation, your spirit and your courage. Let not failure, in what could have been your hour of glory, dishearten you but instead let it encourage you to go one better in 1966. At this stage, I would like, also, to pay special tribute to our trainer, Father Kelly, who gave so much of his time in the preparation of the team for every game. Without him, I doubt if we would ever have reached the Co. Final. A special word of thanks is also due to the selectors. Their job was a thankless one.

Within our area, we didn’t play as many games as in previous years. This was due to our long Co. Championship campaign. However, we did play off our Senior Championship and, in this, Milltown/Castlemaine proved worthy winners over Keel after a replay. Laune Rangers won both the minor and juvenile championships, defeating Milltown/Castlemaine and Beaufort respectively.

In recent years in my annual report, I have stressed the importance of getting more people interested in the refereeing of games but all our efforts have failed and we have to look to other areas for referees for most of our games. The trouble is that most of our referees are also players. I think that this Board should contact some neighbouring District Board with a view to establishing some method where referees could be exchanged. I think that if this is successful, it would solve our problem and that of other areas.

The poor showing of the Mid-Kerry minor and U-16 teams in the Co. Championship is the cause of alarm. We must take more interest in our younger players and I suggest we get them playing more games from Easter until September. These games could be played on week evenings. Lack of dressing-room facilities in our venues is a big drawback and, I think, it is about time this Board did something to remedy it. We should have at least one venue equipped with dressing-room facilities.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our wonderful supporters, who helped to make such a success of our training fund and my thanks also to the club secretaries for their co-operation during the year.’


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the CYMS Hall on Sunday 2nd January 1966.

Patsy Cronin, in his secretary’s report said that, ‘the year under review would be mainly remembered for two successes on the playing fields. With the juveniles of the parish combined, instead of being divided as in former years, we won out the Mid-Kerry U-15 Championship and became the first holders of the Clifford-O Shea Trophy. Our minors brought off the double by winning the Mid-Kerry Minor Championship and they became the first holders of the Burke Memorial Cup. The display of our juveniles and minors augurs well for the future of the game in Killorglin.

Our seniors reached the semi-final of the league, which is yet to be finished. They also reached the semi-final of the Championship, but were surprisingly beaten by Keel. This was our greatest disappointment but the team was weakened through the absence of key players.

While the defeat of our seniors was a big disappointment, the greatest disappointment was the lack of co-operation among the members in the running of events held by the club during the year. Dances, run by the club, were badly supported by members of the club. Unless the attitude of players and members changes during the coming year, there is a great danger that the club will fold up. The meetings, held during the year, were so poorly attended that many of them had to be abandoned and, as a result, the running of the club was left to a few loyal members. The officers have been wrongly criticised for doing what they thought was right and for the good of the club.’

Patsy also thanked the CYMS and Mr. P.J. O Shea for giving the use of their halls during the year, Pat O Shea and Mícheál Scanlon for their great interest in minors and juveniles and the club in general, Derry O Brien and Sean O Riordan for their help in running dances and the other members who helped whenever needed and, last but not least, James Coffey for his tireless work.’