Laune Rangers – 1968

 Laune Rangers lost the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship Final to Keel.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the seventh time.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. U-16 Football Championship. The Laune Rangers representatives on the team were Iraneus Looney, Michael Cahillane, Pa O Grady, Johnny O Connor, Eamonn Looney, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey. Joe Crowley was a substitute.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. U-14 Football championship. The Laune Rangers representatives on the team were James Cahillane, Pat Horgan, John Evans, Tommy Woods, Iraneus Looney and Cathrach Scanlon.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship for the fourth time.

Frankie Russell played at full-forward on the Kerry team that lost the Munster Minor Football Championship Final to Cork.

Kerry won the Munster U-21 Football Championship but lost to Derry in the All-Ireland Semi-final. Timmy Doyle captained the team from centre halfback.

Kerry won the Munster Junior Football Championship but lost to Tyrone in the All-Ireland Semi-final. Paul Lucey captained the team from left fullback. Mickey O Sullivan, Glencar, played at full-forward.

Mícheál Scanlon was elected onto the Co. Minor Football Selection Committee.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the fourteenth successive year.

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The AGM of the club took place on 13th January 1968 in the Railway Hotel. A very large number of members attended. (The secretary’s report is given at the end of 1967). Paudie Foley, Chairman, welcomed the delegates and outlined the work done in 1967. He thanked the officers of the club for their co-operation.

Income and expenditure account for the year ended 13th Jan. 1968:

Income                                                          Expenditure

Dances £58-17 -6                                     Banquet £101-10 – 0

Concert £11-18 -0                                    Gorta       2 – 0 – 0

Gate receipts     2-15 -0

Petty Cash      11 -6 – 2

Banquet              £109-10 -0                  Footballs       6-15 – 0

Membership    1-10 -0                           Medical (Dr. Prendiville)       4 -0 – 0

Printing and Stationery       8-13 – 3

Meetings (CYMS)          15 – 0

Bank Charges       1-10 – 0

Field maintenance       8-12 – 4

Players’ travelling expenses   62-15 – 0

Paddy Foley (1966)       8 – 7 – 0

                                                                       Pat O Shea (1966)       1 – 2 – 0

£184-10-6                                                               £217 – 5 – 9

Excess of expenditure over income for 1967 – £32-15-3


Officers elected:

Chairman (after an election by secret ballot) – Paudie Foley (22 votes), James Coffey (9 votes), Christy O Riordan (9 votes).

Vice-Chairman (after an election by secret ballot) – James Coffey (17 votes), Christy O Riordan (14 votes), John Foley (7 votes), Sean O Reilly (2 votes).

Secretary – Mícheál Scanlon (unopposed).

Treasurer – Denis O Neill (unopposed)

PRO – Brendan O Reilly (unopposed).

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Paudie Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Brendan O Reilly, Owen Mangan and Sean Falvey.

Mid-Kerry selector – Mícheál Scanlon.

Committee: The officers, together with Pat O Shea, Sean Foley (Dungeel), Joe O Sullivan (Dunmaniheen), Sean O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Sean McKenna (Steelroe), Kevin Foley, Denis Lynch, John Foley (Dungeel), Patrick O Mahony (Langford St.), Mick Ahern (Caragh Lake), Jerry Griffin (Douglas), Ollie O Brien (Laune View), Jimmy Foley Snr. (Caragh Lake), Christy O Riordan, Pat Kennedy, Frank Russell, John Reilly (Steelroe), Donal Mangan.

Senior Selection Committee. Owen Mangan proposed that the committee should be reduced to three selectors. This was seconded. Pat O Shea proposed that the committee should remain as five selectors and Johnny Foley seconded. On a show of hands, the latter proposal was carried.

After an election by secret ballot, the following were the results – the five candidates with the highest votes being declared elected: Pat O Shea (39), Mícheál Scanlon (37), Paudie Foley (30), James Coffey (22), Christy O Riordan (22), Kevin Foley (21), Jimmy Foley (19), Patrick O Shea (9), Sean O Reilly (5), Patrick O Mahony (3).

Minor Selection Committee: Pat O Shea, Mícheál Scanlon, Denis O Neill, Patsy Joy, Sean Falvey.

Senior Captain: There were four players in contention for the captaincy – Seamus Naughton, Pat Ahern, Mike Hassett and Tony Lyons. After a vote, Seamus Naughton and Pat Ahern tied at 13 votes each. Brendan O Reilly proposed that the matter be again put to the meeting. However, the Chairman, Paudie Foley, decided that Seamus Naughton should be captain, saying that “Pat Ahern would be the least to begrudge him the honour.”

Minor Captain: There were five players in contention for the captaincy – Patrick (Rua) O Sullivan, Joe Foley, Frank Russell, Brendan O Sullivan (Steelroe) and James McGillycuddy. After a vote, Frank Russell and Joe Foley tied at 13 votes each. After a long discussion, the Chairman, Paudie Foley, decided that Frank Russell should be captain.


  1. ‘That trial games for younger players be run early in the year.’ Pat O Shea proposed that this motion be referred to the incoming selection committee. Accepted.
  2. ‘That rules 26, 27, 28 and 29 be deleted from the rulebook.’ Proposed by Owen Mangan and seconded by Sean Falvey. He said that we should put this motion forward to the Co. Convention. James Coffey proposed an amendment, seconded by John Foley, ‘that the part of the rules, which prohibited looking at games and attending at dances be deleted.’ However he was in favour of retaining the part of the rule which prohibited the playing of foreign games. He said that it would not be passed at Congress as there were still too many die-hards attending. He also said that some rugby clubs did not want GAA players. “Do we want their snobbery effect?” Sean Falvey said that the day of snobbery was gone. Jimmy Foley proposed that the motion should not be discussed and Brendan O Reilly seconded. However, the Chairman put the motion to the floor and the amendment was passed on a show of hands, by 24 votes to 8.
  3. ‘That all appointed delegates to County Convention should remain on until the end of the convention.’ Proposed by Pat O Shea, seconded by Owen Mangan and agreed.
  4. ‘That the club should have a Church Gate Collection.’ Proposed by Denis Lynch, seconded by Owen Mangan and agreed.
  5. ‘That the club should foster Gaelic ideals by having an annual talk in Irish and three meetings during the year should be in Irish.’ Proposed by Brendan O Reilly and seconded by Mícheál Scanlon. Owen Mangan proposed that there should be one meeting in Irish and that the club should run a play. This was seconded by Pat O Shea and agreed.
  6. ‘That the club AGM should be held during Christmas.’ Proposed by Owen Mangan, seconded by Brendan O Reilly and agreed.
  7. ‘That the club should get Dingle to play Mid-Kerry for the official opening of the dressing-rooms.’ It was decided to await the completion of the building, which was eminent and then to ask Mícheál Scanlon to consult with Dr. Jim Brosnan for his suggestions.
  8. ‘That the Senior Parish League, as it exists, should be abolished and a new league initiated.’ Proposed by Owen Mangan, who said that the league should be played early in the year with four captains picking from home-based players. He said that a second league could be run including away players and four captains, one from each area. That was seconded by Seamus Naughton. Jimmy Foley proposed that the old system should be retained and if it proved a failure, the club could revert to a new system. Pat O Shea seconded. Agreed.
  9. ‘That All-Ireland tickets and social tickets and debts due to the club should be paid.’ Agreed.
  10. ‘That punctuality at games be observed.’ Proposed by Brendan O Reilly, who said that the public were entitled to be looked after and that keeping people waiting was unfair. Owen Mangan seconded and it was agreed.
  11. ‘That membership should be strengthened.’ Proposed by Owen Mangan, who said that membership-cards should be purchased and sold. Pat O Shea seconded and it was agreed.
  12. ‘That hangers-on should be excluded from the opening of the dressing-rooms.’ Proposed by Pat O Shea and agreed.
  13. ‘That GAA meetings should not be held in public houses.’ This was withdrawn by the proposer, Pat O Shea.
  14. ‘That a winning team should not be changed.’ That was left to the discretion of the selectors.

There followed a discussion on away players’ expenses. The Chairman felt that it was costing too much. Pat O Shea said that if the players were interested in GAA, they should travel at the minimum cost. Christy O Riordan suggested that the club should contact those players and tell them how the club stood financially. Pat O Shea agreed and said that the players should be told that the matter was passed at convention. Sean Falvey said that if the club stuck to that, it would win fewer trophies, and Owen Mangan agreed. They suggested that the travelling players should get the fare and a meal. J. Foley proposed that the charge should be left to the committee and Denis Lynch seconded. It was, also, agreed that, in the event of the present Mid-Kerry Chairman resigning, Pat O Shea was Laune Rangers choice as Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board.

Owen Mangan opined that James Mangan, Knockavota, should be considered for Laune Rangers as he had expressed a preference for playing with the club. It was decided that James Mangan should be asked to put his request in writing.

The meeting then concluded.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Twelve teams played in the Senior Football Championship – East-Kerry, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Castleisland, Kenmare, Mid-Kerry, South-Kerry, Shannon Rangers, Austin Stacks, Waterville, John Mitchels, St. Vincent’s, West-Kerry. Waterville had not wished to play in the senior championship. James Coffey, Laune Rangers, said, at the Co. Board meeting, that Waterville had been unable to field a minor team and he cautioned against pushing them up against their will. However, the Co. Board decided that the team was good enough to play in the Senior Championship and St. Brendan’s Board was put out. Valentia had folded as a club as The Western Union Cable Station (for long a great nursery of Valentia football) had closed down in 1966, causing many families to leave the island to take up employment elsewhere. At the South Kerry Convention, the island had been declared an open area and Mick O Connell opted to play with Waterville.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 18th Aug. at Cahersiveen: Mid-Kerry 4-15; South Kerry 1-8.

Nothing much was expected of South-Kerry in their Co. Senior Championship tie in the Con Keating Park against a star-studded Mid-Kerry side but for a glorious ten minutes midway through the first half, they showed as if they were about to bring off the sensation of the season. Mid-Kerry had slipped effortlessly into a 0-8 to 0-3 lead when Ned Fitzgerald lashed a 21 yards free to the net, with the Mid-Kerry defence obviously unprepared. South-Kerry swept in again from the kick out but the woodwork came to the rescue of the champions twice in succession and they successfully repelled further furious South-Kerry onslaughts and they worked downfield where a brilliant bout of play by Brendan Lynch and a goal from a penalty by Pat Ahern had them leading by 1-10 to 1-4 at the halftime whistle.

South-Kerry’s hopes soared skywards again soon after the resumption when P.J. Burns had a great point and play continued in Mid-Kerry territory, but the locals failed to sustain the effort and the champions’ class and better teamwork at last began to tell. Raking centres from midfield were soon arriving in the South-Kerry square and even though Gerald Hussey, Eric Murphy, Paddy Casey and goalkeeper, Tom Murphy, performed well, they could not keep the champions at bay. After the South Kerry net had fallen three times in quick succession, Mid-Kerry took complete control to run out clear cut winners of a very sportingly contested game.

Kerry stars Pat Griffin and Brendan Lynch dominated throughout for the winners who were also capably served by Pat Ahern, Paudie Lynch, Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Jimmy Healy and Billy Kerins. South Kerry was well served by fullback Gerald Hussey, Eric Murphy, Paddy Casey, P.J. Burns, Ned Fitzgerald, Jerry O Mahony, Joe Joe O Sullivan and Tom Murphy, in goals.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), John Scully (Beaufort), Jim Coughlan (Beaufort), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers) 1-1, Timmy Doyle (Laune Rangers), Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers), Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers), Paudie Lynch (Beaufort) 0-2, Brendan Lynch (Beaufort) 1-4, Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh) 0-4, Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine) 1-1, William Kennedy (Laune Rangers), Mike O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Michael O Grady (Glenbeigh) 0-2.

South Kerry: Tom Murphy, Paddy Casey, Gerald Hussey, J. Casey, Joe Joe O Sullivan, Tom O Sullivan, B. Casey, Jerry O Mahony, Seamus Hoare, P. J. Burns (0-2), Michael Casey (0-1), John O Donoghue, Ned Fitzgerald (1-3), Michael Brennan (0-2). Subs: J. Redmond for S. Hoare; P. Kelly for T. O Sullivan.


Quarter-Final on Sun. 1st Sept at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 0-11; Castleisland 1-7.

Castleisland nearly caused a major upset when they ran County Champions, Mid-Kerry, to a point. However, to be fair, Mid-Kerry deserved to win and they had two goals disallowed. Underdogs from the start, Castleisland were thought not to have much of a chance in that game and in the first twenty minutes they seemed to think so themselves. They were down 0-5 to 0-1 and that was not a true reflection of the superiority of Mid-Kerry that had lost many scoring opportunities through bad shooting. Tom Prendergast, Pat Griffin and Mike O Sullivan got to the edge of the square, with only Thompson to beat, and yet sent hopelessly wide. However, a heavy shower of rain in the first five minutes of the game made the ball difficult to control.

Mid-Kerry were unlucky to have a goal disallowed in the first half, although the action of the referee was correct as the Mid-Kerry forwards had been in the square long before the ball reached them. In the final ten minutes of the first half, Castleisland decided they could do much better and the halftime whistle saw them lead by a one point margin – 0-6 to 0-5. It would be hard to say what really started the rejuvenation, but Mick Fleming at midfield had a very big say in it, taking over control of the sector and feeding his forwards with a stream of scoring chances. In that ten minutes, Mid-Kerry were at sixes and sevens and were under severe pressure.

The second half was a much more evenly contested moiety. After ten minutes, Mid-Kerry were two points ahead, scoring four points on the trot, after Castleisland had opened with a point from Aidan McGaley. Then came Castleisland’s masterstroke, which very nearly won them the game. T.J. McCarthy sent a screaming shot goalwards, which Tony Lyons could only parry and, quick as a flash, Aidan McGaley was in to hammer the rebound to the net. Play from here on was centred mostly around midfield with both sides missing occasional scoring chances and Mid-Kerry again had a goal disallowed. In the final five minutes, points from Tom Prendergast and Tim Kelliher gave them a winning margin.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Eugene Moriarty (Keel), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Jim Coughlan, Pat Ahern, Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers), Paul Lucey, Patsy Joy, Paudie Lynch, Brendan Lynch 0-4, Pat Griffin 0-1, Tom Prendergast (Keel) 0-2, Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Mike O Sullivan 0-2, Tim Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-1.

Castleisland: Joe Thompson (Knocknagoshel), Sean Corridon (Brosna), Moss Keane (Currow), John Brosnan (Ballymac), Dan Kenny (Scartaglin), Mick Ahern (Currow), Pat Scanlon (do), Mikey Joe O Sullivan (Desmonds), Mick Fleming (Currow), G. O Connor, J.P. Leen (Ballymac), Aidan McGaley (Desmonds), T.J. McCarthy (do), John Geaney (Cordal), Jack Ahern (Currow).


Semi-Final on Sun. 29th Sept. at Tralee: East-Kerry 1-10; Mid-Kerry 0-10.

Mid-Kerry lost their county senior title when, in a semi-final that was marred by a strong wind, East-Kerry’s superior finish proved decisive. It was a pity that the wind, which blew from the town goal, should have had such an effect on the exchanges, as it could have been a great game on a calm day. The teams were very well matched and, with several big names in action on both sides, it had all the ingredients of a thrilling encounter. Mid-Kerry had the wind behind them in the first half and failed badly to take advantage of a great many chances. Mike O Sullivan and Tim Kelliher missed great chances of goals, which could have been invaluable when they turned over to face the breeze in the second half. When they led by only 0-6 to 0-4 at the interval, their title was already slipping away but they certainly did not relinquish it without a stern struggle through the second half.

Yet, there is no doubt that East-Kerry were well worth their win. Against the wind, their backs defended stoutly and the forwards used the low ball intelligently to provide the chances that kept their side in touch on the scoreboard. Even with the wind, Mid-Kerry failed to get a grip either at midfield or half-forward. Mike O Sullivan and Patsy Joy lined out against Timmy Sheehan and Pat Moynihan and the East-Kerry pair looked the stronger in the early stages. However, Mid-Kerry’s half-forward line of Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin and Tom Prendergast was potentially very strong and, with Griffin proving a handful for Donie O Sullivan, the East-Kerry selectors switched back Moynihan and moved O Sullivan to midfield to partner Sheehan. Moynihan immediately got the measure of Griffin, while O Sullivan found his form at midfield in the second half.

Mid-Kerry also made switches, bringing Mike O Sullivan to full-forward, Kevin Griffin to right half-forward and Tom Prendergast to midfield. Apart from O Sullivan’s all-out effort at full-forward, they brought no great change. Tim Kelliher missed a glorious chance in the sixteenth minute, when the ball broke to his feet almost in the East-Kerry square, but he failed to connect with the dead ball and was eventually hustled off it. Earlier, Mike O Sullivan had burst his way past several backs but crashed a left footed shot hopelessly wide from about fourteen yards range. These missed chances were to prove very costly in the final analysis.

Three times during the first half the teams were level and points by Johnny Culloty and Timmy Sheehan had them level again within five minutes of the restart. Then Mid-Kerry supporters must have felt that there was little hope for their champions but in a breakaway Mike O Sullivan curled over a nice point after a Paudie Lynch lob and it was obvious that they were far from willing to accept defeat. They retained that slender lead for five minutes, despite tremendous East-Kerry pressure, but eventually Johnny Culloty equalised when he gathered a Donie O Sullivan sideline kick and blazed over a point with a goal very much ‘on’. A minute later, Donie O Sullivan kicked a great point from a free of over fifty yards but once more Mid-Kerry’s fighting heart refused to yield. Again it was Mike O Sullivan who put them level and, with fifteen minutes left, the champions were still very much on their feet.

Prendergast was injured accidentally when he ran face first into an opponent but he gamely continued, although badly shaken. It was typical of Mid-Kerry’s spirit but they took a body blow in the 17th minute, when D. J. Crowley rose to a John Saunders lob and fisted the ball across the goal to the corner of the net. Then the champions were really up against it but within a minute Prendergast had a chance when he had a pot shot from about fourteen yards. However, goalkeeper Weeshie Fogarty made a wonderful save, diving to his right and flicking the ball over the bar. Six minutes from the end, Donie O Sullivan kicked a massive free from the sideline straight between the posts and Pat Moynihan had another when placed by Larry Kelly. The game seemed to be sewn up but hopes rose again, when, with two minutes to go, Brendan Lynch faced up to take a fourteen yards free. The angle was not as good as the one he had goaled against Down a week previously but nevertheless he made a wonderful effort, blazing a rising shot straight for the underside of the crossbar. However, a back got his hand to that one and the ball skimmed over the bar. It was Mid-Kerry’s last fling and the whistle went shortly afterwards, leaving East-Kerry worthy winners. Although the standard was badly affected by the wind, the closeness of the exchanges helped maintain spectators’ interest right to the end.

Mid-Kerry will always regret that the forwards made such poor use of their first half chances, but, on the run of play, they hardly deserved to survive and it was only the Trojan work of their backs that saved them from a heavier defeat. Tony Lyons was a sound goalkeeper and received excellent cover from Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler and Jim Coughlan. Jerry O Riordan had a great duel with D. J. Crowley and Pat Ahern also had a good hour. Mid-Kerry were unfortunate in having to line out without Timmy Doyle and Paul Lucey had to retire early. Patsy Joy was often in the picture in the second half but Mid-Kerry were out of it at midfield in the first half when they had the wind behind them. Mike O Sullivan tried very hard at full-forward but was too slow out the field in the early stages. Pat Griffin, after a good start, was off his game and when he did win possession, he was inclined to solo too often and his kicks were by no means as decisive as they had been. Brendan Lynch kicked one peach of a point from the middle of the field but was well held in play by the tenacious Jer O Donoghue, while Tom Prendergast, though trying as hard as ever, made no great impression even before he received the facial injury. The Mid-Kerry full-forward line was poor throughout but they did introduce a highly promising youngster in Paudie Lynch, who came on for Paul Lucey and played very well after the interval. At 16, he was a bright prospect.

Mid-Kerry: Tony Lyons, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jim Coughlan, Pat Ahern (0-4), Jerry O Riordan, Paul Lucey, Mike O Sullivan (0-2), Patsy Joy, Brendan Lynch (0-3), Pat Griffin, Tom Prendergast (0-1), Denny O Shea, Kevin Griffin, Tim Kelliher. Subs: Jimmy Healy for D. O Shea; Paudie Lynch for P. Lucey.

East Kerry: Weeshie Fogarty, Jerry McCarthy, Derry Crowley, Frank O Mahony, Mike Gleeson, Donie O Sullivan, Jer O Donoghue, Timmy Sheehan, Pat Moynihan, John Saunders, D. J. Crowley, Larry Kelly, Mike Lyne, Tom Long, Johnny Culloty. Subs: Gerard Cullinane for M. Lyne; Jim Gleeson for F. O Mahony.


East-Kerry, captained by Weeshie Fogarty, beat Waterville in the final by 6-8 to 1-9.


Munster Club Championship


Semi-Final on Sat. 11th Oct. at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-1; Doonbeg 0-3.

The game did not provide a very good spectacle of football but there was plenty of bone-shaking tackling, which kept the spectators on their feet. Favoured by a strong cross-wind, Doonbeg proved to be a handful for Mid-Kerry in the first half with their hard hitting and tremendous speed. But for a great display by midfielder Patsy Joy, Mid-Kerry would have been far greater in arrears at the interval than one point (0-2 to 0-1).

A heavy shower just before the restart did not suit Mid-Kerry and it was the Clare side that dictated the pace early in the second half. The turning point of the game came in the 46th minute when a Mid-Kerry movement between Billy Kerins, Kevin Griffin and Pat Griffin resulted in the latter taking a very fine goal. That shattered the confidence of the Doonbeg side and they had to play a defensive role for practically the rest of the game.

Best for Mid-Kerry were Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jim Coughlan, Seamus Curran, Tom Prendergast, Timmy Doyle, Patsy Joy and Pat Griffin. Pat Griffin (1-0) and Brendan Lynch (0-1) got the scores.


Final on Sun. 27th Oct. at Castletownbere: Beara 1-11; Mid-Kerry 2-7.

There was huge attendance at this Munster Club final. The game provided a thrilling hour’s football and, despite the inclement weather and underfoot conditions, the standard was exceptionally high. In fact Mid-Kerry’s display surpassed anything seen by them that year and instead of losing by a point, they could easily have come home with the laurels.

The game started off at a tremendous pace and points were exchanged in thrilling fashion. Mid-Kerry began to gain a distinct pull at midfield where Patsy Joy was in brilliant form and was receiving excellent support from Timmy Doyle. However, the forwards, with the exception of the two Lynchs, Brendan and Paudie, were in very wasteful mood. An injury to Tom Prendergast after twelve minutes forced him to retire and that was a tremendous blow to Mid-Kerry, because he was having a wonderful game at left halfback. His deputy, Paul Lucey, was never able to get into the game in that position and Beara were quick to find the weakness. However, a great fullback line of O Shea, Bowler and Coughlan and an equally efficient goalkeeper, Kevin Griffin, held out against Beara’s onslaught.

With five minutes remaining in the first half and the sides level for the fifth time, Brendan Lynch kicked a strong ball goalwards from the right sideline, Mike O Sullivan, at full-forward, rose to it but he failed to connect and, to everyone’s astonishment, the ball went untouched to the net. Beara fought back for a point but, just before halftime, Pat Griffin had a wonderful point to give Mid-Kerry a goal lead, 1-6 to 0-6.

Despite the fact that they were playing into the wind in the second half, one felt that Mid-Kerry had the ability to win comfortably and, for a ten minutes period after the resumption, they attacked incessantly. However, sheer bad finishing cost them at least two goals. Then the Beara goalkeeper brought off two great saves, one at the expense of a point, which also contributed to the downfall of Mid-Kerry. Pat Ahern, who was having a great game and, in fact, pointed two fifties in the first half, stepped up to take a free about forty yards out from his own goal, but he topped the ball and it slithered only a few yards to an unmarked Beara forward, who cut through to score a goal that should have been stopped by at least two defenders. That put new life into the Beara side and, within a minute, they were back for the equalising point (1-7 each).

When Timmy Doyle and Mike O Sullivan swapped places, Beara took over at midfield where Downing was now playing very well and they had four points without reply. An injury to Mike O Sullivan forced him to retire and Timmy Doyle came back to midfield and again Mid-Kerry stormed to the attack. With a minute to go, the great-hearted Patsy Joy came from nowhere to bang home a brilliant goal. But it came too late and Beara, under great pressure, held out for a worthy victory.

Kevin Griffin, a late replacement for Tony Lyons, made a great debut in goals. Teddy Bowler’s display certainly stamped him as the best fullback in Kerry. He was flanked by two brilliant players in Ned O Shea and Jim Coughlan. Pat Ahern, until he tired towards the end, had his best game for a while, whilst Seamus Curran turned in a great second half at centre halfback. Patsy Joy gave his best display ever at midfield and Timmy Doyle was little behind him. Brendan Lynch had a great first half but he was too closely watched in the second half by a great footballer in Kevin Jer O Sullivan. Pat Griffin was a big disappointment on the forty. He never seemed to be able to get going and his loss of form was a severe blow to the team’s hopes. Paudie Lynch, despite his youth, played very well. The day and the pitch did not suit him but again he proved that he was a player of great promise. In the full-forward line only Mike O Sullivan seemed capable of beating his man but his inaccuracy from beautiful positions cost his side many scores. One of his misses was almost unbelievable.

Mid-Kerry: Kevin Griffin, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Jim Coughlan, Pat Ahern, Seamus Curran, Tom Prendergast, Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin, Paudie Lynch, Mike O Sullivan. Subs: Paul Lucey for T. Prendergast (inj.)

T. Wolfe (Limerick) was a most impartial referee.


Towns’ Cup

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Pat o Shea, Mícheál Scanlon, Paudie Foley, James Coffey and Christy O Riordan.

There were two groups:

A – Castleisland, Dingle, Listowel, Legion, Eoin Rua, Austin Stack’s and Kerins O Rahilly’s.

B – Dr. Croke’s, Killorglin, Waterville, Kenmare, Cahersiveen and Glenbeigh.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd March at Killorglin at 3.15pm: Laune Rangers defeated Cahersiveen

Laune Rangers were always in command against an experimental and young Cahersiveen side. The losers were always in trouble at midfield, where a dominant Patsy Joy was in control. The home side led at the interval by 0-5 to 0-1. Their attack wasted numerous scoring chances and that, coupled with a defence that was very shaky under pressure, could have been fatal. In fact it was only the brilliance of goalkeeper Seamus Naughton that prevented the Cahersiveen boys from getting at least two goals. Pat Ahern, Owen Mangan, Teddy Mangan and Jimmy Foley were the pick of the attack. Timmy Doyle gave Patsy Joy good assistance at midfield, while the defence was best served by Michael O Sullivan, Seamus Curran, Eamonn Crowley, Kieran Foley and Pat O Shea.

Ref: James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 31st March at Killarney: Laune Rangers defeated Dr. Crokes.

Ref: Denis P O Sullivan (Kilgarvan).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 7th April at Kenmare: Kenmare 2-5; Laune Rangers 0-7.

The game was played in sunny Father Breen Memorial Park. Laune Rangers were very unlucky not to score a goal in the first half. Patsy Joy and Pat Ahern put in good work over the hour. John A. O Brien scored a very good point. At the subsequent Co. Board meeting (Tues. 11th May), the Secretary was instructed to write to Owen Mangan in connection with the game.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).


Rd. 4 on Sun. 28th April at Killorglin: Glenbeigh easily defeated Laune Rangers.


Final on Sun. 18th Aug. at Killarney: Kenmare 0-9; Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-3.


Co. Intermediate Championship

The following teams were accepted for the Intermediate Football Championship: Castleisland, Gaeltacht, Kenmare, St. Brendan’s, Laune Rangers, Glenbeigh, Ballylongford, Dr. Croke’s, Legion and Finuge. A team that would win the Intermediate Championship twice in-a-row, would have to go senior.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 6th Aug. at Killarney: Laune Rangers defeated Legion.

Quarter-Final: Laune Rangers lost to Finuge by three points.

The defining moment came when goalkeeper Tony Lyons attempted a pass to Seamus Curran but it was intercepted by Brendan Twomey, who scored a goal.


Co. Junior Football Championship


45 teams entered for that competition. It was played on a knockout basis.

Rd. 1 in July at Spa: Spa beat Laune Rangers.


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship


Semi-Final on Sun. 17th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-8; Glenbeigh 2-8.

Two goals, in the early minutes of the second half, clinched victory for Laune Rangers against Glenbeigh in the Mid-Kerry semi-final. The first goal came within thirty seconds of the restart, full-forward Frankie Russell scoring. Then a great free by Pat Ahern landed in the Glenbeigh square and, as backs and forwards rose high, the ball was punched to the back of the net. These goals put Rangers ten points ahead and they never looked in serious danger afterwards. Ten minutes from the end, Glenbeigh did make a determined effort to get back within striking distance. The hitherto quiet Pat Griffin jinked his way through the Rangers’ defence and a powerful drive by him found the net, despite a great attempt by goalkeeper Seamus Naughton to save it. Glenbeigh followed up with two points but after that the Laune Rangers’ defence was not in any mood to allow Pat Griffin through for any more shots at goal and instead conceded frees from far out.

The game, generally, was the poorest seen between the sides for years. Conditions were ideal, but Glenbeigh did not play with the heart that one might expect and sadly missed the promptings of Mike O Sullivan, who was recovering from a leg injury. Laune Rangers laid the foundations of victory at midfield where Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle were rampant. For twenty minutes of the second half, in particular, Patsy played inspired football and sent ball after ball into the Glenbeigh goal-mouth. Timmy Doyle was also very prominent and scored a really great point in the second half, although strongly harassed by opponents.

The Laune Rangers forwards generally took their chances well. Eamonn Crowley, at right half-forward was the most polished of the six, although Frank Russell finished with a very respectable tally of 1-1 after a great duel with Teddy Bowler (he also had a hand in two other goals). Pat Joy, at corner-forward, was improving with every outing and his two first-half goals were gems of opportunism. In defence, Laune Rangers were very well served by goalkeeper Seamus Naughton, wing-backs Pat Ahern and Michael Kavanagh and corner-backs Michael O Sullivan and Tom Curran. Seamus Curran was not at his best at centre half-back but fullback Pat O Shea did all that was asked of him and his switch with William Kennedy in the last quarter was a beneficial one.

For Glenbeigh, Pat Griffin, scorer of 2-2, was deserving of special mention. When in possession, he was always dangerous but the Rangers adopted a ‘thou shalt not pass’ attitude and as a result we saw Griffin pulled down far out where frees were of little advantage. In defence, Teddy Bowler, Mike Breen, Jim Casey and Jerry O Riordan had their moments, whilst Kevin Griffin turned in a very impressive display in attack.

Scorers for Laune Rangers: Pat Joy (Annadale) 2-0, Frank Russell 1-1, Pat Ahern 1-1, William Kennedy 0-2, Patsy Joy 0-2, Timmy Doyle 0-1, Eamonn Crowley 0-1.

For Glenbeigh: Pat Griffin 2-2, Kevin Griffin 0-3, Jimmy Healy 0-2, Liam Scully 0-1.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).

Keel beat Milltown/Castlemaine in the other semi-final at Killorglin, with James Coffey as referee.


Final on Sun. 1st Dec. at Killorglin: Keel 3-6; Laune Rangers 0-7.

A glorious twenty-five minutes spell of football that recaptured all the splendour and greatness of Keel football teams of former years sent the holders, Laune Rangers, rocking and then crashing to defeat in the Mid-Kerry Championship final. That defeat prevented Rangers winning three titles in a row whilst Keel maintained a hundred per cent record of success over the Killorglin boys in championship deciders.

Substitute Paud Foley, brother of Keel captain Jim, who was introduced into the game midway through the first half, really sparked off the fire that sent Keel onto a great victory. When Rangers turned over, leading by only two points at the interval, after playing with the strong breeze, their chances of victory did not look very bright. However, two points within five minutes of the resumption raised their hopes. But then Paud Foley hit the scene for Keel. When one of the Laune Rangers’ defenders failed to hold a high ball, Foley was there to send it to the net and he, immediately, followed with a point to level the scoring. There was no stopping Keel then. They sent over three points and then Paud Foley put his name on another goal, this time rounding three defenders before crashing home a great drive. That really clinched victory for the Keel men.

Despite the strong breeze and the slippery ground, both teams managed to serve up grand fare. Every Keel players would remember that game with pride and they had a good right to do so. Topping the honour’s list was Paud Foley, for his introduction to the attack was a master-move. His brother, Jim, played a captain’s part a left halfback, whilst veteran Willie Barton never put a foot wrong at fullback and gave excellent cover to goalkeeper Jer O Brien. George Evans also fared well in defence. In attack, Tom Prendergast was once again a live-wire on the forty and often helped out at midfield and defence. Seanie Foley, who came on in the second half, Denny O Shea, Tom Evans and Michael Carey were others who contributed their share to Keel’s victory. At midfield, Timmy Hannafin, despite the brilliance of his opponent, Patsy Joy, played with great determination. Keel, and indeed Mid-Kerry football, suffered a blow when Ned O Shea, who was having a fine game, had to retire with a broken ankle. Other Keel players worthy of mention were Paddy O Shea, Jim O Connor and Eoin Moriarty in defence.

Laune Rangers seemed to have lost their appetite for football. Midfielder Patsy Joy and goalkeeper Seamus Naughton were their stars. For periods of the second half, they seemed to be the only players capable of stopping the Keel onslaught. In the first half, when Rangers had much of the play, their forwards were unable to make much progress. Defenders Tom and Seamus Curran, Pat Ahern and Pat O Shea, midfielder Timmy Doyle and forwards Eamonn Crowley, in the first half, and Kieran Foley were the pick of the rest of the Laune Rangers team.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Tom Curran, Pat O Shea, Michael O Sullivan, Michael Kavanagh, Seamus Curran, Pat Ahern (0-2), Patsy Joy (0-1), Timmy Doyle, Eamonn Crowley (0-1), William Kennedy (0-1), Willie Murphy, Pat Joy, Frankie Russell (0-2), Kieran Foley.

Keel: Jer O Brien, Paddy O Shea, Willie Barton, Jim O Connor, George Evans, Eoin Moriarty, Jim Foley (capt.), Ned O Shea, Timmy Hannafin, Denny O Shea (1-1), Tom Prendergast (0-3), Jim Bailey, Tom Evans, Mike Carey (0-1), Brendan Corcoran. Subs: Paud Foley (2-1), Seanie Foley, Eamonn Cournane.

Ref: Tom Keane (Cahersiveen).

Keel went on to win the Co. Junior Championship by defeating Listowel Emmett’s in the final in Kerins O Rahillys Pitch on Sun. 15th Dec. on the score of 2-9 to 1-6.


Mid-Kerry League


Sun. 26th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Keel.

The game commenced 45 minutes after the scheduled time, as the appointed referee failed to turn up. Milltown/Castlemaine refused to play Glenbeigh in the second game, as it was too late. (At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, Glenbeigh agreed to a re-fixture). The Kerryman Notes on the following week read, ‘The Mid-Kerry Board will have to act and act fast.’ That was the opinion of many GAA followers at the game on Sunday. ‘It is about time that players and officials realise that the paying customer must get the treatment he deserves. These incidents have been all too frequent in the past and a reoccurrence could do much harm to the Association in the area.’


Semi-Final, Laune Rangers v Keel, was not played until Sun. 30th March 1969. Keel won.


Parish League


The club organised a parish league and, later, a parish championship.

There were four teams in the Parish League, Laharn, Dromin, Caragh Lake and Steelroe.

Sun. 10th March, Laharn beat Dromin (that was played with seventeen a-side) and Caragh Lake beat Steelroe.

Semi-Final on Tues. 16th July: Steelroe defeated Laharn.

Final on Thurs. 4th July: Caragh Lake versus Steelroe.

Referee, James Coffey, was forced to abandon the game after seven minutes.


Tournament/Challenge Games


John Power & Son Tournament Final (There was just one game in the tournament)

Sun. 19th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-9; John Mitchels 3-9.

Following a shaky start, Laune Rangers settled down to give their opponents a hard game of it for three-quarters of an hour. John Mitchels, with practically their entire Co. Championship team, could only lead by 1-5 to 0-4 at halftime, after having the aid of a stiff breeze. For fifteen minutes after the resumption Laune Rangers were completely on top at midfield and their forwards scored three good points to leave only a point between the sides. However, the experienced Mitchels men made the ball do the work, while the Rangers, who were short four of their original lineout, including Paul Lucey and Seamus Curran, persisted in trying to walk the ball into the Mitchels net and, in the process, they ran out of steam and were not there when they were most needed, in the final quarter.

To add the Rangers’ misfortune, they failed to convert two penalties into goals. In the first half, Owen Mangan was lucky to get a point from his effort and in the second half, Patsy Joy drove wide. However, it was a good performance by the Rangers against a good, sporting and experienced Mitchels team.

Outstanding for Mitchels were Brian and Niall Sheehy, Derry O Shea, Seamus Roche, Sean Burrows, Sean Kelliher, Buddy O Grady and Harry Burke. Rangers were splendidly served by Tony Lyons in goals, Pat O Shea at fullback, Patsy Joy and Joe Foley at midfield, Owen Mangan and Frank Russell in attack. Ref: James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


Sat. 8th June at Killorglin (Challenge): Laune Rangers v Kilcummin.


Co. Minor Championship:


Rd. 1 on Fri. 9th Aug. at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry lost to East-Kerry. Ref: Pat O Shea.


Castleisland won the Co. Minor Championship for the third time in a row on Sun. 8th Sept. at Tralee when they beat East-Kerry on the score of 1-13 to 2-2.


Co. Minor Football League

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Pat O Shea, Micheál Scanlon, Denis O Neill, Patsy Joy and Sean Falvey.

There were two groups:

A – Dingle, Austin Stacks, Castleisland, Listowel, Legion, Eoin Rua, Kerins O Rahilly’s, John Mitchel’s.

B – Kenmare, Dr. Croke’s, Cahersiveen and Killorglin.


Rd. 1 at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2. on Sun. 31st March at Killarney: Dr. Crokes defeated Laune Rangers.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 7th April at Kenmare: Kenmare 2-7; Laune Rangers 2-2.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship:


Rd. 1 on Sun. 14th April at Milltown at 2.15pm: Laune Rangers defeated Beaufort.


Final: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh and retained the minor title.

Laune Rangers: Denis Clifford (Annadale Rd.), Pa O Grady (Mill Rd.), Pat Kennedy (Laharn), Michael Foley (Reen), Michael Cahillane (Mill Rd.), James McGillycuddy (Ardnaknockeen), Michael O Sullivan (Meanus), Patrick O Sullivan (Rua), James Houlihan (Dunmaniheen), Pat O Riordan (Railway Tce.), Frank Russell (Anglont), Jerry Coffey (Lismacfinnane), Michael O Shea (Rangue), John Clifford (Dromin), Brendan O Sullivan (Bansha).


Co. U-16 Championship

The teams were divided into four groups. The top team in each group qualified for the semi-final. Mid-Kerry was in Group A with South-Kerry and Kenmare. Coach/Trainer – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers)


Rd. 1 at Kenmare: Kenmare lost to Mid-Kerry.

Rd. 2 at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry defeated South-Kerry.


Semi-final on Tues. 27th Aug. at Killarney: Mid-Kerry defeated Austin Stacks.


Final on Sat. 28th Sept. at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-10; East-Kerry 1-4.

Mid-Kerry had a fine victory over East-Kerry and thus achieved a notable double, having already won the U-14 title. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, both teams served up a good display of football. The all round balance of the home side was really the deciding factor in their favour. Backed by a fairly strong crosswind in the first half, Mid-Kerry could only manage to lead by 1-4 to 0-1 at the interval and their position looked far from secure.

Shortly after the resumption, East-Kerry cut their arrears to three points when a Mid-Kerry defender booted the ball past his own goalkeeper. From the kick out, they were back for a point. It was anybody’s game at that stage but the great fighting spirit associated with all Mid-Kerry teams was in evidence in that game and several splendid moves engineered by the brilliant Paudie Lynch pinned the eastern boys back in their own half and in the end Mid-Kerry were worthy winners.

The big difference between the sides was Paudie Lynch. He had no equal in fielding and his kicking, both from placed balls and from play, was faultless. He showed himself to be a player with a very bright future. At midfield Lynch got great assistance, in the first half, from Eamonn Looney and, in the second half, from J.P. O Sullivan. Another outstanding player for Mid-Kerry was Gerald McCarthy at left halfback, while Joseph Crowley, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey, Michael Ladden and John Griffin starred in attack. The introduction of Crowley midway through the second half made a big difference to the full-forward line. Others to contribute much to Mid-Kerry’s victory were goalkeeper Iraneus Looney, who had captained the U-14 team, Jimmy Hayes and Johnny O Connor. East Kerry had outstanding players in J. King, who was brilliant between the posts, fullback J. O Connor, corner-back D. Healy, midfielder Paud O Donoghue and forwards Paudie O Mahony and J. O Connor.

After the game, Declan Horgan, Secretary of Kerry Bord na nOg, presented the Kiely Bros, Trophy to the Mid-Kerry captain, Michael O Shea.

Mid-Kerry: Iraneus Looney (Laune Rangers), Michael Cahillane (Laune Rangers), Pa O Grady (Laune Rangers), P. Cronin (Milltown), Johnny O Connor (Laune Rangers), Jim Hayes (Milltown), Gerald McCarthy (Milltown), Paudie Lynch (Beaufort), Eamonn Looney (Laune Rangers), Michael O Shea (Laune Rangers), Jerry Coffey (Laune Rangers), John Griffin (Glenbeigh), Brendan Ferriter (Milltown), John P. O Sullivan (Milltown), Michael Ladden (Keel). Sub: Joe Crowley (Laune Rangers) for E. Looney.

East-Kerry: J. King, Laurence Kelly, J. O Connor, D. Healy, T. Murphy, Dermot McSweeney, James Falvey, Padraig Brosnan, Paud O Donoghue, Paudie O Mahony, John Cahill, Diarmuid O Sullivan, T. Carroll, C. Kelliher, Niall Brosnan.

Ref: Christy Griffin (Kerins O Rahillys) – most competent.

Later in the year, both Mid-Kerry teams were presented with their medals at a meal in Paud O Neill’s, Langford St., Killorglin.



Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship


Final: Laune Rangers defeated Milltown/Castlemaine to retain the title.

Laune Rangers: Iraneus Looney (Iveragh Rd.), Patie O Connor (Rangue), Pa O Grady (Mill Rd.), Brendan Doyle (Rangue), Francis McGillycuddy (Ardnaknockeen), Michael Cahillane (Mill Rd.), Anthony ‘Jacko’ Foley (Iveragh Rd.), Jerry Coffey (Lismacfinnane), Eamonn Looney (Iveragh Rd.), Johnny O Connor (Ardmoniel), Michael O Shea (Rangue), Barry Harmon (Dromavalla), Michael O Mahony (Glounaguillagh), Joe Crowley (Market St.), Gerard O Sullivan (Rua). Subs: Cathrach Scanlon (School Rd.), Teddy Moriarty (Iveragh Rd.), Michael O Riordan (School Rd.), Tommy Woods (The Square).


Co. U-14 Championship

Team trainer – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers)


Rd. 1 on 10th June at Cahersiveen: Mid-Kerry beat South-Kerry.

Rd. 2 on 13th June at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry beat Kenmare.

Semi-Final on 20th June at Dingle: West-Kerry lost to Mid-Kerry.

Final on Fri. 28th June at O Rahillys Pitch, Tralee: Mid-Kerry 1-12; East-Kerry 1-4.

A powerful Mid-Kerry team carried off the Co. U-14 football title at Austin Stack Park, Tralee, when scoring a thoroughly merited victory over East-Kerry. It was a game, which featured a number of excellent displays by individuals on both sides, particularly by Mid-Kerry’s captain, Iraneus Looney, and right halfback, Willie Mangan.

Right from the start, Mid-Kerry played a very forceful brand of football and, in fact, always had the look of champions about them. Henry O Sullivan gave them a point lead in the very first minute and further points by Iraneus Looney saw them lead by 0-3 to nil after twelve minutes. Then East-Kerry hit back for a goal. Scorer was their centre half-forward Laurence O Donoghue, who drove a good ground ball past the Mid-Kerry defenders and goalkeeper, Christy O Shea. Mid-Kerry were unruffled by that score and regained the lead with a point by Iraneus Looney in the 18th minute. They had a further point seven minutes later, the scorer that time being Kieran Breen who had been moved to the attack from the centre halfback position. Thus, at halftime, the score stood at 0-5 to 1-0 in favour of Mid-Kerry. The issue looked fairly open at that stage, although it was felt that East-Kerry would have to produce something very special to upset the strong Mid-Kerry side in the second half.

Within three minutes of the restart, East-Kerry’s optimism rose when Donncha Crowley pointed for them. However, Mid-Kerry retaliated with a point by Kieran Breen and then, in the 40th minute, they really put themselves on the high road to victory when slamming home a goal. A hard ball had been blocked by the East-Kerry goalkeeper but it broke loose to the feet of Mid-Kerry forwards, who booted it over the line. East-Kerry could never get in a telling blow after that. After an exchange of points between Michael Flynn (Mid-Kerry) and Seanie Murphy (East-Kerry), Mid-Kerry increased its lead to 1-9 to 1-2, thanks to points from Michael Galvin and Sean Daly. Before the finish, the winners had three further points (scorers were Kieran Breen, Iraneus Looney and John Dunphy), whilst East-Kerry raised the white flag twice, the marksmen being Seanie Murphy and Louis Looney.

Mid-Kerry could feel justifiably proud of their display. They were a credit to the Board Chairman, Pat O Shea, who was primarily responsible for the team. Midfielder Iraneus Looney certainly played a captain’s part in the victory. He was the dominant figure at midfield throughout the game and, on occasions, moved back to defence to make some first class clearances. His great determination and football ability marked him out as a very fine future prospect. Right halfback Willie Mangan also showed brilliant form. He was always playing with tremendous gusto and nipped numerous East-Kerry attacks in the bud. Fullback Pat Horgan was another Mid-Kerry player to give a very effective display, whilst Kieran Breen and Henry O Sullivan also showed up well in a team that was strong in all sectors.

Mid-Kerry: Christy O Shea (Milltown), James Cahillane (Laune Rangers), Pat Horgan (Beaufort and later Laune Rangers), John Evans (Laune Rangers), William Mangan (Milltown), Kieran Breen (Beaufort), Tommy Woods (Laune Rangers), Iraneus Looney (Laune Rangers) capt. John Dunphy (Beaufort), J. Kelliher (Milltown), Henry O Sullivan (Beaufort), Cathrach Scanlon (Laune Rangers), Charlie O Connor (Glenbeigh), Sean Daly (Milltown), Michael Galvin (Glenbeigh). Sub: Con Doherty (Shanara), C. O Connor, Padraig Purcell (Keel), D. Nolan, Mike McCarthy, J. McCarthy, Aidan Kelly, P. O Sullivan, J. P Breen.

East Kerry: T. Moynihan, John O Sullivan, Tadhg Regan, S. Sheehan, D. O Sullivan, K. O Donoghue, D. Murphy, D. Carroll, Louis Looney, Donncha Crowley, Laurence O Donoghue, Michael Mulcahy, N. Kevins, M. Dennehy, Mike Howe.

Ref: Roddy O Donnell (John Mitchels).

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Team – Co. Champions 1968

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Team – Co. Champions 1968
Kneeling (l to r): Charlie O Connor (Glenbeigh), Michael Galvin (Glenbeigh), J. Kelliher (Milltown), John Dunphy (Beaufort), Iraneus Looney (Laune Rangers) capt., Henry O Sullivan (Beaufort), William Mangan (Milltown), Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers), Kieran Breen (Beaufort), Padraig Purcell (Keel).
Standing: Con Doherty (Laune Rangers), Cathrach Scanlon (do), Tommy Woods (do), James Cahillane (do), John Evans (do), D. Nolan, C. O Shea, Mike McCarthy (Milltown), J. McCarthy, Aidan Kelly (Beaufort), P. O Sullivan.


After the game, the magnificent trophy, which was donated by Dan Kiely, Tarbert, was presented to Iraneus Looney, captain of the Mid-Kerry team, by Rev. Father Seamus Linnane, Vice-Chairman Co. Bord na nOg. Both teams were entertained afterwards by Co. Bord na nOg in the Austin Stack Park Pavilion. The only Mid-Kerry officials present were Pat O Shea and Noel Shanahan.


Co. U-14 Town’s Cup

Laune Rangers were grouped with Cahersiveen (away) and Legion (home).


Rd. 1 on 19th October at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on 10th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; Legion 1-2.

Semi-final on 5th Jan. 1969 at Tralee: Laune Rangers defeated Listowel.

Final on Sun. 16th March 1969 at Fitzgerald Stadium: Kenmare defeated Laune Rangers.


Mid-Kerry U-14 Championship


Laune Rangers entered two teams, one in group A and one in group B. The draws were as follows:

Group A. Rd. 1 on 1st May at Milltown: Milltown v Laune Rangers A.

Rd. 2 on 13th May at Killorglin : Laune Rangers A v Keel.

Rd. 3 on 17th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers A v Milltown.

Rd. 4 on 27th May at Keel: Keel v Laune Rangers A.

Group B. Rd. 1 on 2nd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers B v Glenbeigh.

Rd. 2 on 10th May at Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune RangersB.

Rd. 3 on 20th May at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Laune Rangers B.

Rd. 4 on 24th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers B v Beaufort.

Milltown and Beaufort qualified for the final.


Juvenile Hurling


The great old rivalry between Upper Town and Lower Town was renewed on Thurs. 18th July but this time it was in hurling. The two sides of the town met in the special U-16 game arranged in conjunction with the arrival of Rás Tailteann in town. At every stage stop, where a hurling game could be organised, the sponsors donated 40 hurleys and a canvas bag to store them. On the following morning, James Coffey, who had organised the game, received the medals on behalf of the club from Mr. Joe Cristle, Race Director. Lower Town won a hard-fought and exciting game by one goal. Two Dubliners, on vacation, played with the winners. Roddy Connelly, at fullback, and Brian O Connor, at midfield, had outstanding games as had Jimmy O Shea, Barry Harmon, John McCarthy, Declan Falvey, Michael O Shea, Brendan Foley and Joseph Crowley. On the losers’ side the Looney brothers, Eamonn and Iraneus, Tony McMahon and Teddy Moriarty were best.

Lower Town: Timmy Beasley, Francis Mangan, Roddy Connelly, John McCarthy, Michael O Shea, Declan Falvey, Brendan Foley, Joe Crowley, Brian O Connor, Patrick O Shea, Jimmy O Shea, David Condon, Declan Crowley, Barry Harmon (capt.), Michael Foley. Subs: Des Houlihan, Joseph O Shea, Michael McSweeney, Finbarr Coffey, Paudie Healy.


Schools/Colleges Football


Sun. 25th Feb. Corn Chiarraí Final: Castleisland defeated The Intermediate School, Killorglin.

The Intermediate School failed in its efforts to win Corn Chiarraí in the Kerry Colleges Final. At halftime they led by a goal but the strong Castleisland side, with the aid of a strong wind, were far too good for the locals in the second half.


Munster Minor Championship


Semi-Final on Fri. 5th July at Tralee: Kerry 2-13; Tipperary 1-8.

Frank Russell played at full-forward. He was one of the best of the forwards, scoring 1-1.


Final on Sun. 14th July in Killarney: Kerry 0-2; Cork 2-13.

Kerry: John Crean, Tom Quill, Donal McMahon, Paudie O Shea, John O Keeffe (Austin Stacks), T. Leahy, Liam Horan, Tom O Donnell, Paudie Lynch, Tom Doyle (Currow), Richie Bambury, Michael Sugrue, Tom Fitzgerald, Frank Russell (Laune Rangers), J. Collins. Subs: Kevin Kennelly, Frank Groarke, Pat Mulvihill, P. Hanlon, Seamus Hoare, J. O Connor, J. Sheehan.


Munster/All-Ireland U-21 Championship


Semi-final on Thurs. 18th July at Ballylongford: Kerry beat Limerick.

Timmy Doyle played at centre half-forward.


Final on Wed. 14th Aug. in Kilrush: Clare 2-9; Kerry 5-7.

No man did more in forging the Kerry win than centre halfback Timmy Doyle, captain of the team. He tackled hard, fielded safely and generally was an inspiring skipper. He had originally been selected to play at left halfback, with Sean Corridan in the No. 6 spot, but the selectors switched them before the start.

Kerry: Gerry Dennehy, Tom O Shea, Jim Coughlan, Pat Sweeney, Tony Flavin, Timmy Doyle (capt.), Jim Corridan, Mick Ahern, Pat O Connell, Brendan Lynch (1-2), Johnny Bunyan (1-2), Brian McCarthy, Kevin Griffin (1-2), Patsy O Connor (1-1), Tim Kelliher. Sub: Jerry O Mahony (1-0) for T. Kelliher.

Clare: A. Corry, P. Hough, J.J. Whelan, S. Murphy, F. Hawes, M. Dillon, P. O Rourke, P. Nealon (0-1), P. Crowley, E. O Neill, L. McNamara, F. Dillon (0-2), J. Hehir (1-3), A. Forde (1-2), T. Prendiville (0-1).

Ref: Mick Tynan (Limerick).


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 25th Aug. at Ballinascreen: Derry 3-11; Kerry 0-10.

Perhaps the best move on behalf of Kerry was the switching of Timmy Doyle to midfield on the restart, with Mick Ahern showing up well when assuming to role of centre halfback. Pat O Connell and Timmy Doyle caught great balls and the Kingdom attack snapped up the service to eat into the arrears.

Kerry: Gerry Dennehy, Pat Sweeney, Moss Keane, Jim Coughlan, Tony Flavin, Timmy Doyle (capt.), Sean Corridan, Pat O Connell (0-2), Mick Ahern, Brendan Lynch (0-4), Johnny Bunyan, John Crohan (0-4), Kevin Griffin, Patsy O Connor, Tim Kelliher. Subs: Brian McCarthy, Tom O Donnell, Michael Slattery, Kevin O Brien, Joe Reidy, B. O Connor.

Derry: J. Somers, M. Troland, Tom Quinn, M. P. Kelly, T. Diamond, Malachy McAfee, G. O Loughlin, Seamus Lagan (0-5), Tom McGuinness (0-1), Eamonn Coleman (1-3), Mickey Niblock (0-1), John Kearney (0-1), Adrian  McGuckian (1-0), S. McCluskey, Kevin Teague (1-0).

Ref: T. Smith (Meath).

Munster/All-Ireland Junior Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 21st April at Macroom: Kerry 1-7; Cork 1-6.

Paul Lucey captained the team from left halfback, but he gave away several unnecessary frees, although he tried hard throughout.

Kerry: Pete Hanley (Kenmare), John Magnier (Kerins O Rahilly’s), Seamus Murphy (Camp), Jim Coughlan (Beaufort), Pat Moynihan (Gneeveguilla) 0-1, Donie O Sullivan (Spa) 1-1, Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers) capt., Liam Higgins (Lispole) 0-1, Mick O Connell (Waterville), Fergus Moroney (Dr. Crokes), Christy O Sullivan (Finuge), Derry O Shea (John Mitchels), John Crohan 0-1, Johnny Bunyan (Ballydonoghue), Tim Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-3. Subs: Eamonn O Sullivan for M. O Connell (inj.), Gary Scollard (Austin Stacks) for F. Moroney.


Semi-Final on Tues. 14th May at Ballylongford: Kerry 1-12; Tipperary 0-7.

Paul Lucey was selected at left halfback but was unable to take his place.


Final on Sun. 7th July at Milltown Malbay: Clare 2-6; Kerry 3-11.

Paul Lucey captained the side from left corner-back, where he had an effective game.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, John Magnier, Jim Coughlan, Paul Lucey capt. Johnny Bunyan, Noel Power (Kenmare), Pa Kerins (Kerins O Rahillys), Derry O Shea, Pat Moynihan, James O Shea (Waterville), Dom O Donnell (John Mitchels), Christy O Sullivan, Tommy O Regan (Austin Stacks), Mickey O Sullivan (Glencar), Tim Kelliher. Sub: Kevin Donnelly (Waterville) for J. O Shea.


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 11th Aug. at Dungannon: Tyrone 2-9; Kerry 0-8.

Paul Lucey captained the team from left fullback and he was the best of the fullback line. Though that was Kerry’s third string team, it should have been good enough to beat Tyrone. The pre-match celebrations on the night before did not benefit some of the players.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, John Magnier, Jim Coughlan, Paul Lucey, Tony Flavin (Ballylongford), Pa Kerins, Tommy O Callaghan (Moyvane), Noel Power, Kevin Donnelly, Derry O Shea, Johnny Bunyan, Christy O Sullivan, Tommy O Regan, Mike O Sullivan, Tim Kelliher. Sub: Pat Casey (Spa) for K. Donnelly, Batty Galvin, Brian McCarthy, Kevin O Brien, Moss Keane, John ‘Thorny’ O Shea..

Tyrone: A Gallagher, P. Coyle, Art McRory, M. Jordan, S. Graham, M. McGonagle, B. Hetherington, Pat O Neill, F. McCartan, C. O Hagan, Brendan Dolan, Seamus Donaghy, Pat McGonagle, Frankie Donnelly, John Early. Subs: J. Campbell for B. Hetherington; B. Hetherington for F. McCartan.

Ref: Pat Hughes (Louth).


1967/’68 National League Football


Sun. 24th March at Thurles: Mayo 2-10; Kerry 0-10.

Pat Ahern was a substitute.




Séamus Ó Riain (Tipperary) was Uachtarán of CLG.

14th April: Annual Congress in Coláiste Mhuire, Dublin.

Although the media had portrayed a mood for change in favour of deleting the rule against the ban on the playing or attending at foreign games (Soccer, rugby and hockey) for weeks before the congress, when the motion for deletion was discussed it was beaten by 220 votes to 88. It was decided to hold coaching courses in football.


Munster Convention was held in Thurles on 2nd March. Paddy J Ryan (Luimneach) was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley (Kerry) was elected treasurer for the first time on the resignation of William Hough, who had been in the position since 1936.


Co. Convention was held on Sun. 28th January in the Glebe Hotel, Killarney. The following officers were elected: President – John Joe Sheehy; Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan; Vice-Chairman – Gerald McKenna; Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville and Murt Galvin (Pat O Meara had retired and in the ensuing vote, the results were as follows – Tadhg Prendiville 108, Murt Galvin 99, Tom Fitzgerald, Ballyduff 72, James Coffey, Laune Rangers 57); Delegates to Munster Council- John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc.

Co. Senior Selectors: After a vote, the following were re-elected Murt Kelly (86), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (71), Mick O Dwyer (103) and Father Denis Curtin (80). John Kissane (Kerins O Rahilly’s), 74 votes, was elected at the expense of the outgoing Donie Sheehan (68). Later in the year, at the Co. Board meeting of 14th May, Jackie Lyne was appointed trainer.

Co. Minor Selectors – Cormac O Leary, Moyvane (90), Kevin Barry, Austin Stacks (70), Mícheál Scanlon, Laune Rangers (70), Father James Linnane (67), Tom Ashe, Annascaul (60). The others who contested the position were Donal Kelliher, Castleisland (45) and Tom Fitzgerald, Ballyduff (40).

James Coffey had been nominated to contest the position of Co. Minor Selector but he withdrew his name.

Laune Rangers Club was represented at the Convention by Paudie Foley and Mícheál Scanlon. Commenting on Mid-Kerry’s win in the 1967 Co. Senior Championship, the Secretary, Tadhg Crowley, in his report to Convention said, ‘In Senior Football, history was made when Mid-Kerry defeated West Kerry in the Co. Final. Not since 1911 has the Killorglin district won a senior title, but since 1954 Mid-Kerry, under the guidance of Father Brian Kelly, James Coffey and Murt Kelly, have been knocking at the door and everyone in Kerry was delighted when they succeeded this year. For the past twelve years in the Mid-Kerry area there has been great concentration on minor and juvenile football. Although no titles came their way, a large reservoir of skilful players was built up. All these factors combined in building a good senior team and, despite the almost disheartening series of defeats in Championship games and Kerryman Shield finals, they eventually succeeded in becoming kingpins of Kerry football. Such was the excellence of their performance in this year’s county final that all those tantalising defeats will be forgotten. With the maintenance of the present rate of progress and with the experience gained from meeting top-class teams, there is no reason why consistency should not be attained and further honours garnered within the next few seasons.’

A motion by Moyvane Club ‘That the ban on foreign dancing should be abolished’ was forwarded to Annual Congress.

At the Co. Board meeting of 26th March, John Barrett, Austin Stack’s, was appointed as Public Relations Officer for the Co. Board.


The Co. Convention of Bord na nOg was held in the Austin Stack Park Pavilion on 21st January. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford), Vice-Chairman – Father James Linnane (St. Brendan’s College), Hon. Secretary – Denis Horgan (Tralee), Treasurer – Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels). Laune Rangers were represented at the Convention by Pat O Shea (Rangue) and Denis O Neill (The Square).


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on Sun. 21st January 1968 in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1967). The report was adopted on the proposal of Owen Mangan and seconded by Tom Lynch (Beaufort). The Chairman, Father Kelly, in his address stated that it was his last year as Chairman. He said, “We have fulfilled our goal by winning the Co. Championship. It was wonderful to win it. It was this Board and the clubs that can take the credit for it. It was your spirit and enthusiasm that helped to develop football in the area and gave the players the opportunity to rise to stardom and win the Co. Championship. Our players made the grade because of the competitions in the area. It is up to the clubs to keep these competitions going. The clubs must co-operate with the Board. All games fixed must be played and it is only the Board that has the power to call them off. By keeping up the same fine spirit and, with a reasonable amount of luck, we will win the Co. Championship again this year. I hope that our win will mean success for the county team this year. I am glad that the Co. Board is taking the proper steps in getting a panel of players fit for forthcoming games. If they persist with this panel and encourage the players, they will win. It is the pessimists’ outlook that is killing the team. No matter what anyone says, one All-Ireland is better than six National Football League wins. The minor team did very well and with a few more players of the calibre of the Beaufort boys we could have been celebrating the double. The sporting games in Mid-Kerry are a tribute to the players and officials. I appeal for greater supervision at gates so that funds can be raised to help out the Board.”

All the outgoing officers were returned unopposed.

President – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers); Chairman – Father Brian Kelly (Glenbeigh); Vice-Chairman – Willie Barton (Keel); Secretary – James Coffey (Laune Rangers); Treasurer – Michael ‘Dodo’ O Mahony (Glenbeigh); Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly (Beaufort).

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That league and first round championship games be played on week evenings, if necessary.’
  2. ‘That senior teams, 15 minutes late on the field for Sunday games, be fined £5 and £1 on week evenings. Teams not on the field 20 minutes after the official starting time will forfeit the game.’ It was further decided that teams that were fined would not be allowed to take further part in the competition or other competitions until the fines were paid in full.
  3. ‘That all games be played at neutral venues, if possible.’


On 3rd January, the Mid-Kerry team, which had won the Co. Senior Football Championship in 1967, was presented with their medals at a banquet in their honour in the Tower’s Hotel, Glenbeigh. The following Laune Rangers officers/supporters bought tickets: Kevin Foley (2), Paudie Foley (2), John Foley (2), Pat O Shea (2), Denis Lynch (2), Joe O Sullivan (1), Bridie O Grady (1), Sheila Kennedy (1), W. Kennedy (1), Mícheal Scanlon (2, 1 free). The presentation was made by Dr. Jim Brosnan, Chairman Co. Board. Also in attendance were Tadhg Crowley, Secretary Co. Board, Tom Ashe, Secretary West-Kerry Board and Michael Begley, Chairman Kerry Co. Council. Pat Ahern, captain of the team, made a presentation, on behalf of the players, to the Chairman and Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, which had been responsible for the function. Mícheál Scanlon, replying to Dr. Brosnan’s toast to the Association, said that despite the criticisms hurled at the GAA by the ‘hurlers on the ditch’ it had been nevertheless those people who, by their financial help, were keeping the Association going. Clubs were never in more need of money than they were then. Dressing-rooms and club-rooms would have to be built at a great cost and club officials would have to wake up and start raising that money. He appealed to the players, whose playing days were over, to continue taking an active part in the running of clubs. The Chairman of the Board, Father Kelly, paid tribute to the players for their co-operation and fine spirit during the year. He said that with that spirit and a little extra effort from the Co. Selectors they could be celebrating again in September when a Mid-Kerry man might lead Kerry to victory in the All-Ireland final. Murt Kelly thanked the players on behalf of the selectors and also the Board Secretary for the amount of work put into the running of the affairs in Mid-Kerry. He was delighted to see Paddy Foley, a member of the 1911 team, present and he wished him many more years of good health. The other two survivors of the 1911 team, Danny Clifford and Paddy Kennelly, were unable to be present. James Coffey thanked all present for helping to make the night a most enjoyable one. He had a special word of thanks for the players who presented him with a Co. Championship medal. It was a gesture he would always remember. Concluding, James Coffey thanked Ernie Evans and his staff for the wonderful meal.


On Mon. 15th January, Mr. Niall Blaney, Minister for Agriculture, announced that he approved of a resumption of GAA activities, both at club and inter-county level, on 28th January, provided that the position of Foot and Mouth did not deteriorate in England.


Six Mid-Kerry Board meetings were held during the year. At the Board meeting of 4th June in the CYMS Hall, presided over by Father Kelly, the following bye-laws were agreed unanimously on the propositions of Murt Kelly and Breandán Ferriter, both seconded by Johnny O Mahony:

  1. In future where the appointed referee fails to turn up for a game in the area, any neutral officer or member of the Mid-Kerry District Board (Club Chairman or Secretary) present at the game, will have the power to appoint a referee of his choice and the clubs concerned will have to agree to this referee.
  2. Where there is no neutral officer or member present and the home club is involved in the game and agreement cannot be reached on a referee, the two sides will decide the referee on the toss of a coin.
  3. It there is no neutral officer or member present and if the local club is not involved in the game, it will be up to members of that club to provide the referee.
  4. In order to eliminate late starts to games, the above will be carried out immediately it is known that the appointed referee is not at the venue at the time the game is billed to start.


The minutes of nine Laune Rangers club meetings during 1968 are available.

A meeting on the 11th January was held in the Railway Hotel. Paudie Foley presided. Also present were Mícheál Scanlon, Brendan O Reilly, Denis O Neill, Paddy Foley, Pat O Shea, Kevin Foley, Denis Lynch, Donal Mangan and Joe O Sullivan. Donal Mangan estimated the cost to date of the building of the dressing-rooms as follows: floor – £80; Mangan Brothers – £150; blocks – £50; laying of blocks – £90; roof – £150; eaves band – £70; joinery – £80; sundry £75 = £745. He further estimated the following: sanitary ware – £150; electric installations – £50; glazing – £35 = £235. This gave a total cost of £980. Jimmy Foley’s bill was £45 for laying of floor (as per estimate), plus £78 for throwing in the trunking, breaking of one door in 4.5 inch blocks and laying of pipes under the floor. Pat O Shea and Mícheál Scanlon were asked to approach him with a view to getting the £78 reduced. Brendan O Reilly wanted £20 to place an iron wicket gate on the road end to prevent cattle from entering when the main gate was locked. He also proposed that both goal-mouths be re-sodded. That was seconded by Pat O Shea. Mícheál Scanlon proposed a stile at the back of the road goals. That was seconded by Denis O Neill and carried. Mangan Brothers had given two loads of trunking free of charge. Donal Mangan estimated that the completed dressing-rooms would cost £1,400 (approx.). Pat O Shea reported that he had a discussion with Dr. Jim Brosnan and he was informed that £500 had been lodged in the bank and it would be given as a grant when the work was more advanced. Donal Mangan asked Mícheál Scalon to find out from Jimmy Foley the cost of lintels per foot run on a 4.5 inches wall. It was decided that all present would go to the bog on the following Saturday to cut sods for the goals.

Paudie Foley presided at the meeting of the club on 27th Jan. Also in attendance were Mícheal Scanlon, James Coffey, Denie O Neill, Paddy Foley, Pat O Shea, Kevin Foley, Denis Lynch and Brendan O Reilly. The meeting was concerned mainly about the dressing-rooms. The secretary stated that Mr. Jimmy Foley, contractor, was demanding full payment of £367 due to him. The committee estimated that he had already been paid £305 – £90 for laying 2,000 blocks, £115 for putting in the trunking, laying the floor and breaking the main door, plus £100. It was decided to ask the contractor to itemise his work for £367. Mangan Brothers bill was £100-10-0, less £12-10-0 discount = £88 due (They had already bee paid £154 for supplying blocks, sand, trunking and cement). To date the cost of the dressing-rooms, as far as roofing stage, had been £1439 consisting of Jimmy Foley £572, Mangan Bros. £242, Water £50, Chub O Connor £488, Boyle’s Bros. £26, Tom Moriarty £12, Architect 15, Precast sills £15, Electricity material £19. No bill had been received from Murt Galvin, Killarney for door and window frames (Donal Mangan estimated £80).

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 13th February. Paudie Foley presided. Also in attendance were James Coffey, Denis O Neill, Brendan O Reilly (acting secretary in the unavoidable absence of the secretary), Kevin Foley, Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Mike Hassett, Michael O Sullivan, Sean Foley, Denis Lynch, Tim O Sullivan, Paddy Foley, Patrick O Shea, Eugene Ferris, Kieran Foley, Pat O Sullivan, Bertie Houlihan, Pat O Connor, Mick Ahern, Tony Lyons, James McGillycuddy, Sean Falvey, John Foley, Joe O Sullivan, Con Leane, Willie Murphy, Donal O Brien, Jerry O Sullivan, Ollie O Brien and Pat Kennedy. The Chairman opened the meeting half an hour late and went on to explain why such a meeting had been convened. The opening remarks amounted to the fact that it was intended to run a 20 weeks sweep and the full support and co-operation of the club was needed for its success. Pat O Shea suggested that they would dispense with the method used the previous year and proceed on the lines as Beaufort ran their sweep. That in fact meant that they would get cards printed with the name of the club etc. on it and that there would be room for ten names on each card. A promoter could have one or more cards and each card would be worth £10. It was stated that both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael had applied for licences to run similar sweeps in the area. That was not denied by members of both parties present. A certain number of complaints were then voiced. Paddy Foley stated that the final week’s draw on our last sweep was delayed too long. Michael O Sullivan said that nobody had asked him to keep a book on the last sweep and therefore he missed some clients at his place of employment. The PRO wanted to find out if all present were willing to officiate at the church gate if and when a collection might be made. Paddy Foley was dead against a collection. After some discussion, it was decided on a suggestion by James Coffey that it should be held after Puck Fair. He further proposed that all former promoters should be thanked in writing and asked to participate again. Sean Falvey wanted the sweep to end after Puck as against before Puck and the majority favoured that idea. It was, also, suggested by James Coffey that cards should be circulated to people in England and America and anybody having friends abroad should notify the committee of same. It was then decided to go ahead with the sweep and to try to commence around St. Patrick’s Day.

A meeting of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on Wed. 8th May. Paudie Foley presided. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon (Rúnaí), Denis O Neill, Denis Lynch and Brendan O Reilly. Many of the officers/committee members were engaged in the preparation of the senior football team for the upcoming Mid-Kerry Championship (1967) Final v Glenbeigh. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the progress made in the promotion of the Silver Circle. Brendan O Reilly, PRO, expressed great dissatisfaction at the progress made and he requested promoters to make a better effort. The first draw would have to be postponed for another while until a greater number of subscribers was listed. The Chairman decided to call another meeting on the following Monday.

A club meeting was held on 13th May in the Railway Hotel. Paudie Foley presided. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Brendan O Reilly, Denis Lynch, James Coffey and Tony Lyons. Brendan O Reilly reported that he had only 300 names recorded as subscribers towards the Silver Circle, when double that number was required. It was decided to leave collection books to the youth as it would hold their interest in the affairs of the club. Mícheál Scanlon was to collect Mill Road, James Coffey & Paudie Foley – Lower Town, Annadale Road and Market Street, Tony Lyons – Iveragh Road and Denis O Neill – the Square. James Coffey stated that the Co. Secretary, Tadhg Crowley, denied having any money available for dressing-rooms. Mícheál Scanlon said that Tadhg Crowley had told him that there was £500 grant available. It was decided that J. Coffey, M. Scanlon and P. O Shea should meet T. Crowley to clarify the position regarding the grant. J. Coffey proposed that the Power’s Cup should be collected from Dr. Crokes (Con O Meara) and put up as the trophy for an annual challenge with John Mitchels. They would be asked to travel out for the game on the following Sunday. J. Coffey suggested asking John Power and Co. to supplement the trophy by donating a half dozen bottles of whiskey for the price of which medals could be bought. Brendan O Reilly proposed discontinuing the practice of bringing home players for games until the dressing-rooms were finished as their expenses were exorbitant. James Coffey proposed bringing them home for the replay of the Mid-Kerry Championship Final v Glenbeigh, as that would be the last game before the summer holidays. He also proposed calling a meeting of players, captain and officials to enquire as to why certain players refused to play in the final and seek a solution to the problem if there was one. B. O Reilly proposed that there should be better stewarding for the following game as many spectators had been getting over the wire.

Paudie Foley presided over the club meeting in August. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, James Coffey, Denis O Neill, Pat O Shea, Paddy Foley and Michael O Sullivan. Various suggestions were made as to how best All-Ireland tickets should be distributed. James Coffey suggested giving the following tickets: Michael O Sullivan, Pat O Shea, Mícheál Scanlon, Denis O Neill, Paudie Foley, Sean Foley, Brendan O Reilly and Patsy Joy (capt.). It was estimated that the sweep would bring in about £200 but Jimmy Foley (contractor) was claiming £325 for labour of roofing plus casting of lintels on site and laying blocks. That would leave the club £930 (approx.) in debt – cash-in-hand was £130. It was decided to ask Pat Griffin, Kerry captain, to bring the Sam Maguire Cup to Killorglin if Kerry were victorious over Down. The club would organise a victory dance in the Oisín Ballroom, preferably on the Sunday after the All-Ireland (Sunday 29th Sept.). M. Scanlon would ask Mr. O Donoghue (Killarney) for the use of the Oisín and Pat O Shea would ask Denis Foley (Tralee) for a band.

The club meeting in the CYMS hall on 17th Sept. was presided over by Paudie Foley. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill, Kevin Foley, Paddy Foley, John Foley, Tony Lyons, William Kennedy and a host of other supporters. Eight stand tickets were allocated to the club. After a long drawn out discussion, 30 names were put into the hat. These included members of the senior team, Silver Circle promoters and some officers of the club. The following were the lucky four: Brendan O Reilly, Pat Joy (Annadale), Eamonn Crowley, Joe Crowley. The following officers of the club got the other four tickets: Paddy Foley, Paudie Foley, Denis O Neill and Mícheál Scanlon. The next four drawn were Tom Curran, Owen Mangan, William Kennedy and Willie Murphy in case of defections.

Present at the club meeting in the CYMS Hall on 1st Nov. were Paudie Foley (Chairman), Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill, Denis Lynch, Kevin and Paddy Foley. It was decided to launch an appeal to supporters for a loan of £10, repayable in five years. M. Scanlon would draft a letter of appeal and forward it to the printers. About 250 names were listed and when the letters were ready, they would be forwarded to the prospective contributors.* The meeting thought that was the only possible way to defray the £2,000 debt incurred by the club in building the pavilion, although it had only just been roofed. Much work was to be done before it could be used as a dressing-room.

The club meeting on 9th Jan. 1969 was presided over by Paudie Foley. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, James Coffey, Brendan O Reilly, John Foley and Joe O Sullivan. Jimmy Foley, building contractor, bill for laying 1,300 blocks, making 25 (4.5 ins. X 5 ft.) lintels and roofing 72 ft. x 24 ft. chipboard and 3 layers of felt totalled £367. He had been paid £100 and was owed £267. Donal Mangan, Engineer, claimed £264 for his work. The meeting decided to ask Murt Galvin what he would recommend, hardboard or slabbing. James Coffey reported that Dr. Jim Brosnan, Co. Chairman, had £500 grant for the pavilion and £50 for development. It was decided to invest the £50 development money in a bingo session, which would be widely advertised and to seek Father O Doherty’s advice on the running of bingo. The Secretary would apply to Declan Mangan for the use of the CYMS Hall for bingo on the first Sunday in Lent.


On Sun. 4th Feb. Laune Rangers 11th Annual Biddy Ball was held in the CYMS Hall. Groups had to have a minimum of 10 people and each group had to give a six minutes performance. Large cash prizes were on offer for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The parade took place at 11.00pm. Kilgobnet retained the Dr. Craig Perpetual Cup and Shanara were runners-up. (Dr. Craig was a retired medical doctor from England or Scotland, who had settled in Beaufort. He had volunteered the cup, as he felt that local traditional customs should be supported. James Coffey and Pat O Shea collected the cup from him and he gave them permission to engrave whatever they wished on it. In the first year of the competition, there was no cup, but it was presented from the second year onwards).


The Kerryman Notes announced that training for senior and minor teams would commence on Fri. 10th May and players failing to turn up for training would not be considered for team selection.


Kerry beat Cork by seven points to win the Munster Senior Football Championship in Killarney. They beat Longford by 2-13 to 2-11 in the semi-final (Longford had won the Leinster Championship for the first time) but lost to Down by 2-12 to 1-13 in the final.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Seamus Murphy, Paud O Donoghue, Seanie Burrows, Denis O Sullivan, Mick Morris, Donie O Sullivan, Mick O Connell, Mick Fleming, Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin (capt.), Eamonn O Donoghue, Tom Prendergast, D. J. Crowley, Mick O Dwyer. Subs: Dom O Donnell, Pat Moynihan for T. Prendergast, Mike O Shea, Tim Sheehan, P. J. McIntyre, Mike O Sullivan, Teddy Bowler, Seamus Mac Gearailt for S. Burrows, Declan Lovett, Josie O Brien, Derry Crowley.


In the Munster Club Championship, East Kerry beat Carbery (Cork) to regain the title for Kerry.


Mike Murphy, Caragh Lake, was elected vice-captain of the Kingdom Club in London for 1968.


Vincent Lucey was chosen on the London team, which toured America for the Cardinal Cushing Games. There was disappointment that Noel Lucey was not also chosen. London defeated New York, Boston and Hartford, with Vincent in sparkling form.


At the Co. Board meeting of 26th March, it was decided not to send Enda Curtayne’s name forward to the Munster Council for reinstatement, as he had played rugby again in March 1968.


On Mon. 8th January, Paddy Kennelly died in the Isolation Hospital, Killarney. He was a prominent member of the Kerry team that won the 1913 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. He played in the famous Kerry v Louth games in the Croke Memorial Tournament that helped, in no small way, to buy Croke Park. He won a Co. Senior Football Championship in 1911. Illness prevented him from seeing Mid-Kerry repeat the victory in 1967. Tadhg Crowley represented the Co. Board at the funeral on Monday evening. John Joe Sheehy attended the funeral on Tuesday to Dromavalla. Past and present Laune Rangers players formed a guard of honour, escorting a great Gael to his last resting-place.

On Fri. 14th June the death took place of Stevie Foley, Laune View. He had been the local agent for the Department of Social Welfare. He collected at the gate for games in ‘Butter’s’ Field. He refereed local games in ‘Butter’s’ Field and later stood as umpire and linesman, using his cap to indicate decisions – the original man with the cap! He was a staunch supporter of the Laune Rangers club and a regular attendant at club meetings. Laune Rangers Club and the CYMS Committee formed a Guard of Honour at the funeral to Dromavalla Cemetery.


Amongst the county football games refereed by James Coffey were:

Towns’ Cup on 17th March at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen beat Glenbeigh.

JFC on Wed. 3rd July at Killorglin: Beaufort defeated Milltown/Castlemaine.

JFC on Tues. 20th July at Killorglin: Renard defeated Gneeveguilla.

JFC on Thurs. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Keel drew with Skellig Rangers.


Amongst the Mid-Kerry games refereed by James Coffey were:

SFL on Sun. 26th May at Killorglin: Beaufort v Glenbeigh.

SFC Semi-final on Sun. 16th June at Killorglin: Keel beat Milltown,Castlemaine


Amongst the county football games refereed by Pat O Shea were:

JFC on Sat. 29th June at Killorglin: Keel beat Kilgarvan.

MFC on Fri. 9th Aug. at Killorglin: East-Kerry beat Mid-Kerry.


The following Mid-Kerry football games were refereed by Denis O Neill:

SFL on Sun. 9th June at Killorglin: Keel v Glenbeigh.

SFL on Sun. 16th June at Killorglin: Keel v Beaufort.

SFL Semi-final on Sun. 8th Sept. at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Glenbeigh.


*The following is a list of the people, who gave an interest-free loan to the Laune Rangers Club, in answer to the appeal (The loans would be repaid in five years):

Donal Prendiville, Sunhill – £50; Tadhg O Reilly N.T, Sunhill, – £10;

William Langford N.T, Kilgobnet, Beaufort; – £10 Kevin Foley, Iveragh Road – £10;

Paddy Foley, Iveragh Road – £5; Denis Lynch, School Road – £10;

Paddy Sweeney, Church St, Milltown – £10; Mary B. O Shea, Rangue – £10;

Derry Burke, Abbeylands, Milltown – £10; Donal Mangan, Langford St. – £10;

Christy McGillycuddy, The Square – £10; Paddy Crowley, Market St. – £20;

Paudie Foley, Puck Bar – £10; Jerry Foley, Inch – £10 (repaid 15/1/74);

Donie Sheehan MPSI, Killarney – £10; Dr. Jim Brosnan, Dingle – £20;

Todd Mulvihill MPSI, Killorglin – £20; Francie Sheahan, The Square – £10;

Michael O Grady, Upper Bridge St. – £10; Mikey Cahillane, Mill Road – £20;

David Power, Lower Bridge St. – £10; Pete Coughlan N.T, Beaufort – £10;

Ned Looney, Iveragh Road – £10; Mrs. Rose Dodd, Clover Hill – £20;

Paddy O Callaghan, The Garage, Killarney Rd. – £10; Denis O Neill, The Square – £10;

Joe O Dwyer, Intermediate School – £10; Jimmy O Doherty N.T, Glenbeigh – £10;

Tom O Sullivan, The Bakery, Langford St. – £10; Timmy McGillycuddy, Ardnaknockeen – £5;

Father Fitzgerald, C.C, Killorglin – £10; Father James Griffin, C.C, Clonmel – £10;

Jack Foley, The Garage, Iveragh Road – £10; Paddy Fitzpatrick, Willesden £10 (rep. 15/1/74);

Mikey Kennedy, Laharn – £10; Ernie Evans, Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh – £20;

Kerryman’s Association, Dublin – £10; Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney – £10;

Teddy O Connor, Killarney – £10; Father Brian Kelly C.C, Rathmore – £10;

Dr. Billy Prendiville – £10; Denis Brosnan, Golden Nuggett, Fossa – £10;

Eddie Rayle – £10; John Horgan, The Square – £10;

Dr. Anthony O Sullivan, Moorepark, Fermoy – £10; Willie Crowley, Solicitor, Killorglin – £5;

Jeremiah Breen, Jewellers, Killarney -£10 (rep 15/1/74);   James Coffey, Laune Bar – £10;

Paddy McCarthy, The Bakery, Milltown – £10; Jerry Griffin, Castlemaine – £10;

Noel Shanahan BA, Beaufort – £10; Sheila O Connor NT, Lismacfinnane – £10;

Patrick O Sullivan, Publican, Beaufort – £10; Fitzgerald’s, Wine Merchants, Tralee – £10;

Tadhg Crowley BA, Tralee – £10; Tim Sheehan, Voc. School, Killorglin – £10;

Dr. Paul Dunleavy, Langford St. – £10 (repaid 15/1/74);  Sean Falvey, Voc. School, Killorglin – £10;

Garda Pat Joy, Bantry – £10; Father Michael Stack, Millstreet – £10;

Christy O Riordan, Railway Terrace – £5; Murt Kelly NT, Kilgobnet – £10;

John Houlihan, Tullig Lodge – £10; Tom Moriarty, The Square – £10;

Dr. Vincent Evans, Bantry – £10; Mícheál Ó Ruairc, Tralee – £10;

Brendan Keogh BE, Killarney – £10; Timothy O Connor TD, Killorglin – £25;

Brendan Ferriter NT, Castlemaine – £10; Michael Moriarty, The Gap of Dunloe – £10;

Brian O Connor, Railway Hotel – £10.

Total – £805

The following gave personal subscriptions towards the Pavilion:

Mícheál Scanlon, School Road – £20; Father Michael O Leary C.C. – £10;

Brendan O Reilly, Sunhill – £10-10-0; Noel Browne, Castleisland – £10;

Pat O Shea, Rangue – £20; Sonny Champ, The Square – £1;

Jimmy Foley (Monk), Lower Bridge St. – £1; Mrs. Houlihan, Iveragh Road – £1;

Mort Galvin, Killarney – £10; Jim Mangan, Dromavalla – £2;

Father Denis Curran PP, Firies – £10; Jim Sheehy, Rock St. Tralee – £1;

Jim Brosnan, Rock St. Tralee – £2; Mick O Shea, Rangue – £10;

Ms. Sheila O Neill, Upper Bridge St. – £1; Maurice Foley, Killarney – £1.

Total – £110 -10-0

The following contributions came fro USA:

John Scart Clifford – $1,100 (£460); Stephen O Sullivan – $20 (£8-6-8); Patsy Cahillane – $58 (£19-1-11); J.D. Moynihan – $10 (£4-2-1). Total – £491-10-8.

Central Council gave a grant of £550 towards the development.

General summary: Loans £805; Grant £550; Subscriptions £602-0-8

Total    £1,957 – 0 – 4


The Annual Laune Rangers’ Social was held in Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh in late December. The Secretary, Mícheál Scanlon, addressed the attendants thus: ‘Thar ceann an chumainn, cuirim fáilte romhaibh go dtí an féasta seo. A special word of welcome to Paddy Foley, who has been synonymous with the club for many years and I hope that he will enjoy many more socials. Large numbers at socials are essential because they help to bridge the communications gap between players, officials and rank and file supporters, although real social addicts tell me that such functions damage the girths! Football wise, we had an excellent year. The juveniles are in line for a county title. Pat O Shea attended an intensive coaching course in Gormanstown for a fortnight. I am happy to announce that he received a Grade A diploma and he has since brought his knowledge to bear on the juvenile grades. I can assure you there is no truth in the rumour that he is setting up a training academy for club managers. Our main interest during 1968 was focussed on our pavilion. We felt that every club should endeavour to provide a hall of their own where members can meet and where functions can be arranged. From a clubhouse like this, all activities in keeping with national traditions should radiate. The members will shape a policy by actively interesting themselves in the work done by officials at every level. At the outset, the first question was would the high capital investment involved be justified, and secondly, where would we get the money. Encouraged by Dr. Jim Brosnan we took out a loan. For weeks and months the officers worked tirelessly. In fact, we worked day and night and, I’m told, a certain green was under garda suspicion. We worked harder that Jim Figgerty. May I take this opportunity to thank those who so generously responded to our request for loans and subscriptions. Words are inadequate in expressing the gratitude and appreciation of the club but suffice it to say that our supporters were absolutely wonderful and for this we thank them. Of course, we took a few body blows and rebuffs the first evening but collectors must be hard-necked and thick-skinned and we pressed on undaunted. Money dictates policy in matters like this but we are hoping that this project will be brought to fruition around next April or May. I’ll be glad to hand over the scissors or a golden key to Dr. Brosnan on opening day. The task was hard but it was a labour of love. In it we have incorporated dining facilities, where people can dine cheaply, watch cabaret and keep a lookout for famous faces. We expect to have an inter-county game for opening day. Congratulations to everybody concerned. I wish you a very enjoyable night and a happy New Year.’


Co. SFC Final on Sun. 3rd Nov. at Tralee: East-Kerry 6-8; Waterville 1-9.

Co. JFC final: Keel

Towns’ Cup Final on Sun. 18th Aug. at Killarney: Kenmare 0-9; Kerins O Rahillys 0-3.

Co. IFC Final on Mon. 14th April 1969 at Fitzgerald Stadium: Kenmare 1-7; Finuge 0-6


Eamonn de Valera was Uachtarán na hÉireann.

Jack Lynch was Taoiseach of the country.

Donagh O Malley, Minister for Education, who had introduced free school transport, died suddenly at the age of 47 on March 10th. He was succeeded by Brian Lenihan.


U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy was shot dead on Thurs. 6th June. He was 42 years of age and the father of ten children.


On Mon. 1st July, Dan Spring (Lab.) was elected Chairman of the Kerry Co. Council at its AGM.


The price of a pint of Guinness increased from 2/3 to 2/6 in 1968.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall on Mon. 20th January 1969. The Secretary James Coffey, in his report stated, “Despite the fact that we failed to retain our Co. Championship title, and that we were unluckily beaten in the Munster Club Championship, the year was a fairly successful one for the Board. I say fairly, because it could and should have been an outstanding year.

The year commenced with our league and the completion of the 1967 Senior Championship between Laune Rangers and Glenbeigh. It took three great games to decide the destiny of the crown and, in the end, the Killorglin boys were the victorious side. We all know the fine football these three games produced and one of the many outsiders, who came to see all three games, remarked to me after the second replay that the pick of Killorglin and Glenbeigh would win the Co. Championship for they played the real old brand of Kerry football.

The 1968 Championship finished with Keel taking the crown from the Rangers in fine fashion and they went on the prove that this win was no fluke by winning the Co. Junior title to become the first holders of the Con Brosnan Cup.

In July, our senior team had a two points win over West-Kerry in the 1967 Kerryman Shield Final and so Mid-Kerry became the first side to bring off the double of Championship and Shield. This game was a repeat of the Co. Championship final but, unfortunately, it was a repeat in name only as it was a most lifeless affair that gave the real warning that unless there was a considerable improvement, Mid-Kerry would not retain their title. The side did improve but the fine spirit of previous years was no longer in evidence. We luckily reached the semi-final only to be beaten by East-Kerry. This was a game we should have won and no doubt but we would have won it had it been played on any other Sunday other than the Sunday following the All-Ireland Final. This defeat, however, had no ill-effect on the team and they went on to the Munster Club final at Castletownbere, where Beara won by a point. For most of this game our team gave a display reminiscent of former days of glory. The long journey into the backyard of the Cork Champions had an upsetting effect on the team but they proved that, even in defeat, they were worthy representatives of the Kingdom.

Our minor team failed in the first round of the Co. Championship. Not enough is being done for minor football in the area and this convention must try to find some solution to stop the decline in the standard in this grade. Luckily, we have a wonderful Bord na nOg, which, as well as completing all their fixtures in good time, was to the fore in the Co. Championships, bringing off a unique double in the U-14 and U-16 grades. The good work of the Bord must be maintained when the players come under the control of the senior Board.

Close to forty games were played in the area. Laune Rangers completed a 1967 senior double by defeating Milltown/Castlemaine in the League Final. Their minors were also successful in their grade, defeating Glenbeigh in the final.

The big disappointment of the year was the failure of Beaufort to field a team in the Senior Championship and Milltown/Castlemaine’s poor and uninspired showing during the year. I appeal to those in charge of those clubs to reorganise and get the game going again in their parishes. Keel has shown the way and there is no excuse for other clubs in more populated areas failing to field strong teams. In an effort to curb any further decline, I suggest to convention to start a junior championship in the area and possibly an U-21 championship.

The Laune Rangers club will have their pavilion completed this year and, now that Milltown has a fine front wall to their pitch, they should try and do something about erecting dressing-rooms, as should Keel who now, also, own their own field.

Judging by reports, we, in Mid-Kerry, will be losing some fine players this year (Pat Ahern was working in Newcastlewest and Pat Griffin was to play with the Cork Garda team in the Cork Co. Championship. The Chairman of the Co. Board decried the commencement of this team and appealed to all Kerry players to remain with their own clubs). Their loss will be a severe blow to our chances of remaining one of the top teams in Kerry. It is not too late for those players to change their minds and I appeal to them to stay with their former clubs and continue playing for Mid-Kerry. If they go, I have no doubt but they will be sorry long before the summer arrives. Mid-Kerry and Kerry can give them more games than they can hope to have in other counties.

It is with regret that I must announce that our present Chairman is not seeking re-election this year. Father Kelly has been with the Board for over 12 years and it was my privilege to sit alongside him at meetings during those years. I can safely say his loss will be tremendous for he, more than any other person, has been responsible for the upsurge in Mid-Kerry football. It will be very hard to find a man to step into his shoes. I say, ‘thank you, Father, for what you have done for football here in Mid-Kerry.’

In conclusion, I would like to thank the players for their wonderful co-operation and I appeal to them to continue giving that co-operation this year. My thanks also to the officials of the different clubs for their help and to the officers of the Board, who helped to make my job an easy one.’


The AGM of the Laune Rangers club was held in Jan. 1969 in the Railway Hotel. The Secretary outlined the work of the club during the year and congratulated the hard-working members of the club who had worked so zealously in raising money for the completion of the pavilion. He said that the momentous milestone in the activities of the club had been the launching of a fund-raising campaign for the pavilion and, despite what the cynics and sceptics had foreboded, it had been tremendously successful. He also congratulated Keel on becoming Mid-Kerry Champions and Kerry Junior Champions. He said that he had received great co-operation from the officers of the club, particularly Pat O Shea, Paudie Foley, Denis O Neill and Denis Lynch. He wished Jimmy Lucey’s wife and parents every comfort and consolation in their trial, as Jimmy had been gravely ill. He wished the club every success for the New Year.