Laune Rangers – 1972

 Laune Rangers reached the semi-final of the Co. Senior Football Championship.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the tenth time.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-12 Football Championship and retained the Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship.

Pat Horgan, Keelcoulacht, played at right fullback on the Kerry team that lost the Munster Minor Football Final to Cork.

Kerry won the Munster U-21 Football Championship. Michael O Shea played at left full-forward. Kerry lost to Galway in the All-Ireland Final.

Patsy Joy played at midfield on the Kerry team that lost to Cork in the Munster Junior Football Final.

Pat O Shea was re-elected as Vice-Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí.

Pat O Shea was elected as Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí Láir. Jerome Conway was Joint-Secretary.

James Coffey was elected as Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, having spent seventeen years as Secretary.

Laune Rangers organised a Carnival in Killorglin in July.

Laune Rangers departed on its second tour to the USA in October.

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on Mon. 3rd Jan. 1972. The outgoing Vice-Chairman, Paudie Foley, presided in the absence of the Chairman, James Coffey, who was in hospital. The following were present, also: Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly, Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Pat Joe Moriarty, Paul Lucey, Seamus Curran, Frank Russell, Bendy O Dwyer, Jim Galvin, Christy O Riordan, Rev. Father O Leary, Rev. Father Noel Moran, Pat Joy, John Joy, Kieran Foley, Maurice Harmon, Tony Lyons, Mícheál Scanlon, Denis O Neill, Denis Lynch, Joe Crowley, John Clifford, Declan Falvey, James O Riordan, Billy Dodd, Ted Houlihan, Michael O Sullivan, Timothy O Riordan, Kevin Foley, John Foley (Dungeel), Sean McKenna,, Patsy Joy, Johnny O Connor, Michael O Shea, Patrick O Grady, Iraneus Looney, Francie Sheahan, Seamus Naughton, Jerry Coffey and Sean O Riordan.

The minutes of the previous AGM were read and adopted, on the proposition of Pat O Shea, seconded by Kevin Foley. The Secretary then gave an account of the work done on and off the field of play during 1971. He thanked those who had helped in the running of the club and urged that the members would give better assistance in the raising of funds and the running of the club in 1972.

Sean O Reilly, who, in his own words, was giving Pat Lynch a well-earned rest, delivered the Treasurer’s report. He said that it had been a good year but also an extravagant one. He urged that there would be a tightening up of expenditure, especially with regard to travelling players. Discussion on that subject was cut short because there was a motion on the matter before the AGM.


Income & Expenditure Account

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Dancing (Nett)          1,176.07                        Travelling expenses        302.40

Talent Competition (Nett)   180.30            Car/Bus Hire                      148.25

Bingo (Nett)                       96.95                        Teams’ expenses              107.19

Social (Nett)          17.71                        Capital expense on field             774.53

Gates                      126.38                        New York team visit                    107.50

Membership          28.25                        Affiliations                                      13.75

Tournament (Nett) 175.78                 Secretary’s expenses                   31.00

Grant from Mid-Kerry Board 30.00   Treasurers’ expense                  3.50

Sale of Hurleys         2.70                        Trophies                                         43.09

Subscriptions           10.00                      Grant to Bord na nOg                  30.00

Bank Interest          35.05                        Printing/phone                              24.14

£1,879.19                        Presentation                                    3.75

Subscription to NCA                 10.00

Subscription to Com. Council                1.00

Copies of GAA Commission report     1.00

Bank charges                                        7.57

Excess of income over exp.            270.52


The outgoing Chairman’s address was then read. He regretted being unable to attend. He said that the winning of trophies was not the most important part of football but it was important that football would be played and games should be given to the players. He paid tribute to all the people who helped in the running of the club and hoped that he would be with the club to celebrate the successes of 1972.

Election of officers:

President: Paddy Foley.

Vice-Presidents: There were 11 nominees – Mícheál Scanlon, Rev. Father O Leary, Kevin Foley, John Foley, Christy O Riordan, Rev. Father Murphy, John ‘Scart’ Clifford, Stephen O Sullivan, John Kerry O Donnell, Jeremiah McKenna and Paudie Foley. Joe Crowley proposed that the nominees would be elected on bloc and that was seconded by Patsy Joy.

Chairman: The following were nominated – Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Eamonn Crowley, Liam Shannon (all of whom withdrew) and James Coffey was declared re-elected.

Vice-Chairman: The following were nominated – Liam Shannon, Billy Dodd, Paudie Foley, James Coffey, Sean McKenna and Pat O Shea (all of whom withdrew). However, the meeting prevailed on Pat O Shea to reconsider and he relented. He was declared elected.

Secretary: There were 2 nominations, Sean O Reilly, who withdrew, and Jerome Conway was declared re-elected.

Treasurers: There were 4 nominees, Maurice Harmon, Jerome Conway (both of whom withdrew), Sean O Reilly and Pat Lynch were declared re-elected.

PRO: There were 8 nominees, James O Riordan, Maurice Harmon, Liam Shannon, Barry Harmon, John Clifford, Pat O Shea, Christy O Riordan, Brendan O Reilly (all of whom withdrew) and Bendy O Dwyer was declared the new PRO.

Delegate to Co. Board: Pat Lynch.

Delegates to Co. Convention: Sean O Reilly, Jerome Conway, Paudie Foley and Denis O Neill.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Sean O Reilly, Denis O Neill, Pat Lynch, Denis Lynch.

Working Committee: Bendy O Dwyer, Denis Lynch, Pat Lynch, Liam Shannon, Michael O Shea, Pa O Grady, Sean O Riordan, Eamonn Crowley, Patsy Joy, John Clifford, Denis O Neill, Sean O Reilly, Paud O Sullivan, Jerome Conway, Tony Lyons, Maurice Harmon, Brendan O Reilly, Paul Lucey, Seamus Curran, Seamus Naughton, Christy O Riordan, Billy Dodd and Barry Harmon.

Senior Selection Committee: There were 18 nominees, Donal Prendiville, Pat O Shea, Billy Dodd, Sean McKenna, Batty Foley, Liam Shannon, Denis O Neill, James Coffey, Christy O Riordan, Paul Lucey, Kevin Foley (all of whom withdrew), Tony Lyons, Seamus Naughton, Paudie Foley, Sean O Reilly, Mícheál Scanlon, Jim Casey and Maurice Harmon. The following was the result of the vote: Tony Lyons (31), Mícheál Scanlon (30), Paudie Foley (28), Maurice Harmon (25), Seamus Naughton (22), Sean O Reilly (21), Jim Casey (13). The former five were declared elected.

Senior Captain: There were 9 nominations, Patsy Joy, Michael O Shea, Paul Lucey, Billy Dodd, Frank Russell, Jerry Coffey (all of whom withdrew), Kieran Foley, Timmy Doyle and Barry Harmon. There followed a vote between the final trio and the result of the first count was: Barry Harmon (14), Timmy Doyle (12) and Kieran Foley ((9). The last placed was declared eliminated and the result of the second count was as follows, Barry Harmon (21) votes and Timmy Doyle (15 votes). Barry Harmon was declared elected.

Senior Vice-captain: There were 8 nominees, Billy Dodd, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, Eamonn Crowley, Seamus Curran, Jerome Conway (all of whom withdrew), Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle. In the ensuing vote Patsy Joy was elected by 23 votes to 11 for Timmy Doyle.

Minor Selection Committee: There were 13 nominations, Tony Lyons, Joe Crowley, Kieran Foley, Pa O Grady, Pat Lynch, James O Riordan, Paul Lucey, Bendy O Dwyer (all of whom withdrew), Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Michael O Shea, Liam Shannon and Barry Harmon. The latter five were declared selected.

Minor Captain: There were 6 nominees, Iraneus Looney, Gerard Houlihan (both of whom withdrew), Pat Horgan, Tommy Woods, James Cahillane and Jimmy O Shea. In the ensuing vote, Pat Horgan was elected captain with 22 votes as against Jimmy O Shea (7), Tommy Woods (3) and James Cahillane (1).

Minor Vice-Captain: There were three nominations, Iraneus Looney, John Evans and Tommy Woods. Iraneus Looney withdrew and John Evans was elected by 17 votes to 16 for Tommy Woods.

Junior and Novice Selection Committee: There were 9 nominees, Tony Lyons, Pa O Grady, Seamus Curran, Pat Lynch (all of whom withdrew), Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Denis O Neill and Sean O Reilly (who were declared elected).

There were 11 nominees for the position of Junior and Novice Captain: John Joy, Denis O Neill, John Clifford, Sean O Riordan, Pat Lynch, Jerome Conway, James O Riordan, Maurice Harmon, Liam Shannon and Gene Ahern. It was decided to defer the election until it was discovered who would be available.

The following motions, many of which came from the floor, were discussed:

  1. ‘That the selection committee consist of non-players only.’ Mícheál Scanlon proposed and Denis O Neill seconded. Joe Crowley proposed an amendment that the selection committee could consist of players as well. The amendment was defeated.
  2. ‘That the senior captain would not qualify for the selection committee.’ Pat O Shea proposed. The newly elected captain, Barry Harmon, said that he did not wish to be a selector. The motion was passed.
  3. ‘That the senior selection committee would consist of five members.’ Pat O Shea proposed. Since that was already the case, there was no need for further discussion.
  4. ‘That a coach and trainer be appointed for the senior team.’ Joe Crowley proposed and Declan Falvey seconded. It was clarified that the coach would preferably be a selector and he would be in complete charge of the team once it took the field. He would be in charge of tactics. The trainer would prepare the team for games and would be able to advise the selectors on a player’s fitness if, and when, the need arose. Billy Dodd proposed an amendment that the selectors would elect a chairman from among themselves to be in charge of the team on the field. John Foley seconded. Joe Crowley withdrew his proposal and the amendment was passed. Joe Crowley proposed that Paul Lucey would continue as trainer of the senior team. Billy Dodd seconded. Paul accepted the position on condition that the players would have more discipline towards training.
  5. ‘That a discussion be held after each game on the failures and successes of that game.’ Michael O Shea proposed. It was felt that a discussion would be desirable, as soon as possible after a game.
  6. ‘That a parish league, on a regional basis, be played in June/July and a parish league comprising of home based players only be played during the winter.’ Joe Crowley proposed. The meeting agreed with the regional teams playing in summer but it was felt that picked teams, from home based players only, would not work, as many players would be coming home now and again.
  7. ‘That a coach from outside the area would be got to coach the senior team.’ No one moved the motion.
  8. ‘That there should be a meal for players after away games.’ It was agreed that when teams had to travel beyond Tralee or Killarney, they would be given a meal.
  9. ‘That the senior captain be selected from the winning parish league team.’ Denis O Neill proposed and Seamus Naughton seconded. The motion was defeated on a vote.
  10. ‘That the minor team would go on its own in the Co. Minor Championship but remain in the Mid-Kerry Championship.’ Pa O Grady proposed. It was felt that there was not enough talent available for such a step but it was decided to form a league with teams from Tralee and Killarney.
  11. ‘That Laune Rangers enter one team in the Mid-Kerry league, consisting of home-based players only.’ Pa O Grady proposed. That motion was withdrawn, when it was pointed out that away-players were not always away and that the senior team should play together as often as possible.
  12. ‘That challenge games would be sought in preparation for the forthcoming game, in the Co. Championship, with East-Kerry.’ Pa O Grady proposed. It was felt that challenge games were of little benefit. However, Denis O Neill pointed out that we owed a game to Tarbert and it was decided to play them.
  13. ‘That a definite club policy be made on travelling expenses.’
  14. ‘That the Dublin-based players hire cars in future for travelling and that the Treasurer would hire the cars.’
  15. ‘That a committee be set up to examine players’ travelling expenses and that that committee consist of six people – 2 away players, 2 home-based players and 2 officers.
  16. ‘That a finance committee be set up to examine the position of ways of raising funds for the club and to examine the whole position of expenditure.’

Those four motions (13, 14, 15 and 16) were discussed en bloc and it was decided to elect a Finance Committee with powers of suggestion only. The following were nominated from the floor: Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly, Brendan Fullam, Billy Dodd, Seamus Curran, Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Christy O Riordan, Kevin Foley, Maurice Harmon, Francie Sheahan, John Foley (Iveragh Road), Bendy O Dwyer. After a vote, the following were elected: Pat Lynch, Brendan Fullam, Sean O Reilly, Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, John Foley and Jerome Conway.

Pat O Shea disclosed that the club had been offered the use of the Oisín Ballroom at an annual rate of £1,000 + rates + sundries for a period of 5 years. The meeting was in favour of accepting that offer but for a shorter period.

  1. ‘That the grant from the senior club to the juvenile committee be increased substantially.’ Michael O Shea proposed. It was agreed that £30 was not sufficient and it was increased to £100.
  2. ‘That the extension of the boundary wall and the erection of a covered accommodation commence immediately.’ Pat O Shea proposed. There was unanimous agreement on that.
  3. ‘That a notice board be erected in the community room in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.’ Pat Joy proposed and it was agreed.
  4. ‘That the playing field receive a quantity of artificial manure.’ Pay Joy proposed and it was agreed.
  5. ‘That all winter training be held outside of the main pitch i.e. should be near the dressing rooms or at the lower end of the field.’ It was pointed out that that would not be immediately feasible but it was decided to take steps to develop the lower end of the field.
  6. ‘That a qualified person (engineer or architect) should examine the ground in front of the dressing rooms and advise the club as to how it might best be used.’ Joe Crowley proposed and it was passed.
  7. ‘That the banking at the western side of the field be increased to cover the whole length of the pitch and extend back to the road. The possibility of covering that area should also be explored.’ Joe Crowley proposed and it was referred to the incoming finance committee.
  8. ‘That a field committee beset up to consist of five people, to meet to discuss the running of the pitch, the buying of materials etc.’ Bendy O Dwyer proposed and it was referred to the incoming finance committee.
  9. ‘That meetings and convention of the club be held, in future, at a specified venue.’ Michael O Shea proposed. Pat O Shea proposed that meetings should be held in the CYMS, Paudie Foley seconded and it was agreed. Billy Dodd proposed that the venue for convention should be left to the officers of the club. Jerome Conway seconded and it was agreed.
  10. ‘That the Cork team would be the opponents in future for the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament.’ Pay Joy proposed and it was agreed, if the Cork team would be willing to compete.
  11. ‘That the Co. Board delegate press as hard as possible for inter-county Junior, U-21 and Minor games in the coming years.’ Passed.
  12. ‘That an effort to develop the social side of the club be made i.e. to entice females to join the club and, if possible, to erect a club-house where functions could be held.’ Joe Crowley proposed and it was referred to the incoming finance committee.
  13. ‘That stand tickets for the All-Ireland Final be drawn between all paid-up members.’ Denis O Neill proposed, saying that on the night of the draw many members would be unable to attend but that their names should still be put into the draw. Passed.
  14. ‘That all officers should receive complimentary tickets for the Annual Social.’ Denis O Neill proposed, saying that the officers did a lot of work and that the tickets would be a token of appreciation. Declan Falvey seconded and it was passed.
  15. ‘That an officer, in charge of the sale of membership cards, be elected.’ Pat Lynch proposed, saying that the sale of membership cards had not been exploited the previous year. The motion was unanimously passed. Johnny O Connor proposed Maurice Harmon for the position and he was elected.
  16. ‘That the AGM should be held on St. Stephen’s Day each year.’ Pat O Grady proposed the motion, saying that the away players would be home at that time. However, he agreed to the amendment to the motion, ‘that the AGM would be held on the first Sunday in January, each year.’
  17. ‘That the club, representing all that is good in Irish culture and custom, would run, at least, one Céilí during the year.’ Pat Lynch proposed the motion and it was agreed to try one at least to see if it would be feasible.

At that stage, the AGM was interrupted to allow Brendan Walsh, East-Kerry, to address the meeting as he was seeking the club’s vote in his efforts to become Chairman of the Co. Board. Later, it was decided, by 19 votes to 3, to support Brendan Walsh against Gerald McKenna.

Paudie Foley proposed that the club should accept the invitation to visit the USA again in 1972. It was decided to discuss the matter at a further meeting.

Billy Dodd asked the Treasurers for the Balance Sheet of the club’s accounts. This was given, showing all cash assets as being £1,800 (approx.)

Maurice Harmon asked by whose authority the grass-cutting machine had been acquired, since it had been decided at a meeting not to buy it. Nothing could be found in the minutes to support that allegation. He seemed under the impression that the machine had been out of order but, on being informed of the contrary, he seemed satisfied.

The Chairman thanked the members for attending and the meeting concluded.


Co. Senior Football Championship

15 teams took part in the Co. Championship, John Mitchel’s, South Kerry, Shannon Rangers, St. Brendan’s, Feale Rangers, Kenmare, East-Kerry, Desmonds, Mid-Kerry, Austin Stack’s, Waterville, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Na hAghasaigh, Eoghan Ruadh and Laune Rangers.

The competition was played on a knockout basis and Laune Rangers were given a bye to the quarter-final.

Laune Rangers Selection Committee – Tony Lyons, Mícheál Scanlon, Paudie Foley, Maurice Harmon and Seamus Naughton. Trainer – Paul Lucey.


Quarter-final on Sun. 27th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; East-Kerry 0-6.

Laune Rangers provided the shock of the season when they defeated the star-studded East-Kerry team. Most of the good-sized attendance expected a close game following Rangers brave performance against the same opposition the previous year but only those close to the Killorglin side had expected a win. At the final whistle, while most people at the game were suffering from shock or surprise, it was a jubilant bunch of Laune Rangers’ players and officials who made their way to the dressing-rooms.

The game itself was not great but it was a dour, hard struggle and the marking was tight, though very fair and sporting. The defences on both sides were on top and it was obvious that on no account was a goal to be conceded as it was felt that such a score would have a decided effect on the outcome of the game. East-Kerry probably created the greater amount of scoring chances but so close was the marking of the Rangers’ defence that their forwards got few pot-shots at the posts and often times the shrewd tackle or the well-timed shoulder put the East-Kerry forwards way off target. The East-Kerry defenders did likewise but they conceded costly frees in doing so. The Rangers slowed the game down to suit themselves and at no time was the crowd treated to a fast game.

Laune Rangers opened well and, with Timmy Doyle and John Paul Cahillane on top at midfield, they were ahead by 0-3 to 0-0 after twelve minutes. Denis Coffey opened the East-Kerry account with a free in the thirteenth minute and Mick Gleeson moved to midfield to curb the Rangers’ dominance in that sector, a feat he accomplished very well. After twenty minutes, East-Kerry were trailing by only one point. Johnny O Connor had Rangers’ fourth point, when he tapped over a free in the twenty-second minute but Gleeson reduced the arrears with a fine point in the twenty-ninth minute. Just before halftime, Patsy Joy had a good fisted point for the Rangers to leave them ahead by 0-5 to 0-3 at the break.

On the restart, Mick Gleeson became the dominant figure at midfield and his solo-runs often had the Rangers’ defence in trouble but he got little support from his forwards, who were closely marked. Pat Moynihan had two points from frees in the seventh and sixteenth minutes to level the scores  and when Gleeson gave his side the lead in the twentieth minute, it looked as if East-Kerry were going to win easily. However, Laune Rangers made a master move when they introduced Jerry Coffey to the game. He took over at left halfback and played a fine game there. Barry Harmon, who had played a great game in both corners of defence, moved the right halfback and, in a matter of minutes, East-Kerry’s path to goal was completely sealed off. Johnny O Connor pointed a close-in free to put his side level in the twenty-fourth minute and, two minutes later, full-forward, Paul Lucey, gave the Rangers the winning point.

Laune Rangers had a very evenly balanced team with each player showing great spirit. It was their never-say-die approach more than anything else that got them through to the county semi-final. Goalkeeper, Pat O Grady, had a very fine hour. He brought off one magnificent save at a vital stage in the second half. He got great cover from his fullback line of Barry Harmon, Pat O Shea and Pat Horgan. Those three were never beaten in the hour. The Rangers’ halfback line, after a great first half, seemed to tire in the second period. Seamus Curran, at centre halfback, was in great form for three-quarters of the game but a hamstring injury from a previous game seemed to slow him up in the last quarter. The midfield partnership of Timmy Doyle and John Paul Cahillane dominated the opening half but Mick Gleeson curbed their effectiveness in the second half. However, Timmy Doyle continued to fetch some great balls and John Paul Cahillane never allowed Gleeson to go unchallenged. In the Rangers’ attack, Michael O Shea and Declan Falvey played extremely well in the half-forward line, and Patsy Joy, who had cut short his honeymoon for the game, played with great heart on the forty, despite a severe hand injury suffered in the opening minutes of the game. Paul Lucey, at full-forward, out-fielded Derry Crowley but he was starved of the ball in the second half as were his corner men, Johnny O Connor and Tom Curran.

Laune Rangers: Pa O Grady, Barry Harmon (capt.), Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Kieran Foley, Seamus Curran, Mike Hassett, John Paul Cahillane, Timmy Doyle, Declan Falvey, Patsy Joy, Michael O Shea, Noel Lucey, Paul Lucey, Johnny O Connor. Subs: Tom Curran for N. Lucey; Jerry Coffey for M. Hassett.

East-Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald (Dr. Crokes), Donie O Sullivan (Spa), Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), Jerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Tom Looney (Dr. Crokes), Dan O Keeffe (Gneeveguilla), Paddy O Donoghue (Glenflesk), Pat Moynihan (Rathmore), Pat Casey (Spa), Pat Healy (Legion), Dan Kavanagh (Dr. Crokes), Niall Brosnan (do.), T. Kelliher, Mick Gleeson (Spa), Denis Coffey. Sub: Enda Curtayne (former Laune Rangers’ player, who had transferred to Legion).

Ref: Mick Galway (Currow).

The gate receipts yielded £119.60 and that was credited to the Co. Board.


Semi-final on Sun. 1st Oct. at Tralee: Shannon Rangers 5-11; Laune Rangers 1-8.

As expected, Shannon Rangers won their way into the Co. Final at the expense of Laune Rangers. The final score suggested that their passage was an easy one and that, indeed, was the case. The game provided rather poor entertainment for spectators, because, not alone was the result more or less a foregone conclusion from an early stage but, the standard of play generally was pretty poor. Of course, it had to be taken into account that the players had to contend with a wet ball and a slippery sod, something that they had not faced for quite some time.

The game started on a lively note, with Johnny Bunyan finishing off a nice Shannon Rangers’ movement by scoring a goal, but Laune Rangers were quick to reply. First came a point by Johnny O Connor and then came a goal after the goalie, Joe Diggins, had been forced over the line after holding a high centre from Noel Lucey. Two splendidly taken points by Frank Russell left Laune Rangers ahead by three points (1-3 to 1-0) after ten minutes and the Killorglin boys were pretty pleased with themselves at that stage, especially after giving away that early goal.

However, Shannon Rangers, who were playing against the breeze, did not waste much time in regaining the initiative. Brian McCarthy, who was showing up well at full-forward, kicked a point and then Conor Heaphy put his name on a goal, after a bad mistake by one of the Laune Rangers’ defenders. Laune Rangers almost bagged a goal at the other end but a great fisted effort by Noel Lucey hit the upright and bounced off the leg of goalkeeper Diggins before being eventually cleared. Then came disaster for the Killorglin side. They had a penalty given against them and Brian McCarthy placed the ball beautifully out of reach of goalkeeper, Pat O Grady. Within minutes, Shannon Rangers were back for another goal, Conor Heaphy belting the ball home following a well-executed movement. It was obvious that the Killorglin defence was not good enough to cope with the lively North-Kerry forwards and, after Heaphy’s second goal, there was never much doubt about the outcome. Before halftime, Shannon Rangers added three points to their tally, as against a single point by the losers and that left them ahead by 4-4 to 1-4 at the break.

The best that Laune Rangers could have hoped for in the second half was to keep their deficit down to respectable proportions, and it was not altogether surprising that a number of spectators left the grounds during the interval. Those that went missed nothing. There was a lot of scrappy play. It was eight minutes before the first score came and that was a very good point by Brian McCarthy. Johnny O Connor and Frank Russell pulled back two points for Laune Rangers but Johnny Bunyan and Brian McCarthy replied with similar scores for Shannon Rangers. Johnny O Connor and Frank Russell again landed points but those proved to be the last scores of the game for the Killorglin men. Before the finish, Shannon Rangers tacked on 1-4 to give them a comprehensive winning margin of fifteen points.

Laune Rangers were very disappointed with their display. They were never in the game with any chance after Shannon Rangers had banged in those two early goals. Pick of the losers’ side were Pat O Shea, Seamus Curran, Frank Russell, Declan Falvey, Timmy Doyle and Noel Lucey, who played some very clever football in attack. Timmy Doyle was able to bring down some great balls at midfield but he made rather poor use of them.

Laune Rangers: Pa O Grady, Tom Curran, Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Barry Harmon (capt.), Seamus Curran, Kieran Foley, Jerry Coffey, Timmy Doyle, Declan Falvey, Patsy Joy, John Paul Cahillane, Noel Lucey, Frank Russell, Johnny O Connor. Subs: Mike Hassett for S. Curran (inj.), Joseph Crowley for K. Foley, Teddy Mangan for T. Curran. Both Michael O Shea and Paul Lucey had been unable to play because of injury.

Shannon Rangers: Joe Diggins, David Walsh, Paud O Donoghue, John McCarthy, Ger Browne, Mike McEllistrim, Ogie Moran, John O Grady, Dan Kissane, Jackie Walsh, Johnny Bunyan, Eamonn O Donoghue, Conor Heaphy, Brian McCarthy, Donie Mulvihill.

Ref: Seanie Burrows (John Mitchels).


Shannon Rangers, captained by Paud O Donoghue, beat Mid-Kerry in the final of the Co. Championship on 5th Nov. by 2-8 to 1-7. The trainer of the Mid-Kerry team was Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, and the coach was Murt Kelly.


1971 Kerryman Shield.


1971 Semi-Final on Sun. 19th Nov: Laune Rangers were given a walkover by East Kerry.


1971 Final on Sun. 7th Jan. 1973 at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-8; Mid-Kerry 2-5.


1972 Kerryman Shield

Laune Rangers were grouped with Castleisland, John Mitchels and Na hÁghasaigh. The top team progressed to the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 29th June at Dingle: Laune Rangers beat Na hÁghasaigh by four points.

Ref: Mossy Spillane (Castlegregory)

Rd. 2 on Wed. 5th July at Tralee: John Mitchels 5-10; Laune Rangers 1-8.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 12th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Castleisland.

Play-off on Sun. 6th Aug. at Tralee: John Mitchels 2-9; Laune Rangers 3-7.

Ref: TJ O Connor (Ballymac)

Semi-final on Sat. 19th Aug. at Killarney: Waterville 2-5; Laune Rangers 1-7.

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).


Co. Senior Football League Div. 1

At a special sub-committee meeting in Tralee on 11th Feb. it was decided to run three leagues, Senior League, Towns’ Cup League and Junior League. Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) was a member of that sub-committee. There were twelve teams in Div. 1, Dr. Crokes, Keel, Kerins O Rahillys, Austin Stacks, Ballylongford, Spa, Waterville, Desmonds, Kenmare, Dingle, Laune Rangers and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 19th March at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 0-5; Laune Rangers 0-12.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine).

Rd. 2 on Sun. 2nd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-3; Keel 1-9.

Ref: TJ O Connor (Ballymac)

Rd. 3 on Sun. 16th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Kerins O Rahillys.

Ref: Dan O Dwyer (Kilcummin)

Rd. 4 on Sun. 30th April at Tralee: Austin Stacks 5-14; Laune Rangers 2-4.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Waterville)

Rd. 5 on Sun. 21st May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-14; Ballylongford 0-4.

Ref: TJ O Connor (Ballymac)

Rd. 6 on Sun. 18th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Kenmare 0-13.

Ref: Owen Flaherty (Dingle)

Rd. 7 on Sun. 25th June at Dingle: Dingle 0-12; Laune Rangers 1-11.

Rd. 8 on Sun. 10th Sept. at Austin Stack Park: John Mitchels 1-9; Laune Rangers 1-5.

Laune Rangers had a goal disallowed at a vital stage in the second half. Nevertheless, John Mitchels deserved the win. Ref: Tom Keane (St. Mary’s).

Rd. 9: Laune Rangers v Desmonds.

Rd. 10: Laune Rangers v Waterville.

Rd. 11: Laune Rangers v Spa.


Co League Div. 3

That league had 25 teams and had to be subdivided into three sub-groups. Laune Rangers ‘B’ was grouped with Renard, Valentia, Kilcummin, Listry, Templenoe, Beaufort, Derrynane and Waterville ‘B’.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 19th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-2; Renard 1-8.

Ref: Eddie Carey (Derrynane)

Rd. 2 on Sun. 2nd April at Cahersiveen: Valentia 2-11; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-10.

Ref: PJ Donovan (St. Mary’s)

Rd. 3 on Sun. 16th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-5; Kilcummin 3-10.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine)

Rd. 4 on Sun. 30th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ gave w/o to Listry.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 21st May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Templenoe.

That game was marred by what looked like a serious injury to the Rangers’ midfielder, Pat O Mahony.

Ref: TJ O Connor (Ballymac)

Rd. 6 on Sun. 4th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-11; Derrynane 2-4.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine)

Rd. 7 on Sun. 18th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-1; Beaufort 0-16.

Ref: Owen Flaherty (Dingle).


Co. Novice Championship


Rd. 1 on Sat. 1st July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-6; Firies 2-4.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship

The Championship was played with a losers’ round. Beaufort received a bye into the semi-final.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 30th July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine lost to Laune Rangers.

Ref: Mike Carey (Keel).


Semi-final on Sun. 3rd Dec. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; Beaufort 1-11.

Beaufort turned over at halftime winning by one point even though they had played against the wind and when they scored a goal on the resumption, it looked as if Laune Rangers were on the run. But such was not the case as they pulled themselves together and reduced Beaufort’s lead to three points. However, Beaufort recovered and, spearheaded by Brendan Lynch, Paudie Lynch and John Coffey, they ran out worthy winners. Apart from the above mentioned, Beaufort were best served by John and Denis Scully, Jim Coughlan, Tom Kelliher, Aidan Kelly and Kieran Breen. Laune Rangers never got going as a team and perhaps were lucky not to have been beaten by a greater margin. They were best served by Pat O Shea, Jerry Coffey, Patsy Joy and Frank Russell.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Callanfersy).


Mid-Kerry Senior League

Each team played the others. The top team went into the final, the second went into the semi-final and the third and fourth teams played off for the right to play in the semi-final.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 13th Feb. at Keel: Keel beat Laune Rangers.

Only home-based players were considered.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 20th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-4.

Both sides were short some regulars, with the home side being hit the hardest in that respect. Laune Rangers missed several scoring opportunities in the second half, when they were on top at midfield and, to add to their misfortune, they failed to score from one penalty kick. They were lucky to goal from the rebound after failing to score directly from another penalty late in the game. Best for the Rangers were Patsy Joy, Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Kieran Foley, Seamus Curran, John Clifford, Frank Russell, Jerome Conway and Pat O Mahony. Best for Milltown/Castlemaine were James Mangan, Gabriel Quirke, William Mangan, Willie Murphy, John P. O Sullivan, Billy Kerins, Pat Clifford and Jimmy Hayes. At the subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting cautions were issued to Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) and Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers) whose names had been mentioned in the referee’s report. Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 27th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Beaufort.

At the subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the Chairman awarded the game to Laune Rangers as Beaufort failed to fulfil the fixture, as the weather was too inclement.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 5th March: Laune Rangers a bye.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 9th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.

Ref: Ian Joy (Beaufort).


After that result, there was a five-way playoff in the league. Glenbeigh received a bye into the semi-finals.

Play-off on Sat. 22nd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-5; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-8.

That was a make-shift Laune Rangers’ team. Some of the leading players were away below their best. The result meant that Laune Rangers then had to play Beaufort and the winners went into the semi-final. At the weekly meeting of the club, dissatisfaction was expressed with the way teams had been turning out in all competitions at senior level. It was agreed that the selectors would select teams thereafter well in advance and disciplinary action would be taken against players failing to turn out for games without giving timely notice. Players were also asked to be more honest about their approach to games.


Play-off on Sun. 7th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.


Semi-final on Sun. 28th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).

Filmed highlights of that game were shown to the team on the following Tuesday night in the pavilion after training.


Final on Sun. 11th June at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-8; Glenbeigh 0-10.


Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup


Laune Rangers were given a bye to the semi-finals.

Semi-final on Sun. 18th Feb. 1973 at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers.

Ref: Dan Prendergast (Keel). Laune Rangers started well but were inconsistent. The gate receipts realised £2.66.


Mid-Kerry Novice Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 31st May at Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune Rangers.

Ref: Mike Grady (Glenbeigh).


Rd. 2 on Fri. 14th July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Laune Rangers.

Ref: Ian Joy (Beaufort).


Rd. 3 on Thurs. 20th July at Keel: Keel v Laune Rangers

Ref: Mike Grady (Glenbeigh).


Semi-final on Wed. 23rd Aug. at Milltown: Keel beat Laune Rangers.

Final on Sun. 8th Oct. at Killorglin: Keel 1-8; Beaufort 1-3.


Senior Parish League

There were four teams, Town, Rangue/Sunhill, Over Laune and Caragh Lake. The Chairman made the following rules at the club meeting on 4th Dec: The minimum amount of players on each side was 12 but if both teams had more players, then the minimum increased to 13, 14, or 15, depending on how many players each side had. In the knock-out stages of the competition, each team had to field 15 aside. The Parish League was confined to club players.


Rd. 1 on 24th Dec. 1972: Town beat Rangue/Sunhill. Ref: Jerome Conway.

Over Laune beat Caragh Lake/Groyne. Ref: Seamus Naughton.

On Stephen’s Day, the losers played the losers.

Rangue/Sunhill beat Caragh Lake/Groyne.

Caragh Lake, having been beaten twice, were out of the competition.


Sun. 18th March 1973: The winners played the winners.

Over Laune 2-5; The Town 1-1. Ref: Sean O Reilly.

Semi-final on Fri. 20th April (Good Friday) 1973: The Town beat Rangue/Sunhill.

Ref: Jerome Conway.


Final on Sun. 22nd April 1973: The Town 0-9; Over Laune 0-9. Ref: Sean O Reilly.

Over Laune snatched a late equaliser to deny the Town of what seemed certain victory. The big attendance got great value for money.


Final replay on Sun. 7th Oct. 1973: The Town 3-6; Over Laune 2-7. Ref: Sean O Reilly.

A last-minute goal by Patrick Roche won that thriller for the Town. The ball was floated in high to the Over Laune goal area and, with a deft flick of the wrist, the ball was sent to the net.


The Over Laune players, who had won the 1971 Parish League on Good Friday, were presented with their medals at a social in the CYMS Hall on Fri. 28th July.


Senior Football Challenge Games


Sun. 23rd Jan: Laune Rangers Senior Team v Laune Rangers Junior/Novice Team.

Mon. 7th Aug. at Bantry: Bantry Blues 4-10; Laune Rangers 3-13.

That game was played in a continuous downpour but it produced some fine football.

Sun. 20th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Bantry Blues.


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 2 on 21st Aug. at Tralee: Feale Rangers 6-6; Mid-Kerry 0-2.

Losers Rd. on Mon. 28th Aug. at Killarney: East-Kerry beat Mid-Kerry.


Co. Minor League

Laune Rangers played with Mid-Kerry in that competition.


Minor Football Towns’ Cup League

Laune Rangers were grouped with St. Mary’s, Dr. Crokes, Kenmare, Rathmore and Legion.


Tues. 4th July at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s beat Laune Rangers.

Thurs. 20th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Dr. Crokes.

Tues. 25th July at Rathmore: Rathmore 3-12; Laune Rangers 0-2.

Ref: Gerald McCarthy (Gneeveguilla).


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Fri. 23rd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-10.

Ref: Mike O Grady (Glenbeigh).


Losers’ Rd. on Sun. 23rd July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Callanfersy).


Semi-final on Mon. 7th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers 8-9; Keel 2-8.


Final on Fri. 25th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-9.

That was a most exciting final. Leading by 1-4 to 0-4 at halftime, Rangers seemed set for an easy victory. However, Milltown, with a great revival, went ahead with ten minutes left to play. Then, the fitter Laune Rangers side finished the game in good fashion to score a deserved win. Best for Rangers were John Evans, Cathrach Scanlon, Pat Horgan, Noel Prendiville, Iraneus Looney, John McCarthy, Jimmy O Shea and Francis O Doherty.

Laune Rangers: Francis McMahon (Langford St.), Con Doherty (Shanara), Pat Horgan (Keelcoulacht), Gerald O Sullivan (Laharn), James Cahillane (Mill Road), Francis O Doherty (St. James’ Gardens), Anthony O Sullivan (Sunhill), Tommy Woods (The Square), Noel Prendiville (School Road), Jimmy O Shea (Lower Bridge St.), John Evans (Dromavalla), Cathrach Scanlon (School Road), Sylvester Cronin (Langford St.), Iraneus Looney (Iveragh Road), John McCarthy (Mill Road).

Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Co. U-16 Football Championship

There were two groups in the urban section:

Urban 1 – Dr. Crokes, Legion, Cahersiveen and Laune Rangers.

Urban 2 – Austin Stacks, Desmonds, Listowel, Kerins O Rahillys and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 24th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Cahersiveen.

Rd. 2 on Thurs. 3rd Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Legion.

Rd. 3 on Tues. 8th Sept at Killarney: Dr. Crokes Laune Rangers.

Co. Final (replay) on Sun. 19th July in Austin Stacks Park: Austin Stacks beat John Mitchels.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship


Fri. 31st March: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.

Final on Sun. 27th Aug. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Keel.


Co. U-15 Football Championship

The Laune Rangers U-15 players commenced training on Sun. 5th March.

There were two groups in the urban section:

Urban 1 – Dr. Crokes, Legion, Cahersiveen, Kerins O Rahillys and Laune Rangers.

Urban 2 – John Mitchels, Listowel, Dingle, Austin Stacks and Desmonds.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 21st March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Legion.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 1st April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-3; Dr. Crokes 1-2.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 14th April at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Cahersiveen.

Semi-final on Sat. 6th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to John Mitchels.

Co. Final on Fri. 14th July at Killorglin: John Mitchels 2-4; Cahersiveen 1-4.


Co. U-14 Championship

There were two groups in the urban section:

Urban 1 – Dr. Crokes, Cahersiveen, Laune Rangers and Legion.

Urban 2 – Austin Stacks, Desmonds, Listowel, Kerins O Rahillys and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 20th May at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen defeated Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 26th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to Dr. Crokes.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 31st May at Killarney: Legion defeated Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers failed to reach the county semi-finals, Legion and Cahersiveen progressing.


Co. Final: Austin Stacks beat


U-13 Parish League:

That league also commenced in Nov. and after the preliminary rounds was suspended until the following year.

Semi-final on Sun. 18th Feb. 1973: James O Shea beat Liam O Connor.

Final on Sun. 25th Feb. 1973: James O Shea 1-5; Derek Freeman 1-2. Ref: Jerome Conway.


U-12 Co. Championship

The Laune Rangers U-12 players commenced training on Sat. 4th March.

The championship was contested by the winners of the District Boards’ competition as follows: Dr. Crokes (East-Kerry), Renard (South-Kerry), Ballylongford (North-Kerry), Austin Stacks (Tralee), Kenmare (Kenmare), Desmonds (Castleisland) and Laune Rangers (Mid-Kerry).


Semi-final on Fri. 16th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Dr. Crokes.


Final on Fri. 30th June in Fitzgerald Stadium (Juvenile Pitch): Laune Rangers beat Austin Stacks by one goal.

Laune Rangers: Joe Shannon, Anthony Corkery, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Tony Brennan, James Sheehan, Mícheal O Callaghan, John Horgan (capt.), Liam Woods, John O Dwyer, Donal Naughton, Anthony Shannon, John O Neill (School Road), Gerard O Shea, John Sheehan.

Subs: Mícheál Johnston for Donal Naughton, Paudie Healy (Main Street), Pat Pigott (St. Mary’s Terrace), Brian O Shea (Laharn), Patrick Horgan (The Square), Paudie Sheahan (The Square), John Melia (School Road), Finbarr Coffey (Lower Bridge St.), Podge Freeman (Langford St.), Seamus O Shea (Rangue), Patrick Buckley (Mountain View), Kevin Melia (School Road).

That was Laune Rangers’ first juvenile county title. Midway through the second half, a shot for goals by an Austin Stack’s player hit Joe Shannon in the face. He was, naturally enough at the age of 10 years, crying bitterly. He was transferred up the field to corner-forward and replaced by Anthony Corkery in goals. Very late in the game the ball came across the Stacks’ goal-mouth, Joe got his foot to it and scored a goal that won the game for the Rangers. Divine intervention!

Team mentors – Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway and Liam Shannon.

The players were presented with their medals at a social in the CYMS Hall on Fri. 28th July. Many ladies had offered to look after the catering for the event.


U-12 Mid-Kerry Championship


In May Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh and Milltown/Castlemaine.


Final on Thurs. 11th May at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Laune Rangers: Anthony Corkery (Ballycleave), Mícheál O Callaghan (Lonart), Michael F. O Shea (Rangue), John Sheehan (Glencuttane), Tony Brennan (Ownagarry), James Sheehan (Glencuttane), Stephen Russell (St. Mary’s Terrace), John Horgan (Keelcoulacht) capt., Liam Woods (The Square), John O Dwyer (Iveragh Road), Donal Naughton (Rangue), Anthony Shannon (Mountain View), Joe Shannon (do.), Gerard O Shea (Rangue), Mícheál Johnston (Dungeel).

Bro. Fergal, presenting the trophy to the winning captain, John Horgan, spoke in Irish and English to the players and paid tribute to their teamwork and the discipline shown by them throughout the competition. He paid tribute to those in charge of the team and hoped that they would be Co. Champions that year.

Laune Rangers – Co. and Mid-Kerry U-12 Champions 1972

Laune Rangers – Co. and Mid-Kerry U-12 Champions 1972
Seated: Podge Freeman and Seamus O Shea.
Kneeling: John Melia, Finbarr Coffey, Patrick Horgan, Donal Naughton, John O Dwyer, Anthony Shannon, John Horgan (capt.), John Sheehan, Joe Shannon, Stephen Russell.
Standing: Paudie Healy, Paudie Sheahan, Tony Brennan, James Sheehan, Gerard O Shea, Michael F. O Shea, Mícheál Johnston, Liam Woods, Anthony Corkery, Mícheál O Callaghan.
Back – Liam Shannon, Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway (Mentors)
Missing – John O Neill (midfield), Brian O Shea, Pat Pigott, Kevin Melia and Patrick Buckley.

U-12 Tournament


Austin Stacks’ Seven-a-side Tournament on Mon. 12th June at Tralee: Laune Rangers entered 2 teams.

Rd. 1: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 2-8; John Mitchels ‘B’ 0-0.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-5; Cahersiveen 2-0.

Rd. 2: Austin Stacks ‘A’ 2-1; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-1.

Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-10; Dr. Crokes 0-1.

Semi-finals: Dr. Crokes 1-5; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-1.

Laune Rangers ‘A’ 3-12; Listowel 0-1.

Final of Frank O Keeffe Cup: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 3-6; John Mitchels 0-3.

Laune Rangers, also, won a set of jerseys for being the top scorers with 6 goals and 30 points.

Laune Rangers ‘A’: Anthony Corkery (goals), Michael Francis O Shea, James Sheehan, Gerard O Shea, John Horgan, Anthony Shannon, John O Dwyer. Subs: Liam Woods, Mícheál Johnston and Pat Pigott.

Laune Rangers – Winners of Austin Stacks U-12 7-a-side Blitz 1972

Laune Rangers – Winners of Austin Stacks U-12 7-a-side Blitz 1972
Kneeling: Pat Pigott, John O Dwyer, John Horgan (capt.), Anthony Shannon, Mícheál Johnston.
Standing: Liam Woods, Michael F. O Shea, James Sheehan, Gerard O Shea, Anthony Corkery.
Back: Bobby Houlihan (Bus Driver), Liam Shannon, Jerome Conway, Michael O Shea (mentors).

U-11 Parish League:

This league commenced in Nov. and after the preliminary rounds, it was suspended until the following year.

Final on Sun. 11th Feb. 1973: Tony Brennan beat Anthony Shannon.

The winning captain was presented with the Curtin/Clifford trophy.


Munster Minor Football Championship


Semi-final on Fri. 30th June at Fermoy: Kerry 2-12; Tipperary 2-7.

Kerry: Eamonn O Connor (Desmonds), Tim Kennelly (Emmets), Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers), John Dowling (Austin Stacks), William Mangan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Denis Ogie Moran (Beale), Michael Howe (Legion), Laurence O Donoghue (Dr. Crokes), Billy O Connell (St. Mary’s), Denis Finnegan (Templenoe), Paudie O Shea (Gaeltacht), Mikey Sheehy (Austin Stacks), Pat Spillane (Templenoe), B. Savage (John Mitchels), Ger Dillon (Dingle). Subs: Bernard Kerins (John Mitchels) for J. Dowling, John Kerins (Scartaglin) for B. O Connell, Michael Culloty (Austin Stacks), G. McNamara (Austin Stacks), Eugene O Sullivan (Ballinskelligs).


Final on Sun. 16th July at Killarney: Kerry 1-14; Cork 2-14.

Kerry: Eamonn O Connor, John Dowling, Bernard Kerins, Pat Horgan, Mike Howe, Billy O Connell, Ger McNamara, Denis Ogie Moran, Laurence O Donoghue, Denis Finnegan, Paudie O Shea, Mikey Sheehy, Pat Spillane, B. Savage, Ger Dillon. Subs: Michael Culloty, William Mangan, Tim Kennelly, Patie O Mahony, Sean Walsh, T. Sullivan, John Kerins, Eugene O Sullivan.

Kerry minor goalkeeper, Eamonn O Connor, dealt safely with that ball, as corner-back, Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers) held off Cork forward, S. Kirby.

Kerry minor goalkeeper, Eamonn O Connor, dealt safely with that ball, as corner-back, Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers) held off Cork forward, S. Kirby.

Munster U-21 Football Championship

The Co. Senior Selection Committee was in charge of that age-group, also.


Semi-final on Fri. 7th July at Killorglin: Kerry 6-14; Tipperary 0-4.

Kerry: John Crean (Kerins O Rahilly’s), Jerry Coffey (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Deenihan (Finuge), Dan O Keeffe (Gneeveguilla), Michael Murphy (Kenmare), Paudie Lynch (Beaufort), Mickey O Sullivan (Kenmare), John O Keeffe (Austin Stacks) 0-2, John Long (Gaeltacht), Philip Horan (Desmonds) 0-3, Willie Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine) 1-0, Jackie Walsh (Ballylongford) 2-2, John Coffey (Beaufort) 1-1, Martin Ferris (Churchill) 2-1, Ger Power (Austin Stacks) 0-4. Sub: Michael O Shea (Laune Rangers) 0-1, P. Burrows, Donal Kissane, J. Fitzgerald, Mikey O Connor (Desmonds).


Final on Tues. 22nd Aug. at Killarney: Kerry 1-11; Cork 2-7.

Kerry: John Crean, Michael Murphy, Jimmy Deenihan, Dan O Keeffe, Seamus O Donovan (Emmets), Paudie Lynch, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, John Long, John Coffey, John Egan, Jackie Walsh, Michael O Shea, Martin Ferris, Ger Power. Sub: Jerry Coffey, D. Kissane, B. O Connell, Michael McEllistrim, P. Burrows, S. Kelly, Mikey O Connor, Laurence O Donoghue, S. Casey, J. McCarthy.


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sat. 2nd Sept. at Newbridge: Kerry 0-13; Kildare 0-6.

Kerry: John Crean, Seamus O Donovan, Jimmy Deenihan, Dan O Keeffe, Michael Murphy, Paudie Lynch, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, Michael McEllistrim (Ballylongford), Ger Power, John Coffey, Jackie Walsh, Michael O Shea, Martin Ferris, John Egan. Subs: Philip Horan for M. O Shea (inj.), Jerry Coffey, P. Burrows (John Mitchels), J. McCarthy (Desmonds), Mikey O Connor (Desmonds), B. O Connell (St. Senan’s), Donal Kissane (Ballylongford).


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 27th Oct. at Crokes Park: Galway 2-6; Kerry 0-7.

Kerry: John Crean, Seamus O Donovan, Jimmy Deenihan, Dan O Keeffe, Michael Murphy, Paudie Lynch, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, Neilie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Michael McEllistrim, Mickey O Sullivan, Jackie Walsh (capt), Philip Horan, Martin Ferris, Ger Power. Subs: John Egan for M. Ferris, Mikey O Connor for P. Horan, Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey, D. Kissane, J. McCarthy, B. O Connell, John Coffey.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Final on Tues. 16th May at Kenmare: Kerry 0-9; Cork 2-13.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald (Dr. Crokes), Jimmy Deenihan (Finuge), James O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Paudie O Shea (Waterville), Noel Power (Dr. Crokes), Mike Breen (Glenbeigh), Gerald Cronin (Waterville), Pat Moynihan (Gneeveguilla), Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers), John Saunders (Rathmore), Willie Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine), Jackie Walsh (Ballylongford), Denis Coffey (Dr. Crokes), P.J. McIntyre (Kenmare), Dan O Keeffe (Gneeveguilla). Subs: Ger O Keeffe (Austin Stacks) for G. Cronin, Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh) for D. O Keeffe, Timmy Sheehan (Austin Stacks) for G. O Keeffe, Paudie Finnegan (Kenmare), Jim McGill (Skellig Rangers).


NFL 1972/1973


Sun. 29th Oct. at Roscommon Town: Roscommon 0-8; Kerry 0-9.

In the 56th minutes, Jackie Walsh sent the ball to substitute Frank Russell and the Laune Rangers man coolly drove over a left-footed kick from a difficult angle.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Dan O Keeffe, Derry Crowley, Jimmy Deenihan, Mick Gleeson, John O Keeffe, Mickey O Sullivan, Liam Higgins, Paudie Lynch, John Saunders, Pat Griffin, Jackie Walsh, John Egan, Donal Kavanagh, Ger Power. Subs: Philip Horan for M. Gleeson, Frank Russell (0-1) for J. Egan, Ger O Keeffe for M. O Sullivan.


Sun. 12th Nov. at Tralee: Kerry 0-8; Longford 0-11.

Eamonn Horan wrote in the Kerryman, ‘Only four of Kerry’s second half points came from the forwards and one of these was notched by Frank Russell, who was brought into the game in the 48th minute for Ger Power and more than justified his advent and one wondered just what his real potential is. He certainly deserves to be given a better opportunity to prove his worth.’

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Jimmy Deenihan, Paud O Donoghue, Dan O Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, Dan Kavanagh, Ger O Keeffe, Mick O Connell (0-3), John O Keeffe (0-1), Jackie Walsh (0-1), Pat Griffin (0-1), Eamonn O Donoghue, John Saunders, Liam Higgins (0-1), Ger Power. Subs: Tom Prendergast for J. Saunders, Frank Russell (0-1) for G. Power.


Sun. 26th Nov. at the Athletic Grounds: Cork 1-8; Kerry 1-13.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Donie O Sullivan, Derry Crowley, Jimmy Deenihan, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, Ger Power, Eamonn O Donoghue, Paudie Lynch (0-2), Brendan Lynch (0-3, 1 free), Pat Griffin (0-1), Jackie Walsh (1-0), Donal Kavanagh, Frank Russell (0-1), Mick O Dwyer (0-6, 5 frees). Subs: Liam Higgins, John Saunders, Paudie O Shea, Dan O Keeffe, Philip Horan, Patsy O Connor, Mickey O Sullivan.


Sun. 10th Dec. at Tralee: Kerry 1-13; Offaly 0-10.

Frank Russell started slowly but was seen to telling effect after the interval, though being confronted by Mick Wright, a more than average fullback.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Derry Crowley, Tom Prendergast, John O Keeffe, Ger O Keeffe, Donal Kavanagh, Paudie Lynch (0-3), Brendan Lynch (0-2), Pat Griffin, Eamonn O Donoghue (0-1), Jackie Walsh, Frank Russell (0-1), Mick O Dwyer (1-6, 4 frees). Subs: Jimmy Deenihan, Ger Power, Dan O Keeffe, Liam Higgins, John Coffey, Philip Horan, Patsy O Connor.




Pat Fanning, Port Láirge, was Uachtarán CLG.


Munster Council Convention was held in Clare on 4th March. Patrick A. ‘Weeshie’ Murphy (Corcaigh) was Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley (Ciarraí) was Treasurer.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Torc Room, The Great Southern Hotel, Killarney, on Sun. 30 Jan. 1972. The following officers were elected: President – John Joe Sheehy; Chairman – Gerald McKenna (128 votes), Brendan Walsh (113 votes), Vice-Chairman – Frank King (In the first count, the results were Frank King 109, Dan Kiely 81 and Tom Keane 50. After the second count, the results were Frank King 132, Dan Kiely 101), Secretary – Andy Molyneaux, Treasurers – Murt Galvin and Tadhg Prendiville, PRO – Denis Fenton (Killarney), Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Murt Kelly, Delegate to Central Council – Dr. Jim Brosnan (160 votes), Mícheál Ó Ruairc (75 votes).

Senior Selection Committee – Johnny Walsh (154), Joe Keohane (152), Tadhg Healy (117), Murt Kelly (109), Father Denis Curtin (96), all of whom were elected, Ned Fitzgerald (Cahersiveen) 88, Bernie O Callaghan (Ballybunion) 72, Larry Dowd (Castleisland) 62 – at the Co. Board meeting on 6th June, Johnny Culloty was appointed as trainer of the team.

Minor Selection Committee – T. Walsh (Tralee), John Rice (Templenoe), P.J. Donovan (Cahersiveen), Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine), Dan Dwyer (Kilcummin).

Laune Rangers had two motions on the ‘clár’; (1) ‘That the Kerry Minor Selectors be reduced to five and that these be elected at Convention,’ (defeated). (2) ‘That the Inter-County games at U-21, Junior, Intermediate and Minor levels be played at venues other than Killarney and Tralee’. (passed). Two other motions that were passed unanimously at the Convention were, ‘That the Convention calls for the release of all Political Prisoners in Irish and English jails,’ and ‘That the Association pledges its solidarity with and supports the fight for freedom in British Occupied Ireland.’


At a Co. Board meeting at the end of Feb. it was unanimously agreed to send two teams, one from John Mitchels and one from Austin Stacks, to compete in a special league in Mid-Kerry. However, Mid-Kerry Board Chairman, James Coffey, on hearing of the proposition, said that his Board would not under any circumstances accept the Tralee teams. ‘We held a meeting during the week,’ he told the Kerryman, ‘and all our clubs say that they have enough matches. They are guaranteed at least thirty a year between the Mid-Kerry Board and the Co. Board and they are very reluctant to take on any more. The first we knew about all this was what we read in the Kerryman last Friday (25th Feb.). The least that could have been done was to consult us first. We have decided that if two of our clubs are not agreeable to having even one team from Mitchels and one from Stacks competing with them, the others will follow suit. This is something that just cannot be thrown into our laps like this. There are a lot of snags to be ironed out before we could contemplate running such a league.’ In April the Mid-Kerry Board met with the Chairman of the Co. Board in an effort to sort out the problem but no agreement was reached.


At the Co. Board meeting on 8th Feb. the following committee was set up to examine the structure of District Boards: Dan Kiely (Tarbert), Brendan Walsh (East-Kerry), James Broderick (Causeway), Tom Keane (St. Mary’s), Liam Higgins (Lispole), Justin Brosnan (Churchill), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Dave Geaney (Desmonds), J. Leahy (John Mitchels), Mossy Spillane (Castlegregory), PJ McIntyre (Kenmare), P. Donoghue (Castleisland), Donal O Connor (Rathmore) plus the officers of the Co. Board.


At the Co. Board meeting on 14th March, the following Co. Junior Selection Committee was elected: Tom Ashe, Annascaul, (120 votes), Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, (119), Donie Sheehan, Dr. Crokes, (105), Tom Keane, St. Mary’s, (87) and Sylvie Mason, John Mitchels, (83), all deemed elected, Tim Linehan (77), Donal O Connor (58) and Pat Clifford (36).


The AGM of Bord na nOg Chiarraí was held in the Pavilion, Austin Stack Park, Tralee on 16th Dec. 1971. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Rev. Father James Linnane (Killarney), Vice-Chairman – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Hon. Secretary – Liam Sayers (John Mitchels), Hon. Treasurer – Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels), Registrar – Sean Murphy (Austin Stacks), PRO – George Rice (Tralee). Laune Rangers Club was represented by Pat Lynch.

During the year, Pat O Shea attended 10 out of the 13 Bord meetings and, in the absence of the Chairman, he acted as Chairman at 3 meetings.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin, on 10th Jan. 1972. Chairman, Pat O Shea, presided. (The Secretary’s Report is given at the end of 1971). The Chairman, in his address, said, ‘It was a glorious year for Mid-Kerry. We won the Co. Senior Championship and the delayed final of the Kerryman Shield. It was fitting that Mid-Kerry should have participated in the drawn county final, which was the best seen in Kerry for many a year.

The other Co. Championship team, Laune Rangers, has qualified, together with Mid-Kerry, for the 1971 Kerryman Shield semi-finals. All finals of county competitions were contested by Mid-Kerry teams, with the exception of the Intermediate Championship. This speaks for itself of the high standard of football in Mid-Kerry. District Board football in Mid-Kerry is second to none in the county.

With the exception of the Laune Rangers U-12 team, our underage teams fared badly in the Co. Championships. This is due to the fact that too much work is left to far too few. I would appeal to our senior players to take a better interest in our juveniles and lessen the burden on our overworked officials.

With the local competitions, the District Board had a very active year. A total of 84 games were played in all grades. Our players must be congratulated on their sportsmanship on the field. I am afraid that we have a few rowdy spectators still at our juvenile games and I would recommend to the incoming board that clubs should lose the right of home games if their spectators cannot conduct themselves.

I would like to thank all our officers and selectors for their help and co-operation during the year, especially our Secretary, James Coffey. I regret that James cannot be with us here tonight. I would like to thank our referees and I am proud to say that we have the four best referees in the county in Pat Clifford, Denis O Neill, Michael Carey and Derry O Sullivan. Unfortunately, we lost two other referees, James Coffey and Michael O Sullivan, through illness and I wish them both a quick recovery.

The Mid-Kerry team helped to put £5,000 into the coffers of the Co. Board and got in return a meagre sum of £200, for the semi-final and two games in the final, whereas last year’s finalists got £150 each for two games when gates were only £2,600. If the Co. Board cannot run their financial affairs solvently without bleeding the clubs, it is about high time we had re-organisation at this level. We have too many under-worked officials and the taking of eleven subs to games is ridiculous.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all those who helped to make my position as chairman an easy one. I enjoyed the position and made many friends. I am not seeking re-election and I wish the incoming board every success.’

Election of officers:

President – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers); Chairman – James Coffey (Laune Rangers), Vice-Chairman – Ned O Shea (Keel), Secretary – Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), Ass. Secretary – Denny Flynn (Keel), Treasurer – Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Delegate to Co. Board – Ned O Shea (Keel). Kerry Minor Selector – Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine).

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That the Mid-Kerry Board Senior Championship be finished, if possible, by the first Sunday in September or as soon as possible.’ (Milltown/Castlemaine).
  2. ‘That the admission fee to all the games in Mid-Kerry be increased by 5p and the increased revenue from same will be given to the home team or, in the case of a neutral venue, same will be divided by the participants but both teams will have to be represented at the gate.’


The minutes of 11 Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available, the meetings being mainly for the purpose of making fixtures. Other decisions made were as follows:

Mon. 31st Jan. in the Old Forge, Killorglin: On the proposition of the Chairman, James Coffey, it was decided to agree with the resolution passed at Co. Convention that a club, if it so wished, could help a family in Northern Ireland by contributing a minimum of £5. The following Bord na nOg officers were elected: Chairman – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Vice-Chairman – Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine), Joint Secretaries – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers) and Denny Flynn (Keel); Joint Treasurers – Brother Fergal (Milltown/Castlemaine) and Jimmy Foley (Glenbeigh); PRO – Ian Joy (Beaufort). The outgoing Secretary, in his report, praised the referees for their great work in the handling of games during the year. He appealed for more support for the games from parents.

Mon. 21st Feb. in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin: A letter was received from the Kerryman promoting The Buy Irish Campaign and the meeting decided to support it. A discussion too place on the appointing of referees. It was decided that, in future, the referee for each game would be appointed at the previous meeting. If the appointed referee failed to turn up for the game, a neutral officer of the Board would appoint a referee and the clubs concerned would have to abide by that decision.

Tues. 16th May in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin: The following bye-law was passed – where two games take place at the same venue, the second game has to start on time, even if the first game has not been completed.

Mon. 19th June in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin: A letter was received from Sean O Reilly (Laune Rangers) protesting at the treatment referees in Mid-Kerry were receiving from clubs and Board officials.


The minutes of 35 Laune Rangers club meetings are available. The following is a resume of matters that were discussed and of decisions that were made:

Mon. 17th Jan. in the CYMS Hall, presided over by Pat O Shea in the absence of James Coffey, who was unavoidably absent due to illness:

Francie Sheahan stated that the Chairman and Secretary had been making comments that he had been making money out of the GAA in Killorglin. Pat O Shea explained that he had been told that there had been a function for the Mid-Kerry Board in Francie Sheahan’s and he had been asked why he had not been there. He had said that he had not been asked for permission to hold such a function and he had no knowledge of it. The Secretary (Jerome Conway) stated that he, at no time, had made reference to Francie Sheahan and if the latter did not take his word for that, he would have to produce the person who had made the statement. Francie left the meeting and later returned with the witness – Bendy O Dwyer. When asked by both the Chairman and Secretary in turn if they had said that Francie Sheahan had been making money out of the GAA, he said that they had not but that reference had been made at a meeting in Coffey’s bar that the GAA had been exploited in Killorglin. He said that on the night in question a social had been held in Francie Sheahan’s Bar for the Cycling Club. Pat O Shea said that he had been told that it had been a Mid-Kerry function. That seemed to clear the air.

It was planned to extend the boundary wall on the western side of the field and to erect a shelter. Donal Mangan estimated that the cost of extending the wall with a 9 inch block, laid on the flat, at £800 and the cost of a 35 yards long shelter @ 10/- a square foot would amount to £1,000. Billy Dodd thought that the project would not be worth the money. Pat O Shea said that he had been promised £100 towards the project. Francie Sheahan gave a cheque worth £200 towards the project (At a subsequent meeting that was reduced to £25). The matter would be raised at the Finance Committee meeting.

Barry Harmon suggested that the club should build tennis courts but Billy Dodd favoured the erection of a large hall to accommodate indoor games as well as training. Denis O Neill suggested that the club should build a swimming pool and the Secretary was instructed to get information from the Department of Local Government.

Negotiations had been ongoing with Mr. Duffy O Shea re the hiring of the Oisín Ballroom. The club had been offered the hall for £850 annually + lighting, water, performance rights, interior decorating for a period of not less than five years. The club was in favour of renting for 3 years. However, the price had increased to £1,000 annually plus the extras and for a period of not less than 5 years. The club had offered £1,200 for one year with an option to renew or £1,000 for 3 years but negotiations had broken down.

It was decided to hold a Talent Competition again in 1972.

It was decided, on the proposition of Pat O Shea, that the club would operate a shop during games in the field.

Denis O Neill proposed that the club should support Tom Keane, Cahersiveen, as Vice-Chairman of the Co. Board and Barry Harmon seconded the proposition. Denis O Neill proposed Dr. Jim Brosnan as Delegate to Central Council and Maurice Harmon seconded. It was further decided to vote for Father Curtin, Murt Kelly, Johnny Walsh, Larry Dowd and Tim Healy as Co. Senior Football Selectors.

The meeting decided that the club would travel to USA in October and Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway were to look into the travel arrangements.

Meeting on Mon. 24th Jan. in the CYMS Hall.

Maurice Harmon was complimented on his sale of membership cards.

Pat O Shea reported that the cost of the USA tour would be £58 – players would be charged £15/£20, if the plane could be filled.

The Secretary was instructed to write to Mr. Michael Kennedy, Parliament Secretary for Sport, seeking a grant for tennis courts and a swimming pool. He would also contact the Co. Manager.


Meeting on Mon. 31st Jan in the CYMS Hall:

Caragh Lake won the Biddy Competition in the CYMS Hall. The takings at the door amounted to £181. Expenses amounted to £85, including prizes of £30 and tax of £4. The winners were presented with the Dr. Craig Cup. The judges were Jerry O Sullivan (Mountain View), Father Moran and the band-leader of the Country Hillsiders.

It was decided to support Ciste na Banban instead of the Co. Board’s 10p per line. Sellers that sold a full card would receive 5/-. On Sun. 30th Jan. 1972, 13 men were shot dead in Derry by British Paratroopers in an event that became known as Bloody Sunday. At the Laune Rangers Club meeting on Mon. 31st Jan. the actions of the British Army were strongly condemned. It was decided to support Father Moore, Glenflesk, in his scheme to support the family of an internee in the North with financial aid. On Wed. 2nd Feb. every worker in Killorglin attended Mass celebrated by Father Noel Moran C.C. for the souls of the dead men. Afterwards, 13 young men went to the Republican Plot, where a volley of shots was fired.


Meeting on Mon. 7th Feb. in the CYMS Hall:

Counihan’s Travel Agency, Killarney was chosen to organise the trip to America in October. Pat O Shea reported that Eddie Barry, Tralee would have 50 people for the trip and he himself had 62 names, while 22 others were making up their minds.

It was reported that Mike Hassett was returning to the club from Glenbeigh.

The entry fee for the Talent Competition organised by the club in the CYMS was 20p.

The fee to the CYMS Hall from the club for dancing was raised to £25 per night.


Meeting on Mon. 14th Feb. in the CYMS Hall:

It was agreed to rent the Oisin Ballroom from Mr. Duffy O Shea for the 6 Sunday nights of Lent plus St. Patrick’s night for a fee of £250. The following bands were booked: Noel Tuohy, The Country Hillsiders, The Bandits and the Conquerors.

The Tramps’ Ball in the CYMS Hall yielded £163.75. Expenses amounted to £85. Tax of £8 was paid. The band had been Paddy Power and the Voltage. There were prizes for the best group of tramps and the best individual tramp. Jerry O Sullivan (Mountain View), was the adjudicator.

James Coffey proposed Pat O Shea as Co. Junior Football Selector and Tony Lyons seconded.

Pat O Shea reported that, at a special meeting to discuss District Boards, it had been decided not to change them. However, for the Co. League, it had been decided to divide the clubs into 3 divisions, with promotion and relegation. Laune Rangers had a team in Division 1 and in Division 3.

The Laune Rangers Question-Time team (Sean O Reilly, Pat Lynch and Jerome Conway) was congratulated on coming second in the County Finals. The team had already won the Mid-Kerry competition. Mary O Shea, School Road, had won the Mid-Kerry solo-dancing competition.


Meeting on 27th March in the CYMS Hall:

The gross takings for the Talent Competition were £555.29. Expenses amounted to £210.68, leaving a net profit of £344.61 to be divided equally with the CYMS Committee. The Talent Competition was run over a period of weeks, culminating in two final nights – one for the primary schools and one for the senior Talent Competition and Tops of the Clubs, which consisted of a half hour for each contesting group. Trophies for the Talent Competition were sponsored by Fitzgerald’s Wine Merchants, Tralee, and Beamish and Crawford, Castleisland. For the Final, the Intermediate School had refused to give the club the loan of some chairs but the Vocational School had obliged.

The gross takings for the 7 nights during Lent in the Oisín Ballroom were £833.09. Expenses amounted to £657.80, leaving a net profit of £175.29.

Murt Collins transferred to Clare, where he worked.

The Northern Prisoners’ family that the Laune Rangers Club supported was that of Mrs. C. Kelly, Ballymurphy, Belfast.

Paul Lucey was given the contract of making juvenile goalposts at a cost of £30.


Meeting on Mon. 10th April in the CYMS Hall:

The tenders for the extension to the existing wall were as follows: Patrick O Connor £1,250; J. O Sullivan £1,150; Jerry Griffin £1,050. The latter, having the lowest tender, was given the contract.

Receipts for the first quarter of the year were £2,120.95. Expenses amounted to £1,212.22.


Meeting on Mon. April 24th in the CYMS Hall:

The following delegates attended a meeting with the Community Council: James Coffey, Eamonn Crowley, Pat Lynch, Maurice Harmon, Timothy O Riordan, Brendan Fullam, Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway.

Mike Hassett was congratulated on his wedding.

The club decided to organise a carnival from 2nd July to 9th July. Items would include Senior Football, Ladies Football, U-12 Football Blitz, Regatta, Pony Racing, Donkey Derby, Athletic Meeting, Swimming, Greasy Pole, Polka Competition and Carnival Queen.

Laune Rangers registered a hurling team with the Co. Board.


Meeting on Mon. 1st May in the CYMS Hall:

Franz Reicherdt’s quotation of £860 for the erection of the steelwork and roof of the shelter was accepted on the proposition of Eamonn Crowley and seconded by Patsy Joy.

Pat O Shea was appointed trainer of the senior team in the absence of Paul Lucey. The selectors ruled that alcohol drinking and the keeping of late hours were excluded for players on the senior team. Patsy Joy cautioned the selectors, Maurice Harmon in particular, not to be passing derogatory remarks about him after games. The accused denied the allegation.

There were only six vacancies on the plane to America.


Meeting on Mon. 8th May in the CYMS Hall:

Members of the Community Council attended. Austin O Reilly said that since the Laune Rangers Club and the Community Council were involved in proposals to build a community centre, both should work together. He said that there would be a better chance of obtaining grants if the Community Centre was built near the site of the proposed Community School.

Delegates from the CYMS Committee (Declan Mangan, Rev. Father O Leary, Patsy Cronin), the Oisín (Donal Mangan) and the Laune Rangers Club (Pat O Shea, Billy Dodd and Jerome Conway) retired to discuss the dancing schedule for the remainder of the year. Puck-Fair dancing was firstly discussed. It was agreed to have two bands of equal merit on the first night. No final agreement was reached on the second night. On the third night, there would be a dance in the CYMS only. Expenses would include bands, advertisements, tax and meals. There would be voluntary staffing in both halls but there would also be a few paid regular staff in the Oisín. Week-night dancing – it was agreed to have three dances during the week in the Oisín and one in the CYMS from June to October. Sunday-night dancing – it was agreed to a dance every second Sunday night in the CYMS and the Oisín.


Meeting on Mon. 15th May in the CYMS Hall:

Sean O Reilly and Jerome Conway reported that they had attended a Community Council meeting, at which the club had been requested to change the Carnival week to the last week in June to coincide with Rás Tailtean coming to the town. The request was denied. The Community Council had offered help during the week of the carnival.

Tom O Shea, Iveragh Road, sought and received permission to operate a shop in the J. P. O Sullivan Park on the days of games for an agreed fee.


Meeting on Mon. 22nd May in the CYMS Hall:

The flight to America was full.

The Secretary was instructed to write to the Mid-Kerry Board to the following effect: ‘The Laune Rangers Club thought it very poor form to go outside the District Board for a referee for the Mid-Kerry League semi-final. It is a slur on the ability of the referees in Mid-Kerry. It is quite apparent that when teams in Mid-Kerry lose, they always blame the referee.’

In conjunction with the Rás Tailtean stopover in the town, there would be an U-14 hurling competition on Wed. 29th June. The competing teams would be Upper Town, Lower Town, Cromane and Fossa.

Seamus Naughton proposed, and it was agreed, to film a few of the senior team’s games in order that players would be able to see their mistakes and consequently remedy them.


Meeting on Mon. 29th May in the CYMS Hall:

The profit from the Talent Competition had been £172.82.

Dissatisfaction was expressed that selectors had been forced to act as umpires and linesmen during games. It was decided to ask Sean McKenna to replace Mícheál Scanlon as senior selector.


Meetings on Mon. June 19th and 26th in the CYMS Hall:

Final arrangements were made for the Carnival.


Meeting on Mon. 10th July in the CYMS Hall. It was reported that the Puck Fair Committee had been very apologetic because the club had been refused the use of the buntings, by Pa Houlihan, during the carnival. The Rúnaí was instructed to thank Fitzgerald’s, Tralee, for sponsoring the barrel race.


Meeting on Mon. 14th Aug. in the CYMS Hall. The Rúnaí was instructed to send a telegram of congratulations to the wedding reception of Patsy Joy and Mary O Sullivan. Pat O Shea thanked all those who helped to supervise the doors during the Puck Fair dancing, which was organised by the club. Pat O Shea proposed, and Seamus Naughton seconded, the adoption of a resolution to seek an overdraft from the bank to pay for the building of the stand in the J.P. O Sullivan Park and for the extension to the wall.


Meeting on Mon. 28th Aug. in the CYMS Hall. It was reported that Batty Cahillane had objected, on behalf of the people of Laharn, to the erection of a gate at the end of the existing wall. Permission was granted for the building of ladies’ and gents’ toilets in the field.


Meeting on 18th Sept. in the CYMS Hall. The draw for the All-Ireland tickets went as follows: Covered Cusack – Anthony Cahillane and Declan Falvey; Uncovered Cusack – Willie Murphy, Paud O Sullivan, Jack Moriarty, Jim Galvin, Mícheál Scanlon, Denis Harris and John O Sullivan. Nally Stand – Sean O Riordan and Jerome Conway.


Meeting on Mon. 25th Sept. in the CYMS Hall. The schedule of games for the USA Tour was announced as follows – Oct. 6th, 13th and 20th in Gaelic Park; Oct. 21st in Boston and Oct. 15th in Hartford. The new extension to the wall was progressing but Pat O Shea expressed reservations that stones had not been put between the wall and the pending embankment. Dissatisfaction was expressed at the distribution of All-Ireland tickets by the Co. Board. It was decided that a proposal should be put to the following Co. Board meeting that the distribution of tickets should be taken away from the two- men committee and given to a committee composed of the officers of the Co. Board, the Chairmen of the District Boards and representatives of the senior clubs.


The Laune Rangers’ sponsored Talent Competition for Primary Schools and Adults commenced on Sun. 5th March. A new departure was the introduction of a ‘Tops of the Clubs’ variety competition.

Sun. 5th March – Primary Schools Talent Competition (Scoil Mhuire ‘A’, Douglas and Dungeel):

Question Time – Douglas; Solo Singing – Anthony Shannon (Scoil Mhuire ‘A’), Solo Dancing U-8 – Breda Brennan (Scoil Mhuire ‘A’), Solo Dancing U-12 – Bernadette O Sullivan (Douglas), Group Singing – Scoil Mhuire ‘A’, Group Dancing – Scoil Mhuire ‘A’.

Adult Talent Competition (Youth Club ‘A’, Laune Mountaineering Club, Intermediate School, Vocational School ‘A’ and ‘C’)

Question Time – Intermediate School, Solo Singing – Patricia O Grady (Vocational School ‘C’), Group Singing – LMC, Group Dancing – LMC. The big surprise of the night was the defeat of the McCann Sisters (Intermediate School) by the LMC. The decision at the end of the night received a mixed reception.

Tops of the Clubs – Laune Mountaineering Club beat Kilgobnet Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann.

Sun. 12th March – Primary Schools Talent Competition (Cromane, Glencuttane and Kilgobnet ‘A’).

Adult Talent Competition – Kilgobnet CCE, Gun Club ‘A’ and Paul Wenzel’s Fashions.

Tops of the Clubs – Killorglin Gun Club beat Killorglin Youth Club.

Fri. 17th March – Primary Schools Talent Competition (Scoil Mhuire ‘B’, Faha and Kilgobnet ‘B’).

Adult Talent Competition (Killorglin Gun Club ‘B’, Killorglin Badminton Club, Killorglin Youth Club ‘B’, Rangue, and Vocational School ‘A’).

Other entertainment on the night included, Killorglin ICA production of ‘Solomon’, which had won the Eleanor Gibbon’s Trophy, Rang a 3 Scoil Mhuire ‘Dic agus a Chat’, which had won Corn na Leamhna,  and the panel game, 20 Questions.

Sun. 19th March – Finals of primary Schools talent Competition:

Question Time – Scoil Mhuire N.S. ‘B’.

Solo Dancing U-6 – 1st Muireann Joy (Cromane N.S.), 2nd Donal O Leary (Faha N.S.).

Solo Dancing U-8 – 1st Angela Corkery (Cromane N.S.), 2nd Maria Allman (Faha N.S.).

Solo Dancing U-12 – 1st Dolores Doyle (Kilgobnet N.S.), 2nd Bridget O Connor (Kilgobnet N.S.).

Group Dancing – Kilgobnet N.S.

Group Singing – Scoil Mhuire N.S.

Solo Singing – 1st Anthony Shannon (Scoil Mhuire N.S.), 2nd Mícheál Hayes (Cromane N.S.).

Adjudicator – Marjorie Long, Listowel. The overall winner of the Perpetual Shield was Cromane N.S.

The prizes were presented to the winners by Father O Leary C.C.

Tops of the Clubs – Killorglin Badminton Club beat Intermediate School ‘B’.

Sun. 26th March – Adult Talent Competition Finals and Tops of the Clubs Finals.

Recitation – 1st Declan Mangan (Badminton Club), 2nd John O Sullivan (Gun Club).

Solo Singing – 1st Liam Shannon (Badminton Club), 2nd Bernie O Riordan (Gun Club), 3rd Patrick Coffey (Vocational School).

Group Singing – 1st LMC, 2nd Youth Club, 3rd Rangue.

Group Dancing – 1st Rangue, 2nd LMC.

Instrumental Music – 1st John Cahillane (Gun Club).

Question Time – 1st Gun Club, 2nd Youth Club, 3rd Intermediate School.

Tops of the Clubs – 1st Badminton Club, 2nd Killorglin Gun Club, 3rd LMC.

Best actor – Declan Mangan (Badminton Club). Best Actress – Betty Neeson (LMC).

Special commendation awards went to the musicians that went to make up the Band in the Gun Club Show, Marian O Dwyer (Badminton Club) and Gene O Shea (LMC).

The finals concluded at 1.30am. Jerome Conway (M.C.) thanked all who helped in making the show the success it was, especially the competitors, the adjudicators, Myles Coffey, who provided the music throughout the competition, Liam Woods, who looked after the amplification and the wonderful audiences that were present each  night in such numbers that the ‘house full’ signs had to be used.


On Sun. 16th April in the CYMS Hall, Laune Rangers sponsored the Tops of the Clubs Grand Challenge between Gneeveguilla GAA Club (1971 East-Kerry Champions) and Killorglin Badminton Club (1972 Killorglin Champions). Killarney Hosiery Company provided a supporting programme. Admission was 25p and 15p.


Laune Rangers ran a Carnival in Killorglin from Sun. 2nd July to Sun. 9th July. The programme was as follows:

Sun. 2nd July:

Senior Football semi-finals, Laune Rangers beat South-Kerry and Na hÁghasaigh beat Mid-Kerry  (Gatemen – James Coffey, Michael O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Liam Shannon and Pat Lynch).

Pitch & Putt at 6.30 in the church grounds. Pat Lynch, Billy Dodd and Timothy O Riordan provided the putters. Declan Mangan assisted with balls and scorecards. The best 16 qualified for the final.

Dance in the CYMS to the Pearls Showband – Mary Breen, Kilgobnet was chosen as Carnival Queen and Josephine O Brien was her lady-in-waiting.

Mon. 3rd July:

U-12 seven-a-side football blitz (Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Michael O Shea, Eamonn Crowley, Ted Houlihan, Denis Lynch). Adm. – 20p. Div. 1 Final: Laune Rangers 4-3; Dr. Crokes 1-4. Div. 2 Final: Renard 4-3; Glenbeigh 2-1. Div. 3 Final: Dingle 4-2; Cahersiveen 2-5.

Polka Competition in Francie Sheahan’s (Doormen – Maurice Harmon, Pat Lynch, John Clifford, Patrick Horgan). Competition at 11.30pm. Adjudicator – John Houlihan. Winners – Pat Joe Houlihan’s set.

Tues. 4th July: Ladies Football Semi-finals: Killarney Hosiery v Killorglin (Ref – Tony Lyons); Killarney Camogie v St. Senan’s (Ref – Sean O Reilly) at 7.30pm. Final at 9.00pm. Dance in the CYMS Hall to Gary Street and the Fairways.

Wed. 5th July: NACA Sports. The Killorglin competitors fared as follows:

Boys: U-8 100 yards – 1st Gerard Woods (Scoil Mhuire N.S.), 2nd Billy Prendiville (do.); Boys U-10 100 yards – 1st  Seamus O Shea (Kilgobnet N.S.), 2nd Joe Shannon (Scoil Mhuire N.S.); Boys U-12 100 yards – 1st Anthony Shannon (Scoil Mhuire N.S.), 2nd John Horgan (Kilgobnet N.S.); Schools Relay – 1st Scoil Mhuire N.S, 2nd Kilgobnet N.S.

Girls: U-8 100 yards – 2nd Mary Hannon (Scoil Mhuire N.S.); U-10 100 yards – 1st Sheila Horgan (Kilgobnet N.S.), 2nd Catherine Doyle (Scoil Mhuire N.S.); U-12 100 yards – 1st Martina Cronin (Scoil Mhuire N.S.); U-10 100 yards (open) – 2nd Breda O Shea (Kilgobnet N.S.);  Schools Relay – 1st Scoil Mhuire N.S, 2nd Kilgobnet N.S.

Open air dancing – music by Patrick Doyle and Christy O Riordan, lorry provided by Sean O Sullivan.

Thurs. 6th July: Football tournament final.

Fri. 7th July: Munster U-21 Football Semi-final – Kerry 6-14; Tipperary 0-4.

Inter-pub Barrel Race – starter Tony Lyons, finishers – Pat O Shea and Seamus Curran.

Dancing in the Oisín Ballroom.

Sat. 8th July: U-14 seven-a-side football blitz at 2.00pm – organisers Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway. Div. 1 Final – Valentia 6-1; Keel 5-2. Div. 2 Final: Legion 2-6; John Mitchels 1-5. Div. 3 Final: Dingle 2-7; Beaufort 2-5. Div. 4 Final: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-5; Austin Stacks ‘C’ 1-3.

Angling competition. Tug-o-war – Francie Griffin and Tom Hayes acted as referees.

Sun. 9th July: Regatta on the Laune at 3.00pm – Paddy O Callaghan acted as starter and finisher.

Swimming race – William O Reilly and Tony Lyons acted as organisers.

Final of Putting Competition. Dancing in the Oisín Ballroom.

The publicans of the town refused to apply for bar exemptions during the carnival. Amusements would arrive on Wed. 5th July.

Expenditure on the Carnival: Advertisements – £23; Posters – £10; CYMS Dances – £167; Polka Competition – £10; Ladies’ Meals – £15; Open Air Dancing – £20; Tournament Final – £15; Tug-o-war – £12; Regatta – £50; Trophies – £170; Amplification – £50; Total £542.

Income from the Carnival: Tournament – £25.77; CYMS dances – £364.22; Oisín Dance – £93; Ladies Football and U-12 Tournament – £11.80; Tug-o-war – £13.07; U-14 Blitz – £9; Polka Competition – £24.47; Bank of Ireland Subscription – £10; Putting Competition – £29; U-21 Munster Championship – £20; Independent Subscriptions – £9.20; Bord na nOg grant – £15. Total – £624.53.

Excess of Income over Expenditure – £82.53


The club departed on its second tour to the USA on Thurs. 5th Oct. A plane had been chartered and seats had been sold to intending passengers from all over the country. The offer was very popular and the flight was full at the end of May. In fact there was a waiting list, in the event of any late cancellations. The first game was on Fri. 6th Oct. in Gaelic Park and Laune Rangers lost to New York Cavan team. On Fri. 13th Oct. at Gaelic Park, Laune Rangers beat New York Tyrone and on Sun. 15th they beat Hartford. On Sat. 21st Oct. Laune Rangers beat Boston. Barry Harmon, Declan Falvey and Michael O Grady flew on to Chicago and helped that club to win its first North American League. Unfortunately, the opposition confiscated the passports of the three players and it took some negotiating to retrieve them. The Laune Rangers team visited Philadelphia, where Johnny Joy, formerly of Knocknaboola, entertained thirteen or fourteen men for a night. The party then moved on the Washington and eventually returned to Ireland on Sat. 28th Oct. at the end of a most successful tour. The cost to the players was £29 each and that was refunded to them, when the party returned home. Credit for the successful organisation of the trip must go to a small committee but especially to Pat O Shea. His careful budgeting and prudent spending led to the financial success of the trip, yielding a net profit of £1,400 on the chartered flight. The income in the USA amounted to $624, made up of $50 from John Kerry O Donnell, $70 from a raffle, $184 from gates, $20 from Frank O Shea and $300 from Boston. Expenses in the USA amounted to $985, leaving a debit balance of $361on the USA tour. The chief organisers in New York were John ‘Scart’ Clifford and Stephen O Sullivan and in Boston, Jeremiah McKenna.


Laune Rangers ran the following dances in 1972:

Sun. 30th Jan. in the CYMS Hall, music by the The Country Hillsiders (Biddy Ball).

Sun. 13th Feb. in the CYMS Hall, music by Paddy Power and the Voltage. (Tramps’ Ball).

Sun. 20th Feb. in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Conquerors.

Sun. 27th Feb. in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Country Hillsiders.

Sun. 5th March in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Pearls Showband.

Sun. 12th March in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Country Hillsiders.

Fri. 17th March in the Oisín Ballroom, music by Noel Tuohy and his All Stars.

Sun. 19th March in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Pearls Showband.

Sun. 26th March in the Oisín Ballroom, music by The Bandits Showband.

Tues. 11th April in the CYMS Hall, music by Gary Street and the Fairways.

Tues. 9th May in the CYMS Hall, music by The Zulus.

Tues. 23rd May in the CYMS Hall, music by Gary Street and the Fairways.

Thurs. 1st June in the CYMS Hall, music by The Pearls Showband.

Sun. 4th June in the CYMS Hall, music by The Las Vegas Showband.

Tues. 20th June in the CYMS Hall, music by Kevin Flynn and the Editors.

Fri. 28th July in the CYMS Hall, music by The Pearls Showband.

Fri. 1st Sept. in the CYMS Hall, music by Gary Street and the Fairways.

Tues. 3rd Oct. in the CYMS Hall, music by Billy Donegan and the Country Hillsiders (£50). That was a pre-departure-to-the USA dance.

Fri. 8th Dec. in the CYMS Hall, music by The Conquerors.


Great efforts were made by Pat Lynch and Brendan Fullam to revive juvenile hurling in the club. Instructional films on hurling were shown in the CYMS Hall on Wed. 19th April. Films of some of the best All-Ireland Hurling Finals were shown as well as a few Co. Final films. The admission fee was 5p. The club had a team in the special U-14 league organised by Killarney Hurling Club.

Fri. 9th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Dr. Crokes.

Wed. 14th June at Fossa: Fossa v Laune Rangers.

Mon. 19th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Legion.

Training was called for the above league and hurleys were provided for the players.

In the special Rás Tailteann hurling competition, The Town played the Rest of the Parish on Wed. 28th June in the U-11 game and in the U-14 competition, The Town played the Rest of the Parish. The Rás Committee provided hurleys and medals for the competitions.

U-14 Parish League: Sean O Callaghan’s team beat Declan Shaughnessy’s team and Desmond Houlihan’s team drew with Frank Corkery’s team.


Mike Murphy, Caragh Lake, was elected captain of the Kingdom Club’s senior team in London.

On Sun. 4th June, the Kingdom Club senior football team defeated St. Brendan’s at New Eltham by 0-10 to 0-5 in the quarter-final of the London SF Championship. Mike Murphy played at right halfback. The Kingdom defeated Naomh Mhuire in the semi-final but lost the final in a major upset to Garryowen by 3-5 to 2-7, having conceded some soft goals.


At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 22nd Feb. the transfer of Mike Hassett from Glenbeigh to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.

At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 28th March, Pat O Mahony’s transfer from Templenoe to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.


Joseph Crowley transferred to Kilmacud Crokes, Dublin, in November.


It was decided that the club would visit London in 1973.


The club gave £44 as sponsorship to the CYMS Basketball Club for the purchase of a set of jerseys.


The club received the following, as rent for his shop in the J. P. O Sullivan Park, from Tom O Shea: May – £10, June – £10, July – £10, Aug. – £10.


Denis O Neill refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 19th March, Junior League at Killorglin: Beaufort 4-3; Derrynane 1-7.

Sun. 26th March, Towns’ Cup at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Legion.

Sun. 2nd April, Towns’ Cup at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 0-11; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-3.

Sun. 16th April, Towns’ Cup at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s v Glenflesk.

Fri. 30th June, Intermediate Championship at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 2-9; Ballylongford 2-9.

Wed. 5th July, Kerryman Shield at Dingle: Na hÁghasaigh 2-13; Castleisland 3-8.

Mon. 21st Aug. Minor Championship at Killorglin: South-Kerry 2-11; St. Brendans 1-6.

Sun. 3rd Sept. Novice Championship at Killorglin: Valentia 0-9; Ballymacelligott 0-8.

Sat. 9th Sept, Co. Minor Football Championship Final at Killorglin: East-Kerry 1-8; South-Kerry 0-3.

Sun. 10th Dec. Towns’ Cup at Milltown: Finuge 1-10; Glenbeigh 0-4.


Denis O Neill refereed the following games for Co. Bord na nOg:

U-14 semi-final on Mon. 3rd July at Killarney: Austin Stacks defeated Legion.

U-14 semi-final on Wed. 5th July at Killorglin: Mitchels Cahersiveen.

U-16 semi-final on Fri. 1st Sept. at Killorglin: Austin Stacks defeated Cahersiveen.

U-16 Final replay on Sun. 19th Sept. at ASP: Austin Stacks defeated John Mitchels.


Denis O Neill refereed the following Mid-Kerry games, amongst others:

Sun. 27th Feb. Senior League at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Glenbeigh.

Sun. 5th March Senior League at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort.

Sun. 19th March Senior League at Keel: Keel v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Fri. 30th June, Minor Championship at Killorglin: Beaufort v Glenbeigh.


Sean O Reilly refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 16th April, Towns’ Cup at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 3-7; Skellig Rangers 3-6.

Tues. 9th May, Towns’ Cup at Keel: Keel v Spa.

Sun. 21st May, Junior League at Keel: Firies 1-2; Annascaul 1-12.

Senior League at Keel: Keel 3-2; Desmonds 2-8.

Sat. 17th June at Keel, Senior League: Keel v Spa.

Sun. 18th June at Glenbeigh, Towns’ Cup: Glenbeigh beat Rathmore.

Sun. Sun. 2nd July, Junior Championship at Milltown: Listry 1-3; Kilcummin 2-10.


Sean O Reilly refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Sun. 2nd April, 1971 Senior Championship Final at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-6; Keel 2-6.

Sun. 3rd Sept, Senior Championship Semi-final at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6; Glenbeigh 0-6.


Pat O Shea refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 26th Nov. Towns’ Cup at Killorglin: Sneem drew with St. Brendans.

Replay on Sun. 3rd Dec. at Milltown: Sneem 3-16; St. Brendans 4-8.


Christy O Riordan refereed the following game for the Kerry Co. Board:

Mon. 3rd July, Junior Championship at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine lost to Glenbeigh.


Jerome Conway refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Thurs. 30th March, Minor Football League at Killarney: East-Kerry lost to Austin Stacks.


Jerome Conway refereed the following games, amongst others, for Co. Bord na nOg:

U-16 Rural B on Wed. 26th Aug. at Milltown: Milltown defeated Firies.

U-16 Rural B on 8th Sept. at Milltown: Milltown Currow.


On Sun. 12th Nov. in Glebe Farm, Birmingham, The Kingdom Club Birmingham, captured the Warwickshire Junior Football title by beating St. Finbarr’s of Coventry by 1-7 to 1-1. Paddy O Sullivan, formerly of Steelroe, scored 1-0 for the winners.


Co. Senior Football Final on Sun. 5th Nov. at Tralee: Shannon Rangers 2-8; Mid-Kerry 1-7.

Co. Minor Football Final on Sat 9th Sept. at Killorglin: East-Kerry 1-8; South-Kerry 0-3.

Co. Intermediate Final on Sun. 21st Oct. 1973 at Castleisland: Ballylongford 5-9; Kenmare 0-6.

Co. Junior Championship Final on Sun. 10th Dec. at Strand Road: Gneeveguilla 4-5; Kilcummin 2-4.

Co. Novice Championship Final on Sun. 15th Oct. at Killorglin: Churchill 4-3; Valentia 2-6.

Co. League Div. 1 Final on Sat. 10th March 1973 at Killarney: Kenmare 1-14; Waterville 0-4.

Towns’ Cup Final on Sun. 25th Feb. 1973 at Killarney: Sneem 2-8; Finuge 0-10.


Munster Senior Football Championship Final on Sun.16th July at Killarney: Kerry 2-21; Cork 2-15.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Tom Prendergast (capt.), Mícheál Ó Sé, Paudie Lynch, Mick O Connell (0-2), John O Keeffe (0-2), Brendan Lynch (0-2), Donal Kavanagh (1-0), Eamonn O Donoghue, Mick Gleeson (1-1), Liam Higgins (0-4), Mick O Dwyer (0-10, 9 frees). Subs: Derry Crowley for D. O Sullivan, Pat Griffin for E. O Donoghue, John Long, John Saunders, Jackie Walsh, Ger Power, Pat Moynihan..

All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 13th Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 1-22; Roscommon 1-12.

All-Ireland Final on Sun. 24th Sept. at Croke Park: Offaly 1-13; Kerry 1-13.

Replay on Sun. 15th Oct. at Croke Park: Offaly 1-19; Kerry 0-13.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Tom Prendergast (capt), Mícheál Ó Sé, Paudie Lynch, Mick O Connell (0-7, 5 frees), John O Keeffe, Brendan Lynch (0-2), Donal Kavanagh, Eamonn O Donoghue, Mick Gleeson, Liam Higgins (0-2), Mick O Dwyer (0-2). Subs: Derry Crowley for S. Mac Gearailt; Pat Griffin for M. Gleeson, Jackie Walsh for B. Lynch.

Offaly: Martin Furlong, Mick Ryan, Paddy McCormack, Larry Coughlan, Eugene Mulligan, Sean Lowry, Martin Heavey, Willie Bryans (0-2), Sean Evans, Sean Cooney, Kevin Kilmurry (0-1), Tony McTague (capt) 0-11, 10 frees, Seamus Darby (0-2), John Smith, Pat Fenning (1-1). Subs: Murt O Connor (0-2) for S. Cooney, Nicholas Clavin for E. Mulligan, Mick Wright for L. Coughlan.

Ref: Patsy Devlin (Tyrone).

Johnny Culloty trained the Kerry Senior Team.


The Annual Club Social was held on Fri. 29th Dec. in Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh. Jerome Conway, Secretary, acted as M. C. for the night. The following was his address to the gathering: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. You are most welcome to this, our Annual Social. I hope you have enjoyed your meal and are set to let your hair hand down for the rest of the night. Straight away, I must apologise to those of our followers, who were unable to get tickets. It’s unfortunate that they cannot be with us to-night. Indeed it is a compliment to Tower’s Hotel that there was such a demand for tickets and I would like to thank the management and staff for serving such a beautiful meal. If they wish to join in the fun later, they are most welcome.

I would like to introduce some of our guests, to-night. These have all been of invaluable help to us during the year. We have Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McKenna. Gerald took on the unenviable task, at the beginning of the year, of Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board. Under the circumstances, he has done a good job and I’m sure he hasn’t still reached his potential. We have Mr. and Mrs. Murt Kelly. Murt has been a selector for as long as I can remember and, as he and God knows, it is impossible to please everybody in that post. We have Mr. and Mrs. John Barry. John and the Kerryman have treated us very well down through the years. Indeed we can attribute a great deal of the success of the U.S. trip to the publicity we got from the Kerryman. Also, we have Mr. and Mrs. Counihan. Indeed without Vincent’s untiring help, I don’t think the U.S trip would have materialised. He took the brunt of the work off our shoulders and, if you don’t believe me, ask Pat O Shea. (applause) We also have the Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, Kevin Griffin and Co-Treasurer of the Co. Board, Murt Galvin as our guests.

Have we anything to celebrate here to-night? On the social side, the year was one of the most successful ever. We had the continuation of such projects as the Talent Competition. We had the beginning of such projects as the Carnival Week  and the building of the stand. There was the US trip, which was a tremendous success both as a holiday and financially. Again, I would like to thank all those who contributed to make it such a success.

On the playing field, things were not as black as they seem. A total of 127 games were played, taking all grades into account. Our U-12 team played a total of 25 games without defeat, winning the county and Mid-Kerry Championships. Our minors won the Mid-Kerry Championship. The seniors reached the Co. Championship semi-final, are in the Kerryman Shield final, and were in the running for a place in the last four of the Co. League right up to the end. They seem to fare better in the County Competitions than in the Mid-Kerry Competitions and I think that we will have to analyse the reason for this and rectify it in the coming year.

Next year, we hope to build a Sports Centre, which will include handball and squash courts and other indoor facilities and a cabaret-style function room. Also, the club is making plans for a trip to England in September. So, if you want a booking now, dial ‘O’ for O Shea.

Football-wise, the future looks bright. The players will have to show more dedication to training. It is encouraging to see some of our players being honoured with the county colours, notably Frank Russell (senior), Michael O Shea, Jerry Coffey and Barry Harmon (U-21), Patsy Joy (junior) and Pat Horgan (minor). With those players showing the way, we should do better next year. We can do better. We will do better.”

Andy Molyneaux, representing the Kerry Co. Board, paid tribute to the work of the Laune Rangers Club, ‘We, in the Co. Board, are well aware of the great work you are doing in Killorglin,’ he said. ‘I think you are aspiring to having a team that can compete successfully in the Co. Football Championship and I wish you every success in your efforts.’ He said that a club needed good officers, dedicated players and loyal supporters to achieve worthwhile results and Laune Rangers had those three essential requisites. If they succeeded in bringing the Co. Championship title to Killorglin, they would not be making history, they would be repeating it, as Laune Rangers had previously triumphed on six occasions – 1889, 1890, 1892, 1893, 1900 and 1911. ‘It would be for the good of football if Laune Rangers won the Co. Championship,’ he said. At the outset of his address, Mr. Molyneaux said that the special commission on the GAA had stated that a rural parish should have only one, and not more than one, GAA club, so that it could be a strong club and develop further. ‘You have a united parish, where the club had the best from the country and from the town,’ he said.

James Coffey, Chairman of the club, made an appeal to the parents of the young footballers in the club to turn up at the field on the Sundays in the Spring and Summer and watch their sons playing football as it should be played. He said that the club had plenty of senior talent. ‘With men like Pat O Shea, his brother Michael, Jerome Conway and Liam Shannon, Laune Rangers need have no fears for the future,’ he said. ‘They have given the example that is needed and I know that all our senior players will follow suit.’ He praised the staff of the Towers Hotel for putting on an excellent meal.


Bart Moriarty was re-elected Treasurer of the Kerrymen’s Association in Dublin.


On Fri. 14th April, St. Joseph’s Home, Killorglin was officially opened by Bishop Eamonn Casey.


In May, a Referendum on entry into the EEC was held. South-Kerry gave a resounding vote of confidence to the measure by 19,237 votes to 4,890 against.


Killorglin Community Council appointed a community development officer, Bill Gore, in May, who worked with the Community Council, the Tourism Co-operative and the Puck Fair Committee. His fist assignment was to work on the off-peak season tourism.


The Scoil Mhuire School’s Sports were held on Fri. 24th June at the J.P. O Sullivan Park. The winners were as follows:

Infants Short Race (girls) – Rhona West; (boys) William Browne. Egg and Spoon – Lorna Galvin.

High Infants Short Race (girls) – Sandra Murphy; (boys) Gerard Murphy.

1st Class Short Race (girls) – Karen Murphy; (boys) Gerard Woods. Long Race – Gerard Woods.

2nd Class Short Race (girls) – Lisa Houlihan; (boys) Jerome Foley; Long Race – Sean Corkery; Egg and Spoon – Timmy Moriarty.

3rd Class Short Race (girls) – Eileen O Sullivan; (boys) Dan Horgan; Long Race (girls) – Eileen O Sullivan; Long Race (boys) – Dan Horgan; High Jump (girls) Eileen O Sullivan and Mary Brennan (tie); High Jump (boys) – Donal Pigott; 3-legged Race – Karen Moroney and Eileen O Sullivan.

4th Class Short Race (girls) – Catherine Doyle; Long Race (girls) – Catherine Doyle; Short Race (boys) – Patrick Pigott; Long Race (boys) – John Woods.

5th Class Short Race (girls) – Myra Houlihan; (boys) – Anthony Shannon; Long Race (girls) – Martina Cronin; Long Race (boys) – Anthony Shannon.

6th Class Short and Long Races (girls) – Jacqueline West; Short Race (boys) – Michael O Sullivan; Long Race (boys) – Liam Woods; 3-legged Race – Derek Freeman and Jimmy Joy; High Jump (girls) – Martina Cronin; High Jump (boys) – Liam Woods; Relay Race – John O Dwyer, Rosemary Murphy, Anne Melia and Michelle Mangan; Mile Race – Derek Freeman.


The Kerry team, which competed in the twentieth Rás Tailteann, comprised of five Killorglin cyclists, John Mangan, Denis Mangan, Pat Healy, Michael Moriarty and Batty Flynn and two Tralee cyclists Matt and Jack Lacey. Paddy O Callaghan was team manager and Paudie Teahan was amongst the officials. John Mangan took over the yellow race-leader’s jersey on the second day into Donegal Town and retained it for the following seven days, finishing 2minutes 4 seconds ahead of his nearest opponent. He was the second Killorglin man to win the Rás, Gene Mangan being the other in 1955. At the Carnival Dance on Fri. 7th July, Laune Rangers made a presentation to John Mangan in honour of his historic win.


Three young cyclists from Killorglin demonstrated at the start of the individual road race at the Munich’s Olympics on Thurs. 31st Aug. They were John Mangan, Batty Flynn and Pat Healy, who had been racing in France since April under full international licence. They carried a banner saying, ‘England, evacuate our sports-fields and our nation’, and attempted to join the race. Batty Flynn had not been selected to cycle at the Olympics for Ireland.


Batty Flynn was honoured as the Kerry Sports Star of the Year in cycling at a function in the Brandon Hotel, Tralee on Sat. 2nd Dec.


Callanfersy F.C. was founded in December by John P. O Sullivan, Pat Twiss and John Murphy. They journeyed to Tralee and entered Division 2 of the League. The first committee was Chairman – John P. O Sullivan, Secretary – Pat Twiss, Treasurer – Vincent Heffernan. For the first season, they played their home games in Kilderry.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin ion Mon. 22nd Jan. 1973. The Secretary, Kevin Griffin, in his report said, “Despite the fact that Mid-Kerry failed to retain the Senior Co. Championship title, the year under review was a successful one for the Board. But various reasons prevented it from being an even greater year.

For the third successive year our Senior Championship has not been completed. This is ludicrous, in view of the fact that only five teams compete. This situation is due mainly to the unwillingness of some clubs to play on week evenings, even though these clubs will freely play in Co. Board competitions on week evenings. Other factors are the refusal of clubs to play without their inter-county players and also excessive competitions for clubs within the county.

While it can be said that clubs did not co-operate with the Board in getting the fixtures played off, I think the Board itself must share a little of the blame, in accepting any kind of excuse, instead of demanding that the games be played or otherwise let the club or clubs involved suffer the consequences. The Board cannot any longer allow the clubs to dictate. It is difficult to expect clubs to play without their inter-county players but our competitions can no longer be held up by these players, if the Board is to be successful.

Two teams from the area contested the Senior Co. Championship, namely Laune Rangers and Mid-Kerry. The latter proved the more successful by reaching the Co. Final for the second successive year. To qualify for same, Mid-Kerry (holders) had wins over Austin Stacks, Waterville, West-Kerry and were firm favourites to beat Shannon Rangers (’71 finalists) and retain the title. Mid-Kerry were handicapped through injury but, on this occasion, Shannon Rangers proved worthy winners. Laune Rangers had a sensational win over a star-studded East-Kerry team at Killorglin in the 1st round of the Co. Championship. But, in the Co. semi-final the team failed to live up to expectations and were defeated by Shannon Rangers.

Mid-Kerry withdrew from the 1972 Kerryman Shield, while Laune Rangers were beaten in the semi-final of same. Both teams qualified for the 1971 Kerryman Shield final and, after a closely contested game, Mid-Kerry retained the title. The fact that our two teams contested the final of one of our premier competitions speaks for itself of the high standard of football within the Board.

During the year, the Mid-Kerry Board played a total of 74 games – 25 senior, 8 novice, 6 minor, 7 U-12, 10 U-14, 10 U-15 and 8 U-16. As in 1971, the Senior Championship final was not played. The contestants are Milltown/Castlemaine and Beaufort. I would like to congratulate Beaufort on reaching its first ever championship final. In the 1971 Senior Championship decider, Keel defeated Milltown/Castlemaine after two great games at Killorglin. Keel brought off a double in the Novice Final, when they surprisingly defeated Beaufort. Milltown/Castlemaine retained the Senior League title by defeating Glenbeigh. In the Minor Championship, Laune Rangers defeated Milltown/Castlemaine in one of the best finals seen in this grade in Mid-Kerry for some time. The O Sullivan Cup has not been completed and has been deferred to 1973.

The Mid-Kerry minor team reached the Co. Championship semi-final but were beaten by the ultimate winners, East-Kerry. The team disappointed in the Co. League and failed to reach the knock-out stages. I feel more will have to be done at club level to encourage our minor players to continue playing the game. It is at this level and afterwards that we tend to lose many of these players. I would, also, appeal to our supporters to attend more minor games. Some of the Association’s most attractive football is played at this level.

My congratulations to Beaufort, on winning the postponed 1971 Co. Novice Championship, at the expense of Annascaul. Throughout the year, Beaufort proved themselves to be the most improved team in the district. The other clubs in the area took part in the various competitions run by the Co. Board. Laune Rangers and Keel played in the Senior Co. League. Milltown/Castlemaine and Glenbeigh played in the Towns’ Cup, with the latter reaching the semi-final stage. Beaufort and Milltown/Castlemaine also took part in the Junior Championship.

I would like to express my satisfaction at the high standard of sportsmanship displayed by our players in all grades during the year and, also, on the behaviour of our spectators at all games. I would like to thank our referees, who are doing a wonderful job, despite constant criticism from club officials and players. A special word of praise is due to Bord na nOg officers, who are doing great work with our underage teams. Thanks, also, to our wonderful supporters, who are with us in victory and defeat.

Congratulations to the Laune Rangers Club on its second successful trip to the USA and, also, on the further development of the O Sullivan Park. Milltown/Castlemaine Club, which is in the process of building dressing-rooms on its pitch, must, also, be complimented.

I would like to thank the Kerryman for the wonderful coverage it gave our games throughout the year, also, to Killorglin CYMS for the use of its premises for Board meetings.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the officers of the different clubs, Board officers, selectors and trainers, who helped make my job an easy one. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to our Chairman, James Coffey, who has done so much for the Board and for football in the area.”


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Mon. 1st Jan. 1973. The Secretary, Jerome Conway, gave a detailed account of the activities of the club during 1972. The report showed that a grand total of 127 games were played by the various teams pf the club. The U-12 team was by the far the most successful, playing 25 games without defeat and winning five trophies, including the county and Mid-Kerry Championships. The report hit out at the poor spirit of some of the senior players and the secretary hoped for a big improvement in 1973. Paying tribute to the various officers of the club and to certain members who did such great work for the club, he asked for more support from the members. He said that the running of the club had become almost a fulltime job and the help of the members was needed to form certain important committees that would be responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the club.