Laune Rangers – 1971

 Laune Rangers retained the O Sullivan Cup.

Laune Rangers won the first Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship.

Coláiste Íosagáin, Ballyvourney won the Munster Senior Colleges’ Championship – Johnny O Connor, Ardmoniel played at right half-forward.

Pat Horgan, Keelcoulacht, played at right fullback on the Kerry team that lost the Munster Minor Football Championship Final to Cork.

Pat O Shea was elected as Vice-Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí.

Pat O Shea was re-elected as Chairman of Mid-Kerry Board. James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Board for the seventeenth successive year.

Jerome Conway was elected as Secretary of Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg.

The second Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament was played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park in Sept. Kerry beat Mayo by 3-11 to 0-11. Patsy Joy partnered Mick O Connell at midfield.

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The AGM of the club took place in the Railway Hotel on Sun. 3rd Jan. There was a very good attendance. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1970). The outgoing Chairman, James Coffey, congratulated the club on its success during the year. ‘The year saw us back in the Co. Senior Championship after a lapse of many years. It saw us winning the Co. Novice title and there was that great trip to the States,’ he said. The highlight of the year had been that visit to America and he looked forward to the revisit in 1972. The Chairman said that there was a wonderful spirit in the club and if it was maintained, the senior side could have been the surprise team in 1971. He said that he would like to see an extension built on to the pavilion to provide club-rooms and catering facilities for social events. He said that the club owed it to its players and members that a place be provided where they could relax and enjoy themselves in a social atmosphere. Commenting on the club’s decision to vote against the retention of the Ban Rules, he said he couldn’t understand why some clubs were afraid that if the Ban went, it would affect them. He said that the abolition of the Ban could not affect strong clubs such as Laune Rangers and there should be no weak clubs in the Association. ‘The GAA is like a religion to all Irishmen and we will see to it that Gaelic games will go from strength to strength in this parish irrespective of what happens at Congress next Easter,’ he said. He paid tribute to the outgoing Secretary, Mícheál Scanlon, who was not seeking re-election. He had worked very hard for the club and had been one of the leading men in the fund-raising efforts for the pavilion. Concluding, he congratulated the different teams on their victories during the year and he appealed for the same spirit and co-operation from the players in the coming year. Then, on behalf of the club, he made a presentation to Mícheál Scanlon, in appreciation of the services he had rendered to the Laune Rangers Club.

Income & Expenditure Account

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Dances              1,574 – 17 – 9      Dances expenses                        1,159 – 04 – 5

Talent Comp       193 – 12 – 3      Talent Comp expenses                 49 – 03 – 9

Bingo                     614 – 04 – 0       Kerry Co. Board bingo          451 – 10 – 0

Social                     201 – 00 – 0      Social expenses                           190 – 06 – 4

Co. Board Grant 500 – 00 – 0     Field expenses                           444 – 02 – 5

Voc. School          15 – 00 – 0       Handball Council                               3 – 00 – 0

Handball Council         12 – 0        Gael Linn Raffle                             32 – 10 – 0

Gael Linn Raffle    32 – 10 – 0       All-Ireland tickets                 22 – 00 – 0

All-Ireland Tickets  20 – 10 – 0   Donations                             71 – 06 – 3

Sale of Hurleys             3 – 18 – 0    Miscellaneous                              3 – 02 – 10

Bank Interest            58 – 15 – 11     Travelling expenses              279 – 12 – 0

USA Trip               989 – 05 – 6          Refreshments for teams       38 – 19 – 4

Membership            20 – 05 – 0         Medals                                        27 – 10 – 0

Gates                           75 – 04 – 0        Postage & Stationery                  5 – 08 – 3

£4,299 – 14 – 5      Affiliation & insurance               8 – 17 – 6

Hurleys, footballs, jerseys   101 – 00 – 7

Bank Charges                              1 – 05 – 0

Exp. from 1969:

Dances                          225 – 03 – 6

Postage                            12 – 11 – 0

Stationery                  8 – 11 – 6

Phone Calls                13 – 08 – 5

Denis Lynch (taxi)     8 – 00 – 0

Players’ refund               312 – 00 – 0

CIE (bus)                60 – 00 – 0

Community Council sub 1 – 00 – 0

Excess of income over exp  763 – 11 – 4

£4,299 – 14 – 5


Election of officers:

Life President – Paddy Foley.

Vice-Presidents – The following were nominated: Father Hanley, Father O Leary, John Kerry O Donnell, John Scart Clifford, Jeremiah McKenna, Stephen O Sullivan, Frank O Shea, Tim O Connell and Jackie Griffin. All nine were declared elected.

Chairman – There were five nominees, Christy O Riordan, Mícheál Scanlon, Brian O Connor, Paudie Foley and James Coffey. The former four withdrew and James Coffey was duly re-elected. He thanked the members and hoped that the senior team would win the Co. Championship.

Vice-Chairman – Paudie Foley.

Secretary – There were four nominations, Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Kieran Foley and Jerome Conway. The former three withdrew their names and Jerome Conway was elected as Secretary of the club.

Assistant Secretary – There five nominations, Kevin Griffin, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill, Denis Harris and Billy Dodd. Since the former four withdrew, Billy Dodd was declared elected.

Joint-Treasurers: There were three nominations, Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly and Mícheál Scanlon. The latter withdrew, and the outgoing pair was declared elected. They had previously been complimented on the presentation of a fine balance Sheet.

PRO – there were four nominations. Pat O Shea, Brendan O Reilly (outgoing), and Denis O Neill withdrew and Kevin Griffin was declared elected.

Delegate to Co. Board – Pat Lynch.

Delegates to Co. Convention – Sean O Reilly, Paudie Foley, Denis O Neill and Jerome Conway.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board – Pat Lynch and Jerome Conway.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Sean O Reilly, Denis O Neill, Pat Lynch, Declan Falvey and Jerome Conway.

Senior Captain: The Chairman put forward a motion that the senior captain should be selected rather than elected. He said that the captain had a responsible position on the field. He no longer was there just to receive trophies. And who should select the captain? The Chairman said that it was the selectors’ job. Since the feeling of the AGM was that the captain should be elected, the motion was withdrawn. A lengthy discussion then followed as to whether the captain should be a selector. It was stated that on a previous occasion, the player selectors resigned due to chaos on the field at a match. Nevertheless, it was decided that the captain should also be a selector. There were 10 nominations for senior captain, Seamus Curran, Eamonn Crowley, Frank Russell, Denis O Neill, Patsy Joy, Billy Dodd (all of whom withdrew), Noel Lucey, John Paul Cahillane, Timmy Doyle and Pat Ahern. The latter three were not present at the meeting and were working away from home. Paudie Foley proposed that the resident nominee should be elected. That was overruled on the grounds of democracy. The following was the result of the voting, Noel Lucey (36), John P. Cahillane (3), Pat Ahern (2) and Timmy Doyle (1). Noel Lucey was declared captain and J.P. Cahillane was vice-captain.

Minor Captain: There were four nominations, Pat O Grady, James Cahillane, James Houlihan and Iraneus Looney, who withdrew. In the ensuing vote, Pat O Grady was elected by 39 votes to James Cahillane’s 2. The latter was declared vice-captain.

Novice Captain: There were four nominees, Pat Lynch (who withdrew), Pat Joy, Sean O Riordan and Murt Collins. Pat Joy was elected in the ensuing vote with 21 votes, against Sean O Riordan (15) and Murt Collins (3). Sean O Riordan was declared vice-captain.

Senior Selection Committee: There was a proposal that the selection committee should consist of 3 members in preference to the previous 5. That proposal, needing a two-thirds majority, was defeated on a show of hands. There were 9 nominations, Denis Lynch, Mikey Kennedy, Sean McKenna, James Coffey, Sean O Reilly, Pat Ahern, Seamus Curran, Denny O Neill and Donal Prendiville. After a vote, the following four were elected, together with the captain: James Coffey (37), Sean McKenna (35), Seamus Curran (26) and Sean O Reilly (20).

Joint-trainers of the senior team – Pat O Shea and Noel Lucey.

Minor Selection Committee: There were 7 nominations, Seamus Curran, Pat Lynch, Mícheál Scanlon (all of whom withdrew), Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Kieran Foley and Joseph Crowley, who were elected. It was decided that the minor captain would also be a selector.

Pat O Shea was nominated as Co. Minor Selector for the Mid-Kerry area.

Novice/Junior Selection Committee: There was a proposal that the novice and junior selections committees should be one. That was carried. There were 10 nominations, Sean McKenna, Sean O Reilly, James Coffey, Kieran Foley, Billy Dodd, Micheál Scanlon (all of whom withdrew), Patsy Joy, Pat O Shea, Frank Russell and Paudie Foley, who were elected. It was decided that the captain of each team would be a selector for that team.

Since Mícheál Scanlon withdrew as Co. Minor Selector, it was decided to put Pat O Shea forward for the position.

The club’s nominations for Mid-Kerry were as follows:

President – Paddy Foley; Chairman – Pat O Shea; Vice-Chairman – George McKenna; Secretary – James Coffey; Delegate to Co. Board – James Coffey.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That a separate committee should be set up to cater for minors and juveniles (U-16, U-14 and U-12) comprising of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and that a grant of £330 be allotted to the committee to cover travelling expenses and to buy trophies for parish leagues, which would be run for the youngsters.’ Pat O Shea, seconded by Joseph Crowley. The following committee was elected: Chairman – Pat O Shea, Secretary – Michael O Shea, Treasurer – Pat O Riordan, Committee – James O Riordan, Pat O Grady, Billy Dodd, Maurice Harmon, Pat Joy, Patsy Joy and John Clifford.
  2. ‘That a budget procedure regarding the distribution of finances should be adopted and methods to finance the club should be considered.’ Pat O Shea, seconded by Paudie Foley. Pat O Shea proposed that £300 should be allotted to the development of the field, £250 to the club and £30 to Bord na nOg. To counteract those expenses, he said that there should be an all out effort to sell membership cards both within and outside the county. When asked if it were compulsory for every member to buy a card, he said that if people appreciated the club, they would buy a membership card. The income from those cards as well as matches, dances, etc. should make up the losses. Pat Lynch asked for more help in the running of dances and appealed to everyone to put their shoulders to the wheel.
  3. ‘That the Laune Rangers senior team should withdraw from the Mid-Kerry League and Championship.’ Joseph Crowley. He argued that that would give the Junior team the opportunity to play in their stead since they had only the Co. Junior Championship to which to look forward. He said that the Senior team would have sufficient games in the Towns’ Cup, Kerryman Shield and Co. Championship. The motion was discussed at length. Finally, Pat O Shea proposed an amendment that Laune Rangers would enter two teams in the Mid-Kerry League – the Novice team of 1970 and the Senior team. It was also agreed that challenge games with outside teams would be arranged where feasible.
  4. ‘That more help be given to maintain the field.’ Bendy O Dwyer.
  5. ‘That one person should be responsible for the sale of membership cards.’ It was agreed that one person would not be allotted the job of selling the cards but one person would be given the returns by all who did.
  6. ‘That the club should secure at least 5 inter-county games for the field.’ It was felt that the club deserved some game, be they Intermediate, Junior or U-21. The matter would be explored.
  7. ‘That the teams for the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Trophy should be Kerry and Down, preceded by an All Star selection versus Laune Rangers.’ It was felt that Cork, since they had beaten Kerry in the National Football League, would be a better attraction, if the game was played before the Munster Final.
  8. ‘That the weekly meetings of the club should be held in the club-rooms, especially during the summer.’ It was pointed out that the members would be training and they could come to the meeting afterwards.
  9. ‘That the Laune Rangers delegates to Co. Convention should vote on the motion on the Ban in accordance with the feeling of the club, regardless of personal opinions.’ The delegates were so instructed.
  10. ‘That a three feet wide pathway should be laid from the gate to the pavilion and that the boundary wall should be extended.’ On the first part of the motion, it was felt that a gate should be inserted in the wall near the pavilion.
  11. ‘That heaters should be installed in the clubhouse.’
  12. ‘That a bar license should be procured for the clubhouse.’ The Chairman felt that it was a good idea and that the bar could be functional on the day of matches. He said that there was no reason why dances could not be run there. Certain alterations would have to be made before a bar license would be granted. The Secretary was instructed to look into that.
  13. ‘That a committee should be set up to organise the American Tour in 1972 and the visit by the Americans in 1971.’ James Coffey and Pat O Shea. It was decided to call a special meeting for that purpose. The players from Milltown and Keel, who had travelled to America in 1970 with the club, would be invited to the meeting.


Motions not passed or decision deferred:

  1. ‘That the Laune Rangers Senior team withdraw from the Mid-Kerry League.’ (Seamus Curran). He felt that it would be of greater benefit to the team, in preparation for the Championship, to get challenge matches with good calibre teams both within and outside the county. He mentioned places such as Meath, Dublin and Galway. For those long outings, he suggested that they would be conducted on a weekend basis. As for financing those, he proposed that the players would chip in. It was decided that the motion was financially not feasible.
  2. ‘That all selectors should get All-Ireland tickets as well as medals.’ No one moved that motion.
  3. ‘That the Laune Rangers should partake in parish affairs by running Bingo so as to improve its own lot and reduce the parish debt.’ Kevin Griffin. It was decided to discuss that at another meeting.

Christy O Riordan proposed that the Secretary should send congratulations from the club to Tom Prendergast upon his receiving the 1970 Texaco Award.

The AGM ended with the Chairman extending votes of sympathy to Pat Lynch on the death of his father and to John Evans on the death of his grandmother.

Members of Laune Rangers at the club AGM in January 1971

Members of Laune Rangers at the club AGM in January 1971
Front: John Foley, Frank Russell, John Clifford, Paudie Foley (Vice-Chairman), James Coffey (Chairman), Michael O Shea, Bendy O Dwyer, Pat O Riordan.
2nd Row: Michael O Sullivan, Pat Lynch (Treasurer), Declan Falvey, Jerome Conway (Sec.), Jerry Coffey, (?), Tom Curran.
3rd Row: Mícheál Scanlon, John Joy, Noel Lucey, Seamus Curran, Murt Collins, Sean O Riordan, Joe Crowley, James O Riordan, Pat Joy, Sean O Reilly (Treasurer).
4th Row: Pat O Shea, Kevin Foley, Denis O Neill, Sean McKenna, Jim Casey, Jim Galvin.
Back: (?), Kieran Foley, Kevin Griffin (PRO), Billy Dodd (Ass. Sec.), Tim ‘Chicks’ Riordan, Iraneus Looney, Denis Harris, (?), (?).

Co. Senior Football Championship

14 teams entered for the Co. Championship, John Mitchels, Feale Rangers, Shannon Rangers, Desmonds, East-Kerry, Laune Rangers, West-Kerry, Kerins O Rahillys, Kenmare, Eogha Ruadh, Waterville, South-Kerry, Mid-Kerry and Austin Stacks. It was a knockout competition.

Laune Rangers Selection Committee – Sean McKenna, James Coffey, Seamus Curran, Sean O Reilly and Noel Lucey (capt.) Joint-trainers – Pat O Shea and Noel Lucey. Later in the year, Paul Lucey was appointed as trainer of the team.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 1st Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-7; East-Kerry 0-9.

This is the report of that game that appeared in the Kerryman: “Laune Rangers came close to bringing off a sensational win against the three-in-a-row Co. Champions. Only two points separated the teams at the end of a vigorously contested game and afterwards the Killorglin side was rueing its weak finish in attack, which cost the team valuable scores, particularly in the first half. The enthusiastic Rangers side had obviously undergone a lot of preparation for that game and they thrilled their supporters by the manner in which they rose so splendidly to the occasion. Nobody had given them a chance and yet in the first half they dominated the centre of the field and subjected the East-Kerry defence to intense pressure. However, they did not use the ball in the forward line to best advantage. Scores were missed from frees and play and the end result was that the Killorglin boys led by only one point (0-5 to 0-4) at the interval.

During that period, one man stood out above all others in the East-Kerry team – fullback Derry Crowley. Repeatedly, he halted the Rangers attacks in front of goal and came storming out to effect good clearances. If the Killorglin side had a full-forward capable of worrying Crowley and achieving better results scoring-wise from all the play in the area, they might have had a much bigger lead at halftime.

At the start of the second half, it was Rangers again on the offensive but the first good chance they got was thrown away, a low ball from a fourteen yards’ free being cleared. After this, East-Kerry, who now had the advantage of the high breeze, began to come much more into the game and drew level with a fine long-range free by Donie O Sullivan. Laune Rangers fought back to regain the lead with a point by Pat O Riordan in the 40th minute, but two minutes later Pat Moynihan made it level pegging again, and then East-Kerry proceeded to score three points without reply. At that stage, it looked as if East-Kerry had finally come to grips with the situation and would win easily.

However, Laune Rangers were still far from beaten and, in fact, prevented East-Kerry from getting another score for the remainder of the game. Admittedly, the East-Kerry forwards threw away some good chances but full credit to the Laune Rangers’ defence for the manner in which they repeatedly cleared their lines. Midway through the second half, Rangers narrowed the gap to two points thanks to a punched point by Frank Russell and, although East-Kerry did most of the pressing thereafter, there was always the possibility that Laune Rangers could slip them for the winning goal. Towards the finish, the exchanges were particularly exciting with Laune Rangers launching some dangerous attacks and the final whistle must have come as very sweet music to East-Kerry ears.”

East-Kerry were well beaten at midfield in the first half, where Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle were in superb form but they came much more into the picture in that area in the second half as the Rangers’ pair faded. Laune Rangers had good reason to regret the fact that they did not turn their first-half superiority into more tangible results on the score-sheet but they achieved a big thing in running East-Kerry so close and deserved to be complimented on that. The defence stood up particularly well to the challenge with Seamus Curran, Tom Curran, Noel Lucey, Pat Horgan, Kieran Foley and Pat O Shea all giving a favourable account of themselves. At midfield, Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle were in complete control in the first-half, but the effort was obviously too much for them and, hard though they tried, they were not anything like as effective in the second half. In attack, the high-fielding Frank Russell put in an industrious hour on the forty, while Michael O Shea won many admirers for his dashing play on the left wing. In the full-forward line Paul Lucey was easily the most dangerous, while Pat O Riordan was the pick of the others, although replaced before the end by Eamonn Crowley.

The game was favoured by good weather until just before halftime when rain began to fall, making conditions difficult for the players for the remainder of the game.

Great thought had gone into the preparation for that game. Even tactics were employed. Billy Dodd was instructed to try to get Derry Crowley out of the square. He was told to run out towards the fifty yards line when the ball was in Rangers’ possession at midfield and he would be plied with a low ball. That would force Derry Crowley to follow him and open up the play inside. That tactic had worked well in training. However, nobody told Timmy Doyle, Laune Rangers midfielder, about the tactic and he had not been training with the team as he had been working in Dublin. He won a share of ball in the middle of the field, Billy Dodd ran out for the low ball, Timmy Doyle hoisted the ball into the full-forward line. Derry Crowley, who had remained inside, fielded every ball that came his way and proceeded to play a stormer. Laune Rangers decided to take some remedial action – they took off Billy Dodd! The bemused look on his face, as he headed for the sideline, told the whole story. The takings at the gate were £78.75.

Missing from the team was Barry Harmon who had been playing great football and who, on Mon. 19th July, had fractured one of his hands in a farming accident.

Laune Rangers: Patrick O Grady, Tom Curran, Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Seamus Curran, Noel Lucey (capt.), Kieran Foley, Timmy Doyle, Patsy Joy, Pat O Riordan (0-5), Frank Russell (0-1), Michael O Shea, Paul Lucey (0-1), Billy Dodd, Joseph Crowley. Subs: Pat Ferris for B. Dodd; Jerry Coffey for K. Foley; Eamonn Crowley for P. O Riordan.

East-Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Dan O Keeffe, Derry Crowley, Jim Gleeson, Donie O Sullivan (0-1), Noel Power, Ger O Donoghue, Pat Moynihan (0-2), Donal Kavanagh, Tom Looney, Mick Gleeson (0-2), Paddy O Donoghue (0-2), Johnny O Mahony, Pat Casey, Michael Lyne. Subs: Der Sweeney (0-1) for M. Lyne, Sean O Sullivan (0-1) for J. O Mahony.

Ref: Mick O Neill (Tralee).


Mid-Kerry, captained by Jim Foley, Keel, and trained by Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, won the Co. Senior Championship by beating Shannon Rangers, after a replay, in the final by 0-12 to 1-6.


Co. Senior Football League

It was decided at the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 23rd Feb. to run a Co. Senior Football League for the following clubs: Austin Stacks, John Mitchels, Kerins O Rahillys, Waterville, Kenmare, Desmonds, Laune Rangers and Keel. That was the first Co. League per se. The Towns’ Cup was run for the other interested teams.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th March at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys 1-3; Laune Rangers 5-6.

The game was disappointing, as the Tralee side was no match for the Killorglin boys, who had the star of the game in midfielder, Timmy Doyle. He was given good support at midfield by Jerry Coffey. Others to play well for the Killorglin side were Billy Dodd and Barry Harmon in defence and forwards Frank Russell, Pat Joe O Mahony and Paul Lucey, who notched three goals. O Rahillys’ best were Michael Galvin, Kevin O Brien, Pa Kerins and Joe Price.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 21st March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-12; Castleisland Desmonds 1-9.

That was a most entertaining game, played before a very small attendance. In the opening quarter, it was all Desmonds and when the locals failed to goal from a penalty kick, things looked really black for them. However, the fine kicking of placed balls by Pat O Riordan kept them in touch until the 20th minute when the Killorglin goalkeeper was pushed over the line in possession. At the interval, Desmonds led by 1-7 to 0-4, having played with the aid of a strong breeze.

On the resumption, Rangers went straight into the attack and were on level terms midway through the half. At that stage they were completely on top in almost all departments but poor finishing cost them many scores. However, with just over five minutes left, they went into a two-points’ lead and looked certain winners. Then a bout of fisticuffs, involving a few players from each side put a temporary halt to the game. It began with Noel Lucey and a Desmonds’ player. Paul Lucey then joined in the fray and a few other Desmonds’ players and they came out the worst. However, when play resumed, it was the Castleisland boys that seemed to benefit from the break. Rangers were completely disorganised and were lucky to hold out for a draw in the end.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 28th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-3; Waterville 0-3.

The strong wind and heavy downpour of rain failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the players in that game. The atrocious conditions did not help the standard of play but nobody worried because, what the game lacked in finesse, it more than made up for in fast, hard, exciting football and, at the end, the spectators marvelled at the thirty players for lasting the hour so well, for that was a game, in which there was no room for weaklings.

Laune Rangers owed their win to the brilliance of their six defenders and goalkeeper, and especially Tom Curran and Pat O Shea, who operated at right fullback and fullback respectively. Their feats of high-fielding were marvellous.

After playing with wind-advantage in the first half, things did not look good for the Killorglin boys, when they could only manage to lead by 1-2 to 0-2 at halftime. In that opening half, their forwards failed to turn midfield superiority into scores, that were there for the taking. On the resumption, Waterville piled on the pressure but there were no loopholes in the Rangers’ defence and, as the game went on, the Rangers began to play as if the county title was at stake. They matched Waterville for speed and that was a vital factor in their win.

Jerry Coffey had a great hour at midfield and he got great assistance from Patsy Joy and, later, Frank Russell, who had a mighty last quarter when moved there. Seamus Curran, on the forty, was another to have a fine game and it was not Noel Lucey’s fault that Laune Rangers’ score was so low. John Paul Cahillane was another Rangers’ forward to have a good hour.

Ref: Pat Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 4 Laune Rangers beat Austin Stacks


Rd. 5 on Wed. 5th May at Tralee: John Mitchels drew with Laune Rangers.

Although they had to depend on a late point to earn a draw, John Mitchels were somewhat unlucky not to beat Laune Rangers in that game. It was an interesting game, with Rangers ahead at halftime, but Mitchels dominated the second half for long periods. When they went two points ahead, they looked winners but Rangers hit back for a well-taken goal.


Rd. 6 on Sun. 23rd May at Kenmare: Kenmare 2-10; Laune Rangers 1-9.


Rd. 7 on Sun. 20th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers drew with Keel.

The Rangers were short eight of their regular team but put up a good show in holding the Keel boys, who were also missing a few of their players.


Semi-final on Sun. 31st Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-9; Kenmare 0-7.

Despite being short four of their regulars, Laune Rangers avenged the many defeats at the hands of Kenmare over the years. Rangers elected to play with a stiff breeze and Timmy Doyle gave them an early lead when he kicked a great point from fifty yards. The home side dominated for long periods but failed to capitalise fully on some great work by Timmy Doyle and Noel Lucey. Eventually, Frank Russell stretched Rangers’ lead with a point from a free but Paudie Finnegan had a similar score at the other end and an excellent run by Mickey O Sullivan resulted in another Kenmare point. Rangers regained the lead with points by Michael O Shea and Pat O Riordan but Kenmare fought back and a very good move resulted in the last score of the half – a point by M. O Neill.

Laune Rangers’ slim point lead (0-4 to 0-3) did not look at all adequate for the second half and, sure enough, Kenmare equalised on the restart with a point by Michael Murphy. However, Rangers were not going to go under easily and it was in their favour that they still held sway at midfield. Kenmare moved Paul O Sullivan to that sector in an effort to curb the rampant Timmy Doyle but to no avail. Noel Lucey put Rangers ahead with a point from a free and Pat O Riordan stretched the lead with a similar score. Michael Murphy replied for Kenmare when he pointed a free and after that, Kenmare applied tremendous pressure. However, the home defence defended magnificently and, in fact, goalkeeper Pa O Grady did not have to deal with one shot. When play swung to the other end, Eamonn Crowley collected the ball thirty yards out and pointed. Paudie Finnegan replied for Kenmare with a point from a free but two further points by Pat O Riordan from frees ensured victory for Rangers, even though P. Finnegan did pull one back for Kenmare from a free.

As already mentioned, the Rangers backs were magnificent. Timmy Doyle put in a wonderful hour at midfield, where he received great support from John Paul Cahillane. The Rangers’ attack moved well but lacked real scoring power, especially with the dead ball. The Laune Rangers’ players and supporters were thrilled to have laid the Kenmare bogey, which had been with them for so long.

Laune Rangers: Pa O Grady, Seamus Curran, Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Kieran Foley, Noel Lucey, Jerry Coffey, Timmy Doyle, John Paul Cahillane, Pat O Riordan, Patsy Joy, Michael O Shea, Tom Curran, Frank Russell, Eamonn Crowley.

Kenmare: Pete Hanley, Densy O Neill, Jimmy O Sullivan, P. Fitzgerald, Timmy Sheehan, Paul O Sullivan, Noel McCarthy, Mickey O Sullivan, Tom O Connor, Paddy O Neill, Paudie Finnegan, P.J. McIntyre, Mick O Neill, Timmy Clifford, Michael Murphy.

Ref: Mick Galway (Currow).


Final on Sun. 21st Nov. at Killarney: Waterville 2-15; Laune Rangers 3-5.

Bitter cold and a contrary crosswind made good football exceedingly difficult at the Fitzgerald Stadium in that final. The wind favoured the Killorglin side slightly in the first half, but they were held to level terms at halftime, despite the fact that Waterville were playing with only fourteen men from the second, Brendy Donnelly having being sent off for a foul on Pat O Riordan. However, as the game progressed, it was obvious that the loss of Donnelly had made the other members of the team put in a very special effort.

Waterville lorded it at midfield, where Mick O Connell, despite the constant attentions of two Laune Rangers’ men, was supreme. As a result, their forwards were provided with a plentiful supply of the ball and made good use of it by picking off point after point. Mick O Dwyer was once again their marksman-in-chief. Laune Rangers put in a spirited rally in the final five minutes of the game but their effort came too late. They did score a goal from a fourteen yards’ free, which gave an air of respectability to the final score, but they were soundly beaten on the day. The basic difference between the sides was determination. Waterville fought for every ball as if their lives depended on getting it, while Laune Rangers had a rather lethargic approach to the whole game.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Tom Curran, Pat O Shea, Pat Horgan, Kieran Foley, Noel Lucey, Jerry Coffey, Timmy Doyle (0-1), John P. Cahillane, Pat O Riordan (0-1), Frank Russell (2-3), Michael O Shea, Seamus Curran (1-0), Patsy Joy, Eamonn Crowley.

Waterville: Michael Sheahan, Timmy O Shea, Sean Clifford, Batty Galvin, Gerald Cronin (0-1), Paudie O Shea, Brendy Donnelly, Mick O Connell (0-2), Sean O Shea, Noel Clifford (0-1), Mick O Dwyer (0-9), John O Shea (1-0), Denis Fenton, James O Shea (0-2), Dominic Courtney (1-0).

Ref: Sean Burrows (John Mitchels). The takings at the gate were £43.50.


Kerryman Shield


Rd. 1 on Wed. 2nd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat John Mitchels

Rd. 2 on Fri. 11th June at Castleisland: Castleisland 2-9; Laune Rangers 1-6.

Rd. 3 on Tues. 29th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-7; West Kerry 1-6.

Murt Collins scored a point off Seamus Murphy in that game.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Keel).

Quarter-final on Thurs. 15th July at Killarney: Laune Rangers beat John Mitchels.

Laune Rangers were later given a walkover in the semi-final by East-Kerry. The final was not played until the 7th Jan. 1973 and Mid-Kerry won.


Towns’ Cup


1970 Semi-final on Sun. 22nd Aug. at Kenmare: Kenmare 4-10; Laune Rangers 0-5.

The opening stages were even, Rangers having the benefit of a slight breeze. Both sides swapped points and then the visitors went into a 0-4 to 0-3 lead. Kenmare levelled again before halftime and the stage seemed set for a great second half.

The locals, however, forced the pace on the resumption and took control all through. In a succession of attacks they notched some fine scores and were well ahead at the three-quarters’ stage. Killorglin rallied but all efforts to get a much-needed goal came to nought and when Kenmare burst through for a further spate of scores, the issue was settled. The takings at the gate were £21.

Ref: Mick Galway (Currow).

 Co. Junior Championship

Pat O Grady, Noel Lucey and Michael O Shea had been regraded to junior status.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 27th June at Sneem: Sneem 3-13; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-9.

Dingle won the Co. Junior Championship.


Co. Novice Championship

Denis O Neill and Kieran Foley had been regraded to novice status.


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 1st July at Kenmare: Laune Rangers ‘C’ beat Kenmare ‘B’.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 19th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-10; Rathmore ‘B’ 2-4.

Rd. 2 replay on Sat. 14th Aug. at Killarney: Rathmore ‘B’ 1-6; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-8.


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship


1st Rd. on Wed. 21st July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-13; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-5.

Semi-final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Killorglin: Keel 1-2; Laune Rangers 0-4.

The gate for the game yielded £62.55.


Final at Killorglin on Sun. 2nd April 1972: Keel 2-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-6.

Ref: Sean O Reilly (Laune Rangers). Umpires: Kevin Griffin and Mike O Grady (both Glenbeigh), Denis O Neill and Pat Lynch (both Laune Rangers).

Replay on Sun. 14th May 1972 at Killorglin: Keel 2-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-10.

Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh). Umpires were the same as the drawn game.


Mid-Kerry Senior League

Both Laune Rangers and Keel entered an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 2-7; Keel ‘A’ 1-5.

Laune Rangers were on top in most departments and looked the better side from the word go. With the exception of a few lapses, the midfield pairing of Timmy Doyle and Frank Russell were always best. In defence, the winners were best served by Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Seamus Curran and Denis O Neill, while goalkeeper, Pa O Grady, had another fine hour. All six Rangers’ forwards were dangerous at all times, but were inclined to overplay the ball when direct methods would have paid off better. In a disappointing Keel team, Denny O Shea was best. Owen Moriarty made a welcome return to the side and had a good game. Michael O Sullivan had a distinguished hour in goal. Tom Evans, Michael O Connor and Jim O Connor were others to play well. Rangers were very fit, which was vital when they were under pressure in the last quarter.

Ref: George McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine).

Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-4.

Leading by 1-2 to 0-2 at the interval, the Rangers seemed to be coasting to an easy win when a reshuffled Milltown/Castlemaine side took control and midway through the second half they had come within a point of the winners. However, they were unable to maintain the challenge and it was the Rangers, with Pat O Riordan in great scoring form from placed balls, who were completely on top in the last ten minutes. Again, as in the first game, it was their fitness that proved vital for the winners, who were best served by goalkeeper, Sean McKenna, Teddy Mangan, Barry Harmon, Willie Murphy, John Clifford, Pat O Riordan, John Paul Cahillane, Jerome Conway and John Joy. Best for Milltown/Castlemaine were James Mangan, Pat Clifford, Gabriel Quirke, Pat Kelliher, Billy Kerins, Willie Murphy and D.J. Kelliher, in goals.

Ref: Mike Carey (Keel).

The gate receipts for those two games, played at the same venue on the same day, were £8-3-0.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 21st Feb. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-11; Beaufort 1-7. Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).

At Keel: Keel ‘B’ scr; Laune Rangers ‘A’ w/o.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 28th Feb at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 4-8; Beaufort 1-4.

That win put Laune Rangers ‘A’ at the top of the league table with Laune Rangers ‘B’. Young Jimmy O Shea made a fine debut at left half-forward. Paul Lucey, Billy Dodd, Jerry Coffey, Patsy Joy, Frank Russell, Noel Lucey, Tom Curran and Pat O Shea were others to play well for the winners. Though they won well, the forwards were still inclined to overplay the ball. At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the names of both Frank Russell (Laune Rangers) and John Coffey (Beaufort) were reported for incidents during the game.

Ref: Dodo O Mahony (Glenbeigh).


Rd. 4 on Sun. 14th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 2-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-8.

The Rangers put up a great show and were unlucky not to force a draw. Glenbeigh, spurred on by two opportunist goals in the early stages, looked like emerging easy winners but the Killorglin boys fought back and with a great burst ten minutes before halftime they cut their arrears to four points (2-4 to 0-6). On the resumption, Glenbeigh again forced the pace to increase their lead to six points. At that stage, Rangers began another fight-back and goaled midway through the half. However, they just could not get through for the vital scores near the end. Best for Glenbeigh were Jimmy O Shea, Jimmy Healy, Mike O Grady, Joe Moffat, Mícheál Griffin and Derry O Sullivan. Best for Killorglin were Seamus Curran, Pat O Riordan, Barry Harmon, John Paul Cahillane and Willie Murphy. Gate receipts – £3.20.

at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-8; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 0-7.

Some of the players failed to put in an appearance at the venue and that upset the line-up of the team. Gate receipts – £4.17.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 2nd May at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers ‘A’. Gate receipts – £3.00

At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the Secretary was instructed to write to Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers) and Johnny Mahony (Glenbeigh) re an incident during the game.

at Keel: Keel ‘A’ beat Laune Rangers ‘B’. Gate receipts – £2.20.


Rd. 6 on Fri. 14th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ drew with Laune Rangers ‘B’.

Rd. 6 (replay) on Fri. 18th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ lost the toss to Laune Rangers ‘B’.

Semi-final on Thurs. 1st July at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers ‘B’.


Mid-Kerry Novice Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Thurs. May 19th at Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 5th June at Glenbeigh; Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 12th June at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Mon. 21st June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

Semi-final on Sun. 12th Sept. at Killorglin: Beaufort beat Laune Rangers.

Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


O Sullivan Cup

Laune Rangers received a bye into the semi-final.


Semi-final on Sun. 14th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-10; Keel 0-5.

Timmy Doyle was in superb form at midfield, being ably assisted by John Paul Cahillane. Pat O Grady, in goals, was never really troubled, while Pat O Shea and Kieran Foley showed up well in defence. In attack Pat O Riordan, Frank Russell and Patsy Joy were best. Keel were without Tom Prendergast, Jim Foley and George Evans.


Final on Sun. 2nd Jan. 1972 at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-12; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-2.

Ref: Michael Carey (Keel).


Senior Parish League

There were four teams, Caragh Lake/Groyne, Over Laune, Town and Sunhill/Rangue.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 1st May: Town v Sunhill/Rangue.

Over Laune v Caragh Lake/Groyne.

Sun. 5th Sept: Town v Sunhill/Rangue

Over Laune v Caragh Lake/Groyne.

Sat. 9th Oct: Over Laune beat Town

Caragh Lake/Groyne beat Sunhill/Rangue

Sun. 19th Dec: Over Laune beat Town.

Sunhill/Rangue beat Caragh Lake/Groyne..

Sun. 26th Dec: Over Laune beat Sunhill/Rangue.

That was a thrilling game, played at a fast and furious pace in ideal conditions.

Town beat Caragh Lake/Groyne.

That second game maintained the standard set by the first and the difference between the sides at the end was one goal.

Semi-final on Sun. 9th Jan. 1972: Town beat Sunhill/Rangue.

Even though the standard of football was not high, there was suspense up to the end and the Town got through by one goal.

Final on Fri. 31st March 1972: Over Laune 2-8; The Town 2-6.


Senior Challenge Games/Tournament


Sun. 17th Jan: Laune Rangers Juniors 4-4; Laune Rangers Seniors 1-8.

That was the first game in the best-of-four league between the sides.


Sun. 28th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-11; St. Brendan’s District 1-3.

The game was most enjoyable in the first half, but the Killorglin boys dominated the exchanges on the resumption.


Sun. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Kerry New York.

After the game, John ‘Scart’ Clifford presented the John Lyne (Quaybawn) Memorial Trophy to Noel Lucey, captain of Laune Rangers.


Sun. 19th Sept. at Killorglin – the Paddy Foley Memorial Tournament:

Mid-Kerry beat Laune Rangers.


Co. Minor Championship


Mon. 16th Aug. at Strand Road: Feale Rangers beat Mid-Kerry.

South-Kerry won the Co. Minor Championship.


Co. Minor League


Rd. 1 on Sat. 27th March at Ardfert: Mid-Kerry beat St. Brendan’s

Mid-Kerry beat West-Kerry

Mid-Kerry beat Shannon Rangers

Mid-Kerry beat John Mitchels

Mid-Kerry lost to Feale Rangers


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship

That was played on a league basis with the top team, after the preliminary rounds, going into the final and the second and third playing in the semi-final.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 9th April (Good Friday) at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Sun. 25th July at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers lost to Keel


Final: Keel 4-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-7.

Keel won the Minor Championship for the first time. After the game, at Milltown, James Coffey, Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, presented the Paddy Burke Memorial Cup to the Keel captain, Johnny Sheehan.


Co. U-16 Championship

There were two groups in the urban section:

Urban 1 – Dr. Crokes, Kenmare, Laune Rangers, Legion and Cahersiveen.

Urban 2 – Austin Stacks, Kerins O Rahillys, John Mitchels, Dingle, Listowel and Desmonds.


Rd. 1 on 7th July at Killarney: Dr. Crokes lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on 9th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Cahersiveen.

Rd. 3 on 4th Aug. at Killarney: Legion defeated Laune Rangers

Rd. 4 on Mon. 16th Aug. at Killarney: Laune Rangers defeated Kenmare.

That resulted in a three-way play-off between Legion, Laune Rangers and Cahersiveen for two places in the semi-finals.


Playoff on Wed. 18th Aug. at Killarney: Legion defeated Laune Rangers.

Playoff (2) on Sat. 21st Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to Cahersiveen.


Co. Final on Tues. 31st Aug. at Killarney: Legion 2-7; Austin Stacks 1-5.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship


Sun. 1st Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Semi-final on Fri. 27th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

Final on Sat. 11th Sept. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers.


Co. U-14 Championship

There were two groups in the urban section and the top two teams in each group met in the semi-finals.

Urban 1 – St. Mary’s, Dr. Crokes, Laune Rangers, Legion and Kenmare.

Urban 2 – Listowel Emmets, John Mitchels, Austin Stacks, Kerins O Rahillys, Desmonds.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 26th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to St. Mary’s.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 1st May at Killarney: Dr. Crokes beat Laune Rangers.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 10th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Legion

Laune Rangers failed to make it to the top two in its group as both St. Mary’s and Dr. Crokes qualified.


Co. Final on Sat. 26th June at Killorglin: Cahersiveen beat Listowel


U-15 Parish League

There were four teams and the captains were Anthony O Sullivan, Mícheál Scanlon, Sylvester Cronin and John O Riordan.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 6th Nov: John O Riordan beat Sylvester Cronin.

Anthony O Sullivan beat Mícheal Scanlon.


Rd. 2 on Sat. 13th Nov: Anthony O Sullivan v Sylvester Cronin.

John O Riordan v Mícheál Scanlon.


Rd. 3 on Sat. 20th Nov: Anthony O Sullivan v John O Riordan.

Mícheál Scanlon v Sylvester Cronin.


Quarter-final on Sat. 27th Nov: Mícheál Scanlon beat Sylvester Cronin.

Semi-final on Sat. 27th Nov: Anthony O Sullivan beat John O Riordan.


Semi-final on Sun. 5th Dec: Mícheál Scanlon drew with John O Riordan.

Semi-final replay on Sun. 12th Dec: Mícheál Scanlon drew with John O Riordan.

Semi-final 2nd replay on Sun. 19th Dec: John O Riordan beat Mícheál Scanlon.

Final on Sun. 16th Jan. 1972: Anthony O Sullivan 3-2; John O Riordan 0-5

Both teams were below strength due to the flu but, nevertheless, both teams produced some good football.

Mid-Kerry U-14 Championship


Thurs. 13th May at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Laune Rangers.

Final on Mon. 5th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to Milltown/Castlemaine.

That was a thrilling final. Milltown/Castlemaine won by five points and, in doing so, retained their U-14 title.

U-14 Parish League


Fri. 30th July: Town v Tullig/Cromane.

U-14 Challenge Game


Sat. 29th May at Kilrush: Kilrush v Laune Rangers.


Co. U-12 Championship

That was the first year of the U-12 Co. Championship. The championship was contested by the winners of the District Boards’ competitions. There were seven teams, Kenmare, Laune Rangers, Austin Stacks, St. Mary’s, Ballydonoghue, Dr. Crokes and Desmonds. The competition was played on a knockout basis. Kenmare got a bye to the semi-finals.


Quarter-final on Mon. 31st May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Austin Stacks.


Semi-final on Mon. 14th June at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s 1-2; Laune Rangers 4-2.

St. Mary’s, despite playing into a strong breeze, got off to a good start with a point in the opening minutes but the Rangers soon settled down and, at the interval, they were 4-2 to 0-1 ahead. On the change over, the Cahersiveen boys did most of the pressing but could only manage to score 1-1. The game, despite the spoiling wind, was most entertaining. Stars for Laune Rangers were James O Shea, John Horgan, Michael F. O Shea, James Sheehan and Anthony Shannon. Best for Cahersiveen were Paudie Landers, Vinnie Sheahan, Seamus O Connor, D. McCarthy and A. Mahony.


Final on Fri. 25th June at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 2-4; Laune Rangers 0-2.

Both teams played some good football despite the unfavourable weather conditions. From the start, play moved from end to end of the field. But it was not until the 21st minute that the first score came. That was a point from a free by James Sheehan. Crokes moved into the attack and a ball, kicked from the wing by Tadhgie O Connor, was punched to the net by Colm Galvin. Almost immediately Michael O Sullivan had another goal for the Crokes, that time from a ball kicked across the goals by Harry O Neill.

In the second half, Crokes had points from Colm Galvin, John Casey, Mike Buckley and Harry O Neill. Laune Rangers fought hard all the way but failed to score more than one point in the second half, per Mícheál Johnston.

Laune Rangers: John O Riordan, Derek Freeman, James O Shea, Michael Francis O Shea, Teddy Kissane, James Sheehan, Alan Diggin, John Horgan, Liam Woods, Gerard O Shea, Liam O Connor, Anthony Shannon, John O Dwyer, Patrick Murphy, Mícheál Johnston (Dungeel). Sub: Michael O Sullivan for L. O Connor.

Dr. Crokes: Frank Murphy, Denis Courtney, Johnny O Donoghue, Denis O Donoghue, Michael O Donoghue, Brendan Keogh, Francis Doherty, Tadhgie O Connor (capt.), Mike Buckley, Padraig Sexton, John Casey, Gerard Brosnan, Harry O Neill, Michael O Sullivan, Colm Galvin.

Ref: Joe Reidy (Tralee).

In charge of the Laune Rangers team were Pat O Shea (trainer), Jerome Conway and Liam Shannon. It was a special occasion for Pat O Shea, as his son, Michael Francis, played at left fullback and his brother, Gerard, played at right half-forward. He had another son, Seamus, amongst the substitutes.

Laune Rangers – Co. U-12 Championship runners-up 1971

Laune Rangers – Co. U-12 Championship runners-up 1971
Front: Liam Woods, Mícheál Johnston, John O Riordan, James Sheehan (capt.), Derek Freeman, Anthony Shannon, John O Dwyer.
Middle: Liam O Connor, Michael F. O Shea, James O Shea, Alan Diggin, Patrick Murphy, Michael o Sullivan, Gerard O Shea.
Back – Liam Shannon (Mentor).
Missing: Teddy Kissane (right halfback), John Horgan (midfield), Pat O Shea and Jerome Conway (Mentors).

Mid-Kerry U-12 Championship

Rd. 1 on Fri. 26th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.

Rd. 3 on Fri. 16th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.

Rd. 4 on Fri. 23rd April: Laune Rangers drew with Keel.

Final on Fri. 7th May at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-3; Keel 0-5.

Laune Rangers: John O Riordan (Iveragh Road), Derek Freeman (Langford St.), James O Shea (Caragh Lake), Michael Francis O Shea (Rangue), Teddy Kissane (Laharn), James Sheehan (Glencuttane) capt., Alan Diggin (West Laharn), John Horgan (Keelcoulacht), Liam Woods (The Square), Gerard O Shea (Rangue), Liam O Connor (Glencuttane), Anthony Shannon (Mountain View), John O Dwyer (Iveragh Road), John Doona (Dromin), Patrick Murphy (Steelroe). Subs: Patrick Horgan (The Square) for T. Kissane, Michael O Sullivan (Reeks’ View).

Ref: Bro. Fergal (Milltown/Castlemaine)

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry U-12 Champions 1971

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry U-12 Champions 1971
Front: Teddy Kissane and John O Dwyer.
Kneeling: Patrick Horgan, John O Riordan (goal), Michael O Sullivan, James Sheehan (capt.), Gerard O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Derek Freeman.
Standing: James O Shea, Patrick Murphy, Michael F. O Shea, Liam Woods, John Horgan, Liam O Connor, John Doona.
Back: Jerome Conway and Liam Shannon (Mentors).
Missing – Alan Diggin (left halfback) and Pat O Shea (Mentor)

U-12 Parish League

There were four teams, Over Laune/Lower Town, Tullig/Cromane, Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen and the Town.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th Jan: Tullig/Cromane 2-0; Over Laune/Lower Town 1-2.

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen 4-0; Town 2-2.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 31st Jan: Town v Over Laune/Lower Town.

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen v Tullig/Cromane


Rd. 3 on Sat. 20th Feb: Tullig/Cromane beat Town

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Over Laune/Lower Town.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 28th Feb: Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Tullig/Cromane.

Town beat Over Laune/Lower Town.


Sat. 6th March: Tullig/Cromane beat Town

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Over Laune/Lower Town.


Sat. 13th March: Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen beat Town.

Tullig/Cromane beat Over Laune/Lower Town.


Quarter-final on Wed. 17th March: Over Laune 2-2; Town 1-2.

Semi-final on Sun. 21st March: Over Laune/Lower Town beat Tullig/Cromane


Final on Sun. 11th April: Over Laune/Lower Town 1-1; Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen 0-3.


Tullig/Cromane: J. Houlihan, John Griffin, K. Houlihan, Alan Diggin, F. O Riordan, K. O Dwyer, Michael O Sullivan, John O Riordan, Teddy Kissane, P. Carey, J. Griffin, Brian O Shea, John Melia, Tony Casey, Seán O Callaghan, Mícheál O Callaghan.

Over Laune/Lower Town: Patrick Murphy, James Foley, Alan Sheehy, John Doona, Gene Evans, Mícheál Johnston, Eamonn Hobbins, Stephen Russell, Michael Prendiville, P. McKenna, J. Clifford, Tommy Crowley, Finbarr Coffey, Michael O Sullivan, Liam O Connor, James Sheehan.

Caragh Lake/Farrentoreen: James O Shea, Gerard O Shea, Michael F. O Shea, Chris Ahern, K. O Shea, Seamus O Shea, John Horgan, John Doyle, Paul Walker, Gerard Flynn, Anthony Shannon, Joe Shannon, J. Clifford.

Town: Michael McSweeney, Derek Freeman, Liam Woods, Patrick O Doherty, John O Dwyer, Robert Freeman, John Woods, Jerry Callaghan, John O Riordan, Eoin O Grady, Tom Doyle, Don Moriarty, Patrick Horgan, Paudie Sheahan, Paudie Healy, Dominic Crowley.


U-12 Tournament/Challenge Game


Sat. 29th May at Kilrush: Kilrush v Laune Rangers.

Mon. 7th June at Tralee – Austin Stacks Tournament. There were sixteen teams, divided into four groups. Laune Rangers entered two teams.

Group A: Laune Rangers ‘A’, Dingle, Tarbert and John Mitchels ‘B’.

Group B: Austin Stacks ‘A’, Fossa, Cahersiveen and Laune Rangers ‘B’.


U-12 (end of year) Parish League

There were four teams and the captains were James Sheehan, Derek Freeman, Anthony Shannon and James O Shea.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 16th Oct: Derek Freeman beat James Sheehan.

James O Shea beat Anthony Shannon.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 23rd Oct: Derek Freeman beat Anthony Shannon.

James O Shea drew with James Sheehan.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 30th Oct: Derek Freeman beat James O Shea.

James Sheehan beat Anthony Shannon.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 7th Nov: James Sheehan beat Derek Freeman.

James O Shea beat Anthony Shannon.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 14th Nov: James Sheehan beat Anthony Shannon.

James O Shea beat Derek Freeman.

Rd. 6 on Sun. 5th Dec: Derek Freeman beat Anthony Shannon.

James O Shea beat James Sheehan.

Semi-final on Sat. 11th Dec: Derek Freeman beat James Sheehan.

Final on 26th Dec: Derek Freeman drew with James O Shea.

Final replay on Sun. 2nd Jan. 1972: Derek Freeman beat James O Shea by one point.


U-11 Challenge Game


Sun. 28th Nov. at Tralee: Austin Stacks 2-4; Laune Rangers 3-4.

Schools’/Colleges’ Football


Munster Senior Colleges Championship


Final on Sun. 21st March at Killarney: Coláiste Íosagáin, Baile Bhúirne 3-9; St. Brendan’s 4-4.

Johnny O Connor, Ardmoniel, scored 1-3 for the winners from right half-forward. The competition was played on a 13-a-side basis.

Munster Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 7th July at Fermoy: Kerry 2-16; Tipperary 2-1.

Pat Horgan played at right fullback


Final on Sun. 18th July at Cork Athletic Grounds: Cork 2-13; Kerry 1-2.

Kerry: Michael Burns (St. Mary’s), Pat Horgan (Laune Rangers), Bernard Kerins (John Mitchels), Michael ‘H’ O Connor (St. Mary’s), Johnny Wrenn (Tarbert), Sean Casey (Lispole), John Fitzgerald (St. Michael’s) capt, Johnny Sheehan (Keel), Tim Kennelly (Emmett’s), Johnny Cahill (Rathmore), P.B. Brosnan (Dingle), Mikey Sheehy (Austin Stacks) 1-1, Billy O Connell (St. Mary’s), B. Savage (John Mitchels), Ger Dillon (Dingle) 0-1. Subs: P. Burrows (John Mitchels) for B. Savage.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Replayed 1st Rd. on Wed.5th May at Macroom: Cork 5-11; Kerry 1-7.

Kerry: Phil Scully, Paudie O Shea, Derry Crowley (0-1), Jimmy Deenihan, P.J. McIntyre, Paul O Sullivan, Ger O Donoghue, Paudie Lynch (0-1), Mick Ahern, Mickey O Sullivan, Pat Moynihan (0-1), Paudie Finnegan (0-4), Michael Murphy, Timmy Doyle (Laune Rangers) 1-0, Pat O Connell. Subs: John Saunders for P. Finnegan, Jim Gleeson for J. Deenihan.


Wembley Tournament


Final on Sun. 31st May at New Eltham: Derry 3-10; Kerry 2-7.

Kerry: Phil Scully (Listry), Donie O Sullivan, Derry Crowley, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Tom Prendergast, Mícheál Ó Sé, Dan Kavanagh, D.J. Crowley, Timmy Doyle, Mickey O Sullivan, Pat Moynihan, P.J. Burns, Paudie Finnegan, Sean O Shea, Mick Ahern. Subs: Paudie O Shea for D. O Sullivan.


1970/’71 National Football League


Play-off on Sun. 2nd May at Croke Park: Dublin 1-8; Kerry 0-15.

Timmy Doyle played at midfield.


Semi-final on Sun. 16th May at Croke Park: Kerry 1-11; Derry 1-10.

Timmy Doyle was a substitute.


Co. Senior Hurling Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 23rd May at Killarney: Killarney 6-5; Abbeydorney 3-7.

Pat Lynch scored 0-2 from right half-forward.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th July at Tralee:




Pat Fanning, Port Láirge, was Uachtarán CLG. At Annual Congress in Belfast, Rule 27, commonly known as the Ban on foreign games, was deleted. Group and Divisional teams were barred from taking part in the All-Ireland Club Championship.


Munster Council Convention was held in Dungarvan on 6th March. Paddy J. Ryan, Luimneach, was Chairman, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley, Ciarraí, was Treasurer.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Pavilion, Austin Stack Park, Tralee on Sun. 31st Jan. 1971. The following officers were elected: President – John Joe Sheehy, Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan, Vice-Chairman – Gerald McKenna (Mícheál Scanlon, Laune Rangers, had been nominated but he withdrew his name), Secretary – Andy Molyneaux (After the first count, the results were Andy Molyneaux 77 votes, Brendan Walshe 68 and Liam Sayers 45 votes. After the elimination of L. Sayers, the results were Andy Molyneaux 99 votes, Brendan Walshe 94 votes), Treasurers – Mort Galvin and Tadhg Prendiville (Paudie Foley, Laune Rangers, had been nominated but he withdrew his name), PRO – Denis Fenton (After the first count, the results were Denis Fenton 87, James Coffey 54, Sean Murphy 45. After the elimination of S. Murphy, the results were Denis Fenton 115, James Coffey 77), Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Murt Kelly, Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc.

Senior Selection Committee – Johnny Walshe (97), Joe Keohane (87), Father Denis Curtin (87), Murt Kelly (85), Ned Fitzgerald (75), all of whom were elected, Tim Healy (69), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (44), P.J. O Donovan (21).

Pat O Shea and Mícheál Scanlon were nominated for the Co. Minor Selection Committee. However, there was no vote taken at Convention, due the passing of a motion that the number on the Minor Football Selection Committee be reduced to five, after a panel of thirty players was selected by the District Board representatives.

Laune Rangers had a number of motions on the ‘clár’: 1. ‘That Rules 26, 27, 28 and 29 be deleted from the Official Guide.’ (Passed) Seven other clubs had that motion on the ‘clár’ and the first steps to getting rid of the ‘ban’ were taken. 2. ‘That the present system of insurance re coverage of players be revised.’ (Passed). 3. ‘That the Towns’ Cup be confined to town teams and that a special competition be run off for rural teams – winners to meet to decide overall champions. (referred). 4. ‘That at least one round of the Co. Minor Championship be played before the first round of the Munster Minor Championship.’ (referred).


The Annual Convention of Bord na nOg Chiarraí was held in Tralee on Sat. 20th Dec. 1970. It was decided that the District Boards would commence U-12 competitions and there would be no ‘square’ in U-12 and U-14 competitions. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Father James Linnane (Killarney), Vice-Chairman – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Hon. Secretary – Declan Horgan (Tralee), Treasurer – Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels), Registrar – Sean Murphy (Austin Stacks), PRO and Organiser – George Rice (Tralee). This latter post was new. Pat O Shea attended 8 out of the 11 Bord meetings during the year.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the Railway Hotel on 8th Jan. 1971. Chairman, Pat O Shea, presided. (The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1970). The Treasurer’s Report showed a credit balance of £100-12-2.

The Chairman, Pat O Shea, in the course of his address, said that it had been a successful year for the Board both financially and on the fields. A record number of games had been played and, as well, a greater number of players had participated. Most clubs had been co-operative at all times but there had been the odd exception and, for that reason, the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship had gone unfinished. Most games had been played in a sporting manner, with the exception of three. He added. “It seems to be the same players that are involved but these are not always the worst offenders. There are other players using provocative methods towards these players. I blame some of the supporters. You wouldn’t find worse elements in the Kop of Anfield. These undesirable elements should be banned from all football pitches. I know most of these and they have never contributed anything constructive to the GAA in Mid-Kerry.”

The Chairman hit out at officials in charge of minor teams, who put in players with the intention of getting other players off and who, also, abused young referees. “How then do we expect young fellows to take on refereeing, when you have the Mister-know-alls interfering with them?” he asked. He continued, “With the advent of Bord na nOg in Mid-Kerry, about five years ago, I found a great harmony between all the juveniles and minors in Mid-Kerry. I was hoping that the needle, which existed between clubs in the fifties and early sixties, was coming to an end. When I was elected as Chairman last year, I asked all clubs for their co-operation and to bury the hatchet re bygone days. I have the feeling that tradition dies hard and some of our older stock are still rather narrow and are always afraid of being done. I hope to goodness that our first group of Bord na nOg players, who are playing senior this year, will take the harmony, which they developed, with them. While on the subject of Bord na nOg, I am sorry to say that last year, it was dormant. The Chairman, Breandán Ferriter, was the only member inclined to function. The Bord didn’t make fixtures or raise finances or collect gates. Of course, in 1968, the rot set in. I, myself, had to pay for two sets of medals and had to run a raffle at a Laune Rangers Social to raise funds to pay Jackie Flynn travelling expenses. Our U-14 team won the Championship the same year and only one other official, namely Noel Shanahan, attended that final played at O Rahillys Pitch. All the other Mid-Kerry enthusiasts went to the All-Ireland U-21 semi-final.”

The Chairman went on to state that three clubs played overage players during the year. He said, “This is good encouragement for our juveniles to practice dishonesty and thus make our younger society, who are fast losing their dignity, even worse.” He said that Bord na nOg was formed to provide games and the winning of them didn’t matter. The Bord was to give every youngster a chance of developing both physically and mentally and thus grow better members of our society. He said that he was hoping to form a Bord na nOg at convention, but the people usually associated with it, were not present.

He congratulated Tom Prendergast on wining the Texaco Award and also Pat Griffin and Brendan Lynch who, with Tom, had won All-Ireland Senior medals. He also congratulated Padraig Lynch on winning a Munster Minor Championship medal and for the big part he had played in the last fifteen minutes when Cork threatened to retain their title. He congratulated Mid-Kerry on reaching the Co. Semi-final and Kerryman Shield Final. He thanked the gate collectors, referees and officials of the Mid-Kerry Board for their co-operation during the year. He paid special tribute to the Secretary of the Board. He thanked Jim Foley, John Burke, Gerald Teahan and James Coffey for the use of their cars for the transport of the minors. Concluding, the Chairman appealed to the players to play the game for what it was worth and the officials to play their part in disciplining their players and to all players and officials to make the life of the referee an easy one. “I believe in frank criticism. Criticising behind one’s back doesn’t achieve anything,” said the Chairman.

Election of officers: President – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers); Chairman – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers); Vice-Chairman – Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh) after the following vote: K. Griffin (10), George McKenna (8) and Michael O Sullivan (3). In the second vote, Michael O Sullivan was eliminated and K. Griffin was elected with 13 votes to G. McKenna’s 8; Hon. Secretary – James Coffey (Laune Rangers); Hon. Treasurer – Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh); Delegate to Co. Board – Ned O Shea (Keel). He received 11 votes as against 10 for James Coffey (During the year, Ned O Shea resigned and, at the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 6th April, James Coffey was appointed to replace him). Minor Co. Selector – Pat O Shea (10), Jim Foley (6) and Johnny Barton (5). Second vote – Pat O Shea 15, Jim Foley 6.

The following motions were carried:

  1. ‘That no important games be played on Easter Sunday.’ Keel.
  2. ‘That the referee’s report be read at first meeting of the Board after the game.’ Keel.
  3. ‘That each club nominates at least two referees for the panel of referees.’ Laune Rangers.
  4. ‘That where teams want outside referees for games, the clubs in question must pay the expenses of those referees.’ Laune Rangers.


The minutes of 15 Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available. Most of those were for fixture-making purposes in the Railway Hotel, Killorglin. Pat O Shea, Chairman, presided at all the meetings. The following decisions were, also, made:

18th Jan. – The Mid-Kerry talent competition (Scór ’70) would held in the CYMS Hall on Sun. 24th Jan., commencing at 8.30pm. Laune Rangers swept the boards. The following were the winners: Public Speaking (Denis Whelan), Recitation (Declan Mangan), Solo Singing of Irish origin (Tom Curtayne), Solo Instrumental Music (Denis Moylan), Group Singing (The McCann sisters), Solo Dancing (Mary O Shea), Group Dancing (Neasa Scanlon, Mary O Shea, Sheila Foley, Patricia Prendiville) and Question Time (Sean O Reilly, Jerome Conway and Eamonn Looney). The adjudicators were Brendan Walsh, Paddy Sexton, Michael Fleming, Mrs. Dan Lynch and Mrs. Frank Cronin, all from East-Kerry. Music was supplied by Patrick Doyle (Killorglin) and Pat Murphy (Glenbeigh). The M.C. was Christy O Riordan. Admission – 4/-, children – 2/-. At the Co. Finals in the Manhattan Hotel, Tralee on Mon. 15th Feb. Tom Curtayne qualified for the Munster Finals in the Premier Hall, Thurles on Tues. 9th March, while the question-time team came second.

22nd Feb: – The following Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg officers were elected: Chairman – John Barton (Glenbeigh), Vice-Chairman – Paddy Clifford (Milltown/Castlemaine), Hon. Secretary – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers), Hon. Treasurer – Brother Fergal (Milltown/Castlemaine). The Senior Board gave a grant of £10 and each club would pay an affiliation fee of £1.

15th Mar. – The Chairman congratulated Kevin Griffin on his selection on the Kerry party to visit San Francisco. He wished him bon voyage.

26th April: – The Chairman congratulated Mid-Kerry on its win over Waterville in the final of the 1970 Kerryman Shield.

1st Sept. – A letter was received from Laune Rangers Club concerning the admission of substitutes and officials to the sideline enclosure for the Senior Championship Final, Milltown/Castlemaine v Keel, in Killorglin. The Keel delegates objected to the part of the letter, which concerned an official of their club (Michael O Sullivan). The Chairman ruled that it was not a matter for the Board. Training for the Mid-Kerry team, under Pat O Shea, would take place on every Monday and Thursday.

7th Dec. – On the proposition of Mort Kelly, it was decided to give a grant of £30 to Laune Rangers. It was also decided to give £7 to Tom Curtayne towards the travelling expenses incurred in the 1971 Scór Solo Singing competition.


The minutes of 40 Laune Rangers Club meetings are available.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on Mon. 11th Jan. Also in attendance were Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Denis Lynch, Bendy O Dwyer, Sean O Reilly, Kevin Griffin, Michael O Shea, Denis Harris, Timothy O Riordan, Maurice Harmon, Eamonn Crowley and Sean McKenna. The Secretary was instructed to write to the Mid-Kerry Board protesting against remarks made at a previous Board meeting by a Keel delegate. He had stated that Laune Rangers had been lucky to beat Glenbeigh on many occasions. A Field Committee was formed comprising: Chairman – Brendan O Reilly, Vice-Chairman – Denis Lynch, Hon. Secretary – Bendy O Dwyer, PRO – Denis Harris. Working committee – Sean McKenna, Pat O Shea, Paud O Sullivan, Sean O Connor, Sean O Sullivan, Christy O Riordan, John Foley, Denis O Neill, Patsy Joy, Frank Russell, Jerry Griffin, Sean O Riordan, Eamonn Crowley, Timothy O Riordan and Maurice Harmon. The following items were also discussed:

  1. It was decided that a players’ and officials’ gate would be put near the clubhouse.
  2. Heaters would be procured for the meeting room section of the clubhouse.
  3. There was an overflow from the shower area into the meeting room – Sean McKenna would inspect and report.
  4. Gerald Stephens was to be asked to quote for the hanging of the main gate.
  5. The sodding of the field would commence on Sat. 16th Jan. at 3.00pm.
  6. Pat O Shea would order new goalposts.
  7. It was decided to put a wicket gate behind each goal area.
  8. Concerning the Laune Rangers Talent Competition, all the schools of the parish would be contacted together with Cullina N. S., Kilgobnet N. S., Boheishill N. S., Faha N. S. and Glenbeigh N. S. In the senior section, the various clubs in the town, ICA, FCA, NACA, Basketball, Badminton, Laune Mountaineering, Vocational and Intermediate Schools, were asked to compete. Paul Wenzel & Co. was also asked to enter and to sponsor a trophy.
  9. The Secretary was instructed to inform all the primary schools in the parish that players wishing to partake in the U-12 Parish League should be in the field on Sun. 17th Jan. at 3.00pm.

Present at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on Mon. 18th Jan. were James Coffey (Chairman), Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Bendy O Dwyer, Kevin Griffin, Pat Lynch and Denis Harris. It was decided to seek more help for the sodding of the field on Sat. 23rd Jan. through the medium of the Kerryman. Pat O Shea reported that he had purchased the goalposts and it was decided to employ Sean O Sullivan to transport them from Killarney on Fri. 22nd Jan. It was reported that Denis O Neill had all the requirements for hanging the main gates. As regards making a gateway in the wall near the clubhouse, it was decided to employ Des O Connor, Glenbeigh. Laune Rangers Talent Competition – it was decided to limit the primary schools’ items to solo singing, group singing, group dancing and question-time. In the latter, there would be two 2-mark questions, two 4-mark questions and one 6-mark question for each school. The questions would be set by Mícheál Scanlon, Kevin Griffin and Jerome Conway. For the adult competition, the items would be public speaking, solo singing, group ballad singing, instrumental music, group dancing and question-time. Brendan O Reilly would set the questions. It was decided that all the clubs/schools taking part should advise the Secretary within a fortnight. Mid-Kerry Talent Competition – The Laune Rangers entrants were: Public speaking – Denis Whelan; Recitation – Declan Mangan; Solo Singing – Tom Curtayne; Group Ballad Singing – The McCann sisters; Individual instrumental music – Denis Moylan; Solo dancing – Mary O Shea; Question-time – Sean O Reilly, Jerome Conway and Eamonn Looney. Liam Woods provided the amplification for the above.

The weekly meeting of the club took place in the Railway Hotel on Mon. 25th Jan. Sean O Reilly presided. Jerome Conway, Denis Harris, Pat O Shea and Jim Galvin also attended. The Secretary was instructed to notify James Mangan, Mossie Harmon, Pat Clifford and Jackie Kerins (all Milltown/Castlemaine), Jim Foley and Ned O Shea (both Keel), that they were included on the committee to look after the pending visit of the American party. Christy O Riordan would be asked to act as MC for the Talent Competition. Delegates for the Co. Convention would travel in Denis Lynch’s hackney car.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 8th Feb. Also present were Jerome Conway, Sean O Reilly, Bendy O Dwyer, Billy Dodd and Pat Lynch. It was decided that Sean O Reilly and Jerry O Sullivan (Mountain View) would adjudicate at the Tramps’ Ball. Bendy O Dwyer would lock the dressing-room doors during matches. The Secretary was instructed to inform Austin O Reilly, principal Killorglin Vocational School, that due to damage caused by both the local and visiting Vocational School teams, the annual subscription for the field would be £45. Mr. McDyer, CEO, would also be informed of that.

James Coffey chaired the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 22nd Feb. Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Denis Harris, Bendy O Dwyer, Sean O Reilly and Jim Galvin also were in attendance. A committee to cater for the visiting American party was formed as follows: Chairman – James Coffey, Vice-Chairman – Jim Galvin, Secretary – Jerome Conway, Treasurer – Sean O Reilly, PRO – Denis Harris, Committee – James Mangan, Pat Clifford, Jackie Kerins, Jim Foley, Phil Scully, Jim Foley, Ned O Shea and all the Laune Rangers members that had travelled to America in 1970. The visiting party would arrive on 26th July. Pat Lynch stated that juvenile hurling was very much neglected by the club. He pressed for support and encouragement to get the game off the ground among the U-14 players. James Coffey volunteered to act as referee. It was decided to purchase hurleys and to sell them to the youngster at 3/- each. It was decided that, in the event of an industrial parade being held on St. Patrick’s Day, Sean O Sullivan’s lorry would be hired and young hurlers and footballers would travel in it. The following players would seek regrading from the Co. Board: Pat O Shea, Michael O Shea, Kieran Foley, Denis O Neill, Jerry Coffey and Patrick O Grady. The NACAI would hold its Annual Sports in the football field on Sun. 26th May.

Present at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 8th March were, James Coffey (Chairman), Jerome Conway, Jim Galvin, Noel Lucey, Pat Lynch, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, James Mangan and Jackie Kerins (Both Milltown). The main discussion centred round the visit of the American party. It was decided to go ahead with fund-raising. A Church Gate collection was sought for 18th April. James Coffey undertook to seek a dance in the Oisín Ballroom. It was decided to ask Ned O Shea for a dance. The Secretary was instructed to enquire about a Club Licence from the Gardaí.

On March 15th a meeting was held in the Railway Hotel. Present were James Coffey (Chairman), Jerome Conway, Billy Dodd, Pat Lynch, Pat O Shea, Barry Harmon, James O Riordan, Seamus Curran, Sean O Reilly and Sean McKenna. Concerning Club licenses, it was reported that it was not necessary to purchase one. Pat O Shea would seek further information from Tadhg Crowley. It was decided to suspend all Vocational and Intermediate Schools’ games in the field for a fortnight. The 1970 Co. Novice Championship medals would be presented at the Laune Rangers Talent Competition semi-final on Sun. 21st March. For the final of that competition, competitors’ badges would be procured. There was an unsuccessful attempt to make the final an all-ticket affair.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 22nd Mar. Also in attendance were Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Bendy O Dwyer, Pat Lynch, Billy Dodd, Barry Harmon and James O Riordan. Bendy O Dwyer was congratulated on his excellent care of the dressing-rooms. Plaques and trophies had been purchased for the winners of the Talent Competition. The rules for the competition confined singers and dancers to one song and one dance respectively. In the question-time, there would be one two-mark question, two four-mark questions and two six-mark questions. A decision to provide milk for the players after training was taken.

A meeting of the club was held in the Railway Hotel on 29th March. James Coffey presided. Also in attendance were Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Bendy O Dwyer and Pat Lynch. It was reported that the main gates would be hanging on Sat. John McGillycuddy would commence the terracing on the eastern side of the pitch, as the weather had been dry. Concerning the Talent Competition, it was decided not to have a raffle and the doors would be closed at 10.00pm.

In attendance at the club meeting on 5th April were James Coffey (Chairman), Jerome Conway, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Bendy O Dwyer, Jim Galvin, Pat Lynch and Joseph Crowley. Pat O Shea announced that the American Party would arrive on 26th July. Five games were scheduled, Aug. 1st in Dingle, Aug. 6th in Keel, Aug. 8th in Killorglin and a game each versus Ballylongford and Kilrush. Seamus Curran and Jerome Conway were congratulated on the excellent job of hanging the main gates, which cost £15. It was decided to give the job of hanging the other two smaller gates and the making of two shelters to them, also. It was decided to contact Father Morahan, of the Mayo Co. Board, to arrange a challenge game between Kerry and Mayo for the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Trophy in August or September. The competitors’ badges for the Talent Competition cost £2.5 from Seán Ó Súilleabháin. The financial position at the time, according to Pat Lynch, was Deposit a/c (Provincial Bank) – £1,105.93; Current a/c (Provincial Bank) – £130; Credit Union – £408; Investment in GAA – £200; Loan to Co. Board – £40. Total – £1,883.93. The profit from the Talent Competition was £170.

The following business was conducted at the remaining meetings of the club during the year, as follows:

April 19th – The cost of embanking the earth on the sidelines was estimated at £130.

Mobile tubular goalposts would be acquired, to help save the goal-mouths.

April 26th – The estimated cost of the two gates near the dressing-rooms was £25.

Frank Russell would make slats for the dressing-rooms.

The American party would be in Ireland from 28th July to 26th Aug.

May 3rd – The main gate would be painted green.

Mikey Joe Clifford would cut the knots off the goalposts.

The club officers would take John Kerry O Donnell to dinner in Towers Hotel.

May 10th – No business was transacted and everybody indulged in revelry in celebration of the 1970 Mid-Kerry Senior Championship final success over Keel.

May 17th – It was reported that the cost of embanking the sidelines had been £145 on 13th April.

May 31st –  It was decided that a stand should be built in the field. Professional advice would be sought.

Sean O Reilly thought that the amount paid to Seamus Curran for hanging the main gate was too much. He had thought that the job was being done voluntarily. Pat O Shea explained that he had employed Seamus Curran for the said fee. After a heated discussion, it was decided that the small gates should be hung voluntarily.

Some of the players had been upset by the action taken against Frank Russell for not turning out for a game. It was felt that other players had been left off the hook.

A General Meeting was called to discuss the hanging of the gates and the action of the selectors/Frank Russell.

June 7th –  General Meeting. Paul Lucey offered to draw a plan for the stand. Planning permission would be sought immediately. The changes in the system for running the Co. Senior Championship were discussed (It had been suggested that, in the first round of the Senior Co. Championship, the opposing teams would meet on a home and away basis and the highest aggregate score in the two games would decide the winners). The club objected to the changes on the grounds that there was no notice of motion to that effect on the agenda, the fixtures committee did not have the power to change the system, the system had been changed without the consent of the majority of those present and only representatives of District Boards and Senior Clubs were allowed to vote on the issue.

As a build-up to the Co. Championship, it was thought that an outside trainer would be desirable. However, no one could be decided upon and it was decided to give the job to Paul Lucey.

Voluntary labour was sought to hang the two small gates.

It was decided to leave disciplinary action in future at the discretion of the selectors.

James Coffey would supply refreshments for the players at halftime in games.

Pat Lynch and Brendan Fullam offered to try and get hurling off the ground again in the area.

June 14th  Denis Lynch was instructed to buy two bags of cement for the hanging of the gates.

The goalposts would be painted blue and white.

June 21st            Pat O Shea reported that the Co. Board Chairman had left the regrading of players to his own honesty. Kieran Foley and Denis O Neill were regraded to Novice. Pat O Grady, Michael O Shea and Noel Lucey were regraded to Junior.

The National Bank had offered to sponsor the Jimmy Lucey Tournament.

Laune Rangers were invited to partake in the Milltown Tournament.

Billy Dodd suggested that the team for the Co. Championship should be picked and the backs could play on the forwards in training. More balls were called for in training.

After a heated discussion on the pros and cons of voluntary labour and criticism of the lack of spirit in the club, another date was decided upon for the hanging of the gates.

The Secretary was instructed to notify all officers to attend meetings.

June 28th            Dissatisfaction was expressed at the number of games being played on the pitch on the evenings of senior training.

John O Shea was told to wait until after the Co. Championship for the Charity game in aid of St. Joseph’s Old Folks’ Home.

July 5th            A long discussion took place on the development of the field. The Secretary was instructed to ask Croke Park for plans for a sports centre. Everybody seemed in favour of a tennis court. Bendy O Dwyer felt that a ladies’ toilet was a sorely felt want. Willie Crowley, solicitor, would be contacted re the possibility of a bar licence.

The idea of a stand was shelved for the time being.

It was felt that fire insurance premium of £28 on the pavilion, was ridiculously high.

July 12th            The club gave £10 contribution to the fund to send Batty Flynn (Tinahalla) to France for cycling training.

The Chairman stated firmly that the Co. Board should be informed that the club was withdrawing its delegates to the Youth Congress because of the way that the club’s players were being ignored by the Co. Senior and Junior selectors.

The Secretary reported that the Hibernian Insurance Co. would review the fire premium on the pavilion as soon as its surveyor examined it.

The flag-day for Bord na nOg on 10th July netted £24.

The dance in the CYMS Hall on Sun. 11th July netted £100.

It was decided to enter an agreement with the Laune Mountaineering Club on the joint organisation of dances in the CYMS during Puck Fair.

July 19th             It was decided to approach Cork to play in the Jimmy Lucey Tournament.

Club cheques could be signed by any two of the following: James Coffey, Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly and Jerome Conway.

July 26th            Publicity for the joint venture of Puck Fair dancing in the CYMS was arranged. Laune Mountaineering Club would cover Castleisland and Killarney while Laune Rangers would cover Tralee and North Kerry.

Aug. 3rd            The Chairman congratulated the team on its display in the Co. Senior Championship and the trainer, Paul Lucey, on the fitness of the team.

Maurice Harmon pointed out that the selectors played some players, whose fitness was suspect and passed over players that had been training. Others agreed. Patsy Joy would not agree that the game had been lost on the sideline. Sean O Reilly agreed and said that it was the high ball into the forwards that beat the team. Eamonn Crowley suggested that an outside coach should be appointed to take full control on the sideline and that was agreed upon.

Preparations were made for the Puck Fair dancing – James Cahillane and Stanley Brick would put up the lights in the CYMS, Eamonn Crowley, Maurice Harmon and Jerome Conway would put up the big advertising posters, Eric Brick would go to Tralee, Killarney and Killorglin during Puck to advertise the dancing with a microphone from his car.

Aug. 16th            A heated discussion took place on the referee’s report on the Kerryman Shield game, Laune Rangers v West Kerry. Eventually, James Coffey, Chairman, proposed that the referee, Michael O Sullivan, should be debarred from the J. P. O Sullivan Park.

Dr. Jim Brosnan, Co. Board Chairman, had sought Mayo to play in the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament.

The total profit from the Puck Fair dancing had been £18, but the Laune Mountaineering Club was unwilling to split equally as they had felt that the Laune Rangers had not shared the work equally.

Aug. 23rd            The debarment of the referee, as proposed at the previous meeting, was deferred until after the GPC meeting on the matter.

Preparations for the Mid-Kerry Championship game v Keel were made. Sandwiches would be provided after training for the players. Disciplinary action would be taken against any player that failed to train during the week.

Aug. 30th             It was decided that, for the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship Final, Laune Rangers versus Keel in Killorglin, five officials and the substitutes from each team would be allowed inside the enclosure of the pitch. Keel would be informed that Michael O Sullivan, referee, would be refused admission to the enclosure.

The business people of the town would be asked to contribute to the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament, which would involve Kerry and Mayo.

Sept. 6th            The Chairman, James Coffey, said that he, personally, would ensure that the wishes of the club were carried out in respect of referee, Michael O Sullivan.

Dr. Jim Brosnan (Co. Board Chairman), Andy Molyneaux (Co. Sec.) and Murt Galvin (Co. Joint-Treasurer) would be invited to the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Tournament.

Accommodation and meals for the teams was arranged. 45 stewards would be required.

Sept. 13th            The stewards for the game, Kerry v Mayo, were identified and would be notified.

Sept. 20th            The Jimmy Lucey memorial Tournament grossed £4,436.33 and the dance yielded £198. The Secretary was instructed to write to Johnny Mulvey, Secretary Mayo Co. Board, to thank the Mayo team for playing in the tournament.

Arising out of an incident in the dressing-rooms after the game, it was decided to give a written explanation to Michael Russell, father of Frank Russell, of how it was that three Laune Rangers had been invited to play in New York and to exonerate Pat O Shea from having anything to do with the choosing of the three players.

Sept. 27th            It was decided to publish the list of donors in the Kerryman.

The Vocational and Intermediate Schools would be asked for a list of games to be played in Killorglin.

Oct. 4th            The ESB bill of £2.35 was paid.

The amount received from the donors was £35.10 so far.

The meeting expressed a wish for a speedy recovery to the Chairman, James Coffey, who was ill.

The Mid-Kerry team was congratulated on reaching the Co. Final.

Oct. 11th   The bill for improving the floors in the dressing-rooms was £33.

The sounds of scuffling next door interrupted the meeting, whereupon it was discovered that two members of the Mid-Kerry Selection Committee (Pat Clifford, Callanfersy, and Johnny O Mahony, Glenbeigh) were indulging in a bout of fisticuffs.

The following invoices, pertaining to the Jimmy Lucey Tournament, were introduced: Canberra (Meals) – £14; Paud O Neill’s (Meals) – £13; Sheehy’s (Meals and B/B) – £140; Liam Woods (Amplification) – £15; Rapid Print – £12; Mayo players – £60; Tom Moriarty (Paints etc.) – £70.

Oct. 18th            The Annual Social was scheduled for Fri. 7th Jan.

It was decided to have a Mass said at the end of the year for deceased members and relatives of members of the club.

Oct. 15th            It was decided to hold club meetings in future in the Forge.

The Secretary was instructed to obtain Turn Over Tax forms from the revenue commissioners and to inform that body about future dances.

The Mid-Kerry team was congratulated on winning the Co. Senior Football Championship.

Nov. 15th            The main topic for discussion was the Co. League Final versus Waterville. James Coffey opted out of the selection of the team as he had lost touch due to his illness.

The Club AGM was scheduled for 2nd Jan. – the closing date for membership was 5th Dec.

It was reported that cattle had been secretly allowed to graze on the pitch. Remedial fencing would be undertaken.

Due to the fact that the CYMS and Oisín had been joined for dancing, the club would have dances in both halls henceforth.

Nov. 22nd            Disappointment was expressed at the display of the senior team in the Co. League Final.

Jerome Conway and Pat Lynch were appointed as delegates to the AGM of the Community Council.

Nov. 29th            Since the club’s position with regard to dances in the United Ballrooms (CYMS and Oisín) was in doubt, Jerome Conway and Pat O Shea would attend a meeting of the CYMS.

A letter giving a statement of expenditure on the field and the proposed expenditure on the field was drafted for the Munster Council, on the advice of Murt Kelly, Munster Council Delegate.

Pat O Shea proposed that the boundary wall should be extended by another 60 yards and sufficiently reinforced so that earth could be banked against it. He also proposed shelter on those extra 60 yards.

The most recent three meetings had been held in Coffey’s kitchen, but since the Chairman had been called to the Rehabilitation Centre in Dun Laoighaire, meetings would henceforth he held in the CYMS Hall.

Dec. 20th            Pat O Shea proposed that Laune Rangers seek an inter-county game for the pitch, at any level, senior, junior, U-21 or minor.

Central Council’s magazine, An Cúl, was discussed. Pat Lynch said that it should be geared towards the youth rather than adults. More colour was desired.

Motions for the AGM would have to be with the Secretary by 31st Dec.

Dec. 31st            An extraordinary meeting of the club took place in the CYMS. The main topic for discussion was the venue for the AGM. The Secretary had already decided upon the Forge, deeming it to have a better atmosphere and consequently a better convention. Paudie Foley objected to that, saying that it should be in the CYMS. In the interest of harmony, Pat O Shea, Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, asked him to withdraw his proposal but he refused. Jerome Conway withdrew his proposal for the Forge and the AGM was scheduled for the CYMS.

The GAA Church Gate Collectors, in aid of Northern Funds (The GAA had arranged, on a nation-wide basis, to hold Church-Gate collections on Sun. 2nd Jan. 1972 for the Relief of Distressed families in the Six Counties), were arranged as follows: 10.00am – Jerome Conway and Paul Lucey; 11.00am – Pat O Shea and Pat Lynch; 12.00 noon – Joseph Crowley and Barry Harmon.


The number of Club meetings attended by members during the year was as follows: James Coffey (32), Jerome Conway (40), Pat O Shea (32), Sean O Reilly (30), Pat Lynch (30), Bendy O Dwyer (25), Michael O Shea (17), Patrick O Grady (14), Barry Harmon (13), Billy Dodd (12), Joe Crowley (12), James O Riordan (11), Timothy O Riordan (9), Eamon Crowley (8), John Clifford (6), Maurice Harmon (6), Denis Harris (5), Jim galvin (4), Jerry Coffey (4), Denis O Neill (4), Ted Houlihan (4), Tony Lyons (4), Denis Lynch (3), Sean McKenna (3), Seamus Curran(3), Frank Russell (3), Paul Lucey (3), Sean O Riordan (3), Kevin Griffin (2), Brendan Fullam (2), Patsy Joy (2), Johnny O Shea (2), Noel Lucey (1), Sean Foley (1), Jerome Foley (1), Batty Foley (1), Timmy Doyle (1), John Mangan (1), Liam Shannon (1), Pat O Riordan (1), Johnny O Connor (1), Denis Clifford (1), Tom Curran (1), Kieran Foley (1), Noel O Mahony (1), Micheál Scanlon (1), Christy O Riordan (1), Paudie Foley (1).


Laune Rangers second Primary Schools’ Talent Competition and the Adult Talent Competition were run over four Sunday nights during Lent in the CYMS Hall. Funds were in aid of Church Funds and the Laune Rangers Club.

Semi-final on Sun. 7th March, before an overflow attendance, the following qualified for the finals:

Primary Schools: Group Singing – Kilgobnet and Killorglin ‘A’; Group Dancing – Kilgobnet, Killorglin ‘A’ and Faha; Solo Singing – Mary Healy (Killorglin ‘A’), B. Moriarty (Glencuttane), and Eileen O Riordan (Faha); Question-Time – Faha and Kilgobnet.

Adults: Public Speaking – Michael Houlihan (Intermediate School ‘A’); Solo Dancing – Mary O Shea (Vocational School ‘B’); Group Singing – The McCann sisters (Intermediate School ‘A’) and Vocational School ‘C’; Group Dancing – Kerry Colleens (Intermediate School ‘A’); Solo Singing – Eileen May O Riordan (Wenzel’s); Solo Instrumental – Ann Clifford (Vocational School ‘B’), Breda Doyle (Intermediate School ‘A’) and P. Moriarty (Wenzels); Question-Time – Intermediate School ‘A’ and Listry.

Denis Moylan was guest artiste. Liam Foley and Patrick Doyle supplied the backstage music. Mícheál Scanlon was M.C and senior question-master. Jerome Conway was junior question-master. Sean O Reilly was scorekeeper.

Semi-final on Sun. 14th March, before another capacity attendance, the following qualified for the finals:

Primary Schools: Group Singing – Cromane and Killorglin ‘B’; Group Dancing – Cromane and Killorglin ‘B’; Solo Singing – Mícheál Hayes (Cromane), Breda Murphy (Glounaguillagh) and Patrick Coffey (Killorglin ‘B’); Question-Time – Dungeel and Killorglin ‘B’.

Adults: Solo Dancing – Abbey Foley (Vocational School A’); Group Singing – Laune Mountaineering Club and Vocational School ‘A’; Group Dancing – Paddy O Callaghan Troupe (Laune Mountaineering Club); Solo Singing – Tony O Shea (Laune Mountaineering Club); Solo Instrumental – Deborah Johnston (Laune Mountaineering Club); Question-Time – Laune Mountaineering Club.

Liam Foley and Patrick Doyle provided the backstage music. Christy O Riordan was M.C. James Coffey and Jerome Conway were senior and junior question-masters, respectively. Sean O Reilly was scorekeeper.

Semi-final on Sun. 21st March, before a packed audience, the following qualified for the finals:

Adults: Solo Dancing – Bridget Foley (Laune Rangers), Nuala O Donoghue (Intermediate School ‘B’); Group Singing – Intermediate School ‘B’ and Intermediate School ‘C’; Group Dancing – Kilgobnet CCE; Solo Singing – Bridget Horan (Vocational School ‘C’), Seán Ó Súilleabháin (Laune Mountaineering Club) and Mortimer Murphy (Intermediate School ‘B’); Solo Instrumental – B. Moriarty (Laune Rangers) and John O Sullivan (Kilgobnet CCE); Question-Time – Kilgobnet CCE.

Mícheál Scanlon was M.C. and question-master. Sean O Reilly was scorekeeper. Guest artistes were Murt Collins, Pa Houlihan and John Paul Cahillane.

Final on Sun. 4th April in the CYMS. The doors had to be closed long before the Adult Talent Competition commenced. The results were as follows:

Primary schools:

Solo Singing – 1st Patrick Coffey (Scoil Mhuire), 2nd Mícheál Hayes (Cromane N.S.).

Group Singing – 1st Scoil Mhuire ‘A’, 2nd Cromane N.S.

Group Dancing – 1st Cromane N.S., 2nd Kilgobnet N.S.

Question-Time – 1st Faha N.S., 2nd Scoil Mhuire ‘B’.

Adult Talent Competition:

Public Speaking – 1st Seán Ó Súilleabháin (LMC), 2nd Michael Houlihan (Intermediate School ‘A’).

Solo Singing – 1st Eileen O Riordan (Paul Wenzel’s), 2nd Mortimer Moriarty (Intermediate School ‘B’).

Group Singing – 1st LMC, 2nd The Young Idea (Intermediate School ‘C’).

Solo Dancing – 1st Mary O Shea (Vocational School ‘B’), 2nd Abbey Foley (Vocational School ‘A’).

Group Dancing – 1st Paddy O Callaghan Troupe, 2nd Kilgobnet CCE.

Solo Instrumental – 1st John O Sullivan (Kilgobnet CCE), 2nd Breda Doyle (Intermediate School’A’).

Question-Time – 1st Kilgobnet CCE, 2nd LMC.


Laune Rangers organised the following dances during the year:

Sun. 31st Jan. in the CYMS – The Moonbeamers. Biddy Ball for the Dr. Craig Cup and huge cash prizes. Dancing 9-1. Admission – 8/-. Glencuttane retained their title and Cooleanig were second.

Sun. 14th Feb. in the CYMS – The Big Beats. The Annual Tramps Ball. Admission – 8/- or 40p.

Sun. 30th May in the CYMS – The Pearls Showband. Dancing 9-1. Admission – 40p.

Sun. 20th June in the CYMS – The Pearls Showband.

Sun. 11th July in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband. Nett profit – £100.

Sun. 8th Aug. in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband (New York Football team present). Adm. – 50p.

Sun. 29th Aug. in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband. Dancing 9-1. Gross takings – £200.70

Sun. 5th Sept. in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband. Gross takings £119.82.

Sun. 12th Sept. in the CYMS – The Riversiders. Gross takings – £141.

Sun. 19th Sept. in the CYMS – Pearls Showband. (Celebration Dance – Mayo and Kerry teams invited). Gross takings – £198.

Sun. 10th Oct. in the CYMS – The Pearls Showband. Gross takings – £157.99.

Sun. 17th Oct. in the CYMS – The Savoy Showband (Waterford). Nett profit – £30.

Sun. 31st Oct. in the CYMS – The Pearls Showband.

Mon. 1st Nov. in the CYMS – The Riversiders.

Sun. 7th Nov. in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband.

Sun. 21st Nov. in the CYMS – The Pearls Showband. Net profit – £40.

Sat. 4th Dec. in the CYMS – The Valetta Showband.

Sun. 19th Dec. in the Oisín Ballroom – The Pearls.


Pat Lynch, Laune Rangers, was a delegate to the Co. Board for the Killarney Hurling Club during 1971.


Great efforts were made by Pat Lynch to get hurling off the ground again in the club at U-14 level. He conducted practice sessions in the field from March onwards. Brendan Fullam, upon his appointment as manager of the Bank of Ireland in April, also threw his weight behind the project.


James Coffey refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL on Sun. 21st Feb. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6; Glenbeigh 0-4.

SFL on Sun. 7th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Beaufort.

SFC Q-final on Sun. 15th July at Killorglin: Milltown 3-7; Glenbeigh 2-7.

MFC Final on Sun. 5th Sept. at Milltown: Keel 4-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-7.


Denis O Neill refereed the following games for Co. Bord na nOg:

U-16 Semi-final on 28th Aug. in Tralee: Legion defeated Castleisland.

U-16 semi-final on 29th Aug. at Killorglin: Austin Stacks defeated Cahersiveen.


Denis O Neill refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL Final on Sun. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Glenbeigh.


Pat O Shea refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFC on Tues. 20th July at Killorglin: Beaufort 1-10; Glenbeigh 0-9.


Christy O Riordan refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL on Sun. 7th March at Keel: Keel ‘A’ v Miltown/Castlemaine.


Sean O Reilly refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

SFL on Sun. 7th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ drew with Laune Rangers ‘B’.


The death occurred on 11th Feb. of William Roche, Dungeel. He had represented Laune Rangers at Co. Board level in the early 1900’s and he took great pride in recalling their many great achievements. He had also served as Vice-Chairman of the Co. Board and a member of the Co. Football Selection Committee.


On St. Patrick’s Day (17th March), Laune Rangers juvenile footballers and hurlers defied the bad weather conditions to take part in the parade through the town, organised by the Community Council.


Eamonn Crowley, Laune Rangers, was again Secretary of UCC GAA Club.


On the 1st April, Brendan Fullam, a native of Ardagh, Co. Limerick, was appointed Manager of the Bank of Ireland in Killorglin. He had served there previously as a clerk from 1953 to 1955, during which time he played with Killorglin Hurling Club.


At the end of April, the referees of the county were called to a meeting in Tralee and were given an opportunity of airing their grievances. The Laune Rangers Club referees that attended were James Coffey, Denis O Neill and Pat O Shea. The grievances included: 1. Referees from within the county were not appointed for Co. Finals. 2. Conditions of some fields were not satisfactory. 3. Referees were not paid enough expenses. 4. There was a lack of recognition of Kerry referees at Inter-Provincial and Central Council levels. 5. Stewarding at pitches left a lot to be desired. 6. Referees’ reports were not dealt with speedily enough and there were no reports from some referees on some incidents. 7. Late starts were not being dealt with. It was recommended by those present at the meeting that referees should be properly dressed in order to present a proper image of the association.


The further development of the O Sullivan Park was ongoing during the year. Pat O Shea recommended that the boundary wall at the western side would be extended by 60 yards and that a covered accommodation would be provided to seat 600 or so patrons. The eastern side of the field was embanked by John McGillycuddy. Investigations into the erection of a sports complex, including a licensed premises and tennis courts, were carried out.


At a reception for the New York Kerry football team and their friends in the Railway Hotel, Killorglin, on Sat. 7th Aug., John ‘Scart’ Clifford, on behalf of Brendan Gill and T.W.A., presented the Paddy Foley Cup to the Laune Rangers Club. The cup, which would be competed for annually in Mid-Kerry, was accepted by the club President, Paddy Foley. John Clifford, speaking on behalf of the exiles, said that they were delighted to be in Killorglin during the festive week and they looked forward to a great vacation. He thanked Laune Rangers for the wonderful reception they had given them. The Chairman of the club, James Coffey, said that it was wonderful to meet most of the people who made the Laune Rangers’ team feel so much at home in the USA the previous year. He said, ‘We can never hope to be able to repay you for what you did for us during our tour, but we will certainly do our best to see to it that you enjoy your stay in Killorglin.’ He paid tribute to the organisers of Gaelic Games in the USA and he was delighted to be able to say ‘thank you’ again in person to Jimmy Mausell (Boston), the Foleys (Hartford) and, of course, John Clifford (New York). He was also delighted to welcome to the reception a daughter of John Kerry O Donnell, who was a good friend to Laune Rangers while in New York. He thanked Brendan Gill and T.W.A for their fine gesture.


The Jimmy Lucey Tournament had commenced in 1969. At that time, the Chairman of the Co. Board gave permission to run the tournament every second year. At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 9th March permission was given on principle to run the tournament in 1971. The funds raised would be used for the further development of the O Sullivan Park. Later in the year, Mayo agreed to play Kerry on Sun. 19th Sept. at Killorglin. The members worked overtime to ensure that the pitch and dressing-rooms etc. were in perfect order for the day. The dressing-rooms and tea-room were redecorated. The Mayo team arrived on Sat. 18th Sept. and were guests of the club at a reception in the Bianconi Inn. The score in the game was Kerry 3-11; Mayo 0-11. After the game, Connie Lucey presented the Jimmy Lucey Memorial Cup to Mick Gleeson, captain of the Kerry team. All the members of the team were presented with beautiful inscribed statuettes.

Kerry: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Sean O Shea, Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Pat Moynihan, John O Keeffe, Mícheál Ó Sé, Mick O Connell (0-1), Patsy Joy, Jackie Walsh, Mickey O Sullivan, Eamonn O Donoghue (0-2), Mick Gleeson (0-1), Liam Higgins (1-1), Mick O Dwyer (2-6).

Mayo: J.J. Costello, Mick Begley, Ray Prendergast, E. Campbell, Mick Higgins, John Carey, P. Nally, Sean Kilbride, Sean O Grady, B. O Reilly, P. Walsh, W. Connolly, M. Sheridan, J. Duffy, T.J. Farragher. Sub: Joe Langan.

Ref: James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


National Football League Final on Sun. 20th June at Croke Park; Kerry 0-11; Mayo 0-8.

Munster Senior Football Semi-final on Sun. 13th June at Killarney: Kerry 1-14; Tipperary 1-7.

Final on Sun. 18th July at Cork Athletic Grounds: Cork 0-25; Kerry 0-14.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Tom Prendergast, John O Keeffe, Mícheál Ó Sé, Mick O Connell, D.J. Crowley, Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin, Eamonn O Donoghue, Mick Gleeson (capt.), Liam Higgins, Mick O Dwyer. Subs: Paudie Lynch for P. Griffin, Mickey O Sullivan for E. O Donoghue, Donal Kavanagh for B. Lynch.


On Thurs. 14th Oct. St. Brendan’s, Killarney, defeated CBS, Cahersiveen, in the Munster Senior Colleges’ Championship at Killarney by 5-9 to 3-3. Ref: Jerome Conway.


Bart Moriarty was elected as Ass. Secretary at the AGM of An Ríocht GAA Club in Dublin in October.

He was also Treasurer of the Kerrymen’s Association in Dublin.


On Thurs. 11th Nov. the Co. Board decided that the winners of the Co. League would represent Kerry in the Munster Club Championship. Earlier in the year, Central Council had ruled that divisional teams could no longer represent their counties in that competition. Officials of both Waterville and Laune Rangers, who were in the Co. League Final, greeted the decision of the Co. Board with approval. Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, said, ‘This is an excellent thing for the clubs for now, apart from the prospect of winning a county league title, they will have a chance of going on to capture All-Ireland honours. Nobody can deny that, at present, some clubs have not a great interest in the county league, but now things will be a lot different. Our fellows are certainly delighted with the news and are eagerly looking forward to the meeting with Waterville.’


On Sun. 5th Dec. the Kingdom Club, London, beat South O Hanlon’s by 3-8 to 1-7 in the final of the London Senior League. Mike Murphy, Caragh Lake, captained the team from centre halfback.


Co. SFC Final on Sun. 17th Oct. at Tralee: Mid-Kerry 2-12; Shannon Rangers 4-6.

Co. SFC Final (replay) on Sun. 24th Oct. at Tralee: Mid-Kerry 0-12; Shannon Rangers 1-6.

Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) trained the team and Murt Kelly was the coach. James Coffey (Laune Rangers), who was Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, was ill and unable to attend the final. After the victory, some of the players brought the Bishop Moynihan Cup to St. Catherine’s Hospital, Tralee, where James Coffey was recovering.

Co. Intermediate Final on Sun. 20th Aug. (1972) at Tralee: Ballylongford 2-14; Dr. Crokes 0-10.

Co. Junior Championship Final on Sun. 10th Oct. at Tralee: Dingle 1-11; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-4.

Co. Novice Final on Sun. 25th June (1972): Beaufort 1-9; Annascaul 1-7.

Co. Minor Championship on Sun. 10th Oct. at Tralee: South-Kerry 3-9; Feale Rangers 1-1.

Towns’ Cup Final on Sun. 10th Oct. at Kenmare: Sneem beat Rathmore.


Co. U-12 Championship Final on Fri. 25th June at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 2-4; Laune Rangers 0-2.

Co. U-14 Championship Final on Sat. 26th June at Killorglin: Cahersiveen beat Listowel.

Co. U-16 Championship Final on Tues. 31st Aug. at Killarney: Legion 2-7; Austin Stacks 1-5.


Laune Rangers Annual Social was held on Fri. 7th Jan. 1972 in the Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh. 172 supporters attended and the club made £44 profit.


The Annual Pantomime in the CYMS was ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, produced by Declan Mangan.


Decimal currency was introduced into Ireland at the beginning of the year. The pint of Guinness, which had cost 2/10, then cost 15p (which was in affect 3/-).


Declan Falvey captained the Kerry minor basketball team in the 51 – 30 win over Galway at Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final on Sun. 13th Feb. Kerry: Declan Falvey (Killorglin CYMS), Paudie O Connor (Killarney), R. O Flaherty (do.), Laurence O Donoghue (do.), John O Connor (Castleisland), M. Reidy (Tralee CYMS), Pat Keane (Austin Stacks), Tim O Brien (do.), Ger Power (do.), J. Carey (do.), R. Grace (do.).


The death occurred at the end of Feb. of Ms. Úna McColum, who had been for many years principal of the Girls’ National School. A sister of the previously deceased Fionán McColum, she had worked with him in reviving the Irish language. Much of her free time in her youth had been given to organising Feiseanna and Aeraíochta all over Munster. It was only natural that the then government in Ireland viewed with suspicion such activities on the part of an Irish-speaking member of Cumann na mBan. She paid the penalty when, during her absence at the funeral of Terence McSweeney, Lord Mayor of Cork, in 1920, the Black and Tans burned to the ground her house and its entire contents. Much folklore collected by Fionán, and many valuable manuscripts had been destroyed in that fire.


Killorglin Community Council chose the Sports Stars of the Parish for 1971 and rewarded them at a function in the CYMS Hall on Tues. 25th April 1972. The winners were James Sheehan (Gaelic Football), Thomas Houlihan (Athletics), Sylvester Cronin (Basketball), Paddy O Callaghan (Hall of Fame), Pat Healy (Cycling), Mícheál Scanlon (Greyhounds), John O Sullivan (Rowing), George Boyle (Golf) and Martin Moran (Badminton).


The death occurred of Very Rev. James Hanley P.P., Killorglin on Tues. 18th May. He was a native of Bere Island and had been Parish Priest in Killorglin since 1969. Very Rev. Jeremiah Murphy succeeded him.


On Mon. 24th May the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Patrick Hillary, officially opened Liebig International Company at Anglont.


Killorglin NACA held a sports meeting on Sun. 19th June in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. The Killorglin athletes faired as follows:

Seniors: 100m – 1st John Paul Cahillane. 400m – 1st John Paul Cahillane. 1,500m All-Ireland Championship – 3rd Desmond Houlihan. 5,000m (confined) – 1st Donal Clifford, 2nd Patrick Foley, 3rd Francis O Doherty. 56lbs over-the-bar – 1st Donal Prendiville. 56lbs Distance – 1st Donal Prendiville. Long Jump – 2nd Noel Lucey.

U-12 Girls: 60yds – 1st Mary O Shea (Killorglin N.S.), 2nd Bernadette Clifford (Killorglin N.S.)

100 yds – 1st Mary O Shea, 2nd Bernadette Clifford, 3rd Ann Houlihan (Killorglin N.S.)

U-12 Boys: 60yds – 1st Anthony Shannon (Killorglin N.S.), 2nd John Horgan (Kilgobnet N.S.), 3rd Michael F. O Shea (do.).

100yds. – 1st Anthony Shannon, 2nd John Horgan, 3rd Mícheál Johnston (Dungeel N.S.)

Relay (4×200) – 1st John Horgan, Seamus O Shea, Michael F. O Shea and Anthony Shannon.

Sack Race – 1st Michael F. O Shea, 2nd Patricia Prendiville (Killorglin N.S.), 3rd Joseph Flynn (Intermediate School)

U-14 Girls: 100m – 2nd Mary O Shea, 3rd Bernadette Clifford.

200m – 2nd Bernadette Clifford, 3rd Ann Houlihan.

U-14 Boys: 100m – 2nd Francis O Doherty

200m – 2nd Francis Doherty, 3rd Gerard Cahillane.


The Rás Tailteann ten-days cycling event commenced in Dublin on Fri. 25th June. The Kerry team included John Mangan, Batty Flynn, Gene Mangan, Pat Healy, Michael Moriarty (all Killorglin) and Matt Lacey. The team-manager was Paddy O Callaghan and two other officials from Killorglin were Paddy Teahan (motor cycle) and Mikey Joe Clifford (team-car driver). John Mangan had the yellow jersey, only to lose it following a bad fall and he eventually finished second.

The Kerry Sports Star of the Year for cycling was John Mangan.


The census of 1971 showed the population of Kerry to be 112,772.


In July, Paddy Foley, formerly of Caragh Lake, was elected as Mayor of Drogheda. He was the first Kerryman to fill the post since the mayoralty was established in 1285. In his younger days he had played football with Laune Rangers.


The Maurice O Neill Valentia Bridge was officially opened by the Co. Chairman on Fri. 23rd July.


The Chairman of Kerry Co. Council was Eddie Hayes (FG), elected on Mon. 26th July.


On Sun. 22nd Aug. Lower Cromane won the seine boat race as they pleased at the Cromane Regatta. The cox was Danny McKenna. Cromane Upper were fourth. In the five-man and seven-man races, Upper Cromane were first and Lower Cromane were third in the five-man and second in the seven- man.


In October, the Killorglin Tourism Co-Operative was set up. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Paddy O Callaghan, Vice-Chairman – Tom Melia, Secretary – Dermot Foley, Joint-Treasurers – Kay Sheehy and John Mangan.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Mon. 10th Jan. 1972. In his report, the Secretary, James Coffey, stated, ‘The year under review was once again a most successful one for the Board and the year’s activities were crowned when the senior team won the Co. Senior Championship for the second time. Mid-Kerry’s worth was in evidence early on in the year when they easily beat Waterville in the 1970 Kerryman Shield Final and it was no surprise when they went on the Co. Final, with wins over Austin Stacks and West Kerry. In the final, they played a thrilling draw with Shannon Rangers and in the replay they were comfortable winners. The credit for those wins must go to the selectors who, despite many criticisms, did a fine job, as did team trainer, Pat O Shea.

During the year, the Mid-Kerry Board played 28 senior games, 13 minor, 8 U-16, 12 U-14, 8 U-12 and 12 Novice games. As in 1970, the Senior Championship Final was not played. The contestants are Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine. In the 1970 Senior Championship decider, Laune Rangers defeated Keel after two great games at Milltown. Milltown/Castlemaine brought off a double when they won the Senior League and Novice Championship. Keel won the Minor Championship for the first time by defeating Milltown/Castlemaine in the final after a replay. Milltown/Castlemaine, therefore, by reaching the four finals, as well as the Co. Junior Final, proved themselves to be the most improved club in the area.

Laune Rangers, the second Co. Championship team from the area, also had a good year. Apart from being most unlucky in the first round of the Co. Championship, they went on to the Co. League Final and they join Mid-Kerry in the Kerryman Shield semi-finals. Beaufort are another very much improved team and are in the Co. Novice final, having already played a draw with Annascaul. The Glenbeigh and Keel teams took part in the Co. Intermediate Championship, while the latter reached the semi-finals of the Co. League.

All games in the area were, with a few exceptions, played in a fine sporting manner and a very high standard of football was reached in all grades. In minor football, too much is being left to too few and, as a result, the minor team is not having the success it promised for the past few years. The great year enjoyed by the Board was due mainly to the wonderful, unselfish and untiring work of our Chairman, who, unfortunately, is not seeking re-election. His loss will indeed be great.

I, also, find it necessary to retire from my post as Secretary. I have enjoyed every moment of the 18 years in which I was Secretary and it is with sadness that I have now reached this decision. It was great being Secretary of a great Board. I would like to thank the various officers of the different clubs, who, down through the years, helped make my job an easy one, also the players for their wonderful co-operation and, of course, our great supporters, who followed us and gave financial support, even in lean years. A special word of thanks also to the Kerryman for the wonderful publicity it gave to our games through the years and, by doing so, it helped to build a great interest in the games in Mid-Kerry. Finally, a special word of praise is due to all the officers I served with during years as Secretary. They were most co-operative and helpful and we worked as a team. I suppose it was only natural that the great work of this team should be projected on to our teams on the playing fields where they won the hearts of our Gaels in victory and defeat.’