Laune Rangers – 1982

 Laune Rangers ‘B’ won the Co. Club ‘B’ Football Championship.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ won the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Championship, which was a new competition, by beating Laune Rangers ‘C’ (Cromane) in the final.

Laune Rangers regained the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship, winning it for the seventeenth time.

Mid-Kerry U-16 team went to the final of the Co. U-16 District-Board Championship, which was a new competition, but lost to East-Kerry.

Laune Rangers lost the Co. U-16 Championship Football Final to Austin Stacks but won the Mid-Kerry Championship for the fourteenth time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship for the fourteenth time.

Laune Rangers lost the Co. U-12 Football Championship final for the fourth successive year to Austin Stacks but won the Mid-Kerry Championship for the ninth time.

Kerry won the All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ Championship – Donal Hurley, Michael O Reilly and James O Shea (Shanara) were on the team.

Killorglin lost the Co. U-16 Hurling Final to Causeway.

The NFL game, Kerry 0-7; Armagh 1-5, was played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park, Killorglin.

The ‘Clare Affair’ came to the notice of the club in the autumn.

Jerome Conway was elected unanimously as Youth Officer of the Kerry Co. Board and re-elected as Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí for the second successive year.

Kerry lost to Cork in the Munster U-21 Football Final. Paudie Sheahan played at right halfback and Joe Shannon at left half-forward. Anthony Shannon was a substitute.

James Coffey was re-elected as Joint-Treasurer of the Co. Board for the tenth successive year.

Pat O Shea was re-elected onto the Co. Senior Football Selection Committee for the ninth successive year.

James Coffey was re-elected as Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board for the fourth successive year. Maurice Harmon was re-elected as Secretary, Joint-Treasurer and Delegate to the Co. Board for the third successive year.

Bart Moriarty was appointed as Secretary of the Co. Referees’ Committee for the fourth successive year.

*        *           *           *            *             *               *                *               *                *

The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the Pavilion, J.P. O Sullivan Park, on Sat. 2nd Jan. 1982 at 7.30pm. The Chairman, James Coffey, presided. The following were also in attendance: Bart Moriarty, Michael Foley, Seamus Hurley, Jim Galvin, Pat Foley, Dan Moriarty, Joe Crowley, Stephen Russell, John Galvin, Patsy Joy, Dan Carey, Liam Shannon, Seamus O Shea, Pat O Shea, Eamonn Crowley, John Foley, Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea, Patrick Freeman, Pierce Prendiville, Pat Sheehan, James O Shea, John Evans, Joe Shannon, Michael O Donnell, Noreen Murphy, Maura Tuohy, Liz O Shea, Gerard O Shea, Jim Casey, Ger Hurley, John Foley (Reen), Brian O Shea, John Hurley, Maurice Corkery, Pat Pigott, John Clifford, Denis O Neill, Liam Crowley and Jerome Conway. (The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1981). Joe Crowley proposed its adoption and Jim Casey seconded. The Treasurers’ report was as usual presented in a comprehensive manner.


Income and Expenditure Account

Gross Dancing Receipts       £30,361

Deduct Expenses   Bands       22,048

Advertising              1,518

Rent of Hall              2,400

Caretaker’s Fee                 720

Performing Rights    341

Phone, tickets etc.    104                     £27,131

Net Income from Dancing              3,230

Net Income from Silver Circle     3,649

Other Income:

Gate Money            313

Membership            567

Donations            180

Profit from Shop  337

Profit on Social               102

Oíche Ceoil              19                              



Deduct Running Costs:

Team Travel & Exp.            1,030

Players’ Travel                        1,059

Meals etc.                           297

Field Maintenance               766

Dressing Room                            579

Football, jerseys etc.               411

Trophies                                       108

Affiliation fees                             69

E.S.B.                                           99

Secretarial Expenses             197

Insurance                           210

Bank Charges                             40

Sundry (including legal)               256

Loss on Trips                             136                     



Deposit Interest Received                       130

Net Income for the Year                  3,270


Pat O Shea congratulated both treasurers, John Foley and Eamonn Crowley, on their excellent report. Michael Foley proposed its adoption and Michael O Donnell seconded.

The Bord na nOg Report, presented by Pat O Shea, gave an in-dept account of the committee’s labours and, whereas the teams did reasonably well at Co. Board level, they ‘swept the boards’ in Mid-Kerry competitions. Dan Carey proposed the adoption of the report and John Evans seconded.

Election of Officers:

President – Paddy Foley. (Tadhg O Reilly was elected at the club meeting on Mon. 25th Jan.).

Chairman – James Coffey. In his address, he congratulated the club on a great year’s performance. He urged that the club would go one better in the current year – referring to the senior team’s great achievement in reaching the semi-final of the Co. Championship and losing to the eventual winners, South-Kerry. He called for a greater response from the players, asking them not to be socialising on nights prior to important games. He declared that Gaelic games should be getting priority in all the schools. He thanked the parents for their help and co-operation, especially in the transportation of teams to games. He thanked the Ladies’ Committee. He asked for more help for those who were researching the history of the club. In conclusion, he thanked all his fellow-officers for their help during the year.

Vice-Chairman – Jim Galvin. Having been re-elected, he said that he hoped to do more for the club in the current year.

Secretary – Jerome Conway.

Ass. Secretary – Michael O Shea (Michael Foley had withdrawn his name).

Joint-Treasurers – John Foley and Eamonn Crowley.

Delegate to Co. Board – Michael Foley.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board – Michael Foley and Jerome Conway.

Delegates to Co. Convention – Michael Foley (delegate), Bart Moriarty (proposed by Joe Crowley and seconded by Pat O Shea), Dan Carey (proposed by James Coffey and seconded by Liam Shannon).

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention – Michael O Shea, Jim Casey, Dan Carey and Liam Shannon.

Senior Selection Committee – Patsy Joy (Trainer), Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon, Jim Casey and Michael Foley (John Clifford and Jerome Conway had withdrawn their names, having been nominated).

‘B’ Team Selection Committee: Michael O Shea, James Coffey and Dan Carey (Jim Casey had withdrawn his name, having been nominated).

The following motions were discussed:

  1. ‘That a trainer be elected to train the ‘B’ team, on a different night from the ‘A’ team.’ (John Galvin). In moving the motion, the proposer said that it would be of great advantage to the ‘B’ team. Brian O Shea thought that there would not be sufficient players to train on separate nights. Joe Crowley advised that the teams should train together and they needed each other. Michael O Shea cited the trip to Cork as highlighting the advantage of being together and he said that they should keep together. Bart Moriarty said that the teams could get together at intervals. Pat O Shea advised that the teams should train together and get team-talks separately. Finally, James Coffey said that the teams should train together for the leagues but the ‘B’ team would train separately for the championship. (Motion defeated).
  2. ‘That Laune Rangers should pull out of Mid-Kerry and go into East-Kerry.’ (Jim Galvin). The proposer felt that there was too much ‘needle’ in Mid-Kerry Football and that did not help Laune Rangers. John Evans felt that the club should remain in Mid-Kerry and aim to win the competitions there. Pierce Prendiville said that there would be too many games in East-Kerry. Gerard O Shea said that there would be too much travelling for the juveniles in East-Kerry. Pa Foley said that, as the senior team was reaching the top at that time, it should remain in Mid-Kerry and win the competitions there. (Motion defeated).
  3.  ‘That the membership fee be increased from £5 to £10 and that the £5 insurance fee be included in the £10.’ (Pat O Shea). That was seconded by Joe Crowley. The proposer said that the general membership fee would be £10. Players, selectors and officers would have their insurance fee of £5 paid out of the £10. If any other member needed insurance cover, he/she would have to pay an extra £5. (Motion passed).

4        ‘That the membership fee for students be increased by £5 in order that they would be covered by the new insurance scheme.’ (Pat O Shea). That was seconded by Eamonn Crowley and the motion was passed.

5       ‘That all juveniles become associated members of the club – fee for same £1.’ (Pat O Shea). That was seconded by Liam Shannon and the motion was passed.

6       ‘That there would be an option for life membership for families e.g. husband, wife and children (under 16 years of age) – fee for same £100.’ (Pat O Shea) Withdrawn.

7       ‘That the club appoint additional Field Trustees to the surviving Trustees.’ (Pat O Shea) The club had received the sanction for that from the surviving Trustees about two years previously and additional trustees were suggested at that time. However, Co. Bord na bPáirc was not legally notified of the names. The motion was passed. The additional names were Paddy Crowley, James Coffey and Pat O Shea.

8       ‘That a Chairman and Secretary be appointed for the Minor Club.’ (Pat O Shea) Withdrawn.

9       ‘That all juvenile field activities be under the jurisdiction of the minor club.’ (Pat O Shea) Withdrawn.

10    ‘That a special Scór Committee be set up independent of people involved in the club.’ (Pat O Shea.). That was seconded by Joe Crowley and the motion was passed.

The AGM then concluded.


The Killorglin Hurling Club AGM was held at the end of Jan. The following officers were elected: President – James Coffey; Chairman – John Purcell; Vice-Chairman – Seamus Murphy; Hon. Secretary – Pat Sheehy; Hon. Treasurer – John Fitzpatrick. Trainers – Paddy Creagh, Michael Sweeney, Gerry Foley and Christy Kennedy.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Sixteen teams entered for the Senior Football Championship, Feale Rangers, Mid-Kerry, John Mitchels, St. Brendan’s, West-Kerry, Gneeveguilla, Castleisland, Kerins O Rahillys, Killarney (Dr. Crokes and Legion), Fánaithe Luachra (Firies, Fossa, Listry, Kilcummin and Rathmore), Kenmare, Spa/Glenflesk, South-Kerry, Austin Stacks, Shannon Rangers and Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers, having reached the semi-final on the previous year, were given a bye to the quarter-finals.

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Patsy Joy (Trainer), Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon, Jim Casey and Michael Foley.


Quarter-final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Ballylongford: Shannon Rangers 2-15; Laune Rangers 0-4.

In the first half, when Shannon Rangers had the advantage of a strong wind, they looked far from impressive and had only six points on the board after twenty-five minutes. However, with the introduction of Donie Mulvihill to the forward line, things immediately began to improve and they led at halftime by 0-9 to 0-0.

With wind advantage in the second half, a Laune Rangers’ comeback was anticipated and, when John Griffin opened their account from the throw-in with a good point, things looked promising for them. But Shannon Rangers were soon back for a good point by Donie Mulvihill. As the half wore on it became quite apparent that the expected Laune Rangers’ fight-back was not going to materialise, even though they never gave up trying. The winners’ backs came under pressure on a number of occasions but good defensive work and timely interceptions kept the Laune scoring opportunities to a minimum. With Kerry star, Eoin Liston, in the thick of matters, Shannon Rangers laid siege to the visitors’ goals. Two first-class saves by Peter Lyons denied them the scores, which would have put the game beyond reach. However, with three minutes to go, not even Peter Lyons could prevent the ‘Bomber’ from finding the net, when he punched home a cross from John Kennedy and two minutes later, Kennedy ran on to a loose ball and crashed it to the net.

Laune Rangers were best served by James Sheehan, John Griffin, Joe Shannon, Michael F. O Shea and Peter Lyons.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, John Clifford, John Evans, Anthony Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Michael F. O Shea (capt.), James Sheehan, Frank Russell, Liam Woods, Joe Shannon (0-1), Paudie Healy, Pierce Prendiville, John Griffin (0-3), Stephen Russell, Joe Crowley.

Shannon Rangers: Donal Kissane, Conor Heaphy, Nick O Riordan, Michael McEllistrim, Jim O Donnell, Tommy Sheehy, Liam Horgan, Jackie Walsh (0-5), Sean Liston, John Costello, Dino Dowling, John Kennedy (1-1), Robert Bunyan (0-4), Eoin Liston (1-3), Liam Lynch. Sub: Donie Mulvihill (0-2) for D. Dowling.

Ref: Tom Brennan (Desmonds).


South-Kerry, captained by Brendie Murphy, won the Championship by beating Feale Rangers in the final on Sun. 17th Oct. at Tralee.


Co. League Football Div. 1


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Austin Stacks 1-8.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 4th April at Valentia: Valentia 0-10; Laune Rangers 0-3.

The referee’s report to the Co. Board was as follows: ‘The game had to be abandoned with nine minutes remaining to play owing to an outbreak of fist fighting involving a number of players and encroachment by spectators from both sides.

The first twenty minutes of this game was contested in a good, sporting manner until the unfortunate injury to John Paul Curran (Valentia), who sustained a broken leg and had to be removed to hospital by ambulance. In my view, this incident was purely accidental but, unfortunately, during the second half, the standard of play and sportsmanship deteriorated badly. Several off-the-ball incidents, behind my back, resulted in an escalation of rough play and I, not having my own officials for guidance, was powerless to deal with what was happening. I had occasion to speak to several players in the course of the game, in an effort to try and restore calm, namely G.G. O Sullivan, John O Sullivan and Michael O Donoghue (Valentia), also Anthony and Joe Shannon and James Sheehan (Laune Rangers). Finally, I could not take any more and found it my duty to order John Evans (Laune Rangers) and Tony Curran (Valentia) to the line for misbehaviour, which was not of a very serious nature. They were the victims of circumstances.

With nine minutes to play, as already mentioned, the game had to be abandoned. All in all, it was a most unpleasant experience. It appears to me that, nowadays, too much emphasis is placed on winning rather than participating in the game.’

At the subsequent Co. Board meeting on 18th May, on the recommendations of the GPC, the game was declared forfeit, both clubs were fined £25 and were severely warned regarding their future conduct. Ted Fitzgerald (John Mitchels) had proposed and James Coffey had seconded that the GPC recommendations should be rejected but the proposal was defeated by 15 votes to 5.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 18th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-8; Beaufort 1-3.

The gate netted £102 and the gross takings at the shop were £37.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 9th May at Spa: Spa 1-4; Laune Rangers 1-3.

Rd. 6 on Sat. 29th May at Ballylongford: Ballylongford 0-4; Laune Rangers 2-9.

Rd. 7 on Sat. 12th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-8; Lispole 1-4.

Once again the forwards failed to impress. Their inability to score from over 20m caused great anxiety amongst the team’s followers.

Rd. 8 on Sun. 27th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-6; Gneeveguilla 0-7.

Laune Rangers should have won more easily but lack of scoring power kept the team under pressure till the final whistle.

Rd. 9 on Sun. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-5; Glenbeigh 2-4.

Rd. 10 on Sun. 5th Sept. at Dingle: Dingle 2-7; Laune Rangers 0-6.

Rd. 11 on Sun. 26th Sept. at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 3-9; Laune Rangers 1-11.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd Oct. at Ballymacelligott: Desmonds v Laune Rangers.


Co. Club ‘B’ Championship

Senior Championship Club second teams were no longer allowed to compete in the Novice Co. Championship. A Club ‘B’ Championship was inaugurated instead for players who had not played in the previous year’s Co. Senior Championship. The trophy for the winners was the Andy Molyneaux Trophy. James O Shea, Pa Foley, Joe Crowley, John O Dwyer and Jerry Coffey were regraded from senior status and were eligible to play in that competition.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 23rd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-5; Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’ 1-7.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 3rd July at Gneeveguilla: Gneeveguilla ‘B’ 0-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-11.

Quarter-final on Sat. 31st July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ v Valentia ‘B’.

That game was postponed due the tragic death of Anthony Corkery.


Semi-final on Thurs. 9th Sept. at Listry: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-8; Dr. Crokes ‘B’ 1-5.

Having led for most of the game, Laune Rangers had to come from behind to score a dramatic victory in a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting match. ‘Man-of-the-match’ was Michael O Reilly, whose first-half midfield display was one of the best seen in the county for many years.


Final on Sun. 5th Dec. at Spa: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-7; Desmonds ‘B’ 1-4.


Replay on Sun. 12th Dec. at Spa: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-8; Desmonds ‘B’ 0-6.

Seldom do replays live up to the standard set in the drawn encounter, but that game was certainly the exception. Laune Rangers, forced to take the field without three of the selected team, made light of the setback, and of the conditions, to take an early lead and hang on for the entire game. The spirit of the side, which had been evident throughout the year, was once again the dominant feature of that game. The team wore a new playing strip and, after the game, the club presented each player with his jersey of the day.

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Tommy Woods, Seamus O Shea, James O Shea, James O Shea (Shanara), Pat Pigott, Gene Evans (capt.), Declan Crowley, Michael O Reilly, Pa Foley, Frank Walsh, Jerome O Regan, Teddy Clifford, John O Dwyer, Pat Horgan, Harry Carey. Subs: John Hurley, Michael O Sullivan, John Foley (Reen), Liam Healy, John Sheehan (Glencuttane), Gerard O Shea, Edward Stack, John Galvin and Michael O Shea (Rangue).

AIB Killorglin gave £50 sponsorship towards the purchase of a set of jerseys for that final and that was matched with a similar amount from Bank of Ireland.

Laune Rangers – Co. Club ‘B’ Champions 1982

Laune Rangers – Co. Club ‘B’ Champions 1982
Front: Dan Carey (Selector), Declan Crowley, Seamus O Shea, Frank Walsh, Pat Pigott, Teddy Clifford, Gene Evans (capt.), Harry Carey, Patrick Horgan, Michael O Shea (Selector).
2nd Row: Liam Healy, John Foley, Gerard O Shea, James Coffey (Selector).
Back: Brian O Shea, James O Shea (Shanara), John Sheehan (Glencuttane), Tommy Woods, James O Shea (Caragh Lake), Michael O Sullivan, Edward Stack, John Galvin, Jerome O Regan, Pa Foley, Jerry Foley, Michael O Reilly. Missing – John O Dwyer & John Hurley.


Co. Football League Div. 4B

The following teams participated: Lispole ‘B’, Desmonds ‘C’, Glenbeigh ‘B’, Sneem ‘B’, Desmonds ‘B’, Laune Rangers ‘B’, Dingle ‘B’, Keel ‘B’, Valentia ‘B’, Austin Stacks ‘C’, Dr. Crokes ‘B’ and Spa ‘B’.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-7; Austin Stacks ‘B’ 1-5.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 4th April at Valentia: Valentia ‘B’ 1-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-3.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 18th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-7; Keel ‘B’ 0-6.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 9th May at Spa: Spa ‘B’ 1-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-8.

Rd. 6 on Fri. 28th May at Currow: Desmonds ‘C’ 0-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-8.

Rd. 7 on Sat. 12th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-11; Lispole ‘B’ 0-3.

Rd. 8 on Sun. 27th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-5; Gneeveguilla ‘B’ 1-10.

Rd. 9 on Sun. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ beat Glenbeigh ‘B’.

Rd. 10 on Sun. 5th Sept. at Dingle: Dingle ‘B’ 1-5; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-8.

Rd. 11 on Sun. 26th Sept. at Killarney: Dr. Crokes ‘B’ 4-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-3.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd Oct. at Castleisland: Desmonds ‘B’ v Laune Rangers ‘B’.

Play-off on Sat. 13th Nov. at Tralee: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-12; Desmonds ‘B’ 2-8.

The game was played in Artic weather conditions. The Rangers were behind by 2-3 to 0-0 after nine minutes of play but played with great heart for the remainder of the game to pip the Castleisland boys.

Quarter-final on Sun. 28th Nov. at Currow: Brosna 2-4; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-6.

Leading by 0-2 to 0-1 after playing into a strong sun and against the wind in the first half, Laune Rangers went into a 1-4 to 0-1 lead early in the second half. However, an amazing penalty award to Brosna put them back into the game and, in the end, the depleted Rangers just failed to equalise. Rangers were short seven of their regular squad and, of those, there was no excuse for the absence of at least three. It was a pity that the team was let down at that stage as, had the club been notified, the panel could have been strengthened.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship

Laune Rangers received a bye to the semi-final.


Semi-final on Sun. 11th July at Milltown: Glenbeigh 1-8; Laune Rangers 1-7.

That Glenbeigh/Laune Rangers clash never got off the ground and it provided little excitement. It was easily the poorest game between the sides in many years and lacked real championship bite. Rangers were very lucky to get off so lightly and yet, at the end of the game, there was only a kick of the ball between the sides.

Had Glenbeigh lost, it would have been more their own fault than of anything contributed by their opponents. They were wide from close-in frees, messed around with a few more and had a penalty kick saved. However, their real worth was shown after the restart when, within three minutes, Owen O Riordan allowed a harmless-looking lob from Frank Russell drop over his shoulder into the net. That goal gave Laune Rangers the lead for the first time, having trailed by 0-4 to 0-2 at the interval, and they also had wind advantage. But Pat Sheahan rose to the occasion at midfield and rallied Glenbeigh with three points. Peadar O Sullivan then scored a great goal to leave his side ahead by 1-7 to 1-3 with a quarter of an hour to go. It took Laune Rangers a long time to reorganise its midfield that had been so much on top for most of the first half. To their credit, however, they fought back to narrow the gap to a point but they were struggling too much in attack to set up the equalising score.

The pre-match switch of Anthony Shannon to fullback and John Evans to left-full, backfired so much that the usually sound and reliable defence was often cut to ribbons and, but for the fine covering of Paudie Sheahan and Teddy Clifford in the halfback line and the solid work of John Clifford, Glenbeigh would surely have had a much more comfortable win.

Michael F. O Shea and Joe Shannon formed the best Laune Rangers midfield pairing, but their lapse after the interval proved fatal and only James Sheehan, John Griffin and, at times, Frank Russell looked capable of getting the vital scores.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, John Clifford, Anthony Shannon, John Evans (0-1), Seamus O Shea, Paudie Sheahan, Teddy Clifford, Michael F. O Shea, capt. (0-1), Stephen Russell, Joe Shannon, Pa Foley, James Sheehan (0-4), John Griffin, Frank Russell (1-1), Pierce Prendiville.

Glenbeigh: Owen O Riordan, Mike O Grady, Mike Breen, Pat O Grady, Michael O Shea, John Griffin, Pat O Riordan, Pat Sheahan (0-3), Donie O Sullivan (0-1), Mike Moriarty, Donal Griffin, Peadar O Sullivan (1-0), Gerard O Connor (0-2), Denis Griffin (0-1), Kevin Griffin (0-1).


Final on Sun. 22nd Aug. at Killorglin: Beaufort 2-4; Glenbeigh 0-6.

After the game, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, James Coffey, presented the Kennedy Cup to the winning captain, Dr. Brendan Lynch.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 28th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-8; Glenbeigh 1-4.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 7th March at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine scr; Laune Rangers w/o.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 14th March at Beaufort: Beaufort 0-8; Laune Rangers 0-8.

Rd. 4 on Wed. 7th April at Killorglin; Laune Rangers v Keel.

Semi-final on Sat. 24th April at Milltown: Laune Rangers 0-4; Beaufort 0-3.

The good attendance got plenty to cheer about in a tough encounter. The tackling was hard and the marking close, so close in fact that the forwards on either side got little or no time to get rid of the ball. As a result, little fancy stuff was seen.

The first fifteen minutes passed without a score. Then Paudie Lynch pointed a free from close-on fifty metres and, three minutes later, his brother, Brendan, was on target with another free. John O Dwyer narrowed the gap with a point for Laune Rangers in the twenty-first minute but John O Connor restored his side’s two-points’ lead with a score in the twenty-third minute. Just on halftime, Frank Russell cut through for a fine point to leave Beaufort ahead by 0-3 to 0-2.

On the resumption, Beaufort did a lot of pressing but the Laune Rangers’ defence was unbeatable and, as time wore on, the Killorglin midfield pairing began to hold the balance of power. Pierce Prendiville punched the equaliser in the forty-third minute and, five minutes later, James Sheehan kicked the winner from a twenty-five metres’ free.

All six of Laune Rangers’ backs were heroes for keeping Beaufort scoreless in the second half. Michael F. O Shea and Frank Russell fought a see-saw struggle at midfield with Paud Lynch and Dan Coffey. In the Laune Rangers’ attack, Pierce Prendiville, John O Dwyer, James Sheehan and Joe Shannon looked dangerous when in possession but they found the going really tough in their efforts to penetrate for scores.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, John Clifford, John Evans, Anthony Shannon, Seamus O Shea, Paudie Sheahan (0-1, free), Teddy Clifford, Michael F. O Shea, Frank Russell (0-1), Joe Shannon, Pierce Prendiville (0-1), James Sheehan, John O Dwyer (0-1), Stephen Russell, Anthony Corkery.

Beaufort: Kieran Breen, Derry Coffey, D.D. O Sullivan, Simon O Sullivan, Patie Hartnett, Donie Hartnett, Frank Coffey, Dan Coffey, Paudie Lynch (0-1, free), Brendan Lynch (0-1), Bernie Coffey, John O Connor (0-1), Timmy Hartnett, Donal Courtney, John Coffey.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Final on Sat. 2nd Oct. at Milltown: Glenbeigh 1-10; Laune Rangers 0-10.

A very disappointing crowd turned up for that game but those that stayed away missed what was easily the best game in Mid-Kerry for quiet some time. It was a fast and exciting contest with plenty of good football and some great individual performances. Indeed, it brought back memories of some of the great games between those two sides in former years.

Glenbeigh won the toss and elected to play with the aid of a fairly strong wind. They were two points ahead after five minutes and Laune Rangers opened their account with a point in the sixth minute. Despite fairly even exchanges at midfield, Glenbeigh were making full use of their scoring chances and, taking full advantage of the wind, they went into a five points’ lead (0-6 to 0-1) at the end of the first quarter. Then came a Glenbeigh goal from the penalty spot. Mike Moriarty was tackled by Laune Rangers’ fullback, John Evans, as he was about to shoot and both players fell to the ground. The referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty and Mike Breen gave goalkeeper, Peter Lyons, no chance with the spot-kick. Many felt that the decision to award the penalty was harsh, as John Evans did not seem to play the man, but the referee was close to the action and his decision stood. Rangers rallied from the set-back to score two points but Glenbeigh had the final score of the half to lead by 1-7 to 0-3 at the break. Just before the short whistle, a player from each side was sent to the line following a flare-up between several players.

Laune Rangers were quick into the attack on the resumption and reduced the deficit by a point. However, Glenbeigh were quick to reply with a similar score. Rangers were then almost completely on top at midfield and had five points before Glenbeigh replied with five minutes to go. In that period, both sides displayed some great attacking flair but poor finishing, close to goals, ruined some great movements. Glenbeigh were lucky in the forty-seventh minutes, when Mike Breen got in the way of a Pierce Prendiville pile-driver and the ball, which had goal written all over it, was deflected for the ‘45’.

That was a much improved Laune Rangers side and the display gave much hope for the future. A tactical error in playing Jerome O Regan as a third midfielder probably cost the side the game. Firstly, it left Glenbeigh’s fullback, Mike Breen, have a field day. Secondly, the Rangers’ mentors never allowed for the fact that Frank Russell was lording it at midfield and did not need any assistance. That was Frank Russell’s best game for Laune Rangers for a long time and how well the team responded! He got good assistance from Frank Walsh. The Rangers’ halfback line of Teddy Clifford, Michael F. O Shea and Stephen Russell played extremely well, but the fullback line was far from steady. Peter Lyons, in goals, had his line well covered. In attack, Joe Shannon had a magnificent second half and Pierce Prendiville gave a great display on the ‘40’. His distribution of the ball often split the opposing defence. James Sheehan played well, also, being unlucky with some of his efforts, while one felt that the introduction of Joe Crowley to the attack was left a little too late. A feature of the game was the fine place-kicking of Joe Shannon.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, John Clifford, John Evans, Paudie Sheahan, Teddy Clifford, Michael F. O Shea (0-1), Stephen Russell, Frank Russell (0-1), Frank Walsh (0-1), Joe Shannon (0-4), Pierce Prendiville, Anthony Shannon, James Sheehan (0-1), Jerome O Regan (0-1), John Horgan. Subs: John Griffin for J. Horgan, Joe Crowley (0-1) for A. Shannon.

Glenbeigh: Owen O Riordan, Donal Griffin, Mike Breen (1-0, pen.), Raymond O Sullivan, Mike O Shea, Pat O Riordan, Pat O Grady, Neilie O Sullivan, Pat Sheahan, Mike O Grady, Donie O Sullivan (0-2), Peadar O Sullivan (0-3), Kevin Griffin (0-1), Denis Griffin (0-2), Mike Moriarty (0-1). Sub: Gerard O Connor (0-1) for R. O Sullivan.

Ref: Tom Keane (St. Mary’s).


1981 Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup


Final replay on Sun. 25th July at Milltown: Glenbeigh 0-10; Laune Rangers 0-6.

Glenbeigh confirmed their championship win over Laune Rangers in convincing fashion. The game was played in sweltering heat, which affected the pace of the game. However, it was a livelier game than that produced by the sides in the championship, with victory going to the fitter side.

Laune Rangers played very well in the opening quarter but the forwards blew away numerous chances of points by persistently looking for goals, a commodity that Glenbeigh were not going to give away too easily. It took Rangers seventeen minutes to score, a point per Pierce Prendiville, which was also the first score of the game. A minute later, Frank Russell fielded well at midfield and raced through to kick a fine point. Glenbeigh, who were foiled by an alert Peter Lyons in the tenth minute, suddenly came to life and, with Denis Griffin moving to the ‘forty’ from full-forward, they began to outmanoeuvre the Rangers’ defence and, but for the master-covering by Joe Crowley and Gerry Coffey and good goalkeeping by Peter Lyons, Glenbeigh would have a more comfortable lead at the interval than the 0-4 to 0-2 that they enjoyed.

Laune Rangers set to work immediately after the resumption, with the aid of the wind, and, after thirteen minutes, they were a point ahead and looked good. But then for some reason or another, they seemed to relax or run out of pace and the last quarter belonged to Glenbeigh. They introduced Mike Moriarty to the side and he completely outran a succession of opponents to kick two fine points.

There could be no denying that victory belonged to the better team but midfield lapses caused their mentors some anxiety and if Laune Rangers had been able to press home the advantages that came their way, Glenbeigh would certainly have paid for those lapses. Laune Rangers were again a big disappointment and were going through a lean time. The team seemed to tire at a vital stage in the game and that would suggest a lack of fitness. Six of the team played in a tough U-21 Championship game on the previous Friday and that had reduced their stamina for that game. However, too many of the side were slow off the mark, giving the opposition an easier chance of possession.

Peter Lyons was outstanding in goals and the fullback line, despite after having to deal with with an extra man, covered themselves in glory and it was no fault of John Clifford, Gerry Coffey or Joe Crowley that the Rangers suffered that defeat. The halfback line was non-existent at times. Joe Shannon, at midfield and earlier at half-forward, played well. Michael F. O Shea did some good things at midfield as did Frank Russell, but both failed to last the pace. In the attack, James Sheehan ruined some good play by overplaying the ball while his brother, John, got plenty of possession and was unlucky not to have goaled on two occasions. Overall, the side sadly lacked the services of Anthony Shannon, John Evans and Teddy Clifford.


1982 Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup


Semi-final on Sun. 10th Oct. at Keel: Laune Rangers 3-20; Milltown/Castlemaine 3-5.

Final on Sun. 19th Dec. at Keel: Glenbeigh 1-7; Laune Rangers 0-6.

Glenbeigh retained the O Sullivan Cup by fighting hard to hold out against a handy Laune Rangers team in terrible weather conditions. However, despite the conditions, both sides served up some good football, played in a sporting manner. Glenbeigh scored a goal midway through the first half, when only a point separated the sides. They led by 1-6 to 0-2 at halftime.

In the second half, Rangers badly missed an accurate place-kicker, because they missed enough frees to have won back the cup.

After that game, one of the selectors blamed the officers of the club for the poor turnout of players. That was, at best, an ill-conceived excuse for losing the game and an insult to all concerned. It was an insult to the players’ intelligence to expect them to believe that the officers would get involved in the selection of the team. It was an insult to the other selectors because it was common knowledge that one selector’s opinion did not reflect the beliefs of all the selectors. It was an insult to the officers, who were the innocent people in that episode. Those officers had been in situ for many years and had never neglected their duties, as had been suggested, nor had used the club for ulterior motives, as had also been suggested. The accusations were obviously made by one, who had been frustrated by the lack of success in finding a winning combination and, instead of being objective about the matter, sought to blame others for the failure.


Mid-Kerry Novice Championship

Players who had played in the previous year’s Co. Senior Football Championship were ineligible to play in that competition. Laune Rangers received a bye to the semi-final.


Semi-final on Sun. 2nd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-3; Glenbeigh 4-8.


Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Championship

That was a new competition for players who had not played in the previous year’s Mid-Kerry Senior Championship. Laune Rangers entered two teams – Laune Rangers ‘B’ (Cromane) and Laune Rangers ‘C’. The competition was played on a league basis between Beaufort ‘B’, Glenbeigh ‘B’, Keel ‘B’, Laune Rangers ‘B’ and Laune Rangers ‘C’.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 8th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ beat Beaufort ‘B’ by one point.

Rd. 2 on Tues. 15th June at Keel: Keel ‘B’ lost to Laune Rangers ‘B’

Fri. 18th June at Rossbeigh: Glenbeigh ‘B’ 3-3; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-7.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 20th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-5; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-7.

Rd. 1 on Thurs. 24th June at Keel: Keel lost to Laune Rangers ‘C’.

Rd. 4 on Tues. 29th June at Beaufort: Beaufort 0-1; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 1-14.

Rd. 4 on Sat. 24th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-5; Glenbeigh ‘B’ 1-5.

Semi-final on Sat. 2nd Oct. at Milltown: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 1-12; Glenbeigh 1-7.


Final on Sun. 14th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-6.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ (Cromane) had reached the final undefeated and were confident of victory. The J.P. O Sullivan Park was opened specially for the game, which had attracted a huge following. The game was played in Artic conditions, with hailstones falling before and during the game. However, it lived up to all expectations. The pitch was in excellent condition and the game was played in a sporting manner throughout. In the end, it was the experience of Rangers ‘C’ that enabled them to pull through.

The winners played with a strong up-field wind in the first half and they dominated the play for long periods, but scores were hard to come by due to the impregnable Cromane defence. Liam Hayes was outstanding and he got great assistance from Pat Sugrue, Michael Healy, Michael Teahan and Jimmy O Neill. Rangers ‘C’ had a slight advantage at midfield, with Michael O Reilly outstanding, although Noel Foley and Frank Walsh worked hard for Cromane. It was the attack that left Cromane down in that half, with Ciarán O Callaghan the only forward to impress. The roving tactics of full-forward, Patsy Joy, played into the hands of the ‘C’ team’s fullback, James O Shea, who dominated the game from his own halfback line and threw Cromane back in defence several times.

The second half, apart from sporadic periods, belonged to Cromane, with Tomás Hayes playing the proverbial ‘blinder’ at centre halfback. Time out of number, he won possession in the air and had the ‘C’ team defence under constant pressure. Indeed it was only two tremendous saves by John Hurley in the last eight minutes that prevented the title from going to the ‘seaside’. At that stage, Michael O Reilly asserted himself again at midfield for the ‘C’ team to score the insurance point. Just on the call of fulltime, a tremendous shot by Cromane’s Pádraig McMahon went over the bar for a point when a goal looked on.

Best for Laune Rangers ‘C’ were John Foley, John Sheehan, Gene Evans, Pat Pigott, John Hurley, Brian O Shea, James O Shea, Michael O Reilly, Paudie Healy and veterans Pat Horgan and Michael O Shea. Laune Rangers ‘B’ (Cromane) were best served by Patsy Joy, Michael McCarthy, Liam and Tomás Hayes, Michael Healy, Pat Sugrue, Michael Teahan, Jimmy O Neill, Frank Walsh, Noel Foley and Ciarán O Callaghan. They sorely missed the services of John Sugrue (fullback) and James Foley (half-forward).

Laune Rangers ‘C’: John Hurley (Gurrane), Brian O Shea (Laharn) capt., James O Shea (Caragh Lake), Declan Crowley (Market St.), Pat Pigott (Laune View), Gene Evans (Reeks’ View), John Sheehan (Glencuttane), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen), James O Shea (Shanara), Patrick Freeman (Langford St.), Paudie Healy (Lower Bridge St.), Liam Healy (AIB), Michael O Sullivan (Bog House), Pat Horgan (Keelcoulacht), Michael O Shea (Rangue). Sub: John Foley (Reen), Edward Stack (AIB) and John Galvin (Keelcoulaght).

Laune Rangers ‘B’ (Cromane): Michael McCarthy, Pat Sugrue, Liam Hayes, Michael Healy, Michael Teahan, Tomás Hayes, Jimmy O Neill, Frank Walsh, Noel Foley, Ciarán O Callaghan, Harry Carey, Donie McKenna, John Teahan, Patsy Joy, Pádraig McMahon. Subs: Terence McCarthy, Billy O Neill, D. McCarthy, G. Teahan, Austin Shaughnessy.

Ref: Jerome Conway.

After the game, the ‘B’ Championship Trophy was presented to Brian O Shea, the winning captain, by the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, James Coffey. The man-of-the-match award was sponsored by Clifford’s Tavern, Killorglin and the trophy was presented by Stephen Clifford to Tomás Hayes.

Celebrations by the Laune outside Coffey’s Bar 1982

Celebrations by the Laune outside Coffey’s Bar 1982
Front: Michael O Donnell, Edward Stack, Harry Carey, Gene Evans (capt.), James Coffey (Selector), Dan Carey (Selector), Thomas Evans.
Back: Michael O Sullivan, Patrick McInery, Brian O Shea, Michael O Reilly, Pat Horgan, Frank Walsh, John Foley, Patsy Joy, John Galvin, James O Shea, Pat Pigott, Tommy Woods.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Championship Runners-up 1982

Laune Rangers ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Championship Runners-up 1982
Kneeling: Terence McCarthy, Jimmy O Neill, Michael Teahan, Donie McKenna, Michael Healy, John Teahan, Padraig McMahon, Harry Carey, Billy O Neill.
Standing: D. McCarthy, G. Teahan, Liam Hayes, Tomás Hayes, Michael McCarthy, Patsy Joy, Ciarán O Callaghan, Frank Walsh, Noel Foley (capt.), Austin Shaughnessy, Pat Sugrue.Front: Michael O Donnell, Edward Stack, Harry Carey, Gene Evans (capt.), James Coffey (Selector), Dan Carey (Selector), Thomas Evans.
Back: Michael O Sullivan, Patrick McInery, Brian O Shea, Michael O Reilly, Pat Horgan, Frank Walsh, John Foley, Patsy Joy, John Galvin, James O Shea, Pat Pigott, Tommy Woods.

Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Final 1982

Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Final 1982
Noel Foley (Captain Laune Rangers ‘B’ Team), Jerome Conway (Referee), Brian O Shea (Laune Rangers ‘C’ Team).

Dan Carey and James Coffey. Laune Rangers ‘C’ Team Selectors 1982

Dan Carey and James Coffey.
Laune Rangers ‘C’ Team Selectors 1982

Senior Football Parish League

There were six teams and each game was of forty minutes duration. After the preliminary rounds, there were two semi-finals (1v4 and 2v3). The games were played in Jim Galvin’s field at Keelcoulaght. Each team nominated a referee as follows: Laharn – Joe Crowley, Mountain View – Liam Shannon, Over Laune – Jerome Conway, Town – Denis O Neill, Caragh Lake – Pat O Shea, Cromane – Frank Walsh/Patsy Joy.


Laharn: Joe Crowley, Tommy Woods, Brian O Shea, Harry Carey, Patsy Joy, Maurice Corkery, John Griffin, John Hurley, John Foley, Donal Hurley, Michael O Shea, Johnny Healy, Pat Diggin, Jerry Horgan and Danny Healy.

Mountain View: Anthony Shannon, Joe Shannon, James Sheehan, John Horgan, John Sheehan, Pat Horgan, James O Shea, Martin Clifford, Michael Sweeney, John Galvin, Frank Russell, Mike Murphy, Tom O Connor, Liam Clifford and Pat Grandfield.

Over Laune: John Evans, Gene Evans, John Clifford, Stephen Russell, Pat Pigott, Jerome O Regan, Donal Pigott, Liam Healy, Edward Stack, Roy Evans, Pat Lynch, John Foley (Reen), Tommy Foley (Reen), Michael Foley (Reen).

Town: Paudie Sheahan, John O Dwyer, Pa Foley, Pierce Prendiville, Dodo Sheahan, James Foley, Peter Lyons, Florence Leen, Dominic Crowley, Declan Crowley, Paudie Healy, Patrick Freeman, Jerry Houlihan, Pa O Grady and Declan Falvey.

Caragh Lake: Michael F. O Shea, Seamus O Shea, James O Shea, Teddy Clifford, Gerard O Shea, Michael O Reilly, Padraig O Shea, Michael O Shea, Gene Ahern, Michael O Sullivan, Terence O Shea, Mike Hassett, Noel O Mahony, Johnny O Shea.

Cromane: Tomás Hayes, Liam Hayes, James Foley, Noel Foley, John Sugrue, Pat Sugrue, Michael McCarthy, Ciarán O Callaghan, Michael Healy, John Teahan, Jimmy O Neill, Donie McKenna, Frank Walsh.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th Oct. at 3.00pm: Caragh Lake 0-13; Cromane 0-7. Ref: Joe Crowley.

Rd. 1 on Mon. 25th Oct. at 1.30pm: Mountain View 2-9; Laharn 1-6. Ref: Denis O Neill.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 31st Oct. at 1.30pm: Cromane 1-9; Town 1-4. Ref: Pat O Shea.

At 2.30pm: Caragh Lake 3-5; Laharn 3-3. Ref: Liam Shannon.

At 3.30pm: Mountain View 1-10; Over Laune 1-4. Ref: Frank Walsh.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 7th Nov. at 1.30pm: Caragh Lake 2-7; Over Laune 2-4. Ref: Frank Walsh.

At 2.30pm: Mountain View 1-7; Town 2-4. Ref: Jerome Conway.

At 3.30pm: Laharn 1-6; Cromane 0-6. Ref: Liam Shannon.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 21st Nov. at 11.00am: Cromane v Mountain View. Ref: Patsy Joy.

At 12.00 noon: Caragh Lake v Town. Ref: Jerome Conway.

At 1.00pm: Over Laune v Laharn. Ref: Frank Walsh.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 26th Dec. at 1.30pm: Caragh Lake v Mountain View. Ref: Denis O Neill.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 26th Dec. at 2.30pm: Town beat Over Laune. Ref: Liam Shannon.

Rd. 5 on Mon. 27th Dec. at 1.30pm: Town 3-8; Laharn 0-2. Ref: Jerome Conway.

At 2.30pm: Cromane beat Over Laune. Ref: Tommy Woods.

Semi-final on Sun. 2nd Jan. 1983: Mountain View 2-5; Cromane 1-4. Ref: Jerome Conway.

Semi-final on Sun. 23rd Jan. 1983: Caragh Lake 2-5; The Town 1-4.

That game was played in terrible conditions. Ref: Jerome Conway.


Final on Sun. 6th Feb. 1983 at Keelcoulacht: Mountain View 0-10; Caragh Lake 1-6.

That game was played in ‘Páirc Uí Ghealbháin’, Keelcoulacht, before a fine attendance. Few had expected Mountain View to win, as Caragh Lake, following their semi-final win over the Town, had been installed as favourites. However, a wonderfully disciplined display saw the Shannons (Anthony and Joe), the Sheehans (James and John) and the Horgans (Pat and John) pilot their side to a fine win. At one stage, Caragh Lake were six points in arrears but fought back to draw level with only three minutes remaining. However, Mountain View held their nerves and secured the winning point in the dying seconds amidst great excitement. That was one of the best Parish League finals ever. Outstanding for Mountain View, as well as the above mentioned, were Frank Russell, Michael Sweeney, Tom O Connor, Jimmy Hannon and Mike Murphy. Best for Caragh Lake were the O Shea’s, Michael ‘Fox’, James, Michael Francis, Gerard and Seamus, Frank O Dwyer, Teddy Clifford, Noel Doyle, Mick O Connell, Jerry Foley and Michael O Reilly. One had to marvel at the spirit of veterans Mike Hassett, Caragh Lake, and Mike Murphy, a former Caragh Lake player then with Mountain View. Those players neither looked for nor gave any quarter in a hard-fought encounter. They set a fine example for the younger players.

Referee Denis O Neill made a significant contribution to the game by allowing play to continue and ignoring petty fouls. After the game, Laune Rangers Club Chairman, James Coffey, presented the Parish League Shield to Frank Russell, captain of Mountain View.

Mountain View: John Galvin (Keelcoulacht), Anthony Shannon (Mountain View), Mike Murphy (Iveragh Park), Tom O Connor (Ardmoniel), Martin Clifford (Glencuttane), James Sheehan (do.), Michael Sweeney (Mountain View), Frank Russell, Joe Shannon (Mountain View), John Sheehan (Glencuttane), James O Shea (Shanara), Jimmy Hannon (Mountain View), Liam Clifford (Glencuttane), Pat Horgan (Keelcoulacht), John Horgan (do). Sub: Martin Clifford (Mountain View).

Caragh Lake: Mick O Connell (Rangue), Noel Doyle (do.), James O Shea (Caragh Lake), Frank O Dwyer (do.), Seamus O Shea (Rangue), Michael F. O Shea (do.), Mike Hassett (Caragh Lake), Jerry Foley (Rangue), Gerard O Shea (do.), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea (Rangue), Timothy Doyle (Rangue), Pat Joe O Mahony (Caragh Lake), Gene Ahern (Caragh Lake), Michael O Sullivan (Bog House). Sub: Teddy Clifford (Muingaphouca), Terence O Shea (Ballycleave).


Senior Football Challenge Games


Sun. 31st Jan: Kerins O Rahillys beat Laune Rangers by the narrowest margin.

Sun. 14th Feb. at Ballyvourney: Ballyvourney lost to Laune Rangers.

That was a rugged and explosive challenge game.

Sun. 7th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-6; St. Mary’s 2-4.

Sun. 14th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-8; Cromane 1-2.


Co. U-21 Football Championship

Coach/Trainer – Jerome Conway.


Rd. 1 on 22nd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers drew with South-Kerry.

Replay on Tues. 13th July at Waterville: South-Kerry 0-6; Laune Rangers 0-6.

2nd Replay on Fri. 23rd July at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-6; South-Kerry 1-5.


Quarter-final on Tues. 17th Aug. at Austin Stack Park: John Mitchels 3-7; Laune Rangers 1-3.

The team contained players such as Anthony Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Seamus O Shea, Joe Shannon, Pierce Prendiville, John Griffin, John Sheehan, Brian O Shea, Paudie Healy, John Hurley, James O Shea (Shanara), Michael O Reilly, John Sheehan (Glencuttane) and Pat Pigott.


U-21 Football Challenge Games


Sun. 13th June at Castleisland: Desmonds v Laune Rangers.

Tues. 15th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v John Mitchels.


Co. Minor Football Championship

The Laune Rangers minor team commenced training on Sat. 13th March under Liam Shannon (Trainer).


Rd. 1 on Tues. 6th July at Milltown: Mid-Kerry lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Tues. 27th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to Castleisland

Laune Rangers Panel: Noel Doyle, Donal Hurley, Florence Leen, Terence O Shea, James O Shea, Michael O Reilly, Tomás Hayes, Gerard Murphy, Ciarán O Callaghan, Fergal O Shea, Brian O Sullivan, Tommy Foley, Johnny Healy, Martin Clifford, Con Counihan, Michael Scannell, Pat Diggin, Jimmy Hannon, Martin Clifford (Mountain View).


Co. Minor Final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Tralee: Spa/Glenflesk 1-6; Castleisland 0-4.


Co. Minor Football League

There were two groups:

Group ‘A’: Laune Rangers, St. Marys, Legion, Milltown/Castlemaine/Keel, Kenmare and Dr. Crokes.

Group ‘B’: John Mitchels, Kerins O Rahillys, Dingle, Austin Stacks, Listowel and St. Brendan’s.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 6th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v St. Mary’s.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 9th April at Milltown: Laune Rangers drew with Dr. Crokes.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 12th April at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Fri. 16th April at Killarney: Kenmare 3-6; Laune Rangers 2-4.

Rd. 5 on Fri. 23rd April at Killarney: Legion 3-6; Laune Rangers 2-8.

Laune Rangers did not progress to the semi-finals.


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Fri. 7th May at Milltown: Laune Rangers 6-13; Keel 0-3.

Semi-final in mid-July: Laune Rangers w/o; Beaufort scr.

Final on Fri. 6th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-9; Glenbeigh 0-5.

Laune Rangers; Martin Clifford (Mountain View), Johnny Healy (Tullig), Donal Hurley (Gurrane), Padraig O Shea, Rangue (Capt), Jimmy O Neill (Cromane), James O Shea (Shanara), Florence Leen (Upper Bridge St.), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Tomás Hayes (Cromane), Brian  O Sullivan (Cromane), Ciarán O Callaghan (Cromane), Terence O Shea (Ballycleave), Tommy Foley (Reen), Jerry Horgan (Laharn),  Noel Foley (Cromane). Subs: Con Counihan (Sunhill), Pat Diggin (Laharn), Michael Moriarty (Caragh Lake), Michael Scannell (Gurrane), Jimmy Hannon (Mt. View).


Minor Football Challenge Games


In March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-6; Fossa 3-6.

Only twelve players showed up for that game.

Fri. 18th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Kerins O Rahillys.


Co. District Boards’ U-16 Championship

That was a new competition for District Board teams. Mid-Kerry was composed of players from Laune Rangers, Milltown/Castlemaine and Glenbeigh. The District Boards that took part in the inaugural competition were East-Kerry, Kenmare, Castleisland, Tralee, West-Kerry, St. Brendan’s and Mid-Kerry. Mid-Kerry received a bye to the semi-finals.

Coach/Trainer and sole selector – Jerome Conway.


Semi-final on Sat. 25th Sept. at Tralee: Mid-Kerry 3-1; Castleisland 1-3.


Final on Sat. 9th Oct. at Currow: East-Kerry 2-14; Mid-Kerry 1-4.

East-Kerry were much too strong for Mid-Kerry in that game. The opening quarter was even enough, with the scores at 0-2 to 0-1. Then East-Kerry midfielders took control and helped their team to a 1-7 to 0-1 interval lead. Mid-Kerry tried hard during the second half but could make little impression on the physically stronger opposition. Mid-Kerry were best served by Podge Leen, Liam Burke, Austin Stack, Michael Moriarty and Tommy Geary.

Mid-Kerry: Podge Leen (Milltown/Castlemaine), Diarmuid O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Bertie Griffin (Milltown/Castlemaine), Liam Burke (do.), Austin Stack (Laune Rangers), J. Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Paud Hogan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Morgan Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Fergal O Shea (Laune Rangers), Brian O Sullivan (do.), Paul Moriarty (Glenbeigh), Gabriel Gallagher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Tommy Geary (Laune Rangers), Michael Moriarty (do.), Timmy Joe Horgan (Milltown/Castlemaine). Sub: Timmy Teahan (Milltown/Castlemaine), John O Mahony (Glenbeigh), Noel Doyle (Laune Rangers), Danny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Gabriel Gallagher (Milltown/Castlemaine), John O Shea (Laune Rangers).

East-Kerry: Donal O Connor (Rathmore), J. Myers (Fossa), Cathal O Callaghan (Dr. Crokes), D. Burke (Legion), T. O Leary (Legion), Pat Coughlan (Rathmore), D. Foley (Dr. Crokes), John Galvin (do.), John O Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Pádraig Murphy (Rathmore), Richard Nolan (do.), Anthony McAuliffe (Spa), Pat O Shea (Dr. Crokes), Noel O Leary (do.), J. Doyle (Fossa). Subs: P. Doherty (Glenflesk), L. O Connor (Legion), P. O Donoghue (Spa). Team Manager – Donie O Leary (Dr. Crokes).

Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).


Co. U-16 Football Championship

The U-16 team commenced training on Sun. 28th Feb. under Jerome Conway (Trainer). Laune Rangers were grouped with Dr. Crokes, Legion and Kenmare.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 7th July at Kenmare: Kenmare lost to Laune Rangers.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 14th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 5-6; Dr. Crokes 2-8.

Laune Rangers played against a strong breeze in the first half and gave Dr. Crokes a five points lead. Pat O Shea, who was in charge for the day, made some changes and the team clicked and the teams were on level terms at halftime (2-3 each).

Laune Rangers: Pat McKenna (Steelroe), Joe Kennedy, Pat McKenna (Lonart), Shane O Sullivan, William Joy, Dermot Clifford, Sean O Connor, Richard O Connor, Eoin Mangan, Ronan O Shea, Patrick Brennan, Paul O Sullivan, Andrew Doona, Michael Moriarty, Timmy Fleming. Subs: Robert Evans (late arrival), Kenneth O Sullivan, Mossy O Grady, Brian Costello. Kieran O Keeffe was sick and unable to play. Gerard Casey was absent.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 21st July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-8; Legion 5-5.


Final: Austin Stacks beat Laune Rangers easily. Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).

Laune Rangers Panel: Patrick McKenna (Lonart), Noel Doyle, John O Shea (Lonart), Austin Stack, Tommy Geary, Martin Joy, Fergal O Shea, Bobby Foley, Brian O Sullivan, Patrick Freeman, Gerard Clifford, James Foley, Pádraig McMahon, Dermot Clifford, Eoin Mangan, Richard O Connor, Michael Moriarty, Andrew Doona and Michael Fleming. Gerard Murphy had broken a bone in his ankle and was unable to play, depriving the team of its most influential player.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 17th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 2-3; Laune Rangers 3-6.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 27th March at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 0-3; Laune Rangers 1-6.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 3rd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 8-5; Keel 3-5.

Rd. 4 on Sat. 10th April at Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune Rangers.

Final on Sun. 16th May in Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-13; Glenbeigh 1-1.

Laune Rangers: Michael Fleming, Eoin Mangan, Noel Doyle, Dermot Clifford, Austin Stack, John O Shea, Tommy Geary, Fergal  O Shea, Richard  O Connor, Michael Moriarty, Andrew Doona, James Foley, Brian O Sullivan (capt), Michael Brosnan, Gerard Murphy. Subs: Gerard Clifford (Caragh Bridge), Patrick Brennan, Sean O Connor, Joe Kennedy, Martin Joy, Anthony O Sullivan (Iveragh Park), Ronan O Shea, Kieran O Keeffe, William Joy..


U-16 Football Challenge Games


Sun. 7th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Madden (Co. Armagh).

Laune Rangers won narrowly. Twelve Armagh juvenile teams had been hosted in Kerry over that week-end and Co. Senior players visited them during their games with the host clubs on Sunday morning. Paudie Lynch visited the Killorglin contingent. Malachy McGeeney (Armagh) and Jerome Conway were the organisers.

Wed. 14th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Kerins O Rahillys.

Wed. 21st April at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys v Laune Rangers.

30th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v New Haven Gaelic Football Club (USA).

Unfortunately, with a few minutes to go, Gerard Murphy broke a bone in his ankle.

Sun. 15th Aug. the Laune Rangers U-16 team was treated to a trip to the All-Ireland Semi-final in Croke Park, Kerry v Armagh, in appreciation of their fine commitment during the year. The following players travelled: Brian O Sullivan, Patrick McKenna, Michael Moriarty, Tommy Geary, Gerard O Leary, Andrew Doona, Michael Brosnan, Martin Joy, Michael Fleming, John O Shea, Dermot Clifford, Patrick Clifford, Anthony O Sullivan, Noel Doyle, Patrick Brennan, James Foley, Eoin Mangan and Austin Stack.


Co. U-15 Ogsport (Football)

That was a seven-a-side competition and the county winners travelled to Gormanstown, Co. Meath to play in the All-Ireland series. In Kerry, each team paid £10 entry fee and the money collected was given to the team travelling to Meath. The competition was sponsored by New Ireland Insurance.

Sat. 19th June: Castleisland-Mid-Kerry-Kenmare organised their group games in Castleisland. Laune Rangers came out on top and progressed onto the semi-finals in Tralee.

Semi-final on Sat. 3rd July in Tralee: Dr. Crokes beat Laune Rangers.

Dr. Crokes went on to represent Kerry in Gormanstown, where they were beaten in the semi-final by one point by Fethard, Co. Tipperary.


Co. U-14 Football Championship

The U-14 team commenced training on Sat. 27th Feb. under Frank Walsh. Laune Rangers were grouped with Dr. Crokes, Legion and Kenmare.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 26th May at Killarney: Dr. Crokes beat Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers Panel: Shane Mulvihill, Fergus O Meara, Patrick McKenna, John Byrne, Kieran O Keeffe, Paul O Sullivan, Ronan O Shea, Patie Casey, William Joy, Shane O Sullivan, Robert Evans, Timothy Fleming, Paul Griffin, Mark O Connor, Michael Cronin, Maurice O Shea, John F. O Brien, Gerard Curran, Paul O Shea.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 2nd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Kenmare.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 9th June at Killarney: Legion 0-8; Laune Rangers 0-4.


Co. Final on Mon. 28th June in Killorglin: Austin Stacks 3-3; Dr. Crokes 1-3.

Ref: Bart Moriarty (Laune Rangers).


Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship


Final at the end of Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers 0-8; Glenbeigh 0-6.

Laune Rangers: Shane Mulvihill, Fergus O Meara, William Joy, Bertie O Riordan, Paul McKenna, Kieran O Keeffe, James O Shea (Lonart), Ronan O Shea, Timmy Fleming, Patie Casey, Mossy O Grady, Shane O Sullivan, Robert Evans, Michael Cronin, Paul Griffin. Subs: John F. O Brien, Maurice O Shea, Pat McKenna, John Byrne, Paul O Sullivan, Mark O Connor.


U-14 Football Parish League

There were four teams, the captains being Ronan O Shea, Kieran O Keeffe, Timothy Fleming and William Joy.

After five rounds, Timmy Fleming had qualified for the final.

Rd. 6 on Fri. 30th April: Ronan O Shea beat William Joy.


Finals on Sun. 9th May:

‘A’ Final (for the Clifford/Curtin Trophy): Ronan O Shea 2-9; Timmy Fleming 2-4.

The issue was in doubt until the closing stages when a late goal and a point by Maurice O Shea secured the trophy for his team.

‘B’ Final: Kieran O Keeffe beat William Joy.

The winners had to withstand a strong second half challenge before taking the honours.

Stephen Clifford sponsored the medals for the competition.


U-14 Football Challenge Games


Sun. 13th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat St. Oliver Plunkett’s, Dublin.

The Dublin team had been hosted by the Laune Rangers players in their homes for the weekend. After the game, Frank Walsh, trainer, was presented with a beautiful plaque to mark the occasion by Paddy O Toole, Oliver Plunkett’s manager. The Dublin boys greatly praised the hospitality accorded them.


Co. Community Games Football (U-13)

Coach/Trainer – Noreen Murphy.

At Currow: Killorglin w/o; Currow scr.

Quarter-final on Sun. 16th May at Glenflesk: Kenmare 1-9; Killorglin 0-1.


U-13 Football Challenge Game

Thurs. 13th May at Clounalour, Tralee: Austin Stacks 3-9; Laune Rangers 3-9.


Co. U-12 Football Championship

The U-12 team commenced training on Tues. 9th March under Pat O Shea. Laune Rangers were grouped with Dr. Crokes, Legion and Kenmare.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 14th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-11; Legion 0-2.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 21st April at Kenmare: Kenmare 0-5; Laune Rangers 0-10.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 28th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 6-7; Dr. Crokes 4-3.

Semi-final on Wed. 12th May at Fossa: Laune Rangers 4-6; Kerins O Rahillys 2-5.


Final on Wed. 19th May: Austin Stacks 3-7; Laune Rangers 2-3.

An early goal by Laune Rangers shook the Stacks. However, they fought back to lead at halftime by 1-5 to 1-0. Numerous attacks were launched on the Rangers’ goal in the first ten minutes of the second half but the Killorglin boys stood firm. However, the tide could not be held back forever and the Stacks eventually got through for the vital scores.

Laune Rangers Panel: Sean Fenton, Brian O Keeffe, Tommy Byrne, Pádraig Lynch, Timothy Knightley, Mark O Sullivan, Frankie Brennan, John Cronin, Billy O Sullivan, Patrick Curran, Terence McCarthy, Eoin Joy, Timothy Corkery, Patrick Costello, Timothy Jones, Bernard O Sullivan, Timothy Linehan, Patrick Cahillane. Ref: Dan O Sullivan (Currow).

For the final, Laune Rangers were missing Tommy Byrne, Mark O Sullivan and Terence McCarthy through injury. The players and parents were treated to a surprise party on arrival home by the Ladies’ Committee.


Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship


Final at the end of August at Milltown: Laune Rangers 3-2; Glenbeigh 0-6.

Laune Rangers: Pa Costello, John Cronin, Brian O Keeffe, Timothy Knightley, Pa Murphy, Sean Fenton (capt.), Pádraig Lynch, Ian Murphy, Kevin Galvin, Frankie Brennan, Gerard Costello, Pat Curran, Michael Lynch, Sean Moriarty, Billy O Sullivan.


U-12 Football Challenge Games

In March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ beat Kerins O Rahillys by 3 points.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’ by one point.

Laune Rangers ‘C’ v Kerins O Rahillys ‘C’.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football

Laune Rangers Primary Schools’ Competition.

The competition was for teams of ten-a-side. There were eight teams Cromane (2 teams), Glounaguillagh, Douglas and four teams from Scoil Mhuire (with Tommy Byrne, Frankie Brennan, Ian Murphy and John Byrne as captains).

Scoil Mhuire ‘B’: Tommy Byrne (capt.), Padraig Lynch, Gerard Clifford, Bernard O Sullivan, Eoin Joy, Billy Dermody, Raymond McCarthy, Enda Foley, Ivor Falvey, Patrick Cahillane, Jason Griffin, Padraig O Sullivan, Kieran Moriarty, John Clifford, Gerard O Mahony, Donncha Dermody, Edward O Brien, Eoin O Sullivan, Robert Kennedy.

Scoil Mhuire ‘C’: Frankie Brennan (capt.), Patrick Costello, Mark Murphy, Billy O Sullivan, Danny O Sullivan, John O Donnell, Nigel Reidy, Gene Cahillane, Brian Curtayne, Paul Curtayne, Michael Lynch, Lloyd Fitzpatrick, Alan Fitzpatrick, Michael O Connor, Adrian O Connor, Brian Kissane, Frankie Murphy, Rory O Connor, Ivor Ferris.


Sun. 21st March: Cromane ‘A’ 6-14; Tommy Byrne 1-1.

Ian Murphy 6-2; Glounaguillagh 4-5.

Douglas 3-9; Frankie Brennan 2-4.


Sun. 28th March: Cromane ‘A’ beat John Byrne.

Tommy Byrne beat Cromane ‘B’.

Ian Murphy beat Frankie Brennan.

Douglas 2-3; Glounaguillagh 2-1.


Finals on Sun. 25th April:

‘A’ Final (Patsy Foley Cup) – Cromane ‘A’ 3-6; Douglas 3-2.

That was a repeat of the previous year’s final. Drama started before the game when the Douglas captain and star player, Ronan Diggin, was forced to cry off due to injury. That had a demoralising effect on the Douglas players in the first half and Cromane led at halftime by 2-4 to 1-1. Douglas made a shrewd move at halftime by bringing on John Sweeney (Steelroe) to counteract the effectiveness of the tall Cromane fullback, John O Sullivan. On the resumption, Cromane scored a point but Douglas struck back by scoring 2-1 without reply to tie the scores. Play swung from end to end amidst a welter of excitement. The teams were still level with five minutes remaining, but then Cromane struck for a goal and a point to run out deserving winners. Highlights of the game were the duels between Patie Casey (Cromane) and Kevin Galvin (Douglas) and between Bertie O Riordan (Cromane) and Pat Curran (Douglas). Honours in both cases were equally shared.

Cromane ‘A’: Patie Casey, Bertie O Riordan, John O Sullivan, Paul McKenna, Tadhg Hayes, John Clifford, Terence McCarthy, Michael Clifford, Joe Sweeney, Brendan Teahan. Coach – Patsy Joy.

Douglas: Tony Teahan, Brian O Keeffe, Brian Mangan (Dromin), Joe Hoare, Kevin Galvin (Steelroe), Patrick Curran, Sean Sheehan, Ronan Diggin, Nessan Diggin, Gerard Costello, Timothy Corkery, Robert McCormack, Kevin Sweeney. Coach – Bertie Houlihan.

Ref: Jerome Conway.


‘B’ Final – Scoil Muire ‘A’ (Ian Murphy) 4-3; Scoil Mhuire ‘B’ (Tommy Byrne) 1-2.

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’: Ian Murphy, Paudie Foley, Pat Cahillane, Mark O Sullivan, Kevin Corkery, Patrick Costello, Jens Bacham, Billy O Sullivan, Padraig Lynch, David O Reilly.

Scoil Mhuire ‘B’: Tommy Byrne, Adrian O Connor, Nigel Reidy, Sean Moriarty, Ivor Falvey, Gerard Foley, Pa Murphy, Gerard Clifford, Paudie O Shea, Timmy Linehan, Dominic Jones.

Ref: Denis O Neill.


‘C’ Final – Glounaguillagh 3-2; Scoil Mhuire ‘C’ (Frankie Brennan) 0-3.

Glounaguillagh: J.P. Naughton, John Naughton, Gerard Naughton, Sean Fenton, Adrian Hassett, John Foley, Michael O Connor, John F. O Brien, Niall Moriarty, Timothy Knightley, John Kelliher and Stephen Kelliher.

Scoil Mhuire ‘C’: Frankie Brennan, Eoin Joy, Laurence Hogan, Timothy Jones, Bernard O Sullivan, Daniel O Sullivan, Billy Dermody, Dan Horgan.

Ref: Bertie Houlihan.


‘D’ Final – Scoil Mhuire ‘D’ (John Byrne) 9-9; Cromane ‘B’ 1-0.

Scoil Mhuire ‘D’: John Byrne, John Cronin, Timothy O Connor, Kevin Heffernan, Enda Foley, Alan Moroney, Ivor Melia, John Paul cahillane, John Linehan, Timothy O Shea.

Cromane ‘B’: Brendan Corkery, John Joe O Sullivan, Kevin O Shea, Nicholas King, John King, Fionán McCarthy, Denis O Riordan, Michael McGillycuddy, Tom McGrath, Stephen Casey, John Conway, Patrick Conway.

Ref: Bart Moriarty.

After the games, the trophies and medals were presented to all the players by Pat O Shea.

At the subsequent club meeting, James Coffey, Chairman, thanked all concerned with the schools’ league. He appreciated that there was no hassle by parents and that the players accepted defeat manfully. Pat O Shea thanked the referees. He said that there was no substitute for school leagues. He complimented the Secretary, Jerome Conway, for looking after the four teams in the Town school. He also congratulated the Kerryman on its coverage of the finals.


Mid-Kerry Primary Schools’ Competition.

Laune Rangers entered seven teams, Cromane, Douglas, Glounaguillagh, and four teams from Killorglin N.S. There were three competitions, two teachers’ schools (7-a-side), three teachers’ schools (9-a-side) and four teachers’ schools (15-a-side).

Finals on Sun. 6th June at Killorglin:

Three Teachers’ Schools; Group ‘A’ – Glounaguillagh, Boheeshill, Kilgobnet and Douglas.

Group ‘B’ – Castledrum, Scoil Mhuire ‘D’ and Fybagh.

Glounaguillagh (Coached by Noel O Mahony) beat Kilgobnet.

Four Teachers’ Schools; Group ‘A’ – Scoil Mhuire ‘A’, Cullina, Milltown and Castlemaine.

Group ‘B’ – Cromane, Scoil Mhuire ‘B’, Glenbeigh and Scoil Mhuire ‘C’.

Cromane (Coached by Patsy Joy) beat Scoil Mhuire ‘C’.

The Laune Rangers’ referees that officiated at those games were Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Bart Moriarty and Denis O Neill.


Munster/All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ Championship

Replay on Mon. 22nd Feb. at Kilrush: Clare 2-6; Kerry 1-15 (After extra time).

James O Shea (Shanara) played at left fullback and Michael O Reilly at centre halfback. The team was coached by Eoin Liston.


Final on Sun. Sun. 28th Feb. at Killarney: Kerry 3-4; Cork County 0-4.

Michael O Reilly lorded matters at midfield in the second half. Towards the end, he sent another ball into the Cork square and big James O Shea was waiting to powerfully fist the ball to the net.

Kerry: Tim Cronin (Rathmore), Anthony Barrett (Causeway), Niall Kiely (Killarney), Joe Kelliher (Tralee), Michael Scanlon (Listowel), Donal Hurley (Laune Rangers), John O Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Michael O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Timmy O Sullivan (Kenmare), Paudie Griffin (Listowel), Mike O Shea (Kenmare) 1-1, James Cronin (Dr. Crokes) 0-2, Paul Doyle (Causeway) 1-1, James O Shea (Laune Rangers) 1-0, Michael Fitzgerald (Tralee). Subs: Brendan Guiney (Listowel) for P. Griffin, Andrew Sheehan (Rathmore), Pat Sheahan (Glenbeigh), G. Hurley (Tralee), C. O Connor (Tralee), J. Falvey (Tralee), J. Brosnan (Killarney), M. Enright (Causeway), Richard Nolan (Rathmore).


Semi-final on Sat. 3rd April at Moneygall: Kerry 0-7; Dublin 0-3.

Donal Hurley played at centre- halfback, Michael O Reilly at midfield (whence he scored 0-3 from frees), and James O Shea played at left full-forward. At midfield, Michael O Reilly and his partner, Timmy O Sullivan, did Trojan work to contain the power of the Dublin minor duo, Tommy Conroy and Joe Hayes. In the first half, Michael Fitzgerald sent in a powerful shot that was beaten out by the Dublin goalkeeper to James O Shea, who shot to the net but he was adjudged to have been within the small parallelogram before the ball and the score was disallowed. Midway through the second half, James Cronin sent in a long kick that was collected by James O Shea, who rounded his man but shot just outside the post. Donal Hurley had a sound game and made many important interceptions and block-downs.


Final on Sun. 25th April at Killarney: Kerry 2-4; Mayo 1-9.

The dream of winning the title looked all the more likely after just ninety seconds, when James O Shea of Laune Rangers caught a long ball on the fourteen yards’ line and hammered a shot to the net. But after that things began to go downhill for the team. Mayo had an extremely strong midfield and Michael O Reilly and Timmy O Sullivan got little support from their halfbacks and half-forwards, as the Mayo players snatched up most of the breaks in that sector. The only forwards to impress were Mike O Shea (Kenmare) and James O Shea. In defence, Donal Hurley did an awful lot of good work, under extreme pressure, including one magnificent goal-line save.

Kerry: Tim Cronin, Anthony Barrett, Niall Kiely, Joe Kelliher, Michael Scanlon, Donal Hurley, John O Donovan, Michael O Reilly (0-3, frees), Timmy O Sullivan, James Cronin, Mike O Shea (1-0), Michael Fitzgerald, Paul Doyle, Paudie Griffin, James O Shea (1-1).


Kerry U-17 Vocational Schools’ Championship

In March at Kenmare: Kenmare V.S. 1-7; Killorglin V.S. 1-8.

Killorglin (the holders) were lucky to survive a strong second-half onslaught by Kenmare. The winners dominated the first half and some fine scores by corner-forward Brian O Sullivan enabled them to lead at halftime by 1-6 to 1-1. Mike O Shea led the Kenmare fight-back in the second half.


Kerry Vocational Schools’ Senior Football (South)

Wed. 13th Oct. at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Killarney V.S. 3-9; Killorglin V.S. 1-8.

Two goals midway through the second half enabled Killarney to win that entertaining game. The first half was fairly evenly-contested. Brian O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) pointed a free for Killorglin but Pat O Shea (Dr. Crokes) replied with two points for Killarney and they had a goal from Noel O Leary (Noel O Leary) in the twelfth minute. An improvement at midfield, where Tommy Evans (Keel) played particularly well, brought Killorglin more into the game and resulted in three good points by Michael Moriarty (Laune Rangers) to leave the score at halftime 1-3 to 0-5.

Two quick points on the restart by Paud Hogan (Milltown/Castlemaine) and James Courtney (Listry) put Killorglin in front but Killarney replied with two points by Pat O Shea. A defensive error enabled Noel O Leary to score his second goal and a further goal by Peter Spillane put the issue beyond doubt. Killarney had points by Noel O Leary (2) and Alan O Connor. Michael Moriarty scored a goal near the end. Best for Killorglin were Tommy Evans, Paul Moriarty, Michael Moriarty and Andrew Boyle. Scorers for Killorglin were Michael Moriarty (1-3), Brian O Sullivan (0-2), James Courtney (0-1), Paud Hogan (0-1), Michael Fleming (Laune Rangers) 0-1.


Wed. 20th Oct. at Rossbeigh: Killorglin V.S. 5-12; Cahersiveen/Waterville V.S. 2-4.

Scorers for Killorglin, who led by 2-7 to 1-1 at halftime, were Noel Foley, Laune Rangers (2-1), Michael Moriarty (1-1), Brian O Sullivan (0-4), Tommy Evans (1-0), Michael Fleming (0-2), T. J. Horgan (0-1), Gerard Casey, Laune Rangers (0-1), Andrew Boyle (0-1), Pat Diggin, Laune Rangers (0-1).


Mon. 1st Nov. at Fossa: Killarney V.S. 2-17; Killorglin V.S. 4-11 (AET).


Mon. 8th Nov. at Fossa: Killarney V.S. 2-3; Killorglin V.S. 1-2.

Pat O Shea opened the scoring with a goal. Brian O Sullivan replied for Killorglin. Pat O Shea and Pat Diggin exchanged points to leave the halftime score at 1-1 each. Despite atrocious weather conditions, the pitch was in fine shape and Killarney adapted better in the second half. Pat O Doherty added a second goal for Killarney and Tim Moloney scored a point. Killorglin battled away but, despite some fine play by Pat Diggin, Michael Moriarty and Tommy Evans, they could only manage one other point from Michael Moriarty.

Killorglin: Timmy Teahan (Milltown/Castlemaine), J. Courtney, Paul Moriarty, Martin Joy (Laune Rangers), Bertie Griffin, Andrew Boyle, J. Courtney, Pat Diggin (0-1), Tommy Evans, Paud Hogan, Michael Moriarty (0-1), Michael Fleming, Brian O Sullivan (1-0), Noel Foley, T.J. Horgan.

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).


Play-off on Tues. 23rd Nov. at Fossa: Rathmore V.S. 2-9; Killorglin V.S. 3-5 (AET).

Rathmore, the holders, survived a dramatic play-off match, which necessitated extra-time to decide the issue. The game produced some fine patches of football, despite the heavy going following overnight rain. Rathmore seemed to be in a strong position at halftime when they led by 2-4 to 1-0. Pat McCarthy and Richard Nolan had scored the goals for Rathmore. Killorglin’s only reply in that half was a Pat Diggin goal.

On the turn-over, a rejuvenated Killorglin team staged a dramatic comeback, thanks to a further goal by Pat Diggin after eleven minutes and only two points separated the teams midway through the second half. Richard Nolan and Brendie O Connor stretched Rathmore’s lead but a goal from Paud Hogan in the twenty-seventh minute, followed by a point by Tommy Evans, had the teams level at the final whistle (1-7 to 2-4).

The heavy going took its toll in extra-time and Richard Nolan had the only point in the first period. Brian O Sullivan had the equaliser for Killorglin on the restart. Ger Looney was the hero for Rathmore with a fine point with only four minutes remaining. Killorglin fought hard for the equaliser but a free in the dying moments of the game went narrowly wide.

Scorers for Killorglin – Pat Diggin (2-2), Paud Hogan (1-0), Brian O Sullivan (0-2), Tommy Evans (0-1). Best for Killorglin – Paul Moriarty, Pat Diggin, Noel Foley and Tommy Evans.

Ref: Dan Moynihan (Legion).


Co. Intermediate Hurling Championship


Rd. 1 on Tues. 27th July at Killorglin: Killorglin beat Corca Dhuibhne.

Rd. 2 at Killorglin on Sat. 7th Aug: Killorglin 4-7; Ballinclogher 4-5.

It was level playing for most of the first half until Killorglin began to gain superiority in the final ten minutes and ran into a three points lead, 1-5 to 1-2. The second half began with the visitors taking advantage of some slackness in the Killorglin defence to score a goal, which put the sides level. The North-Kerry side then began to move and further major scores had the Killorglin hurlers in trouble. They reduced the deficit by one point and, moving into the last fifteen minutes, were five points behind. With great heart, the home boys stormed back with two goals and went into a one point lead. That lead did not last for long, however, as Ballinclogher replied with another goal. Going into the final four minutes, Killorglin found themselves again in arrears by two points. However, their courage had not deserted them and they replied bravely with a point and then a goal to clinch the issue.

Quarter-final on Sat. 28th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin v Kilgarvan.


Co. Senior Hurling League Div. 3


Rd. 1 on Wed. 7th July at Killorglin: Killorglin v Ladies Walk.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 14th July at Killorglin: Killorglin v Killahan.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 21st July at Killorglin: Killorglin v St. Brendan’s ‘B’.

Rd. 4 on Wed. 28th July at Lixnaw: Ballinclogher v Killorglin.

Rd. 5 on Wed. 4th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin v Crotta ‘B’.

Rd. 6 on Wed. 11th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin v Shannon Rovers.


Co. U-16 Hurling Championship

That competition was played on a league basis. There were three groups and Killorglin was grouped with Kenmare and Austin Stacks.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 11th July at Killorglin: Killorglin beat Kenmare.

Rd. 2 on Thurs. 15th July at Tralee: Austin Stacks lost to Killorglin.

Semi-final on Sat. 4th Sept. at Tralee: Killorglin beat Crotta O Neills.

Final at the end of Sept: Causeway 5-9; Killorglin 2-2. Ref: Timmy Carmody (St. Brendan’s).

The loss of Gerard Murphy, through injury, was too great for that final.


Co. U-15 Hurling Championship

That competition was played on a knockout basis. It was conditioned and players, except the goalkeepers, were not allowed to handle the ball.


Quarter-final on Mon. 25th Oct at Killarney: Kenmare 3-0; Killorglin 1-3.


Co. Féile na nGael (U-14 Hurling)

There were three groups. Killorglin was grouped with Austin Stacks and Kenmare.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 10th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 5-1; Austin Stacks 4-0.

Killorglin: M. Hannafin, Barry Lynch, Timmy Fleming, Mark Murphy, Tommy Byrne, Kieran O Keeffe (1-0), Shane O Sullivan, Ronan O Shea (2-0), Gerard Brick, Ian Murphy, John Byrne, Paul Griffin (1-1), T. O Connor, Pat Hannon (1-0), Gerard Kennedy.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 24th April at Kenmare: Kenmare beat Killorglin.

Quarter-final on Sat. 8th May at Tralee: Ballyduff beat Killorglin.


Co. U-14 Hurling Championship

That competition was played on a knockout system.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 16th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin lost to Ballyheigue.


Co. U-12 Hurling Championship

That competition was played on a knockout system.


Thurs. 2nd Sept. at Killorglin: Killorglin lost to Austin Stacks.


All-Ireland U-16B Hurling Championship


Challenge on Sat. 13th March in Cork: Na Piarsaigh 3-10; Kerry 2-4.

Kerry: Martin Conway (Lixnaw), Tom Qulter, Patrick O Mahony (Ballyheigue), Brendan Courtney (St. Brendan’s), John Curran (Kilmoyley), James McCarthy (Crotta), Patrick Curran (St. Brendan’s), Timmy Lawlor (Kilmoyley), Gerard Murphy (Killorglin), John O Neill (Kilmoyley), Jimmy Barron (Ballyduff), Paddy Harty (Ballyheigue), Rory O Connell (Austin Stacks), Mike Crowley (St. Brendan’s), Sean Ryan (St. Brendan’s). Sub: Liam O Connor (St. Brendan’s) for R. O Connell, Anthony O Connor (Causeway) for S. Ryan, Tom Godley (Kilmoyley) for J. Barron, Eamonn Tuohy (Kenmare), Michael Kerins (St. Brendan’s), Noel Quinlan (Crotta).


Semi-final on Sat. 24th July at Thurles: Kerry 4-8; Wicklow 3-5.

Kerry were best served by Seamie Sheehan, Mike Crowley, Gerard Murphy, John O Neill and Liam O Connor.

Kerry: Mike Hennessy (Ballyduff), Tom Quilter, Pat O Mahony (Ballyheigue), A. O Connor, John Curran (Kilmoyley), James McCarthy (Crotta), Mícheál Kerins (St. Brendan’s), Seamie Sheehan (Causeway) 2-2, K. O Connor, P. Harty, D. Mahony, Martin Conway (Lixnaw) 0-1, Liam O Connor (St. Brendan’s), Mike Crowley (do.) 1-3, Gerard Murphy (Killorglin) 0-1. Sub: John O Neill (1-1) for L. O Connor, Richard O Connor (Killorglin), Vincent Hearne (do.).

Gerard Murphy broke a bone in his leg and was unable to play in the final in Croke Park, which Down won by 7-8 to 3-0. Richard O Connor and Vincent Hearne were substitutes on the team.


Munster U-16 District-Board Hurling League


Rd. 1 on Sat. 3rd April at Kilbrin: Duhallow 0-2; North-Kerry 4-9.

Joe Kennedy and Richard O Connor were substitutes.


Munster U-21 Football Championship

Team trainer – Tom Prendergast (Keel).

Trial game on Sat. 21st April at Tralee: South-Kerry/Mid-Kerry v East-Kerry/Kenmare.

Anthony Shannon, Joe Shannon and Paudie Sheahan were the Laune Rangers players on duty.

Trial game on Sat. 22nd May in Killarney: ‘A’ v ‘B’.

Joe Shannon played at right half-forward on the ‘A’ team. Anthony Shannon played at left half-back on the ‘B’ team.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 9th July at Askeaton: Limerick 1-8; Kerry 1-16.

Joe Shannon played at right half-forward in a good forward line.


Semi-final on Sun. 1st Aug. at Killarney: Kerry 2-10; Tipperary 0-7.

Anthony Shannon played at right halfback and Joe Shannon scored a point from right half-forward. Paudie Sheahan was a substitute.


Final on Thurs. 5th Aug. in Páirc Uí Chaoimh: Cork 2-12; Kerry 0-4.

That was Cork’s fourth title-in-a-row. It was a very turbulent game and the referee’s indecision did not help. At one stage, Joe Shannon was booked for punching Pat Buckley, who had kicked him from behind, yet Buckley was not booked. Kerry, having played against the breeze in the first half, only trailed by 0-6 to 0-3 at the interval but, on the resumption, they conceded a silly penalty. A long, high ball was played into the Kerry square. Pat Sheahan punched it away from Ephie Fitzgerald of Cork to Paudie Sheahan, Laune Rangers, who started to solo the ball away when John  Higgins (Kerry) charged in about five seconds too late and sent Fitzgerald crashing to the ground.

Kerry: Richard O Brein (Legion), Davy Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), Mike Crowley (Austin Stacks), Pat Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Paudie Sheahan (Laune Rangers), John Higgins (John Mitchels), John Murphy (Gneeveguilla), Ambrose O Donovan (do.), Timmy Dowd (John Mitchels), Liam Kerins (Austin Stacks), Tommy Spillane (Templenoe) 0-1, Joe Shannon (Laune Rangers), Willie O Connor (Desmonds), Willie Maher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Mike McAuliffe (Spa) 0-3. Subs: John T. O Sullivan (Renard) for J. Higgins, Seamus Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s) for J. Shannon, Tom Sheehy (Ballylongford), Brian Looney (Dr. Crokes), Greg O Donnell (Kerins O Rahillys), Tommy Parker (Dr. Crokes), Tim O Sullivan (Kilgarvan). Anthony Shannon (Laune Rangers) was injured and unable to play.

Cork: John Kerins, Michael Lynch, Colman Corrigan, Niall Cahillane, M. Hannon, M. Burns, Pat Buckley, Tom Ross, Tony Leahy (0-1), Dave Barry (0-2), Eoin O Mahony (0-4), M. Connolly, T. O Sullivan (1-0), Ephie Fitzgerald (1-3), John Cleary (0-2). Subs: P. O Driscoll for M. Connolly, A. O Connor for E. O Mahony.

Ref: Ray Moloney (Limerick).


National Football League 1981/’82


Sun. 31st Jan. at Austin Stack Park, Tralee: Kerry 1-11; Offaly 0-8

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Jimmy Deenihan, John O Keeffe, Mick Spillane, Paudie O Shea, Tim Kennelly, Pat Sheahan, Jack O Shea, Sean Walsh, Ambrose O Donovan, Ogie Moran, Tommy Doyle, Ger Power, Eoin Liston, John Egan. Subs: Mikey Sheehy, Tommy Spillane, Johnny Doyle, Joe Shannon, Tom O Connell, Tommy Sheehy, Ger Lynch, Bernard O Sullivan, Mikey Keane, Ger O Driscoll.


Sun. 7th Feb. at Killorglin: Kerry 0-6; Armagh 1-5.

Joe Shannon was a substitute.

Sun. 21st Feb. at Tuam: Galway 0-7; Kerry 1-7.

Joe Shannon was a substitute.

Sun. 28th Feb. at Killarney: Kerry 0-5; Cork 0-4

Kerry: C. Nelligan, Ger O Keeffe, J. O Keeffe, M. Spillane, P. O Shea, T. Kennelly, Vincent O Connor, J. O Shea, S. Walsh, Ger Power, T. Doyle, Joe Shannon, G. O Driscoll, E. Liston, J. Egan. Subs: J. Deenihan, A. O Donovan, P. Sheehan, T. Spillane, J. Doyle, Diarmuid O Donoghue, Ger Lynch.

Playoff on Sun. 7th March at Killarney: Kerry 0-5; Cork 0-12.

Joe Shannon was a substitute.


Ladies Football

National Football League

Sun. 23rd May at Dolla, Co. Tipperary: Kerry 5-3; Cavan 1-8.

That victory put Kerry, the holders, into the final.

Kerry: Hilda O Leary, T. Horgan, Martina Walsh, Nora Foley, Margaret Dohery, Lil Horgan, Siobhan Leen, Annette Walsh, M. Lawlor, Marina Barry, Sheila Twomey, Mai Lombard, M. Flaherty, Ann Callaghan, Kay Carr. Subs: Jacqueline McGillycuddy, K. McElligott.


Kerry won the League.




Paddy Buggy, Cill Coinnigh, was elected Uachtarán CLG.

James Coffey was on the Kerry delegation to Annual Congress, which was held in Kilkenny.


Donal O Sullivan, Corcaigh, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Donie Nealon, Tiobrad Árainn, was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley, Ciarraí, was Treasurer. James Coffey was on the Kerry delegation to the Munster Convention, which was held in Dungarvan.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney on Sun. 23rd Jan. The following officers were elected: President – Mícheál Ó Ruairc, Chairman – Frank King 151 votes (Bernie O Callaghan 56), Vice-Chairman – Sean Kelly 126 votes (Tom McCarthy 76, Liam Sayers 53), Secretary – Gerald Whyte 108 votes (Anthony O Keeffe (101), PRO – Denis P. O Sullivan 168 votes (Tom Fitzgerald 41), Oifigeach na Gaeilge – Derry Murphy 127 votes (Seán de Brún 79), Youth Officer – Jerome Conway, Joint-Treasurers – Murt Galvin and James Coffey; Delegates to Munster Council – Michael O Connor and Dave Geaney; Delegate to Central Council – Gerald McKenna.

Senior Selection Committee – Mick O Dwyer, Liam Higgins, Joe Keohane, Pat O Shea and Eddie O Sullivan.

Minor Selection Committee – Buddy O Grady (98 votes), Donie O Leary (88), Paudie Herlihy (85), John Bambury (81), all elected, Joe Langan (79), Eric Murphy (79), Michael Price (75), Ollie Kerins (60). As there was a tie for fifth place, a second vote was required between those two contestants in which Joe Langan won by 64 votes to 62.

Arising out a successful motion by Dr. Crokes to the Annual Convention a separate U-21 Selection Committee was elected as follows – Tom Prendergast, Keel (106), Paudie O Shea, Waterville (81), George McAuliffe, Milltown/Castlemaine (76), Donie Sheehan, Dr. Crokes (70), Paddy Gallagher, Valentia (66), all elected, John Murphy (Gneeveguilla) 65, Euge Devane, Lispole (50), Niall McEnery 57, Frank Wallace (Ardfert) 29.


At the Co. Board meeting on 9th Feb. in the Pavilion, Austin Stack Park, Tralee, following a motion from Glenflesk, ‘That the structure of the District Boards be examined by a sub-committee of the Co. Board,’ a sub-committee was set up for that purpose as follows: Frank King, Gerald Whyte, Gerald McKenna (Chairman), Dave Geaney, James Coffey, Sean Kelly, Jerome Conway, John Bambury, Justin Kidney (Secretary) and Liam Sayers.


As Chairman of Bord na nOg, Jerome Conway served on the GPC of the Kerry Co. Board, which also consisted of Murt Galvin (Chairman), James Broderick (Rúnaí), Padraig Lynch, Richie Williams, Jack Harrington, Timmy Carmody and Derry Murphy.

Pat O Shea was Vice-Chairman of Bord na bPáirc, which also consisted of Michael O Connor (Chairman), Cormac O Leary (Rúnaí), Frank King, Gerald Whyte, Sean O Neill, Vincent Carmody, Donal Kelliher, Michael O Donovan and Denis McCarthy.


Bart Moriarty was the Secretary of the Co. Referees’ Committee. Weeshie Fogarty, Tom Brennan, Martin Hayes, Jerome Conway and Noel O Connor were guests of the Munster Council at a function in Feb. in Cahir, Co. Tipperary. They received special presentations for services rendered during 1981.


Jerome Conway, as Co. Youth Officer, attended the Youth Conference on 6th/7th Nov. at Our Lady of Sion Centre, Ballinteer, Co. Meath.


The Annual Convention of Co. Bord na nOg was held in the Pavilion, Austin Stack Park on Mon. 18th Jan. The Chairman, Jerome Conway, in his address, paid tribute to the hard work of all his fellow officers and he was glad to report that the financial side of the Board was in good shape due mainly to the success of the Co. Final programme. He paid special tribute to the work of the outgoing PRO, Sean O Dowd, and he emphasised that clubs should make accounts of matches and the lists of players available for publication. He also referred to the setting up of a separate Club na nOg in each club, ‘for the benefit of the underage teams and to ensure that they are properly catered for.’ He said that particular attention should be paid to the U-16 teams for, without them, minor and senior teams could not be strong. The following officers were elected; Chairman – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers), Vice-Chairman – Joe Linnane (Ballydonoghue), Hon. Secretary – Tom O Connor (Lixnaw), Fixtures’ Secretary – Derry Sheehan (Desmonds), Hon. Treasurer – Matt Flaherty (Austin Stacks), Registrar – Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels), PRO – Eamonn O Sullivan (Desmonds), Auditors – Willie Griffin and Bernie O Connor. GPC members – John Michael McCarthy (St. Brendan’s), Patsy Cremin (Spa) and Donie O Sullivan (Na Gaeil).

At the Co. Bord na nOg meeting on Tues. 4th May, the Chairman, Jerome Conway, announced the date for Annual Church Gate Collection, “It is with the utmost confidence in the goodwill of the clubs towards Bord na nOg Chiarraí that I announce the annual church-gate collection for Sunday 30th May. It will be said that the state of the balance sheet last year was indeed very healthy. This was due in no small way to the fact that the Senior Board granted us the programme for the Co. Senior Football Final, for which we are very grateful. The cost of running the Bord, as you will be aware from your own experience in your own clubs, is escalating each year. The cost of trophies in 1982 will exceed £1,000. As well as the usual grants to the teams going to Féile na nGael and Ogsport Gael, this year we have the mini-Féile, to which three teams are invited, in Offaly. There is also a Féile Peile being organised in Cavan, to which a Kerry team will be going. The All-Ireland Special U-16 Hurling Championship takes place in July and August. When the bills for all these and the administrative costs of running the Board are added together, the total will be pretty sizeable. With this in mind, I urge all clubs in the county to do their part on Sunday. There is no doubt that most clubs make an excellent collection each year and to them we are very grateful. Nevertheless, there are a few clubs who do not contribute and I would exhort them this year to accept their responsibility, so that financial burdens will not prevent the Bord from dispensing its duties. Le gach dea-ghuí, gabhaim buíochas libh go léir. Rath Dé oraibh and ar aghaidh be Bord na nÓg.”


The Annual Convention of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in Beaufort on Tues. 19th Jan. The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1981. The Chairman, James Coffey, in his address, asked the clubs and divisional boards to sit down and examine the whole set-up of the All-Ireland Club Championship. ‘This championship should be open the team that wins the Co. Senior Championship,’ he said. ‘Players in rural areas are being discriminated against. They are denied the chance of playing outside their own county – a privilege only given to those with strong club teams based in highly populated areas, in large towns and cities. The population from which these clubs can select their teams in very much in excess of that from which the vast majority of divisional and group teams can select their teams, not alone in this county but throughout the country.’ He said that the hierarchy of the Association had always been loud in its praise of the rural club and rural players, but when it came to the club championship, they had turned a blind eye. ‘If the game dies in these rural areas, then the Association will suffer irreparable damage,’ he said. The right to take part in the All-Ireland Club Championship would be the injection to give greater life to group and divisional teams.’ He appealed to all clubs to table motions for county convention in 1983, so that they could be put before Congress that year. He hoped that when the Association celebrated its centenary, all club, group and divisional teams would be on the same level where the All-Ireland Club Championship was concerned.

Turning to the local scene, he appealed to the clubs for greater co-operation where the Mid-Kerry teams were concerned. He congratulated the various area winners and the Mid-Kerry U-21 team and trainer, George McAuliffe. Concluding, he paid tribute to the late Paddy Foley, Killorglin, describing him as an outstanding and loyal Gael. Other tributes to the late Paddy Foley were paid by Tom Lynch and Murt Kelly, (Beaufort).

The Treasurers, George Evans and Maurice Harmon, reported a slight loss on the year’s activities.

The following officers were elected: President – Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Chairman – James Coffey (Laune Rangers), Vice-Chairman – Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Hon. Secretary – Maurice Harmon (Laune Rangers), Joint Hon. Treasurers – Maurice Harmon (Laune Rangers) and George Evans (Keel), Delegate to Co. Board – Willie Barton (Keel), PRO – James Coffey. It was decided to run the Minor Championship on the same system as the Senior Championship and to streamline the league.


The minutes of six Mid-Kerry Board meeting are available, mostly of the fixture-making variety.

At the Board meeting on Thurs. 25th March, it was decided, as there had been a surplus of funds, clubs involved in development should get a grant on a once-off basis. (Laune Rangers received £60).

At the Board meeting in April, it was decided to inaugurate a league competition for clubs’ second senior teams.


The minutes of twenty-six Laune Rangers Club meetings are available. The sub-committee reporting system still operated very efficiently.

Social Sub-Committee.(Joe Crowley). The club organised dances in the CYMS Hall as follows:

Fri. 1st Jan. – Reform. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 8th Jan. – Brush Shiels. Stewards – Over Laune. The band was unable to attend due to the heavy fall of snow. A disco was organised, which yielded gross income of £411 (D.J. cost £40).

Fri. 22nd Jan. – Tommy Drennan (£400). Stewards – Upper Town. 230 people attended. Loss cost of advertisement and caretaker.

Fri. 29th Jan. – Cathal Dunne. Stewards – Caragh Lake. Gross takings – £576.

Fri. 5th Feb. – Johnny Logan (£500). Stewards – Lower Town. Admission – £2.50. Gross takings – £700.

Fri. 12th Feb. – Magic (£400). Stewards – Over Laune. Gross takings – £498. Caretaker – £15.

Fri. 19th Feb. – Lucky Numbers (£380). Stewards – Upper Town. Gross takings – £400. Caretaker – £15.

Fri. 26th Feb. – Sandie Duskey (£400). Stewards – Caragh Lake. 104 people attended.

Fri. 5th March – Nevada (£550). Stewards – Lower Town. 233 people attended.

Fri. 12th March – Kerry Blues (£150). Stewards – Over Laune. Gross takings – £185.

Tues. 16th March – Exit (£135). Stewards – Upper Town. Gross takings – £350.

Fri. 19th March – San Bernadino (£250). Stewards – Caragh Lake. Takings – £760.

Fri. 26th March – Clowns (£450). Stewards – Lower Town. Takings – £560.

Fri. 2nd April – Reform (£500). Stewards – Over Laune. Gross takings – £668.

Fri. 16th April – Brush Shiels (£530). Stewards – Upper Town. Gross takings – £1,090.

Fri. 23rd April – Times. Stewards – Caragh Lake. 232 people attended. Net profit – £140.

Fri. 30th April – Danny, Dusky and Starband. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 7th May – American Pie. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 14th May – Tony Stevens. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 21st May – The Crack (£390). Stewards – Caragh Lake. 182 people attended. Loss of £50.

Fri. 28th May – Vienna. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 4th June – Hotpress. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 11th June – Rocky DeValera and the Rhythem Kings. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 18th June – Zen Alligators. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 25th June – Mama’s Boys. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 2nd July – Flint. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 9th July – San Bernadino. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 16th July – Brush Shiels. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 23rd July – Marmalade. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 30th July – The Lookalikes. Stewards – Over Laune. Admission – £3.00.

Fri. 6th Aug. – Reform. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 13th Aug. – Hotpress. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 20th Aug. – The Bogey Boys. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 27th Aug. – The Starband. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 3rd Sept. – Stewards – Upper Town.

Due to the continued bar exemptions in some of the pubs in town, the dances in the CYMS became non-profit making and the weekly dancing was suspended until October. The question of the viability of dancing had been discussed at a few meetings during the year. At the club meeting on Mon. 8th March, Pat O Shea proposed that the club discontinue the practice of booking big bands – cheaper bands from within the county would be booked instead. That was not agreed.

At the club meeting on Mon. 22nd March, after a long discussion, Joe Crowley informed those present that there had been £800 profit from dances for the period 1st Jan. until 19th March. It was decided to continue with the dances until September, when a further review would be held.

At the club meeting on Mon. 29th March, another discussion took place on dancing. Pat O Shea stated that the club should not be out of pocket any night from the dancing. He proposed that, on ‘bad’ nights, the price of the hall, the price of the advertisement and £50 for the club should be deducted from the door takings before the band would be paid. Liam Shannon seconded that proposal. However, after Michael O Shea stated that it was unfair to expect a band to travel and play for nothing, and Joe Crowley informed the meeting that the price of the hall was flexible and that the band prices were flexible to an extent, the proposal was withdrawn. It was felt, however, that certain establishments should be approached and it should be pointed out to them the effect exemptions were having on dances. They were to be asked for their views and their future exemptions plans. James Coffey, Eamonn Crowley and Pat O Shea undertook to do that.

At the club meeting on Mon. 5th April, James Coffey reported from his meetings with John O Sullivan (The Forge) and Christy Kissane (The Puck Bar). John O Sullivan had said that the club had nothing to fear from him. Christy Kissane explained that he needed exemptions (two per month) to make his business pay. He said that, if the club would let him know when it expected a ‘bad’ night, he would facilitate the club. After a discussion, it was decided to get a good band on the night of exemptions and a cheap band on other nights.

At the club meeting on Mon. 15th Feb. it was decided that the club would complain to the CYMS Hall Committee about the condition of the hall on Friday nights – dirt and dust on the floor. It was also decided that, as the basketball club had the use of the hall on Friday evenings, the tariff for the use of the hall should be reduced for Laune Rangers. Also the floor should be brushed before the dance and crystals should be spread on the floor.

Fri. 22nd Oct. – Brush Shiels. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 29th Oct. – The Lookalikes. Stewards – Lower Town.

Losses were incurred on both nights and it was decided to discontinue with the dances until Christmas.

Fri. 17th Dec. – Hot Press (£200). Stewards – Over Laune. 100 people attended = £245.

Thurs. 23rd Dec. – The Alligators. Stewards – Upper Town.

Tues. 28th Dec. – The Alsatians. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 31st Dec. – San Bernadino. Stewards – Lower Town.


Field Sub-Committee (Jim Galvin).

As stated elsewhere, there was a big ‘spring-clean’ for the National Football League game, Kerry v Armagh, on Sun. 7th Feb.

At the meeting on Mon. 19th April, Jim Casey undertook to ask Teddy ‘Chub’ O Connor to use the fire brigade to water the pitch.

At the meeting on 13th Sept. it was decided that the cost of lighting the lower end of the field for training (Material £2,859 and labour of £300) was exorbitant and it was decided instead to cost replacing the existing lighting.

The main pitch was closed in mid-Oct. and Jim Galvin offered the use of a field on his lands at Keelcoulaght. That was accepted.


Bord na nOg Sub-Committee (Pat O Shea).

That committee was most busy during the year, organising coaching of teams, transport to games, hosting of the team from Madden, Co. Armagh, and running parish/school leagues at various age levels.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that four Laune Rangers’ U-14 players were taken to Clare to play for Kilfenora against Doorabarefield in the Clare Co. U-14 Final. The Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board, Frank King, instructed the Chairman of Kerry Co. Bord na nOg, Jerome Conway, to investigate the matter. The GPC of Kerry Bord na nOg carried out the investigation and found that the players had played illegally in Clare. The four players, Ronan O Shea, Kieran O Keeffe, Mossy O Grady and Shane O Sullivan were each suspended for twelve months. It was also discovered that those players had played with Laune Rangers since playing illegally in Clare and Pat O Shea, juvenile officer, was invited before the Bord na nOg GPC to explain how that had happened. At the club meeting on Mon. 13th Dec. the club received correspondence re the suspensions and a request that Pat O Shea would appear before the GPC. That request had not been accepted before the Club’s AGM on 2nd Jan. 1983.

Des Crowe, Clare Co. P R. O, informed me that the above final had taken place prior to Puck Fair. A photograph of the throw-in, showing clearly Kieran O Keeffe at midfield, had been sent to Pat O Shea, who had confirmed the identity of the player. On the night of the investigation in Clare (during Puck Fair), Pat O Shea had agreed to be available at his phone in order to co-operate with the investigation. Amazingly, it was quite some time before the other members of the Laune Rangers were informed of the indiscretion – the Clare Co. Board informed the Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board, Frank King, who, in turn, contacted the Secretary of Laune Rangers Club, Jerome Conway. His words were, ‘Are you aware that some members of your club have played illegally up the country?’ Unfortunately, the same co-operation, which Pat O Shea had bestowed on the Clare Co. Board, was not given by him to the Kerry Co. Bord na nOg GPC investigation. He was invited to attend the GPC meeting but he said that he had not received enough notice of the meeting. Another invitation was extended to him to attend but he failed to show up. He informed the Chairman of the club that he would not appear before Bord na nOg.

That was the situation facing the club prior to the Club AGM in Jan. 1983. Pat O Shea had known about the incident since early August. He had not informed the club about the matter. When, some months later, the matter became public knowledge, the club was in a most embarrassing position. To add to the embarrassment, the juvenile officer of the club, Pat O Shea, had refused to appear before the GPC of Co. Bord na nOg. The Co. Board must have been shocked to discover that Laune Rangers, one of the leading clubs in the county, could not put its house in order. The position seemed to be that the interests of one man superseded the interests of the club. The fact that it should have been a man, who had done so much for the club for many, many years and the fact that it brought into opposition two people, the juvenile officer and the secretary, who had worked so closely together for the benefit of the club for so many years, made it a very sad incident.


The following matters were, also, discussed/decided at other meetings of the club during the year:

11th Jan. – The Chairman congratulated the Secretary, Jerome Conway, on his unanimous election at Co. Youth Officer. He also congratulated Pat O Shea on his unanimous election as Co. Senior Football Selector for the ninth successive year.

At various club meetings preparations for the revisit to St. Eunan’s Club’s 7-a-side competition in Letterkenny were discussed, culminating in the final preparations being announced at the meeting on 5th April – thirty people were travelling @ £12 each. The trip was subsidised by the profits of the dance on 16th March. However, the trip never materialised and the Secretary had to write a letter of apology to St. Eunan’s Club.

22nd March – It was decided to organise a Silver Circle Draw over five months. Lines cost £2 each and the prizes for each month were £100 and four £25. The following volunteered to sell books (ten lines in each book): James Coffey (2), Jim Galvin (1), Jerome Conway (1), Dan Carey (1), Bart Moriarty (1), John Foley (1), Michael Foley (1), Michael O Shea (1), Pat O Shea (5), Eileen Hayes (1), Breda Clifford (1), Anthony Shannon (1), Liam Shannon (1), Pa Foley (1), John O Dwyer (1), Stephen Russell (1), Tommy Woods (1), Pat Pigott (1), Joe Crowley (1), Michael O Sullivan (1), Edward Stack (1), Dodo Sheahan (1), Dominic Crowley (1), Brian O Shea (1), John Griffin (1), John Clifford, James O Shea (4), Padraig O Shea, James O Shea (Shanara), John O Keeffe (1), Noreen Murphy (1), Josie Fenton (1), Eamonn Crowley (2), Christy Kissane (1), Donal Pigott (1), Maurice Harmon (1).

Some of the winners were:

June – Tom Harris (Laune View) £100, Donal O Meara (Dunmaniheen) £25, Paul O Donoghue (Cahersiveen) £25, Breda Clifford (Farrentoreen) £25, Vincent Moriarty (Rangue) £25.

Aug. – Edward Stack £100, Noreen Murphy £25, Pat O Sullivan (Listry) £25, Sean Murphy (the garage) £25, Dan Carey £25.

Sept. – Donal O Brien £100, Anthony Shannon £25, Hugh Mulholland (Dublin) £25, Con Griffin £25, Con Lynch, c/o Michael Foley £25.

Dec. – Noreen Murphy £100, Catherine O Connell £25, Tom Bailey, c/o Kerry Co-op £25, John O Connor, c/o Kerry Co-op £25, Seamus Naughton £25.

19th April – It was reported that two players from Dooks had played with Glenbeigh in the Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship v Beaufort on 17th April. It was reported at the meeting on 3rd May that Glenbeigh had been poaching players from the south-western part of the parish and it was decided to write to the Chairman of Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg about the matter.

3rd May – A deputation from the Cromane area, comprising Ciarán O Callaghan, Noel Foley and one other, attended. They expressed a wish to enter the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ competition as a second Laune Rangers team. On face value, that was accepted as it appeared to be a genuine effort to promote Laune Rangers Club to a greater degree in the Cromane area. The Secretary pointed out that ‘new’ players would have to become members of Laune Rangers club, they would have to be insured under the players’ insurance scheme and the Cromane representatives would attend regularly at club meetings and liaise with the club, as the club was responsible for the actions of all the teams under its control. The delegation agreed to comply with all those terms and Ciarán O Callaghan offered to be the contact. A few other matters were then dealt with. The Cromane delegation undertook not to play any players under sixteen years of age. Ciarán O Callaghan asked if the club would subsidize a set of jerseys for the new team – a sum of £50 was mentioned. That was agreed.

6th Sept. – It was decided that people that used their cars for the transport of players to games, at both senior and juvenile levels, would receive a complimentary ticket to the Annual Social.

13th Sept. – the All-Ireland tickets (9) were distributed as follows: 1 Hogan Stand to Michael O Shea (Ass. Secretary), 1 Hogan Stand to the Minor Club (Frank Walsh). The other seven were raffled between the various categories as follows: Players – Pat Horgan and Seamus O Shea, People that brought their cars to games – Pat Pigott and Joe Shannon, Dancehall door attendants – Eamonn Crowley and John Clifford, Officers and selectors – Liam Shannon.

In Nov. Pat O Shea received a letter from Michael O Callaghan, Our Lady’s Hospital, Cork concerning the Brendan Doyle Tournament. Due to cut-backs in the Southern Health Board, Our Lady’s were unable to travel to Killorglin, even though it was their turn. He suggested that Laune Rangers might travel on Sun. 28th Nov. for the NFL game, Kerry v Cork, and play Our Lady’s on the eve of the game. Our Lady’s would reciprocate on the following year. Nothing came of the matter and, unfortunately, the tournament petered out.


The following members attended meetings of the Laune Rangers Club: Dan Carey (24), Bart Moriarty (23), Michael O Shea (22), Thomas Evans (20), James Coffey (19), Jerome Conway (19), Liam Shannon (16), Jim Galvin (16), Michael Foley (15), John Foley (15), Pat O Shea (11), Eamonn Crowley (11), Maura Tuohy (6), Jim Casey (5), Joe Crowley (5), Liz O Shea (3), Breda Clifford (3), Kathleen Shannon (2), John Galvin (2), Joe Shannon (2), James O Shea (2), Noreen Murphy (1), Mary Joy (1), Patsy Clifford (1), Paudie Sheahan (1), Seamus O Shea (1), James Sheehan (1), Maurice Corkery (1), Pat Pigott (1).


The National Football League game, Kerry 0-7; Armagh 1-5, was played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park, Killorglin on Sun. 7th Feb.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Jim Deenihan, John O Keeffe, Mick Spillane, Paudie O Shea, Tim Kennelly, Pat Sheahan, Jack O Shea, Sean Walsh, Ambrose O Donovan, Ogie Moran, Tommy Doyle, Ger Power, Eoin Liston, Mikey Sheehy. Subs: John Egan, Tommy Spillane, Johnny Doyle, Joe Shannon, Tom O Connell, Tommy Sheehy, Mikey Keane, Ger Lynch, Bernard O Sullivan, Ger O Driscoll.

Jim Galvin and Jerome Conway painted the goalposts on Tues. 26th Jan. and the posts were erected on Sat. 30th Jan. Maura Tuohy made the flags for the marking of the field. A general clean-up took place on Sat. 30th – the dressing rooms were washed out, the dugouts and stands were swept, the field was lined etc. John Foley purchased official passes. The following arrangements were made at the club meeting on Mon. 1st Feb:

1) The Ladies Committee finalised the catering plans and the shop arrangements.

2) James Coffey notified the Gardaí.

3) Jerome Conway contacted Liam Woods re amplification and Denis Harris re programme.

4) Michael O Shea contacted Seán Ó Súilleabháin re having the Mountain Rescue van and First-Aid kit available. He also ensured the availability of a heater for the Press-box.

5) Ticket-Sellers – Denis Lynch, Michael Moriarty, Frank Twiss, Pat Clifford, Michael foley, Maurice Harmon, Michael O Shea, Pat Lynch and 3 from Listowel.

6) Gatemen – Eamonn Crowley, John Foley, Michael F. O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Stephen Russell, Jim Casey, Frankie Russell.

7) Parking Stewards – Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon and Pa O Grady.

8) Press-box – Joe Crowley.

9) Score-Board – John Foley (Reen), Brian O Shea and Maurice Corkery.

10) Pavilion – Dan Carey and John Galvin.

11) Field Stewards – Dominic Crowley, James Sheehan, John Clifford, Donie Griffin, Thomas Evans, Patsy Joy, Pat Sheehan, John O Dwyer, Sean O Reilly.

12) Gate to Pitch – Jim Galvin.

The game attracted 5,000 spectators, approximately. There was an ‘Armagh invasion’ of 2,000 supporters and their presence added great colour and atmosphere to the occasion.

At the club meeting on Mon. 8th Feb. the Chairman thanked everybody who contributed to the success of the occasion. He particularly thanked the Ladies Committee for their catering and the shop, the stewards and gatemen, the scoreboard men, the Gardaí, the Laune Mountaineering Club for the services of their First Aid, Breda Clifford for the milk for tea, Ann Murphy for the tapes, Tommy Woods for operating the P.A. system, the Intermediate School for the Burco and delf, Liam and Anthony Shannon for taping the songs, Denis O Neill for acting as linesman, Paul Wenzel & Co. for the use of his premises for car-parking and Michael O Connor, Killarney, for his tremendous assistance.

Malachy McGeeney, Armagh Youth Officer, and Jerome Conway, Kerry Youth Officer, arranged for the following Armagh juvenile teams to visit Kerry on that weekend and were hosted by Kerry clubs:

U-12: Legion – Clanna Gael (Lurgan); Austin Stacks – Armagh Harps; Na Gaeil – St. Patrick’s, Armagh; Kerins O Rahillys – Armagh Selection.

U-14: Spa – St. Patrick’s, Lower Creggan; Desmonds – Mullaghbawn; Ballymac – Keady; John Mitchel’s – Culloville.

U-16: Dr. Crokes – Silverbridge; St. Mary’s – Forkhill; Laune Rangers – Madden; St. Pat’s – St. Malachy’s.


Karen Moroney (Solo Singing) and the Ballad Group (Anthony Shannon, James Looney, Donal Moroney, Mike Dowd and Fergus Foley) won the Mid-Kerry Scór competition in January and qualified for the Co. Semi-finals.


Membership of Laune Rangers Club in 1982 cost £10. The following were Laune Rangers Club full members: James Coffey, Jim Galvin, Jerome Conway, John Foley, Eamonn Crowley, Dan Carey, Johnny O Connor (Cromane), Billy Dodd, Owen Mangan, Tadhg O Connor, Noel O Mahony, Pat Sheehan, Bill McSweeney, Dominic Crowley, Michael O Shea (Snr.), Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea, Mike Hassett, Brendan Mangan, Mrs. Mary O Dwyer, Seamus Hurley, John Hurley, Danny O Sullivan, Sheila O Sullivan, Pat O Riordan, Seamus Murphy, Noreen Murphy, Maura Tuohy, John Galvin, Pa Foley, Stephen Russell, Brian O Shea, Teddy Clifford, John Clifford, Paudie Sheahan, James Sheehan, Patsy Joy, Gerard O Shea, Jerome O Regan, Michael F. O Shea, Bernadette O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Joe Shannon, John Griffin, John Sheehan, Gene Evans, Maurice Corkery, Ger Hurley, John Purcell, Denis O Neill, Denis Lynch, Austin Shaughnessy, Michael Teahan, Mick Sheehan, Maurice Harmon, Sean O Mangan, James O Riordan, John Whelan, Patrick O Grady, Liam Crowley, John Curran, Thomas Evans, Jim Casey, Bart Moriarty, Liam Shannon, Joe Crowley, Donie Griffin, James O Shea, James O Shea (snr.), James O Shea (Shanara), Tom Curran, Josie Fenton, William Kennedy, Danny Healy, Patie O Riordan, Maurice Geary, Mattie Cronin, Sean McKenna, Christy Kissane, Gerry Griffin, Liam Clifford, Noel Lucey, Denis Russell, Ted Houlihan, Pat O Shea, Joan O Shea, Declan Crowley, Mossie Joy, Liam Healy, Edward Stack, Rick Sheehy, Gene Ahern, Michael Scannell, Anthony Corkery, John O Dwyer, Pat Pigott, Kevin Foley, Pierce Prendiville, Finbarr Coffey, Peter Lyons, Michael Healy, Tommy Woods, John Sugrue, James Foley, Donie McKenna, John Teahan, Michael McCarthy, Dermot Teahan.

The following were youth members of the club: Noel Foley, Ciarán O Callaghan, Jimmy O Neill and Padraig O Shea.

The following were juvenile members of the club: Gerard Murphy, Sean Moriarty and Tommy Geary.


The year commenced on a black note with the death on Fri. 8th Jan. of Paddy Foley, Iveragh Road. He had been the last remaining link with the great Laune Rangers’ teams of the early years of the century. He was the last surviving member of the Laune Rangers team that had brought the last Co. Senior Football Championship title to Killorglin in 1911 (played in 1912). His skills on the playing field were often recalled by those who had the privilege of seeing him play with those great Laune Rangers and Kerry teams. When he retired from the playing scene, he quickly became a club administrator, holding several officerships and making sure that the Laune Rangers’ tradition was maintained. His lifetime was devoted to the promotion of Gaelic Football in the parish and he was always on hand to advise young players on the art of Gaelic Football. But for him, it is doubtful if the Laune Rangers Club would have survived during the lean years. He was one of those who was responsible for the purchase and development of the J.P. O Sullivan Memorial Park and his great dream and ambition was realised when the Park was officially opened in 1968 by the then Chairman of the Co. Board, Dr. Jim Brosnan, who spoke highly of Paddy and his colleagues. In those years, Paddy was a tireless worker in the fund-raising ventures to clear off the debt on the Park. Upon retiring from Chairman of the club in the mid-fifties, he was elected as life-President, a post he also held on the Mid-Kerry Board, where he had acted as Vice-Chairman and Treasurer for many years.

Up to a few years before his death, it was a rare thing for Paddy Foley to miss a club or District Board meeting. His great loyalty to the GAA was an example to all, and his example had a tremendous influence on many people. Past and present playing members and club members formed a guard of honour at both the removal of the remains to St. James’ Church and at the funeral to Dromavalla on Sunday. As a mark of respect, the weekly meeting of the Laune Rangers Club was adjourned.


A Victory Banquet, organised by Kerry Co. Board to celebrate the winning of four-in-a-row All-Ireland Senior Football Championships, was held in the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney on Fri. 1st Jan. Amongst the guests was James Coffey, Joint-Treasurer of Kerry Co. Board.


At the Annual Referees Dinner in Killarney in February, a special presentation was made to James Coffey, Laune Rangers, in recognition of his refereeing achievements in the past.


In March a Coiste Iomána was formed in the county to promote hurling at all levels, particularly at underage level, to bring hurling to non-hurling areas and to consolidate hurling in areas where it felt that enough effort was not being made. The following were appointed: Chairman – John Fitzpatrick (Killorglin), Vice-Chairman – John M. McCarthy (St. Brendan’s), Secretary – Jack Harrington (Ballyduff), Committee – Pat Lynch (Killorglin), Andy O Sullivan (Kenmare), Jerry Riney (Kenmare), Euge Devane (Lispole), Noel O Connell (Austin Stacks), Mike Burkett (Ballyheigue), Gabe McKenna (North-Kerry Hurling Board), Bernie O Callaghan (North-Kerry Football Board), Willie Griffin (St. Brendan’s), Tom O Connor (Lixnaw), Jerome Conway (Co. Youth Officer), Gerald Whyte (Co. Secretary), Sean Kelly (Co. Vice-Chairman).


At the Co. Board meeting on 9th March, the transfer of Jerome O Regan from Legion to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.


The Annual Co. Bord na nOg Church Gate Collection in Killorglin on Sat. 29th/Sun. 30th May amounted to £203.

The Church Gate collection in aid of The Kerry Team Training Fund was taken up on Sat. 11th/Sun. 12th Sept. The arrangements were: 7.30pm Mass – Pat O Shea; 8.00am Mass – James Coffey and Liam Shannon; 10.00am Mass – Jim Galvin, John Galvin, Pat O Shea, Michael O Shea; 12.00 noon Mass – Jim Galvin and Jerome Conway. Cromane – Dan Carey, Patsy Joy and Bart Moriarty. The amount collected was £468.87.


A number of trial games were held to select the Co. Minor team for the Munster Championship.

Trial game on Sat. 13th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Mid-Kerry.

Trial game on Sat. 20th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers/Mid-Kerry v South-Kerry.

The Laune Rangers’ players on duty were Donal Hurley, James O Shea (Shanara), Terence O Shea, Noel Doyle, Michael O Reilly, Tomás Hayes, Gerard Murphy, Ciarán O Callaghan, Fergal O Shea, Tommy Foley and Johnny Healy.

Trial game on Sat. 13th March at Currow: Mid-Kerry/South-Kerry v North-Kerry.

The Laune Rangers’ players on duty were Donal Hurley, Michael O Reilly, James O Shea and Tomás Hayes.

Trial game on Sat. 20th March at Tralee: ‘A’ v ‘B’.

Tomás Hayes played at fullback on the ‘A’ team and James O Shea played at full-forward on the ‘B’ team.

Trial game on Sat. 27th March at Tralee: ‘A’ v ‘B’.

Michael O Reilly played at right full-forward on the ‘A’ team.

Trial game on Sat. 3rd April at Tralee: ‘A’ v ‘B’.

Michael O Reilly played at right full-forward on the ‘A’ team.


On Sat. 13th March, a Kerry Senior Football Trial was held in Killarney. Anthony and Joe Shannon took part.

The Kerry Senior Football team played Mayo in a challenge game in Claremorris on Sun. 16th May. Anthony Shannon played at right halfback. Kerry 5-6; Mayo 2-11.


Denis O Neill refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 28th March, Senior League Div. 3B at Currow: Currow v Emmet’s

Fri. 1st April, Minor League Div. 2 at Currow: Currow v Duagh.

Fri. 8th April, Minor League Div. 1 at Killarney: Legion v Kerins O Rahillys.

Sat. 15th May, IFC at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-13; Dingle 1-3.

Sat. 12th June, Senior League Div. 3A at Fossa: Fossa 1-3; Renard 0-11.

Sat. 4th Sept. Senior League Div. 2 at Killarney: Legion v Templenoe.


Denis O Neill refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board.

Sat. 22nd May, Senior Championship 1st Rd. at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-5; Keel 0-6.

Sun. 6th June, Senior Championship losers’ Rd. at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 0-6; Keel 0-4.

Fri. 2nd July, Novice Final at Killorglin: Beaufort 3-6; Glenbeigh 0-4.

(After the game, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, James Coffey, presented the trophy to the winning captain, Dr. Brendan Lynch).

Sun. 11th July, Senior Championship Semi-final at Milltown: Beaufort 1-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-9.


Johnny O Shea refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 28th March, Senior League Div. 4B at Keel: Keel ‘B’ v Lispole ‘B’.

Fri. 22nd April, Minor League Div. 2 at Currow: Currow v Castlegregory.

Fri. 29th April, Minor League Div. 2 at Listry: St. Lelia’s v Gneeveguilla.

Sun. 30th May, Senior League Div. 4A at Derrynane: Derrynane v Kenmare ‘B’.

Sun. 27th June, Senior League Div. 4B at Spa: Spa ‘B’ 1-8; Desmonds ‘B’ 2-6.

Sun. 1st Aug, Senior League Div. 3A at Renard: St. Michael’s 3-2; Listry 4-8.

Sat. 4th Sept, Senior League Div. 4B at Portmagee: Skellig Rangers v Dromid.

Sun. 5th Sept, Senior League Div. 4A at Portmagee: Foilmare v Currow B.


The entire parish and surrounding areas were shocked at the news of the tragic death of Anthony Corkery, Ballycleave, as a result of a car accident early on Saturday morning, 31st July. Twenty-one years old, Anthony was a most popular and well-liked young man. From his early years, he showed great promise as a footballer and was a prominent playing member of the Laune Rangers teams that won Co. Championships at U-12, U-14 and U-16 levels. That same team won the Co. Minor Championship in 1977 and he played a major role in bringing the first minor county title to Killorglin. The following year he was on the side that won the All-Ireland Minor Club Championship in Athlone and he was also a member of the Kerry Minor Football panel. He played many fine games for Laune Rangers senior side but he preferred to play with the ‘B’ squad, being responsible in no small way for their successful run in 1982. He continued to play with Laune Rangers despite being cajoled by Glenbeigh players/mentors to transfer to that club. He had been selected to play at centre half-forward against Valentia in the quarter-final of the ‘B’ Club Championship on Saturday evening. The game was postponed as a mark of respect. There was a large turnout of Laune Rangers members, past and present players to escort the remains to St. James’ Church on Sun. evening and again at the funeral to Dromavalla Cemetery on Monday. His coffin, draped with the royal blue jersey of the Laune Rangers, was shouldered part of the journey to Dromavalla by his team-mates. His workmates from P&T also formed a guard of honour and present at the funeral were several players and officials from the Mid-Kerry clubs, as well as from clubs outside the area. Kerins O Rahillys Club, which had built up a friendship with Laune Rangers underage teams, was represented by the former Kerry great, John Dowling. In the choir for the funeral Mass were many of his team-mates. The funeral, the largest seen in the parish, was proof of the popularity of his family.

The death occurred on 9th Sept. of Joe O Shea, Langford Street (aged 68). Although he had been more attracted to rugby in his youth, he played football with Laune Rangers in the 1930’s.

The death took place on 27th Nov. of Paddy Sheehy, Cloon. He was uncle of Kerry football star, Mikey Sheehy. He had rented a field to the Laune Rangers club in the early part of 1962, while the J.P. O Sullivan Park was being re-developed.


Munster Senior Football Final (replay) at Killarney on Sun. 1st Aug: Kerry 2-18; Cork 0-12.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, Paudie O Shea, Tim kennelly, Tommy Doyle, Jack O Shea (0-1), Sean Walsh, Ger Power, Tommy Spillane (0-4), Ogie Moran (0-4), Mikey Sheehy (2-4, 3 frees), Eoin Liston (0-4), John Egan (capt.) 0-1. Subs: Vincent O Connor for J. O Keeffe, John L. McElligott for G. Power.

Cork: Michael Creedon, Tom Creedon, Kevin Kehilly, John Evans, M. Moloney, Christy Ryan, Jimmy Kerrigan, Dom Creedon, Michael Burns (0-1), Dave Barry, Denny Allen (capt.) 0-4, frees, Tadhg Murphy (0-1), Ephie Fitzgerald (0-3, 1 free), Declan Barron, Diarmuid McCarthy (0-2). Subs: Tadhg O Reilly (0-1) for C. Ryan, Colman Corrigan for M. Moloney.

Ref: Ray Moloney (Limerick).

All-Ireland Senior Football Final on Sun. 19th Sept. ar Croke Park: Offaly 1-15; Kerry 0-17.

Kerry was seeking a record five-in-a-row titles but were pipped by the infamous Seamus Darby goal.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Ger O Keeffe, John O Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, Paudie O Shea, Tim Kennelly, Tommy Doyle, Jack O Shea, Sean Walsh, Ger Power, Tom Spillane, Denis Ogie Moran, Mikey Sheehy, Eoin Liston, John Egan (capt.). Sub: Pat Spillane for D. Moran.


Sun. 4th July at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Munster Minor Final: Cork 0-5; Kerry 1-11.

Sun. 19th Sept. at Croke Park, All-Ireland Minor Football Final: Dublin 1-11; Kerry 1-5.

Kerry: Donie O Neill (St. Mary’s), Denis Cremin (Spa), John Keane (Kenmare), Jack O Connell (Knocknagoshel), Jimmy Moriarty (John Mitchels), Jimmy O Donnell (Ballydonoghue), Johnny Rice (Templenoe), Timmy Brosnan (Currow), Sean Wight (Emmets), Davy O Donoghue (Glenflesk), Michael Keating (Waterville), Pat Galvin (Dingle), Bernie Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), Eamonn Fitzgerald (Ardfert) 0-1, Michael McAuliffe (Spa) capt. 1-3. Subs: Ted Cronin (Rathmore), Tomás O Connor (Dingle) for John Keane, P.J. O Leary (Legion) 0-1 for P. Galvin, Eamonn Marey (Austin Stacks) for J. O Connell, Danny McCarthy (Kilcummin), Pat Condon (Kenmare), Tim Geaney (Brosna), Fionán Murphy (Valentia).


The Laune Rangers 23rd Annual Social was held on Thurs. 30th Dec. in the Ross Inn, Glenbeigh. The menu consisted of: Seafood starter, soup, roast beef or plaice, sherry trifle, tea or coffee. Tickets cost £8. The following received complimentary tickets: Intermediate School (2), Vocational School (2), Scoil Mhuire (2), Garda Jerry Foley (2), Garda John O Keeffe (2), Denis O Neill (2), Canon Keane (1), Frank King (2), Maurice Harmon (1), Michael Corkery, Ballycleave (1), Sean Moriarty, New Ross (2) Dan Carey (1), James Coffey, Chairman (2), Jerome Conway, Secretary (2). As decided at the club meeting on 6th Sept. the following, who brought their cars to games, received one complimentary ticket each: Pat Pigott, Patrick Freeman, Michael O Sullivan, Harry Carey, Edward Stack, John Foley (Reen), Michael O Shea (Rangue), Frank Russell, Joe Crowley, Pat O Shea, Liam Shannon, Patsy Joy, Jim Casey, Michael Foley, Pat Horgan, Liam Healy, John Clifford, John Evans, Teddy Clifford, James Sheehan, John Griffin, Seamus Murphy, Josie Fenton, Donal O Meara, Matty Cronin, Michael Fleming, Donie Griffin, Jim Galvin, John Foley, Eamonn Crowley, Frank Walsh and Bart Moriarty.


Co. Senior Football Championship final on Sun. 17th Oct. at Tralee; South-Kerry 0-7; Feale Rangers 0-5. Captain – Brendie Murphy (Valentia).

Co. IFC Final on Sun. 19th Dec. at Milltown: Annascaul 2-3; Beale 1-5.

Co. JFC Final on Sun. 24th Oct. at Abbeydorney: Moyvane 1-9; Ardfert 1-5.

Co. NFC Final on Sun. 7th Nov. at Killarney: Currow 0-8; Scartaglin 0-7.

Co. MFC Final on Sun. 29th Aug. at Tralee: Spa/Glenflesk 1-6; Castleisland 0-4.

Co. U-21 Championship Final on Sun. 21st Nov. at Milltown: Castleisland 0-8; Kenmare 0-6.

Co. Club Championship final on Sun. 7th Nov. at Killarney: Desmonds 0-14; Kerins O Rahillys 1-6 (AET). That competition was played between the winners of the various District Board Championships and the winners represented Kerry in the All-Ireland Club Championship in a year that a club team did not win the Co. Senior Football Championship.

Co. Football League Div. 1 Champions – Austin Stacks.


The following appeared in the Killorglin Notes in the Kerryman on Fri. 12th Nov: ‘The Centenary of the Laune Rangers club will be celebrated in 1985. The history of the club (by Pat O Shea) is now well advanced but the club is still hoping to get more old photos, songs, poems and news. Information concerning the club between 1913 and 1919 will be appreciated. In that period, there were two teams in the parish, the Shamrocks and the Holy Terrors. All information etc. to Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway and James Coffey. A special appeal is being made by the club to Killorglin people residing outside the parish or in other counties to forward any information they might have about the club. It doesn’t make any difference what year the information relates to. It will be most welcome.’


The following represented Laune Rangers at the Mid-Kerry Scór na nOg finals at Beaufort in Nov:

Rinnce Foirne – Nancy O Neill, Margaret O Neill, Noreen O Neill, Carmel O Connor, Maura Clifford and Joanna Houlihan.

Amhránaíocht Aonair – Ann Murphy.

Aithriseoireacht – Helen O Riordan.

Tráth na gCeist – Fergal O Shea, Austin Stack and John Sheehan.

Ceol Uirlise – John and Bernard Sheehan.

Bailéad Grúpa – Carmel O Connor, Jennifer O Sullivan, Irene Brosnan, Noreen O Connor and Agnes Ahern.

Rinnce Set – Noreen Evans, Breda Clifford, Nancy O Neill, Agnes Ahern, Fergal O Shea, Ronan O Shea, Austin Stack, John Sheehan.

Nuachleas – Carmel O Connor, Ann Murphy and Siobhán O Sullivan.

Amhránaíocht Aonair, Tráth na gCeist, Ceol Uirlise and Rinnce Set won in Mid-Kerry and qualified for the Co. Semi-finals in Kenmare.


At the General Election, which was held on Thurs 25th Feb. the following were elected to represent the South-Kerry constituency: Michael Begley (FG), John O Leary (FF) and Michael Moynihan (Lab.). The total electorate was 41, 807 and the total valid poll was 32,531.

There was another General Election on Wed. 1st Dec. and the following were re-elected to represent the South-Kerry constituency: Michael Begley (FG), Michael Moynihan (Lab.) and John O Leary (FF). The total electorate was 41,941 and the total valid poll was 32.939. There was a change of government and the coalition of Fine Gael and Labour took office, with Garrett Fitzgerald as Taoiseach.


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the Intermediate School, Market Street, on Sun. 2nd Jan. 1983. Jerome Conway, Secretary, gave the following report: “This is the time of year when we take stock of the club and determine how we have succeeded in promoting our games throughout the year. If one was to judge by performances on the field, our position is very good indeed. There are more young people playing football in Killorglin than ever before and enjoying it.

We entered teams in all competitions open to us and acquitted ourselves well. The formation of a team in Cromane lent a new dimension to football in the parish and how well they acquitted themselves in their first year, getting to the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ final. With a little strengthening with town players, there is no reason why we could not have an extra team in the Co. League next year. It is certainly something we can sit down and talk about.

Pride of place this year must go to the ‘B’ team, who showed tremendous dedication and will-to-win and were eventually rewarded with the Co. Club ‘B’ Championship and the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Championship. For this latter, it was great to see two Laune Rangers teams battling out the final. This was a great competition and the Mid-Kerry Board must be congratulated on its inception. One complaint, however, must be the huge lapse of time between the completing of the initial rounds and the playing of the final. This certainly militated against Cromane’s chances. The annexing by the ‘B’ team of the Andy Molyneaux Trophy, in its first year, was the climax of a great year for them. How unlucky they were not to have also won the Co. League Div. 4. No amount of praise is too great for this fine bunch of players and their selectors, who went about their work unobtrusively and in a workmanlike fashion. Thanks to Michael O Shea, Dan Carey and James Coffey.

Our U-21 team showed great promise and dedication against South-Kerry in a ‘marathon’. When the chips were down in Waterville, they showed their mettle. Our defeat subsequently by John Mitchels coincided with the demise of our senior team – it was a pity that there were so many ‘dual’ players but this is a situation over which nobody has control at the present time. As trainer, I found it impossible to get the U-21 team for training collectively. There were not sufficient nights in the week. If this was club policy, to forego the U-21 Co. Championship for some other competition, I accept that but somebody forgot to tell me of the plan.

I have deliberately left our seniors to the end, not because I have relegated them to that position, but it falls in better with the script. They began the year in a promising fashion, doing quite well in the Co. League and Mid-Kerry League, accounting for our old adversaries, Beaufort, along the way. We failed, however, to lay what now appears to be the Glenbeigh bogey, in the Mid-Kerry Championship Semi-final.

There seems to be no doubt but that we have the talent, and this makes the failure to make the break-through in Mid-Kerry all the more difficult to understand. I think it stems from a lack of planning. It is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain peak fitness and commitment throughout the whole year. It would appear then that we should set our goal at the beginning of the year and work towards it. It would be easier to demand a commitment for one goal than for many. Keel showed this last year, Annascaul and Beaufort showed it this year. There is no doubt but that some of our players are misbehaving on the field of play and turning the referees of the county against the club. Others are not giving a commitment to any goal – there is an over-emphasis on socialising by some of our players.

Another matter arose during the year that gives rise to concern. Four of our U-14 players were taken to Clare to play in the Clare Co. U-14 football Final. This was done without the knowledge of any member of the club and I stress without the knowledge of any member of the club. Unfortunately, the person who was responsible is outside the jurisdiction of the GAA. Bord na nOg Chiarraí investigated the matter under the instructions of An Cathaoirleach Coiste Chontae Chiarraí, Frank King. The four players were suspended for twelve months but it is hoped that the suspension will be lessened. During the questioning at the Bord na nOg GPC, it was discovered that these players played with Laune Rangers since they played in Clare. Laune Rangers were asked for an explanation. This has not been forthcoming. It is hoped that this matter will be resolved within a short time.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all my fellow officers for their help during the year. The Chairman, James Coffey, has been a source of great wisdom and steadiness during the year. Jim Galvin, Vice-Chairman, has been an untiring worker in the field. Michael O Shea, Ass. Secretary, has done Trojan work and without him I don’t think I would have carried on. He is a meticulous officer. Our Treasurers, John and Edso, are outstanding and dedicated officers. The balance sheet reflects their work. We are lucky to have two such men in charge of our financial affairs. Michael Foley, Delegate to Co. Board, has the thankless job of attending Co. Board, but he can feel satisfied in a job well done. To all the committees and members, who have helped me during the year, go raibh míle maith agaibh.”