Laune Rangers – 1980

Having been relegated the previous year, Laune Rangers played in Division 2 of the Co. Senior Football League and the club, also, had a team in Division 4.

Beaufort refused the play the Mid-Kerry Senior Football League Final replay and the title was awarded to Laune Rangers – the club’s first senior title since 1973. That was Laune Rangers fifth Mid-Kerry League.

Laune Rangers won the O Sullivan Cup for the fourth time.

Laune Rangers won the Co. Minor Football League Division 1 for the second time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the sixth time in-a-row and the sixteenth time in total.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-16 Football Championship for the third time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship for the seventh time.

Joe Shannon became the first Laune Rangers’ player to win an All-Ireland Minor Football Championship medal.

The dug-outs and press-box were built by Jerry Griffin in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.

The first NFL game, Kerry 2-9; Down 0-5, was played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.

James Coffey was re-elected Joint-Treasurer of the Kerry Co. Board for the eighth successive year.

Jerome Conway was elected as Vice-Chairman of Bord na nOg Chiarraí.

Pat O Shea was re-elected onto the Kerry Senior Football Selection Committee for the seventh successive year.

Jerome Conway was re-elected onto the Co. Minor Football Selection Committee for the third successive year.

James Coffey re-elected as Chairman of Mid-Kerry Board for the second successive year. Maurice Harmon was elected as Secretary, Joint-Treasurer and Delegate to the Co. Board.

Bart Moriarty was appointed as Secretary of the Co. Referees’ Committee for the second successive year.

*             *              *                *              *                *                  *                  *                  *

The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club was held in the J.P. O Sullivan Park on Sun. 23rd Dec. 1979. James Coffey, Chairman, presided. Also in attendance were Pat O Grady, John A. O Brien, Paddy Foley, Kevin Foley, Sean O Sullivan, Danny Kissane, Pat Horgan, Michael Healy, Seamus Hurley, James Sheehan, Pat Sheehan, Paddy Crowley, Pat Finnegan, Bart Moriarty, Dan Moriarty, Billy Dodd, Michael F. O Shea, Gerard O Shea, Jim Galvin, Tommy Woods, Frank Russell, Michael O Shea, Jerome Conway, Jim Casey, Tony Casey, Michael Foley, Dan Carey, Ted Houlihan, Jack Reen, John Griffin, Maurice Corkery, Brian O Shea, Stephen Russell, John Hurley, John Galvin, Joe Shannon, Seamus O Shea, Liam Shannon, Michael O Shea (Snr.), Thomas Evans, Finbarr Coffey, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, John Clifford, John Doona, Jimmy Doona, Bill McSwiney, Pa Foley, Patrick Clifford, John Mangan, Maurice Geary, Seamus Murphy, Maurice Harmon, Joe Curran, Mossy Joy, Mícheál O Callaghan, Patsy Joy, Liam Clifford, Jerry Coffey, Eamonn Crowley, John Foley, Joe Crowley, Declan Crowley, Dominic Crowley, Denis Lynch, Harry Carey, Noel O Mahony, Bernadette O Mahony, Mícheál Johnston, Johnny Byrnes, Tom Johnston, Jim Johnston and Mícheál O Mahony. (The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1979). The Treasurers’ (Eamonn Crowley and John Foley) Report was distributed to the meeting and Pat O Shea congratulated them on an excellent report. Maurice Harmon proposed its adoption and Pa Foley seconded.

Treasurers’ Report for the year ended 23rd Dec. 1979:

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Dancing (gross)                 £34,257                     Bands                         £24,135

Advertising                    1,446

Rent of Hall                    1,240

Caretaker’s fees              440

Performing rights            300

Phone, tickets etc.            150

Contribution to CYMS      35


Net income from dancing             £6,511

Other income

Gates                                                              98

Membership                                              390

Donation                                                       30

Scór 1979                                                      51

Profit on Social                                          57

Deposit Interest Received                     61           



Expenditure (Running Expenses)

Teams’ travel                        £1,121

Players’ travel                             359

Meals                                           82

Field Maintenance                 315

Dressing-rooms maintenance 408

Footballs, jerseys etc.                 432

Trophies                                         121

Affiliation fees                               49

E. S. B.                                           53

Secretary’s expenses                 170

Insurance                               53

Bank interest charges                 192

Contributions                             550

American trip – Kerry                 300

Lourdes contribution                   83

Sundry                                         141


Net income for the year – £2,769.


Current Assets:

Cash on Hands                                    793

Cash in AIB Current a/c                        180

Cash in AIB Deposit a/c                        297

Cash in Bank of Ireland                        120

Credit Union                                    915

Central Council Dev. Loan            200

Kerry Co. Board Loan                        150

Stock of footballs, jerseys, etc            250


Frank King addressed the meeting, as Chairman of the Co. Board. He paid tribute to the Laune Rangers Club for the wonderful work it had been doing for the Association in the Killorglin area. He said that the Treasurers’ Report was a reflection on the amount of activity within the club over the year. He said that there were no fears for the Association in Killorglin while those then in charge continued the good work. The J.P. O Sullivan Park was a really fine ground and, he said, that he would back any move to have inter-county games played there, as it was Co. Board policy to see that all suitable venues got such games.

James Coffey, Chairman, in the course of his address, thanked Frank King for attending the Convention, saying that it had been the first time ever that a Co. Chairman had attended and had addressed a Laune Rangers’ Convention. He went on to say how disappointed he had been with the performance of the senior team during the year and with the drop to Division 2 of the Co. League. “If we don’t stop the slide now,” he said, “we will find ourselves in the bottom division for our centenary year.” To get back to the top division, the players must give nothing less than full commitment and nothing less would do or would be tolerated. He appealed for more workers in the club and he made a special appeal to parents to come out and encourage the young players and also to help the club by offering to transport the underage teams to the various venues for games. He also felt that a separate committee should be set up to look after Bord na nOg affairs. That committee should have no connection with the senior committee.

The Chairman said that he hoped that a great effort would be made by the members to speak more Irish and he hoped it would be introduced into club meetings and on the playing field. Concluding, he thanked the various committees and officers for their great work during the year and he also thanked the club’s supporters.

The Bord na nOg report, presented by Pat O Shea, showed that 206 players had taken part in the various competitions, including school leagues, and there had been no duplication. A total of 135 games had been played. The U-14 team had won the Co. Championship, while, in Mid-Kerry, Laune Rangers had won the U-14A and U-16B Championships. The report appealed for more workers and people to look after teams.

The following officers were elected:

President – Paddy Foley.

Vice-Presidents – John ‘Scart’ Clifford, Donal Prendiville, Stephen O Sullivan, Father Moran, Paddy Crowley, James Coffey, Jim Galvin and Billy Dodd.

Chairman – James Coffey.

Vice-Chairman – Paudie Foley (44 votes), Jim Galvin (29 votes).

Secretary – Pat O Grady.

Assistant Secretary – Michael O Shea.

Joint-Treasurers – Eamonn Crowley and John Foley.

Delegate to Co. Board – Michael Foley (40 votes), Maurice Harmon (36 votes). Jerome Conway had been nominated but withdrew his name.

Senior Selection Committee – Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy (Trainer), Liam Shannon, Michael Foley and Jim Casey. Billy Dodd, Pat O Grady, Eamonn Crowley and Noel O Mahony had been nominated but withdrew their names.

Novice Selection Committee – Dan Carey, James Coffey and the team captain. Michael Foley and Jim Casey had been nominated but both withdrew their names.

Central Executive Committee – The officers plus Joe Crowley, Barry Harmon, Pat O Shea, Jerome Conway, Jim Casey and Maurice Harmon. Noel O Mahony had been nominated but he withdrew his name. The U-21 representatives on the C.E.C were Brian O Shea and Finbarr Coffey.


The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That all games should start at the appointed time, the scoreboard should be used at all important games and referees should have his own umpires at all important games.’ (Dan Moriarty).
  2. ‘That the membership fee should be increased from £3 to £5.’ (Pat O Shea). That was seconded by Pat Lynch.
  3. ‘That, as far as possible, all active footballers should complete a physical training course during the winter. If necessary, a course should be set up.’ (Mícheál O Callaghan). That was referred to the new senior team trainer.
  4. ‘That, before and during the forthcoming U-21 Championship, the players should be allotted separate training sessions and that every effort should be made to win the U-21 Championship, with a view to the future security of the club.’ (James O Shea). That was referred to the new senior team trainer.
  5. ‘That senior, minor and novice selectors should select their teams on Monday prior to Sunday games and notify the players.’ (Patsy Joy). Withdrawn.
  6. ‘That the trainer of the senior football team should be selected by the Chairman and Secretary of the club together with the Senior Selection Committee.’ (Pat O Shea). Withdrawn.
  7. ‘That all trainers should be nominated at the Annual Convention.’ (Patsy Joy). Withdrawn.
  8. ‘That, in future, senior ‘A’ team selectors, who have served two consecutive years, should be ineligible for re-election. This coming year to count as the second year for outgoing selectors, who are re-elected at this convention.’ (Billy Dodd). Withdrawn.
  9. ‘Training for the senior team should be twice weekly, selectors, coach and players must all be present at each training session or, if not, they should be automatically dismissed.’ (Finbarr Coffey). Ruled out of order.
  10. ‘That all club selection committees should be limited to three members.’ (Pat O Shea, seconded by Frank Russell) The motion was put to the floor but lost by 38 votes to 35.
  11. ‘That there should be only three senior selectors and the captain should be one of them.’ (Jimmy Doona, seconded by John Doona) The motion was put to the floor but was beaten by 38 votes to 35.
  12. ‘That all captains should be nominated at Annual Convention.’ (Patsy Joy, seconded by Billy Dodd). The motion was beaten by 35 votes to 34.
  13. ‘That the senior ‘A’ captain should be elected at Annual Convention.’ (Billy Dodd, seconded by Patsy Joy). The motion was beaten by 35 votes to 34.
  14. ‘That the captain of the senior team should be selected by the Chairman and Secretary of the club together with the senior selection committee.’ (Pat O Shea). The motion did not receive a two-thirds majority, required to change an existing rule.

Two motions by Michael Sheehan were not accepted:

a)      A change in selectors.

b)     A change in trainer.


The following officers were elected at the AGM of Killorglin Hurling Club in the CYMS Hall on Wed. 5th March: President – James Coffey, Chairman – Pat Lynch, Secretary and PRO – Michael O Sullivan (Knockavota), Treasurer – John Fitzpatrick. Captain – Ben Murphy.

Juvenile officers – Pat Lynch, John Fitzpatrick, Ben Murphy, Christy Kennedy, Michael McSweeney and John Melia.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy (trainer), Liam Shannon, Michael Foley and Jim Casey.

Having been appointed as trainer, Patsy Joy commenced training the senior team on Sun. 12th Jan. in the Vocational School’s pitch.

Sixteen teams played in the Co. Senior Football Championship, Killarney, Na Fianna, South-Kerry, Laune Rangers, Eoghan Ruadh, Kenmare, Spa, John Mitchels, Mid-Kerry, Kerins O Rahillys, St. Brendan’s, Feale Rangers, Castleisland, Austin Stacks, West-Kerry and Shannon Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 21st June at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry 1-9; Laune Rangers 2-4.

The Kerryman reported as follows: “Any South-Kerry supporter who had nurtured fond hopes of an easy victory over rank outsiders Laune Rangers were in for a rude awakening, as the boys from the Laune came within an ace of winning. Although the Southerners lived dangerously for much of the hour, few among the fair-sized crowd were prepared for the nail-biting closing minutes, which saw Laune Rangers throw away two gilt-edged chances of winning the match. All the drama of the hour was compressed into those pulsating closing stages when, with four minutes left on the clock, wing-forward James Sheehan crashed home a great goal to cut the winners’ safety margin to two points. With the issue back in the melting pot, the Killorglin men stormed to the attack and with another goal definitely ‘on’, James Sheehan was again at the end of a great movement, which had spread-eagled the Southern defence. Inexplicably, however, his parting shot appeared to have been essayed for a point and the ball skied harmlessly and aimlessly wide of the target. But still Laune Rangers were not done with. With almost the last kick of the match, substitute Tommy Woods was narrowly wide of the netting, with Rangers’ man-of-the-match, Frank Russell, hovering dangerously at the edge of the square. Had the ball been dropped in the goal-mouth, it is quite conceivable that Frank Russell would have won it and crashed home the winning goal because all through the game he had played like a man inspired.

And so, a game that was remarkable for the manner in which the rank outsiders had carried the fight to their more fancied opponents, scorning the reputations of men like Jack O Shea, Ger O Driscoll, John Egan and Patie O Mahony, ended in a welter of excitement with only two points separating the sides. Although it was apparent from an early stage that the Southerners were going to make heavy weather of even the most elementary exercise, few were prepared for the obliteration of such renowned stalwarts as John Egan, Jack O Shea and Ger O Driscoll, none of who made a significant impact over the hour.

At centre-field, where South-Kerry were confidently expected to forge a winning advantage, Frank Russell and Michael F. O Shea were very much in contention, with the former, in particular, playing the game of his life. In an effort to remedy the ills that had afflicted them in this sector, the South-Kerry mentors brought Ger O Driscoll to midfield but for all the move merited in terms of breaking the Killorglin stranglehold, it might as well never have been made. O Driscoll was completely at logger-heads with his game as Frank Russell continued to play inspired football, catching balls at tremendous altitude and, for once, Jack O Shea was not having one of his better days.

Up front, the torch that was expected to be carried gloriously by John Egan, John Galvin and Frank O Donoghue was almost completely extinguished and, only for the clever roving and accurate score-taking, of Paudie Landers and, to a lesser extent, Pat O Connor, South-Kerry would have been in dire trouble. As it was, the halftime lead of 0-7 to 0-2, with South-Kerry in front, did not look nearly enough, bearing in mind the setting sun and light breeze, which would be Laune Rangers’ ally throughout the second moiety.

On resuming, both sides were at it ‘hammer and tongs’ with Pat O Connor stretching the South-Kerry lead with a free after a great solo-run by Patie O Mahony. After five minutes, Paudie Landers’ only mistake of the hour when he attempted a dangerous cross-field pass to Jack O Shea, which was intercepted, was punished when Joe Shannon pulled one back for Laune Rangers. Landers again put his side six points up when he pointed from long range but, after seventeen minutes, Joe Shannon was again on target for Killorglin, after Michael F. O Shea had done the grafting.

Four minutes later, the issue was thrown wide open when, in a massed Killorglin onslaught, James Sheehan gave his side a real chance of victory, when penetrating the South-Kerry wall for a fine goal that cut the deficit to two points. But it was at this juncture that disaster struck for the luckless losers. An attempted short free by the Rangers’ fullback, James O Shea, who may have been feeling the effects of a most unprovoked and unwarranted earlier tackle, went straight into the path of John Egan, who laid it off smartly to John Galvin, who found John Paul Curran directly on course for the Killorglin net. The young Valentia man shot low and hard across the face of the goal-mouth. Goalman, Ger Hurley, effected a fine save but the ball spun from his grasp and there, to tap it home, was the inrushing Patie O Mahony to put the game in what appeared to be safe-keeping for South-Kerry, with only five minutes left to play.

But still the gritty Killorglin men refused to throw in the towel and, one minute later, James Sheehan brought his side into contention when he knifed his way through to score a fine goal. And so the stage was set for a grandstand finish, in which the visitors squandered two gilt-edged chances of winning the day. For Laune Rangers, Frank Russell and Michael F. O Shea comprised a powerhouse of a midfield pairing. Clever tactical work by the latter pulled Jack O Shea out of the game for long stages. Wholesale bunching, that appeared to have been a pre-conceived gambit by the Mid-Kerrymen, ensured that Pat O Connor, who had a fine first half, was rarely seen subsequently. John and Teddy Clifford, Paudie Sheahan and Anthony Shannon were competent defenders. Joe Shannon benefited from his switch to centre-forward, while James Sheehan, Anthony Corkery and Pierce Prendiville also impressed.”

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley, John Clifford, James O Shea, Teddy Clifford, Paudie Sheahan, Jerry Coffey, Anthony Shannon, Frank Russell (capt.), Michael F. O Shea (0-1), Joe Shannon (0-2), John Evans, James Sheehan (2-0), John Griffin, Pat O Riordan (0-1), Anthony Corkery. Subs: Pierce Prendiville for P. O Riordan, Tommy Woods for J. Evans.

South-Kerry: Mike O Neill, Mícheál Lyne (Valentia), Brendie Murphy (do.), Paudie O Shea (Waterville), John T. O Sullivan (Renard), Ger Lynch (Valentia), Paudie Sheahan (St. Mary’s), Jack O Shea (do.), John Galvin (Waterville), Pat O Connor (Valentia) 0-3, Ger O Driscoll (do.), Patie O Mahony (Skellig Rangers) 1-0, Paudie Landers (St. Mary’s) 0-5, Frank O Donoghue (Renard), John Egan (Sneem) 0-1. Subs: John Paul Curran (Valentia) for F. O Donoghue, J.J. O Connor (St. Mary’s) for J.T. O Sullivan.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Ballymacelligott).


Feale Rangers, captained by Tom O Connell, beat Austin Stacks in the Co. Final on Sun. 28th Sept. in Austin Stacks Park by 1-10 to 1-7.


Co. Senior Football League Div. 2


Rd. 1 on Sun. 9th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-14; Ballydonoghue 1-2. Ref: Sean O Connor (Spa).

Rd. 2 on Sun. 30th March at Ballylongford: Ballylongford 2-5; Laune Rangers 2-3. Ref: Michael Reidy (Ballymacelligott).

Rd. 3 on Sun. 6th April at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-8; Laune Rangers 0-6. Ref: Mike Carey (Kenmare).

Rd. 4 on Sat. 19th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-6; Annascaul 0-6. Ref: John Somers (Legion).

Rd. 5 on Sat. 26th April at Tralee: John Mitchels 1-8; Laune Rangers 3-5. Ref: Joe Langan (Tarbert).

Rd. 6 on Sat. 17th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-9; Kerins O Rahillys 0-8. Ref: Gerald McCarthy (Gneeveguilla).

Rd. 7 on Sat. 31st May at Castlegregory: Castlegregory 3-4; Laune Rangers 4-4. Ref: T.J. O Connor (Ballymacelligott).

Rd. 8 on Sun. 15th June at Ballybunion: Beale 2-8; Laune Rangers 1-7. Ref: Tommy Sugrue (St. Patrick’s).

Rd. 9 on Sun. 17th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-10; Kenmare 2-4. Ref: Martin Hayes (Kilcummin).

Rd. 11 on Sun. 19th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-14; Waterville 0-4.

Rd. 10 on Sat. 22nd Nov. at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Templenoe.

Laune Rangers were missing four of their regulars but still managed to win by one point. Templenoe accused Laune Rangers afterwards of reneging on an agreement that they thought they had with Pat O Shea, which would have allowed them to win. However, such an agreement, if there was such, was made before it was announced that there would be a Top-Four competition in the league in 1980. Once that announcement was made, Laune Rangers, naturally, wanted to finish as high as possible in Division 2 in order to qualify.

Laune Rangers – Co. League Div. 2 v Templenoe 1980

Laune Rangers – Co. League Div. 2 v Templenoe 1980
Front: Finbarr Coffey, James Sheehan, Michael F. O Shea, Ger Hurley, John Griffin, Joe Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Maurice Corkery.
Back: Patsy Joy (Trainer), Brian O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, Pa Foley, John Costello, Stephen Russell, John Clifford, Seamus O Shea, Frankie Russell (capt.), James O Shea.

In the Co. League, Laune Rangers finished in third place and missed out on promotion. However, there was a Top Four competition between the top four teams in the league.

Top Four Semi-final on Sun. 7th Dec. at Currow: Laune Rangers beat Ballydonoghue.

Final on Sun. 21st Dec. at Currow: Laune Rangers 3-4; Dr. Crokes 0-7.

A stout-hearted Killorglin side, which showed tremendous fighting spirit in the second half, had a merited win over Dr. Crokes in that Division 2 Final. The Killarney lads, who had the advantage of a slight breeze, controlled the first half, particularly at midfield where Denis O Donoghue and Brian Looney were in complete command, but their forwards failed to convert possession into scores and they led by two points (0-5 to 1-0) at the interval.

A goal by Stephen Russell just before halftime put Rangers into a strong position facing the second half and when Joe Shannon added another goal, three minutes after the restart, they were well on the road to victory. The truth was that the Launesiders emerged like a team inspired for the second half and Frank Russell had the game of his life at midfield. They chased every ball and simply did not want to hear of the word ‘defeat’. The Killarney men had no answer. The second half was laced with bad-tempered outbursts and referee, Eamonn O Sullivan, had to take a firm line. On one occasion, he had t speak to some people on the Killorglin line.

Dr. Crokes got off to a good start with a point from Brian Looney in the opening seconds. Three further points by Denis O Donoghue, James Cronin and Mike Buckley were added but just as many were missed. Laune Rangers, in spite of being dominated overall, made a few breaks up the field but James Sheehan fluffed a great chance of a goal after a nice move in the fifteenth minute. Rangers’ first score did not come until the twenty-seventh minute. Full-forward Pa Foley won the ball in a goal-mouth tussle before giving Stephen Russell the easiest of tasks to put it past a helpless Eamonn Fitzgerald. That was a most important score.

Within three minutes of the restart Rangers took the lead, which they were never to relinquish. Pa Foley had a point almost from the throw-in and in the thirty-third minute came the all-important goal from Joe Shannon. He gathered the ball about thirty yards out and seemed to go for a point, but his deceptive shot dipped under the crossbar for a goal. That was the turning point for the winners and they never looked back. Rangers got a firm grip at midfield and maintained the momentum to lead by 2-4 to 0-7 at the end of the third quarter. Try as they might, Crokes’ attack could make no headway against a solid Killorglin defence. Joe Shannon assured Laune Rangers of victory when he booted home a well-taken goal in the fiftieth minute, after taking a near-ground ball from Pa Foley. Dr. Crokes got a chance of a goal in the fifty-fourth minute, but as Johnny O Donoghue had a score at his mercy, he fisted the ball straight into the hands of Jerry Coffey, the Killorglin centre back, who was standing on the goal-line.

It was a fine team victory for Laune Rangers, who played with tremendous gusto in the second half. Frank Russell was their outstanding performer and his work in the second half was a major factor in their success. Overall, the Rangers’ defence played stubbornly, with James O Shea a sound fullback. Joe Shannon, Michael F. O Shea, Pa Foley and Stephen Russell were best of the others.

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley, Joe Crowley, James O Shea, John Clifford, Paudie Sheahan, Jerry Coffey, Teddy Clifford, Frank Russell (0-1) capt, Stephen Russell (1-1), Joe Shannon (2-0), Michael F. O Shea, Anthony Shannon, John Griffin, Pa Foley (0-1), James Sheehan (0-1). Subs: Pierce Prendiville for S. Russell, Seamus O Shea for J. Griffin, Maurice Corkery, John Hurley, Liam Hayes, Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea.

Dr. Crokes: Eamonn Fitzgerald, Noel Parker, Donie O Leary, John O Leary, Brendan Keogh, Mike Doody, Paudie Mangan, Denis O Donoghue (0-1), Brian Looney (0-1), James Cronin (0-4, 3 frees), Mike Buckley (0-1), Harry O Neill, Tommy Parker, Johnny O Donoghue, Niall Brosnan. Subs: Mike O Grady for N. Brosnan, Liam Hartnett for M. Buckley.

Ref: Eamonn O Sullivan (Desmonds).


Co. Novice Football Championship

There were 36 teams in the Novice Championship. At the Co. Board meeting in March, Patsy Joy, John Clifford, Jack Reen, Mossy Joy and Pa Foley were regraded from senior status.

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Dan Carey, James Coffey and the captain.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 4th May at Gneeveguilla: Gneeveguilla ‘B’ 1-10; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-8.

Ref: Joe Langan (Tarbert).


Co. Senior Football League Div. 4

At the Co. Board meeting on 4th March, Laune Rangers agreed that the second team would play in Division 4 rather than Division 3.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 31st March at Killarney: Legion ‘B’ 1-11; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-4.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 6th April at Renard: Foilmore 0-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-8. Ref: Gerry Coffey (Kilcummin).

Rd. 3 on Sun. 20th April at Kilgarvan: Kilgarvan 0-18; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-4. Ref: Mike Carey (Kenmare).

Rd. 4 on Sun. 27th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-6; Tuosist 2-4. Ref: Gerry Coffey (Kilcummin).

Laune Rangers had a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed and kicked several close-in frees wide in an unlucky defeat after a tough game.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 18th May at Fossa: Fossa 0-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-3. Ref: Dan Moynihan (Legion).

Laune Rangers ‘B’ were very depleted for that game.

Rd. 6 on Thurs. 5th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-10; Dromid 0-8.

Rd. 7 on Sun. 31st Aug. at Waterville: Derrynane lost to Laune Rangers ‘B’.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 11th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Keel 0-2.

Both first round games were played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park, resulting in good wins for Laune Rangers and Glenbeigh (over Milltown/Castlemaine). The strong, cold wind that blew into the Sunhill end of the ground and the slippery underfoot conditions could have been blamed for the sub-standard games, which were watched by a good attendance.

The opening game, between Laune Rangers and Keel, had a very dull and uninteresting first half, in which Laune Rangers scored two points per Joe Shannon and Keel had one from a free by Sean Foley. The winners had much more of the play but failed to convert easy scoring chances both from frees and play on umpteen occasions. The same could be said of Keel, whose forwards squandered almost as much as their opponents.

The second half was only six minutes old when, with Laune Rangers attacking, the referee’s attention was called to an incident involving two players, James O Shea (Laune Rangers) and John Cahillane (Keel). From the resultant consultation with his umpires, the referee, to everyone’s amazement, sent Laune Rangers’ goalkeeper, Pat O Grady, to the line. That incident gave the game the injection it needed and, after Pat Foley had equalised, Rangers reshuffled their team with John Clifford taking over the goalkeeping duties and Jerry Coffey was pulled back from full-forward to defence, where he had a fine game. Following those moves, the Killorglin boys moved with a vengeance and took a four points lead before one of their star minors, Pierce Prendiville, who had come on as a substitute, rose high to flick home a great goal to clinch the game.

Laune Rangers deserved to win, there could be no doubt, but their forwards were in dire need of improvement. There best players were James O Shea, who ranked as the second Joe Keohane of Kerry football. He got fine support from his co-defenders, especially Anthony Shannon and Paudie Sheahan. Michael F. O Shea had a fine hour at midfield, while Frank Russell, after a slow start, put in a tremendous forty minutes of football. Joe Shannon had a fine hour, even if he was guilty of a few bad wides from placed balls. John Evans seemed to revel in the tough going, often providing the ‘shield’ for his teenage team-mates.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, John Clifford, James O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Teddy Clifford, Joe Crowley, Paudie Sheahan, Michael F. O Shea (0-1), Frank Russell (0-1), Joe Shannon (0-4), John Evans, James Sheehan, John Griffin (0-1), Jerry Coffey, Anthony Corkery. Sub: Pierce Prendiville (1-0).

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Semi-final on Sun. 20th July at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 3-6; Laune Rangers 0-9.

The expected thriller never materialised and, except for a few patches, it was a lifeless struggle. Laune Rangers made all the mistakes and paid dearly for them. The first came in the twelfth minute of the first half when goalkeeper, Ger Hurley, failed to hold a dropping ball from a ‘45’ and Mike Breen was on hand to punch home a goal. The second mistake came after four minutes of the second half and it was similar to that which had put Laune Rangers out of the Co. Senior Championship. Rangers were awarded a free about forty-five metres from their own goal and Anthony Shannon decided on a quick pass. It was intercepted and the result was a well-taken goal for Glenbeigh by Denis Griffin. In the 50th minute, with the score at 2-6 to 0-6 and Laune Rangers looking like making a game of it, they were guilty of a foolish foul while on the attack and Glenbeigh came away from the resultant free for Pat Sheahan to score a goal that the goalkeeper might have saved.

Laune Rangers did keep up the fight and scored four more points but they were never able to penetrate a rugged Glenbeigh defence to get the vital goals. Glenbeigh, who led by 1-6 to 0-2 at the break after playing with the strong breeze, were best served by Owen O Riordan, in goals, fullbacks Raymond O Sullivan, Pat McGillycuddy and Mícheál Griffin, halfbacks Pat Sheahan, Pat O Riordan and Mike Horan, midfielders John Griffin and Neilie O Sullivan, Mike Breen at full-forward and Peadar O Sullivan, Mike Moriarty, Denis Griffin and Mike O Grady. Laune Rangers were disappointed at that display, even though they had a very young team on duty – four minors and at least seven under the age of twenty. They played well enough at times and had plenty of possession, but they failed to make the most of their first half chances. James O Shea was the best of the fullback line, Teddy Clifford, Jerry Coffey and Paudie Sheahan made up a solid halfback line. Michael F. O Shea and Frank Russell played well at midfield. Only Joe Shannon, James Sheehan and John Griffin looked capable of scoring from play.

Scorers for Glenbeigh: Denis Griffin 1-0; Mike Breen 1-0, Pat Sheahan 1-0, Mike Moriarty 0-3, Peadar O Sullivan 0-2, John Griffin 0-1.

Scorers for Laune Rangers: James Sheehan 0-4, John Griffin 0-2, Joe Shannon 0-1, Paudie Sheahan 0-1, Frank Russell 0-1.

Ref: Tom Brennan (Desmonds).


Mid-Kerry Senior Football League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th Feb. at Rossbeigh:  Laune Rangers 1-5; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-3.

The J.P. O Sullivan Park was unplayable at the time.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 24th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-8; Glenbeigh 2-6.

Young Laune Rangers had to come from behind to win a thrilling game with great rivals Glenbeigh. It was a game well-worth going a long way to see and the small attendance at sun-drenched O Sullivan Park got great value for their money. Both sides displayed their young talent in style and those prospective minors, and minors from the previous year, gave wonderful spirited displays that thrilled their mentors.

Glenbeigh, who led by 2-5 to 2-4 at the break, looked the champions in the opening quarter and just about deserved their interval lead. The only close-in free of that half was driven wide by a Laune Rangers forward just before the halftime whistle and that was an indication of the tenseness of a full-flowing game.

Ten minutes of the second half had elapsed before Joe Shannon tied the scores and, a few minutes later, the same player put his side into a lead they held to the end but only just, as Glenbeigh’s last effort to goal was brilliantly saved by goalkeeper, Pat O Grady. Laune Rangers were best served by Joe Shannon (0-2), John Evans (1-0), Anthony Corkery (1-3), James Sheehan, John Griffin (0-1), Stephen Russell, Michael F. O Shea, James O Shea, Teddy Clifford, Frank Russell (0-2), and Joe Crowley. Glenbeigh’s best were Mike Breen, Donal and Denis Griffin (2-0), Neilie, Derry (0-2) and Peadar O Sullivan (0-2), J. Coffey, Mike (0-2) and Pat O Grady, Pat Sheehan and Pat O Riordan.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, John Clifford, James O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Joe Crowley, Teddy Clifford, Stephen Russell, Michael F. O Shea, Joe Shannon, John Evans, Anthony Corkery, James Sheehan, Frank Russell, John Griffin.

Ref: Tom Evans (Keel).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 2nd March at Keel: Keel 0-4; Laune Rangers 0-7.

Laune Rangers went clear at the top of the Mid-Kerry League table, thanks to a hard-fought win over the locals at Keel. The Killorglin boys attacked from the throw-in but were repulsed by Johnny Sheehan and, from his clearance, John Cahillane was fouled and ‘Bawnie’ McKenna scored a great point from over forty- five metres. Rangers attacked from the kick-out but Joe Shannon was wide with his effort. Rangers had further wides from Joe Crowley, James Sheehan and John Evans before Joe Shannon opened their scoring with a point from a free. That was quickly followed by points from James Sheehan and Joe Shannon. Rangers were dominating the midfield exchanges with Michael F. O Shea and Stephen Russell reigning supreme, ably assisted by the halfback line of Teddy Clifford, Joe Crowley and Paudie Sheahan. However, the forwards did not avail of the fine supply of the ball due to their inaccuracy, together with the sterling defensive play of Keel’s James Long, Sean Foley in the fullback line and veteran Denny O Shea in the half line.

Joe Shannon and James Sheehan dominated on the wings for Rangers, with the former kicking a great point from the right touchline and the latter a point from the left. Keel replied with a point from a free by John Cahillane but Joe Shannon scored a point just on halftime to leave his side leading by 0-6 to 0-2.

Keel brought Brian Ladden to midfield on the resumption and that brought about an improvement as Stephen Russell seemed to run out of steam. Keel had two points before Rangers again took up the running. John Evans and  John Griffin missed goaling chances, while Stephen Russell and Anthony Corkery had wides from good scoring chances. James Sheehan (injured) and Stephen Russell were replaced by Seamus O Shea and Pierce Prendiville. John Griffin closed the scoring with a point for the Rangers when a goal was there for the taking.

Best for the Rangers were Pat O Grady in goals, James O Shea, John Clifford, Teddy Clifford, Joe Crowley, Paudie Sheahan, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, James Sheehan, Joe Shannon, Anthony Corkery, Frank Russell and John Evans. Best for Keel were Breen in goals, James Long, Sean Foley, Denny O Shea, Jim Foley, Brian Ladden and M. Foley.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, John Clifford, James O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Paudie Sheahan, Joe Crowley, Teddy Clifford, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Joe Shannon (0-4), John Evans, James Sheehan (0-2), John Griffin (0-1), Frank Russell, Anthony Corkery. Subs: Seamus O Shea for J. Sheehan (inj.), Pierce Prendiville for S. Russell.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Rd. 4 on Sun. 16th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-3; Beaufort 0-5.

Laune Rangers qualified for their first Mid-Kerry senior final since 1974 after a tough struggle and, with that win, they laid the Beaufort bogey that had haunted them for the previous six years or so. Both sides gave a spirited performance on treacherous underfoot conditions and the heavy rain, that began to fall before the game and which continued through the first half, made matters much worse.

After a very close first half, in which both sides missed good scoring chances, the locals led by 1-1 to 0-3. On the resumption, Rangers went further ahead with a fine fisted goal by John Evans and they were well on top. They scored two further points to lead by 2-3 to 0-3 after ten minutes. They kept up the pressure but Joe Shannon had a great goal disallowed with fifteen minutes to go. Following that set-back, Rangers seemed to lose concentration and the defence was forced to concede several frees but luckily the usually accurate John Coffey was only on target twice and those were the only scores registered by Beaufort in that half.

Laune Rangers were solid in defence, where James O Shea, after a shaky start, turned in a fine performance. Teddy Clifford and Paudie Sheahan, on the halfback wings, were seldom in trouble, while Joe Crowley never put a foot wrong. Michael F. O Shea had a grand game at midfield and he got great assistance from the no-nonsense Stephen Russell. In the attack, Frank Russell showed plenty of his high-fielding ability and he had a solid game, while James Sheehan and Anthony Corkery, on the wings, were always too fast for their opponents. John Evans, though not fully fit, took his scores well and his all-round strength and experience had a vital say in that win. Joe Shannon did all that was asked of him, as did John Griffin. However, the conditions did not suit their style of play.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, John Clifford, James O Shea, Anthony Shannon, Teddy Clifford, Joe Crowley, Paudie Sheahan, Michael F. O Shea, Stephen Russell, Anthony Corkery, Frank Russell, James Sheehan, Joe Shannon (1-0), John Evans (1-1), John Griffin (0-2).

Ref: Michael O Sullivan.


Final on Sun. 16th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-4; Beaufort 2-7.

In a second half as exciting as one could wish to see, Laune Rangers, with defeat staring them in the face, scored two goals to draw with Beaufort. The fine attendance that paid record gate receipts got good value for their money as both sides, after a rather one-sided first half, played their hearts out in the second period. Over the previous few months, Laune Rangers had shown great improvement, but the players, mentors and followers alike knew that the real test would be against champions, Beaufort. And a real test it was, with both sides, after a fairly crunching opening in which no quarter was given or asked for, playing good football.

There was some fine team-work, especially from Beaufort, in the first half, when they looked like winning easily. But Laune Rangers had a few players who nipped several Beaufort moves in the bud and, in doing so, kept the hopes of their side alive, despite the interval deficit of eight points. In the opinion of many in the attendance, Beaufort could not be beaten then, but few realised that the wind, which seemed to blow cross-field, actually favoured the side playing into the Sunhill goal. There was evidence of that soon after the restart.

In the first half, Laune Rangers attacked from the throw-in and should have scored before Anthony Shannon was wide following a James Sheehan free. John Coffey was wide from a free for Beaufort but he made no mistake three minutes later, when he pointed. Dan Coffey retired with an ankle injury but his absence wasn’t felt as Paudie Lynch was having a fine game at midfield. Indeed, Paudie Lynch increased his side’s total with a point before John Coffey added two more points from frees. Laune Rangers were under severe pressure at that stage. Joe Shannon opened Rangers’ account with a point after twenty minutes but three minutes from halftime Bernie Coffey ran onto a John Coffey pass and beat Rangers’ goalkeeper, Ger Hurley, with a ground shot. A minute later, Paudie Lynch added another point. Rangers’ defence was often under severe pressure, especially when John Coffey was able to pick up the midfield breaks. However, he was not allowed too much room from his namesake, Jerry, at centre halfback for Rangers. John O Connor was another Beaufort forward that had the opposing defence in trouble but his effectiveness was lessened when Anthony Shannon was moved back to mark him. The Rangers’ forwards, from the possession they got, could make little headway against a closely-knit Beaufort defence. The result was that the score at halftime was 1-6 to 0-1 in favour of the visitors.

Laune Rangers made positional changes for the second half. Michael O Shea moved to midfield and kicked two points inside the first three minutes of the half. His second point was kicked from well over sixty metres. Joe Shannon added another point and then John Griffin scored a fine goal, to narrow the gap to two points, all after only five minutes. Play moved from end to end after that and both sides missed scoring chances before John Coffey pounced on a broken ball after Rangers’ James O Shea failed to hold a high shot and the Beaufort forty-yards man sent a low shot to the net. Laune Rangers introduced Pierce Prendiville at full-forward at that stage and early indications showed him to be a danger-man. However, when Ger Hurley was forced to make a save, at the expense of a point, from Fergus Kelly, it looked as if it was going to be Beaufort’s title.

Then, with five minutes remaining, Teddy Clifford burst through for a well-taken goal for the Rangers and a minute later, Joe Shannon was well placed by Pierce Prendiville to score the equaliser. The last four minutes belonged to Rangers and Beaufort had to defend stoutly. The last chance fell to James Sheehan but, for once, the wind didn’t guide the ball and his effort, from forty metres, skimmed the outside of the upright. The final whistle blew after the kick-out and it must have sounded like sweet music to both sides. A draw was probably a fair result.

In the second half, Joe Shannon and Michael O Shea made a big difference to the midfield exchanges for Rangers, while Frank Russell enjoyed more freedom in the attack, as did Stephen Russell. Pierce Prendiville’s introduction had the desired effect on the Rangers’ attack and the Beaufort fullback line was often caught on the wrong foot, especially when Rangers played the long through ball. John Clifford had a fine game, when moved to fullback for the injured James O Shea, while Joe Crowley, Paudie Sheahan and Anthony Shannon gave little away. Joe Shannon and Teddy Clifford played well in attack. Frank Russell did some good things in the second half, while James Sheehan and John Griffin were much faster to the ball during that period. Ger Hurley could hardly be faulted for the goals that beat him. He had a sound game, with his save from Kelly being vital.

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley, Joe Crowley, James O Shea, John Clifford, Paudie Sheahan, Jerry Coffey, Teddy Clifford (1-0), Stephen Russell, Frank Russell (capt.), Joe Shannon (1-2), Michael F. O Shea (0-2), Anthony Shannon, John Griffin (1-0), Pa Foley, James Sheehan. Subs: Pierce Prendiville for P. Foley, Seamus O Shea for J. O Shea.

Beaufort: Kieran Breen, Dominic Coffey, D.D. O Sullivan, Simon O Sullivan, Patie Hartnett, Donal Courtney, Frank Coffey, Paudie Lynch (0-3), Dan Coffey, Donie Hartnett, John Coffey (1-3), John O Connor, Mike O Sullivan, Bernie Coffey (1-0), Fergus Kelly (0-1). Subs: Dermot O Sullivan for Dan Coffey, Dan Coffey for D. O Sullivan.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


The replay was not scheduled until Sun. 12th April 1981, but Beaufort failed to appear for the game and Laune Rangers were awarded the title.

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football League Winners 1980

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football League Winners 1980
Front: Anthony Shannon, Teddy Clifford, Ger Hurley, Michael F. O Shea, Joe Crowley, Frank Russell (capt.), Joe Shannon, James Sheehan, John Griffin, Paudie Sheahan, Jerry Coffey.
Back: Michael O Donnell, Brian O Shea, John Evans, Maurice Corkery, Tommy Woods, Stephen Russell, Pierce Prendiville, Pa Foley, James O Shea, Seamus O Shea, John Clifford, Patsy Joy (Trainer).

Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup


Semi-final on Sun. 14th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.


Final on Sun. 26th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-9; Keel 0-8.

Laune Rangers won their first Mid-Kerry senior title since 1973, when beating Keel in that final. It was a very exciting and sporting game. Football was of a high standard, played in the old tradition of fielding and direct kicking, together with intelligent play.

Rangers were well on top in the first half. That was due to the dominance of Stephen Russell and Frank Russell at midfield and of the half-forward line, especially Anthony and Joe Shannon on the wings. Johnny Sheehan (Keel) and Michael F. O Shea (Laune Rangers) cancelled each other out on the ‘mark’, the latter playing his second game within twenty-four hours, having played with UCC on the previous day. Patrick Foley played well at full-forward, but John Griffin and James Sheehan struggled with the Keel corner backs. Paudie Sheahan, at right halfback, was never beaten throughout the hour and was easily the man-of-the-match. Jerry Coffey, at centre halfback, also played well for Rangers.

Keel opened the scoring in the second minute with a point per John Long. Laune Rangers replied with a major in the fourth minutes per John Griffin, after the ball rebounded off the goalkeeper. James Sheehan had two points for Rangers in the sixth and seventh minutes from a free and from play, respectively. Michael F. O Shea scored a good point from a fifty metres’ free in the twentieth minute and Keel replied with a point from a free by Sean Foley in the twenty first minute, which proved to their last in that half. Rangers had two further points from frees per James Sheehan in the twenty ninth and thirtieth minutes, to leave the home side ahead by 1-5 to 0-2 at the break.

Keel, who had switched Pat Foley at midfield at halftime, enjoyed a slight edge in that department in the second half, with the result that Rangers were forced to move Joe Shannon there, in exchange with Stephen Russell. The Rangers half-forwards were forced to move well out the field in search of possession and that put the team under periods of pressure. However, the poverty of the Keel attack lost them many scores, with the exception of Denis Foley and Tom Evans. The Rangers’ fullback line of Joe Crowley, James O Shea and John Clifford showed up to good effect, in that half. However, they were forced to switch Teddy Clifford and Anthony Shannon midway through the half and both players benefited from the switch, Teddy Clifford scoring two points from play in the nineteenth and twentieth minutes.

Keel opened the scoring in the first minute of the second half with a point from a free per Pat Foley, after the Rangers’ goalkeeper, Ger Hurley, was penalised for over-carrying the ball. Rangers replied with a goal in the third minute. Pat Foley scored a point from a free for Keel in the fourth minute, after the Rangers’ goalkeeper was penalised for picking the ball off the ground outside the small ‘square’. Anthony Shannon had a point for Rangers in the fifth minute. Pat Foley replied with a pointed free. In the twelfth minute, Willie O Shea, the Keel corner-back, blundered and the unmarked John Griffin kicked the ball to the net. Jim ‘Fox’ Foley scored a point in the fourteenth minute. Teddy Clifford and Pat Foley exchanged a brace of points to close the scoring. After the game, Frank Russell was presented with the cup by Mid-Kerry Board Chairman, James Coffey.

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley, Joe Crowley, James O Shea, John Clifford, Paudie Sheahan Jerry Coffey, Teddy Clifford, Stephen Russell, Frank Russell (capt.), Joe Shannon, Michael F. O Shea, Anthony Shannon, James Sheehan, Patrick Foley, John Griffin. Subs: Pierce Prendiville, Seamus O Shea, Brian O Shea.

Keel: John Breen, Willie O Shea, James Long, Jim ‘Fox’ Foley, Terry Foley, Johnny Sheehan, Tony Carey, Larry McKenna, Sean Foley, Denis Foley, Denny O Shea, Pat Foley, Tom Evans, John Long, Martin Foley. Subs: John Fitzgerald and Maurice O Dwyer.

Ref: Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).


Mid-Kerry Novice Championship

It was decided to run that competition on a league basis, each team playing the others.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 6th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Rd. 2 on Tues. 13th May at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 1-5; Laune Rangers 1-7.

That was one of the best and most exciting games ever in the competition.

Rd. 3 on Tues. 20th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel. Ref: Michael Murphy.

Rd. 4 on Tues. 27th May at Beaufort: Beaufort 1-6; Laune Rangers 2-4. Ref: Michael Murphy.


Final on Sun. 28th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-8; Glenbeigh 3-11. Ref: Tom Evans (Keel).

The first half was played at a fast pace, with Stephen Russell giving Rangers an edge at midfield. However, the forwards overplayed the ball and the Glenbeigh defence, particularly Pat O Riordan, was not easily upset. Derry O Sullivan scored a goal for Glenbeigh to give them a 1-5 to 1-4 lead at the break. Rangers faded in the last quarter as Glenbeigh went on to win easily. Overconfidence by Rangers and lack of spirit and fitness, in some of the players, was largely responsible for that defeat. After the game, James Coffey, Chairman of Mid-Kerry Board, presented the trophy to Mike Moriarty, captain of the Glenbeigh team.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry Novice Runners-up 1980

Laune Rangers ‘B’ – Mid-Kerry Novice Runners-up 1980
Seated: Podge Freeman, Maurice Corkery, Pat Joe Mahony.
Kneeling: Harry Carey, Finbarr Coffey, Seamus O Shea, Pat Pigott, Anthony Corkery, John Griffin, Joe Shannon, Ger Hurley, Michael ‘Fox’ O Shea, Jerry Coffey, John Hurley.
Standing: Pierce Prendiville, Liam Hayes, Stephen Russell, John Costello, Paudie Sheahan, James O Riordan, John Galvin, Pa O Grady, Tommy Woods, Brian O Shea.

Senior Football Challenge/Tournament Games


Sun. 10th Feb. at Lispole: Laune Rangers v Gaeltacht.

Mon. 17th March: Castlecove 7-a-side – Laune Rangers beat Valentia but lost the final to Skellig Rangers by 5 points. Ger Hurley won the award for the outstanding player of the tournament.

Sun. 8th June at Millstreet: Millstreet drew with Laune Rangers.

Sat. 8th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Our Lady’s Hospital, Cork.

That was for the Brendan Doyle Memorial Cup.


Co. U-21 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Tues. 8th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-15; Shannon Rangers 1-0.

Ref: Tony Donnelly (Waterville).

Quarter-final on Tues. 5th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to Feale Rangers.

Ref: Martin Hayes (Kilcummin).


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Tues. 15th July at Kenmare: Kenmare beat Laune Rangers.


Co. Minor Football League Div. 1

There were two groups. Laune Rangers were grouped with St. Mary’s/Renard, Dr. Crokes, Legion, Kenmare and Keel/Milltown/Castlemaine.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 21st March at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s/Renard beat Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 31st March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-7; Dr. Crokes 3-7. Ref: Sean O Connor (Spa).

Rd. 3 on Fri. 4th April at Keel: Keel/Milltown/Castlemaine 0-8; Laune Rangers 3-17.

Ref: Martin Hayes (Kilcummin).

Rd. 4 on Fri. 11th April at Kenmare: Kenmare 1-5; Laune Rangers 1-13. Ref: John Daly (Dr. Crokes).

Rd. 5 on Fri. 15th April at Killarney: Legion 1-5; Laune Rangers 2-9. Ref: Richie Williams (Fossa).

As a result of the above, Laune Rangers qualified for the semi-final of the Co. Minor League for the fourth successive year.


Semi-final on Tues. 22nd July at Killarney: Laune Rangers beat Austin Stacks.

Ref: Weeshie Fogarty (Legion).


Final on Wed. 27th Aug. at Spa, Killarney: Laune Rangers 3-9; St. Mary’s 2-9.

There was great excitement in Killorglin, as a huge cavalcade of cars escorted the heroes through the streets.

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley, Michael Healy, Brian O Shea (capt.), John Hurley, Seamus O Shea, Paudie Sheahan, Maurice Corkery, Liam Hayes, Joe Shannon, Jimmy Hannon, Pierce Prendiville, Michael O Reilly, John Griffin, James O Shea (Shanara), Patrick Freeman. Sub: Kevin O Grady.

Ref: Martin Hayes (Kilcummin).


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship

It was decided to run the Minor Championship on a league basis. Laune Rangers were given a bye in the first round.


Rd. 3 on Fri. 9th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh. Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown).

Rd. 4 on Fri. 16th May at Keel: Keel 1-3; Laune Rangers 2-10. Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown).

Rd. 2 on Fri. 23rd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Ref: Steve Caulfield (Glenbeigh).

Rd. 5 on Fri. 20th May at Killorglin: Laune Ranger 6-6; Beaufort 3-2. Ref: Steve Caulfield (Glenbeigh).


Final on Fri. 22nd Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-15; Glenbeigh 2-3.

That was Laune Rangers sixth Mid-Kerry Minor title in-a-row. After the game, Brian O Shea, Laune Rangers’ captain, was presented with the new Mike ‘Coffey’ Griffin Memorial Trophy by Mid-Kerry Chairman, James Coffey, who paid tribute to the player whose tragic death had shocked the entire area.

Laune Rangers: Ger Hurley (Gurrane), John Foley (Reen), Brian O Shea (Laharn) capt., John Hurley (Gurrane), Michael Healy (Lios), Paudie Sheahan (Square), Maurice Corkery (Scrahan), Liam Hayes (Cromane), Pierce Prendiville (School Road), John Griffin (Gurrane), Seamus O Shea (Rangue), Patrick Freeman (Langford St.), Donal Pigott (Laune View), James O Shea (Shanara), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen). Subs: Johnny Healy (Tullig), James Foley (Iveragh Road), Dodo Sheahan (Square), Padraig O Shea (Rangue), Kevin O Grady (Mill Road), Timothy Doyle (Rangue), John Galvin (Keelcoulacht). Joe Shannon (Mountain View) was unable to play because of the All-Ireland semi-final two days later.

Mid-Kerry Minor Football Final 1980

Mid-Kerry Minor Football Final 1980
Brian O Shea (Laune Rangers Captain), James Coffey (Chairman Mid-Kerry Board), Jack O Connor (Glenbeigh Captain), Michael Murphy (Milltown – Referee).

Co. U-16 Football Championship

There were six teams in Division 1, Austin Stacks, Laune Rangers, Kerins O Rahillys, Dr. Crokes, Legion, John Mitchels.

Team trainer – Liam Shannon.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 9th July at Killarney: Legion lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 16th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Kerins O Rahillys.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 23rd July at Killarney: Dr. Crokes lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Wed. 30th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v John Mitchels.

Rd. 5 on Wed. 6th Aug. at Tralee: Austin Stacks defeated Laune Rangers.


Final on Fri. 29th Aug. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 2-5; Kerins O Rahillys 0-8.

That was a close and exciting match. Laune Rangers led by 2-4 to 0-4 at the break and only managed to score one point in the second half. They were under tremendous pressure in that half but fullback, Donal Hurley, gave a tremendous display in repelling the opposition. There was great excitement as a huge cavalcade escorted the team through the streets.

Laune Rangers: Michael O Shea (Laharn), Padraig O Shea (Rangue), Donal Hurley (Gurrane), Michael Scannell (Gurrane), Jimmy O Neill (Cromane), James O Shea (Shanara), Pat Diggin (Laharn), Michael O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Tommy Foley (Reen), Tomás Hayes (Cromane), Johnny Healy (Tullig) capt., Kevin O Grady (Upper Bridge St.), Gerard Murphy (Mountain View), Timmy O Neill (School Road), Ciarán O Callaghan (Glosha). Sub: Florence Leen (Upper Bridge St.), Noel Doyle (Rangue), Martin Clifford (Mountain View), David Griffin (Gurrane), Fergal O Shea (Rangue).

On Sat. 24th Jan. 1981, the players were guests at a most enjoyable function in the Railway Hotel. Club Chairman, James Coffey, congratulated the side on its great success. Very few had given them a chance but they had the dedication and the spirit, which was needed to win the title. He appealed to the players to stay loyal to the club and he expressed the hope that they would go on to win minor honours and be the backbone of the club teams when the centenary year would arrive.

The players were presented with their medals by the newly elected Co. Bord nanOg Chairman, Jerome Conway, who appealed to them to refrain from joining the ‘boys’ in the pubs, pointing out to them the effect alcoholic drink would have on their playing careers.

Pat O Shea, Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg Chairman, also congratulated the team and its trainer, Liam Shannon, who gave so much of his time to the team. Liam Shannon thanked the players for their dedication and he said that it was an honour for him to be associated with such a fine team. Tommy Woods N.T, who was also in charge of underage teams in the parish, was also present.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship

Laune Rangers were forced to concede twelve months to the other teams, resulting in the ridiculous situation whereby Laune Rangers won the Co. Championship but failed to reach the final of the Mid-Kerry competition. In the semi-final against Laune Rangers, for instance, Willie Maher, who later in the year played at full-forward on the Kerry minor team in the All-Ireland final, played with Milltown/Castlemaine.


Mon. 17th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-5; Keel 0-7.

Sun. 13th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-4; Glenbeigh 1-7.

Sun. 20th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-4; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6.

Semi-final on Mon. 5th May: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers.

Final on Sun. 18th May at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-7; Glenbeigh 2-5.


Having been beaten in the ‘A’ competition, Laune Rangers entered the ‘B’ Championship.

‘B’ Final on Sun. 5th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-9; Glenbeigh 2-0.


U-16 Football Parish League


Final: Michael O Reilly 6-5; John Foley 5-6.

Michael O Reilly: James O Shea (Shanara), Timmy Flaherty, Austin Stack, Jimmy O Neill, Pat Sheehan (Sunhill), Dermot Griffin, Martin Moriarty (Muingaphouca), Timmy O Neill (School Road), Patrick O Sullivan (Sunhill).


Co. U-14 Football Championship

There were six teams in Division 1, Austin Stacks, Laune Rangers, Kerins O Rahillys, Dr. Crokes, Legion and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 21st May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Legion.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 28th May at Strand Road: Kerins O Rahillys 3-4; Laune Rangers 1-10.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 4th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Dr. Crokes.

Rd. 4 on Wed. 11th June at Tralee: John Mitchels lost to Laune Rangers.

Rd. 5 on Wed. 18th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Austin Stacks.


Final on Wed. 25th June at Killarney: Austin Stacks 1-10; Laune Rangers 2-3. Ref: Sean O Connor (Spa).


Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship

Laune Rangers entered two teams.


Sat. 10th May at Keel: Keel lost to Laune Rangers ‘A’.

Mon. 12th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-5; Beaufort 3-7.

Fri. 23rd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 4-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-5.

Sun. 25th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-2; Glenbeigh 6-10.

Sun. 25th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 9-7; Beaufort 0-0.

Fri. 30th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ v Milltown/Castlemaine

Laune Rangers ‘A’ v Glenbeigh.


Final on Fri. 20th June at Lickeen: Glenbeigh 2-9; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-11.

History was made, as that was the first, and only, football final to be played at Lickeen. It was a hard-fought game from start to finish. The winners led by 1-4 to 0-4 at halftime but the Rangers fought back strongly in the second half and cut the lead to one point. From that to the end, it was thrilling fare. S. Sheahan put the Glenbeigh boys two points ahead but the Rangers pulled them back to level terms. Then came the dramatic winner when Paul Moriarty gained possession about 40 yards out and he gave to A. O Riordan, who kicked the winning point. Laune Rangers were best served by Noel Doyle, Gerard Clifford, Gerard Murphy, Tom Geary, Padraig McMahon, Brian O Sullivan and Brian Foley. Indeed Noel Doyle played a captain’s part at centre halfback and it was his hard work that led to Laune Rangers drawing level in the second half.

Laune Rangers: John Galvin, Tommy Geary, Fergal O Shea, Martin Joy, Patrick Brennan, Noel Doyle (capt.), Pat McKenna (Lonart), Gerard Clifford (Caragh Bridge) 0-3, Dermot Griffin 0-1, Brian O Sullivan (0-2), Con Lucey (0-1), Brian Foley (1-1), Dermot Clifford (0-2), Gerard Murphy, Padraig McMahon. Sub: Joe Kennedy (0-1) for P. McKenna.

Glenbeigh: John O Mahony, P. Sheahan, M. Moriarty, D. O Sullivan, G. McGillycuddy, J. Sheahan, D. Harris, Patie Griffin, M. Sheahan, J. Sheahan, Paul Moriarty, S. Sheahan, Sean Barton, G. Moriarty, James Moriarty. Subs: A. O Riordan for J. Sheahan, G. Mooney for S. Barton.

Ref: Michael Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).

The manager of the Glenbeigh team had made a request to Pat O Shea to play the final in Lickeen in order to help to promote the game in the Glencar area. It seemed that it was a genuine request and it was agreed. However, it was not long until the mentors regretted the decision. The pitch was in a very poor state, it was too small, there was a rock on the pitch and there was a chord instead of a crossbar at the road end. Needless to say, there were no nets for the goals. There was one disputed score at the road end – a point for Laune Rangers was awarded, when it was clearly a goal. At least one of the Glenbeigh players was overage for minor competition four years later.


Having been beaten in the ‘A’ competition, Laune Rangers entered the ‘B’ Championship.

Semi-final on Sun. 5th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.


Final on Sat. 25th Oct. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-4; Laune Rangers 0-7.

The game was played in a downpour making the ground very sticky but that did not take from the standard of football. Rangers dominated the first quarter and led by 0-4 to 0-0. In the last ten minutes of that half, Milltown/Castlemaine came more into the game and they exchanged points with Rangers to leave the scores at 0-5 to 0-1 at the break.

Milltown attacked continuously for the first ten minutes of the second half but could only score two points, due to the excellence of the Rangers’ defence. Then, with ten minutes remaining, Milltown scored two goals to take a four points lead. Rangers fought hard to save the game in the last eight minutes and scored two points but Milltown held out and scored a point with the last kick of the game.

Laune Rangers: Joe Kennedy (St. James’ Terrace), Gerard O Leary (Coolroe), Martin Joy ((Caragh Lake), Pat McKenna (Lonart), Pat McKenna (Steelroe), Austin Stack (Stookisland) capt., Michael Joy (Tullig), Michael O Sullivan (Cromane), John O Shea (Lonart), Timothy Fleming (School Road), Patrick Brennan (Ownagarry), Paul O Sullivan (Square), Eoin Mangan (Dromin), M. O Neill, Dermot Clifford (Langford St.). Subs: Joe Mangan (Dromavalla), Anthony O Sullivan (Iveragh Park), Timothy Flaherty (Tullig).


U-14 Football Challenge Game


Sun. 22nd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Kerins O Rahillys.


U-14 Football Parish League

There were four captains, Gerard Murphy, Joe Mangan, Austin Stacks and Dermot Griffin.

In the final, Gerard Murphy beat Joe Mangan.

Gerard Murphy: Patrick McMahon, Noel Doyle, Gene Horgan, John O Shea (Lonart), Joe Kennedy, Pat Clifford, Paul O Sullivan, Sean Moriarty, Joe O Shea, Sean Gamble, Timmy Flaherty, David O Connor.


Co. U-12 Football Championship

There were six teams in Division 1, Austin Stacks, Laune Rangers, Kerins O Rahillys, Dr. Crokes, Legion and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 2nd April at Tralee: Austin Stacks beat Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 9th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v John Mitchels.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 16th April at Killarney: Dr. Crokes v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Wed. 23rd April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-9; Kerins O Rahillys 5-6.

Rd. 5 on Wed. 30th April at Killarney: Legion v Laune Rangers.


Final on Wed. 14th May at Killorglin: Austin Stacks beat Legion by two points to win five U-12 titles in-a-row. Ref: Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers).


Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship


Semi-final on Mon. 28th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.


Final on Mon. 5th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-3.

Laune Rangers relieved Milltown/Castlemaine of its title after a fiercely-fought contest. It was anybody’s game up to the last whistle, with only a kick of a ball dividing the teams. Although the winners gained much more of the possession throughout the game, they were never able to penetrate the Milltown defence to any great effect. Milltown/Castlemaine looked the physically stronger team but the Rangers were by far the harder workers and that paid off in the end. They took their scores nicely and, but for the Trojan work by the losers’ defence, the final winning score margin would have been greater. The outstanding players for Laune Rangers were Pat McKenna and Robert Evans in defence, William Joy and Paul O Sullivan at midfield, and Mossy O Grady, Ronan O Shea and Kieran O Keeffe in attack. The latter had a fierce duel with the Milltown centre halfback, John Burke.

Laune Rangers: Ronan Diggin, Sean Costello, Michael Cronin, Shane O Sullivan, Robert Evans, Pat McKenna, James O Shea, Paul O Sullivan, William Joy (0-3), David McGrath, Kieran O Keeffe (0-1), Paul Griffin (0-2), Ronan O Shea, Andrew Lucey (1-0), Mossy O Grady. Sub: Bertie O Riordan.


U-12 Football Parish League


Final: Paul O Sullivan 6-6; William Joy 2-4.

Paul O Sullivan: Robert Evans, Bertie O Riordan, Michael Cronin, Brendan McDonagh, Brendan Moriarty, Teddy O Sullivan (Reen), J. O Connor, Maurice O Shea, Jens Bachem, Barry Lynch, Mark Murphy (Mountain View), John Cronin, Sean Fenton, Liam Fitzgerald, Peter Mangan, Michael Clifford.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football


Laune Rangers Primary Schools’ Competition:

Sun. 15th June in J.P. O Sullivan Park:

‘A’ Final – Patrick Brennan’s team (Scoil Mhuire) beat Glounaguillagh N.S. (Coached by Noel O Mahony)

‘B’ Final – Dermot Clifford’s team (Scoil Mhuire) beat Cromane N.S.

‘C’ Final – Joe Kennedy’s team (Scoil Mhuire) beat Douglas N.S. Michael Scannell coached Douglas.

Patrick Brennan, Sean O Connor, Paul O Sullivan, Kenneth O Sullivan, Paul O Riordan, Andrew Lucey, Paul Griffin, Sean Gamble, Mark O Connor, Teddy O Sullivan, Claus Reicherdt, John Byrne, Dan Horgan, Evan Mangan.

Dermot Clifford, Brian Costello, Tony Ahern, Anthony Foley, James Foley, Sean Costello, William Joy, Joe Purcell, Fergus O Meara, Francis O Connor, Mark Freeman, Tommy Byrne, Dominic Jones, John Linehan.

Joe Kennedy, Michael Horgan, Anthony O Sullivan, Shane O Sullivan, Alan Foley, Chris Foley, Robert Evans, Anthony Clifford, Pat Hannon, Bernard Sheehan, Paul O Shea, Francis Brennan, Sean Moriarty.


In June Patsy Joy laid out a pitch on his own land at Lonart and commenced training players attending Cromane N.S.


Kerry Colleges’ Football:

Intermediate School, Killorglin won the Kerry Colleges’ Junior Championship at the expense of Ballybunion..

Intermediate School Panel: Florence Leen, Fergal O Shea, Gerard Clifford, Michael Dermody, Michael Scannell, Con Counihan, Gerard Murphy, Noel Doyle, Niall O Meara, Joe Doyle, Austin Stack, Padraig McMahon (all Laune Rangers), Michael Cahill, G. Mooney, D. O Sullivan, Sean Brennan, T. O Shea, P. Riordan, J. Clifford, D. Kennedy, M. Moriarty, D. Greene, A. Coffey (Capt.), W. Corcoran.


Intermediate School won the Kerry Colleges’ County Cup (U-18) at the expense of St. Michael’s.

Intermediate School Panel: S. Coffey, Kevin Moriarty, Sean Corkery, P. O Donnell, Kevin O Grady, Pierce Prendiville (capt.), M. O Sullivan, Donal Pigott, M. McCarthy, Tomás Hayes, Padraig O Shea, D. O Connor, A. O Leary, John Foley, James Foley, Ger Hurley, Liam Hayes, John Foley, Michael Flynn, D. Coffey, Dodo Sheahan, Joe Shannon.

Intermediate School – Winners of Co. 1st Year Secondary Schools Championship 1980

Intermediate School – Winners of Co. 1st Year Secondary Schools Championship 1980
Front (Laune Rangers except where stated): Kieran O Keeffe, Mike O Connor (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Patrick Brennan, Patrick Green (Inch), Donal Sugrue (Glenbeigh) .
2nd Row: Liam Foley, Ronan O Shea, Paul O Sullivan, Shane O Sullivan, Gerard O Connor (Dooks/Glenbeigh), Terence O Shea.
Brian Costello, John O Mahony (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Donal Hayes (Beaufort), Paul Gillespie, Owen Mangan, Sean O Connor, Padraig Barton (Keel), Tony Ahern.
Back: Sean Barton (Keel), Donal Burke (Glenbeigh), Kenneth O Sullivan, Cormac O Shea (Beaufort), James Moriarty (Glenbeigh).

Kerry Vocational Schools’ Senior Football

At Tralee in October: Tralee 4-9; Killorglin 1-6.

Best for Killorglin were Donal Hurley and James O Shea in defence, Michael O Reilly at midfield and Pat Sheehan in attack.


Kerry Vocational Schools’ U-16 Championship

At Killorglin in November: Killorglin 4-12; Kenmare 2-2.

Killorglin opened with three quick points but Kenmare replied with a goal. However, a further three points, followed a superb goal by Brian O Sullivan, put Killorglin in the driving seat and they led by 2-10 to 1-1 at the break.

Semi-final on Fri. 14th Nov. at Tralee: Tralee 6-10; Killorglin 0-4.

Killorglin contributed to their own downfall by conceding two goals, one at the start of each half, when the goalkeeper and fullback failed to hold the ball and allowed it to drop over the goal-line. Brian O Sullivan pointed three close-in frees to give Killorglin a glimmer of hope before halftime. Tralee piled on the pressure in the second half but good defensive work by Paul Moriarty (Glenbeigh) and Andrew Boyle (Milltown/Castlemaine) helped to curtail onslaughts.


Kerry Vocational Schools First Years’ Championships

At Dingle in November: Dingle 4-2; Killorglin 4-8.

A tremendous rally enabled Killorglin to win that highly entertaining game. Dingle had led by 3-0 to 1-1 at the interval.

At Killorglin Vocational School’s Grounds on Thurs. 20th Nov: Killorglin 2-4; Tralee 1-0.

Killorglin got off to a great start when Padraig Hogan (Milltown/Castlemaine) sent a pile-driver past the Tralee goalkeeper. Anthony O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) added a point. Padraig Foran also scored a point to give the winners a 1-2 to 1-0 interval lead. A goal by Gerard Casey (Laune Rangers) after halftime and two points by Padraig Hogan sealed the issue in Killorglin’s favour. Others to play well for Killorglin were Martin Joy, Richard O Connor, Joe Kennedy (all Laune Rangers) and Andrew Kennedy.

At Castleisland in Dec. Killorglin V.S. 4-2; Castleisland V.S. 1-2.


Third Level Competition – Advanced Colleges League

Sat. 8th Nov. at Tralee: Tralee RTC 2-8; Limerick College of Technology 1-11.

Ger Hurley (Laune Rangers) played in goals for Tralee.

Wed. 12th Nov. at Naas: Army Apprentice School 0-5; Tralee RTC 1-2.

Ger Hurley played in goals for Tralee.

Sat. 4th Dec. at Limerick: Mary Immaculate College 1-4; Tralee RTC 1-5.

Ger Hurley played in goals for Tralee.

Munster Minor Football Championship


Trial game on Sat. 1st March at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry v South-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry: Ger Hurley, Paudie Sheahan, Joe Shannon, John Griffin, Pierce Prendiville, Seamus O Shea, Patrick Freeman and Brian O Shea (all Laune Rangers), Jeremiah Murphy, Mike Heffernan, Gerald Teahan, Jimmy Woods, Willie Maher, Peter Twiss (all Milltown/Castlemaine), Stephen McKenna, Tony Carey, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Maurice O Dwyer (all Keel), Raymond O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), John Guerin (Beaufort).


Trial game on Sat. 8th March at Austin Stack Park, Tralee: South-Kerry/Mid-Kerry v North-Kerry.

South-Kerry/Mid-Kerry: Ger Hurley (Laune Rangers), Pat Griffin (St. Mary’s), Gerry Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine), Mike Griffin (Glenbeigh), Paudie Sheahan (Laune Rangers), J. O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Tony Casey (Keel), John T. O Sullivan (Renard), Joe Shannon (Laune Rangers), John Griffin (Laune Rangers), Seamus Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s), Jimmy Woods (Milltown/Castlemaine), G. O Connor (St. Mary’s), Pierce Prendiville (Laune Rangers), Tim Dennehy (St. Mary’s). Subs: Willie Maher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Seamus O Shea (Laune Rangers), Mike Driscoll (Ballinskelligs), G. O Sullivan (Foilmore), Raymond O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), John O Dwyer (Waterville).


Trial game on Sat. 5th April at Glenflesk: Team ‘A’ v Team ‘B’.

Team ‘A’: Richard O Brien (Legion), John Higgins (John Mitchels), Walla O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys), Tony Carey (Keel), Davy Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), Tom Sheehy (Ballylongford), Mike Counihan (Austin Stacks), Paddy Kearney (Castlegregory), Kevin Keane (Beale), Tom Dee (Ballylongford), Liam Kerins (Austin Stacks), John Collins (do.), Willie O Connor (Desmonds), Ambrose O Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Joe Shannon (Laune Rangers).

Team ‘B’: M. Rohan (Austin Stacks), P. Kelly (Tarbert), Pa O Donoghue (Dr. Crokes), Liam Hartnett (do.), James O Sullivan (Dingle), Hamish Beaton (Moyvane), James Cronin (Dr. Crokes), David Charles (Austin Stacks), Kieran O Callaghan (do.), Tommy Parker (Dr. Crokes), Pat O Brien (Listry), Jimmy Woods (Milltown/Castlemaine), Tim Dennehy (St. Mary’s), Pierce Prendiville (Laune Rangers), Michael Kissane (Ballydonoghue).

Subs: Mike Crowley (Ardfert), John Spillane (Templenoe), Danny Myers (Fossa), J. D. O Sullivan (Foilmore), Timmy Dowd (John Mitchels), P.J. Teahan (Desmonds), M. Kennelly (St. Senan’s), Dino Dowling (Ballydonoghue), Sean Liston (Beale), Pat Griffin (St. Mary’s), Seamus Egan (Sneem), Kieran Walshe (Ballydonoghue), Michael McAuliffe (Spa), Paudie Sheahan (Laune Rangers).


Challenge on Sat. 12th April at Ennis: Kerry v Mayo.

Joe Shannon and Paudie Sheahan were substitutes.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 2nd May at Glenflesk: Kerry 5-15; Waterford 0-3.

Kerry: Richard O Brien (Legion), Davy Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), Pa O Donoghue (Dr. Crokes), Hamish Beaton (Moyvane), James O Sullivan (Dingle), Tommy Sheehy (Ballylongford), Tom Dee (do.) 0-2, Ambrose O Donovan (Gneeveguilla) 0-1, Pat O Brien (Listry), Kieran O Callaghan (Austin Stacks) 0-3, Liam Kerins (do.) 3-2, Joe Shannon (Laune Rangers), Willie O Connor (Desmonds), David Charles (Austin Stacks) 1-3, Seamus Egan (Sneem) 0-4. Subs: Tommy Spillane (Templenoe) 1-0 for D. Keane, Michael McAuliffe (Spa) for W. O Connor, Kevin Keane (Beale), Mike Counihan (Austin Stacks), Tommy O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys), Tommy Parker (Dr. Crokes), Dino Dowling (Ballydonoghue), Timmy Dowd (John Mitchels).


Semi-final on Fri. 16th May at Clonmel:  Tipperary 3-9; Kerry 4-8.

Ten minutes from the end of that game, Tipperary led by eight points (3-7 to 1-5) and seemed all set to pull off a sensational win. However, two goals by Liam Kerins brought Kerry back into the picture and they managed a further goal by Michael McAuliffe, and points by Joe Shannon and Tommy Spillane, to swing the game right around.

Kerry: Richard O Brien, Davy Keane, Dino Dowling, Hamish Beaton, James O Sullivan, Tommy Sheehy, Tom Dee, Ambrose O Donovan (0-1), Pa O Donoghue, Willie O Connor (0-1), Liam Kerins (3-1), Joe Shannon (0-1), Michael McAuliffe (1-1), David Charles, Tommy Spillane (0-3). Subs: John T. O Sullivan, Kieran O Callaghan, Tim Dennehy, Kevin Keane, Seamus Egan, Timmy Dowd, James O Doherty, Tommy Parker, Mikey Counihan, Pat O Brien, Tommy O Connor, James Cronin.

Joe Shannon in full flight

Joe Shannon in full flight with Tipperary’s Nicky English in chase
1980 Munster Minor Football Championship, Kerry v Tipperary, in Clonmel.

Final on Sun. 6th July at Cork: Cork 1-10; Kerry 1-12.

Kerry: Tom McCarthy (Beale), Davy Keane, James O Doherty (Ballylongford), Mike Counihan, James O Sullivan, Tommy Sheehy, John T. O Sullivan (Renard) 0-1, Ambrose O Donovan, Tom Dee (capt.), Liam Kerins (0-4), Tommy Spillane (0-1), Joe Shannon, Timmy Dowd, Mike Crowley (Austin Stacks) 0-1, Michael McAuliffe (1-5, 4 frees). Subs: Willie O Connor for T. Dowd, Pat O Brien, James Cronin (Dr. Crokes), Seamus Egan, David Charles, Kevin Keane, Richard O Brien, Dino Dowling, Pierce Prendiville (Laune Rangers), Danny Myers (Fossa), Tommy O Connor, Tim Dennehy (St. Mary’s).


All-Ireland Quarter-final on Sun. 17th Aug. in Killarney: Kerry 5-19; New York 2-5.

Kerry: Richard O Brien, Davy Keane, Mike Crowley, Mikey Counihan, James O Sullivan, Tom Sheehy, John T. O Sullivan, Ambrose O Donovan (0-1), Tom Dee, Liam Kerins (1-3), Tommy Spillane (0-1), Joe Shannon (1-1), Willie O Connor (2-2), Willie Maher (0-5), Michael McAuliffe (1-6). Sub: Pa O Donoghue for T. Dee, James O Doherty, Pat O Brien, Timmy Dowd, Tommy Parker, Michael Kissane, David Charles, James Cronin, Seamus Fitzgerald.


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 24th Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 3-5; Meath 0-10.

Kery: Richard O Brien, Davy Keane, Mike Crowley, Mikey Counihan, James O Sullivan, Tom Sheehy, John T. O Sullivan, Ambrose O Donovan (0-1), Tom Dee, Liam Kerins (0-1), Tommy Spillane (1-0), Joe Shannon (0-1), Willie O Connor, Willie Maher (1-1), Michael McAuliffe. Subs: Pa O Donoghue (1-1) for T. Dee, Tommy Parker for L. Kerins.


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 21st Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 3-12; Derry 0-11.

That was Kerry’s ninth title at that grade.

Kerry: Richard O Brien, Davy Keane, Mike Crowley, Mike Counihan, James O Sullivan, Tommy Sheehy, John T. O Sullivan, Pa O Donoghue, Ambrose O Donovan (0-2), Tom Dee (capt.) 0-1, Joe Shannon (0-1), Liam Kerins (0-1), Tommy Parker (1-1), Willie Maher (0-4, 2 frees), Michael McAuliffe (2-1). Subs: Tommy Spillane (0-1) for L. Kerins, Willie O Connor, James O Doherty, Pat O Brien, Timmy Dowd, Michael Kissane, Seamus Fitzgerald, Sean Liston.


Munster U-21 Football Championship


Trial game on Sun. 2nd June at Killarney: Team ‘A’ v Team ‘B’.

Team ‘A’: Tom Lynch (Desmonds), Mikey Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), James O Shea (Laune Rangers), Colm Bambury (Dingle), Anthony Shannon (Laune Rangers), Michael F. O Shea (do.), Pat Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Frank O Donoghue (Renard), Tommy Sheehy (Dingle), Diarmuid O Donoghue (Legion), Eamonn Walsh (Knocknagoshel), Paudie Landers (St. Mary’s), Joe Murphy (Currow), Ambrose O Donovan (Gneeveguilla), Billy O Carroll (Austin Stacks). Subs; Joe Lyons (St. Senan’s), M. McElligott (Finuge), J. Sheehy (Duagh), Tom O Connor (Cordal), John Dowling (Ballydonoghue).

Team ‘B’: John Kennelly (Emmett’s), Pat Cronin (Spa), Nicholas O Riordan (Ballydonoghue), Denny Walsh (Austin Stacks), Mike Maguire (Emmets), Sean Finnegan (Templenoe), Pat Moriarty (Annascaul), Arthur O Connor (Desmonds), Pat Sugrue (Austin Stacks), John O Connor (Dingle), Peadar O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Tadhgie O Connor (Dr. Crokes), John Hough (Brosna), E. O Sullivan (Ardfert), Sean Cronin (Spa). Subs: Liam O Connor (Dingle), Sean Begley (Gaeltacht), Colm Galvin (Dr. Crokes), John Keane (Emmett’s), Denis O Donoghue (Dr. Crokes), Johnny Murphy (Skellig Rangers), Dermot Clifford (Derrynane).


Rd. 1 on Wed. 16th July at Askeaton: Limerick 2-5; Kerry 1-7.

Kerry: Tom Lynch (Desmonds), Mikey Keane (Kerins O Rahillys), James O Shea (Laune Rangers), Michael F. O Shea (do.), Anthony Shannon (do.), Timmy Dowd (John Mitchels), Pat Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Eamonn Walsh (Knocknagoshel) 0-1, Frank O Donoghue (Renard), Diarmuid O Donoghue (Legion) 0-2, Peadar O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), P. J. Kerins (Ballymacelligott), Billy O Carroll (Austin Stacks) 1-1, Pat Cronin (Spa) 0-1, Paudie Landers (St. Mary’s) 0-2. Subs: Tommy Spillane (Templenoe) for P. O Sullivan, John Keane (Emmets) for MF O Shea, John O Connor (Dingle) for F. O Donoghue, Denis Walsh (Austin Stacks), Nicholas O Riordan (Ballydonoghue), Donie Hartnett (Beaufort), James Sheehan (Laune Rangers), Sean Finnegan (Templenoe), Joe Murphy (Currow), Arthur O Connor (Desmonds).


Juvenile Hurling


U-12 Challenge on Sat. 13th Sept. at Causeway: Causeway 3-1; Killorglin 2-0.

Killorglin: Gerard Kennedy, Adrian O Connor, F. O Connor, Brendan Hearne, Pat Costello, Timothy Jones, Padraig Lynch, Mark O Connor, Barry Lynch, Gerard Clifford, Tommy Byrne, Billy O Sullivan, Bernard ‘Buddy’ O Sullivan, Sean Moriarty, Alan Fitzpatrick. Subs: Lloyd Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Murphy.


U-14 Challenge on Sat. 13th Sept. at Causeway: Causeway 2-4; Killorglin 4-1.

That was Killorglin’s first win at U-14 level and they had star performers in Joe Purcell, Gerard Murphy, Shane O Sullivan, Vincent Hearne, Joe Kennedy, Martin Joy and Richard O Connor.

Killorglin: Joe Purcell, Mark Murphy, Gerard Murphy, Shane O Sullivan, Anthony Clifford, Vincent Hearne, Richard O Connor, Tony Ahern, Mike Moriarty, Paul Griffin, Martin Joy, Joe Kennedy, John Byrne, Patrick Hannon, Gearóid Lynch.


Glór na nGael blitz in Austin Stack Park, Tralee on Sat. 4th Oct. – Killorglin beat Kenmare and Austin Stacks A and B in the preliminary rounds, scoring 13-4 and conceding no score.

Final: Killorglin 2-0; Austin Stacks ‘A’ 1-0.

Killorglin Panel: Joe Purcell, Dermot Clifford, Richard O Connor, John Sheehan, Paul Gillespie, Vincent Hearne, Tony Ahern, Anthony Clifford, Mike Moriarty, Shane O Sullivan, John Byrne, Paul Griffin, Patrick Hannon, Michael Brosnan, Pat McKenna (Steelroe), Joe Kennedy (capt.), Barry Lynch, Padraig Lynch, F. O Connor, Dominic Jones, Mark Murphy, Mark O Connor, Gerard Murphy, Tommy Byrne, Timothy O Connor, Gerard Kennedy. After the game, the captain, Joe Kennedy, received a magnificent trophy, which had been presented by Denny Long Electrical.


U-14 Challenge on Sat. 15th Nov. at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-0; Crotta O Neills 2-3.

That was a ding-dong struggle. Killorglin took an early lead with a goal but Crotta fought back to lead by 2-1 to 1-0 at halftime. Killorglin, spurred on by the brilliance of Gerard Murphy, ably assisted by goalkeeper Joe Purcell and the tenacious corner-back duo of Joe O Shea and William Browne, started the second half in earnest mood and grabbed two goals to take a two-points lead. Both sides missed scoring chances before Crotta came back to score two late points to tie the game. Crotta were Co. U-14 Hurling Division 1 Champions in 1980.

Killorglin: Joe Purcell, William Browne, Gerard Murphy, Joe O Shea, Dermot Clifford, Vincent Hearne, Anthony Clifford, P.D. O Connor, Mike Moriarty, Joe Kennedy, Martin Joy, Shane O Sullivan, Paul Gillespie, Timmy Moroney, John Byrne. Subs: John Sheehan, Michael Brosnan, Niall Morrison, Tony Ahern, P. Clifford, Patrick Hannon.

On the same day, at the same venue, Killorglin U-12 team was beaten by Austin Stacks. Killorglin was best served by John Byrne, Patrick Hannon, Pat McKenna, Shane O Sullivan and Billy O Sullivan.

The mothers and sisters of the boys provided refreshments, in the form of good home cooking, to all of the participants, numbering nearly 100 in total in the CYMS Hall.


Co. U-14 Hurling Championship Div. 2


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 24th July at Tralee: Austin Stacks lost to Killorglin.

Rd. 2 on Thurs. 31st July at Killorglin: Killorglin lost to Kenmare.

Final: Kenmare beat Killorglin.

Ladies’ Football

Laune Rangers did not have a Ladies’ Football team but some local girls played with Beaufort.


Co. Senior Championship

Final on Sun. 23rd Nov. at Beaufort: Beaufort 0-2; Castleisland 4-8.

Killorglin girls Mary, Elaine and Jacqueline McGillycuddy and Catherine Doyle played with Beaufort.


All-Ireland Minor Championship

Semi-final on Sun. 28th Sept. at Ballymacelligott: Kerry 8-9; Roscommon 1-2

Jacqueline McGillycuddy played at centre halfback.

Final on Sun. 12th Oct. at Tullamore: Kerry 10-7; Cavan 2-1. Jacqueline McGillycuddy played at centre halfback. That was Kerry’s first minor title.


Munster Senior Championship

Final on Sun. 2nd Aug. at Kildorrery, Co. Cork: Tipperary 2-5; Kerry 3-1.

Jacqueline McGillycuddy played at centre halfback.


National Football League

Kerry won the League. Jacqueline McGillycuddy was a substitute.




Paddy McFlynn, An Dún, was Uachtarán CLG.

James Coffey was on the Kerry delegation to Annual Congress, which was held in Newcastle, Co. Down.


Donal O Sullivan, Corcaigh, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Donie Nealon, Tiobrad Árainn, was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley, Ciarraí, was Treasurer. James Coffey was a Kerry delegate to the Munster Convention on 26th April in Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney.


The Kerry Co. Convention was held on Sun. 27th Jan. in Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney. Laune Rangers’ delegates included Pat Lynch, Dan Carey and Jerome Conway. Mícheál Ó Ruairc was elected as President. The following officers were re-elected: Chairman – Frank King, Vice-Chairman – Gerald Whyte, Secretary – Andy Molyneaux, Joint-Treasurers – Murt Galvin and James Coffey, PRO – Tim Linehan, Youth Officer – Tom Fitzgerald, Oifigeach na Gaeilge – Séamus Mac Gearailt, Delegates to Munster Council – Michael O Connor and Dave Geaney, Delegate to Central Council – Gerald McKenna.

Senior Selection Committee – Mick O Dwyer, Pat O Shea, Joe Keohane, Bernie O Callaghan and Liam Higgins.

Minor Selection Committee – Tom Prendergast (86), Eddie O Sullivan (86), Jerome Conway (82), Buddy O Grady (79) and Eric Murphy (55), all of whom were deemed to be elected, Michael Price (46), Robert Barry (42), Chas Cronin (39) and Patsy O Connell (30). For the counting of the votes for the above contest, James Coffey was appointed as teller.


At the Co. Board meeting on 4th March, James Coffey was appointed as Trustee of Austin Stacks Park, Tralee.


The Annual Convention of Bord na nOg Chiarraí was held in the Austin Stack Park Pavilion, Tralee on Tues. 22nd Jan. In a wide-ranging Chairman’s address, Willie Griffin concluded by saying, “I feel that the reorganisation of our competitions gave all clubs a much fairer chance of winning a Co. Championship. As a result of this, a number of new teams have appeared on our Co. Championship roll of honour for the first time and, whilst the Secretary mentions the fact of being a good loser, I believe that should only apply when one knows that one’s team has been in with a fair chance from the word go. I think it would be fair to say that the man most responsible for grading the teams into groupings, where all would have a chance, was our Hon. Auditor, Jerome Conway. It was an area where his knowledge of clubs and their strengths and weaknesses was invaluable and the fact that every final this year was won by the narrowest margin, was proof of a job excellently done.” The following officers were elected: Chairman – Willie Griffin (Ardfert), Vice-Chairman – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers), Secretary – Tom O Connor (Lixnaw), Treasurer – Matty Flaherty (Austin Stacks), Auditors – Donie O Sullivan (Spa) and Bernie O Connor (Legion). Mid-way through the year, Willie Griffin became very ill and Jerome Conway had to assume the responsibilities of Chairman.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the Monastery School, Milltown on Mon. 21st Jan. 1980. The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1979. The Chairman, James Coffey, in the course of his address, said that the games in Mid-Kerry were on a par with some of the best seen in the county in 1979. He said that some incidents did occur but, on the whole, it was a year of sporting endeavour by the players.

The Chairman said that during the year he had tried to be as lenient as possible with players reported, as he felt it wasn’t good to keep players on the sideline for to long a period. “Mid-Kerry,” he said, “always had a good name and I appeal to the players and, likewise, the mentors and supporters to keep it that way.”

Speaking on the Co. Leagues and the New Club Championship, he said that clubs should examine the position very carefully. If they felt that the competition was putting a financial burden on them and that players were losing their appetite for the game, they should make their feelings known at Divisional Board and Co. Board levels. “The state of minor football in the area is depressing,” said the Chairman. “There is no point in wasting money and time at juvenile level if the minors are going to be neglected. We had three minors in Croke Park on All-Ireland day, who were a credit to their clubs and to Mid-Kerry and maybe we should have had more, had the minors been encouraged in their clubs and sent for trials to select the Mid-Kerry team.”

He appealed for a greater effort from the clubs. Speaking on Bord na nOg in the area, he said that too much was left to too few and that the only way to give those lads encouragement was to attend the games and help with the transport of teams and cut the financial burden. He paid tribute to the referees in the area and he congratulated Jerome Conway and Michael O Sullivan on their handling of the Co. Senior Final and Top Four Final, respectively. He praised the Co. Board for its backing of the new referees’ committee and said that it was great that the referees were gaining the recognition that they deserved.

The Chairman appealed to the clubs to get down to the writing of a history of their clubs and to start there and then so that it would be completed for centenary year. He also asked the clubs to help in the promotion of Irish and to give full support to the Co. Board officer, Seamus Mac Gearailt.

The following officers were elected: President – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers); Chairman – James Coffey (Laune Rangers); Vice-Chairman – Jim Foley (Keel); Secretary – the position was not filled and it was decided that the clubs would reconvene on Mon. 28th Jan. to make an appointment (Maurice Harmon, Laune Rangers, was appointed at that meeting). Treasurers – Maurice Harmon (Laune Rangers) and George Evans (Keel); PRO – James Coffey; Delegate to Co. Board – Maurice Harmon, on the casting vote of the Chairman. A motion from Milltown/Castlemaine, ‘that referees should be paid £3 for home and away games,’ was passed.


The minutes of six Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available, mostly for fixture-making purposes.

At the meeting on Mon. 28th Jan. in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin, Steve Caulfield, Glenbeigh, proposed Maurice Harmon, Laune Rangers, for the position of Secretary of the Board and Jeremiah Kerins, Milltown/Castlemaine, seconded and he was accepted.

At the meeting on 28th April, Milltown/Castlemaine proposed Pat O Shea, Laune Rangers, as trainer of the Mid-Kerry Senior team. The Chairman pointed out that Pat O Shea, even though he had not agreed, had said that if he was to become trainer, it would have to be with the agreement of all the clubs involved. At the Board meeting on Thurs. 22nd May, the Chairman, James Coffey, informed the meeting that Pat O Shea did not wish to be considered as trainer of the Mid-Kerry senior team. At the same meeting, the chairman appealed to clubs not to fill cups, as the abuse of alcohol was becoming a problem.


The following were the officers of Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg: Chairman- Pat Ladden (Keel), Vice-Chairman – Michael Shanahan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Secretary – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), PRO – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers).


The minutes of eighteen Laune Rangers Club meetings are available.

Social Committee (Chairman – Joseph Crowley)

Laune Rangers ran the following dances in the CYMS Hall, during 1980:

Fri. 4th Jan. – Paddy Cole and the Superstars. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 18th Jan. – Sandie Jones. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 25th Jan. – Tommy Drennan. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 1st Feb. – Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions. Stewards – Caragh Lake

Fri. 8th Feb. – Spud. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 15th Feb. – Glen Curtin and Band. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 22nd Feb. – Karen Black, Roy Taylor and the Nevada. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 29th Feb. – Tony Stevens and his Band. Stewards – Caragh Lake

Fri. 7th March – The Conquerors. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 14th March – Reform. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 21st March – Des Lee, Julie and Starband. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 28th March – Chips. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 11th April – Sandie Jones. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 18th April – Horslips. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 25th April – Tommy Drennan. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 2nd May – Magic. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 9th May – Red Hurley. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 16th May – The Conquerors. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 23rd May – Crackers. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 30th May – Diamonds. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 6th June – Brush Shiels and Skid Row. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 13th June – Chips. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 20th June – The Marmalade (from England). Stewards – Upper Town cum Cycling Club.

Fri. 4th July – Horslips. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 11th July – The Mixtures (from England). Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 18th July – Nevada. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 25th July – Reform. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 1st Aug. – Lucky Numbers. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 8th Aug. – Glen Curtin. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 15th Aug. – Crackers. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 22nd Aug. – The Conquerors. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 29th Aug. – Teddy Palmer and the Rumble Band. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 5th Sept. – Magic. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 12th Sept. – Red Hurley. The dance was cancelled at short notice.

Fri. 19th Sept. – The Times. Stewards – Lower Town

Fri. 26th Sept. – D.J. and the Kerry Blues. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 3rd Oct. – The Lovers. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 10th Oct. – Chips. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 17th Oct. – Reform. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 24th Oct. – Lucky Numbers. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 31st Oct. – Brush Shiels and Skid Row. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 7th Nov. – Roy Taylor, Karen Black and the Nevada. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 14th Nov. – Crackers. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 21st Nov. – Tony Kenny. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 28th Nov. – Red Hurley. Stewards – Caragh Lake.

Fri. 5th Dec. – Sandie Duskey. Stewards – Over Laune.

Fri. 12th Dec. – The Conquerors. Stewards – Lower Town.

Fri. 19th Dec. – Chips. Stewards – Upper Town.

Fri. 26th Dec. – Kerry Blues. Stewards – Caragh Lake.


Field Committee (Chairman – Jim Casey).

Tenders were sought for the construction of dug-outs and a press-box in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. Jerry Griffin’s tender of £1,420 to build the dug-outs was accepted.

Sun. 14th Dec. National Football League at Killorglin: Kerry 2-9; Down 0-5.

John Barry concluded his report on the game in the Kerryman with these words of praise for the facilities, “That was the first time a National football League game was played in Killorglin and how efficiently the Laune Rangers Club handled the arrangements. Every detail was attended to as regards the game itself and there was much appreciation for the various facilities provided at the spacious Killorglin grounds. The respective teams and officials, for instance, had good reason to be grateful for the covered dug-out that sheltered them from the rain, and the Press people present were high in their praise for the excellent new Press-box built at the far side of the pitch (For good measure, welcome refreshments were provided at the interval). With organisation like this, Killorglin deserves to be given other important games. There are a lot of venues that could take a headline from what we saw at the J.P. O Sullivan Park, where the stand that was built is proving to be a mighty asset.”


Other decisions taken at Laune Rangers Club meetings were:

18th March – Finbarr Coffey and Joe Shannon were appointed to attend a seminar on the promotion of Irish in the GAA Clubs of Kerry in the Imperial Hotel, Tralee, on Sat. 22nd March.

5th May – it was decided to stop issuing cheques, as there was a debit balance of close to £3,000 in the bank account.

17th Sept. – the following received All-Ireland Senior Football tickets – Pat O Grady (Secretary), Eamonn Crowley and John Foley (Joint-Treasurers), Patsy Joy (Senior Team Trainer), Jim Galvin, Jim Casey (Field Committee Chairman), Joe Crowley (Social Committee Chairman), Michael O Shea (Bord na nOg Committee Chairman) and Dan Carey. The remaining two tickets were raffled between the players and workers, resulting in Harry Carey and Anthony Shannon winning.


The following members attended Laune Rangers Club meetings in 1980: James Coffey (17), Pat O Grady (16), Dan Carey (16), Joe Crowley (16), Bart Moriarty (13), Michael O Shea (13), Pat O Shea (12), Michael Foley (11), Jim Casey (10), Liam Shannon (9), John Foley (9), Jerome Conway (8), Eamonn Crowley (6), Patsy Joy (6), Jim Galvin (5), Thomas Evans (3), Paudie Foley (1), John Clifford (1), Tommy Woods (1), Pat Grandfield (1), Noel Lucey (1).


Patsy Joy, Mossy Joy, Jack Reen, John Clifford and Patrick Foley were regraded from senior status.


Michael O Sullivan, Reeks’ View, transferred to Clonakilty, Co. Cork, where he was working. He won a South-West Senior Football Championship with the club.


Christy Kissane was elected as Vice-President of the Kingdom Club, London.


Referees in Kerry, who had made a special contribution to refereeing, were guests at a function in the Castle Height Hotel, Killarney, on Fri. 18th January. The function was jointly hosted by the Kerry Co. Board and the newly formed Kerry Referees’ Association. Amongst those present were Bart Moriarty (Laune Rangers), Secretary of the newly formed Referees’ Association, and Jerome Conway, who had refereed the 1979 Co. Senior Football Final. The menu consisted of vegetable soup, roast stuffed chicken and ham, sherry trifle, tea or coffee.


The following Killorglin business people were among the sponsors of distinctive jerseys with crests for all the Kerry referees: Crowley’s Pharmacy, Finnegan’s Jewellers, O Grady’s Foodstore and Murphy’s Garage.


Laune Rangers’ Ballad Group of Mike Dowd, James Looney, Finbarr Coffey and Anthony Shannon won the Mid-Kerry Senior Scór, the Co. Semi-final in Dingle on Sun. 3rd Feb. and qualified for the Co. Final on Fri. 8th Feb. in the Town Hall, Killarney.

Co. Scór na nÓg Semi-final at the Ringside Rest, Cahersiveen on Sun. 7th Dec. Laune Rangers represented Mid-Kerry in Rinnce Foirne (4 Hand-Reel), Ceol Uirlise (Helena and Austin Stack), Bailéad Grúpa (Miriam Murphy, Ann Melia and Muireann Joy), Rinnce Set (Triona Jones, Margaret O Riordan,Jacqueline Sweeney, Jennifer O Leary, Gerard Murphy, Joe Kennedy, Noel Jones and martin Joy).

Laune Rangers’ Ballad Group (‘Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna’ agus ‘Bí Ciúin a Mhanam’) and the Set Dancing reached the Co. Finals of Scór na nÓg in the Town Hall, Killarney on Fri. 12th Dec.

Laune Rangers’ Ballad Group represented Kerry in the Munster Semi-final on Sat. 17th Jan. 1981 in Killarney.


Jerome Conway refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Sun. 9th March, SFL Div. 1 at Tralee: Desmonds 2-10; Legion 1-8.

Fri. 21st March, Minor League at Killarney: Legion 1-10; Keel/Milltown/Castlemaine 2-5.

Sun. 30th March, Senior League at Currow: Currow v Tarbert.

Fri. 4th April, Minor League at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-15; Legion 1-1.

Sun. 6th April, SFL Div. 1 at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s 1-7; Legion 1-6.

Sat. 19th April, SFL Div. 3A at Killarney: Dr. Crokes ‘B’ 0-4; Glenflesk 1-9.

Sat. 19th April, Senior League Div. Div. 2 at Killarney: Legion v Beaufort.

Sun. 20th April, Kerryman Shield at Listry: Na Fianna 0-4; Spa 2-13.

Sat. 26th April, Senior League Div. 3B at Ballymac: Ballymac 1-4; Knocknagoshel 1-10.

Sat. 3rd May, Senior League Div. 3A at Kilcummin: Kilcummin 1-9; Glenflesk 2-4.

Sun. 4th May, SFL Div. 1 at Glenflesk: Gneeveguilla 1-9; St. Mary’s 1-8.

Sun. 4th May, NFC at Glenflesk: Glenflesk ‘B’ 1-7; Kenmare ‘B’ 0-10.

Sat. 17th May, Senior League Div. 1 at Spa: Spa 1-4; Austin Stacks 5-9.

Sun. 18th May, SFL Div. 4B at Currow: Currow ‘B’ 0-7; Lispole ‘B’ 1-10.

Sun. 25th May, NFC replay at Kenmare: Kenmare ‘B’ beat Glenflesk ‘B’.

Tues. 8th July, U-21 FC at Glenflesk: Feale Rangers beat Eoghan Ruadh.

Sun. 27th July, SFC at Tralee: Austin Stacks 2-11; West-Kerry 1-5.

Tues. 5th Aug. U-21 FC at Killarney: Killarney 0-15; Austin Stacks 1-5.

Sun. 10th Aug. Club Championship at Spa: Spa 0-8; Desmonds 5-11.

Sun. 17th Aug. Senior League Div. 3A at Kilcummin: Kilcummin 1-8; Firies 1-4.

Sun. 31st Aug. Senior Championship Semi-final at Tralee: Austin Stacks 3-13; Shannon Rangers 2-13.

Sat. 4th Oct, Senior League Div. 3A at Listry: Listry drew with Valentia.

Sat. 11th Oct, Kerryman Shield Semi-final at Milltown: South-Kerry 1-10; Feale Rangers 1-7.

Sun. 23rd Nov, Senior League Div. 1 at Spa: Spa 2-11; Dingle 1-6.


Jerome Conway refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Sun. 17th Feb, Senior League at Keel: Keel v Glenbeigh.

Sun. 16th March, Senior League at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Keel.

Sun. 13th April, Senior League Semi-final at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 2-2; Beaufort 0-8.

Fri. 25th April, MFC at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Glenbeigh.

Tues. 13th May, NFC at Beaufort: Beaufort v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Tues. 3rd June, NFC at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Glenbeigh.

Sun. 29th June, Senior Championship: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Keel.

Tues. 1st July, Novice Semi-final at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Sun. 20th July, SFC Semi-final at Killorglin: Beaufort beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Sun. 3rd Aug., Senior Championship Final at Killorglin: Beaufort 3-8; Glenbeigh 1-8.

Sat. 8th Nov, Minor ‘B’ Final at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Milltown/Castlemaine.


Kenmare District Board Spillane Cup Final on Sun. 14th Sept. at Kenmare: Kenmare 2-9; Templenoe 1-10.

Ref: Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers).

West-Kerry District Board Junior Final on Sun. 19th Oct. at Dingle: Dingle ‘B’ 1-9; Lispole ‘B’ 1-8.

Ref: Jerome Conway.

West-Kerry Senior League Final on Sun. 7th Dec. at Lispole: Lispole 3-7; Annascaul 2-5.

Ref: Jerome Conway. The report on the match said, ‘Jerome Conway handled the game with his usual authority. His ability to distinguish between a hard shoulder and a foul made the game all the more enjoyable for the spectators.’

Kenmare Board Murphy Cup Final on Sun. 5th Jan. 1981 in Kenmare: Templenoe 1-5; Kenmare 0-7.

Ref: Jerome Conway.


Sun. 11th May, Munster Senior Football Championship 1st Rd. at Doonbeg: Clare v Limerick.

Ref: Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers).


Bart Moriarty refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Fri. 21st March, MFL at Tralee: John Mitchels 1-3; Kerins O Rahillys 0-7.

Fri. 18th April, Minor League at Glenbeigh: Beaufort/Glenbeigh 1-9; St. Michael’s/Skellig Rangers 0-4.


Bart Moriarty refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Fri. 25th April, Minor Championship at Beaufort: Beaufort v Keel.

Fri. 9th May, Minor Championship at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort.

Tues. 20th May, NFC at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Beaufort.

Tues. 27th May, NFC at Keel: Keel v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Tues. 3rd June, Novice Championship at Keel: Keel v Beaufort.

Fri. 27th June, MFC at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort.


Tues. 6th May, Mid-Kerry NFC at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Keel.

Ref: Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers).

Sun. 23rd March, Mid-Kerry Senior League at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Ref: Pat O Grady (Laune Rangers).

Fri. 16th May, Mid-Kerry Minor Championship at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort.

Ref: Johnny O Shea (Laune Rangers).

Fri. 30th May, Mid-Kerry Minor Championship at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Keel.

Ref: Johnny O Shea (Laune Rangers).


On Sat. 25th Oct. an inter-county football tournament for referees took place in Limerick, involving referees from Limerick, Dublin, Waterford and Kerry. Bart Moriarty, Johnny O Shea and Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) represented Mid-Kerry. Kerry beat Limerick in the final by 0-6 to 0-3.


The Annual Co. Bord na nOg Church gate collection in Killorglin amounted to £148.20.


The Church Gate Collection in aid of the Kerry Training Fund yielded £382.75 in Killorglin.


Laune Rangers Annual Social was held in the Ross Inn, Glenbeigh, on Sat. 27th Dec. 1980. Tickets cost £5.50 each. The senior and minor footballers were presented with their medals and plaques won during the year. The presentations were made by Co. Board Chairman, Frank King, who praised the club for its tremendous work for the Association and said that the J. P O Sullivan Park was one, of which not alone the club, but the whole county, could feel very proud. Very Rev. Canon Keane P.P. praised the club for the wonderful work it was doing for the youth of the parish. The Chairman of the club, James Coffey, thanked the parents of the underage players for their wonderful help and co-operation. He also thanked the Killorglin Committee in New York for presenting a fine trophy, the Patsy Foley Memorial Trophy, for Primary Schools’ Football in the parish. Presentations were made to Joe Shannon, county minor, and to Patsy Joy, Jerome Conway, Liam Shannon, Tommy Woods and Dan Carey, who looked after the underage teams. One of the highlights of the evening was Pat O Shea’s profile of the senior players.


Co. SFC Final on Sun. 28th Sept. at Tralee: Feale Rangers 1-10; Austin Stacks 1-7.

Co. MFC Final on Sun. 12th Oct. at Killorglin: Austin Stacks 2-9; Killarney 0-4.

Co. U-21 Football Final on Sun. 28th Sept. at Tralee: Killarney 1-12; Spa 1-9.

Co. IFC Final on Sun. 12th Oct. at Tralee: Beaufort 5-4; Dingle 0-5.

Co. JFC Final on Sat. 29th Nov. at Tralee: Beale 3-6; St. Mary’s 2-3.

Co. NFC Final on Sun. 12th Oct. at Tralee: Cordal 0-7; Listry 0-6.

Co. Club Championship Final replay on Sun. 9th Nov. at Killorglin: Gneeveguilla 3-7; Desmonds 0-8.

Co. League Div. 1 Final on Sun. 21st Dec. at Ballymacelligott: Austin Stacks beat Desmonds.


Kerry received a bye into the Munster Senior Football Championship Final. There they met Cork at Páirc Uí Chaoimh and swept them aside by 3-13 to 0-12, to win a sixth title-in-a-row. They beat Offaly in the All-Ireland Semi-final by 4-15 to 4-10 and Roscommon in the final by 1-9 to 1-6, to take a third title-in-a-row and its 26th in total.

Kerry: Charlie Nelligan, Jimmy Deenihan, John O Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, Paudie O Shea, Tim Kennelly, Ger O Keeffe, Jack O Shea, Sean Walsh, Ger Power (capt.), Denis ‘Ogie’ Moran, Pat Spillane, Mikey Sheehy, Tommy Doyle, John Egan. Sub: Ger O Driscoll for G. Power.


The price of the ‘Kerryman’ newspaper increased on 4th Jan. to 20p.


The composer of ‘What’s Another Year’, the song, sung by Johnny Logan, that won the Eurovision Song Contest, was Shay Healy, whose mother, Maureen O Sullivan, came from Mill Road, Killorglin.


The five-man Kerry team, which took part in the Health Race (Rás Tailteann), contained three Killorglin cyclists, John Mangan, Pat Healy and Michael Breen. The manager of the team was Paddy O Callaghan.


On Tues. 8th July, redundancy notices were issued to the twenty men and fifty-nine female workers at Paul Wenzel Ltd. in Killorglin. The management had tried unsuccessfully to get new markets for the products and the closing was a shock to the town and surrounding area.


On Fri. 14th Nov. in the Mount Brandon Hotel, Tralee, the Kerry Sports Stars were honoured. Tom Johnston (Callanfercy FC) was the Soccer Sports-Star of the year and John Mangan (Killorglin) was the Cycling Sports-Star.


Killorglin U-15 Set Dancers were winners of the Co. Finals of Ceol an Gheimhridh in 1978, 1979 and 1980. They were, also, runners-up in the Munster Final. The dancers were Jennifer O Leary, Triona Jones, Margaret O Riordan, Jacqueline Sweeney, Ronan O Shea, Martin Joy, Gerard Murphy and Joe Kennedy. The dancers were coached by Pat Joy, Caragh Lake.


In Dec. the foundation stone for the new Vocational School in Killorglin was laid by the former principal, Mossy Roche.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in Keel on Tues. 20th Jan. 1981. The Secretary, Maurice Harmon, in his report, stated, “The year under review was not as successful as it should have been. Two teams from the area took park in the Senior Co. Championship. Laune Rangers were narrowly beaten by South-Kerry, Mid-Kerry reached the semi-final, having disposed of St. Brendan’s and Castleisland on the way. They were beaten by the eventual winners, Feale Rangers. This defeat was due mainly to ourselves, in that some players did not bother to turn up for training under Neilie O Sullivan and Pat Foley. More players, who felt they were unfairly dropped, did not try as subs. In order to win a Co. Championship, players picked for Mid-Kerry must turn up for training whether they will be playing or subs. In the Kerryman Shield we played only two games and withdrew due to lack of commitment from the players.

In the U-21 and Minor Co. Championships, Laune Rangers went out in the first rounds. Mid-Kerry’s U-21 players have only themselves to blame as they led Spa by 12 points at one stage in the second half but, due to slackness, were beaten. Our minors could have won a championship as they showed heart and determination in all their games and it was bad refereeing that beat them against Feale Rangers.

Within the area, a total of 57 games were played, all in a sporting manner. The only competition not finished was the Senior League, which was due to the fact that no date could be arranged for a replay between Laune Rangers and Beaufort. The following were the winners: Senior Championship – Beaufort; O Sullivan Cup – Laune Rangers; Novice Championship – Glenbeigh; Minor ‘A’ – Laune Rangers; Minor ‘B’ – Beaufort. I congratulate Laune Rangers on winning the Top 4 Division 2 Co. League competition, Paud Lynch as a player and Pat O Shea as selector who brought the Sam Maguire home for the third year-in-a-row, to Willie Maher and Joe Shannon as players, Jer Conway and Tom Prendergast as selectors, for the Minor All-Ireland success.

The Senior Scór competition does not appear to be able to get off the ground in the area. Every effort should be made this year to make it a success and I am asking all the clubs to see that this happens. In conclusion, you will note that this was my first year as Secretary and, on accepting the position last year, I stated, and still do, that a member of some other club should hold the position. However, I would like to thank the clubs for their co-operation, our referees, the officers of the Board, as well as Bord na nOg, the Kerryman for the great coverage it gave us during the year. Finally, a special word of thanks to the Chairman, James Coffey, who made my work, as Secretary, that much easier during the year.


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club was held on Sat. 31st Jan. 1981. The Secretary, Pat O Grady, reported as follows: “In 1980, the club achieved a fair amount of success both on the field of play and at the J.P. O Sullivan Park. On the field of play, pride of place must go to our senior players, who, after many years in the wilderness, are recognised again as a force in Mid-Kerry and county competitions. The respect they have earned from other clubs has been gained through total allegiance to their club and game and total commitment to training. Also, we must not forget the confidence that the selectors have shown in the players from the beginning of the year, when throughout the year only 25 players have been used in the different competitions. What a refreshing change from previous years! To our senior trainer (Patsy Joy) a sincere ‘thank you’, for your time and effort in training the players and to our selectors, ‘may every other year from now on be easier that the past, and it is nice to see that you are not opposed for the forthcoming year.’

Our U-21 players disappointed after a very encouraging start to the Co. U-21 Championship and were defeated at the semi-final stage. However, 95% of the team will be underage again in 1981. Our minor team was defeated by Kenmare in the Co. Championship, but truly made up for this by winning the Co. League. This victory was achieved by defeating Austin Stacks in the semi-final in Killarney, after a great comeback, in true Laune Rangers’ style, in what I would regard as the best minor game played in the county in 1980. In the final, we disposed of Cahersiveen/Renard. Minor football would not be the same in Killorglin in 1980 without mentioning the name of Joe Shannon and, on behalf of the club, I would like to congratulate him on being the first Laune Rangers’ player to win an All-Ireland Minor medal with Kerry. His achievement must be nothing other than an inspiration to our younger players.

The Novice team reached the final of the Mid-Kerry Novice Championship, only to be defeated by Glenbeigh, after a very encouraging display. I would like to thank the players for giving their allegiance during the year and I urge you for a repetition in 1981 and, if so, you can rest assured there will be more trophies to show for your efforts.

I would like to thank the workers of the committees for their great work during the year. Firstly, the Field Committee, ably led by Jim Casey, the field reflects your great work. 1980 saw the first competitive Senior Inter-County game played in the J.P. O Sullivan Park – Kerry v Down (National Football League) and, but for the weather, a greater crowd would have attended. The staging of this inter-county game was recognition of the Field Committee’s great work over many years. To all who helped in redecorating the dressing-rooms a sincere ‘Thank you.’ 1980, also, saw the completion of the Press Box and the Score-Board in the Park.

The Social Committee, led by Joseph Crowley, year after year, provides finance for the club and, without it, it would not be possible to run the club or carry out the improvements to the J.P. O Sullivan Park. On behalf of the club, I thank you, Joseph, and also the many members who stand at the dancehall doors every Friday night. Remember, more helpers are welcome.

To those who served on the different county committees and as officers during the year, may you enjoy many more years at that level and, thank you for always keeping the club’s interests at heart. I would like to thank the Kerryman for its coverage of our games during the year, which was first-class.

Finally, since I am not seeking re-election, I would like to thank the club for having me as its Secretary, for the past two years and I regret I did not have more time to devote to the job. I was lucky to have the same officers around during my term because, without their help, it would not be possible to hang on.  Remember, a club is not its officers, but a combination of workers, officers, players and members. Thank you for your co-operation. Go raibh míle maith agaibh.”