Laune Rangers – 2000


Laune Rangers, captained by Billy O Shea, won the Munster Club League for the first time.

Laune Rangers, captained by John Sheehan, retained the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship, winning it for the 23rd time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football League for the 19th time.

Laune Rangers, captained by John F. O Brien, won the Molyneaux Cup for the 6th time.

Laune Rangers won the South-Kerry Junior Hurling Championship.

Laune Rangers retained the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship, winning it for the 29th time and were beaten in the Co. League Final by Austin Stacks on the score of 0-11 to 1-6.

Laune Rangers won the Tralee District Board U-16 Football Championship for the 3rd time but lost the Mid-Kerry final to Beaufort on the score of 1-12 to 1-10.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship for the 27th time.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. U-14 District Board Football Championship for the 3rd successive year.

The Intermediate School won the Munster Colleges Frewen Cup.

The Intermediate School won the Co. Russell Cup.

Laune Rangers won the Co. U-12 Girls’ Football Final.

Kerry beat Clare in the Munster Senior Football Championship final by 3-15 to 0-8. Liam Hassett scored 1-1 from centre half-forward and Mike Frank Russell scored 0-2, frees, from right full-forward. Mike Hassett came on as a substitute in the second half.

Kerry beat Galway, after a replay, to win its 32nd All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. Mike Hassett played at right fullback (his 1st medal), Liam Hassett (his 2nd medal) on the forty and Mike F. Russell (his 2nd medal) at right full-forward.

Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell were chosen as All-Stars – Laune Rangers’ first.

James Coffey was re-elected as Joint-Treasurer of the Kerry Co. Board for the 28th successive year.

Jerome Conway was re-elected as Vice-Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board for the 3rd successive year.

John Evans was appointed as trainer/coach of the Kerry U-21 Football team for a period of two years.


Near misses:

Laune Rangers ‘C’ lost the final of the Barrett Cup to Lispole ‘B’ by 0-10 to 0-5.

Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Final to Beaufort ‘B’ by 0-9 to 1-3.

Laune Rangers lost the Co. Minor League Final to Austin Stacks by 0-11 to 1-6.

Mid-Kerry lost the U-16 Inter-District Board Final to West-Kerry by 1-9 to 0-7.

Laune Rangers lost the Mid-Kerry U-16 Final to Beaufort by 1-12 to 1-10 (AET).

Laune Rangers lost the Co. U-15 Football Final to Na Gaeil.

Laune Rangers lost the Co. Féile Peile na nOg final to Dr. Crokes on the score 2-3 to 0-5.

Laune Rangers lost the Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Final to Beaufort by 2-9 to 1-9.

Cork defeated Kerry in the Munster Minor Football Final by 1-13 to 0-14.

Donoughmoyne, Monaghan, defeated Killorglin in the All-Ireland Final of the Girls’ Community Games Football.


*   *    *        *         *        *        *          *           *            *            *

The AGM of Laune Rangers Club took place in the Manor Inn, Killorglin on Monday. 6th Dec. 1999. 84 members attended. The minutes of the previous AGM were adopted on the proposition of James Coffey, seconded by Batty Foley. Apologies were received from Michael Ahern, Jerome Conway and Mícheál O Mahony. (The Secretary’s Report was given at the end of 1999). The Chairman congratulated the Secretary on her report and it was adopted on the proposal of James Coffey, seconded by Owen Mangan. Treasurer, James Coffey gave the Treasurers’ Report and thanked Pierce Prendiville for his work. Owen Mangan questioned why there was so much money on deposit at a low interest rate. Pierce Prendiville explained that the money was intended for the re-development of the pitch in the JP O Sullivan Park. The report was adopted on the proposal of Michael Foley, seconded by Tony Lyons. Pat Pigott, Chairman of Bord na nOg, gave a report on the juvenile activities. He highlighted the problems as only one competition had been won in the current year. Two people were charged with running the club’s Bord na nOg and Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg. He pleaded with past players to get involved in coaching. The Chairman thanked Pat Pigott for his work and said that the club had been lucky that he had put in so much work. The report was adopted on the proposal on John Sheehan, seconded by James Ferris.

The Chairman, John Clifford, addressed the meeting. He asked that a Millennium Committee be set up to organise club activities to mark the occasion. He thanked everyone involved and John Griffin who was stepping down as senior team trainer. He pleaded with members to get involved in club activities, as the same people were being constantly called upon. He finished by saying that he hoped that the club would regain the Co. Championship in 2000.

The following officers were elected:

President – Paddy Crowley.

Chairman – John Clifford.

Vice-Chairmen – Jim Galvin and Patrick Pigott (Ger Counihan  did not seek re-election).

Secretary – Mary Griffin.

Joint Treasurers – James Coffey and Pierce Prendiville.

PRO – John O Donnell.

Ass. PRO – Mike O Shea

Delegate to Co. Board – James Ferris.

Registrars – Maurice Corkery, Michael Foley and Patrick O Shea (Liam Shannon retired).

Development Officer – Jerry Coffey.

Insurance Officer – Bart Moriarty.

The Chairman then proposed that Standing Orders should be suspended to allow for the discussion of motions affecting the senior football team manager. That was seconded by Tony Lyons.

Motion 1: ‘That the AGM should elect the manager/trainer of the Laune Rangers’ senior team and that the elected manager/trainer should then choose his own selectors, subject to ratification by the club executive.’ (Owen Mangan). The proposer said that the time was opportune to change the system as John Griffin was stepping down as manager/trainer and the motion was in no way a reflection on the excellent work that had been done. The motion was seconded by Batty Foley.

Motion 2: ‘That the AGM give power to the club executive to appoint a new manager/trainer for the senior team and that the appointed manager/trainer then choose his own selectors – the position should be reviewed every second year.’ (James Coffey). The proposer said that he had great admiration for past selectors but the time had come to take a more professional approach. The motion was seconded by Joe Cronin. Patsy Joy and Ger Counihan accused the meeting of an orchestrated and underhand plot to shift them as selectors. They withdrew their names as selectors in protest. A long debate followed, with Ger Counihan repeating the accusation of dishonesty. The chairman pointed out that all members were entitled to put motions to the AGM. Owen Mangan expressed disappointment at Patsy Joy’s and Ger Counihan’s reactions, as his motion had not been a personal attack. A large number of members contributed to the discussion, airing their views. It was agreed that, in the event of Owen Mangan’s motion being passed, the AGM would have to reconvene to allow for nominations. James Coffey withdrew his motion. An amendment to Owen Mangan’s motion was proposed by Batty Foley, seconded by Tony Lyons, ‘that the manager/trainer of the Laune Rangers’ senior team be elected at the AGM and that the elected manager/trainer should choose his/her own selectors, for a two-year period.’ The motion was passed by 47 votes to 17. Tommy Woods asked the meeting that, at the reconvened meeting, people would vote on the merits of those nominated, not on personalities, for the good of the club. John Griffin and Pat Pigott asked that the matter would not be discussed outside of the membership. Shivaun Shanahan proposed that the AGM should reconvene on a weekend to allow students to attend. That was seconded by Pa Murphy and passed.

‘B’ Team Selection Committee – Mike O Shea (re-elected). Liam Foley and John F. O Brien had withdrawn and there were no replacement nominations. The matter was referred to the reconvened AGM.

‘C’ Team Selections Committee – Danny Cahill, Peter Byrne, Dominic Crowley and Jamie Clifford were re-elected.

Minor Team Selection Committee – James Sheehan and Denis Cleary were re-elected. Jerry Coffey and Noel O Mahony withdrew their names on the night. The matter was referred to the reconvened AGM.

Motion 3: ‘That the U-21 selectors be chosen from the minor and senior teams’ selectors.’ (Pierce Prendiville on behalf of the club executive). He said that the players would come from the minor and senior teams. The motion was seconded by Michael O Reilly and passed by 34 votes to 16.

Motion 4: ‘That the club should adopt the standard Club Constitution as per the Official Guide.’ (Finbarr Coffey, seconded by Tony Lyons). Passed.

Motion 5: ‘That the club should organise an annual mass for deceased members.’ (Shivaun Shanahan, seconded by Liam Shannon). Passed.

Jimmy Doona proposed that the Lotto jackpot should commence at £1,000. That proposal was referred to the club executive in order to check out its viability.

Joe Crowley undertook to put a committee together early in the new year to canvas the parish for the Patron Scheme.

Pat Pigott implored Patsy Joy to remain involved in the club as Ger Counihan had indicated that he would.


The AGM reconvened on Sat. 18th Dec. in Scoil Mhuire at 8.30pm. 75 members attended.

There were two nominations for Senior Manager/Trainer – John Griffin and James Sheehan. The former withdrew his name and the latter was elected, on the proposition of Joe Crowley, seconded by John Griffin.

Eddie Birmingham was elected as ‘B’ team trainer/manager on the proposition of Liam Foley, seconded by Mike O Shea. Sean Moriarty was appointed as selector on the proposition of Mike O Shea, seconded by John Griffin.

James Sheehan had stepped down as minor manager/trainer, leaving only Denis Cleary as a selector. There were no nominations for the position. John Griffin proposed, Jerry Coffey seconded and it was agreed that the club executive would appoint a management team for the minor team. {The Minor Selection Committee was ratified at the club meeting on 8th Feb. – John Griffin (Manager/Trainer), Maurice Corkery and Jerry Houlihan (Selectors)}.

John Clifford, Chairman, asked all the members of the club to give their full backing to James Sheehan, as senior team manager/trainer. James Sheehan thanked the meeting and he said that he would give it his best shot and he hoped that the club would continue to climb the heights. Ger Counihan congratulated James Sheehan and gave him his full backing. Joe Shannon spoke of the club’s proud tradition and he wished James Sheehan and his team well. John Griffin asked members to support the team in all its games and he gave James Sheehan two years to prove himself. Patsy Joy told the meeting that, contrary to rumours, he was not behind an article, which appeared in Murt Murphy’s column in the Kingdom, which gave a totally inaccurate account of the AGM. Members expressed their annoyance at the article.


Senior Football Team Trainer – James Sheehan. Selectors – Patsy Joy, Denis Cleary and Brian O Shea.

Secretary of the Ladies’ Sub-Committee – Kathleen Healy.


Due to the fact that St. Mary’s Hurling Club had ceased to exist, Laune Rangers formed a Hurling Sub-committee in order to continue to promote the game locally. Chairman – Sean Treacy, Secretary – Michael O Reilly, Treasurer – Pat Lynch, PRO – Denis McDonnell.


Munster Club Football League 1999/2000


Rd. 2 on Sat. 15th Jan. at Tralee: Kerins O Rahillys 0-9; Laune Rangers 2-3.

Michael Ferriter reported in the Kingdom as follows: “Two of the county’s most competitive club sides, Kerins O Rahillys and Laune Rangers, served up an exciting encounter at the Strand Road pitch in the Munster Club League. For the most part O Rahillys were the better side and should have at least four, or five, points to spare at the end. Indeed, when Pa O Sullivan sent a pile-driver to the roof of the O Rahillys net in the 52nd minute – this was Rangers’ only score in the second half – the home-side trailed by two points and seemed to have lost their grip on the game. Following a spell of constant pressure from the Killorglin side, O Rahillys regrouped and their star wing back Phillip O Connor kicked an excellent point to leave the minimum between the sides. In the 30th minute, O Connor was up in support to kick the equalising point.

The host team exhibited some fine football skill in the opening half, combining well throughout the field. Mícheál Quirke was a powerful figure at midfield, fielding and finding his colleagues with some precision passing. He received great support from young Eugene McGrath and, over the hour, they dominated the Killorglin duo of Pierce Prendiville and Billy O Shea. The goal that kept Rangers in the picture in the first half came when goalie Greg Kissane gave the ball away to Paul Griffin, in front of the goal, who took full advantage. Generally, the Rangers lacked penetration in attack, which was without the services of Mike Frank Russell and Liam Hassett.

The duel of the match was between Vinny Murphy and John Sheehan. Murphy was very much to the fore in that opening half, winning some excellent possession, but as the game progressed Sheehan grew in confidence and saved his side on quite a number of occasions. Paul Costello, at centre halfback, who had the difficult assignment of following the illusive Ollie Molloy, played with great authority. Mark Conway, another newcomer to the senior ranks, played well at corner back and Pa Murphy also performed well on the wing. Veteran Peter Lyons is still going strong and his future between the posts looks set to continue for quite some time. He made a brilliant save from John O Connor in the 17th minute. Overall it was quite an enjoyable game for the time of year.”

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark Conway, John Sheehan, Mark O Connor, Pa Murphy, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Shea (capt.), Trevor Gannon, Brian Gannon, Billy O Sullivan, Paul Griffin (1-0), Pa O Sullivan (1-3), John O Sullivan. Subs: Joe Healy for T. Gannon, Joe Hayes for B. Gannon, Terence Houlihan for P. Griffin, Brian Gannon for B. O Sullivan.

Ref: Aidan Mangan (Austin Stacks).


Quarter-final on Sun. 6th Feb. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 1-8; Clonakilty 1-7.

That win was an excellent one for the Killorglin team as they showed strength in depth. They were put to the pin of their collar, as, for long stages of the first half, the Cork side took the game to Rangers, who also had to withstand a late surge from the visitors to take victory. A controversial late goal by Clonakilty left the bare minimum between the teams but Killorglin stood firm in the face of a late challenge and advanced to the final.

Rangers took the field without missing regulars Liam Hassett, Billy O Shea, Mark O Connor and Johnny Lynch. That gave them the perfect opportunity to blood some young players and, to their credit, those newcomers played excellently on the day. That was a good sign for a Rangers team always noted for the underage talent they brought through the ranks. In the past number of years, that had dropped somewhat but they seemed to have rectified it.

Clonakilty, playing against the strong wind in the first half, opened the scoring with a point from Conrad Murphy. However, Rangers settled quickly and Shane O Sullivan replied with a sweet left-footed point. In the early stages, Clonakilty looked assured and they were quick to re-take the lead when Conrad Murphy scored his second after 5 minutes. Points from Pierce Prendiville and Shane O Sullivan again, had Rangers in front for the first time after 15 minutes, but they were finding it tough to break down the stubborn Clonakilty challenge. The Cork side was dominating the exchanges at midfield and Padraig Griffin, son of former Kerry star, Pat Griffin, had the sides level after 20 minutes. A sweeping move saw Conrad Murphy inside the Rangers’ defence but his shot was brilliantly touched over the bar by Peter Lyons. Diarmuid Cahill put them two points ahead when he kicked a super point. Laune Rangers were under pressure at that stage but responded with a quick passing movement, which saw Pa O Sullivan crash the ball to the net. That goal came at a vital stage of the game as it enabled the Rangers to go into the break with a very much undeserved halftime lead of 1-3 to 0-5.

Rangers settled quicker in the second half and opened a four point lead with three pointed frees by Mike Frank Russell. Brendan Walsh responded for the Cork side with a pointed free before Pa O Sullivan and Barry O Sullivan put Rangers 0-5 ahead with ten minutes remaining. Then came a moment of controversy, when a high ball, from Padraig Griffin, was deemed to have gone under the Rangers’ crossbar. The decision was hotly disputed by the Rangers’ defence but the referee, having consulted with his umpires, awarded the goal. Clonakilty laid siege to the Rangers’ goal and a pointed free from Brendan Walsh had Rangers clinging to a one point lead. Try as they might, the Cork side couldn’t breach the Kerry defence and so Laune Rangers proceeded to the semi-final. Their best performers were Mike Hassett and Brendan Fitzgerald in defence, Thomas McGillycuddy at midfield and Brian Gannon and Pa O Sullivan in attack.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark Conway, Pa Murphy, Brendan Fitzgerald, Mike Hassett, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan (0-2), Thomas McGillycuddy, Pierce Prendiville (0-1), Brian Gannon, Mike Frank Russell (0-3), Billy O Sullivan, Paul Griffin, Pa O Sullivan (1-1), John O Sullivan. Sub: Barry O Sullivan (0-1) for J. O Sullivan.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon).


Semi-final on Fri. 14th April at Macroom: Laune Rangers 0-15; Aghada 2-7.


Final on Wed. 31st May at Macroom: Laune Rangers 0-17; Bishopstown 1-11.

Laune Rangers were the first Kerry team to win the John Dowling Memorial Cup.
Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark Conway, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Billy O Shea (capt.), Pierce Prendiville, Mike Hassett, Johnny Lynch, Brian Gannon, James O Shea, Pa O Sullivan, Liam Hassett, Mike Frank Russell. Subs: Brendan Fitzgerald for J. Lynch, Eoin Ferris for B. Fitzgerald, Mark O Connor for J. O Shea, Thomas McGillycuddy for B. Gannon.

Co. Senior Football Championship

18 teams played in the Co. Senior Football Championship: West-Kerry, Mid-Kerry, Kerins O Rahillys, Feale Rangers, Kilcummin, An Ghaeltacht, Rathmore, Dr. Crokes, South-Kerry, St. Kieran’s, Laune Rangers, Austin Stacks, East-Kerry, St. Brendan’s, John Mitchels, Kenmare, Shannon Rangers and Desmonds.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 29th July at Austin Stack Park: Kerins O Rahillys 3-6; Laune Rangers 1-11.

John O Dowd reported in the Kerryman as follows: “What a magnificent game of football! Kerins O Rahillys produced a major shock in the AIB Co. Senior Football Championship on Saturday night when they eliminated Laune Rangers by a single point in an absolutely exhilarating tussle. Make no mistake about it, this game had everything and was definitely the best contest in the championship so far this year. And what worthy winners the Strand Road men were as they showed more heart and fire when it mattered most, in the last 20 minutes. Two goals by the Tralee team in the space of five second-half minutes were the basic difference between the sides in the end and Eoin Liston must be praised for a youth policy, which paid dividends in a big way as all of his team’s scores came from minor players – Eugene McGrath, Declan Quill and Ger Molloy. Laune Rangers were absolutely stunned by the O Rahillys’ goals in the second half and, though they tried hard to respond, the initiative was gone from them and when the Strand Road men got the bit between their teeth, they were never going to accept anything other than victory.

Rangers lined out without midfielder, Thomas McGillycuddy, whose replacement, Johnny Lynch, turned out to be his side’s most prominent player, especially in the first half when his fielding was a joy to behold. From the throw-in, Mike Hassett was moved from centre-back to the corner to mark Declan Quill, but the switch didn’t pay dividends for Rangers and Quill opened the scoring in the 2nd minute with a superb free off his hands from all of 45m. O Rahillys were battling for everything from the word go, but they were knocked back on their heels as early as the 7th minute when a bad pass by Ken Savage was intercepted by Mike Frank Russell, who passed to Liam Hassett and the Kerry forward put Billy O Sullivan through to rocket a right-footed drive to the roof of Niall Hobbert’s net. Russell, from a free, and Billy O Shea, after a marauding run up-field, quickly added points for Rangers before Liam Hassett’s intended pass to a colleague was well intercepted by Eugene McGrath, who kicked a fine point to leave his side three points adrift (1-2 to 0-2) after 12 minutes.

The game was littered with brilliant passages of football with superb fielding by Quirke and Lynch, staunch defending for the likes of Timmy O Sullivan for O Rahillys and John Sheehan for the losers and inspired attacking from players like Quill and Russell. In truth, it was marvellous entertainment for the large and vociferous crowd. Liam Hassett and Quill exchanged points by the 20th minute. Mike Hassett, in disarray against young Quill, was forced to bring the talented forward down with a dangerous tackle around the neck in the 23rd minute that brought the Laune Rangers’ player a deserved booking. Quill tapped over the free and there were just two points between the teams. Mike Frank Russell then made his mark with two fine points from play to stretch the Rangers’ lead. However, O Rahillys really shot back into contention when John O Connor put Eugene McGrath through the heart of the Rangers’ defence to bury an unstoppable drive past veteran Peter Lyons and into the net. Liam Hassett responded with a point for the posers, but the lead had been cut to a mere two points as the referee blew the halftime whistle (1-6 to 1-4).

Russell, Laune Rangers’ real danger-man, opened the second half scoring with a beautiful left-legged point, which was instantly cancelled out by a point from play by Quill in the 37th minute. Rangers, coming under serious pressure in defence, introduced Brendan Fitzgerald, but O Rahillys were gaining confidence at that stage and they surged into the lead in the 41st minute with a wonderful opportunist goal. Quill was clearly going for a point but the shot dropped short and was brilliantly collected by Ger Molloy who turned and calmly slotted the ball into the net. That was a tremendous boost to O Rahillys’ confidence, but the Killorglin men responded quickly with points from Pa O Sullivan (free) and James O Shea to take a one-point lead (1-9 to 2-5) with 15 minutes left.

The tension was now at fever pitch and the O Rahillys supporters went wild with delight again in the 46th minute when a high ball was broken down by Quill to the inrushing McGrath, who again showed clinical finishing to give Peter Lyons no chance from close range. Remarkably, O Rahillys had gone into the lead again and their supporters could scarcely believe what they were seeing. Laune Rangers were certainly stunned at the way the game had turned against them. Pa O Sullivan pointed a free to leave the minimum between the teams, but Quill got the insurance point with five minutes left to again stretch the O Rahillys’ lead to two points. Rangers fought hard to force their way back into the match, but all they could manage in the remaining time was a point by substitute John E. Murphy and the final whistle was greeted with delight by the Strand Road players and supporters.

For Laune Rangers, defeat was a disaster. For long periods, they were in the ascendancy on the score-board and always seemed to have something left in the tank. But when O Rahillys turned up the heat, Rangers simply had no answer and they didn’t seem to want it as much as the Tralee side. On the night, their best players were John Sheehan, Billy O Shea (in patches), the outstanding Johnny Lynch (although he will be disappointed that Eugene McGrath, the player he was directly marking, got two goals), James O Shea, Liam Hassett (in patches) and Mike Frank Russell.”

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, John Sheehan, Mike Hassett, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, Billy O Shea (0-1) capt., Johnny Lynch, Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Sullivan (1-0), Liam Hassett (0-2), James O Shea (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (0-2, frees), Brian Gannon, Mike Frank Russell (0-4, 1 free). Subs: Brendan Fitzgerald for M. O Connor, John E. Murphy (0-1) for B. O Sullivan, Barry O Sullivan, Karl Griffin, Ross Sheehan, Jerry O Brien, Noel Lynch, Morgan Foley.

Ref: Mike O Donoghue (Glenflesk).


Dr. Crokes, captained by Roland Neher, defeated An Ghaeltacht to win the Co. Final in Austin Stack Park.


Millennium Cup

That competition was inaugurated and played as a once-off championship to celebrate the new millennium. It was sponsored by Fexco of Killorglin. It replaced the previous senior, intermediate, junior and novice club championships for that year. All the teams in the county were involved in the competition. Teams were drawn against each other regardless of status and, as the competition progressed, teams graded themselves based on results.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 20th May at Firies: Firies 2-11; Laune Rangers 3-9.

Brian Gannon came to Laune Rangers’ rescue in that game. With the game in injury time and Firies ahead by one point, Gannon scored a priceless goal to secure victory for the Rangers. The Killorglin team, which was ahead by nine points at one stage, were rocked by a spirited Firies’ fight-back.

Mike Frank Russell opened the scoring with a pointed free for Laune Rangers. Brian Gannon crashed home a goal after 5 minutes before Mike Allen had Firies’ first point. Liam Hassett with a point and Pa O Sullivan with a goal saw Rangers 2-2 to 0-1 ahead after 15 minutes. Firies lost their goalkeeper and his replacement, Brendan Quirke, had an immediate impact, making point-blank saves fro Liam Hassett and MF Russell. The home team had points by Jerry O Sullivan and Mike Allen, while Rangers had points from Brian Gannon, MF Russell and Liam Hassett to leave the score at 2-5 to 0-3 at halftime in favour of the Killorglin men.

Laune Rangers’ Pa O Sullivan pointed on the restart before Mike Allen had two pointed frees for Firies. O Sullivan and Thomas Corbett exchanged points to leave Rangers ahead by 2-7 to 0-6 after 15 minutes. However, Firies were by no means finished and they scored a crucial goal. A high ball into the square by Noel McCarthy seemed to be covered by the Rangers’ defence but keeper Lyons collided with the fullback, John Sheehan, and the ball finished up in the net. Suddenly Firies were back in the game and within a minute Con O Connor slammed the ball to the net to leave just a point between the sides. Then the action was red-hot as both teams battled during the final 10 minutes. Rangers had points from Mike Hassett and MF Russell. Firies replied with points from Mike Allen and Thomas Corbett. Then Donal Daly levelled the scores a minute from time. Firies were dominating midfield at that stage of the game and when they were awarded a free 45m out, up stepped Donal Daly and put Firies ahead for the first time. However, the drama was not yet over and, with 30 seconds played, Rangers stormed downfield. Brian Gannon side-stepped his marker before driving the ball to the roof of the net and put Rangers back in front by two points. The home side attacked again and Donal Daly kicked the final point of the game but time ran out. Laune Rangers were best served on the day by John Sheehan and Paul Costello in defence, Mike Hassett at midfield and Liam Hassett and Brian Gannon in attack.
Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Eoin Ferris, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Billy O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, Mike Hassett (0-1), John Edmond Murphy, Brian Gannon (2-1), James O Shea, Pa O Sullivan (1-2), Liam Hassett (0-2), Mike Frank Russell (0-3). Sub: Thomas McGillycuddy for JE Murphy.

Ref: Aidan Mangan (Austin Stacks).


Rd. 2 on Thurs. 22nd June at Fitzgerald Stadium: Austin Stacks 1-13; Laune Rangers 1-11.

In what was a most entertaining, free-flowing and competitive encounter Austin Stacks, with a display full of confidence and character, produced a major shock when they eliminated Laune Rangers from the Fexco Millennium Club Championship. With an extremely formidable looking line-up, which included both Hassett brothers and Mike Frank Russell, the Killorglin side were firm favourites to advance to the quarter-finals of the competition.

Essentially, it was a game that could have gone either way and, in the end, Stacks had to draw on all of their resources of energy to pull through. Billy Sheehan carved out an opening for Michael Collins to kick the opening point and then scored one himself from long range. On the 6th minute, Billy Sheehan raced clear of the defensive cover and created a clear goal-scoring opportunity for Dara Long but Peter Lyons saved brilliantly at the expense of a point. Rangers settled after that and for a period held the upper hand territorially. Mike Frank Russell opened their account in the 10th minute with a point from a free and, after they had kicked a number of wides, Billy O Sullivan put over their second point in the 14th minute. Dara Long and Pa O Sullivan swapped pointed frees before Stacks enjoyed a most productive period, due in no small way to Martin McKivergan’s strength and leadership in attack, even if his opposite number, John Sheehan, was also seen to great effect on occasions.

The Tralee side scored four unanswered points, three of which were pointed frees by Dara Long and the other an angled kick by Pat Costello. That left Stack’s five points ahead with just four minutes of the first half to play, but Rangers hit back with admirable gusto, with a fisted point by Mike Frank Russell, followed by further scores from Billy O Shea, then relocated on the forty, and two points from the extremely resourceful Billy O Sullivan, who made excellent use of the space afforded to him. It meant that Stacks had been pulled back to a single point at the break and they had to face a stiffish breeze in the second half.

Within a minute of the restart, Mike Frank Russell, with an excellent score, levelled matters.  Billy Sheehan edged Stacks back in front with a long-range effort. Martin McKivergan and Brian Gannon exchanged further points and Cormac Kennedy pointed at the end of a surging run to increase Stack’s advantage. As the contest entered the final quarter, Liam Hassett, who had been quite prominent and influential throughout, exploited a gap in the Stack’s defence and finished confidently and clinically for a most vital goal to put Rangers ahead by a point. Pa O Sullivan followed with a point from a free and the pendulum had then most definitely swung in favour of the Killorglin men.

However, Pat Costello reduced the lead to the minimum and, with four minutes left in normal time, Stacks were awarded a penalty when Michael Collins was fouled just inside the square. Billy Sheehan dispatched his shot low into the net. The same player pointed a free to give his side a three points lead. The Tralee side had to endure some anxious moments in a pulsating finish but Rangers’ only return was another pointed free from Pa O Sullivan. Finbar Smith sealed it for the Tralee team with an excellent score in overtime. Laune Rangers’ substitute, Paul Griffin, was dismissed in the dying minutes for an off-the-ball incident. Rangers played passages of delightful football but, overall, their performance was indifferent.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Eoin Ferris, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Paul Costello, Mike Hassett, Mark O Connor, Liam Hassett (1-0), Pierce Prendiville,  Billy O Sullivan (0-3), Brian Gannon (0-1), James O Shea,  Pa O Sullivan (0-3, frees), Billy O Shea (capt.) 0-1, Mike Frank Russell (0-3, 1 free). Subs: Paul Griffin for M. O Connor, Karl Griffin for J. O Shea, Barry O Sullivan for B. O Sullivan.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Dromid).


Co. Senior Football League Div. 1


Rd. 1 on Sun. 12th March at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 0-11; Laune Rangers 0-11.

That was a great game of football, played in ideal conditions, and after a titanic struggle, both teams were deadlocked after sixty minutes. Eanna Kavanagh opened the scoring for Crokes with a point after 2 minutes, but Laune Rangers quickly got into their stride and struck back. Pa O Sullivan levelled matters with a point and in the 6th minute he put Rangers into the lead. Dr. Crokes, with a youthful side on the field, saw Jonathan Sparling and Pat O Shea kick points to put Crokes back in front, but Rangers were still looking hungry. Indeed the Killarney side can thank their goalkeeper, Peter O Brien, for pulling off two vital point-blank saves from Pa O Sullivan within seconds of each other. These saves served to inspire Crokes to greater heights and Connie Murphy and Sparling had them ahead 0-5 to 0-2 after 20 minutes play. Mike Frank Russell reduced the deficit for Rangers, but Pat O Shea kicked a brace of points to leave Dr. Crokes leading at halftime by 0-7 to 0-3.

Rangers started much the stronger in the early stages of the second half and they managed to close the gap to a single point within five minutes, thanks to three points from Pa O Sullivan. Pat O Shea replied for Crokes but the visitors were dominating at that stage and they managed to level the scores in the 18th minute thanks to two points from MF Russell. With only ten minutes left in the game, the scene was set for a cracker of a finish and so it turned out. Crokes had points from Roland Neher (2) and Eoin Brosnan to leave them looking like winners, but Rangers replied with points from Billy O Shea, Brian Gannon and MF Russell to leave the sides level at the end. Rangers were best served by Paul Costello and Mike Hassett in defence, Thomas McGillycuddy at midfield and MF Russell and Pa O Sullivan up front.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Mike Hassett, Billy O Shea (0-1), John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Thomas McGillycuddy, Pierce Prendiville, Brian Gannon (0-1), Liam Hassett, Paul Griffin, Pa O Sullivan (0-5), MF Russell (0-4), Billy O Sullivan. Sub: Johnny Lynch for B. O Sullivan.

Ref: Denis O Donovan (Desmonds).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 19th March at Cloon: Laune Rangers 1-13; Kerins O Rahillys 0-11.

That game certainly lived up to its billing as the tie of the round. Laune Rangers were nearly at full strength, while Strand Road were missing some players. John O Connor opened the scoring for O Rahillys but Laune Rangers responded in some style and added four points without reply from Pa O Sullivan, Johnny Lynch, Paul Griffin and Liam Hassett to lead by 0-4 to 0-1 after 10 minutes. O Rahillys came back and they proceeded to have their best spell of the game. With Mícheál Quirke controlling midfield, there was a plentiful supply for the forwards and, with points from Stephen Wallace and John O Connor (0-2), the sides were level after 17 minutes. The see-saw movement to the game continued and the momentum late in the half moved to Rangers, who had further points from Johnny Lynch, Mike Frank Russell (2), Liam Hassett and James O Shea, while Mike O Halloran had a point for O Rahillys to leave the score at halftime 0-9 to 0-5 in favour of the home team.

The second half started with Rangers on the attack and they stretched their lead with a point from Thomas McGillycuddy and a goal by Liam Hassett after a great pass from John Sheehan. That left the home team leading by 1-10 to 0-5 and it looked as if the Killorglin side would continue to dominate. However, O Rahillys rallied and points by Wallace and O Connor (2) reduced the lead to six points. Mark Conway had a point for Rangers before O Connor had two pointed frees to leave the score at 1-11 to 0-10 after 20 minutes. The O Rahilly’s comeback ran out of steam and they had only one other point from Wallace, while Rangers continued to impress with further points from Thomas McGillycuddy and Pa O Sullivan. For Rangers, Paul Costello, Mike Hassett and substitute Mark Conway were best in defence, Thomas McGillycuddy had another impressive outing at midfield, while MF Russell, Pa O Sullivan and Liam Hassett led the way in attack.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Brendan Fitzgerald, Mike Hassett, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Thomas McGillycuddy (0-2), Pierce Prendiville, Billy O Shea, Pa O Sullivan (0-2), Paul Griffin (0-1), MF Russell (0-2), Liam Hassett (1-2), Johnny Lynch (0-2). Subs: Mark Conway (0-1) for B. Fitzgerald, James O Shea (0-1) for P. Griffin, Brian Gannon for B. O Shea.

Ref: John Griffin (Listry).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 2nd April at Cloon: Laune Rangers 1-10; Desmonds 0-13.

That was an exciting and hard-fought game, which ended in controversy as Desmonds had a goal disallowed for a square infringement in the last minute. The game had started with Desmonds playing with the aid of the wind but the home side got off to a better start with Liam Hassett kicking a point after 2 minutes. Desmonds came back strongly and after 15 minutes had built up a 0-6 to 0-1 lead with points from Kevin Lynch (2), John Brennan (0-2), Martin Horgan and Kieran O Sullivan. Rangers responded with points from Paul Griffin, Liam Hassett, James O Shea and Pa O Sullivan to level matters. However, Desmonds finished the half stronger with points Martin Horgan, John Brennan and Kevin Lynch to give them a halftime lead of 0-9 to 0-6.

Billy O Sullivan wiped out Desmonds’ lead with a cracking goal within seconds of the restart and, when the same player put Rangers ahead with a point, they seemed to be in control. Desmonds stuck to their task and two points from Darby Buckley had them back in front (0-11 to 1-7), as the teams were very evenly matched. James O Shea curled over a left-footed point to put the sides level and Pa O Sullivan, from a free, had Rangers back in front after 18 minutes of the half. Desmonds came to the fore with points from Kevin Lynch and Martin Horgan, but once again James O Shea levelled for Rangers. The final ten minutes were played out in a welter of excitement, with both sides having chances to win the game. With time up, Desmonds had a free wide on the right corner. The kick floated across the goal-mouth and was punched to the net. However, the referee ruled that the Desmonds’ player had been in the small square.

Laune Rangers’ best were Harry Bawden in goals, John Sheehan and Mark Conway in defence, Pierce Prendiville and Mike Hassett at midfield and James O Shea and Billy O Sullivan up front.

Laune Rangers: Harry Bawden, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Mark Conway, Brian Gannon, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Mike Hassett, Billy O Shea, Pa O Sullivan (0-3), James O Shea (0-3), Paul Griffin (0-1), Liam Hassett 0-2), Billy O Sullivan (1-1). Subs: Barry O Sullivan for B. Gannon, MF Russell for B. O Shea.

Ref: Aidan Mangan (Austin Stacks).


Rd. 4 on Sat. 29th April at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-9; Laune Rangers 1-5.

After an hour of tense and exciting football in the cauldron that was Paddy Burke Memorial Park, an injury-time goal by Martin Burke finally settled that Mid-Kerry derby to leave the winners still clear at the top of the league with a 100% record. The game was of immense importance to both teams and it was the home side that made the better start when Gavin Wrenn opened the scoring. Ian Twiss, with a pointed free, and another by Derek Twiss stretched the home side’s lead to three after 10 minutes. Then in the 17th minute Rangers levelled when they showed what a potent attack they have when corner-forward Pa O Sullivan out-jumped the defence and sent a blistering shot to the net. Five minutes later, a fine move involving Billy O Shea and Mike Frank Russell saw Barry O Sullivan shoot over the lead point for Rangers and a late point from full-forward Russell saw the visitors take a 1-2 to 0-4 lead to the halftime break, Milltown/Castlemaine’s other first-half point coming from Ian Twiss in the 26th minute.

On the restart, Laune Rangers came out with purpose and they attacked fiercely for the first five minutes. But it proved fruitless, as wides by Billy O Shea, Pierce Prendiville, Pa O Sullivan and MF Russell, when through on goal, meant they had failed to increase their halftime advantage. In the 8th minute Ian Twiss levelled matters with a spectacular long-range point. After a lengthy stoppage for treatment to substitutes Paul Griffin and Andrew Boyle, the home side took command with points from Martin Burke and Ian and Derek Twiss to lead by 0-8 to 1-2 with 50 minutes gone. In an exciting finish, points by Pa O Sullivan and Shane O Sullivan reduced the deficit to the minimum and it was all to play for. Rangers had chances to equalise but deep into injury time came the match-winner. A high ball into the goal-mouth by Joe Daly was punched to the net by Martin Burke to put the icing on the cake. That was Milltown/Castlemaine’s first ever victory over their near neighbours in the Co. Football League.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, John Sheehan, Mark Conway, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Shane O Sullivan (0-1), Pierce Prendiville, Barry O Sullivan (0-1), Billy O Shea, Thomas McGillycuddy, James O Shea, Pa O Sullivan (1-2), Mike Frank Russell (0-1), John Edmond Murphy. Subs: Paul Griffin for JE Murphy, John O Sullivan for M. O Connor.

Ref: Tom Lynch (Desmonds).


Rd. 5 on Sat. 13th May at Listowel: Emmett’s 0-12; Laune Rangers 1-9.

Both teams huffed and puffed their way through a game that was there for the taking by either team. However, there was no spark of inspiration or inventiveness in the game, which was a physical battle throughout. The main talking point of the game was the display of Listowel’s fullback, Sean Moriarty, who kept Kerry star Mike Frank Russell quiet throughout the game and the Rangers’ attack suffered as a result. The most effective player for Rangers was Liam Hassett at midfield.

Mike Frank Russell opened the scoring in the 1st minute when he pointed a free from 30m out. Then Noel Kennelly pointed a free for the home side. That was to set the tone for the rest of the game, with plenty of frees being given and very few scores coming from play. James O Shea added the next score for Rangers from play in the 8th minute. Liam Hassett added another after good work by Paul Costello. Liam Hassett put three points between the sides in the 11th minute, followed by a Russell point as Rangers dominated midfield at that stage. Mike Kennelly got Emmett’s back on track with a point from a sideline, after a Rangers’ defender had been controversially adjudged to have been over the line. Derek Galvin added another as Emmett’s dominated the last ten minutes of the half. A Noel Kennelly free reduced the gap to a single point and Brendan Kelly levelled matters in the 25th minute. However, Rangers struck back in style and a goal by John Edmond Murphy put them in the driving seat once more. A poor clearance by Emmett’s found Liam Hassett and he dropped the ball over the Listowel defence, where Murphy booted the ball to the net, leaving Rangers ahead by 1-5 to 0-5 at the break.

Emmett’s opened the scoring after just 30 seconds of the restart, when Liam Keane pointed but Mike Frank Russell replied with a free. The game was tight throughout the second half and both sides had chances of scores. Mike Frank Russell kicked his second free of the game, but Liam Keane replied with a good solo effort, followed by two Noel Kennelly frees in the 9th minute to leave just a point in it. John Edmond Murphy put two points between the teams with 10 minutes left. Liam Hassett scored a point 2 minutes later to open a three-point gap. Noel Kennelly (free) brought the gap down and substitute Jerome Stack scored a great solo point from the kick-out. The equaliser came from Gary Stack with two minutes to go and, despite the best efforts of both teams to snatch a winner, a draw was the result.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Shane O Sullivan, Eoin Ferris, Mark Conway, Paul Costello, John Sheehan, Pa Murphy, Mike Hassett, Liam Hassett (0-3), John Edmond Murphy (1-1), Brian Gannon, James O Shea (0-1), Billy O Shea, Mike Frank Russell (0-4), Thomas McGillycuddy.


Rd. 6 on Sun. 28th May at Cloon: Laune Rangers 0-12; Currow 1-8.

Currow were three points clear after 10 minutes thanks largely to John McGlynn and they led by 1-4 to 0-6 at halftime, the goal being scored by Jack Dennehy. Shane O Sullivan saved brilliantly to deny Dennehy another goal. Currow had actually a five points’ lead at one stage but Johnny Lynch, Brian Gannon and Barry O Sullivan pulled it back for Laune Rangers. Jack Dennehy added a Currow point on the restart but Pa O Sullivan and Mike Hassett had the teams on level terms. Seamus Scanlon put Currow into the lead but Rangers then went ahead with scores from Brendan Fitzgerald and Pa O Sullivan. Liam Brosnan levelled it up for Currow before Brian Gannon scored the winning point for Rangers with five minutes left to play. Laune Rangers best on the day were Harry Bawden, in goals, Shane O Sullivan and Mike Hassett in defence, Johnny Lynch at midfield, and Pa O Sullivan and Mark O Connor in attack.

Laune Rangers: Harry Bawden, Eoin Ferris, John Sheehan, Shane O Sullivan, Paul Costello, Pa Murphy, Mike Hassett (0-1), Pierce Prendiville, Johnny Lynch (0-1), Barry O Sullivan (0-1), Brian Gannon (0-3), James O Shea, Pa O Sullivan (0-5), Billy O Shea, Mark O Connor. Subs: Brendan Fitzgerald (0-1) for B. O Sullivan, Mark Conway for E. Ferris.

Ref: Pat Sheehy (Clounmacon).


Rd. 7 on Sat. 8th July at Glenflesk: Glenflesk 1-10; Laune Rangers 1-11.

The weather conditions were terrible, with wind and rain, but both teams gave a whole-hearted performance. Both sides lined out without their county stars. Paud O Donoghue opened Glenflesk’s scoring with a pointed free in the first minute. However, Laune Rangers replied with two points from Pa O Sullivan and Pierce Prendiville. They then struck for their goal in the third minute when Billy O Shea found Billy O Sullivan with a lovely pass and he made no mistake from 14 yards. Glenflesk had plenty possession in the first half but found it hard to score against the stiff breeze and rain, with only Paud O Donoghue getting two further points. In contrast, Laune Rangers were finding it easier to hit the target and points by Billy O Sullivan in the 16th minute, James O Shea in the 20th minute, Brian Gannon in the 21st minute and Pa O Sullivan in the 27th minute had them leading by 1-6 to 0-3 at halftime.

The second half saw Glenflesk playing the better football. Paud O Donoghue had a point from a ‘45’ in the 33rd minute and David O Donoghue had an excellent point in the 34th minute. A quick free by Paud O Donoghue to brother David in the 37th minute saw him unleash a fierce shot to the roof of Peter Lyons’ net to level the scores. Two points by Pa O Sullivan, one from a free, had Rangers two points ahead again in the 43rd minute. Paud O Donoghue replied with a brace to level matters once more. Laune Rangers’ substitute Ross Sheehan had a fine point in the 53rd minute and Pa O Sullivan had another from a free in the 55th minute. Glenflesk rallied and Paud O Donoghue pointed a free in the 59th minute. The home side was well on top at that stage and Kieran O Sullivan tied the scores with a beautiful individual point in the 60th minute. Laune Rangers, to their credit, won a great ball in defence and Brian Gannon scored his second and decisive point one and a half minutes into injury time, with the final whistle going immediately. Best for Rangers were Shane O Sullivan, Karl Griffin, Brian Gannon, Pa O Sullivan, Ross Sheehan and Billy O Shea.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, John Sheehan, Mark Conway, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, Karl Griffin, Johnny Lynch, Pierce Prendiville (0-1), Billy O Sullivan (1-1), Brian Gannon (0-2), James O Shea (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (0-5, 2 frees), Billy O Shea, John Edmond Murphy. Subs: Barry O Sullivan for B. O Sullivan, Ross Sheehan (0-1) for J. Murphy.


Rd. 8 on Sun. 23rd July at Sneem: Sneem 0-12; Laune Rangers 1-15.

Laune Rangers built up a commanding score in the first half to lead by 1-11 to 0-4 at the interval. A goal by Billy O Sullivan and some magnificent points by corner-forward Pa O Sullivan saw the visitors totally dominant. Johnny Lynch and Thomas McGillycuddy gave Laune Rangers a good supply of the ball as they controlled the midfield exchanges. Liam Hassett was in sparkling form at centre half-forward, while Pa O Sullivan gave Killian Burns the run around. Brian Gannon, at full-forward, also put in a top-drawer performance, while in defence Billy O Shea and Mike Hassett excelled. The second half was not as easy as the first and Rangers only managed to score four points.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mike Hassett, John Sheehan, Noel Lynch, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, Billy O Shea (0-1), Thomas McGillycuddy (0-1), Johnny Lynch, Billy O Sullivan (1-0), Liam Hassett (0-3), James O Shea (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (0-7), Brian Gannon (0-2), Mike Frank Russell. Subs: Ross Sheehan for J. O Shea, Barry O Sullivan for J. Lynch.


Rd. 9 on Sat. 5th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-13; An Ghaeltacht 0-8.

Michael Ferriter reported for the Kingdom as follows: “Laune Rangers showed no ill-effects from their heartbreaking recent championship defeat, as they convincingly defeated An Ghaeltacht in a Co. League Division 1 game at Killorglin on Saturday. This was a zealous display by the home side, giving an exhibition of all-out attacking football. They were also much sharper to the breaking ball and their high fitness level saw them finish with a flourish. In fact, all their scores came from play.

This victory was built around the two central defenders, fullback John Sheehan and centre-back Shane O Sullivan, both of whom produced top-class performances. And in attack, both centre-forward Brian Gannon – scorer of 1-5 – and will of the wisp full-forward Billy O Shea who made a contribution of 0-4. This was vintage stuff from O Shea, reproducing much of the form that made him such an exciting player a few years ago. While Seán Mac an tSíthigh did his best to thwart the influence of the former Kerry star, he was unable to curb his lively and enthusiastic play because O Shea was very much the central figure from which his team-mates thrived. He was equally effective when he moved to the forty in the last quarter and there was one instance when he was seen coming out with the ball from his own fullback line.

The goal that swung the game decisively in their favour was executed in the 51st minute. This score was initiated by Billy O Shea when he rose like an aeroplane to field the kick-out. The ball found its way into the path of substitute Barry O Sullivan who spotted the supporting Brian Gannon on his left who gave goalkeeper Pól Ó Ruiséal absolutely no chance and sent his side into a six-point lead. A minute later, Gannon was again on hand to shoot over his fifth point before Robbie Mac Gearailt scored his side’s final point. Billy O Shea took a good pass from Brendan Fitzgerald to register his fourth point. In the 56th minute, Billy O Sullivan blasted against the crossbar but a minute later the vibrant and talented Brian Gannon kicked over the last score of the evening.

An Ghaeltacht’s main problem stemmed from their ailing and ineffective forward line who made little or no headway against a very committed Rangers’ defensive unit where Mark O Connor, Noel Lynch, Paul Costello and Karl Griffin were also in control. There was no outstanding personality at midfield and the fact that it was a fairly crowded area probably contributed to this. In the second half, the Laune Rangers’ partnership of Pierce Prendiville and Tom McGillycuddy were much more prominent.

There was a competitive edge to this match from the outset and, at the end of the first quarter, the home side led on the score-line 0-3 to 0-2. An Ghaeltacht’s second point came in the 3rd minute and their next score did not register until the 29th minute, courtesy of Tomás Ó Conchúir. The visitors exerted a lot of pressure prior to the break – there were six minutes of injury-time played – and were unlucky not to have added a couple of points to their halftime tally of 0-4 to 0-6.

From a scoring perspective, there was no difference between the teams in the third quarter. Two points from John E. Murphy doubled the scores inside the opening five minutes of the restart. Dara Ó Flatharta brought the deficit down by one point in the 6th minute. There was a let-off for An Ghaeltacht in the 8th minute when a pile-driver from Barry O Sullivan his the post. Substitute Mícheál Ó Sé pointed two frees, which were interrupted by another Gannon point but he added another point in the 50th minute, before that vital goal a minute later.”

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, John Sheehan, Noel Lynch, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, Karl Griffin, Thomas McGillycuddy, Pierce Prendiville, Brendan Fitzgerald (0-1), Brian Gannon (1-5), John E. Murphy (0-2), Jerry O Brien (0-1), Billy O Shea (0-4), Billy O Sullivan. Subs: Barry O Sullivan for J. O Brien, Ross Sheehan for JE Murphy.

Ref: Charlie Farrelly (Cordal).


Rd. 10 on Sat. 26th Aug. at Cloon: Laune Rangers 1-8; Kilcummin 3-9.

In the only game played in Div. 1 of the Co. Football League that weekend, Kilcummin ended Laune Rangers’ chances of reaching the final. The game should probably never have been played. Kilcummin turned up with only 14 players and Laune Rangers had barely a team. Overall the game should never have taken place and that was the cause of much debate among both teams afterwards.       However, Kilcummin deserved the win even though they started with only 14 men and had to rely on former county senior and then trainer of the club, Willie Maher, to play at full-forward. None of the county players were in action and, if any of them played with Laune Rangers, the outcome might have been different.

Michael O Connor struck for his first goal for Kilcummin in the tenth minute following good work by Ronan O Connor. D.J. Fleming added a point before Pa O Sullivan replied for Laune Rangers. He and his brother Barry, along with Brian Gannon, were the only Killorglin players on the day to play up the scratch. Midfielder Thomas McGillycuddy briefly brought Rangers back into the game Kilcummin controlled midfield for most of the game. Sean Doherty pointed in the 20th minute for Kilcummin to leave his side ahead by 1-4 to 0-4 at the break – Barry O Sullivan getting Rangers’ other score.

Five minutes after the restart, Kilcummin wrapped up the game when O Connor grabbed his second goal of the match. After that Killorglin rallied briefly but never had the fire-power to get back into contention. Donal O Dwyer added Kilcummin’s 3rd goal with 20 minutes left in the game. Brian Gannon who was Rangers’ best player on the day scored from the penalty spot late in the game to add some respect to the score-board.

The following were on that Laune Rangers’ team: Peter Lyons, John Sheehan, Pierce Prendiville, Thomas McGillycuddy, Barry O Sullivan, Shane O Sullivan, Billy O Shea, Brian Gannon, Pa O Sullivan, Johnny Lynch.


Rd. 11 on Sun. 3rd Feb. 2001 in Direen: Legion 1-5; Laune Rangers 0-8.

Considering that the Rangers had only just commenced training that was a creditable result. Some regulars were missing, very few scores came from play and the game became very scrappy towards the end. John Sheehan played well in defence, which was as a unit solid throughout. The evergreen Pierce Prendiville was in good form also. Johnny Lynch seemed to have lifted his side to victory, when he was ambushed by a number of Legion players who held him in a vice-like grip with four minutes left to play. Unbelievably, the referee, Aidan Mangan, gave the free to Legion and the equaliser in a situation where Lynch found it impossible to release himself from their shackles. Thomas McGillycuddy kicked a lot of wides but he showed the necessary application which could not be said about the half-forward line, which was their weakest link.

Rangers started brightly and they missed two goal chances when they were on top. Barry O Sullivan gave them the lead after 5 minutes before John Sheehan drove forward 10 minutes later to double their account. However, Brian McCullough caught some very good ball at midfield for Legion and, utilising the possession, they scored 1-2 without reply, the goal coming from a penalty by Sean Culloty. Rangers squandered two great goal chances when, firstly, Podge Foley and then Billy O Shea could have got them back into the match. Pa O Sullivan landed a free for the Killorglin side on the stroke of halftime to leave the score at 1-2 to 0-3 in favour of the home team.

Rangers showed improved form in the second half but they kicked a litany of wides, which cost them victory. Pa O Sullivan, with two early points, had the sides level 2 minutes after the restart. Sean Culloty pushed Legion two points clear, 1-4 to 0-5, with 20 minutes left on the clock. The game went downhill after that with Tom McGillycuddy kicking three wides, as players began to struggle with the conditions. Johnny Lynch drove his side forward and points from Pa O Sullivan and corner-back Mark O Connor had the side’s level with 6 minutes to go. Pa O Sullivan gave Rangers what appeared to be the winning lead with 2 minutes left.

Eoin Ferris was sent off for striking an opponent and was subsequently suspended for four weeks.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Mark O Connor (0-1), Paul Costello, Eoin Ferris, Noel Lynch, John Sheehan (0-1), Shane O Sullivan, Tom McGillycuddy, Pierce Prendiville, Johnny Lynch, Pa O Sullivan (0-5), Billy O Shea, Barry O Sullivan (0-1), Podge Foley, Ross Sheehan.

Ref: Aidan Mangan (Austin Stacks).


Laune Rangers finished in 3rd place in Div. 1 with 14 points


Molyneaux Cup

Trainer – Eddie Birmingham. Selectors – Michael O Shea and Sean Moriarty.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 31st July at Connolly Park: Austin Stacks ‘B’ 1-10; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-9.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 9th Aug. at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 6-12; John Mitchels ‘B’ 1-5.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 16th Aug. at Gallerus: Gaeltacht ‘B’ 0-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-11.


Semi-final on Fri. 25th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 3-10; Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’ 2-8.

That game was played in dreadful conditions. It was the Rangers’ best performance of the year and they showed great character considering that they were five points down at one stage in the first half and the general age of the team, which was quite young.

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Tony Lyons, Joe Hayes, Cian Evans, Brian Curran, Paul Russell, Noel Lynch, John F. O Brien, John Moriarty, Morgan Foley, Joe Healy, Jerry O Brien, Geoffrey O Mahony, Derry O Sullivan, Podge Foley, Trevor Gannon. Subs: Thomas McGillycuddy, Ross Sheehan, Gerard Purcell.


Final on Sat. 11th Nov. at Mitchels’ Pitch: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-4; Desmonds ‘B’ 1-7.

The never-say-die spirit of Laune Rangers was very much in evidence when they fought back from two points down to earn another shot at capturing the Molyneaux Cup. Desmonds’ Denis Casey was first on the score-sheet with a point after a minute but, following a quick break down-field, Laune Rangers’ Derry O Sullivan had the ball in the net for  a great goal. Castleisland’s backs were caught off guard again two minutes later when Jerry O Brien won the ball at midfield, quickly found Trevor Gannon unmarked and he gave the goalkeeper no chance. Suddenly, Rangers were up five points against the strong breeze as Desmonds were rattled with just 8 minutes gone. However, they rallied and Eric Nelligan crashed the ball past Tony Lyons for a great goal. That seemed to ignite them and Martin Downey converted a free and Bertie O Leary added two more points to leave the halftime score at 2-1 to 1-4.

Martin Downey put Desmonds ahead after two minutes of the restart but Rangers’ Pat Leahy equalised before Neilius Lyons put Desmonds ahead again in the 18th minute. Substitute Willie Dom O Connor helped himself to a lovely long-range point, as the play switched from end to end. Both teams had chances to put the game away but poor underfoot conditions meant that many passes were going astray. With time almost up, Mark Conway came all the way from fullback to get his name on the score-sheet and, on the stroke of fulltime, Geoffrey O Mahony was awarded a free 20m out and he safely sent the ball over the bar to earn his team a replay. Extra-time was not played due to the fading light.

Laune Rangers: Tony Lyons, Cian Evans, Mark Conway (0-1), Brian Curran, Joe Hayes, John F. O Brien, Paul Russell, John Moriarty, Morgan Foley, Geoffrey O Mahony (0-1, free), Jerry O Brien, Pat Leahy (0-1), Derry O Sullivan (1-1), Gerard Purcell, Trevor Gannon (1-0). Subs: John O Sullivan, Noel Lynch, Liam Foley, Thomas McGillycuddy.


Final replay on Sun. 8th April 2001 in Direen: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-16; Desmonds ‘B’ 1-6.

John Barry reported for the Kerryman as follows: “This 2000 Molyneaux Cup final at Dirreen, Killarney, on Sunday was as good as over before it began, for the very good reason that Desmonds were forced to line out without eight players, most of whom were playing for Castleisland rugby team in a relegation battle against Bruff. Even a full-strength Desmonds’ team would have found great difficulty in getting the better of a Laune Rangers’ side, which showed that there is plenty of good reserve material within the Killorglin club.

All over the field, Rangers had players who excelled in the heavy underfoot conditions and nobody made a bigger impression than attacking wing-back, Noel Lynch. He was class personified, a player about whom we will surely be hearing a lot more and, significantly enough, it was another Laune Rangers’ player who was in there challenging him for the honour of being the best player on the field. That was full-forward, Podge Foley, who also looked a class act. Lynch and Foley set the standard for other Laune Rangers’ players to follow, which they did magnificently and the outcome was fairly predictable from an early stage.

Indeed it could be said that this game ended as a contest in the 15th minute when Rangers rattled the Desmonds’ net and took a six-point lead (1-5 to 0-2). A good ball from midfield found Podge Foley, who plied Trevor Gannon with a defence-splitting pass, and Gannon capitalised on the situation to the full when firing a well-placed low shot past Desmonds’ goalkeeper, Gerard Reidy. Rangers certainly knew how to make good use of the ball and this was a prime example. Their team-work was exemplary right throughout the game and they were strong in every department.

The same could not be said of Desmonds, whose heads had to be down before the start of the game when they learned that they would be missing so many players. They did take an early point lead, through their seasoned campaigner, Martin Downey, but Laune Rangers were soon into their stride and, with wing-back Noel Lynch already making his presence felt, they equalised through Pat Leahy and followed with three unanswered points, two of which came from their excellent free-taker, Geoffrey O Mahony, and the third from Pat Leahy. Desmonds hit back with a point from a free by Martin Downey, but Noel Lynch himself got into the scoring act for Rangers in the 13th minute, when he took a quick free from Geoffrey O Mahony and pointed, with the assistance of the upright.

Then, right at the end of the first quarter, came the Laune Rangers’ goal by Trevor Gannon, mentioned at the outset. The surprise was that other Killorglin goals didn’t materialise before the hour was out but fair play to the Desmonds’ defence and their young goalkeeper for that. Martin Downey was to get two more points from frees for Desmonds in the first half, but Laune Rangers were doing most of the pressing and were rewarded with points by Geoffrey O Mahony, Joe Healy, Pat Leahy and Geoffrey O Mahony again (two frees) to lead by 1-10 to 0-4 at halftime.

It was clear for all to see that the Killorglin side had a far more potent attack and the gap was to be extended on the restart with points by Geoffrey O Mahony (free), Podge Foley and Joe Healy. It was impossible to see Desmonds getting back into the game with a chance, but they did manage to strike for a goal in the 43rd minute, with Maurice O Connell taking a quick free from Martin Downey and driving a low ball to the net through a crowded goal-mouth. That made it 1-13 to 1-4 and Martin Downey did follow with a point from a free, but Laune Rangers were to stay firmly in control in the last quarter and decorated their work with points by Podge Foley, Tom McGillycuddy and Joe Healy. In reply, Desmonds had a point in the 55th minute from substitute Tommy Horan, which might well have been a goal. The game was well beyond the reach of Desmonds at this stage.

Altogether, a victory that will please Laune Rangers, particularly because of the form shown by some very promising youngsters – not just Lynch and Foley. Clearly, they have some excellent talent coming through.”

After the game, Youth Officer of the Kerry Co. Board, Michael McCarthy, presented the Molyneaux Cup to the winning captain, John F. O Brien. The team had a lovely meal in Bunkers afterwards and the celebrations continued well into the night, including a sing-song and champagne in Nick’s.

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Tony Lyons, Brian Curran, Pa Murphy, Damien Harmon, Noel Lynch (0-1), John F. O Brien (capt.), Paul Russell, John Moriarty, Morgan Foley (0-1), Geoffrey O Mahony (0-6, 5 frees), Thomas McGillycuddy, Pat Leahy (0-3), Joe Healy (0-3), Podge Foley (0-2), Trevor Gannon (1-0). Subs: Gerry O Brien for P. Leahy, Terence Houlihan for P. Russell, Daragh Burns for T. Gannon, Joe Hayes for D. Harmon, Cian Evans for J. Healy.

Ref: Eddie Anthony Walsh (Asdee).


Co. Senior Football League Div. 5


Rd. 1 on Sun. 12th March at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-7; Tuosist 2-10.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 19th March at Derrynane: Derrynane 1-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-15.

John Edmond Murphy and Derry O Sullivan scored the Rangers’ goals.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 2nd April at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-18; Asdee 1-4.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 28th May at Ballydonoghue: Ballydonoghue 1-10; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 4-5.

Rd. 6 on Sat. 8th July at Killorglin: Renard 0-13; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-6.


Rd. 7 on Sat. 15th July at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-9; Cromane 2-6.

That local derby produced a thrilling game. Cromane scored first with a point from play by Sean O Sullivan after 2 minutes. Laune Rangers responded with a point from a free by Trevor Gannon after 5 minutes. Sean O Sullivan cut through the Rangers’ defence to score a great goal in the 12th minute. Laune Rangers replied with a Gerry O Brien point in the 15th minute. At that stage, it was Laune Rangers who were dominating with Morgan Foley playing well at midfield. Rangers had two points from frees from Trevor Gannon in the 20th and 22nd minutes to tie the scores. John Edmond Murphy gave them the lead with a pointed free in the 25th minute. Maurice O Shea, with a free, tied the scores again in the 27th minute. Laune Rangers took the lead just before the break with a point from play by Pat Leahy to leave the home side ahead at halftime by 0-6 to 1-2.

Cromane stepped up a gear in the second half and a point by Donncha Walsh tied the scores once more. Two pointed frees by Maurice O Shea gave them a 1-5 to 0-6 lead by the 12th minute. Then came Cromane’s second goal, scored by Sean O Sullivan. Rangers had two points from frees by Trevor Gannon. Sean O Sullivan and Joe Healy exchanged points in the closing minutes. Best for Rangers were Joe Hayes, John F. O Brien, Morgan Foley, Gerry O Brien and John Edmond Murphy.

Laune Rangers: Tony Lyons, John O Sullivan, Joe Hayes, Mark Conway, Paul Russell, John F. O Brien, Brian Curran, John Moriarty (0-1), Morgan Foley, Gerry O Brien (0-1), Podge Foley, Pat Leahy (0-1), John Edmond Murphy, Cian Foley, Trevor Gannon (0-5). Subs: Cian Evans for J. Hayes, Jason Griffin for C. Foley, Joe Healy (0-1) for P. Leahy.

Cromane: Patie Casey, Eoin Walsh, Noel Foley, John Paul McCarthy, Michael Teahan, Colm Joy, David Moloney, Tomás Hayes, Colin O Sullivan, Paudie McCarthy, Maurice O Shea (0-3, frees), Donncha Walsh (0-1), Jonathan Griffin, Sean O Sullivan (2-2), Ciarán O Callaghan.


Rd. 8 on Sun. 23rd July at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-14; Kilgarvan 1-5.

The team played poorly and struggled to overcome bottom-of-the-table Kilgarvan. There was a slight improvement in the second half with Ger Purcell making an impact after coming on as a half-time substitute and they put some distance between the sides. However, Kilgarvan rallied and brought the deficit back to two points with ten minutes left to play. A late surge by the home team helped them to secure victory. Rangers were best served by Brian Curran, Liam Foley, Kevin Jones and Tom Crowley, when he was introduced as a substitute.

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Tony Lyons, Redmond Fitzgerald, Michael O Reilly, Cian Evans, Paul Russell, Brian Curran, Jerry O Brien, Liam Foley, John Moriarty, John Edmond Murphy, Podge Foley, Joe Healy, Kevin Jones, Cian Foley, Fiachra O Donoghue. Subs: Ger Purcell, Joe Hayes, Tom Crowley (all played).


Rd. 9 on Sun. 6th Aug. at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-6; Duagh 0-12.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 3rd Sept at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-8; Fossa 2-12.


Rd. 10 on Sat. 26th Aug. at Strand Road: Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’ 0-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-11.

Mark Conway made a welcome return after injury at fullback and impressed. John F. O Brien was his usual steady self at centre halfback. Morgan Foley, Podge Foley and Ross Sheehan also played well.


Rd. 11 on Sat. 21st Oct. at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-11; Churchill 1-8.

One of the highlights of that game was a fine goal by Gerard Purcell. Noel Lynch gave a great performance in defence.


Laune Rangers ‘B’ finished in joint 5th place with 12 points with Fossa and Kerins O Rahillys ‘B’.


Barrett Cup

That competition was played on a knockout basis. Players who had played in the Senior and Molyneaux Cup Championships were ineligible to play. Trainer – Danny Cahill. Selectors – Peter Byrne, Dominic Crowley and Jamie Clifford.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 8th Aug. at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 1-6; St. Mary’s ‘B’ 0-9.


Replay on Wed. 16th Aug. at Cahersiveen: St. Mary’s ‘B’ 0-8; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 1-6.

Laune Rangers led by 0-5 to 0-3 at halftime and were good value for their lead. However, in the second half, St. Mary’s came back to challenge their superiority but the crucial goal came midway through the half when Darragh Burns finished the ball to the net following a goal-mouth scramble. The defence was brilliant throughout with Carl Falvey and Redmond Fitzgerald particularly impressive. Michael O Reilly and Liam Foley played well at midfield. Aidan O Connor, Eoin O Sullivan and Darragh Burns were best in the attack.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Ross Breen, Carl Falvey, John O Donnell, Robert Moriarty, Terence Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Redmond Fitzgerald, Michael O Reilly, Liam Foley, Aidan O Connor, Eoin O Sullivan, Darren O Riordan, Darragh Burns, Mikey Griffin, William Byrne.


Quarter-final on Mon. 27th Aug. at Waterville: Waterville ‘B’ lost to Laune Rangers ‘C’.

The highlight of that game was Eoin O Sullivan’s hat-trick of goals. Rangers had a narrow lead at halftime but conceded a goal early in the second half and the situation looked grim against a strong Waterville side, but again the very young side dug deep to record a magnificent victory. In defence, Robert Moriarty, Andrew O Reilly and Conor Falvey excelled. The understanding between Michael O Reilly and Liam Foley at midfield continued to blossom, while Darragh Burns, William Byrne and Eoin O Sullivan played well in attack.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Ross Breen, Robert Moriarty, John O Donnell, Brian Houlihan, Darren O Riordan, Andrew O Reilly, Conor Falvey, Michael O Reilly, Liam Foley, Mikey Griffin, Eoin O Sullivan, William Byrne, Darragh Burns, Michael Cahillane, Raymond O Sullivan. Sub: Danny Cahill.


Semi-final on Thurs. 31st Aug. at Beaufort: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 2-13; Beaufort ‘B’ 1-9.

A fantastic display of sharp-shooting in the opening half was the foundation of that victory with Mikey Griffin simply outstanding. The backs were also impressive, especially the halfback line with young Darren O Riordan picking up a lot of broken ball. Ross Breen saved a penalty as well to maintain Rangers’ advantage. They led by 0-11 to 0-5 at halftime.

Despite a brief fight-back in the second half by the locals, Rangers again dominated and Mike Cahillane’s goal effectively killed off the Beaufort challenge. The midfield led by example, with Liam Foley and Michael O Reilly in superb form, while they were ably assisted in that area by centre half-forward, Eoin O Sullivan. Conor Falvey finished off the victory with a well-taken goal. Every one of the 18 players used played a big part in that victory over a very strong Beaufort ‘B’ team, the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Champions.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Ross Breen, Karl Falvey, John O Donnell, Robert Moriarty, Darren O Riordan Andrew O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, Michael O Reilly, Liam Foley, Aidan O Connor, Eoin O Sullivan, Darragh Burns, Conor Falvey, Michael Cahillane, Mikey Griffin. Subs: Terence Houlihan, Alan O Sullivan, Redmond Fitzgerald (all played).


Final on Sun. 22nd Oct. at Caherslee, Tralee: Lispole ‘B’ 0-10; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-5.

Played in dreadful conditions, Lispole deservedly claimed the Barrett Cup in that final. The West-Kerry men adapted much better to the difficult conditions. However, midfielder Liam Foley pointed Laune Rangers into a second minute lead but Lispole went in front courtesy of points by Ollie Brosnan and a long-range free by Malcolm Curran in the 11th minute. Lispole added to their tally with a brace of points from the outstanding Ollie Brosnan, one from Damien Carroll and a free by Malcolm Curran. That afforded Lispole a five point lead by the 21st minute and, after Darragh Burns had secured Rangers’ second score one minute later, Declan O Sullivan almost goaled for Lispole. Michael Cahillane and Malcolm Curran (free) swapped points to leave Lispole four points to the good (0-7 to 0-3) at the interval.

Laune Rangers restarted with a lot of effort and urgency but a series of attacks were counteracted by Lispole’s dominant fullback, Gerald Griffin. At the other end, Lispole extended their lead with a point by Damien Carroll. For a period thereafter, Laune Rangers, with Brian Houlihan, Michael O Reilly and Liam Foley all extremely prominent, initiated a spirited revival and were rewarded with two successive points from Mikey Griffin, who was at that stage, relocated at full-forward and was making a notable impression. With 17 minutes elapsed, John Dorgan’s goal-bound shot was superbly saved by Ross Breen, who was throughout a most capable custodian for the Killorglin side. Rangers, with some admirable interplay, tried desperately to secure the goal, which their challenge so badly needed and, indeed on occasions, Lispole lived quite dangerously in the edge of their small square. The winners shot the final score of the hour seven minutes from time when Malcolm Curran pointed. Thereafter, they defended deeply and in numbers.

Laune Rangers found it difficult to cope in the driving rain, which spilled incessantly from the skies for the duration of the game. The introduction of substitute Alan O Sullivan boosted the challenge somewhat but, at rain-soaked Caherslee, free-flowing and combination football was always going to be very much at a premium.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Ross Breen, Karl Falvey, John O Donnell, Robert Moriarty, Brian Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Darren O Riordan, Michael O Reilly, Liam Foley, Aidan O Connor, Eoin O Sullivan, Darragh Burns, Conor Falvey, Michael Cahillane, Mikey Griffin. Subs: Alan O Sullivan for A. O Connor, Redmond Fitzgerald for M. Griffin, Gerard O Sullivan for M. Cahillane.

Ref: William O Shea (Keel).


Co. Urban Football League Div. 2 South


Rd. 1 on Fri. 5th May at Templenoe: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 4-5; Templenoe ‘B’ 0-7.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan (goal), Fergus O Riordan, John O Donnell, Bob Foley, Robert Moriarty, Andrew O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, John Moriarty, Michael Cahillane, William Byrne, Alan O Sullivan, Carl O Sullivan, Dominic Crowley, Eddie Birmingham, Fiachra O Donoghue.


Rd. 3 on Fri. 19th May at Killarney: Dr. Crokes ‘C’ lost to Laune Rangers ‘C’.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Fergus O Riordan, Eddie Birmingham, Bob Foley, Robert Moriarty, Michael O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, Michael Cahillane, John Moriarty, John Ahern, Alan O Sullivan, Eoin O Sullivan, Kevin Jones, William Byrne, Carl O Sullivan. Subs: Paul O Brien, Ger Purcell, Aidan O Connor, Ger O Sullivan, Enda Clifford.


Rd. 4 on Fri. 26th May at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 2-11; St. Michael’s/Foilmore ‘B’ 1-9.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Fergus O Riordan, Eddie Birmingham, Darren O Riordan, Robert Moriarty, Michael O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, Michael Cahillane, John Moriarty, John E. Murphy, John Ahern, Eoin O Sullivan, Donncha Curran, William Byrne, Ger Purcell. Subs: Cian Evans, Paul O Brien, Colm Conway.


Rd. 5 on Fri. 2nd June at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ lost to Glenbeigh/Glencar ‘B’.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: William Byrne, Fergus O Riordan, Eddie Birmingham, Bob Foley, Robert Moriarty, Andrew O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, Michael Cahillane, Michael O Reilly, Eoin O Sullivan, Alan O Sullivan, John Ahern, Donncha Curran, Raymond O Sullivan, Ger Purcell. Subs: Redmond Fitzgerald, Trevor Gannon, Carl O Sullivan, Paul O Brien, Timmy Moroney, Ger O Sullivan.


Rd. 6 on Fri. 9th June at Cromane: Cromane ‘B’ 1-7; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 2-8.

Cromane fielded a formidable team. Laune Rangers struggled to find their feet early on against a stiff breeze, but the display given in the last 20 minutes, when they were reduced to 14 men, was heartening. Rangers trailed by three points at halftime, with a first half goal by Trevor Gannon keeping them in it, and flattering them. The turning point came when John Moriarty received his marching orders after ten minutes of the restart for an innocuous push (He was reported by the referee for ‘striking with the hand’). Thereafter, Rangers played some great football with players like Aidan O Connor, Alan O Sullivan, Michael Cahillane, Fergus O Riordan and Brian Curran raising their game. The victory was secured with a great goal by Donncha Curran in injury time. Substitute, Fiachra O Donoghue, made a telling impact when he was introduced.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Bob Foley, Eddie Birmingham, Fergus O Riordan, Brian Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Robert Moriarty, Michael Cahillane, John Moriarty, Aidan O Connor, Alan O Sullivan, William Byrne, Donncha Curran, Raymond O Sullivan, Trevor Gannon. Subs: Brian Curran, Fiachra O Donoghue (both played).

As a result of the sending off, John Moriarty was suspended for four weeks.

Ref: Brendan Twiss (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 11th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-11; Derrynane ‘B’ 0-8.

A very poor performance against Derrynane resulted in Laune Rangers luckily overcoming the lads from South-Kerry. The fact that the game was played on Sunday might have something to do with the performance (Saturday night!!!). However, when they needed to pull up their socks in the second half, the call was answered and substitute Podge Foley made a telling contribution.

Rangers trailed by 0-7 to 0-4 at the interval with Derrynane scoring some impressive long range points in the opening half. Laune Rangers were also guilty of trying for goals when taking a point had been the wiser option. In the second half, with the breeze, the Rangers’ backs got meaner and played as a unit, while up front Donncha Curran and Raymond O Sullivan were to the fore. The PRO also made a welcome return to action.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Brian Curran, Bob Foley, Fergus O Riordan, Brian Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Robert Moriarty, Michael O Reilly, Michael Counihan, Aidan O Connor, Alan O Sullivan, Trevor Gannon, Donncha Curran, William Byrne, Raymond O Sullivan. Subs: Podge Foley, John O Donnell, Paul O Brien (all played), Colm Conway, Enda Clifford, Ger Purcell.


Rd. 7 on Fri. 16th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ 2-4; Waterville ‘B’ 0-10.

A goal in each half by Alan O Sullivan kept Laune Rangers in that game against a strong South-Kerry outfit. That result kept them in the hunt for a semi-final place. The move of the match came when Kevin Jones split the defence with a pass of vision to set up Alan O Sullivan for his second goal, which he finished with a great shot. John F. O Brien was inspirational at midfield. Redmond Fitzgerald and sub Darren O Riordan excelled in defence, while Morgan Foley made a great comeback also.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Redmond Fitzgerald, Eddie Birmingham, Fergus O Riordan, Robert Moriarty, Andrew O Reilly, Brian Houlihan, Morgan Foley, John F. O Brien, Aidan O Connor, Alan O Sullivan, Trevor Gannon, Eoin O Sullivan, William Byrne, Raymond O Sullivan’ Subs: Darren O Riordan, Michael O Reilly and Kevin Jones (all played).

As a result of an incident during that game, which was reported by the referee, Danny Cahill and Peter Byrne were warned as to their future conduct towards match officials.

Ref: Tim O Sullivan.


Rd. 8 on Fri. 23rd June at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘C’ Valentia ‘B’.

Rd. 9 on Fri. 30th June at Kenmare: Kenmare ‘B’ 3-11; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-5.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Bob Foley, Darren O Riordan, Robert Moriarty, Brian Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Redmond Fitzgerald, Morgan Foley, Michael O Reilly, Aidan O Connor, Alan O Sullivan, William Byrne, Raymond O Sullivan, Michael Cahillane, Donncha Curran. Subs: Colm Conway, Fiachra O Donoghue, Carl O Sullivan, Ger O Sullivan, Paul O Brien, Kevin Jones.


Rd. 10 on Fri. 7th July at Dromid: Dromid Pearses ‘B’ Laune Rangers ‘C’.

Laune Rangers ‘C’ did not travel and the club was subsequently fined £40.

Rd. 11 on Fri. 14th July: Laune Rangers ‘C’ w/o; Fossa ‘B’ scr.


Semi-final on Fri. 21st July at Glenflesk: Kenmare ‘B’ 0-12; Laune Rangers ‘C’ 0-7.

To say that Laune Rangers were unlucky would be the understatement of the year. A catalogue of missed chances in both halves ultimately cost them a final place. They kicked 15 wides in the opening half alone.

Laune Rangers ‘C’: Bertie O Riordan, Darren O Riordan, Michael O Reilly, Carl Falvey, Brian Houlihan, Andrew O Reilly, Robert Moriarty, Morgan Foley, John Moriarty, Aidan O Connor, Michael Cahillane, Redmond Fitzgerald, Raymond O Sullivan, Barry O Sullivan, Trevor Gannon. Subs: Carl O Sullivan, Ross Sheehan, Ger Purcell, Paul O Brien.


Kilmacud Crokes 7-a-side Football Tournament

Laune Rangers were among 48 contenders in that tournament, which was held on the eve of the All-Ireland Football Final. They were grouped with Clan na Gael (Louth), Glencar/Manorhamilton (Leitrim) and St. Olaf’s (Dublin).

Unfortunately, only eight Rangers’ players showed up for the competition and that put a huge strain on the players, as inter-change of players in 7-a-side is vital for success.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship


Semi-final on Sat. 18th Nov. at Keel: Keel 0-6; Laune Rangers 3-12.

That game, played in atrocious conditions proved to be something of a mismatch as the defending champions, Laune Rangers, had little difficulty in disposing of a younger and lighter Keel outfit. Powered by their three county players, Mike Frank Russell, Mike and Liam Hassett, Rangers were always in command. With the neutral venue of the Paddy Burke Memorial Park, Milltown, unplayable, the game was switched to Keel but the home advantage proved of little advantage to the Co. Novice Champions as Rangers, apart from the opening minutes, were always in command.

Rangers had the wind advantage in the opening half and, after missing numerous chances, a superb Mike Frank Russell goal put them on their way and they led by 1-7 to 0-3 at the break. Even with the wind advantage, the home side struggled to contain Rangers, in particular Mike Frank Russell and Liam Hassett. With Keel not adding to their first half tally until late in the half, Rangers were well out of reach thanks to two excellent goals from the clinical Liam Hassett and John Sheehan. Substitute, Thomas McGillycuddy finished their scoring.

Mike Hassett was rock-solid in defence where he was ably assisted by Noel Lynch and John Sheehan. Johnny Lynch was dominant around the centre, while Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell continued their county form with good performances. A huge plus for the winners was the performance of Billy O Shea at full-forward who was making a welcome return after injury.

Laune Rangers: Pa O Sullivan, Mark Conway, Mike Hassett, Mark O Connor, Paul Costello, John Sheehan (1-0) capt., Noel Lynch, Pierce Prendiville, Johnny Lynch, John E. Murphy (0-1), Liam Hassett (1-2), Billy O Sullivan, Brian Gannon (0-1), Billy O Shea (0-1), Mike Frank Russell (1-5). Subs: Thomas McGillycuddy (0-1), Ross Sheehan, Trevor Gannon, Darren O Riordan, Derry O Sullivan (all played).

Ref: Mike Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Final on Sun. 17th Dec. at Cromane: Laune Rangers 2-9; Beaufort 0-6.

That game also doubled as the Mid-Kerry League Final. Mike O Carroll reported for the Kerryman as follows: “Anybody who thought that Laune Rangers were about to relinquish the title of kingpins in Mid-Kerry as we enter the new millennium were left in no doubt in Cromane on Sunday last as the Killorglin side turned in a fantastic hour’s football to claim both the Pat Sheehan-sponsored Mid-Kerry Senior Football League and the championship titles in one go.

Yes, Beaufort did kick some terrible wides in the first half, which would have left them closer at the finish had they been taken, but over the hour there can be no denying that Rangers were full value for the victory, a victory they cherished all the more as it could well have been the last in the blue colours for their outstanding centre half-forward, Liam Hassett.

With youngster like Noel Lynch, Brendan Fitzgerald and Mark Conway coming into the side from the start, there was a little pre-match apprehension that Rangers could not match the sides of previous years. It was all pie in the sky as Rangers turned in a solid team performance with the aforementioned three certainly playing their part in the win.

Both sides made changes from their starting selections. For Rangers, Shane O Sullivan, Brendan Fitzgerald and James O Shea replaced Paul Costello, John E. Murphy and Billy O Sullivan, respectively, while in the Beaufort starting 15, Rowan O Sullivan replaced Mike Kissane in the halfback line.

With conditions as ideal as could be expected for this time of the year, it was Rangers who started better and, straight from the throw-in, Johnny Lynch won possession. He found Pa O Sullivan who fed Brian Gannon and when John B. O Brien upended Gannon, Mike Frank Russell obliged with the resulting free. A minute later, Russell added another point when a Brendan Fitzgerald pass, intended for the in-rushing Liam Hassett, was deflected into his path. With Lynch and Pierce Prendiville winning everything around the centre, Rangers applied all the early pressure and a low, left-legged effort from Liam Hassett just trickled wide after James O Shea had just failed to connect. If he had, it would have been a certain goal.

In the 8th minute, Gannon hit number three for Rangers and, a minute later, when Hassett delivered a long ball goal-wards, Mike Frank slipped his marker to make it 0-4 to 0-0. It was looking bleak for Beaufort at this early stage, but, for the next ten minutes, they dominated and Mike Hassett and Mark O Connor were called upon to clear their lines as danger lurked. Beaufort then proceeded to kick five wides in-a-row – three from the boot of Peadar Keane and two from the normally reliable Gary McGrath. They finally registered their first score when good play by Pa Doyle and Cormac O Shea saw Donie Hartnett convert in the 24th minute. Hartnett had a chance again immediately afterwards but, after a quick interchange with McGrath, he shot wide.

Minutes later, Beaufort were made to pay dearly for those misses as Rangers struck for their first goal. After Tom McGillycuddy had replaced the injured James O Shea, Liam Hassett gained possession around the centre. His surging run forward brought him to the 21-yard line, where he parted to Brian Gannon who found Brendan Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald made no mistake with a rasper past the advancing Moriarty. This set the large Rangers’ crowd in motion, but it was Beaufort who had the last say of the half when Gary McGrath pointed. That left it at 1-4 to 0-2 in favour of Rangers at the break and Beaufort had it all to do.

The second half started in frantic fashion and there could have been a goal at either end inside a minute. Finally, Donie Hartnett had his goal effort smothered by a combination of keeper Lyons and Mark Conway. From that, Rangers cleared and raced upfield. Brian Gannon was put through but, with the goal at his mercy, he hesitated and opted to punch the ball across the goal. The in-rushing Pa O Sullivan failed to connect and the ball went harmlessly wide. Ian O Shea had a Beaufort point before the red-headed combination of Liam Hassett and Tom McGillycuddy split the Beaufort defence, with the former putting over a splendid point to keep his side firmly in command.

Two minutes later, came the sucker-punch by Rangers. The Beaufort backs were in command and fullback Kevin O Brien had possession but, as he was about to dispatch the ball, Brian Gannon dispossessed him and ran goal-wards. He could have shoved the ball in the net himself but he unselfishly passed to Mike Frank Russell and the gifted All-Star easily tapped into the net. Game, set and match to Rangers and still 20 minutes on the clock.

Beaufort could do nothing to stem the flow and the biggest cheer from their followers for the remainder of the game came when corner-back John B. O Brien pointed after substitute Rory McGrath had dispossessed Noel Lynch with a bone-shaker of a shoulder. Donie Hartnett and Brendan Breen finished the scoring for the losers. The last ten minutes was exhibition stuff from the Killorglin side as they moved the ball at pace right through the field. Mike Frank added point number seven in the 50th minute, Pa O Sullivan added another, three minutes later, and the final score of the game fell to inspirational captain, John Sheehan, who raced upfield from the centre-back position to slot over three minutes from fulltime. Rangers also had the luxury of introducing their full compliment of substitutes with players like John Edmund Murphy, Paul Costello and Ross Sheehan getting the scent of success at this level for the first time.

So, as we head into the new millennium, it is Laune Rangers who have set the standards and, on Sunday’s performance, it is hard to see who is going to break their dominance, in the near future at least. As already stated, it was a real team effort by the winners. The fullback line was outstanding, with Mike Hassett totally eclipsing Gary McGrath in the fullback/full-forward battle. Indeed, Hassett must have been very close to man-of-the-match. In the corners, Mark O Connor and Mark Conway were always on top. The halfback line also came out on top, with centre-back and captain, John Sheehan, leading by example. Beaufort’s midfield pairing of Vincent O Donoghue and Cormac O Shea have had many a good day this season, but on Sunday they had to play second-fiddle to the Laune’s Johnny Lynch and Pierce Prendiville. Lynch was outstanding, particularly in the first half when Rangers built up the early lead. Prendiville again put in a solid hour and continues to amaze everyone with his appetite for the game after all these years. And, indeed, he showed his sportsmanship half-way through the second half when getting straight up after being downed by Gary McGrath. McGrath was yellow-carded for the incident.

The fact that all of the Rangers’ forward line scored, bar James O Shea, who had to retire early through injury, tells its own story. At times, it oozed class, with Liam Hassett, Brian Gannon and Brendan Fitzgerald doing the spade-work (while also scoring) and Pa O Sullivan and Mike Frank Russell in particular getting the scores. All this in a forward line missing Billy O Shea! The long ball to Russell by Hassett, in particular, worked well and his contribution of 1-3 from play helped Rangers enormously.

Afterwards, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, John Dowling, presented the League and Championship trophies to a delighted winning captain, John Sheehan, while, in a nice gesture, the Mid-Kerry Board made special presentations to Liam and Mike Hassett and Mike Frank Russell for their exploits with the Kerry team. The man-of-the-match, sponsored by Kieran O Callaghan of Sugrue’s Bar, Cromane, had many contenders and the winner was Laune Rangers’ midfielder, Johnny Lynch.”

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Mike Hassett, Mark Conway, Shane O Sullivan, John Sheehan (capt.) 0-1, Noel Lynch, Johnny Lynch, Pierce Prendiville, Brendan Fitzgerald (1-0), Liam Hassett (0-1), James O Shea, Brian Gannon (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (0-2), Mike Frank Russell (1-4). Subs: Thomas McGillycuddy for J. O Shea (inj.), Paul Costello for S. O Sullivan, Billy O Sullivan for B. Gannon, John E. Murphy for L. Hassett, Ross Sheehan for P. O Sullivan, Eoin Ferris, Jerry O Brien, Shane Clifford, Darren O Riordan.

Ref: William O Shea (Keel).

Laune Rangers – 2000 Mid-Kerry Senior Football Champions

Laune Rangers – 2000 Mid-Kerry Senior Football Champions
Front: Noel Lynch, Mark Conway, John Edward Murphy, Mark O Connor, John Sheehan (captain), Pa O Sullivan, Shane Clifford, Mike Frank Russell, Keith Bradshaw (Physio).
Back: Brian Gannon, Darren O Riordan, Ross Sheehan, Jerry O Brien, Brendan Fitzgerald, Billy O Sullivan, Paul Costello, James O Shea, Thomas McGillycuddy, Eoin Ferris, Mike Hassett, Liam Hassett, Johnny Lynch, Brian O Shea.


John Sheehan with Mid Kerry double

John Sheehan (captain) with the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship and League Trophies 2000.

Mid-Kerry Senior Football League


Rd. 1 on Sun. 27th Feb. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 0-8; Laune Rangers 1-9.

The game was played in very poor ground conditions. Milltown, having played with the aid of the wind in the first half, led at halftime by 0-5 to 0-3, Rangers’ scores coming from Liam Hassett and Pa O Sullivan (2). It was midway through the second half before the game lifted and the sides were level at 0-6 each. Then came a goal from Liam Hassett and, from then on, Rangers dominated. Best for Rangers were Pa Murphy and Brendan Fitzgerald in defence, Pierce Prendiville at midfield and Pa O Sullivan and Liam Hassett in attack.

Laune Rangers: Peter Lyons, Mark O Connor, Pa Murphy, Brendan Fitzgerald, Mike Hassett, Paul Costello, Shane O Sullivan, John Sheehan (0-1), Pierce Prendiville, Brian Gannon (0-1), James O Shea, Billy O Sullivan (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (0-4), Liam Hassett (1-1), Paul Griffin (0-1). Subs: Thomas McGillycuddy for J. O Shea, Barry O Sullivan for B. O Sullivan, Derry O Sullivan for B. Gannon.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 4th March at Beaufort: Beaufort 1-8; Laune Rangers 0-14.

In ideal football conditions on a firm sod, the local side battled gamely until the end but, in truth, never looked like upsetting the visitors. Rangers, who were short several key players, showed the results of longer training and competitive football, being far faster to the ball and sharper in stringing moves together.

Playing with a slight first half wind, they kicked 10 points with clinical accuracy to Beaufort’s 1-1. Midfield exchanges were even but Rangers were far more alert to snap up the many broken balls. Beaufort made many changes at the interval and that resulted in a far better performance. However, their forwards were very inaccurate and only Donal Hartnett seemed capable of picking off points. However, in spite of the huge tally of second half wides, they did reduce the difference to three points.

For Rangers, Billy O Sullivan, Pa O Sullivan, Pa Murphy, Paul Griffin and Denis Cleary were best. That win put Rangers into the final.

Ref: William O Shea (Keel).


Final on Sun. 17th Dec. at Cromane: Laune Rangers 2-9; Beaufort 0-6.

That game, also, doubled as the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship Final (See report above).


Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup

Laune Rangers entered its ‘B’ team against the first teams of the other clubs. It was a knockout competition.


Semi-final on Sat. 17th June at Keel: Keel 0-9; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-6.

Laune Rangers were not helped by the fact that they were missing five regulars due to examinations and injuries. It was never easy to win in Keel and they always played with great heart in their own patch. Best for the Rangers in defence were Eoin Ferris, who unfortunately had to leave the fray following an injury, and Paul Russell, who contributed a fine point. Up front, the best performances came from Pat Leahy, Gerry O Brien and Joe Healy.

Laune Rangers ‘B’: Tony Lyons, John O Sullivan, Denis Cleary, Joe Hayes, Brian Curran, Eoin Ferris, Paul Russell, John F. O Brien, Karl Griffin, Liam Foley, Pat Leahy, Gerry O Brien, Joe Healy, Jason Griffin, Trevor Gannon. Subs: Barry O Sullivan, Terence Houlihan, Kevin Jones.


Mid-Kerry ‘B’ Football Championship

Any player that had played in the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship in the previous year, that was on the club’s first 15 or had played inter-county at any grade, was not eligible to play in that competition unless he had been regraded. Laune Rangers received permission to regrade Terence Houlihan, Joe Healy and Pierce Prendiville.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 25th April at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ defeated Milltown/Castlemaine ‘B’.

Rd. 2 on Tues. 2nd May at Keel: Keel Laune Rangers.

Rd. 3 on Tues. 9th May at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-8; Beaufort ‘B’ 3-5.

Rd. 4 on Tues. 16th May at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ Cromane ‘B’.

Rd. 5 on Tues. 23rd May at Cloon: Laune Rangers ‘B’ Glenbeigh/Glencar ‘B’.

Final on Tues. 30th May at Cromane: Beaufort ‘B’ 0-9; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 1-3.

Co. U-21 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 24th Aug. at Connolly Park: Austin Stacks 2-9; Laune Rangers 0-10.

An ability to strike for scores at critical stages proved to be the main difference between the two sides in that first round championship encounter. One of the pre-tournament favourites, Stacks got off to a dream start and opened up a six-point lead on their opponents inside nine minutes. Dara Long was responsible for the first goal in the 9th minute, while Billy Sheehan, Mark O Regan and Michael Collins added the opening points. Rangers should have had goals in the 12th and 13th minutes when Barry O Sullivan and Trevor Gannon were clean through but, with only the goalkeeper to beat, they shot over the bar for points. Finbarr Smith eased the pressure on the Tralee men with a point in the 16th minute, but between then and the interval both sides were to add only a point apiece to their respective scores, when Dara Long and Barry O Sullivan exchanged pointed frees. Halftime saw the home side enjoy a five-point lead – 1-5 to 0-3.

Within 3 minutes of the restart, Stacks added a further 1-1 to extend their lead to a commanding nine points – the goal coming from full-forward John Peter O Neill and the point from Finbarr Smith. Inexplicably then Stacks seemed to go into hibernation after that. Rangers came back into contention with five points in-a-row from Barry O Sullivan (4) and Trevor Gannon to reduce the lead to four points – 2-6 to 0-8 – with 12 minutes left to play. The Rangers’ revival was halted by a point from Dara Long in the 50th minute. John Moriarty and Dara Long exchanged points to leave Stacks five points ahead as the game entered the last five minutes. Barry O Sullivan had his 7th point in the 59th minute but that was to prove to be his side’s last score. With the game well into injury time, Long had the final say with a point.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Noel Lynch, Paul Costello, Cian Evans, Terence Houlihan, Brendan Fitzgerald, Brian Curran, Morgan Foley, Thomas McGillycuddy, Geoffrey O Mahony, John Moriarty (0-1), Trevor Gannon (0-2), Ross Sheehan, John Edmond Murphy, Barry O Sullivan (0-7). Subs: Darragh Burns for G. O Mahony.

Ref: Danny Enright (Tarbert).


Mid-Kerry U-21 Football Championship

That competition was run on a knock-out basis.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 27th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers 3-8; Glenbeigh/Glencar 2-9.

Laune Rangers did well to beat a strong Glenbeigh team. The game was played in sweltering heat and it was a good sign of the team’s fitness that they were able to keep going for the full hour. Despite the early blow of losing John Edmond Murphy through injury, the team rallied well to lead at halftime. Glenbeigh played better in the second half and came close to causing an upset when Kenneth O Connor rattled the woodwork in the final stages. Best for the Rangers were Eoin Ferris at fullback, Morgan Foley, who caught some fine ball at midfield and Ross Sheehan who was in fine scoring form in attack.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Pa Crowley, Eoin Ferris, Robert Moriarty, Terence Houlihan, Cian Evans, Brian Curran, Morgan Foley, Paul Costello, Eoin Clifford, Trevor Gannon, John E. Murphy, Ross Sheehan, Cian Foley, Vinny Griffin. Sub: Harry Bawden.


Semi-final on Tues. 4th July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine defeated Laune Rangers by one point.


Milltown/Castlemaine went on to win the title.


Co. Minor Football Championship

Trainer – John Griffin. Selectors – Maurice Corkery and Jerry Houlihan.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 19th July at Cloon: Laune Rangers 2-11; St. Kieran’s 0-4.

That was a magnificent victory. Despite a lot of squandered chances in the first half, largely due to over-elaboration, Rangers led by 0-7 to 0-3 at halftime. The backs were sterling. Some combined play in the second half led to some excellent scores, with U-16 Colin O Connor finishing several fine moves. Two killer goals, one scored by Noel Lynch after an amazing run from his centre halfback berth and the other scored by Vinny Griffin, sealed the issue and Kieran’s never looked like causing a problem after that. Best for Rangers were Pa Crowley, Damien Harmon, Noel Lynch, Conor Falvey, Barry O Sullivan, Dermot Houlihan and Colin O Connor. Having said that, everyone played his part.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Aidan Lynch, Pa Crowley, Damien Harmon, Darren O Riordan, Noel Lynch, Mark Healy, Thomas McGillycuddy, Conor Falvey, Dermot Houlihan, Barry O Sullivan, Seamus Foley, Colin O Connor, Ross Sheehan, Vinny Griffin.


Quarter-final on Tues. 1st Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-5; East-Kerry 0-12.


Co. Minor Football League (Div. 1 South)


Rd. 1 on Fri. 17th March at Killarney: Kilcummin 1-12; Laune Rangers 0-16.

Rangers started well and, with Noel Lynch, Thomas McGillycuddy and Ross Sheehan leading the way, they were ahead by 0-11 to 0-6 at halftime. A goal for Kilcummin in the 2nd half closed the gap and Rangers were under pressure for the rest of the game. However, they held on to win.

Laune Rangers: Colin Mangan, Jonathan McCarthy, Pa Crowley, Darren O Riordan, Dermot Houlihan, Noel Lynch, Damien Harmon, Thomas McGillycuddy (0-2), Conor Falvey, Tim O Regan (0-1), Vinny Griffin, Colin O Connor (0-1), Francis Russell, Ross Sheehan (0-10), Paul McKenna (0-2). Subs: Michael Doyle and Mark Healy (both played).


Rd. 3 on Fri. 7th April in Strand Road: Kerins O Rahillys 0-8; Laune Rangers 3-6.

Rangers led at halftime by 2-4 to 0-4, having played with the aid of the wind. In the second half, Tim O Regan scored his second goal of the game and two further points by Barry O Sullivan and Vinny Griffin gave them victory.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Jonathan McCarthy, Pa Crowley, Aidan Lynch, Darren O Riordan, Noel Lynch, Damien Harmon, Barry O Sullivan (0-4), Conor Falvey, Tim O Regan (2-0), William Byrne, Seamus Foley (1-0), James Hayes, Ross Sheehan (0-1), Vinny Griffin (0-1). Subs: Paul McKenna and Michael Doyle (both played).


Rd. 4 on Fri. 14th April at Cloon: Laune Rangers 1-11; Dr. Crokes 2-5.

Rd. 5 on Fri. 21st April at Beaufort: Beaufort 0-8; Laune Rangers 1-13.

Laune Rangers, thanks to a goal by William Byrne, led by 1-5 to 0-1 after 20 minutes. That win ensured that the Rangers had qualified for the Co. Semi-final.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 26th April at Cloon: Laune Rangers defeated Waterville/Dromid.


Semi-final on Mon. 1st May at Castleisland: Laune Rangers 3-9; Emmett’s 0-4.

In a great team performance, Vinny Griffin opened the scoring in the 1st minute with a point. The next score in the game didn’t come until the 15th minute when William Byrne pointed. Rangers went on to lead by 1-6 to 0-1 at halftime following scores from Ross Sheehan (1-0), Dermot Houlihan (0-1), William Byrne (0-2) and Barry O Sullivan (0-1). In the second half, Rangers continued to control the game with great performances by the defence and scores from Vinny Griffin (1-1), Dermot Houlihan (1-1) and Colin O Connor (0-1).

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Pa Crowley, Conor Falvey, Darren O Riordan, Noel Lynch, Damien Harmon, Thomas McGillycuddy, Barry O Sullivan (0-1), Tim O Regan, William Byrne (0-3), Dermot Houlihan (1-2), Seamus Foley, Ross Sheehan (1-0), Vinny Griffin (1-2). Subs: Colin O Connor (0-1), James Hayes, Jonathan McCarthy (all played).


Final on Fr. 12th May at Dr. Crokes Pitch: Austin Stacks 0-11; Laune Rangers 1-6.

At the end of a titanic struggle, a late flourish by Austin Stacks, which yielded the winning scores in overtime, decided that Co. Minor League Final in favour of the Tralee side at the expense of a spirited Laune Rangers outfit. On the run of play, a draw might have been a fairer result. Rangers, for their part, were left rueing inaccuracy at a time in the second half when the initiative lay firmly with them.

Seamus Foley (Laune Rangers) and Michael Collins (Austin Stacks) exchanged early points but, with TJ Hogan prominent at midfield, Stacks shaded matters territorially for a period. However, they failed to translate that advantage into scores and 7 minutes into the game Vinny Griffin punished a defensive error by Stacks with a clinical strike for the only goal of the game. At that point, Rangers were much more alert for the breaking ball and their midfielders, Barry O Sullivan and Thomas McGillycuddy, were beginning to win a lot of possession. That meant that Rangers laid siege to the Stack’s goal but the defence was solid and the Tralee side was able to soak up the pressure before responding with points by TJ Hogan and Alan Sheehan to leave the bare minimum between the sides at the end of the opening quarter. For a period Stacks applied pressure but with Muiris and Pa Crowley defending resolutely and Noel Lynch initiating counter-attacks from the centre halfback berth, the Killorglin side maintained parity in all sectors. TJ Hogan, with a fine score, levelled it up for Stacks but the extremely resourceful and effective Vinny Griffin put Rangers back in front by the minimum margin at halftime. Facing into the second half, Killorglin were in quite a strong position, bearing in mind that that they were then going to have wind advantage.

However, Stacks restarted with a lot of urgency and TJ Hogan pointed a free in the 33rd minute to level matters. The pacy Andrew McAllen scored two splendid points to push them ahead. However, Rangers remained firmly focussed and, once again, it was Griffin who resurrected their challenge with a point followed by another from their impressive substitute, Colin O Connor, right at the end of the third quarter. Not for the first time, the pendulum had swung back in favour of Rangers but they squandered a few clear-cut chances at a crucial period in proceedings. However, their persistence was rewarded 8 minutes from time when midfielder Barry O Sullivan landed a superb long-range free. That was followed by an outstanding individual score from the other midfielder, Thomas McGillycuddy, a minute later. Two points in front with just six minutes left, Rangers looked poised for victory. However, TJ Hogan, with a magnificent effort from the sideline narrowed the gap to a single point and then, with the game in overtime, the same player, from a 13m free, squared the tie once more. It was still delicately balanced as the encounter drifted into the fourth minute of overtime and then Michael Collins kicked the lead point and Alan Sheehan sealed the victory with a similar score.

Laune Rangers, as ever, proved themselves to be wonderful ambassadors for underage football. They could quite easily have garnered the spoils but their chances of victory were dealt a severe blow with the departure through injury of their outstanding defender, Muiris Crowley.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Pa Crowley, Conor Falvey, Darren O Riordan Noel Lynch, Damien Harmon, Thomas McGillycuddy (0-1), Barry O Sullivan (0-1, free), Seamus Foley (0-1), William Byrne, Dermot Houlihan, James Hayes, Tim O Regan, Vinny Griffin (1-2). Subs: Colin O Connor (0-1) for J. Hayes, Ross Sheehan for S. Foley, Jonathan McCarthy for M. Crowley.

Ref: Connie Carroll (Legion).


Co. Minor (Non-Exam) Football League

That competition was for players over 15 years and under eighteen years. Exam students at Junior Certificate, Leaving Cert and 3rd Level were excluded. Teams were of 7-a-side, with panels of 10.


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship


Semi-final on Sat. 14th Oct. at Cloon: Laune Rangers defeated Cromane.


Final on Sat. 11th Nov. at Beaufort: Beaufort 1-6; Laune Rangers 0-10.

Laune Rangers snatched victory in the dying minutes of that final, defeating a Beaufort side that must have been kicking itself for letting the game slip. The home side, leading by 2 points at the break, had continued to keep their noses ahead in the game until the 18th minute of the second half, when Laune Rangers levelled. From there to the end, Beaufort dominated matters but, crucially, kicked four wides in a row. Those misses came back to haunt them when Barry O Sullivan guided a free between the posts for the Killorglin team, to give them victory. It was rough justice on Beaufort who had played their part in that entertaining game before a healthy crowd. The game had been transferred from Cromane on Saturday morning and the Beaufort pitch, although heavy, held up well throughout the game.

The first 10 minutes saw Laune Rangers dominate proceedings as Beaufort found it difficult to come into the game. Vinny Griffin opened the scoring in the 2nd minute for Rangers, when a Beaufort clearance went out over the sideline. It was returned quickly to Griffin and he shot over. The wet and windy conditions didn’t help play and any player trying to bounce the ball could be guaranteed to lose possession. Beaufort’s goalkeeper, Wayne Moriarty, certainly earned his spurs during the game, making a number of vital saves in a muddy goal-mouth. However, he had nothing to do with the first goal-chance that Rangers missed. A Beaufort defender left the ball slip through his hands and Vinny Griffin was inside the defence with only the goalkeeper to beat. He calmly stroked the ball past the keeper, only for the ball to come off the butt of the upright and back out. Griffin was perfectly placed as the ball came out and he volleyed it first time, but it went past the outside of the other post. A terrible miss, but Ross Sheehan added a free in the 8th minute for Rangers. Against the run of play, Beaufort attacked and stunned the crowd with a goal. Padraig O Sullivan gathered the ball out of the Beaufort defence and went on a run. Selling a dummy, he shot for a point with his weaker foot but the ball totally deceived Shane Clifford in the Rangers’ goal and dipped over his head into the net.

With 12 minutes gone, Ross Sheehan levelled matters with a free, but Dan and Danny Doona put Beaufort two points up. Dermot Houlihan and John Doona swapped points but, in between, Wayne Moriarty made a great save from Thomas McGillycuddy. Immediately afterwards, Moriarty was again called into action, firstly saving from Tim O Regan, and then stopping the follow-up shot before being fouled. Dermot Houlihan brought the deficit down to one point, 1-3 to 0-5, with 6 minutes left in the half, but John Doona restored Beaufort’s two-point lead on the stroke of halftime.

As they did just before the halftime whistle, Beaufort scored just on the other side of it, Dan Doona pointing within a minute of the restart. Laune Rangers came back into the game well, but both teams were tiring and finding it hard to kick scores. Barry O Sullivan swapped frees, making it 1-6 to 0-6 to Beaufort, but O Sullivan scored two frees in the 11th and 15th minutes to reduce the gap to one point. Beaufort were lucky not to have conceded a goal, as O Sullivan had been clean through on goal, with Beaufort keeper Moriarty pulling him down. With 12 minutes left, O Sullivan levelled matters with a point from play, but Beaufort dominated the last 10 minutes of the game, Pa and Robert Doyle lording it at midfield. However, they failed to show that on the score-board. Then, on the stroke of the final whistle, Barry O Sullivan shot over a close-range free, after Ross Sheehan had been fouled, to give Rangers a last gasp victory.

Laune Rangers: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Pa Crowley, Aidan Lynch, Darren O Riordan, Noel Lynch, Damien Harmon, Thomas McGillycuddy (capt.), Conor Falvey, Ross Sheehan (0-2, 2 frees), Barry O Sullivan (0-5, 4 frees), Dermot Houlihan (0-2), Seamus Foley, Tim O Regan, Vinny Griffin (0-1). Subs: Mark Healy, David Coffey, James Hayes, Jonathan McCarthy, Francis Russell, Colin O Connor, Paul McKenna.

Ref: Colm Joy (Cromane).

Co. U-16 Inter-Divisional Boards Championship


Final on Sat. 6th Jan. 2001 in Caherslee: West-Kerry 1-9; Mid-Kerry 0-7.

Best for Mid-Kerry were Aidan Lynch, John Blennerhassett, Colin O Connor, David Murphy, Donncha Walsh and Fergus Murphy.

Mid-Kerry: Shane Clifford (Laune Rangers), John Blennerhassett (Milltown/Castlemaine), Aidan Lynch (Laune Rangers), Paul McKenna (Keel), Dave Flaherty (do.), Colin McKenna (M/C), Martin Breen (Beaufort), Damien Breen (do.) 0-3, Colin O Connor (Laune Rangers) 0-1, David Murphy (Keel), Dan Doona (Beaufort), John Doona (do.), Fergus Murphy (M/C) 0-2, Donncha Walsh (Cromane) 0-1, Aaron Cahillane (Keel). Subs: Gary Sheehan (Glenbeigh/Glencar) for D. Doona, Bart Murphy (Keel) for M. Breen, David O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) for J. Doona), Aidan O Sullivan (Laune Rangers).


Co. U-16 Football Championship

Laune Rangers played in Div. 1 with Austin Stacks, Dingle, Ballyduff, Beaufort, Desmonds and Kilcummin. Trainers – Joe Hayes, Joe Griffin, Colm Conway and Liam Clifford.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 25th June at Kilcummin: Kilcummin lost to Laune Rangers

Rd. 2 on Mon. 3rd July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Austin Stacks.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 10th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Beaufort.

Rd. 4 on Mon. 17th July at Strand Road: Kerins O Rahillys 4-14; Laune Rangers 2-4.

Rd. 5 on Mon. 24th July at Ballyduff: Ballyduff Laune Rangers.

Rd. 6 on Mon. 31st July at Dingle: Dingle 1-14; Laune Rangers 1-4.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 29th March at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 0-10; Laune Rangers 1-11.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 12th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh/Glencar.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 17th April at Cloon: Laune Rangers 0-10; Cromane 1-9.

Rd. 4 on Mon. 17th April at Beaufort: Beaufort beat Laune Rangers.

Rd. 5 on Wed. 3rd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

Semi-final on Sun. 14th May at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers defeated Cromane.


Final on Wed. 17th May at Cromane: Beaufort 1-12; Laune Rangers 1-10 (AET).

Beaufort retained the Mid-Kerry Championship. Having been comprehensively beaten in the preliminary round, Laune Rangers were anxious to make amends and it was not through lack of effort or spirit that they marginally failed on the occasion. In the 5th minute, Colin O Connor opened the scoring for the boys in blue with a point. Dan Doona equalised in the 8th minute for Beaufort. Colin O Connor put Rangers in front with a free in the 20th minute and that lead was extended in the 22nd minute when Jonathan Carey toe-poked the ball to the net. That put Laune Rangers four points up, playing into a strong, cold wind. However, Beaufort rallied per Dan Doona with a 25th minute free, a long-range effort from 50 yards from play and a 30th minute free to leave the halftime score at 1-2 to 0-4 in favour of Laune Rangers.

Beaufort opened the scoring in the second half through a free by Dan Doona to tie the match. However, that was immediately replied to by Peter Slattery. Beaufort’s Martin Breen soloed the length of the field to tie up the scores again. In the 15th and 18th minutes, Colin O Connor and Dan Doona swapped points from frees to tie the match once more. In the 22nd minute, after a sweeping move, Dan Doona found the corner of the Laune Rangers’ net and, have fielded the kick-out, he pointed to put his side four points ahead. Instead of the Rangers dropping their heads, their ace marksman, Colin O Connor, pointed three frees in the 24th, 27th and 30th minutes to put them within one point of their rivals. In the 3rd minute of injury time, with the referee about to blow fulltime, up popped Colin O Connor to score a good point from play to tie the match at 1-8 each.

In the first period of extra-time and with weary legs taking their toll, Colin O Connor and JD Doona exchanged points to leave them equal once more at halftime. In the 2nd minute of the second half of extra-time, Aidan O Sullivan scored a good point for the Rangers. Alas, for them, however, that proved to be their last score and Beaufort went on to score winning points by JD Doona, Dan Doona and J. Fogarty. Best for the Rangers were M. O Mahony, Jody O Riordan, Jerry Coffey, Aidan Lynch, Paul O Connor, Peter Slattery, D. Clifford, Colin O Connor, who scored 0-8, and substitute, Aidan O Sullivan.


‘B’ Championship

Semi-final on Sun. 12th Nov. at Cromane: Keel 4-13; Laune Rangers 0-10.


Tralee District Board U-16 Football Championship


Co. U-15 Football Championship

Mentors – Colm Conway and Joe Hayes.


Semi-final: Laune Rangers defeated John Mitchels.

Final: Na Gaeil defeated Laune Rangers.


Co. U-14 Inter-Divisional Football Championship

Manager – Mike Hickey (Milltown/Castlemaine). Selectors – Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Michael O Shea (Cromane), Mike Moriarty (Keel), Eamonn Carey (Laune Rangers) and Patie Hartnett (Beaufort).


Rd. 1 on Sat. 3rd June: Mid-Kerry 5-22; Shannon Rangers 3-3.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 24th June at Glenflesk: Eoghan Rua scr; Mid-Kerry w/o.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 1st July at Milltown: Mid-Kerry w/o; Tralee district scr.

Rd. 4 on Sat. 15th July at Dingle: Mid-Kerry defeated West-Kerry.

Semi-final replay on Sat. 16th Sept. at Farranfore: Mid-Kerry defeated St. Brendan’s.


Final on Sat. 21st Oct. at Fitzgerald Stadium: Mid-Kerry 3-11; Castleisland District 3-8.

Mid-Kerry: Kevin Tangney, Edward Looney, Stephen O Sullivan, Peter O Reilly, Gearóid Clifford, Ciaran Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Edwin Kelliher (Beaufort), Patrick O Sullivan (capt.), Raymond O Connor (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Stuart Delaney, Jeremiah Hayes (Milltown/Castlemaine), Shane Murphy (do), Darren O Sullivan (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Alan Hickey (Milltown/Castlemaine), Eoin O Mahony.

Vincent Costello (sub-goalkeeper), Eamonn Carey and Dáire Clifford were the other Laune Rangers’ representatives on the panel.


Co. U-14 Football Championship

Sponsored by Champs Super Valu. Mentors – Pat Pigott, Eamonn Carey and Jerry Foley.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 27th March: Laune Rangers 1-6; Kerins O Rahillys 3-12.

Despite the score-line, Rangers had a lot of positive displays especially from the backs. Best were Rodi Healy, Thaddeus Soffer, Dáire Clifford, Stuart Delaney, Gearoid Clifford, Sean O Riordan and Eoin O Mahony.


Rd. 2 on Mon. 3rd April at Kilcummin: Kilcummin 2-11; Laune Rangers 0-3.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 10th April at Ballymac: Ballymac 9-8; Laune Rangers 2-3.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 16th April: Laune Rangers 3-8; Dingle 1-9.

That was as good a game of underage football as one could have wished to see, with both sides contributing to an fine open game of good, clean football. Rangers, who had received some heavy defeats in the earlier rounds, really upped their game for that one and showed some real heart and some fine football skills.

Laune Rangers: Vincent Costello, Thaddeus Soffer, Edward Looney, John Foley, Dáire Clifford, Eoin O Mahony, Rodi Healy, Stuart Delaney (capt.), Gearoid Clifford, John Sheehan, Eamonn Carey, Sean O Riordan, Michael Quirke, Daragh O Shea, Gary Cahillane. Subs: Liam Clifford, Simon Brosnan, Aidan Joy, Stephen O Donoghue, Brian Ahern, Brendan O Shea, Fergus O Riordan, David Fleming.


Rd. 5 on Mon. 1st May at Cloon: Laune Rangers 0-8; Austin Stacks 0-9.


Féile Peile na nOg

Laune Rangers were grouped with Dr. Crokes, Rathmore and Legion at Legion Pitch on Fri. 21st April.


Rd. 1: Dr. Crokes 1-5; Laune Rangers 0-4.

Rd. 2: Laune Rangers 5-7; Legion 0-0.

Final of that section: Dr. Crokes 2-3; Laune Rangers 0-5.


Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on 24th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers Milltown/Castlemaine.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 5th June at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh/Glencar.


Rd. 3 on Mon. 12th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers 2-11; Beaufort 0-10.

A better game of football one wouldn’t wish to see – credit to both teams and referee, Mike Healy (Cromane). Laune Rangers played against a strong wind in the first half and trailed by 0-5 to 0-4 at the interval, with points from Eamonn Carey (2), Gary Flynn (1) and Eoin O Mahony (1). Against the wind, the back played brilliantly, especially Thaddeus Soffer, Edward Looney, Rodi Healy, Dáire Clifford and Alan Tobin. In the second half, with the wind at their backs, the forwards kicked some great scores with good goals from Alan Tobin and Eamonn Carey. Vincent Costello made three great saves. Kieran Crowley had a great game, especially when moved to fullback in the second half. The very strong Gearoid Clifford and the hard-running Stuart Delaney also played well. Sean O Riordan kicked a few lovely points in that second period. Dara O Shea and Mike Quirke played their part in a fine victory.

Laune Rangers: Vincent Costello (capt.), Thaddeus Soffer, Edward Looney, Rodi Healy, Dáire Clifford, Kieran Crowley, Gearoid Clifford, Alan Tobin, Stuart Delaney, Eoin O Mahony, Dara O Shea, Sean O Riordan, Mike Quirke, Eamonn Carey, Gary Flynn. Sub: John Sheehan.


Rd. 4 on 21st May at Keel: Keel Laune Rangers.


Final in Cromane: Laune Rangers 2-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-6.


Co. U-12 Football Championship

Laune Rangers played in Group A with Austin Stacks, Dingle, Ardfert, and Kilcummin. Trainers – James Riordan, John Quirke and John O Dwyer.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th May in Cloon: Laune Rangers 3-12; Ardfert 3-15.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 14th May at Dingle: Dingle Laune Rangers.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 28th May at Killarney: Kilcummin Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 4th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers 4-8; Austin Stacks 3-14.


After the first round results, Laune Rangers were placed in a Group B with Ballyduff, John Mitchels, Gneeveguilla, Dr. Crokes and Kilcummin.


Sun. 25th June at Cloon: Laune Rangers Kilcummin.

Fri. 21st July at Deerpark: Dr. Crokes defeated Laune Rangers.


Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Championship


Semi-final in Mid-Sept: Laune Rangers defeated Milltown/Castlemaine.

Final at Cromane at the end of July: Beaufort 2-9; Laune Rangers 1-9.


‘B’ Semi-final on Wed. 13th Sept. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine lost to Laune Rangers.

Final: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh/Glencar.

Laune Rangers: Ciara O Connor, Jason McCarthy, Eamonn Looney, David O Sullivan (Cushow), Mikey O Sullivan (Reeks’ View), Pascal O Brien, Niamh Pigott, Colin O Dwyer, James Foley, Daniel Horgan, Shane McSweeney, James Flynn, Sarah Houlihan, Kevin Flynn, Chris O Riordan.


Tralee DB U-12 Championship

Tues. 3rd Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ lost to Austin Stacks ‘A’

                                                          Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Austin Stacks ‘B’

U-10 Football Parish League

U-8 Trainers – James Ferris, John Sheehan and Dermot O Shea.

U-10 Trainers – Iraneus Looney, Brian O Shea and Donal Pigott.


Finals on Sun. 22nd Oct. at Cloon:

‘A’ (Seamus Murphy Memorial Cup) – Colm O Shea defeated Seamus Joy.

That was a great final with some fine scores from both sides. Jeremy O Callaghan was sorely missed by Seamus Joy’s team – he had been injured and unable to play.

Colm O Shea, Ann Marie Healy, David Coffey, Paudie Murphy, Shane Flynn, Jason Brown, Fionán Crowley, Billy Joy.

Seamus Joy, Jeremy O Callaghan, Timmy Healy, Marty Lynch, Cian Clifford, Ryan Lucey, Darren Curtayne, Andrew Faulkner.

‘B’ – Peter Crowley just edged out Liam Clifford.

Peter Crowley, Shane O Connor, Tommy O Callaghan, Pa Joy, Barry Sheehan, Sarah Pigott, Eanna Curtayne, Mark O Riordan.

Liam Clifford, Cathal Clifford, Audie Dunlea, Tony Lynch, Mathew O Riordan, Morgan O Sullivan, Rory O Shea, Liam Foley.

Player-of-the-Parish League – Liam Clifford.

Most improved player – Tommy O Callaghan.


Mid-Kerry U-10 Football Blitz


Sat. 16th Sept. at Cromane: Section ‘A’ – Beaufort defeated Laune Rangers ‘A’.

Section ‘B’ – Cromane defeated Laune Rangers ‘B’.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football


Mid-Kerry Primary Schools Championship


Fri. 5th May at Killorglin: Glounaguillagh Kilgobnet

Fri. 12th May at Killorglin: Douglas Cromane

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ Milltown Monastery.

Fri. 26th May at Killorglin: Glounaguillagh Cullina

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ Scoil Mhuire ‘B’.

Finals on Sun. 11th June at Cromane: Milltown Monastery 2-6; Scoil Mhuire ‘A’ 1-6.

Scoil Mhuire ‘A’: Jamie Ashe, Sean Joy, Liam Clifford, Mikey O Sullivan, Jason McCarthy, Eamonn Looney, Darren O Shea, Sean O Riordan (capt.), John Sheehan, Sean Tomás O Connor, Luke O Shea, Daniel Clifford, Colin O Dwyer, Hugh O Connor, Daniel Naughton. Subs: Michael Swords, Dean Foley, Adrian O Sullivan, Muiris O Carroll, Tadhg Iarla Curran, Shane Whelan, Colm O Shea, Barry Sheehan, John Knightley, Cathal Clifford.

Cromane defeated Douglas by 3 points.


Mid-Kerry Primary Schools Mini-Sevens

Semi-finals: Scoil Mhuire defeated Castlemaine; Douglas defeated Faha.

Final: Douglas defeated Scoil Mhuire.


Co. Cumann na mBunscol

Scoil Mhuire: Sean O Riordan (capt.), Colm O Shea, Cathal Clifford, Barry Sheehan, Jason McCarthy, Colin O Dwyer, Mikey O Sullivan, Luke O Shea, Sean Joy, Shane Whelan, Adrian O Sullivan, Dean Foley, Daniel Naughton, Brian Prendiville, Michael Swords, Tadhg Iarla Curran, Muiris O Carroll, John Knightley, Darren O Shea, Jamie Ashe, Liam Clifford, Eamonn Looney, Daniel Clifford, Hugh O Connor, Sean T. O Connor, John Sheehan. Coaches: Declan Falvey and Paul O Donoghue.

Scoil Mhuire – 2000 Football Team

Scoil Mhuire – 2000 Football Team.
Front: Adrian O Sullivan, Colm O Shea, Cathal Clifford, Barry Sheehan, Jason McCarthy, Dean Foley, Sean O Riordan (capt.), Colin O Dwyer, Michael O Sullivan, Luke O Shea, Sean Joy, Shane Whelan.
Back: Declan Falvey (Co-Trainer), Daniel Naughton, Brian Prendiville, Michael Swords, Tadhg Iarla Curran, Muiris O Carroll, John Knightley, Darren O Shea, Jamie Ashe, Liam Clifford, Eamonn Looney, Daniel Clifford, Hugh O Connor, Sean T. O Connor, John Sheehan, Paul O Donoghue (Co-Trainer).

Co. Cumann na mBunscol Girls Div. 1 Football

Scoil Mhuire won the Div. 1 title for the 4th successive year.

Scoil Mhuire (panel): Emir Knightley (capt.), Martina O Connor, Hayley Hopgodd, Hazel Poff, Aine Coffey, Sarah Jane Joy, Louise Ahern, Orla McSweeney, Patrice McGillycuddy, Louise O Connor, Amy Foley, Niamh Pigott, Katie Buckley (goals), Megan O Sullivan, Lynn Cahillane, Oonagh Joy, Rochelle Lucey, Olivia Ahern, Orla Burns, Aileen Hannon. Coach – Tommy Woods.

Scoil Mhuire – 2000 Co. Schools Girls Football Div. 1 Champions

Scoil Mhuire – 2000 Co. Schools Girls Football Div. 1 Champions
Front: Martina O Connor, Hayley Hopgodd, Hazel Poff, Áine Coffey, Sarah Jane Joy, Emir Knightley (capt.), Louise Ahern, Orla McSweeney, Patrice McGillycuddy.
Back: Louise O Connor, Amy Foley, Niamh Pigott, Katie Buckley, Megan O Sullivan, Lynn Cahillane, Oonagh Joy, Rochelle Lucey, Olivia Ahern, Orla Burns, Aileen Hannon. Trainer – Tommy Woods.

1999/2000 Munster U-15B Colleges Football Championship

Final on Tues. 15th Feb. at Kilmichael: Intermediate School 2-13; Hamilton High School, Bandon 0-5.

Intermediate School: Gary O Keeffe, Kieran Kelliher, David O Donoghue, Michael O Reilly, Jody O Riordan, Jerry Coffey (capt.), Tomás O Hagan, Patrick O Sullivan, Dan Doona, Joe McGillycuddy, Maurice Foley, Darren O Sullivan, Michael O Sullivan, Damien Breen, Christian Scott. Sub: Danny O Connor.


1999/2000 Munster Colleges Senior Football Championship (Corn Uí Mhuirí)

Semi-final on Sun. 20th Feb. at Feenagh, Co. Limerick: St. Flannan’s 0-6; Intermediate School 0-5.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford (Laune Rangers), Fergal Griffin (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Robert Doyle (Beaufort), Cian Evans (Laune Rangers), Noel Lynch (do.), Shane Myers (Fossa) 0-1, Eoin Walsh (Cromane), Thomas McGillycuddy (Laune Rangers), Pa Doyle (Beaufort), Barry O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) 0-3, frees, Geoffrey O Mahony (do.), Paudie McCarthy, Donal Kelliher, Ross Sheehan (Laune Rangers), Harry Bawden (do.) capt. 0-1. Subs: Pa Crowley (Laune Rangers) for C. Evans, Donncha Walsh (Cromane) for G. O Mahony, Jimmy Foley, Martin Breen (Beaufort), Eoin Dermody (Listry), Seamus Foley (Laune Rangers), Colin Mangan (do.), Padraig O Sullivan (Beaufort), Dan O Connor, Padraig Malone.


1999/2000 Munster Colleges Frewen Cup (U-16.5)

Quarter-final: Intermediate School defeated Tralee CBS.

Semi-final: Intermediate School defeated St. Colman’s.

Final on Wed. 5th April at Glenflesk: Intermediate School 2-7; Coláiste Críost Rí 0-8.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford, Jerry Coffey, Aidan Lynch, Muiris Crowley, Colin McKenna, Fergal Griffin (1-0), Cathal O Donoghue, Donncha Walsh (0-1), Martin Breen, Seamus Foley, Dan Doona (0-1), Colin O Connor (0-3), Damien Breen (0-1), Tomás Foley (1-0), Padraig O Sullivan. Sub: Donal Kelliher for P. O Sullivan.


1999/2000 Kerry Colleges Senior Football Championship Cup

Final on Fri. 25th Feb. at Milltown: Milltown Monastery 1-7; Intermediate School 3-9.

Harry Bawden, the Intermediate School captain, had been injured and had been unable to start, though he was introduced near the end.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford, Fergal Griffin, Robert Doyle, Pa Crowley, Noel Lynch, Shane Myers, Eoin Walsh, Thomas McGillycuddy (1-1), Pa Doyle (1-1), Eoin Dermody, Geoffrey O Mahony (0-2, frees), Paudie McCarthy (0-1), Donncha Walsh (1-1), Cian Evans (0-2), Colin O Connor. Subs: Barry O Sullivan (0-1), Harry Bawden capt. (both played), Colin Mangan, Damien Breen.


2000 Russell Cup (U-15)

Final on Mon. 15th May at Lewis Road, Killarney: Intermediate School 2-12; Tralee CBS 2-5.

Intermediate School: Anthony O Brien, David O Donoghue, Patrick O Sullivan, Kieran Kelliher, Jody O Riordan, Jerry Coffey, Tomás O Hagan, Dan Doona (0-1), Joe McGillycuddy (0-3), Darren O Sullivan (0-1), Maurice Foley (0-1), Michael O Sullivan (0-1), Derry Ahern, Damien Breen (2-5), Christian Scott.


2000/2001 Munster Colleges’ Senior Football Championship (Corn Uí Mhuirí)

Rd. 1 on Wed. 18th Oct: Intermediate School 3-16; St. Augustine’s, Dungarvan 2-4.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Aidan Lynch, Cathal O Donoghue, Colin McKenna, Fergal Griffin, Martin Breen, Noel Lynch (0-1), Paudie McCarthy (0-1), Tom Foley (0-1), Seamus Foley (0-2), Ross Sheehan (1-4), Damien Breen (0-3), Donal Kelliher (1-2), Liam Sheehan (1-1). Subs: Francis Russell for L. Sheehan, E. O Sullivan for M. Breen, Padraig O Sullivan (0-1) for D. Kelliher.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 15th Nov. at Cromane: Intermediate School 0-13; St. Brendan’s, Killarney 1-8.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Aidan Lynch, Cathal O Donoghue, Martin Breen, Fergal Griffin, Colin McKenna, Noel Lynch (0-1), Paudie McCarthy, Ross Sheehan (0-4), Seamie Foley, Donncha Walsh (0-1), Damien Breen, Donal Kelliher (0-4), Liam Sheehan (0-3).


Quarter-final on Thurs. 21st Dec. at Knocknagree: Intermediate School 2-9; Coláiste Chríost Rí 0-9.

Intermediate School: Shane Clifford, Muiris Crowley, Aidan Lynch, Cathal O Donoghue, Martin Breen, Fergal Griffin, Colin McKenna, Donncha Walsh (1-1), Paudie McCarthy, Ross Sheehan (0-5), Seamie Foley, Dan Doona, Damien Breen, Donal Kelliher (0-1), Liam Sheehan (1-2). Subs: Tom Foley for D. Doona, Colin O Connor for L. Sheehan.


Munster U-14 Football Championship

The Kerry South trainer was John Cahillane (Keel). Selectors – Seamus Weldon (Fossa) and John Corridan (South-Kerry).

Sat. 10th June at Newcastlewest: Kerry South 3-15; Clare 0-6.

Kerry South: Kevin Tangney (Milltown/Castlemaine), Stephen O Sullivan (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Luke Quinn (Dr. Crokes), James O Reilly (Beaufort), Edwin Kelliher (do.), Patrick O Sullivan (do.) 0-2, Brendan Sheehan (Gneeveguilla), Stuart Delaney (Laune Rangers) 1-1, John Devans (Kilcummin), Sean O Leary (Kenmare) 0-1, Johnny O Sullivan (Dr. Crokes) 1-1, Danny O Connor (Gneeveguilla) 0-2, Shane Murphy (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-1, Jeremiah Hayes (do.) 0-3, Michael Pat O Donoghue (St. Mary’s) 0-2. Subs: Kieran Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine) for S. O Leary, Raymond O Connor (Glenbeigh/Glencar) for S. Delaney, Dara O Shea (Laune Rangers) 0-1 for J. O Sullivan, Paul O Connor (Valentia) 1-0 for S. Murphy, Rory Keating (St. Mary’s) 0-1for D. O Connor, Sean O Brien (St. Mary’s) for M. O Donoghue.


Sat. 10th June at Newcastlewest: Kerry North 0-14; Kerry South 2-4.

Kerry South: Kevin Tangney, Stephen O Sullivan, Luke Quinn, James O Reilly, Edwin Kelliher, Patrick O Sullivan, Brendan Sheehan, Stuart Delaney, John Devane, Sean O Leary, Johnny O Sullivan, Danny O Connor, Shane Murphy, Jeremiah Hayes, Michael Pat o Donoghue. Subs: Dara O Shea, Paul O Connor, Rory Keating, Sean O Brien, Raymond O Connor, Ciaran Kelliher, Michael Evans (Keel), Raymond White (Sneem).


Munster U-16 Football Championship

As usual, Kerry entered two teams in that competition, which was played over two week-ends.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 22nd July: Kerry South 5-9; Tipperary 0-9.

The Kerry South trainer was Tim Coffey (Beaufort). Selectors – Peadar O Shea (Ballinskelligs), John Lenihan (Kilcummin) and Denis Doolin (Spa).


Semi-final on Sat. 22nd July: Kerry South 1-13; Cork County 2-7.

Kerry South: Shane Clifford (Laune Rangers), Danny O Riordan (Kilcummin), Aidan O Connor (Dromid), Aidan Lynch (Laune Rangers), Martin Breen (Beaufort), David Flaherty (Keel), Colin McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine), Donncha Walsh (Cromane) 0-1, Padraig Sheehan (Dromid), Colin O Connor (Laune Rangers) 0-3, Mikey Joe Driscoll (St. Michael’s/Foilmore) 0-2, Tadhg O Keeffe (Firies) 0-1, Brian O Sullivan (Renard), Damien McCarthy (Glenflesk) 0-5, Damien Casey (Rathmore) 0-1. Subs: Michael O Riordan (Rathmore) 1-0, Henry Ahern (Firies), Colm Martin (Skellig Rangers), Shane Dineen (Firies), David Murphy (Keel), James Devane (Spa).


Munster Minor Football Championship

Trainer – Charlie Nelligan (Desmonds). Selectors – Junior Murphy (St. Mary’s), Mikey Sheehy (Austin Stacks), John Kennedy (Asdee), Derry Crowley (Glenflesk).


Semi-final on Thurs. 6th July at Dungarvan: Waterford 2-8; Kerry 0-15.

Kerry: Shane O Neill, Paudie Murphy (Emmett’s), Paul O Mahony, Noel Lynch, T.J. Hogan, Colm O Connor, Eanna Kavanagh, Seamus Scanlon, Seamus O Sullivan, Donald O Sullivan (0-4), Conal Ó Cruaidhlíoch (0-1), Mark O Connor (0-1), Declan Quill (0-6), Barry O Sullivan (0-1), D.J. Fleming (0-2). Subs: Brendan Teahan for P. Murphy, Eugene McGrath for B. O Sullivan, Mark Terry (Fossa), Brian Dennehy, Brendan Kelly (Emmett’s), Thomas McGillycuddy (Laune Rangers), Colm Cooper, Gavin Wrenn (Milltown/Castlemaine), Michael Collins.


Final on Sun. 16th July at Limerick: Cork 1-13; Kerry 0-14.

Kerry: Shane O Neill (Emmett’s), Noel Lynch (Laune Rangers), Paul O Mahony (St. Mary’s), Colm O Connor (Dromid), T.J. Hogan (Austin Stack’s) 0-1, Brendan Teahan (Sneem), Eanna Kavanagh (Dr. Crokes), Seamus Scanlon (Currow), Seamus O Sullivan (Waterville), Donald O Sullivan (Fossa), Conall Ó Cruadhlaíoch (An Ghaeltacht), Mark O Connor (Churchill) 0-2, Colm Cooper (Dr. Crokes), Declan Quill (Kerins O Rahillys) 0-7, 5 frees, D.J. Fleming (Kilcummon) 0-3, 1 free. Subs: Eugene McGrath (Kerins O Rahillys) 0-1 for S. O Sullivan, Brian Dennehy (Austin Stacks) for E. Kavanagh, Michael Collins (Austin Stacks) for D. O Sullivan, Declan O Sullivan (Dromid) for C. Ó Cruadhlaíoch.


Munster U-21 Football Championship

Trainer/Selector – John Evans. Selectors – Ambrose O Donovan, Tom O Connor (Kenmare), Patrick Brosnan (Brosna), Mossie Spillane (Castlegregory).


Rd. 1 on Sat. 18th March at Limerick: Kerry 3-8; Tipperary 1-7.

Kerry: Donncha Enright (Tarbert), Stephen O Sullivan (Skellig Rangers), James Cahillane (Dr. Crokes), Brendan Fitzgerald (Laune Rangers), Sean Hegarty (Legion), Eugene Courtney (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Paul Galvin (Finuge), John Sugrue (Renard) 0-1, Paul Kennedy (Fossa), Enda Galvin (Finuge) 0-2, Eoin Brosnan (Dr. Crokes) 0-1, Liam Boyle (Ballyduff), Billy Sheehan (Austin Stacks) 3-0, Noel Kennelly (Emmett’s) 0-3, 2 frees, Kieran Foley (Keel) 0-1. Subs: Ronan O Connor (Kilcummin) for P. Galvin (inj.), Brian Hickey (Skellig Rangers) for L. Boyle, Mícheál O Shea (Castlegregory) for J. Sugrue, Sean O Sullivan (Cromane), Kieran Cremin (Dr. Crokes), Ronan O Connor (St. Michael’s/Foilmore), Bernard O Connor (St. Mary’s), Aidan O Mahony (Rathmore), Marc Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht).


Semi-final on Wed. 22nd March at Dungarvan: Waterford 2-9; Kerry 1-12.

Kerry: Donncha Enright, Stephen O Sullivan, James Cahillane, Brendan Fitzgerald, Sean Hegarty, Enda Galvin, Ronan O Connor, John Sugrue, Mícheál O Shea, Sean O Sullivan, Eoin Brosnan, Brian Hickey, Noel Kennelly, Ronan O Connor, Kieran Foley. Subs: Liam Boyle for B. Hickey, Eugene Courtney, Kieran Cremin, Marc Ó Sé, Aidan O Mahony, Bernard O Connor, Michael Quirke.


Semi-final replay on Wed. 5th April at Fitzgerald Stadium: Kerry Waterford.

Kerry: Donncha Enright, Stephen O Sullivan, James Cahillane, Ronan O Connor (Kilcummin), Sean Hegarty, Eugene Courtney, Marc Ó Sé, John Sugrue, Mícheál O Shea, Enda Galvin, Eoin Brosnan, Sean O Sullivan, Noel Kennelly, Ronan O Connor (St. Michael’s/Foilmore), Billy Sheehan. Subs: Kieran Cremin, Ronan O Connor (Ballyduff), Mícheál Quirke, Bernard O Connor, Aidan O Mahony, Kieran Foley, Liam Boyle, Bryan Hickey.


NFL (1999/2000)


Rd. 4 on Sun. 13th Feb. at Killarney: Kerry 3-16; Armagh 2-8.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike McCarthy, Barry O Shea, Tom O Sullivan, Seamus Moynihan, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Mike Hassett, Dara Ó Sé (0-1), Donal Daly, Enda Galvin (0-2), Noel Kennelly (0-1, free), Denis O Dwyer, Mike Frank Russell (1-2), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-7), John Crowley (1-1). Subs: Stephen O Sullivan for T. O Sullivan, Aodan Mac Gearailt (1-2) for E. Galvin, Kenneth Dillon for D. Daly, Tommy Griffin for D. O Dwyer, Peter O Leary, Pa O Sullivan. Liam Hassett had been selected  at full-forward but was unable to play due to injury.


Sun. 5th March at Killarney: Kerry 1-8; Roscommon 0-9.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike McCarthy, Barry O Shea, Enda Galvin, Seamus Moynihan (1-0), Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Mike Hassett, Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly, Aodán Mac Gearailt (0-2), Noel Kennelly, Denis O Dwyer (0-1), Mike Frank Russell (0-4, 2 frees and one 45), Liam Hassett, John Crowley. Subs: Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-1, free) for D. O Dwyer, Liam Murphy for J. Crowley, Tom O Sullivan for B. O Shea, Tomás Ó Sé for N. Kennelly, Peter O Leary, Stephen O Sullivan, Kenneth Dillon, Tommy Griffin, Paul Galvin.


Rd. 6 on Sun. 26th March at Ballyshannon: Donegal 0-14; Kerry 2-16.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike McCarthy, Tom O Sullivan, Enda Galvin (0-3), Seamus Moynihan (0-1), Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Mike Hassett (0-1), Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly (0-1), Noel Kennelly (1-1), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-2, 1 free), Aodán Mac Gearailt (0-3), Mike Frank Russell (1-1), Liam Hassett (0-1), Liam Murphy. Subs: Tomás Ó Sé for T. O Sullivan, Stephen O Sullivan for L. Murphy, Liam Brosnan (0-2) for MF Russell, Tommy Griffin for D. Ó Sé, Peter O Leary, Kenneth Dillon, Mike Burke, Killian Burns, Johnny McGlynn..


Rd. 7 on Sun. 9th April at Tralee: Kerry 1-8; Galway 2-9.

Kerry had already qualified for the semi-final of the league.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, Stephen O Sullivan, Mike McCarthy, Killian Burns, Tom O Sullivan, Tomás Ó Sé, Mike Hassett, Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly (0-1), Enda Galvin (0-1), Denis O Dwyer, Aodán Mac Gearailt (0-2), Noel Kennelly (0-1, free), Liam Hassett (0-1), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-2, 1 free). Subs: Liam Brosnan (1-0) for D. O Dwyer, Liam Murphy for E. Galvin, Tommy Griffin for T. O Sullivan, Kenneth Dillon for D. Daly, Declan O Keeffe, Mike Burke.


Semi-final on Sun. 23rd April at Thurles: Meath 4-11; Kerry 1-18.

“Liam Hassett was on fire on the forty. Looking lean and hungry, the Laune Rangers man cut through the defence on several occasions, linking up brilliantly with his colleagues. He was also the instigator of Kerry’s only goal in the 40th minute. He came from nowhere to field cleanly from Declan O Keeffe’s kickout, ran at the defence, passed to Aodan Mac Gearailt who found his club-mate Dara Ó Cinnéide and he squeezed the ball past a couple of defenders for a fine goal. Mike Frank Russell kicked some fantastic points from play.”

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Tom O Sullivan, Mike McCarthy, Mike Hassett, Tomás Ó Sé (0-2), Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Enda Galvin, Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly (0-1), Denis O Dwyer (0-1), Liam Hassett (0-3), Noel Kennelly (0-2), Mike Frank Russell (0-2), Dara Ó Cinnéide (1-4), Aodán Mac Gearailt. Subs: John Crowley for D. O Dwyer, Liam Brosnan for MF Russell, Stephen O Sullivan, Killian Burns, Tommy Griffin, Seamus Moynihan, Kenneth Dillon, Peter O Leary, Liam Murphy.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

Trainer – Páidí Ó Sé. Selectors – Jack O Connor, John O Keeffe, Eddie O Sullivan, Eamonn Walsh.


Semi-final on Sun. 18th June at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Kerry 2-15; Cork 1-13.

‘Liam Hassett, on the forty, franked his fine showing in the League semi-final against Meath. The Laune Rangers’ man frequently ran free of his marker and, at times, was to be found foraging to telling effect around the centre of the field. Mike Frank Russell turned up trumps in the right corner of the attack. The Laune Rangers’ stalwart moved with menace throughout and took his scores with the coolness and aplomb of a veteran.’

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Killian Burns, Seamus Moynihan (capt.), Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Tom O Sullivan, Darragh Ó Sé (0-1), Donal Daly, Aodan Mac Gearailt (0-1), Liam Hassett (0-2), Noel Kennelly (0-2, frees), Mike Frank Russell (0-3), Dara Ó Cinnéide (2-5, 2 pens and 4 frees), John Crowley (0-1). Subs: Mike Hassett for K. Burns, Maurice Fitzgerald for D. Daly, Denis O Dwyer for L. Hassett, Enda Galvin for J. Crowley, Peter O Leary, Tommy Griffin, John McGlynn, Kenneth Dillon, Stephen O Sullivan..


Final on Sun. 16th July at Limerick: Kerry 3-15; Clare 0-8.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Killian Burns, Seamus Moynihan (capt.), Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Tom O Sullivan, Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly, Aodán Mac Gearailt (1-3), Liam Hassett (1-1), Noel Kennelly (0-2, 1 free), Mike Frank Russell (0-2, frees), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-4, 2 frees), John Crowley (1-3). Subs: Mike Hassett for S. Moynihan, Maurice Fitzgerald for D. Ó Cinnéide, Denis O Dwyer for L. Hassett, Enda Galvin for N. Kennelly, Tommy Griffin for T. Ó Sé, Peter O Leary, Stephen O Sullivan, Kenneth Dillon, Mossie Lyons.


Semi-final on Sun. 20th Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-11; Armagh 2-11.

Man-of-the-match – Mike Frank Russell.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Killian Burns, Seamus Moynihan, Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Tom O Sullivan, Dara Ó Sé (0-1), Donal Daly (0-1), Aodán Mac Gearailt (0-1), Liam Hassett, Noel Kennelly (0-1), Mike Frank Russell (0-3), Dara Ó Cinnéide (1-2, 1 free), John Crowley (0-1). Subs: Maurice Fitzgerald (1-1, 1 free) for L. Hassett, Mike Hassett for K. Burns, Denis O Dwyer for A. Mac Gearailt, Enda Galvin for N. Kennelly.


Semi-final replay on Sat. 2nd Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-15; Armagh 1-15 (AET).

“Invariably, something happened whenever the ball ended up in the hands of Mike Frank Russell. The Laune Rangers’ forward has always been a very promising player but, in the two games against Armagh, he proved that he is now one of the top corner-forwards in the country. Man-of-the-match in the drawn game, he was even more impressive on Saturday, scoring two goals and three points from play and tormenting the Armagh rearguard with his incisive running and superb finishing. He was definitely the difference between the two sides. Kerry were trailing by two points (1-9 to 0-10) when he struck for his first goal and what a magnificently crafted score it was! Substitute Maurice Fitzgerald picked out the diagonal run of Russell with a peach of a left-footed pass and the Laune Rangers’ man, who still had a lot of work to do, was coolness personified as he turned and fired a right-footed drive past two defenders and the Armagh goalkeeper. It was the score that ignited Kerry. Then, after Armagh brought the match to extra-time, Russell struck again for what was the killer goal just four minutes into the first period of added time after Liam Hassett had intercepted and Armagh clearance and sent Dara Ó Cinnéide through. Ó Cinnéide then found Russell and the only outcome was going to be a green flag for the Kingdom. Mike Hassett fully justified his selection (at corner-back). His performance on Saturday will have silenced several of them (his critics). Whether he was defending or attacking, the Laune Rangers’ player was coolness personified and he certainly helped to tighten up what was considered to be a problem area of the Kerry team. Liam Hassett was outstanding when he was introduced towards the end of the first half. He completely disrupted the Armagh defence and his physical presence was an integral reason for Kerry’s fight-back. He was clearly fired up when he was introduced and there is no way he will be left off the team for the final. Mike Hassett, who had a solid game in the corner-back position, had surely cemented his position there for the final, also.”

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike Hassett, Seamus Moynihan (capt.), Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice (0-1), Tom O Sullivan, Dara Ó Sé (0-1), Donal Daly (0-1), Aodan Mac Gearailt (0-1), Denis O Dwyer, Noel Kennelly (0-1, free), Mike Frank Russell (2-3), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-3, 1 free), John Crowley (0-1). Subs: Liam Hassett (0-1) for A. Mac Gearailt, Maurice Fitzgerald (0-2, 1 free) for D. O Dwyer, Tommy Griffin for T. O Sullivan, Aodán Mac Gearailt for D. Ó Cinnéide, Enda Galvin for J. Crowley.


Final on Sun. 24th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 0-14; Galway 0-14.

“Once again, Mike Frank Russell showed what a gifted player he is. He took his scores with sheer aplomb and threatened danger every time he was on the ball. Liam Hassett’s work-rate was tremendous and he used his power and physique to combat Galway’s physical presence around the centre of the field. Mike Hassett was happy overall with his display but commented that it meant very little when Kerry didn’t win. ‘I’m happy to a certain point and that goes for a lot of the players,’ said the teak-tough defender. ‘We will need the next few days to review things, and get ready for battle number two.’

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike Hassett, Seamus Moynihan (capt.), Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Tom O Sullivan, Dara Ó Sé (0-1), Donal Daly, Aodán Mac Gearailt, Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-4, 3 frees), Noel Kennelly (0-2), Mike Frank Russell (0-3), Liam Hassett (0-2), John Crowley. Subs: Maurice Fitzgerald for J. Crowley, Denis O Dwyer for N. Kennelly, Peter O Leary, Killian Burns, Tommy Griffin, Enda Galvin, Mossy Lyons, Kenneth Dillon, Stephen O Sullivan.


Final replay on Sat. 7th Oct. at Croke Park: Kerry 0-17; Galway 1-10.

Mike Hassett was superb in the corner-back position, He completely over-shadowed Niall Finnegan. While there wasn’t much ball coming into the corner, he never allowed Finnegan to get a kick in, forcing him out to the corner and covering off his options. A superb return to form by the Laune Rangers man and, with the medal under his belt, the pain of the 1997 saga was surely less. All 17 players played their part but there was one person who stood head and shoulders above everyone else – Liam Hassett. He was simply magnificent both at centre half-forward and wing forward, kicking three points in the process. However, it was more than his scoring prowess that caught the eye. His all-round play, picking up the breaking ball at midfield, working hard to support the defence and link up with them and his support to the other forwards, saw him cover practically all of the pitch. Mike Frank Russell had left an indelible mark on that championship. He went into that game still recovering from an injury but still managed to score two excellent points from play, after the introduction of Maurice Fitzgerald – they seemed to have a telepathic relationship. That was Kerry’s 32nd title.

Kerry: Declan O Keeffe, Mike Hassett, Seamus Moynihan (capt.), Mike McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Eamonn Fitzmaurice (0-1), Tom O Sullivan, Dara Ó Sé, Donal Daly, Aodán Mac Gearailt (0-2), Dara Ó Cinnéide (0-4), Noel Kennelly (0-1), Mike Frank Russell (0-2), Liam Hassett (0-3), John Crowley (0-3). Subs: Maurice Fitzgerald (0-1) for N. Kennelly, Tommy Griffin for T. O Sullivan.


Railway Cup Football


Semi-final on Sun. 30th Jan. at Castlebar: Connacht 2-10; Munster 1-3.

Munster: Declan O Keeffe, Mike McCarthy, Sean Og O hAilpín (Cork), Anthony Lynch (do.), Ciaran O Sullivan (do.), Owen Sexton (do.), D. Reidy (Limerick), Michael O Sullivan (Cork) 0-1, John Quane (Limerick), Ger Keane (Clare), Liam Hassett (0-1), Podge O Mahony (Cork), Philip Clifford (do.) 1-0, John Crowley, Declan Browne (Tipperary). Subs: Noel Kennelly (0-1) for P. O Mahony, Mick O Donovan (Cork) for S. Ó hAilpín, Nicholas Murphy (Cork) for M. O Sullivan, Donal Daly for C. O Sullivan, C. O Dwyer (Tipperary) for M. O Donovan.


NFL (2000/2001)


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th Oct. at Killarney: Kerry 1-11; Louth 1-12.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, Killian Burns, Mike McCarthy, Mossy Lyons, Stephen O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Sean Hegarty, Donal Daly, Kenneth Dillon, Eoin Brosnan (0-1), Liam Hassett, Enda Galvin (0-1), Mike Frank Russell (1-5, 3 frees), Geni Farrell, John Crowley (0-4). Subs: Tom O Sullivan for N. Sheehy, Aodán Mac Gearailt for K. Dillon, Garrett Walsh for S. O Sullivan, James Cahillane for M. Lyons, John O Connor for E. Galvin, Brian McCullough, Gary McGrath, Billy Sheehan, Marc Ó Sé.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 12th Nov. at Dungannon: Tyrone 4-8; Kerry 0-6.

Kerry: Peter O Leary, Garrett Walsh, Mike McCarthy, Killian Burns, Kieran Scanlon, Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Eamonn Breen, Donal Daly, Kenneth Dillon, Billy Sheehan, John O Connor, Enda Galvin (0-2), Mike Frank Russell (0-3), Mícheál Quirke, Geni Farrell. Subs: Declan Quill (0-1) for B. Sheehan, Stephen O Sullivan for K. Burns, Gary McGrath for M. Quirke, Johnny Lynch for J. O Connor, Sean Hegarty for G. Walsh.


Inter-Firm Co./Munster Senior Football Championship


Final in Caherslee, Tralee: Klinge/Fujisawa 1-9; Lee Strand 1-9.

Klinge/Fujisawa: Damien McAuliffe (Brosna), Patie Griffin (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Sean O Donoghue (Glenflesk), Donal O Donoghue (Firies), Mark Cooper (Dr. Crokes), Aidan Roche (Glenbeigh/Glencar), Mike Cooper (Dr. Crokes), Pierce Prendiville (Laune Rangers), Denis Dennehy (Currow) 0-5, Patie Casey (Cromane), Tim O Sullivan (Dromtariffe), Niall O Sullivan (do.) 0-2, Brian O Sullivan (Cromane) 0-1, Pa O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) 0-1, Colman O Shea (Listry) 1-0.

Lee Strand: Eamonn O Halloran (St. Pat’s), Eamonn Ferris (Ardfert), Liam Harty (Churchill), Benny Clifford (do.), Liam Galvin (Ballymac), Ken Savage (Kerins O Rahillys), Richard Jones (Ballymac) 0-1, Cormac Kennedy (Austin Stacks) 1-1, Ger Clifford (Churchill) 0-1, Sean Lambe (Ballymac), Shane O Sullivan (Laune Rangers) 0-4, Gary Lynch (Valley Rovers), Stephen Enright (Austin Stacks), Jack Dennehy (Currow) 0-2, Tommy Roche (Desmonds).


Final replay on Wed. 23rd Aug. at Strand Road: Lee Strand 0-16; Klinge/Fujisawa 2-8.

Lee Strand: Eamonn O Halloran, Benny Clifford, Ken Savage, Maurice Wrenn, Shane O Sullivan (0-6, 5 frees), Liam Harty, Richard Jones, Cormac Kennedy (0-3), Ger Clifford (0-1), Kieran O Shea, Gary Lynch, Tommy Kerins, Brian Shanahan (0-1), Tommy Roche (0-1), Jack Dennehy (0-4). Subs: Liam Galvin for T. Kerins, Tommy Kerins for B. Clifford.

Klinge/Fujisawa: Patie Casey, Patie Griffin, Sean O Donoghue, Donal O Donoghue, Mike Cooper, Mark Cooper, Brian Curran (Laune Rangers) 0-1, Gerard O Connor, Pierce Prendiville, Tim O Sullivan (1-0), Denis Dennehy (0-1), Keith Lyne (0-1), Pa O Sullivan (1-3), Morgan Foley (Laune Rangers), Kevin Myers (0-1). Subs: Brian O Sullivan (0-1) for K. Myers, Aidan Roche for M. Foley.


Munster Final on Sat. 18th Nov. at Strand Road: Schering Plough (Cork) 0-10; Lee Strand (Kerry) 1-4.

Lee Strand: Ger Collins, Liam Galvin, Ken Savage, Kieran Savage, Eamonn Ferris, Liam Harty, Richard Jones, Cormac Kennedy, Ger Clifford, Sean Lambe (0-1), Gary Lynch, Shane O Sullivan (0-1), Kieran O Shea (1-1), Tom Roche, Jack Dennehy (0-1). Subs: George Savage, Brian Shanahan, Kieran Browne, Tommy Kerins.


Girls’ Community Games Football

Trainers – Kerry O Connor and Pa O Sullivan.


Kerry Co. Final on Mon. 5th June at Ballyduff: Ballyduff 0-1; Killorglin 1-15.

Earlier in the day, Killorglin had played four other games, beating Annascaul, Kenmare, Firies and Abbeydorney.

Killorglin panel: Linda Courtney, Sarah Houlihan, Sheila O Shea, Grainne Quirke, Rochelle Lucey, Niamh Pigott, Tina Walker, Ciara O Connor, Roisin Johnston, Ann Marie Healy, Michelle Teahan, Rachel Carey, Dearbhaill Cronin O Reilly, Sharon Healy, Sinead Concannon, Natalie Corcoran, Lisa Breen, Noreen Lynch, Elaine Flynn, Deirdre Quirke.


Munster Quarter-final on Tues. 4th July at Foynes: Killorglin 3-13; Shannon, Clare 1-4.

Munster Semi-final on Sat. 8th July: Killorglin 3-14, Ballymac, Waterford 1-4.

Munster Final on Sat. 8th July: Killorglin 4-6; Beara, Cork 4-5.

Beara, with the aid of the strong breeze, were five points ahead at the interval. On the restart, Killorglin scored a goal and a few points to bring themselves back into the game. The teams then exchanged goals but it took a last-minute free to win the game.

Killorglin: Ann Marie Healy, Niamh Pigott, Tina Walker, Ciara O Connor, Rochelle Lucey, Sharon Healy, Grainne Quirke, Linda Courtney (capt.), Sheila O Shea, Sarah Houlihan, Noreen Lynch, Derabhaill Cronin O Reilly, Róisín Johnston, Rachel Carey, Michelle Teahan. Subs: Lisa Breen, Natalie Corcoran, Deirdre Quirke, Elaine Flynn, Sinead Concannon.


All-Ireland in Mosney on Sun. 3rd Sept: Donoughmoyne, Monaghan defeated Killorglin (AET)

The game was played in very wet conditions and it was a draw at fulltime. The teams had to play extra-time of 20 minutes and the Monaghan girls won by one point.

Play-off on Mon. 4th Sept. at Mosney: Killorglin 4-5; Wexford 0-9.

The Wexford representatives were physically stronger but the Killorglin girls played their hearts out and ended up with the bronze medals.

Killorglin: Ann Marie Healy, Sharon Healy, Niamh Pigott, Tina Walker, Rochelle Lucey, Michelle Teahan, Ciara O Connor, Linda Courtney, Grainne Quirke, Sheila O Shea, Noreen Lynch, Roisin Johnston, Sarah Houlihan, Dearbhaill Cronin O Reilly, Rachel Carey, Natalie Corcoran, Elaine Flynn, Lisa Breen, Deirdre Quirke, Sinead Concannon.


Girls’ U-12 Co. Football Championship

Joint Trainers – Kerry O Connor and Pa O Sullivan.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 15th Sept: Laune Rangers defeated Scartaglin.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 22nd Sept. at Cloon; Laune Rangers defeated Austin Stacks.

Semi-final on Sat. 21st Oct. at Cloon: Laune Rangers beat Ballyduff.

A skilful and determined Laune Rangers team overcame a strong, physical Ballyduff outfit. The visitors lead by four points at halftime. However, in the second half, Rangers went on a scoring spree and Ballyduff could not cope with the football skill and fitness of the home team.


Final on Sun. 22nd Oct. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 1-12; South-Kerry 3-3.

Laune Rangers were missing their regular fullbacks Niamh Pigott and Rochelle Lucey. Nevertheless, they came out with all guns blazing. They kicked some lovely points and a goal. South-Kerry then settled down. The game was played in a lovely, sporting and friendly manner and both teams displayed a good brand of football. At halftime, Laune Rangers led by 5 points.

In the second half, Rangers again scored some lovely points but South-Kerry responded with a few goals. Nevertheless, Rangers were able to put on some further points to eventually win by thee points. Team captain, Sarah Houlihan, accepted the county shield and gave a rousing speech to the crowd.

Laune Rangers’ Panel: Ann Marie Healy, Niamh Pigott, Tina Walker, Sharon Healy, Louise O Connor, Michelle Carey, Ciara O Connor, Grainne Quirke, Linda Courtney, Sheila O Shea, Hazel Poff, Patrice McGillycuddy, Dearbhaill Cronin O Reilly, Michelle Teahan, Sarah Houlihan (capt.), Natalie Corcoran, Karyna Corkery, Rachel Carey, Lisa Breen, Róisín Johnston, Elaine Flynn, Rochelle Lucey, Noreen Lynch, Deirdre Quirke, Megan O Sullivan, Norma Tyther.


U-14 Munster Girls’ Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sat. 15th April at Kilworth: Kerry 3-16; Waterford 1-2.

Caroline Healy came on as a substitute and Michelle Courtney was also a substitute.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 22nd April at Legion: Kerry Limerick.


Schools’/Colleges’ Girls’ Football


All-Ireland Colleges

Senior Final on Wed. 12th April at Portlaois: St. Louis, Monaghan 3-5; Intermediate School 2-7.

Intermediate School: Nuala Hoare, Miriam Ahern, Josie Sugrue, Kerry Lyons, Caoimhe Galvin, Jenny Johnston, Gráinne Ní Mháille, Breda O Brien, Kathleen O Neill, Anne Marie O Donoghue, Emma Woods (0-1), Stephanie Corkery (1-1), Patrice Dennehy (1-5), Susan Joy, Bernie Breen.


Ladies’ Munster Minor Football Championship


Final in Aug. at Fermoy: Waterford defeated Kerry.

Kerry Panel: Kasey O Driscoll, Julie Moran, Altona Myers, Evelyn O Connell, Fiona Fenton, Patrice Dennehy, Sarah O Connor, Anna Sheehan, Bernie Breen, Ann Marie O Shea, Jenny Johnston, Kerry Galvin, Aoife O Neill, Michelle O Sullivan, Caoimhe Galvin, Ciara Treacy, Susan Joy, Michelle Cronin, Lorraine Casey, Ann Marie O Donoghue, Mary Kelly, Martina O Connor, Edel O Connell, Grainne Ni Fhlatharta, Katie Gleeson.


Ladies’ Senior NFL


Sun. 14th May at Roscrea: Kerry 3-14; Kildare 1-4.

Kerry: Andrea O Donoghue, Fiona Fenton, Dara Sugrue, Deirdre Dennehy, Kerry O Connor, Katie Gleeson, Siobhan O Connor, Edel O Connell, Mary Kelly, Fiona O Donoghue, Sinead Bunyan, Emily Turner, Patrice Dennehy, Ann Marie O Donoghue, Shari Delaney. Subs: Jenny Johnston for S. O Connor, Catherine Kiely for E. Turner, Ann Marie O Shea for K. O Connor, Grainne O Flaherty for D. Dennehy, Susan Joy for AM O Donoghue.


Co. Junior Hurling Championship

St. Mary’s Hurling Club ceased to exist and Laune Rangers Club formed its own hurling club. Coach/trainer – John Purcell.


Rd. 1 on 9th Aug. at Lewis Road: St. Pat’s lost to Laune Rangers.

Semi-final on 23rd Aug. at Caherslee: Ballyheigue ‘B’ defeated Laune Rangers by 4 pts.


South-Kerry Junior Hurling Championship


Rd. 1: Laune Rangers defeated St. Pat’s.

Semi-final on Fri. 15th Sept: Laune Rangers defeated Kenmare ‘B’.


Final on Fri. 4th May 2001 in Kilgarvan: Laune Rangers 3-9; Kilgarvan ‘B’ 2-6.

That fixture had been deferred to May 2001 because of the fixtures congestion and bad weather at the end of 2000. Rangers, playing against the wind and setting sun in the first half, signalled their intentions with a point from Connie Moynihan within seconds of the throw-in, closely followed by a goal from a free by Joe Kennedy. Kilgarvan were allowed back into the game by the concession of a soft goal shortly afterwards. The remainder of the half was closely contested and, despite a further goal by Raymond O Sullivan, Rangers went in at halftime with only two points’ advantage.

In the second half, Laune Rangers’ defending tightened up. The challenge of the young Kilgarvan team was finally killed off early in the 4th quarter by a brilliant solo effort by Jim Kennedy. Having caught the sliotar on the 40, he lost his man, rounded two further defenders and buried the ball in the corner of the home team’s net. Best players on the night for Rangers were Joe Kennedy, Jim Kennedy and Tom Coleman. That was Laune Rangers first ever senior win in hurling.

Laune Rangers: Joe Crowe, Karl Daly, Richard O Connor, Josh Whelan, Frank Hill, Tom Coleman, Denis McDonnell, Connie Moynihan, Joe Kennedy (capt.), Wayne Doyle, Jim Kennedy, David Lynch, Declan O Shea, Raymond O Sullivan, Stephen Daly. Subs: James Murphy for R. O Sullivan, Sean Jones, JP Quirke, Eamonn Clifford, J. Coleman, Seamus Enright, Liam Mangan, Robert Kennedy. Missing through injury, work or family commitments were Aidan Spillane, S. Whelan, J. Fortune, R. Murphy, Sean Treacy, S. Buckley and Alan Quirke.




Sean McTague, Muineachán, was elected as Uachtarán CLG.


Jerome Conway was re-appointed as Secretary of An Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile Peil na nOg, which was held in Dublin.


Jerome Conway was appointed onto the National Hurling Development Committee, which was charged with implementing a National/International plan, aimed at maximising the numbers playing hurling and maintaining the highest possible playing standards. The committee consisted of Nicky Brennan (Chairman), Pat Daly (Rúnaí), Seamus Elliot (Antrim), Elsie Cody, Andy Gallagher (Offaly), Bernie O Connor (Galway), Mick Delaney (Leinster Council), Donie Nealon (Munster Council), John Prenty (Connacht Council), John O Reilly (Ulster Council).


Munster Council Convention was held in Dungarvan on 25th Feb. The following officers were re-elected: Chairman – Sean Kelly (Ciarraí), Secretary – Donie Nealon (Tiobrad Árainn), Treasurer – Declan Moylan (Luimneach). James Coffey and Jerome Conway were on the Kerry delegation.


Jerome Conway was a member of Coiste Iomána na Mumhan, representing Ciarrai.


At the General Meeting of the Munster Club League on Mallow on 19th Oct. 1999, the following officers were approved:

Joint-Chairman – Jerome Conway (Kerry) and Jim Cronin (Cork), Secretary – Liam Hodnett (Cork),

Treasurer – Pat Healy (Kerry), PRO – Finbarr McCarthy (Cork), Comhairle na Mumhan – Sean Kelly (Kerry), Cork Rep. – Jerry Howe, Waterford Rep. – John Kiely, Limerick Rep. – John Reddington, Clare Rep. – P.J. McGuane, Tipperary Rep. – Derek Williams, Kerry Rep. – Donie O Leary (Dr. Crokes).


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Killarney Heights Hotel on 15th Dec. 1999. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Sean Walsh (Moyvane), Vice-Chairman – Jerome Conway (Laune Rangers), Rúnaí – Tony O Keeffe (Austin Stacks), Joint-Treasurers – James Coffey (Laune Rangers) and John McMahon (Emmett’s), Delegate to Central Council – Gerald McKenna (Ballyduff), Delegates to Munster Council – Eamonn O Sullivan (Desmonds) and Teddy O Sullivan (Ballyduff), Youth Officer – Mike McCarthy (Milltown/Castlemaine), Cultural Officer – Derry Murphy (Dingle), Development Officer – Patrick O Sullivan (Dr. Crokes), PRO – Willie O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys).


Jerome Conway was re-appointed as Chairman of Coiste Iomána Chiarraí, with John White as Rúnaí (he resigned his position and was replaced by Pat O Brien), and he was a member of the Kerry Coaching and Games Development Committee. He was Vice-Chairman of Co. GAC. He was also Vice-Chairman of Cumann na mBunscol Chiarraí. As Vice-Chairman of the Co. Board, he was the liaison officer for the Co. Senior and U-21 Hurling teams.


At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 9th Nov. 1999 John Evans, Laune Rangers, was ratified as trainer of the Co. U-21 Football team for a period of two years. Selectors – Tom O Connor (Kenmare), Mossie Spillane (Castlegregory), Ambrose O Donovan (Gneeveguilla) and Pat Brosnan (Brosna).


At the Co. Bord na nOg Millennium Banquet in the River Island Hotel, Castleisland on Fri. 11th Feb. Jerome Conway received an award for services rendered as Vice-Chairman and Chairman in the 1980’s.


Kerry Co. Board organised a seminar for Club Secretaries and PRO’s in the Earl of Desmond Hotel, Tralee on Mon. 31st Jan. at 7.30pm. Mary Griffin and Mike O Shea attended from Laune Rangers Club.


The Millennium Cup Football competition was officially launched in Killorglin on Mon. 13th March at the headquarters of FEXCO. The competition was sponsored by the company to the tune of over £5,000. Speaking at the launch, Board Chairman, Sean Walsh, thanked FEXCO for its generous sponsorship and said that the 63 football clubs in the county were participating and the winners would represent Kerry in the Munster Club Championship. Speaking at the launch, Dermot O Shea, Director FEXCO, said that the company was delighted to be associated with the competition. ‘A lot of our staff in FEXCO are steeped in the GAA both as players and club administrators. People are an important asset to any organisation and here in FEXCO we employ over 500 and are proud to tell the world that our headquarters is based in Killorglin. The Millennium Cup will afford the weaker clubs the opportunity to play and perhaps beat the bigger clubs in the county. This is an exciting new competition and we, in FEXCO, are proud to be part of it.’


The Mid-Kerry Convention was held on Wed. 19th Jan. in Cromane Community Centre. The following officers were elected: Chairman – John Dowling (Keel); Vice-Chairman – Mike Carroll (Milltown/Castlemaine); Secretary – John Twiss (Milltown/Castlemaine); Treasurers – George Evans (Keel), Mike Healy (Cromane), Dan Carey (Cromane): PRO – Mike O Shea (Laune Rangers).


Cromane had the responsibility of organising Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg. Chairman – Michael O Shea; Secretary – Michael Healy.


Laune Rangers Bord na nOg AGM was held in the Fishery on Mon. 18th Feb. 2000. Only seven people were in attendance. As Colm Conway, Secretary, had been unable to attend, Patrick Pigott, Chairman, performed the Secretarial duties. The senior club Chairman, John Clifford, addressed the meeting. He thanked all the mentors and players. He thanked the officers of Bord na nOg for all the work that they did for underage football in the parish and promised all the help and support of the senior club. The mentors of all the teams were then put in place. Due to the small turnout, a brief discussion took place on the state of football in the parish and the general feeling was that the club needed to work a lot harder in future years both on coaching and skill training.


The following were registered members of Laune Rangers’ GAA Club in 2000: John Clifford, Jim Galvin, Pat Pigott, Mary Griffin, James Coffey, Michael O Shea, Maurice Corkery, Michael Foley, Patrick O Shea, Paddy Crowley, Bart Moriarty, James Ferris, Ann O Sullivan (Mountain View), Donal Pigott, Maria Pigott, Jenny Pigott, John Purcell, John Quirke, James Riordan (Gurrane), Breda Riordan (do), Denis Russell, Liam Russell, Frank Russell, Joe Shannon, Mary Shannon, Liam Shannon, Kathleen Shannon, Tom O Shea (Mountain View), Paudie Sheahan, Kathy Sheahan, John Sheehan, Gina Sheehan, Pat Sheehan, John Sheehan (Laune View), Sean Treacy (Caragh Lake), Maura Tuohy, Leslie West, John Whelan, Tommy Woods, Kathleen Woods, John Woods, Liam Mangan (Knockavota), Carl Daly, Carl John Daly, Stephen Daly, Patrick Cournane (Castleisland), Conny Moynihan (Gneeveguilla), Jackie Quirke (Firies), Patrick O Sullivan (Rathmore), David Lynch, Eamonn Clifford, Joe Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Adrian O Connor (Iveragh Park), Michael O Connor (do.), Aidan Spillane (Langford St.), Denis McDonnell, Kevin Harmon, Joe Crowe, Sean Jones, Frank Hill (Kilderry), Josh Whelan, Tom Coleman, James Enright (Tralee),  Nelius Lynch, Robert Murphy, John Lynch, Patrick Foley (Dungeel), Patrick Sheehan (Gurrane), Graham Thomas (Glenbeigh), Peter Lyons, Pa Murphy, John Sheehan (Jnr.), Mark O Connor, Adrian Hassett, Mike Hassett, Johnny Lynch, Brian Gannon, Mike Frank Russell, Paul Griffin, Pa O Sullivan, Liam Hassett, Shane O Sullivan, James O Shea, Billy O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Joe Hayes, John O Sullivan, Mikey Griffin, Tony Lyons, Mark Conway, Denis Cleary, Karl Griffin, Jerry O Brien, John F. O Brien, Derry O Sullivan, Jason Griffin, Liam Foley, Michael O Reilly, Joe Healy, Danny Cahill, Pat Leahy, Bertie O Riordan, Colm Conway, John O Donnell, Eddie Birmingham, Timothy Moroney, Michael Cahillane, Fiachra O Donoghue, Sean Moriarty, Eoin O Sullivan, Paul O Brien, Anthony Foley (Rangue), Donncha Curran, Redmond Fitzgerald, Michael Lynch, Carl O Sullivan, Anthony O Sullivan, Jonathan Griffin, Sean Costello, Enda Clifford, James Sheehan, Patsy Joy, Brian O Shea, Peter Byrne, Dominic Crowley, Jamie Clifford, John Griffin, Billy O Mahony, Michael Ahern, John Brown, Margaret Brown, Liam Burke, Jim Burns, Matty Cahill, James Cahillane, Liam Clifford, Mary Clifford, Christy Clifford, Martin Clifford, Maureen Coffey, Jerry Coffey, Finbarr Coffey, Eva Conway, Jerome Conway, Bernadette Corkery, Lorraine Corkery, Patie Corkery, Patrick Costello (Mountain View), Gerard Costello, Ger Counihan, Patrick Cronin (Knockavota), Kathleen Cronin, Joe Cronin, Donal Cronin, Bríd Crowley, Joe Crowley, Declan Crowley, Eileen Crowley, Tom Curran, Nuala Curran, Enda Curtayne, Johnny Doona, Jimmy Doona, Dr. Vincent Evans, John Evans, Gene Evans, Breda Falvey, Declan Falvey, Eileen Fenton, Christy Fenton, Josie Fenton, Mary Ferris, James Ferris, Willie Fitzgerald, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Peter Fleming, Gerard Flynn (Tullig), Mary Flynn, Pa Foley, James Foley (Knockavota), Jerry Foley, Batty Foley, Agnes Foley, Kathleen Foley (Reen), Gina Foley, John Foley (Reen), Dolores Foley, Kevin Foley, Johnny Galvin, James Galvin, John Galvin (Keelcoulaght), Aidan Gannon, Ann Gannon, Maurice Geary, Noreen Griffin, Donie Griffin, Con Griffin, Francis Griffin, Frank Griffin, Barry Harmon, Diane Hassett, Mike Hassett, Jimmy Hayes, Kathleen Healy, Danny Healy, Tina Healy, Mary Healy, Stephen Henken, Mary Houlihan, Ted Houlihan, Seamus Hurley, Sheila Kennedy, Con Lucey, Paula Lucey, Pat Lynch, Belinda Lynch, John Lynch, Kathleen Lyons, Tony Lyons, Eoin Mangan, James McInery, Sean McKenna, Dan Moriarty, Denis Moroney, Barry Murphy (AIB), Sean Murphy, James Murphy, Eileen O Connor (laune View), Patrick O Connor, Paudie O Connor, Eileen O Connor, Michael O Leary, Conor O Mahony, Eileen O Mahony, Bernadette O Mahony, Noel O Mahony, Mícheál O Mahony (Killarney), Very Rev. Canon Keane, Pat O Riordan, Dermot O Shea, Carina O Shea, Siobhán O Shea (Sunhill), Tim O Shea (Groyne), Mary O Shea (Laharn), Davy O Shea, Siobhán O Sullivan (Anglont), Sean O Sullivan, Ross Sheehan, Colin Mangan, Darren O Riordan, Damien Harmon, James Hayes, Padraig Crowley, Seamus Foley, Francis Russell, Dermot Houlihan, Muiris Crowley, Paul McKenna, Thomas McGillycuddy, Tim O Regan, Noel Lynch, Barry O Sullivan, Michael Doyle, Jonathan McCarthy, Conor Falvey, David Coffey, Eoin Joy, Mark Healy, Andrew O Regan, Cathal Foley, Niall Looney, William Byrne, Sean Kirschoffer, Vincent Griffin, John O Sullivan (twin), Darragh Burns, Garrett O Reilly, Gerard O Sullivan (twin), Tom Crowley, Fergus O Riordan, Cian Foley, Cian Evans, Colm Leahy, Paul Sheehan, Fergal O Donoghue, Brian Curran, John Ahern, Eoin Clifford, Patrick Clifford, David Marmion, Seamus Galvin, Daniel Moriarty, Geoffrey O Mahony, Paul Costello, Michael McGillycuddy, Aidan O Connor, Trevor Gannon, Brian Houlihan, Brendan Fitzgerald, Harry Bawden, Terence Houlihan, John Moriarty, Robert Foley, Eoin Ferris, Garrath Sheehan, Pa Sheehan, Robert Coffey, Paul Russell, Kevin Cahillane, Andrew O Reilly, Robert Moriarty, John Edward Murphy, Morgan Foley.


The minutes of 13 Laune Rangers Cub meetings are available. The following attended those meetings: Mary Griffin (13), John Clifford (12), John Griffin (11), Maurice Corkery (10), Patrick O Shea (10), James Ferris (10), Michael Foley (8), Pat Pigott (7), Bart Moriarty (7), Pierce Prendiville (7), Jerry Coffey (6), James Coffey (5), James Riordan (5), Mike O Shea (5), Jim Galvin (4), John O Donnell (4), Johnny Galvin (3), Eddie Birmingham (2), John Purcell (2), Gerard Flynn (1), James Sheehan (1), Sean Moriarty (1), Christy Fenton (1). The following matters were discussed/decided at the meetings:

Mon. 17th Jan. – The proposed Golf Classic in Dooks was deferred for a year. The Chairman thanked Breda Falvey and Eileen Clifford for their help in acquiring two Fás workers for the club under the CYMS Scheme. The Chairman and Secretary reported on a meeting held with Sean Tracy, Pat Lynch, Denis McDonnell and Michael O Reilly concerning Laune Rangers supporting a hurling team. St. Mary’s Hurling Club had folded but would continue to produce juvenile teams. The meeting agreed to form a sub-committee to look after all aspects of hurling within the club. Players from clubs with no hurling teams could play with Laune Rangers with permission from the Co. Board. St. Mary’s Club had €800, which it promised to hand over to the club and the players also promised to get involved in all aspects of the Laune Rangers club e.g. fund-raising etc. Jerry Coffey proposed that the club should set up its own website. John O Donnell undertook to find suitable people for that purpose. The Chairman and James Coffey had requested Owen Mangan, Eamonn Crowley, Joe Crowley and Jim Burns to form a Millennium Committee.

Tues. 8th Feb. – Owen Mangan agreed to act as Chairman of the Millennium Committee. Bart Moriarty, Insurance Officer, undertook to advise the senior players about the new player injury scheme. A discussion took place on the shortage of referees within the club – Peter Lyons was the only adult referee, while Michael O Reilly was considering returning to refereeing. Barry O Sullivan had indicated that he was willing to take up juvenile refereeing. It was agreed that the following work should be done in Cloon: 1. Water was to be piped across the road (Pat O Mahony had offered to do that job). 2. The second side of the pitch was to be roped off to prevent spectators from encroaching. 3. High nets were to be erected behind the goals. 4. The dressing-room doors must be repaired.

Mon. 7th March – Jerry Coffey reported that the cost of proper nets behind the goals in Cloon was £6,500+VAT. He was instructed to purchase ordinary nets for £1,000 and to use goal-posts to hang them on. Maurice Corkery pointed out that the back pitch in Cloon was very dangerous – stones everywhere. The Secretary reported that the Millennium Committee proposed to have a banquet in the CYMS in October. Tommy Byrne had transferred to Adare and the Chairman thanked him for his services and wished him well. Jean Paul Masson had transferred to Cromane, as he lived there. Jonathan Griffin’s request to play with Cromane, as he had moved to live there, was refused as it was well known that he did not live in Cromane. Eddie Birmingham and Danny Cahill undertook to speak to Jonathan Griffin. James Ferris complained that the club had not being doing enough to facilitate players from the Kilgobnet area and he warned that the club could lose those players.  A letter was received from Brian Prendiville and Sean O Riordan, Scoil Mhuire, expressing disappointment that the club did not have a submission available in the Croke Park Museum. Pierce Prendiville undertook to set up a meeting with Killorglin Credit Union for an annual review of the sponsorship.

Tues. 4th April – Joe Hayes and Joe Griffin had taken over the U-16 team. Patrick O Shea and Bart Moriarty agreed to help out with refereeing and Jerry Houlihan had agreed to coach in Douglas N.S. As part of the Arts and Culture Week, Laune Rangers had agreed to put up a display (old photographs, etc.) in the CYMS on Thurs. 27th April. Conor Kearney had transferred back to Abbeydorney where he had been teaching. The Chairman thanked him for his service and wished him well. As Timmy Fleming had transferred to Dr. Crokes, the Chairman thanked him for his service. Kevin Jones had returned to Laune Rangers. James Ferris reported from the Co. Board meeting. Jonathan Griffin’s transfer request had been referred to the officers of the Board. A meeting on the matter had been held and, whereas there had been no official communication with the club, it was understood that his transfer had been sanctioned. It was agreed that one person on each of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams would be responsible for the jerseys, as some jerseys had been missing. The Chairman expressed his disappointment at the poor attendance at meetings and the poor time-keeping. He reminded the meeting that any officer that missed three consecutive meetings, without reasonable explanation, would be deemed to have resigned from the executive of the club.

Tues. 9th May – Correspondence was received informing that Jonathan Griffin had been granted a transfer to Cromane based on a lease, which had been provided, showing that he was living in the Cromane area. The Secretary was instructed to request that the Co. Board investigate the matter as Jonathan Griffin did not live in the Cromane area. James Ferris also requested the investigation of the Beaufort minor football team, which played two Doona’s from the parish of Killorglin and of the Cromane senior team, which contained three illegal players, Sean Costello, Denis O Connor and Danny Fitzgerald (all from the Laune Rangers’ area). The club had three girls’ underage teams, U-12 (coached by Pa O Sullivan and Kerry O Connor), U-14 and minor (coached by Kitty Flynn). Correspondence from Pa Murphy BE advised that the culvert under the pitch should be rerouted at a cost of £4,800, the existing dugouts should be removed while work on the pitch was being carried out and ducting for future lighting and irrigation should be put in place. All of the above was agreed. The club’s Annual Bord na nOg Church Gate Collection yielded £612. £1,250 was received from AIB for the club’s participation in the Munster Football Club Championship.

Tues. 6th June – Jerry Coffey reported that the culvert had been rerouted, the drains had been completed and the sand-slitting had been done. A sand carpet was next on the list together with seeding. The club had been approved for 4 students on the Summer Job Scheme. The new rules in GAA allowed for 5 substitutes in all games.

Tues. 4th July – Sean Costelo, as he had played juvenile football with Cromane, was allowed to transfer to that club. The ‘Beaufort Affair’ dragged on with Beaufort claiming that Shanara and Cappagh had been areas traditional to them and they stated that those town-lands should be open to both clubs. The Chairman reported that, based on a Co. Board recommendation that pitches should not be cut using rotary mowers, he had appointed Mr. Clifford, Beaufort, to cut the pitch using a gang-mower. John Galvin, Keelcoulaght, who had previously cut the pitch for many years, was unhappy with that arrangement. Bart Moriarty explained that only three substitutes could be used in extra-time in a game and that yellow and red cards carried over into extra-time.

Tues. 1st Aug. – The Chairman reported that he, James Ferris and Pat Pigott had attended a meeting with representatives of Beaufort Club but that very little progress had been made. James Ferris urged that the club should insist on the Parish Rule being implemented. The club received £40,000 under the Sports Capital Fund. Jerry Coffey reported that the field had been seeded and the grass was growing. He strongly urged that the club should concentrate on putting a Bill of Quantities together for the car-park and the front wall and that the tenders be sought for both of those projects so that the work would be completed when the field would be ready to open on the following summer.

Tues. 4th Sept. – Two officers of the club would attend the Lotto draw each Sunday night. Pa Murphy had undertaken to do the Bill of Quantities for the car-park and front wall in his own time so as to reduce costs. Jerry Coffey said that he would not be in a position to supervise the work, as he had done for the pitch, and he suggested that the club would find some other suitable person. It was agreed to sponsor a tee-box @ £50 in the Currow GAA Golf Classic. Peter Lyons was congratulated on refereeing the All-Ireland Junior Football semi-final. The PRO, John O Donnell, asked that businesses and residents of the town be encouraged to fly the county colours in support of the club’s players in the All-Ireland Final.

Fri. 12th Oct. – A number of members had checked the pitch following the heavy rain and they reported that it was very dry. Michael O Sullivan, electrician, had done some repairs in JP O Sullivan Park and Cloon. Harry Bawden had transferred to Ballyboden St. Enda’s in Dublin. The club received £10,000 from National Lottery Funds. Pat Pigott reported that some items had been stolen from the JP O Sullivan Park and Cloon and that the floodlights had not been turned off in Cloon on a number of occasions – members, officers, mentors would have to take more responsibility. The acting Chairman, Pat Pigott, congratulated Mike and Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell on winning the All-Ireland with Kerry. A magnificently organised home-coming to Killorglin had been provided and, despite the terrible weather conditions, a great crowd turned out. The Sam Maguire Cup had been brought to the local schools on the day of the meeting. The Secretary was instructed to thank the Civil Defence, Fitzgerald Stadium (bibs), Gardaí, Puck Fair Committee for their help. Bernadette Corkery was thanked for offering to keep the players. The estimated cost of hosting the event was £700 but it was considered money well spent.

Wed. 7th Nov. – James Ferris reported that the Co. Chairman, Sean Walsh, had emphasised at the previous Co. Board meeting that the Parish Rule would be implemented. The Chairman, in thanking the ‘C’ team and mentors for their work during the year, said that he thought that playing against ‘B’ teams had been unfair to the ‘C’ team and suggested that the team take part in the McElligott Cup the following year. The Secretary reported that the Millennium Banquet would take place in the Earl of Desmond on Fri. 24th Nov. All of the club’s All-Ireland winning players (minor, U-21, junior, senior and club) and all living Chairmen and Secretaries would be invited. The main sponsor was Accelerated Drain Cleaning ltd, while other sponsors were Lee Strand, MF Quirke, Christy Kissane, Luke Moriarty, AIB, BOI, Fexco and Fujisawa. Michael Foley, Bart Moriarty and John Purcell aired their grievances about the distribution of All-Ireland tickets. They wanted tickets to be given out on the night of the draw. The Chairman explained that tickets were not given out on the night of the draw for a number of reasons (winners of tickets did not always have money with them, the tickets were not always available on the night etc.). The system in place was outlined. Tickets were drawn amongst the members of the club. Several draws were made – amongst officers, workers, players and members. The ratio of tickets to the various groups is better than the number to the general membership, to reflect a person’s contribution to the club. A person actively involved in the club could be included in a number of draws, including the members’ draw, but a person could only win one ticket.

Tues. 5th Dec. – The Chairman reported that the Millennium Banquet had been a great success. John Griffin complimented the organising committee and particularly Pat Pigott who acted as M.C. on the night. There was correspondence from Rev. Canon Keane (with £50 enclosed), thanking the club for the invitation to the Banquet. The club donated £100 to the dog-night in aid of the Kerry team holiday fund. The Chairman congratulated Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell on being selected on the All-Star team. Pat Pigott announced that he was stepping down as Chairman of Bord na nOg. He highlighted the problems that existed in the club at juvenile level. He felt that the structure, the coaching, the running of teams and the development of skills needed to be addressed urgently. He said that the club was picking teams from a much smaller number of young players than previously and more work was needed to develop skills and fitness.

Wed. 3rd Jan. 2001 – The fact that there had been no input by the hurlers into the running of the club had to be addressed after the AGM. Pierce Prendiville pointed out that the rebates to lotto sellers, who were members of the club, had been £10,000. That amount equalled the amount paid out in prize money. That situation needed to be examined. The lease on Cloon would expire in March and, as the Sheehys were unwilling to sell the property to the club, the question of seeking other suitable property arose.


Laune Rangers’ main source of income for the day-to-day running of the club was the weekly lotto. The sellers conscientiously sold the lotto tickets and the draw was made on every Sunday night in the CYMS Hall during Bingo. The ticket sellers included Margaret Brown, Jimmy Hayes, Johnny Galvin, Liam Shannon, Paul O Shea, Patrick Foley, O Shea’s Bar (Langford St.), The Fishery Bar, Peter Lyons, Bridget McKenna, Jimmy Doona, Pat O Shea, K. O Sullivan, Bart Moriarty, Michael O Shea, Jim Galvin, James O Riordan (Gurrane East), Francis McMahon, Falvey’s Bar, Coffey’s Bar, Billy O Sullivan, Step Inn Bar, Matty Cahill, The results were as follows:

Sun. 9th Jan. (jackpot of £1,400 not won) – Prize-winners: Trevor Dunlea, Iveragh Park (£50), Bridie O Sullivan, Gurrane West (£25), Maureen Fitzgerald, Inch (£25).

Sun. 16th Jan. (jackpot of £1,500 not won) – Prize-winners: Eileen Carey, 121 Iveragh Park (£50), Bridie Naughton, Rangue (£25), Maura Mangan, Steelroe (£25).

Sun. 23rd Jan. (jackpot of £1,600 not won) – Prize-winners: Bridie Cronin, Garrahadoo (£50), Tanya Joy, c/o Liebig (£25), Bridget Nash, Gurrane East (£25).

Sun. 13th Feb. (jackpot of £1,900 not won) – Prize-winners: Eileen Spillane, Caragh Lake (£50), Dan McAuliffe, c/o Klinge (£25), Bridget McKenna, Steelroe (£25).

Sun. 20th Feb. (jackpot of £2,000 not won) – Prize-winners: Sheila Cotter, Tinnahalla (£50), Paudie Doherty, Barleymount East (£25), D and J c/o Coffey’s Bar.

Sun. 27th Feb. (jackpot of £2,100 not won) – Prize-winners: Maura Mangan, Steelroe (£50), Sean Monaghan, Meanus West (325), Michael Murphy, Churchtown, Mallow (£25).

Sun. 5th March (jackpot of £2,200 not won) – Prize-winners: Michael Griffin, Droum, Glenbeigh (£50), Terence Houlihan, Castleconway (£25), Michael Foley, Reen (£25).

Sun. 12the March (jackpot of £2,300 not won) – Prize-winners: Caoimhe Hassett, Caragh lake (£50), David Reardon, Cahersiveen (£25), Eddie Hilliard, c/o Klinge (£25).

Sun. 19th March (jackpot of £2,400 not won) – Prize-winners: Bunny Fleming, 44 St. Brendan’s Tce, Killarney (£50), Nellie O Shea, Sunhill (£25), Edith Pacheco, 15 Clover Hill Close (£25).

Sun. 26th March (jackpot of £2,500 not won) – Prize-winners: Seamus Naughton, Rangue (£50), Peadar O Sullivan, Glenbeigh (£25), J. McCarthy, Fairways, Limerick (£25).

Sun. 16th April (jackpot of £2,800 not won) – Prize-winners: Bridie Cronin, Garrahadoo (£50), Hugh O Donoghue, Beaufort (£25), Nellie O Shea, Sunhill (£25).

Sun. 23rd April (jackpot of £2,900 not won) – Prize-winners: David O Riordan, Tullig Beg (£50), Conor Falvey, Lower Bridge St. (£25), Geraldine O Grady, Gurrane East (£25).

Sun. 30th April (jackpot of £3,000 not won) – Prize-winners: Denis O Neill, The Square (£50), Kathleen O Connor, Laharn (£25), John Kerins, Annadale Road (£25).

Sun. 7th May (jackpot of £3,100 not won) – Prize-winners: Eve Coffey, Killarney (£50), Gerard O Shea, Annadale Road (£25), Bridget & Helen O Connor, Garrahadoo (£25).

Sun. 14th May (jackpot of £3,200 not won) – Prize-winners: Pat Sheehan, Groyne (£50), Myrs Freeman, Langford St. (£25), John Linehan, Ardmonel (£25).

Sun. 28th May (jackpot of £3,400 not won) – Prize-winners: John A. Doran (£50), Mary O Connor, Douglas (£25), Noel Prendiville, Bray, Co. Wicklow (£25).

Sun. 4th June – jackpot of £3,500 won by J. McCartney, Fairways, Limerick.

Sun. 11th June (jackpot of £500 not won) – Prize-winners: Maureen Brennan, Glenbeigh (£50), Marie Casey, Cromane (£25), Maureen Buckley, Laune View (£25).

Sun. 18th June (jackpot of £600 not won) – Prize-winners: Maureen Buckley (£50), Nora O Neill, Dooks (£25), Francis Griffin, Tullig (£25).

Sun. 25th June (jackpot of £700 not won) – Prize-winners: Pat Dunne (£50), Edso Crowley, The Fishery (£25), Denis Costello, Sunhill (£25).

Sun. 2nd July (jackpot of £800 not won) – Prize-winners: Ellen Byrne, 9 Mountain View (£50), Catherine Woods, Sunhill (£25), Siobhan Ahern, 16 Clover Hill (£25).

Sun. 9th July (jackpot of £900 not won) – Prize-winners: Carmel Hayes (£50), Gráinne Gallagher (£25), Pat Healy, Cromane (£25).

Sun. 16th July (jackpot of £1,000 not won) – Prize-winners: Bridie Quinn, Roscommon (£50), Patrick O Sullivan, Cromane Upper (£25), Matt Cahillane, Caragh Lake (£25).

Sun. 23rd July (jackpot of £1,100 not won) – Prize-winners: Catherine Woods, Sunhill (£50), Bebhinn Woods, Sunhill (£25), Peg Brosnan, Clooncarrig (£25).

Sun. 6th Aug. (jackpot of £1,300 not won) – Prize-winners: Shona Quill, 4 Woodlawn Road, Killarney (£50), Maureen Brennan, Ownagarry (£25), Frank Russell, Anglont (£25).

Sun. 13th Aug. (jackpot of £1,400 not won) – Prize-winners: Anthony Melia (£50), Peg Brosnan, Clooncarrig (£25), Joe McMahon (£25).

Sun. 20th Aug. (jackpot of £1,500 not won) – Prize-winners: Mary Teahan, Langford St. (£50), Eileen McGillycuddy, Main St. (£25), Denis Costello, Sunhill (£25).

Sun. 10th Sept. (jackpot of £1,800 not won) – Prize-winners: Joan Gavagan, Dungeel (£50), Michael M. Kelliher, Beaufort (£25), Belinda Lynch, Caragh Lake (£25).

Sun. 17th Sept. (jackpot of £1,900 not won) – Prize-winners: Nora Lucey, 35 Iveragh Park (£50), Con Lucey, Iveragh Park (325), Billy Dodd, Clover Hill (£25).

Sun. 1st Oct. (jackpot of £2,000 not won) – Prize-winners: Paddy McCarthy, Steelroe (£50), Frank Griffin, Tullig (£25), Phil Shaughnessy, Tinnahalla (£25).

Sun. 8th Oct. (jackpot of £2,100 not won) – Prize-winners: Helen O Connor, Ardmoniel (£50), Jimmy Doona, Dromin (£25), Mary Fitzgerald (£25).

Sun. 15th Oct. (jackpot of £2,200 not won) – Prize-winners: Christy Moriarty, Glenbeigh (£50), Anne O Sullivan, 25 Mountain View (£25), Eugene Griffin, Coolbane (£25).

Sun. 22nd Oct. (jackpot of £2,300 not won) – Prize-winners: Tom Leane, Mountain View (£25), Aileen McCarthy, Gneeveguilla (£25).

Sun. 5th Nov. (jackpot of £2,500 not won) – Prize-winners: Frank McMahon, Langford St. (£50), Sean Og Joy, Annadale (£25), John Corkery, Tullig (£25).

Sun. 12th Nov. – jackpot of £2,600 won by Kelly, c/o Step Inn, Killorglin.

Sun. 19th Nov. (jackpot of £1,000 not won) – Prize-winners: Jennifer Boyle, High Road, Glenbeigh (£50), Francis Griffin, Tullig (£25), Batty Foley, Mountain View (£25).

Sun. 26th Nov. (jackpot of £1,100 not won) – Prize-winners: Pat O Shea, Sunhill (£50), Kitty Galvin, Gurrane West (£25), Mrs. M. Murphy, Iveragh Park (£25).

Sun. 3rd Dec. (jackpot of £1,200 not won) – Prize-winners: Nora O Neill, Dooks (£50), Bridie O Riordan, Tullig Cross (£25), John McCrohan, Camp (£25).

Sun. 10th Dec. (jackpot of £1,300 not won) – Prize-winners: Francie McCaffrey, Groyne (£50), Elizabeth McMahon, Langford St. (£25), Ann Harmon, Glenbeigh (£25).

Sun. 17th Dec. (jackpot of £1,400 not won) – Prize-winners: Sheila Spring, Fybough PO (£50), Pat Hannon, Mount Lyne (£25), George Prenter, Rangue (£25), Maura Moriarty (School Rd. (£25), Monty Moriarty, Glencuttane (£25), John Foley (£25),Carmel Breen, Langford St. (£25).


In accordance with Co. Board regulations, Laune Rangers submitted its list of first 18 and 30 players to the Mid-Kerry Board in February. They first 18 could not play with the ‘B’ team in the Co. League and the first 30 could not play with the ‘C’ team in the Urban League.

First 18: Peter Lyons, Pa Murphy, John Sheehan, Mark O Connor, Adrian Hassett, Mike Hassett, Brendan Fitzgerald, Johnny Lynch, Thomas McGillycuddy, Brian Gannon, Mike Frank Russell, Paul Griffin, Pa O Sullivan, Liam Hassett, Billy O Shea, Shane O Sullivan, James O Shea, Paul Costello.

First 30 (including the above 18): Billy O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Joe Hayes, John O Sullivan, Mikey Griffin, Tony Lyons, Terence Houlihan, Eoin Ferris, Mark Conway, Denis Cleary, Geoffrey O Mahony, Karl Griffin.


At the Co. GAC meeting on Mon. 13th March, the transfer of Tommy Byrne from Laune Rangers to Adare was sanctioned. At the same meeting, the transfer of John Paul Masson from Laune Rangers to Cromane was sanctioned.

At the Co. GAC meeting on Wed. 12th April, the transfer of Kevin Jones from Simmonstown, Co. Meath, to Laune Rangers was sanctioned. At the same meeting, the transfer of Conor Kearney from Laune Rangers to Abbeydorney and the transfer of Timmy Fleming from Laune Rangers to Dr. Crokes were sanctioned. The Co. Executive recommended to the GAC that Jonathan Griffin should be transferred to Cromane, based on receipt of a lease, which stated that he was resident in the premises of Mary O Connor, Cromane Lower. (This was totally untrue but the Co. Executive accepted it).

At the Co. Board meeting on 26th June, it was decided that Sean Costello was entitled to transfer from Laune Rangers to Cromane.


A request from John Ahern to transfer from Laune Rangers to London was ratified by the Co. Board GAC on Thurs. 29th June.

Sean O Riordan, Scoil Mhuire, tied with James O Reilly, Kilgobnet, in the Mid-Kerry Skills Final in Cromane on Fri. 2nd June with 24 points out of a maximum of 27. He won the Kerry GAA Skills Individual Competition in the Austin Stack Park in June. He also played on the Kerry Primary Schools’ Boys team against Cork Primary Schools’ team during the Munster Senior Football Semi-final, Kerry v Cork, in the Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney on Sun. 18th June. Scoil Mhuire came joint-second with Cullina N.S. in the Mid-Kerry National Schools Skills competition in Cromane on Fri. 2nd June. Scoil Mhuire – Sean O Riordan (24 points), Liam Clifford (15 points) and Daniel Naughton (20 points).

Emir Knightley, Scoil Mhuire, and Linda Courtney, Glounaguillagh N.S., played on the Kerry Primary Game team versus Clare on Sun. 16th July in Limerick.


Liam Hassett received the Eircell GAA All-Star Player-of-the-Month Award for April.


On Sat. 17th June in the Manor Inn, Killorglin, Laune Rangers hosted Kingdom/Kerry Gaels, London in a 2nd reunion celebration. Tickets cost £10.


The death occurred on Tues. 22nd Feb. of Mícheál Scanlon N.T., School Road. Formerly of Dún Caoin, Mícheál played football for the Geraldines Club in Dublin after qualifying as a teacher and won an All-Ireland Junior Football medal with Dublin in 1948. He was appointed to the staff of Glounaguillagh N.S. in the early ‘50’s and played with Laune Rangers. He later served as a selector with the Mid-Kerry team for some years and served as Secretary of Laune Rangers’ club from 1966 to 1970. Past and present members and players of Laune Rangers’ Club formed a guard-of-honour at the funeral to the church on Wed. 23rd and to Ardmoniel Cemetery on the following day.

On 20th Dec. the death occurred of Donal Prendiville, School Road. He had played with the Kerry Juniors in the 40’s and with Laune Rangers in the 50’s. A guard of honour of past and present players and officials accompanied the remains to the church and to the cemetery on the following day.


The captain of Laune Rangers’ Golf Society was John Evans. The captain’s prize was held in Adare Manor Golf Club on Sat. 14th April 2001. 57 played in beautiful conditions. The following were the results: 1st overall – Timmy Moroney (41 points). Category ‘A’ – 1st Karl Falvey (5) 32 pts, 2nd Aidan O Shea (8) 32 pts, 3rd Paul Griffin (12) 31 pts, 4th Declan Falvey (12) 31 pts.

Category ‘B’ 1st Jason Griffin (14) 39 pts, 2nd Johnny Porridge O Connor (13) 33 pts, 3rd Pa Foley (16) 32 pts, 4th Trevor West (13) 32 pts.

Category ‘C’ – 1st John Evans (18) 34 pts, 2nd Tommy Byrne (18) 33 pts, 3rd Tim O Shea (22) 26 pts, 4th Shaun Shanahan (18) 26 pts.

Guest – 1st Darragh Lyons (6) 32 pts, 2nd Frankie Brennan (22) 20 pts, 3rd Glen Evans (18) 20 pts. Best Gross – Shane Harmon (1) 30 pts. Tommy Byrne sponsored the event and Pat Collins provided the hospitality. Golfer of the year went to Patrick ‘George’ Foley.


Kelly Farm Modernisation Ltd., Ballydesmond, had completed phase 1 of the development at JP O Sullivan Park, which included the sand-slits and sand carpet on the pitch at a cost of £28,458.50. The cheque was paid out on 25th Oct. Ml. F. Quirke & Sons had provided material as follows: 366 tonnes of 3/4” w. stone = £2,166.41; 410 tonnes washed sand = £2,240; 600 tonnes washed sand = £3,109.47; 890 tonnes of pea gravel = £5,259.69. E.G Pettit & Company, Killarney supervised the project – Pa Murphy, former Laune Rangers’ player was the engineer in charge. In a letter dated 27th April 2001, he thanked Jerry Coffey for his support and involvement in the project.


Peter Lyons refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Millennium Cup semi-final on Sun. 5th Nov. at Castlegregory: An Ghaeltacht 1-9; Austin Stacks 0-9.


Peter Lyons refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Senior League Semi-final on Sun. 26th March at Beaufort: Beaufort 1-13; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-5.


Michael O Reilly refereed the following game for the Co. Board:

MFL on Fri. Fri. 14th April at Direen: Legion 1-9; Desmonds 2-6


Michael O Reilly refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

O Sullivan Cup Final on Sat. 15th July at Milltown: Beaufort 2-9; Keel 0-8.


Co. U-12 Div. 1 Football winners: Kerins O Rahillys

Co. U-14 Div. 1 Football Championship Final: Dingle 1-11; Kilcummin 1-6 (Replay)

Co. U-16 Div. 1 Football Final on Sun. 10th Sept: Beaufort 3-11; Ballyduff 0-9.

Mid-Kerry U-12 Football Final: Beaufort 2-9; Laune Rangers 1-9.

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship final: Laune Rangers 2-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-6.

Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship Final: Beaufort 1-12; Laune Rangers 1-10 (AET)


Co. SFC Final on Sun. at Tralee: Dr. Crokes beat An Ghaeltacht.

Millennium Cup Final: Glenflesk 1-8; An Ghaeltacht 0-10.

Co. League Div. 1 on Sun. 20th May 2001: Dr. Crokes 2-13; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-9.

Co. U-21 Final on Sat. 7th April 2001 at Beaufort: Mid-Kerry 0-12; East-Kerry 0-9.

Co. Minor Football Championship Final: South-Kerry 1-12; Mid-Kerry 0-7.

Co. Intermediate Football Final on Sun. 3rd Dec. at Tralee: Beaufort 2-7; Ballymac 1-2.

Co. Junior Football Final on Sat. 18th Nov. at Tralee: Gneeveguilla 1-11; Finuge 0-13.

Co. Novice Football Final on Sat. 4th Nov. at Milltown: Keel 2-7; Renard 0-7.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Final on Sun. 17th Dec. at Cromane: Laune Rangers 2-9; Beaufort 0-6.

Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup final on Sat. 15th July at Milltown: Beaufort 2-9; Keel 0-9.

Mid-Kerry Minor Football final on Sat. 11th Nov. at Cromane: Laune Rangers 0-10; Beaufort 1-6.

Mid-Kerry U-21 Football final on Tues. 11th July at Cromane: Keel 2-11; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-14.


Darren O Riordan and Ross Sheehan were chosen on the Kerry U-17 Development Squad. Sessions were conducted in Caherslee Grounds on 1st, 15th, 29th April and 6th May.


The Kerry Primary Schools’ Girls team panel that played Clare in Limerick prior to the Munster Senior Football Championship Final in Limerick on Sun. 16th July included Sarah Houlihan (Douglas N.S.), Eimear Knightley (Scoil Mhuire) and Linda Courtney (Glounaguillagh).


Christy Kissane was elected as President of the Kingdom/Kerry Gaels Club in London. He was also a senior selector and member of the club’s Finance Committee.

London Senior Football Championship

Quarter-final on Sun. 6th Aug. at Ruislip: Kingdom/Kerry Gaels 1-9; Tara 1-7.

John Ahern, Laune Rangers, played at centre half-forward.

Semi-final on Sun. 17th Sept: Kingdom/Kerry Gaels 0-10; St. Claret’s 0-9.

John Ahern scored 0-1 from left full-forward.


Senior Football challenge on Sat. 29th Jan. at Glin: Kerry 1-6; UL 1-6.

Mike Hassett played at left fullback and Pa O Sullivan scored a great goal from right full-forward.

Opening of the Harp GAA grounds in Durrow, Co. Laois on Sun. 30th April: Laois 0-13; Kerry 2-7.

Billy O Shea scored 1-2 from right halfback and Pa O Sullivan scored 1-1 from full-forward.

Official opening of Páirc Naomh Eirc, Kilmoyley, took place on Sun. 4th June. Kerry played Galway in a senior challenge game. Mike Hassett played at left halfback, Liam Hassett at centre half-forward and Mike Frank Russell at right full-forward.


On Wed. 11th Oct. the heavy rain, which fell throughout the evening and night, failed to dampen the ardour of thousands of supporters, young and not so young, who had thronged the town for the visit of the Kerry senior team, All-Ireland Champions. The parade and Quirke’s lorry, led by the Cullen Pipe band, passed through the well-marshalled streets and team captain, Seamus Moynihan, led his boys on the platform in the square. The reception the team received was unbelievable. The players were introduced to the crowd by Pat Pigott, Vice-Chairman of Laune Rangers Club. County Vice-Chairman, Jerome Conway, spoke in glowing terms of the team and praised all the supporters who had braved the elements to come out and welcome the team.

Seamus Moynihan thanked all the players for their efforts during the year and, of course, there was a cheer to reach the clouds when Mike and Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell addressed the attendance. There was also a massive cheer and welcome for the one and only Maurice Fitzgerald who also spoke. Present, also, were Co. Board Officers Tony O Keeffe, Willie O Connor and James Coffey. A huge night of celebrations followed and was renewed again in Thursday night when Barry Harmon’s new hit, ‘Seamus is Your Man’ was on everyone’s lips.


On Fri. 1st Dec. at the All-Star Banquet in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Liam Hassett was chosen at centre half-forward and Mike Frank Russell at right full-forward. They received their awards from the Uachtarán CLG, Sean McCague. They were Laune Rangers’ first ever All-Stars.


The Annual Church-gate Collection, to help defray expenses attached to the training of the Kerry teams, was taken up county-wide in September. The Killorglin collection amounted to £728.02.


Laune Rangers Club held its Millennium Banquet on in the Earl of Desmond Hotel, Tralee on Fri. 24th Nov. It was a wonderful occasion for all those that attended. Patrick Pigott proved himself a brilliant MC for the night. He had to step in when RTE’s Brian Carty was a late arrival due to traffic congestion. Mr. Carty was on time for the presentations to Mike and Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell and his twenty page address showed that he was well aware of the history of Laune Rangers’ football. Danny Lynch, PRO of the GAA, represented the Uachtarán, Sean McCague, and he spoke loudly in praise of Laune Rangers and of their achievements. Chairman of the Kerry Co. Board, Sean Walsh, was also loud in his praise of the club, its players and officers.

Chairman of the Club, John Clifford, thanked the Millennium Committee under the chairmanship of Owen Mangan and Declan Falvey for their untiring work in the organising of the banquet and he also thanked the sponsors for their wonderful support. The final words of the night came from that great former Laune Rangers player, Timmy Doyle. Timmy’s address was a history of his days as a Laune Rangers’ player. It was full of wit and had his audience laughing for most of it. He recalled meeting his wife, Agnes, for the first time on the coach to Shannon Airport in October 1970 for Laune Rangers’ first trip to the USA. He was introduced to Agnes, a Laois woman, by James Coffey, within seconds of stepping on the coach at Milltown Bridge. The rest was history.

The Millennium Banquet would be remembered by all who had attended as a great sociable night, full of fun. It would also be remembered as the night that the Laune Rangers club and supporters said a thank you to its many former Chairmen and Secretaries and to its All-Ireland medal holders in minor, U-21, junior and senior grades. Also present was Luke Moriarty, President of the Kerry Association in Dublin. Tickets cost £25. A complimentary bus was organised for the invited guests from Killorglin. Music was by Billy Curtin and his band. The main sponsor of the event was Accelerated Drain Cleaning Ltd. (John Foley, formerly of Dungeel, operating out of Edenderry, Co. Offaly). Associated Sponsor – Lee Strand (William Kennedy MD). Patrons – Guinness Ireland Group, Luke Moriarty, Christy Kissane, Michael F. Quirke, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Richard Boyle & Sons, Fexco, Champs Supervalu, Fujisawa Ireland Ltd., Jim Burns & Co. Ltd., Stephen Clifford EBS, Eddie O Donoghue Insurance, Willibald. Members of the organising committee included Owen Mangan (Chairman), Robert Murphy (Secretary), Pat Pigott, John O Donnell, Mary Griffin, John Clifford and Declan Falvey.

The menu was as follows: Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vent, Fresh Cream of Vegetable Soup, Roast Prime Rib of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Horseradish Sauce or Poached Darne of Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce. Selection of Vegetables. Earl of Desmond Dessert Selection. Freshly brewed tea or coffee.

The Agenda for the night was as follows: Opening address by John Clifford, Chairman of Laune Rangers Club; Presentation to Club Chairpersons and Secretaries by Sean Walsh, Chairman of Kerry Co. Board; Grace before meals by Canon Matthew Keane; Starter & Soup; Presentation to Junior, Minor & U-21 medal-holders by John Foley (Accelerated Drain Cleaning); Main Course; Presentation to All-Ireland Club Medal Holders by Danny Lynch, PRO of GAA; Dessert; Presentation to All-Ireland Senior Medal Holders by Jerome Conway, Vice-Chairman Kerry Co. Board; Tea/Coffee; Grace after meals by Reverend Malcolm Shannon; Club Presentation to Millennium All-Ireland Winners by John Clifford.

Members of the committee that organised the Laune Rangers’ Banquet

Members of the committee that organised the Laune Rangers’ Banquet
Pat Pigott (Club Vice-Chairman), John O Donnell (Club PRO), Mary Griffin (Club Secretary), John Clifford (Club Chairman) and Declan Falvey. Missing – Owen Mangan (Committee Chairman) and Robert Murphy (Committee Secretary)


1996 All Ireland winners at the Millenium Banquet

Front: Jason Griffin, Billy O Sullivan, Paul Griffin, Gerard Murphy (capt.), John Evans (Trainer), Timmy Fleming, Paul McKenna (representing Pat McKenna RIP), Mark O Connor, James Coffey (Treasurer).
Middle: Paudie Sheahan, Pierce Prendiville, Billy o Shea, Tommy Byrne, John O Sullivan, James O Shea, Joe Shannon, Jerome Conway (Chairman), Peter Lyons.
Back: Shane O Sullivan, Mike Hassett, Adrian Hassett, Liam Hassett, Pa Murphy, John Griffin (Selector), Mike Frank Russell, Brian Gannon.


Mike Hassett, Noel Lucey and Liam Hassett display their presentations.

Mike Hassett, Noel Lucey and Liam Hassett display their presentations.


Mike Frank Russell with his parents, Mary and Frank Russell.

Mike Frank Russell with his parents, Mary and Frank Russell.


JeroFormer/Present Laune Rangers’ Officers at Millenium Banquet

Former/Present Laune Rangers’ Officers
Front: Brian Carthy (RTE), John Clifford (Chairman), James Coffey (former Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), Mary Griffin (Secretary), Paddy Crowley (President), Jerome Conway (former Chairman and Secretary).
Back: Aidan Gannon (former Chairman), Joe Shannon (former Secretary), Donal Pigott (former Secretary), Dermot O Shea (former Secretary), Tommy Woods (former Secretary).


Shane O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Gerard Murphy, John Evans and Pa Murphy

Shane O Sullivan, Pierce Prendiville, Gerard Murphy, John Evans and Pa Murphy.


James Coffey accepts his award for service to the club with Tony O Keeffe (Sec. Co. Board), Sean Walsh (Chairman Co. Board) and Danny Lynch (GAA PRO).

James Coffey accepts his award for service to the club with Tony O Keeffe (Sec. Co. Board), Sean Walsh (Chairman Co. Board) and Danny Lynch (GAA PRO).

The following received presentations:

Chairmen – James Coffey (1964 – ’65, 1970 – ’85), Paudie Foley (1966 – ’69), Jerome Conway (1986 – ’89, 1993 – ’96), Aidan Gannon (1990 – ’92), John Clifford (1997 – ).

Secretaries – Sean Moriarty (1940 – ’44), James Coffey (1954 – ’55, 1957 – ’62), Brendan Mangan (1956), Patsy Cronin (1963 – ’65), Jerome Conway (1971 – ’78, 1981 – ’85), Patrick O Grady (1979 – ’80), Joe Shannon (1986), Tommy Woods (1987 – ’89, 1996 – ’98), Donal Pigott (1990 – ’92), Dermot O Shea (1993 – ’95), Mary Griffin (1999 – ).

All-Ireland Senior Medal Holders – Noel Lucey (1962), Billy O Shea (1997), Mike Hassett (2000), Liam Hassett (1997 capt, 2000), Mike Frank Russell (1997, 2000).

Junior All-Ireland Medal Holders – Pat Ahern (1967), William Kennedy (1967).

All-Ireland U-21 Medal Holders – Michael O Shea (1973), Barry Harmon (1973), Jerry Coffey (1973), John Evans (1975), Tom Johnston (1975), Billy O Sullivan (1990), Paul Griffin (1990), Pat McKenna (1990), Timmy Fleming (1990), Mike Hassett (1995), Liam Hassett (1995, 1996 capt.), Mike Frank Russell (1996, 1998), Pa O Sullivan (1996, 1998), John Sheehan (1998).

All-Ireland Minor Medal Holders – Joe Shannon (1980), Danny Cahill (1988 capt.), Billy O Sullivan (1988), Tommy Byrne (1988), Mike Frank Russell (1994), Pa O Sullivan (1994).

All-Ireland Senior Club Medal Holders (1996) – Peter Lyons, Adrian Hassett, Paudie Sheahan, Mark O Connor, Mike Hassett, Tommy Byrne, Shane O Sullivan, Timmy Fleming, Pierce Prendiville, Gerard Murphy (capt.), Conor Kearney, Joe Shannon, Paul Griffin, Liam Hassett, Billy O Shea, Billy O Sullivan, James O Shea, Pat McKenna, Pa Murphy, John Doona, John Sheehan, Pa O Sullivan, Mike Frank Russell, Jason Griffin, Fergal O Brien, Brian Gannon, John O Sullivan, Thomas Walsh.

Selectors (1996) – John Evans (Trainer), Patsy Joy and John Griffin.

The following ‘Memories and Dreams’ by James Coffey appeared at the back of the menu for the night: “When I consider what prompted me to become so involved in the GAA, I think back to hearing my father debating in our bar the relative greatness of past Kerry teams and players. I was about 7 years old when I first met the past Laune Rangers, John Phil Murphy, Jimmy Doyle and Patsy Begley and it was they who informed me of the legendary feats of JP O Sullivan and other early Laune Rangers. It was also from them that I learned that the Laune Rangers Club was founded in my house in 1888 and that my grandfather, Seamus Coffey, was its first Secretary, having also brought the first Gaelic football into the town. Hearing customers in the bar such as Denis Corkery (tailor), Patie O Reilly (shoemaker), John O Riordan (who sold so many footballs), my uncle Danny Clifford, Jimmy O Leary and Paddy Foley recounting great stories of their playing days enthralled me so much that I was really sucked in. Later, I learned that my father also been Secretary of Laune Rangers and, though I must have annoyed him with all my football questions, he never failed to provide the answers to satisfy me.

My first involvement with Laune Rangers was in 1950 when the great Laune Rangers man Paddy Foley asked me to help fundraise for the club by selling cards for a stop-watch competition. Hardly a day went by that I didn’t call to Paddy to hear about his great times with Laune Rangers and Kerry. At this stage, I was hooked and, when the club bought the land from John A. Foley, I was asked to become a fundraiser. I remember collecting 1/- per week for 20 weeks for the Silver Circle in my allotted areas – no easy job, I assure you.

Following a few years of demanding fundraising, expertly co-ordinated by the late Todd Mulvihill and his wife, Kathleen, Paddy Crowley (current President of Laune Rangers) and Paddy Foley, the debt on the JP O Sullivan Park was cleared and, within a few months, I was Assistant Secretary of the club. I was later to follow on the footsteps of my father and grandfather by becoming Club Secretary. Probably, the greatest highlight for me around this time was when Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship for the first time in 1958. I’ll never forget the sense of achievement in the club, not to mention the celebrations!

The many great friends I made in the GAA from other counties still call to see me when in Kerry and we enjoy a jar together. There was great loyalty in the GAA in those early years of my office-ship and, during my serious illness in the early ‘70’s, the Laune Rangers and Mid-Kerry team gave me great support in my bid for recovery. I will never forget the Mid-Kerry players, led by Board Chairman Pat O Shea, coming into my hospital room with the Bishop Moynihan Cup within an hour of winning the County Senior Championship. It lifted me so much that I was on the mend within hours.

Laune Rangers have achieved a great deal in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, including All-Ireland glory and, while the new millennium has not yet been kind to us, there is still a century ahead in which many more great achievements will be recorded. I hope that, when I am serving my last rounds of drinks in the Laune Bar, the old memories will still be on our lips while we dream of more successes to come. And dream we can as we congratulate Liam & Mike Hassett and Mike Frank on their achievements with Kerry in the new millennium.”


Kerry Co. Board held a Millennium Banquet in the Conference Centre at the Brandon Hotel, Tralee on Sat. 9th Dec. at which it honoured all its living All-Ireland Senior medal-holders. Mike and Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell were honoured. Also present at the function, as Co. Board officers, were Jerome Conway (Vice-Chairman) and James Coffey (Joint-Treasurer).


A medal-presentation buffet was organised in the Fishery on Sat. 7th April 2001. The Mid-Kerry Senior Championship and League medals were presented to the senior players, while the Mid-Kerry Minor Championship medals were presented to the minors. The following were announced as players-of-the-year for 2000 in the various categories: Senior – Pierce Prendiville; ‘B’ team – Brian Curran; ‘C’ team – Michael O Reilly; U-21 – Morgan Foley; Minor – Noel Lynch.


In March, Conor Kearney transferred from Laune Rangers back to his home club of Abbeydorney, Timmy Fleming transferred from Laune Rangers to Dr. Crokes, Killarney, Tommy Byrne transferred to Adare and John Paul Masson transferred to Cromane.

At the Co. GPC Meeting on 30th March, Kevin Jones transferred from Simmonstown, Co. Meath to Laune Rangers.

At the Co. Board GAC meeting on Wed. 12th April, in relation to the application by Jonathan Griffin to transfer to Cromane, which had been referred to the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee recommended that this transfer be granted. The recommendation was on the basis that the information contained in the lease supplied by the Cromane Club in respect of Jonathan Griffin then residing in Cromane Lower in the house of Mary O Connor, daughter of Mrs. Peggy Casey. It was pointed out that transfers were granted on the basis of the information being supplied being correct and it was noted that the lease had a one-year tenure. It was further agreed that Jonathan Griffin was to inform the GAC if and when he ceased to live at the address of Mary O Connor, Cromane Lower. Laune Rangers’ club believed that Jonathan Griffin never lived at the address supplied and that it was an address of convenience.

At the Co. Board meeting on Mon. 8th May, Laune Rangers sought an investigation into the circumstances of the transfer of Jonathan Griffin to Cromane. That was granted and an investigation was carried out.

In June, John Ahern, transferred from Laune Rangers to Kingdom/Kerry Gaels in London

In September, Harry Bawden transferred from Laune Rangers to Ballyboden St. Enda’s, Dublin.


At the end of the year, Liam Hassett transferred to St. Anne’s Club in Dublin. He was teaching in Firhouse Community College. Eamon Horan interviewed him after the Mid-Kerry Final against Beaufort, as follows: “Kerry’s Liam Hassett went out on a winning note when he played his last game with Laune Rangers in last Sunday’s final against Beaufort. Laune Rangers won the final and gave the Killorglin All-Star his 8th Mid-Kerry Championship medal. ‘I’m looking forward to playing with the St. Anne’s Club,’ he said. ‘First of all, of course, it’s the end of the year and I’m looking forward to a good break from the game and the holiday in Thailand with the Kerry team. It’ll be nice to go away and relax and, after that, I’ll be looking forward to playing football in Dublin. Travelling up and down from Dublin to play with Laune Rangers is a big burden. I just found I didn’t have any time at the weekends. Every weekend was taken up with travelling. I’ll see how I fare out. If it works out, I’ll probably stay. If not, I’ll go back to Laune Rangers – that’s if they’ll have me back.’


The following young people represented Laune Rangers at the Mid-Kerry Scór na nÓg finals in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin (organised by Cromane GAA Club) on Fri. 17th Nov:

Figure Dancing – Sarah Crowley, Lynn Cahillane, Sarah Jane Joy, Siobhán Joy.

Solo Singing – Jonathan Ferris.

Instrumental Music – Edward Looney, Laura Cahillane, Sinéad Cahillane, Kevin Walker, Eve Griffin.

Question-Time – Gearóid Clifford, Lynn Cahillane, Simon Brosnan.

Recitation – Oonagh Joy.

Ballad Group – Karen McGillycuddy, Ciara O Grady, Aoife Dowd, Jonathan Ferris, Ian Moroney.

The figure dancing, solo-singing and question-time items came second. The instrumental music item came first and qualified for the Co. Semi-final in Dromid on 9th Dec.


The AGM of Laune Rangers Club took place on Sat. 13th Jan. 2001 and the Secretary, Mary Griffin, gave her report as follows: “Seo thíos mo thuairisc bliantúil ar phríomh imeachtaí Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Fánaithe na Leamhna i rith na bliana 2000.


During the year there were 13 club meetings. Attendance at club meetings continues to be poor. The average attendance at club meetings is 9. This is a club of 333 members with 14 officers. It is very difficult to bring about change and get work done in the club when there is such poor participation at meetings. The club meeting is the forum where all activities of the club should be co-ordinated and new ideas developed. Presently, it is left to a small number to organise and run everything. Every member has an obligation to participate in some way in the activities of the club.

The success of the county team and the replays in the All-Ireland semi-final and final, together with the Millennium Banquet, in addition to the regular running of the club, meant it was a very busy year.


Killorglin Credit Union continues to be the club’s main sponsor. We thank them for their generous support of the club and we hope that both the club and the Credit Union continue to benefit from this sponsorship. Thanks, particularly, to James Murphy and Agnes Foley.

Thanks also to Sean Murphy, Starlite Cleaners, who continues to look after the cleaning of all the club jerseys, and to the many others who sponsor and support the club throughout the year. We ask you all to support our sponsors.


The Finance Committee, with Ger Counihan, has run two Race Nights on 27th Dec. 1999 and 2000, since the last AGM. These were very successful and bring in much needed funds for the running of the club.

At the 1998 AGM, the Laune Rangers Patron Scheme was launched. It was decided to include an entry to the weekly Lotto as an incentive to encourage people to join the scheme. The parish was divided into areas for canvas. The response in the areas canvassed was excellent. However, two years later, we are still awaiting results from a large number of areas. If your area has not been canvassed, please help out and canvas it now.

The weekly Lotto continues to be our biggest source of income. Great credit is due to our CYMS regular, Johnny Galvin. Thanks also to Peter Lyons and Mike O Shea who do the draws each week.

The treasurers will give their report later.


There are 333 full members of the club this year. This is a significant increase on the previous year. The date for renewal of membership is 1st Jan. and subscription should be paid no later than 28th Feb. each year.

Field Development

Phase 1, the draining and redevelopment of the pitch, is now complete. The work done to date has cost £71,375. This includes extra work to divert the main culvert around the end of the field. The fencing of the pitch is currently out to tender. Plans are prepared for tender for the ancillary works. It is hoped to have the car-park, the dugouts and the front wall of the field completed for the reopening of the pitch later in the year. The work to date and the ongoing works have involved a huge amount of time and effort from those involved. Jerry Coffey and John Clifford are the driving forces behind this development. Pa Murphy and Frank Coffey, of E.G. Petit Engineers, have guided the project and Pa has done a lot of work in his own time for which we thank him. It is clear that, in addition to the facilities at the J.P. O Sullivan Park, we also need juvenile training pitches to avoid the overuse of the main pitch. The lease in Cloon is up in March and the options open to us need to be reviewed.

Bord na nOg

This year, Pat Pigott single-handedly looked after the administration of Bord na nOg. In addition to that, he was involved with the U-14 team and had to referee most of the underage matches assigned to the club. Pat has decided to step down from the administration of Bord na nOg and give more time to the coaching and skills development of our juvenile teams. The need for skills training and new approaches to our underage structure to cope with the changing times have been discussed frequently. Action is now needed. Pat will give a report later. Thanks to Mary Clifford who continues to organise Scór for the club.


The Millennium Banquet on 24th Nov. was a great success. Our Inter-County All-Ireland medal winners, the 1996 Club Final winners and Club Chairmen and Secretaries were honoured on the night. Danny Lynch, PRO of the GAA, Sean Walsh and Tony O Keeffe, Chairman and Secretary of the Co. Board, attended the function. John Foley, of Accelerated Drain Cleaning, generously acted as main sponsor of the event, with John Quirke and Lee Strand, associated sponsors. We thank them and the many other sponsors for their support. Thanks to the organising committee, chaired by Owen Mangan, and to Declan Falvey, Pat Pigott, John O Donnell and Jason Griffin for the huge amount of work they put into the night.

Our Golf Society, and captain John Evans, organised several enjoyable outings during the year.


The GAA provide insurance cover for players under the Player Injury Scheme. The cover on this is relatively limited. This year, the GAA introduced an optional insurance scheme, which provides additional cover with increased benefit ceilings. It was recommended that all players take up this additional insurance, which is very reasonably priced at £10 for juveniles and £20 for adults. Only six players availed of the insurance.


Thanks to local and national press, particularly Radio Kerry, Kerry’s Eye and the Kerryman for their coverage throughout the year.


Following the disbanding of St. Mary’s Hurling Club, the club agreed to field a hurling team. Our hurlers competed in the Co. Hurling League and in South-Kerry. We look forward to greater participation in the club from our hurlers in the coming year.

FÁS Scheme

Out two FÁS employees, Jerry O Sullivan and Joe Foley, have finished their terms on the scheme. Denis Kissane and Willie Murphy have replaced them this year. Thanks to Eileen and Breda Falvey for their help.


Our senior team was trained by James Sheehan, with Patsy Joy, Denis Cleary and Brian O Shea as selectors. In May captain Billy O Shea brought the first trophy of the new millennium to the club with victory over Bishopstown in Macroom in the Munster League. We retained the Mid-Kerry League and Championship with victory over Beaufort in Cromane. In the Co. Championship we were drawn away to old rivals Kerins O Rahillys in the first round and lost out in a close encounter. The Co. League has yet to be decided with final rounds games fixed for February. We qualified for the quarter-finals of the Millennium Cup (Club Championship) with victory over Firies but lost out to Austin Stacks.

Fixtures throughout the year were affected by the success of the county team. The players were forced to go long periods without competitive football.

Our ‘B’ team, trained by Eddie Birmingham with selectors Mike O Shea and Sean Moriarty, reached two finals this year. In the Mid-Kerry final they were beaten by Beaufort and, in the Molyneaux Cup, they drew with Castleisland Desmonds and the replay has yet to be played. Again, they had qualified for the final since early September and players continued to train up to November in terrible conditions. In the Co. League, they finished mid-table and, in the O Sullivan Cup, they were defeated by Keel.

Our ‘C’ team, under Danny Cahill, Peter Byrne, Dominic Crowley and Jamie Clifford, again qualified for the Barrett Cup final where they lost out to Lispole ‘B’ team. In the Urban League, they reached the semi-final where they lost to Kenmare ‘B’.

Our U-21’s went out of the Co. Championship to Austin Stacks in Tralee. In Mid-Kerry, they beat Glenbeigh in the first round but lost to Milltown/Castlemaine by a point in the semi-final.

Our minors, trained by John Griffin with selectors Maurice Corkery and Jerry Houlihan, retained the Mid-Kerry Championship with a victory over Beaufort in Beaufort. In the Co. Championship, after a victory at home over St. Kieran’s, they were beaten by East-Kerry in the quarter-final. In the Co. League, they reached the final but lost to Austin Stacks in a closely fought battle.


The highlight of this year was Sat. 7th Oct. when Kerry, with Mike Hassett, Liam Hassett and Mike Frank Russell playing, defeated Galway in the All-Ireland final replay. After some heart-stopping moments and great individual and team performances during the campaign, they achieved the ultimate reward in Gaelic Football. They returned to town the following Wednesday night to a heroes’ welcome with crowds, both young and old, braving desperate weather to greet them. Many thanks to the Gardaí, Civil Defence, Puck Fair Committee, Quirke’s and all those who helped out on the night. Thanks also the business people and club members who decorated the town in green and gold in the run-up to the match. Well done to Mike, Liam and Mike Frank. We also congratulate Liam and Mike Frank on becoming the first Laune Rangers to receive All-Star awards.

Mike and Liam Hassett will both be greatly missed when they depart the club. We hope they will return again in the very near future.


To our other players who represented the county this year – Noel Lynch, Barry O Sullivan and Tom McGillycuddy, who reached the Munster final with the Kerry minors and Brendan Fitzgerald, who played with the U-21’s. Our former senior trained, John Evans, this year took over the training of the Kerry U-21’s. Peter Lyons continues to progress as an inter-county referee. During the year he refereed the All-Ireland Junior Football Semi-final and is now regularly refereeing National League Games.


To Maurice Corkery and Pierce Prendiville who have stepped down as officers. We hope they will continue to participate in the club’s activities and return as officers in the future.

To James Coffey, who has decided to retire from his office as club Treasurer, having served in that position since 1986. James’ service to the club is unequalled, having served in the positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Hurling Secretary and Treasurer, in addition to holding office with the Mid-Kerry Board and Co. Board. James first took up office in 1952 and has given dedicated service to the club. We wish him well and I am sure he will continue to be involved in the club.

Finally, as I step down from the position of Secretary, I would like to thank the officers and members who assisted me during the last two years. I wish the incoming committee and the club every success in the coming year.”


Pat Pigott, Chairman, delivered the following report to the AGM of Laune Rangers Bord na nOg in the Fishery on Mon. 5th Feb. 2001: The year kicked off with our AGM in the Fishery on Mon. 20th Jan. 2000, when only seven people turned up. This was indeed a very poor turnout and bears little resemblance to the well-organised Bord na nOg that Laune Rangers is supposed to be. As Colm Conway was away, the job of Secretary fell to me until he returned. By our own high standards, we had a very poor year yet again and a county title evaded us.

The U-12’s and U-14’s commenced training in the CYMS Hall on Wednesdays and Fridays during February and received a lot of coaching. Along with the team mentors, I would like to thank Declan Falvey, who helped with the U-12’s. Our U-8’s and U-10’s commenced outdoor training on 10th April, our U-12’s on 28th Feb, our U-14’s on 21st Feb. and our U-16’s on 14th Feb.

As we approached the millennium year, it has become obvious that the number of players registered to play at all age-groups is down on previous years. We must make a determined effort to promote our games to the new families that are now setting up home in our community. As the year progressed, it was becoming obvious that we would not be as successful as other years. We just won one Mid-Kerry title – the U-14A Championship. Our U-12’s won the Mid-Kerry ‘B’ but were beaten in the ‘A’ final. Our U-16’s won the Tralee District Board Championship but were beaten in the Mid-Kerry ‘A’ final. We seem to have accepted that our standards have fallen and are not prepared to make the extra effort to rectify this situation.

After Christmas, three of our trainers did a Foundation Level Coaching Course. They were James Riordan, Brian O Shea and Donal Pigott. We will need more trainers to do these courses in future years because you will not be allowed in charge of a team without at least having Level 1 done. This year we split up the U-8’s and U-10’s for training purposes and it helped the weaker kids on both sides.

U-8 – James Ferris, John Sheehan (Tinnahalla) and Dermot O Shea did great work all year with coaching and games.

U-10 – Trainers: Iraneus Looney, Brian O Shea and Donal Pigott took these boys and girls for the year and they definitely improved. They participated in an U-10 blitz in Mid-Kerry, putting forward two teams. The U-1o’s ran a very successful Parish League. Colm O Shea’s team won the ‘A’ final and Peter Crowley’s team the ‘B’ final. Tommy O Callaghan got the most improved players-of-the-year award and Liam Clifford got player-of-the-Parish League.

U-12 – Sponsored by FEXCO. Trainers – James Riordan, John O Dwyer and John Quirke. The team reached the Mid-Kerry final, losing out to a good Beaufort team. They won the ‘B’ final, beating Glenbeigh/Glencar. They also competed in the Co. League and Tralee District League. The trainers put in a lot of hours with this team and you could see the results in the end. There are some lovely footballers on this team and they will have to be looked after.

U-14 – Sponsored by Champs Super Valu. Trainers – Pat Pigott, Eamonn Carey and Jerry Foley. The team won the Mid-Kerry ‘A’ Championship, beating Milltown (2-9 to 1-6) in Cromane. The team reached the Co. Semi-final. They took part in Feile Peil na nOg and Tralee District Board. We provided seven players to the Mid-Kerry team that won the Co. Championship. They were Stuart Delaney, Edward Looney, Dáire Clifford, Gearóid Clifford, Eamonn Carey, Vincent Costello and Eoghan O Mahony. Eamonn Carey (Sn.) was a selector. If some of these lads keep playing football, they will definitely be senior stars of the future.

U-15 – Sponsored by the Fishery. The trainers were Joe Hayes and Colm Conway. This team had a great run during the Urban League, topping its group and winning the semi-final against John Mitchels but losing the final to Na Gaeil. The final was played 13 weeks after playing the semi-final, a situation not to our liking. We had played all our matches on time but other teams and groups held up the whole competition.

U-16 – Sponsored by the Fishery. The trainers were Joe Hayes, Joe Griffin, Liam Clifford and Colm Conway. These four trainers  did tremendous work with this team and got the best out of them all year. They won the Tralee District Championship, were beaten in the Mid-Kerry final and reached the county semi-final. We had Shane Clifford, Colin O Connor, Aidan Lynch, David O Sullivan and Paul O Connor on the Mid-Kerry team beaten by West-Kerry.

Joe Crowley provided photos for all teams from U-8 to U-16 – a little souvenir for years to come. As well as the sponsors named, I would like to thank Sean Murphy of Starlite Dry-Cleaners for sponsoring our cleaning and laundering and thanks to his daughter Caroline and to Irene in the launderette for all the help during the year.

Referees – The refereeing situation in the club is at a critical stage. We only have one referee now officiating. Out of 26 Bord na nOg games last year, I myself had to referee 22 of them, with Colm Conway refereeing the other four. We must try and encourage young people to do a refereeing course with a view to at least taking the U-12 and U-14 games.

Scor na nOg – This was again looked after by Mary Clifford, Helen Horgan and Kathleen Finnegan, each of whom did an excellent job on behalf of Laune Rangers. The club owes these ladies a great debt of gratitude for all the work on our behalf for this year and all the years past.

Girls’ Teams – The girls section of the club seems to be going from strength to strength under James Ferris and Kathleen Healy, with our U-12 team winning the Co. Div. 1 title, a tremendous achievement. Many thanks to the trainers, Pa O Sullivan and Kerry O Connor. We also have an U-14 and an U-16 girls’ team.

Summer-Job Scheme – I would like to thank Alma Hassett, Angela Hassett and Pamela O Riordan for all the work and effort they put into this scheme over the year, through coaching and helping with the lotto.

After 16 years of involvement with Laune Rangers Bord na nOg, I have decided to stand aside this year. In so doing, I hope that this will provide an opportunity for new people to lead us forward to face new challenges and new goals. I would hope to put a group of senior players together to coach all underage players, at both National School and at Club levels. I would appeal to anybody with Laune Rangers’ future at heart, to have a serous look at Bord na nOg as a lot of work has to be done on coaching and skill training. As our numbers have dwindled so much in recent years, we will probably have to work much harder in the future to achieve our goals.

I would like to thank all our coaches and mentors over the last 16 years for their work and dedication and it surely has all paid off in Croke Park on St. Patrick’s Day 1996. To anybody who has helped Laune Rangers Bord na nOg, a special thank you. I would like to thank all the officers that I have served with in the past 16 years. They were most helpful and pleasant people to work with. The time spent in Bord na nOg has been the most enjoyable years I have spent with Laune Rangers. I would like to thank the present Chairman and Secretary and all other officers for always being there when needed. I have no doubt that, with plenty of hard work and a positive attitude, the glory days will not be far away.”