Laune Rangers – 1970

 Laune Rangers re-entered the Co. Senior Football Championship.

Laune Rangers won the Co. Novice Football Championship for the first time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship Final (played in May 1971) for the sixth time.

Laune Rangers won the O Sullivan Cup (Mid-Kerry Winter League) for the first time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the ninth time.

Mícheál Scanlon was a member of the Co. Minor Football Selection Committee for the third successive year.

Pat O Shea was elected as Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board. James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Board for the sixteenth successive year.

Laune Rangers Club toured in New York, Boston and Hartford.

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The AGM of the club took place in the Railway Hotel in the first week of January 1970. It was one of the largest gatherings ever of the club members. (The Secretary’s Report is given at the end of 1969). The Chairman, Paudie Foley, in the course of his address, said that 1969 had been a great year for the club. A life-long ambition had been realised with the completion of the pavilion. He paid tribute to the officers, players and voluntary helpers, who had put so much of their spare time into the work of the pavilion. He also thanked all, who had responded to their appeal for funds.

The Treasurer, Denis O Neill, gave a very detailed report on the financial position of the club. He told the members that he was not seeking re-election. The officers and members paid glowing tributes to his work that he had put into the running of the club.

Income & Expenditure Account for 1969

Income                                                                 Expenditure

Dances (nett)              915 – 15 – 0     Capital exp on field            2,077 – 01 – 9

Bingo (nett)                   66 – 09 – 3       Bank charges/interest  13 – 12 – 6

Social (nett)                 23 – 00 – 0         Affiliation                             10 – 00 – 0

Loans                            760 – 00 – 0         Footballs                             11 – 00 – 0

Central Council         550 – 00 – 0         Champs                                  4 – 12 – 6

Subscriptions              516 – 00 – 0         Printing/Stationery       14 – 08 – 0

Membership                20 – 00 – 0           Refreshments                       2 – 14 – 0

Gates                                39 – 03 – 7          Affiliation to Com. Council 1 – 00 – 0

Church Gate & Rent   62 – 00 – 0         Gifts                                         17 – 18 – 0

Opening of the pitch 640 – 00 – 0       Charity Race                            2 – 00 – 0

£3,592 – 07 – 10                                          D. Sheahan                               3 – 00 – 0

Crowley’s Drapery             24 – 00 – 0

Liam Woods (amp)              17 – 18 – 0

St. Vincent de Paul               5 – 00 – 0

Travelling expenses        242 – 10 – 0

Banquet for John Clifford63 – 00 – 0

Opening of Pavilion         252 – 05 – 3

Insurance of Pavilion       20 – 04 – 0

Lights                                       17 – 18 – 0

Excess of income over exp   792 – 05 – 10

3,592 – 07 – 10


Election of officers:

Chairman: James Coffey (22 votes), Paudie Foley (8 votes).

James Coffey, upon election as Chairman, congratulated Paudie Foley on his work for the club during his term as Chairman. Pat O Shea complimented him on the service he rendered since 1966.

Vice-Chairman: Paudie Foley (proposed by James Coffey).

Secretary: Mícheál Scanlon.

Assistant Secretary: Kevin Griffin.

Treasurers: Pat Lynch and Sean O Reilly. (Denis O Neill did not seek re-election).

PRO: Brendan O Reilly.

Senior Selection Committee: Joseph Crowley proposed that the committee comprise of 3 selectors. Seamus Curran proposed that the committee should be comprised of five. Joseph withdrew his motion. However, he proposed that the captain should be a selector. That was unanimously agreed. Pat O Shea (25votes), Mícheál Scanlon (25), Paudie Foley (24), Patsy Joy (11) and the captain. (That meant that there were three players on the selection committee). James Coffey had withdrawn from the selection panel before the vote took place. In May, Pat O Shea and Frank Russell resigned from the selection committee. Two members were co-opted and the new Senior Selection Committee then was Mícheál Scanlon, Paudie Foley, James Coffey, Sean O Reilly and Sean McKenna.

Minor Selection Committee: Pat O Shea (24), Pat Lynch (23), Kieran Foley (16), Patsy Joy (14) and Declan Falvey (9).

Senior Captain: Frank Russell (15), William Kennedy (11), Noel Lucey (2) and Timmy Doyle (1).

Minor Captain: Michael O Shea (17), Jerry Coffey (9) and Joseph Crowley (2).


  1. ‘That Laune Rangers enter a team in the 1970 Co. Senior Football Championship.’ Passed.
  2. ‘That the enclosure around the pitch be raised.’ That was referred to the Field Committee.
  3. ‘That travelling players get their due expenses.’ Seamus Curran said that players encountered much hardship in travelling to matches and they were entitled to what they claimed. Pat O Shea said that travelling expenses should be kept to a minimum.
  4. ‘That 30th June should be the last day for which membership would be accepted.’ Passed. Kevin Griffin was put in charge of membership – 10/-, 5/- and 2/6.
  5. ‘That members, especially the younger members, should assist with the running of the dances.’ Passed.

The allocation of All-Ireland tickets was discussed. It was decided that the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurers would receive one each and only paid-up members would qualify for the draw thereafter.


Co. Senior Football Championship

15 teams entered for the Co. Championship, John Mitchels, Kerins O Rahillys, Kenmare, Laune Rangers, East-Kerry, West-Kerry, Austin Stacks, Castleisland, Waterville, Eoghan Ruadh, Shannon Rangers, Keel, St. Vincent’s, South-Kerry and Mid-Kerry. It was decided, on the casting vote of the Co. Chairman, to again run the championship on a knockout system. Laune Rangers re-entered the Co. Championship as a club for the first time since 1919.

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Mícheál Scanlon, Paudie Foley, James Coffey, Sean McKenna and Sean O Reilly.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 12th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-5; Kenmare 1-17.

Kenmare footballers left no doubt about their superiority in that game. Although they trailed by one point at halftime (2-3 to 1-5), one always had the feeling that Kenmare would emerge superior and they duly overran the Killorglin boys in the second half.

In the early minutes, it looked as if Kenmare were going to have a runaway victory. In their very first attack, they had a point from Paudie Finnegan and, five minutes later, P.J. McIntyre sank a left-footed drive in the net. By the twelfth minute they had added two further points with Laune Rangers, although having the advantage of the cross-breeze, still unable to make any impression. In the thirteenth minute, the Killorglin side hit back for a point, when a close-in free by Enda Curtayne was deflected over the bar by Kenmare defender Paul O Sullivan but play quickly swung to the other end and Kenmare had a similar score from the boot of Mickey O Sullivan. There was no further score until the twenty-first minute but then Laune Rangers, thanks to a decided improvement at midfield, came storming into the picture. Firstly came a goal by Enda Curtayne. He gained possession after a fourteen yards’ free, taken by himself, had been blocked and he found a gap in the visiting defence to shoot to the net. That was followed by two points in quick succession by Pat Ahern and Timmy Doyle. And then came another goal for the home team. This time the scorer was Paul Lucey, who beat goalkeeper Pete Hanley with a great, low drive to the corner. Kenmare were badly shaken by those scores and, although they replied with a point by Paudie Finnegan, it looked as if they would have a tough fight on their hands in the second half.

However, Kenmare re-asserted their superiority from an early stage on the restart. Paudie Finnegan (2) and Timmy Sheehan (1) had points within the first five minutes. Laune Rangers’ full-forward, Noel Lucey, had the ball in the net but the referee had blown earlier for a free and Pat Ahern pointed that. The home supporters hoped that that score would be the forerunner of more but the team was just not equal to the challenge. A succession of points by P.J. McIntyre, Donal O Sullivan, Mickey O Sullivan and Paudie Finnegan left Kenmare ahead by 1-13 to 2-4 at the end of the third quarter and their position was never really threatened in the remaining fifteen minutes.

Few of the Laune Rangers’ team retained happy memories of that game. Goalkeeper, Pat O Grady, was one of the exceptions, bringing off some fine saves, while Billy Dodd and Pat O Shea accomplished some good work in the fullback line. Pick of the others were Timmy Doyle, although his distribution was faulty, Enda Curtayne, Eamonn Crowley and Jerry Coffey.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Kieran Foley, Denis O Neill, Eamonn Crowley, Pat Ahern (0-3), Timmy Doyle (0-1), Frank Russell (capt.), Enda Curtayne (1-1), Patsy Joy, Jerry Coffey, Paul Lucey (1-0), Noel Lucey, Tom Curran.

Kenmare: Pete Hanley, P. Fitzgerald, Jimmy O Sullivan, Densy O Neill, Tom O Connor, Paul O Sullivan, Noel McCarthy, Timmy Clifford, Paudie Finnegan (0-10), Michael O Neill, P.J. McIntyre (1-3) Mickey O Sullivan (0-2), Timmy Sheehan (0-1), Donal O Connor (0-1), Michael Murphy.

Ref: Bob Malone (Dingle).


East-Kerry, captained by Mick Gleeson, beat Waterville by 1-15 to 0-15, in the final of the Co. Championship.


Kerryman Shield

That competition was run on a knockout system in 1970.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-9; West-Kerry 0-12.

Laune Rangers were disappointing in the previous number of games but they made up for it to their supporters in no small way when holding a powerful West-Kerry side to a draw (West-Kerry had players of the calibre of Seamus Murphy, Seamus Mac Gearailt, Liam Higgins, Sally Long, Mike Slattery, Ger Dillon, Joe O Sullivan). In fact, it was only three minutes from time that West-Kerry snatched the equaliser, following a mix-up in the Killorglin defence.


Replay at Dingle: Laune Rangers lost to West-Kerry.

Laune Rangers played well in the first half. However, the game went away from them in the second half – indiscipline by one of the Rangers’ players did not help.


Towns’ Cup


Rd. 1 on Sun. 22nd March at Tralee: Kerins O Rahilly’s scr; Laune Rangers w/o.

At a subsequent Co. Board meeting, the GPC awarded the game to Laune Rangers, as it did not accept the excuse of the home team for not playing.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 5th April at Kenmare: Kenmare 1-6; Laune Rangers 0-6.

There was little sparkle in Kenmare’s win and it resulted more from rank poor shooting by Laune Rangers than a good performance from the locals. The visitors had the better of midfield exchanges where Patsy Joy and Timmy Doyle gave them a big pull. However, they could not translate that supremacy into scores against a resolute defence in which Paul O Sullivan was outstanding and which was highlighted by a point-blank save by Pete Hanley. At the other end, P.J. McIntyre was always a danger and a great fisted effort by him was rushed to the net by Sheehan to give Kenmare a lead they never subsequently lost. Halftime came with the locals ahead by one point after playing against a stiff breeze.

The inaccuracy of the Killorglin forwards was repeated early in the second half, while at the other end good points from play and placed balls by O Neill and Paudie Finnegan put Kenmare into a clear lead. Pat Ahern reduced the arrears for Killorglin but Kenmare swarmed into the attack and William Kennedy was outstanding in the visitors’ backline.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 19th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-7; Waterville 0-7.

The heavy snow-shower, which fell during the first half of the game failed to dampen the spirits of the players from both sides who, despite the slippery pitch and the cold, served up fine fare for the fair-sized attendance. It was like old times for the Killorglin side, with Pat Ahern and Noel Lucey back on the team. Both contributed largely to the victory. Pat Ahern operated with great success on the ‘forty’ and Noel Lucey was very reliable in goals. Some of his saves, especially when under pressure, were nothing short of brilliant.

However, the man-of-the-match for Laune Rangers was Patsy Joy, who played magnificent football at midfield and also found time to help out in attack and defence. That ranked as one of his finest hours. Young Pat O Riordan was another player to leave his imprint on the game. Denis O Neill had a fine hour at right halfback, as had Kieran Foley at left half. The veteran Pat O Shea, at fullback, had some thrilling encounters with Waterville’s Mick O Neill and, with the exception of two blunders, the Killorglin man came out on top. Timmy Doyle, Frank Russell, William Kennedy and Paul Lucey contributed in no small way to the victory. Rangers led by 0-5 to 0-3 at the interval.

When Kevin Donnelly pointed for Waterville on the resumption, they appeared to have an outstanding chance. However, Patsy Joy took over at midfield at that stage ably assisted by Timmy Doyle and Waterville back-pedalled out of the game. Rangers hit  them with two hammer blows midway through the second half, when, first of all, Paul Lucey sent a great ball all the way to the net and Frank Russell rose high to punch home a beautiful centre by Patsy Joy, one minute later.

Laune Rangers: Noel Lucey, Paud O Sullivan, Pat O Shea, Billy Dodd, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Kieran Foley, Patsy Joy (0-2), Timmy Doyle (0-1), Steve Joe Cahillane (0-1), Pat Ahern (0-3), Pat O Riordan, Paul Lucey (1-0), Frank Russell (1-0), William Kennedy.

Waterville: Michael Moran, Timmy O Shea, Batty Galvin, Kieran Casey, Brendy Donnelly (0-1), Jimmy Keating, M. Malley, Sean O Shea (0-1), Kevin Donnelly (0-1), Donal Courtney, James O Shea, Gerard Cronin, Denis Fenton (0-1), Mick O Neill (0-3), M. Courtney.

Ref: Seanie Burrows (John Mitchels).


Rd. 4 on Sun. Sun. 10th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-6; John Mitchels 1-10.

Dom O Donnell was the hero for John Mitchels in that game. With the sides level, Mitchels were awarded a free about forty yards out from the Rangers’ goal and referee, Mick O Neill, told O Donnell that he would have to score direct, as the time was up. The cool Boherbue man sent the ball sailing between the posts for the winning point.

It was a heart-break finish for Laune Rangers, who had led by seven points at the interval and looked set for a good victory but the accurate boot of O Donnell, both from play and placed balls, proved their undoing. Best for the Rangers were Denis O Neill, Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy, Frank Russell, Enda Curtayne, Pat Riordan and Paul Lucey.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 7th June at Killarney: Legion lost to Laune Rangers.


Quarter-final on Sun. 14th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-9; Glenbeigh 1-8.

Laune Rangers showed a delightful return to something like their best form in that game. Glenbeigh were a goal up going into the last quarter but they wilted under the continuous Rangers’ pressure and, but for poor kicking of frees, the locals would have been ahead by a bigger margin at the finish. That result put them into the semi-finals of the competition.


Co. Novice Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th July at Milltown: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-7.

Rd. 2: Laune Rangers beat Firies.

Quarter-final on Sun. 6th Sept. at Killarney: Laune Rangers beat Templenoe.

It was a great second-half comeback that clinched that win. Outstanding for the winners were Pat O Riordan, Mort Collins, Teddy Mangan, Barry Harmon, Seamus Naughton, John Clifford, Seamus Curran, Denis Clifford and Paud O Sullivan.


Semi-final on Sun. 20th Sept. at Tralee: Laune Rangers 3-10; Scartaglin 2-10.

Pat Ferris, who was home on holidays from the USA, played in the half-forward line, Seamus Curran was centre half-forward, John Clifford and Denis Clifford were at midfield and Jerome Conway was at centre halfback.


Final on Sun. 1st Nov. at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Laune Rangers drew with Kenmare.

When the Rangers, who were four points in arrears early in the second half, failed to convert a penalty, it looked as if Kenmare would be easy winners. However, a great rally, in which the Rangers launched attack after attack on the Kenmare goal, reaped its reward and it was Kenmare who had to fight hard in the end to get the equalising score with virtually the last kick of the game. Laune Rangers had been awarded a scoreable free but Johnny O Connor took a short free to John Paul Cahillane. However, the referee deemed that John Paul was too close to the free-taker and reversed the free. Kenmare came down the field and scored the equaliser. Pat O Riordan, Teddy Mangan, Joe Crowley, Johnny O Connor, Jerome Conway, Seamus Curran, John P. Cahillane and Declan Falvey were the outstanding players for Laune Rangers.


Final replay on Sun. 22nd Nov. at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: Laune Rangers 1-9; Kenmare 0-3.

Giving a power-packed display of fast, open football, Laune Rangers completely swamped Kenmare in an over-robust final replay. So completely were they on top that Kenmare failed to score in the second half.

The spirit and enthusiasm of the players, which were in evidence right through the campaign, were vital factors in that great win. On Sunday evening a large cavalcade of cars conveyed the team into the town and the usual celebrations were rounded off when the players were guests at a meal at Mrs. O Neill’s on Sunday evening.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, John Joy, Teddy Mangan, John Clifford (capt.), Barry Harmon, Jerome Conway, Willie Murphy, John P. Cahillane, Denis Clifford, Johnny O Connor, Seamus Curran, Pat O Riordan, Declan Falvey, Paud O Sullivan, Joe Crowley. Subs: Frank O Dwyer, Tom Curtayne, Pat O Grady, Michael Foley, Sean O Riordan, James O Riordan, John Evans. Pat Lynch, who had played in the drawn game, opted to play with Killarney in the Co. Senior Hurling Championship Final against Kilmoyley. Mort Collins had been injured in the drawn game and was unable to play in the replay.

Laune Rangers - County Novice Champions 1970

Kneeling: Joe Crowley, Barry Harmon, Murt Collins, Tom Curtayne, John Clifford (capt.), Seamus Naughton, John Evans, Johnny O Connor.
Middle: Pa O Grady, Michael Foley, Paud O Sullivan, Jerome Conway, John Joy, Sean O Riordan, Denis Clifford, Declan Falvey, Pat O Riordan.
Back: Seamus Curran, James O Riordan, Willie Murphy, Teddy Mangan, Pat Lynch.

Mid-Kerry Senior Championship


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 25th June at Beaufort: Beaufort lost to Laune Rangers.

Semi-final on Sun. 30th Aug: Laune Rangers 3-6; Glenbeigh 0-7.

Final on Sat. 12th Sept. at Milltown: Laune Rangers v Keel.

The Mid-Kerry Board called off the final because Keel refused to play due to injuries to players. The final was deferred until 1971, as Laune Rangers embarked on their planned visit to the USA..


Final on Sun. 4th April 1971 at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-7; Keel 1-7.

A great result! That was surely the verdict of most spectators at that final. Good old rivals, Keel and Laune Rangers, served up a great hour’s entertainment. The game, despite a first half of injuries, was very clean. It was a typical Mid-Kerry Championship Final and the superb fitness of both teams had to be marvelled at. There was no let up right to the final whistle.

Laune Rangers shocked their supporters by leaving their star fullback, Pat O Shea, on the sideline and they very nearly paid the penalty for such an unwise move. Without him, the entire defence was jittery and, at times, in a state of panic. When Pat O Shea did come into the side, there was a new sense of security in the defence and the team as a whole began to play with greater confidence.

Keel, however, seemed to have the damage done in the opening quarter, when they forged ahead by 1-2 to 0-2 despite playing into a strong wind. They owed their supremacy to the great midfield work of Mick Carey, who completely out-fielded and, at times, outfoxed the Rangers’ pairing, who seemed to bunch too much. At halftime, the teams were level at 1-2 to 0-5.

During the interval, the Rangers’ mentors made some positional switches and, on the resumption, the side seemed to play better. However, it was Keel that forged ahead by two points after ten minutes play. An injury forced Mick Carey to retire and that unsettled Keel for a while. Rangers launched attack after attack on the Keel goal only to be beaten back by a sound fullback line of Paddy O Shea, Owen Moriarty and Jim O Connor. When the Killorglin boys did break through, they got the score they wanted, a goal following a free by Pat O Riordan. With Timmy Doyle then lording it at midfield, Laune Rangers kept up the pressure and Keel began to wilt. With eight minutes left, three points separated the sides and everything pointed to the Rangers’ victory. However, Keel refused to give in and, with one minute left, they had succeeded in reducing the deficit to one point. Then came Keel’s dramatic equaliser. Rangers’ Paul Lucey gained possession and soloed towards the Keel goal. However, instead of having a bash at a score, he tried to place a colleague and his pass was intercepted. The ball travelled up the field and Eamonn Cournane kicked the equaliser.

Jerry Coffey was Laune Rangers’ man-of-the-match, especially when he was moved to the halfback line. Timmy Doyle had better games but he was masterly in the second half. Pat O Grady had a great hour and proved that he was the best minor goalkeeper in the county. Pat O Shea, when he came on, his brother Michael and Tom Curran were others to stand out in defence. Frank Russell, on the forty, kept Tom Prendergast busy. Little could be said in praise of the other attackers, who seemed incapable of setting up a combined movement, working more as individuals. As well as the above mentioned, Eamonn Crowley, Jerome Conway and John Paul Cahillane also played.

Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh). Umpires, appointed by the Mid-Kerry Board at its meeting on 15th March, were Paddy Clifford and George McKenna (both Milltown/Castlemaine), Kevin Griffin and Neilie O Sullivan (both Glenbeigh). Linesmen were James Mangan (Milltown/Castlemaine) and Dodo O Mahony (Glenbeigh). The gate receipts were £50.50.

At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the Secretary was instructed to write to Timmy Doyle (Laune Rangers) and Tom Evans (Keel) re an incident during the game.


Final replay on Sun. 9th May at Milltown: Laune Rangers 1-13; Keel 3-4.

Laune Rangers had laid the Keel bogey! There were mixed scenes of emotion and jubilation amongst the Killorglin players, supporters and officials when the final whistle was sounded in the Paddy Burke Memorial Park, Milltown. Laune Rangers had at last defeated their age-old rivals, Keel, in a championship decider and, in doing so, they also maintained their own record of never having been beaten in a championship replay.

That was a hard-fought game, maybe a bit too hard at times. The tackling was tough, the marking was close and, as a result, there wasn’t too much spectacular football. However, the large crowd got more than its share of thrills and excitement and the thirty players were cheered on and on as both sides strove with all their might to become the 1970 Mid-Kerry Champions. Supporters on both sides lost their heads, but who could blame them if their tempers rose during that titanic struggle.

It was a strange looking Laune Rangers team that took the field. There were twelve positional and two changes in personnel from the team that started off in the drawn game a month previously. But those were the changes that paid off. Playing with the aid of a stiff breeze in the first half, Laune Rangers got off to a flying start with Michael O Shea running onto a fisted ball and finding the net. That was only the first that was seen of the great-hearted O Shea, who was surely the man-of-the-match as far as Killorglin was concerned. With Timmy Doyle and Patsy Joy dominating the exchanges at midfield, the Keel defence was under constant pressure. Most danger came from Michael O Shea on the left wing and Jerry Coffey on the right. They made full use of the varying and, at times, brilliant distribution of the ball by the midfielders, who were playing their best ever game as a partnership. Keel tried everything to curb the dominance of the Killorglin pair, but failed and it is hard to understand why they did not pull Tom Prendergast back in defence in an effort to stop what looked like a Rangers’ riot.

After twenty-five minutes, the Killorglin side led by 1-9 to 0-2. A difference between two players put a halt to the game for a few minutes and when play resumed, the Rangers seemed to have lost their grip. Just before halftime, Keel got the tonic that they needed, when Timmy Hannifin deflected home a goal from a fine Denny O Shea cross. That put Keel back into the game with a great chance and at the interval they trailed by 1-9 to 1-2.

On the resumption, the game started off at a blistering pace and both sides had attacks beaten off. Then, after five minutes, full-forward, Eamonn Cournane got his hand to a high ball in the Killorglin square and cut Keel’s arrears further. Joe Crowley and Denny O Shea exchanged points and then, with points in the thirteenth and fourteenth minutes, Michael O Shea restored Rangers’ confidence and they led by 1–12 to 2-3. But two minutes later, a Rangers’ defender deflected a fierce Denny O Shea dive over his own goal-line and Keel looked like saving the day when Tom Prendergast pointed. However, the Rangers’ defence gave away no more scores and, with Jerry Coffey playing his heart out in the halfback line, all paths to goal were shut off. Tom Curran made two great bursts up the field from his own goal-line and, in the twenty seventh minute, Pat O Riordan put the Rangers three points up. The final three minutes had belonged to the winners, who finished the stronger.

Scorers for Keel were Denny O Shea 1-2, Timmy Hannifin 1-0; Eamonn Cournane 1-0, Tom Prendergast 0-2. After the game, Mid-Kerry Chairman, Pat O Shea, who had played at fullback for the winners, presented the Kennedy Cup to his captain and full-forward, Frank Russell. The gate receipts were £44.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Tom Curran, Pat O Shea, Paul Lucey, Seamus Curran, Billy Dodd, Barry Harmon, Timmy Doyle, Patsy Joy (0-2), Jerry Coffey, Noel Lucey (0-1), Michael O Shea (1-2), Joe Crowley (0-1), Frank Russell (capt.) 0-1, Pat O Riordan (0-6). Sub: Teddy Mangan, Eamonn Crowley, Jerome Conway, John Paul Cahillane.

Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).

Frank Russell (Anglont)

Frank Russell (Anglont)
Won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championships with Laune Rangers in 1967, ’69, ’70, ’73 & ’83
Captain of Laune Rangers in 1970, 1976 and 1980
Played with Kerry Minor Footballers in 1968
Played with Kerry U-21 Footballers in 1970
Played with NFL with Kerry in 1972 and 1973

Mid-Kerry Senior League


Laune Rangers entered two teams.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 22nd Feb. in Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-0; Glenbeigh 1-8.

Keel ‘B’ 1-5; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-4.

Micheál Scanlon, James Coffey and Sean O Reilly were in charge of the ‘B’ team.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 1st March in Keel: Keel ‘B’ 2-6; Laune Rangers ‘B’1-3.

Despite the defeat, the club was delighted with the fine reserve talent at its disposal. The game was a most entertaining one. The two Keel goals, one in the first minute and the second at a time when Laune Ranghers were on top, were of the soft variety and knocked the heart out of some of the players. Michael O Connell, at centre-halfback, John Clifford, at midfield, Murt Collins, at full-forward, Steve Joe Cahillane, in attack and defence, and Frank McGillycuddy, at corner-back, as well as goalie, Pat O Grady, were players that caught the eye and would be pushing for a place on the Senior Club team.

In Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune Rangers ‘A’.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 15th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ drew with Miltown/Castlemaine.

Tues. 17th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ scr; Beaufort w/o.

At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the points were awarded to Beaufort as Laune Rangers ‘B’ did not field a team on time.


Rd. 4 on Fri. 27th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ v Laune Rangers ‘B’.

The gate yielded £1-1-6.


Rd. 5 on Sun. 12th April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 1-10; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 0-7.

At Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Keel’A’.


Semi-finals on Sun. 3rd May at Milltown: Keel ‘A’ 1-11; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 0-4.

As the score line suggested, that was an easy win for Keel. After a good, entertaining first half, Keel proved much too strong for a strangely subdued Killorglin side in a most disappointing second period. From the start, Laune Rangers were on top in most parts of the field, but a very shrewd move by Keel brought Tom Prendergast to the ‘forty’ from corner-forward, where he was having a lean time. The brilliance of Timmy Doyle at centre halfback was immediately curtailed and, as the game wore on, Prendergast began to do more and more damage and it was a pity that Seamus Curran was not moved from his corner-back position to mark him.

Laune Rangers had their outstanding performer in Denis O Neill at left halfback, while Seamus Curran, Frank Russell, Pat Ahern, Pat O Riordan, Enda Curtayne and goalie, Noel Lucey, acquitted themselves very well. Ref: Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh).

Milltown/Castlemaine 1-7; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-4.


Neither of Laune Rangers’ teams made the semi-finals.


Mid-Kerry O Sullivan Cup

That was the first time that the O Sullivan Trophy was played for.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 18th Oct. at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers.

Losers’ Rd. on Sun. 8th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-5.

Semi-final on Sun. 15th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-13; Beaufort 0-5.

Beaufort, without the Lynch’s and Jim Coughlan, put up a great fight for forty minutes and, at that stage, only trailed by a single point. However, the locals were much too fit and were easy winners in the end.


Final on Sun. 13th Dec. at Milltown: Laune Rangers 3-5; Glenbeigh 0-7.

That was one of the dirtiest games ever played in Mid-Kerry. What a pity that those two sides, who had thrilled their supporters with fine, clean football, should have been involved in that tempestuous game in which a player from each side was sent to the line. It was indeed remarkable that only one player was injured in a game in which fists and boots were used.

Despite the amount of unsporting play, however, some fine football was also served up in bad underfoot conditions. Laune Rangers proved once again that they were Glenbeigh’s bogey team. The sides were level at halftime (1-1 to 0-4). On the resumption, the Rangers gained control at midfield and, as a result, their forwards began to make things very unhappy for the Glenbeigh defence. The introduction of Paul Lucey to the attack and the switching of Frank Russell to midfield were vital moves by the Rangers’ mentors. The team settled down much better in all departments. The only time that Glenbeigh threatened danger in the second half was when Pat Griffin gained possession, but he got little or no support.

Timmy Doyle and Neilie O Sullivan were sent off by the referee. Pat O Grady, in goals for Rangers, had a brilliant hour, bringing off three super saves at a time when Glenbeigh were really putting on the pressure. He was Rangers’ man-of-the-match. Pat O Riordan also played a great game, scoring 1-3 of his side’s total. Seamus Curran, Timmy Doyle, Frank Russell, Pat Ahern and Paul Lucey were others to leave a big imprint on the game. For Glenbeigh, Teddy Bowler, Neilie O Sullivan, Jerry O Riordan, Mike O Grady, Jimmy O Shea and Kevin Griffin were best.

After the game, Mrs. O Sullivan, Glenbeigh, presented the Diarmuid O Sullivan Memorial Trophy, which commemorated her late husband, to Frank Russell, captain of Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers: Pat O Grady, Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Eamonn Crowley, John Paul Cahillane, Pat Ahern, Jerome Conway, Patsy Joy, Timmy Doyle, Pat O Riordan, Seamus Curran, Frank Russell, Jerry Coffey, Noel Lucey, Tom Curran. Subs: Paul Lucey for Pat O Shea (inj.), Denis O Neill.

Ref: Michael Carey (Keel).


Mid-Kerry Novice Championship

That was the first year of the Novice Championship. Laune Rangers had to nominate its first fifteen players, none of whom could play in that competition. Players from the other clubs, who had played with Mid-Kerry in the Co. Senior Championship on 1969 or 1970, could not play. The competition was played on a single league basis.


Rd. 1 on Sat. 9th May at Keel: Keel v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 24th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-6; Beaufort 1-2.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 25th July at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Sat. 8th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Milltown/Castlemaine.

Semi-final on Sun. 8th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-5; Glenbeigh 0-3.


Final on Sun. 6th Dec. at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 4-4; Laune Rangers 2-3.

The game was played in atrocious weather conditions but both sides served up exciting football. The result was a surprise. Best for the winners, who led by 2-4 to 0-0 at the interval, were Willie Spring, James Mangan, Paddy Clifford, Willie Mangan, Willie Murphy, John Burke, John P. O Sullivan, Jim Daly and Dan Kelliher. Best for Laune Rangers were Teddy Mangan, John Clifford, John P. Cahillane, Mike O Shea, Seamus Curran, Frank O Dwyer and Pat O Riordan.

Ref: Michael Carey (Keel).


Senior Football Parish League

There were three teams, Upper Town/Laharn, Farrentoreen/Caragh Lake and Over Laune/Lower Town.


Rd. 1 on Tues. 28th July: Upper/Town/Laharn v Farrentoreen/Caragh Lake.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 5th Aug: Over Laune/Lower Town v The winners.


Final on Sun. 10th Jan. 1971: Over Laune/Lower Town 3-5; Farrentoreen/Caragh Lake 2-5.

The O Sullivan Park was in great condition for that game, which was played in ideal weather conditions and produced some first-class and exciting football.

After the game, Billy Dodd (Ass. Sec. in 1971) presented the John ‘Scart’ Clifford Trophy to Barry Harmon, captain of the winning team.

Over Laune/Lower Town: Sean McKenna (goals), Murt Collins, Teddy Mangan, John Clifford, Barry Harmon, Jerome Conway, John R. Wharton, Denis Clifford, Frank Russell, Jimmy O Shea, Jerry Coffey, Declan Falvey, Maurice Harmon, Patsy Joy, John Evans. Sub: Jimmy Doona.

Farentoreen/Caragh Lake: Seamus Naughton (goals), Pat Horgan, Pat O Shea, John Joy, Willie Murphy, Tom Curran, Sean O Riordan, Johnny O Connor, Paul Lucey, Pat O Sullivan, Seamus Curran, Mike O Shea, Gene Ahern, Noel Lucey, Brendan O Sullivan. Sub: Pat Joy.


Senior Challenge Games


Sun. 29th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Tarbert 2-8.

Despite a very cold wind, the players served up some great football and the fitter Tarbert side were winners. The locals used the game to try out new material. In the Tarbert notes in the Kerryman on the following week, the writer said that it had been a pleasure to play against such a sporting team.


Sun. 28th June at Dingle: West-Kerry 3-5; Laune Rangers 0-14.

Fri. 3rd July at Castleisland: Castleisland v Laune Rangers.

Thurs. 9th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Legion.

Sat. 5th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Listry.


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 26th Aug. at Killarney: Mid-Kerry beat John Mitchels.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 11th Oct. at Killarney: Mid-Kerry beat Kenmare.

Semi-final at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry beat Mid-Kerry.


Co. Minor Football League

Laune Rangers played with Mid-Kerry in the Co. Minor League.


Sat. 28th March at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry beat John Mitchels.

Sat. 11th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry beat St. Brendan’s.

Semi-final on Sun. June 21st at Killarney: Mid-Kerry beat Kenmare.

Final on Fri. 17th July at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry v South-Kerry.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Commitee – Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Kieran Foley, Patsy Joy and Declan Falvey.

It was decided to play the competition on a single league basis, with the top two teams qualifying for the final.

Rd. 1 on Mon. 27th July at Beaufort: Beaufort v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 3rd Aug. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 3 on Sat. 15th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Keel.

Rd. 4 on Sat. 22nd Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Glenbeigh.

Semi-final on Sun. 13th Sept. at Milltown: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

Final in Sept: Laune Rangers 2-7; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-4.

Laune Rangers: Teddy Moriarty, John Evans, Francis McGillycuddy, Michael Cahillane, Paddy Lynch, Eamonn Looney, Barry Harmon, Jerry Coffey, Denis Clifford, Anthony Foley, Mike O Shea, Charlie Fitzgerald, Brendan Doyle, Iraneus Looney, Patie O Connor.


Co. U-16 Football Championship

The competition involving Group teams at that age-group was dispensed with.

There were eleven teams in the Urban Section and they were divided into three groups:

Group 1 – Austin Stacks, Listowel, Castleisland and Dr. Crokes.

Group 2 – Dingle, Laune Rangers, John Mitchels and Kerins O Rahillys.

Group 3 – Legion, Kenmare and Cahersiveen.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th June at Dingle: Dingle scr; Laune Rangers w/o.

Dingle did not have a team.


Rd 1 re-fixture on Fri. 3rd July at Keel: Laune Rangers 2-9; Dingle 1-1.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 6th July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 5-3; Kerins O Rahillys 2-2.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 20th July at Tralee: John Mitchels 0-2; Laune Rangers 1-9.

That was a rough, tough encounter. At a subsequent Co. Bord na nOg meeting, the referee’s report was discussed. The Austin Stack’s delegate, who obviously had attended the game, claimed that the report was mild. He further commented on the language used by a Mitchel’s player, who also deliberately had kicked a Killorglin player. He praised the restraint shown by the Killorglin players. Pat O Shea also stated that the referee’s report had been mild.


Semi-final on Sat. 1st Aug. in Killarney: Austin Stacks 5-12; Laune Rangers 4-7.

Laune Rangers started strongly and, after ten minutes, had opened up a four points lead. Austin Stacks fought back and, with five minutes left in the first half, had cut their arrears to one point. The Laune Rangers’ defence had been under pressure and Mikey Sheehy, the Stacks’ captain, caught a high centre and left footed the ball to the net, to leave his side ahead by two points at the break.

The second half started much like the first, with Laune Rangers attacking strongly. They took the lead again when a fourteen yards’ free was driven all the way to the net. They added three more points after that and seemed destined for certain victory. The game then turned in favour of the Tralee side and they scored 3-6 without reply.

On that Laune Rangers’ team were Francis McMahon, Con Doherty, Gerald O Sullivan, Anthony O Sullivan, James Cahillane, Francis O Doherty, Tommy Woods, Noel Prendiville, Jimmy O Shea, John Evans, Cathrach Scanlon, Sylvester Cronin, Iraneus Looney and John McCarthy.


Co. Final on Mon. 10th Aug. at Tralee: Austin Stacks 6-7; Legion 2-4.


Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship


Semi-final on Mon. 7th Sept. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers.

Final on Sat. 19th Sept. at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Keel.


Co. U-14 Championship

The competition involving group-teams at that age-group was discontinued.

Laune Rangers were grouped with the same teams as at U-16 level.

Rd. 1 on Sat. 2nd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Dingle.

Rd. 2 on Sat. 16th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers lost to John Mitchels.


Co. Final on Sat. 13th June at Killorglin: John Mitchels 1-11; St. Mary’s 0-4.

Ref: Denis O Neill (Laune Rangers).


Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship

Group A: Milltown, Keel and Beaufort.

Group B: Laune Rangers ‘A’, Laune Rangers ‘B’ and Glenbeigh.

The top two teams in each group qualified for the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Mon. 20th April at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Laune Rangers ‘A’.

Rd. 2 on Mon. 27th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ v Glenbeigh.

Rd. 3 on Mon. 4th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ v Laune Rangers ‘B’.

Semi-final on Wed. 1st July at Milltown: Keel beat Laune Rangers ‘A’..


Final on Fri. 11th Sept. at Milltown: Milltown beat Keel.


U-14 Football Parish League

There were six teams, Sunhill/Tullig, Over Laune/Lower Town, Caragh Lake/Rangue, Market Street/Mill Road, Iveragh Road/Laharn and Langford Street/St. James’ Gardens.


Semi-finals on Sun. 28th June: Caragh Lake/Rangue 2-5; Iveragh Road/Laharn 1-5.

Sunhill/Tullig 2-2; Market Street/Mill Road 1-1.

Final on Sun. 5th July: Caragh Lake/Rangue 2-6; Sunhill/Tullig 1-3.

Third and fourth place play-off: Market Street/Mill Road 2-1; Iveragh Road/Laharn 0-1.

Caragh Lake/Rangue: Tom Moriarty, Teddy O Mahony, Teddy Clifford, James O Shea, Seamus O Shea, Michael F. O Shea, Gerard O Shea, Denis Murphy and J. Cronin.

Iveragh Road/Laharn: Luke Moriarty, Cyril Moriarty, John O Riordan, Pat Foley, Danno Woods, Jerry Kissane, Mícheál Scanlon.

Sunhill/Tullig: Danny Healy, John O Riordan, Martin O Riordan, Bertie Houlihan, Anthony O Sullivan, Patrick O Sullivan, Stephen O Sullivan, Harry Carey and O. Kissane.

Market Street/Mill Road: Declan Crowley, Dominick Crowley, Michael Foley, Tim McCarthy, Joe McCarthy, John Mangan, Gerard Cahillane and Liam Woods.

The winning team was presented with the Clifford/Curtin Trophy.

Iveragh Road/Laharn

Iveragh Road/Laharn
Front (L to r): John Whelan, John O Riordan, Pa Foley.
Back: Mícheál Scanlon, Jerry Kissane, Tim O Riordan.

Market St/Mill Road

Market St/Mill Road
Front: Gerard Cahillane, Joe McCarthy, Derek Freeman, Dominic Crowley, Des Houlihan.
Back: Tim McCarthy, Stephen Costello, Francis Mangan, Michael Foley, Declan Crowley



U-12 Football Tournament

Austin Stacks organised an U-12 Tournament on Mon. 1st June. There were twelve teams from all parts of Kerry. The teams were divided into four groups of three teams each and the top two teams in each group went forward to the quarter-finals. Laune Rangers were in a group with Legion and John Mitchels ‘B’.


Rd. 1: Laune Rangers 3-5; John Mitchels ‘B’ 2-0.

Rd. 2: Legion 2-3; Laune Rangers 0-3.

Quarter-final: John Mitchel’s ‘A’ 4-0; Laune Rangers 0-1.

Losers’ Quarter-final: Austin Stacks 2-2; Laune Rangers 0-1.

Laune Rangers U-12 ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams at the Austin Stacks 7-a-side Blitz 1970

Laune Rangers U-12 ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams at the Austin Stacks 7-a-side Blitz 1970
Front (l to r): Paudie Healy, Finbarr Coffey, Seamus O Shea, Teddy Kissane.
Kneeling: Maurice Sweeney, Derek Freeman, Dominic Crowley, Liam Woods, John O Riordan, Gerard O Shea, Michael F. O Shea.
Back: Tommy Crowley, Cyril Moriarty, Denis Murphy, Jerry Kissane, Edward Keane, (?), Don Moriarty.

Schools’/Colleges Football


Munster Senior Colleges Championship

Sat. 7th Nov. at Tralee: Coláiste Íosagáin, Baile Bhúirne 2-11; Tralee CBS 1-7.

Johnny O Connor, Ardmoniel, scored 0-4.


Co. Senior Vocational Schools Championship

Wed. 21st Oct. at Kenmare: Kenmare v Killorglin.


Munster U-21 Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th April at Emly: Tipperary 0-4; Tipperary 2-10.

Frank Russell played at midfield.

Semi-final on Wed. 15th July at Cork: Cork 2-13; Kerry 0-10.

Frank Russell was a substitute.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd May at Dungarvan: Waterford 1-6; Kerry 0-10.

Patsy Joy was selected as a substitute.

Rd. 2 at Askeaton: Limerick 1-5; Kerry 2-12.

Final on Wed. 1st July at Skibbereen: Cork 2-10; Kerry 2-9.

Kerry: Gerry Dennehy, Tom O Donnell, Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), Paudie O Shea (Waterville), Tom O Sullivan (Finuge), John O Keeffe (Austin Stacks), J. O Grady, Donal Kavanagh (Dr. Crokes), Sean O Shea (Waterville) 0-1, Pat Joe McSweeney (Listry) 1-0, Tommy O Regan (Austin Stacks) 1-5, Paudie Lynch (Beaufort), Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), P.J. McIntyre (Kenmare) 0-2, John Saunders (Rathmore) 0-1. Subs: Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers) for D. Kavanagh, Sean O Shea (St. Mary’s) for J. Saunders. Ref: John Moloney (Tipperary).

Co. Senior Hurling Championship

The local players played with Killarney.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th May at Killarney: Killarney 2-7; Austin Stacks 3-12.

Pat Lynch played at right half-forward and scored 0-2.


Losers’ Rd on Sat. 6th June at Tralee: Killarney beat Listowel.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 12th July at Tralee: Killarney beat Abbeydorney.


Semi-final on Sun. 11th Oct. at Tralee: Killarney 1-6; Ballyduff 0-8.

Pat Lynch was a substitute.


Final on Sun. 22nd Nov. at Tralee: Kilmoyley 2-12; Killarney 4-4.

Pat Lynch came on as a substitute for Tadhgie Fleming.


South-Kerry Senior Hurling


League Final on Sun. 13th Dec. at Tralee: Killarney 4-11; Austin Stacks 2-4.

Killarney: Mickey Culloty, Jim Casey, Bill Moloney, Mickey Culloty, Ultan Breen, Noel Power, Denis Russell, Derry Crowley, Brendan Lynch, Sean Kavanagh, Dan Kelliher, Johnny Culloty, Pat Lynch, Mick Spillane, Con O Meara. Subs: Christy Nolan for C. O Meara, Pat Malone for S. Kavanagh, Richie Williams for J. Culloty.

Killarney Senior Hurling Team – South-Kerry Champions 1970

Killarney Senior Hurling Team – South-Kerry Champions 1970
Front: Richie Williams, Tim Healy, Johnny Culloty, Derry Crowley, Tadhgie Fleming, Denny Russell (capt.), Tom Prendergast, Brendan Lynch, Christy Nolan, Mickey Culloty, Pa Doyle.
Back: Donie Brosnan, Joe Doherty, Michael Culloty, Pat Cronin, Pat Lynch (Killorglin), Paudie Lynch, Sean Kavanagh, Bro. Angelus, Kieran O Keeffe, Ultan Breen, John Keogh, Dan Kelliher, Billy Moloney, Pat Malone, Con O Meara, Noel Power, Jim Casey, Mick Spillane, Batt Hourigan, Michael Dowling.Kneeling (l to r): Pat Lynch (Killorglin), Billy Mahony, Tadhgie Fleming, Con O Meara (capt.), Mickey Culloty, Tom Prendergast, Brendan Lynch.
Standing: Michael Culloty, Ultan Breen, Derry Crowley, Rev. Bro Angelus, Denis Russell, Mick Spillane, Dan Kelliher, Johnny Culloty



Pat Fanning, Port Láirge, was elected as Uachtarán CLG. At the Annual Congress, the All-Ireland Club Championships were inaugurated. Playing time for the Provincial finals, All-Ireland semi-finals and finals was increased to 80 minutes.


Munster Council Convention was held in Cork on 28th Feb. Paddy Joe Ryan, Luimneach, was Chairman, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Tadhg Crowley, Ciarraí, was Treasurer.


Co. Convention was held on Sun. 25th Jan. 1970 in Killarney. Jim Brosnan was re-elected as Chairman, Gerald McKenna as Vice-Chairman, Tadhg Crowley as Secretary, Tadhg Prendivile and Murt Galvin as Treasurers, John Barrett as PRO, John Joe Sheehy and Murt Kelly as Munster Council delegates and Micheál O Ruairc as Central Council Delegate.

There was an election for the Senior Football Selection Committee and all the outgoing selectors were returned as follows: Mick O Dwyer (98), Johnny Walsh (80), Rev. Denis Curtin (68), Mort Kelly (61), Joe Keohane (59). Others to contest the election were Bernie O Callaghan (53) and Paddy Bawn Brosnan (41).

Laune Rangers had one motion on the ‘clár’, ‘That control of all minor activity be given to Bord na nOg.’ After a long discussion, James Coffey agreed to have the minors looked after by a special sub-committee of the Board. At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 25th March the Committee was set up with Larry Dowd (Castleisland) as Chairman and James Coffey (Laune Rangers) as Secretary.

Mícheál Scanlon was appointed by the Mid-Kerry Board as the area’s representative on the Co. Minor Selection Committee.


The following officers were elected at the AGM of Bord na nOg Chiarraí in Tralee on 18th Jan: Chairman – Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford), Vice-Chairman – Father James Linnane (Killarney), Secretary – Denis Horgan (Tralee), Treasurer – Sylvie Mason (John Mitchels), Registrar – Sean Murphy (Austin Stacks). Laune Rangers were represented by Pat O Shea (Rangue) and Pat Lynch (Dromavalla). It was decided that the existing form of Co. Championships would be altered and that divisional teams would be abolished. At the meeting on 17th Feb. Johnny Walsh resigned as Chairman as he had been re-elected at Co. SF selector. At the meeting on 24th Feb. Father James Linnane was elected as Chairman and Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) was elected Vice-Chairman.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on 20th Jan. 1970 in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin. (The Secretary’s report is give at the end of 1969). The Chairman, Willie Barton, in the course of his address, welcomed the delegates to the Convention. He congratulated Pat Griffin, Tom Prendergast, Brendan Lynch and Teddy Bowler on their successes with the Kerry Senior Football team in 1969. He said that they were worthy representatives of Mid-Kerry. He congratulated Keel on winning the Intermediate Championship and stated that Waterville was the only team, outside of Mid-Kerry, to beat Keel since 1967. He paid tribute to Pat O Shea, who trained the Mid-Kerry minor and senior teams, as well as looking after Bord na nOg. The Chairman said that there were many faults to be found with the whole structure of the association in the area. Lack of team spirit and determination was very much in evidence with the senior team. Their display against Waterville was close to farcical. That coalition representing Mid-Kerry would fold up at the first sign of a crisis and unless something was done fast to remedy the ills, there was no future for Mid-Kerry football. Some of the players did not know each other and it was up to the incoming Board to draw up a programme to ensure that the players would meet more often socially rather than waiting for games before they could get to know each other. If Mid-Kerry failed in that, they should step aside and not hinder go-ahead clubs from getting on with ambitious programmes. The Chairman said that the Board needed a good PRO. During the year, they had four players on the Kerry Junior team and yet only one was able to get a place on the team against Waterville. The Co. Selectors were getting the wrong information about the Mid-Kerry players and it would be part of the PRO’s job to keep the Co. Selectors informed about the players in all grades. It would also be the PRO’s job to see to it that the games got the publicity that they needed. He appealed to the clubs to appoint younger selectors and he asked convention to put aside the bye-laws that prohibited players from becoming members of the Senior Selection Committee. He also said that the Board should appoint the selectors and, in that way, the selectors would not, as they were then, subjected to their clubs. He said that the gates in Mid-Kerry were bad because too many games were played in Killorglin and because the Board did not see to it that the games started on time. He said that the clubs should put an admittance fee of £10 before being allowed take part in the district competitions. Concluding, the Chairman thanked all who had worked so hard for the Board during the year and he hoped that, during the ‘70’s, Mid-Kerry would continue to be one of the top areas in Kerry football.

The Treasurer, James Coffey, in his report, showed a credit balance of £68-1-11 but it was pointed out that there were outstanding bills of £60 (approx.). Tom Lynch proposed the adoption of the report and Father Kelly seconded.

Election of Officers:

Chairman – There were four nominations for the position. Father Kelly and John Burke withdrew their names. In the ensuing vote, Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) was elected by 12 votes to 10 votes for Ned O Shea (Keel). The new Chairman thanked the members for electing him. He was sorry that Ned O Shea had been beaten. He appealed for co-operation from all the clubs. He said that there appeared to have been a rift between some clubs in the area and, if that was true, he asked those clubs to bury the hatchet and make 1970 a great year.

Vice-Chairman – There were four nominations for the position. Sean O Reilly (Laune Rangers) withdrew his name. In the ensuing vote George McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine) was elected with 12 votes to 6 votes for Michael Carey (Keel) and 4 votes for Des O Connor (Glenbeigh).

Hon. Secretary – James Coffey (Laune Rangers).

Hon. Treasurer – Derry O Sullivan (Glenbeigh). Both James Coffey and Noel Shanahan had withdrawn their names.

Delegate to Co. Board – James Coffey.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That the Mid-Kerry League would start on the first vacant Sunday in February.’
  2. ‘That week-evening matches would be played in May, June, July and early August, provided that two weeks’ notice of fixture is given by the Board.’
  3. ‘That each club playing with the Mid-Kerry team provide one selector and two of those would take charge of the team when on the field.’
  4. ‘That the clubs can now nominate players from their teams to act as Mid-Kerry Senior Selectors.’


Seven Mid-Kerry Board meetings were held during the year in the Railway Hotel, all presided over by Pat O Shea, Chairman. The meetings were mainly of the fixture-making variety and referees’ reports were also dealt with. The O Sullivan Cup (Winter League) and Novice Championship were inaugurated during the year.


The following officers were elected at the AGM of Mid-Kerry Bord na nOg: Chairman – Brendan Ferriter (Castlemaine), Vice-Chairman – Johnny Barton (Glenbeigh), Secretary and Treasurer – Michael O Sullivan (Keel), PRO – James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


Eleven Laune Rangers Club meetings were held during the year.

A meeting of Laune Rangers club was held in the Railway Hotel on 9th Jan. Present were James Coffey (Chairman), Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Pat Lynch, Denis Lynch and Brendan O Reilly. The main topic under discussion was the grant from the Munster Council towards the development in the J.P. O Sullivan Park. The Secretary was instructed to outline the improvements in the park over the past number of years and the proposed improvements in the near future and forward same, to Murt Kelly, to be submitted to the Munster Council. It was reported that dampness had set in through the roof of the pavilion. The Secretary was asked to approach Euge Ahern, plumber, with a view to rectifying the problem. The club social was scheduled for the Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 19th Jan. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly, Brendan O Reilly and Paudie Foley. The previous night’s Tramps’ Ball was discussed. That had been the second Annual Tramps’ Ball. The flu epidemic had contributed to the fact that only two groups had taken part. Johnny Murphy, Lonart, as ‘The Tramp and his Son’ was chosen as the winner and ‘The McMahons from Armagh’ were second. The gross receipts had been £129-3-0. Expenses had been, Band (The Pat Burke Seven) – £50; CYMS + Johnny McCarthy – £17; Prizes – £10; Meals – £1-15-0; Advertisement – £9-18-6. Total expenses – £88-13-6. Profit – £40-9-6. Arrangements were made to meet in the Park on Saturday to discuss new gateway. The club pledged support for John Kerry O Donnell as GAA President. The following was the club’s choice for the Co. Senior Football Selection Committee – Mick O Dwyer, Murt Kelly, Paddy Bawn Brosnan, Johnny Walsh and Joe Keohane. The following was the club’s choice for the Co. Senior Hurling Selection Committee: Gabe McKenna (Ballyduff), John Joe O Sullivan (Ballyheigue), Richie Purcell (Kilgarvan), Jimmy Flaherty (Lixnaw) and Jackie Power (Austin Stacks). It was reported that Euge Ahern was still working at the roof of the pavilion, raising the water-tank, sealing the leaks and covering the gas cylinders. A load of screened sand (£8) was delivered by Jack Hayes (Milltown).

Present at the club meeting in the Railway hotel on 26th Jan. were James Coffey (Chairman), Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Sean O Reilly and Denis O Neill. The USA trip was discussed at length and a letter from John ‘Scart’ Clifford to Pat O Shea, outlining the details, was read. The first game would take place on 4th Oct. He guaranteed $2,000 profit from the tour. Paddy Crowley had made enquiries regarding chartered flights, which ranged from £55 to £90 per person, depending on the numbers in the group. James Coffey and Pat O Shea were appointed to take care of bookings and prospective passengers. Euge Ahern’s bill for the work of sealing and covering the gas tanks had been £36.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting on Mon. 23rd Feb. in attendance also were Mícheal Scanlon, Kevin Griffin, Brendan O Reilly, Sean O Reilly, Pat Lynch, Denis O Neill, B. Houlihan and M. Foley. The question of bands for Puck Fair was left unsolved, after a long discussion, the matter was left to the following meeting. It was decided to invest £200 in the local branch of the Credit Union and £200 in the GAA Credit Union. It was decided to give £5 towards the cost of purchasing boots and togs for a necessitous member of the club, to be repaid before August. During the course of the meeting, word came to Pat Lynch of the death of his mother-in-law. Simultaneously, the meeting learned of the death of Pat Ahern’s father. The meeting passed a vote of sympathy to the bereaved families before adjourning.

A club meeting took place in the Railway Hotel on 2nd March. Present were James Coffey (Chairman), Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Brendan O Reilly, Sean O Reilly, Pat Lynch, Paudie Foley and John Clifford. It was decided to consult with Brendan Keogh, engineer, re the enclosure of the pitch. The re-sodding of the goal-mouths in the pitch would be undertaken by Patrick O Sullivan (Rua) and Pat Kennedy.

The meeting of the club in the Railway Hotel on 9th March was presided over by James Coffey. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Denis O Neill, Sean O Reilly and Brendan O Reilly. The Chairman reported that Brendan Keogh had recommended concrete posts for the enclosure rather than tubular posts. The receipts from the two Talent Competition semi-finals had been £37-11-0 and £60-8-0 respectively.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 23rd March. Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Kevin Griffin, Pat Lynch and Michael O Connell also attended. Pat Lynch stated that the final of the Talent Competition had yielded £96. That included the proceeds of two raffles. The Secretary, on behalf of the club, had presented, on St. Patrick’s night, a cheque valued at £70 to Father O Leary. That amount represented half of the net profit from the Talent Competition. He stated that the competition had been an unqualified success and it should be again run on the following year. The gateway to the playing field was again discussed and Pat O Shea suggested that Michael O Connell should look after those requirements. Michael O Connell readily consented but he sought more specific details regarding design and dimensions. It was decided to meet him on the following Sunday at the field to finalise the matter. Permission was granted to Austin O Reilly, Rúnaí Gairm Scoileanne Chiarrai, to hold the Co. Vocational Schools Sports in the Park on 13th May.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 20th April. A large number of members attended in anticipation of an interesting talk on Bingo promotion from Tadhg Crowley, Secretary of the Kerry Co. Board. Unfortunately, Mr. Crowley, who had been due at 8.00pm, did not arrive until 10.45pm. Meanwhile, the members had some lively discussions. John Galvin, who had been on the premises, was asked if he would build a new gateway. He was willing to accept, but he said that he would be unable to carry out the work for at least two months. The Chairman was asked to clarify the position regarding financial aid towards members of the team on the forthcoming American Tour. The Secretary vehemently objected to the giving of any financial help to any player. He said that they all had ample notice of the tour and they could have saved up for it or, alternatively, sought help from the Credit Union. Many members of the committee supported the Secretary on that view that the money held by the club had been hard earned, accumulated solely for the club and not to be squandered for the pleasure of a few individuals. Tadhg Crowley congratulated the club on its promotion of the GAA Bingo. He also stated that the Board was about to give a grant of £500 to the club towards the building of the pavilion. The Chairman congratulated the senior team on the victory over Waterville. The Treasurer, Pat Lynch, found that he was £10 short from Bingo. The Secretary was named as the culprit. However, he refreshed the Chairman’’ memory by stating that he had given him the £10 in his shop. The whereabouts of the £10 was still a mystery.

An extraordinary General Meeting of the club was held in the Railway Hotel on 18th May. James Coffey presided. There was a very good attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to ascertain the cause of the lack of spirit in the Laune Rangers team during 1970 and to re-enkindle enthusiasm in the members and, particularly, in the playing members. It was decided that, in future, teams would be selected on the Monday before or after club meetings. Pat O Shea and Frank Russell tendered their resignations from the selection committee. William Kennedy did not find it feasible to travel for the selection of teams. John Clifford was appointed as captain of the Novice team. Brendan O Reilly asked for a Field Committee and he was asked to select the most suitable men available for the purpose of looking after the grounds and pavilion. Marking flags were missing after the Vocational Schools’ sports and Brendan O Reilly offered to provide a new set. The financial state of the club was as follows: Local Branch Credit Union – £200; GAA Credit Union – £200; Deposit Account – £460; Current Account – £55 debit balance; Cash in hand – £160; Bingo – £40. The Chairman was asked to enquire into the possibility of insuring club players travelling to and from games as well as on the playing field. The new GAA Bingo would commence on 30th May.

The meeting of the club in the Railway Hotel on 15th June was chaired by James Coffey. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Paudie Foley, Paddy Foley, Kevin Griffin, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Denis O Neill and Brendan O Reilly. The game, Laune Rangers versus Glenbeigh, yielded receipts of £42-13-6 but the dance on the same night yielded a loss of £45. The question of improving the enclosure was again discussed. Many suggestions were put forward and, finally, it was decided to buy a sufficient number of large concrete posts when the cement strike ended. The Secretary was asked to express the gratitude of the club to the Dooks Golf Club for the use of its mower.

At the club meeting on Mon. 26th Oct. the Chairman, James Coffey, paid glowing tributes to the various people and clubs that organised the club’s tour in New York, Boston and Hartford. ‘These people made us feel so much at home that the three weeks simply flew and the players and those who travelled with us brought home many memories of the tour,’ said James Coffey. The party had departed on Fri. 2nd Oct. and had returned home on Thurs. 22nd Oct. The team had played four games, winning two and losing two. In the opening game at Gaelic Park, the team had given a great account of itself and had thrilled the 2,500 spectators present. In that game, the New York team, which had been due to play Kerry on the following Sunday, had provided the opposition. On the following Friday night, 9th Oct, Laune Rangers had defeated Good Shepherd under lights. On Sunday 11th Oct. the team had given its best display when defeating Hartford at Hartford. On Sun. 18th Oct, they had been defeated by Boston Selected at Victory Field in Watertown, Mass. That had been the hardest game of the tour, with both sides giving and taking hard knocks. It was obvious that the game was far from dead in Boston with the attendance being the largest for years at a GAA match in the city. In all their games, the Killorglin team had played good, clean, sporting football and had been worthy ambassadors of the Kingdom.

James Coffey continued his report of the tour, “In New York, John ‘Scart’ Clifford and Stephen O Sullivan, Cromane, were the top men on the committee, set up to look after us during our stay in that city. Others on that committee, to whom we are so grateful, were Chris Keegan (Roscommon), Mr. and Mrs. Tim O Connell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank O Shea and Danny Twomey. The banquet organised by them in Gaelic Park on 9th Oct. was an outstanding success. During the banquet, John ‘Kerry’ O Donnell, who was associated with every movement of the team during its stay in New York, presented a beautiful trophy to the club as a souvenir of the games in Gaelic Park. He, also, contributed financially to the club. A former Laune Rangers’ player, Brendan Gill, and his wife, Nuala, were hosts to the team in Brendan’s pub in Brooklyn, where a most enjoyable night was had by all.

In Hartford, the Foley brothers from Keel and the Chairman of Hartford GAA, Jackie Griffin, from Cromane, made sure that our stay there would be most enjoyable. On arrival, the team was treated to a beautiful meal at Foleys’ club and then brought to the Hartford Club grounds, on which stands a really beautiful pavilion. Jackie Griffin expertly looked after our accommodation for the two nights’ stay. After the game on Sunday, the team was treated to wonderful meal at the club and drinks were on the house. We were amazed to see so many people at the game. They had travelled from New York and Boston. In fact, it was like playing a Mid-Kerry Championship game at Killorglin, there were so many people present from the Mid-Kerry area.

It is said in Boston that Jerry McKenna, Steelroe, is one of the most popular people in that city. Judging by the attendance at the game and the dances and reception for the Laune Rangers, this statement is certainly very true. It is unknown the amount of work Jerry put into the organising of our visit to Boston. Officers of the club and players were interviewed on the Irish Hour on two occasions. At the reception for the team, held in the Metropolitan Hall, Forrest Hill, Deputy-Sheriff, Ed Hanwick, representing the Sheriff of Suffolk County, presented a beautiful cup to commemorate our visit to Boston. Some members were brought on tour of Suffolk County Jail by Captain Dan Downey of Jamaica Plain, who hails from Killorglin. With Dan, who was so good to us in every way, were Denis Sheehan, a native of Lixnaw, Dan O Leary from Cullen, Co. Cork, Tom Hopkins from Galway and Bart Butler from Cork. Other hard workers on the committee, of which Jerry McKenna is Chairman, were Jimmy Maunsell, who is Chairman of the Kerry Club and one of the leading players on the Boston team, John and Mrs. Mahony, John and Mrs. Monaghan, Dan and Mrs. Ford, Brendan Quirke, Pat Callaghan, Mike Grady and Mrs. McKenna (Jerry’s wife). Tommy Shields of Galway introduces the Irish Hour on radio.

The New York men in charge of our tour, John Clifford and Stephen O Sullivan, were with the team in Hartford and Boston. John played in both venues at full-forward. Before we left for home, he was already organising a trip to Killorglin for a New York/Boston selection and a return tour for the Laune Rangers in 1972.”

Concluding his report, James Coffey thanked all those fine people in the three cities, who had given accommodation to the players during their visit. He also paid tribute to Aer Lingus for providing such wonderful service and to Mr. Joe Walsh, Dublin Travel Agent, who had left no stone unturned to see that the trip had been a success. Pat O Shea and Sean O Reilly also spoke of the tour and endorsed the remarks of the Chairman.

Timmy Doyle’s Birthday Party in Boston

Timmy Doyle’s Birthday Party in Boston
Pat O Shea, Timmy Doyle, Patie Sheehan, Edso Crowley, Frank Russell, Dan Doyle and James Mangan

Laune Rangers in Gaelic Park, New York, 1970

Laune Rangers in Gaelic Park, New York, 1970
Kneeling: Pat Ahern, Michael Foley, Seamus Curran, Michael O Shea, Jim ‘Fox’ Foley (Keel), Phil Scully (Listry), Ned O Shea (Keel), Edso Crowley.
Back: Sean O Reilly, Pat Clifford (Callanfercy), Jackie Kerins (do), James Mangan (Milltown), Patsy Joy, Frank Russell, Timmy Doyle, Pat O Shea, Mícheál Griffin (Glenbeigh), John Clifford, James Coffey.

James Coffey presided at the club meeting in the Railway Hotel on 9th Nov. Also in attendance were Mícheál Scanlon, Pat O Shea, Pat Lynch, Bendy O Dwyer, Brendan O Reilly, Kevin Foley, John Foley and Sean O Reilly. Pat O Shea gave a detailed account of the financial aspect of the American Tour as follows – Transactions in America:

Receipts:                              $3,690                                  Expenditure:

Social                                    $2,350                                    Field Day            $2,500

John K. O Donnell                 500                                    Social                        $1,950

Raffle at Hartford                93                                    Accommodation             250

Raffle at Boston                400                                    Travelling Exp.                 300

P. Cahillane, Sunhill        10                                      Travel to Boston                 348

Total                        $7,043                                            Kerry Boston GAA   500

Total                $5,898

The players were refunded £23 each and that left the club with a profit, from the American transactions, of £416.


Overall transactions:

Receipts:                                                            Expenditure:

Charter Flight                       £7,260            Cost of the plane                        £7,082

Profit from American Transactions 416   Denis Lynch (Taxi)                 8

Total                        £7,676                             James Coffey (Sundry)             10

Pat O Shea (Sundry)                 10-19-0

Postage & Stationery                   24-10-4

Total                        £7,135 – 9-4

Net profit to the club = £540-9-4.

All those who had travelled were loud in their praise of the tour and especially of the unbounded hospitality extended to them by Kerry exiles. The Secretary was asked to write to the following expressing the gratitude of the club for the enthusiastic reception given to the travellers during their stay:

Stephen O Sullivan, New York; John Clifford, New York; John Kerry O Donnell, New York; John Maunsell, Massachusetts; Paddy Foley.

The meeting gave Pat O Shea permission to erect floodlighting on one side of the pitch for winter training. Kevin Foley was instructed to ask Frank Healy to hang a main gate at the entrance to the field.

At a special meeting of Laune Rangers Club on Mon. 23rd Nov. a vote was taken to abolish the ‘ban’. Representatives of past and present players and ordinary members attended and the matter was dealt with in a very short time. The feeling was that the ‘ban’ had outlived its usefulness and should go. Laune Rangers were one of the first GAA clubs in Kerry to hold a meeting to discuss the ‘ban’.


As part of the public relations exercise necessary to ensure that Laune Rangers would be accepted into the Co. Senior Football Championship as an entity, after a lapse of 51 years, the Chairman, James Coffey, utilising his contacts with the Kerryman, gave an interview to the sports writer, John Barry, during which he said, “I think we must (succeed in our application). The feeling at our Convention was very strong in favour of going it alone, because we feel that we can put out a team to test the best in the county. I say we should get a chance. Look what Waterville has done. Who says we can’t be every bit as good? Maybe we won’t hit the headlines the first year but we’ll need watching after that. We have a panel of sixty players to call on. When we played Glenbeigh in the Mid-Kerry Championship Final, we had thirty-two players togged out. That shows you the interest our fellows have in football. They were training here up to the Sunday before Christmas and they’re starting off again next week. Last year, as well as our first team, we fielded a team in the Novice Championship. They went to the county final. Taking all the players together, we expect to have a very formidable outfit. In the Towns Cup last year, we ran Waterville to two points, in Waterville and, I can tell you, that takes some doing. With the enthusiasm that is evident on all sides here, I can assure the County Board that they will make no mistake if they leave us into the County Championship. Refusal could put a big damper on things here. To be honest, our club is dissatisfied with the set-up in Mid-Kerry. We won the divisional championship this year and yet were lucky to get four players on the Mid-Kerry team. Anyway, as I see it, the day of the divisional team is on the way out.” Considering that James Coffey was Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board at this time, as well as Chairman of the Laune Rangers Club, that stance was a very brave one. At the subsequent Co. Board meeting, both James Coffey and Pat O Shea made the case for Laune Rangers inclusion in the Co. Senior Football Championship. James Coffey said that a couple of years ago his club had won the Club Championship but they had not been allowed to go senior. It had been a step backwards for them as some players had lost interest as a result. Pat O Shea said that the club had 58 senior players at the time and interest would wane if they didn’t get the chance to go senior. Mid-Kerry had won three out of four Bord na nOg competitions in the previous two years and Killorglin had provided the backbone of those teams. The future was bright for Killorglin, whose seniors had been beaten only once since 1966 in the Mid-Kerry Championship. Murt Kelly, Mid-Kerry Co. Board Delegate, said, “We are sorry to see them go, but we have no objection.” Laune Rangers, Keel and Rathmore clubs were granted permission to play in the Co. Senior Championship, there being no objection to any of the applications.


Laune Rangers Club ran the following dances during the year:

Sun. 18th Jan. in the CYMS Hall – The Tramps’ Ball. Band – The Pat Burke Seven. Profit – £40-9-6.

Sun. 26th Jan. – The Polka Dance netted £35 (the Band – The Crackaway Showband – cost £50). Kilcummin, Tralee, Caragh Lake and Kilgobnet qualified for the final on Shrove Tuesday night.

Sun. 1st Feb. – the Annual Biddy Ball in the CYMS Hall to the music of ‘The Invaders Showband’. Winners of first prize and the Dr. Craig Cup were Glencuttane, who had a narrow victory over Shanara.

Tues. 10th Feb. (Shrove Tuesday) – in the CYMS Hall to the music of Gary Street and The Abilene Showband. Admission was 8/-.

Laune Rangers GAA Club and the CYMS Committee jointly sponsored dancing during Puck Fair. Dancing was from 9pm to 3am and admission was 10/-. The bands were as follows:

Sun. 9th Aug. – Mick Roche and the Arrows.

Mon. 10th Aug. – Dickie Rock and the Miami Showband.

Tues. 11th Aug. – Peter Law, Sean Fagan and the Pacific.

Wed. 12th Aug. – Dermot O Brien and his Clubmen.

Sun. 27th Sept. in the Oisín Ballroom – Laune Rangers Farewell Dance to Sandie and the Royal Earls.

Sun. 18th Oct. in the CYMS Hall – The Big Beats Showband.

Sun. 15th Nov. in the CYMS Hall – The Squires Showband.

Sun. 29th Nov. in the CYMS Hall – The Country Hillsiders. Dancing 9 to 1. Admission – 8/-.


On Sat. 21st Feb. two items from Laune Rangers had qualified for the County Inter-Club Talent Competition Final in the Manhattan Hotel, Tralee – the Quiz Team and the Ballad Group. The quiz team comprising, Sean O Reilly, Pat Lynch, Jerome Conway were runners-up in the final. The ballad group had tied with Beaufort in the Co. Semi-final in Áras Phadraig, Killarney on Fri. 6th Feb. It had been decided at Co. Convention that such a competition should be organised. There were seven sections – Question-time (team of three), Motion Speaking, Group Ballad Singing (minimum of three members), Solo Ballad Singing, Solo Irish Dancing, Recitation and Solo Instrumental Music.


On Sun. 22nd Feb. the first semi-final of the Laune Rangers sponsored Mid-Kerry Talent Competition was held in the CYMS Hall before a fine audience. The McCann sisters from Glencar, representing the Intermediate School, were the big hit of the night when they appeared in the Ballad Group section of the competition. Beaufort, represented by Sheila and Denis Crowley and Tom and Steve O Shea, were also very impressive in the Ballad Group section and both of the above qualified for the final. Other  results were:

Public Speaking – Denis Whelan (Intermediate School) and Rose Joy (Beaufort).

Recitation – John Burke (Intermediate School) and Tom O Shea (Beaufort).

Solo Ballad – Marian O Riordan (Intermediate School) and Marian Joy (Beaufort).

Irish Dancing – Mary Griffin (Intermediate School) and Philomena Joy (Beaufort).

Solo Instrumental – Brendan Doyle (Laune Rangers) and Breda Joy (Intermediate School).

Question Time – Intermediate School (Rose Joy, Mary Cahillane and Mary Crowley) tied with Beaufort (Sheila Crowley, Donal Coughlan and Tom O Shea).


On Sun. 15th March, the final of the Laune Rangers sponsored Mid-Kerry Talent Competition took place in the CYMS Hall before a capacity crowd of close to a thousand people. The adjudicator, Father Egan, Killarney, congratulated Laune Rangers Club on organising such a wonderful competition. He said that there was some wonderful talent on view and he enjoyed the night’s entertainment immensely. The results were as follows:

Public Speaking – 1st Richard Lowry (Vocational School ‘A’), 2nd Denis Whelan (Intermediate School ‘A’).

Recitation – 1st Tom O Shea (Beaufort ‘A’); 2nd Bridget Horan (Vocational School ‘A’).

Solo Ballad – 1st Eileen O Riordan (Vocational School ‘A’); 2nd Carmel O Leary (Listry).

Irish Dancing – 1st Abbie Foley (Glenbeigh); 2nd Philomena Joy (Intermediate School).

Solo Instrumantal – James Doyle (Listry) tied with Patrick Murphy (Glenbeigh).

Question-Time – 1st Beaufort ‘B’; 2nd Beaufort ‘A’; 3rd Intermediate School; 4th Vocational School ‘A’.

Ballad Group – 1st The McCann Sisters (Intermediate School); 2nd Vocational School ‘A’.

Father Egan was loud in his praise of the McCann sisters and he said, if trained properly, they would be heard of. The team award was won by Vocational School ‘A’. Murt Collins, Fergus Foley, Peter O Driscoll and John Paul Cahillane entertained with some songs during the interval and, following final adjudication, Father Michael O Leary C.C. presented the prize-winners with their awards. Mícheál Scanlon was a most efficient M. C.


James Coffey refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board in 1970:

SFL on Sun. 12th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘B’ lost to Keel’ ‘A’.

SFL semi-finals on Sun. 17th May at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Keel ‘B’.

Glenbeigh beat Keel ‘A’.

SFL Final on Sun. 24th May at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 2-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-4.

NFC on Thurs. 2nd July at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Milltown/Castlemaine.


James Coffey refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board in 1970:

Kerryman Shield semi-final on Wed. 8th July at Killorglin: Waterville v West-Kerry.

SFC on Sat. 18th July at Moyvane: St. Vincent’s 2-8; South-Kerry 2-8.

SFC on Sun. 19th July at Killarney: East-Kerry 2-8; West-Kerry 1-9.

SFC replay on Sun. 2nd Aug. at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry 1-3; St. Vincent’s 5-7.


Co. U-16 Rural Semi-final on Fri. 7th Aug. at Killorglin: Annascaul V South-Kerry winners.

Ref: James Coffey.


Denis O Neill refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board in 1970:

Novice Championship on Fri. 19th June at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh v Milltown/Castlemaine.


Eamonn Crowley, Laune Rangers, was Secretary of UCC GAA Club.


The Kerry Co. Board embarked on a fund-raising scheme to fund a round the world tour for the Co. Senior football team, which had won the All-Ireland Championship in 1969, for the 21st time. The scheme was Newspaper Bingo. Each club was given Bingo tickets to sell @ 10/- each and the club could retain 4/-and  that money was put aside to fund the Laune Rangers trip to USA in Oct. Frank Russell won £50 at the beginning of April.


The Kingdom Club, London, won the London Senior League by beating Sean Treacy’s in the final by 0-9 to 1-5 on Sun. 22nd Nov. at New Eltham. Mike Murphy, Caragh Lake, played at left halfback and Brendan O Sullivan, Steelroe, played at left half-forward.


Co. SFC Final on Sun. 4th Sept. at Tralee: East-Kerry 1-15; Watervile 0-15.

Co. MFC Final on Sun. 20th Dec. at Killarney: South-Kerry 0-10; Austin Stacks 0-8.

Co. IFC Final on Sun. 15th Aug. (1971) at Tralee: Kenmare 2-15; Ballylongford 2-5.

Co. JFC Final on Sun. 15th Nov. at Tralee: Glenflesk 1-8; Sneem 0-5.


Munster Senior Championship Semi-final on Sun. 6th July at Askeaton: Limerick 2-5; Kerry 2-19.

Munster Senior Final on Sun. 26th July at Killarney: Kerry 2-22; Cork 2-9.

All-Ireland Senior Semi-final on Sun. 23rd Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 0-23; Derry 0-10.

All-Ireland Senior Final on Sun. 27th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-19; Meath 0-18.

That was an eighty-minutes’ final and Kerry’s 22nd title.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Seamus Murphy, Paudie O Donoghue, Donie O Sullivan (capt.), Tom Prendergast, John O Keeffe, Mícheál O Shea, Mick O Connell, D.J. Crowley, Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin, Eamonn O Donoghue, Mick Gleeson, Liam Higgins, Mick O Dwyer. Sub: Seamus Mac Gearailt for D. O Sullivan.


Munster Minor Final on Sun. 26th July at Killarney: Kerry 4-9; Cork 1-11. That was Kerry’s first minor title since 1965.

All-Ireland Minor Semi-final on Sun. 23rd Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-10; Derry 0-11.

All-Ireland Minor Final on Sun. 27th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-5; Galway 1-8.

Replay on Sun. 25th Oct. at Ennis: Galway 1-11; Kerry 1-10.

Kerry: Paudie O Mahony (Spa), Batt O Shea (Churchill), Sean Clifford(Waterville), Jimmy Deenihan (Finuge), Dan Healy (Kerins O Rahillys), Mickey O Sullivan (Kenmare), Ger O Keeffe (Austin Stack’s), Paudie Lynch (Beaufort), John Long (Gaeltacht) 0-6, Christy O Connell (St. Mary’s), John Egan (Sneem) 0-1, Ger Power (Austin Stacks) capt. 1-1, P. Brosnan (Dingle), P. Fitzgerald (Ardfert), Denis Moore (John Mitchels) 0-2. Sub: Michael O Connor (St. Mary’s) for D. Healy, Riobard Casey (Lispole) for G. O Keeffe.


Wed. 25th July, Co. SFC at Killorglin: Keel 1-5; Shannon Rangers 1-8.


The death occurred on 22nd April of Mick Foley, Castleconway. He had rented a field, fondly known locally as ‘Butter’s’ Field, to Laune Rangers Club from the beginning of the century until the purchase of the JP O Sullivan Park at the beginning of fifties.

The death occurred on Sun. 31st May of Mick Flynn, Laune View. He had been a member of the Laune Rangers teams of the thirties. Members of the club, as well as team-mates, formed a guard of honour at the funeral.

The death occurred on 9th June of John J. O Connor, Main Street. Johnsie, as he had been known locally, had been an administrator with Laune Rangers in his youth.


The following Laune Rangers’ players and members were lucky in the club draw for All-Ireland Senior Football tickets: Batty Foley, Mikey Kennedy, Denis O Neill, Steve Joe Cahillane, Timmy Doyle, Tom Curran, Eamonn Crowley, Frank McGillycuddy, John Clifford, Mort Collins, Billy Dodd, Seamus Curran, Paul Lucey, James O Riordan, Barry Harmon, Willie Murphy, Eamonn Looney, Davy O Shea, Sean O Connor, Jck Foley, Frank Russell and Joe Crowley. Each officer of the club had also been given a ticket.


A team composed of players from New York, Hartford and Boston planned to visit Kerry at the end of July 1971 to play four games. One of the games would be against Laune Rangers. The first meeting of the American cities was held in Hartford on 6th Dec. 1970. In attendance were John ‘Kerry’ O Donnell, John ‘Scart’ Clifford (Caragh Bridge), Stephen O Sullivan (Cromane) of New York, Jeremiah McKenna (Steelroe), Jim Maunsell and Joe Cooney of Boston, the Foley brothers and Jackie Griffin from Hartford. Further meetings were planned.


The Annual Laune Rangers’ Dinner and Dance was held in the Tower’s Hotal, Glenbeigh on Wed. 16th Dec. It was a most enjoyable affair, providing a fitting finale to a year of outstanding achievement for the club. The Chairman, James Coffey, welcomed and thanked all those who had attended the function. He had a special welcome for William Roche, ex-N.T. who had been a delegate to the Co. Board from the Laune Rangers Club in 1911. Mr. Coffey regretted that the President of the club, Paddy Foley, the sole survivor of the 1911 team, had been unable to attend. He went on to describe 1970 as a memorable year in the history of the club, highlighted by their three-weeks’ visit to America. Pat O Shea presented the club’s five senior selectors with special medals on behalf of the successful football team members. Tributes were paid to the Kerryman representative, present as guest, for the amount of publicity given to the club by the paper during 1970.


The Annual Pantomime in Jan. was ‘Aladdin’, produced by Declan Mangan N.T.


Sat. 4th April at Tralee CYMS, Killorglin CYMS won the Co. Minor Basketball Championship for the first time by beating St. Paul’s, Killarney by 63 to 51. Best for Killorglin were Declan Falvey, Denis Clifford, Barry Harmon and Iraneus Looney.


The death occurred on Tues. 28th April of American-born Academy Award winning screen, television and stage actor, Ed Begley, whose father and mother had emigrated from the Killorglin area at the end of the nineteenth century. He was aged 69. His father was Michael Begley of Laharn and he had emigrated to the USA where he had met and married Hannah Clifford, a native of Caragh Bridge. Ed Begley regularly visited his cousin Seamus O Connor, who lived on the homestead at Laharn.


Batty Flynn won Rás Cill Orglan on Sun.10th May. Having fallen in the second lap, he remounted quickly to beat Tom Kiely, Carrick-on-Suir, into second place.


Kerry had a six-man team in the Rás Tailteann:

John Mangan, Killorglin C.C. aged 22, (that was his third Rás Tailteann).

Pat Healy, Killorglin C.C. aged 19, (that was his first Rás Tailteann).

Batty Flynn, Killorglin C.C. aged 18, (that was his first Rás).

Pat O Sullivan (native of Sneem), Killorglin C.C. aged 25, (that was his fourth Rás).

Jack and Matt Lacey, Tralee C.C.

The joint team-managers were Paddy O Callaghan and Gene Mangan, both of Killorglin, and the team mechanic was Teddy O Connor, Killorglin.


At the Kerry Colleges’ Sports in May, John Evans, Intermediate School, Killorglin came second in the Junior High Jump and first in the Junior 7lb Shot.

The Kerry Vocational Schools’ Sports were held in Killorglin in June. Patrick Horgan, Killorglin V.C. came third in the Intermediate 100m. Donal Clifford came third in the 1,000m. James O Shea came second in the 12lb Shot. Gene Ahern came second and James Cahillane came third in the U-17 Javelin. Deborah O Rahilly came second in the Junior 60m and third in the open 400m.


The Chairman of Kerry Co. Council for 1970 was Redmond O Sullivan.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on 8th Jan. 1971 in the Railway Hotel, Killorglin. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report stated, ‘That the fact that a total of 76 games were played in the area in 1970, shows that the clubs and Board were most active and, as a result, it can be said that it was a successful year in Mid-Kerry. The number of games was made up as follows: Senior League – 23; Senior Championship – 5; O Sullivan Cup – 5; Novice – 9; Minor – 11; U-16 – 8; U-14 – 15.

Three teams from the area contested the Co. Senior Football Championship, Keel, Laune Rangers and Mid-Kerry. The latter proved to be the most successful by reaching the Co. Semi-final and were indeed most unlucky not to have gone a step further. No doubt, had Mid-Kerry been a team representative of the whole area, they would be Co. Champions today. Mid-Kerry have also reached the semi-final of the Kerryman Shield, yet to be played. Laune Rangers senior team has reached the semi-final of the Towns’ Cup, while their second team won the Novice Co. Title. The other clubs took part in the various competitions run by the Co. Board. Our minor team reached the final of the Co. League and the semi-final of the Co. Championship but were beaten on both occasions by South-Kerry.

At home, we had two extra competitions, the Novice Championship, which was won by Milltown/Castlemaine, and the Diarmuid O Sullivan Cup, which was won by Laune Rangers. In the Senior League, both Keel and Laune Rangers entered second teams but it was Glenbeigh that proved victorious, winning their third league in a row. The final of the Senior Championship was reached but the eagerly awaited clash of Keel and Laune Rangers never came off. Laune Rangers won the Minor Championship, while Milltown/Castlemaine proved best in both the U-14 and U-16 competitions.

During the year it became evident that not enough interest is taken in the minors and other underage teams in some clubs. There seems a definite lack of interest in the Mid-Kerry minor team, as was shown by the paltry support they had at both the League Final and Championship Semi-final. I appeal to the clubs to show more interest in these young lads and not to be leaving it all to a few people.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tom Prendergast on winning the Texaco Award and also Pat Griffin and Brendan Lynch who, with Tom, won All-Ireland Senior Championship medals. In conclusion, my thanks to the clubs and especially their secretaries for their co-operation during the year and to our Chairman, Pat O Shea, who helped to make my job very easy.’


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place on 3rd Jan. 1971 in the Railway Hotel. The Secretary, Mícheál Scanlon, in his report gave a detailed account of the year’s activities. He congratulated the Novice team on winning the Co. Championship, a victory, which had been achieved through playing good, clean football. He congratulated Paddy Foley on being awarded the ‘Hall of Fame’ by the Community Council. He said he was delighted that the Council remembered the good work Paddy had done in his young days when the GAA was still in its infancy in the parish and when times were not as good as they were then. He congratulated Pat O Shea on winning the ‘Footballer of the Year’ award. He also congratulated the senior team on winning the Diarmuid O Sullivan Cup. Concluding, he said that he was not seeking re-election to the position of Secretary. He had enjoyed every moment of his job in the club, as he had when he had played for the Laune Rangers when he first came to Killorglin. He appreciated very much the presentation made to him and he said he would continue to help out in any way he could.