Laune Rangers – 1938


The officers of the club were:

Chairman – Mike Joy (Clooncarrig),

Vice-Chairman – Paddy Foley (Iveragh Road),

Secretary – Johnsie O Connor (Lower Bridge St.),

Treasurer – Batty O Dwyer.

Senior captain – John Joe Falvey.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Ten teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship. There were two groups and each team in the group would play the others.

Group A: Dingle, John Mitchels, Gaeltacht, Castlegregory and Austin Stacks.

Group B: North Kerry, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Killarney, Iveragh and Killorglin.


For that competition, Killorglin could still draw on players from Keel, Castlemaine, Milltown, Listry and Laune Rangers. The team was chosen by a selector each from Listry, Keel and Laune Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 22nd May at Killorglin: Kerins O Rahilly’s 3-6; Laune Rangers 1-5.

Laune Rangers played with a slight breeze in the first half but trailed by 1-2 to 1-3 at halftime. They kept O Rahilly’s on the defensive but many of their efforts were wide of the mark. Jack Falvey, the O Rahilly’s midfield man, set them on the attack with a long high ball, which Dan Spring sent into the net. Laune Rangers came back per Gerald Teahan and Danny O Sullivan sent over from the right corner. Tim Hayes had two points for the Tralee side and Mickey O Neill added another before the Rangers replied with a point from John Joe Falvey. Shortly before halftime, a good Rangers movement saw Gerald Teahan and John Joe Falvey move downfield, where Mick O Brien punched a good goal.

O Rahillys were easily on top in the second half and used their advantages of breeze and hill well. Hayes and Spring got a goal each, followed by points by Paddy Kennedy, Fitzgerald and Hayes, before the Killorglin lads replied with two points. In the second half, John O Reilly, Gerald Teahan and Jack Scully were outstanding but they could not contain Paddy Kennedy, who was unbeatable.

Though the defeat was a disappointment for the home followers, on the run of play, the defeat should have been by less than seven points. It was true that the visitors appeared a better-balanced and better-trained team, but their superiority scarcely merited such a score. In fact, many maintained that, with a referee with a less pronounced flare for blowing the whistle, things might have been very different.

John Joe Falvey was the mainstay of the Rangers team and he was well supported by Gerald Teahan, Mick O Connor, Danny O Sullivan, John O Reilly, Jack Scully and John Murphy.

Killorglin: Monnie O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Jack O Neill (Castlemaine), Mick O Connor (Keel), Robert Hogan (Listry), Jim Counihan (Listry), Tom Lynch (Listry), John O Reilly (Laune Rangers), John Murphy, Mick O Brien (Firies), Jack Scully (Listry), Gerald Teahan (Keel), Maurice O Connor (Keel), Danny O Sullivan (Milltown) 1-4, P. Breen (Keel), John Joe Falvey (Laune Rangers) capt. 0-1.

Kerins O Rahilly’s: Danno Keeffe (goals), Paddy O Brien, Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Con Spring, Mick Raymond, T. O Brien, Peter Ronan, Paddy Kennedy, Jack Falvey, Mickey O Neill, Dan Spring, J. B. Fitzgerald, Tim Hayes, Dan Joe Conway, Bill Dennehy.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 12th June at Cahersiveen: Iveragh 2-2; Laune Rangers 1-5.

A very much-improved Iveragh team played a draw with Laune Rangers. It was a grim struggle all the way. Honours were even. Rangers were the better stayers and consequently wore down their opponents in the last ten minutes and succeeded in levelling the scores within a minute of fulltime.

In the first moiety, the play was very even, the defence on both sides being outstanding. Both goalkeepers gave a splendid display. John Murphy and Mick O Brien fed the visitors’ forwards well. The latter, however, were unable to penetrate the defence of Boss Walsh and his men. Bawner, Hopper and John O Connor gave their forwards plenty of the ball, Driscoll, Clifford, Griffin and O Donnell sending in dangerous shots. They succeeded in getting two goals and a point before the interval against their opponents’ scoreless sheet.

On the turn over, John O Connor added a point to that. Maurice O Connor and Johnny Mangan lobbed balls in to the Iveragh goal-mouth but the defence held out until a free was driven over the bar. A few minutes later, John Joe Falvey had a point from a free at close range. Iveragh then attacked with determination but could not get through and Rangers forced the pace, ending up with a goal. That left one goal dividing the sides and both teams tried hard but the Rangers lasted better and had the better of matters, getting two points off frees. The final score arrived per John Joe Falvey just before the final whistle to level the scores. A draw was a fitting verdict for a great game.

Outstanding for Killorglin were Ted Mangan, John Joe Falvey, Johnny Mangan (all Laune Rangers), Mick O Brien (Firies), Paddy Courtney (Keel), Danny O Sullivan (Milltown) and Seamus Roche (Laune Rangers) in goals.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 17th July at Killarney: Killarney 1-7; Killorglin 0-4.

The homesters were in no way flattered by the margin in their favour. The game was notable, not for high-class football, but for stern tackling and vigorous going all through the hour.

Starting off with a fairly stiff wind behind them, the Killarney side at once went on the offensive. John O Reilly sent them back and, in a twinkling, Johnny Mangan was leading the Rangers in a dangerous raid. A free came when a Killarney back picked up the ball. John Joe Falvey secured the first point of the game at 30 yards range without any trouble, after about three minutes play. Hogan kicked a grand ball out from goals, Murphy gathered it and sent to J. O Leary. He parted to M. Lyne and, with the backs out of position, he gave to O Sullivan, who had an easy task in finding the net. That might be regarded as the score that decided the issue, which came after seven minutes. Killarney never looked back after that score. Then the visitors’ citadel was again in a state of siege when M. Lyne parted to Donie Lyne, who placed the home side three points to the good. Gerald Teahan and Johnny Mangan combined in a spirited attempt to get their side moving, but once more the pendulum swung in favour of Killarney. Donie Lyne gave to P. Moynihan and, as he crossed, the whistle sounded for a free at 25 yards range. M. Lyne showed unerring marksmanship with a neat kick right in the centre between the uprights. Killarney were then playing a winning game, leading by four points. Fleming showed up well as the Rangers got into home territory but John Joe Falvey missed an easy chance from a close-in free. At the other end, M. Lyne pointed from 35 yards range. One of the best scores of the game came from J. O Leary’s boot.

Killorglin gave a dashing display throughout the field but failed miserably when it came to putting the ball between the posts. They had a decided advantage at midfield, where Gerald Teahan gave an outstanding display. In defence Tom Lynch, Mick O Connor, Tim Teahan, Jack Scully and Robert Hogan played well. In attack, John Joe Falvey and Johnny Mangan, on the wings, tried hard to turn the tide.

Killorglin: Seamus Roche (Laune Rangers), Mick O Connor (Keel), Robert Hogan (Listry), Tim Teahan (Laune Rangers), John O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Tom Lynch (Listry), Jack Scully (Listry), Gerald Teahan (Keel) 0-1, fifty, John Murphy, Johnny Mangan (Laune Rangers) 0-1, free, Derry Burke (Milltown), John Joe Falvey (Laune Rangers) 0-2, frees, Paddy Burke, Jim Coughlan, Paddy Cournane (Keel).

Killarney: Michael O Leary (goals), Jimmy Fleming, J. Daly, Harry Turner, Denny Lyne, Davy Hurley, Jerry Murphy, Teddy Lyne, Denny Moynihan, Paddy Moynihan, Mickey Lyne, John O Leary, Derry Griffin, J. Sullivan, Donie Lyne.

Ref: George Weir (John Mitchels).


Rd. 4 on Sun. 31st July at Killorglin: North-Kerry 5-5; Killorglin 0-6.

Rangers started off in brilliant style, as Gerlad Teahan drove in and they had a free, from which John Joe Falvey pointed. Again they were moving in and Danny O Sullivan gave to Paddy Burke, who added another minor. Johnny Walsh was then finding his feet and drove upfield, where McAuliffe was wide. Con Brosnan received later and flicked over for a point. However, Rangers were not yet finished, as Gerald Teahan gave to Jim Courtney, who pointed smartly. A bout of midfield play saw McAuliffe in possession from Johnny Walsh, to raise a white flag. The remaining stages of the half were dull, with North Kerry flashing through for goals per Johnny Walsh, Con Brosnan (2) and McAuliffe a point. The Rangers only reply was a point per John Joe Falvey. The halftime score was 3-4 to 0-4 in favour of the visitors.

Any hopes of a rangers rally were soon dispelled when Johnny Walsh raced through from 40 yards and sent the ball whizzing between four backs to beat the goalie to the corner of the net. John Joe Falvey had a point. Then North Kerry retaliated with a ball from Johnny Walsh to Con Brosnan, which was transferred to McAuliffe, who was through for a gaol. The Rangers added another point before the end of a dull half. Best for Laune Rangers were Gerald Teahan, Tim Teahan and John Joe Falvey, while Johnny Walsh was outstanding for North-Kerry.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Roche (Laune Rangers) goals, Jack O Neill (Castlemaine), Mick O Connor (Keel), Pat Costello (Laune Rangers), John O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Tim Teahan (Laune Rangers), Jack Scully (Listry), Gerald Teahan (Keel), John Joe Falvey (Laune Rangers) 0-4, Johnny Mangan (Laune Rangers), Sean Moriarty (Laune Rangers), Paddy Courtney (0-1), Danny O Sullivan (Milltown), Paddy Burke (0-1), Tom Lynch (Listry).

North-Kerry: J. Fitzgibbon (goals), P. Nevile, Tony Chute, T. Cromey, Eddie Hanrahan, Bob Murphy, Eddie Walsh, Johnny Walsh, Mick Buckley, Michael McEllistrim, Tony McAuliffe, Jer Carmody, John Collins, Con Brosnan, Michael Behan.

Ref: Dan Joe Conway (Kerins O Rahillys).

The game prior to that game, South-Kerry 5-5; Kerins O Rahillys 4-6, was refereed by Murt Kelly.


Dingle, captained by Jimmy McKenna, beat North-Kerry by 3-3 to 2-5 in the Co. Final. It was the first Co. Final without a representative from Tralee for forty years.


East-Kerry Senior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 28th May in Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-2; Listry 2-2.

The inclement weather was responsible for the small attendance and those, who did attend, had to take shelter during the hour. The match itself suffered much from the weather and, though good in parts, was generally mediocre. Some of the local players had to play out of their customary places but that could not be offered as an excuse for failure, as some of the Listry lads were absent.

Ref: Pete Coughlan (Beaufort).


Sun. 4th Dec: Laune Rangers failed to show against Listry.

Due to the lateness of the year, the East-Kerry Board decided, at a meeting on Thurs. 24th Nov., to run the remainder of the Championship on a knockout basis. Laune Rangers had informed the Board that they would be unable to fulfil the above fixture due to so many players having influenza. It was felt, too, that it was unfortunate that it had become necessary to play matches at that time of the year, when players were frequently compelled to change in the open and, sometimes, get into clothes, which had been on a fence or corner of a field for want of better accommodation.

At the subsequent Board meeting, the Listry delegate, Danny O Sullivan, hotly contended that he had seen at least 19 Laune Rangers players attending dances in the previous week. He bemoaned the fact that the Laune Rangers delegates were not present as he would have a few things to say to them. He asked if the East-Kerry Championship was too small for Laune Rangers. However, as Laune Rangers had given sufficient notice to the Board (4 days), the game was re-fixed for 18th Dec. However, it was not played until the following year.

Challenge Games.


Sun. 10th April in Killorglin: Upper Town drew with a Keel selection.

That was a most fitting termination to a very evenly contested match.


Sun. 14th April: Killorglin beat Killarney by 1 point. That was in preparation for the Co. Championship.


Sun. 14th Aug. at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 1-2; Langford St. 0-2.

The weather was fair, there was a good attendance but the playing pitch was in hopeless order, so bad, in fact, that it was almost impossible to play football in part of it. Notwithstanding that handicap, both teams gave of their best and the spectators were treated to a rousing game of clean and high-class football.

Langford St. secured the throw-in and a long drive by John O Reilly put the Killorglin forwards on the attack. They were held up, however, by Dermot O Sullivan, who sent out to Dermot Herlihy and play quickly veered round to the other goal. Padraig Jones, who was playing a star game for Glenbeigh at midfield, put the local forwards on the offensive but they were beaten off time and again by Tom O Connor, who proved to be a tower of strength in the Killorglin defence. The Glenbeigh kept up terrific pressure but the majority of their efforts were rewarded with wides. Langford St. were awarded a free about twenty yards from the Glenbeigh posts. John O Reilly took the kick and sent over a nice point. Padraig Jones fielded a short kick-out and, though closely marked, he managed to cross to Dermot Herlihy, who quickly placed for Conway. His shot sailed high between the uprights for Glenbeigh’s first score after 20 minutes. At halftime, the score was 0-2 to 0-1 in favour of the home team.

The visitors faced a pretty stiff breeze at the change-over and the locals manifested an early determination to make full use of the advantage. They appeared to be taking control of midfield, despite the fact that John O Reilly was giving a brilliant display. The forwards on both sides were conspicuous for the inaccuracy of their shooting but, of the two, Glenbeigh were unquestionably the more unfortunate. Even John O Donoghue, while he worked hard, did not reproduce his former skill and marksmanship.

Following some lively passages at midfield, Dermot Herlihy got possession and his delivery reached the Killorglin square. The leather rebounded from the arms of one of the backs but O Donoghue rushed in and boxed it past the goalie for the only goal of the game. The kick-out was held by Tom Campbell. He again placed for Dermot Herlihy, whose shot struck the crossbar with terrific force and rebounded. Tom O Connor got possession and his drive reached Pat O Riordan, who drove over the bar. Best for the locals were Padraig Jones, Dermot Herlihy, John Donoghue, Tom Campbell and Dermot O Sullivan. Langford St. had good performers in John O Reilly, Tom O Connor and Pat O Riordan.

Glenbeigh: Tom Campbell (capt.), Dermot O Sullivan, P. Clifford (goals), P. Grady, Dermot Herlihy, Padraig Jones, John Donoghue, J. Healy, M. O Shea, D. O Shea, D. Burke, Paddy O Neill, J. Sullivan, J. O Connor, Frank Conway.

Langford St: John O Reilly (capt.), Willie O Reilly (goal), Teddy O Connor, Pat Costello, Eamonn Breen, Pat Joe Breen, T. Cronin, D. Curran, Pat O Riordan, M. Doyle, P. Naughton, Paddy Mike Foley, T. O Brien, Patrick Taylor, P. Curran.

Ref: Paddy Foley (Killorglin).


Sun. 6th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-3; Keel 0-7.

The game was played to raise funds for the Relief of Prisoners’ Dependents in the North. The crowd was small due to the unavoidable short notice but the game was very interesting and had some very good passages. The visitors seemed masters at the passing and fielding for a considerable time and looked like comfortable winners. During the second half, however, the home team went all out to secure the verdict, which they eventually did. It was a very young Laune Rangers team.

Ref: Ted Mangan (Laune Rangers) – very capable.


Parish League


The Town League had three teams competing, Upper Town, Lower Town and Langford St. It was to be played on a double round system, with the winners receiving the Father Mangan Cup.


Sun. 3rd April: Upper Town 2-3; Lower Town 0-2.

That game was played before a large, hilarious crowd. Although the standard of play was not very high, the match had the very desirable effect of bringing to light some very promising young players. Much interest was taken in the league locally and the supporters of the three contending teams were getting warm in their enthusiasm.


Sun. 10th April: Lower Town 1-2; Langford St. 1-1.

This was a much better performance from Lower Town and they managed, at the closing minute, to gain the decisive minor to deprive the ‘avenue’ of at least one well-deserved point. The game was very interesting and both teams contained much promising new blood.


Langford St. beat Upper Town. Therefore, after the first round, all the teams were on level points.


Sun. 24th July: Upper Town beat Lower Town.




Colleges Inter-Provincial Football Championship

20th March at Tuam: Connacht Colleges 5-1; Munster Colleges 3-5.

Paddy Burke played on the Munster team.


Munster Colleges Senior Football Championship

Semi-final on Sun. 27th Feb. at Newcastlewest: St. Brendan’s, Killarney 2-3; St. Flannan’s 1-1.

Derry Burke played at centre half-forward for the Killarney outfit.


Final on Sun. 5th March at Mallow: St. Brendan’s 2-4; Rockwell 1-7.

Derry Burke played at centre half-forward.


Final (replay) on Sat. 2nd April at Mallow: The Seminary, Killarney 0-9; Rockwell College 0-0.

Derry Burke played at centre half-forward and Paddy Burke played at full-forward on the Seminary team and scored a point each.


Juvenile Football


Challenge on Sun. 29th May at ‘Glenellen Park’: Killorglin 3-4; Milltown 2-6.

Despite the inclemency of the weather, the crowd present was treated to a fine exhibition of the code. The Laune boys were the more balanced side and put everything they had into the game. Their handling and kicking were spectacular, while the homesters lacked the necessary understanding. They never indulged in combination, always over-anxious to get the ball, with the result that there was too much bungling and the opponents getting away with it. However, the hour wore out amid great excitement, the visitors getting there by the narrowest of margins. Best for Killorglin were the West brothers, Foley and R. Conway. Best for Milltown were Cronin, Cotter and Keating.


Co. Senior Hurling Championship


Ten teams entered for the Co. Senior Championship, Lixnaw, Listowel, Ballyduff, Ballinskelligs, Kenmare, Killorglin, Pearses, Tralee, St. Brendan’s and Causeway.

The competition was played on a knockout system. Killorglin had the services of Killarney players, as they had discovered that they would be unable to field a team on their own.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th July at Kenmare: Kenmare 3-4; Killorglin 1-1.

That game had been originally fixed for 10th July but, even though Killorglin had travelled, the game had been called off due to the state of the pitch after very inclement weather. Kenmare were fortunate to have the game re-fixed for their home venue.

It was a keenly fought affair and, although Kenmare took the lead early and held on to it through the hour, still Killorglin fought every inch of the way, their backs especially giving a great display, and the game never lost interest. When Killarney found it impossible to field a team in the competition, they threw in their lot with Killorglin, giving the combination a formidable look. On the other hand, Kenmare’s selection was an experimental one, which, happily for them, knitted well together and, giving an all-round good display, they fully deserved their victory.

Killorglin won the toss and played with the breeze. However, Kenmare were first to break away and a splendid shot by D. Aldwell sailed all the way for a point. Killorglin attacked but Jerh. O Shea was safe at centre halfback and good play by L. Palmer and D. Foley put Kenmare on the offensive. Aldwell, who was outstanding on the wing, scored their second point. Fast, interesting play was then witnessed, both sides having their share of the attack. The visiting forwards, however, could make no impression on Sullivan, Lynch and Co., while at the other end, Donovan, Creedon, Sullivan and Sweeney combined to raise two green flags. The halftime score was Kenmare 2-2, Killorglin 0-0.

Killorglin started well in the second half, with Jerry Quill and Jim Morrissey prominent and the white flag went up for their first score. A good shot by Jim Morrissey was well saved by Palmer in goal for Kenmare and the ball was cleared. Kenmare again got control of the game and Creedon banged home a good goal. Buckley and Dwyer were unbeatable in the home halfback line and play was confined to Killorglin territory. Good defensive work by E. Hanrahan and Jim Morrissey kept the score from mounting. A late rush by Killorglin raised the green flag but Kenmare’s win was decisive. Best for Killorglin throughout were Jerry Quill, Jim Morrissey and E. Hanrahan.


Munster/All-Ireland Minor Football


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th May at Cusack Park, Ennis: Kerry 3-9; Clare 0-3.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward.


Semi-final on Sun. 3rd July at Mitchelstown: Kerry 6-10; Waterford 2-1.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward and Teddy O Connor (Ardmoniel) was a substitute.


Final on Sun. 7th Aug. at Clonakilty: Kerry 8-9; Cork 1-2.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward. At the beginning of the game, his punched effort was saved. However, he scored 1-1 in the second half. Teddy O Connor came on as a substitute, in the first half, for midfielder, J.  Long, who was injured.


All-Ireland Semi-final on Sun. 14th Aug; at Mullingar: Kerry 3-9; Galway 1-4.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward and scored 0-1. Teddy O Connor again replaced J. Long at midfield in the second half.


Final on Sun. 25th Sept. at Croke Park: Cavan 3-3; Kerry 0-8.

Teddy O Connor played at midfield and Paddy Burke scored a point from full-forward. Eddie Dunne (John Mitchels), who played at right full-forward, was a brother of Pat Dunne, who lived in Langford Street. Paddy Lyons, Laune Rangers, was a substitute.

Kerry: P. O Brien, Paddy Burke, Eddie Dunne, Tom Long, P. O Donnell, Mathew Farrell, Dan Kavanagh, Teddy O Connor, T. Flavin, Donal Rice, Murt O Shea, Jimmy Bailey, T. Lyne, P. Fitzgerald, M. Kennedy.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 8th May at Tralee: Kerry 6-12; Clare 2-5.

Gerald Teahan played at midfield, Danny O Sullivan was at right corner-forward, scoring 3-1, and Jack Scully was a substitute.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th May at Ennis: Clare 0-1; Kerry 2-6.

Murt Kelly played at full-forward.


Semi-final on Sun. 3rd July at Mitchelstown: Kerry 2-6; Tipperary 1-3

Gerald Teahan played at right halfback and Murt Kelly was a substitute.


Final on Sun. 7th Aug at Clonakilty: Kerry 4-14; Cork 0-6.

Murt Kelly and Gerald Teahan were substitutes.


All-Ireland Semi-final at Croke Park on Sun. 21st Aug: Kerry 2-6; Laois 2-4.

Murt Kelly played at full-forward (Miko Doyle cried off the previous evening and Murt Kelly replaced him). In the first half he scored a point. In the second half, he beat the fullback in a race out for the ball and cleverly dodged him while in possession to give to Charlie O Sullivan, who sent to the net. Some time later, Murt judged a pass by Tim O Leary to a nicety and punched it to the corner of the net.


Final on Sun. 25th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-6; Galway 3-3.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe (K. O Rahillys), Bill Kinnerk (John Mitchels) capt., Joe Keohane (John Mitchels), Bill Myers (Killarney), Bill Dillon (Dingle), Bill Casey (Lispole), Tom Gega O Connor (Dingle), Sean Brosnan (Dingle), Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford), Paddy Kennedy (Kerins O Rahillys), Charlie O Sullivan (Kerins O Rahillys), Tony McAuliffe (Listowel), John Joe Landers (Austin Stacks), Miko Doyle (Austin Stacks), Tim O Leary (Killarney). Subs: Bob Murphy (North Kerry), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (Dingle), Gerald Teahan (Laune Rangers), Mick Raymond (Kerins O Rahillys), Murt Kelly (Geraldines), Martin Regan (Austin Stacks), Eddie Walshe (Knocknagoshel).


Replay on Sun. 23rd Oct. in Croke Park: Galway 2-4; Kerry 0-7.

Gerald Teahan was a substitute. Murt Kelly withdrew from the panel in support of Joe Keohane, who had been in dispute with the Co. Board at the time over expenses. The referee, Peter Waters from Kildare, blew for a free about five minutes from the end. Many supporters thought that the game was over and rushed onto the field. The Kerry players, also, thought that the game was over and retired to the dressing-room as Galway had been leading. Fifteen minutes later, the game restarted but many of the Kerry players had left for home. At least nine substitutions were made on the team and Galway held on to win. That was the first time that Kerry had been beaten in a replay.


National Football League 1937/’38.


Sun. 27th March in Tralee: Kerry 3-7; Mayo 0-4.

Murt Kelly was a substitute.


Sun. 10th April in Galway: Kerry 2-4; Galway 1-3.

Murt Kelly played at centre half-forward.


Sun. 15th May at Castlebar: Mayo 2-8; Kerry 0-7.

Murt Kelly played at centre half-forward.


National Football League 1938/’39


Sun. 13th Nov. at Tralee: Kerry 0-10; Galway 2-3.

Gerald Teahan played at right halfback and Murt Kelly played left half-forward and both were instrumental in defeating the All-Ireland Champions.




Robert O Keeffe, Laois, was Uachtarán CLG.


Frank McGrath, Tiobrad Árainn, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer.


Sun. 30th Jan. Co. Convention was held in Plaza, Listowel. Close to 100 delegates attended. Jack O Dwyer and Liam McSweeney attended as Co. Board members. Laune Rangers were represented by John T. O Riordan and Paddy Foley. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Din Joe Baily; Vice-Chairmen – Liam McSweeney and the Chairmen of the District Boards; Secretary – Mícheál Ó Ruairc; Ass. Secretary – Jerry Myles; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan. An effort was made to move the Co. Finals out of Tralee but it was pointed out that the size of the pitches in Killorglin and elsewhere precluded such a move. Liam McSweeney moved that a grant of £50 should be made to the East-Kerry Board – £25 was sanctioned.


The East-Kerry Board Convention was held in the Town Hall, Killarney, on Sun. 23rd Jan. Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer attended as members of the Board. Laune Rangers were represented by Mike Joy, Johnsie O Connor, Jack O Dwyer and Liam McSweeney. Election of officers: Chairman – Eddie J. Moynihan; Vice-Chairmen – M. Moriarty and Vincent Doyle (Legion); Joint Secretaries – Jack O Shea and Denis Horan;  Treasurer – Tadhg O Reilly (Laune Rangers), Delegates to Co. Board – Liam McSweeney (Laune Rangers) and Martin Wade; Delegate to Co. Financial Committee – Jack O Dwyer (Laune Rangers). A motion from Laune Rangers, that the position of Treasurer and Financial Secretary be combined, had been unanimously accepted. The outgoing Financial Secretary, Liam McSweeney, and Treasurer, Jack O Dwyer, gave the financial report. In it they reported that the returns from gates were down on the previous year due in part to the success of the Co. Senior team and due to carelessness on the part of clubs when it came to collecting gates. The nett gate receipts for 1937 were £46-17-6. No travelling expenses were paid and it would be possible to pay only a portion of each clubs claims. Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer resigned from their positions. Later in the meeting, by nine votes to seven for Killorglin, Killarney was allowed to stand as the venue for the Championship final between Listry and Keel, which the former won by 0-6 to 0-3.


Towards the end of 1938, Father Frank G. Mangan, C.C., who had been very much responsible for the football revival in the parish, was transferred to Ballybunion. That was a great blow to the Laune Rangers Club. He had been six years in the parish. He was replaced by Father Denis Mangan.


William Knightly transferred from Laune Rangers to Keel.


One by one the ranks of the original twenty-one, who had blazed the great trail and had done so much to make Gaelic football what it is in Kerry, were being thinned by the Grim Reaper, whose latest victim, Eddie O Sullivan, was one of the most prominent members of that famous band – the Killorglin Laune Rangers. Eddie’s death, which took place suddenly on Fri. 17th June near his home in Ardmoniel, caused deep regret for he was very popular and widely respected. An athlete of note in his day, he kept fit to the end by regular exercise and never missed his daily swim in the Laune, even when the snow lay thick upon the ground. Pursuing his business as a building contractor, he was responsible for the erection of many notable buildings, the most recent being Killorglin Vocational School.


Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer attended the Co. Board meeting on Wed. 15th June. During a discussion on the referee’s report on the Austin Stacks versus John Mitchels Co. Championship game, he claimed that tempers were frayed occasionally and the language of players at times was fierce. Liam McSweeney said, ‘I don’t think it would be right to pass over the reference to the language. It must have been bad when the referee thought it necessary to refer to it.’ No action was taken, as the referee had not named the players involved.


Johnsie O Connor attended the East Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 14th May. Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer attended as officers. In his referee’s report on the Keel v Listry 1937 Senior Football Final, Danny Clifford (Laune Rangers) praised the teams for their fine display and sportsmanship. However, he reported that he had to send a player from each side to the sideline, when they resorted to fisticuffs. The meeting congratulated the referee on his courage in putting the players off. It was said that if other referees did the same, it would quickly bring the players to their senses. Concern was expressed at the Co. Board holding meetings in the evening time, as heretofore the meetings were held on Saturday afternoons, facilitating members travelling by train.


At a County Board meeting in May, it was emphasised that there was no Parish Rule in Kerry and that a player from Tarbert could legally play for Kenmare if he so wished.


The Great Southern Railway Company made special arrangements for the All-Ireland Football Final and replay. Special trains ran on Saturday and Sunday from Listowel, Tralee, Valentia, Dingle, Castlegregory, Kenmare and Castleisland. Special trains left Tralee at 1.00am and 6.45am on Sunday.


On Sun. 7th Nov., Kerry played Laois in Dr. Cullen Park, Carlow in a challenge game in aid of Prisoners’ Relief in the North. Gerald Teahan played at midfield and Murt Kelly played at left half-forward. Laois won on the score of 2-4 to 0-5. Laune Rangers, not to be outdone in the general effort to help the Prisoners’ Fund, turned out at the sports-field in a friendly game with Keel, who generously responded to the call and came in full strength. The locals were, for the most part, served by young blood, who acquitted themselves with distinction by overcoming such worthy opponents, even by a narrow margin.


The death occurred of Father O Flynn, P.P., Ballydesmond. He had ministered in Killorglin for eleven years, before being transferred to Caherdaniel as P.P. in 1916. While he was Chairman of the Laune Rangers Club, it made wonderful progress.


On Sun. 26th June, the Father Breen Memorial Park, Kenmare was opened officially. Kerry defeated Laois by 5-5 to 0-7. Gerald Teahan played at right halfback. Father Breen had served as C.C. in Killorglin.


On Sun. 5th June, Kerry beat Longford in the Whit Sunday Tournament in Killarney by 1-13 to 1-5. Gerald Teahan played at midfield and Murt Kelly played at full-forward.


On Thurs. 23rd June, Killorglin Camogie team beat Kenmare.


Sun. 10th July, the Senior Hurling Championship game versus Kenmare was postponed due to the inclement weather and the consequent state of the pitch. Denny Desmond had cycled from Cork on the Saturday evening rather than let down the club to which he belonged. In ‘Pars from Puck’ in the Kerryman, the writer, Laune Ranger, bemoaned the fact that the enthusiasm shown by that player was not ‘catching’, for amongst the members of the club – hurling and football – there were a few who thought that they were paying the club, the town and the county a compliment by turning out in a match. They were becoming modern, they realised that they lived in a mechanised age and expected to be convenienced and assisted to almost laughable limits.


At a club meeting in early July, a resolution of sympathy was passed to Murt Kelly on the death of his father, George Kelly, on 29th June. He had been an ardent follower of Gaelic games.


All-Ireland Football Final replay on Sun. 23rd Oct. in Croke Park; Galway 2-4; Kerry 0-7.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Bill Kinnerk, Paddy Bawn Brosnan, Bill Myers, Bill Dillon, Bill Casey, Tom ‘Gega’ O Connor, Sean Brosnan, Johnny Walsh, Paddy Kennedy, Charlie O Sullivan, Tony McAuliffe, Martin Regan, Miko Doyle, Timmy O Leary. Sub: John Joe Landers for S. Brosnan. Murt Kelly had withdrawn from the panel.


During September, the Oisin Cinema opened, bringing the ‘Talkies’ to town for the first time.


In the General election, which took place on Fri. 17th June, there was no contest in the constituency of South-Kerry. The three outgoing T. D’s, F. H. Crowley (FF), Jack Flynn (FF) and Fionan Lynch (FG) were unanimously re-elected.


On 1st June, Dr. Douglas Hyde took up office as the first President of Ireland.


On 1st Jan., the New Year was ushered in with the usual band parade, the new accordion Band under the direction of Joe O Shea, playing a number of Irish and appropriate airs. At the Square, where a large number had congregated, an impromptu concert was held, many vocal items being contributed and it was well into 1938 ere the National Anthem brought the happy and jovial proceedings to an end.


The Killorglin market was held on Tuesdays and prices were as follows: Potatoes – 4d to 6d per stone; Turnips and Mangolds – 1/2 per peck; Eggs – 9/- per 120; Butter – 11d per pound; Hay – 2/9 to 3/3 per cwt; Bonhams – 28/- to 35/-.


On Mon. 28th Nov., at the Kerry Co. Council meeting in Tralee, James O Regan moved a notice of motion, ‘That the Kerry Board of Health and Public Assistance raise a loan of £8,500 for the purpose of providing a water-supply for Killorglin and installing same from Coomlogher.’ Talk of a water-supply for Killorglin had been ongoing for many years.


In mid-Dec., a meeting in the Technical School resolved to establish a branch of the Gaelic League (Cumann Gaelach) in Killorglin. The meeting was addressed by Fionán McCollum.