Laune Rangers – 1939


At the Laune Rangers AGM, which was held at the end of March, there was a large and enthusiastic attendance. The Chairman, Mike Joy, said that the fact that they had been able to meet their liabilities, during the past season, had been most satisfactory. In the East-Kerry Championship, the club had not gone very far nor had the district representation in the Co. Championship. The position of the club had been still unfortunately much affected by emigration. (At that time, it was all too frequent that the season wound up with the original team depleted possibly by half due to the lure of England and the necessity of finding employment.) However, he said that the good attendance at the meeting augured well for the coming year and he hoped of better things before the following AGM. Batty O Dwyer’s financial report showed a credit balance of £4-10-9. Both the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s (Johnsie O Connor) reports were unanimously adopted.

Election of Officers:

President – Rev. T. D. O Sullivan P.P;

Vice-Presidents – Rev. P. Lyne C.C. and Rev. Denis Mangan C.C.

Chairman – Mike Joy.

Vice-Chairman – Paddy Foley.

Secretary – Johnsie O Connor.

Treasurer – Batty O Dwyer.

Branch Committee: The officers plus Liam McSweeney, Jack O Dwyer and John Joe Falvey.

Senior Captain – John Joe Falvey.

On the proposition of Liam McSweeney, seconded by Paddy Foley, it was voted with many expressions of regret, the Chairman wishing to be associated with the motion, ‘That we learned with deep regret of the death of John O Reilly, one of the famous Laune Rangers team, and tender, to his wife and family and brother, our sincere sympathy in their bereavement.’ Copies were sent to Mrs. O Reilly and Maurice O Reilly.


Co. Senior Football Championship

14 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship:

Group A: Dingle, Kerins O Rahillys and Killarney.

Group B: Austin Stacks, North-Kerry and John Mitchels.

Group C: Kenmare, Listry, Iveragh and St. Finian’s

Group D: Castleisland, Gaeltacht, Laune Rangers and Castlegregory.

Laune Rangers could still call on players from Keel, Milltown, Castlemaine and Killorglin. Listry, however, had entered the Co. Championship.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 2nd April at Tralee: Castleisland 2-5; Laune Rangers 1-4.

The game was at times scrappy but overall produced some good passages. The ‘Island lads, playing with the breeze in the opening half, set a merry pace and close on halftime held a substantial lead. A grand burst by Laune Rangers yielded flags, which considerably reduced the leeway. Opinion at the interval generally favoured the Rangers. With the breeze, they were confidently expected to wipe out the arrears. However, Castleisland had their own ideas on that mater and, shortly after the resumption, increased their lead.

Laune Rangers fought on doggedly but in vain. There was too much individualism on the side and a great dearth of teamwork. Promising movements finished weakly through lack of cohesion amongst the forwards. Tom O Connor, on the wing, was a great worker and Eddie West, a young lad of great promise, fully availed of the few chances, which came his way. Johnny Mangan and John Joe Falvey, in the shooting division, showed some fine form. Con Geaney was perhaps the hardest worker on the Castleisland side. Mick Behan, who had played the previous year with North-Kerry, lined out for Castleisland. He put in a great hour and initiated many forward movements.

Castleisland went away from the throw-in. Geaney gripped the leather and transferred down, Tangney improved and Griffin slipped in for a lightning goal. The ‘Islanders, going great guns, returned vigorously and the white flag signalled another success. John Joe Falvey initiated a strong Rangers burst, which was dangerous until the ball went over. Rangers were again wide from a close-in free before Geaney, receiving from Tangney, lifted a white flag. Laune Rangers continued to battle fiercely but were well represented by Mick O Connor and Co. in the defence lines. Griffin added another point for Castleiland and another followed soon after. Rangers bestirred themselves and a great burst, with Tom O Connor, John Joe Falvey, Johnny Mangan and Eddie West figuring, saw the latter smash through for a goal. Rangers had a point before the interval, at which stage the score stood at 1-5 to 1-1 in favour of Castleisland.

Castleisland worked away on the resumption, Geaney and Behan figuring in a nice movement before the latter crossed in front of the posts. Griffin was waiting to crash into the net. That was a serious reverse for the Rangers. However, in another raid, Castleisland yielded a ‘50’. A great melee ensued around the ‘Island goal before Murphy lashed clear. Johnny Mangan reduced the lead with a point from a free and Tom O Connor, from far out, supplemented with another. Before the long whistle, Rangers had another white flag.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Roche (Laune Rangers) goal, Mick O Connor (Keel), Jack O Neill (Castlemaine), Paddy Costello (Laune Rangers), Kevin Foley (do), John O Reilly (do), J. Griffin (Keel), Jerry Foley (do), Tom Foley (Laune Rangers), Johnny Mangan (do), John Joe Falvey (do) capt, Tom O Connor (do), Terry O Herlihy (Milltown), John Breen (Keel), Eddie West (Laune Rangers).

Castleisland: J. O Sullivan (goal), J.J. Griffin, M. Sugrue, M. Long, L. Murphy, M. McCarthy, M. Callaghan, P. Griffin, T. Brosnan, Con Geaney, Mick Behan, James Tangney, J. Griffin, T. Shanahan, D. McCarthy.

Ref: Tadhg Drummond (Austin Stack’s).

Seamus Roche (Dungeel)

Seamus Roche (Dungeel)
He won East-Kerry Senior Football League/Championship with Laune Rangers in 1932.
He played in goals for Laune Rangers in the late thirties.
He was principal of Dungeel NS.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 14th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-7; Castlegregory 1-5.

The attendance was on the small side but the weather was good and the sod all that could be desired. The game commenced punctually and the story of the match could be briefly written – the visitors had mastery in the first half and the home team dominated throughout the second moiety.

Castlegregory, having elected to play with the slight breeze and the sun to their backs, were first away. Before Rangers realised what was happening, they had defeated the custodian for a major score, after five minutes’ play. From the kick-out, Castlegregory again got possession and returned the leather to pass over the bar for a minor score. Rangers were seen to advantage and led away to finish in a wide, much to the disappointment of their followers. When a free, taken some distance from the Castlegregory posts, went wide, it looked as if the fates were against the home side. The leather quickly travelled to the other end, to be sent over the bar again. Rangers seemed to be playing too loosely, whilst Castlegregory played with great combination and dash. After a fine bout of passing, Seamus Roche made a grand save for Rangers but the visitors’ efforts were rewarded with a further minor score. With about five minutes of the first moiety to go, Rangers made a determined attack but were again unable to get through the opposing backs. It was only when a fourth point was registered for their opponents that the Rangers seemed to rally and after a fine dash, in which Johnny Mangan and Tom O Connor led the attack, the latter kicked the first point. The halftime score was 1-4 to 0-1 in favour of the visitors.

T. Foley retired injured and was replaced by J. Foley for Rangers in the second half. There was much give and take in the opening stages of that section of the game until the newcomer put the ball over for a minor. When that was followed closely by the defeat of the Castlegregory custodian for a gaol, per Tom O Connor, the Killorglin fans became interested. With the ball at midfield, where Courtney was doing great work, the visitors then took command for a while but were beaten off. The Castlegregory custodian made a brilliant save at the expense of a ‘50’, which went for nought. Again did O Donnell, the Castlegregory fullback, save and send out. John Joe Falvey returned and a wide resulted. However, not to be thwarted in their efforts, from the kick-out Rangers returned and sent over a minor. The applause had scarcely subsided, when the ball was netted, leaving Rangers two points ahead. The lead was lowered shortly afterwards per Kennedy who shot over the bar. Gain the Rangers took possession and Eddie West and Tom O Leary were seen to advantage in the attack and they scored a goal and four further points without reply.

Best for the Rangers were Jack O Neill, P. Courtney, J. Foley and Johnny Mangan. Eddie West, Kevin Foley and Tom O Leary were worthy of special mention. Keen, cool, determined and deliberate, their inclusion certainly added much to the prospects of the Rangers. Best for the visitors were Bowler, Kennedy, O Donnell (fullback) and Courtney (midfield). The match was clean and spirited and played with commendable energy, vigour and determination and was a fine tribute to the two teams involved.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Roche, Johnny Mangan, Tom Foley, Kevin Foley, Jack O Neill, Brendan Cronin (Castlemaine), Jerry Foley, Tom O Connor, John Joe Falvey, Eddie West, Paddy Cournane, John Breen, Jim Sheehy, Tom O Leary. Sub: John Foley (Laune Rangers) for T. Foley.

Castlegregory: Sean Ó Dúbhda, Sean Mac Aodhgáin, S. Ó Domhnaill, Padraig Ó Muircheartaigh, M. Ó Flairtheartaigh, A. Ó Cournáin, S. Ó Flaitheartaí, Padraig Ó Drisceoil, Seamus Ó Cinnéide, Sean Ó Boidhléar, Breandán Bric, M. Mac Gearailt, Padraig Mac Aodhgáin.

Ref: Tom Lynch (Listry).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 10th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-4; Gaeltacht 2-7.

From the throw-in, the game, though played in sweltering heat, provided interest. The Gaeltacht got away but were defeated by the Rangers backs, who sent the ball quickly down. After some interesting play at midfield, the home team again got possession and, within five minutes, sent over the bar. The visitors got possession from the kick-out but fouled the ball. The free was sent to the wing, where, from a magnificent pass, a Rangers opportunist banged to the net. The visitors served up some splendid passing and combination and it seemed a pity that a brilliant attack was frustrated by Tim Teahan, in the Rangers goal. From the kick-out, Rangers seemed to have the better of the play and easily outclassed their opponents at midfield for ten minutes, during which time they added two further points. There was a stop for an injury- not serious- and a bout of consultation by the visitors. They resumed with renewed determination and, in almost in as many minutes, secured two points from play leaving the halftime score 1-3 to 0-2 in favour of the home side.

On the resumption, Rangers were first away and secured a point through Tom O Connor, which seemed to electrify the visitors into action and the Irish language was heard. The Rangers backs were severely tested and, after six minutes, were beaten as well as the goalie for a goal by the visitors. Only two points then separated the teams and both played with a determination worthy of the game. An attack into Gaeltacht territory was frustrated a quickly a further point was achieved to reduce the lead to one point. Then were the visitors seen to their best. They were everywhere and there was no faulting their passing nor kicking. John Foley was a star for the Rangers. However, then came a rush that could not be checked and the green flag was raised by the visitors. It was then the Rangers’ urn at combined attack but they were unfortunate as a well-aimed shot for goal struck a post and came back into play. The visitors secured another point. It was wonderful football then and, though Rangers weren’t scoring, they were unlucky as many splendid efforts went wide. Followed two points in quick succession by the visitors and then a marvellous score from his own goal by Tim Teahan of Rangers. However, a point resulted from the return of the kick-out. Time was running out, six points of a lead but Rangers were determined and, from a penalty kick, got a goal. They kept the ball in their opponent’s territory, without scoring, until the final whistle.

Laune Rangers: Tim Teahan, John Breen, John Joe Falvey, Jack O Neill, Johnny Mangan, Tom O Connor, Seamus Roche, Kevin Foley, Eddie West, Brendan Cronin, Tom Foley, John Foley, Paddy Courtney, Tom O Leary, Jim Sheehy.

Gaeltacht: Seán Bacóir, Sean Ó Conchubhair, Labhrás Ó Clúbháin, M. Ó Dálaigh, T. Ó Conchubhair, Seán Ó Caomhánaigh, M. Ó Coileáin, T. Ó Dochartaigh, T. Ó Cinnéide, S. Ó Conchubhair, Mairtín Mac an tSaoir, Donal Ó Catháin, C. Ó Catháin, S. de hOrdha, P. Ó Caomhána.

Ref: Charlie Fleming, Killarney.

In the other game at the same venue, refereed by the same person, Listry beat Iveragh by 5-8 to 3-3.


Kerins O Rahillys, captained by Charlie O Sullivan, won the Co. Championship by beating Dingle in the final, after a replay, by 2-8 to 1-3.


East-Kerry Senior Football Championship


Sun. 21st May at Listry: Laune Rangers 3-3; Kilcummin 1-1.

There were two important contests, Laune Rangers versus Kilcummin and Listry versus Keel. The weather, rather doubtful in the early afternoon, cleared up somewhat save for light mist of short duration, was favourable during the games. The attendance was rather sparse but those, who disregarded the threatening rain, were amply rewarded. In both matches, there was a good half-hour’s play, the second moiety in each case being decisive.

The opening stages of the game lacked spirit and it looked as if neither team had settled down. Then after ten minutes had passed, Rangers forwards defeated the opponents’ custodian for a major. Then things happened and Kilcummin, in a shorter time than it took to record, sprung a surprise on the Rangers backs and gave Tim Teahan, in goals, no chance of saving. The leather travelled quickly and O Leary, in the Kilcummin goal, was tested. A grand save and then, for some time, play was taken to midfield. Rangers sent to ball over, to lead by a point at halftime, 1-1 to 1-0.

On the change over, Kilcummin were first away and a grand effort ended in a wide. From the kick-out, the leather travelled back and a score was saved at the expense of a ‘50’, which was wasted. Not to be denied, they kept up the attack until a minor was secured thus bringing the scores level. Then the Rangers took matters on hand, Tom O Connor and John Joe Falvey doing great work. The latter, being fouled, took the free, passed to Tom O Leary and he banged in a major score. All efforts by Kilcummin after that seemed weak and a point (Seamus Roche) and a goal (Kevin Foley) were added in quick succession by Rangers. They added a further point and were attacking when the final whistle went.

The winners were best served by Tim Teahan (goal), Kevin Foley, K. and Jimmy O Donoghue, Eddie West, Tom O Leary, John Joe Falvey and Tom O Connor. Best for Kilcummin were Mickey McCarthy, J. O Connor, Ando Moriarty and O Leary (goal).


Sun. 2nd Sept. at Killarney: Laune Rangers 7-6; Legion 2-6

Played in the Fitzgerald Stadium before a small attendance, Laune Rangers simply overwhelmed Legion. A keen game was expected between the sides but, as Legion fielded without some of their star players, they were never in the hunt against the men from the Laune. A smart Rangers forward line played ducks and drakes with the opponent’s defence and the game had gone only a quarter of its journey when the issue was settled. Kevin Ryle, on the ‘40’ for the winners, played a star game, scoring 3-1, while Derry Burke slammed home three goals. The winners’ other scorers were Eddie West 1-1, Kevin Foley 0-3, Sean Moriarty 0-1. Teddy and Denny Lyne put in trojan work for Legion, while Daly, at fullback, gave a bright display.

Laune Rangers: Tim Teahan (goal), Jimmy O Donoghue, Monnie O Reilly, Eddie West, Pat O Riordan, Paudie Jones, Tom O Connor, Mick O Connor, John Joe Falvey (capt.), Jim Sheehy, Father Kevin Ryle, Kevin Foley, Paddy Burke, Derry Burke, Sean Moriarty.

Legion: John O Leary (goal), Teddy Lyne, Paddy Casey, M. Daly, David Hurley, Denis Casey, Michael O Sullivan, Denny Lyne, Tadhg O Sullivan, James White, S. White, Donie Lyne, Jimmy Wade, Jackie Lyne, Tom Lyne.

Ref: Charlie Fleming (Killarney).

Derry Burke (Abbeylands, Milltown)

Derry Burke (Abbeylands, Milltown)
Played with Laune Rangers in 1937, 1938 and 1939
Played with Kerry Seniors and Juniors in the forties.

Sun. 23rd Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-4; Keel 1-3.

There was little of outstanding play. Both teams played without some of their stars, who had left for Volunteer training. On a few occasions, the contest tended to suffer by infringements but the referee had things very quickly under control. Ref: Mr. Crowe.


Sun. 26th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-7; Dr. Crokes 1-4.

The fixture had been made for 5th Nov. but had to be postponed due to inclement weather. The game was played under very unfavourable weather conditions and before a very small number of spectators, who had defied the weather conditions and braved the elements. Nor was the match up to expectations, as it may be described, very briefly, as being disappointing

The teams, friendly on all occasions, were, on Sunday, up against the wind and sleet and so the exhibition lacked much of the life and vigour of previous clashes between those two teams. However, the game was all that a game between first-class teams should be, clean, manly and according to code.

Rangers had the advantage of the wind in the first half and scored one goal and five points, without reply. On the changeover, Crokes secured a major and two minors in quick succession. Rangers fought back and raised the white flag on twice ere the Crokes again attacked and reduced the lead by two points. The shooting was very erratic on both sides owing to the wind and, though the Rangers won, neither side could of its best.

Laune Rangers panel: Jimmy O Donoghue, Monnie O Reilly, Pat O Riordan, P. Lyons, J. Coffey, Seamus Roche, Eddie West, Kevin Foley, Tom O Connor, Johnny Doherty, Paddy Mike Foley, Jimmy O Donoghue, Jim Sheehy, Sean Moriarty, John Joe Falvey, John Foley, Tim O Connell, Paud O Neill, James Foley, Johnny Moriarty, P. J. Breen.

Ref: Jerry Quill (Keel).


Listry beat Laune Rangers in Killorglin on 14th Jan. 1940 and qualified for the final, in which they beat Keel by 1-3 to 1-2 in Killorglin on Sun. 4th Feb. 1940.



East-Kerry Junior Football Championship


That competition was played for the Kennedy Cup (for the first time). The teams were divided into two groups, the Killarney Group and the Killorglin Group. Listry, Keel, Kilcummin, Castlemaine (Castle Rovers) and Laune Rangers were in the Killorglin group and it was played on a double round, home and away.


Rd. 1 at Listry: Laune Rangers lost to Listry.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 27th June at Keel: Laune Rangers beat Keel by one point.

Rd. 3 at Killorglin: Listry v Laune Rangers.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 23rd Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-3; Keel 0-1.

Sun. 30th Sept. at Castlemaine: Castlemaine 2-8; Laune Rangers 2-4.

As a result of the above, three teams tied for first place in the Killorglin area, Keel, Laune Rangers and Castle Rovers.

At the end of the year, Laune Rangers beat Castlemaine.

Killorglin Area Final: Keel v Laune Rangers (played in 1940).


Parish League


There were four teams in the league, Langford St., Upper Town, Lower Town and Milltown.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 30th April: Langford St. beat Upper Town and Milltown beat Lower Town.

However, Laune Ranger in his column ‘Pars from Puck’ on 1st July reported that, ‘Though many efforts have been made to revive competition in the Town League, something has always turned up to prevent any fixtures being carried out. This is much regretted, as it would promote a fine spirit of sport and arouse much enthusiasm. It is not yet too late for still another effort and we hope it will be successful.’

Wed. 19th July:             Upper Town beat Lower Town by one point.

Langford St. drew with Lower Town.


Challenge Games.


Sun. 16th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Tralee Emmetts.

It was a much-weakened Rangers team as many of the players were in action in Kenmare. The attendance was small and it was just as well, for the play was of a rather poor standard and was rather disappointing even for the meagre number present. The Rangers fifteen were easy winners.

As a sequel to the game, the Secretary of the club, Johnsie O Connor, tendered his resignation to the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 29th April, because the game was fixed without his knowledge. Mícheál Ó Ruairc said that it was a tournament for which no permission was given. No action was taken.


Sun. 23rd July at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 3-2; Langford St. 3-2.

The attendance was poor, chiefly because of a counter attraction organised by the Tralee Troup of Catholic Boy Scouts on holidays in the district. The playing pitch was in excellent condition but the game was marred to some extent by a strong diagonal wind and occasional heavy showers. Glenbeigh were minus the services of John Donoghue and John Griffin, who were replaced by Willie Walsh (Caragh Lake) and Paudie Jones. T. Dwyer came on instead of Joe Bowler.

The first half of the game, despite the wind, was interesting and exciting. Walsh and Jones were prominent in defence for the homesters and both brought off some sparkling clearances. At the interval, Glenbeigh led by 2-1 to 1-2.

The Town boys settled down early in the second half and, after five minutes, they had a goal, which gave them a point lead. They continued to press vigorously but Tom Campbell, who had moved to fullback, Paddy Jones and Paddy O Neill put up a stonewall resistance. Willie Walsh sent several lengthy drives into the Killorglin square but the local forwards were not impressive. Mick Breen was fouled close-in but Frank Conway’s shot from the free was too low and was beaten off. The next raid saw Langford St. raise the green flag from a lengthy drive by Teddy O Connor. The visitors were then four points ahead. Glenbeigh swarmed down on the Killorglin posts and, from a difficult angle, Willie Walsh added a minor. The teams were then playing lost time and excitement ran high when Mick Breen was fouled in possession in the square. Tom Campbell took the penalty and sent a fine shot under the bar to level the scores.

Langford St: Teddy O Connor (capt.), Willie O Reilly (goal), Tom O Connor, John O Connor, Pat O Riordan, Johnny Doherty, Monnie O Reilly, Pat Joe Breen, Eamonn Breen, Eoin Costello, Den Costello, Patrick Taylor, Paddy Mike Foley, Jim Sheehy and Stevie McMahon.

Glenbeigh: Tom Campbell (capt.), T. McEnery (goal), Paddy O Neill, John Lyne, D. Sullivan, Paudie Jones, B. Mahony, Francis Conway, Tom Dwyer, Willie Walsh, M. Shea, Mick Breen, Timmy Sugrue, J. Cronin and M. Donoghue.

Ref: Stevie Foley (Laune Rangers).



All-Ireland Colleges Football Championship

Sun. 19th March at Carlow: Leinster 1-8; Munster 1-4.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward for Munster.


Munster Colleges Senior Football

Semi-final on Wed. 29th March at Mallow: Coláiste na Mumhan 0-6; St. Brendan’s Seminary 1-2.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward for St. Brendan’s and scored a goal to give his side an interval lead of 1-1 to 0-2.


O Sullivan Cup (Kerry Colleges Senior Football)

Final on Sun. 26th March at Tralee: Tralee CBS 2-4; St. Brendan’s 1-5.

Paddy Burke played at full-forward.


Juvenile Football


Sun. 26th March at Killorglin: Two U-16 teams from Tuogh were successful against the Rangers.


Co. Senior Hurling Championship

14 teams entered for the Co. Senior Hurling Championship:

Group A: Crotta, Banna, Dingle and Tralee.

Group B: Kenmare, Killarney, Killorglin and Kilgarvan.

Group C: Shannon Rovers, Ballyduff, Lixnaw, St. Brendan’s, Kilflynn Pearses and Listowel.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 16th April at Kenmare: Kenmare beat Killorglin (Laune Rangers).

The game commenced at 4.15pm and the home team, playing with a strong breeze, kept the visitors continuously on the defensive. The Killorglin backs defended stubbornly and, coupled with erratic shooting by the Kenmare forwards, the halftime register of 4-3 to 0-0 did not seem a formidable one for Killorglin as, in the second half, they had the advantage of the strong wind. However, lack of training cost them and the opposition banged in a procession of goals.

The result was not a surprise, as most of those who took the field on behalf of the Rangers had not once wielded a camán since the previous season. Indeed there was no excuse for that. The game should have been taken up seriously or not at all. Kenmare had a tradition in hurling and, even though the Rangers caught them on the hop the previous year, that fact should not have lulled them into a sense of security, as had happened. It was hoped that the reverse would act as a stimulus to greater things for there was good material and all that was needed was practice.


An impromptu meeting of the four East-Kerry Hurling Clubs, Killarney, Kilgarvan, Kenmare and Killorglin, was held after the game, Killorglin being represented by Sean O Riordan. It was unanimously resolved to organise an East-Kerry League on a home to home system.


Munster Minor Football


Sun. 28th May in Killarney:

Tom O Leary scored 2-1 from full-forward and Eddie West scored 1-6 from the corner. It was regrettable that, through an unfortunate mislaying of an official and necessary document, Kevin Foley was prevented from playing. The best judges at the time were of the opinion that he was easily worth his place.


Final on Sun. 23rd July at Clonmel: Cork 3-3; Kerry 3-2.

Tom O Leary played at full-forward and Eddie West played at left full-forward. Kevin Foley was a substitute. Approaching halftime, Eddie West scored Kerry’s first point from a free and Tom O Leary set up a forward for a similar score to leave Cork ahead by 2-2 to 0-2 at the interval. Near the end, Tom O Leary was injured and he was replaced by Kevin Foley. Eddie West passed to Kevin Foley and he found the net. West again fielded a lobbing ball and drove over the bar but the score was disallowed. Eddie West was one of the best of the forwards and he had a hand in all the scores and his opportunism almost pulled the game out of the fire.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Final on Sun. 20th June at Killarney: Limerick 1-7; Kerry 1-2.

Derry Burke played at full-forward. In the first half, he drove wide when well placed and hit the post with another effort.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Football


Munster Final on Sun. 23rd July at Clonmel: Kerry 2-11; Tipperary 0-4.

Murt Kelly played at left full-forward and scored a point.


Semi-final on Sun. 13th Aug. at Croke Park: Kerry 0-4; Mayo 0-4.

Murt Kelly played at right full-forward, from which he scored a point. At a subsequent Mayo Co. Board, the Chairman alleged that the Mayo players were disabled in bunches and the referee was prevented from carrying out his duties. It was also alleged that it had been announced before the match that no officials were to go on to the field. Mayo had carried that instruction out but at various stages three members of the Kerry Co. Board had been on the field, even to dictate to the referee. Drastic action was called for. The Mayo captain said that he would not take part in a replay and neither would his colleagues, who had some respect for their lives.


Semi-final replay on Sun. 10th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 3-8; Mayo 1-4.


Final on Sun. 24th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 2-5; Meath 2-3

Murt Kelly played at right half-forward and raised the first flag, a beautifully taken point, and he tormented the Meath defence for the rest of the hour. That was his first All-Ireland Senior Championship win with Kerry. That was Kerry’s thirteenth success at that level.

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Bill Myers, Joe Keohane, Tadhg Healy, Bill Dillon, Bill Casey, Eddie Walsh, Paddy Kennedy, Jimmy O Gorman, Murt Kelly, Tom Gega O Connor (capt.), Johnny Walsh, Charlie O Sullivan, Dan Spring, Tim Landers.


National Football League 1938/39


Sun. 26th Feb. at Castlebar: Mayo 3-3; Kerry 1-3.

Gerald Teahan played at right half-forward and Murt Kelly played at full-forward.


Play-off on Sun. 26th March at Tralee: Mayo 1-6; Kerry 0-6.

Gerald Teahan played at right half-forward and was replaced by Murt Kelly in the second half.


National Football League 1939/40


Sun. 29th Oct. at Listowel: Kerry 3-4; Offaly 1-3

Kerry: Danno Keeffe, Joe Keohane, Bill Myers, Tim Healy, Eddie Walsh, Gerald Teahan, Paddy Bawn Brosnan, Tom ‘Gega’ O Connor, Paddy Kennedy, Jim Fitzgerald, Sean Brosnan, Johnny Walsh, Murt Kelly, Tony McAuliffe, Jimmy O Gorman.


Sun. 12th Nov. at Portlaois: Laois 2-4; Kerry 1-6

Murt Kelly played on the forty.




Robert O Keeffe, Laois, was Uachtarán CLG.


Sean McCarthy, Corcaigh, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer. Because of its pending American Tour, Kerry was given a bye into the Munster Senior Football Final.


Kerry Co. Convention was held on Sun. 5th Feb. in Dingle, the home of the Co. Senior Football Champions. Laune Rangers Club was represented by Owen Costello and John T. O Riordan. Also in attendance were Liam McSweeney and Jack O Dwyer in their capacities as members of the Co. Board. In the election of officers, Den Joe Bailey was elected Chairman, the District Board Chairmen were elected as Vice-Chairmen, Mícheál Ó Ruairc and Jerry Myles were elected Joint Secretaries, John Moran (Listowel) and Con Clifford (Tralee) were elected Joint Treasurers, John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan were elected as Munster Council delegates. Jerry O Leary was elected as Chairman of the Football Selection Committee. At the Convention, Laune Rangers Club, through Liam McSweeney, wished it to be understood that it had no objection to Listry seeking to enter a senior team for the Co. Championship. The definition of the area would be for the East-Kerry Board. The suggestion of ‘Listry’s shoe pinching the Killorglin foot’ was without foundation.


At the East-Kerry Convention, held on Sun. 22nd Jan., in the Town Hall, Killarney, Laune Rangers Club was represented by Mike Joy, Sean O Riordan and John Joe Falvey. Eddie J. Moynihan presided. The Secretary, in his report, regretted that there was very little interest in the games in the district. ‘The dance halls and the pictures seem to be all the craze at the moment and the dances are not Irish dances either. The youth of this district seem far more interested in learning the dances of the foreigner, such as the Lambeth Walk, which originated in the slums of London,’ he said. The Financial Secretary reported that, for the first time for years, there was a credit balance. In the election of officers, Liam McSweeney was elected as Chairman, even though he had been unavoidably absent due to illness. The election saw him get 16 votes as against M. Moriarty (4). Jack O Dwyer was elected as Treasurer and Tadhg O Reilly as Financial Secretary. Delegate to Co. Financial Committee – Jack O Dwyer. When Listry applied for permission to enter the Co. Senior Championship, Sean O Riordan proposed an amendment that only two teams from the area would play in the Co. Championship. The amendment was defeated by eight votes.


The 1938 East-Kerry Senior Championship game between Laune Rangers and Listry, scheduled for 12th Feb. 1939, was postponed as a remark of respect to the memory of Pope Pius X1, who had died. He was succeeded by Pope Pius XII.


Mike Joy (Laune Rangers) presided at the East-Kerry Board meeting in late February. Laune Rangers club was represented by Johnsie O Connor. When it came to the fixing of the Senior Final between Keel and Listry, the Secretary said that he was entirely opposed to the playing of games in the Fitzgerald Stadium. He said that the attendance at recent games there was deplorable and he suggested that the final should be played in Killorglin. This was accepted, despite the objection of the Listry delegate.


Liam McSweeney presided at the East-Kerry Board meeting in Killorglin on Sun. 19th March (After the 1938 Senior Final). Laune Rangers club was represented by John Joe Falvey and Mike Joy. There was high praise for both teams, Listry and Keel, for one of the keenest and best displays of the code seen in the field for some time. Listry won by 1-3 to 0-5.


On Tues. 28th March, the death took place in Cork of John O Reilly, who had played with the Laune Rangers in Clonturk Park in the 1892 All-Ireland Final. He had been described as a consistently good player. After the parade at the opening of the Fitzgerald stadium, Killarney in 1936, in which he and other survivors had donned the Rangers’ blue for the last time, he caused the eyes of the others to dim by his remark, on taking off the jersey, when he said, ‘Lads, we are handing over our colours for the last time.’


At the Co. Board Meeting in Tralee on Fri. 7th April, Seamus Roche was granted a transfer from Listry to Laune Rangers, subject to permission from the Listry Club. The status of the Castleisland district league was raised to that of a District Board.


On Mon. 17th July, the Co. Board meeting referred Gerald Teahan’s request for a transfer from Laune Rangers to Kerins O Rahillys to the East-Kerry Board. At the East-Kerry Board meeting on Sat. 29th July, the request was ruled out of order by the Chairman, Liam McSweeney, on the grounds that the applicant was not a registered member of the Laune Rangers Club.

Gerald Teahan transferred to Kerins O Rahillys, with whom he won the Co. Senior Football Championship on 22nd Oct. by beating Dingle, after a replay, by 2-8 to 1-3. Admission to the game cost 1/- and the stand cost 1/- extra.


At the Co. Board meeting on Sat. 29th April, Jim Morrissey, Paddy Morrissey and Jack Morrissey transferred from Killorglin Hurling Club to Killarney Hurling Club, as the latter was able to field a team in 1939.


On Whit Monday, Laune Rangers Club, London, met Shamrocks in the final of the Tipperary Cup (that was the club’s second final in three years). Shamrocks won the game by 3-6 to 0-4. The Laune Rangers’ lineout was, J. Hurley (Cahersiveen), J. Sugrue (Listowel), J. Connor (Killarney), J. Scannell (Camp), P. Connell (Cahersiveen), F. Dunne (Dingle), J. Costello (John Mitchels), D. Leary (John Mitchels) capt., T. Brosnan (John Mitchels), M. Sullivan (Ardfert), J. Griffin (Moyvane), T. Scannell (Castlegregory), T. Sullivan (Killarney), M. Moriarty (Laune Rangers), F. Sullivan (Castleisland).


On Sun. 4th June, The Laune Rangers Club held a benefit at the Oisin cinema, when two first-class films were shown. The supporters and public made the occasion a success and helped the club to get funds to tide it over the season.


On Sun. 30th July, Glenbeigh beat Beaufort in a challenge game at Glenbeigh by 2-3 to 1-1. Stevie Foley (Laune Rangers) refereed the game.


Killorglin (St. James’) Branch CYMS elected the following officers for 1939: President – Liam McSweeney; Vice-President – Jack O Dwyer; Treasurer – Ted Mangan; Hon. Secretary – Michael J. Coffey; Representatives on Diocesan Council – Liam McSweeney and W. Heylin. Committee – Sean T. O Riordan, S. Corkery, J. E. Mangan and P. Crowley.


In Feb. it was reported that, after years of appeals, requests, threats and demands, the Land Commission had relented in their attitude towards the building of a wall round the fair field and it was then nearing completion.


On Sun. 9th April the unveiling of the memorial at Ballykissane to the first casualties of the 1916 Rising was a huge success from every point of view, weather, attendance, dignity and the object. From the early forenoon, the trek to the mobilisation centre continued until, at the appointed time, representatives (Fianna Éireann and IRA) from the various areas had formed up. The sounding of the Last post and laying of wreaths on the graves of all the others who had lost their lives to the Irish struggle, as well as those of the 1916 victims, being over, the various units marched to Ballykissane, where the unveiling took place. A decade of the Rosary was recited in Irish by Patsy Begley and it appeared that all present responded in the language in which it was recited.


At that time, Killorglin was well established as a labour market and hiring went on weekly in the spring and autumn for farms in distant parts of Kerry and West Cork. The doubt, which had frequently been entertained in former times, of the engaged ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ not fulfilling their engagements had long ago disappeared. The wages obtaining at the time were looked at as satisfactory – from £3 to £4-10-0 for a ‘boy’ and £3 to £4 for a ‘girl’.


On Wed. 23rd Aug., under the most favourable weather conditions, the Killorglin Regatta was held. The crowd was extremely large and, long before the necessary tide, the bridges were crowded and hundreds had taken up their positions at vantage-points on the banks almost the whole length of the course. Nor were they disappointed, as the fare served was most interesting and exciting and there were thrills galore, especially in the open races where the finishes were close. The third race –The Open Fives – provided interest from the moment the seven crews set out, as all along the three miles round-the-island course, it was first one boat led and then another until, at the finish, six passed the judges within so many lengths. It was a hard, gruelling race to the end and the winners got a great ovation. The simple, but honest, words of congratulations by the cox of the second boat, Michael Sheehan, Gurrane, to the winning cox, Michael Harmon, Cliff, “Molaim thú,” conveyed an idea of the manliness and spirit in which it was ran. The swimming race drew a large entry and had exciting finishes but the Duck Race was somewhat disappointing, as the duck was somewhat accommodating and possibly too bewildered.


Confined Race – Laune Fisherman (five men) – 1st Dan Linehan’s Crew; 2nd Michael McKenna’s crew. Six competed. Winner won by two lengths.

Open Race (seven men) – 1st Michael Harmon and Cliff Crew; 2nd Michael Sheehan and Gurrane Crew. Six competed. Winner won by one length.

Open Race (five men) – 1st Michael Harmon and Cliff Crew; 2nd Michael Sheehan and Gurrane Crew. Seven competed. Winner won by half a length.

Swimming Race (100 yards championship of the Laune) – 1st George Prendiville, 2nd Denis Corkery. Also competed were Tom O Leary, P. Corkery, Kevin Foley, J. Foley, Eddie West, Johnny West.

Duck Race – 1st George Prendiville. Also competed were Dan Keating, Ned West, Jack West, P. Foley, P. Corkery, D. Corkery, Kevin Foley.

Canoe Race (solo crew) – 1st John Knightley, 2nd P. Brick, 3rd J. Sheehy (2 lengths and 1 length).

Committee: Chairman – Liam McSweeney, Vice-Chairman – William O Brien and William F. Curtayne, Starter – Floss J. McCrohan and T. J. Mangan, Judges – Liam McSweeney and J. Sugrue, Hon. Secretary – Michael J. Coffey. Others of the committee – H. Horgan, J. O Donoghue, P. Houlihan, S. Coffey, B. O Dwyer, J. T. O Riordan and John Joe Falvey.


An unofficial report gave the following population of Killorglin for 1939:

Lower Bridge St., Mill Road, Market St. and Chapel Road: 97 females, 94 males, total 191.

Iveragh Road, Railway Cottages and Briar Lane:                     89 females, 69 males, total 158.

Baile Nua                                                                   111 females, 99 males, total 210.

Langford Street                                                                   116 females, 103 males, total 219.

The Bridge                                                                     43 females, 41 males, total 84.

The Square and Upper Town                                           117 females, 102 males, total 219.

Total                               573 females, 508 males, total 1,081.

That represented an increase of 24 people since 1926 or a 2% increase.


On Fri. 27th Oct., Florence (Floss) O Doherty was presented with a gold watch and illuminated address in the Teachers’ Club, Dublin by the members of the Teachers’ Club. He had taught for some time in his native Killorglin and, later, left to swell the already large number of Kingdom representatives in Dublin. That he had fought for his country when fighting had to be done – in 1916 – was only one of the many achievements to be recorded to his credit.


On Fri. 3rd Nov., Jack O Dwyer presided at a specially convened East Kerry Board meeting to discuss an offending letter, by Rathmore, to the Kerryman. Laune Rangers were represented by Seamus Roche, Sean Moriarty and John Joe Falvey. It was an acrimonious meeting but the chairman was vehemently defended by the Laune Rangers captain.  John Joe was also congratulated on his recent marriage.


The demand for the Coomlogher water scheme for Killorglin proved successful and the tender of Messrs. Molloy, Ballina, was accepted, for the work, at £7,382-4-0 by the Board of Health in October. The demand had been led by the Killorglin representative on the Board of Health, James O Regan.


“Time marches by” and brought changes to the customs of the people. That was evident at the 18th Nov. fair from which one feature had departed. No longer was the main street rendered almost impassable by boxes and bags of onions, of all varieties, sizes and prices, exposed for sale. Nov. 18th was known as the ‘onion fair’ but that had disappeared. No longer in the early darkness of the night, with candles lighting in their boxes, did the women purveyors shout the qualities of their wares to all and sundry, with a reduction in the price in proportion to the lateness of the hour, until all the large stock was disposed of.


The AGM of the East Kerry Board was held in the Old Town Hall, Killarney on Sun. 7th Jan. 1940. The Secretary, Jack O Shea, in his report, stated, ‘We ran a Senior League consisting of eight teams. The final, as yet unfinished, lies between Listry, Keel and Laune Rangers. We also ran a Junior League of eleven teams, divided in two divisions, namely Killarney and Killorglin. Rathmore won out in the Killarney division, while a play-off was necessary in the Killorglin division as three teams tied for first place, Keel, Laune Rangers and Castle Rovers. The final in this division lies between Keel and Laune Rangers. The number of matches played in the Senior League was 13, while the number played in the Junior League was 17, making a total of 30 matches in all. It is to be regretted that the leagues were not finished within the year, but a late start and the unfavourable weather at the end of the year, are partly responsible for that position. However, I must remind the delegates that it is very necessary at this time to guard against a repetition of a late start for the coming year. I would strongly recommend that you make arrangements here today to start the leagues, both Senior and junior, at least by the first Sunday in March. Our teams in the Co. Championship made a fairly good show, especially Listry, who, in their first attempt, reached the semi-final, but lost on an objection. For the coming year, our teams entering for the Co. Championship must pay more attention to training if they ever hope to succeed.

Taking everything into account, we can say that we had a fairly successful year. With a continuation of the same friendly spirit that exists at the moment in East Kerry, and now that our financial position is sound, we can look to the future with every confidence and there is no reason why we should not reach greater heights in the coming year.

In conclusion, I wish to thank our Chairman, Treasurer and all Club Secretaries for their loyal co-operation during the past year and, in a very special manner, the two press representatives for their kindness and assistance in reporting our matches and meetings.’