Laune Rangers – 1953

 Kerry lost to Cork in the Munster Minor Football Semi-final. Pat O Shea was a substitute.

Paddy Foley was Vice-Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board.


Co. Senior Football Championship

Sixteen teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, Kerins O Rahilly’s, John Mitchel’s, Iveragh, Castlegregory, St. Brendan’s, Castleisland, Dick Fitzgerald’s, Austin Stack’s, Shannon Rangers, St. Mary’s, Killarney, Dingle, Mid-Kerry, Desmonds, Kenmare and Listowel. It was decided at the Co. Board meeting of Wed. 18th Feb. to have a losers’ round.


Preliminary Rd. on Sun. 19th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry beat Desmonds by 3 points.

Mid-Kerry: M. P. Buckley (Milltown), Jim O Shea (do.), Teddy O Sullivan (Castlemaine), Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Jerry Mick Foley (Keel), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Maurice Breen (Laune Rangers), Michael Murphy (do.), Donal Prendiville (do.), Sean Gill (do.), Charlie O Shea (Beaufort), Sean Horan (Milltown), Joe Cournane (Keel), Jerry Griffin (Milltown). Subs: Willie Foley (Dromin), Patsy Hurley (Milltown), Tom Kerrisk (Keel) and Brendan Ladden (Castlemaine), Patrick Heffernan (Laune Rangers), John Lyne (Glenbeigh) and Casey (Beaufort).


Rd. 1 on Mon. 29th June at Killarney: Killarney 1-7; Mid-Kerry 2-4.

The game provided many thrills and spills. Play was of an exciting, if not high, order and spice was added to it when Mid-Kerry started to pull down the comfortable halftime lead of the Killarney boys. Scorers for Killarney were Jackie Lyne 0-4, L. Kelly 1-0, Brendan Carroll 0-2, J. O Brien 0-1. Scorers for Mid-Kerry were Sean Conway/O Connor 0-1, Michael Murphy 0-1, Mícheál Doherty 1-1, Sean Horan 1-0, Paddy Clifford 0-1.

Mid-Kerry: Morgan O Brien (Keel), Brian Kelly (Ballyvirrane), Denny Sheahan (Glenbeigh), Maurice Breen (Killorglin), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Mick Scanlon (Killorglin), Michael Murphy (do.), Pat O Shea (do.), Sean Horan (Castlemaine), Mícheál O Doherty (Glenbeigh), James Lenihan (Keel), Sean Conway/O Connor (Milltown), Charlie O Shea (Beaufort), Casey (do.).


Replay on Tues. 14th July at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 0-9; Killarney 2-5.

Donal Prendiville, Sean Gill and Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) played with Mid-Kerry. In his report on the game, the referee, Dan Ryan, paid tribute to the manner, in which the stewarding arrangements had been carried out by the Killorglin Club.

At the subsequent Co. Board meeting on Mon. 27th July, it was decided that the officers of the Board and a representative each from Mid-Kerry and Killarney would investigate the constitution of the Killarney Senior Football team, which had played Mid-Kerry. The matter was raised by Murt Kelly. He asked that the legality of Denis D. Moynihan and J. C. Cooper be investigated. He alleged that Moynihan had been suspended, at the time, having been ordered off the pitch for striking the referee during a match, and that Cooper had played rugby. The committee investigated the matter but, through lack of evidence, could not substantiate the allegation.


Final on Sun. 20th Sept: Kerins O Rahilly’s 1-4; Shannon Rangers 0-5.

John Dowling captained the winners.


Mid-Kerry League/Championship

Five teams took part, as Firies had decided to play in East-Kerry. The teams were divided into two groups: Group A – Keel and Milltown; Group B – Laune Rangers, Beaufort and Glenbeigh. The top team in each group, after the preliminary rounds, played in the final


Rd. 1 on Sun. 23rd March at Keel: Keel lost to Milltown. Ref: Michael O Connor (Keel).

at Beaufort (Galvin’s Inch): Beaufort  lost to Killorglin. Ref: Murt Kelly (Beaufort).


Rd. 2: Glenbeigh beat Beaufort.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 3rd May at Killorglin: Killorglin 0-2; Glenbeigh 0-6.

Glenbeigh were by far the better team and should really have won by much more. The game did not reach anything like a high standard. It was marred by heated disputes between rival players and the referee had to suffer more than the usual amount of abuse directed at referees. Michael O Riordan and Mickey Teahan, both from Cromane, played with Glenbeigh while Pat O Shea, Cromane, played with Laune Rangers.

Ref: Denis Kidney (Kenmare).


In the final, Milltown beat Glenbeigh by 0-3 to 0-1.


Challenge/Tournament Games


Sun. 1st Feb. at Milltown: Milltown 1-2; Laune Rangers 1-6.


Sun. 12th April at Milltown: Milltown/Keel 2-2; Killorglin/Glenbeigh/Beaufort 0-2.

This Mid-Kerry trial provided some fine football, although a heavy sod and frequent showers militated against fielding and scoring. In the early stages of the game, both goals in turn were threatened but only wides resulted. During most of the first half, frees for minor infringements were very frequent. Milltown/Keel had their first score off a point per Jerry Griffin, followed soon afterwards by a goal from Joe Cournane, leaving the halftime score at 1-1 to nil. In the opening of the second half, the Milltown/Keel selection had a further goal and a point per Patsy Hurley. After that the home side were careless with easy chances and towards the closing stages, the visitors were spurred to put in a finishing effort that was rewarded with two points by Donal Prendiville, which took the bare look off the scoreboard.

Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 in Killarney: Mid-Kerry lost to Legion.

Batty Foley and Jim Foley (Keel) were midfield for Mid-Kerry. Ironically, Jim played, later in the year, with West-Kerry in the Minor Co. Championship.


Co. Minor Hurling Championship.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 29th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-1; Austin Stacks 3-0.

For many years even a camán, not to mention a hurling match, was a rare sight in Killorglin until a group a schoolboy-enthusiasts took up the national sport in a serious way. The first real test came when they played the Stacks. The rain poured from the heavens. The game was keenly contested throughout and, though hard pressed, the locals held out stoutly. Though the margin was small, their success was most praiseworthy, when one considered that they, without the background in the game enjoyed by their opponents, could put up such an excellent showing.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Gerard O Dwyer, Brendan Fullam, Don Johnston (The Square), Brendan Gill, Brendan Mangan, John McCarthy, Maurice Geary, Tadhg O Reilly, James Coffey, Maurice Breen, Michael Teahan, Paddy Foley, Patsy O Connor, Tony Graves. Subs: Mossy O Sullivan, Christy Jones.

Ref: Ben Campion (Killarney).

Moss Harmon, Callanfersy, had got a loan of Paddy Sweeney’s tractor and one board plough and had ploughed a single scribe to mark the end-lines and sidelines of the pitch. Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremin trained the team.


Rd. 2 on Thurs. 18th June in Killarney: Killarney 5-2; Killorglin 1-5.

That game, in which a young Killorglin team went under to the Killarney selection, was one, which redounded in no small way to the prestige of the Killorglin boys. The heavier and more experienced Killarney team had to fight every inch of the way and the factor, which more than any other, militated against the Killorglin boys and assisted Killarney, was the heavy crop of grass in the Fitzgerald Park, which exhausted the strength of the lighter-built team. The Killorglin boys did not feel disgraced as they had put up a good show. Most of the Killarney goals had come from loose play. At one stage, Killorglin came within two points of their opponents but then fell away. Outstanding for Killorglin were James Griffin, Hal O Donoghue and Maurice Breen.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Gerard O Dwyer, Brendan Fullam, Brendan Gill, John McCarthy, Brendan Mangan, Tadhg O Reilly, Maurice Geary, A. Langford, Tony Graves, Maurice Breen, Michael Teahan, Hal Donoghue, Patsy O Connor, James Griffin. Subs: Don Johnston for T. O Reilly, James Coffey for M. Geary.

The team travelled in three cars – Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea, Paud O Neill and Denis Lynch. Other cars brought supporters.

Minor Hurling Challenge Game


Sun. 11th Jan. at Killorglin: Killorglin 2-0; Killarney 3-2.

In the first half of a great game, the Killorglin forwards missed about four goals but still managed to lead by 1-0 to 0-0 at the break. The backs and the goalie were very good all during the game.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Gerard O Dwyer, Brendan Gill, Don Johnston, James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, Ted O Leary, Aeneas Langford, Tadhg O Reilly, James Griffin, John McCarthy, Tony Graves, Paddy Foley, Maurice Breen (2-0), Hal Donoghue. Subs: John Mulvihill for P. Foley, Liam Wall for T. O Leary, Paddy Foley for J. Mulvihill.

Ref: Ben Campion (Killarney).

On the previous Sat. Jim Tobin, James Coffey, Maurice Breen, James Griffin, Paddy Foley, Francis Reidy, Brendan Gill and John Mulvihill worked to make the goalmouths as good as possible for the game. On Sunday morning Brendan Gill, Kevin Cremin, James Coffey and John McCarthy marked the pitch and spread saw-dust over the goalmouths. M. Woulfe collected 18/- at the gate and, after the game, Ben Campion praised the Killorglin team.

Juvenile Hurling Parish League


The juvenile hurling Town League resumed on Sun. 22nd Feb.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 22nd Feb: Faughs 4-5; United 5-2.

Myles Coffey came on as a sub for Patsy O Connor and Brian Corkery came on for James Clifford on the Faughs team.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 8th March: United 9-3; Wanderers 2-1; Ref: Jim Tobin.

The Wanderers held out quite well in the first half, after which United led by 4-1 to 2-1. However, the losers found the going too much in the second half as the fitter United won easily.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 22nd March: Faughs w/o; Wanderers scr.

Final on Sun. 7th June: Faughs 2-3; United 1-4. Ref: Jim Tobin.

It was a good hard game with plenty of thrills.

Faughs: James Coffey (capt.), Brian Corkery, Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Myles Coffey, Paddy Foley, Eoin Mangan. (Gerard O Dwyer and Patsy O Connor were missing).

United: Patrick O Sullivan, Den Mangan, Tadhg O Reilly, Maurice Breen, Kevin O Reilly, Francis Reidy, Paddy Moroney. (John McCarthy and Don Johnston were missing).

Each member of the winning team received a hurley, except Teddy and Eoin Mangan and Patsy O Connor, who had to toss for one hurley, because they had played only one game each in the league.


At the club meeting on Mon. 20th July, it was decided, after much discussion, to organise a Town League with three teams, St. Vincent’s, Exiles and Faughs.

St. Vincent’s: Paddy Foley (capt.), Hal Donoghue, Patrick O Sullivan, Aeneas Langford, Tadhg O Reilly, John Mulvihill, Paddy O Neill.

Exiles: Maurice Breen (capt.), Brendan Fullam, Maurice Geary, Tony Graves, Brian Corkery, Teddy Mangan, Kevin O Reilly.

Faughs: James Coffey (capt.), Brendan Mangan, James Griffin, Gerard O Dwyer, Michael Teahan, Tony Donoghue, Myles Coffey.

Rd. 1 on Tues. 28th July: Exiles 10-6; Faughs 8-2. Ref: Jim Tobin.

Faughs were missing James Griffin, Michael Teahan and Myles Coffey, while Exiles were missing Kevin O Reilly.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 31st July: St. Vincent’s w/o; Faughs scr.

Following an objection to John McCarthy by the St. Vincent’s team, the Faughs team would not play.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 5th Aug: St. Vincent’s 5-4; Exiles 1-2.

Francis Reidy came on as a sub for Kevin O Reilly in the Exiles team.

Rd. 4 on Fri. 7th Aug: St. Vincent’s 15-2; Faughs 0-3. Ref: Jim Tobin.

Noel Kingston and P. Moroney came on for the missing Gerard O Dwyer and Michael Teahan on the Faugh’s team.

Rd. 5 on Fri. 14th Aug: Exiles beat Faughs by 2-1. Ref: Jim Tobin.

Exiles were short Kevin O Reilly, Maurice Geary and Tony Graves, while Faughs were short James Griffin, Michael Teahan, Gerard O Dwyer and Paddy Moroney.

Final on Mon. 17th Aug: St. Vincent’s 4-7; Exiles 4-3. Ref: Jim Tobin.

Brendan Gill came on the Exiles team, who were also missing Maurice Geary. Aeneas Langford was missing from the St. Vincent’s team.


At the club meeting on Mon. 17th Aug. it was decided to organise a one round league of three seven-a-side teams, ‘A’ (Brendan Gill), ‘B’ (Tadhg O Reilly) and ‘C’ (Brendan Mangan). Medals were given to the winners.

‘A’: Brendan Gill, Hal Donoghue, Tony Graves, Patrick O Sullivan, Myles Coffey, Paddy O Neill, Michael Teahan.

‘B’: Tadhg O Reilly, James Griffin, Paddy Foley, John Mulvihill, Mossy O Sullivan, Tony Donoghue, Francis Reidy.

‘C’: Brendan Mangan, Brendan Fullam, Maurice Geary, James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Brian Corkery, Paddy Moroney.

Subs (common to all teams): Gerard O Dwyer, Noel Kingston and Austin O Reilly.

Rd. 1 on Wed. 19th Aug: ‘A’ 8-3; ‘B’ 2-1.

Rd. 2 on Fri. 21st Aug: ‘C’ 8-1; ‘B’ 7-2. Ref: Kevin Cremin.

Brendan Fullam (‘C’) and James Griffin (‘B’) were sent to the line for rough play. Teddy Mangan and Maurice Geary were missing from the ‘C’ team, while Francis Reidy and Tadhg O Reilly were missing from the ‘B’ team.

Decider on Wed. 21st Aug: ‘C’ 8-1; ‘A’ 2-6. Ref: Kevin Cremin.

Patrick O Sullivan was missing from the ‘A’ team.


Munster Minor Football Championship


On Fri. 19th June, there was a minor trial in the Austin Stack Park, Tralee: Colleges Selection v Rest of Kerry. Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) was the only Mid-Kerry representative.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th July at Ennis: Limerick 0-1; Kerry 1-11.

Pat O Shea played at right half-forward.


Semi-Final on Sun. 12th July in Cork: Cork 2-9; Kerry 3-5.

Kerry: J. Foley (Dingle), J. O Neill (Shannon Rangers), Tom Moriarty (Kerins O Rahillys), Tim Lyons (Castleisland), Pat Murphy (Rathmore), T. Mulvihill (Tarbert), Moss O Connell (O Dorney), Ned Fitzgerald (St.Mary’s), Tom Long (Dingle), Brendan Carroll (Killarney), Tom Collins (Kilmoyley), Freddie Lynch (John Mitchels), Brendan Kennelly (Ballylongford), J. O Connell (Listowel), T. McCarthy (Desmonds). Subs: Joe Barrett (Austin Stacks), Pat O Shea (Killorglin), J. O Mahony (Currow), M. Ryan (Austin Stacks), Sean Lovett (Kilmoyley), Tommy Foley (Kerins O Rahillys).

The Kerry Co. Board, at a specially convened meeting on Wed. 15th July, unanimously agreed to lodge an objection with the Munster Council against the awarding of the game to Cork. The whole grievance was against the referee who was the official trainer of the Cork Minor team and, as such, it would have been impossible for him to be an unbiased official. The first half of the game lasted 33 minutes and the second lasted 41 minutes. There seemed to have been no justification for the extended time. Near the end, the ball was played down towards the Kerry goal and kicked wide, the umpires indicating such. However, the referee gave a fifty-yards free to Cork and when the ball was sent over the bar, he blew the fulltime whistle. Many of the Kerry players were in tears at the injustice. At a special meeting of the Munster Council, the Chairman, pointing out that the Referees’ Board had, rightly or wrongly, appointed the referee, ruled that the referee’s word on time and score was final and the objection was lost on those grounds.


Munster Minor Hurling Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd May at Tralee: Kerry Cork

Kerry: Johnny Culloty (Killarney), Jerry Brosnan (O Dorney), Paudie Sheehy (Austin Stacks), M. Cadbury (Killarney), M. Ryan (Austin Stacks), Brendan O Carroll (Killarney), Mickey Wharton (Kenmare), Willie O Leary (Kilmoyley), Dan Healy (Kilgarvan), T. O Donoghue (Crotta), Tom Egan (do.), Jimmy Redpath (Killarney), M. McKenna (Austin Stacks), Tony Murphy (Kenmare), Dick Laide (Crotta). Subs: J. Nolan (Crotta), Brendan Mangan (Killorglin), J. Barry (Lixnaw), Michael Treacy (Kilmoyley), J. Hayes (Austin Stacks).


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 10th May at Listowel: Kerry 5-12; Clare 1-1.

Paddy Clifford played at left halfback.




M. V. O Donoghue (Port Láirge) was Uachtarán CLG.


Munster Convention was held in Ennis on 21st Feb. Jerry O Keeffe (Tiobrad Árainn) was Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.


Co. Convention was held on Sun. 25th Jan. in St. John’s Hall, Tralee. Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremin represented Killorglin Hurling Club. The following officers were elected: President – Canon Lyne; Chairman – Frank Sheehy; Vice-Chairman – Dan Ryan (110 votes), Pat O Meara (68 votes); Secretary – Jerry McCarthy (113 votes), Tadhg Crowley (65 votes); Treasurers – Paddy Drummond (149 votes), Tom Cooper (122 votes), Donie Sheehan (67 votes); Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc. A motion from Kilcummin, ‘that Farranfore be declared and open area,’ was passed. A motion to reduce the number on the Co. Senior Selection Committee to five was passed. This was as it used to be until some years previously. The committee consisted of John Joe Sheehy, Johnny Walsh, Paddy Bawn Brosnan, Murt Kelly and Father Denis Curtin.


The Mid-Kerry Convention was held on 12th Jan. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Rev. Father Griffin; Vice-Chairman – Paddy Foley; Secretary – Brother Prudent; Committee – Maurice Breen, Donal Prendiville, Kevin Foley, Jerry Griffin, Jimmy O Doherty and D. O Doherty.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That the league would begin as soon as possible.’
  2. ‘That Firies would get medals as soon as finance would allow.’
  3. ‘That the Secretary would give at least one weeks notice prior to meetings and matches.’
  4. ‘That all the delegates to Co. Convention would meet and be on the one word re Co. Senior Football selection Committee.’

All further proposals were left until the following meeting.


The minutes of three Mid-Kerry Board meetings are available.

Father Griffin presided at the Board meeting in Killorglin on 11th March. Also in attendance were Tom Woods, Donal Prendiville, Murt Kelly, Paddy Foley, Maurice Breen and a delegate from Beaufort. The Secretary was instructed to write to Listry and to remind them that it would be illegal for them to play any Mid-Kerry players. 100 blank posters would be ordered from Central Printing Works, Tralee. Samples of medals were to be procured for the following meeting. Arrangements and draws were made for the Mid-Kerry league.

The meeting on 4th April in Bobby Doyle’s house in Killorglin was attended by Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Bob Knightley and Kelliher (Keel), Bobby Doyle and Maurice Breen (Killorglin) and Brother Prudent (Milltown). The only business transacted was the selection of the Mid-Kerry senior team to play against Castleisland.

The meeting of the Board on 25th Nov. was presided over by Father Griffin. Also in attendance were Jimmy O Doherty, Tom Woods, Paddy Foley, Sean Gill, Murt Kelly and Sergeant Cremins. The following decisions were made: 1) to purchase medals as per sample @11/- per medal, 2) that no action be taken re Jubilee Dinner, 3) that Father Griffin would approach Jerry Griffin with a view to running a dance in Castlemaine and, 4) that the possibility of running a Whist Drive in conjunction with the presentation should be explored.


Killorglin Hurling Club held eleven meetings and the following matters transpired:

Thurs. 22nd Jan. – It was decided to run a dance in the Carnegie Hall to raise funds on Fri. 6th Feb. It commenced at 8.30pm and ended at 1.30am. The band was Doyles. The takings at the door were £9-13-0 and the raffle netted £2-9-0. The expenses were Band (£5), hall (£1), Caretaker (£1), Minerals (6/9), leaving a net profit of £4-15-3. The funds of the club at the time were then £7-17-3.

The following appeared in the Kerryman Notes, ‘Friday night (6th Feb.) was benefit night for our young hurling club. A dance was held in the Carnegie Hall and it proved very enjoyable. Possibly, from a financial point of view, it was disappointing to the committee. In this respect, we must admit to being a peculiar race. The older generation, those who are passing from the stage of active participation in our national games, vehemently criticise the rising generation for their alleged lack of interest or enthusiasm for these same games. Yet, when a young club like that of our minor hurlers or a committee such as that of the J. P. O Sullivan Memorial Park organise a function to raise funds, the support is so niggardly that one must be suspicious of the genuineness of the motives of the critics.’

Thurs. 19th Feb. – A very successful Church Gate collection was held on Sun. 11th Feb, which yielded £13-2-0. The collectors were James Coffey, Brendan Gill, John McCarthy and Maurice Breen.

Thurs. 5th March – Brendan Gill was elected onto the Club Committee. During the week, the Chairman had purchased eight hurleys at 9/6, which were sold at 6/-. He also purchased two sliotars, one for 9/6 and the other for 7/6.It was complained that windows had been broken in the stone house I the field and hurleys had been stolen. It was warned that if any person was discovered to have damaged any property, he would have to repair the property or leave the club.

Sun. 8th March – After the league game, United v Wanderers, Jim Tobin told every player that he would have to train every Wed., Sat. and Sun. if possible. Paddy Foley was appointed as trainer and all would have to obey him or they would not be considered for selection on the team. The Chairman further pointed out that if the damage to the old house in the field did not stop, the Field Committee would throw the club out and then the club would be finished. He asked anyone, who had a key to the house, to hand it up and in future permission had be obtained from the Joint-Secretaries to get a key.

Wed. 15th April – A dance had been held in the Carnegie Hall on Thurs. 9th April but it had been very poorly attended. Takings – £7-0-0; Expenses – £3-10-0. Profit – £3-10-0. It was announced that Austin Stacks and Killorglin would play in the Co. Minor Championship on 29th April. Training of the team began in earnest. It commenced at seven o clock and lasted until dark. A dozen new hurleys were purchased.

Fri. 1st May – It was announced that the following players had been were invited to a Kerry Minor Hurling trial on 3rd May: Maurice Breen, Brendan Mangan, Maurice Geary and Brendan Fullam. The latter was unable to attend. It was announced, also, that the house had again been damaged but not by any member of the hurling club. It was thought wise to remove the hurleys and sliotars from the house. The club funds at the time amounted to £12-11-8.

Sun. 7th June – The draw on the Derby had been held on the previous Friday. Takings – £5-1-0. Prize Money (1st £1-10-0, 2nd £1, 3rd 10/-) – £3-0-0. Profit – £2-10-0. Funds of the club – £15-5-6.

Fri. 14th Aug. – The Flag Day during Puck Fair had not been very successful. The takings had been £10-13-0.

The AGM of the Club took place on Thurs. 22nd Aug. 1953.


Co. Senior Football trial games were played on Sun. 22nd Feb. in Tralee. A selection from Castleisland/Iveragh/Mid-Kerry beat Shannon Rangers by 4-4 to 1-2. Paddy Clifford and Donal Prendiville played on the winning combination. On Sun. 29th Feb. at Tralee, North Kerry played South Kerry. Paddy Clifford was the only Mid-Kerry representative.


Kerry, captained by Jas. Murphy, defeated Cork, in Killarney by 2-7 to 2-3, in the Munster Senior Football Championship Final. They beat Louth in the All-Ireland semi-final by 3-6 to 0-10 and Armagh in the final by 0-13 to 1-6. The team was jointly trained by Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan and Paul Russell. That was Kerry’s seventeenth Senior All-Ireland Football title.

Kerry: Johnny Foley, Jas. Murphy (capt.), Ned Roche, Donie Murphy, Colm Kennelly, John Cronin, Micksie Palmer, Sean Murphy, Dermot Hannifin, Jim Brosnan, John Joe Sheehan, Tadhgie Lyne, Thomas Ashe, Sean Kelly, Jackie Lyne. Sub: Gerald O Sullivan for D. Hannifin, Jerome O Shea, Paudie Sheehy, Brendan O Shea, Mick Brosnan, Mick Murphy, Bobby Buckley.


The Church Gate collection for the Kerry Senior Football team’s training fund yielded £15-10-0 in Killorglin and £24-10-4 in the remainder of Mid-Kerry.


The following appeared in the local newspaper on Sat. 14th Feb: “Friday night (6th Feb.) was benefit night for our young hurling club. A dance was held in the Carnegie Hall and it proved very enjoyable. Possibly from a financial point-of-view, it was disappointing to the committee. In this respect, we must admit to being a peculiar race. The older generation, those who are passing from the stage of active participation in our national games, vehemently criticise the rising generation for their alleged lack of interest or enthusiasm for those same games. Yet, when a young club, like that of our minor hurlers, or a committee such as that of the JP O Sullivan Memorial Park, organise a function to raise funds, the support is so niggardly that one must be suspicious of the genuineness of the motives of the critics.”


On Sat. 21st March, the following appeared in the Kerryman Notes: ‘The committee of the O Sullivan Memorial Park is re-opening its list for subscribers. The committee’s job is an unenviable one, faced, as they are, with the huge financial outlay that a completed playing pitch demands. The field, having been available to the local youth during the past year, has revived the Gaelic spirit among the young boys and girls but the older generation, upon whom financial worries bear most heavily, must realise that not until the field is in a presentable condition for big games can it be expected to pay its way and become a financial, as well as social, asset to the town.’


In early December, a Whist Drive held in the Carnegie Hall, by the minor hurling club, was very sociable and pleasant and offered encouragement to the club to go ahead with another drive in the near future. Prize of the night, a turkey, was won by Mrs. O Connor, Ard na Leamhna. Other prize-winners were: Gents – J. Fogarty, John Kissane and M. Brick; Ladies – Sheila Houlihan, Kathleen Dodd and Hannah Dodd.


At the Milltown Sports in June, there were some excellent performances from Killorglin athletes. The minor hurlers, represented by Tadhg O Reilly, Hal O Donoghue, Kevin Graves and Maurice Breen, won the relay race. Basketball proved another winning feature for Killorglin, who were represented by Paddy O Neill, Michael Teahan, Maurice Breen, Tadhg O Reilly and Hal O Donoghue. In addition, Tadhg O Reilly, Maurice Breen and Michael Teahan won track events. The Killorglin boys brought home twelve prizes.


Paudie Foley, Dungeel, future player and Chairman of the Laune Rangers’ Club, won an East-Kerry Senior Football League with Listry.


Jack O Dwyer (Junior), won a Tipperary Cup medal with Naomh Mhuire, London, by beating St. Joseph’s in the final by 1-6 to 1-3.


From Thurs. 2nd April until Sat. 4th April, snow fell steadily in the Killorglin area and covered the ground to a depth of six inches.


Sun. 9th Aug. at Tralee, Co. Minor Football Final: St. Brendan’s 3-7; Iveragh 0-3.


On Sun. 20th Dec. at the Great Southern Hotel, Killarney, the Kerry Co. Board celebrated the Golden Jubilee of its first All-Ireland Senior Football Championship victory. 200 guests, including 94 players (amongst them Patsy Begley) attended.


On Fri. 17th July, the foundation stone of the new CYMS Hall was laid by Father Finnucane P.P.


In Aug. Spanish Battleship, owned by Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor, won the Irish Derby at Harold’s Cross Greyhound Track, Dublin.


In Feb., Bishop Moynihan took up his appointment as Bishop of Kerry. A native of the parish of Rathmore, he was born in 1885.


Due to the amazing feats of weight-lifting he had being performing across-channel, Butty Sugrue added another title to his list – The Strongest Man Alive. That award was gained at a London show, when the five foot seven inches thirteen stones Killorglin-man lifted 25 stones weight with two hands, lifted two men totalling 29 stones with one hand and pulled a bus with his teeth. As a climax to that act, Butty held a chair in his teeth, while a tap-dancer performed on it.


Forty-three year old James Cahillane, who had immigrated to the USA 23 years previously and had studied motor engineering (he owed two garages at that time) was elected Mayor of Massachusetts on a Democratic ticket. Mayor Cahillane was the eldest son of Stephen Cahillane, farmer, of Sunhill, Killorglin. He had received his education at Douglas National School. He had five brothers (Thomas, Stephen and John (in USA), Maurice and Patrick (in Killorglin) and four sisters (Nora, Tess and May (in USA) and Mrs. O Leary (in Dublin).