Laune Rangers – 1954

 Cromane broke away from Laune Rangers to play in the Mid-Kerry League/Championship.

The Mid-Kerry Board decided to organise a Primary Schools’ League for the first time.

Killorglin Hurling Club reached the semi-final of the Co. Senior Hurling Championship.

Kerry beat Cork in the Munster Junior Football Championship Final. Paddy Clifford, then with Glenbeigh, played at left fullback.Kerry beat London in the All-Ireland Final. Paddy Clifford was a substitute.

Bobby Doyle was Joint Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board and Paddy Foley was Vice-Chairman.

Killorglin Hurling Club seemed to have been much more active than Laune Rangers Football Club.

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The AGM of the Killorglin Hurling Club was held on Thurs. 27th Aug. 1953 in the Carnegie Hall. The attendance included, Jim Tobin, Kevin Cremin, Paddy Foley, James Coffey, Brendan Gill, Hal Donoghue, Noel Kingston, James Griffin, Brendan Fullam, John McCarthy, Paddy O Neill, Brendan Mangan. The Chairman, Jim Tobin, in his address, said, “The Club had a very successful year, especially on the field. In the beginning of the year, the few players that went to the field were ‘green’ about hurling but, as time went on, more players came and, after plenty of practice, are as good a team as there is in the county. With a bit of luck, we could have won the Co. Championship. But next year is another year to look forward to.” He thanked the car owners, who placed cars at the disposal of the club for matches, and the CYMS and Mrs. O Dwyer for the use of the halls. The Secretary could not add very much to what the Chairman had said but he said that the club would never have been formed or the team would not have reached the semi-finals if Jim Cronin and Kevin Cremin had not taken an interest in the club in September 1952, when the club was formed. Four successful leagues had been played off. Cups, medals and hurleys had been given to the different winners. The attendance at the leagues had been good up to lately. He said that they had few supporters at the beginning but that they had plenty of backing then. A successful financial year was the report of the Treasurer. Profits for the year were £14, approximately. Main revenue came from the Flag Day and the Church Gate Collection. Expenses were very high, hurleys costing £22 (approx.) but with the support that they had, they were able to get what they needed very easily. Kevin Cremin also addressed the meeting. He thanked the minors of the town and town-land for their support for the game. They found it hard to come in for practice but they always arrived. The game itself game him great enjoyment. He wished to get young fellows to partake in outdoor games, which was his primary aim. Trophies were only the secondary aim. He said that the boys had put up a great fight in the championship. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Jim Tobin. Vice-Chairman – Paddy Foley (Mill Road). Secretary/Treasurer – James Coffey. Assistant Secretary – Brendan Gill (Later in the following year, he resigned). Committee – Kevin Cremin, Brendan Fullam, John McCarthy, Paddy O Neill and Brendan Mangan. It was reported that a cup had been presented by Ben Campion, Killarney, for the league. Only two teams would contest the league and the winning captain will retain the cup, which would be played for periodically. It was also proposed that a minor football team should be formed, if at all possible, independent of any other club or district. It was also decided to give thought to a senior hurling team


Co. Senior Football Championship

There were 19 teams entered for the Co. Senior and Minor Football Championships.

Group A: Iveragh, St. Mary’s, John Mitchel’s, Mid-Kerry and Dromid Pearses.

Group B: Castlegregory, Dingle, Kerins O Rahilly’s and Austin Stack’s. Group C: Geraldines (Listowel), Shannon Rangers, Desmonds, St. Brendan’s, North Kerry (Clounmacon & Ballydonoghue).

Group D: Kilcummin, Castleisland, Killarney, Kenmare, Dick Fitzgerald’s.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 9th May at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 2-2; Dromid Pearses/Portmagee 1-5.

Portmagee supporters crowded Killorglin for the game. It was a ding-dong affair, which kept the spectators on their toes as the issue was in doubt until the final whistle. A draw was a popular result as there was little between the teams. Dromid opened the scoring with a goal and led at halftime by a point, 1-1 to 0-3. On the change over, Mid-Kerry attacked and eventually closed the scoring with a point from a forty-yards free by Sean Horan. Mid-Kerry were best served by Sean Horan (Castlemaine), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Charlie O Shea (Beaufort) and Michael Murphy (Laune Rangers). Father Griffin brought the football to the game and the Beaufort jerseys were worn. Mid-Kerry: S. Foley, Jerry Mick Foley (Keel), Maurice Breen (Laune Rangers), Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Donal Kerins (Laune Rangers), John Lyne (Glenbeigh), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Michael Murphy (Laune Rangers), Charlie O Shea (Beaufort), Michael O Riordan (Cromane), Pat O Shea (Cromane), Sean Horan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Father James Lenihan (Keel), Sean Conway/O Connor (Milltown/Castlemaine). Subs: Denny O Neill, D. O Sullivan, S. P. O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Riordan, John McCarthy (Laune Rangers), Patrick Heffernan (Cromane), Brendan Gill (Laune Rangers).

Rd. 1 (replay) on Sun. 13th June at Con Keating Park, Cahersiveen: Dromid Pearses/Portmagee 1-8; Mid-Kerry 0-11.

When fulltime came, the sides were level (Mid-Kerry 0-9; Dromid Pearses 1-6) and, as they had also played a draw in Killorglin, it was decided to play another 15 minutes aside in an effort to decide the issue. This was done but both teams registered a further two points each and so they had to meet again. It was not a game remarkable for the high standard of the football, but it was a game in which two evenly matched, sporting teams gave everything they had in wholehearted efforts to get the decisive score, and the closing stages were fought out in a welter of excitement. A feature of the game was the deadly accuracy of Mid-Kerry’s Sean Horan (Castlemaine) with close-in frees. He took ten frees during the game from the 14 and 21 yards lines and pointed the lot, a performance, which is regarded as a record in Kerry football. The other Mid-Kerry point was scored by Michael O Riordan. Outstanding for Mid-Kerry, also, was Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh) at fullback, whose safe fielding and lengthy clearances under extreme pressure in the closing stages, played a big part in ensuring that the visitors lived to fight another day. Jerry Mick Foley, Pat O Shea, Jim Foley and John Barton were most prominent of the remainder. Mid-Kerry: S. Foley, Jerry Mick Foley, Paddy Clifford, Johnny O Sullivan, Kevin Cremin, Pat O Shea, Patrick Heffernan, Michael Murphy, Jim Foley, Michael O Riordan (0-1), Sean Conway/O Connor, Sean Horan (0-10, frees), Batty Foley, Paddy Lyne (Quaybawn), Brendan Mangan. Sub: John Barton, Tadhgie O Reilly, and Teddy Mangan. Dromid/Portmagee: J. O Sullivan, Con Michael Curran, S. O Connor, Joe O Donoghue, M. O Riordan, Paul O Donoghue, J. Curran, Sean Curran (capt.), V. O Neill (0-1), T. Kelly, J. Pigott (0-1), Michael Courtney (0-5), M. McCrohan (1-0), T. Herlihy, John Joe Courtney (0-1). Sub: J. Dillon. Ref: Donie Murphy. Gate receipts – £75. Two excursion trains carried the supporters from Killorglin and Tralee (John Mitchels beat St. Mary’s in the second game). One of the trains had a diesel engine and made the journey from Tralee in one hour and a half, about half the usual time.

Rd. 1 (2nd replay) on Sun. 27th June at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 2-8; Dromid Pearses/Portmagee 2-4.

There was dissatisfaction amongst both players and spectators, when the appointed referee failed to show and after an hour and a half delay the teams accepted an unofficial referee. The delay affected the standard of play, which was scrappy. Mid-Kerry was best served by Michael Murphy, Pat O Shea, Maurice Breen, Fr. Morgan O Brien and Fr. James Lenihan.

Quarter-Final on Sun. 8th Aug. at Tralee: John Mitchel’s 4-9; Mid-Kerry 2-1.

The game was played before a fair crowd in unpleasant weather conditions. Mitchel’s had little difficulty in disposing of Mid-Kerry. Playing with the wind in the first half, they confined the play for the most part to the Mid-Kerry defence line. E. Moriarty drove over a high point after receiving from a free kicked by Brendan Galvin. Gerald Pierce and D.J McMahon added further points.  Batty Foley, Mid-Kerry goalie, was applauded for a lovely clearance before Mitchels were in again for McMahon to point. Mid-Kerry came downfield and had a goal disallowed. Mitchels came back and E. Moriarty netted. Gerald Pierce and McMahon added points to leave the interval score at 1-6 to 0-0. They had increased their lead by 3 points (E. Moriarty 2, Teddy Dowd 1) in the second half before Sean Horan sent the ball through a clutter of players for Mid-Kerry’s first score – a goal – in the tenth minute. But Mitchels went back for three goals and in the closing minutes the losers registered a goal from a penalty by Sean Horan and a point by the same player in a game that had long before then lost the interest of the spectators. Team: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Jerry Mick Foley (Keel), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Liam Coughlan (Beaufort), Fr. Paddy O Connor (Milltown), Pat O Shea (Cromane), Patrick Heffernan (do.), Michael Murphy (Laune Rangers), Jim Foley (Keel), Liam Wall (Glenbeigh), Fr. Morgan O Brien (Keel), Sean Horan (Milltown) 2-1, Sean Conway/O Connor (Milltown), Fr. James Lenihan (Keel), Brendan Mangan (Laune Rangers). Ref: Dan Ryan (Austin Stacks).

Kerins O Rahilly’s, captained by Tom Raymond, won the Co. Championship by beating Kenmare on the score of 2-1 to 1-2.

Mid-Kerry League/Championship

The Mid-Kerry Championship was played on a league basis. Once again six teams competed, Cromane having been given permission to play. The teams were divided into two groups as follows (The top team in each group would qualify for the final):

Group A – Cromane, Glenbeigh and Beaufort.

Group B – Killorglin, Milltown/Castlemaine and Keel. Cromane had players from Tullig, Sunhill and Ballykissane as well as Cromane.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 25th April at Killorglin: Cromane 0-3; Beaufort 0-2.

That was Cromane’s first ever win at Mid-Kerry level. Many players from the Laune Rangers’ catchment area played on that Cromane team e.g. Patrick Heffernan (Douglas), Michael Costello (Sunhill), Denny O Neill (Sunhill), Kevin O Reilly (Sunhill), John O Riordan (Tullig), Dan Sheehan (Gurrane) and Michael O Sullivan (Ballykissane). The other members of that Cromane team were Pat O Shea, Bob McCarthy, Michael O Riordan (Lios), James Teahan, Stephen O Sullivan, Jimmy Griffin (Dooks), Tom Hurley (The Lake), Dan Teahan (Stookisland), Mickey Teahan (do.), Sean Teahan (do).

Rd. 1 on Sun. 2nd May at Castlemaine: Keel beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 23rd May at Killorglin: Killorglin beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Rd. 2 Glenbeigh beat Cromane by five points.

Rd. 3 in Killorglin: Keel beat Killorglin. No ‘gate’ was taken up and the club was criticised at the subsequent Board meeting.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 10th Oct. at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Beaufort. It had been decided at the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 17th Sept. that if Beaufort beat Glenbeigh, a toss of a coin would decide which one of the three teams, Beaufort, Glenbeigh or Cromane, would meet Keel in the final! As it turned out, Glenbeigh, with four league points, met Keel in the final.

Final on Sun. 17th Oct. in Killorglin: Keel 1-4; Glenbeigh 0-0.

Challenge Games.

  Sun. 9th May at Killorglin: Cromane 0-0; Caragh Lake 0-0. That was a supporting game to the Co. Senior Football Championship game, Mid-Kerry v Dromid Pearses.

Thurs. 27th May at Killorglin: Cahersiveen beat Killorglin. That was a keenly contested hurling challenge game. The issue was in doubt up to the closing minute and amply compensated the good crowd of spectators. Tom Ambrose was a constant source of worry to the home backs, of whom John McCarthy and Brendan Fullam were very prominent. Jim Tobin was the principal marksman for the home side, but all his efforts to pull off equalising scores failed to prevent Cahersiveen emerging victors by 1-2.

Co. Minor Football Championship

  Rd. 1 on Wed. 12th May: Mid-Kerry defeated Dromid Pearses.

Mid-Kerry: Jim Foley (Keel), John McCarthy (Laune Rangers), Maurice Breen (do.), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Paddy Conway/O Connor (Milltown), Patrick Heffernan (Cromane), Jim Moriarty (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Cromane), Donal Kerins (Laune Rangers), Brendan Mangan (do.), Jimmy Gill (do.), Pete Doyle (Beaufort), Tony Graves (Laune Rangers), Dem O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Brendan Barrett (Milltown). Subs: Mossy O Sullivan (Laune Rangers), Sean O Riordan (do.), Pat Cahill, Tony Barrett (Milltown), Jackie O Dwyer (Laune Rangers), John Teahan.

Fri. 16th July at Killorglin: John Mitchels defeated Mid-Kerry.

John Mitchels went on to win the Co. Minor Championship.

Sun. 6th June at Killarney, Pat O Shea, Maurice Breen, Patrick Heffernan and Jim Foley were called for a Co. Minor Football Trial.

Juvenile Football

  A Primary Schools’ League was organised by the Mid-Kerry Board. There were eight teams:

Group A -Glenbeigh Parish, Glencar, Cromane/Douglas, Caragh Lake. Group B – Killorglin, Tuogh, Milltown Monastery and Castlemaine Parish. The age limit was 14 years on the first January 1954. The league was confined to the National Schools and no outsider could take part. If a team failed to field on the scheduled date, the points were awarded to their opponents, unless they had a very good reason for not fielding. In the case of a postponement, a school had to notify the other school on or before the Friday before the game. The pitch was almost half the size of the ordinary pitch and the goalposts were smaller, and not as wide as the ordinary posts. The travelling expenses were left to the clubs. A set of medals was presented to the winners.

Thurs. 3rd June at Beaufort: Tuogh 2-9; Killorglin N. S. 0-2.

The Killorglin boys gave a very creditable performance on the whole. In fact a few of them showed promise of developing into stalwart players of the future. James O Sullivan and Billy Dodd, in particular, did Trojan work in the back line. The school was to be complimented upon fielding a team solely on its own, whereas other teams in the league were drawn from a district. The game had originally been scheduled for Sun. 2nd May but, having been keyed to a high pitch of expectation, the boys were disappointed that the game had to be postponed owing to a welter of Tostal fixtures and a consequent shortage of transport facilities.


  Kerry Technical Schools’ League

Fri. 4th June at J.P. O Sullivan Park: Killorglin 5-6; Waterville 0-1.

That the home team emerged victors by an easy margin gave no indication of some of the excellent play seen. At halftime, Killorglin led by 2-0 to 0-0. In the second half, despite fine efforts by the Courtney brothers, Sugrue and Donnelly, the visitors succeeded in breaking through the home defence of Mossy O Sullivan and Donal Kerins only once. Maurice Breen, at midfield, and O Connor and Jim Moriarty in the forwards, also shone for the home side. That win gave Killorglin four league points, together with Kenmare and Waterville. The remainder of the competition was played in a knockout system. Ref: John ‘Fish’ Moriarty.

Tues. 22nd June at Waterville: Waterville 6-2; Killorglon 2-0.

That, in effect, was the semi-final of the competition. Both teams served up a grand exhibition of catch and kick and there were thrills galore. Waterville, playing with a slight wind, had the better of matters in the first half and led by 5-2 to 0-0 at the interval. Killorglin got going in the second half but poor finishing cost them several scores. Their opponents’ back-line and goalie were hard to beat. Killorglin had to be content with 2 goals at the finish, one from a penalty and the other from a melee in the square. Best for the winners were Curran, Sugrue, O Shea, Courtney brothers, O Sullivan, McGillycuddy, Fogarty and Moran. The marksmen for the losers were Jimmy Lucey and Jackie O Dwyer. Ref: Paddy Reidy (Cahersiveen).

Co. Senior Hurling Championship

  There were 16 teams in the Senior Hurling Championship – Causeway, Ballyduff, Ardfert, Lixnaw, Abbeydorney, Crotta, Kilmoyley, Listowel, Killorglin, John Mitchel’s, Killarney, Austin Stack’s, Kilgarvan, Iveragh, Kenmare and Ballyheigue. The competition was organised on a losers’ round basis.

Preliminary Rd. on Sun. May 16th at Killorglin: Killorglin 5-5; John Mitchels 5-1.

A very interesting and fast Senior Hurling Co. Championship game was played at the J. P. O Sullivan Memorial Park. Brilliant weather conditions, combined with the promise of an interesting game, induced a good attendance. Killorglin had the advantage in all departments and showed better understanding of the game than did their opponents. This came as a surprise as the local boys were not regarded as anything of a formidable team. The best hurling was witnessed in the closing stages of the second half, during which Mitchels goaled twice. However, Killorglin ran out good winners. That display dispelled all doubts as to their usefulness and had aroused a very healthy respect for them among their followers. At halftime, Killorglin led 2-3 to 2-1. Brendan Fullam, Martin Cleary, Brendan Mangan, Paddy Foley, John McCarthy, Sean Sheehan and Patrick O Sullivan (goalie) also played well. Thomas Evans made his first appearance with the team and his goal put a heavy mark on that appearance. Best for John Mitchels were Niall Sheehy, P. Harris, Mick Donovan and Tom Danagher.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Brendan Fullam, Martin Cleary (He was from Tipperary and worked with the Dept. of Agriculture in Killorglin), Brendan Gill, Tadhg O Reilly, John McCarthy, Hal O Donoghue, Brendan Mangan, Bro. Munchin (Milltown), Maurice Breen (1-1), Garda Sean Sheehan (1-1), Paddy Foley, James Coffey (0-1), Thomas Evans (1-0), Jim Tobin (2-2).

Quarter-Final on Wed. 25th Aug. at J.P. O Sullivan Park: Killorglin 3-9; Austin Stacks 4-1. Two years’ unstinted effort in organisation and training by Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremins had resulted, by the defeat of the Austin Stacks, in a young Killorglin hurling team reaching the semi-final of the Co. Senior Championship. Much to the surprise of the visiting team, the home team struck up a commanding lead and despite every effort of the opposition, they held to their supremacy right through the game. This was a hard fought game and Stacks, who lost a number of scores, were led by 2-7 to 1-0 at halftime. Hurling was of a robust character and three players from the Tralee had to retire injured. Yet, in spite of the first time pulling, it speaks well of those who played that a spirit of sportsmanship ruled throughout. A feature of the game was the overall excellence of the home side, in which all members shone without anyone capturing the limelight. Jim Tobin led the attack with assurance, scoring a goal and a point. The excellence of his tactics was evidenced in the equal scores registered by each forward on the team. Killorglin: Kevin Cremin, Ned Grant, Martin Cleary, Gerard O Dwyer, Bro. Munchin, John McCarthy, Hal O Donoghue, Brendan Mangan, Dick Cregan (he worked as an inseminator from Castlemaine Creamery and lived in Johnston’s, the Square, Killorglin), Brendan Fullam (1-0), Jim Tobin (1-0), Paddy Foley (0-3), James Griffin (1-0), Maurice Breen (0-3), James Coffey (0-3). Subs: Paddy Joe Coffey, Tadhg O Reilly, N. Breen, Patrick O Sullivan, Christy Jones.

Killorglin Senior Hurling Team – 1954

Killorglin Senior Hurling Team – 1954
Front (l to r): James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, Brendan Fullam, Jim Tobin, Paddy Foley, James Griffin, (?), Paddy Joe Coffey, Kevin Cremins.
Back: Maurice Breen, Ned Grant, Bro. Munchin, N. Breen, John McCarthy, Martin Cleary, Hal Donoghue, Christy Jones, Tadhg O Reilly, Patrick O Sullivan.

Semi-Final on Sun. 19th Sept at 2.30pm at Tralee: Lixnaw 9-5; Killorglin 1-4. Played as a curtain-raiser to the Co. Senior Football Championship Final, this semi-final was a triumph for combination over individual effort. Lixnaw, battling against wind and sun, drew first blood with a point. Killorglin equalised and took the lead with a point, which position they maintained until the end of the first quarter. Killorglin added a point before Lixnaw rushed through a goal to regain the lead. The lead again changed hands, when Killorglin goaled. Then Lixnaw exerted pressure and added three goals to one point by Killorglin before the interval. With the sun and wind at their backs, Lixnaw took control and added five goals and four points to their interval tally without reply. The large margin of goals in the victory gives poor credit to the fine performance put up by the young Killorglin team. More lightly built that the robust Lixnaw boys, yet the latter team’s supporters prised the deft skill with which the Killorglin Boys handled the camán. When the two teams paraded behind the Laune Pipers Band around the pitch, the manly athletic bearing agreeably impressed the crowd. Both teams lived up to that impression by finishing a hard-fought game without a single untoward incident. Lixnaw went on to win the Co. Championship. Killorglin: Kevin Cremin, Garda Barry O Connor, Martin Cleary, Brendan Fullam, Bro. Munchin, John McCarthy, Tadhg O Reilly, Brendan Mangan, Dick Cregan, T. Cregan, Jim Tobin, Paddy Foley, Maurice Geary, Maurice Breen, James Coffey. Subs: L. Roche for P. Foley, N. Egan for J. Coffey, Paddy Joe Coffey, Patrick O Sullivan, J. Clifford. Though he was not officially listed, Seán Og Ó Ceallacháin (of Radio fame) came on as a sub for Killorglin in that game under a pseudonym. He had travelled with Paddy Joe Coffey from Dublin, who came on as a sub also under a pseudonym. Dan Hoare, Cork, did likewise.

Senior Hurling Challenge Games

  Sun. 25th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-6; Iveragh 4-0.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Kevin O Reilly, Brendan Fullam, Brendan Gill, Tadhg O Reilly, John McCarthy, James Coffey, Hal O Donoghue, Brendan Mangan, James Griffin, Maurice Breen, Paddy Foley, Teddy Mangan, Jim Tobin, Christy Jones. Nine of that team had played against Killarney in the Co. Minor Hurling Championship.

Thurs. 29th April at Cahersiveen: Iveragh 7-3; Killorglin 3-4.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Gerard O Dwyer, Brendan Fullam, Brendan Gill, James Coffey, John McCarthy, Mossy O Sullivan, Tadhg O Reilly, Brendan Mangan, Maurice Geary, Martin Cleary, Paddy Foley, Tony Graves, Maurice Breen, Christy Jones.

Thurs. 27th May at Killorglin: Killorglin 4-5; Iveragh 5-5.

Killorglin was short many of its regulars but they put up a great show. The issue was in doubt right up to the end and kept the good crowd interested. Tom Ambrose was a constant source of worry for the home backs, of whom John McCarthy and Brendan Fullam were very prominent. Jim Tobin was the principal marksman for the home team, but all his efforts to pull off an equalising score failed to prevent Iveragh emerging victorious. Killorglin: Kevin Cremin, Maurice Geary, Brendan Fullam, Teddy Mangan, Bro. Munchin, John McCarthy, Tadhg O Reilly, Sean Clohessy (He was from Kilkenny and worked in the Bank), Brendan Mangan, Patrick O Sullivan, Maurice Breen, Paddy Foley, James Coffey, Jim Tobin, Christy Jones.

Thurs. 8th July at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-3; St. Brendan’s, Ardfert 4-6. Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Maurice Geary, Martin Cleary, Gerard O Dwyer, Tadhg O Reilly, John McCarthy, Hal O Donoghue, James Griffin, Brendan Mangan, G. Grant, Jim Tobin, Maurice Breen, James Coffey, Jim Clifford, Paddy Foley.

Co. Minor Hurling Championship.

  Six teams entered for this competition.

Rd. 1 on Thurs. 22nd April at Killorglin: Killarney 4-3; Killorglin 4-2.

That game was of a very high standard and provided one of the finest displays of hurling seen at the venue. That the local boys finished losers by one point is no indication of the magnificent showing they made against more experienced players. Killarney took early control and established a two goals lead within ten minutes. The home team settled down and, hurling in brilliant form, reduced the lead to trail by one goal at halftime (2-1 to 1-1). On the resumption, the same high standard of play was observed. Killorglin pressed and with ten minutes of the game remaining they held a two points’ lead. The last ten minutes were full of drama and excitement and just before the final whistle the visitors goaled to win by a single point. Outstanding feature of the play was the brilliant saving by Killorglin goalkeeper, Patrick O Sullivan. Outstanding performances were also given by other members of the home team – Brendan Fullam, Maurice Breen, Brendan Mangan and John McCarthy. Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Gerard O Dwyer, Brendan Fullam, Teddy Mangan, James Coffey, John McCarthy, Tony O Donoghue, John Mulvihill, Brendan Mangan, Kevin O Reilly, Maurice Breen, Myles Coffey, Tony Graves, Maurice Geary, Christy Jones. Subs: M. Langford, Paddy O Neill and Josie Fenton. The gate receipts were 18/-. Killarney went on to win the Co. Minor Hurling Championship.

Juvenile Hurling Town League

Two teams of eleven-a-side were chosen by Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremin and they played each other in five games.

‘A’ team: Brian Corkery, Brendan Gill, Paddy Moroney, Tadhg O Reilly, Mossy O Sullivan, Hal O Donoghue (capt.), Michael Teahan, Paddy O Neill, Myles Coffey, John Mulvihill and Paddy Foley.

‘B’ team: Austin O Reilly, Brendan Fullam (capt.), Tony O Donoghue, Teddy Mangan, Noel Kingston, Maurice Geary, Brendan Mangan, Patrick O Sullivan, James Coffey, Francis Reidy and Tony Graves.

Rd. 1 on Wed. 2nd Sept. 1953: ‘A’ 0-4; ‘B’ 1-1. Michael Teahan, Myles Coffey and Paddy Moroney were missing from the ‘A’ team, while Tony Graves and Francis Reidy were missing from the ‘B’ team.

Rd. 2 on Wed. 9th Sept. 1953: ‘A’ 4-8; ‘B’ 1-0. Paddy Moroney and John Mulvihill were missing from the ‘A’ team, while Francis Reidy, Noel Kingston and Tony O Donoghue were missing from the ‘B’ team.

Rd. 3 on Wed. 16th Sept. 1953: ‘A’ team beat ‘B’ team. Paddy Moroney, Tadhg O Reilly, Hal O Donoghue, Mossy O Sullivan, Brian Corkery and John Mulvihill were absent from the ‘A’ team and John McCarthy and Patrick O Shea deputised. The ‘B’ team was short Tony Graves, Brendan Mangan, Teddy Mangan, Noel Kingston and Tony O Donoghue. Peter Gill came in as a substitute.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 4th Oct. 1953: ‘B’ team beat ‘A’ team. Brendan Fullam, Maurice Geary, Francis Reidy and Tony O Donoghhue were absent from the ‘B’ team. Christy Jones and Maurice Breen substituted for them. Tadhg O Reilly, Mossy O Sullivan, Brendan Gill, John Mulvihill and Paddy Moroney were absent from the ‘A’ team. Patsy O Connor, John McCarthy, Billy Dodd, Patrick O Shea and Peter Gill substituted for them.

Decider on Sun. 11th Oct. 1953: ‘B’ team 5-5; ‘A’ team 3-4. Ref: Ben Campion (Killarney). That win by the ‘B’ team meant that a play-off was required to decide the winner of the league. Brendan Gill, Michael Teahan and Myles Coffey were missing from the ‘A’ team and their places were taken by Patrick O Shea, Peter Gill and Billy Dodd. Missing from the ‘B’ team were Maurice Geary, Francis Reidy and Noel Kingston and their places were taken by Maurice Breen, Joe McMahon and Josie Fenton.

Play-off on Sun. 22nd Nov. 1953: ‘B’ team 6-4; ‘A’ team 3-1. Ref: Kevin Cremin.

‘B’ team – Brendan Fullam (capt.), James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Patrick O Sullivan, Austin O Reilly and Joe McMahon.

‘A’ team: Brian Corkery, M. Woulfe, Mossy O Sullivan, Peter Gill, Patrick O Shea, Paddy O Neill, John McCarthy (capt.).   At the club meeting on

Thurs. 23rd Sept. 1954, it was decided to organise a juvenile league. The rules were as follows: 1) The solo-run was not allowed, except by a back who was allowed to solo to the wing to clear the ball. 2) A player was not allowed to pick the ball a second time, having failed the first time. 3) If four players were tussling for the ball and there was a danger of slowing the play or of a player getting injured, the ball should be thrown in. 4) Tipping or fooling with the ball at any time was not allowed. There were four teams of eleven-a-side, Ahane, Glen Rovers, Tullaroan and St. Vincent’s, and each team played the other three times. The appointed referees were Brendan Fullam, James Coffey and John McCarthy. James Coffey and Brendan Fullam selected the teams.

Ahane: Patrick O Sullivan (capt.), Francis Reidy, Patrick O Shea, Sean Falvey, Jim Barry, Ned Sullivan, Paudie Carroll, David Power, Gerard O Connor, James Power and Jer O Sullivan (Ardmoniel).

Glen Rovers: Peter Gill (capt.), Brian Corkery, Noel O Mahony, Tony Lyons, Declan Mangan, Billy Kelliher, J. O Connor, James O Shea, James Foley, Michael O Connor and D. O Reilly.

Tullaroan: Paddy O Neill (capt), Austin O Reilly, Mikey Foley, Pat Callanan, Tom Foley, Paul Kingston, John Foley, Patrick Roche, Steve Joe Cahillane, Thomas Eager and Aeneus Foley.

St. Vincent’s: Mossy O Sullivan (capt.), Billy Dodd, Joe McMahon, Patrick O Connor, Josie O Sullivan, Eric Mulvihill, Vincent Tuohy, Trevor Champ, William O Reilly, Eoin Mangan and John Langford.

Subs (common to all teams): Eoin Mangan (Upper Bridge St.), Gus Jones, Sean McKenna, Nelius O Connor, Dermot Foley.

At the end of the league, each team having played the other three times, the situation was as follows:

Ahane – 9 played, 6 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw = 13 points.

Glen Rovers – 9 played, 6 wins, 3 losses = 12 points.

Tullaroan – 9 played, 4 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws = 10 points.

St. Vincent’s – 9 played, 8 losses, 1 draw = 1 point.

Final on Sun. 14th Nov: Ahane 7-2; Glen Rovers 6-1. Ref: Kevin Cremin. Patrick O Sullivan was presented with the Ben Campion Cup by Father Finucane at a dance in the Carnegie Hall on Fri. 17th Dec.

The winning team was Patrick O Sullivan (capt.), Francis Reidy, Patrick O Shea, Sean Falvey, Jim Barry, David Power, James Power, Paudie Carroll, Jer Sullivan, Eddie Sullivan, Gerard O Connor and Sean McKenna.

‘Glen Rovers’ – 1954 Juvenile Hurling Town-League runners-up

‘Glen Rovers’ – 1954 Juvenile Hurling Town-League runners-up
Front (l to r): Michael O Connor, Tony Lyons, James O Shea, James Foley, Declan Mangan.
Back: Brian Corkery, Noel O Mahony, Peter Gill (capt.), J. O Connor, Billy Kelliher, D. O Reilly.

Munster/All-Ireland Junior Football

  Final on Sun. 11th July at Kenmare: Kerry 1-9; Cork 2-2. Paddy Clifford played at left-corner back.

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 2-7; Dublin 0-9. Paddy Clifford was a sub.

All-Ireland Home Final at Croke Park: Kerry 3-6; Donegal 1-6.

Kerry: Gary O Mahony (John Mitchels), Tom Spillane (Templenoe), John O Connor (Kerins O Rahillys), Tadhg Healy (Dr. Crokes), Tom Costello (Duagh), Jerome Spillane (Templenoe), Denny Falvey (Kerins O Rahillys), Diarmuid Dillon (Duagh), Ned Fitzgerald (St. Mary’s), Tom Collins (Kilmoyley), Sean Lovett (Kilmoyley), Dan McAuliffe (Duagh), Pop Fitzgerald (Kerins O Rahillys), Eddie Dowling (Ballydonoghue), Brendan Galvin (John Mitchels). Subs: T. Gaughan (Listowel), Mícheál Kerins (Kerins O Rahillys), Jimmy Porter (John Mitchels), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Paudie Guerin (Tarbert), Diarmuid Lawlor (Kilmoyley), Sean Horan (Castlemaine).

All-Ireland Final on Sun. 3rd Oct. at Austin Stack Park, Tralee: Kerry 1-7; London 1-5.

Nicholas Hussey (Austin Stack’s) replaced Gary O Mahony in goals, as he had been promoted to the senior ranks and Johnny Culloty replaced Dan McAuliffe, who had injured a hand.

Kerry: Nicholas Hussey (Austin Stacks), Tom Spillane, John ‘Walla’ O Connor, Tadhg Healy, Tom Costello, Jerome Spillane, Denny Falvey, Ned Fitzgerald, Diarmuid Dillon, Tom Collins, Sean Lovett, Johnny Culloty, Pop Fitzgerald, Eddie Dowling, Brendan Galvin. Subs: Mícheál Kerins, Paddy Clifford, Jimmy Porter, Paudie Guerin, Sean Horan.


  M. V. O Donoghue (Waterford) was President of CLG. Pádraig Ó Caoimh (Cork) was General Secretary.

Munster Convention was held Limerick on 27th Feb. Jerry O Keeffe (Tiobrad Árainn) was Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.

Co. Convention was held in Killarney on Sun. 31st Jan. 186 delegates attended. The following officers were elected: President – Canon T. J. Lyne; Chairman – Frank Sheehy; Vice-Chairman – Liam Cousins, Kenmare; Hon. Secretary – Jerry McCarthy; Hon. Treasurers – Paddy Drummond and Jerry Flynn; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc; Football Selection Committee – John Joe Sheehy, Johnny Walsh, Paddy Bawn Brosnan, Murt Kelly and Rev. Denis Curtin.

A motion from Killorglin Minor Hurling Club, ‘that the Co. Minor Hurling and Football Championships not commence before mid-June,’ was defeated. Besides foreign games, foreign dances came under the hammer at the convention. Paddy Drummond, Austin Stacks, proposed a motion ‘that the rule prohibiting clubs sponsoring foreign dances be strictly adhered to.’

The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in Milltown on Fri. 15th Jan. 1954. Present were Jimmy O Doherty, E. O Sullivan, J. Murphy and Mícheál O Doherty (Glenbeigh), Paddy Foley, Donal Prendiville and Maurice Breen (Laune Rangers), Tom Woods and J. O Sullivan (Milltown), Murt Kelly (Beaufort). Tom Woods presided in the absence of Father Griffin. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Father Griffin, Vice-Chairman – Paddy Foley, Joint Secretaries – Bobby Doyle and Murt Kelly, Treasurer – Jimmy O Doherty, Representative to Co. Board – Murt Kelly. The following motions were discussed:

  1. ‘That affiliation be accepted from Cromane.’ Passed.
  2. ‘That the Parish of Tuogh be declared an open area.’ Lost.
  3. ‘That Liam Cousins be supported for Vice-Chairman of the Co. Board.’ Passed.
  4. ‘That the motion re the enforcement of Parish Rule, as passed at the 1953 Convention, be adhered to.’ Passed.
  5. ‘That the 1953 Co. Football Selection Committee be re-elected en bloc.’ Passed.
  6. ‘That the possibility of running a Primary Schools’ League be explored.’ Passed.
  7. ‘That Kevin Cremin be approached re his attitude to selecting a small number of outstanding minors from areas in Mid-Kerry other than Killorglin.’ Passed.

The Treasurer reported receipts of £55-14-6 and expenses of £54-19-0, leaving a credit balance of 15/6.

The minutes of four Mid-Kerry Board meetings were available. Father Griffin presided at the meeting in Killorglin on 9th April. The draws for the national schools’ League were made and the rules were drawn up. The draws for the Mid-Kerry Senior League were also made.

At the meeting of the Board in the CYMS hall, Killorglin on 3rd May, at which Father Griffin presided, arrangements for the senior and minor games versus Dromid Pearses were made and the teams were selected.

Father Griffin presided at the Board meeting on 2nd June. The team for the replay against Dromid Pearses was selected and travel arrangements were made. A car from Castlemaine would collect the Keel, Castlemaine and Milltown players and two cars would be hired in Killorglin. Murt Kelly and James Coffey would travel with the team.

Paddy Foley presided at the Board meeting, in the absence of Father Griffin, who had not been notified about the meeting. The fixtures of the remaining games in the Mid-Kerry league were made. The Keel delegate criticised the Laune Rangers club for not holding a gate collection on the day of the Keel v Laune Rangers game in Killorglin. Eleven tickets (8 Cusack Stand and 3 New Stand) were received by the Board for the All-Ireland Senior Football Final. The tickets were distributed as follows: Two to the Co. Board delegate; one to Father Lenihan, who had used his car to bring players to all the games; one Cusack Stand ticket to each of the five clubs and, after a draw, Cromane, Beaufort and Glenbeigh got one New stand ticket each. As the Board was very low in funds, it was decided to arrange a dance for 17th Oct. in the Emir Ballroom, Glenbeigh with Willie Mangan’s Band (Admission – 2/6).

15 Killorglin Hurling Club meetings were held during the year from Oct. 1953 until Nov. 1954. The following attended those meetings: James Coffey (14), Paddy O Neill (14), Kevin Cremin (12), Brendan Fullam (12), John McCarthy (12), Jim Tobin (10), Paddy Foley (8), Brendan Gill (6) – he resigned from the committee after the 9th April, Brendan Mangan (4).

The following matters transpired: Tues. 6th Oct. 1953 – Fund-raising was on the agenda. It was felt that a draw or sweep would be going too far because the club had made many collections and draws already. A dance in the Oisín Ballroom was proposed but it was felt that such an undertaking would be taking a big chance. A band would cost a lot of money and, by the time the hall would be paid for, the club would lose money. Concerts were out of the question because there was not much local talent and it would cost too much to get outside talent. It was decided that the best means of raising funds was through a Whist Drive and Dance. The shortage of hurleys was grave. Kevin Cremin suggested that each member of the club would pay an amount weekly to the Secretary towards the cost of a hurley and when he had the price fully paid, he would get a hurley of his own. It was agreed that the best time to give the money to the Secretary was every Sunday morning before the matches and it did not matter how much was given.

Fri. 16th Oct. – the venue for the Whist Drive was changed to the Carnegie Hall, as the owner of the Oisín Cinema could not give a Friday night. It was decided by four votes to one not to bother with a dance after the Whist Drive.

Wed. 18th Nov. – The date for the Whist Drive in the Carnegie Hall was set for 29th Nov. Tickets were distributed to the members of the club during the meeting. The Vocational School principal, Mossy Roche, was approached for the loan of tables and chairs. The Secretary of the CYMS Committee, Johnny Mangan, was approached for the loan of playing cards and trump cards. The prize for the winner of the raffle during the Whist Drive was a turkey. The transporting of the chairs to and from the Vocational School was the subject of a long discussion. No decision was made.

Tues. 24th Nov. – It was announced that Tom O Leary would transport the chairs and tables to and from the Vocational school in his lorry.

Thurs. 3rd Dec. – The Whist Drive was disappointing from a financial point of view, as there were only 26 tables, yielding £14-16-6. Expenses amounted to £11-16-5. The raffle was a big success with takings of £7-15-0 and the expenses were £1-16-11. That left a total profit of £8-18-2. Kevin Cremin acted as M.C. Liam Foley and Rev. Father Stack gave good assistance at the checking of the cards and presenting the prizes. The cash in hand for the club at the time was £19-4-9. The club had made an application to the Mid-Kerry Board to enter a Minor Football team in the county. That Board had decided to let it to the Co. Board to decide whether a minor football team would be affiliated from the town or from Mid-Kerry.

Tues. 5th Jan. 1954 – A special general meeting was called due to the bad attendance at the field on the previous Sunday. The Chairman made it clear in his address to the members that if the club was to continue and if a team was to be fielded during the year, there would have to co-operation from the players. When an appointment was made, it should be fulfilled. He said that the previous Sunday had been a big disappointment. A photo of the team was to be taken but only a few players turned up. There had been no excuse because it had been a fine, soft morning. Kevin Cremin said that he had nothing much to add to what the Chairman had said but that it had been an awful thing to think that the Chairman had come out from Killarney to an empty field. There had been no news on the football front and it was decided that the players should begin to practice. Therefore, it was decided that half of the time on the following Sunday would be devoted to football practice.

Fri. 19th Feb. – It was decided to enter a minor football team in the Co. Minor Championship, even though the Mid-Kerry Board opposed it. There was a root of an ash-tree available and it was decided to ask the pupils of the Vocational School to make hurleys from it.

Thurs. 11th March – It was decided to enter senior and minor teams in the Co. Championships. It was further decided to enter a minor football team but if there was any objection from the Mid-Kerry Board, the application would be withdrawn. By a vote of 6 to 5, it was decided to hold training at 3.00pm on Sundays instead of at 11.00am. In the absence of either Kevin Cremin or Jim Tobin, Paddy Foley would conduct the training and all would have to obey him. The club purchased two sliotars at 7/6 each.

Fri. 9th April – The Senior and Minor Co. Championship fixtures were announced. The Chairman appealed to all to make an effort to train. Training would commence on Sun. and would continue every night at 7.00pm. Kevin Cremin said that he had been disgusted with the number that had gone out training on the previous Sunday. Some of the hurlers would not play a match, they wanted to play football instead. He said that there was no use having a team, if only seven or eight were training and the rest enjoying themselves doing something else. The seven or eight had the right spirit but, on the night of the game, they would be completely played out trying to make up for those who were not able to last the hour, having not trained. He said that he would go to the pitch again on the following Sunday, but if it was anything like the previous Sunday, he would have nothing more to do with the minors. Hurleys that had been purchased for 10/6 were on sale for 7/6. Thurs. 22nd April – a Social was held in the Carnegie Hall. A great crowd attended. When all expenses were paid, there was a profit of £10.

Fri. 7th May – Sheets were distributed for the draw on the Derby. Lines cost 6d each. Kevin Cremin impressed upon the players to train as much as possible to the forthcoming first round of the Senior Championship. A few lads in town were canvassed to see if they could play hurling.

Tues. 1st June – The draw on the Derby yielded £6-16-0 (gross). Expenses amounted to £3-10-0, leaving a profit of £3-6-0. Thurs. 24th June – a very successful social and dance were held in the Carnegie Hall. The profit on the evening was £7-18-0. Brendan Gill and Tony Graves were leaving for the USA on Fri. 2nd July and the club presented each with a hurley. There was a social in the Carnegie Hall on Thurs. 8th July after the challenge game with Ardfert and the profit was £6-1-10.

During July, a forecast on the Munster Final was organised. The draw took place on Mon. 25th July and the winner received £5. There was a profit of £5-18-6 on the venture.

Wed. 4th Aug. – a special general meeting was called to prepare for the Flag-Day during Puck Fair. The collection began at 2.00pm each day until 7.00pm. The Co. Board had requested a minimum of £5 from each club to assist with the training of the Co. Senior Football team for the All-Ireland Championship. It was decided to wait until after the Flag-Day to decide the amount to be given.

Thurs. 23rd Sept. – The allocation of the eleven All-Ireland tickets was the main business at hand. There had been an application from ten members of the hurling club and the Chairman proposed that the extra ticket should be given to the Secretary. The following then received tickets: Jim Tobin, Maurice Breen, Brendan Fullam, John McCarthy, Paddy O Neill, Brendan Mangan, Maurice Geary, Martin Cleary, Mossy O Sullivan and James Coffey (2). Gerard O Dwyer had left for England on Mon. 6th Sept. It was decided to commence a juvenile hurling league.

On Fri. 17th Dec. the Carnegie Hall was the venue for a very enjoyable social affair in the life of the young hurling club. The dance held there on that night was made the occasion for the presentation to worthy recipients of miniature cups, souvenirs of their valour on the field during the town league. Patrick O Sullivan received the Ben Campion Cup. Very Rev. Father Finucane, presenting the trophies, paid tribute to the outstanding sportsmanship exhibited by the young hurlers and complimented them on the fine manner in which they had so successfully rejuvenated the hurling spirit in the district. At the event also an individual presentation was made to Brendan Fullam, a youth who had played no small part in the resurgence of hurling in the parish. An employee in the National Bank, he was being transferred to Kilrush and, from the applause when Father Finucane made the presentation, it was quite evident that he carried with him the well-wishes of his club, companions and of the parish.

At the end of March, Hon. Secretary Laune Rangers Club, James Coffey, brought the Stop-Watch Competition to a successful conclusion. Appropriately, a lady who had been at all times most co-operative with the various committees in the district, Mrs. C. Wolfe, carried off the first prize of £10. Father Michael Stack C. C. took 2nd prize and the 3rd prize went to Bob Wharton.

The Co. Board meeting on Tues. 23rd Feb. decided to have an inter-divisional football league to help pick the senior and junior football teams. The county was divided as follows: Group A – Tralee/Dingle/Castlegregory. Group B – North-Kerry/St. Brendan’s. Group C – Castleisland/Killarney. Group D – Mid-Kerry/South-Kerry/Kenmare. When Group D played Group B, Paddy Clifford played at left halfback.

The East-Kerry Board formed a committee to run an East-Kerry juvenile league. Participation was confined to U-14 year-old boys attending the National Schools.

On Sun. 25th July, at the Athletic Grounds, Cork, Kerry won the Munster Senior Football Championship for the fortieth time by beating Cork by 4-9 to 2-3. They beat Galway in the All-Ireland Semi-final by 2-6 to 1-6 but lost the final to Meath by 1-13 to 1-7. Kerry: Gary O Mahony, Micksie Palmer, Ned Roche, Donie Murphy, Sean Murphy, John Cronin, Colm Kennelly, John Dowling (capt.), Tom Moriarty, Bobby Buckley, John Joe Sheehan, Paudie Sheehy, Jim Brosnan, Sean Kelly, Tadhgie Lyne.

By qualifying for the All-Ireland Senior Final (v Meath), Junior Final (v Donegal) and Minor Final (v Dublin), Kerry had reached three finals in the one year for the first time.

Vinnie Bell played for Dublin against Kerry in the All-Ireland Minor Final. His mother was Fitzpatrick from Iveragh Road, Killorglin.

Co. Minor Football Final in Tralee: John Mitchels 3-3; Dingle 1-8.

Sergeant Paul Russell, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, who had won six All-Ireland Senior Football championships with Kerry, gave this advice to juvenile footballers in Kells, ‘You will never become footballers until you practice, practice, practice. If you can bring to the football field a little bit of the discipline you have in your home, you will enjoy your football and you will become good footballers. What you do on the field is an example of the way you conduct yourselves at home. I have found that boys who play games as they should be played, never get into any trouble. Don’t play football merely for the sake of winning every game. Be happy if you lose. Go in to play for the honour of your team and your village. Come off the field satisfied that you have played the game fairly.’   In January, it was reckoned that 5,500 rural homes and farmlands in Kerry enjoyed all the advantages which electric current could give for domestic and working purposes.

In April it was decided to call the new housing estate at Farrentoreen, St. James’s Gardens.

On Sun. 18th April (Easter Sunday) Kerry No. 2 Old IRA made an impressive showing, when, after High Mass at noon, they marched to Dromavalla burial ground to join in reciting a Rosary to their former comrades, who had fallen in the War of Independence. Leading the parade were seventeen members of the Killorglin Battalion FCA. Pipe band Commander, Tom O Connor O.C., was the parade marshal and prominent were two officers of Anglo-Irish war days – Dan Mulvihill and Jack Flynn T.D. The latter placed a wreath on the graves of the fallen. Strong contingents represented Keel, Castlemaine, Milltown, Glencar and Glenbeigh.

At the end of April, Spanish Battleship, owned by Tim ‘Chub’ O Connor, in addition to winning the Derby for the second year-in-a-row, brought two other valuable trophies in Corn an Tóstal and the Easter Cup to Killorglin. On his return home, Mr. O Connor received many congratulations on the remarkable success of the son of the famous Spanish Chestnut.

Following the General Election, all three outgoing T. D’s representing South Kerry (P. W. Palmer (FG), Jack Flynn (FF) and Honor Mary Crowley (FF) were re-elected. The electorate was 33,411 and the total poll was 24,946.

The new CYMS Dance Hall, Killorglin was officially opened on Wed. 28th July.

In Sept., after an interval of five years, a cargo of Whitehaven coal arrived at Ballykissane pier. The man responsible for the import was Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor who, in addition to representing the area in the Co. Council and running a deal yard and timber mill, carried on an extensive import business in fuel, manures and building materials.

At the end of 1954, the very last inhabitants of the Blasket Islands abandoned their home and came to live on the mainland.

The Old Year/New Year rejoicing had not been for many years as colourful as the 1954 closing. The old-time dancing in the CYMS Hall brought a capacity crowd on the last night of the year. Among them were married couples who had last danced polka sets many years previously. A majority of the younger generation, who had seen the polka figures only since the old-time dancing had recently began, saw the sets danced in the traditional manner by those exponents from Steelroe, Tinnihalla, Callanfersy and Laharn. The older generation, for the first time, saw céilí dancing and promised the younger set that they would master it. A torchlight procession headed the Laune Pipers’ Band through the town and, having played through the residential areas, they finished in the square as the old year gave way to the new. The skirl of the pipes, the glare of the blazing torches and the applause and sallies of the good-humoured crowd of dancers, on their homeward way, made the occasion a happy ending to 1954.

The AGM of the Killorglin Hurling Club took place on Monday 8th Nov. 1954 in the CYMS Hall. Kevin Cremin, acting chairman, in the course of his address said that the club had a very successful year. He congratulated the senior team on their great bid for the county title. He said that even though the team was badly beaten in the semi-final of the championship, it was by no means disgraced and they proved that they would be a force again in the following year’s championship. He paid tribute to the great display of the minors in the first round of the championship and said it was hard luck that they were beaten. He thanked the players for the way they turned out for all games during the year. He also thanked al those who helped the club in any way. The secretary, in his report, stated that a very successful juvenile league was almost completed. The secretary also gave the treasurer’s report. Expenses were very high and a credit balance of £9 (approx.) was shown. The main revenue came from socials and the Whist Drive. The play was a complete failure because no collectors turned up. Hurleys were the big problem and they ate very deeply into the funds of the club.