Laune Rangers – 1955

 John McCarthy, Upper Bridge Street, played at centre halfback on the Kerry team that lost to Waterford in the Munster Minor Hurling Championship.

At Annual Congress, the number of substitutes was limited to three and a substitute could only be introduced in place of an injured player.

Killorglin reached the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Final for the second time but lost to Keel by 3-4 to 0-4 at Milltown.

James Coffey was elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer of Killorglin Hurling Club.

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The AGM of Killorglin Hurling Club was held on Monday 8th November 1954 in the CYMS Hall. Kevin Cremins presided in the absence of Jim Tobin (Chairman) and Paddy Foley (Vice-Chairman). Also in attendance were James Coffey, Brendan Fullam, John McCarthy, Paddy O Neill, Sgt. Nolan, Hal Donoghue, Patrick O Sullivan, Francis Reidy, Peter Gill and Austin O Reilly. The Chairman’s address and the reports of the Secretary/Treasurer were given at the end of 1954. The meeting continued after the Balance Sheet, which was in credit, had been accepted. Sgt. Nolan reported that he had asked Duffy O Shea for a dance sometime during the Christmas season and he had been offered 1st January from 8 to 12 in Killorglin and 2nd January from 9 to 3 in Castlemaine. It was decided to get teams for Castlemaine and have them for the next meeting. The proposal of a church-gate collection was turned down. The secretary read a letter from the secretary of the Iveragh Hurling Club concerning the formation of a South Kerry Hurling Board. It was decided to give the Iveragh Club every assistance in the formation of the Board and that the Killorglin Club would enter teams. The following motions were discussed:

1       ‘That the ban on foreign games be abolished.’ After a long discussion, it was decided to refer this motion to the next meeting.

2       ‘That a juvenile championship be run in the county.’ Passed and referred to Co. Convention.

3       ‘That the Minor Hurling Championship be run on a league basis, the same as the Senior Championship.’ Passed and referred to Co. Convention.

Due to the small attendance at the meeting, it was decided not to hold any election of officers until the next meeting. It was decided that the winning captain of the juvenile league would suggest what trophies were to be given to the winners. Commenting on the rugby, which had effected the club during the previous few weeks, Kevin Cremins said that the town was too small for both clubs. He hoped the hurlers would keep faithful to their club. It was decided to hold another general meeting the following week.

A general meeting of Killorglin Hurling Club was held in the FCA Hall on Wed. 17th November 1954. Jim Tobin presided. The minutes of the previous AGM were read and adopted. Arising out of the minutes, Brendan Fullam raised motion Number 1, ‘That the ban on foreign games be abolished.’ The Chairman said that it was a good idea to start the meeting with that motion. He proposed that the motion be cut out and not sent to Co. Convention. Kevin Cremins seconded that proposal. The Chairman said there was no room for two clubs in the town and he asked those playing Gaelic to stick to it. Kevin Cremins said that he was disgusted with the whole thing. He was undecided whether he should forget about the hurling club or not. He said that at the previous general meeting, only a few turned up and they could not elect officers. Then he said that when the juvenile league final was played the previous Sunday, only a few members of the club turned up to support the young lads. After a long discussion, it was decided to carry on with the club.

Election of Officers:

Chairman (The outgoing Chairman, Jim Tobin, did not seek re-election): Michael O Sullivan (proposed by Tom Crowley and seconded by John McCarthy).

Vice-Chairman: Tom Crowley (proposed by Kevin Cremins and seconded by Jim Tobin).

Secretary/Treasurer: James Coffey (proposed by Jim Tobin and seconded by Tom Crowley).

Assistant Secretary: Brendan Fullam (proposed by Jim Tobin and seconded by Kevin Cremins).

Committee: John McCarthy, Moss O Sullivan, Paddy O Neill, Patrick O Sullivan, Francis Reidy, Kevin Cremins, Jim Tobin and Sgt. Nolan. Brendan Fullam, Moss O Sullivan and Francis Reidy had resigned from the committee during the year. Paddy Foley had taken B. Fullam’s place.

On the matter of fund-raising, it was decided to refer all matters to the following meeting. It was decided to hold a social in the Carnegie Hall. Tues. 21st December 1955 was set down as a provisional date. It was decided to have a raffle for a turkey – draw to be held on the night of the social. The cups would be presented to the winners of the league at the social. K. Cremins congratulated the league finalists on their great display. It was decided to run a juvenile and senior league during the rest of the winter.


Co. Senior Football Championship

16 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship.

Group A: Austin Stack’s, North Kerry, Dingle and Castleisland.

Group B: Kerins O Rahilly’s, Shannon Rangers, Castlegregory and St. Brendan’s.

Group C: Killarney, Dromod/Portmagee/Valentia, John Mitchels and Mid-Kerry.

Group D: Dick Fitzgerald’s, South Kerry, Kenmare and Desmonds.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd April at Tralee: John Mitchels 5-9; Mid-Kerry 0-2.

The game was too one-sided to give any indication of the merits of Mitchel’s who won pulling up. Mid-Kerry showed a complete lack of football craft and combination and were no match for the crafty Traleemen. Mid-Kerry’s greatest weakness was in the forward line. Playing with the wind in the first half, Mid-Kerry had a fair share of the play and were worth more than one point at halftime. They had a few good individual players, whose efforts were lost among the forwards, who kept too far out from the posts. They were awarded a penalty, which O Mahony cleared but a forward tipped the clearance over the bar for their only score in the first half. Mitchel’s led at halftime by 4-2 to 0-1.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Mangan (Killorglin) goals), Ted O Leary (Killorglin), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Willie Barton (Keel), Eamonn Horan (Milltown), Pat O Shea (Cromane), Patrick Heffernan (Cromane), Jim Foley (Keel), Jerry Foley (Keel), Sean Conway/O Connor (Milltown), Sean Horan (Milltown), Michael O Riordan (Cromane), Brendan Mangan (Killorglin), Michael Murphy (Killorglin), Sean McKenna (Killorglin).

John Mitchels: Gary O Mahony, Niall Sheehy, Sean O Donoghue, Jimmy Lynch, Brian Sheehy, Mick Donovan, N. Dalton, Paudie Sheehy, Brendan Galvin, Teddy Dowd, Jimmy Porter, Freddie Lynch, Gerald Pierce, S. Leahy, E. Moriarty.

Ref: P. McHugh.

Cars were hired in the following areas to transport the players: Glenbeigh, Killorglin, Keel and Milltown.


Rd 2 on Sun. 8th May at Cahersiveen: Mid-Kerry 0-7; Dromid/Portmagee/Valentia 0-3.

Pearse’s made their exit from the championship when beaten by Mid-Kerry in the Con Keating Memorial Park, Caherciveen. Heavy underfoot conditions and a very strong crosswind militated against a high standard of play and with neither side evincing the ability to rise above the conditions, a poor-class game was the result. The South-Kerry side shaped promisingly at the start but the forwards could make little progress against the Mid-Kerry defence and the first quarter had gone by before Sean Curran opened the scoring with a point from a close-in free. Mid-Kerry then had an innings and Sean Horan put them ahead with two points from 21yards frees, followed, before the interval, by points by Sean Gill, John O Sullivan and Denny O Neill to leave the halftime score 0-5 to 0-1 in favour of Mid-Kerry.

Pearse’s attacked strongly on the resumption but the forwards continued to prove ineffectual and Mid-Kerry, getting on top at mid-field, began to have the better of the play. John O Sullivan stretched their lead with a point following a ruck in the Pearse’s goalmouth but the homesters again came within hailing distance with points by Sean Curran (21 yards free) and Sonny Curran. All attempts by the South Kerry side to get the equalising goal proved futile and the closing stages saw Mid-Kerry attacking strongly to secure another point per Sean Gill and emerge deserving winners. Best for the winners were Paddy Clifford, Jim Foley, Eamon Horan, Sean Horan, Sean Gill and Stephen O Sullivan.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Killorglin), Paddy Clifford Glenbeigh), Jim Doherty (Milltown/Castlemaine), Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Willie Barton (Keel), Eamonn Horan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Patrick Heffernan (Cromane), Jim Foley (Keel), Michael Murphy (Killorglin), Sean Gill (Killorglin), Sean Horan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Sean Conway/O Connor (do.), Jerry M. Foley (Keel), Stephen O Sullivan (Cromane), Denny O Neill (Killorglin).

Dromid Pearses: B. O Sullivan, S. Connor, Paul O Donoghue, Joe O Donoghue, W. Keating, P. Curran, M. Murphy, Sean Curran, P. J. Cooper, J. H. O Connor, B. Keating, Sonny Curran, M. Cahill, V. O Neill, M. Courtney.

Ref: P. O Brien (Killarney).

A car from Keel brought the Keel players. M. Daly’s car, Firies, brought the Horans and the Milltown players as far as Killorglin, where an even number of players was put into all the cars.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 5th June at 3.30pm at Killorglin: Killarney 2-5; Mid-Kerry 0-6.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Killorglin), Paddy Riordan (Glenbeigh), Paddy Clifford (Glenbeigh), Denny O Neill (Killorglin), Eamon Horan (Milltown), Michael Murphy (Killorglin), Johnny O  Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Jim Foley (Keel), Jerry Foley (Keel), Sean Conway/O Connor (Milltown), Sean Gill (Killorglin), Sean Horan (Milltown), Brendan Mangan (Killorglin), Willie Barton (Keel), Mick Foley (Keel).

Ref: P. O Brien (Killarney).


South-Kerry, captained by Jerome O Shea, won the Co. Championship, after a replay, by beating North-Kerry on the score of 2-5 to 0-9.


Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship

The Championship was played on a league basis. There were six teams and every team had to play the others, home and away.


Sun. 24th March at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-6; Cromane 2-5.

This was a very exciting game. The sides were level at 1-2 each at halftime. Cromane went ahead straight after the resumption when they scored a goal and a point. In the last few minutes, Killorglin had two quick goals per James Coffey and Brendan Mangan to give them the lead. Cromane went all out in the last seconds of the game to get a goal but the brilliant goalkeeping of Teddy Mangan foiled them. Best for Killorglin were Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Michael Murphy and Jackie O Dwyer. Cromane were best served by Michael O Riordan, Sean O Sullivan, Patrick Heffernan and James Teahan.


Sun. 10th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 2-5; Keel 1-7.

This was a surprise result. Killorglin led by 2-3 to 0-3 at halftime. Keel settled down very quickly in the second half and they scored 1-4 without reply. Killorglin fought back and had two quick points just before full-time to give them a well-deserved win. A feature of the game was the great display of Denny O Neill, who blotted out Jim Foley, the previous year’s Kerry minor, for the most part of the game. Best for the winners were Denny O Neill, Michael Murphy, Michael Costello, Batty Foley and Brendan Mangan. Willie Barton, Jerry Mick Foley, Mick Spring and Denny Kerrisk were best for Keel.

Ref: Paddy Foley (Killorglin).


Sun. 24th April at Killorglin: Cromane 2-3; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6.

Milltown/Castlemaine’s defeat came as a big surprise because they were expected to go a long way towards winning the Championship. However, the Cromane team was better balanced and they never looked like losing the game. Milltown/Castlemaine had many weak links, especially in defence, and only for the great display of Eamonn Horan, they would have been beaten by a far greater score. Cromane led by 1-3 to 0-4 at halftime. Full credit for Cromane’s win must go to the defence, where Patrick Heffernan, at fullback, John O Riordan and Sean O Sullivan were quite outstanding. Pat O Shea had a great game at centre-field, and Michael O Riordan, John Teahan and Jim Harris were the pick of the forwards. Milltown/Castlemaine were best served by the Horan brothers, Eamonn and Sean, Sean Conway/O Connor and Barney Woods at fullback.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin).


Sun. 5th June at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 3-5; Killorglin 0-1.

Playing at home, Milltown defeated a fancied Killorglin team. Eamonn Horan and Paddy O Connor were always the masters at midfield but the forwards were badly off the mark in the first half. Milltown led by 2 points to nil at the interval.

The second half opened at a cracking pace when the Milltown forwards broke away for scores from Dave Geaney, Sean Horan, J. Clifford, Hugh King and Thomas Dowling. The visitors got their only score when Brendan Mangan sent a forty yards drive over the bar. The Killorglin team was best served by Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Michael Murphy, Denny O Neill and Batty Foley.


Sun. 17th July at Killorglin: Glenbeigh defeated Killorglin.

At the subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, Killorglin objected to Glenbeigh on the grounds that Glenbeigh played a player who had been suspended by the Glenbeigh club for rough play in the Glenbeigh parish league. They claimed that his suspension of two months had not been up on 17th July. Willie Sweeney, Glenbeigh, admitted that the player in question had been suspended for two months and that his suspension had not been up on the 17th July. Sean Gill, Killorglin, volunteered to replay the game and it was fixed for 31st July. Glenbeigh subsequently appealed the decision, it appears, to the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 7th August. Father Brian Kelly, Glenbeigh, argued that Glenbeigh had won the game and he denied that they had played an illegal player. After a long discussion, it was decided to award the game to Glenbeigh.


Sun. 7th Aug. at Killorglin: Keel 1-9; Cromane 2-3.

Played before a large crowd, there was a fast pace throughout. Keel, with the breeze, had the better of the play but their forwards lost many fine chances of scoring. They led at halftime by 0-4 to 0-1. The second half opened quietly and Keel added point after point. However, in the last quarter, Cromane made a great comeback and had a goal and two points without reply. Keel broke away and a mistake by the Cromane fullback left them in for a very easy goal. Cromane fought back and were awarded a penalty, which was scored. They then went all out for the winning goal but a great Keel defence held out and just on full-time, Keel scored another point. Best for Keel were the Foley brothers, Jim and Mick, Jerry Foley, Willie Barton and Morgan O Brien. Cromane were best served by Pat O Shea, Michael O Riordan, Sean O Sullivan and goalkeeper, Dan Sheehan, who made some great saves.

Ref: James Coffey. That win put Keel into the final.


Sun. 14th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin defeated Milltown/Castlemaine and Glenbeigh defeated Cromane. T. Kelliher, Keel, refereed both games.


Sun. 21st Aug. at Glenbeigh (Cois na hAbhann): Glenbeigh 0-6; Killorglin 1-6.

The game was very exciting and the issue was in doubt right up the final whistle. Killorglin deserved the win. Their teamwork was much better than the home side. Glenbeigh were unlucky not to be leading by a bigger margin at halftime than 3 points to 2. In the second half, Killorglin attacked from the throw-in, but their forwards threw away many chances and the great work of mid-fielder, Denny O Neill, was wasted. Brendan Mangan scored the deciding goal for Killorglin after very exciting play. In a last ditch effort, Glenbeigh brought Paddy Clifford from fullback to full-forward but Michael Murphy, at fullback for the winners, fielded every ball that dropped between them. Glenbeigh found it difficult to accept the result and a fight broke out. Paddy Clifford followed Paddy Foley, Killorglin Chairman, and knocked off his glasses. However, he was restrained by Donal Prendiville. Denny O Neill, Michael Murphy, Sean Gill, Batty Foley and Michael Costello and goalkeeper, James Coffey, were Killorglin’s best, while Glenbeigh were best served by Paddy Clifford, Jim Moriarty and Denny Sheehan.

Ref: Pat O Shea (Cromane).


Final on Sun. 28th Aug. at Milltown: Keel 3-4; Killorglin 0-4.

This final fell far below expectations and the huge crowd who witnessed it left the field very disappointed. The Killorglin side never struck its true form that they had shown all through the league. The main cause of the defeat was that most of the team lacked height and weight against a very heavy Keel team.

In the first half, Keel attacked all through but the Killorglin defence held out. Keel had complete control at midfield and their half-backs were very sound and maintained a lead of 1-2 to 0-0 at halftime. The Killorglin forwards saw little of the ball in the first half but they wasted the few chances they got. In the second half, Keel dominated the exchanges once more and a few slips by the Rangers’ defence left them in for two easy goals. Jim Foley and Joe Cournane had midfield to themselves. Killorglin fought back but their forwards never looked like scoring. When Brendan Mangan failed to goal from a penalty, Keel ran out easy winners.

For the Killorglin team, Peter Gill and Michael Murphy were the best in a defence that was not very sound. Batty Foley was a hard trier in a forward line that was completely outplayed, while Denny O Neill and Sean Gill tried hard at midfield but they were well beaten by the Keel pair of Jim Foley and Joe Cournane. The Killorglin F.C.A. Pipe Band led a parade of the teams. The Kennedy Cup was presented to Keel captain, Jim Foley.

Killorglin: James Coffey, Peter Gill, Michael Murphy, Tony O Donoghue, Den Mangan, Michael Costello, Jackie O Dwyer, Denny O Neill, Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Sean Gill (capt.), Batty Foley, Jackie Kerins, James Griffin, Donal Kerins.

Keel Panel: Jim Foley, D. McCarthy, D. Griffin, John Lenihan, John Healy, Jerry Mick Foley, Gus Cournane, John McKenna, Tom O Brien, Willie Barton, Jack Foley, Bob Knightley, Denny Kerrisk, J. Flynn, Willie Corcoran.

Ref: Tom Lynch (Beaufort) – very capable.


Sean Gill (Langford St.)

Sean Gill (Langford St.)
He captained Laune Rangers in 1955.
He won a Munster Minor Football medal with Kerry in 1951.
He played with the Kerry Junior Footballers in 1957 & 1958.
He transferred to Waterville in 1958.

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football Runners-up 1955

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football Runners-up 1955
Front (l to r): Batty Foley (partially hidden), Donal Kerins, Jackie O Dwyer, James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, Jackie Kerins, James Griffin.
Back : Michael Murphy, Denny O Neill, Peter Gill, Den Mangan, Michael Costello, Teddy Mangan, Sean Gill (capt.), Tony O Donoghue


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 13th April at Tralee: John Mitchel’s 1-7; Mid-Kerry 1-2.

The Tralee boys, who were the holders, did not impress as a team that was going to retain the title but were nevertheless a formidable outfit. The Mid-Kerry side included some fine individual players but lacked the teamwork of their opponents. Mitchels took an early lead with a point but Mid-Kerry equalised soon after. Mitchels had another point by Turner but a goal by Brendan Mangan and a point closed the first half scoring to leave Mid-Kerry ahead by 1-1 to 0-3. On the restart, Mitchels equalised but Mid-Kerry took the lead again with a point. In the last quarter, however, Mitchels took complete control and scored a goal and three points without reply.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Mangan (Laune Rangers), Willie Corcoran (Keel), Donal Coughlan (Beaufort), Jim Moriarty (Glenbeigh), Mikey Daly (Keel), Paddy Brennan (Glenbeigh), Tony O Donoghue (Laune Rangers), James Teahan (Cromane), Brendan Mangan, (Laune Rangers), Sean Cahill (Beaufort), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Paddy Conway (Milltown), Pete Doyle (Beaufort), John McCarthy (Laune Rangers), Peter Gill (Laune Rangers).

Ref: Dan Ryan (Austin Stack’s).


Schools’ Football


 Primary Schools

At the Mid-Kerry Convention, which was held in Killorglin on 26th January, the Chairman, Father Griffin, called for more to be done for the young lads of the area through the clubs and the schools. He said that there was a threat from rugby, which had started up in Killorglin.


Sun. 15th May at Killorglin: Killorglin Boys’ school played Callanfersy in a ‘friendly’ game. The local boys proved no match for their stronger and more experienced opponents and the final score, which gave the visitors a clear six goals win, bore eloquent testimony to the one-sidedness of the game.


The Killorglin Notes in the Kerry Champion on 4th June read: “Though the immediate outlook in football affairs in Killorglin is not very rosy, there are very bright prospects for the future, for the young generation have taken up the game with a zest that leaves no doubt of there being, in the years to come, staunch and able Gaelic footballers at home or abroad. This spirit, which is now being fostered in the schools, is having far-reaching results and is arousing the imagination and enthusiasm of many who were beginning to lose heart and become disinterested. Recent inter-schools matches in the district have shown a football ability among the children, which is really inspiring. The foundation is being laid and all that is needed is to see that the work is continued.”


Sun. 5th June at Milltown: Milltown School 2-4; Killorglin School 0-0.

Milltown had an easy victory over the Killorglin schoolboys. Heavy rain made good football impossible but the Milltown fifteen rose to the occasion and ran out easy winners.

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 27th June, the following fixtures were made:

Milltown v Tuogh and Killorglin v Glenbeigh and the winners of both games were to play in the final.

However, that league, which had great possibilities, unfortunately fell through.


Killorglin N.S. Football team 1954/’55 Front (l to r): Billy Kelliher, James Doyle, James O Shea, Patrick O Shea, Declan Mangan, Paul McMahon, Denis Curran Back: Josie Sullivan, Noel O Mahony, Francis O Connor, John Langford, Jamesie O Sullivan, Michael O Sullivan, Mícheál Conway, Seamus Naughton, Pat Joy. Teacher – Mícheál O Donoghue

Killorglin N.S. Football team 1954/’55
Front (l to r): Billy Kelliher, James Doyle, James O Shea, Patrick O Shea, Declan Mangan, Paul McMahon, Denis Curran
Back: Josie Sullivan, Noel O Mahony, Francis O Connor, John Langford, Jamesie O Sullivan, Michael O Sullivan, Mícheál Conway, Seamus Naughton, Pat Joy.
Teacher – Mícheál O Donoghue

Kerry Vocational Schools’ Championship


Wed. 30th March at Killorglin: Tralee 2-2; Killorglin 1-3.

This was a grand game of football. Tralee, by the win, advanced to the final.

Killorglin: S. O Sullivan, S. Murphy, D. O Riordan, P. O Connor, Brian Corkery (Killorglin), Jim Moriarty (Glenbeigh), H. Barrett, Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Jackie O Dwyer (Killorglin), Donal Kerins (Killorglin), Ned O Shea (Keel) 0-1, Noel Lucey (Killorglin), Tom Lynch (Killorglin), Denny O Reilly (Killorglin) 0-1, Jimmy Lucey (Killorglin) 1-1.

Tralee: M. Griffin, Pa Kerins, Gary Fernane, T. Lynch, Alan Conway, L. Harris, T. O Sullivan, E. O Sullivan, D. Foley (capt.), A. Griffin, G. O Driscoll, J.J Moynihan, P. Cronin, T. Cronin, J. Cournane.

Ref: Murt Kelly (Beaufort).


Co. Senior Hurling Championship

15 teams took part in the Co. Senior Hurling Championship – Ballyduff, Lixnaw, Abbeydorney, Ballyheigue, Kilmoyley, Listowel Parnells, Crotta, Ardfert, John Mitchel’s, Iveragh, Killorglin, Austin Stack’s, Kenmare, Kilgarvan and Killarney. The teams were divided into four groups with the top two teams in each group, after the league system, progressing to the quarter-finals. Killorglin was grouped with Iveragh, Austin Stack’s and John Mitchel’s.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 17th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 5-3; Austin Stacks 2-3.

The big joke up Rock Street during the previous week had been the saying that Austin Stacks were looking for ‘volunteers’ to play Killorglin senior hurlers at Killorglin. This had arisen because Stacks had suffered numerous injuries as a result of the hard clash the previous year. On this occasion, Killorglin also won with first time pulling that sent long deliveries into the shaky Stacks defence. The final score was a fair indication of the winners’ superiority. Killorglin played in their new set of royal blue jerseys for the first time.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Tony O Donoghue, Brendan Fullam, Teddy Mangan, Bro. Munchin, John McCarthy, James Griffin, “John Mulvihill”, Brendan Mangan, Ted O Leary, Dick Cregan, Paddy Foley (Mill Road), Maurice Geary, Jim Clifford, James Coffey. Subs: “M. Murphy” for Bro. Munchin; Bro. Munchin for T. O Leary. (The players in inverted commas were Tipperary players playing under local names).


Rd. 2 on Sun. May 22nd at Tralee: John Mitchel’s 8-5; Killorglin 1-4.

John Mitchel’s had a surprisingly big win over Killorglin. Their craft played a big part in the win. Brendan Mangan struck first with a point for Killorglin but on the puck-out, Jimmy Lynch levelled at the other end. In the fifth minute, Johnny Looney netted a Lynch cross to put Mitchel’s into the lead. Paudie Sheehy and John McCarthy exchanged points before Denis Moriarty tacked on a point in the tenth minute. The same player was credited with a goal soon afterwards, when goalkeeper, Patrick O Sullivan’s clearance struck off the incoming Mitchel’s forward and rebounded into the net. J. Lynch and Liam Hanley had a goal each for Mitchel’s before corner-forward, John McCarthy, replied with a point for Killorglin in the 17th minute. In the 21st minute, a seventy from Niall Sheehy was grabbed by Pat Mullins, who goaled. On the puck-out Tom Danaher raised another green flag to leave the halftime score 6-3 to 0-3.

Mullins notched a point in the early minutes of the second half, while Hanley goaled nearing the end of the quarter and raised a white flag in the 22nd minute. Paddy Foley replied with a point one minute later. Harris (sub for J. Lynch) and John McCarthy exchanged goals in the closing minutes of the game.

The outstanding player on the field was Niall Sheehy at centre halfback, who was well supported by Tom Danaher and Maurice Roche in defence. Jimmy Porter and Brendan Galvin were sound at midfield, while Denis Moriarty, P. Mullins and Paudie Sheehy were good in attack. Best for the losers was Brendan Mangan, who ranged all over the field and played a fine game. He was well supported by ‘John Mulvihill’, Dick Cregan and James Coffey. Patrick O Sullivan, in goals, brought off some fine saves.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Martin Cleary, Brendan Fullam, Teddy Mangan, Bro. Munchin, “John Mulvihill”, James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, “M. Murphy”, Sean Gill, Dick Cregan, Paddy Foley, Christy Jones, Jim Clifford, John McCarthy. Sub: Peter Gill for S. Gill. (The players in inverted comma were from Tipperary, who played under local names).

John Mitchels: J. Harris (goals), S. Leahy, M. Roche, M. Burke, Mick Donovan, Niall Sheehy, Tom Danagher, Jimmy Porter, Brendan Galvin, Denis Moriarty, Pat Mullins, Paudie Sheehy, Jimmy Lynch, Liam Hanley, Johnny Looney.

Ref: Joe Mulchinock.


Killorglin Senior Hurling Team – 1955 Front (L to r): James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, Brendan Fullam, Maurice Geary, Paddy Foley, Christy Jones, Patrick O Sullivan. Back: Martin Cleary, Sean Gill, John McCarthy, Jim Clifford, Teddy Mangan, (?), Dick Cregan, Bro Munchin, Peter Gill, Tom Crowley.

Killorglin Senior Hurling Team – 1955
Front (L to r): James Coffey, Brendan Mangan, Brendan Fullam, Maurice Geary, Paddy Foley, Christy Jones, Patrick O Sullivan.
Back: Martin Cleary, Sean Gill, John McCarthy, Jim Clifford, Teddy Mangan, (?), Dick Cregan, Bro Munchin, Peter Gill, Tom Crowley.

Rd. 3 on 4th July at Killorglin: Iveragh 8-8; Killorglin 3-1,

The game opened well with some good ground and overhead hurling. However, after missing a dozen scoring chances, Killorglin completely faded, probably because they fielded nine of the minor team against a more experienced and heavier Iveragh team. They trailed by 4-4 to 1-1 at halftime.

Killorglin scored two quick goals at the start of the second half and a good game was in the offing. However, they were not able to maintain the effort against a very fit Iveragh team and the visitors ran out easy winners. Killorglin were best served by Dick Cregan, Martin Cleary, Tony O Donoghue and Christy Jones. Best for the winners were Paddy Raftery, J. Harte, Pat O Connor, Dick Kissane and goalkeeper, Frank Murphy. Killorglin had now bowed out of the championship.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Tony O Donoghue, Martin Cleary, Teddy Mangan, Bro. Munchin, John McCarthy, Maurice Geary, Brendan Mangan, James Griffin, John Mulvihill, Dick Cregan, Paddy Foley, Christy Jones, H. King, James Coffey.


Killorglin was forced to withdraw from the South Kerry Board competitions.


Ballyduff, captained by Michael Hennessy, won the Co. Championship by beating Kilmoyley on the score of 3-1 to 1-2.


Co. Minor Hurling Championship

As a result of the motion to Co. Convention, the Co. Minor Hurling Championship was run on a league basis with two groups of five. Killorglin, Austin Stack’s, Iveragh, Killarney and Kenmare/Kilgarvan were in Group B. Killorglin received a bye in the first round.


Rd. 2 on Wed. 7th July at Kilgarvan: Kilgarvan/Kenmare 6-2; Killorglin 1-2.

The game was played at a fast pace with Killorglin well on top in the first half and doing everything except scoring. At halftime they were two points behind, 2-1 to 1-2, when, on the run of play, they deserved a three goals lead. Neither side scored in the first quarter of the second half, but Kilgarvan/Kenmare got well on top in the closing stages. Killorglin had no need to be discouraged and had several fine individual players.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan (goals), Donal Mangan, Tony O Donoghue, Teddy Mangan, Peter Gill, John McCarthy, Donal Lyons, Brendan Mangan, Maurice Geary, Kevin Scully, Eamonn Horan, John Mulvihill, Paddy O Neill, Christy Jones, Austin O Reilly. Sub: Jackie Kerins for A. O Reilly.


Minor Hurling Challenge Games


Wed. 4th May at Killorglin: Killorglin 5-3; Iveragh 1-1.

Iveragh were making their debut in minor hurling and, though beaten, they put up a great show.

Killorglin: Patrick O Sullivan, Peter Gill, Teddy Mangan, Jackie Kerins, Aeneus Foley, John McCarthy, Sean McKenna, Brendan Mangan, Maurice Geary, Owen Mangan, Christy Jones, Austin O Reilly, Paddy O Neill, Donal Mangan, Brian Corkery. Subs: Paddy Moroney for B. Mangan; Brendan Mangan for A. Foley.


South-Kerry Juvenile Hurling League


Sat. 3rd December, South Kerry Semi-Final: Killorglin 5-0; Iveragh 2-0.

Killorglin: Patrick O Shea (goals), Billy Dodd, Joe McMahon, Mikey Foley, Declan Mangan, Peter Gill, John Foley, Austin O Reilly, Jer O Sullivan, Vincent Tuohy, Brian Corkery, James Foley, Tony Lyons, Eoin Mangan, David Power. Subs: Cornelius O Connor for James Foley; Noel O Mahony for C.O Connor; N. O Sullivan for T. Lyons.


Co. Semi-Final on Sun. 8th Jan. 1956 at Kenmare: Kenmare/Kilgarvan 5-0; Killorglin 1-0.

The match was played in Father Breen Memorial Park in bitterly cold weather. The standard of play was good but it would have been an advantage if the length of the field had been reduced for such games. The local selection opened with the wind in their favour but Killorglin contested every inch of ground and held their more fancied opponents scoreless for twenty minutes. A goal in the closing minutes of the half gave the home side an interval lead. In the second half, play again opened evenly but in the last quarter, the local ran out easy winners. Best for the winners were J. Brosnan, Clinton O Brien, O Sullivan, Keane and Ring, while Killorglin were best served by Owen Mangan and Aeneus Foley.

Killorglin: Jim Barry, Declan Mangan, Joe McMahon, Mikey Foley, Pat Callanan, Peter Gill, Aeneus Foley, Sean Falvey, Paddy O Neill, Tom Foley, Eoin Mangan, Vincent Tuohy, David Power, Brian Corkery, Tony Lyons.

Ref: James Coffey, Killorglin.


Juvenile Hurling Challenge Game


Sunday 20th November in Cahersiveen: Iveragh 3-1; Killorglin 1-1.

Killorglin’s young hurlers, who had been doing so well, suffered a slight setback when they travelled to Cahersiveen to meet the Iveragh boys in a friendly. The home boys proved too strong for the visitors on that occasion but the Killorglin boys expressed themselves eager for revenge and promised a different result on their next meeting. The home side had the advantage in weight and training.

Killorglin: Jim Barry, Billy Dodd, Joe McMahon, Pat Callanan, Declan Mangan, Tony Lyons, James Foley, Mikey Foley, Austin O Reilly, Tom Foley, Brian Corkery, Patrick O Shea, David Power, Eoin Mangan, Noel O Mahony. Subs: James Foley, Paudie Carroll, N. O Sullivan, Jer O Sullivan, Paul Kingston, Vincent Tuohy.

Juvenile Hurling Parish League


On Wed. 5th October, the teams were selected for the juvenile parish league. Four teams, of nine a side, would take part in the league. Each team would play the others three times. The two teams with the highest points, at the end of the league, would meet in the final.

Final on Wed. 14th December: Eoghan Rua 6-4; Eire Og 5-5.

The game was played in a great sporting spirit and the exchanges were hectic. Some great ground-hurling was seen throughout the game. The standard was of the highest order and equalled, in skill and interest, the best games of senior grade. Outstanding for the winners were Mikey Foley, Jim Barry and Tony Lyons.  Patrick O Shea, Pat Callanan and Noel O Mahony were the best of the losers. The Ben Campion Cup was presented to Mikey Foley, captain of the winning team by James Coffey, Hon. Sec.

Eoghan Rua: Mikey Foley (capt.), Tony Lyons, Paul Kingston, Jim Barry, Denis O Neill (The Square), Michael O Connor, James Power, Michael Reidy and Denis O Neill (Langford St.).

Eire Og: Patrick O Shea (capt.), Noel O Mahony, Pat Callanan, James Foley, Trevor Champ, Joe McMahon, Jer Sullivan, Cornelius O Connor and Stephen Clifford.

Referee: James Coffey.

Munster Minor Hurling Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 15th May at Tralee: Kerry 5-1; Waterford 13-4.

Kerry: Patrick O Sullivan (Killorglin), B. Lynch (Ballyheigue), Gerard Landers (Killarney), M. Murphy (Ardfert), Andy Hickey (Lixnaw), John McCarthy (Killorglin), Tom Kearney (O Dorney), Bill Landers (Killarney), J. Hayes (Austin Stacks), T. O Connor (Killarney), Brendan Hennessey (Ballyduff), D. McCarthy (Kenmare), Kevin Roche (O Dorney), S. O Donnell (Austin Stacks), J. Moloney (O Dorney)..

Patrick O Sullivan (The Bridge) He played in goals for the Killorglin Hurling teams (Minor and Senior) 1952-’56. He played with the Kerry Minor Hurling team versus Waterford in 1955.

Patrick O Sullivan (The Bridge)
He played in goals for the Killorglin Hurling teams (Minor and Senior) 1952-’56.
He played with the Kerry Minor Hurling team versus Waterford in 1955.



Seamus McFerron (Antrim) was elected as Uachtarán CLG. Seán Ó Siocháin was Director General.

At the Annual Congress of CLG in the Mansion House, Dublin on 10th April, the following rule changes were made:

  1. Number of substitutes was limited to three and a substitute could only be introduced in place of an injured player.
  2. Players may place the ball before taking a free-kick.
  3. Opposing players must stand at least 14 yards away from the ball when the free-kick is being taken.


Munster Convention was held in Tralee on 6th March. Jerry O Keeffe (Tiobrad Árainn) was Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held in the Ashe Memorial Hall, Tralee on Sun. 30th January 1955. The following officers were elected: President – Canon Lyne; Chairman – Frank Sheehy; Vice-Chairman – Liam Cousins; Secretary – Jerry McCarthy (elected, after a vote, from S. P. Breathnach, Tadhg Crowley and Dan Ryan); Hon. Treasurers – Paddy Drummond, J. Flynn (both elected) and G. Fox; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central Council – Micheal O Ruairc. Football Selection Committee – Jackie Lyne (137 votes), John Joe Sheehy (120 votes), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (97 votes), Johnny Walsh (96 votes) and Michael O Shea, Cahersiveen (94 votes).

There were a number of motions from Killorglin Football club and Killorglin Hurling Club.

  1. ‘That a vigilante committee be formed in the county.’ (Laune Rangers. This was withdrawn in favour of the Kilcummin motion, ‘that the District Board chairmen be given the power to recommend suspensions.;
  2. ‘That a juvenile hurling championship be run in the county.’ (Killorglin Hurling Club). Passed.
  3. ‘That the Co. Minor Hurling Championship be run on a league basis.’ (Killorglin Hurling Club). Passed.

Both Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremins were nominated to contest the Senior Hurling Selection Committee but both withdrew their names. The South Kerry Hurling Board was formed including Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Killorglin, Killarney, and Iveragh.


The Mid-Kerry Convention was held at Killorglin on 26th January 1955. In attendance were Jimmy O Doherty, E. O Sullivan, Liam Wall, Father Brian Kelly, Father O Doherty (all Glenbeigh), Brother Munchin, Jimmy O Shea (Milltown), Father Griffin (Castlemaine), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Bob Knightley, Sean Foley (Keel), James Coffey, Paddy Foley, Paddy Foley (Mill Rd.), John McCarthy, Bobby Doyle (Killorglin).

In his Chairman’s address, Father Griffin said that ‘more should be done for the young lads in the area and this could be done with the co-operation of the clubs and the schools. There was opposition from rugby, which had started up in Killorglin, and the only way to beat rugby is to have competitions for the youth and to start the leagues early in the year. The old people know the ideals behind the GAA but most of the youth do not and do not know why the ban was put on foreign games. The Mid-Kerry team did badly in the Championship but that is no reason why a team should not be entered again this year. The Mid-Kerry league was run badly. Local leagues should be run in the parishes and the best team picked from them to represent their parish in the league.’ He praised Murt Kelly for having such interest in the game in the area. Concluding, he said that he was not going forward for chairman.

The treasurer’s (Jimmy O Doherty) report showed a credit balance of £13-10-10 but there were still some bills for car-hire to be paid. He did not pay those bills because he thought that they were too high. The bills were then dealt with. The Chairman said that two cars were allowed to each club for each game at 1/- per mile. The bills from Glenbeigh were too high as there were more than two cars for each game and their bills were reduced as follows:

Oct. 10th, One Car and one lorry @ 16/- each = 32/-. Oct. 17th, Two cars @ 16/- each = 32/- (Glenbeigh had to pay for one car as they had hired three cars). July 25th, Two cars, one at 30/- and one at 16/- = £2-6-0. Total = £4-14-0.

Keel was granted £4 expenses.

It was decided to buy a set of medals for the winners of last year’s school league and a set of medals for Keel.

It was decided to write to the Co. Board for ground rent and to hold a draw (Books of tickets @ 3d each – 1/- for the seller and 2/- to be returned with the counterfoils).

Officers elected: (All the outgoing officers were re-elected)

Chairman: Father Griffin (Proposed by Murt Kelly and seconded by Paddy Foley).

Vice-Chairman: Paddy Foley (Proposed by Father Kelly and seconded by Murt Kelly).

Secretary: James Coffey (re-elected).

Treasurer: Jimmy O Doherty.

Co. Board Delegate: Murt Kelly.

It was reported that Cromane would be doubtful participants in the Senior Championship in 1955. It would probably be a Killorglin/Cromane selection. Milltown/Castlemaine would affiliate for the Senior Championship. It was decided to run the competition on a league basis. A team beaten three times would drop out. Bob Knightley proposed that the leagues would commence on the Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day but Father Kelly proposed that the leagues would not commence before the first Sunday in April. The ensuing vote was tied at seven votes each and the chairman’s casting vote was in favour of Mr. Knightley’s proposal.

It was decided to run a schools’ league again in 1955. There would be a team from each of the parishes of Castlemaine, Milltown, Glenbeigh and Beaufort and perhaps two from the parish of Killorglin.


16 meetings of Killorglin Hurling Club were held during the next twelve months.

At the meeting held in Tom Crowley’s house on Wed. 24th November, Michael O Sullivan presided. He asked to be relieved of his position as he would not be able to attend the meetings very often and he did not know much about running clubs. He would remain a member of the committee and he would help the club in any way he could. It was decide to wait until the next meeting and try to get Kevin Cremins to accept the position. It was decided to run the dance in Castlemaine on 2nd January and not to take the 1st of January in Killorglin. A social will be held in the Carnegie or CYMS on 21st December. Two teams for the senior league were selected but, due to the shortage of hurleys, it was decided not to start until later. Four juvenile teams were selected. A set of hurleys would be presented to the winners of the juvenile league. There would be four rounds and the league would start on the following Sunday.

At the meeting on 15th December, Michael O Sullivan again asked to be relieved of his position as Chairman. It was unanimously agreed that Kevin Cremins should be the new Chairman and, after a long discussion, he agreed. It was decided to run a dance in the Carnegie on Friday 23rd from 9pm to 2am. If Patrick Doyle’s terms were reasonable, it was decided to get him to play. Patrick O Sullivan and Paddy O Neill were put in charge of the crystals for the floor, John McCarthy and Brendan Fullam would be in charge at the cash-office and Francis Reidy would be in charge of the mineral bar. It was decided to run a few Irish dances during the night and to try to get Maurice Roche to act as M.C. Spot prizes might be awarded if the crowd was big. It was decided to ask father Murphy to present the cups to the juveniles at the dance. The presentation would take place at 10pm. A letter from the Chairman of the Co. Board, concerning the formation of the South Kerry Hurling Board, was read and the following nominations were sent:

Chairman: Joe Walsh, Iveragh.

Vice-Chairman: Liam Cousins, Kenmare.

Secretary: D. P. O Sullivan, Kilgarvan.

Treasurer: Richie Purcell, Kilgarvan and Jerry McDonnell, Iveragh (The Observatory).

The following motions were sent:

1       ‘That each club participating in the league will pay £3 affiliation fee to the South Kerry Hurling Board.’

2       ‘That gate receipts at each match be divided 50/50 between the clubs concerned.’

3       ‘That any debt incurred by the Board be borne equally by all affiliated clubs before the end of the financial year.’

The secretary pointed out that the field was in a very bad state and something should be done about it. It was decided to wait until January and the pupils from the Tech. and Intermediate Schools would give a hand at the work.

The meeting on 29th December was presided over by Tom Crowley. Six members attended. It was decided to hire a car to carry the members of the committee to the dance in Castlemaine on 2nd January. The following would be in charge at the dance: Brendan Fullam, Tom Crowley, Kevin Cremins, Paddy O Neill, Francis Reidy, Michael O Sullivan, Teddy Mangan and Brendan Mangan. The secretary would ask Michael Kennedy if he would go over and give a hand at the door. It was stated that Patrick O Sullivan and other members of the club played rugby during the week. It was decided to wait until the next meeting before making a decision on the matter.

Tom Crowley presided at the meeting of the club on Wed. 12th January. Nine members were present. It was decided to purchase a set of size 38 jerseys (red with white collars and cuffs). The secretary was instructed to look for quotations for jerseys and hurleys. The first round of the juvenile league on the following Wednesday would see Billy Dodd’s team play against Sean Falvey’s team. The Secretary expressed doubts about the club’s ability to field a senior team for the championship due to the fact that so many had left the club. The committee assured him, however, that a team would be fielded at all costs. Patrick O Sullivan’s case was referred to the next meeting.

Jim Tobin presided at the meeting on Wed. 19th January. There were nine members present. It was decided not to take the dance in the Oisín Ballroom on Sun. 30th January because the percentage (70/30) was too small and the club had enough funds to carry on with for the time being. It was decided to purchase a set of bright red jerseys with white collars and cuffs in Dublin at 12/6 each. Numbers will be purchase for the if they are not already on them. Paddy Joe Coffey will purchase them for the club. This decision was reached after several quotations were read. It was decided to get more quotations for hurleys before purchasing any. The Chairman then spoke on a very important matter. He said that some member or members of the committee were bringing out stories with them from the meetings. He said that certain names were mentioned at the meetings but some members made their own version out of what was said and the result was that the person or persons mentioned in the meeting heard about it and now they hardly saluted much less talked to certain committee members. The Chairman warned all committee members that anything said in the meeting should not be spoken of in public or to anyone outside of the club. The Chairman then asked Patrick O Sullivan if he was willing to give up rugby, which he had already played a few times since he became a member of the committee. O Sullivan said that he was willing to stop playing it. The Chairman said that O Sullivan should be the last to play rugby, as he was a member of the Hurling Club Committee and captain of the juvenile league winners. Commenting on the attitude of Austin O Reilly, the Chairman said that O Reilly should be expelled from the club for the way he tried to get the young hurlers to play rugby and for playing it himself. All agreed.

Tom Crowley presided over the meeting on 21st January, at which ten members attended. The Chairman pointed out that the meeting was called because there was a dispute between the members of the committee over the colours of the jerseys to be purchased by the club. Some members wanted royal blue instead of red jerseys. James Coffey proposed royal blue because it was the colours worn by the Laune Rangers and it was the colour of the parish and it was only right that the hurling club should have the same colours. He also said that royal blue was a very rare colour in the county. Jim Tobin seconded this proposal. John McCarthy proposed bright red because no other club in the county had it and it was a very nice colour and something out of the ordinary. Francis Reidy seconded this proposal. It was decided to have a vote on the matter. Kevin Cremin proposed that the vote be written on paper. James Coffey seconded. The voting was five for royal blue and five for red. The Chairman then gave his casting vote in favour of royal blue. The Chairman said that he voted for royal blue because a) he thought that James Coffey’s proposal was a sound one and b) royal blue would give longer service than red, especially after several washes. Since the last meeting Paddy O Neill had received quotations for jerseys from O Dwyers of Cork. The price was 12/6 each and it would cost 14/- with numbers. It was decided to get samples from Dublin first and then compare the two.

Meeting on Wednesday 16th February. Tom Crowley presided and six members attended. It was decided to get one dozen hurleys at £7-10 from T. Neary. Preparations were made for a juvenile hurling trial on the following Sunday. The pupils from the Vocational and Intermediate schools were prepared to give a hand at filling in the holes around the goal-mouths. Tom Crowley offered to get J. J. Falvey’s horse and cart for the day. It was decided to purchase material for flags to mark the field for games. The secretary reported that any night, for a dance during Easter, was offered by Mr. Patrick O Shea. Also Mr. O Shea was prepared to consider an offer of 70/30 for Easter Sunday night.

Tom Crowley presided over the meeting of the club on Wednesday 30th March at which four members attended. Paddy Foley was co-opted onto the committee instead of Brendan Fullam, who had resigned. It was decided to book Castlemaine Hall for a dance on 17th April, 1st May and 19th May. It had, also, been booked for 1st January 1956. It was decided to reinstate K. O Reilly and J. Clifford who had been expelled for playing rugby. It was decided to tell Dick Cregan to come to the game against Austin Stacks on Sun. 17th April and to bring a player with him. Bro. Munchin might be able to get a player in Killarney.

The meeting on Fri. 15th April, at which John McCarthy presided, was called to make all the arrangements for preparing the field for Sunday’s game (five members attended). Stewarding arrangements were also made. Arrangements for the dance in Castlemaine on the Sunday night were also finalised. The team to play Austin Stacks in the Co. Senior Championship was selected provisionally.

James Coffey presided at the meeting on Wed. 27th April. Six members attended. It was decided to play Iveragh in a friendly match on the following Sunday. If Iveragh brought a juvenile team, the local team would be selected after a trial on Saturday. The three Mangan brothers would travel to Castlemaine with members of the committee to help run the dance on 1st May. John McCarthy was given complete charge of the hurleys at the request of the secretary.

Tom Crowley presided at the meeting of the club on Fri. 17th June in the FCA Hall. The Chairman, on behalf of the club, made a presentation of a tea-set to Jim Tobin on the occasion of his marriage. The Chairman said that he and the members of the club wished Jim the best of luck. Kevin Cremins said that if anyone deserved a presentation, Jim did. He said that the presentation was made by the club to show how thankful they were for the great work Jim did for the club since its foundation. On receiving the presentation, Jim thanked the Chairman and Kevin Cremins for their kind remarks and he wished to thank the members of the club for the presentation. He said that it was big surprise because he never expected anything like it.

Paddy Foley presided at the meeting of the club on Thurs. 8th Sept, at which six members attended. The secretary told the meeting that he had received six tickets for the All-Ireland semi-final replays. He kept two for himself, as delegate to the Co. Board. He gave one each to Jim Tobin and Kevin Cremins, who were entitled to them. He gave one to Tom Crowley, who was Vice-Chairman of the club. That left one ticket to be distributed among the members. He decided to add one of his own tickets to the one left for distribution. He then asked for a proposal that any member who got a ticket for last year’s All-Ireland final and who, having received it, sold it to an outsider of the club, should not get a ticket this time. There was no proposal made, so it was decided to deal cards and the persons who would get the joker would get a ticket each. Paddy Foley, the acting Chairman, dealt the cards and Paddy O Neill and Brendan Mangan won the tickets. The Chairman said that the secretary had done a very wrong thing in giving the tickets out without the permission of the committee and he hoped that it wouldn’t happen again. All agreed with this, except the secretary. He said that he did not agree with the Chairman because, first of all, he himself was entitled to two tickets and surely, he said, that Kevin Cremins and Jim Tobin did enough to deserve tickets. Tom Crowley was away on holidays, so he did not have time to wait for a decision of the committee and he sent him on a ticket.

The meeting on Tues. 13th September was presided over by Paddy Foley. Seven members attended. Committee member, Paddy O Neill, came under fire from the members because he sold the ticket he got for the All-Ireland semi-final replays. He received £3 for the ticket. O Neill said that when he was offered £3 for the ticket at 11.30pm on the Saturday before the game, he decided to sell it. The secretary added that since the ticket was sold to a complete outsider of the club, it left everyone in the club open to abuse, especially himself. The Chairman said it was the second time the same person sold the ticket he received from the club and it must be ended. The secretary then spoke on the distribution of tickets for the All-Ireland final. He said the club might get eleven tickets of which he was entitled to two. It was decided to raffle one ticket at 3d per line. It was decided to put two tickets aside for non-members of the club who had helped it in any way and the other tickets would be given to those in the club who were most deserving of them. The secretary said that Noel Kingston deserved a ticket because he stood at the Church gate for the collection for the Kerry team, when the secretary couldn’t get anyone else. It was decided to give Noel Kingston a ticket. It was decide to hold a Whist Drive in the Carnegie Hall on the first Sunday in October, provided that it would not clash with any other major fixture. It was decided to hold a play in November.

Paddy Foley presided at the meeting on Wed. 21st September. Also present were James Coffey, Paddy O Neill, P. O Sullivan, Brendan Mangan, D. Mangan and John Mulvihill. The secretary said that after he had received his two tickets for the All-Ireland Final and after one ticket had been raffled, eight tickets would be left for distribution. The Chairman said that, owing to the number of members looking for tickets, it would be best to have a draw. The following drew tickets – John Mulvihall, Liam Foley, John McCarthy, Brendan Mangan, D. Mangan, Sean McKenna, P. O Sullivan and Kevin Cremins. The Chairman explained that Liam Foley’s name had been included as he did a lot for the club.

The final meeting of the committee was held on Sun. 11th Dec. James Coffey presided. Four members attended. The nominations for the different positions in the Co. Board were filled in. The secretary James Coffey, was nominated for the senior selection committee. It was decided that the draw for the turkey would take place on Tues. 13th Dec. in the CYMS Hall. The medals for the winners of the juvenile league would be presented at the Céilí on Tues. 20th Dec. in the CYMS Hall. The Sam Maguire Cup would be on display and members of the Kerry team might be present. The secretary aid that he would show a very satisfactory balance sheet at the AGM, as the club was in a good financial position.


In Feb. the Kerryman notes reported, ‘that the work of improvement or, for that matter, any type of work has been for long at a complete standstill in the O Sullivan Memorial Park. However, with the approach of better weather, thoughts are evidently moving towards the outdoor pastimes and the local committee is considering ways and means by which necessary funds can be raised to put material progress once again on a sound footing. A favoured ides for fund-raising is the institution of a members’ sweep, on the same lines as that run by the CYMS committee. With proper organisation, it is a sure, money-spinner.’ The first draw took place at the end of March and some of the results during the year are as follows:

Week 1: 1st – Thomas Hurley, Milltown; 2nd – Tim O Sullivan, Milltown; 3rd – C. Wolfe.

Week 2: 1st – Mrs. J. Mangan; 2nd – Ms. Aine Griffin N.T; 3rd – John McCarthy.

Week 3: 1st – James O Sullivan, Beaufort, Patrick O Sullivan, Kilgobnet; 3rd – Donal O Brien.

Week 4: 1st – Jimmy O Donoghue; 2nd – James Coffey; 3rd – Ms. Cahill, Shanara.

1st – Denis Lynch; 2nd – Jackie O Shea; 3rd – Thady Mangan.

Week 18: 1st Jackie O Shea (for the second time).

Later in the year, a grant of £100 for field improvement was received from the Munster Council.


In mid-February, the first Convention of Bord Iománaíochta Ciarraí Theas was held. Delegates were present from Iveragh, Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Killarney and Killorglin hurling clubs. The following officers were elected:

Chairman – Joe Walsh (Waterville); Vice-Chairman – E. Lenihan (Cahersiveen), Secretary – Denis P O Sullivan (Kilgarvan), Joint Treasurers – J. McCarthy (Kenmare) and Richie Purcell (Kilgarvan).             After the election of officers, there was a long discussion on finance and gates. Eventually, the following amended Killorglin motion was agreed: ‘That each club, participating in the league, pay £3 affiliation fee to the Board and that gate receipts, at each venue, be divided 50-50 between the clubs concerned. All clubs to travel at their own expense.’


During the year, Jerry McCarthy was transferred to Dublin and Tadhg Crowley, by 16 votes to Dan. Ryan’s 9, took over the duties of Secretary of the Kerry Co. Board.


Kerry defeated Waterford by 3-7 to 0-4 in the Munster Senior Football semi-final. They beat Cork in Killarney in the final 0-14 to 2-6. Kerry drew with Cavan – 2-10 to 1-13 – in the semi-final but won the replay by 4-7 to 0-5. They won their eighteenth All-Ireland Senior Championship by beating Dublin by 0-12 to 1-6.

Kerry: Gary O Mahony, Jerome O Shea, Ned Roche, Micksie Palmer, Sean Murphy, John Cronin, Tom Moriarty, John Dowling (capt.), Denny O Shea, Paudie Sheehy, Tom Costello, Tadhgie Lyne, Johnny Culloty, Mick Murphy, Jim Brosnan. Sub: John Joe Sheehan for T. Moriarty (inj.), Bobby Buckley, Gerald O Sullivan, Colm Kennelly, Dan McAuliffe, Donal ‘Marcus’ O Neill, Ned Fitzgerald, Diarmuid Dillon.


The big news in the GAA world in April was the split in the Kickhams GAA in Dublin. As was well known, the club was run by the drapers and lately it had been tried unsuccessfully to wrest that right from them. The dispute, which featured appeals to the Dublin Co. Board and Leinster Council, lasted six months and terminated with the drapers holding on to their right to be the C .J. Kickhams and the other party involved forming a new club. Men from Killorglin district played prominent parts in helping to hold on to the cherished name of C. J. Kickhams for the club. The Vice-Chairman of the club was Sonny O Shea, Lissavane. One of the Trustees was Michael O Sullivan, Ballyledder. Representative to the Dublin Junior Board was Paddy Doyle, Cooleanig. The captain of the junior football team was Paddy Joe Coffey, Lower Bridge St. Also associated were Denis Costello, Sunhill, Mick Mangan, Glencar, Padraig Casey, Black Valley and Patrick Crowley, Abbeyfeale, who, like many of the above, served his apprenticeship to the trade in Killorglin.


Co. Minor Football Final in Tralee on Sun. 28th Aug: Dingle 5-8; South Kerry 0-3.


In Nov. Paddy Burke, Abbeylands, Milltown, died. He had been injured in the 1946 All-Ireland Final against Roscommon.


Gene Mangan, Killorglin, won the Ras Tailtean. Paddy O Callaghan and P. Fitzgerald completed the trio of the winning Kerry team. At the end of the year, the presentation to him of the Bishop Moynihan Trophy as Kerry’s outstanding athlete for 1955, marked for nineteen-years-old Gene Mangan the culmination of four years’ intensive training and outstanding achievements in both track and road cycling events. Since 1952, Gene had acquired a list of championships, any of which would have been a source of pride to any individual. They include Kerry Co. Championships of 1 mile and 3 miles track, and 10 miles road in 1952; the 2 miles track and 20 miles road in 1953, with Munster half mile championship thrown in; the 3 miles and 4 miles track in 1954, with The Tostal and T.T. Championships of that year. In 1955, he captured amongst several other trophies, the 25 miles, T.T Rás Gleann Maghair, the B.S.A. Cup (won outright) and, finally, the individual win the Rás Tailteann, an achievement, which enabled the Kerry team to outclass all others in the event and which focussed attention on a brilliant young athlete, leading to his official recognition as the Kingdom’s greatest. It came as no surprise to the local people that a grandson of the late Paddy O Regan, one of the original Laune Rangers, and son of Ted Mangan, prominent short distance track-man of the late 1920’s, should have attained the pinnacle of athletic fame.


In April, Steelroe fishing village had received a facelift with the completion of its new housing scheme. More compact than ever, the new houses provided airy modern homes for several families, some of which had been forced to make do with most unsanitary houses. The question of sanitation, in its more direct implication, had regrettably been neglected with those new homes. There was the anomaly of houses, built within all the safeguards that modern ideas of health demand, yet unprovided with such major necessities as piped-water supply or modern sewerage system. The occupants were without even drinking water, because the pump, which had been installed some years previously, had to be closed again and the nearest well, at Tinnahalla, was inadequate in summer. Yet all that time, Killorglin piped-water supply, inexhaustible in amount, was barely a mile from the village and, on its course to Steelroe, could have served directly fifteen other families. Surely a concerted effort by those concerned could have removed the new village from 75 per cent modernity to the 100 per cent it deserved.


At the end of 1955, three cups were on display in Ted Mangan’s window, Iveragh Road – The Rás Tailteann trophy, the Sam Maguire and the Irish Derby, which Spanish Battleship had won for the third year-in-a-row.


‘An Angel without a Halo,’ the first production of the Killorglin Hurling Club Dramatic Group, created a most favourable impression when staged in the CYMS Hall, on Sun. 4th Dec. Seating accommodation in the spacious hall was taxed to the limit by a most appreciative audience and that heartening response to months of hard work in rehearsal, gave producer Liam Gannon and his young hurlers the incentive for renewed effort. The three young ladies, Colette Mangan, Philomena O Reilly and Anna Houlihan, were equally convincing in their exacting roles of Biddy Slattery (the Angel without a Halo), Norah Nolan and Stella Slutt. John McCarthy fitted admirably into the character of Andy Nolan, a part that might have been created for him personally. James Coffey, as Jamesy Comfort, gave the best performance yet to his credit. Brendan Mangan gave a fine characterisation of the doddering, likeable, old Uncle Peter. Michael Costello played well the difficult part of the drink-loving returned Yank, Sha Comfort, and Eamonn Langford, though on stage for only a few minutes, as Doctor O Leary, with solicitor, Patrick O Sullivan, rounded off a very well-balanced caste. A very well chosen selection of concert items contributed in no small way to the success of the night’s entertainment. Songs by Angela Callanan and Martha Curtayne were loudly applauded, but an exhaustive programme ruled out any encores there and in succeeding items. Musical selections were contributed by Kitty Logue, Eileen Griffin, Dan Keating and Liam Foley. Irish step-dancing was featured in a group of jigs, reels and hornpipes by the O Donoghue sisters with Anna Griffin, Gerald Hartnett and Dan Keating as accompanists. The outstanding concert feature of the night was a selection of Irish Airs on the recorder by a group of very young boys from the local National School – John O Neill, James Power, Dermot and Vincent Foley, Steve Joe Cahillane, Pat Galvin, Joe Galvin, Patrick O Shea, Colm Foley, John O Connell, Stanley Brick, Cormac Foley and, soloist, Steve Corkery. They richly deserved the loud applause their youthful efforts obtained.


Christmas fare in 1955 was well up to the high standard of previous years in Killorglin, with each of the ballrooms in the town offering its own selected form of entertainment. Lyons’ Ballroom, Iveragh Road, offered seasonal dances on Mon. 26th Dec. and Sun. 1st Jan. with its own popular ‘Star Dance Band’. Included in those nights’ entertainment were mistletoe dances and door prizes popularly associated with the hall. Admission was 2/6. As a special gesture to the Christmas spirit, the CYMS Ballroom called on the overworked Santa Claus to pay his departing visit to Killorglin at 9.30pm on St. Stephen’s night and distribute gifts to the patrons of its dance. Music for the night was provided by ‘The Squadronnaires’ Admission was 3/-. New Year’s night brought the most popular band of the year – The Regal of Bantry – in a nine to two night at 5/-. The Oisin opened its Christmas dancing in the newly-decorated Ballroom on St. Stephen’s night with a first annual dance for Dooks Golf Club. The dance, with novelties and spot prizes, had ‘The Kingdom Dance Band’ on the stage, with 5/- admission fee.


The Annual Convention of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall on 19th Dec. 1955. The Secretary, James Coffey, in the course of his report, stated that “the year was a very successful one as far as the games in the district were concerned. Teams from Keel, Glenbeigh, Cromane, Killorglin, Beaufort and Milltown/Castlemaine took part in the senior league and the final was fought out by Keel and Killorglin, the former emerging victors to retain the Kennedy Cup. The general standard of the competitions was well above average. The conduct of the players left little to be desired and, if untoward incidents occurred here and there, they were few and far between. After a promising start, the schools’ league fell through. Two football teams from the Board took part in the minor and senior Co. Championships. The minors were beaten in the first round by John Mitchels after a good game. The seniors beat the Pearses but were defeated by John Mitchels and Killarney. It is pleasing to report that hurling is making great progress in the area around Killorglin. The Killorglin teams were unlucky to be beaten in the early rounds of the championships. The juveniles, however, are making up for the seniors and minors and have qualified for the Juvenile Co. Semi-finals. During the year, the Board lost the services of its Chairman, Rev. Father Griffin, who was transferred from Castlemaine to Dingle. Even though gate receipts at all league games were up 100%, the Board is not in a sound position. The Auditor’s statement shows little or no balance. It is pleasing to note, however, that many old debts were paid off during the year and it is the first time in many years that the Board is not in debt.”


The AGM of Killorglin Hurling Club was held on 3rd January 1956. In his report, the secretary, James Coffey, stated that “even though no titles were won, the year past could be put down as the most successful one since the club was formed. During the year, everything possible was done for the juveniles and the best proof of this is that they are now in the semi-final of the Co. Competition. A very good league was run by the club for them and last year’s league was also completed. During the year, the seniors failed badly in the championship due to lack of match practice. They beat Austin Stack’s but were later defeated in turn by John Mitchel’s and Iveragh. The minors were very disappointing this year. We expected them to win the Co. Championship but they were beaten by Kenmare/Kilgarvan after a good game. During the year, 16 meetings of the club were held and the average attendance was five. The club purchased a set of jerseys. A very successful play was run and the thanks for its success must go to the producer Mr. Liam Gannon. Thanks is also due to the ladies who took part in the play.” The secretary paid tribute to the local correspondents for the great publicity they gave the play and the club during the year. He, also, thanked the CYMS and ‘Duffy’ O Shea for the use of their halls during the year. He thanked the car owners for putting their cars at the disposal of the club. He thanked John Dowling for letting the club have the Sam Maguire Cup for its céilí. He congratulated Jim Tobin on his marriage and also John McCarthy, John Mulvihill, Noel Kingston, Tony O Donoghue and Francis Reidy on their successes in recent examinations. During the year, the club had lost the services of Brendan Fullam, who had been transferred to Kilrush.