Laune Rangers – 1957

Cromane rejoined Laune Rangers after an absence of three years.

The Caragh Bridge players, Paddy ‘Donal’ Clifford and John ‘Scart’ Clifford transferred their allegiance to Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers reached the final of the Laune Rangers Cup but lost to Glenbeigh.

Laune Rangers won its first Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship.

Laune Rangers won its first Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship.

Mid-Kerry won its first Co. U-14 Football Championship. Laune Rangers were represented on the team by Billy Dodd, William Kennedy, Tony Lyons, Paudie Carroll and John Joy.

James Coffey was re-elected, for the third successive year, as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board. Paddy Foley was re-elected as Treasurer.

Owen Mangan won an O Sullivan Cup Colleges medal with St. Brendan’s Seminary, Killarney.

Owen Mangan (Dromin)

Owen Mangan (Dromin)
Won O Sullivan Cup medal with St. Brendan’s, Killarney, in 1957.
Captain Laune Rangers Minor Football team 1958 – Mid-Kerry Champions
Won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championships with Laune Rangers 1958, 1963, 1966 & 1967
Won Co. Club Championship and Town’s Cup with Laune Rangers in 1966

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on 20th Dec. 1956. Christy O Riordan, vice-Chairman, presided in the absence of the Chairman, Paddy Foley. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1956). In his address, the acting Chairman stressed the fact that, while it had been true that none of the four teams that participated in the Mid-Kerry Championships had succeeded in bringing home the honours, they were nonetheless proud of their displays. He said that it had been extremely gratifying to note   that the spirit of the players in defeat had been just as magnificent as in victory. However, he warned that if the Laune Rangers team was to do any good in the following year’s league, the players would have to train as often as possible. He said that Glenbeigh’s success during the year had been a result of training and hard work by the players and members of the club. He appealed to the senior and minor players to turn out for training –  at least, for all the important matches. He said that it should be crystal clear that nothing was to be gained from the lackadaisical approach. He said that leagues should be run during the year in an effort to keep the players fit. He went on to say that from the point of view of finance the year under review had not been unsuccessful. The statement of accounts did not show a credit balance but it did show that the revenue and outlay during the year did break even. Gate receipts had increased substantially and, apart altogether from the very important question of finance, it was gratifying to observe the increasing popularity of the Gaelic games in the club area during the year. He paid tribute to the work of the club Secretary, James Coffey, who had been devoting more time and service to the GAA in Killorglin and Mid-Kerry than any six other people. Concluding, he paid tribute to all who had helped the club in any way, especially the players. The Treasurer’s report showed a debit balance of 4d. Receipts were £30-17-6 and expenses were £30-17-10. The Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s reports were adopted. The following officers were elected:

Chairman – Paddy Foley (Iveragh Road).

Vice-Chairman – Christy O Riordan.

Hon. Secretary – James Coffey.

Hon. Treasurer – Teddy Mangan.

Committee – Michael Morris, Paddy O Neill, Denis O Neill, Sean Foley, Batty Foley, Jackie Kerins and Sean McKenna.

Senior Selection Committee – James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Christy O Riordan and Batty Foley.

Senior Captain – Teddy Mangan.

Minor Captain – Jackie O Dwyer.

It was decided to present the Father Mangan Cup to the Mid-Kerry Board as a trophy for the Minor Football League. It was decided to ask Ted Mangan for the Clifford/Curtin Trophy for the local Parish League. The next meeting was fixed for Sat. 5th January 1957 at 8.45pm. It was decided to send circulars to all the members, asking them to attend the meeting. If there would not be a satisfactory attendance, the club would be dissolved. It was decided that, in future, club meetings would be held on the first Thursday of each month.


The AGM of Killorglin Hurling club was held in the CYMS on Sat. 12th Jan. 1957. There was a good attendance of members. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1956). The Chairman, Paddy Foley, said that it had been a good year. He said, however, that in his opinion it had marked the end of the senior team. He called for greater support for the game. The Treasurer’s report showed a credit balance of £29-0-11. The provision of hurleys was a huge burden, costing as much as £80 per annum. Michael Morris proposed the adoption of the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports and James Griffin seconded. The following officers were elected:

Chairman – Paddy Foley (Mill Road); Vice-Chairman – Paddy O Neill; Secretary/Treasurer – James Coffey; Delegate to Co. Board – James Coffey; Delegates to Co. Convention – Paddy Foley and Paddy O Neill.

Committee: Teddy Mangan, Peter Gill, Michael Morris, Joe McMahon, Pat Diggin, Mikey Foley, Patrick O Shea and Maurice Lyons.

Minor Captain – Peter Gill; Juvenile Captain – Johnny Foley (Caragh Lake).

The Secretary said that an effort would be made to amalgamate the Iveragh Club and the Killorglin Club. A name would be chosen for the new club. Peter Gill proposed that Killorglin should enter an independent minor team. Paddy O Neill seconded that proposal and it was carried. It was decided not to make any decision on the matter of the juvenile team until after Co. Convention. It was decided to run a hurling league for seniors, minors and juveniles combined. It was also decided to support the football club in any functions that it would run and, in return, it would expect to receive similar support. The Secretary warned the members not to attend the rugby dance, which would be held on the following month. He said that anyone that attended would be in danger of suspension.


Co. Senior Football Championship

13 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship. They were divided into three groups:

Group A: St. Brendan’s, West Kerry, Feale Rangers and John Mitchel’s.

Group B: Killarney Crokes, Kenmare, Mid-Kerry, Ballymacelligott and Kerins O Rahilly’s.

Group C: South-Kerry, Desmonds, Austin Stack’s and East-Kerry.

Two teams progressed from Group B.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 14th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry v Ballymacelligott – game abandoned.

Five minutes from the end, the game was abandoned when the Ballymac players objected to the referee’s decision to award a penalty kick to Mid-Kerry. The score at the time was 1-4 to 0-6 in favour of Ballymac.

It was a good open game and Ballymac attacked for most of the first half, but a strong Mid-Kerry defence, in which Willie Barton and Paddy Clifford were the outstanding men, put up a grand resistance. The home side was unlucky not to have goaled on two occasions in that half, at the end of which Ballymac led by 1-2 to 0-2.

It was all Mid-Kerry in the second half and bad shooting by their forwards cost them many scores. Then a great drive by Jackie Kerins was held by the Ballymac goalkeeper, who appeared to be behind the goal line. The Mid-Kerry players appealed for a goal but the umpires stood firm. With time running out, Batty Foley was fouled just as he scored a goal. He received a punch in the jaw and the ball fell from his grip, hit his knee and entered the net. Unfortunately, the referee’s whistle had blown for the foul. When the referee awarded the penalty kick, the spectators defied the stewards and invaded the pitch and the referee had to abandon the game, as the Ballymac players would not allow the ball to be placed for the penalty kick.

Scorers for Mid-Kerry were Jerry O Riordan 0-2, Mick Foley 0-1, Sean Horan 0-1, J. O Sullivan 0-1 and Batty Foley 0-1. Best for Mid-Kerry were Willie Barton, Paddy Clifford, Pat O Shea, Charlie O Shea, Batty Foley, Mick Foley and Jim Moriarty. Scorers for Ballymac were Tony Kerins 1-1, Sean Scanlon 0-1, Tim Leen 0-2. Best for Ballymac were Tim Leen, Tom Kerins, Sean Scanlon and Sean Barry.

Ref: Denis Moran (Kerins O Rahilly’s).

At a subsequent Co. Board meeting the game was awarded to Mid-Kerry. Ballymac had played players from the Tralee District Board area and, at a Tralee District Board meeting on Sat. 20th April, it was recommended to the Co. Board that three players from John Mitchels Club, Tom Kerins, Mickey Moynihan and Davy Fitzgerald, be suspended for playing with Ballymacelligott in the Co. Championship.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 30th June at Killarney: Killarney Crokes 1-10; Mid-Kerry 0-2.

Due to the overall superiority of the home side for three-quarters of the hour, the game ran a completely one-sided course and at no stage, after the first 15 minutes, could there be the least doubt as to the outcome.

Tadghie Lyne opened the scoring with a point for the Crokes after five minutes play. Connie O Riordan followed with another three minutes later. Mid-Kerry was sent into the attack then by Ned O Shea, whose lengthy clearance found Sean Horan and he sent over the bar. The kick-out was returned by Jerry O Riordan, who again found Horan whose shot went between the uprights to level the scores in the fifteenth minute. Up to that, matters were more or less balanced, with, perhaps, Killarney holding a slight advantage in combination and ball-control. From then on, however, Mid-Kerry faded out of the picture and appeared to lose their grip on the game.

Austin McMahon and Tadhgie Lyne pointed for Crokes and, shortly before the interval, Teddy O Connor rammed home a goal to leave the halftime score at 1-4 to 0-2. On resuming, the winners continued to exercise the upper hand in every division of the field. Mid-Kerry made a few attempts to stage a comeback but, by now, it was beyond question that their forwards were almost entirely subdued by the opposing backs. The Crokes increased their lead by six points, scored by Tadhgie Lyne, Austin McMahon and Connie O Riordan, during the second half, while their opponents failed to raise a solitary flag. Erratic forward shooting manifested itself as the only weakness of the victors. They shot 19 wides to the opposition’s 7.

Ref: Tom Spillane (Templenoe).


Rd. 3 on Sun. 14th July at Tralee: Kerins O Rahilly’s 2-5; Mid-Kerry 0-5.

Kerins O Rahilly’s made heavy work of defeating a poor Mid-Kerry team. The football throughout was of a very scrappy nature and the winners gave their supporters little to enthuse about. Indeed such was the appalling display given by their forwards, it was hard to see them winning the Co. Championship, for which they were favourites. Aided by a strong breeze, O Rahilly’s had things all their own way in the first half. Their forwards received an unbroken stream of passes from midfield but they squandered more than half of them through dreadful shooting. They led by 2-4 to 0-0 at the interval. In the second half, it was the losers’ turn to do most of the attacking and they proved nearly every bit as erratic as their opponents, although they did manage to make the score-board look reasonably respectable.

Star performer for the losers was left fullback, Joe Cournane, whose second half display evoked much admiration. Others of the defence to perform with distinction were Paddy Clifford at fullback, who had a fine game throughout, Pat O Shea at centre halfback, who effected some grand clearances, and left halfback, Liam Coughlan, sound, though not as spectacular as the former. Though outplayed for the hour by John Dowling at midfield, the losers had a most whole-hearted player in Kerry minor, Jerry O Riordan. Receiving little more than token assistance, he managed to supply his forwards with a succession of passes in the second half, most of which were wasted through erratic shooting. Ned O Shea, Sean Horan and John Burke were prominent in an attack that lacked combination.

Mid-Kerry: John Cournane (Keel), Willie Barton (do.), Paddy Clifford (Killorglin), Joe Cournane (Keel), Donal Coughlan (Beaufort), Pat O Shea (Killorglin), Liam Coughlan (Beaufort), Paddy O Connor (Milltown/Castlemaine), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh) 0-1, free, Mick Foley (Keel), Ned O Shea (do.) 0-2, Sean Horan (Milltown/Castlemaine), Brendan Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine), John Burke (do.) 0-2, Michael O Riordan (Killorglin).

Kerins O Rahilly’s: Moss O Connor, Christy Griffin, John O Connor, Jerry Dillane, Mícheál Kerins, Denny Falvey (0-1, fifty), Sean O Donnell, John Dowling (0-1), Moss Moriarty, Tommy Foley (0-1), Pop Fitzgerald (0-2), Joe Kerins, Sean McCarthy (1-0), Mick Murphy (1-0), Gary Clifford. Sub: Denis O Shea for M. Moriarty.

Ref: G. Pierce (John Mitchels).


In the Co. Football Final on Sun. 20th Oct. Kerins O Rahilly’s, captained by Joe Kerins, beat St. Brendan’s by 1-11 to 3-1.


Mid-Kerry League/Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Christy O Riordan and Batty Foley

sIt was decided to run the championship on a double league basis, as in 1956 but with five teams – Glenbeigh, Killorglin, Beaufort, Milltown/Castlemaine and Keel.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th April at Killorglin: Killorglin 2-5; Glenbeigh 1-6.

This was a big surprise. Turning over with a clear six points margin in their favour, the reigning Mid-Kerry Senior Champions appeared all set for certain victory. On the resumption, however, Killorglin rallied and after twelve minutes play had written off the arrears and gone ahead from a free taken by Christy O Riordan three minutes later. During that quarter, the champions were thrown completely back on the defensive. The precision of their first-half combination had disappeared and it was obvious that their midfield and defence had no answer to that do-or-die Killorglin effort. Proof of that was evident from the fact that they had chalked up seven scores (1-6) in the opening half as against three (0-3) by their opponents, but they failed to raise a solitary flag during the second thirty minutes. The game was a thriller. Pat O Shea, of the Killorglin midfield, was by long odds the man-of-the-match. He completely subdued Glenbeigh’s midfield hope, Jerry O Riordan, particularly after the interval. Paddy Clifford was, as usual, a tower of strength in front of the posts and brought off many spectacular clearances. Prominent also for the winners were Peter Gill, Teddy Mangan, John ‘Scart’ Clifford, Jackie O Dwyer, Christy O Riordan, Michael Teahan , Batty Foley and Michael O Riordan. For Glenbeigh Jerry O Riordan, Diarmuid O Sullivan, Johnny McCarthy, Denny Sheehan (fullback), Paddy Brennan, Paddy O Sullivan and Des O Connor were outstanding.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin) – very capable. Gate receipts: £4-9-3.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th April at Beaufort: Killorglin 2-4; Beaufort 1-5.

Having held the lead for three-quarters of an hour, a strong Beaufort side just failed to stand up to a strong last quarter Killorglin rally. Any expectations, which the visitors might have entertained of a ‘cake-walk’ victory, were dispelled soon after the throw-in, when the home side quickly settled down and promptly established control in the midfield area. That control they appeared to retain to the end.

Killorglin opened the scoring, when Christy O Riordan pointed a free. Beaufort equalised almost immediately with a point from Michael Shanahan. Further points by Pete Doyle and Shanahan again left the interval score at 0-3 to 0-1 in favour of Beaufort. During that half, the home side were definitely superior in almost every sector of the field and were unlucky not to hold a more substantial margin at halftime.

On resuming, Killorglin made some positional changes, which had the effect of levelling up matters somewhat, but their opponents still continued to exercise control in all the vital areas. Holding on to a two-points’ lead entering the last quarter, Beaufort conceded a free on their own 14-yards line. Paddy Clifford, the Killorglin fullback, took the free. He sauntered up the field and, whereas the opposition expected him to place the ball, he did not but hit a bullet-like shot and, although the goalie and six backs lined the goalmouth, they were unable to save the ball from entering the net. For the first time in forty minutes, Killorglin were in front. Five minutes later, Batty Foley beat S. Rooney for another goal. The same forward raised the white flag before the end to give Killorglin a two points’ margin at the long whistle. Best for the winners were Paddy Clifford, John Clifford, Batty Foley, Dan Teahan, Christy O Riordan, Jackie O Dwyer and Teddy Mangan. Best for Beaufort were Donal and Liam Coughlan, Charlie O Shea, Pete Doyle, Sean Cahill, Patrick Galvin and Michael Shanahan.

Ref: Tom Lynch. Gate receipts: £2.


Rd. 3 on Sun. 23rd June at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-13; Beaufort 1-4.

The game was played in ideal weather conditions. Beaufort, having played with the aid of the breeze, led by 1-4 to 0-5 at the break. The sides had been level on three occasions during that half but two white flags by Michael Shanahan put his side into the lead. However, a second-half riot of scoring by Killorglin, to which Beaufort had no answer, ended the game as a contest. Batty Foley beat Rooney for a goal to give Killorglin the lead. The kick-out got no further than midfield and the home side were immediately on the offensive again. Batty Foley shot a point. The kick-out was again sent back and a hopping ball in front of the Beaufort posts was punched under the bar by Dan Sheehan. That gave Killorglin a five-points’ lead and from there to the end the ‘traffic’ was almost entirely one way. Beaufort, despite a regular succession of reverses, put up a dogged resistance but it was not sufficient.


Rd. 4 on Sun. 7th July at Keel: Keel 1-11; Killorglin 0-4.

It was a poor game and the large attendance got little value for their money. Pat O Shea and Michael O Riordan more than held their own at midfield for Killorglin but a weak half-forward line made little use of the good service given them. Keel’s defence was powerful, while John Cournane, in goals, was in top form. Mick Foley and Ned O Shea tried hard at midfield, while the Keel forwards were very dangerous, especially Jer Long, John Foley, Larry Foley and Timmy Hannafin. In Killorglin’s shaky defence, Jackie O Dwyer was very sound. Paddy Clifford and Paudie Foley also played well. James Coffey, in goals, saved well on several occasions.

James Coffey, at the Board meeting on 9th July, stated that the stewarding at the game was very bad and, at times, the players found themselves tussling for the ball amongst the spectators. He also said that the game was over robust due to the fact that the refereeing was very poor. He advised that neutral referees should be appointed for future games. Gate receipts – £5-12-3.

Ref: Mick Spring (Keel).


Rd. 5 on Sun. 21st July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 5-4; Killorglin 0-5.

That result was the shock of the competition, as Killorglin was the fancied side. Against the breeze in the first half, Milltown/Castlemaine had rather less of the attack than their opponents. That was due partly to the breeze, but mainly to the midfield pull, which Pat O Shea held for Killorglin. During that period, the Launeside forwards were given a liberal supply of the ball but nothing more than hopeless bungling and erratic shooting resulted. All things considered, however, Killorglin were unlucky to be trailing by a point (1-1 to 0-3) at the interval. Two instances of their misfortune in that half were when fullback, Paddy Clifford, came up to take a penalty, which he drove wide, and five minutes later repeated the performance from a 25 yards free right in front of the posts. Scorers for Milltown/Castlemaine were John Burke (1-1). Scorers for Killorglin were Paddy Clifford (0-1), Batty Foley (0-1) and Michael Teahan (0-1).

On resuming, Killorglin switched Pat O Shea from midfield to full-forward. That move underlined the risk involved in switching a good player from a vital position in the field and Killorglin paid the price. But for that switch, it is doubtful if the Milltown boys would be allowed to cascade home with a 14 points winning margin. Michael O Connor, the Milltown/Castlemaine midfielder, whom Pat O Shea had kept under control for 30 minutes, was then literally let loose. He gave the forwards plenty to do and the Killorglin defence even more than that. A series of further Killorglin switches in the 15th and 20th minutes brought no relief.

John Burke, at full-forward for the winners, was outstanding. He was well assisted by Thomas Dowling and Tom O Connor. Paddy Conway/O Connor played a fine game at midfield and Michael O Connor, in the second half, was also outstanding, as was Jackie Kerins at centre halfback. Pat O Shea was Killorglin’s outstanding player at midfield in the first half. John Clifford, at corner back, also played great football. Teddy Mangan and Michael O Riordan were great triers at midfield in the second half, while Batty Foley and Michael Murphy were the best of the forwards. Paddy Clifford and Jackie O Dwyer played well in defence. Second half scorers for Milltown/Castlemaine were John Burke (1-1), Willie Burke (1-1), Donal Kerins (1-0), John Ladden (1-0), Thomas Dowling (0-1). Scorers for Killorglin in the second-half were Pat O Shea (0-1) and Michael Teahan (0-1).

Ref: Brendan Mangan (Kickhams, Dublin).


Rd. 6 on Sun. 18th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin 1-3; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6.

Killorglin, still no doubt suffering from the effects of Puck Fair, were very slow to settle down and, but for some great play by Pat O Shea, at fullback, and James Coffey, in goals, they would have been well behind at halftime. As it was, scores were level at the interval – 1-2 to 0-5. During the second half, there were a few outbreaks of fist fights and referee, Donal Prendiville, put Dan Sheehan and Michael O Riordan (Killorglin) and Patsy Hurley (Milltown/Castlemaine) to the side-line. Best for Killorglin were Pat O Shea, Paddy Clifford (who got all the Killorglin scores), Michael O Riordan, Sean Teahan, Jimmy Lucey and Batty Foley. Milltown/Castlemaine were best served by Paddy O Connor, Michael O Connor, Willie Burke, Thomas Dowling and Euge Lynch (goal-keeper).


Rd. 7 on Sun. Wed. 21st Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin beat Keel. Ref: Donal Prendiville.


Rd. 8 on Sun. 25th Aug. at Glenbeigh (Cois na hAbhann): Glenbeigh 2-4; Killorglin 0-8.

The game was played before a fairly large attendance. Playing with the wind in the first half, Glenbeigh pressed hard but a strong Killorglin defence held them out. It took the locals almost fifteen minutes to score. Killorglin broke away and Christy O Riordan was unlucky with an effort to goal. Glenbeigh fought back and added three points to their total to give them a 0-4 to 0-1 halftime lead.

On the resumption, the Killorglin forwards set about their task in great style and, after ten minutes, they had taken a point lead. At that stage it looked all over as Killorglin was playing with great dash. However, Glenbeigh broke away and, with the Killorglin defence out of position, Des O Connor scored a lucky goal. Glenbeigh came again with new life and again the Killorglin defence slipped up in front of goal and Johnny O Sullivan shot a great but, nevertheless, lucky goal. Killorglin fought back and just when they seemed to have recovered from the two setbacks, a fist-fight broke out and the pitch was invaded. It took almost ten minutes to restore order.

When the game resumed, Killorglin scored two points. They missed a penalty kick and two close-in frees. Then Paddy Clifford scored what seemed the winning goal, only to have a free awarded against him for standing too near the goal. The Killorglin forwards added two more points but it was too late. Outstanding for Glenbeigh were Jerry O Riordan, Paddy Brennan, Matty Murphy (0-1), Johnny Coffey (0-1), John ‘Shine’ Griffin (0-1), Des O Connor (1-1), Liam Scully (0-1), Denny Sheahan and Johnny O Sullivan (1-0) (until he received a serious leg injury during that game). Best for Killorglin were Pat O Shea, Christy O Riordan (0-5), Paddy Clifford (0-3), John ‘Scart’ Clifford, T. Rua O Sullivan (Corbally), Batty Foley, Michael Murphy and Teddy Mangan.

Ref: Bro. Justin (Milltown/Castlemaine) – very capable.


Semi-Final on Tues. 3rd Sept. at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 3-5; Killorglin 0-6.

Having led at the interval by 5-2 to 0-3, a strong Milltown/Castlemaine side finished comfortable winners in that semi-final. Killorglin never stood a chance. Their opponents were the superior side all through and most of the team served up a sparkling exhibition of really high-class football. The losers lacked combination and teamwork, more especially after they had made a series of positional switches.

In fairness to the Killorglin goalie, James Coffey, it should be emphasised that he was not to blame for the three goals scored by Milltown/Castlemaine in the first quarter. Two were scored when the backs were out of position and the third when the goalie, while in possession, was shouldered back over the line. In neither case could the goalie be expected to save.

Best for the winners were the O Connor brothers, who had midfield control all through the hour, John (1-0) and Willie Burke (0-1), Donal (2-0) and Jackie Kerins, Sean Horan (0-2), Tom Hurley (0-2) and Willie Spring. Best for the losers were Pat O Shea, John Clifford, Christy O Riordan (0-3), Jackie O Dwyer, Paddy Clifford (0-2) and Batty Foley (0-1).

Ref: Willie Barton (Keel) – very capable.

Teddy Mangan (Dromin)

Teddy Mangan (Dromin)
Captain Laune Rangers Minor Football team 1956
Captain Laune Rangers Senior Football team 1957 & 1963
Won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championships with Laune Rangers 1958, 1963, 1966, 1970 & 1973
Won Co. Club Championship and Towns’ Cup with Laune Rangers in 1966

Final on Sun. 8th Sept at Killorglin: Keel 0-4; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-1.

Ref: James Coffey. He reported to the Board that the game was played in a good sporting manner. He did not have to caution a player. He thanked the outside clubs that helped with the stewarding. Transport was provided afterwards, for those that needed it, to the Cromane Regatta.


Replay on Sun. 29th Sept. at Killorglin: Keel 2-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6.

Ref: James Coffey.


Laune Ranger Cup

Following a draw, Killorglin played Beaufort and the winners were in the final. Keel played Glenbeigh, and Milltown/Castlemaine played the winners for the right to be in the final.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 13th Oct. at Killorglin: Killorglin 1-9;Beaufort 1-1.

The game was very scrappy at times, but that was only natural as it was both sides first outing for over six weeks. Newcomer, Willie O Neill, was brilliant at midfield for Killorglin, while Pat O Shea played a good game at centre halfback. Michael Teahan was their outstanding forward and John Clifford was very sound at fullback. Beaufort had good players in Charles O Shea, Sean Cahill and Pete Doyle.

Ref: Donal Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Final on Sun. 10th Nov. at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 2-5; Killorglin 1-7.

Before a fair attendance, Glenbeigh retained the Laune Rangers Cup and Killorglin were runners-up for the second year in succession. The game was a thriller, with plenty of good football and it was easily the best contest played in Killorglin in 1957. The home side were regarded as being unlucky to have lost that game. They fielded without Peter Gill, Mike Murphy and Sean Teahan, all flu victims, with the result that the selectors had to find substitutes to fill several positions. Many players were placed in new positions and it took the team a good deal of time to settle down.

In the first half both sets of forwards missed many scoring chances. Killorglin, however, were faster to the ball and they led at halftime by 0-5 to 0-3. In that half, Glenbeigh’s defence was very solid and some good Killorglin moves were spoiled by Denny O Shea, Jim Moriarty and Dem O Sullivan. In the Killorglin defence, John Clifford and Paudie Foley were playing great football and made many fine clearances.

After the resumption, Glenbeigh attacked and defensive blunder left Johnny O Sullivan in for an easy goal. At that stage, Glenbeigh were playing great football and, with only five minutes gone, a second goal was scored, again by Johnny O Sullivan. That was followed by a point by Des O Connor. Killorglin made many positional changes and they regained control of the game. With Willie O Neill and Batty Foley playing well, the locals attacked strongly and were soon rewarded when O Neill scored a goal, which was followed by two points and the sides were level.

The excitement was tense at that stage. Killorglin missed an easy free kick and from the clearance, Glenbeigh attacked, but, when it seemed that the game would end in a draw, a free was awarded against a Killorglin back for picking a rolling ball 21 yards out. Jerry O Riordan took the free-kick and made no mistake with his effort. From the kick-out Killorglin attacked but Michael O Riordan was just wide with a good effort. When the referee blew for full time, it was sweet music to the Glenbeigh team and supporters.

The Glenbeigh scorers were Johnny O Sullivan 2-1, Jerry O Riordan 0-3 and Des O Connor 0-1. The Killorglin scores were got by Willie O Neill 1-0, Michael O Riordan 0-2, Michael Teahan 0-1, Christy O Riordan 0-2 and Batty Foley 0-2.

Best for the winners were Jerry O Riordan, Johnny O Sullivan, Paddy Brennan, Jim Moriarty, Denny O Shea, Diarmuid O Sullivan and Des O Connor. Outstanding for Killorglin were Batty Foley, Michael Teahan, John Clifford, Jackie O Dwyer, Willie O Neill, Paudie Foley, Pat O Shea, Michael O Riordan, Teddy Mangan, Paddy Clifford and Christy O Riordan.


Senior Football Parish League

There were three teams, Caragh Lake/Caragh Bridge, Cromane and Killorglin.

It would be played on a double round system and all the games would be played in Killorglin. The Clifford/Curtin Trophy would be presented to the winning captain. The following team managers were appointed: Paddy Clifford (Caragh Lake/Caragh Bridge), Jim Harris (Cromane) and Paddy Foley (Killorglin).


Rd. 1 on Sun. 3rd March: Caragh Lake/Caragh Bridge 2-2; Cromane 1-4.

It was a good hard game with the issue in doubt right up the final whistle. Both sides were without some of their star players. Best for the Caragh Selection were Paddy Clifford, John (Scart) Clifford, Tom Lynch, D. O Shea, Mike (Scart) Clifford and Brendan Sweeney. Cromane was best served by Michael O Riordan, Sean Teahan, James Teahan, John Clifford and Denis Teahan.


Rd. 2 on Sun. 10th March: Caragh Lake/Caragh Bridge 1-7; The Town 0-5.

The Town team was made up mainly of minors, as most of the seniors were unable to turn out. In the first half, both teams served up some great football and the Town team was unlucky not to have a bigger lead than 0-4 to 0-3 at halftime. It was nearly all Caragh Lake/Caragh Bridge in the second half and, playing with the breeze, they were soon well ahead. Best for the winners were Paddy Clifford, Con Lynch, P. Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, D. O Shea, Brendan Sweeney and John Clifford. The Town was best served by Mossy Lyons, Teddy Mangan, Den Mangan, Peter Gill, Batty Foley, Paudie Foley, Christy O Riordan and Jackie Kerins.


Challenge Games.


Sun. 3rd Nov. at Killorglin: Killorglin 3-9; Renard 4-4.

Killorglin was preparing for the Laune Rangers Cup final and Renard for the South Kerry final.


Co. Minor Football Championship:


Rd. 1 on Sun. 16th June at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-11; Ballymacelligott 1-1.

This was as one-sided as the score would suggest. The game was played in ideal weather conditions on a very hard pitch and there was a good-sized attendance. Mid-Kerry called the tune from the throw-in and it became apparent in the opening minutes that they were on top in every section of the field. Jerry O Riordan and Jackie O Dwyer, at midfield, had all but subdued the opposing pair and that resulted in non-stop pressure being maintained on the Ballymac defence. Had the Mid-Kerry full-forward line availed of the fine scoring opportunities they had got in the first half, they would have held a big lead at the interval. Instead, they led by 0-5 to 0-0, having shot thirteen wides. In that half, the leather did not once cross the Mid-Kerry goal-line, either between the posts or outside. Ballymac scored a quick goal by John Leen and a point after the resumption and, it was then, the Mid-Kerry forwards found their shooting boots. Jerry O Riordan, at midfield, gave his forwards a grand stream of well-played balls. Denny O Reilly, who had come on as a sub, wrote ‘finish’ to Ballymac hopes when, midway through the second half, he punched the ball into the net. Outstanding for Mid-Kerry were Michael O Connor, Tom Daly, Sean Cahill, Euge McKenna, Jerry O Riordan (0-1), Jackie O Dwyer, Thomas Dowling (0-5), Liam Scully (0-3), Tom O Connor (0-2), Denny O Reilly (1-0) and John Heffernan. Best for Ballymac were M. O Reilly, B. Lyne, O Leary, John Leen 1-0, Michael Foley 0-1 and Connor.

Ref: T. Dowd (Tralee).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 28th July at Killarney: Dr. Crokes 1-3; Mid-Kerry 0-3.

This was a fast and exciting game. In the opening stages, Dr. Crokes got a goal, when J. Moynihan found the net. Play was fast and even until the second quarter when Liam Scully raised the white flag for Mid-Kerry from a free. Another free, in practically the same position, saw Liam Scully again sending the ball over the bar. Just before the halftime whistle, Tom Looney notched a point for the home side to leave the scores 1-1 to 0-2. Play was often scrappy, with too much reliance on individual effort rather than on combination. On both sides, the exhibition served up by the forwards was very mediocre. That was particularly true of the Mid-Kerry forwards, who saw plenty of the ball in the first half but they made very bad use of it.

The game restarted at the same lively pace and again the Crokes were the first to score when John McCarthy pointed a free. Then Scully got his third point for Mid-Kerry. In the closing stages, Donal O Sullivan pointed for the Crokes. Outstanding for the winners were Con. Clifford at centre halfback, Jimmy Hegarty at fullback and Austin McMahon on the 40. Jerry O Riordan, for Mid-Kerry, was outstanding at midfield, where he gave a fine display of clean fielding and long kicking. Liam Scully played lovely football in the first half but he did not reproduce that form in the second half. Teddy Bowler, in goals, brought off three grand clearances. Also prominent for Mid-Kerry were Michael O Connor, Tom Daly and James Harmon.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship

It was decided at the Board meeting on 26th March, on the proposition of Brother Munchin (Milltown/Castlemaine) and seconded by Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), that the minor league/championship would be run on the same lines as the previous year.


Rd. 1 Sun. 21st April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-3; Glenbeigh 1-2.

This was a big surprise as Glenbeigh were the holders. The weather conditions were not ideal for football but a good hard game was witnessed. Killorglin was the fitter team and played good open football. Glenbeigh led by 1-2 to 1-1 at halftime. Outstanding for Killorglin were Owen Mangan, Peter Gill (capt.), Noel Lucey, Joe McMahon, Donal Mangan, John Langford, Jackie O Dwyer, Dermot Hyland, Sean Falvey, Maurice Prendiville and Austin O Reilly. Glenbeigh’s best were Jerry O Riordan, James Harmon, Liam Scully, Tony McSweeney and John McGillycuddy.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 14th July at Glenbeigh (Cois na hAbhann): Glenbeigh 4-6; Laune Rangers 2-4.

Killorglin were missing seven of their best fifteen. Glenbeigh were by far the better team. Now that both teams were on equal points, a play-off was necessary to decide which team would go into the final.


Play-off at Glenbeigh (Cois na hAbhann): Laune Rangers 4-4; Glenbeigh 1-2.

The game was hard-fought, with some grand football at times, especially in the second half. It was all Killorglin in the first half. Liam Scully played at centre half-forward for Glenbeigh and he clashed with Rangers’ Owen Mangan. Father Kelly passed some remark on the sideline about Mangan and unfortunately it was within earshot of Owen’s brother, Den, who proceeded to invite Father Kelly to take off his collar so that they could settle the issue.


Final on Thurs. 15th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers 4-4; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-4.

A huge crowd turned up to witness that final. Killorglin led at halftime by 3-3 to 0-2 and it looked like nothing would hold them in the second half. However, the locals had other ideas. They made several positional changes, which strengthened the team and from that on it was a great struggle. Milltown/Castlemaine pressed hard but a great Killorglin defence, in which Jackie O Dwyer, Peter Gill and Denis O Sullivan were outstanding, held out. Outstanding for Killorglin were goalkeeper, Tom Lynch (He saved a penalty), backs Peter Gill, Jackie O Dwyer, Denis O Sullivan (Corbally), and John Clifford (Cromane), midfielders Noel and Jimmy Lucey, and forwards Owen Mangan (0-2), Denny O Reilly (2-0), Dermot Hyland (0-1), Maurice Prendiville (0-1), Austin O Reilly (2-0) and Brian Corkery. For Milltown, Euge McKenna, Michael O Connor, John Heffernan, Timmy O Sullivan (0-1), Thomas Dowling (1-3) and Willie Spring were outstanding.

Ref: Willie Barton (Keel).

Austin O Reilly (Killorglin) and Brendan Quirke (Milltown/Castlemaine) were sent to the line during the game. At the Board meeting on 27th Aug., it was decided to re-instate both players but they were warned that if they were sent off again, the Board would suspend them for two months. By winning the Mid-Kerry Minor Championship, Killorglin became the first holders of the Father Mangan Cup, which had been presented by the Laune Rangers Club to the Mid-Kerry Board for minor football. That was Killorglin’s first Mid-Kerry minor title. After the game, the Father Mangan Cup was presented to the winning captain, Jackie O Dwyer, by the Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, James Coffey. At the beginning of the year, Peter Gill had been captain but he had gone to England to work for the summer and it was not known if he would be home for the final. In the meantime, Jackie O Dwyer had been made captain.

Laune Rangers: Tom Lynch, Donal Mangan, Peter Gill, Denis O Sullivan, Jackie O Dwyer (capt.), John Clifford, A.N. Other, Jimmy Lucey, Noel Lucey, Owen Mangan, Dermot Hyland, Brian Corkery, Maurice Prendiville, Denny O Reilly, Austin O Reilly. Subs: Eddie O Sullivan, Tony Lyons, Mikey Foley, Sean Falvey, Jackie McKenna and Pat Ahern.

Scenes of great enthusiasm greeted the team on their return from Milltown with the trophy. A procession, headed by a bus, on the top of which sat the team captain, Jackie O Dwyer, holding the cup aloft, formed up at Dromavalla and paraded through the principal streets of the town to the CYMS Hall, where the victors were accorded a tremendous reception. The team was presented with their medals on Sun. 5th Jan. 1958 at a dance in the CYMS Hall.

Laune Rangers Minor Team – Mid-Kerry Champions 1957

Laune Rangers Minor Team – Mid-Kerry Champions 1957
Front (l to r): Sean Falvey, Denis O Sullivan, Eddie O Sullivan, Tony Lyons, Jackie O Dwyer (capt), Maurice Prendiville, Brian Corkery, Jackie McKenna, Pat Ahern.
Back: James Coffey (Secretary), Austin O Reilly, John Clifford, Jimmy Lucey, Noel Lucey, Tom Lynch, Peter Gill, Mikey Foley, Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan.
Missing: Denny O Reilly and Dermot Hyland.

Mid-Kerry U-14 Championship

For the Mid-Kerry Championship, it was decided to divide the teams into two groups:

Group A: Killorglin and Glenbeigh.

Group B: Keel, Milltown/Castlemaine and Beaufort.

In Group A, both teams would play at home and away and the top team would progress to the final. In Group B, each team would play the other and the top team would progress to the final. Teams had thirteen players a side.


Rd. 1 on Fri. 24th May at Killorglin: Killorglin 9-9; Glenbeigh 1-1.

The final score was no indication of the enjoyable game put up by the Glenbeigh boys. Had they another player or two of the calibre of Paddy O Sullivan (fullback) or Jimmy Healy (centre halfback), the halftime score would have been other than 4-0 to 1-1. Or again, had they put Scully in goals earlier, the final outcome could have looked more promising for them. Undoubtedly, delightful hand-passing movements by the Killorglin forwards, amongst whom Billy Dodd, William Kennedy and Paudie Carroll were prominent, contributed to their team’s success.


Rd. 2 on Mon. 17th June at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 1-2; Killorglin 7-4.

The first half was played at a very fast pace, with little between the teams. Killorglin led by 1-2 to 0-2 at the interval. Poor shooting by their forwards in that half, had cost the Glenbeigh team many scores. It was all Killorglin in the second half and, with Tom Foley in great scoring form, they were well ahead after ten minutes. Glenbeigh fought back for a goal, but they did not sustain their effort. Outstanding for Killorglin were Tom Foley, Tony Lyons, Padraig Carroll, Denis O Neill, Vincent Lucey, Billy Dodd, Declan Mangan (goalkeeper) and James O Shea. Best for Glenbeigh were Liam Scully, Denis Guerin, Jimmy Healy, Teddy Bowler and Tony McSweeney.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin).


Final on Sun. 30th June at Beaufort: Killorglin 0-10; Beaufort 1-3.

From the throw-in, it was evident that it was going to be a hard-fought game. Killorglin launched attack after attack and, with Paudie Carroll playing some grand football in the half-forward line, they were soon ahead. Beaufort fought back and, with a little bit of luck, they would have been ahead at halftime. As it was, Killorglin led by 0-4 to 0-3 at the interval. In the second half, Killorglin kept up endless pressure on the Beaufort goal but their efforts were foiled by goalkeeper Steve O Shea, who brought off some great saves. However, Killorglin scores three more points and looked all set for victory. Then, from a Beaufort clearance, Kelliher scored a great goal to leave only a point between the sides. At that stage, the excitement was fierce. Beaufort went all out to snatch the equaliser but Billy Dodd, the Killorglin captain, played his part at fullback and his long clearances were a heart-break to the Beaufort lads. A feature of the game at that stage was the great duel between Tony Lyons (Killorglin) and Con Mangan (Beaufort). The honours broke even between them. The pace began to tell, however, and the better-trained Killorglin lads snatched some more points per Paudie Carroll and David Power, to leave them comfortable winners. Others to play well for Killorglin were Declan Mangan (goals), Billy Dodd, Denis O Neill, Tom Foley, Tony Lyons, Vincent Lucey and William Kennedy. Best for Beaufort were Steve O Shea, Denis Galvin, Con Mangan and Tom Kelliher.

Laune Rangers: Declan Mangan, Vincent Lucey, Billy Dodd (capt.), William Kennedy, John Foley, Denis O Neill, Jim Barry, Paudie Carroll, Tony Lyons, Tom Foley, David Power, John Phelan, James Foley.

Ref: Donal Coughlan (Beaufort).

That was Killorglin’s first Mid-Kerry juvenile title. When the victorious team arrived in town, they got a great reception as they toured all the streets of the town. There was great excitement.


Co. Juvenile (U-14) Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 9th June at Milltown: Mid-Kerry 4-5; Kenmare 2-9.

The game was played at a very fast pace all through and a strong Kenmare side was unlucky not to have forced a draw. However, the Mid-Kerry team was the better-balanced side and the forwards were always dangerous. Danny Roberts was outstanding at full-forward and he was well-assisted by Tony Lyons and Paudie Carroll. Cyril McGillycuddy and Jimmy Healy were sound in defence. Rice was Kenmare’s outstanding player and his solo-runs led to many scores.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin) – very capable.


Semi-final on Sat. 29th June in Killarney: Mid-Kerry beat East-Kerry by a goal.


Final on Fri. 12th July at Milltown: Mid-Kerry 6-8; North Kerry 0-3.

When the final whistle was sounded by referee, Donal Prendiville, in the final of the Kerry Schools’ Championship, the big Mid-Kerry following went wild with excitement. Not since the Laune Rangers had won the Senior County Championship in 1911, had a county title come to the Mid-Kerry area. It was a poor game as the lads from North Kerry were outclassed in every department. It was evident from the start that Mid-Kerry were the better team but few thought that the margin in the end would be so great. Indeed, it might have been even greater but for some grand goalkeeping by O Brien in the North Kerry goal. Mid-Kerry led at halftime by 3-4 to 0-1.

It was hard to single out any player for special mention on the winning team, as they all played well and with great heart. However a few had to be mentioned. Firstly, the captain , Billy Kerins, and Tony Lyons formed an unbeatable midfield partnership and gave the forwards such a grand service. Billy Dodd gave a faultless display at fullback. His high-fielding and lengthy kicking were a feature of the game. Cyril McGillycuddy, at centre halfback, also gave a grand display and again his long clearances must have been a heart-break to the opposing forward line. Danny Roberts, at full forward, was outstanding and his well-taken goals were a delight to watch. However, he would have to thank Paudie Carroll, Den Kelliher and Pat McKenna for the delightful centres they had given during the game. Those three players literally rang rings around the opposing defence. Denis Galvin and Jimmy Healy gave great displays at right and left halfback respectively. On the North Kerry side it was hard to pick out their best, as they seemed to have given a heartless display after halftime. However, O Brien, in goals, was outstanding. Costello and Mackessy also played well in defence. After the game, Father Kelly presented the medals to the winners. He said that he hoped that the win would spur the youth of Mid-Kerry on to greater glory on the Gaelic fields. He hoped that the victory would be an example to the minors and seniors in their coming matches and that sometime in the near future, Mid-Kerry would be County Senior and Minor Football Champions.

Mid-Kerry: Paddy O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Con Mangan (Beaufort), Billy Dodd (Killorglin), William Kennedy (do), Denis Galvin (Beaufort), Cyril McGillycuddy (Milltown), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Tony Lyons (Killorglin) 0-2, Billy Kerins (Milltown) capt. 0-1, Den Kelliher (Milltown), Niall Kennedy (Keel) 2-1, Paudie Carroll (Killorglin), Joe McCarthy (Beaufort), Danny Roberts (Milltown) 3-3, Pat McKenna (do.) 0-1. Subs: John Kennedy (Keel) 1-0, Steve O Shea (Beaufort), Dan Doyle (Milltown), M. O Sullivan (do.), John Joy (Killorglin), John A. O Brien (Keel).

North-Kerry Panel: T. Barrett 0-1, T. Hanlon 0-1, P. O Brien, J. Flavin, P. Mooney, J. Galvin, F. Chute, E. Flaherty 0-1, C. O Callaghan, J. Boylan, J. Costelloe, T. Hartnett, E. Costelloe, J. Corridan, J. Beasley, S. Costelloe, P. Conway, W. Dalton, J. McHenry, J. Sheehan, J. Mackessy.

Mentors: Cormac O Leary N. T. (Moyvane) and Garda Pat Healy (Listowel).

Referee: Donal Prendiville (Killorglin).

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Team – Co. Champions 1957

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Team – Co. Champions 1957
Front (l to r): Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), John A. O Brien (Keel), J. McCarthy (Beaufort), John Joy (Laune Rangers), Paudie Carroll (do).
Middle: Dan Doyle (Milltown), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), M. O Sullivan (Milltown), Den Kelliher (do), Pat McKenna (do), William Kennedy (Laune Rangers), John Kennedy (Keel).
Back: Danny Roberts (Milltown), Paddy O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Con Mangan (Beaufort), Billy Dodd (Laune Rangers), Cyril McGillycuddy (Milltown), Billy Kerins (do) capt., Niall Kennedy (Keel), D. Galvin (Beaufort), Steve O Shea (do).

Co. Senior Hurling Championship

Killorglin, unable to field a team on its own in the championship, amalgamated with Iveragh – the new team was named Roger Casement’s. The groupings were as follows:

Group A: Kilmoyley, Ballyduff, Lixnaw and Causeway.

Group B: Ballyheigue, John Mitchels, Austin Stacks and Ardfert.

Group C: O Dorney, Feale Rangers and O Neill’s.

Group D: Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Killarney and Iveragh (Roger Casement’s).


Rd. 1 on Sun. 28th April at Killarney: Killarney beat Iveragh. Ref: James Coffey.


Rd. 2 on Sat. 29th June at Cahersiveen: Kenmare beat Iveragh.

The match was played in ideal conditions before a small attendance – the unusual time did not suit the local people. The Kenmare team got quickly into top gear and early scores by the Whyte brothers gave them a flying start. Tony Murphy, Denis Tuohy and Joe Whyte kept the ball flying into Iveragh territory. Further scores by the Whytes, Forde, Tangney and C. Clinton left Kenmare with a commanding halftime lead. Switches in the Iveragh team brought an improvement after the resumption and a brace of points raised thoughts of a close finish. Kenmare, however, resumed their grip on the game and notched a succession of scores to leave them winners in convincing fashion. Best for Kenmare were Tony Murphy, Denis Tuohy, J. Forde and Joe Whyte, while Rank, Murphy and John McCarthy were best for Iveragh.


Co. Minor Hurling


Killorglin amalgamated with Iveragh for the Co. Championship. The Killorglin minor hurling team travelled to Cahersiveen at the end of April to play the locals in a trial game in order to give the officials an opportunity to see the material available on both sides. Best for the visitors were Peter Gill, Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan, B. Daly and D. Mullins. The same draws as the Senior Hurling pertained.


Rd.1 on 27th June at Killarney: Killarney beat Iveragh.


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th May at Clonmel: Tipperary 0-6; Kerry 4-13.

Kerry: Nicholas Hussey (Austin Stacks), Jack O Donoghue (Castleisland), Niall Sheehy (John Mitchels), Frank Guerin (Tarbert), Johnny Hurley (Dr. Crokes), Paddy O Donnell (Austin Stacks), Seán O Donnell (Kerins O Rahillys), Denis McCarthy (Waterville), Kevin Barry (Austin Stacks), Paddy Hussey (Dingle), Pa Fitzgerald (Austin Stacks), Patrick O Sullivan (Ardfert), Johnny Culloty (Legion), Joe Kerins (Kerins O Rahillys), Freddie Lynch (John Mitchels). Subs: Paddy Clifford (Laune Rangers), Jeremiah Moynihan (Rathmore), Timmy McMahon (Austin Stacks), Diarmuid Dillon (Duagh), Ned O Neill (Renard).

Paddy ‘Donal’ Clifford (Caragh Bridge)

Paddy ‘Donal’ Clifford (Caragh Bridge)
Although living on the Killorglin side of Caragh Bridge, Paddy played initially with Glenbeigh.
He transferred to Laune Rangers in 1957.
He won Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship with Laune Rangers in 1958.
He played with the Kerry Minor Football team in 1947 and 1948, winning Munster titles in both years.
He played with the Kerry Junior Football team in 1950, 1954 and 1957.
He won an All-Ireland Junior medal in 1954.



Seamus McFerron, Aontroma, was Uachtarán CLG.


Munster Council Convention was held in Cork on 2nd March. Frank Sheehy, Ciarraí, was Chairman, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board was held on Sun. 27th Jan. in the Ashe Memorial Hall, Tralee. Laune Rangers Club was represented by Teddy Mangan and Michael Morris. Killorglin Hurling Club was represented by Paddy Foley (Mill Road) and Paddy O Neill (The Square). James Coffey represented the Mid-Kerry Board. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Frank Sheehy; Vice-Chairman – Paddy Drummond was re-elected (147 votes), Liam Cousins (46 votes); Hon. Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Treasurers – Pat O Meara (Legion) 101 votes, Tadhg Prendiville (Desmonds) 79 votes, Liam Brick (Tralee) 69 votes, Jerry Flynn (John Mitchels) 68 votes, Frank Spring (Tralee) 40 votes and Joe Barrett (Austin Stacks) 29 votes; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál O Ruairc. The following Co. Football Selection Committee was elected: Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford) 154 votes, Jackie Lyne (Legion) 141 votes, Gerald O Sullivan 131 votes, John Joe Sheehy (John Mitchels) 126 votes and Paddy Bawn Brosnan (Dingle) 108 votes. The unsuccessful candidates were Rev. Father Denis Curtin (88), Liam Fitzgerald (86), Bob Stack (79) and Joe Barrett (58). James Coffey unsuccessfully contested a position on the Co. Hurling Selection Committee, receiving 54 votes. The following motion by Listowel was passed: ‘That a sub-committee be appointed to define the boundaries of the various District Boards.’ It was also decided to run the Co. Minor Football Championship on a knock-out basis.


The meeting of the sub-committee set up to define the District Board boundaries met in the Technical School, Tralee, on Mon. 4th Feb. Mid-Kerry was defined as the parishes of Milltown (excluding Listry and the areas of the parish south thereof, already included in the East-Kerry Board area), Killorglin, Castlemaine, Tuogh and Glenbeigh.

At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 19th March, it was decided to recommend to the Munster Council the reinstatement of Donal Prendiville, who had been suspended for playing ‘foreign’ games.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on Sun. 9th Dec. 1956 in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin. Father Kelly, Chairman, presided. (The Secretary’s Report is given at the end of 1956). Delegates attended from Keel, Glenbeigh, Killorglin, Cromane and Milltown/Castlemaine. Also present were Paddy Foley, James Coffey and Father McCloskey, as officers of the Board. Father Colbert C.C. Castlemaine, and Brother Justin, Milltown, also attended. Father Kelly, in his address to the delegates, said that the past year had been a very successful one. The Board catered for every footballer from the age of 10 years upwards. He said that the standard of football in the area had improved greatly and he hoped it would continue to improve. He congratulated the players for playing the games in a good, clean, sporting manner and he asked them to continue playing in that way. He said that there was no room for rough play in our Gaelic games and everything should be done to keep that rough play from creeping into the games. He added that during the year, the public had become very interested in the games in Mid-Kerry and the reason for that was they were getting better value for their money. The teams went out to play the game as it should be played and so the standard of football had benefited much. Commenting on the Winter League, which had been run for the first time, Father Kelly said it had been a great success and some of the best games of the year had been witnessed in it. He wished, on behalf of the Board, to thank the anonymous donor, who had presented the Laune Rangers Cup to the Board. He said that dirty play would not be tolerated in the Board area and, while he was Chairman, the full rigours of the rules would be applied against every player who engaged in dirty tactics or who threatened or sought in any way to intimidate a referee. A referee’s job was very often a difficult and troublesome one and it was clearly the primary duty of the Board to extend to them the fullest protection of the Association. Concluding, Father Kelly paid tribute to the Secretary and to Father McCloskey for their great work during the year. The Treasurer’s Report showed a credit balance of £13-9-5, with no outstanding debts to be paid. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Father Kelly (proposed by Paddy Foley and seconded by Brother Munchin); Vice-Chairman – Father McCloskey (unanimous); Hon. Secretary – James Coffey (unanimous); Hon. Treasurer – Paddy Foley (elected 8 votes to 6 for Christy O Riordan); Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly (unanimous).

There were 12 motions for discussion:

  1. ‘That the boundaries of the different clubs be defined.’ (Keel). Willie Barton, in proposing the motion, said that there was a rumour that Milltown/Castlemaine would not be affiliating the following year and he wanted to know with whom the players from that club would be eligible to play. Brother Munchin said that Milltown/Castlemaine would be affiliating and that the boundaries were all right. The other clubs had no difficulty with the boundaries except the Killorglin club.
  2. ‘That a boundary line be drawn between the Killorglin and Cromane areas.’ (Killorglin). James Coffey proposed the motion and Christy O Riordan seconded. James Coffey said that the Cromane club was selecting players from within a quarter mile of the town. He said that that was unfair to Killorglin since it was losing at least six players. He said that the boundary line should be Tullig Cross, which was half-way between both areas. After a long discussion, a vote was taken, because the Cromane delegate, Jim Harris, objected strongly to the Killorglin proposal. He said that the areas should remain the same as the previous year. Paddy Clifford seconded. The result of the vote was that the Killorglin motion was carried by 11 votes to 2. The boundary would go according to the station districts read from the Killorglin church.
  3. ‘That each club should provide at least two referees.’ (Milltown). Brother Munchin proposed and Christy O Riordan seconded. Brother Munchin said that the refereeing of games was being left to the same two or three people every year and it was very unfair. He said that there should be more referees. James Coffey said that asking the clubs to nominate two referees from their own club was not a good idea because the man nominated might not be capable of refereeing games. It was decided that the clubs should send in the names of two or more men, from their own areas, to act as referees. The Board would then have a panel from which they could select a referee. It was further decided that if there was not a capable referee in the Board area to take charge of a Mid-Kerry final, a referee from outside the area would be asked to take charge of the final.
  4. ‘That a team manager be appointed to take charge of teams in the Co. Championship.’ (Milltown). Brother Munchin proposed the motion (J. Harris seconded), saying that there were too many people switching and changing the team and, as a result, the teams were well beaten. Carried.
  5. ‘That a selection committee of three be elected to select Mid-Kerry teams for the Co. Championship.’ (Killorglin). Withdrawn.
  6. ‘That the Board start the leagues in March and that the championship be played in June/July.’ (Milltown). Brother Munchin proposed the motion and Willie Barton seconded. Brother Munchin said that by starting the league in March and the championship in June, it would give the weaker clubs a great chance as they would be kept going during the season. James Coffey said that if the league did not commence in February, they would not be able to finish it in time. On a vote, it was decided to start the league on the first Sunday in March but that it be left to the Board when to start the championship.
  7. ‘That the teams taking part in the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship be divided into two groups.’ (Killorglin). James Coffey proposed the motion and Brother Munchin seconded. After a long discussion, the motion was carried. It was decided that three teams would fill a group and that the league would be a double one. The two top teams in each group would qualify for the semi-finals – the winners of one group would meet the runners-up of the other.
  8. ‘That the possibility of starting a junior championship, as well as a senior and minor championship, be considered.’ (Keel). Withdrawn.
  9. ‘That an inscription be put on the Kennedy Cup.’ (Killorglin). Carried. The Board will get the name of the cup inscribed and the winning team’s name will be inscribed by the winning club.
  10. ‘That a suitable trophy be provided for the minor league, to be subscribed for by the clubs, if the Board is not in a position to provide one.’ (Keel). Proposed by Willie Barton and seconded by Liam Conway. Willie Barton proposed that the clubs pay £1 towards to cup and the Board pay the balance. The Killorglin delegates said that they might be able to get a cup for the competition. The motion was then withdrawn.
  11. ‘That the medals for the different leagues be of the same value every year.’ (Keel). Willie Barton, proposing the motion, said that the medals Keel got in 1954 were very cheap compared to the ones they got in 1955 and compared with the ones in 1953 won by Milltown/Castlemaine. The Secretary pointed out that the difference in the price of the medals for the past five years was very little. It was decided to let the Board decide what the value of the medals should be.
  12. ‘That the meetings of the Board be changed from the 2nd Tuesday of the month to the 1st Thursday.’ (Killorglin). When the motion was amended to read 2nd Thursday, it was carried.

The question of Listry entering a team in the Mid-Kerry league was left with the Listry club. The club should seek permission at the Co. Convention. It was decided to support Murt Kelly in an effort to get him on the Co. Senior Selection Committee. It was also decided to nominate the Board Secretary, James Coffey, for the position of Co. Secretary.


The minutes of twelve Mid-Kerry Board meetings, held during the year, are available.

The meeting of the Board, held in the CYMS Hall on 30th Jan. was presided over by Father Kelly. Delegates from Killorglin, Cromane and Glenbeigh attended. Reporting from the Co. Convention, the Secretary said that a motion from Dingle that all District Boards should be defined by parish boundaries was one of the main items for discussion. The Co. Board had decided to hold a special meeting with a delegate from each District Board and a delegate from the clubs with a grievance. He explained that the motion effected Mid-Kerry as it stood to gain Listry or to lose Milltown, the Milltown parish being divided. He felt that the Board might also gain Firies. It was decided to send a delegate, the Secretary if Murt Kelly was unavailable, to the meeting with a delegate from Milltown club. A motion from Cromane club that the boundary line dividing Cromane and Killorglin clubs should be abolished, was passed provided that Cromane would not select players from the Caragh Bridge area. The Secretary said that he had rule-books for each club @ 2/6 each. The draws for the Mid-Kerry Senior League were then made.

Father Kelly presided at the Board meeting on 7th March in the CYMS Hall. On the question of affiliation and insurance, the Secretary reported that Beaufort was unable to raise the necessary sum and had asked the Board to pay the sum for them. The Board agreed on condition that Beaufort would refund the Board before the May meeting. The Secretary reported that it was very doubtful if Milltown/Castlemaine would affiliate a team for that year. In making the draws for the league, it was decided to give Milltown/Castlemaine the bye so that if they did not affiliate, it would not effect the first round. Cromane delegates told the meeting that they would not be entering a team as they had amalgamated with Killorglin. James Coffey proposed that there should be an open draw, that the league should be played on a home-and-away basis and that the first team out of the hat would have home venue. Following the draws, Father Kelly appealed to the clubs to make sure that their teams would be on the field at the appointed time. Any team over 20 minutes late would lose the game if they had not a reasonable cause for failing to line at the appointed time. He also appealed to players to play the game in a fine sporting manner. He said that there were very few incidents the previous year but he wanted less in the present year. He said that the player who would threaten or abuse a referee would get the full rigour of the rules from the Board. Jimmy O Doherty, Glenbeigh, told the meeting that the Killorglin club had allowed players from Glenbeigh parish to take part in the Killorglin Parish League with Caragh Bridge and that the Glenbeigh Club was objecting strongly. Paddy Clifford, Killorglin, said that Caragh Bridge was an open area, so players were entitled to play with Killorglin. Father Kelly said that Caragh Bridge was an open area this side of the river and so was Dooks but the western side of the river belonged to the Glenbeigh Parish. James Coffey said that he had received a letter from the Glenbeigh Secretary on the Friday before the Parish League game. He had asked the Caragh Bridge player, Paddy Clifford, if any of his team belonged to the Glenbeigh parish. He had said that four of the team belonged to the Glenbeigh Parish but that they had not played football for over 12 months. Therefore they could play with Caragh Bridge in the Parish League. The Secretary told the meeting that, as far as the rule book was concerned, the players in question had not made themselves illegal by playing in the Killorglin Parish League. After a long and heated discussion, Willie Barton suggested that the four players be allowed to play with any club but that the area should still be under the control of the Glenbeigh club. The Glenbeigh delegates said that they could not give a decision without a meeting of their club. A final decision was deferred to the following meeting. Permission was given to the Glenbeigh club to run a Parish League. The Secretary then read a letter from the Secretary of the CYMS, informing the Board that the cost of holding a meeting in the hall would be 4/-, or 5/- with a heater. The Secretary pointed out that it would cost the Board £3 approx. per annum to hold meetings in the CYMS at that rate. The Secretary was given permission to choose a venue for future meetings.

All clubs were represented at the Board meeting on 26th March in the CYMS hall. Father Kelly was in the chair. The Secretary reported that the cost of holding meetings in the CYMS had reverted to 2/- per night. Jimmy O Doherty read an article from the Kerryman, which said that a player must play with the team in the parish in which he resides. The Secretary told the meeting that he had enquired about open areas at the previous Co. Board meeting and he had been told that the parish rule did not effect open areas and that only a decision at convention could change open areas. On the question of a Selection Committee, it was decided that there would be one representative from each club. The following were nominated – Paddy Foley (Laune Rangers), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Brother Munchin (Milltown/Castlemaine), Willie Barton (Keel) and Johnny O Sullivan (Glenbeigh). The Selection Committee would appoint the team manager. In the trial for the Mid-Kerry team, a team from Keel/Beaufort/Milltown/Castlemaine would play a team from Killorglin/Glenbeigh. It was decided to give each club permission to hire a car for the transport of players to the trial, provided that the club needed the car.

It was decided at the Board meeting on 14th May in the CYMS, at which Father Kelly presided and at which Glenbeigh, Keel, Milltown/Castlemaine and Killorglin were represented, that minors chosen for the Mid-Kerry Minor panel would have to produce birth certificates before they would be allowed to play. The same would pertain to the juvenile team. The age limit for the juvenile team was 14 years in the current year – the Board was allowed to chose three players from either the Vocational School or the Intermediate School.

The Board meetings on 11th June and 9th July were for fixture-making purposes and the making of preparations/arrangements for Mid-Kerry Co. Championship games. Father Kelly presided at the meeting on 6th Aug. in the CYMS. Delegates attended from Keel, Milltown/Castlemaine, Killorglin and Glenbeigh. Reporting on the Beaufort v Milltown/Castlemaine minor game, James Coffey said that the game was over-robust at times. He sent two players to the line but he did not take their names. He asked the Board not to take any action against the players as he had put them off in an effort to put a stop to the rough play. The Board concurred. Jimmy O Doherty (Glenbeigh) brought up the question about a Glenbeigh minor who was sent to the line against Glenbeigh at Glenbeigh. The player was allowed back after halftime. The Board decided to take no action. Glenbeigh’s objection to Killorglin was withdrawn.

Father Kelly presided at the Board meeting in the CYMS on 27th Aug. Delegates attended from Keel, Glenbeigh, Milltown/Castlemaine and Killorglin. After a long discussion, the objection lodged by Killorglin against Glenbeigh was withdrawn. The Killorglin delegates, after a discussion amongst themselves, decided to withdraw the objection and they told the Board that they were sorry for lodging it They hoped that both the Killorglin and Glenbeigh clubs would continue to be the best of friends. Milltown/Castlemaine’s objection to Killorglin was also withdrawn. Arrangements were made for the Mid-Kerry Senior Final. All free clubs were asked to help with the stewarding. The Cromane Regatta Committee was asked to postpone the regatta or change the starting time to 5pm, as it would effect the gate receipts for the final. The Chairman appealed to the teams involved to give a good sporting display, so that all spectators and supporters could be proud of the two teams. The Secretary proposed that the Board would open a bank account and that the Chairman, secretary and Treasurer would be responsible for the signing of cheques.

Fixture-making meetings were held on 24th Sept. and 13th Oct. Father Kelly chaired the meeting in the CYMS on 4th Nov. The date for the Annual Convention was set for Sun. 8th Dec. in the CYMS and each club would be allowed four delegates. The following expenses were paid: Killorglin – £7-4-0; Glenbeigh – £17-4-0; Keel – £3-2-0; Milltown/Castlemaine – £6-5-0; Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea – £8-1-0. Beaufort would be paid £5-7-6 expenses, when the cash, that the club had in hands from gates, would be handed to the Secretary of the Board.


The minutes of one Laune Rangers club meeting, held during the year, are available. It was a special general meeting in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 5th January. Chairman, Paddy Foley, presided. There was a good attendance. The first item on the agenda was the boundaries of the Killorglin Club and Cromane Club (Cromane had broken away in 1954). Paddy Clifford, Caragh Bridge, said that Caragh Bridge would play with Killorglin in 1957. It was also hoped that the Cromane Club would join the Killorglin Club so that one good team could take part in the Mid-Kerry League. The Secretary said that he would send fifteen transfer forms to all the Caragh Bridge players so that they could be transferred from Glenbeigh to Killorglin. It was decided to run a Parish League with three teams, Cromane, Killorglin and Caragh Bridge/Caragh Lake. The first round would be played on the first Sunday in Feb. It was decided to approach Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea for the use of his hall for a dance so that some funds could be raised.

An account of two other club meetings are given in the Kerryman of the time. A special general meeting of the club was held in the CYMS on Thurs. 17th January. Delegates from Cromane attended. However, unsuccessful efforts were made to unite both clubs. At a meeting of Killorglin and Cromane Clubs on Mon. 25th Feb. a decision to amalgamate both clubs was taken. A determined effort would be made to win some silverware.


In January, the J. P. O Sullivan Memorial Park Committee decided to organise a 20 weeks sweep to raise funds to build a wall around the Park. The first draw was made in mid-March – 1st J. J. O Shea, Caragh Lake, 2nd Timothy Teahan, Cromane, 3rd Winnie Griffin, Caragh Lake. Some of the lucky winners in other weeks were:

1st Mrs. P. Teahan, Langford St. 2nd John West, Bansha and 3rd Dan Kissane, Meanus;

1st Teddy O Sullivan, Brookhill, Mrs. M. Fenton, Caragh Lake and Patsy Joy, Bansha;

1st Michael Kelly, Ballycleave, 2nd Donie Mangan, Steelroe, 3rd Paddy Kennelly, Knocknaboola;

1st Mrs. M. Moriarty, Glencuttane, 2nd Derry Burke, Abbeylands, 3rd Mrs. M. Brick, Upr, Bridge St;

1st Willie O Shea, Keel, 2nd Una McCullum, School Road, 3rd Mrs. J. O Sullivan, Mill Road;

1st Mick Ahern, Caragh Lake, 2nd John Foley, Anglont, 3rd Ms. O Shea, Technical School;

1st Brendan Mangan, Baile Nua, 2nd Michael Conway, Steelroe, 3rd Denis Doyle, Whitefield;

1st Mrs. Paddy Tuohy, Lr. Bridge St., 2nd P.J. Foley, Lr. Bridge St., 3rd Peggie O Sullivan, Cullina;

1st M. Corkery, Gurrane West, 2nd Tom Hennessy, Market St., 3rd Ned Looney, Iveragh Road;

1st Michael McHenry, Cromane, 2nd Michael Golden, Coolbane, 3rd Bridget O Reilly, Cromane;

1st Mrs. O Shea, Meanus, 2nd Mrs. O Callaghan, Railway Tce., 3rd Steve Foley, Baile Nua;

1st Master Liam Crowley, Market St., 2nd Ms. Alice O Brien, Dromin, 3rd John O Connor, Caragh Lake;

Week 17: 1st James O Sullivan, Iveragh Rd., 2nd Michael Golden, Coolbane, 3rd Mrs. Kelly N.T.

1st Pat Diggin, Caragh Lake, 2nd Tim Galvin, Railway Tce., 3rd Mrs. Tom Spillane, Caragh Lake.


J. Stanley’s play, ‘Family Secrets’, was another successful production, on Sun. 5th May, in the lengthening list of the Hurling Club’s Dramatic Society. The three council house bachelor occupants who were forced into matrimony by the council’s ‘marry or quit’ notice, was ably performed by Paddy Foley, Charlie Corkery and James Coffey in the parts of Tom Kirby, J. Whelan and Peter Carmody, and with their respective wives in the persons of Bridget O Reilly, Maureen O Connor and Anna Houlihan, the cast brought to light the full comedy of an entertaining play. Maurice Lyons, as Mr. Lewis, the escaped asylum inmate, added the mixture of spice to the family cake. James Coffey was heartily congratulated, not only for the intense work involved in rehearsals, but in putting on an outstanding performance on stage, though, undoubtedly, an able wife played no small part in his success. Producer, Liam Gannon, received the heart-felt thanks of all, particularly for the object of the show – The J.P. O Sullivan Memorial Park. Concert items provided by Myles Coffey, accordion and electric guitar, and Paudie Joy with old familiar songs, were much appreciated. M. C., Liam Foley, paid tribute to the incidental music provided by Ms. Kitty Logue and Dan Keating.


One of the remaining links with the glorious days of football, when Laune Rangers were the outstanding exponents of the game in Ireland, was severed on Sat. 18th May with the passing of Mike Joy, Clooncarrig. Before the turn of the century, Mike had made his name with the Laune Rangers and throughout his lifetime, which he had spent as gardener with the Powers family, he had been a constant worker in football circles. He had served as Chairman of the club. A large crowd of mourners, many wearing the blue armband of the Rangers, bore testimony to the passing of a fine old Gael.

The 24th May brought to a close the activities of one more of the old Laune Rangers, for John Phil Murphy followed, in one short week, his old team-mate, Mike Joy. John Phil, who had spent his lifetime farming at Lismacfinnane, had been one of the outstanding exponents of the Gaelic code in the far off days of the Laune Rangers glory. An escort, all wearing the Laune Rangers armband, was provided by the local club to his resting place in Dromavalla Cemetery.

The passing of James O Regan, removed one of the most colourful personalities in the political, business and social life, not only of Killorglin, but Kerry as a whole. He died at his home in Iveragh Road on Fri. 30th Aug. at the age of 77 years, after a considerable period of failing health. He had been an active supporter of the Independence movement and took the anti-Treaty side. He was arrested and interned in 1922. He represented the district on the Rural District Council and, in 1926, was elected a member of Kerry Co. Council, to which he was returned at every election until failing health in 1955 forced him to retire. Football and dog-breeding were two of his most popular pastimes. He ran greyhounds in all the major meetings of the twenties and thirties, but it was in the breeding of Kerry Blue terriers that he excelled. Two of his dogs captured the highest show honours in Ireland and England. His coffin was draped in the blue and white colours of the Laune Rangers with whom he played, and members of the club, with some of the old stalwarts, provided a guard of honour at the church and graveside.


Co. Minor Football Final in Tralee: Castleisland Desmonds 4-4; Feale Rangers 4-1.


Kerry had lost the National League Final to Galway in a thriller, but was shocked by Waterford in Waterford in the Munster Senior Football Semi-final, losing by 2-5 to 0-10.

Kerry: Tim Barrett, Jerome O Shea, Ned Roche, Tim Lyons, Mick O Dwyer, John Dowling, Mícheál Kerins, Mick O Connell (0-1), Tom Long, Paudie Sheehy (0-1), Ned Fitzgerald (0-3), Tadghie Lyne (0-2), Pop Fitzgerald (0-1), Tom Collins (0-1), Dan McAuliffe (0-1). Sub: Denny O Shea for T. Collins.


Kerry lost to Cork in the Munster Junior Football Championship at Kenmare on 16th June.

Kerry: Nicholas Hussey (Austin Stacks), Michael O Donoghue (Desmonds), Niall Sheehy (John Mitchels), Frank Guerin (Tarbert), Tom Collins (St. Brendan’s), Denny Falvey (Kerins O Rahillys), Sean O Donnell (do.), Kevin Barry (Austin Stacks), Patsy O Sullivan (Clounmacon), Paddy Hussey (Dingle), Pop Fitzgerald  (Kerins O Rahuillys), Denis McCarthy (Waterville), Johnny Culloty (Legion), Diarmuid Dillon (Duagh), Joe Kerins (Kerins O Rahillys). Subs: Paddy O Donnell (Austin Stacks), Johnny Hurley (Dr. Crokes), Fred Lynch (John Mitchels), Patrick O Sullivan (Ardfert), Timmy McMahon (Austin Stacks).


Kerry won the Munster Minor Final but lost to Armagh in the All-Ireland semi-final in the score of 3-7 to 3-5.

Kerry: Louis Nolan (Legion), Alan Conway (John Mitchels), Jimmy Hegarty (Dr. Crokes), Jack Whelan (Emmetts), Pa Kerins (Kerins O Rahillys), Con Clifford (Dr. Crokes), Pat Dowling (Castlegregory), Jer D.  O Connor (Ballydonoghue), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Ollie Kerins (Emmetts), Donie Griffin (St. Mary’s), Austin McMahon (Dr. Crokes), Dave Geaney (Desmonds), S. Dunne (Moyvane), Bernie O Callaghan (Moyvane). Subs: Con O Meara (Dr. Crokes), Jer Burke (Desmonds), Sean Óg Sheehy (John Mitchels), Liam Hanrahan (Moyvane), Gene O Driscoll (Aunascaul).


Owen Mangan played on the St. Brendan’s Seminary team, Killarney that beat Tralee CBS by 4-4 to 0-7 in the O Sullivan Cup Final on Sun. 1st Dec.


James Coffey refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Sun. 3rd March Senior League/Championship at Killorglin: Cromane v Glenbeigh.

Wed. 31st July Minor Semi-final at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Beaufort.

Sun. 8th Sept. Senior Final at Killorglin: Milltown/Castlemaine 1-1; Keel 0-4.

Sun. 29th Sept. Senior Final replay at Killorglin: Keel 2-6; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6.


Christy O Riordan refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Sun. 24th March Senior League/Championship at Keel: Keel 2-7; Beaufort 0-2.

Sun. 4th Aug. Senior League/Championship at Keel: Keel v Milltown/Castlemaine.


Donal Prendiville refereed the following games, amongst others, for the Mid-Kery Board:

Sun. 18th Aug. Senior League/Championship at Killorglin: Keel beat Glenbeigh.

Wed. 21st Aug. senior League/Championship at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

Sun. 25th Aug. Senior League/Championship at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Keel.


A General Election was held at the end of February. The electorate in the South Kerry Constituency was 32,279 and the valid vote was 22,214. P. W. Palmer (FG), Honor Mary Crowley (FF) and John Joe Rice (Sinn Fein) were elected to represent the constituency.


After a lapse of almost 20 years, the Cromane Regatta was revived. It was brought about by Father Stack C.C. and an energetic committee, of which Eileen Griffin was Secretary and William Griffin was Treasurer. The regatta took place on Sun. 15th Sept.


Some years previously, the practice of ‘going around’ with the ‘Biddy’ had almost completely faded out in Killorglin. It was feared (or hoped) that the custom, like many other old customs, would disappear altogether. The fears and hopes alike were dispelled on Biddy’s Day, 1957, for never in living memory were so many ‘batches’ of Biddies to be seen on the streets and along the country roads. Nor did the parades confine their activities to the eve of St. Brigid but also turned out in strength on the following day. That ‘double feature’ might have been due to some uncertainty or confusion as to the proper date but it was more likely that some of the performers took advantage of the confusion to reap a double harvest!


Contrary to expectations, Killorglin CYMS senior and junior basketball teams brought off a double when they defeated Tralee CYMS in both grades in the finals of the Kerry Diocesan Championships in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Sun. 31st March.

Senior Final – Killorglin 35 points; Tralee 25 points. Scorers for the winners were Sean O Reilly (9), Sean McKenna (9), Hal O Donoghue (8), Donal Prendiville (6) and Denny O Reilly (3).

Junior Final – Killorglin 28; Tralee 16. Top scorers for the winners were Joe McMahon (12), and Paddy Foley (capt.) 4.


Lower Town scored a five-points victory over Steelroe in the replayed final of the Killorglin Basketball League in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 11th May. The losers enjoyed an interval lead of 15 points to 13. The final score was Lower Town 31; Steelroe 26. Top scorer for the Town was Joe McMahon (14 points) and for Steelroe, Sean McKenna (8 points).

Lower Town – Donal Prendiville, James Coffey, Peter Gill, Paddy O Neill and Joe McMahon.

Steelroe – Sean McKenna, Jackie McKenna, Jackie Kerins, Dermot Murphy and Patsy Hurley.


Kerry won the All-Ireland Senior Basketball Championship by beating Antrim by 34 points to 31 in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin. Paddy O Reilly, Sean O Reilly, Hal O Donoghue and Maurice Breen were on the panel.


One of the most important events in Killorglin for some years took place on Tues. 16th April, when, with the minimum of ceremony, the renovated National Schools in the town were reopened by Very Rev. Father Finucane P.P., Manager of the schools. Apart from the teachers and the pupils, only a very small number of people was present to witness the opening ceremony, but all who viewed the renovated buildings were loud in their admiration of the work and workmanship, which had altered beyond recognition the ramshackle structure, which previously had served as a school. The word renovate was scarcely adequate to describe the splendid school, for, in addition to a completely new portion, the greater part of the original structure had to be pulled down and rebuilt. The completed work was a credit to Mr. J. Galvin, the contractor, to his workmen and to everybody who had any part in it. Among those present at the opening was Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea, proprietor of the Oisín, Oscar and Emir cinemas. To mark their first day in the new school, he offered the children a free matinee that evening in the Oisín cinema. Needless to mention, that announcement was loudly applauded.


At the end of June, the residents of Baile Nua no longer found themselves forced to dodge the potholes, which had gaped on the roadways for the previous twenty-five years. A week’s concentrated effort by the Co. Council employees had completed the clean, well-laid road surface. Another main link-road, that through Dromin to Listry, had also taken on a new lease of life, with tar macadam surface during that week.


At Milltown Sports, on Sun. 30th June, Steelroe avenged their town league basketball defeat by scoring a  23 points to 21 win over Lower town (Killorglin Champions). Steelroe were without Dermot Murphy, while Lr. Town played without Donal Prendiville, Peter Gill and Joe McMahon. It was not a good game and the players found it difficult to keep on their feet, or steady the ball, on the grassy surface. The winners received a set of medals. Steelroe – Jackie Kerins, Sean McKenna, Tom Foley (Anglont), Jack McKenna and Billy Dodd. Lower Town – James Coffey, James Griffin, Paddy O Neill, Patrick O Shea and Declan Mangan.


In the first week of July, the local Boys’ National School went on its first ever school excursion. Seven boys, Masters Padraig O Carroll and Joe Galvin (6th Class), Donal O Connell and Colm Foley (5th Class), Cormac Foley, Jerome Conway and Michael Houlihan (4th Class) successfully supervised their classmates on the outing, which embraced North Kerry and the country on both sides of the Shannon Estuary. The seven leaders left little in the way of supervision to the teachers who accompanied them on the trip. Highlight of the day’s outing was the welcome extended them by the staff of Shannon Airport, where, through the courtesy of the Deputy Airport Manager, they were taken aboard a Constellation Air-Liner as a climax to a tour of the airport.


On Sun. 18th Aug. a very large crowd turned up to the Fair Field to witness the tug-o-war tournament between the Steelroe fishermen and the CYMS. The Steelroe team members were dressed in their Sunday best, while the CYMS team was decked out in high boots, suitable to the job in hand. Weight was evenly distributed and the decision hung in the balance for several minutes of the first pull, as equal strain made it impossible for either team to gain advantage. Eventually, a slip by a member of the CYMS team gave Steelroe an opportunity that they were quick to grasp. The firm grip on the rope, which years of practice had given the fishermen, showed its worth and, even though the CYMS tried valiantly to hold the second pull, they were no longer a match for their hardy opponents.

Steelroe: Tadhg Clifford (anchor), P. O Sullivan (Callanfersy), Mick Kissane (Laharn), Timmy Ferris, Mick McKenna, P. Kelly, Jeremiah McKenna, J. Clifford (Callanfersy), Tom O Sullivan and Timmy Conway. Coach – John Reilly.

CYMS:  Donal Prendiville (anchor), Charlie Foley (Bansha), Joe O Sullivan (Dunmaniheen), Denny O Neill (Sunhill), Hal O Donoghue (Upper Bridge St.), Eugie Joy (Knocknaboola), Johnny McCarthy (Mill Road), Denny O Reilly (Farrentoreen), Maurice Breen (Langford St.) and M. O Shea. Coach – Liam Foley.


The local entertainment centres offered the following for New Year’s Eve 1957:

CYMS Ballroom – Masked Ball with Kevin Woods and Vera Morgan.

Lyons Ballroom – Dancing to the Star Dance Band.

Oisin Ballroom – Fancy Dress for the children, complete with Santa.


One of the largest crowds seen for many years clustered in the Square on Tues. night, 31st January, to sing in the New Year, to the accompaniment of the Laune Pipers. With that, their eleventh Old-Year/New-Year parade, the pipers were keeping up a tradition, which went back with the older generation, a few of whom, standing on the Square on Tuesday night, must have had nostalgic memories of jovial tenor Jeff Morris and carefree Johnny Hogan, leaders in the gaiety of olden times.

With a torchlight procession, the band played out the old year through each section of the town, and it was a small mark of appreciation to them when a voice in the crowd called ‘Happy New Year to the Pipers’, and three rousing cheers echoed through the town.

There was one fly in the ointment of the night’s hilarity. The parade was an accepted custom, yet every year the town lighting was set to go out just about the time it was most needed. Another quarter hour of lighting would surely not have made a very great difference, especially considering that all-night lighting was the custom at Christmas time. True to form, the town was plunged into darkness just as the band approached the Square and it would have been a dismal sight but for the thoughtfulness of such a draper Mick O Neill, publicans Pat lane and Jack O Sullivan and restaurateur Mick McCarthy, who switched on the lights in their business premises.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on Sun. 8th Dec. 1957 in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report stated, ‘that the year was the most successful one yet in the history of the Mid-Kerry Board. Once again the Board ran senior, minor and juvenile leagues, as well as the Laune Rangers Cup competition. Over 60 games were played and all the competitions were completed and they all proved to be great successes. Teams from Killorglin, Keel, Glenbeigh, Beaufort and Milltown/Castlemaine took part in all the competitions. Keel regained the Kennedy Cup by defeating Milltown/Castlemaine in the senior league final replay in Killorglin. Glenbeigh retained the Laune Rangers Cup by defeating Killorglin in the final in Killorglin. Killorglin beat Milltown/Castlemaine in the Minor Final at Milltown and became the first holders of the Father Mangan Cup. Killorglin also won the juvenile competition by defeating Beaufort in the final at Beaufort. The standard of football in all the competitions was well above the average and, as the year passed on, a big improvement was noticed. The very successful year was crowned by the great victory of the juveniles in the Juvenile Co. Championship. On the way to the final, they beat Kenmare, South-Kerry and East-Kerry and in the final they had a facile win over the holders, North-Kerry at Milltown. By their win, the juveniles won for Mid-Kerry its first Co. Championship. The senior team fared badly in the Co. Championship. After getting the verdict over Ballymacelligott, they were beaten by Dr. Croke’s and, later, by Kerins O Rahilly’s. However, in the game with the latter, they showed a big improvement. The minors also disappointed. After a good win over Ballymacelligott, they went under to Dr. Croke’s at Killarney in a game, which they could have won. The conduct of the players left little to be desired. However, on a few occasions, the players were guilty of using abusive language towards the referee. This must stop or else it will be very hard to get referees for the games. It is pleasing to report that, on nearly all occasions, the appointed referee turned out for the games. During the year, the Board lost the services of Brother Munchin, who was transferred from Milltown. He was always ready to give advice where it was needed. He was also very interested in the juveniles. His departure is a sore loss to Mid-Kerry.’ The Secretary thanked all the players and club officials for their co-operation during the year. He also thanked the car-owners that placed their cars at the disposal of the Board for the transport of players, especially the juveniles. Concluding, the Secretary paid tribute to Father Kelly and Father McCloskey for the great work they were doing for the Association in Mid-Kerry.


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place on 20th Dec. 1957 in the CYMS Hall. In his report, the Secretary, James Coffey, said that the past year was the most successful one yet by the club since the Mid-Kerry Board had been formed. The minors and juveniles won for the parish its first Mid-Kerry titles and, judging by their performances, there was great hope for the future of Gaelic games in Killorglin. He said that when all the expenses would be paid, there would be a debit balance but he assured the meeting that the money had been well spent. He said that the parish was again united and, even though they had been unlucky in not winning any senior title in 1957, he was sure that Killorglin would be a strong force in the coming year. Commenting on the displays of the seniors, he said that it was real hard luck, which cost them the Laune Rangers Cup. Glenbeigh just pipped them at the post in a great final. He said that the seniors had also reached the senior league semi-final and again luck had been against them. He said that the seniors had played 12 games during the year while the minors played 4 games and the juveniles played 3 games. He said that all three teams had representatives on the Mid-Kerry teams and some of the juveniles had the honour of winning a Co. Championship with Mid-Kerry. He then appealed to all the juveniles and minors to continue playing the game in the same spirit as they had done the previous year. He hoped that some day they would wear the county colours. He also appealed to all the members to give better co-operation in the coming year. Concluding, the Secretary said that every member should put one object before him and that object was to put Laune Rangers back on the trail of county honours, on the trail, which their forefathers had blazed before them.