Laune Rangers – 1958

 Laune Rangers won its first Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship, indeed its first Mid-Kerry senior football competition, by beating Milltown/Castlemaine in the final.

Laune Rangers won the Laune Rangers Cup (Mid-Kerry Winter League) for the first time.

Laune Rangers retained the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship.

The Mid-Kerry U-16 Football Championship was inaugurated and Laune Rangers won it.

James Coffey was re-elected for the fourth successive year as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board. Paddy Foley was Treasurer.

The Mid-Kerry Juvenile Board was set up for the first time. James Coffey was the Secretary.

Sean Gill transferred to Waterville. Donal and Jackie Kerins, because of the enforcement of the Parish Rule, transferred to Milltown/Castlemaine.

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The AGM of Laune Rangers Club took place on 20th Dec. 1957 in the CYMS Hall. The Hon. Secretary, James Coffey, presided in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1957). The Treasurer’s report, which was adopted along with the Secretary’s report, showed a credit balance of £12-16-8 but it was pointed out that there were bills due, which amounted to £26 (approx.). The following officers were elected:

President: Paddy Foley.

Chairman: Michael Morris.

Vice-Chairman: Sean Foley.

Hon. Secretary: James Coffey.

Hon. Treasurer: Teddy Mangan.

Committee: Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Patsy Hurley, Sean Teahan, Michael O Riordan, Jim Harris, Paddy Clifford, John Clifford, Tom Lynch, Cornelius Lynch and Christy O Riordan.

Senior Captain: Batty Foley.

Senior Vice-Captain: John Clifford.

Minor Captain: Owen Mangan.

Minor Vice-Captain: Brian Corkery.

U-16 Captain: Tony Lyons.

U-16 Vice-Captain: Patrick Carroll.

Juvenile Captain: William Kennedy.

Senior Selection Committee: Michael Morris, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, the Captain and the Vice-Captain of the senior team.

Minor Selection Committee: Michael Morris, James Coffey, Jim Harris, Sean Foley, the Captain and the Vice-Captain of the minor team.

The Minor Selection Committee would also select the U-16 and juvenile teams.

It was decided to nominate the following for the Co. Selection Committee: Father Kelly or Murt Kelly, Gerald O Sullivan, Johnny Walsh, Father Denis Curtin and Paddy Bawn Brosnan.

Delegates to Co. Convention: Michael Morris and James Coffey.

Delegates to the Mid-Kerry Board: Michael Morris and Teddy Mangan.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That Easter Sunday be made an open date for GAA games in the county.’ Forwarded to Co. Convention.
  2. ‘That the Minor Championship be run on the same lines as the Senior Championship.’ Forwarded to Co. Convention.
  3. ‘That a special 11-a-side league be run within the parish.’ The selected captains would be Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Paddy Clifford and Teddy Mangan. It would be run on a double league system and the top two teams would play in the final.
  4. ‘That the club enters two teams in the Mid-Kerry Senior League.’ The ‘A’ team would consist of the best 21 players plus the non-residents. The ‘B’ team would consist of the rest.

The Secretary was instructed to write to the CYMS re the cost of the hall.


Co. Senior Football Championship

13 teams entered for the Co. Senior Football Championship, which was run with a losers’ round – Austin Stack’s, John Mitchel’s, Kenmare, Desmonds, Ballymacelligott, Killarney Crokes, West-Kerry, Kerins O Rahilly’s, Feale Rangers, Killarney Legion, St. Brendan’s, Mid-Kerry and South-Kerry.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 25th June at Tralee: St. Brendan’s 3-4; Mid-Kerry 0-2.

That was a very poor game. St. Brendan’s, the previous year’s runners-up, were most unimpressive for most of the hour, but experienced little difficulty in disposing of Mid-Kerry, who were far too inexperienced and crude for that standard of football. Best for the winners were Tom Collins (0-1), M. O Connell, D. Lawlor, Bobby Buckley (1-2), Willie O Leary and Seamus Griffin (2-1). Paddy Clifford and Mick Foley had a point each for Mid-Kerry, which had other good performers in Pat O Connor, Donal Kerins, Joe Cournane and Dan Sheehan, in goal.

Mid-Kerry: Dan Sheehan (Laune Rangers), Willie Barton (Keel), Joe Cournane (do.), John Clifford (Laune Rangers), Charlie O Shea (Beaufort), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), John Joe Ladden (Milltown/Castlemaine), Ned O Shea (Keel), Pat O Connor (Milltown), Jim Moriarty (Glenbeigh), Jerry O Riordan (do.), Mick Foley (Keel), Donal Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine), Paddy Clifford (Laune Rangers), Sean Horan (Milltown/Castlemaine).

St. Brendan’s: T. Carroll, Tim McElligott, Brendan O Shea, John Collins (capt.), Moss O Connell, Sean Lovett, Diarmuid Lawlor, Ned Lawlor, Tom Collins, Xavier Lovett, Bobby Buckley, P. Lenihan, Willie O Leary, Seamus Griffin, Tom Kearney. Sub: Tim O Sullivan for S. Lovett.

Ref: Brendan Galvin (John Mitchels).


Losers’ round on Sun. 6th July at Killorglin: Kerins O Rahilly’s 2-7; Mid-Kerry 2-4.

The holders were fully extended to beat Mid-Kerry in the losers’ round of the Co. Championship. Before the game, very few gave the home side a chance. However, they were in no way overawed by the opposition and, with a little more experience, they could have pulled off a great win. With twelve minutes to go, Mid-Kerry led by four points and it seemed a sensation was in store for the large attendance. However, with characteristic spirit, the Tralee lads gained the upper hand. A mix-up between the Mid-Kerry goalie and fullback, gave them an easy goal near the end and thereafter they notched other winning scores.

Best for O Rahillys were the county players, Brendan O Shea and John Dowling at midfield. Mick Murphy led the forwards well and was always assisted by Joe Kerins and Garry Clifford. For Mid-Kerry, Jerry O Riordan had a fine game at midfield, ably assisted by Mick Foley. Ned O Shea was a great trier and Willie Barton played very soundly against Mick Murphy. The veteran of the team Paddy Clifford, was outstanding at full-forward. Others to show up well were Pat O Shea, Jim Moriarty, John Clifford and Joe Cournane.

Ref: Ned Purtill (Feale Rangers).


South-Kerry, captained by Des Burke, won the Co. Senior Football Championship by beating St. Brendan’s by 1-13 to 1-5. The final was not played until 26th April 1959 as a result of objections and appeals involving South-Kerry and Kerins O Rahilly’s.


Mid-Kerry League/Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Michael Morris, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Batty Foley and John ‘Scart’ Clifford.

That competition was played on a league basis, double round home and away. Killorglin entered two teams – Laune Rangers and Killorglin (the club was instructed to send out, to all the clubs, a list of the players who were playing with each team.)


Rd. 1 on Sun. 16th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine.

Ref: Michael Shanahan (Beaufort).


Rd. 1 on Sun. 23rd Feb. at Beaufort: Beaufort 1-8; Killorglin 1-4.

Killorglin team’s first outing in the Championship proved to be unsuccessful. After leading for over 45 minutes, they failed to hold a strong, hard-hitting Beaufort team. It was a game that could have been won by Killorglin. Their forwards threw away great chances in the first half when they had complete control of the game. However, it was hard to blame the Killorglin lads. They had never played together as a team until that day. Most of the side were still minors and some of them were minors the previous year. There were a few experienced players but even though they played well, the burden was too much.

The game was played at a fast pace with hard hitting. The tackling was over-robust at times but it was played in a grand sporting manner. With Patsy Hurley playing a great game at midfield, Killorglin pressed for almost the entire first half. They were unlucky on numerous occasions when scores seemed certain. They led at halftime by 1-2 to 0-3. The second half was played at a fast pace but the positional switches made at halftime weakened the Killorglin side and Beaufort got in for some easy points. When a defensive blunder left them in for a goal, the game was as good as over. However, the Killorglin lads tried hard to the end without success.

Outstanding for Beaufort were Sean Cahill, Michael Shanahan, Pete Doyle, Charlie O Shea, Jimmy O Shea and M. Clifford. Killorglin was best served by Patsy Hurley, Eddie Sullivan, Jim Harris, M. Ahern, Frank Murphy, Paudie Foley, Pat O Shea, Joe McMahon and James Coffey.

Ref: Donal Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 9th March at Glenbeigh: Laune Rangers 2-5; Glenbeigh 1-1

Spectators leaving the Glenbeigh Sportsfield on that day had no doubts about the football revival in Mid-Kerry, especially in the Killorglin area. They had witnessed a really rousing game played in Artic weather conditions. The football was of a high standard and hard knocks were taken and given in a good sporting manner.

From the start of the game, the Laune Rangers, short three of the selected side, went about its task in a real business-like manner and, after some near misses, Christy O Riordan opened the scoring with a grand point. Michael O Riordan followed with another minor and then Batty Foley scored a great goal to leave the Rangers ahead at halftime by 1-2 to 0-0. In the first half, John Clifford, at fullback, was outstanding for the Rangers, while Pat O Shea, Paddy Clifford, Batty Foley and Jackie O Dwyer were unbeatable. Timmy Corkery and Teddy Mangan had a slight advantage at midfield.

Soon after the change over, Michael O Riordan had another point but, after a bout of good football, Dem O Sullivan had a point for Glenbeigh, its first score. At that stage, Glenbeigh began to take command of the game and when Pat O Shea got injured, it looked very bad for the Rangers. Glenbeigh scored a goal at that stage through O Sullivan and, with only two points between them, they looked certain of victory. However, the Killorglin selectors had other ideas. John Clifford went to centre halfback, Paddy Clifford took over at fullback, Pat O Shea resumed on the forty and Batty Foley went to full-forward. Those switches brought a vast change in the game and soon Batty Foley added a point to the Rangers’ tally. The same player followed with a goal and, just before fulltime, Christy O Riordan had another point without reply from Glenbeigh.

In that game, one player stood out over all the rest. He was John Clifford, who gave one of the finest displays seen in Mid-Kerry for a long time. He was at home at fullback and centre halfback. Paddy Clifford showed that he is still as sound a fullback as there was in Mid-Kerry. Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan, Timmy Corkery, Batty Foley, Pat O Shea, M. Lenihan and Christy O Riordan were others to shine. Best for Glenbeigh were Jerry O Riordan, Paddy Brennan, Denny O Shea, Denny Sheehan and Willie Halpin.

Ref: T. Kelliher (Keel).

Rd. 3 on Sun. 23rd March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-6; Killorglin 1-7.

The handful of supporters that turned up to witness that local derby got good value for their money. Best for the Rangers were John Clifford, Paudie Foley, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Timmy Corkery, Batty Foley, Paddy Clifford, Peter Gill and Jackie O Dwyer. Best for Killorglin were Cornelius Lynch, John Clifford (Cromane), Patsy Hurley, Patrick O Shea, Eddie O Sullivan, Tony O Donoghue, Jim Harris and John Langford.

Ref: Paddy Foley (Killorglin).


Rd. 4 Sun. 20th April at Keel: Laune Rangers beat Keel.

That was Keel’s first defeat at home in ten years. Close marking and hard-hitting ruled out classy football and there were many thrills and spills.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 27th April at Killorglin: Glenbeigh beat Killorglin.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 4th May at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 5-6; Killorglin 0-1.

Rd. 5 on Sun. 11th May at Keel: Keel received a w.o. from Killorglin.

Rd. 5 at Beaufort: Laune Rangers beat Beaufort.

Rd. 6 on Sun. 22nd June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-10; Beaufort 1-1.

That was an improved performance from Beaufort. The home side fell far below their usual form and at times it seemed as if Beaufort would spring a surprise. Newcomers, Sean O Reilly and Owen Mangan, played great football all through. The former was the outstanding defender while Mangan had certainly staked a forward position for himself on the team. Others to play well for the winners were Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Paddy Clifford, John Clifford and Timmy Corkery. Best for Beaufort were Michael Shanahan, Charlie O Shea, Sean Cahill, Pete Doyle and goal-man, Brosnan.

Ref: Donal Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Rd. 7 on Sun. 29th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers drew with Glenbeigh.

Rd. 8 on Sun. 27th July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine 4-6; Laune Rangers 2-4.


Final on Sun. 7th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-2; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-4.

Laune Rangers surprised their most ardent supporters with that win. The club had achieved a notable treble – the minor and U-16 teams having already won their Mid-Kerry competitions. After the game, Father Kelly, Chairman of the Board, presented the Kennedy Cup to the Laune Rangers’ captain, Batty Foley.

Laune Rangers: Dan Sheehan, Paddy Clifford, John Clifford, Peter Gill, Paudie Foley, Pat O Shea, Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan, Tadhg Corkery, Michael O Riordan, Paddy O Reilly, Michael Teahan, Sean O Reilly, Denny O Reilly, Batty Foley (capt.). Subs: John Clifford (Cromane), Donal Mangan, Owen Mangan, Brian Corkery, Sean Teahan, Christy O Riordan, Dermot Hyland, Den Mangan, Moss Murphy and Mikey Foley.

John ‘Scart’ Clifford (Laune Rangers) and John Burke (Milltown/Castlemaine) were sent off by referee, Gerald Stack (Listowel).

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football Champions 1958

Laune Rangers – Mid-Kerry Senior Football Champions 1958
Front (l to r): Michael O Riordan, Paddy ‘Donal’ Clifford, Sean O Reilly, Batty Foley (capt.), Denny O Reilly, Dan Sheehan, Paddy O Reilly.
Middle Row: James Coffey (Secretary), Sean Teahan, Peter Gill, Owen Mangan, Paudie Foley, Donal Mangan, Pat O Shea, Michael Morris (Chairman).
Back: John ‘Scart’ Clifford, John Clifford, Tadhg Corkery, Brian Corkery, Teddy Mangan, Jackie O Dwyer, Mickey Teahan, Michael O Shea.

Laune Rangers Cup


Rd. 1 on Sun. 19th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 0-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-6.

Since winning the Mid-Kerry Championship, Laune Rangers had lost six players through emigration and three substitutes had returned to college and they were finding it hard to fill the vacancies. Consequently, Milltown/Castlemaine were hot favourites. At halftime, Laune Rangers were six points in arrears. Pat O Shea called the players together and cautioned them that if they were to lose the game, their opponents would say that the winning of the Mid-Kerry championship had been a fluke and he asked for a greater effort in the second half. That was indeed forthcoming and the Rangers played with great heart on the resumption to gain a very creditable draw. Best for Laune Rangers were Pat O Shea, Peter Gill, Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan, Sean O Reilly, Tadhg Corkery, Paddy Clifford, Dan Sheehan, Christy O Riordan and Joe McMahon. Best for Milltown/Castlemaine were Willie Burke, Euge Lynch, Donal and Jackie Kerins, Michael O Connor and John Joe Ladden.

Ref: Willie Barton (Keel).


Replay on 9th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine. Ref: Tom Kelliher (Keel).


Semi-final on 16th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-5; Glenbeigh 0-1.

It was not expected that Rangers would win that game against the holders, due to the fact that so many players were missing. However, so well did the replacements play that the loss of the more experienced players was hardly felt. In fact, there was so much talent at the disposal of the club that it was contemplating entering for the Co. Championship in the following year. Best for the Rangers were Sean O Reilly (1-0), Batty Foley (0-2), Brian Corkery (0-1), Pat O Shea (0-1), Christy O Riordan (0-1), Donal Mangan, Teddy Mangan, Jackie O Dwyer, Peter Gill, Paddy Clifford, Joe McMahon and Tadhg Corkery. Glenbeigh’s score came from a free by Jerry O Riordan, and others to play well were M. and B. O Riordan, Dem O Sullivan, Jim Moriarty and James Harmon.

Ref: Tom Kelliher (Keel).


Final on 30th Nov. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-3; Beaufort 1-3.

Laune Rangers completed a fine double in Mid-Kerry senior competitions with that win. Beaufort had reached the final after successfully objecting to the legality of the Keel team. It was a very good game, with plenty of thrills for the attendance. At times, especially in the first half, it looked like a surprise was in store, as Beaufort was playing great football and their defence was solid. However, their best attacking movements were broken up by a solid Rangers’ defence, in which Peter Gill was outstanding. He was the hero of the Rangers’ team. His magnificent fielding and lengthy clearances were a delight to watch and many times during the game he saved certain scores.

Christy O Riordan, playing his last game with the side, made it a memorable occasion, scoring 2-1 of his side’s total. With ten minutes left for play, the score stood at 2-3 to 0-3 in favour of the Rangers but a goal by Liam Coughlan put great heart into the Beaufort boys. The excitement was tense but Beaufort could not get the equaliser, although at one stage they looked like scoring but the ball went just wide of the post.

Outstanding for the winners were Peter Gill, Donal Mangan, Teddy Mangan, Paddy Clifford, Jackie O Dwyer, Pat O Shea, Tadhg Corkery, Sean O Reilly, Batty Foley and Christy O Riordan. Best for Beaufort were Donal Coughlan, Sean Cahill, Charlie O Shea, T. Kelliher, D. Moroney, Tom O Shea, Liam Coughlan, Pete Doyle and B. Loughlin.

Laune Rangers: Dan Sheehan, Donal Mangan, Paddy Clifford, Peter Gill, Noel O Mahony, Teddy Mangan. Jackie O Dwyer, Pat O Shea, Tadhg Corkery, Batty Foley, Sean O Reilly, Joe McMahon, Brian Corkery, Patsy Hurley, Christy O Riordan. Subs: Paudie Foley (late arrival), Patrick O Shea, James Coffey, Mike Murphy, Sean Teahan, Denny O Reilly.

Ref: Tom Kelliher (Keel).

After the game, Father Kelly, Chairman of the Board, presented the Laune Rangers Cup to Batty Foley, captain of Laune Rangers. He congratulated both sides on the great display. He said that it was a fine sporting game. He said that Killorglin had had a great year and they deserved every praise. He hoped the day was not far off when the County Championship cup would once again have a resting-place beside the Laune.


Parish League


As decided at the AGM, a special parish league of 11-a-side was organised. Teams that failed to turn out at the appointed time lost the points. The teams were as follows:

Casement’s: Pat O Shea (capt.), Jackie O Dwyer, Michael Teahan, Sean McKenna, John Clifford (Cromane), Sean Foley, Jim Harris, Paddy O Neill, Sean O Reilly, Tom Lynch, D. Moroney, Denny O Neill, T. Murphy, Eddie O Sullivan.

Eire Og: Batty Foley (capt.), Christy O Riordan, Dan Sheehan, Paudie Foley, Denis Teahan, James Teahan, Jackie McKenna, Frank Murphy, Moss Murphy, Mike Murphy (Caragh Lake), Tony Lyons, Mícheál Conway, Michael O Sullivan.

Na Fianna: Paddy Clifford (capt.), John Clifford (Scart), Michael Riordan, Patsy Hurley, Sean Teahan, Pat (Batt) O Sullivan, M. Ahern, M. Clifford, Cornelius Lynch, K. O Leary, Donal Mangan, Paddy O Reilly, Tim O Sullivan, D. Carey, Michael Carey.

Kickham’s: Teddy Mangan (capt.), Peter Gill, Brian Corkery, Denny O Reilly, Den Mangan, Tadhg Corkery, James Coffey, Joe McMahon, John Langford, S. Diggin, Patrick O Shea, Owen Mangan, Dermot Hyland, Pat Diggin, P. Ahern.

Subs. for all teams – Jimmy Griffin, James ‘Seamie’ O Sullivan, Ted Moriarty, Patsy Corkery and Michael Galvin.

In the Killorglin Notes in the Kerryman edition prior to the game, the writer remonstrated with the people who crashed into the sports-field over the lightly protected fences, rather than pay a few pence at the gate. The organising committee depended on the takings at the gate to keep their heads above water financially.


Semi-final: Kickham’s 4-5; Na Fianna 2-4.

The final score might have given the impression that the winners had it easy against Na Fianna. That was not so, however, as the losers made their opponents fight hard all the way and were not beaten until they conceded two goals near the end. Two goals by Patsy Hurley had Kickhams in danger in the second half and there were some hectic exchanges before the winning scores were secured. Best for the winners were Teddy and Owen Mangan, Brian and Tadhg Corkery, Denny O Reilly, Peter Gill, Patrick O Shea and John Langford. Na Fianna were best served by Paddy O Reilly, John Clifford, Patsy Hurley, Donal Mangan and Cornelius Lynch.

Ref: Pat O Shea.


Final on Sun. 5th Oct: Kickham’s 3-3; Casement’s 1-1.

Heavy rain before the game made conditions very difficult. Best for the winners were Peter Gill, Dermot Hyland, Teddy Mangan, Tadhg Corkery, Owen Mangan, Denny O Reilly, Brian Corkery and Patrick O Shea. For Casement’s Sean Foley, Pat O Shea, Sean O Reilly, Batty and Paudie Foley and Johnny Murphy were best.

Ref: Kevin Foley.


Football Challenge/Tournament Games


Wed. Jan 1st at Killorglin: Non-Residents 4-2; Residents 1-7.

This was the first game of the New Year. Good football was impossible on the very greasy pitch but there were some good individual displays. Outstanding for the non-residents were Jimmy Lucey, James Griffin, Dermot Hyland, John Mulvihill, Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan, Tony O Donoghue and Billy Dodd. The residents were best served by Teddy and Den Mangan, Jackie O Dwyer, Peter Gill, Denny O Reilly, Brian Corkery, Pat O Shea, John Langford and Denis O Neill.


End of July at Killorglin: Killorglin F.C.A. 3-5; Cahersiveen F.C.A. 1-8.

Cahersiveen impressed in the early stages with fine performances from J.J. O Neill, Maurice ‘Junior’ Murphy and Christy O Neill. Peter Gill was outstanding for Killorglin with Mikey Foley and Dermot Hyland also to the fore.

Killorglin: Peter Gill, Denny O Reilly, Mikey Foley, Austin O Reilly, Dermot Hyland, Euge O Sullivan, Maurice Prendiville, Patsy Hurley, Josie Fenton, James Griffin, Tom Hurley, C. Griffin, N. Corcoran, John Heffernan. Subs: Vincent Tuohy and P. Clifford.

Cahersiveen: P. Sullivan, B. Griffin, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Maurice ‘Junior’ Murphy, Paddy Murphy, Ted Griffin, Paud Murphy, D. O Neill, F. O Connell, J.J. O Neill, J. O Connor, S. O Shea, D. Hallissey, D. O Neill. Subs: M. O Leary, W. Sheehy, A Burke.

The teams were played onto the field by Christy Purcell and A. O Byrne.


Sun. 2nd Nov. at Cahersiveen: Valentia 1-8; Laune Rangers 2-1.

This was a thrilling game of football. With underfoot conditions playing havoc with the standard of football, it was a gruelling hour. Man-of-the-match was county player, Mick O Connell, who played at centre half-forward for Valentia. He had the Rangers’ defence in trouble every time he touched the ball. Others to impress for the winners were John Shanahan, J.H. O Connor, Des Burke, Tony Murphy and Sonny Curran, who had made a great comeback at fullback. Best for the Rangers, who were without six of their regular team, were Pat O Shea, Paddy Clifford, Jackie O Dwyer, Sean O Reilly, Batty Foley and Christy O Riordan.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship (Father Mangan Cup)

At the Board meeting on 11th March, it was decided to run the Minor Championship on the same lines as the previous year.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 6th April at Glenbeigh: Killorglin 7-9; Glenbeigh 2-5.

A well-balanced Killorglin team had little difficulty in beating Glenbeigh. Jimmy Lucey played a great game at midfield. Best of the others were Mike Murphy, at full-forward, Donal Mangan, Owen Mangan, Sean Falvey, Maurice Prendiville and Dermot Hyland. Liam Scully, Tony McSweeney and Breen were best for Glenbeigh.

Ref: Donal Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine)


Rd. 2 on Fri. 18th July at Killorglin: Killorglin 4-5; Glenbeigh 0-7.

After a shaky start, the holders settled down to play good football and they led at halftime by 2-2 to 0-3. However, they can thank fullback Billy Dodd for that lead. He played a wonderful game and made some great clearances, when his side was slow to settle down. In the second half, it was all Killorglin and the forwards got some good scores, but they were also guilty of very poor shooting on several occasions. Glenbeigh found it hard to pass the Killorglin halfback line, which was very sound in the second half. Glenbeigh had complete control at midfield, where Liam Scully played an outstanding game. He got little assistance, however. Outstanding for Killorglin were Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan, Dermot Hyland, Billy Dodd, Mikey Foley, Patrick O Shea and Noel O Mahony. Best for Glenbeigh were Liam Scully, James Harmon, Teddy Bowler and Tony McSweeney.

Ref: Donal Kerins.


Final on Sun. 17th Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin 1-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-1.

Milltown/Castlemaine had thirteen of the previous year’s team and they were favourites to win. Killorglin, though impressive in the game against Glenbeigh, were a little suspect at midfield and Jimmy Lucey was brought from Naas to bolster that position.

Killorglin: Seamus Naughton, Noel O Mahony, Billy Dodd, Tony Lyons, Donal Mangan, Dermot Hyland, Mikey Foley, Jimmy Lucey, Joe McMahon, Patrick O Shea, Brian Corkery, Owen Mangan (capt.), Maurice Prendiville, Mike Murphy, Sean Falvey. Subs: John Langford, Austin O Reilly, Jackie McKenna, Denis O Neill, Paudie Carroll, James Foley and James O Sullivan (Corbally).

Ref: Gerald Stack (Listowel).


Laune Rangers Minor Team – Mid-Kerry Champions 1958

Laune Rangers Minor Team – Mid-Kerry Champions 1958
Front (l to r): Austin O Reilly, James Foley, Sean Falvey, Paudie Carroll, Patrick o Shea, Seamus Naughton.
Middle: Denis O Neill, James O Sullivan, Tony Lyons, Owen Mangan (capt.), Joe McMahon, Jackie McKenna, Donal Mangan, Dermot Hyland.
Back: Mike Murphy, Maurice Prendiville, Brian Corkery, Jimmy Lucey, John Langford, Billy Dodd, Noel O Mahony, Mikey Fole


U-16 Mid-Kerry Championship


Rd. 1 on Wed. 23rd July at Glenbeigh: Killorglin beat Glenbeigh.


Semi-Final in the first week of Aug at Killorglin: Killorglin 2-8; Beaufort 0-1.

Killorglin had outstanding forwards in John Langford, Patrick O Shea, Paudie Carroll and James Foley, while Donal Mangan and Noel O Mahony had complete control at midfield. In defence, Billy Dodd, Denis O Neill, Tony Lyons and Vincent Lucey were very sound. Beaufort had too many weak spots in their team. However, they had some promising players in Sean Cahill, Stephen O Shea and Con Mangan. Goalman, Jerome O Shea, was very good. He made some daring saves and his handling of the heavy, wet ball would have shown up many a senior player.

Ref: James Coffey (Killorglin).


Final at Milltown: Killorglin beat Keel.

Killorglin: Teddy Clifford, Denis O Neill, Frank Murphy, John Langford, Paul McMahon, Tony Lyons (capt.), Vincent Lucey, Donal Mangan, Noel O Mahony, Patrick O Shea, James Foley, Paudie Carroll, Declan Mangan, J. Phelan, David Power. Subs: Pat Callanan, Paul Lucey, Steve Joe Cahillane, John Diggin. Billy Dodd, the regular fullback, missed the final.


U-14 Mid-Kerry Championship

The teams were divided into two groups as follows:

Group A: Milltown, Beaufort and Keel/Castlemaine.

Group B: Killorglin and Glenbeigh.

All the clubs, except Killorglin, were allowed to select players from the Vocational and Intermediate Schools, who were under the age.


Rd. 1 on Thurs. 15th May at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 6-5; Killorglin 0-6.

The Killorglin team, picked from the Killorglin Boys’ National School, was no match for a strong Glenbeigh outfit. Only one of the previous year’s winning team, William Kennedy, had been eligible for Killorglin. Glenbeigh had outstanding players in Denis Guerin, Tony McSweeney, Wall and Sullivan. Best for Killorglin were Stephen Corkery, who brought off some daring saves in goal, William Kennedy, Patsy Joy, John Joy, Seamus Curran, Patrick Roche and Tom Curtayne.


Rd. 2 on Thurs. 29th May at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 3-5; Killorglin 0-1.

Only great football by William Kennedy and Patsy Joy kept the Glenbeigh tally from rising. The winners had outstanding players in Denis Guerin, Tony McSweeney, Sullivan and Wall.


Final at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 4-4; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-3.


Mid-Kerry took part in the Co. Juvenile Championship but were beaten by East-Kerry.


Juvenile Hurling


Co. Championship: Cahersiveen scored a good win over Killorglin. Best for Cahersiveen were Looby, Fitzpatrick, O Sullivan and Lenihan. Best for Killorglin were Pat Callanan, Jim Barry, Gearoid O Sullivan, James Foley and Michael O Connor.


Schools/Colleges Football


Dunloe Cup:

Wed. 12th March at Cahersiveen: Cahersiveen CBS 6-2; Intermediate School 2-1.

This was the Intermediate School’s debut in the competition. They led by one point at the interval but were eventually overwhelmed. Three of their best players, Peter Gill, James Harmon and Eamonn Langford, were unable to travel and of the remainder, ten were the previous year’s juveniles. Against the more experienced opponents, the lack of weight and experience was reflected in the final score.

Munster Vocational Schools’ Football Championship

Fri. 27th June, Kerry became the first winners of the Munster Vocational Schools’ Football Championship when, at Croom, they beat Clare by 1-6 to 1-3.

Kerry: V. O Mahony (Tralee), M. Lawlor (Killarney), M. Travers (Castleisland), Tom Kirby (Causeway), P. Kavanagh (Dingle), M. O Sullivan (Killorglin), D. Walsh (Listowel), Mick Walsh (do.), M. O Connor (do.), S. Roche (do.), M. Farrell (Dingle), Weeshie Fogarty (Killarney), M. O Connor (Killorglin), E. Reidy (Listowel), T. O Sullivan (Tralee). (The names in parenthesis are the schools that the players attended.). Mr. Frank Sheehy, Chairman of the Munster Council, who threw in the ball, addressed the boys before the game.


Munster Senior Colleges Championship

Final in March: De la Salle, Waterford beat

Mikey Foley played at

All-Ireland Semi-final on


Munster Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 25th May at Ennis: Kerry 3-5; Clare 2-3.

Jimmy Lucey had been selected at full-forward. However, he lined out at midfield, where he did not settle and he was replaced during the game. Thereafter, he lost his place on the panel.




Dr. J.J. Stuart, Áth Cliath, was elected as Uachtarán CLG.

Later in the year, the Central Council of the GAA arranged with Radio Brazzaville to have the All-Ireland Football and Hurling Finals broadcast abroad.


Munster Council Convention was held in Tramore on 8th March. Frank Sheehy, Ciarraí, was Chairman, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer.


Co. Convention was held in the Glebe Hotel, Killarney, on Sun. 26th Jan. 184 delegates attended. The following officers were elected: Chairman – Frank Sheehy; Vice-Chairman – Jack Lawlor (114 votes as against 69 votes for Paddy Drummond); Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville (157 votes), Pat O Meara (138 votes) and Jerry Flynn (John Mitchels) was beaten in the election; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy and Con Brosnan; Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc. The following was the result of the voting for the Senior Football Selection Committee, with the first five being deemed elected: Jackie Lyne (141), Johnny Walsh (134), Gerald O Sullivan (132), John Joe Sheehy (127), Con Geaney (119) and Paddy Bawn Brosnan (118).

James Coffey had been nominated to contest the Senior Hurling Selection Committee, but withdrew his name. Killorglin had two motions on the ‘clár’:

  1. ‘That the Minor Co. Football Championship be run on the same basis as the Senior Football Co. Championship.’ James Coffey, moving the motion, said that the system in vogue rendered the players idle when they were beaten in the first round. The motion was lost.
  2.  ‘That Easter Sunday be declared an open day in the county.’ That was adopted.

A grant of £50 was given by the Munster Council towards the development in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall on 8th Dec. 1957. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1957). Delegates attended from Killorglin, Glenbeigh, Beaufort, Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine. Father McCloskey and James Coffey also were in attendance. The Chairman, Father Kelly, in his address, welcomed the delegates. He said that they showed, by their attendance on such a bad day, the interest they had in the GAA affairs of Mid-Kerry. He said that the year had been a very successful one. For the first time, the Treasurer’s report had shown a substantial credit balance. Continuing, he said, ‘that the Mid-Kerry Board is the best run Board in the county. This is proved by the competitions we ran during the year. All the competitions were a great success and they were all completed. All the games were played in a grand sporting spirit. There were a few minor incidents but they were not serious and it was only natural that a few incidents should arise when so many games were played.’ He said that the Board had its little differences during the year but all these had been solved without any incidents. He congratulated the juvenile footballers on their great victory in the Co. Championship. Commenting on the displays of the senior and minor teams, Father Kelly said that he was satisfied that they had excellent material in Mid-Kerry, which, if properly handled, should be capable of bringing back the county title to the traditional home of Kerry football. He said that it was the wish of most Mid-Kerry players to win a Co. Championship medal and very often the Board was blamed for the poor show put up by the Mid-Kerry teams. ‘Maybe these people are right in blaming the Board,’ he said. ‘It is true that they had fared badly in both senior and minor Co. Football Championships, but I do not feel in the least despondent because, after all, we were only team building these past few years. The teams had the physique and ability to win but they lacked craft. If Mid-Kerry are to win, they will have to develop scientific play amongst the forwards.’ Father Kelly appealed to the clubs to see that their teams were trained and he asked them to concentrate on forward play. ‘If this is done,’ he said, ‘and with the help of the Board, the teams will advance in the 1958 Co. Championships.’ Concluding, Father Kelly paid tribute to the officers of the Board for the great work they were doing. He also asked the club officials and players to continue giving full co-operation to the Board.

The Treasurer’s report showed a credit balance of £73-9-5. However, the medals for the Laune Rangers Cup had not yet been paid for and £5-7-6 was due to the Beaufort Club for travelling expenses for 1957. The Treasurer’s report was adopted.

The following officers were elected: Chairman – Father Kelly C.C. Glenbeigh; Vice-Chairman – Father McCloskey C.C. Milltown; Hon. Secretary – James Coffey, Laune Rangers; Assistant Secretary – Michael Shanahan, Beaufort (This appointment was made on the suggestion of the Secretary, James Coffey, but he would not have a vote, unless he was, also, a club delegate); Hon. Treasurer – Paddy Foley, Laune Rangers (12 votes), Jer O Riordan (7 votes), Michael Shanahan (4 votes); Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly, Beaufort. There were 32 motions down for decision and the following were passed:

  1. ‘That the Mid-Kerry league be played as a double league system as last year.’
  2. ‘That the League commence on the 16th Feb. and that the final be played before 1st Sept.’
  3. ‘That two games be played with outside Co. Championship teams before the first round of the 1958 Co. Championship and two more games be played before the second round.’
  4. ‘That all Mid-Kerry finals be played at either Killorglin or Milltown.’
  5. ‘That all league matches involving the Beaufort club be played during the school holidays at Easter or during the summer.’ That would be done as far as possible.
  6. ‘That the first round of the minor league be played during the Easter Holidays.’
  7. ‘That the juvenile league commence in April.’ It was decided to leave that motion to be considered by the Juvenile Board.
  8. ‘That all Mid-Kerry draws and fixtures be made on 4th Feb. and that the 4th Feb. be the closing date for receipt of entries – affiliation fees and insurance must be paid by that date.’
  9. ‘That the Board refuse to sanction a closed date, unless an application for one has been made two months in advance.’
  10. ‘That the bye-laws concerning dates of finals be strictly adhered to.’
  11. ‘That a new football be provided by the Mid-Kerry board for the Senior League Final and that the ball be held by the Board’s Secretary until the Laune Rangers Cup final, when the ball will be put in use again. The ball should then be given to one of the runners-up – this to be decided by a toss of a coin.’
  12. ‘That, due to limited choice of referees within the district, referees, from outside the district, be obtained for finals at the discretion of the Board.’
  13. ‘That the club, in whose field a match is played, be responsible for stewarding, especially for keeping the end-lines clear of spectators.’
  14. ‘That the Board run an U-16 competition for a set of medals.’ That motion was referred to the Juvenile Board.
  15. ‘That an Assistant-Secretary be appointed by the Board.’
  16. ‘That no player be allowed to act on the Mid-Kerry Selection Committee.’
  17. ‘That the motion, passed at last year’s Convention, concerning the engraving of the Kennedy Cup and Laune Rangers Cup be carried out this year and that the Father Mangan Cup for minor football be also engraved.
  18. ‘That a player, who had been put to the line by a referee, be not reinstated until he has done the full term according to rule.’
  19. ‘That the caretaker of the CYMS Hall be paid £1 annually.’
  20. ‘That the centre for the Annual Convention be rotated.’
  21. ‘That, for all games, the home club should supply the ball, but the visiting team should also bring a ball in case it would be needed.’

Father McCloskey asked, and it was granted, that all the motions that were passed, should be sent out to the clubs.


In Mid-May, at the first meeting of the Mid-Kerry Juvenile Board in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin, the following officers were elected: Chairman – Father McCloskey, Milltown; Vice-Chairman – Father Kelly, Glenbeigh; Secretary – James Coffey, Killorglin; Ass. Secretary – Michael Shanahan, Beaufort.


The minutes of 14 Board meetings are available. Father Kelly, Chairman, presided at the Board meeting on 4th Feb. in the CYMS Hall. Delegates from all the clubs attended. The Board accepted a second team from Killorglin. However, in order to avoid difficulties later, it was decided that the teams would be called, Laune Rangers (Killorglin ‘A’) and Killorglin (Killorglin ‘B’). The Board instructed the club to send out a list, to all the clubs, of players for each team. It was also decided not to allow a player, home on holidays from England, to take part in the leagues as it might make teams illegal and would be the cause of objections. The Secretary was instructed to write to the Co. Board for information concerning American players home on holidays. The draws and some fixtures for the Mid-Kerry Senior League were made. Father Kelly appealed to the teams to be on time and he also asked the referees to be on the field well before the time.

Father McCloskey, Vice-Chairman, presided at the Board meeting on 11th March in the CYMS Hall. The Secretary informed the delegates that American players, home on holidays, could not play with their home clubs without transfers. Further senior fixtures were made. It was decided to run the Minor Championship on the same lines as the previous year. The Secretary told the meeting that the Co. Board would suggest to the club delegates, that the Co. Championship should be played on a knock-out basis. All the clubs objected to that, as it would not be good for Mid-Kerry, if they were knocked out in the first round. Murt Kelly would be instructed on the views of the clubs.

Only two officers and two delegates attended at the Board meeting on 8th April in the CYMS Hall. Reports on recent games were read. It was decided to postpone fixtures until the following meeting. Delegates from all the clubs attended at the Board meeting in the CYMS on 14th April, under the Chairmanship of Father Kelly. Further senior fixtures were made. Michael Morris said that, at a meeting of the Killorglin club, the members objected to the decision of the Mid-Kerry Juvenile Board in not allowing the Killorglin Club to select players from the Intermediate and Vocational schools for the Mid-Kerry league. He said that the club threatened to withdraw the juvenile team from the competition. The Killorglin delegate was told that he was out of order in raising the matter at the meeting. Father Kelly explained what had happened at the Juvenile Board meeting and said that nothing could be done about it then.

A meeting of the Board was held in Dingle on 9th June (after the senior game, Mid-Kerry v Dingle). Delegates from all the clubs, except Beaufort, attended. Father Kelly presided. Reports on some senior games were read. A protracted discussion took place on the Keel/Glenbeigh game that was not played. Further fixtures were made.

The meeting of the Board on 1st July in the CYMS, which was presided over by Father Kelly and at which all delegates attended, was chiefly a fixture-making meeting for senior, minor and U-16 games. For the latter competition, Milltown/Castlemaine was given permission to select players from Listry who were attending the Monastery N. S., Milltown, provided those players were not taking part in East Kerry Board competitions.

Murt Kelly presided at the Board meeting in the CYMS on 29th July, in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Reports on games were read. A very long discussion took place on the referee’s report of the Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort minor game, which was played in Killorglin. Further minor and senior games were fixed.

Murt Kelly also presided at the Board meeting in the CYMS on 5th Aug. a very long discussion took place on the actual standing of the senior game, Milltown/Castlemaine v Beaufort. Both minor and senior finals were provisionally fixed.

Father Kelly presided at the Board meeting on 25th Sept. in the CYMS. Delegates attended from Keel, Milltown/Castlemaine and Killorglin. Reports were read on the senior, minor and U-16 finals. Patsy Hurley proposed that Laune Rangers be allowed to select players from the Killorglin ‘B’ team to play in the Laune Rangers Cup competition. James Coffey seconded the proposal. Jerry Griffin, Milltown/Castlemaine, asked the Board not to permit players from Killorglin’B’ to play with Laune Rangers. Jimmy Herlihy seconded that proposal. By a vote of 3 to 2, Patsy Hurley’s proposal was carried. Draws and fixtures were made for the competition.

In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Michael Morris presided at the Board meeting on 21st Oct. in the CYMS (Batty Foley proposed him and Pat O Shea seconded). Delegates attended from Killorglin, Beaufort and Milltown/Castlemaine. Referees’ reports on some games were dealt with. When it came to the re-fixing of the Laune Rangers v Milltown/Castlemaine game, the Milltown/Castlemaine delegates said that they wanted the game to be played on Sun. 2nd Nov. The Killorglin delegates told the meeting that they wanted the game played on 26th Oct. They said that if it was not played on that date, they would not be able to play until 23rd Nov. Milltown/Castlemaine said that they had injured players. James Coffey said that if the game had been won on the previous Sunday by either side, the winners would have had to play Glenbeigh on 26th Oct., as that was the way the fixtures had been made. As there was a draw, the re-play should take place on 26th Oct. James Coffey continued that if Milltown/Castlemaine could not play because of injured players, the Laune Rangers could not play on the following Sunday as they would only be suiting Milltown/Castlemaine when they were worse off themselves. The Chairman said that he could not allow the game to go out to 23rd Nov. James Coffey proposed that the game should be played on 26th Oct. Pat O Shea seconded. Jerry Griffin proposed that the game be played on 2nd Nov. Jimmy Herlihy seconded. On a vote of 4 to 2, the proposition of James Coffey was carried. There followed a long discussion on the venue. The Milltown/Castlemaine delegates claimed that the game should be played in Milltown as the first game had been played in Killorglin. James Coffey said that it was still the same fixture and it should be played in Killorglin. However, the Killorglin delegates were quite willing to agree to a neutral venue, Beaufort or Glenbeigh. The Milltown/Castlemaine delegates were not willing to agree to any other venue except Milltown. James Coffey proposed that they toss a coin for either Milltown or Killorglin. Pat O Shea seconded. Jerry Griffin proposed that there would not be a toss and Jimmy Herlihy seconded. By a vote of 4 votes to 1, James Coffey’s proposition was carried. The Milltown/Castlemaine delegates then left the meeting. Sean Cahill, Beaufort, tossed the coin and the venue was fixed for Milltown.

Father McCloskey presided at the meeting in the CYS on 28th Oct. Delegates attended from Killorglin and Milltown/Castlemaine. The acting Chairman asked that the matter re the Milltown/Castlemaine game be left until later in the meeting as it would be unfair to ask a member of either club to preside on the matter. The AGM was fixed for Sunday 14th Dec. and all motions and nominations had to be with the Secretary not later than Wed. 3rd Dec. The venue was not decided upon as Milltown said that they liked to host it. As no further delegates came to the meeting, and as there was a doubt about the numbers for a quorum, decisions on any other matters were deferred.

Father Kelly presided at the last Board meeting in the CYMS on 4th Nov. Delegates attended from Glenbeigh, Killorglin and Milltown/Castlemaine. Other officers present were Father McCloskey and James Coffey. Milltown was selected as the venue for the AGM. Killorglin had a motion, ‘that anyone who wishes be allowed to attend the Annual Convention of the Board and that each club be allowed four delegates with the power to vote.’ After some discussion, James Coffey proposed that the motion be adopted and Sean O Reilly seconded. Jimmy O Doherty, Glenbeigh, proposed that the convention be run on the same lines as the previous year. Tom Hurley seconded. On a vote of 5 to 3, James Coffey’s motion was adopted. However, it was decided that only delegates would be allowed to speak at the convention and that the public should be divided from the delegates by means of a barrier. On the matter of the unplayed replay between Milltown/Castlemaine and Laune Rangers, James Coffey read the minutes of the meeting held on 21/10/58, at which the replay was fixed. Father McCloskey said that they had no official notice that the game had been fixed for Milltown. He said that because of that, they were in doubt whether the game was to be played or not. The Secretary told the meeting that the Milltown/Castlemaine delegates had left the meeting before the toss for the venue was made. He rang Jerry Griffin on the following morning to tell him that the game had been fixed for Milltown. He thought that that was official enough as Jerry Griffin had been one of the delegates at the previous meeting. The Killorglin delegates told the meeting that they were not claiming the game but that they only wanted the game to be refixed for 23rd Nov. at Killorglin. After a long discussion, Father Kelly proposed that the game be played on 9th Nov. Jerry O Riordan seconded. James Coffey proposed that the game be played on 23rd Nov. and Michael Morris seconded. On a vote of 5 to 3, the game was fixed for 9th Nov. The Killorglin delegates said that they were not prepared to field a team on that date as one of their best players (John ‘Scart’ Clifford) was under suspension. Father McCloskey, very sportingly, said that it would be unfair to ask Killorglin to play without one of their best players and he agreed to a postponement. However, the Board was not willing to postpone the game until 23rd Nov. At that stage, there was a complete deadlock and then the Milltown/Castlemaine delegates agreed to travel to Killorglin for the game on 9th Nov. It was decided to play 10 minutes a half if extra time was required.


The minutes of two Laune Rangers Club meetings are available. (Many J.P. O Sullivan Park Committee meetings were held).

Michael Morris presided at the club meeting on 9th January in the CYMS Hall. Also in attendance were James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Jim Harris, Patsy Hurley, Tom Lynch and Cornelius Lynch. Membership cards were distributed – all money from the sale of membership cards had to lodged with the Secretary before 1st Feb. The teams for the Senior Parish League were selected and the draws for th 1st rounds were made. It was decided to run a dance in the CYMS Hall on Sunday 2nd Feb. Admission would be 3/-.

Michael Morris presided at the meeting of the club on 1st April in the CYMS Hall. James Coffey, Teddy Mangan, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, John Clifford, Pat Ahern and Pat Diggin also attended. Arrangements were made for a challenge game against Valentia – a gate would be collected and Valentia would get £4 expenses. Arrangements were also made for a minor trial game on Good Friday and travel arrangements for the minor game against Glenbeigh on Easter Sunday in Glenbeigh.


A general meeting of the J.P. O Sullivan Park Committee was held on Fri. 30th Jan. 1958. As was natural with an undertaking of such magnitude as the provision of a first grade football pitch, the committee’s undivided interest had been concerned chiefly with making the pitch suitable to meet the steady demands of local clubs and leagues. The initial heavy expense had been met and the committee then found itself in the happy position of being able to devote finances towards the improvement of amenities attached to the Park. First on the list was the erection of a surrounding wall. The plan for the new wall was on display at Paddy Foley’s premises, Iveragh Road. It was decided to launch a 20 weeks’ sweep, which had been so successful previously.


At the Co. Board meeting on Fri. 21st Feb., on the proposal of Mort Kelly, it was decided to run an inter-group competition within the county, with four teams from the various District Board areas. It was intended that the scheme would give the senior and junior teams a sporting chance of winning the 1958 All-Ireland Championships. From those four teams, two teams would be selected, from which the best team in the county would be selected. That team would then play the non-resident players and from that game the team to represent Kerry at both senior and junior levels would be selected. Mid-Kerry, South-Kerry and Kenmare were grouped together.


On Sun. 2nd March, the Killorglin Hurling Club Dramatic Society lived up to its good name and won further laurels by the excellent presentation of “See How They Run” in the CYMS Hall. Breaking new ground in the dramatic line with that very difficult comedy, the players’ performance was all the more creditable. Paddy Foley, Anna Houlihan, James Coffey and Liam Gannon were outstanding in their parts. Of the newcomers, Noel Kingston stood on his own. Little fault could be found with the playing of Mary Dodd, Michael Costello and Olive Brick, who acquitted themselves very creditably indeed.


For 1958, Sean Gill had transferred to Waterville. Donal and Jackie Kerins, because of the enforcement of the Parish Rule, had transferred to Milltown/Castlemaine.


On Sun. 7th Sept., the Laune Rangers Club took up a Church Gate collection in Killorglin and Cromane in an effort to defray the heavy debt in the club.


At the end of Dec., the Laune Rangers’ Club displayed the cups and medals, which the prowess of the players had secured in the various Mid-Kerry Championships, in Mrs. Woulfe’s, The Square, shop window. That gave the public the opportunity of estimating the strength and worth of the club’s footballers. The club had won the Mid-Kerry Senior, Minor and U-16 championships. The medals were presented to all the winning players at a dance in the Oisín Ballroom on Tuesday 30th Dec. A total of 88 medals were presented to over 60 players. Donal Mangan, Langford St. created a record, as he had been a member of all the four winning teams. In conjunction with the presentation of trophies and medals, a very enjoyable social was held, at which the title of ‘Miss Mid-Kerry’ was bestowed on Kathleen Conway, Steelroe, after a very close contest.


J. Lenihan (Killorglin), Mick Moriarty (Cromane), D. Teahan (Stook Island) and J. Mahony (Cromane) played with the new GAA club in Bury, St. Edmond’s, Suffolk, England.


The first Annual Biddy Ball, sponsored by Killorglin Hurling Club, in the CYMS Hall on Sun. 2nd Feb., proved to be great success. Five hundred patrons enjoyed the fun. Knocknaboola district captured the first prize, the honours going to Timmy McGillycuddy and his group. Kilgobnet group, under Tim O Sullivan, ran them a very close second. The prize for the best-dressed Biddy went to John O Sullivan of the Kilgobnet group.


At the end of June, a presentation was made, at a special meeting of the Killorglin Hurling and Football Club, to Rev. Father James Griffin, who had been recently ordained. James Coffey, Secretary of the Club, said that Father Griffin had been the first member of the club to be ordained a priest and that it had been a great honour for the club. Michael Morris, Chairman, who made the presentation, congratulated Father Griffin on his ordination. He said that the presentation had been just a small token of appreciation from all the members. Replying, Father Griffin thanked the members for the presentation. He said that it would always remind him of some great games with the hurling and football teams. He added that the Killorglin lads had been a great bunch of sportsmen and it had been a pleasure to have played with them. He said that he was sorry to see hurling dying out in the district and he appealed to the youth of the parish to play it.


At the end of Dec. 1958, the death took place of Jim Joy, Bansha. His family had been closely associated with the original Laune Rangers.

The death occurred on 12th Nov. of Flor Doherty, Ardmoniel, at the age of 92 years. He had played in Clonturk Park with the Laune Rangers in the All-Ireland Football Final.


James Coffey refereed the following games in Mid-Kerry during 1958:

Sun. 16th Feb. Senior Football League at Keel: Keel beat Glenbeigh.

Sun. 3rd Aug. Senior Football League at Keel: Keel 0-3; Milltown 0-5.

Sun. 12th Oct. Laune Ranger Cup at Killorglin: Keel 2-6; Beaufort 2-6.


Pat O Shea refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Senior League on Sun. 27th April at Beaufort: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Beaufort.


Kerry, captained by Mick Murphy, Kerins O Rahilly’s, won the Munster Senior Football Championship by beating Cork by 2-7 to 0-3. However, they lost to Derry in the All-Ireland Semi-final by 2-6 to 2-5.

Kerry: Donie O Neill, Jerome O Shea, Ned Roche, Jack Dowling, Sean Murphy, Tom Moriarty, Mick O Dwyer, John Dowling, Seamus Murphy, Mick O Connell, Tom Long, Tadghie Lyne (2-2), Gary McMahon (0-1), Mick Murphy, Paudie Sheehy (0-2). Sub: Moss O Connell for T. Moriarty, Niall Sheehy for M. Murphy.


John Mitchels, captained by P. Healy, won the Co. Minor Football Championship by defeating West-Kerry on the score of 0-12 to 0-0.


Kerry, captained by Dave Geaney, Castleisland Desmonds, won the Munster Minor Football Final on the score Kerry 3-11; Waterford 0-4. However, they were beaten by Mayo by 4-5 to 3-5 in the All-Ireland Semi-final.


On Sun. 6th April, Upper Town/Sunhill won the Killorglin Senior Basketball final, with a 46 points to 28 points win over Steelroe. The winners were by far superior and they were made look good by the poor opposition put up by Steelroe. Outstanding for the winners were Brian Corkery, who was top scorer with 18 points, Hal ODonoghue, Paddy Foley and Donal Prendiville. Dermot Murphy was Steelroe’s outstanding player throughout, but Jackie Kerins and Jackie McKenna played well in the second half.

Upper Town/Sunhill: Donal Prendiville, Brian Corkery, Hal O Donoghue, Paddy Foley, Paddy O Neill, Christy O Riordan and Tony Lyons.

Steelroe: Sean McKenna, Jackie McKenna, Dermot Murphy, Jackie Kerins, Mícheál Conway and Donal Kerins.


In Mid-May, Brian Corkery was on the Kerry Minor Basketball team that was beaten in the All-Ireland Final in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, by Antrim on the score of 29 points to 18. He netted some beautiful set shots in the first half and finished with a tally of 8 pts. Other scorers for Kerry were Pa Kerins (Tralee) 6 pts, Gary Fernane (do) 3pts and N. O Connor 1 pt.


Sun. 29th June at the Muintir na Tíre school sports in Milltown, the following were successful: Boys’ 80 yards (U-10 years) – 1st Timmy Doyle, Corbally, 2nd Kieran Foley, Iveragh Road; Boys’ 100 yards (U-14 years) – 2nd Dan Doyle, Corbally; Boys’ 220 yards (U-14 years) – 1st Joe O Sullivan (Killorglin); Senior 880 yards – 2nd John Murphy (Killorglin); Adult Cycle Race – 2nd Patrick Sheehan (Killorglin); Donkey Derby – 2nd Francis O Connor, Killorglin.


In the second week of July, forty of the senior boys from Scoil Mhuire, Killorglin, marked the beginning of the summer holidays with an excursion to places of contemporary and historic interest in Kerry and Cork. First stop was at Fry Cadbury’s chocolate factory at Rathmore. At Iniscarra Hydro-Electric Scheme, the superintendent escorted the boys on a tour through the power station. Possibly, however, the outstanding feature of the day was the ferry trip from Cobh to Haulbowline and Spike Island. Senior boys, John Joy and Joe O Connor, were the overall supervisors of the group, answerable at all times to Mícheál O Donoghue, principal, and Liam Foley, vice-principal, for the physical whereabouts of each individual. Under those were Colm Foley, Eric Brick, Sean O Riordan, Donal O Connell, Cormac Foley and Michael O Sullivan, each of who was responsible for a small group of four. Among those were Diarmuid O Shea, Al Foley, Philip O Sullivan, Patrick O Neill, Danny O Neill, Johnny O Neill, Vincent Moriarty, Richard Byrne, Cathal Foley, Kieran Foley, Joe Cronin, Jerome Conway, Patsy Joy, Paud O Sullivan, Anthony Cahillane, Fergus Foley, Ray Falvey, Gerald Teahan, Pat Joy, William Kennedy, Donal O Brien, Teddy O Connor, Maurice Harmon, Derry O Brien, Teddy and James Flynn and mascot, Fintan Foley. Michael Houlihan, Tommy and Redmond Fitzgerald were responsible for the picnic arrangements.


Gene Mangan, riding for National C.C., Dublin, won the two-stage Rás Mumhan at the end of June. He was selected as captain of the Kerry team for the Rás Tailtean – the eight days road cycle race commencing in Dublin on 3rd Aug. He showed tremendous ability and stamina to win four consecutive stages of the Rás. Also on the team was Paddy O Callaghan, Cromane. In total in 1958 Gene Mangan won the quarter mile, five miles and 25 miles Championships of Ireland.


On Tues. 22nd July, a record crowd thronged St. John’s Hall, Tralee, for the final of the Ballroom Championships of Kerry. The winning pair was Ms. Ann McCarthy, The Square, Killorglin and Jerry Murphy, 161 Capel Street, Dublin (later to become Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Murphy). They scored 61 points out of a possible total of 75 and beat their nearest rivals by four points. The Killorglin Area Final had taken place in the Oisín Ballroom, at which Thomas and Maureen Houlihan, Iveragh Road, had been placed second.


Private Michael Tuohy, a native of Killorglin, enlisted in the Union Army on 21st August 1861. He had taken part in the Civil War campaign in North Carolina, the second Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Fredericksburg. In the latter battle, the colour-bearer had lost both his arms and Tuohy had carried the colours through the remainder of the fighting. He took part in other engagements and was wounded at Cold Harbour on 2nd June 1864. When he died, he was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Northhampton, Mass. In 1958, his grave was decorated in honour of all the U.S. Civil War veterans.


At the end of Oct., the processing of mussels commenced in the Old Mill, Annadale Road. The industry, which included the cleaning, cooking and shelling of the fish, provided employment for about thirty girls. Messrs. Fielding & Co., Stony Stratford, Bucks., England was responsible for the Killorglin venture. Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor had introduced the firm to Killorglin. About 1,000 cwt. of mussels from Cromane were required weekly. The purification tanks at Cromane had exported 19,500 cwt. of mussels in the previous year, while a considerable quantity had been also exported by private individuals. The value of the total export had been in the region of £30,000. That figure would be greatly increased by the local processing of the fish.


At a meeting of the IT&GWU in Killorglin, an increase of 8/- per week for builders was announced, bringing their weekly rate up to 140/- for 48 hours work.


On Thurs. 9th Oct. Eugenio Maria Giusseppi Giovanni Pocelli (Pope Pius XII) died, aged 83 years, after a reign of 20 years. He was succeeded by Angelo Roncalli (Pope John XXIII).


Not since the days of jovial Jeff Morris had there been so hectic a New Year’s celebration in Killorglin as there was in 1958. For the last half-hour of the old year, the Laune Pipers’ Band, escorted by a hilarious crowd and under torch-lights, provided, in spite of the constant battle with the elements, by James and Nelius O Connor and Joe O Sullivan, played through the various streets of the town and, in keeping with a tradition then of long standing, they took position on the Square as the Old Year became the New Year, and there played their medley of airs, while fireworks, rockets and squibs flashed around. That made pipe-major, Peter O Toole’s fifteenth consecutive New Year’s parade and amongst his bandsmen could be seen Michael O Mahony, David O Sullivan, Patrick O Neill, Pat Clifford, Gerald O Sullivan, Paul, Joe, Steve and Paddy McMahon and Patrick Kissane on the big drum. Sometime later, Myles Coffey, with his Rhythm Aces, turned out and, in spite of none too clement weather, the crowd of merry makers turned the rough surface of the Square into a Cinderella Ballroom.


The Annual Convention of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the Muintir na Tíre Hall, Milltown on Sun. 14th Dec. 1958. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report, stated, ‘That the year under review was a very successful one. Financially, however, it was a poor one. When compared with 1957, gate receipts were down by over half. However, this was to be expected as most of the games were played under very bad weather conditions. Once again, the Board ran senior, minor and juvenile leagues, as well as the Laune Rangers Cup competition. For the first time ever, an U-16 competition was run. Over 60 games were played and all the competitions were completed and they all proved to be great success. Teams from Killorglin, Beaufort, Keel, Glenbeigh and Milltown/Castlemaine took part in all the competitions. Killorglin entered a ‘B’ team for the senior league. It was a great year for the Killorglin Laune Rangers Club. The senior team won the Mid-Kerry Championship and the Kennedy Cup and also the Laune Rangers Cup competition. In winning these titles for the first time, the Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine and Beaufort respectively in the finals, which were played in Killorglin. Killorglin retained the Minor Championship and Father Mangan Cup when they beat Milltown/Castlemaine in the final at Killorglin. The Killorglin U-16 team won the first ever U-16 Championship by defeating Keel at Milltown. Glenbeigh won their first juvenile title by defeating Milltown/Castlemaine at Killorglin. The standard of football in all the competitions was high. It was great to see Beaufort contesting their first Mid-Kerry final and, though beaten by Laune Rangers in the final of the Laune Rangers Cup, they showed a great spirit. On this display, we will be hearing a lot more from Beaufort in the coming years.’


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club was held in the CYMS Hall on 2nd Dec. 1958. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report, stated, ‘That the year was the greatest ever in the history of the club. The Senior Footballers won, for the first time, the Kennedy Cup (Mid-Kerry Championship). They completed a grand double by winning the Laune Rangers Cup, also for the first time. The minors retained the Father Mangan Cup (Mid-Kerry Championship), which they first won last year. The U-16 team won the first ever Mid-Kerry U-16 Championship. The U-14 team was not so fortunate. A rather harsh decision of the Mid-Kerry Board prevented them from retaking the juvenile title, which they had won the previous year. The Board would not allow the club to select U-14 players from the parish who were attending the Vocational or Intermediate Schools, whereas all the other clubs were allowed to do so. During the year, the senior team played 18 games, the minor team 5 games, the U-16 team 4 games, the juvenile (U-14) team 2 games, while the Senior ‘B’ team played only 4 games and then withdrew. It was the first year that the ‘B’ team was entered. Jimmy Lucey represented the club on the Co. Minor team, while Pat O Shea was our representative on the Inter District Championship. It was disappointing that very few players were selected on the Mid-Kerry teams. It was also disappointing to see such little interest in the game in the schools of the parish. A Parish League was run during the year and it was won by Kickham’s. However, it was not the great success expected of it. It was, however, responsible for getting the players into good shape early in the year. It is shameful to see some of our players and supporters gaining admission to games by jumping over the fences. I hope that that will stop. Once again emigration hit our club and seven players left the country during the year. During the year, the club had the honour of having one of its members raised to the priesthood.’ He wished Father James Griffin every success in his sacred mission. Concluding, the Secretary thanked all those who had helped the club in any way, especially Bertie Harmon and Mike McMahon, who had collected at the gates. He also thanked the CYMS for the use of their hall and, finally, he thanked all the loyal supporters of the club without whom the club could not exist.