Laune Rangers – 1960

 Keel retained the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship at the expense of Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers won the Laune Rangers Cup for a record three years in-a-row.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. Minor Football Championship for the first time, when they accounted for West-Kerry in the final by 1-7 to 0-2. The Laune Rangers representatives on the team were Donal Mangan, Noel O Mahony, Tony Lyons, Patrick O Shea and Billy Dodd.

Kerry won the first All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ Football Final. Paudie O Carroll was on the panel.

Donal Mangan played at left fullback and Patrick O Shea at left half-forward on the Kerry team, which was beaten by Cork in the Munster Minor Football Final. Pat Ahern, then with Ballymacelligott, played at right halfback.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the sixth year in succession. Pat O Shea was elected as Treasurer.

Laune Rangers celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the club, in the mistaken belief that the club was founded in 1885.

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 28th Nov. 1959. John Foley presided. The attendance was disappointing. (The Secretary’s Report is given at the end of 1959). The Chairman, in his address, said that the time had come when the club must call for an extra effort from its members to keep it going and to help in building a strong team that would be a source of pride to the people of Killorglin. He said that club was one of the oldest in the county, it had a great tradition but it could not go on living on tradition. In conclusion, he appealed to members to pull together and to do everything in their power to help the J.P. O Sullivan Park Committee in their efforts to provide a fitting memorial to the great champion, J.P. O Sullivan, a memorial and park that all would take pride in..

The Treasurer’s report showed a credit balance of £8-12-2. The Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s report were adopted.

Election of Officers:

President: Rev. Father O Riordan C.C.

Vice-Presidents: Rev. Father Stack C.C. and Rev. Father Finucane P.P.

Chairman: John Foley (outgoing).

Vice-Chairman: Paddy Foley (outgoing).

Hon. Secretary: James Coffey.

Assistant Hon. Secretary: Austin O Reilly.

Hon. Treasurer: Pat O Shea (outgoing).

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board: Pat O Shea and Owen Mangan.

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Convention: Pat O Shea, John Foley, Father O Riordan and Donal Prendiville.

Delegates to Co. Convention: Owen Mangan and John Foley.

Committee: The officers and Donal Prendiville, Christy O Riordan, Patsy Hurley, Kevin Foley, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan and Denny O Reilly.

Finance Committee: John Foley, James Coffey and Pat O Shea.

Senior Selection Committee: Donal Prendiville, John Foley, Father O Riordan, Christy O Riordan and Paddy Foley.

Representative on Mid-Kerry Selection Committee – James Coffey.

Senior Captain: Donal Mangan (He beat Jackie O Dwyer by 8 votes to 7).

Senior Vice-Captain: Jackie O Dwyer.

Minor Captain: Patrick O Shea (Langford St.)

Minor Vice-Captain: Noel O Mahony (Langford St.)

U-16 Captain: James Foley (Iveragh Rd.)

U-14 Captain: Kieran Foley (Iveragh Rd.)

Nominations for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Chairman – Father Kelly, Glenbeigh; Vice-Chairman – John Foley, Laune Rangers; Secretary – Michael Shanahan (Beaufort); Treasurer – Sean Cahill, Beaufort; Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly (Beaufort).


  1. ‘That the Mid-Kerry Selection Committee should be reduced to three persons.’ Passed and sent to Mid-Kerry Convention.
  2. ‘That the Mid-Kerry Board pays full travelling expenses to referees.’ Passed and sent to Mid-Kerry Convention.
  3. ‘That all Mid-Kerry finals should be played in Killorglin.’ Passed and sent to Mid-Kerry Convention.
  4. ‘That of the All-Ireland Senior Football Final tickets given to the club, one should be given to Paddy Foley, two should be given to the officers and the remainder should be drawn between the holders of club membership cards.’ Passed.
  5. ‘That all outgoing members of the Co. Senior Football Selection Committee should be returned unopposed.’ Passed and forwarded to Co. Convention. The delegates to Convention were given permission, at a later club meeting, to withdraw this motion.


Co. Senior Football Championship


Thirteen teams entered for the Senior Championship – West-Kerry, Kenmare, Desmonds, Legion, Mid-Kerry, Ballymacelligott, Dr. Crokes, St. Brendan’s, South-Kerry, John Mitchel’s, Feale Rangers, Austin Stack’s and Kerins O Rahilly’s. There was a losers’ round.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 19th June at Ballymacelligott: Ballymacelligott 2-4; Mid-Kerry 3-10.

The game, played before a small attendance, was too one-sided to be enjoyable. The home side had no answer to the dashing play of a young and fast Mid-Kerry fifteen and Ballymacelligott provided such mediocre opposition that it would be difficult to assess the real merits of the winners on this display. The losers seemed to pin their hopes on a few stars. When these failed to shine, the team fell apart. Indeed, had it not been for the excellent display of goalkeeper, Mick O Rahilly – even though he conceded one very soft goal from a Jerry O Riordan fifty in the first half – they would have been even more decisively beaten.

That game would be best remembered for the brilliant form shown by Mid-Kerry’s centre halfback, lion-hearted Mick Foley. His immaculate fielding was a treat to watch and his lengthy drop-kicked clearances, time and again, sent his side into attack. He also displayed amazing positional sense and was the winners’ man-of-the-match.

The game was only two minutes old when John Burke punched a high lobbing ball into the goal-mouth and full-forward Des O Connor deflected it past O Rahilly for a Mid-Kerry goal. From that moment onwards, the issue was never in doubt and the winners led by 2-7 to 1-1 at halftime. With the breeze in their favour, spectators anticipated a Ballymac rally in the second half but it never materialised. They did have the better of matters in the early stages and when Humphrey McMahon raced through from forty yards out, in the fourteenth minute, to shoot a brilliant goal, only four points separated the teams. But the home side’s hopes were very short lived, for the winners went away from the kick-out and John Burke banged in a goal. For the remainder of the half, Mid-Kerry were always a move ahead of their opponents and finished worthy winners.

Apart from Mick Foley, Mid-Kerry had another outstanding player in midfielder Jerry O Riordan. He monopolised play in that sector, especially in the first half, and Pat Ahern was always toiling against him. No really glaring weakness was exposed in the Mid-Kerry defence. John Burke led the forward line capably and full-forwards Batty Foley and Des O Connor were dangerous when in possession.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Willie Spring (Milltown/Castlemaine), Paddy Clifford (Laune Rangers), Willie Barton (Keel), Donal Mangan (Laune Rangers), Mick Foley (Keel), Liam Scully (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Noel O Mahony, John Burke (Milltown/Castlemaine) 1-0, Patrick O Shea (Laune Rangers) 0-1, Batty Foley (do.) 0-3, Des O Connor (Glenbeigh) 1-4, Owen Mangan (Laune Rangers) 0-1.

Ballymacelligott: Mick O Rahilly, Pat McDonnell, Jim Leen, P.J. Regan, Tom O Connor, Ted O Keeffe, John Slattery, Pat Ahern (0-1), J.P. Leen (0-1), Jim Vale, Liam Chute, Humphrey McMahon (1-0), Patsy Scanlon (0-1), Dick Chute (0-1), Dick McEllistrim (1-0).

Ref: Joe Kerins (Kerins O Rahilly’s).


Quarter-final on Fri. 26th Aug. at Tralee: Dr. Crokes 2-12; Mid-Kerry 1-6.

Dr. Crokes had a comparatively easy win over Mid-Kerry in Austin Stack Park, Tralee. They took control early on and never subsequently relaxed their vice-like grip on the game, which was played in wintry conditions before a small crowd. The Killarney attack moved smoothly on a few occasions during the hour, but, on the whole, football was very scrappy.

The game was two minutes in progress when Paddy ‘Doc’ O Donoghue tapped over Crokes’ first point. Shortly afterwards, Con McCarthy added another. Mid-Kerry moved to the attack and, when Des O Connor was fouled, Owen Mangan raised a white flag. Crokes replied with points from O Donoghue and Con Clifford (a fifty) to lead by 0-4 to 0-1 at the end of the first quarter. Crokes went into a commanding two goals lead after twenty minutes when a cross by O Donoghue was deflected to the net by a Mid-Kerry defender. The best movement of the game came after Des O Connor and Donie O Sullivan had exchanged points. Jackie Looney won possession outfield, parted to Michael O Connor, who in turn placed O Donoghue. The crafty Crokes full-forward brought the ball through and, when challenged, punched to Michael Spillane, unmarked at the edge of the ‘square’. After a moment of almost fatal hesitation, Spillane just succeeded in booting a low shot to the net. Michael O Connor consolidated Crokes position with a point in the twenty-eighth minute to leave the score 2-6 to 0-2 at the interval.

Mid-Kerry had a good amount of play in the second half, mainly due to the brilliant work of midfielder, Jerry O Riordan. However, their forwards showed very poor understanding, with the result that many good scoring opportunities were lost. After ten minutes, David Hegarty stretched Crokes’ lead with a further point. Mid-Kerry hit back with two well-earned points from Owen Mangan before the end of the third quarter, at which stage Crokes led by 2-8 to 0-4. Crokes went further ahead in the twenty-third minute, with points from Michael O Connor and John McCarthy. Some fine work by Des O Connor, who had moved to the ‘forty’, culminated with Mid-Kerry chalking up 1-2 through Owen Mangan and Patrick O Shea, in the ensuing five minutes. But Crokes finished strongly and Mick Bartell and Jackie Looney added two further points before the end.

Goalkeeper, Teddy Bowler, Willie Barton, Mick Foley and Liam Scully played soundly in the Mid-Kerry defence. Jerry O Riordan, Owen Mangan, Des O Connor and Patrick O Shea were the pick of the rest.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Bowler, Willie Barton, Paddy Clifford, Willie Spring, Michael O Connor, Mick Foley, Liam Scully, Jerry O Riordan, Ned O Shea, Patrick O Shea, John Burke, Owen Mangan, Johnny Looney (Laune Rangers), Des O Connor, Timmy Hannafin (Keel).

Dr. Cokes: James Horan, Liam Murphy, Johnny Hurley, Jimmy Hegarty, Sean Hussey, Con Doherty, Con Clifford, John McCarthy, Donal O Sullivan, Con McCarthy, David Hegarty, Jackie Looney, Michael O Connor, Paddy O Donoghue, Michael Spillane. Sub: Mick Bartell.

Ref: G. Weir (John Mitchel’s).


Co. Final on Sun.5th Nov: John Mitchels 1-6; West Kerry 0-9.

Co. Final (replay) on Sun. 9th April (1961) in Killarney: John Mitchel’s 1-11; West Kerry 0-3.

Paudie Sheehy was the captain.


Mid-Kerry Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – Donal Prendiville, John Foley, Father O Riordan, Christy O Riordan and Paddy Foley.

That was played on a league basis.


Sun. 20th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Keel.

The game was called off ten minutes before the end, when referee Michael Shanahan, threw the whistle on the ground, walked off the pitch and refused to continue as referee. At that stage, Keel were leading by 2-3 to 2-1. After the game, the referee said that he had walked off because he had been consistently verbally abused by the players on the field (Chiefly Owen Mangan and Batty Foley). Up to the time of the incident, the game had produced plenty of thrills. The game was hampered by a crosswind but both sides served up good, hard football and Keel, aided by two easy goals, led by 2-2 to 1-0 at the interval. Outstanding for Keel were Joe Cournane, Mick Foley, Timmy Hannafin, Ned O Shea, Jim Foley and Tom Prendergast. Donal Mangan put in some great work for Laune Rangers and he was ably assisted by Paddy Clifford, Jackie O Dwyer, Owen Mangan, Noel O Mahony and Teddy Mangan.

At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, the game was awarded to Keel and this caused some friction for a time.


Sun. 22nd May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers w/o from Beaufort.


Sat. 6th Aug. at Keel: Keel beat Laune Rangers. Ref: Des O Connor (Glenbeigh).


Sun. 21st Aug: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh.

Amazingly, Laune Rangers were ten points in arrears at one time during the game but staged a miraculous comeback.


Sun. 28th Aug. in Castlemaine: Laune Rangers defeated Milltown/Castlemaine.

The Rangers only needed a draw to reach the final – a defeat would have meant a playoff with Glenbeigh.


Final on Sun. 4th Sept. at Killorglin: Keel 2-7; Laune Rangers 1-5.

Keel retained their Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship title before a record attendance. Previous Mid-Kerry finals had produced better football but few could have had as many thrills. The title could have gone either way. The fitter Keel side had that little bit of luck, which swayed the verdict in their favour. They were worthy champions.

Laune Rangers deserved great credit for their fine display. In the previous weeks they had lost two of their outstanding defenders through emigration (John ‘Scart’ Clifford went to USA and Joe McMahon went to England). Jackie O Dwyer had to retire injured after five minutes (He had been a doubtful starter, because of an injury). The makeshift Rangers battled all the way.

The first half was ten minutes in progress when Keel had a point from Willie Barton. Shortly afterwards, Rangers equalised when Patrick O Shea punched over. Barton and O Shea again exchanged points and the sides were level at 0-2 each at the interval. Rangers pressed hard after the restart and had a point from Patrick O Shea. Not to be outdone, Barton equalised for Keel. Noel O Mahony and Tom Prendergast raised a white flag each before Ladden, from a Barton pass, drove a harmless-looking shot past several Rangers’ defenders for a goal. Barton increased Keel’s lead with a point and Prendergast added another shortly after. Keel centre half-forward, Timmy Hanafin won possession over fifty yards from the Rangers goal and sent in a high, lobbing ball, which goalkeeper Myles Coffey misjudged and the ball finished in the back of the net. Rangers fought back gallantly and, after a grand passing movement, Patrick O Shea punched a goal. Points by Tom Prendergast and Owen Mangan finished the scoring and left Keel deserving winners of the Kennedy Cup.

Rangers’ best were Dan Sheehan, Willie O Neill, Teddy Mangan, Batty Foley, Johnny Looney, Brian Corkery and Noel O Mahony.


Laune Rangers’ Cup (Winter League)


Semi-Final on Sun. 11th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-6; Keel 1-4.

Keel, crowned Mid-Kerry Senior Football Champions on the previous Sunday, suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of Laune Rangers in a hard-fought game. Though Rangers had won the trophy on the previous two years, their victory over highly-rated Keel came as a big surprise, especially as they were without Noel O Mahony and Paddy Clifford.

The placing of Mid-Kerry minor, Billy Dodd, at fullback – his usual position was in attack – and Batty Foley at mid-field, played a vital part in Rangers victory. Dodd was a tower of strength in front of goals and was particularly brilliant when the Keel pressure was on late in the second half. Batty hit up a fine understanding with Tadhg Corkery at mid-field.

Laune Rangers, who always seemed to reserve their best football for that competition, dominated when playing with the breeze in the first half but poor finishing by their forwards left them only 1-4 to 1-0 ahead at the interval. Keel pressed hard in the second half but the Laune Rangers’ defence of goalkeeper Myles Coffey, Billy Dodd, Teddy Mangan, Denis O Neill, Dan Sheehan, Pat O Shea and Tony Lyons held out. Others to impress for the Rangers were Batty Foley and Tadhg Corkery at mid-field and Owen Mangan, Johnny Looney and Patrick O Shea in attack.

Ref: Des O Connor (Glenbeigh).

Glenbeigh beat Milltown/Castlemaine by 1-7 to 1-6 in the second semi-final.


Final on Sun. 18th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers easily defeated Glenbeigh to win the trophy for a record three times in a row.

Laune Rangers: Myles Coffey, Denis O Neill, Billy Dodd, Pat O Shea, Austin O Reilly, Teddy Mangan, Tony Lyons, Batty Foley, Tadhg Corkery, Owen Mangan, Noel O Mahony, Patrick O Shea, Denny O Reilly, Johnny Looney, Denny O Neill. Subs: Christy O Riordan, Patsy Hurley, Paul McMahon, Sean Foley, James Coffey and Pat Hyde.


Parish League


It was decided to have four teams of 12-a-side, Over Laune, Lower Town, Upper Town and Cromane/Caragh Bridge.

Feb. 21st: Upper Town 0-3; Cromane/Caragh Bridge 1-0. Ref. Teddy Mangan.

Over Laune /Gurrane v Lower Town (postponed).

27th March: Over Laune v Lower Town.

Eventually the Parish League was abandoned. The playing of too many challenges was cited as the reason for the abandonment.




Sun. 14th Feb. at Kilgobnet: Laune Rangers v Beaufort.


Sun. 6th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-7; Valentia 1-5.

After a disappointing hour’s football, Laune Rangers prevailed over the reigning South Kerry Champions. They dominated from the outset and led by 0-5 to 0-1 at the interval. Outstanding for the winners were John ‘Scart’ Clifford, Dan Sheehan, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Batty Foley, Jackie O Dwyer, Patsy Hurley, Joe McMahon and Noel O Mahony. Best for Valentia were Sonny Curran, Des Burke, Tony O Connor, Tim Murphy and Owen McCrohan. Ref: Christy O Riordan. (The gate collectors were Mike McMahon, Pat Diggin, Patsy Hurley, John Leane and James O Brien).


Sun. 27th March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-9; Cordal 0-1.

This was a hard game. Ten of the Laune Rangers senior team, who had played in the preceding parish league game between Over Laune/Gurrane and Lower Town, played in that game also.


Sun. 17th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-5; C.J. Kickhams 1-5. Ref: James Coffey

Mon. 18th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 3-6; West-Kerry 0-5.

Sun. 24th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 2-10; Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-4.

All above three events were in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary week’s activities.


Thurs. 12th May at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-3; South-Kerry 2-6.

Best for Mid-Kerry were Ned O Shea, Jerry O Riordan, Des O Connor, Mick Foley, Willie Barton and Owen Mangan. Youthful Patrick O Shea (Langford St.) enhanced his prospects for the Co. Minor team with a fine display.


Sun. 15th May (CYMS Day) at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-7; CYMS 0-6.

Best for Laune Rangers were Gerald Stack, Owen Moynihan, Jackie O Dwyer, Paul Kingston, Owen Hyde, Pat Hyde and Patsy Hurley. Best for CYMS were Donal Prendiville, Patrick O Shea, Austin O Reilly, Denny O Reilly, Joe McMahon, and Mike Murphy.


Wed. 25th May at Listowel: Listowel Emmetts 2-5; Laune Rangers 4-1.

The Laune Rangers team was selected from Tadhg Corkery, Paddy Clifford, Denny O Reilly, Donal Prendiville, Dan Sheehan, Owen Moynihan, Pat O Shea, Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan, Noel O Mahony, Patrick O Shea, Gerald Stack, Johnny Looney, Joe McMahon, Owen Mangan, Batty Foley, Tony Lyons, John ‘Scart’ Clifford, Patsy Hurley, Michael O Riordan, John Clifford, Mike Murphy and Austin O Reilly. The cars departed the square at 6.45 pm.


Thurs. 2nd June at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry 2-9; Mid-Kerry 1-9.

Mid-Kerry’s stars were Mick Foley at centre halfback, Jerry O Riordan and Ned O Shea at midfield. Des O Connor had a wonderful game and he got good support from Owen Mangan and Willie Barton.

Ref: James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


Wed. 8th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Waterville.


Sun. 12th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Sneem at 2.30pm.

Sun. 12th June at Tralee: Kerins O Rahilly’s v Mid-Kerry.


Wed. 15th June at Waterville: Frank Casey’s (Waterville) 2-9; Laune Rangers 1-4.


21st Aug. at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry v Mid-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry panel: Mick Foley, Ned O Shea, Willie Barton, George Evans (all Keel), Willie Spring, Willie Burke, John Burke, Michael O Connor (all Milltown/Castlemaine), Paddy Clifford, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan, Batty Foley, Mikey Foley (all Laune Rangers), Sean Cahill (Beaufort), Liam Scully, Des O Connor, Jerry O Riordan, Tony McSweeney and Murphy (all Glenbeigh).


Sat. 24th Sept. at 6.00pm at Parnell Park: C.J. Kickham’s 3-11; Laune Rangers 2-8.

After putting up a great battle, Laune Rangers were defeated by Kickham’s on the eve of the All-Ireland Final. While the final score might suggest otherwise, the winners had little to spare over their rivals. As a matter of fact, it was the second last kick of the game, which gave Kickham’s their third goal. Just before that, the Killorglin side had a goal disallowed.

The game produced fine, open football and there were many phases of thrilling play n the first half. The exchanges were grim but neither side could forge any worthwhile lead. They were level (2-5 each) at halftime. Immediately after the restart, Kickhams took control for a ten minutes spell and it looked as if the visitors were in for a severe shellacking. However, all Kickhams could show for this pressure was five points. Their best efforts were magnificently foiled by a gallant defence, in which the fullback line of Denis O Neill, Billy Dodd and Pat O Shea were the heroes. When the Rangers found their feet, they outmatched their rivals and narrowed their deficit point by point. Indeed they were unlucky in goal-scoring efforts on a couple of occasions but they were unable to get on terms. Patrick O Shea had an outstanding game in attack for the losers, scoring six of his side’s points. He was ably supported by Johnny Looney and Owen Mangan. Others to play well for the Rangers were Teddy Mangan, Paul McMahon, Tadhg Corkery, Batty Foley and Owen Moynihan.

Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea, Denis Lynch and Johnny O Sullivan, Callanfersy, were hired to drive their cars to Dublin. The team stopped at McTiernan’s, Newbridge, for a steak on the way home from the All-Ireland.


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 at Ballymacelligott: Mid-Kerry beat Ballymacelligott.

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting on 28th March, it was decided that 10 of the previous year’s team would be automatic for the team and that each club would be allowed one representative to make up the fifteen. The clubs were advised to bring a few extra minors also.


Co. Quarter-final at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry beat North Kerry.


Co. Semi-Final at Killarney on Fri. 19th Aug: Mid-Kerry 2-8; John Mitchel’s 1-9.

This was a thrilling and strenuous game. Although Mid-Kerry had strength and weight on their side, this was offset by the dash and craft of the Tralee boys. In the first half, the exchanges were even, with play swinging from one end to the other. The sides were level at 0-4 each at halftime. The turning point of the game came early in the second half, when Edward Kelliher crashed home a goal for Mid-Kerry. A few minutes later, Billy Kerins got another, which put Mitchel’s on their mettle to pull the game out of the fire. A hard-tackling defence and their own over-playing of the ball foiled the Tralee side.

Mid-Kerry panel: John O Brien, Tom Prendergast (both Keel), Joe O Mahony, Billy Kerins, Danny Roberts, Jerry Riordan (all Milltown), Teddy Bowler, James Harmon, Jimmy Healy, Tony McSweeney, Liam Scully, Connie Sullivan (all Glenbeigh), Eddie Kelliher, Jim Cahill, Johnny Doona (all Beaufort), Noel O Mahony, Donal Mangan, Patrick O Shea, Tony Lyons, Billy Dodd (all Laune Rangers).

Ref: Michael O Connor (Dr. Crokes).


Final on Sat. 27th Aug. at Tralee: Mid-Kerry 1-7; West-Kerry 0-2.

Mid-Kerry won the Co. Minor Football Championship for the first time at Austin Stack Park, Tralee. They were sound in all departments and thoroughly deserved to win. They were the superior ball-players, faster to the ball and combined much more effectively and with greater dash than their opponents. West-Kerry tried hard but the issue was never really in doubt after Mid-Kerry full-forward, Edward Kelliher, connected with a hopping ball and beat goalkeeper, Frank O Sullivan, for an opportunist goal in the twelfth minute.

Mid-Kerry set the pace early on and, at the end of the first quarter, they led by 1-2 to 0-1. Then Kerry minor Patrick O Shea, after being outplayed in the left half-forward position for the first fifteen minutes by West Kerry’s Eddie Roullier, came into the picture. He made some grand openings for his inside forwards and added two points to leave Mid-Kerry with a comfortable 1-4 to 0-1 lead at halftime.

O Shea raised another white flag four minutes after the restart. In the succeeding twenty minutes only two points were scored – both by Mid-Kerry. Tom O Connor had a consolation point for West-Kerry before the finish. The foundation of the winners’ success was laid at midfield. Here Noel O Mahony and John O Brien fielded very competently and held control for most of the hour over the smaller but determined West-Kerry pair, Michael O Shea and Joe O Driscoll. Mid-Kerry had an exceptionally fine halfback line in Jimmy Healy, Donal Mangan and Tony Lyons, while fullback James Harmon dealt capably with most of the ball that came his way. Patrick O Shea, live-wire Tom Prendergast, Billy Dodd and Billy Kerins combined well in a useful attack.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Joe O Mahony (Milltown/Castlemaine), James Harmon (Glenbeigh), Jerry O Riordan (do.), Jimmy Healy (do.), Donal Mangan (Laune Rangers), Tony Lyons (do.), Noel O Mahony (do), John O Brien (Keel), Tony McSweeney (Glenbeigh), Billy Dodd (Laune Rangers), Patrick O Shea (do.) 0-4, Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine) 0-2, Edward Kelliher (Beaufort) 1-0, Tom Prendergast (Keel) 0-1. Subs: Enda Scully (Glenbeigh), Danny Roberts (Milltown), Jim Cahill (Beaufort), Den Kelliher (Milltown), Michael O Sullivan (do.).

West-Kerry: Frank O Sullivan, D. Sayers, Der Dowling, Seamus Griffin, Eddie Roullier, M. O Shea, M. Fitzgerald, Michael O Shea, Joe O Driscoll (0-1), J. Begley, B. Granville, B. O Sullivan, M. O Driscoll, Tom O Connor (0-1), Jim Browne.

Ref: Joe Kerins (Kerins O Rahilly’s).


Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship:


Laune Rangers were in a group with Beaufort and Keel, the winner went into the final. Later in the year, it was decided, on a proposition by James Coffey, to play the competition on a knock-out system.


Fri. 5th Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers v Beaufort (Beaufort failed to field a team and Laune Rangers were awarded the game. They had already received a walkover from Keel)

Glenbeigh and Milltown/Castlemaine had played a draw in their semi-final and the replay did not take place until the following year! At the Board meeting on 16th Aug. it was decided to abandon the Minor Championship, if Mid-Kerry reached the Co. Final!

Mid-Kerry Championship (U-14):


Rd. 1 on 20th May at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-9; Glenbeigh 0-1.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 10th June at Glenbeigh at 8.00pm: Glenbeigh lost to Laune Rangers. The above games were played as a two-legged affair.

Milltown/Castlemaine was lucky to beat Keel at Castlemaine and they beat Beaufort in the semi-final.

Final: Milltown/Castlemaine surprisingly beat Laune Rangers.

This was Laune Rangers’ third appearance in the final in four years. Playing for Milltown/Castlemaine on that day was Timmy Doyle, Corbally, who had been attending school in Milltown at the time.


Schools’/Colleges’ Football


Kerry Vocational Schools Championship


Fri. 11th March at Killorglin: Tralee Vocational School 2-11; Killorglin Vocational School 1-4.

Exchanges were even enough in the first half and Tralee led by 1-5 to 1-3 at the interval. The local team, which included twelve juniors, collapsed in the second half and Tralee ran out easy winners. Best for Tralee were Charlie Hanlon, J. Dowling, H. Burrows, Michael ‘Buddy’ O Grady and J. Williams. Killorglin’s best were Moss Harmon (goals), Tom Prendergast, Paul Lucey, John Long, P. Long and Billy Kerins.


Munster/All-Ireland Vocational Schools Championship


Sat. 21st May, Munster Vocational Schools Final at Mallow: Kerry 3-5; Waterford 2-4.

Kerry had beaten Limerick and Cork County on the way to the final. The team included Paudie Carroll (Laune Rangers), Tom Prendergast (Keel), Paul Lucey (Laune Rangers), John Long, P. Long and Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine).


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 3rd July at Nenagh: Kerry 1-10; Carlow 2-4.

Paudie O Carroll, Laune View, was on the panel. This was the first time that the All-Ireland Vocational Schools’ Championship was played – it had been played as a Munster Championship for four years.


Munster Minor Football Championship

Semi-Final on Sun. 10th July at Clonmel: Tipperary 2-7; Kerry 4-8.

Patrick O Shea and Donal Mangan were both introduced during the game.

Kerry: Pete Hanley, Pat Ahern, James Harmon, Mick O Shea, Timmy Sheehan (Legion), JJ Barrett, Willie Donovan, Timmy Murphy (Rathmore), D. Kelliher (Desmonds), Michael McKenna, Aengus Fanning (Austin Stacks), T. O Shea, Willie Doran, Billy McCarthy, Michael Keane (Ballylongford). Subs: Mick Fleming (Currow), JP Broderick, Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat Scanlon, TJ Collins, Donal Mangan, Joe O Driscoll, Tony Lyons, Patrick O Shea.


Final on Sun. 24th July at the Athletic Grounds, Cork: Cork 3-8; Kerry 0-7.

During the interval, Donal Mangan was switched from the fullback line to take over at centre half-back and both he and Pat Ahern proved to be the best of the backs during the game. Patrick O Shea, apart from being fouled once, from which a point ensued, had a largely ineffective game.

Kerry: Pete Hanley (Kenmare), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), James Harmon (do.), Donal Mangan (Laune Rangers), Pat Ahern (Ballymac), Mick O Shea (Dingle), Willie Donovan (John Mitchels), Aengus Fanning (Austin Stacks) 0-2, J.J. Barrett (do.) 0-1, Patrick O Shea (Laune Rangers), Michael McKenna (Kerins O Rahilly’s), Ted O Shea (South Kerry), Billy McCarthy (Kerins O Rahilly’s), P .J. Collins (Ballyheigue) 0-1, Willie Doran (Duagh) 0-3. Subs: Joe Driscoll (Camp), Tony Lyons (Abbeydorney), M. O Brien, J. P. Broderick (Austin Stack’s), Pat Scanlon (Currow).




Dr. Joseph Stuart, Dublin was Uachtarán CLG.

At the Annual congress on 17th April in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, the following decisions were taken: 1. A player, taking a free, may play the ball again if it rebounds from an upright. 2. The goalkeeper may lift the football from the ground with his hand inside the square (parallelogram).


Munster Council Convention was held in Limerick on 5th March. Jack Barrett (Corcaigh) was elected Chairman, Sean McCarthy (Ciarraí) was Secretary and Willie Hough (Luimneach) was Treasurer.


The Annual Convention of the Kerry Co. Board took place on Sun. 31st Jan. 1960 in the Glebe Hotel, Killarney. Officers elected: President – Rev. T.J. Canon Lyne, P.P. Dingle; Chairman – Frank Sheehy, Listowel; Vice-Chairman – Jack Lawlor, Ardfert; Secretary – Tadhg Crowley, Tralee; Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville, Castleisland, and Pat O Meara, Legion; Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy, John Mitchels and Con Brosnan, Moyvane; Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál Ó Ruairc, John Mitchels. There were seven candidates for the Senior Football Selections Committee and the result of the vote was as follows: Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford) outgoing 172 votes, John Joe Sheehy (John Mitchels) outgoing 143 votes, Brendan O Shea (Ballymacelligott) outgoing 138 votes, Paddy Bawn Brosnan (Dingle) outgoing 130 votes, Donal ‘Marcus’ O Neill (Renard) 125 votes (all elected), Jackie Lyne (Legion) outgoing 117 votes, Murt Kelly (Beaufort) 72 votes. James Coffey (Laune Rangers) was an outgoing selector on the Senior Hurling Selection Committee but lost his place, receiving 66 votes.


The Annual Convention of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Sun. 6th Dec. 1959. Father Kelly, Chairman, presided. In the course of his address, he welcomed the delegates. He said that, “The year was a good one. However, judging by the balance sheet, it was not a very encouraging one, as a few entries had to be checked. If the money didn’t belong to us, then we would have to start the year with little or no money. This was a big disappointment to all those who worked so hard to make ends meet and especially to those who put their cars at the disposal of the Board for the transport of players. Some of the Mid-Kerry players have an idea that once they travel out for a game, they should be highly treated. They should put this idea out of their heads because the Board cannot afford to give such luxuries. The Board is doing the best it can under the circumstances. The gates are small, so the money isn’t there.” Father Kelly said that the leagues had been disappointing during the year. Some of the games had been postponed and more fixtures had not been fulfilled. Because of that, the public were losing interest in the games. He said that every club should enter teams for all the competitions and they should see to it that all engagements were fulfilled. Special interest should be taken in the juvenile leagues, as they were most important. He said that in Mid-Kerry, everyone, anxious to play football, got a chance. He said that he was glad to see that the trophies were well distributed, as it would be bad for the association if the same team kept on winning every year. Commenting on the Co. Championship teams, Father Kelly said that the senior team should not be as bad as it was. He said that the players were getting more games in Mid-Kerry than in any other area and it was time that they should be bearing fruit. “Surely we should be able to field a strong team from all the great minors of previous years, when we had great minor teams,” he said. “There is no reason why we shouldn’t have a first class senior team in 1960. The players must shoulder the blame for losing the Intermediate Championship. Most of the selected team failed to turn out in Killarney. If they did, we would have won and we would have won out in Kerry.” Father Kelly said that the minors were just unlucky and they lacked a bit more practice. “To remedy the situation,” he continued, “we must bring our seniors and minors together at Easter. Get the minors to play the seniors and, in that way, we will find out the lad who lacks guts. If the seniors can’t beat the minors, it will be a great blow to them and it might make them take the game more seriously. Challenge games with outside teams must also be arranged. Then, when the selectors sit to pick the Co. Championship team, they will know who is worth his place and who isn’t. The selectors must put the interests of the Co. Championship team before the interests of their clubs. If this is done and if players show the proper spirit, a major trophy will come to our area in the near future. To do all this, the clubs must come together and pull their weight by putting cars and cash at the Board’s disposal. In this way, the year 1960 will be one to remember.” Concluding, the Chairman paid tribute to the Secretary, James Coffey. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1959). The Treasurer, James Coffey’s report showed a credit balance of £31-17-5. However, as receipts of £27 (approx.) could not be accounted for, the report was not adopted. Election of officers:

Chairman – Father Brian Kelly, outgoing; Vice-Chairman – Father McCloskey, outgoing (John Foley withdrew his name); Hon. Secretary – James Coffey, outgoing (Michael Shanahan withdrew his name); Hon. Treasurer – Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), the nominations of Kevin Foley and Sean Cahill were not put forward; Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly, outgoing.

Four motions were on the ‘clár’ and the following were passed:

  1. ‘That each club would nominate one selector, who must be a non-player.’ Proposed by Father Kelly and seconded by Michael Shanahan. The nomination would have to be made before the first meeting of the Board. (In fact, the nominations were not made until the second meeting of the Board) Once the nomination had been accepted by the Board, the selector would have to represent the club for the whole year and the club could not appoint anyone to replace him.
  2. ‘That referees should be allowed 1/- per mile car hire from his club’s centre.’ Proposed by Pat O Shea and seconded by Austin O Reilly. The referee, however, would have to bring four umpires with him and he would have to present a bill to the Board.


Five Mid-Kerry Board meetings were held during the year. At the meeting on 16th Feb. in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin, the Treasurer’s report to Annual Convention was adopted, as the money unaccounted for was settled. Apparently, the banks had credited gate receipts from the Mid-Kerry v West-Kerry game and the Mid-Kerry v Kenmare game to the Mid-Kerry account instead of the Co. Board account. The Mid-Kerry account had at the time of that meeting a credit balance of £9-1-8. At the meeting in the CYMS Hall on 28th March, the names of the clubs’ representatives on the Senior Selection Committee were announced, Father Kelly (Glenbeigh), M. Spring (Keel), James Coffey (Laune Rangers), Jerry Griffin (Milltown/Castlemaine), Murt Kelly (Beaufort). Beaufort had not nominated a selector but the Board nominated Murt Kelly as he had been a selector in the previous year. At the same meeting, the referee’s report of Michael Shanahan on the unfinished Keel v Laune Rangers game was read. After a long discussion, James Coffey proposed, and Owen Mangan seconded, that the game would be replayed and the players in question cautioned. Willie Barton proposed, and Mick Foley seconded, that the game would be awarded to Keel and the players in question cautioned. On a vote of 4 (Willie Barton, Mick Foley, Jerry Griffin and T. Hurley) to 3 (T. Mangan, Owen Mangan and James Coffey) the latter proposal was carried and Keel was awarded the game. The Secretary then informed the Board that Laune Rangers were withdrawing from the competition. At the meeting in the CYMS Hall on 2nd May, a long discussion took place on the letter from the Laune Rangers club demanding a replay in the Keel v Laune Rangers game. After retiring to discuss the letter amongst themselves, the Killorglin delegates apologised for the letter and they told the Board that they did not want a replay and neither did they intend entering the Co. Championships on their own. At the meeting in the CYMS on 1st Aug. a proposal by James Coffey that the Minor Championship should be run on a knockout basis was carried by four votes to two. However, at the meeting in the CYMS on 16th Aug. it was decided to abandon the Minor Championship if Mid-Kerry reached the Co. Minor Final.


The minutes of eight Laune Rangers Club meetings are available.

John Foley presided at the club meeting in the CYMS on Sat. 9th Jan. Also in attendance were James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Kevin Foley, Donal Prendiville, Owen Mangan, Paudie Carroll, Austin O Reilly, Pat Diggin and Christy O Riordan. The Treasurer reported that the dance in the Oisín Ballroom on 6th Jan. realised a profit of £31-11-10, which left the club with a credit balance of £26 (approx.). The Biddy Ball was fixed for 31st Jan. in the Oisín. Groups were limited to ten or less. The prize money was 1st – £15, 2nd – £5. Music would be by Martin Fitzgerald (£40). As 1960 was the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the club, it was decided to hold a banquet in one of the Glenbeigh Hotels to mark the occasion. It was decided to invite the President and General Secretary of the GAA, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Co. Board, the Bishop of Kerry, Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board and the Chairmen of each of the Mid-Kerry clubs. The club would also invite the surviving members of the Laune Rangers team that won the Co. Championship in 1911, any old members of the club that won fame with the county and any old member who had done great work for the club. Each member would subscribe 5/- and would be given two invitation tickets at 10/- each. The banquet was fixed for Wed. 20th April. Members of the 1960 minor team would be allowed to attend but no player under 16 years would be allowed to attend the banquet.

The meeting in the CYMS on Sat. 30th Jan. was presided over by John Foley. Also in attendance were James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan, Austin O Reilly, Denny O Reilly, Mike McMahon and Denis O Neill. The following arrangements were made for the Biddy Ball: Judges – John Foley, Teddy Mangan, Mike McMahon and James Coffey; M.C. – James Coffey; Pay Box – James Coffey (8.00pm to 9.30pm), Pat O Shea (9.30pm to 11.00pm), Owen Mangan (11.00pm to 12.00), Pat O Shea (12.00 to 12.45am); Parade – 10.45pm. Biddies were to line up in the passage before entering. A vote of thanks was passed to Dr. Craig for presenting the cup to the club. The cup would be called The Biddy Challenge Cup. A letter was read from Tower’s Hotel, Glenbeigh regarding the banquet. Mr. Evans pointed out in the letter that the club would have to limit the number to 100 and, as this was impossible, it was decided not to hold the banquet in Glenbeigh and to try the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, instead. It was decided to hold a céilí in the CYMS on 19th April and the medals would be presented to all the winning teams there. The Secretary informed the meeting that Billy Dodd was under suspension for playing rugby with Killarney and that Vincent Lucey had made himself illegal by playing in Cork. An article in the Kerryman at the time argued that the boys, both under 17 years of age, had not been aware that they had broken a rule of the GAA and an effort would be made to reinstate them. The delegates to Co. Convention were given power to withdraw the motion seeking the automatic re-election of the outgoing senior football selection committee and they were instructed to vote for Murt Kelly, Johnny Walsh, Jackie Lyne, Paddy Bawn Brosnan and John Joe Sheehy or Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan.

Present at the club meeting in the CYMS on Sat. 13th Feb. were John Foley (Chairman), James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Owen Mangan, T. Clifford, Denis O Neill, Pat Diggin, James O Brien, Austin O Reilly, Denny O Reilly, Teddy Mangan and John Diggin. It was decided to canvass the town for advertisements for the souvenir booklet, which was to be published in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the club – Pat O Shea, Austin O Reilly, James Coffey, Patrick O Shea and John Foley were selected to do this job. It was decided to award a prize for the best ballad submitted by the public. It was decided to hold a céilí in the Oisín and Laune Rangers would play C. J. Kickhams club of Dublin on Easter Sunday. Pat O Shea’s suggestion of four teams of 12-a-side for the parish league was accepted. The teams were Over Laune (including Gurrane and Sunhill), Lower Town (including Langford St.), Upper Town (including Farrentoreen and part of Caragh Lake) and Cromane-Caragh Lake (as far as the school). Denny O Reilly proposed, seconded by Owen Mangan, that college players and non-resident players should be prohibited from playing in the parish league. John Foley proposed, seconded by Teddy Mangan, that college players and non-resident players should be allowed to play in the parish league. The former proposal was carried by 6 votes to 5.

In the absence of the Chairman from the meeting in the CYMS on Sat. 5th March, Pat O Shea presided. Also present were James Coffey, Patsy Hurley, Joe McMahon, Owen Mangan, Teddy Mangan, P. Moriarty, John Leane, Pat Diggin, Christy O Riordan, T. Clifford, Mike McMahon and James O Brien. Tickets for the banquet were distributed – unsold tickets and/or cash to be returned by 19th March. A discussion on whether or not to pay the requested fee to the Rhythm Aces for the night of the banquet was deferred to give the band time to consider a new fee. Arrangements were made for the upcoming challenge game versus Valentia in the Park.

John Foley presided over the meeting in the CYMS on Sat. 19th March. Also present were James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Pat Diggin, Teddy Mangan, Mike McMahon, Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan, James O Brien, Jim Harris and Denis O Neill. It was decided to mark off the £6-7-9 that was unaccounted for in the 1959 balance sheet as miscellaneous payments. The Treasurer said that the former Treasurer, Michael Morris, could throw no light on the matter. The gate collectors appointed for the Laune Rangers versus Keel Mid-Kerry League game were Jim Harris, Pat Diggin, James O Brien, Mike McMahon, P. Foley and Denis O Neill.

The meeting on 2nd April in the CYMS was chaired by John Foley. Present also were Gerald Stack, Donal Prendiville, Kevin Foley, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan, Donal Mangan, Sean Falvey, Noel O Mahony, T. Clifford, John Leane, P. Moriarty and Christy O Riordan. There was a long discussion on the decision of the Mid-Kerry Board in awarding the points from the Laune Rangers v Keel game to Keel. It was decided not to take any further part in the Mid-Kerry competitions and not to appeal against the decision. It was decided to enter a team for the Co. Championship (senior and minor) if it was not too late. (A letter from the club was read at the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 12th April and the matter was referred back to the Mid-Kerry Board).


The 75th Anniversary week’s activities commenced on Sun. 17th April (Easter Sunday). The Rangers put up a great fight when going under by 2-5 to 1-5 to the highly-rated Dublin side, C. J. Kickhams. They lined out without regulars Patrick O Shea and Noel O Mahony but at the end of the first quarter were two points ahead. Then the Dublin side hit back to score 1-3 before the interval. Rangers, who lost two prominent defenders through injury, maintained their strong challenge in the second half but had to give way to the fitter Kickham’s team by a goal. Gabriel Kelly (Cavan), Jerry O Reilly (Wicklow), Brendan McLoughlin (Mayo), Brendan Mangan (ex-Laune Rangers) capt., K. Traynor (Monaghan), and M. Sheridan (Cavan) were outstanding for the winners. The Rangers had great triers in Denny O Reilly, Donal Mangan, Teddy Mangan, Owen Mangan, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley (who scored three points off Gabriel Kelly), Jackie O Dwyer, Tadhg Corkery, Sean Falvey and the Cliffords (John & Paddy). Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, son of the late J.P. O Sullivan, was introduced to the teams before the game and threw in the ball. In a closely contested hurling challenge, Kilgarvan scored a good, 4-2 to 1-5, win over Kickham’s. D.J. Quill, Hegarty, Randles and the Healy Brothers starred for the winners. Former Killorglin minor, Pat Callanan, gave a very impressive display for Kickhams. Glenbeigh scored a surprising but well merited 1-5 to 1-3 victory over Milltown/Castlemaine in a disappointing Mid-Kerry Minor Championship game. All three games were refereed by James Coffey. The Laune Pipers’ band led the parades before the games. The day finished off with a dance in the Oisín Ballroom, Iveragh Rd.

Mon. 18th April, senior challenge in Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 3-6; West Kerry 0-5.

On Wed. 20th April, Laune Rangers held a banquet in the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney. 240 people attended and as many more were allowed in after the dinner. Music was supplied by the Rhythm Aces, accompanied by guests Liam Foley (violin) and Dan Keating (accordion). Guests of honour included Frank Sheehy (Chairman Co. Board) and P. F. (Paddy Foley – the GAA correspondent with the Kerryman).

On Fri. 22nd April, a céilí was held in the Oisín Ballroom, to the music of Mick Gilligan’s Céilí Band. On Sat. 23rd April, Laune Rangers sponsored a cross-country race in George Evans’s farm under N.A.C.A.I. rules. That was won by Charlie O Shea, Kilgobnet.

Sun. 24th April, Laune Rangers sponsored Rás Kingdom, a gruelling 30 miles cycle race over the picturesque Killorglin-Glencar-Caragh Lake-Dooks-Cromane-Killorglin route at 1.15pm. Dan Ahern, Castleisland C.C. won the Rás Kingdom Perpetual Cup, J. Drumm (Castleisland) was 2nd, B. Brosnan (Castleisland) was 3rd, J. Scully (Cahersiveen) was 4th, J. McElligott (Tralee) was 5th, P. Hegarty was 6th and B. McGuire was 7th. The week’s activities concluded on Sunday evening with a senior challenge game in Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 2-10; Kerins O Rahilly’s 0-4. As some person remarked afterwards, ‘The occasion exceeded the nine days wonder and will undoubtedly go down in the local annals of Killorglin.’

The Laune Rangers club cannot be blamed for believing that 1960 was the 75th anniversary of the club’s foundation. Many sports writers and indeed historians had concluded likewise. They were misled by a letter written by Patsy Begley to Father Devane in 1944. Whereas, much of what Patsy wrote was true, the dates were misinterpreted and led to confusion by historians. It was Kieran Foley, in his ‘History of Killorglin’, that first raised awareness of this and Pat O Shea in ‘Trail Blazers’, confirmed the fact that the Laune Rangers club could not have been formed in 1885. The Laune Rangers club was, in fact, formed at the end of September or beginning of October 1888. It is true that a ‘GAA club in name only’ existed before that, probably formed in the summer of 1887.


Stephen J. O Shea, Ballyledder, Kilgobnet, wrote the following poem for the occasion:

Ruathar Fhoireann Sráid Íbhreá

‘Ar pháirc na himeartha, agus gan le hár,

Do leagadh seoth lucht peile ar lár.

Do thuit mór-chuid to tiubh san láib

Fá ruathar fhoireann Sráid Íbhreá.

Arduig bhur nduais to hard sa spéir,

Na coróin ina gcuireann cath a spéis.

Tógaigí trí ghártha-bhéal

Do lucht Cill Orglan, dream na dtréan.


Seo dhíbh, a chairde, lucht peile uile,

Seo dhíbh, a chrot, dream mór a’ leamhain,

A Dhia, an dtabharfá géaga duile

A bhfaca solas ar bhruach na habhann.

Ní minic, áfach, a chím leithéid

An stochac bhreá, galánta séimh,

I ngach gníomh contúirteach tá a spéis,

Go bhfága Dia a shláinte réidh.

Tá dúil acu, is fíor, it Oth

Gach rud a dhéanamh slactmhar nocht,

Anois tá buíon tarbhanta réidh

Cill Orglan a shaith go criosna tréan.


Ní mór is ghá a chur chun leabhair,

Tá a ngníomhartha sáite i gcúl ar meabhair,

Ach bfhéidir anois gur ceart dom féin

Giota a rá ar an stair i gcéin.

Bhí an duine maordha, Iacht P.J.

I mbun na loinge ar an mór-aigéan,

Do stiúradh sé an fhoireann séimh

Go fíon an chuirm, Sham Mágéir.



Pat O Shea presided at the meeting of the club in the CYMS on Sat. 30th April, in the absence of the Chairman. The Treasurer, reporting on the Anniversary Week, said that the club would be about £30 in debt. It was decided to run a few dances in an effort to clear off the debt. The secretary was instructed to write to the Mid-Kerry Board pointing out that, unless the Board reversed its previous decision and ordered a replay of the Keel v Laune Rangers game, the club would withdraw all its teams from Mid-Kerry competitions and it would seek admission into the Co. Championship. The club also asked the Secretary and Treasurer to resign if the Board did not give a satisfactory ruling. Patsy Hurley was appointed as second delegate to the Mid-Kerry Board. A letter was received from the C. J. Kickham’s Club, thanking the club for the wonderful reception given to their team. The Dublin side hoped to get a return game arranged in the near future.

John Foley presided at the club meeting in James Coffey’s house on 17th Sept. Also in attendance were James Coffey, Owen Mangan, Pat O Shea, Patrick O Shea, Batty Foley and Sean Foley. After a draw, the following received tickets for the All-Ireland Senior Football Final: Pat O Shea (Lr. Hogan), James Coffey (Upr. Hogan), Paddy Foley (Cusack Stand), Donal Prendiville (Cusack Stand), Noel O Mahony (Corner), Denny O Reilly (Corner).


In an effort to raise the standard of football, Laune Rangers decided to initiate an award for the outstanding player and scorer during the year. Marks would be awarded as follows: 1goal = 3 marks; 1 point = 1 mark; 1 mark would be deducted for missing a close-in free or for putting the ball wide.


The Laune Rangers Church-gate collection was taken up in Killorglin and Cromane on Sun. 3rd April.


James Coffey refereed the following game for the Mid-Kerry Board:

Laune Rangers Cup Semi-final on Sun. 11th Sept. at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 1-7; Milltown 1-6.


John Kerry O Donnell was re-elected President of New York GAA.


St. Brendan’s GAA Club, Birmingham was formed. Members of the club included Paddy Spillane, Josie Fenton and Teddy Moriarty, all from Muingaphouca.


The London-Kerry GAA Club was formed in the Red Lion Hotel, Kilburn. Johnno Costello, Killorglin was a member of the committee. Johnno was the eldest brother of Denis and Michael Costello, Sunhill.


Kerry won the Munster Senior Football Championship on Sun. 24th July at the Athletic Grounds, Cork by beating Waterford 3-15 to 0-8. All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 7th Aug. in Croke Park: Kerry 1-8; Galway 0-8. All-Ireland final on Sun. 25th Sept. Down 2-10; Kerry 0-8.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Jerome O Shea, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, Sean Murphy, Kevin Coffey, Mick O Dwyer, Mick O Connell, Jer D. O Connor, Seamus Murphy, Tom Long, Paudie Sheehy (capt.), Gary McMahon, John Dowling, Tadhgie Lyne. Subs: Jack Dowling for J. Dowling, Jim Brosnan for G. McMahon, Dan McAuliffe for T. Lyne.


Pat Ahern, then playing with Ballymacelligott, played at right corner-forward on the Kerry senior team in the Whit Sunday Tournament in Killarney on Sun. 5th June against Dublin. Kerry won by 1-13 to 1-4 and young Ahern scored a point. Sprinting across from the right wing, he collected a pass and scored a grand point. On Sun. 28th Aug. he was at right corner forward on the Kerry team that lost to Dublin by 1-9 to 1-8 in the All-Ireland Junior Football semi-final in Austin Stack Park, Tralee.


Sean O Reilly, Farrentoreen, captained the St. Vincent’s junior team in London.


Tadhg O Reilly, Farrentoreen, then working in Killarney, played with Dr. Crokes.


Kerry (Boston) won the Senior Championship of Massachusetts. Sean McKenna, Steelroe, was on the team.


On Tues. 12th Jan. 1960 the last train-load of cattle left Killorglin railway stockyard. Steam locomotive 139, which had already pulled the last train out of Kenmare, was the last stock-train and the last steam-train to rumble across Killorglin’s famed metal bridge spanning the river Laune. Loader, Billy Maher, was there to supervise the loading bank for the last time. Some 200 school children gave a rousing cheer to engine-driver, Jack Ducey, and fireman, Donal O Connor, as they pulled out and the explosions of fog signals reverberated as guard John Hobbart waved a final signal, and the train disappeared from sight. The line had been opened for 75 years (The passenger line from Farranfore to Killorglin was opened on 15th Jan. 1885). Later in the year, Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor led a Co. Council request to CIE, not to remove the Laune or Fertha bridges. A reply in late Nov. confirmed that CIE was willing to hand over both bridges to the Kerry Co. Council free of cost.


Prices at the Killorglin Produce Market in Feb. included, potatoes – 1/9 per stone, cabbage – 5/- per 100, bonhams – £5-10-0 to £6.


James Cahillane, Sunhill, who had emigrated to the USA in 1930, served three consecutive terms as Mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts.


The final costings for the building of the three Co. Council cottages (Johnny Healy, Timmy Ferris and Patrick O Sullivan) at Bansha were £917-6-9, £895-14-5 and £877-1-9.


The local Co. Council elections took place on Wed. 29th June. Killorglin electoral area had six seats, for which there were 13 candidates. The total electorate was 14,057, the valid pole was 8,081 (There were 86 spoiled votes). The following were elected: Patrick W. Palmer (FG) outgoing, Timothy Chub O Connor (FF) outgoing, John Clifford (FF), Tommy Cahill (FF), Daniel O Donoghue (Ind.), Sean O Driscoll (Sinn Féin). The following outgoing councillors lost their seats: Timothy Scarteen O Connor (FG), Denis M. Keating (FF) and James Devane (FG). Jack Flynn (FF) did not seek re-election.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the Muintir na Tíre Hall, Milltown on Sun. 11th Dec. 1960. In his report, the Secretary, James Coffey, said, “That the year was the most successful ever in the history of the Board. The year was the turning point in Mid-Kerry football fortunes and we can look forward to a bright future. After years of disappointment and near misses, we have at last won the Co. Minor title – the most important title to come to the area since 1911. In the past we have had great teams but few, if any, could match the 1960 minor side for courage and spirit. Here was a team that left behind them that awful curse of Mid-Kerry teams, ‘the attitude of defeatism.’ They have now shown the way to all Mid-Kerry teams and their success has laid the foundation for future victories. I am sure and feel confident that, in 1961, we will be a force in the Senior Co. Championship. In the past we were great in defeat, from now on let us be even greater in victory and very soon the cradle of the GAA in Kerry will be the home of many county championship honours.

The victory of the minors was the outstanding event of the year but, I would say that, it cost us our place in the Senior Semi-Finals, because our senior game, against Crokes, was played on the eve of the minor final and, as a result, we were unable to play some of our minors, who would, in ordinary circumstances, be automatic choices for the senior side. The displays of the seniors have on the whole been disappointing and, I think, the time has come when more youthful teams should represent the area in this grade. We had five representatives on the Kerry Minor team and this was a great honour but it was disappointing that at least two members of our senior side were not considered for the Kerry Junior team.

At home, all our games were played in a grand sporting manner. Keel retained the Kennedy Cup, by defeating Laune Rangers in the final. The Laune Rangers set up a record by retaining Corn Fánuithe na Leamhna for the third successive year, by overcoming Glenbeigh in the final. Milltown defeated Laune Rangers in the juvenile final. All finals were played in Killorglin. For the first time, the minor competition was not completed. Laune Rangers are in the final as a result of walkovers from Beaufort and Keel, while Milltown/Castlemaine and Glenbeigh drew their semi-final game.

The shortage of referees is once again the cause of headaches to the Board but I feel sure that this can be remedied if youthful players, with an interest in the game, are given charge of minor and juvenile games. In this way, they will gain the necessary experience and, after at least one year, the refereeing of senior games should be no trouble. The few referees we have are doing a great job and they deserve the highest praise and thanks from the Board and Gaels of the area.” Finally the Secretary thanked all the officers and players for their wonderful co-operation during the year.


The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the CYMS Hall on Sun. 16th Oct. 1960. The Secretary, James Coffey, in his report, stated, “The year under review was one that will always be remembered whenever the name Laune Rangers is mentioned. In the past, we judged our activities by the successes of the teams and we were always pleased. However, the year 1960 is different from all others as it marked the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the club and very few clubs in Ireland have yet reached their 75th birthday. To mark this historic year, the club sponsored a week of sporting and social activity during Easter. These activities were not alone the talk of the parish but of the whole county and, despite the enormous sum it cost to sponsor such a week, it was well worth it. C. J. Kickhams senior footballers and hurlers travelled from Dublin for the opening games on Easter Sunday – our own team engaged their footballers and Kilgarvan provided the opposition for the hurlers. Both games were enjoyed by a huge attendance that got good value for its money. West-Kerry and Kerins O Rahilly’s also played Mid-Kerry during the week and the club held a very successful Rás Kingdom cycling race and a cross-country race. A grand céilí was also held and this event proved that there is still a spark of Irish spirit left in the parish.

One of the greatest events ever held in the county was the 75th Anniversary Banquet, held in the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney. Over 200 guests attended, including Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, Frank Sheehy and ex-county players. No doubt, this was the greatest social event ever held in the county. The Kickham’s teams were delighted with their stay in Killorglin and they hoped to come again next year. All were in agreement that it was the best outing they ever had and Cavan inter-county player, Gabriel Kelly, confirmed this, when he spoke in glowing terms of the visit to Killorglin, at the Kickham’s Social, held in honour of the Rangers, when our team travelled to Dublin to play Kickhams in the return game at Parnell Park, on the eve of the All-Ireland Senior Football Final. The games with our Dublin friends were contested in a grand sporting manner, which was a credit to both sides.

For the third successive year, our seniors contested the Mid-Kerry Championship final but we failed again to Keel after putting up a disappointing show. We avenged that defeat a week later when, in the Laune Rangers Cup semi-final, we had a convincing win over the Keel boys and we went on to become the first team to win the trophy for three years running, when, in the final, we had an easy win over Glenbeigh. In this competition, we tried out some young players and these players proved to be the outstanding men on the side and, as a result, our selectors can look forward to a bright future. Our minors are in the minor final but we do not know their real worth, as they played no game on the way, receiving a walkover from Beaufort and Keel, who failed to field teams. Our juveniles were beaten in the final by Milltown/Castlemaine and this defeat came as a big shock, as we thought that we had a really good side.

At last, some of our players are getting recognition from the county selectors and both Patrick O Shea and Donal Mangan were worthy representatives from the club on the Co. Minor Football side. Judging by the recent display of some more of our minors, county honours will soon come their way. We, also, had five players, Patrick O Shea, Donal Mangan, Noel O Mahony, Billy Dodd and Tony Lyons, on the Mid-Kerry Minor team and these players did a great deal in helping Mid-Kerry win its first ever Minor Co. Championship. Our senior team was, also, well represented on the Mid-Kerry senior team.

Congratulations to Patrick O Shea on winning an All-Ireland minor basketball medal with Kerry and to Padraig Carroll, who won an All-Ireland medal with the Kerry Vocational Schools’ team. During the year, the club was hard hit by emigration and no less that four of our best players left the district at a time when they were most needed.

It was most disappointing to see the Parish League abandoned and I hope that, in the coming year, it will be organised again and run off early on. The club should take this league very seriously as, very often, some new talent comes to light. The playing of too many challenge-games affects this league.

The decline in juvenile football gives cause for alarm and unless something is done about it, it will be hard to keep the game alive amongst the school children. I would suggest a sub-committee be formed to take care of juvenile football with the help of the teachers of the parish. A schools’-league should be played off for a suitable trophy to be presented by the club. I would like, also, to appeal to the lads between the ages of 16 years and 18 years to take more interest in the game. In this age-group, there was a considerable lack of interest in the game during the year. The causes are many – dancing and pastimes are some but the main cause is just sheer laziness.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the players for their co-operation and also the members of the club, especially our Chairman and Treasurer, John Foley and Pat O Shea, for their untiring work during the year. My thanks also to P. J. O Shea and the CYMS for the use of their halls, also to out loyal supporters, without whom we would be unable to carry on.”