Laune Rangers – 1963

 Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship for the second time.

Laune Rangers won the Laune Rangers’ Cup (played in Feb. 1964) for the fourth time.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Minor Football Championship for the fourth time.

The Kerryman Shield, a county league for District Boards, had been inaugurated the previous year. Mid-Kerry lost the final to South-Kerry, which was played in March 1964.

Cromane/Caragh Lake rejoined Laune Rangers after a lapse of one year.

Seamus Curran was at right halfback on the St. Brendan’s team that won the Munster Senior Colleges Final but they lost to St. Mel’s in the final.

Seamus Curran and Mickey O Sullivan (Glencar) were substitutes on the Kerry team that won the All-Ireland Minor Football Final.

Noel Lucey played at centre halfback and Vincent Lucey played at right full-forward on the Kerry team that beat Cork in the Munster Senior Football Final but they lost to Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final.

Jimmy Lucey played at midfield and both Pat Ahern and Noel Lucey were substitutes on the Kerry team that beat Down in the 1962/’63 NFL Final.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the ninth successive year.

The Mid-Kerry Juvenile Board was reformed. James Coffey was Secretary.

Noel O Mahony won a Leinster Junior Football Championship medal with Wexford but they lost to Kerry in the ‘home’ final.

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on Sun. 6th January 1963. At the outset, the Chairman, Mr. John Foley, who presided, expressed his delight at the fine attendance of members (28). He hoped the members would continue to show such fine interest in the affairs of the club during the coming year. He thanked all who helped the club during the year and especially those members who gave their spare time at improving the field during the summer. He paid tribute to the secretary and treasurer for their untiring work for the club. He also welcomed the delegates from Caragh Lake who would be rejoining the club that year. Concluding, the Chairman appealed to the members to give something to the GAA in future and not to look for something from it.

(The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1962).

The Treasurer, Pat O Shea, in his report showed a debit balance of £32 (approx.). Both reports were adopted on the proposition of Noel O Mahony and seconded by Owen Mangan.

Income and expenditure account for the year ended 5th Jan. 1963:

Expenditure                                                                  Income

Balance B/F from 1961 14-17-9

Players’ travelling expenses 98- 6-11                  Raffle 49-14-0

Banquet & victory celebrations      100- 3 – 2

Travelling expenses (Mid-Kerry)   1-12-0

Field rent and expenses 36- 1- 4                               Gate receipts   6 – 2-9 Jerseys 25-10-0                                                               Refund   4-10-0

Footballs 15- 7- 9                                                              Banquet tickets 87- 6- 6 Printing & stationery 19- 9- 5                                     Dances (Oisín)       158-11-4 Trophies 13- 0- 3

Medical expenses   2- 0- 0

Birth certificates      10- 0

Affiliation and Insurance   4-12- 6

St. Dominic Savio   1-  5- 0

All-Ireland semi-final tickets                4-10- 0

Laundry   1-11- 6

Postage & telegrams   1- 7-10

Masses      15- 0

Bank charges   1- 3- 0

                                                                                                         Dances   7-13- 6

£322-13-7                                                                                            £333-  7- 2

Excess of expenditure over income for 1962 – £10-13-7


Election of Officers:

President: Rev. Father O Riordan C.C.

Vice-Presidents: Donal Prendiville, M.R.C.V.S., Paddy Foley and Con Lucey.

Chairman: John Foley (outgoing).

Vice-Chairman: Christy O Riordan.

Secretary: Patsy Cronin & Paul McMahon (joint secretaries) – James Coffey had retired after 8 years as Secretary.

Treasurer: Pat O Shea (outgoing).

Delegates to Mid-Kerry Board: Teddy Mangan and Patsy Hurley.

Delegates to Co. Convention: Patsy Cronin, Patsy Hurley, James Coffey and Batty Foley.

Committee: The officers and Patsy Hurley, James Coffey, Michael Murphy, Sean Foley, Batty Foley, Teddy Mangan, Connie Lucey, Jimmy Foley (Snr), Michael O Dwyer, Brendan Mangan, Timmy Cronin, Bertie Harmon, Sean McKenna and Kevin Foley.

Dance Committee: Patsy Hurley, Paul McMahon, Patsy Cronin, Sean McKenna, Paudie Carroll, Sean O Riordan, Derry O Brien, Teddy Mangan, Patsy Joy, Christy O Riordan, Pat O Shea, Timmy Cronin. It was decided to divide the number into two groups, to operate on separate nights.

Senior Selectors: John Foley (22 votes), Sean Foley (20 votes), Connie Lucey (25 votes), Christy O Riordan (19 votes), Patsy Hurley (19 votes) – all elected. The others who contested the position were Michael O Riordan (12 votes) and Jimmy Foley (6 votes).

Senior Captain: Teddy Mangan (14 votes), Mike Murphy (12 votes).

Vice-Captain: Mike Murphy.

The Minor Captain was elected at the first meeting of the Club on Sat. 12th January – Jimmy Foley (6 votes), Patsy Joy (5 votes), Seamus Curran (3 votes).

Minor Selection Committee: Batty Foley, Michael Murphy, Pat O Shea (all proposed by Christy O Riordan and seconded by Sean Foley).

Juvenile Selection Committee: Batty Foley, Michael Murphy, Pat O Shea and Patsy Cronin.

Joint Senior Trainers: Brendan Mangan and Pat O Shea.



  1. ‘That membership-card holders only be allowed to participate in the draw for All-Ireland tickets.’ (Passed). Paddy Foley would get a ticket each year. Membership would be 5/-.
  2. ‘That the club enter two senior teams for the Mid-Kerry League and Laune Rangers Cup but only one team in the Mid-Kerry Championship.’ (Passed).
  3. ‘That all teams would be selected on Monday nights and published immediately.’ (Passed).
  4. ‘That the club would hold a Céilí during Easter.’ (passed).
  5. ‘That all players would be notified of training.’ (passed). Players failing to put in a certain amount of training would not be considered for the team.


Co. Senior Football Championship


There were 12 teams in the Co. Senior Football Championship, John Mitchel’s, Mid-Kerry, South-Kerry, Kenmare, Castleisland, Ballymacelligott, East-Kerry, Austin Stack’s, Feale Rangers, St. Brendan’s, Kerins O Rahilly’s and West-Kerry.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 30th June at Killorglin: John Mitchels 0-12; Mid-Kerry 1-8.

John Mitchels, the holders, were still in the county senior football championship, and were now in with a great chance of recording their fifth title win in a row. At Killorglin on Sunday they had held out against a Mid-Kerry team that many had considered a good prospect for the county championship. The huge attendance had been thrilled with an exhibition of football, the like of which had not been seen locally for many a day. Trailing by 0-10 to 0-1 at the interval, Mid-Kerry turned in a second half display of football that had the champions stunned and reeling. It was a game brimful of excitement and thrills, which would be recalled for many a day.

What had happened to Mid-Kerry in the opening half when they could only manage to score one point, against ten for Mitchels? That was the question on everyone’s lips at the finish. Nothing seemed to go right for the locals in that period and Mitchels had a field day. Mid-Kerry had been too slow to settle down in all departments, and perhaps they had been overawed by the occasion. Their kicking of placed balls, as well as their kicking from play, had been so poor that one wondered if this was a team fit for county championship football.

It looked all over at the interval and it was not surprising that some of the attendance left the park. In the first half, Mitchels had their real stars in Dom O Donnell, Derry O Shea and Paudie Sheehy in attack, Harry Burke at midfield, and Mick Morris and Sean Og Sheehy in defence. In this period, Pat Griffin at midfield, Jerry O Riordan in attack and Joe O Mahony and Pat O Shea in defence and goal-man Teddy Bowler, who was brilliant, had been the Mid-Kerry heroes.

The second half was no sooner on when we realised that we were about to see the real Mid-Kerry in action and witness a tremendous comeback. That great fight back was sparked off by the outstanding player on the field, young Pat Griffin. The Glenbeigh lad, a former Kildare minor, was the hero of this game. He had started at midfield but one wondered in the end how he covered so much ground, as on several occasions, he saved what seemed certain scores and then he was under the ball again to score three beautiful points. His ball control was uncanny. His speed when in possession and his body swerve were amazing, while his fielding of high balls was in the best Kerry tradition. It was not surprising then that his team-mates should rally with him, and as a result we witnessed a really rousing second half.

In that half, Mitchels had their backs to the wall and it was only a solid fullback line that saved them from certain defeat. The Mid-Kerry defence was magnificent and the midfield partnership of Griffin and Jimmy Lucey lorded it over Brian Sheehy and Harry Burke. Up to then Burke had been having a wonderful game. The Mid-Kerry forwards, as a result, saw a lot of the ball and Mitchels defence was always in trouble, but Alan Conway and Paddy Sayers invariably came to the rescue when it seemed that goals must come. Liam Scully, Tom Prendergast and Jerry O Riordan were trying very hard and all three were rarely beaten in the second half. Mitchels were in real trouble when Mid-Kerry brought on Mick O Sullivan to full-forward. He out-fielded Conway to every ball but the move came too late.

During that half, Mid-Kerry had a goal and a point disallowed – a fourteen yards free was poor consolation for a goal scored by Tony Lyons about ten minutes from the end. It was those happenings that annoyed the local supporters. But the incident that annoyed them most of all was when Pat Ahern, on his way towards goal, was fouled. The free would be about thirty-five yards out and dead straight in front of the road goals. The Mitchels players gathered around the referee, while Pat Ahern prepared to take the free-kick. After a delay, the referee, to everyone’s amazement, sounded the full-time blast. Pandemonium reigned and the referee had to be given a strong Garda escort from the field.

The outstanding players on the John Mitchels side were Derry O Shea, Dom O Donnell, Harry Burke, Sean Og Sheehy, Teddy Dowd, Paddy Sayers, Mick Morris, Paudie Sheehy and Alan Conway. Pat Griffin, Jerry O Riordan, Joe O Mahony, Jimmy Lucey, Liam Scully, Pat O Shea, Ned O Shea, Tom Prendergast, Pat Ahern and Teddy Bowler were outstanding for Mid-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Mick O Connor (Milltown/Castlemaine), Joe O Mahony (do.), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Pat Ahern (do.), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh), Liam Scully (do.), Jerry O Riordan (do.), Pat McKenna (Milltown/Castlemaine), Tony Lyons (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Tom Prendergast (Keel). Sub: Mike O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) for P. McKenna.

John Mitchels: Johnny Kelliher, John Dalton, Alan Conway, Paddy Sayers, Mick Morris, Niall Sheehy, Sean Og Sheehy, Brian Sheehy, Harry Burke, Seamus Roche, Dom O Donnell, Derry O Shea, Teddy Dowd, Roddy O Donnell, Paudie Sheehy. Sub: John O Shea for D. O Donnell; Dom O Donnell for R. O Donnell.

Ref: Andy Molyneaux (Listowel).

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 2nd July, Father Brian Kelly congratulated the senior team on a display never seen from a Mid-Kerry team for many years. Father Noel Moran congratulated the Laune Rangers Club for the fine way the pitch was laid out and for the way the stewarding was carried out. Mid-Kerry lodged an objection with the Co. Board on the grounds that a) the second half was 2 minutes short of the half-hour, b) the referee altered his decision to give a free and blew full-time and c) there was no allowance for continual deliberate delay by the Seán Mistéalaigh defence from beginning to end in the second half in retrieving, placing and kicking out the dead ball.

At the Co. Board meeting, the referee’s report was read to the delegates. In it he stated: ‘As a Mitchels and Mid-Kerry player strove for the ball about forty yards from the Mitchels’ goal, I considered that the time was up, so I blew the whistle for full-time. The game was very exciting at this stage and vocal support was so strong that I presume that players, supporters and Press did not hear the whistle. I went to the position where the ball was when I whistled for full-time and waited until it was handed back to me. I am quite certain that the time was up when I whistled for full-time. As the game was so close and exciting, I did not add up the final score until after the game, so I did not know what it was at the time of ending the game.

I would not like to endure again the abuse I received from what I feel were some Mid-Kerry supporters right from the start of the game to the end, or hear their exhortations to the players. I would like to thank the Mid-Kerry officials, Murt Kelly and James Coffey, and others, whose names I do not know, and members of the Gardai for helping me from the pitch after the game.’

At the outset of the report, Mr. Molyneaux said that it was a very good game, very fast and exciting. Hard knocks were given and taken by both teams in a sporting manner. The players on both sides accepted his decisions and he had no difficulty in controlling the game.

Mr. Murt Kelly, outlining the case for Mid-Kerry, alleged that two minutes from the end, the referee blew his whistle and pointed to the ground where the ball was to be placed, ostensibly indicating a free. He waited for the ball and when he got it then blew full-time. ‘I have no doubt that he played only twenty eight minutes and a couple of seconds in the second half,’ he said.

Mr. Kelly alleged that three or four minutes were wasted by the Mitchels’ players in kicking out the ball in the second half. He said that a few times the referee had to blow his whistle to speed up the kick-out. He allowed no time for the wastage. ‘There were forty people in the field, neutrals as well as our own supporters, who said that he didn’t play the full half-hour.’ said Mr. Kelly. He added that another half-minute would have enabled Mid-Kerry to draw the game.

Mr. Jerry Flynn (John Mitchels) said that he did not see the referee point to the ground. And he added ‘There were two Co. Board officials behind me and they thought the second half was thirty minutes.’ Mr. John Joe Sheehy, Munster Council Representative (and from John Mitchels) said that they should protect their referees. It would be wrong to pillory a referee unless for a glaring injustice altogether. Dr. Jim Brosnan, Chairman, said that the issue was fairly clear-cut. The referee said he played the full time, and his decision on any question of time was final. The objection was declared lost.

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 19th July, it was decided that ‘in view of the one sidedness of the report and the fact that the man in charge was not a capable referee,’ no further action would be taken but it was unanimously agreed that for the Kerryman Shield semi-final, the Board would not agree to a Kerry referee – Jimmy Martin (Roscommon) or John Dowling (Offaly) were mentioned as possible referees.


John Mitchel’s, captained by Brian Sheehy, won out the Co. Championship by beating Kerins O Rahilly’s in the final on the score of 4-4 to 2-3. Thus Mitchel’s achieved the five-in-a-row of Co. Senior Football Championships.


Kerryman Shield.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 7th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-5; Killarney 0-7.

A point in the dying minutes of the game enabled Mid-Kerry to beat a fancied Killarney side. The movement, which led to the match-winning score was engineered by ex-Kildare minor, Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh). He parted to Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), who was fouled going through and John McKenna (Milltown) made no mistake with the free.

Football, in the first half, was scrappy and both sides were guilty of some glaring misses in front of goals. Killarney turned over a point in front, 0-5 to 1-1. The standard improved in the second half and spectators had plenty to enthuse about. Ten minutes from time, Killarney led by two points. Then came a great Mid-Kerry rally. Billy Kerins (Milltown) raised a white flag and shortly afterwards Pat Ahern tapped over a free to equalise. With time running out, McKenna drove over the winning point.

One of the outstanding men on the Mid-Kerry team was goalkeeper Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh). He saved his line time and time again. Pat Ahern had a brilliant game at right halfback and Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers) stood out in the fullback line. Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh) and Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers) came into their own at midfield in the second half, whilst Pat Griffin, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) and Willie Barton (Keel) played clever football in attack.

Tom Long was the dominant figure on the Killarney team. He played very wholeheartedly for three-quarters of the hour but tired somewhat in the closing stages. Goalkeeper, Johnny Culloty, Johnny Hurley, Tim Sheehan and Tadhg Fleming were the pick of the rest of the Killarney team.

Ref: Jerry Foley (Firies).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 21st April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 1-8; Austin Stacks 0-0.

Before a small attendance and in very poor weather conditions, Mid-Kerry continued on their winning way by scoring a facile victory over a very disappointing Austin Stacks side. A strong crosswind and a treacherous pitch ruled out good football. A heavy shower, midway through the second half, worsened matters.

Mid-Kerry won because in Jimmy Lucey, Pat Griffin, Jerry O Riordan and Pat Ahern, they had outstanding players who were rarely beaten during the hour. They were the backbone of a promising young Mid-Kerry team. They got good support from Pat Ferris, who seemed to improve with every game, Batty Foley, who despite s few bad misses, scored a magnificent goal and was never beaten for possession, Teddy Bowler, who was his usual sound self in goals and Jimmy Healy and Pat O Shea, who did nothing wrong in the fullback line. Newcomer, Mick O Sullivan at right fullback and Eddie Kelliher, at right corner-forward also showed up well. But, in Pat Griffin, Mid-Kerry had the find of the season. On the strength of his performances to date, he would make a bold bid for a place on the Kerry team for the All-Ireland campaign. His fielding of the wet ball last Sunday and his ball control were exceptionally good.

Mid-Kerry: Teddy Bowler, Mike O Sullivan, Jimmy Healy, Pat O Shea, Pat Ahern, Connie O Sullivan, Ned O Shea, Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan (0-1), Pat Ferris (0-1), Pat Griffin (0-2), Billy Kerins (0-1), Eddie Kelliher (0-2), Willie Barton (0-1), Batty Foley (1-0).

Austin Stacks: Maurice Breen, D. O Connor, J.J. Barrett, Mick Quirke, T. Driscoll, J. Horgan, J. Chute, Kevin  Barry, Jacko Lawlor, S. Tucker, Ted Leen, D. King, S. Hutchinson, Timmy McMahon, Johnny Brosnan.

Mid-Kerry also defeated Kenmare (in May) and Castleisland to reach the semi-final.


Semi-Final on Sun. 20th Oct. in Killarney: Mid-Kerry 1-10; John Mitchels 1-4.

The heavy grey clouds, which hung ominously overhead, just about reflected the gloom that gripped followers of County Champions, John Mitchel’s as they trouped off the pitch at Killarney’s Fitzgerald Stadium at the end of that game. The giant-killing Tralee combination had just been soundly and convincingly beaten by an amazingly fit, adaptable and skilful Mid-Kerry fifteen who had taken the best their rivals had to offer in a rattling good second half and finished up winners by the wide margin of six points. This surprise victory puts the resurgent Mid-Kerry men in the final of the Kerryman Shield against South Kerry, and on their display in the semi-final, the Mid-Kerry side would take an awful lot of beating. The surprising thing about that game was that Mitchels – the team with all the talents-were found sadly wanting in stamina and vigour in the crucial closing stages. They looked at one stage of the second half, however, as if they would whittle down Mid-Kerry’s lead.

Mid-Kerry, aided by the very strong wind which tended at times to play havoc with the game, dominated the first half exchanges. They dominated to such a degree, in fact, that one often wondered if this was the same John Mitchel’s team that had beaten all before them on their way to their recent fifth-in-a-row county title triumphs. All the champions could manage to register on the scoreboard in that half was a single point from a free in the tenth minute by John ‘Thorny’ O Shea. Mid-Kerry, on the other hand, picked off their scores with assurance and aplomb. Their on-target free taker, right half-forward Liam Scully, tapped four placed balls over the bar in the sixth, seventh, twentieth and twenty-second minutes, corner-forward Tom Prendergast slipped over a beautiful point in the twelfth minute, as did midfielder Jerry O Riordan a minute later. But the score that really rocked and distressed the Tralee side was a twenty-fifth minute goal, after some intense pressure by the winners attack.

County player, Pat Griffin, operating on the ‘40’, screw-kicked a lovely ball across the goalmouth from the left wing, the ball bounded off the cross-bar and, as backs and forwards lunged at it, in sped Tom Prendergast to fist the ball past goalkeeper, Johnny Kelliher. That was the last score of the half but it was a marvellous boost to the underdog Mid-Kerry men as they faced the rising wind in the second half and the fury of a Mitchels side, bent on endorsing their first round championship win over the same opposition on the previous June. That halftime lead of 1-6 to 0-1 looked reasonably secure, but during the interval many were of the opinion that Mitchel’s would still come back in their customary fluent, relentless style. One such remark that was overheard was, ‘What defence could hold out against Mitchels’ dreaded forward machine, playing with a strong wind at their backs?’

But it was Mid-Kerry, and not Mitchel’s, who took up the early running in the second half. After four minutes, a whirlwind movement down the left sideline ended with Griffin lofting over a wonderful point from fully forty yards out. A following free to Mid-Kerry was unerringly pointed by Scully to put his side into a staggering ten points lead. It was now or never for Mitchel’s as they stormed to the attack in an all-out attempt to break their rivals’ stranglehold on the game. After only six minutes, they struck. ‘Thorny’ O Shea swung the ball across from the right wing to his brother Derry. The latter dummied his way past his opponent before cracking a left-footed shot at goalkeeper Batty Foley and before the latter had time to move a foot, corner-forward Fred Lynch was there to finish to the net.

Rallied in thundering fashion by a ground-covering Niall Sheehy, Mitchels kept up the pressure but their forwards never again showed any real signs of cracking their rivals’ defence – a back division that went from strength to strength as the game progressed. The next three scores fell to the losers. A point from play by Teddy Dowd and two from frees by Dom O Donnell. These scores left the Tralee side trailing by a mere four points, 1-8 to 1-4, and within striking distance of their rivals. But try as they might for the remainder of the game, the losers could never again pierce a close-knit, quick-moving defence who outplayed and outlasted their formidable rivals in the last quarter. Mid-Kerry revealed limitless stamina and flashes of football brilliance in the closing stages, but their forwards were sadly off the mark with their finishing efforts. In fact, had it been a close finish, followers of the winners would have been numb with frustration to see a hatful of scoring chances go a-begging.

The honour of scoring the last two scores of the game fell to Liam Scully, who had recently captained U.C.C. to victory in the Cork Co. Final. He finished a Jerry O Riordan-Tom Prendergast movement for a point in the 28th minute and then just before the final whistle, he kicked a penalty over the bar, proof that Mid-Kerry, unlike Mitchels, believed that points were invariably safer to take than a gamble for goals. As a team, Mid-Kerry deserved full marks. They never allowed themselves to be overawed by their rivals and every man showed an insatiable appetite for the game. But there were a few players who helped in a big way to etch that great win. County star, Pat Griffin had a storming game at centre half-forward, where he had some great duels with Niall Sheehy. Griffin set most of the winners’ attacks in motion and his astute kicking to unmarked colleagues paid rich dividends. When Mitchels were hungering after face-saving scores near the end, the Glenbeigh man was back in defence to repel these fiery forays.

Full-back Teddy Bowler, better known as a goalkeeper, emerged from that game with a new-found status as a high-fielding, unyielding full-back. He was everywhere danger threatened in the second half and neither the wiles of Dom O Donnell nor the menace of Niall Sheehy could upset him. Pat O Shea in the left-corner and Ned O Shea outside him also turned in first-class displays. Jerry O Riordan was the winners’ key man at midfield where he never ceased to forage and was ever linking up with his forwards. In attack Pat Griffin was the brains behind most of the match-winning moves, but he had very capable colleagues in Liam Scully, Pat Ferris and wily Tom Prendergast, who was always popping up in the most unexpected places.

Mitchels would not retain many happy memories of the hour. They never showed the speed, dash and flair for score-getting that had hallmarked most of their wonderful displays in recent years. Goalkeeper Johnny Kelliher had a busy afternoon and frequently foiled the winners of scores. Once Niall Sheehy moved upfield from his centre halfback spot in the second half, the defence appeared to go to pieces and the Mid-Kerry forwards were often given plenty of leeway to open up the game. Only Mitchels Morris, Paddy Sayers and substitute Billy Kerins seemed to show any plan of campaign. At midfield, Brian Sheehy fetched and kicked some great balls but his brother Sean Og, after a whirlwind start, was never afterwards the force he had been in other games. Undoubtedly, much of Mitchels troubles stemmed from the fact that they never held a commanding hand in the middle of the field. Seamus Roche and Derry O Shea were the most industrious of the forwards, without accomplishing anything worthwhile. Dom O Donnell played a lot of the ball but he lost several fine chances by overplaying it. Teddy Dowd flickered and flashed on all too rare occasions. Niall Sheehy showed some magnificent touches, but he had too much to do. Trying to bolster and marshal the attack, coupled with his retreats to lend a hand in defence, was too much for a man of even Niall’s unquenchable fighting heart.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Teddy Bowler (do.), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Pat Ahern (do.), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Liam Scully (do.), Pat Griffin (do.), Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers), Tony Lyons (do.), Mike O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Tom Prendergast (Keel).

John Mitchel’s: Johnny Kelliher, Mick Morris, John Dalton, Paddy Sayers, Ted Fitzgerald, Niall Sheehy, Bruddy Burrows, Brian Sheehy, Sean Og Sheehy, John O Shea, Seamus Roche, Derry O Shea, Fred Lynch, Dom O Donnell, Teddy Dowd. Subs: Billy Kerins for B. Burrows; Seanie Burrows for T. Fitzgerald.

Ref: Seamus Garvey (Dingle).


Final on Sun. 15th March 1964 at Tralee: South Kerry 1-17; Mid-Kerry 1-10.

That was the belated 1963 final.  Both teams had played six games in the competition, winning five and losing one each. Mid-Kerry had beaten East Kerry, Austin Stacks, Kenmare, Castleisland and John Mitchels and had lost to South Kerry, whilst South Kerry had accounted for Kenmare, Castleisland, East Kerry, Mid-Kerry and Kerins O Rahillys and had been beaten by Austin Stacks. South Kerry had entered the final as slight favourites, especially on the strength of having gained a 2-14 to 1-4 victory over Mid-Kerry when they clashed in round five of the competition in Cahersiveen on the previous June.

In the semi-finals on the previous October, Mid-Kerry had caused a major upset when they handed John Mitchels, then fresh from their fifth-in-a-row county title triumph, a six points beating in a tension-packed hour. South Kerry had accounted for county finalists, Kerins O Rahillys, by two points in the following game.

The Kerryman carried this account of the game: ‘Back with a bang as a major football force in the county come South Kerry as a result of their thoroughly deserved, yet hard-earned, victory over Mid-Kerry in the final of the 1963 Kerryman Shield at Tralee last Sunday. Watched by a large crowd, the game was influenced by a strong first-half breeze, which faded on the change of ends.

Once again, as so often in the past, the phantom-like presence of Valentia’s Mick O Connell was the dominating and decisive factor in this gripping game, which gave spectators full value for their money. If this Shield final is to be remembered for one outstanding feature, then surely that honour must rest with O Connell. On Sunday he achieved something that has seldom, if ever, been equalled on the field of play. He assumed the role of net-minder after ten minutes of the second half when Mid- Kerry were awarded a penalty, after full-forward Michael O Sullivan had been blatantly fouled in the parallelogram. Up stepped Pat Aherne to take the penalty. He shot a bullet-like drive, but the South Kerry captain was on the spot to deflect it away from the danger zone. The cheering that greeted that feat filled the air like a chorus of acclamation.

Later in the half, when South Kerry had finally broken the back of Mid-Kerry’s gallant bid for glory, O Connell showed us another facet of his art when he stepped up to take a penalty and duly obliged by sending the ball cleanly to the net. That score served as a final demolition blow to the losers who never afterwards looked like puling the game out of the fire.

From the throw-in, it was South Kerry who did all the early forcing, but a combination of unsteady forward play and good defensive work by the Mid-Kerry backs prevented them from scoring. It wasn’t until the fourth minute that they opened the scoring and the honour, like most of the others in this game, went to O Connell who pointed a free. However, Mid-Kerry took only two minutes to tie the scores when Pat Aherne sent the ball sailing over the bar. In fact, the scores were level eight times in all during the course of the hour. This gives an indication of how evenly the sides were matched. It must be clearly stated that the seven points margin in favour of South Kerry at the finish does not do justice to the overall efforts of Mid-Kerry. They were a far better team than the final score would suggest.

By the end of the first quarter the fine work of Mick O Connell and Kevin Donnelly at midfield was beginning to pay dividends. They kept pouring the ball into their forwards and none availed of this steady service better than centre half-forward Mick O Dwyer. Despite some gallant efforts by centre halfback Con O Sullivan to curb him, O Dwyer battled his way through for five points to give the southerners a distinct edge.

Then Mid-Kerry took up the challenge and it was fast-moving Pat Griffin at centre half-forward who sparked off the fight-back. He made frequent inroads around the centre of the field and his promptings saw the losers reduce the deficit to three points. Then, rather unexpectedly, came the equaliser, which threw the game wide open. Griffin sent in a lobbing ball from out on the wing. There was a scramble around the South Kerry goalmouth as the ball struck an upright. The high-jumping Jimmy Lucey met the rebound and his fisted effort gave goalkeeper Michael O Connor no chance. The closing minutes of the half were packed with exciting up-and-down play and scores were again exchanged before South Kerry grabbed a one-point advantage to lead at the interval by 0-10 to 1-6.

On the restart, Mid-Kerry brought Pat Griffin out to mark O Connell, in an effort to try and break the firm grip, which the Southerners were having on the midfield exchanges. Mid-Kerry midfielder and captain, Billy Kerins, fired his comrades with new-found zest and enthusiasm when he shot the equalising point within a minute. The losers kept up the pressure and they whipped over three vital points in as many minutes. Unquestionably the presence of Griffin was having its desired effect as in those opening minutes of the half, O Connell was not being seen to the same advantage as he had earlier been.

Oddly enough, it was when the South Kerry mentors decided to switch full-forward John Burke to partner O Connell, with Kevin Donnelly moving to the half-forward line, that O Connell again found his touch. After ten minutes came the Mid-Kerry penalty, which he stopped and at the end of the third quarter he delighted the crowd when he pointed a 50 to level the scores. However, Mid-Kerry came surging back and again it was Billy Kerins who took the initiative to put his side a point ahead and keep them in the game with a fine chance.

Then came a shattering body blow to their hopes when Pat Griffin, after having done so much to inspire the team, had to retire injured. But prior to his departure he had been showing signs of weariness. And South Kerry were not slow to take full advantage. They blazed a trail towards the Mid-Kerry goal and sent over a few quick points to swing the game very much in their favour.

Then followed the penalty, after a defender had snapped the ball off the ground in his haste to clear his lines. O Connell hammered it home and with it he sank Mid-Kerry’s Shield hopes once and for all. With over five minutes left in the game, Mid-Kerry had shot their bolt, but there is no denying that Griffin’s retiral marked the turning point in their fortunes.

Once again Mick O Connell and Mick O Dwyer were the masterminds of South Kerry victory. The two county stars lived fully up to their names in this gruelling encounter and between them they wrought havoc on the opposition. O Connell did everything that was asked of him and even more, when one considers his achievement in filling the role of goalkeeper for one vital moment. Had Mid-Kerry scored a goal then there is no telling what turn the game might have taken. If O Connell did fade briefly from the scene at the start of the second half, that fade-out must be excused in the light of his power-packed, magical performance.

O Dwyer once again proved that he is the most whole-hearted player in the game today. Try as the loser’s backs did they could never curb the Waterville man’s dashing bursts up the middle. He chased every ball as if his life depended on it and it was this inspiring leadership in attack that coaxed that extra effort from his colleagues when the need was sorest.

Full-forward John Burke did not have the game followers expected but then fullback Teddy Bowler saw to it that he never got any leeway. At the other end of the field, fullback John O Connell made no mistakes while ageless John ‘Dasher’ O Connor, in the right corner, was cheered to the echo on a number of occasions when he averted danger. The winner’s halfback line of Michael Courtney, P.T. O Sullivan and Jimmy Keating accomplished some fine work despite the fact that they were faced by an ever-threatening half-forward line in Scully, Griffin and Ferris.

Besides fullback Bowler, Mid-Kerry’s Jimmy Healy and Pat O Shea were at the top of their form in the two corners. Nor could centre halfback Con O Sullivan be accused of any slackness, despite the fact that he met a bang in-form Mick O Dwyer. Kerins was an untiring worker at midfield but both he and Jimmy Lucey were well and truly overshadowed by the brilliance of O Connell hereabouts, with Kevin Donnelly giving the Valentia man every support. Mid-Kerry’s failure to sway the midfield exchanges was the fountain-source of their trouble. The loser’s most prominent performers in attack were Pat Griffin, Tom Prendergast and Michael O Sullivan, while Liam Scully, though he has often played better, contributed a few lovely points of his side’s tally.’

South Kerry: Michael O Connor, John O Connor, John O Connell, Batty Galvin, Michael Courtney, P.T. O Sullivan, Jimmy Keating, Mick O Connell (1-5), Kevin Donnelly (0-3), George Curran (0-1), Mick O Dwyer (0-6), Tom O Sullivan, James O Shea (0-1), John Burke (0-1), P. McGill.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh), Teddy Bowler (do.), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Pat Aherne (do.), Con O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers) 1-1, Billy Kerins (Milltown) 0-3, Liam Scully (Glenbeigh) 0-2, Pat Griffin (do.), Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 0-1, Tony Lyons (do), Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Tom Prendergast (Keel) 0-2.

Referee: S. Garvey (Dingle).


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – John Foley, Sean Foley, Connie Lucey, Christy O Riordan and Patsy Hurley.

The championship was run with a loser’s round.


Rd. 1 at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-10; Milltown/Castlemaine 0-6.

The gate receipts were £11-4-0.

Semi-final on Wed. 7th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers drew with Glenbeigh.

Replay on Sun. 18th Aug. at Milltown: Laune Rangers drew with Glenbeigh.

Second replay on Sun. 25th Aug. in Miltown: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh.


Final on Sun. 8th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers drew with Milltown/Castlemaine. A feature of the game was the performance of Bob Spring at midfield for Milltown and Rangers were lucky to hold out to fight another day. Both Patsy Joy and Jimmy Foley had played in the minor game beforehand. Patsy had played at midfield for the minors and started at corner-back for the seniors but he was replaced at halftime. Seamus Curran and Jimmy Lucey played in that game.

Referee – Timmy Hanafin (Keel).


Final (replay) on Sun. 15th Sept. at Paddy Burke Memorial Park: Laune Rangers 1-5; Milltown 1-3.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship at the second attempt when they defeated Milltown/Castlemaine in the replayed final. The attendance, which paid record gate receipts, got good value for money as both teams served up a hard, fast and exciting game. The exchanges were contested in a fine sporting spirit but, in the last quarter, a number of spectators invaded the pitch. Happily, order was restored and the game finished on a very exciting note. Rangers fielded without Jimmy Lucey, Seamus Curran (both of whom had played in the drawn game), Paul Lucey and Donal Mangan. Milltown were without Michael O Connor and Joe O Mahony.

After a tame first ten minutes, Milltown broke through for a soft goal. The Rangers defence tightened up after that, but the team’s chances took a blow when one of their star players, Pat Ahern, had to retire injured. He received a blow to the side of the face and one of his eyes was closed, it actually swelled out like a balloon. Milltown pressed hard for scores but their first line of attack could make little impression against a teak-tough Rangers’ fullback line. Changes, which Rangers made after Ahern’s retiral, paid dividend but Milltown/Castlemaine had enough of the ball in the first half to have a better lead than 1-0 to 0-1 at the interval

Rangers brought Pat Ahern back into the game at the start of the second half, despite the fact that he had a severe injury. In fact he insisted on returning to the action. It was Ahern’s return that swung the game in favour of Rangers. He got a morale-boosting goal after ten minutes. Batty Foley, who had been moved to midfield when Pat Ahern had to come off and who had received a bit of oral grief from Bob Spring, flighted a ball into the opposition goal area and both Pat Ahern and Jimmy Foley pulled on it and it ended up in the net – Pat was credited with the score but it could have just as easily been Jimmy.  Milltown/Castlemaine fought back gallantly and scored a point to equalise but Ahern broke their hearts when he tapped over two points from frees (When Pat was lining up the frees, from thirty yards out, he had to cover the swollen eye with his hand in order to focus properly and then the ball went unerringly over the bar). Milltown/Castlemaine pressed for all they were worth. Tony Lyons gained possession out near the corner flag. He was bottled up by a few forwards and was unable to get in his clearance. Instead he turned towards his own end-line and booted the ball out onto the road. From the resultant fifty, Patsy Joy got his hand to the dropping ball and sent it out for another fifty. This time the ball again dropped into the Rangers square and again Patsy rose for it, fielded and drove out the middle before delivering a mighty clearance. Rangers held out for a deserved victory.

Apart from Ahern, Rangers had other stars in Jackie O Dwyer, Tony Lyons, Patsy Joy, Denis O Neill, Mike Murphy, Teddy Mangan, Batty Foley, Owen Mangan, Pat O Shea and Brendan Mangan. Milltown/Castlemaine would forever bemoan their missed chances. Midfielders Bob Spring and Willie Burke gave the forwards a good supply of the ball, but it was put to bad use. They had sound defenders in Willie Spring, Mick O Sullivan and Jerry Riordan. Their scorers were T. Daly 1-0, Bob Spring 0-2 and John McKenna 0-1. After the game, Rev. Father McCloskey C.C. Milltown, Vice-Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, presented the Kennedy Cup to Laune Rangers’ captain, Teddy Mangan.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Tony Lyons, Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy, Denis O Neill, Mike Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan (capt.), Sean McKenna, Pat Ferris 0-1, Pat Ahern 1-3, Patrick O Shea (Langford St.), Batty Foley, Brendan Mangan, Owen Mangan 0-1. Subs: Jimmy Foley for Pat Ahern (inj.), Dan Griffin, Moss Murphy. Both Patsy Joy and Jimmy Foley had played in the Minor Final on the previous Sunday. Ref: Dan Flynn (Castleisland) – handled the game very well. Seamus Curran and Vincent Lucey had played in the drawn game.

That was Laune Rangers’ second Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship title.

The Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 10th Sept., which was chaired by Father McCloskey, could not decide the venue for the final. Milltown/Castlemaine wouldn’t play anywhere except in Milltown and Laune Rangers would play anywhere except Milltown. After several proposals failed to decide the issue, both clubs agreed that Father Kelly, Chairman, and Murt Kelly, Delegate to Co. Board, would decide the venue on Wednesday after hearing both sides.

Pat Ahern had been staying in Champs with another bank employee, Sean Moriarty. He was killed in a road accident on the day after the drawn game. Obviously that was a most traumatic occasion for the player and every effort was made to postpone the replay but without success.  Patsy Cronin and Batty Foley went to see Pat Ahern in Ballymacelligott in an effort to coax him to play. When they arrived at the house, his mother said that he was at a game in the football field. The delegation went to the field and as soon as Pat saw them, he assured them that, without question, he would be at the game on the following Sunday. True to form, he was there.

Laune Rangers claimed that, if the pitch in Milltown was not in good condition, they would not play. Admission to the game was 2/-.

At the club meeting on Mon. 16th Sept. in The Oisín Ballroom, Pat O Shea proposed, and Sean Foley seconded, that all the players who had played in the championship would receive medals. The following is a list of those players: Seamus Naughton, Tony Lyons, Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy, Denis O Neill, Mike Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, Teddy Mangan, Pat Ahern, Jimmy Foley, Pat Ferris, Patrick O Shea (Langford St.), Owen Mangan, Brendan Mangan, Batty Foley, Sean McKenna, Dan Griffin, Moss Murphy, Seamus Curran, Jimmy Lucey, Paul Lucey, Donal Mangan, William Kennedy, Tadhg Corkery, Michael O Sullivan, Willie Murphy, Paul McMahon and Vincent Costello. At the same meeting, Pat O Shea proposed, and John Foley seconded, that the cup would be filled in John Joe Falvey’s and Bill O Shea’s pubs.


Mid-Kerry League

Laune Rangers entered two teams in the Mid-Kerry League. There were two groups:

(i)              Laune Rangers A; Laune Rangers B and Glenbeigh.

(ii)            Milltown/Castlemaine, Keel and Beaufort.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 24th Feb. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers A 1-6; Glenbeigh 0-1 (Referee was James Coffey and the gate receipts were £3-10-0)

Rd. 2 on Sun. 10th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers ‘B’. (Gate Receipts £1-7-6)

Rd. 3 on Sun. 17th March in Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 0-3.

Rd. 4 on Sun. 5th May at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh 4-4; Laune Rangers B 3-6.

Glenbeigh scored a dramatic one-point victory over Laune Rangers in the Mid-Kerry League. A goal in the dying seconds of play gave them the points. Things looked bad for the Rangers at halftime when, after playing with the aid of a gale-force wind, they led by only 2-2 to 1-1. But on the change over, they played great football and, with well-placed passes and ground football, had the Glenbeigh defence running round in circles.

They scored 1-4 in the opening quarter of that half to a solitary point by Glenbeigh. The Rangers had a nine points lead with only ten minutes left and looked certain winners. But a great rally, sparked off by a Mahony goal brought Glenbeigh back into the picture. Jerry O Riordan goaled and pointed soon afterwards. Then with only half a minute left to play and Rangers leading by two points, Teddy Bowler sent a sideline kick into the Rangers’ goalmouth and from a melee Des O Connor got the winning goal.


Semi-Final on Sun. 16th June at Killorglin: Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-8; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-5.

The game was marred by bad sportsmanship. At one stage early in the first half, it looked as if it would not finish at all. Nobody would have blamed the referee if he had put off at least five players. The final score flattered Milltown/Castlemaine as eight minutes from time Laune Rangers led by 1-8 to 0-3 but lapses in defence cost them 1-2. The gate receipts, for the game, were £11-15-0. Ref: Timmy Hanafin (Keel).

At the club meeting on the previous night, Teddy Mangan and Mike Murphy objected to the composition of the team. Patsy Hurley, selector, said that he would not re-pick the team as they felt that the best team had been selected. He pointed out that that he was speaking for only three selectors as the others had not turned up – apparently they had not been notified about the selection committee meeting. The Secretary complained that he was not given the team after the selectors’ meeting and it looked as if a couple had the club taken over. Pat O Shea said that he had been playing for eleven years and he always played where he was put. After a long discussion, Jackie O Dwyer walked out of the meeting. Pat O Shea got up and kicked a few chairs about the room and accused the Secretary of being at fault. Patsy Hurley left the meeting and he was followed by the Chairman, John Foley, after Pat O Shea had also accused him of being at fault. The meeting then broke up.


Final in the first week in July at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 2-5; Laune Rangers ‘A’ 1-4. Ref: Murt Kelly (Beaufort).

Glenbeigh sprang a mild surprise by beating Laune Rangers in the Mid-Kerry League final at Killorglin. It was played in a downpour but both teams made light of the bad weather and provided spectators with a highly entertaining hour’s football. Rangers dominated the early exchanges but were unable to score. It was only when Glenbeigh came into the game that they began to find the target. It was 0-3 to 0-2 in Rangers favour at halftime.

In the second half it was a thriller. Glenbeigh quickly equalised but Rangers went into a four points lead. Back came Glenbeigh for a goal and excitement ran very high as they drove over the equaliser. Play swung from end to end and both teams fought desperately hard for a match winning score. It was Rangers who finally succumbed and Glenbeigh broke through for a goal and a point. The gate receipts for the game were £5-7-0.

At the club meeting on Sat. 6th July in The Oisín Ballroom, Chairman John Foley expressed disappointment at the loss. ‘We did not train together as a team and, if we had, we could have won that final peacefully,’ he said. At the same meeting complaints were made that the game had been played when the appointed referee had not shown up. John Foley explained that they had collected at the gate and, even though the appointed referee had not shown up, the game had to be played. It was agreed that Murt Kelly should be banned from refereeing any games involving Laune Rangers – the only referees that Laune Rangers would agree to were Timmy Hanafin (Keel) or James Coffey (Laune Rangers).


Laune Rangers Cup


That was played as a winter league. Beaufort did not take part. It was decided that, after the first round, the winners would play the winners and the losers would play the losers. The winners of the winners would be in the final. The winners of the losers would play the losers of the winners in the semi-final.

Rd. 1 on Sun. 29th Sept. Laune Rangers beat Keel at Killorglin. Ref: Liam Scully (Glenbeigh).

Winners v winners: Glenbeigh 0-5; Laune Rangers 1-0.

Semi-Final on Sun. 15th Dec. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 3-2; Milltown 1-3.

The holders, Milltown/Castlemaine, were knocked out of the Laune Rangers’ Cup when, after leading by 1-3 to 0-1 at halftime, they went under to a depleted Laune Rangers by 3-2 to 1-3. Never have the Killorglin boys shown such spirit as they did in the second half of this game, which was watched by a good attendance in glorious weather conditions, without even the hint of a breeze.

At halftime, very few gave Rangers a chance. Playing without the Luceys, Pat Ahern and Pat O Shea, they were only a shadow of the side they were known to be. But a few positional changes at halftime had the right effect. A new halfback line of Brendan Mangan, Tony Lyons and Jackie O Dwyer was impassable and with Pat Ferris and Teddy Mangan getting well on top at midfield, one of the greatest comebacks in Mid-Kerry for years was witnessed.

And it was, minor, Kieran Foley who sparked it off when he fisted home a great goal from a centre by Owen Mangan. A few minutes later, the same player added goal number two from a Power centre and when Condon added yet another goal it was all over. It was minors, Jimmy Foley and Kieran Foley, who played havoc with the Milltown/Castlemaine defence, which was so sound in previous years. They put the finishing touches to the hard work of Batty Foley and Owen Mangan, who struck his best form this year, giving a great display in the second half.

At fullback, Mike Murphy had the game of his life in his new position and on his left, Michael  Kavanagh had his best game since coming to Kerry. Behind them, goalkeeper Seamus Naughton, after a shaky start, brought off some great saves. In all, it was a sparkling display by the Rangers.

Milltown/Castlemaine, who looked booked for an easy passage at halftime, had only themselves to blame for defeat. They panicked after Rangers’ first goal and they made too many switches, which had an adverse effect on the side as a whole. However, it was no fault of Billy Kerins, John Joe Ladden, J. Daly, John Burke, Willie Spring and Mike O Sullivan that they lost.

Ref: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh).


The final between Laune Rangers and Glenbeigh was deferred until 1964, despite the fact that acting Chairman, James Coffey, ruled at the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 3rd December that the competition would be completed before the AGM of the Board, which was scheduled for 1st Sunday in January. The Glenbeigh delegates stated that they were not sure if they would play again until the New Year. The acting Chairman obviously did not carry as much power as the actual Chairman!




The club took part in the Gneeveguilla Tournament in May and reached the final, in which they drew with Kilcummin. The latter failed to appear for the replay on Thursday 23rd May and Laune Rangers were awarded the title. The following got medals: Teddy Mangan, Denny O Reilly, Christy O Riordan, Mike Murphy, Willie Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, Vincent Tuohy, James Foley, Denis O Neill, Sean O Riordan, Pat Ferris, Batty Foley, Steve Joe Cahillane and Patsy Joy.

Sun. 10th March at Killorglin (Challenge): Laune Rangers ‘A’ v Liebherr.

The senior team played a challenge game in Dromcara, Co. Cork on Sun.10th February and against Kilmichael on Sun. 3rd June.

The club organised a Field Tournament – the Powers Whiskey Cup – in May/June/July, inviting the following teams: Valentia, Waterville, Milltown/Castlemaine, Keel, Glenbeigh, Beaufort, Firies, Cordal, Dr. Crokes, Legion, Pearse St. (Dingle) and Laune Rangers had two teams. On Tuesday 16th July, Valentia beat Glenbeigh in the quarter-final. On Mon. 22nd July, Dr. Crokes beat Pearse St. in the quarter-final. On Sunday 22nd August Laune Rangers ‘A’ beat Cordal by a point in the first semi-final, while on Sunday 29th August Dr. Crokes beat Valentia in a tempestuous second semi-final. The final was deferred until 1964.

Sun. 11th Aug. at 2.00pm at J. P. O Sullivan Park, Laune Rangers hosted Galway/New York in a challenge in aid of field funds. Four pipe bands paraded to the Park before the game.


Parish League


A Parish League was run with four teams, Caragh Lake, Over Laune, Upper Town and Lower Town.

It was to be run on a double league system and any team failing to field on the appointed date would lose the points. The Mangan Cup and 15 miniature trophies would be presented to the winning team. The selection of teams proved to be very difficult but finally the following were agreed at the meeting on Fri. 18th Jan. in the CYMS Hall:

Caragh Lake: John A. O Brien, Con Murphy, Mike Hassett, Mike Murphy, Willie Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, Euge O Sullivan, Michael O Sullivan, Johnny Foley, Jimmy Foley, Patsy Foley.

Lower Town (with Annadale, Gurrane and Cromane): Jim Carolan, Donal Carolan, Michael O Riordan, Larry Carey, P. J. Moriarty, Dan Griffin, David Griffin, Benny Harris, Tadhg Corkery, John Joy, Pat Ahern, James Coffey, Denis O Neill, Paudie Foley, Michael O Connor.

Upper Town (with Farrentoreen, Langford St. and St. James’s Gardens): Patsy Hurley, Ernie Brick, William Kennedy, Brendan Mangan, Myles Coffey, Christy O Riordan, Pat O Shea, Paul McMahon, William O Reilly, Seamus Naughton, Denny O Reilly, Sean O Riordan, Patrick O Sullivan, Steve Joe Cahillane, Kieran Foley, James Foley, Tom Curtayne, Gearoid O Sullivan.

Over Laune (with Gortluachra): Teddy Mangan, Ronnie Wharton, John Richard Wharton, John Langford, Jerome Conway, Sean Kavanagh, Sean McKenna, Patsy Joy, Paudie Carroll, Derry O Brien, Tom O Connor, Batty Foley, Sean Foley, Pat Ferris, Teddy Doona, Seamus Curran, Patrick J. D. O Sullivan, Dan Kissane, Christy Kissane.

Tues. 30th April: Upper Town v Caragh Lake. Ref. – Batty Foley.

Thurs. 2nd May: Over Laune v Lower Town. Ref. – Christy O Riordan.


At a club meeting on Sat. 25th May, it was decided, on the proposition of Pat O Shea, that anyone who caused trouble on the field during a parish league game would have his name taken by the referee and he would not be allowed to play in the next game with his team.

At the club meeting in The Oisín Ballroom on Sat. 15th June the eligibility of players, who had played rugby, to play in the Parish League was discussed. Pat O Shea proposed that if a person was aware that a player played rugby, he should inform the Secretary before a parish league game but information given after a parish league game should be ignored. This was seconded by Denny O Reilly and adopted.

At the club meeting on Sat. 1st June, an objection had been raised by Jackie O Dwyer to college players being allowed to play in the parish league but this was overruled. The referees for the various rounds of the parish league included James Coffey, Patsy Hurley and Pat Hyde.

Due to so much playing activity within the club, the parish league was not completed.


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship


Rd. 1 on Fri. 28th June at Killorglin at 8.00pm: Laune Rangers beat Keel. Ref: Teddy Bowler, Glenbeigh.

Semi-Final on Fri. 27th Aug. at Glenbeigh at 7.30pm: Laune Rangers beat Glenbeigh. Ref: Liam Scully, Glenbeigh.

Final on Sun. 8th Sept. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 4-1; Milltown/Castlemaine 1-1.

Laune Rangers, the holders, scored a hard-earned, though somewhat lucky victory over Milltown/Castlemaine in the final played at Killorglin as a curtain-raiser to the Senior Final. With eight minutes left to play, the boys from the Maine were leading and were awarded a penalty kick after a player from each side had received marching orders. Gilbert McCarthy hit the upright with his effort and from the breakaway the Rangers went the full length of the pitch and Jimmy Foley gave them the lead with a grand goal. The game was as good as over when the Rangers goaled again a minute later. Best for Rangers were Jimmy Foley, Vincent Foley, Willie Murphy, William Kennedy, Benny Harris, Tom Curtayne, Steve Joe Cahillane and Patsy Joy. Gabriel McCarthy, Harmon, James Mangan, Noel Lucey and the Kellihers were best for a gallant Milltown/Castlemaine.

Laune Rangers had to line out without Co. Minor, Seamus Curran, and Vincent Costello.

After the game, James Coffey, Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, presented the Father Mangan Cup to the Laune Rangers captain, Jimmy Foley (Caragh Lake).

Laune Rangers: Tom Curtayne, Kieran Foley, William Kennedy, Vincent Foley, Michael Foley (Anglont), Benny Harris, Steve Joe Cahillane, Michael O Connor (AIB), Ronny Wharton, Willie Murphy, Jimmy Foley (capt.), Michael O Sullivan, Jerome Conway, Patsy Joy, Enda Curtayne. Subs: Stephen Clifford, Donal Kissane, Philip O Sullivan, Pat O Sullivan, Derry O Brien and David Griffin.


Co. Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 at Castleisland: Castleisland beat Mid-Kerry.

Rd. 2 at Tralee: Mid-Kerry beat Ballymacelligott.

Rd. 3 at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry lost to South-Kerry.

Mid-Kerry U-14 Football Championship (1962)

Rd. 2 (second replay) on Sun. 17th April: Laune Rangers defeated Caragh Lake.


Final on Fri. 17th May at Milltown: Keel 5-4; Laune Rangers 2-5.

Keel went into an early lead, goaling almost directly from the throw-in. Ten minutes later, they were three goals ahead. But Rangers fought back in a style befitting champions and right up to the final whistle spectators were kept on their toes with some rousing football.

After the game, Mr. James Coffey, Secretary of the Mid-Kerry District Board presented the Paddy Burke Memorial Cup to the winning captain.

Ref: Gabriel Gallagher – very capable.

At the club meeting on Sat. 25th May, the age of a Keel player, E. Cournane, was seriously questioned on the advice of Father Colbert. Christy O Riordan, who chaired the meeting, proposed that Laune Rangers would seek a replay of the final.


U-15 Mid-Kerry Championship

Laune Rangers entered two teams:

Group A: Milltown/Castlemaine, Laune Rangers ‘B’ and Keel.

Group B: Beaufort, Laune Rangers ‘A’ and Glenbeigh.

Beaufort won the Championship and their first Mid-Kerry title.


The club organised a juvenile parish league, which commenced on Tues. 18th June. It had been decided to organise the league along the lines of the senior parish league with a delegate from each area appointed to pick four even teams as follows: Caragh Lake – Jackie O Dwyer; Over Laune – Pat Ferris; Upper Town – Phillip O Sullivan; Lower Town – Dan Griffin. The four captains were Eamonn Crowley, Tom Curran, Maurice Harmon and John Paul Cahillane. The captains were responsible for flagging the field on the day of the games.


Colleges’ Football


Kerry Colleges Senior Championship

Semi-final on Sun. 10th March at Caherciveen: C.B.S 3-6; The Sem 0-7.

Seamus Curran played at left halfback.


Munster Colleges Senior Championship

Semi-final on Sun. 3rd March at Tralee: The Sem 5-7; St. Flannan’s 0-3.

Seamus Curran played at right halfback.

Final on Sun. 24th March: The Sem. 2-4; De La Salle, Waterford 1-3.

Seamus Curran played at right halfback.


All-Ireland Colleges Senior Football

Semi-final on Sun. 7th April at Ennis Road Grounds, Limerick: The Sem. 1-8; St, Jarlath’s, Tuam 0-7.

Seamus Curran, at right halfback, was a most consistent player and kept his wing comparatively free of trouble with a first-class display.

Final on Sun. 28th April in Croke Park: St. Mel’s 1-6; The Sem 2-2.

Seamus Curran played at right halfback.


Munster/All-Ireland Minor Championship


Semi-Final on Sun. 23rd June at Listowel: Kerry 1-10; Clare 2-3.

Seamus Curran was a substitute.

Final on Sun. 14th July at Killarney: Kerry 0-8; Cork 0-8.

Mickey O Sullivan, Glencar, played at midfield.

Final (replay) in The Athletic Grounds, Cork: Kerry won by seven points and Mickey O Sullivan, Glencar played at full-forward.

All-Ireland Semi-Final at Croke Park: Kerry 1-14; Mayo 2-7.

Mickey O Sullivan played at midfield.


Final at Croke Park: Kerry 1-10; Westmeath 0-2.

Kerry: Seamus Fitzgerald (Gaeltacht), Tony Behan (Abbeydorney), Gerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Seanie Burrows (John Mitchels), Tom O Shea (Gaeltacht), Bruddy Burrows (John Mitchels), Con O Riordan (Currow), Denis O Sullivan (Kerins O Rahillys), Georgie Curran (Valentia), Tom Hanlon (Tarbert) capt., Arthur Spring (K. O Rahillys), John Saunders (Rathmore), Tim Kelliher (Milltown)), Henry McKinney (Austin Stacks), Kevin Donnelly (Waterville). Subs: Mickey O Sullivan (Glenbeigh) for A. Spring; Billy Magnier (K. O Rahillys) for Henry McKinney; Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers), Seamus Roche (Listowel), Mícheál Ó Sé (Gaeltacht).

Even though Seamus Curran was an official substitute, and 21 medals were awarded, he never received a medal. In a gross miscarriage of justice, the medal went elsewhere in Mid-Kerry.


Munster U-21 Championship


Semi-Final at Tralee on Sun. 15th Sept: Kerry 8-8; Clare 2-7.

Kerry: Pete Hanley (Kenmare), Declan Lovett (Kilmoyley), J.J. Barrett (Austin Stacks), S. Lynch, Ted Fitzgerald (John Mitchel’s), J. Driscoll, Tony Barrett, Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers) 0-1, T. O Connor, John Magnier (K. O Rahilly’s), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Derry O Shea (J. Mitchel’s) 1-1, Billy Doran (Duagh) 2-1, Roddy O Donnell (J. Mitchel’s) 3-1, Dom O Donnell (J. Mitchel’s) 2-3.

Vincent Lucey was in sparkling form at midfield and gave the quicksilver Kerry forwards numerous openings.

Later on in the year it was decided to defer the Munster Final until 1964.


Final on Sun. 22nd March 1964 at Clonakilty: Cork 2-3; Kerry 1-4.

Kerry panel: John Magnier, Mick Morris (John Mitchels), Denis O Sullivan (K. O Rahilly’s), Derry O Shea (John Mitchel’s), Seamus Mac Gearailt (Gaeltacht), J.J. Barrett (Austin Stacks), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers), Tom Prendergast (Keel), Pete Hanley (Kenmare) goals, Seanie Burrows (John Mitchel’s), Declan Lovett (Kilmoyley), Mick Fleming (Currow), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Roddy O Donnell (John Mitchel’s), Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers), Ted Fitzgerald (John Mitchels), Henry McKinney, Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford).


Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th May at Ennis: Kerry 6-6; Clare 0-2.

Pat Ahern played at left halfback.

Semi-Final on Sun. 19th May at Kenmare: Kerry 2-7; Cork 2-4.

Pat Ahern played at right halfback.


Kerry went on to win the Munster and All-Ireland titles. Pat Ahern did not feature beyond the Cork game.


Munster/All-Ireland Senior Football Championship


Semi-Final on Sun. 23rd June at Listowel: Kerry 5-10; Tipperary 1-6.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, Seamus Murphy, Noel Lucey, J.J. Barrett, Mick O Connell, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Sean Og Sheehy, Jerry O Riordan, Vincent Lucey, Seamus Roche. Subs: Pat Ahern for J.J. Barrett; Tom Long for J. O Riordan.

Vincent Lucey scored 1-2.


Final on 14th July at Killarney: Kerry 1-18; Cork 3-7.

Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, Kevin Coffey, Noel Lucey, Seamus Murphy, Mick O Connell, Jerry O Riordan, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Sean Og Sheehy, Vincent Lucey, Tom Long, Frank O Leary. Subs: Pat Griffin for V. Lucey; J.J. Barrett for J. Culloty.

Jimmy Lucey and Billy Doran were missing from the original selection.


All-Ireland Semi-Final at Croke Park: Galway 1-7; Kerry 0-8.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy (capt.), Tim Lyons, Kevin Coffey, Seamus Murphy, Mick O Dwyer, Mick O Connell, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Timmy O Sullivan, Pat Griffin, Billy Doran, Tom Long, Frank O Leary. Subs: Mick Fleming for T. Lyons; Sean Og Sheehy for B. O Callaghan.


National Football League 1962/’63


Sun. 3rd March at Tralee: Kerry 0-10; Cork 1-4.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Murphy, Kevin Coffey, Sean Og Sheehy, Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Seamus Roche, Pat Ahern, Tom Long, J.J. Barrett.


Sun. 31st March at Askeaton: Kerry 0-11; Clare 0-3.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Kevin Coffey, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, J.J. Barrett, Donie O Sullivan, Mick O Dwyer, Mick O Connell, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Timmy O Sullivan, Jerry O Riordan, Billy Doran, Tom Long, Seamus Murphy.


Semi-Final on Sun. 28th April at Croke Park: Kerry 1-9; Meath 0-11.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, Kevin Coffey, Noel Lucey, Mick O Dwyer, Jerry O Riordan, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Timmy O Sullivan, Sean Og Sheehy, Billy Doran, Tom Long, Seamus Murphy. Subs: Derry O Shea for T. O Sullivan; Dave Geaney for D. O Shea, J.J. Barrett for T. Lyons.


Final (Home) on Sun. 12th May in Croke Park: Kerry 0-9; Down 1-5.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Donie O Sullivan, Niall Sheehy, Tim Lyons, Kevin Coffey, Seamus Murphy, Jer D. O Connor, Mick O Connell, Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan, Mick O Dwyer, Sean Og Sheehy, Billy Doran, Tom Long, Bernie O Callaghan. Subs: J.J. Barrett for T. Lyons; Pat Ahern for S. Sheehy; Dave Geaney for J. O Riordan, Noel Lucey.


Final (1962/’63) on Sun. 27th Oct. at Croke Park: Kerry 1-18; New York 0-10.

Kerry: Seamus Mac Gearailt, Kevin Coffey, Niall Sheehy (capt.), Donie O Sullivan, J.J. Barrett, Seamus Murphy, Jer D. O Connor, Jerry O Riordan, Mick Fleming, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Derry O Shea, Pat Ahern, John Burke, Denis O Sullivan. Subs: Noel Lucey, Sean Og Sheehy, Johnny Culloty, Willie Doran, Timmy O Sullivan.


National Football League 1963/’64


Rd. 1 (1963/’64) in Newbridge: Kildare 2-5; Kerry 2-13.

Seamus Mac Gearailt, Kevin Coffey, Niall Sheehy, Donie O Sullivan (0-1), Seamus Murphy, Tom Long (1-0), Jer D. O Connor, Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan (0-1), Mick O Dwyer (0-6), Mick O Connell (0-3), Frank O Leary (1-2), John Burke, Denis O Sullivan. Subs: Jerry O Riordan for J. Lucey, Pat Griffin for J. O Riordan, J. J. Barrett for J. O Connor.


Rd. 2 in Tralee: Kerry 1-17; Cork 2-6.

Jimmy Lucey played at midfield but was replaced by Pat Griffin.


Grounds Tournament


Semi-Final on Sun. 13th Oct. in Croke Park: Dublin 1-12; Kerry 2-7.

Seamus Mac Gearailt, Kevin Coffey, Niall Sheehy (capt.), Tim Lyons, Donie O Sullivan, Seamus Murphy, J.J. Barrett, Jimmy Lucey, Jer D. O Connor, Pat Griffin, Mick O Connell, Mick O Dwyer, Bernie O Callaghan, Vincent Lucey, Frank O Leary. Sub: Noel Lucey for T. Lyons.




Hugh Byrne, Wicklow was President of CLG.

At the Annual Congress in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, it was decided that U-21 All-Irelands would be held in 1964 and that football goalkeepers would henceforth wear a distinctive jersey.


Munster Convention was held in Cork on 2nd March. Pat Fanning, Port Láirge, was Chairman, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer


Co. Convention was held in Hotel Manhattan, Tralee on Sun. 27th January. Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan; Vice-Chairman – Leo Stack, Duagh; Secretary – Tadhg Crowley; Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville (Desmonds) and Pat O Meara (Killarney). Senior Football selectors: Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford), John Joe Sheehy (John Mitchels), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Paddy Bawn Brosnan (Dingle), Rev. Father Denis Curtin (Ardfert).

Laune Rangers delegates to Co. Convention were James Coffey, Patsy Cronin, Patsy Hurley and Batty Foley.


At the AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board, in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin, on Sun. 9th Dec. 1962, the following officers were elected: Rev. Father Brian Kelly, P.P. Glenbeigh – Chairman; Rev. Father McCloskey P.P., Milltown – Vice-Chairman; James Coffey – Secretary and Treasurer; Delegate to Co. Board – Murt Kelly. Selectors – Father Kelly (Glenbeigh), Father Moran (Beaufort), John Foley (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel) and Tom Mangan (Milltown/Castlemaine).

(During the year, Father Kelly was transferred to Dingle, but he remained on as Board Chairman. Also, during the year, Father Noel Moran C.C. Beaufort was transferred and he was a great loss, particularly to juvenile football in that parish). The Chairman, Father Kelly, said ‘that the big aim of the Board in 1963 was to win the Co. Senior Football Championship. Up to now we are being regarded as the Cinderella of football in Kerry but if we all pull together and forget our own differences at home, we will be a strong force in 1963. We have sufficient material to win the Co. Championship and if the players perform as well with Mid-Kerry as they do in our own district competitions, we may well be celebrating our first senior championship victory this time next year. We must all do our best to put Mid-Kerry on the map. The selectors and the players must remember that they have a duty, not only to their clubs, but also to Mid-Kerry.’ He, also, said that the convention was one of the best ever. It was great to see the delegates entering the affairs of the Board with such fine spirit and he hoped that that same spirit would prevail throughout 1963. Concluding, Father Kelly thanked the Secretary for his work during the year and he also thanked the car owners who had put their cars at the disposal of the Board for the transport of players. ‘Without these generous people, we would surely be in debt,’ he concluded.

The following motions were carried:

  1. ‘That, in future, the Mid-Kerry selectors should be selected at Convention and that they only should pick the Mid-Kerry teams.’
  2. ‘That selectors should get sufficient notice of Selection Committee meetings and that the players should be notified as soon as possible after such meetings.’
  3. ‘That the league should be run on the same lines as last years championship (two groups), to commence in the middle of Feb. and end on or before the last Sunday in June. That the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship should be run on the same lines as the 1962 Minor Championship, to commence in July and end on or before the first Sunday in Sept. and that the Laune Rangers Cup commence immediately after the senior championship.’
  4. ‘That the rule regarding the playing of illegal players should be enforced.’
  5. ‘That a sub-committee should be selected, comprising of a delegate from each club with the Chairman and Secretary of the Board, and that should be directed to form a juvenile board and also to consider running a competition between the Vocational School (Killorglin), the Intermediate School (Killorglin) and the Monastery Secondary School (Milltown).’
  6. ‘That a school for referees should be established at the beginning of the year.’
  7. ‘That no team should be compelled to play on week evenings.’
  8. ‘That the Board should purchase a set of football jerseys, with blue and gold colours.’


Thirteen Mid-Kerry Board meetings were held during the year, mostly for fixture making.

It was agreed, at the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 29th May, to call the trophy for the Mid-Kerry Senior League, the Maurice Kelliher Perpetual Cup.

At the Board meeting of 21st June, it was unanimously agreed that any club fielding an overage player in the juvenile championship would loose the game. It was also agreed that the time to furnish proof on objection was extended to two weeks.

Mid-Kerry played West-Kerry in the Aunascaul Carnival on 30th July.

Mid-Kerry played three challenges during the year – a draw with Kerins O Rahilly’s in Tralee, lost to Killarney in Killorglin and lost to Naomh Mhuire, London, in Killorglin on Fri. 9th August on the score of 2-5 to 2-1. In each of the last two games, Mid-Kerry did not have a full-strength team.


In May, at the first meeting of the Mid-Kerry Juvenile Board, Rev. Father Brian Kelly was elected Chairman and James Coffey was elected Secretary. The Board raised the age limit for competition from 14 to 15 years. Clubs, for the very first time, would now be responsible for U-15 competition and schools for U-14 competition.


The Laune Rangers Club held about 22 meetings during the year and quite often as many as twenty people attended at the meetings.

Caragh Lake/Cromane, having broken away from Laune Rangers in 1962, reunited with them in 1963 in a successful effort to win some silverware.

Christy O Riordan, Vice-Chairman, presided over the meeting on 12th Jan. in the CYMS Hall. Also in attendance were, Patsy Cronin, Pat Ferris, John (Scart) Clifford, Teddy Mangan, Mike Murphy, Sean Foley, Dan Griffin, Paddy Foley, Timmy Cronin, Batty Foley, Kieran Foley, Patsy Joy, Liam Crowley, Denis O Neill, Seamus Curran, Denis O Reily, Steve Joe Cahillane, Christy Kissane, Patsy Hurley, Enda Curtayne, Derry O Brien and two other followers. It was decided to have a trial game on Sun. 13th January, if the pitch was fit. It was decided to have challenge game against Beaufort, Valentia or Liebherr, and St. Michael’s, Cork, at Dromcara. There followed a long discussion on the parish league, from which two proposals emerged.

1.‘That the parish league would be run on a town-land system.’ Proposed by Batty Foley and seconded by Sean Foley.

2.‘That the parish league would consist of four teams, irrespective of town-lands.’ Proposed by Pat O Shea.

The former proposal was carried by ten votes to three. The teams would consist of eleven-a-side.

The minor captain was then elected. Patsy Joy was proposed by Batty Foley and seconded by Sean Foley. Jimmy Foley was proposed by Mike Murphy and seconded by Denis O Reilly. Seamus Curran was proposed by Enda Curtayne and seconded by Steve Joe Cahillane. Jimmy Foley won the vote. The minor and juvenile selection committees were then appointed. Patsy Hurley proposed and Denis O Neil seconded that the club should run an Old Time Waltz Competition.

The meeting of Fri. 18th January in the CYMS Hall was presided over by Christy O Riordan. Also in attendance were Pat O Shea, Patsy Joy, Batty Foley, Sean Foley, Sean McKenna, Jackie O Dwyer, Dan Griffin, Patsy Hurley, Pat Ferris, Derry O Brien, Sean O Riordan and Patsy Cronin. Christy O Riordan said that the crowd of players at the football field on the previous Sunday had been excellent. He also said that by the poor attendance at the meeting, it showed that people came to the Annual Convention to get their names in the paper. Pat O Shea proposed that another trial game should be held on the following Sunday, if the pitch was suitable. If the pitch was declared unsuitable, a notice would be posted outside the church gate on Sunday morning. The agreement between the CYMS and club for dances was as follows: The first £50 went to the CYMS, the next £10 went to the club and any money thereafter was divided between the CYMS and the club on a 50/50 basis. The agreement between the Oisín Ballroom and the club for dances was as follows: If the amount collected was £100 or more, it was split 50/50, but if the amount collected was less than £100 it was split 60/40 in favour of the Oisín. The club ran a raffle. Christy O Riordan proposed that the prize should be a suit length or £15 and this was seconded by Patsy Joy. Pat O Shea proposed that the prize should be a bonham or a calf or its value. The former proposal was carried. The 1962 parish league trophies were presented to the winning players present – Batty Foley (capt.), Pat Ferris, Patsy Joy, Sean Foley and Sean McKenna.

Christy O Riordan chaired the club meeting in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 26th January. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Paddy Foley, Patsy Hurley, Denis O Reilly, Sean Foley, Batty Foley, Jimmy O Connell, Teddy Mangan, Pat O Shea, Dan Griffin, David Griffin, Pat Ferris, Tom Kelliher, Jackie O Dwyer, Eric Brick, Michael O Sullivan and Denis O Neill. Pat O Shea proposed that selectors who missed three consecutive meetings should lose their place as selectors. This was seconded by Batty Foley. Sean Foley said that if they had any interest in the job, they would be there at all times. The proposal was carried by 12 votes to 6. The prizes for the Biddy Ball were decided upon – 1st prize Dr. Craig Cup + £10; 2nd prize £6; 3rd prize £4. Tom Donnellan adjudicated. Groups of ten or more would be allowed in for £2 (a discount of 10/-). Box Office – Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill, Derry O Brien, Patsy Cronin and Christy O Riordan. Doormen – Timmy Cronin and Patsy Hurley. Pat O Shea proposed that any member who could not afford 5/- for membership, should be offered the option of paying 2/6 down and 6d a week for five weeks. This was accepted.

A meeting of the club took place on Sat. 2nd March in the CYMS Hall. Christy O Riordan presided. Also present were Patsy Cronin, Sean Foley, Brendan Mangan, Patsy Hurley, Batty Foley, Jimmy O Connell, Pat O Shea and Teddy Mangan. Christy O Riordan proposed that pressure should be put on the ticket sellers for the raffle as the Field Committee was interested in running a sweep. It was decided to hold the Annual Club Social in the Gleneagle Hotel. Dr. Eamonn O Sullivan, his wife and Father Kelly, Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, were invited.

John Foley presided at the club meeting in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 30th March. Also present were Patsy Cronin, Owen Mangan, Batty Foley, Sean Foley, Teddy Mangan, Pat O Shea, Patsy Hurley, Brendan Mangan, Patrick O Shea, Pat Callanan, Denis O Neill, ‘Small’ Den O Neill, Patsy Joy, Sean McKenna, Paddy Foley, and Pat Ferris. It was decided to make a presentation to James Coffey for all the work that he had done for the club as an officer. The raffle netted £22. Owen Mangan said that it was a waste of money bringing a team to Cork for a challenge in the middle of Feb. He said that the excuse that was given for not bringing players home for games was shortage of money. Patsy Hurley said that the expenditure for bringing players from Dublin and Cork was a lot more than bringing the team to Cork. He also said that the remark was uncalled for and that it was bad form of players, that were being brought home for games during the school term, would not turn up for training when they were at home on holidays. Six jerseys were missing after the game in Cork. Patsy Hurley was put in charge of jerseys.

Present at the club meeting on Sat. 27th April in the CYMS Hall were Patsy Cronin, Batty Foley, Pat O Shea, Sean Foley, Mike Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, John Foley, Denis O Reilly, Pat Ferris, Ernie Brick, Tom Curtayne, Patsy Joy and Jer Clifford. Batty Foley was appointed chairman of the meeting pending the arrival of John Foley. Parish League and Power’s Whiskey Tournament fixtures were made. Pat O Shea, treasurer, gave an account of the social in The Gleneagle Hotel as follows, Hotel – £69-13-0, Rhythm Aces Band – £12, posters/tickets – £4. It was estimated that the club lost £5 in the social. The club had £11 in the bank. The club had a dance on 28th April, doorman Timmy Cronin, office – Patsy Cronin and Derry O Brien. Only one jersey of the six that had been missing had been accounted for. John Foley said that any holiday player especially would have to hand up his jersey. He said that it would not make much of a difference if those who played every Sunday kept their jerseys because they would look after them. It was decided to write to Owen Mangan to ask him to return the jersey and to write to Donal Mangan to ask him if the jersey he had was his own and, if it was not, to return it. The previous year, it had been decided to give Donal Mangan £2 to travel to Gneeveguilla to play in the tournament. However, he had brought along two other passengers and had sent in a bill for £4. The meeting decided to pay what had been agreed upon – £2. Following a dispute at a match on the previous Sunday, it was decided to write a letter, with registered post, to that man seeking an apology within seven days and if it was not forthcoming he would be suspended for an indefinite period of time.

The meeting of the club in the CYMS Hall on Sat. 4th May was chaired by John Foley. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Batty Foley, James Coffey, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neil, Denis O Reilly, Sean Foley, Connie Lucey, Sean McKenna, Christy O Riordan, Dan Griffin, Jackie O Dwyer, Patsy Hurley, Pat Ferris and Ernie Brick. The amount in the bank was £30. The club had a dance on Whit Sunday night. Pat O Shea reported that he had refereed the parish league games on the previous Thurs. night and the players had shown very good spirit, which augured well for the winning of the Mid-Kerry league. James Coffey reported that Father James Griffin had invited the club to play Ardmore in a challenge. He could not guarantee any expenses. Batty Foley proposed that the club accept the invitation and Denis O Neill seconded. Pat O Shea, Batty Foley and James Coffey offered to drive their cars for petrol money only. James Coffey was sure that Brendan Mangan would drive his car, also. James Coffey warned that, at the dances, the back door should be checked a few times during the night. Reference was made to the circulating rumours that there had been favouritism in the picking of club teams. John Foley assured the meeting that there had been no such favouritism but every player was picked for what he was worth. The meeting felt that the club’s Mid-Kerry selector should have been trying harder to get more Killorglin players on the team. John Foley felt that Mike Murphy deserved a trial for Mid-Kerry. He said that there were subs on the team that were not worth their places, whereas there were players in Killorglin worth their places. James Coffey agreed that Mike Murphy had not played enough games for Mid-Kerry and he suggested that Murphy should show up Father Kelly on the following day by shining against Glenbeigh. James Coffey explained about the tickets when Mid-Kerry was playing against Austin Stacks. He said that it was all a misunderstanding. Pat O Shea suggested that the two involved should forget about the matter. Pat Ferris raised the subject of pub-talk – people had been talking and ‘cutting him up’ behind his back in public houses. He said that he was not being paid to play football. Patsy Hurley, in reply, said that he would not apologise for any public house talk.

Christy O Riordan chaired the club meeting on Sat. 11th May in the CYMS Hall. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Denis O Neill, Denny O Reilly, Patsy Hurley, Dan Griffin, Gearoid O Sullivan, Patsy Joy, Jer Clifford and To Curtayne. The Secretary was instructed to ask Brendan Mangan to start training the senior team. Jackie O Dwyer was given £6-9-0 for bringing his car to Dromcara for the challenge game in February. The juveniles would be requested to pick the stones off the pitch.

Christy O Riordan presided at the meeting on Sat. 18th May in the CYMS Hall. The following also attended: Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Denis O Neill, Denny O Reilly, James Coffey, Sean McKenna, Gearoid O Sullivan, Patsy Hurley, Steve Joe Cahillane, Seamus Naughton and Ernie Brick. Pat Hyde was given permission to play in the Parish League with Lower Town. John ‘Scart’ Clifford reported from New York that Sean Purcell and Frank Stockwell would play as guests with Galway/New York during Puck Fair and would boost the gate receipts. The Puck Fair Committee had objected to the Laune Rangers dance during Puck. Christy O Riordan, after a long discussion, proposed that that the club should proceed with the dance. James Coffey and Pat O Shea left the meeting in protest at that.

On Sun. 19th May the Mid-Kerry Church Gate Collection was taken up. The following people officiated: 8.00am Mass – James Coffey and Patsy Cronin; 10.00am Mass – Seamus Naughton, Denny O Reilly and Kevin Foley; 12.00 Mass – Patsy Cronin, Christy O Riordan and Denny O Reilly; Cromane Mass – James Coffey and Patsy Cronin. The collection at Killorglin parish church yielded £20-7-6, while Cromane yielded £1-13-4. The total collection for the Board was £47-11-7.

At the meeting on Sat. 25th May in the Oisín Ballroom, Christy O Riordan, Vice-Chairman, presided. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Batty Foley, Patsy Hurley, Vincent Tuohy, Teddy Mangan, Sean O Riordan, Pat Ferris, Ernie Brick, Mike Murphy, Jackie O Dwyer, Pat O Shea, Phillip O Sullivan, Denny O Reilly, Denis O Neill, Steve Joe Cahillane and James Foley. Permission was given to the Dominic Savio Club to run its sports day in the J.P. O Sullivan Park.

At the same meeting reservations were expressed at the Mid-Kerry team that had been selected to play against Kenmare. Pat O Shea said that it was an awful state of affairs that the Mid-Kerry team was not picked fair – it looked more like a Glenbeigh, Keel, Milltown selection – and he proposed that a letter should be written to the Mid-Kerry Board as follows: ‘In the eyes of Laune Rangers GAA Club, the team selected to play Kenmare was not a fair selection. In the western section of the Mid-Kerry League, not once did the Milltown or Keel selectors attend one of the games but it was vice-versa with the eastern section of the league.’ Pat O Shea proposed that Pat Ahern should give a lecture to the team before every game because some of the players lacked spirit.

John Foley presided at the club meeting on Sat. 1st June in the CYMS Hall. Also present were Patsy Cronin, Batty Foley, Pat O Shea, Sean McKenna, Teddy Mangan, Denny O Reilly, Denis O Neill, Pat Ferris and Tom Curtayne. The objection to college players playing in the Parish League was lost. Vincent Lucey was given permission to play in the Parish League with Caragh Lake. Pat O Shea proposed that the senior team should commence training for the pending Mid-Kerry Semi-final against Miltown/Castlemaine. Arrangements were made for the dances during Puck Fair.

At the meeting, on Sat. 8th June, the secretary reported that he had forgotten to write the letter. Christy O Riordan presided. In attendance also were Patsy Cronin, Patsy Hurley, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Patie O Neill, Sean Foley, Vincent Tuohy, Dan Griffin, William Kennedy, Willie Murphy, Enda Curtayne, Timothy O Riordan, Mike Hassett, Michael O Sullivan, Ernie Brick, Eric Brick, Mike Murphy, Pat Ferris, Sean O Riordan, Michael Galvin, James O Riordan, Kieran Foley, Teddy Mangan, Patrick Roche, Tom Curtayne, Denis O Neill, John Joy and Denny O Reilly. Both Christy O Riordan and Patsy Hurley proposed that the letter would not be written but that was defeated. Christy complained about having to chair all the meetings in the chairman’s absence but, at the meeting on Sat. 15th June, the Chairman, John Foley, pointed out that he had been absent due to ill-health and that if the Vice-Chairman was unwilling to act in his place, the members present at the meeting could appoint a Chairman for the meeting. It was reported that the response to training was very poor – it was agreed that all players must train every night from then on. A decision on the players who had played rugby was deferred to the following meeting. ‘Public house’ talk was still going on – it was alleged that James Coffey had said that no one should be allowed vote unless he had a membership card. That had added to the crib on the election of Jimmy Foley as minor captain, which had been done fairly at a meeting. The draws for the juvenile Parish League were made.

John Foley presided at the club meeting on Sat. 15th June. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Jackie O Dwyer, Sean O Riordan, Patsy Hurley, Tom Curtayne, Pat O Shea, Denny O Reilly, Eric Brick, Ernie Brick, William Kennedy, Mike Murphy, Teddy Mangan, Sean McKenna, Paddy Foley, Pat Ferris, James Foley, Patrick Roche, Dan Griffin, Vincent Tuohy, Denis O Neill, Austin O Reilly and Steve Joe Cahillane. The matter of the rugby players was thrashed out. It was reported that they had played rugby in a college tournament but not with a club and therefore they could play in the Parish League. It was announced that the club’s insurance did not cover Parish Leagues. The following sweep collectors were identified: Farrentoreen – Sean O Riordan, St. James’s Gardens – Ernie Brick, Caragh Lake – Jackie O Dwyer and Mike Murphy. The meeting then discussed the team to play Milltown/Castlemaine in the Mid-Kerry League Semi-final on the following day and, after heated exchanges and accusations, it broke up in disorder.

In the absence of the Chairman, Denis O Neill chaired the meeting on Sat. 22nd June in the CYMS Hall. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Patsy Hurley, Denny O Reilly, Sean McKenna, Patrick Roche, Tom Curtayne, Seamus Foley, Vincent Tuohy, Michael O Sulivan, Pat Kennedy, Ernie Brick, Stanley Brick, Paddy Foley, Teddy Mangan, William Mangan, Jackie O Dwyer, Pat Hyde and Gerald O Connor. It was agreed that the club wanted Michael O Connor to referee the Mid-Kerry League Final against Glenbeigh (He would also bring his own officials). There followed a discussion on a length of rope for the game – presumably in order to cordon off the pitch. Pat O Shea had got a quotation from Timothy ‘Chub’ O Connor (300 feet would cost £8 and the total amount required would cost £15). The Secretary was instructed to get quotations from Richard Boyle, Michael O Grady, John A Foley, Tom Moriarty and Champs. Patsy Hurley said that it would have to be got for Sunday. Pat O Shea countered by saying that it was up to the Field Committee.

At a meeting, on 6th July, John Foley presided. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Mike Murphy, Eric Brick, Denis O Neill, Denny O Reilly, Tom Curtayne, Patsy Hurley, Michael O Sullivan, Sean Foley, Vincent Tuohy, T. O Sullivan, Pat Kennedy, Tony Lyons, Sean McKenna, Connie Lucey, Jackie O Dwyer, Sean O Riordan, Seamus Curran, Dan Griffin, Jerome Conway and Patsy Joy. The Chairman opened the meeting by saying that he did not know if he was letting himself down by attending but he felt that if they were to win anything, they would have to pull together as one and he was willing to forget the past. Mike Murphy proposed that Laune Rangers players would not train with Mid-Kerry, when they were not considered for the team. Further fixtures for the Parish League and Powers Whiskey Tournament were made. Connie Lucey complained that he had been abused by spectators because he had tried to keep the cars off the pitch. John Foley said that he had paid for the grass and the cars in and out had ruined some of the grass. He said that there should be a motion to convention that no cars should be allowed into the football field. It was decided to keep all cars out, whether people were able to walk or not.

The meeting on Sat. 3rd Aug. was chaired by John ‘Scart’ Clifford, just home from USA. Present also were Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Patsy Hurley, Teddy Mangan, Sean Foley, Seamus Naughton, Bendy O Dwyer, Pat Ferris, Pat Kennedy, Michael O Sullivan and Denny O Reilly. Pat O Shea stated that if the appointed referee for the Mid-Kerry Championship game versus Glenbeigh in Milltown on Wed. 7th Aug. did not turn up, Laune Rangers would refuse to play. A challenge game was arranged for Sat. 10th Aug. after the social in the CYMS – 1958 winning team versus the rest of Laune Rangers.

The club hosted the Galway/New York Football team during Puck Fair. There was a social in their honour at 5.30pm on Sat. 10th Aug. The following were invited to the social: Rev. Father Stack, Rev. Father O Riordan, Murt Kelly, Paddy Crowley, Todd Mulvihill, Paddy Foley, James Coffey, Donal Prendiville, John Foley, Patsy Cronin, Paul McMahon, Bendy O Dwyer, Patsy Hurley, Sean Foley, Connie Lucey, Timmy Cronin, Bertie Harmon, Kevin Foley, Michael Moriarty, Mikey Kennedy and Christy O Riordan, all of whom were officers of the club, or members of the Field Committee or working members of the club. Any others wishing to attend would pay 5/-. At the social John ‘Scart’ Clifford presented a cheque for $1,200 (£400), which was the proceeds of a dance that was organised in New York on 28th July, to the J.P. O Sullivan Park Committee to help to reduce the debt on the field. Rev. Father Stack, on behalf of the committee, thanked John Clifford and Jim Galvin for raising such an amount in a city that would never have seen the pitch. He urged the locals to come together in an effort to defray the remaining £850 debt. John Foley (Chairman) and James Coffey (ex-Secretary) also spoke and complimented the New York committee that had organised the fund-raising dance. The Galway/New York team was accommodated in Mikey Cahillane (10), The Canberra (2), O’Neill’s, School Road (5) and Paud O Neill’s (4).

The first draw of the Club Sweep, in aid of the Field Fund, was made at the social above. Collectors had been appointed to the various town-lands e.g. Callanfersy – Bertie Harmon and Todd Mulvihill; Steelroe – Sean McKenna; Dromin – John Clifford and Owen Mangan; Coomnafanida – Pat O Shea and Patsy Hurley; Lower Caragh Lake – Michael O Sullivan and Pat O Shea; Upper Cromane – Father Stack, Patsy Cronin and Paddy Foley; Over Laune – Father O Riordan and John Foley; Farrentoreen – Sean O Riordan; St. James’ Gardens – Ernie Brick; Caragh Lake – Jackie O Dwyer and Mike Murphy.

John Foley presided at the club meeting on 16th Sept. in the CYMS. In attendance also were Patsy Cronin, Tony Lyons, William Kennedy, Willie Murphy, Denny O Reilly, Pat O Shea, Patsy Hurley, Derry O Brien, Paudie Foley, Sean Foley, Bendy O Dwyer, O Sullivan Bros, Batty Foley, Ernie Brick, Denis O Neill, Seamus Naughton, Michael O Sullivan, Jackie O Dwyer and Pat Ferris. Pat O Shea welcomed Denis O Sullivan to the Laune Rangers Club – he had played with the club in 1957. It was reported that two footballs were missing. Tournament fixtures were made.


The referees, who officiated at games on behalf of the Laune Rangers club during the year, were James Coffey and Noel O Mahony.


Pat Griffin had often spent his holidays in Killorglin, staying with Jackie and Mary O Shea (his sister), Lower Bridge St. He played football in the Fair Field with the local youngsters. Apparently, James Coffey told Father Kelly that a former Kildare minor would be coming to Killorglin permanently and he would be a huge asset to the Mid-Kerry team. It appears that Father Kelly did his own research and discovered that Pat Griffin’s grandparents had come from Glencar and he immediately signed him up for Glenbeigh club. Before James Coffey or his colleagues in Laune Rangers knew what was happening, the whole matter had been signed, sealed and delivered. The classic case of getting your eye wiped!


Kerry went on the win the All-Ireland Junior Championship for a record ninth time by beating Antrim in the semi-final by 3-7 to 0-3, Wexford in the ‘home’ final by 1-13 to 2-7 and Lancashire in the final by 3-5 to 2-5.

Kerry: Tony Guerin (Listowel), Pa Kerins (K. O Rahillys), Jack Dowling (Castlegregory), Pat Sayers (John Mitchels), Timmy Sheehan (Kilcummin), Mick Morris (John Mitchels), Joe O Driscoll (Camp), Jer D O Connor (Ballydonoghue), Denis O Sullivan (K. O Rahillys), Tommo Burke (Castleisland), Brian Sheehy (John Mitchels) capt., Derry O Shea (do.), Teddy Dowd (do.), John Burke (Milltown), Dom O Donnell (John Mitchels). Subs: John ‘Thorney’ O Shea (John Mitchels), Liam Hanrahan (Moyvane), JP Leen (Ballymacelligott), Gary Clifford (K. O Rahillys), Harry Burke (John Mitchels).


Noel O Mahony won a Leinster Junior Football Championship with Wexford but they were defeated by Kerry in the All-Ireland Championship Home-Final by 1-12 to 2-7.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on 12th January 1964. The Secretary, James Coffey, in the course of his report stated that, “The year under review will be regarded by many as the year in which Mid-Kerry hit the high spots in Kerry football. After failing by one point to the Co. Champions, John Mitchel’s, in the Co. championship at Killorglin, many were in agreement that Mid-Kerry were robbed and all looked forward to the clash between the sides in the semi-final of the Kerryman Shield at Killarney. Mid-Kerry didn’t disappoint their followers. They gained a great victory that boosted their morale. This, their greatest success in years, has placed the Mid-Kerry team on a very high pedestal within the county and there are many that are regarding them as the best prospect for the 1964 Co. Championship. If we do not become overconfident and provided the players reproduce the same fine spirit, we could well achieve our ambition to be the 1964 Co. Senior Champions. The senior team had victories over Killarney, Kenmare, Austin Stacks, Castleisland and John Mitchels in the Kerryman Shield but failed to South Kerry in the Shield and to Mitchels in the Championship. Three friendly games were played – one against O Rahilly’s in Tralee, which ended in a draw and the others against Killarney and Naomh Muire in Killorglin. On both of the latter games, we failed to field full teams.

Our minors must be considered most unlucky not to have qualified for the semi-final of the Co. Championship. We were unfortunate that the date of the game against South-Kerry didn’t suit and, as a result, the team suffered a great deal. After a defeat against Castleisland, they defeated Ballymac in Tralee and lost at home to South Kerry. If our minors were handled more carefully, we could be a very strong force in the championship every year.

Within our own area, about sixty games were played. Three senior competitions, one minor and one juvenile were run by the Board. All were completed, with the exception of the Laune Rangers Cup final. With the exception of Beaufort, who did not take part in the Laune Rangers Cup, all clubs were represented in the different competitions. The games were keenly contested and aroused tremendous interest and the Senior Championship final drew record gate receipts. However, some games were not contested in the fine sporting manner usually associated with Mid-Kerry and several unpardonable offences were witnessed and, worse still, the offenders are not even cautioned by the Board. This Board must act in future and give every protection to its referees and club officials. Laune Rangers won the Senior and Minor Championships at the expense of Milltown/Castlemaine. Glenbeigh defeated Laune rangers in the league final and both sides meet again in the postponed Laune Rangers Cup final.

For the first time, the clubs, and not the schools, were responsible for the juvenile teams and the age limit was raised to 15 years. Beaufort won the Championship and, also, their first Mid-Kerry title. Earlier in the year, Keel defeated the holders, Laune Rangers, in the final of the 1962 Juvenile Championship.

Fourteen meetings of the Board were held during the year and, on the whole, the attendance was good. The Church Gate Collection held by the Board was a great success and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who subscribed. During the year, one of our selectors, Father Moran, was transferred from our area. His departure is a big loss, especially where juvenile football is concerned and it is hoped that his club, Beaufort, will continue the good work for their juveniles and, if they do, I am sure that they will have the makings of a fine minor side very soon. During the year, our Chairman, Father Kelly, was also transferred from the area and we all felt it was the end of Mid-Kerry but I am glad to report that he has allowed his name to go forward for Chairman again this year and I know that, with Father Kelly at the helm, we can look forward to a great future.

My congratulations to Jimmy Lucey, Jerry O Riordan and Pat Ahern on winning National League medals and to Mick O Sullivan and Seamus Curran on winning All-Ireland Minor medals. In conclusion, I would like to thank all the clubs for their wonderful co-operation during the year. I would also like to thank the CYMS and Mr. O Shea for the use of their halls and, last but by no means least, those players who, during the year, showed such fine sportsmanship on the field and were a credit to their clubs and to the Association.”

The AGM of the Laune Rangers Club took place in the CYMS Hall on 2nd January 1964. The Secretary, Patsy Cronin, in his report stated that the year under review “was one of the most outstanding in our club’s history. In fact, one might say that it will be very hard to equal our achievements of 1963 not alone surpass them. The Laune Rangers entered teams in all competitions in Mid-Kerry. It had two teams in the juvenile championships and two in the senior league. We contested all senior finals and, though defeated in the league final, we won the championship after a replay and beating the holders Milltown/Castlemaine at their venue was sweet revenge for our recent defeats at their hands.

The Laune Rangers Cup final is still to be played and I think that if our players show the same spirit as they did in the semi-final, we have nothing to fear from our opponents, Glenbeigh, who, like ourselves, have been real sportsmen this past year.

Our minors retained the minor championship with a great win over Milltown/Castlemaine. This win was all the more meritorious when we had to line out without county player Seamus Curran.

The juveniles were beaten by Keel in the 1962 decider after a good game against all the odds. The decision to enter two teams for the 1963 competition may not have been a wise one but it did give our young players plenty of games and we catered for almost every youth in the parish.

Our senior team has also reached the final of the Powers Cup and we also became the first holders of this competition. The senior team played a challenge game in Dromcara and in Firies and adding up our total games we find that the Laune Rangers played no less than 32 games. Because of this we failed to finish our Parish League. During the year we won the replayed final of the Gneeveguilla Senior Football Tournament.

On the social side, we entertained the Galway/New York team during Puck Fair and had a game. Former member, John Clifford, presented a cheque for $1,200 to the Field Committee during his visit with the Yanks. We held our Annual Social in Killarney and it was an enjoyable night. However, the attendance is getting bad and we must do something to improve it. We held a few dances during the year and they were all well attended.

The sale of membership cards was very bad and very disappointing. We had about 22 meetings during the year. Attendance averaged 20, which was very good.

In concluding, I would like to congratulate Seamus Curran on winning an All-Ireland minor football medal, Pat Ahern and Jimmy Lucey on winning National League Football medals. I would like to thank all the players for their co-operation during the year, James Coffey, who helped me a lot behind the scenes, and, last but not least, Pat O Shea and John Foley for such great help and making it very easy for me in my first year as secretary of the Laune Rangers GAA Club.”

Patsy Cronin, Langford St. Secretary Laune Rangers Club 1963-1965

Patsy Cronin, Langford St.
Secretary Laune Rangers Club 1963-1965