Laune Rangers – 1964

 Laune Rangers lost the Mid-Kerry Senior Football Championship Final to Glenbeigh.

Laune Rangers won the Mid-Kerry Senior Football League for the first time.

Laune Rangers won the Laune Rangers Cup Final (Played in Oct. 1966) for the fifth time.

St. Brendan’s, Killarney won the Kerry Colleges O Sullivan Cup – Seamus Curran captained the team from centre halfback.

Kerry won the Munster and All-Ireland U-21 Football Championship – Vincent Lucey played at centre halfback.

James Coffey was re-elected as Secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board for the tenth successive year. Mícheál Scanlon was elected Assistant Secretary.

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The AGM of the club took place in the CYMS Hall on 2nd January. The Chairman, John Foley, welcomed all the members to the meeting. He thanked the Secretary and Treasurer for their work during the year and stated that he had come to the end of his term of office. (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1963). In the Treasurer’s report, Pat O Shea showed a debt of £74.

Austin O Reilly objected to the night it was held on behalf of Christy O Riordan, a candidate for chairman. John Foley said that nothing could be done about it and that it had to be held on that night.


The following officers were elected:

President: Rev. Father O Riordan.

Vice-Presidents: Rev. Father Stack, Con Lucey, Donal Prendiville and Paddy Foley.

Chairman: James Coffey (John Foley did not seek re-election).

Vice-Chairman: Christy O Riordan.

Secretary: Patsy Cronin.

Treasurer: Pat O Shea.

Committee: Sean Foley, John Foley, Bertie Harmon, Batty Foley, Mick O Shea, Timmy Cronin and Teddy Mangan. (It was decided to have only seven in the committee with the officers for 1964).

Senior Selection Committee: There was an election and the results of the voting were as follows: John Foley (27), Kevin Foley (25), James Coffey (24), Sean Foley (23), Mícheál Scanlon (23), Christy O Riordan, Jimmy Foley (10), Con Lucey (8), Patsy Hurley (8). The first five were deemed to have been elected.

Minor Selection Committee: Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, Mike Murphy and Bendy O Dwyer.

Senior Captain: Tony Lyons.

Senior Vice-Captain: Michael Murphy.

Minor Captain: Seamus Curran.

Mid-Kerry Captain: Pat Ahern.

Laune Rangers’ selector on the Mid-Kerry Minor Selection Committee – Pat O Shea.


The following two motions were discussed and passed:


  1. That membership cards be reduced to 2/6, and 1/6 for minors, and that every player has to buy one.
  2. That any member who wins an All-Ireland ticket can give it to whomsoever he wishes, provided he holds a membership card.


Co. Senior Football Championship


There were 13 teams in the Co. Senior Football Championship, John Mitchel’s, St. Vincent’s, East-Kerry, Austin Stack’s, Castleisland, Kenmare, South-Kerry, Ballymacelligott, Mid-Kerry, Kerins O Rahilly’s, West-Kerry, St. Brendan’s and Shannon Rangers.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th July at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 2-12; Kerins O Rahillys 2-5.

That game had been unnecessarily postponed from an earlier date.

The following account by John Barry appeared in the Kerryman: “Sprinters in a mile race! That was Kerins O Rahillys in Sunday’s county football championship game at Killarney. They left Mid-Kerry standing in the first five minutes, and away with them into a four points lead.

But they couldn’t keep up the pace. By the end of the first quarter it was 1-2 all, and thereafter the Tralee side simply back-pedalled out of the game. The final score was 2-12 to 2-5.

It was a poor game by championship standards – little good football, little excitement. But then you can’t expect much when the hitting is hard and a sizeable gap builds up between the teams on the scoreboard. Mid-Kerry played thirty-five minutes of the game with fourteen men. Their full-forward, Noel Lucey, was put to the sideline towards the end of the first half, when he made a rather harsh tackle on O Rahilly’s fullback, Christy Griffin, but the loss of a man didn’t trouble Mid-Kerry at that stage. They were in the happy position that they dominated the midfield exchanges and all-round looked the better team.

O Rahilly’s followers must be wondering what happened their team after the start. The “Blues” played a type of football in those first few minutes that appeared to bode no good at all for Mid-Kerry. Michael Walsh put them a point in front and Tom Lynch followed with a goal. Mid-Kerry will argue that the goal should never have been scored. Here’s how it happened. Corner-forward Michael Quinlan crossed the ball into the Mid-Kerry goalmouth, goalkeeper Batty Foley went for it, the ball broke from him and O Rahilly’s centre half-forward Tom Lynch booted to the net.

With the wind behind them, things couldn’t be better for O Rahilly’s. Mid-Kerry did hit back in the seventh minute with a point from a free by Pat Ahern but O Rahilly’s swept back and Denis O Sullivan sent a free sailing high between the posts. It really looked the makings of a rattling good game. But what a let-down! Mid-Kerry narrowed the gap to a goal and then equalised with the best score of the game. Pat Griffin put the ball on to Jimmy Lucey out around the fifty yards line. Lucey’s kick, more by accident rather than design, went to Pat Ahern on the right wing. He made tracks for goals and when within range let fly a wonderful shot, which sank in the roof of the net.

That was all Mid-Kerry wanted. Into their stride, they made the O Rahilly’s defence work overtime and landed their second goal in the eighteenth minute. Pat Ferris chased a ground ball from midfield, sent it into the square where it broke loose and Jimmy Healy met the leather on the hop and lashed it past goalkeeper Diarmuid O Sullivan. At halftime, it was plain that O Rahilly’s hadn’t much chance of making it. Trailing by two goals (2-7 to 1-4) they made a number of changes for the second half, but these effected little improvement.

Mid-Kerry continued about their business in determined mood, and ten minutes after the restart had gone into a ten-points lead. That definitely finished interest. The monotony of the remainder of the game was broken only by a penalty to O Rahilly’s three minutes from time. Art Spring crashed a great shot to the net, but the score served no other purpose than to put a reasonably decent complexion on the scoreboard.

Mid-Kerry, strong contenders for this year’s title, never really sparkled as potential champions. Admittedly, they beat O Rahilly’s easily, but let nobody say that this was a Strand Road team up to the old standard of the “Blues”. It was not. There were weaknesses in defence, and these were fully exploited by Mid-Kerry. Indeed, O Rahilly’s would have been in a much worse position at the end but for the magnificent performance of their centre half-back, Pa Kerins. Time and again he nipped Mid-Kerry raids in the bud. He showed fine positional sense, fielded in brilliant style and his spirited kicking turned defence into attack. It speaks for itself that Pat Griffin, who was playing on him on the forty, secured only one point of Mid-Kerry’s total.

But O Rahilly’s were lacking other men of the calibre of Kerins, not only in defence, but at midfield and attack. Midfield was O Rahilly’s big problem. Here Jimmy Lucey and Billy Kerins dominated play for Mid-Kerry. Lucey was in particularly good form. He brought down some great balls and really played his heart out for the hour. His contribution to Mid-Kerry’s victory was all the greater, because he subdued the man O Rahilly’s depended a great deal on – Denis O Sullivan.

The Mid-Kerry backs did their part too. Red-haired Joe O Mahony showed rare dash in a fullback line, which conceded very little. George Evans was in outstanding form at right halfback and he got solid support from close-marking Connie O Sullivan. Ned O Shea, at left halfback, put in his best work in the last quarter.

One of the reasons why Mid-Kerry’s defence held command of the situation was that they were stronger overall than the O Rahilly’s forwards and they used their weight to good advantage. If O Rahilly’s had somebody like full-forward John Dowling at heyday form, the sparks might have been flying around the Mid-Kerry goals. But they hadn’t his leadership in attack and, whilst players like Billy Magnier and Michael Quinlan have a very good idea of the game, they just couldn’t make the grade against tough-as-teak Mid-Kerry defenders. Magnier certainly tried very gallantly and must take the credit for laying on points for Tom Lynch and Michael Walsh in the first half.

The Mid-Kerry forwards, on the other hand, were well able for the O Rahilly’s defence. They had two good wingmen in Jimmy Healy and Pat Ferris and a real match-winner in corner-forward, Pat Ahern. Ahern showed a fine turn of speed and every time he won possession danger threatened for O Rahilly’s. His first goal was a real gem and altogether he has good reason to be satisfied with his display. One goal and seven points is pretty good shooting!

The O Rahilly’s defence suffered by the loss of fullback, Christy Griffin, who had to retire injured after the tackle on him by Noel Lucey (Noel Lucey was sent off by the referee and was subsequently suspended for one month) but it was never really able to manage the eager-beaver Mid-Kerry forwards. Pa Kerins was by far the outstanding man in the defence, although minor John McMahon and Liam Dennehy, who saved a few dangerous situations in the first half, are also worthy of mention. Only Michael Walsh, who moved back to fullback in the second half, after showing up very well at wing forward, Billy Magnier and, to a lesser extent, Michael Quinlan, caught the eye in the O Rahilly’s attack.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Joe O Mahony (Milltown/Castlemaine), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), George Evans (Keel), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh) 1-0, Pat Griffin (do.) 0-1, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 0-2, Pat Ahern (do.) 1-7, Noel Lucey (do.), Willie Barton (Keel) 0-2.

Kerins O Rahilly’s: Diarmuid O Sullivan, Sean O Donnell, Christy Griffin, Liam Dennehy, Peter Moriarty, Pa Kerins, John McMahon, Denis O Sullivan (0-2), Tommy Foley, Michael Walsh (0-2), Tom Lynch (1-1), Arthur Spring (1-0), Michael Quinlan, Gary Clifford, Billy Magnier. Subs: John Magnier for P. Moriarty; Sean O Donnell for C. Griffin; T. O Brien for D. Foley.

Referee: Seamus Garvey (Dingle).


Quarter-Final on Sun. 26th July at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney: East Kerry 0-12; Mid-Kerry 0-8.

But for the postponement of the previous game against K. O Rahilly’s, Jimmy Lucey would have been available for that game. However, he had, at that stage gone to Cyprus to serve with the U.N.

Ian O Leary wrote the following account in the Kerryman: ‘Underdogs, East Kerry, opened an afternoon of shock results at Killarney’s Fitzgerald Stadium on Sunday last when they overcame what looked like being a disastrous start to outplay and outscore favourites Mid-Kerry to the tune of four points and so qualified for the semi-finals of the county football championship.

Although Mid-Kerry were short Jimmy and Noel Lucey of their regular team, they were, nevertheless, expected to have the measure of their rivals who had given little recent indication of being a force in the race for championship honours.

Mid-Kerry started as if they were going to sweep the opposition off their feet. Almost from the throw-in, they shot the opening point and at the end of the first quarter they had chalked up four points without reply. At this stage it looked as if East Kerry were completely out of their depth.

But what a surprise was in store for dispirited home supporters. East Kerry pulled themselves together and for the remainder of the half they had the better of the exchanges despite determined efforts by Mid-Kerry to regain the initiative. East Kerry went from strength to strength and when referee Kevin Barry blew for halftime, they were leading by 0-8 to 0-6. Three times in the first half the woodwork foiled the winners of scores and the same fate befell one of their scoring attempts in the second half.

After ten minutes of the second half Mid-Kerry had reduced the deficit to a single point, but thereafter it was all East Kerry and they added three points to run out deserving and decisive winners.

From the throw-in, Mid-Kerry’s Pat Griffin grabbed the ball and set off on one of the many dangerous raids he was to make in the first quarter. A quick centre from him was all that was required by left half-forward Pat Ferris, who punched over the first point of the game. This was followed shortly after by another Mid-Kerry point when Griffin sent from a free. Pat Ahern had a point from a 21 yards free after about ten minutes to send Mid-Kerry further in front.

At the end of the first quarter Pat Griffin, collecting a short clearance from the East Kerry goal, eluded two backs and kicked straight over the bar for the fourth point for Mid-Kerry, without reply from the home side.

This more or less marked the end of Mid-Kerry’s dominance and from this point on East Kerry whittled down the lead. Their first attack was started by centre halfback Tom Long. The ball was collected by right half-forward Mikey Lyne who shot wide from a very easy position. However, a second raid a few minutes later proved fruitful. Long was again the mastermind when he took   the ball from an over-fancy Griffin, centred to Pat Moynihan, who made no mistake with his kick.

East Kerry’s rising hopes were jolted when Mid-Kerry replied with a like score at the other end when Pat Ahern’s unerring boot sent over another free. Four quick points from East Kerry forwards had the sides level with five minutes to go to halftime.

A point from Pat Griffin, assisted by goalkeeper Weeshie Fogarty who brilliantly deflected a shot for goal over the bar, put Mid-Kerry in the lead again, but it was short lived as Pat Moynihan and Pat Cahill, who ran rings around corner-back Pat O Shea, had two more points for East Kerry to leave them leading at halftime by 8 points to 6.

The second half began much on the pattern of the first half. Mid-Kerry set off at a cracking pace and stormed the East Kerry goal but a lengthy clearance by Tom Long, who appeared in every trouble-spot on the field, started a counter attack. This proved fruitless and then Billy Kerins shot over a very good point for Mid-Kerry and a few minutes later looked as if he might score from exactly the same position, but this time he had to reckon with the attentions of Tom Long and he shot wide.

Mikey Lyne had a point from a free for East Kerry after eight minutes and then Pat Griffin, after 10 minutes, pointed again for Mid-Kerry to leave his side trailing by one point. But the next 3 points came from East Kerry to leave them with 12 points to Mid-Kerry’s 8 and this, in fact, closed the scoring.

It was not an easy win for East Kerry by any means and they had to produce their best in one of the fastest games they played this year. Tom Long played a major part in the home side’s victory, appearing as he did in all the trouble spots and always seeming to emerge with the ball. He was flanked by two extremely sound halfbacks in Jimmy Hegarty and Derry Crowley. The fullback line was not the strongest line on the field but a change after twenty minutes which brought on Liam Nolan for Pa Mannix did help to tighten it up. Weeshie Fogarty, in goal, was very sound and made one or two very good saves.

At midfield, Timmy Sheehan and Pat Healy had the edge over Billy Kerins and Jerry O Riordan. The East Kerry half-forward line was good, scoring five of the side’s total. Johnny Culloty, at full-forward, was dangerous at all times and his four points total reflects his accuracy.

Mid-Kerry were inclined to rely too much on Pat Griffin and, when he was to a large extent overshadowed by Tom Long, who worried him no end, their thrust was largely blunted. Pat Ahern was always dangerous and in the last few minutes, when they were four points in arrears, he had two searing solo efforts to score a goal – both of which very nearly paid off. Ted Bowler, at fullback, was very solid and cleared many dangerous situations. Pat O Shea wasn’t able to cope at all with Pat Cahill, whilst in the halfback line George Evans was very good. The midfield pair had slightly the worst of the exchanges and the half-forward line of Healy, Griffin and Ferris was undoubtedly the more dangerous line in attack.’

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Joe O Mahony (Milltown), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), George Evans (Keel), Con O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Ned O Shea (Keel), Billy Kerins (Milltown) 0-1, Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh), Jimmy Healy (do.), Pat Griffin (do.) 0-5, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers), Pat Ahern (do.) 0-2, Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers). Sub: Willie Barton (Keel) for S. Curran.

East-Kerry: Weeshie Fogarty, Jerry McCarthy, Pa Mannix, Donal Lynch, Derry Crowley, Tom Long, Jimmy Hegarty, Timmy Sheehan, Pat Healy, Gerald Cullinane (0-2), Pat Moynihan (0-2), Mikey Lyne (0-1), Pat Cahill (0-2), Johnny Culloty (0-4), Noel Healy (0-1). Sub: Liam Nolan for P. Mannix.

Referee: Kevin Barry (Tralee).


Shannon Rangers, captained by Dan McAuliffe, won the Co. Senior Football Championship by beating East Kerry in the final on the score of 1-10 to 1-5 in Tralee on Sun. 20th Sept.


Kerryman Shield.

The teams were divided into three groups of four and Mid-Kerry was grouped with South-Kerry, Kenmare, and John Mitchels.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 5th April at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry 2-5; John Mitchel’s 0-6.

The Kerryman carried this report: ‘Mid-Kerry produced all the fireworks and strokes of mastery at Killorglin on Sunday when they got off to a flying start in the Kerryman Shield by defeating county champions, John Mitchel’s, by 2-5 to 0-6 in the first round. And at the end of an hour of grim but mostly uninteresting football, nobody could quibble with the result.

The game was played in dry, sunny conditions and was watched by a very large crowd. But spectators never saw the classic football nor the titanic struggle for supremacy that had been so eagerly awaited. Instead we saw an hour of punishing play in which the accent was, more often than not, on force and stamina rather than skill. This well-earned win by Mid-Kerry means that they now have a 2 to 1 lead on Mitchels in the three key games they have played in a little over nine months. On aggregate they lead the Tralee side by 4-23 to 1-22.

The story of the game itself does not warrant a lot of retelling. After Mid-Kerry had opened with a point in the second minute, Mitchel’s hit back and after six minutes John ‘Thorny’ O Shea put his side in front with two very well-taken points. Mid-Kerry levelled a minute later and then at the end of the first quarter went a point ahead, only to be overtaken and passed by two Mitchel’s points, which left the Tralee side a point in front with less than ten minutes left in the first half.

But Mid-Kerry were playing storming football now and Mitchel’s backs were showing distinct signs of panic in the face of successive attacks. In the 23rd minute came a Mid-Kerry goal, which changed the entire course of the game. The ball travelled from Mike O Sullivan to Pat Ferris to Pat Griffin and the inter-county player sent a stinging left-footed shot to the right corner of the net although goalkeeper Johnny Kelliher appeared to have the ball covered for a brief second. There was a lot of scrambling, unmethodical football before halftime and another Mid-Kerry point saw the home side leading by 1-4 to 0-4 at the interval.

The second half was largely one of stalemate, both sets of backs having the better of matters with their rivals. Each side scored twice during the half, but Mid-Kerry struck the major body blow again in this half by banging home another goal. ‘Thorny’ O Shea had a Mitchel’s point after ten minutes but, dead on the three quarters mark, fleet-footed Jimmy Healy stormed his way through to punch a short clearance by goal-man, Kelliher, to the net. The final quarter saw both sides score a point each, but there was never any threat of a real comeback by Mitchel’s.

The key to Mid-Kerry’s success was at midfield where they were always in command. Jimmy Lucey and Billy Kerins displayed too much mobility and enterprise for Mitchel’s partnership of Michael Morris and Brian Sheehy and Morris and Seamus Roche. Morris had a spectacular first half but ran out of steam after the interval, with the result that Mid-Kerry were allowed dictate matters hereabouts how and when they liked. JImmy Lucey was particularly prominent and his boundless energy and clever following up presented the loser’s backs with many anxious moments.

Batty Foley had a fine game in goals for Mid-Kerry. Their backs were rock-solid under pressure, with Joe O Mahony, Teddy Bowler, Ned O Shea and Connie O Sullivan taking most of the honours. Pat Griffin had some stirring set-to’s with centre halfback Niall Sheehy. At times he had to play second fiddle but then when he did win possession he set his forwards in motion with alarming swiftness and most telling effect. He and full-forward Mike O Sullivan exchanged places for a time in the first half and this switch served to confuse the loser’s backs all the more. Besides Griffin and O Sullivan, the winners had other fine forwards in Jimmy Healy, Pat Ferris and Pat Aherne.

Mitchels will want to forget this game in a hurry. They never showed a fraction of the football that has kept them at the top of the ladder for the past five years and it is not meant as a disparagement to the winners to say that Mitchels looked like a team that, to coin a racing phrase, were sorely in need of a gallop. Niall Sheehy was the only player who produced an hour of sustained football. He was a mighty bulwark against Mid-Kerry attacks, but the fact that he had to deploy his energies in so many different directions limited his effectiveness. Michael Morris had a fine game in the first half at midfield but faded in the second half, John Dalton and Seanie Burrows had phases of prominence in defence while of the forwards only ‘Thorny O Shea and Teddy Dowd ever looked like making headway.’

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Joe O Mahony (Milltown), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Lucey (do.), Billy Kerins (Milltown), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Pat Griffin (do.) 1-1, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 0-2, Tony Lyons (do.), Michael O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Pat Aherne (Laune Rangers) 0-1. Sub: Tim Kelliher (Milltown) for T. Lyons.

John Mitchels: Johnny Kelliher, Paddy Sayers, John Dalton, Seanie Burrows, Ted Fitzgerald, Niall Sheehy, Sean Og Sheehy, Mick Morris 0-1, Brian Sheehy, ‘Thorny’ O Shea 0-4, Seamus Roche, Derry O Shea, Freddie Lynch, Bruddy Burrows, Teddy Dowd 0-1. Subs: Billy Kerins for T. Fitzgerald; Frank Sayers for B. Burrows.

Referee: T. Grogan (Listowel).


Rd. 2 on Sun. 10th May at Cahersiveen: South-Kerry v Mid-Kerry.


Semi-Final on Sun. Aug. 9th at Killarney: Mid-Kerry 0-12; John Mitchel’s 2-6.

There was a dramatic finish to that Kerryman Shield semi-final at Killarney. With time virtually up, John Mitchel’s led Mid-Kerry by a point (2-6 to 0-11), but then the Mid-Kerrymen were awarded a free about forty-five yards out from the Mitchel’s goal and near the sideline. Mid-Kerry wing-forward, Jimmy Healy, elected to take the free and he was told by referee D. Moynihan that he would have to score direct. Healy, cool as a breeze, drove a beautiful ball over the bar. So the two teams that had been surprisingly beaten in the Championship, would have to meet again to decide who would go through to the Shield final against St. Vincent’s.

Mid-Kerry, twice conquerors of Mitchel’s in that competition, thoroughly deserved the chance to fight another day. They trailed by four points at halftime, but came storming back in the second half and might not have to depend on a last-minute reprieve had their forwards not wasted many chances.

Both teams served up good football. Mitchel’s started well and enjoyed a four-point lead (1-4 to 0-3) before Mid-Kerry hit back for two points by Jerry Riordan and Bob Spring. But then the Tralee side struck a mighty blow for victory when Dom O Donnell put the ball in the net after the Mid-Kerry goalkeeper had been only able to parry a fierce drive. Mid-Kerry’s reply was a point by Pat Ferris, which left the interval score: John Mitchel’s 2-4; Mid-Kerry 0-6.

Mid-Kerry had the advantage of a strong breeze in the second half but it was Mitchel’s that did the early scoring. In two dashing raids, Seanie Burrows scored fine points. Things didn’t look at all good for Mid-Kerry but it was then that they really made their effort. Jimmy Healy cut through for two points – one shot hit the crossbar before he punched it over and Pat Griffin followed with two further points. Jerry Riordan moved to the half-forward line at that stage for Mid-Kerry and spearheaded dangerous attacks. When Pat Ahern tapped over a point for Mid-Kerry ten minutes from the end, he brought his side within a single point of Mitchel’s.

In those last ten minutes it was anybody’s game. Mitchel’s raided sporadically, but were very dangerous. Mid-Kerry got more play in attack but poor finishing cost them scores. Mitchel’s looked like holding out, until Mid-Kerry got the free, which Healy duly put over for the equaliser.

That score apart, Healy was still one of Mid-Kerry’s best players. He played good football throughout the hour. In the Mid-Kerry fullback line Teddy Bowler saved many dangerous situations and he got best support from Pat O Shea. Pat Griffin was kept fairly well in check by Mick Morris, but still managed to register some good points. Mitchel’s were served best by Niall Sheehy, who did not line out at the start but was brought on after ten minutes, Derry O Shea at centre-field, and Teddy Dowd and Seanie Burrows in attack.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Joe O Mahony (Milltown), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea(Keel), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Michael O Connor (Keel), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Noel O Mahony (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh) 0-3, Pat Griffin (do.) 0-3, Billy Kerins (Milltown), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers) 0-2, Bob Spring (Milltown) 0-1, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 0-2.

John Mitchel’s: Johnny Kelliher, E. Stack, John Dalton, Paddy Sayers, Sean Og Sheehy, Mick Morris, Ted Fitzgerald, Brian Sheehy, Derry O Shea, Seamus Roche, F. O Leary 0-1, Teddy Dowd, Seanie Burrows 1-3, Dom O Donnell 1-2, John ‘Thorny’ O Shea. Sub: Niall Sheehy for E. Stack.

Ref: Diarmuid Moynihan (Rathmore).


Semi-Final (replay) on Sun. 29th Nov. at Killarney: Abandoned for safety reasons! That was the verdict that followed the abrupt cancellation of play at halftime in the Kerryman Shield semi-final replay between John Mitchel’s and Mid-Kerry at Killarney’s Fitzgerald Stadium. With the pitch invaded by a crowd of a couple of hundred spectators, many of them in recalcitrant mood and refusing to leave, referee Diarmuid Moynihan stayed on the field for fifteen minutes and when the disorderly mob refused to leave the pitch he abandoned the game.

That was the sad, sad ending to a game, which had begun in a very sporting spirit, with both sides giving unstintingly of their best, but which gradually spluttered and crawled to the level of a grudge contest. This nauseating deterioration in the standard of conduct of the contestants trammelled the bonds of good fellowship left, right and centre and the whole sorrowful affair was hastened to its peremptory conclusion by the unpardonable conduct of the unruly crowd.

Several of the referee’s decisions had been unfavourably received by sections of the crowd before the flame of hostility towards the man in charge was well and truly lit when he disallowed a Mid-Kerry goal in the 17th minute, on the grounds that the forwards were in the square before the ball.

Thereafter, the exchanges became so intense and fraught with heavy body-tackling that it was only a matter of time before the bubble burst. Just before halftime it happened when a bout of fisticuffs broke out and, as a result, the referee ordered Sean Sheehy (Mitchel’s) and Pat Griffin (Mid-Kerry) off the field. It was some time before the two players left the field and in the meantime some supporters displayed their resentment of the action of the referee. The latter duly blew for halftime and immediately the pitch was invaded by swarms of spectators. They encircled the referee. Despite the efforts of a few officials to restore order, the crowd refused to leave the pitch and eventually the referee abandoned the game.

The invasion of the pitch was a forthright indictment of the lack of proper stewarding. It was something that should never have happened and it behoved the powers that be to ensure that a recurrence does not take place. When the premature halt was called to the proceedings, John Mitchel’s were one precious point in front (0-3 to 0-2) – a position for which spendthrift Mid-Kerry were more responsible than the leaders.

The scoring throughout the half was remarkably low and slow. But there is no denying that Mid-Kerry were the more menacing. Early in the half it looked as if Mitchel’s would be bludgeoned to a staggering defeat and exit from the competition. Only fine covering by their defence and some stupendous saves by goalkeeper Johnny Kelliher kept the invaders at bay. Pat Griffin, on the 40, had the Tralee backs scurrying in all directions with his twisting runs and his swift change of direction. But, much to the chagrin of Mid-Kerry supporters, the Kerry star failed to match his finishing efforts to his astute approach work. In the 23rd minute, it looked as if he must rattle the net, and so increase his side’s one point lead, but his stinging drive was magnificently parried away for a 50 by the fishlike diving Kelliher.

Earlier Kelliher had stopped another pile-driver from corner-forward Jim Healy, who shot at point-blank range. Healy was on the loose-flying ball again, but his second effort rebounded off the right upright and was eventually cleared away at the expense of a 50. The ensuing kick was taken by Mid-Kerry’s right fullback, Ned O Shea. He flighted the ball into the goalmouth and, in quicker than it takes to tell, it had bounded away from the grappling hands of full-back Niall Sheehy and an opposing forward and nestled in the net. That was in the 17th minute and seemingly endless confusion followed before referee Moynihan disallowed the score and gave Mitchel’s a free out instead. Thereafter the atmosphere was electrifying and the tension-charged exchanges became hotter and hotter.

After nineteen minutes Pat Ahern put Mid-Kerry ahead 0-2 to 0-1. By then Mitchel’s, with the tide flowing against them, had made several switches in an attack that up to then had been palpably out of harmony. They moved Teddy Dowd from right half-forward to full-forward in a switch with Buddy O Grady, Seanie Burrows moved out from the right corner to left half-forward in a swop with John O Shea. Those changes certainly made an improvement. In the 25th minute Dom O Donnell slipped round Ned O Shea to shoot the equaliser and three minutes later O Grady was on the mark with a lovely point to give his side the lead.

Jim Healy had given Mid-Kerry the lead in the third minute of the half with a grand point and it was almost three minutes later when Teddy Dowd rounded off a great sols run by Derry O Shea to score the equaliser.In the tenth minute Mid-Kerry fullback Teddy Bowler was roundly applauded when he smothered a goal-labelled shot from the boot of Seanie Burrows.

Mitchels’ best were goalkeeper Johnny Kelliher, defenders John Dalton, Niall Sheehy, Paddy Sayers and Sean Og Sheehy, midfielder Derry O Shea and forwards Teddy Dowd, Seanie Burrows and Dom O Donnell. Mid-Kerry’s most promising performers were defenders Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, George Evans and Teddy Mangan, midfielder Jerry O Riordan and forwards Pat Griffin, Pat Ahern and Jimmy Healy.

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler, Pat O Shea, Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), George Evans (Keel), Teddy Mangan (Laune Rangers), Jerry O Riordan, Billy Kerins, Pat Ahern (0-1), Pat Griffin, Pat Ferris, Jimmy Healy (0-1), Mick O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Patsy Joy (Laune Rangers).

John Mitchel’s: Johnny Kelliher, John Dalton, Niall Sheehy, Paddy Sayers, Sean Og Sheehy, Mick Morris, Ted Fitzgerald, Brian Sheehy, Derry O Shea, Teddy Dowd 0-1, Seamus Roche, John  ‘Thorny’ O Shea, Seanie Burrows, Buddy O Grady 0-1, Dom O Donnell 0-1.

Ref: Diarmuid Moynihan (Rathmore).


The matter was discussed at length at the Co. Board meeting on the following Thursday night. Paddy Carey, John Mitchel’s, tried to distance his club from the invasion of the pitch. Murt Kelly, on behalf of Mid-Kerry, refused to accept total responsibility for the abandonment of the game. The referee did not state in his report the reason for the abandonment of the game. Eventually, it was decided, on a show of hands, by eleven votes to two, with three abstentions, that the game should be played on 6th Dec. at Tralee. Murt Kelly declared that Mid-Kerry would not play in Tralee and left the meeting.


Mid-Kerry unsuccessfully appealed the decision to schedule the game for Tralee to the Munster Council. James Coffey, Secretary, travelled on his own to make the appeal.


Semi-Final on Sun. 21st March (1964) at Austin Stack Park, Tralee: John Mitchels 2-9; Mid-Kerry 2-7.

At the Co. Board meeting prior to that game, Murt Kelly made a final plea to the delegates to fix the game for any other venue except Tralee. He said that it was unfair to ask Mid-Kerry to play in Tralee, the home ground of John Mitchels. Dr. Jim Brosnan sympathised with Mid-Kerry but he stated that the hands of the Board were tied by a decision that was made at a previous meeting. Eventually, Murt Kelly agreed to play in Tralee.

Eamon Horan, in the Kerryman, described the game as follows: ‘At last a result, after 150 minutes of high drama football. John Mitchels, by two points, have qualified for the 1964 Kerryman Shield Final against St. Vincent’s. But the Tralee side has seldom had to pull out every trick and ruse in their armoury as they did before holding out against a magnificent Mid-Kerry team in their second replay semi-final last Sunday.

I say magnificent in relation to Mid-Kerry for the simple reason that they played the entire second half with only fourteen players on the field and against such mounting odds they performed with unbelievable determination. On the brink of halftime, Mid-Kerry midfielder Jimmy Lucey was sent to the sideline by referee Seamus Garvey. Still more serious was the unfortunate mishap to fullback Niall Sheehy who left the field with a broken wrist in the last quarter and the injury would keep the John Mitchels man out of the game for at least six weeks.

The game was played throughout at a fast and furious pace and even if the football was not always overflowing with skill and deadly marksmanship, still the hour was liberally laced with splashes of breath-taking play and beautifully executed scoring movements. The weather held dry until the closing minutes when the rain started falling.

Mitchels got off to a dream start when ace marksman Dom O Donell lashed the ball to the net after a 50 taken by midfielder Seanie Burrows. But three minutes later, Pat Griffin had the sides level when he took a pass from Jimmy Lucey and from way out on the right wing flighted the ball goalwards and, to the amazement of most, it slipped through goalkeeper Johnny Kelliher’s hands into the net. By the 14th minute, Mitchels had jumped into a lead of two points. Then within a minute, Mitchels were back for a splendid goal. Burrows landed a long range free in the goalmouth, it was punched away by goalkeeper Batty Foley, but the inrushing Brian Sheehy met the ball in flight and his cracking drive sent the ball spinning off the left upright and it ricocheted into the net.

At this stage, Mitchels were all over their rivals and with Burrows, in particular, and to a lesser degree Derry O Shea, having a brilliant patch at midfield, their forwards swarmed through the Mid-Kerry defence. By the 19th minute, they had increased their lead to four points and seemed to be sailing away with the game. But, just as quickly as it takes to relate, Mid-Kerry suddenly burst back on the scene and a lightening onslaught on their opponents’ goal saw the losers miss a goal by a whisker, before Mick Morris eventually cleared the ball away. But the Mid-Kerry men were not to be deterred and in the 21st minute a free by them was fastened onto by the here-there-and-everywhere Pat Ferris, who duly slammed the ball to the net, to the utter bewilderment of Mitchels’ backs and to the delirious joy of Mid-Kerry supporters.

But in the 24th minute, the losers had, perhaps, their golden chance of the hour and they let it slip through their fingers. A defender fell on the ball in the parallelogram and the referee awarded Mid-Kerry a penalty. Pat Ahern took the all-important kick, but instead of the expected goal, supporters had to be content with a point, Ahern’s rising shot going over off the crossbar. Both sides launched attacks in the closing minutes of the half, but it was Mitchels who increased their lead with two points by O Donnell, the first from a free. This left them leading by 2-6 to 2-1 at halftime.

Mid-Kerry gave due warning that they were far from a beaten side and almost straight from the restart they attacked and had the ball in the net, but the whistle had already gone for a free to them, which Jimmy Healy pointed. In the 33rd minute, Griffin gathered a 50 from Ahern and sent over another point and a minute later, Jerry O Riordam followed with another lovely minor, to cut Mitchels’ lead to two points. At this stage, play-anywhere Pat Ferris was operating at midfield for the losers along with O Riordan and what a tremendous boon he proved for his colleagues. He rampaged all over the place, popping up when least expected to set attacks in motion. However, in the 35th and 38th minutes, full-forward Brian Sheehy gave Mitchels some badly-needed breathing space when he booted over two grand points, the first after a wonderful forward movement.

From this stage onwards, it became more and more difficult to know who was playing where for Mid-Kerry and as the game raced to its hectic finish the same applied to the winners. In the 41st minute, a fine run by Derry O Shea saw his shot at goal being brilliantly stopped by goalman Batty Foley who had a glorious hour between the posts and probably did more than anybody else to keep Mid-Kerry within sight of success. Exactly on the three-quarter mark, Billy Kerins had a golden chance, but with the goalkeeper and the fullback beaten, he blazed the ball wide. At this stage, Mid-Kerry were in full cry and the Tralee side’s defence was under severe pressure and Niall Sheehy, Michael Morris and Ted Fitzgerald were prominent in quelling raids.

In the 48th minute, Jimmy Healy pointed a free for Mid-Kerry. Two minutes later, Sheehy went off for the winners and was replaced by Billy Kerins, with corner-back John Dalton moving in the fill the fullback berth. Almost immediately Healy showed Mid-Kerry the way when he landed a fine point from play. With seven minutes to go a Mitchels movement saw the ball pass from Dowd to O Grady to O Donnell and to ‘Thorny’ O Shea but the latter’s shot at goal was again halted by Foley at the expense of a 50. Both sides battled frantically for scores in the closing stages – Mitchels to hang on to their precarious lead of two points and Mid-Kerry in an attempt to snatch a victory that was still within their eager grasp. A 55th minute Mitchels point was answered by a similar score at the other end for the losers two minutes later.

I don’t know whether Mid-Kerry took their cue from Shakespeare, but the certainly met and smiled adversity in the face in that tearaway second half. Another team in the circumstances, would have been crestfallen at the thought of having to play a man short. They almost pulled off a sensational win, but they can take solace from the fact that they failed not because of any glaring shortcomings on their own part but because they were pitted against a tenacious bunch of footballers who made this yet another glorious triumph of teamwork.

The men who stood out most in shaping victory for Mitchels were defenders Niall Sheehy, Sean Og Sheehy, Mick Morris and Ted Fitzgerald, midfielder Seanie Burrows and forwards Dom O Donnell, Seamus Roche, Brian Sheehy and Teddy Dowd. Mid-Kerry’s foremost performers over the hour were goalkeeper Batty Foley, Ned O Shea, Teddy Bowler and George Evans in defence, Jerry O Riordan at midfield and Pat Ferris, Pat Griffin and Jimmy Healy in attack.’

Mid-Kerry: Batty Foley (Laune Rangers), Ned O Shea (Keel), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Kevin Griffin (Glenbeigh), George Evans (Keel), Teddy Mangan (Laune Rangers), Jimmy Lucey (do.), Jerry O Riordan (Glenbeigh) 0-1, Billy Kerins (Milltown/Castlemaine), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers) 1-0, Jimmy Healy (Glenbeigh) 0-4, 3 frees, Mike Griffin (do.), Pat Ahern (Laune Rangers) 0-1.

John Mitchels: Johnny Kelliher, John Dalton, Niall Sheehy, Paddy Sayers, Sean Og Sheehy, Mick Morris, Ted Fitzgerald, Seanie Burrows, Derry O Shea, Buddy O Grady, Dom O Donnell (1-4, 2 frees), Seamus Roche (0-1), John O Shea, Brian Sheehy (1-3), Teddy Dowd (0-1). Subs: E. Stack for P. Sayers; Billy Kerins for N. Sheehy.

Ref: Seamus Garvey (Dingle).

Most Mid-Kerry supporters felt that Jimmy Lucey was harshly dismissed as they deemed the tackle on Sean Óg Sheehy a hard but fair shoulder.


Mid-Kerry Senior Championship

Laune Rangers’ Selection Committee – John Foley, Kevin Foley, James Coffey, Sean Foley and Mícheál Scanlon.

The competition was played with a losers’ round.

Rd. 1 on Sun. June 7th at Killorglin at 4.00pm: Glenbeigh 1-7; Laune Rangers 1-4.

The main difference between the teams was that the Glenbeigh forwards took their chances, while the Rangers did not. Rangers were without the services of Jimmy Lucey, Seamus Curran and Owen Mangan, while Glenbeigh were without the Scully brothers, Liam and Enda.

Glenbeigh started off in great fashion with points from Pat Griffin and Mick O Sullivan but Pat Aherne put the Rangers on level terms with two like scores. Then Aherne had a well-taken goal. Glenbeigh recovered and, with Healy playing some great football on the forty for them, they soon took the lead and when Healy scored a great goal, Glenbeigh had victory in sight. At the interval they led by 1-5 to 1-2.

It was all Glenbeigh after the restart but the transfer of Noel Lucey to centre halfback kept the Rangers’ defence together and scores were hard to get. However, both Kevin Griffin and Healy had points for the winners, which were negatived by Noel Lucey and Sean McKenna. In a hectic finish, Glenbeigh held on for victory.

The stars of a very good Glenbeigh side were Pat Griffin, Jim Healy, Con O Sullivan, Kevin Griffin, Ted Bowler, Matt Riordan, Joe Sweeney and Tony Sweeney. Killorglin had outstanding players in Noel Lucey, Pat Aherne, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Tony Lyons, Teddy Mangan, Sean McKenna and Pat Ferris.

Laune Rangers had now to meet Beaufort for a place in the semi-finals.

Referee: Timmy Hannafin (Keel).


Tues. 7th July at Beaufort at 8.00pm (Losers’ Round): Laune Rangers 4-11; Beaufort 0-4.

Ref: Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh).

Semi-final on Sun. 2nd Aug. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Keel.


Final on Sat. 15th Aug. at 7.15pm at Killorglin: Glenbeigh 1-6; Laune Rangers 1-4.

Laune Rangers surrendered their Mid-Kerry title to Glenbeigh but only after a great battle in one of the best ever Mid-Kerry finals. Thrills abounded right through the hour, and it was only a miraculous save in the dying seconds by their fullback Teddy Bowler that enabled Glenbeigh to win by two points. Bowler foiled a punched effort by Noel O Mahony, which had goal written all over it.

Rangers lined out without Noel Lucey and had to reshuffle their team. But this reshuffle produced the man of the match in Seamus Curran. At centre half-back for Rangers, he gave a display of football equal to the best ever seen at the venue. The game provided a high standard of football despite a slippery pitch and a heavy ball.

Pat Griffin got the first two points of the game for Glenbeigh but Owen Mangan put the Rangers in the lead when he forced the Glenbeigh goalkeeper over the line in possession. Pat Ahern and Sean McKenna added points before Pat Griffin connected with a loose ball to make the sides level. Healy added two points to Glenbeigh’s total and Paul Lucey reduced the arrears with a fine point to leave the half-time score 1-4 to 1-3 in Glenbeigh’s favour.

Five minutes after the restart the Rangers drew level with a point by Pat Ahern and it was scoring stalemate from that to the twenty-fourth minute when Joe McSweeney gave Glenbeigh the lead with a good point. A minute later, McSweeney grabbed a loose ball to increase the lead. The Rangers put all they had into their play in the last minutes of the game, but Bowler’s great save stopped them from securing a last-minute victory.

Outstanding for Glenbeigh were Ted Bowler, Matt Riordan, Martin Daly, Enda Scully, Pat Griffin and Jerry Riordan, whilst Laune Rangers’ best were Seamus Curran, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Noel O Mahony, Pat Ferris, Teddy Mangan, Pat Ahern, Jimmy Foley, Owen Mangan, Sean McKenna and Tony Lyons.

Mr. Paul O Sullivan, Killarney, handled the game very efficiently. Afterwards, the Glenbeigh captain, Teddy Bowler, was presented with the Kennedy Cup by the Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Rev. Father Brian Kelly, Glenbeigh.

The game was preceded at 5.45pm by the minor final, in which Beaufort defeated Milltown/Castlemaine to win their first ever Mid-Kerry title. That game was refereed by James Coffey.


Mid-Kerry League

It was decided to run the league on a single league system with the top four teams playing in the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 23rd Feb. in Keel: Keel drew with Laune Rangers.

Laune Rangers were missing Jimmy Lucey, Pat Ahern, Tony Lyons and Brendan Mangan.

Rd. 2 on Sun. 19th April at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine. Ref: Teddy Bowler.

Rd. 3 on Sun. 10th March at Glenbeigh: Glenbeigh beat Laune Rangers.

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 19th May, Tom Lynch proposed, and Murt Kelly seconded, that there would be an open draw for the semi-finals and it resulted in Laune Rangers v Keel and Glenbeigh v Beaufort.

Semi-Final on Sun. May 31st at 2.45pm in Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Keel. The final was originally scheduled for 21st June but was not played until Sun. 4th October.


Final on Sun. 4th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 2-9; Glenbeigh (holders) 3-4.

This was Laune Rangers first Mid-Kerry League title. They avenged their defeat by Glenbeigh in the Mid-Kerry Championship final the previous August, when as champions, they were beaten. That final was rated the best in Mid-Kerry for a long time but Sunday’s game was not far behind it. In fact, some of the football even surpassed that in the championship.

A cracking pace was set from the start, and after an entertaining first half, Laune Rangers led by 1-6 to 1-0. Glenbeigh tried very hard in the second half and indeed it was only the brilliance of Rangers’ defenders Pat O Shea, Batty Foley and Teddy Mangan that foiled them of the match-winning scores.

However, it must be stated that Rangers were worthy winners. In Patsy Joy, at full-forward, they had a real live-wire. He outwitted Glenbeigh’s full-back Teddy Bowler for most of the hour and kicked some great points as well as making a goal for Pat Ahern at a vital stage. Ahern and Pat Ferris were always on top at midfield for Rangers, whilst Sean McKenna sparkled at wing-forward and later on the forty. Patrick O Shea, Jimmy Foley and Ken Rafferty also played good football and Tony Lyons, who had been recently conferred with his B.A. degree, played a captain’s part in the victory.

Glenbeigh had hard luck in that Jimmy Healy had to retire injured before halftime. Pick of the team, which carried a few ‘passengers’, were Pat Griffin, who scored two magnificent goals, Liam Scully, Jerry O Riordan and Mick O Sullivan.

After the game Mr. James Coffey, secretary of the Mid-Kerry Board, presented the Maurice Kelliher trophy to Tony Lyons.

Laune Rangers: Seamus Naughton, Donal Mangan, Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, John Richard Wharton, Seamus Curran, Teddy Mangan, Pat Ahern, Pat Ferris, Ken Rafferty, Tony Lyons (capt.), Patrick O Shea, Jimmy Foley, Patsy Joy, Sean McKenna. Subs: Moss Murphy, Timmy Doyle, Denis O Neill, Larry Carey and Mike Hassett.

Ref: Paul O Sullivan (Killarney).


Laune Rangers Cup


1963 Final on Sun. 23rd February at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Glenbeigh.

At a subsequent Mid-Kerry Board meeting, Laune Rangers were fined 10/- for not having the pitch prepared on time for this final.


This competition was played as a winter league. The team with the bye (Glenbeigh) went into the semi-final. The two winners of the first round went into the semi-finals and were joined by the winners of the losers’ game.

Sun. 13th Sept. at Killorglin: Miltown/Castlemaine defeated Laune Rangers (Holders).

That was a surprise win for the visitors but the game reflected no credit on either side, because it was the dirtiest exhibition seen in Killorglin for years.


Losers’ Rd. on Sun. 18th Oct at Killorglin: Laune Rangers defeated Beaufort.

As a result of that win, Laune Rangers joined Glenbeigh, Keel and Milltown/Castlemaine in the semi-finals.


Semi-Final on Sun. 25th Oct. at Killorglin: Laune Rangers 1-9; Milltown/Castlemaine 2-2.

Laune Rangers, without rising to any great heights, defeated a most disappointing Milltown/Castlemaine side in the Mid-Kerry Winter League semi-final at Killorglin on Sunday. While the game was not a great one, it produced some fine individual displays.

Laune Rangers got off to a good start with a goal by Owen Mangan and a point by Sean McKenna. But after ten minutes, a blunder by the Rangers defence left John McKenna through for a point and the same player crashed home a great goal two minutes later. Five minutes from halftime, the Rangers defence was again caught napping and Kelliher scored a goal. At that stage Milltown/Caslemaine seemed set for a good victory. However, Rangers fought back in spirited fashion and at halftime trailed by only one point (2-1 to 1-3).

On the restart the Killorglin boys gained complete control. They took the lead after two minutes and had four points to spare at the finish. It was during the second half that the Laune Rangers stars really proved their worth. At midfield, Pat Ferris and Pat Ahern were in top form while the forwards, especially Sean McKenna, Patsy Joy and Jimmy Foley were in very good form. Centre halfback, Teddy Mangan, was Rangers’ outstanding defender.

Milltown/Castlemaine were best served by John McKenna, Din Joe Kelliher, Willie Spring, Billy Kerins, Maurice Kelliher, Willie Burke and Tim Daly.

Ref: Tom Keane, Renard – handled the game very efficiently.


The final was deferred due to bad weather and was not, in fact, played until 1966.


Parish League/Challenges


At the club meeting on Mon. 16th March, it was decided, after a long discussion, to abandon the parish league. Both cups were to be handed up to the Rúnaí. Over Laune had the winners’ cup and Beaufort had the losers’ cup.

In the 1963 final of the Powers Whiskey Cup, Dr. Crokes defeated Laune Rangers by one point. Admission was 1/-. The highlight of the game was the clash between Jimmy Lucey and Tom Long.

The 1964 Tournament was played with four teams, Mid-Kerry, John Mitchel’s, South-Kerry and East-Kerry.


Co. Minor Football Championship

A losers’ round pertained in the competition.


Rd. 1 on Wed. 1st April at Cahersiveen: Mid-Kerry beat South Kerry.

Ref: Gerald Hussey (Sneem)

Quarter-final on Thurs. 16th July at Killorglin: Mid-Kerry agreed to replay the game as Castleisland did not have a full team.

Replay: Castleisland beat Mid-Kerry.

The unfortunate postponement cost Mid-Kerry dearly against Castleisland. When they were not able to field a team, Mid-Kerry agreed to play them at a later date. However, Mid-Kerry were without some players when it came to the date of the game and, after a close encounter, they lost out to Castleisland in the quarter-final. Castleisland later won out the Co. Championship. Arising out of a motion to the Mid-Kerry AGM, an independent Minor Selection Committee had been set up: Dodo Mahony (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Willie Barton (Keel) and Willie Spring (Milltown/Castlemaine).


Mid-Kerry Minor Championship

Much of the team was the same as that, which had won the title in 1963. The first team out of the hat was in the semi-finals. The two losers of the first round played off for the right to be in the semi-finals with the winners of the first rounds. Keel got a bye to the semi-finals.


Rd. 1 on Sun. 22nd March at Killorglin: Laune Rangers beat Milltown/Castlemaine by 18 points.

Ref: Timmy Hanafin (Keel).

Beaufort beat Glenbeigh in the other first round game and Milltown/Castlemaine beat Glenbeigh in losers’s round on 1st July. Referee – James Coffey.


Semi-final on Mon. 20th July at Milltown: Milltown/Castlemaine beat Laune Rangers by 3 points. Timmy Doyle, Corbally, played on that Laune Rangers’ team.

Referee – Willie Barton (Keel).


Laune Rangers beat Mid-Kerry in a challenge game in Killorglin, in preparation for the Co. Championship.

Beaufort beat Milltown/Castlemaine in Killorglin to win the Mid-Kerry Minor Championship.


Juvenile Football


At the club meeting on Tues. 12th May it was decided to set up a juvenile committee to look after the juveniles in the club. A meeting was arranged for Wed. 20th May between the officers of the club and some teachers.

Laune Rangers entered two even teams in the Mid-Kerry juvenile league (U-15). The teams were divided into two groups: Group a – Glenbeigh, Laune Rangers ‘B’ and Beaufort; Group B – Keel, Milltown/Castlemaine and Laune Rangers ‘A’. Both teams reached the semi-finals.


Semi-Final on Wed. 19th Aug. at Beaufort: Beaufort defeated Laune Rangers ‘A’.

Semi-Final on Fri. 21st Aug. at Killorglin: Killorglin ‘B’ defeated Milltown/Castlemaine.

Final on Sun. 30th Aug. in Killorglin: Beaufort 3-8; Laune Rangers ‘B’ 2-3.

Beaufort retained their Mid-Kerry U-15 title with a powerful display of fast open football, to complete a double as they had already won their first ever Mid-Kerry Minor title earlier in the year.


On Sat. 30th May, Laune Rangers sponsored an U-15 primary schools competition with five teams. A special U-15 competition involving the Carnegie, Vocational School and a combined National Schools team was also arranged.


Colleges’ Football


Kerry Colleges Senior Championship (O Sullivan Cup)

Final on Sun. 2nd February at Killarney: The Sem, Killarney 3-8; Cahersiveen CBS (The holders) 1-1.

The Sem: Jim Coughlan (Beaufort), Michael O Doherty (Glenflesk), Gerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Brian O Connor (Ardfert), Theo O Sullivan (Ballyduff), Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers) capt, Tom Leen (Brosna), Mícheál Ó Sé (Gaeltacht), Paud Finnegan (Kenmare), Willie O Dwyer (Eyeries), Brian McCarthy (Ballylongford), Tom O Donoghue (Killarney), Dan O Dwyer (Kilcummin), Fergus Moroney (Dr. Crokes), Philip McLoughlin (Castletownbere). Subs: Seamus Kennelly (Millstreet), Michael Fleming (Scartaglin), Bart Bambury (Kenmare), D. J. Crowley (Rathmore), Tom Crean (Tralee).



Munster Colleges Senior Football

Semi-Final on Thurs. 13th Feb. at Buttevant: Coláiste Chríost Rí 3-4; The Sem 1-6.

Rain fell before the game and it was hard to control the greasy ball. But both teams mastered the conditions and treated spectators to some fine football.

Scorers for the Sem were Bryan McCarthy 1-3; Paud Finnegan 0-2 and Dan Dwyer 0-1.

The outstanding men on the Killarney team were Gerry McCarthy, Seamus Curran, Paud Finnegan, Mick O Shea, Willie O Dwyer and goalkeeper, Jim Coughlan.


Dunloe Cup (Kerry Colleges Junior Cup)

The Intermediate School, Killorglin defeated Milltown Presentation School but lost by a point to the eventual winners, The Seminary, Killarney. The team included Denis O Donoghue (Coose Lake), William Kennedy (Laharn), Enda Curtayne, Jerome Conway, Kevin Griffin (Gurrane), Kieran Foley (Iveragh Road), Patrick O Sullivan (Keelcoulacht), Jimmy Foley (Caragh Lake), Phillip O Sullivan (The Square), Michael Doyle (Tullig, Beaufort).


Munster Minor Football Championship


Rd. 1 on 26th April at Tralee: Kerry 4-20; Limerick 1-0.

Limerick might as well not have been there at all, so ineffective was their challenge to the Kerry minors. It would be nonsense to judge Kerry on this display. For them it was nothing more than a training spin. The first few minutes shaped the pattern. Kerry quickly jumped into a three points lead. Then corner-forward Eamon O Donoghue scored a well-taken goal. Limerick was finished even before the game had really begun. It was 2-11 to nil at halftime and the second half was a matter of form.

Kerry: Mike Curtin (Castleisland), Mícheál O Sé (Gaeltacht), Gerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Seanie Burrows (Jn. Mitchels), Ned Sweeney (Emmetts), Seamus Curran (Laune Rangers), Kerry Looby (St. Mary’s), Paud Finnegan (Kenmare) 0-3, Pat O Connell (Valentia), Dick Geaney (Desmonds), John Saunders (Rathmore) 1-2; Brian McCarthy (Ballylongford), Dan O Dwyer (Kilcummin) 0-4, M. Long (An Ghaeltacht), Eamon O Donoghue (Ballylongford) 2-6. Subs: Christy O Sullivan (Finuge), Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), J. Dillon, John Long (Ventry), John McMahon (K. O Rahillys), Tim Kelliher (Milltown/Castlemaine), Patsy O Connell (Tarbert), Jim Coughlan (Beaufort)..

Limerick: D. Foley, J. O Donnell, P. Culhane, L. Barron, M. Ryan, M. Hayes, J. O Donnell, J. Houlihan, J. Meade, J. Sheehan, T. O Sullivan 1-0, J. McAuliffe, A Grant, B. Savage, M. Dowling.


Semi-Final on Sun. 28th June at Ennis: Clare 4-9; Kerry 3-8.

Boy, but were Kerry lucky to get away with a four-point beating. They were completely outclassed by a fiercely determined and competent Clare side, and only saved face in the last four minutes when they broke through for two goals and a point.

Kerry: Mike Curtin, Mícheál O Sé, Gerry McCarthy, Seanie Burrows, Ned Sweeney, Seamus Curran, Derry Crowley, Paud Finnegan (0-2), Christy O Sullivan, Timmy Fitzgerald (Castlegregory), John Saunders (0-1), Dick Geaney, P.J. Fitzpatrick (St. Mary’s) 2-0, John O Mahony (Renard) 1-2, Eamonn O Donoghue (0-3). Subs: Dan O Dwyer for Geaney; Larry Kelly (Rathmore) for M. O Sé, Brian McCarthy, Tim Kelliher, Seamus McMahon, J. Fenton (Ventry), Billy Nolan (Ballydonoghue), Patsy O Connell.

Ref: Jim Quade (Limerick).


Munster U-21 Football Championship


Final on Wed. 12th Aug. at Killmallock: Kerry 0-15; Tipperary 1-2.

Kerry showed good form in the provincial final. There was some fine football in the first half, with the Tipperary boys playing for all they were worth. But Kerry were craftier in attack and more accurate and this enabled them to lead at halftime by 0-8 to 1-2. Kerry quickly asserted superiority in the second half and ran out comfortable winners, adding seven points to their total whilst Tipperary failed to score.

The outstanding players on the Kerry side were Denis O Sullivan, Pat Griffin, Tony Barrett, Vincent Lucey and Paud O Donoghue.

Kerry: Seamus Mac Gearailt, Mick Morris, Paud O Donoghue, Declan Lovett, Sean McCarthy, Vincent Lucey, Seanie Burrows, Denis O Sullivan, Pat Moynihan 0-2, Pat Griffin 0-3, Tony Barrett 0-3, Henry McKinney, Dom O Donnell 0-2, J.J. Barrett 0-3, Kevin Donnelly 0-2.


All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sun. 31st Aug. at Ballinasloe: Galway 1-5; Kerry 3-7.

Kerry: Seamus Mac Gearailt (Gaeltacht), Mick Morris (John Mitchel’s), Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford), Declan Lovett (Kilmoyley), Jerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers), Donal O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Denis O Sullivan (K. O Rahilly’s) 0-1, Pat Moynihan, Pat Griffin   (Glenbeigh) 1-1, Tony Barrett (Ballyduff), Derry O Shea (John Mitchel’s) 1-1, Dom O Donnell (do.) 0-4, J.J. Barrett (Austin Stack’s), Seanie Burrows (John Mitchel’s) 1-0. Subs: Kevin Donnelly (Waterville) for P. Moynihan, Henry McKinney, Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), Ted Fitzgerald (John Mitchel’s), Seamus McMahon, Sean McCarthy.

Galway: M. Moore, M. Howley, Michael Keane, M. Tarpey, F. Canney, Michael Coen, Coilin McDonagh, Jimmy Glynn, Tommy Sands, Tommy Keenan 0-1, Christy Tyrell 1-3, P. Finn, Liam Octigen, Peter Crisham 0-1, J. Niland.

Ref: Fintan Tierney (Cavan) – his overall handling of the game was not well received by the crowd who watched it in blazing sunshine.


All-Ireland Final on Sun. 13th Sept. at Croke Park: Kerry 1-10; Laois 1-3.

This was the inaugural final and Kerry won handily enough. There was a scuffle near the end and selectors Johnny Walsh (Ballylingford) and Tom Spillane (Templenoe) and Co. Board Chairman, Dr. Jim Brosnan, had to intervene in order to calm matters. They took off both Pat Griffin and Mick Morris as the All-Ireland Final, Kerry v Galway, was on the following Sunday. Eamonn Horan of the Kerryman described Vincent Lucey’s display as follows: ‘I thought Vincent Lucey had a very good game, showing a vast improvement on his form against Galway in the semi-final. Here surely was a wonderful player whose best efforts went unrewarded due to a lack of finish by the forwards.’

Kerry: Seamus Mac Gearailt (Gaeltacht), Mick Morris (John Mitchel’s), Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford), Declan Lovett (Kilmoyley), Sean McCarthy, Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers), Donal O Sullivan (St. Mary’s), Denis O Sullivan (K. O Rahilly’s), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh), Henry McKinney, Tony Barrett (Ballyduff), Derry O Shea (John Mitchel’s), Dom O Donnell (do.) capt., J.J. Barrett (A. Stack’s), Seanie Burrows (John Mitchel’s). Subs: Pat Cahill (Rathmore) for M. Morris; Ted Fitzgerald for P. Grffin, Pat McMahon, Derry Crowley (Glenflesk), Jerry McCarthy (Gneeveguilla), Pat Moynihan (do.), Kevin Donnelly (Waterville).

Laois: Tom Miller, T. Finley, T. Maher, J. Conway, G. Lawlor, J. Leonard, S. Harkin, Paddy Brennan, Eamonn Mulhall, John Fennell, Mick Fennell, Danny Brennan, Christy O Connor, Pascal Delaney, R. Delaney. Subs: Dick Miller for C. O Connor; J. Meenan for E. Mulhall (inj.); E. Mulhall for J. Meenan.

Ref: Jimmy Martin (Roscommon).

Vincent Lucey (Caragh Lake)

Vincent Lucey (Caragh Lake) – won All-Ireland U-21 Football Championship in 1964

Munster Junior Football Championship


Rd. 1 on Sun. 26th April at Tralee: Kerry 2-6; Limerick 0-2.

This was Limerick’s senior team. The game was played on a sticky pitch with a greasy ball. Nevertheless, Limerick was poor and Kerry would have to improve. Kerry was missing four players, Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford), John Dalton (John Mitchel’s), Dan McAuliffe (Duagh) and Michael J. O Shea.

Kerry: Seamus Mac Gearailt (Gaeltacht), Batty Galvin (Waterville), Teddy Bowler (Glenbeigh), Seanie Burrows (John Mitchel’s), P.T. O Sullivan (Renard), Connie O Sullivan (Glenbeigh), Bryan McMahon (Emmett’s), John Healy (do.), Con Clifford 1-0, Sean Guerin (Emmetts), Michael Driscoll (Camp) 0-3, Pat Ferris (Laune Rangers), John Saunders (Rathmore), Tom Lynch (K. O Rahilly’s), John Thorny O Shea (John Mitchel’s) 1-3. Subs: MJ O Sullivan (Castleisland), Batty Burns (Sneem), Pat Dowling (Castlegregory), P.J. Bailey (Ballymac).

Limerick: N. Noonan, D. Nestor, Tim Woulfe, Joe Dawson, B. Fitzgibbon, John Meade, Pat Cahill, John Ahern, J. Mullane, Dave Quirke, T. Fitzgerald, Tom Carrig, J. Kelly, M. O Connor, A Lawlor 0-2.


Munster Senior Football Championship


Semi-final on Sun. 28th June at Thurles: Kerry 1-14; Tipperary 1-7.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Mick Morris, Niall Sheehy, Paud O Donoghue, Denis O Sullivan, Seamus Murphy, Jer D. O Connor, Mick Fleming, Jimmy Lucey, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Connell, Pat Griffin, Dom O Donnell, Tom Long, Tony Barrett. Subs: Kevin Coffey, Frank OLeary, Timmy O Sullivan, Vincent Lucey, Brian Sheehy, Derry O Shea, John Burke.


Final on Sun. 19th July: Cork 1-8; Kerry 2-10.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Mick Morris, Niall Sheehy, Paud O Donoghue, Denis O Sullivan, Seamus Murphy, Jer D. O Connor, Mick O Connell, Mick Fleming, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Pat Griffin, Dom O Donnell, Tom Long, Tony Barrett. Subs: Jimmy Lucey, Frank O Leary, Timmy O Sullivan, Donie O Sullivan, Kevin Coffey, Vincent Lucey, Brian Sheehy, Pete Hanley.


National Football League 1963/’64.


Sun. 9th Feb. at Tralee: Kerry 1-16; Wexford 0-8.

The Kerry midfield of Jimmy Lucey and Mick Fleming were always on top during this game.

Seamus Mac Gearailt (goals) (An Ghaeltacht), Kevin Coffey (Beaufort), Niall Sheehy (John Mitchel’s), Donie O Sullivan (Spa), Denis O Sullivan (Kerins O Rahilly’s), Seamus Murphy (Camp), Jer D. O Connor (Ballydonoghue), Mick Fleming (Currow), Jimmy Lucey (Laune Rangers), Bernie O Callaghan (Moyvane) 0-4, Mick O Dwyer (Waterville) 0-7, Mick O Connell (Valentia) 0-2, Frank O Leary (St. Mary’s) 0-3, John Burke (Milltown), Tom Long (Dr. Crokes) 1-0.

Noel Lucey was a sub.


Sun. 1st March at Carlow: Carlow 0-9; Kerry 3-9.

Seamus Mac Gearailt, Kevin Coffey, Paud O Donoghue (Ballylongford), Tim Lyons (Cordal), Pat Griffin (Glenbeigh), J.J. Barrett (Austin Stack’s), Jer D. O Connor, Jimmy Lucey, Mick Fleming, Bernie O Callaghan, Mick O Dwyer, Mick O Connell, Seamus Murphy, John Burke, Denis O Sullivan. Sub: Mick Morris (John Mitchel’s) for M. O Dwyer.


Sun. 8th March at Clonmel: Kerry v Tipperary.

Jimmy Lucey and Noel Lucey were substitutes.


Semi-final on Sun. 12th April at Croke Park: Dublin 0-10; Kerry 0-9.

Kerry: Johnny Culloty (Legion), Kevin Coffey, Niall Sheehy (capt.), Paud O Donoghue, Seamus Murphy, Denis O Sullivan, Jer D. O Connor, Mick Fleming, Mick O Connell, Bernie O Callaghan, Timmy O Sullivan (Desmonds), Pat Griffin, Frank O Leary, Tom Long, Denis O Sullivan. Subs: Vincent Lucey (Laune Rangers) for T. O Sullivan; Jimmy Lucey for D. O Sullivan, Tim Lyons, Mick Morris, JJ Barrett, Sean Óg Sheehy, Seamus Mac Gearailt..


National Football League 1964/’65


Sun. 1st Nov. at Enniscorthy: Wexford v Kerry.

Vincent Lucey was a sub.


Sun. 15th Nov. at Tralee: Kerry v Kildare.

Vincent Lucey played.




Alf Murray, Co. Armagh, was elected Uachtarán CLG at the Annual Congress.

Seán Ó Síothchán was appointed as General Secretary of the GAA in Croke Park in August in succession to the late Pádraig Ó Caoimh.

Pat Fanning, Port Láirge, was Chairman of the Munster Council, Sean McCarthy, Ciarraí, was Secretary and Willie Hough, Luimneach, was Treasurer. At the Munster Convention, which was held in Tramore, as a result of motions from Cork and Tipperary, it was decided to inaugurate provincial club championships.


Co. Convention was held in The Glebe Hotel, Killarney on Sun. 26th January. James Coffey and Patsy Cronin represented Laune Rangers’ Club. Officers elected: Chairman – Dr. Jim Brosnan (Moyvane), V/Chairman – Leo Stack (Duagh), Secretary – Tadhg Crowley (Austin Stack’s), Treasurers – Tadhg Prendiville (Desmonds) and Pat O Meara (Legion), Delegates to Munster Council – John Joe Sheehy (John Mitchels) and Con Brosnan (Moyvane); Delegate to Central Council – Mícheál O Ruairc (John Mitchels).

Senior Selection Committee: Johnny Walsh (Ballylongford) 161 votes, John Joe Sheehy (John Mitchels) 153, Rev. Father D. Curtin (Ardfert) 113, Paddy Bawn Brosnan (Dingle) 107, Tom Spillane, (Templenoe) 105, all elected, Murt Kelly (Beaufort) 100, Donie O Neill, (Renard) 87, Sean McCarthy (78). Tom Spillane died suddenly during the year.

Laune Rangers had two motions before convention:

  1. ‘That minor teams, taking part in the Co. Championship, be allowed travelling expenses to cover four cars.’
  2. ‘That the present rate of 1/- per mile travelling expenses allowed to teams taking part in the Co. Senior Championship be increased to 1/6 per mile.’

James Coffey put the case for both motions. He stated that there were 15 players on a team, 5 substitutes and 5 mentors and 3 cars were not enough to transport all 25. Dr. Brosnan pointed out that the board had a deficit of £4,000. On a show of hands, 40 voted in favour of the motions, 29 voted against and 9 abstained. As the motion did not receive a 2/3’s majority, it was declared lost.


Rev. Father Brian Kelly P.P., Glenbeigh was Chairman of the Mid-Kerry Board, Willie Barton (Keel) was Vice-Chairman (He beat Willie Spring by 14 votes to 6), James Coffey, Laune Rangers, was secretary, Mícheál Scanlon (Laune Rangers) was assistant secretary, Dodo Mahony (Glenbeigh) was Treasurer (He beat Patie Kelliher by 16 votes to 4) and Murt Kelly (Beaufort) was Delegate to Co. Board.

In his address to the AGM in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin on 12th January 1964, Chairman Father Kelly said that ‘the senior county title has not come to the area since 1911, but if the players and clubs pull together, we will bring that long elusive county championship to our area and in 1965 we will have one of our own lads bringing home the Sam Maguire Cup. We must not, however, neglect our own local games. We did not do so in the past and now we must not let success interfere with them. There is no good in winning titles if we neglect our local games, which are most important. The Mid-Kerry team caters for only twenty players but our local games cater for over 200 players. We must start early and keep the games going without any let up. There are some who might say that I should stay in Dingle, but as long as I am needed in Mid-Kerry and as long as I think I can be of any help to Mid-Kerry, I will do my best for Mid-Kerry.’ (The Secretary’s report is given at the end of 1963). James Coffey, in his Treasurer’s report, stated that there was a debit balance of £52. Receipts amounted to £425-3-7, expenses amounted to £408-5-9, with bills for £69-6-6 still outstanding.

The following motions were passed:

  1. ‘That an independent Minor Selection committee be set up.’ Each club would nominate its selector for the first meeting of the Board. If a club wished, its Senior Selector could act on the Minor Selection Committee.
  2. ‘That delegates or members of the Board can ask for an investigation into the conduct of players or officials on the field.’
  3. ‘That each club nominates two referees from its club membership and that these referees attend meetings to be held especially for them.’ The first meeting would be held on the same night as the first Board meeting.
  4. ‘That 25 tickets be issued to each team for games.’ Players without tickets would be charged the admission fee at the gate. Two rolls of tickets would be given to the home club for games – one for adults and one for children. The admission fee for children would be 6d for all games.
  5. ‘That £1 field rent be given to all neutral venues and 10/- for home venues, provided the pitches were properly lined.’ A fine of 10/- would be imposed on home club, if the field was not properly marked.
  6. ‘That, with the exception of knockout games in the Championship and League semi-finals and finals, games should be played on week evenings if the Board so decides.’ That motion would apply to senior competitions, only.
  7. ‘That if the Senior Final cannot be played on either the first Sunday in September or the last Sunday in August, the Board can decide on a date as near as possible to above Sundays.’
  8. ‘That those players, who are considered and fail to turn out with the Mid-Kerry Senior team, should not be considered a second time, unless they have a reasonable excuse.’


At the Board meeting in the CYMS on 4th Feb. the following Minor Selection Committee was ratified: Dodo O Mahony (Glenbeigh), Pat O Shea (Laune Rangers), Murt Kelly (Beaufort), Willie Barton (Keel) and Willie Spring (Milltown/Castlemaine).

At the Board meeting in the CYMS on 4th March, it was decided that where a team failed to give three days notice that it was not fulfilling a fixture, it would be fined the amount of expenses incurred by the Board or lose its travelling expenses to the next game.’

At the Mid-Kerry Board meeting of 10th July, it was decided to give 2 scholarships to each club to Ballinskelligs Gaeltacht, to be used by footballers between the ages of 14 and 16 years and who were attending Secondary or Vocational school.


Six Laune Rangers club meetings were held during the year in either the CYMS Hall or the Oisín Cinema. Some other meetings had to be abandoned through lack of a quorum.

At the first meeting of the club on 30th January, James Coffey presided. Also in attendance were Patsy Cronin, Bendy O Dwyer, Mícheál Scanlon, Paddy Foley, Michael O Sullivan and Teddy Mangan. Five selectors for the Minor team were selected: Pat O Shea, Batty Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, Michael Murphy and Bendy O Dwyer. It was decided to get outside judges for the Biddy Ball in the Oisín Ballroom. Bendy O Dwyer volunteered to act as steward at the door. Pat O Shea was appointed Laune Rangers’ representative on the Mid-Kerry Minor Selection panel. Travel arrangements to games would be made by the three main officers of the club. If other players would carry their cars, they would not be paid.

The meeting on 20th Feb. was chaired by James Coffey. The following also were in attendance: Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Teddy Mangan, Dan Griffin, Sean McKenna, Denis O Neill, Michael O Sullivan, Kevin Foley, Bendie O Dwyer, Willie Murphy. The Biddy Ball yielded a profit of £51, which left a debt of £30 to be cleared. It was decided to run a raffle – tickets were 3d each or 5 for 1/-. 1stprize was £5. A joint arrangement for a dance on Shrove Tuesday night was agreed between Laune Rangers and Mid-Kerry Board – if the dance netted £30 or more, the club would get £10; if the dance netted £20, it would be accepted that the club’s affiliation to the Board would be waived.

The club meeting on 16th March was attended by James Coffey (Chairman), Patsy Cronin, Batty Foley, Mícheál Scanlon, Patrick Ferris, Patsy Hurley, Michael O Sullivan and Dan Griffin. Arrangements were made for the dance on St. Patrick’s night in the Oscar Ballroom, Castlemaine – the hall was rented from Mr. Patrick ‘Duffy’ O Shea. Jackie Flynn was hired to take bus-loads from Killorglin to the dance. Pat Ferris, Batty Foley and Sean O Riordan were door stewards.

Present at the club meeting in the CYMS on 12th May were James Coffey (Chairman), Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Christy O Riordan, Patsy Hurley, Derry O Brien, Gearoid O Sullivan, Steve Joe Cahillane and Sean Foley. Arrangements were made for some challenge games. Arrangements were also made for the Beer Drinkers’ Ball. The 1st prize was two bottles of Power’s Whiskey. Door – Tim Cronin, Box Office – Patsy Cronin, James Coffey, Gearoid O Sullivan and Derry O Brien. It was decided that a committee should be set up to look after the juveniles. To that end a meeting was arranged between the officers of the club and the teachers of the schools. It was decided to run a trip to Dublin again in 1964. Each player would pay 2/6 per week to cover the transport costs and the club would run some dances to cover the cost of the accommodation.

The meeting on 3rd June was chaired by James Coffey. Also present were Patsy Cronin, Mícheál Scanlon, Patsy Hurley, Stephen Corkery, Sean O Riordan, Larry Carey, Jim Galvin, Dan Griffin, Pat O Shea and Seamus Naughton. Jim Galvin was co-opted onto the club committee. Draws were made for the Power’s Whiskey Tournament. Arrangements were made for the Mid-Kerry Senior Championship first round game versus Glenbeigh in Killorglin – stewards were Patsy Cronin, Bertie Harmon, Timmy Cronin and Sean Foley. The inner gate would be manned by Willie Spring and the twin Dalys (Milltown).

The meeting on 17th July was called as an emergency meeting. James Coffey presided. Also present were Patsy Cronin, Pat O Shea, Mícheál Scanlon, Patsy Hurley, Michael O Sullivan, Kieran Foley, Bartley Moriarty, Tony Lyons and Sean O Riordan. The meeting was called for three reasons:

  1. Finance. The debt in the club had risen to £100. The club had organised three dances recently but the club members had not attended.  Both the CYMS and The Oisín Ballroom had offered to help the club and that was accepted. It was further decided to run a silver circle raffle.
  2. Members. The number of members had been very small. However, a recent push to sell membership cards had yielded success and the cards cost 2/6 each.
  3. Senior players. Many of our players were forced to migrate to find employment and bringing those players home for games was a very costly exercise.
James Coffey refereed the following game, amongst others, for the Kerry Co. Board:

Mon. 29th July, MFC quarter-final at Killorglin: South-Kerry beat East-Kerry.

Kerry lost to Cork in the Munster Junior Championship.
In the Senior Championship, Kerry beat Cork by 2-10 to 1-8 in the Munster Final. They beat Cavan by 2-12 to 0-6 but lost to Galway in the final by 0-15 to 0-10. Kerry: Johnny Culloty, Mick Morris, Niall Sheehy (capt.), Paudie O Donoghue, Denis O Sullivan, Seamus Murphy, Jer D. O Connor, Mick Fleming, Donie O Sullivan, Pat Griffin, Mick O Dwyer, Mick O Connell, Frank O Leary, Tom Long, J.J. Barrett. Subs: John McCarthy for J.D. O Connor, Bernie O Callaghan for F. O Leary, Kevin Coffey for J. McCarthy, Dom O Donnell, Derry O Shea, John Burke.
In the first official Munster Club Championship, Shannon Rangers defeated Kilrossanty (Waterford) in the semi-final and Cooraclare (Clare) in the final by 2-7 to 0-4.


Jimmy Lucey went to Cyprus during the summer to serve with the U.N. and Noel Lucey emigrated to London.

At the Co. Board meeting on 2nd March, Noel Lucey’s transfer from Dublin to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.

At the Co. Board meeting on 1st June, Mike Murphy, John Horgan and Jackie O Dwyer were given permission to transfer from Laune Rangers to London.

At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 11th Aug. the transfer of Noel O Mahony from Wexford to Laune Rangers was sanctioned.


At the Co. Board meeting on Tues. 3rd Nov., a request by Joseph O Dwyer, Principal Intermediate School, Killorglin, for financial assistance towards the purchase of camogie sticks was refused.


Rev. Father Finucane P.P. Killorglin since 1945, and a native of Tarbert, died during the year.


The Annual Laune Rangers’ Club Social was held in The Muckross Hotel, Killarney and 200 (approx.) attended.


The AGM of the Mid-Kerry Board was held on 21st January 1965 in the CYMS Hall, Killorglin. The secretary, James Coffey, in his report stated that “the year under review may well be considered as a most successful one for Mid-Kerry but it was also a most disappointing one. Our first disappointment came very early in the season when we went under to South-Kerry in the delayed 1963 Kerryman Shield final. I have no doubt but had the game been played in 1963, we would be defending our title this year instead of trying to win for the first time. As it was, on the day’s play, we were very unlucky not to have won the Shield.

After this defeat, many began to wonder if we were as powerful as was thought but very soon afterwards we left no doubt in anybody’s mind when we trounced John Mitchels in the first round of the 1964 Kerryman Shield. Later we defeated South-Kerry and so qualified for the semi-final of the competition. After an unnecessary postponement, our seniors had a most convincing win over Kerins O Rahillys in the first round of the Co. Championship. We had our sights set on the county title and were regarded as the best prospects left in the race. But our hopes were dashed in the quarter-final by an eager and fit East-Kerry side. Our team never struck its real form that day but it really was the postponement of the game with Kerins O Rahillys that finished us as it meant we would not have Jimmy Lucey for the game with East-Kerry.

Later in August, with a depleted team, we held John Mitchels to a draw in a thrilling Shield semi-final at Killarney. In the replay, we all know what happened, and no matter what other people may say inside or outside Co. Board meetings, we were not responsible for what happened that day. The Kerry Co. Board acted wrongly in re-fixing this game for Tralee, knowing that we were entitled to a neutral venue. No matter what our feelings are, since our appeal to the Munster Council failed there is still a matter of principle involved and I think we should not replay the game in Tralee.

Our minors were also unfortunate after defeating the holders South-Kerry in Caherciveen. We expected to get to the concluding stages of the Co. Championship but another unfortunate postponement  with Castleisland cost us dearly. After Castleisland were unable to field a team, we agreed to play them at a later date but we were without some players ourselves on the date of the refixture and after a close game, we failed to a side who went on to win out the championship.

At home, no less than fifty games were played by the Board and good sportsmanship was very much in evidence. Only the 1964 Laune Rangers Cup was not completed due to bad weather. The 1963 Laune Rangers Cup was won by Laune Rangers, who beat Glenbeigh in the final. Glenbeigh defeated Laune Rangers to win the Senior Championship but later Laune Rangers reversed the verdict in the League Final. Both sides have qualified for the concluding stages of the 1964 Laune Rangers Cup and, on form, it looks like another clash between these great rivals in the final.

My congratulations to Beaufort on winning their first Mid-Kerry Minor title and on retaining their juvenile title by defeating Laune Rangers in a great final. Beaufort’s perseverance with its schoolboys is certainly paying dividends. The problem of getting referees for games is still a big headache and it is sad to say that there seems to be no remedy. It is unfortunate that in such a fine area as Mid-Kerry, there are not six referees to be found and for the past two seasons we had to get referees from other areas to officiate at our important games. If our games are to continue in the healthy state they now enjoy, the problem must be tackled immediately and all the clubs must put their shoulder to the wheel and help steer the Board in solving the problem.

Concluding, I would like to thank the CYMS and Mr. O Shea for the use of their halls, the car owners, who put their cars at the disposal of the Board for the transport of players, the clubs and players for their co-operation and finally, Father Kelly and Murt Kelly for their help during the season, which made my job an easy one.”


The AGM of the Laune Rangers club took place in the CYMS Hall on Sun. 3rd January 1965. The Secretary, Patsy Cronin, stated that ‘the year under review was yet another good year but couldn’t equal last year’s achievements. Laune Rangers entered teams in all competitions in Mid-Kerry. It had two teams in the juvenile league but these lads had not the power to become champions. We contested in all the Senior Finals and, although defeated in the Championship Final, we went on to win the League Final by beating Glenbeigh. These two teams have been very good sportsmen during the year. The Laune Rangers Cup final is still to be played and I think if our lads put all they have into it they can retain this title.

Our minors were the biggest surprise of the year. They had almost the same team that won the 1963 title and were beaten by Milltown/Castlemaine, even though Laune Rangers had beaten them by 18 points earlier in the year. Our seniors were beaten by Killarney in the Powers Whiskey Final and that too was a surprise as we would have won if our forwards had their shooting boots on.

Last year I said that our social was dropping badly and something must be done to win the crowd to this social. This year we had our social in the Muckross Hotel and had about 200, which was one of the best socials yet. We had a few dances during the year. Some were well attended and some more were very badly attended.

This year we were very heavy in debt. Indeed our members were of no help whatsoever to try and clear this debt with the exception of the officers together with Sean O Riordan, Derry O Brien, Mícheál Scanlon, Timmy Cronin, Batty Foley, Owen Mangan, Sean McKenna and Christy O Riordan who helped at dancehall doors, gates and gave their cars.

In concluding, I would like to thank all those who did help during the year, Christy O Riordan and Paudie Foley for selling a big number of social tickets and, last but not least, Pat O Shea, Treasurer, and James Coffey, Chairman, for making it very easy for me as Hon. Secretary of the Laune Rangers GAA Club.’